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Letters From A Living Dead Man
By Elsa Barker

Forward and Cover by Dick Browning

Certain people among us have the gift of automatic writing, sometimes known as channeling.  They hold a pen over a tablet and allow a discarnate spirit to do the writing through them.  Sometimes it is done with a typewriter or orally when the spirit speaks trough the channel.  British author, Elsa Barker had the gift.  One evening she was inspired to channel a message from her friend, Judge David Patterson Hatch.  Unbeknown to Ms Barker, Judge Hatch had died six thousand miles away in California.  Thus began a series of letters from the other side describing Judge Hatch’s adventures in the afterlife.  The letters were compiled and published in a book, LETTERS FROM A LIVING DEAD MAN in 1914.


Other books have been channeled from discarnates on the other side of the veil since LETTERS FROM A LIVING DEAD MAN was published in 1914, but none has equaled this classic.  Thus it is republished in 2006.  Readers are always inspired and intrigued by its timeless message.


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