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Why Nearly Dying Became Their Greatest Gift
by Debra Diamond


I’m a psychic. I read for people young and old, people with specific questions and people who just want to check in with Spirit. Clients generally ask questions that fall into six or seven buckets—things like "where's my career going?" or "how can I be happy in love?" The kinds of questions that affect all of us.

So when I was asked to read for a highly trained and well-known professional, a professional who had a near-death experience (NDE), I approached his reading the same way I do any of my readings. I tuned in, concentrated and got started. After all, it was just another reading.

Except it wasn’t. It had been mentioned to me before I started the reading that not only did this individual have a brush with death, but he came back from his NDE with special artistic gifts.

Okay, I thought. That’s fine. Not much shakes me up. Before I was a practicing psychic, I'd worked in the investment world; I'd held meetings with Fortune 500 CEOs, done interviews on CNBC, hosted my own radio show. I could roll with the punches. So, I noted this information and just kept going

The way I see it, everyone is a window into another world, a spiritual being. The process of doing the readings is always challenging and interesting and offers the chance to help others. A reading is rewarding in itself.

But when I began to read for this man, I realized: this was no ordinary reading. This time, the information I was being shown (psychics are shown information in symbols) was literally out of this world. This man's brush with death had left him with extraordinary gifts, with special powers. This was no ordinary man.

In the days after the reading, I continued to think about what I'd been shown. What did this man's NDE mean? Why did he return to life with these artistic gifts? And what was he supposed to do with them? I had to find out the answers.

First, I went back and looked at the textbook definition of an NDE. The term was coined more than three decades ago by Raymond Moody, MD, in his groundbreaking book, "Life After Life." An NDE, according to Moody, occurs on the brink of death and typically involves a similar set of experiences—a tunnel of light, the sense that you're out of your body, a life review and a meeting with deceased loved ones—before returning to the physical world. It’s estimated that as many as 13 million people in the United States have experienced an NDE.

So I decided to utilize my psychic gifts and professional experience—I'd done health care research, as part of my career as an investor—to explore the aftereffects of NDEs.

And after meeting and reading for a number of NDE'ers, I realized that several of them had shared an experience: Spontaneous healing. Let's meet three of them.

Rajiv Parti, MD, a cardiac-anesthesiologist and former Chief of Anesthesiology at California's Bakersfield Heart Hospital. Dr. Parti had suffered for years after his routine surgery to treat prostate cancer went wrong; Rajiv dealt with chronic pain, depression, and prescription drug addiction. He also needed to undergo procedure after follow-up procedure.

But as Rajiv was being prepared for his seventh surgery—while struggling with a fever of 105 degrees, sepsis, severe pelvic infection and in horrific pain—he had a NDE and his consciousness separated from his body.

Once Rajiv returned to his body, he experienced a complete recovery. No sepsis, no addiction and no depression. And no pain.

Jessica Haynes, a former art gallery manager in Carmel, California. Jessica was in a horrific car crash in 1983 and sustained life-threatening injuries. As the website NDEstories.org details, "The right side of her face was crushed, her jaw was pulled off, her right eye had been pushed into her skull, the vertebrae in her spine had been crushed, the bones in her feet were shattered and she couldn’t move her body below her waist."

But Jessica shocked her doctors: Within six months, she was completely recovered—so much so that she was even running long distances.

Lewis Brown Griggs, a Stanford MBA, in Berkeley, California. Lewis totaled his automobile on March 11, 1977, and experienced an NDE. But after an out-of-body experience, Lewis returned to his body completely unscathed, walking up to the waiting ambulance to ask, “What are you doing here?”

By all accounts, Rajiv, Jessica, and Lewis should be dead, disfigured, or disabled. Instead, all three are now dedicated to healing, practicing and spreading enlightenment.

So what happened to spontaneously heal these three NDE'ers? It's hard to explain the mysteries of the universe in a blog post—if I can explain it at all!—but I'll try. And you the reader do not have to believe this, although I trust it to be true.

During an NDE, a part of the NDE’er leaves his physical body. Let's call that part a "chip"—it's their consciousness, their essence, which leaves to merge with the higher realm of universal consciousness. This realm is more than we can understand at this point, but scientists are hypothesizing that we are part of a higher intelligence or knowing.

This higher realm is filled with the purest light that could ever be experienced. There is no time in this realm. It has no borders and no edges. It’s infinite and holds everything, yet it’s empty. Everything is known and felt instantaneously.

 This realm allows NDE’ers to ‘know’ and experience all—peace, joy, and universal understanding at a high electro-magnetic frequency, inaccessible on earth. And once an NDEr's consciousness is exposed to that high frequency, they're forever changed. Their physical bodies become the container for that higher universal consciousness.

 Upon their return to earth, NDE’ers are meant to distribute that higher consciousness throughout our earthly plane, to heal humankind and raise the universal vibration in our dense world. It’s a discrete gift, a gift from another realm and when it’s most successfully manifested, it’s used as a catalyst to benefit us and translates beautifully, as in musical or physical healing.

Debra Diamond is a psychic, medium and healer who has appeared on national television and been featured in numerous national newspapers and magazines. She has hosted a radio program on CNN Radio and been a commentator on CNBC.  She is currently researching near death experiences for a new book. She can be reached at DebraDiamondPsychic.com