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A New Species of Logic?
by Tom Spitzer



In his book “Paranormal, My Life in Pursuit of the After Life” Raymond Moody references Hume’s thesis statement where he says: “By mere light of reason it seems impossible to prove the immortality of the soul.  Some new species of logic is required for that purpose and some new faculties of the mind that they may enable us to comprehend that logic.”

Dr. Moody however felt that  “both of these are imminently doable. It’s just that people get this mental block and they think it can’t be done”.

By “soul” here I assume “consciousness”.  I would contend that for a new species of logic it’s simply necessary to add one additional element to the brain/mind debate and that is “individuality”.  How do we find ourselves as seeming individuals showing up in the universe?

Being an individual seems to be so obvious that it needs no justification and yet we cannot make an a priori assumption that we must exist as individuals.   Indeed with critical thinking we can show that the prevalent materialist paradigm cannot explain our existence as seeming individuals.

The materialist philosophy holds that the universe is unconscious and thereby cannot know if I exist or where I exist.  Furthermore some Materialist state that it’s only possible to exist once.  However this philosophy also states that the processes of the universe are probabilistic and statistical.  The problem is that these two statements contradict each other since probabilistic and statistical processes do repeat.  If a throw a handful of dice and get a certain pattern that pattern will repeat if I throw the dice long enough.  If I throw billions of handfuls of dice then the pattern will occur simultaneously in more than one place.

So why doesn’t that seem to happen as far as our own existence is concerned?  In the vast cosmos why don’t I exist in more then one place at a time, or why couldn’t I exist at some point in the infinite future?  Saying that a copy of my body exists somewhere else is not enough. My consciousness would have to be reproduced as well so I’m staring out of another set of eyeballs.  Separation in space would not matter.  I’d find myself in the confusing situation of living two or more superimposed lives simultaneously.

If an eternal, unconscious, probabilistic and statistical universe somehow brought forth my consciousness within a finite period of time there is no reason to believe it would not do so again within an infinite future.  Indeed it MUST do so or it would be impossible for me to exist in the first place.  Although any linear incarnations under this paradigm would seem like an individual life each time, existence would subjectively be continuous since it would be impossible to be aware of any time between each incarnation.

The fact is Materialists have no theories of how consciousness arises in the first place.  Despite this they make bold statements about how our existence is an accident and then say that, guess what, that accident could never happen again.  Clearly this is devoid of all logic.

Another Materialist claim is that NDEs are all quite similar because all brains are the same.  This however creates a paradox since it cannot explain why we find ourselves as seeming individuals.  The consciousness that I am seems to have shown up associated with the body TJS and no other.  Yet my brain is the same as any other brain.  There were billions of body/brains that showed up before this body did and yet I didn’t seem to be associated with any of those.  I didn’t seem to be staring out of any of those eyeballs.  There were billions of body/brains that showed up after this body did including my three siblings and yet I don’t seem to be associated with any of those.  I don’t seem to be staring out of any of those eyeballs either.

Why?  What was so special about the universe that “I” suddenly seemed to show up when I did? Materialistic science says “nothing” but something is obviously different.  This body could be running around without being associated with “me” just like the billions of bodies before it. What is so special about this body/brain TJS that I’m staring out of these eyeballs and only these eyeballs?  What is different or individualized about my brain that this should occur?

The materialist hypothesis is that each brain acts as a point source of consciousness and that some aspect of the brain is producing an individualized consciousness in each case.

In order for this to be true the Materialist would have to be able to define individualized consciousness and the parameters that make each consciousness individualized.  The Materialist would have to measure these parameters and determine what aspect of the physical brain is generating them.  Ultimately the Materialist would have to be able to explain how some aspect of my brain could be changed so some someone else is staring out of these eyeballs instead of me just like the other billions of bodies that are not me.

What could this aspect of each brain be and how is it unique in each individual?

Well what do we know?

The sub atomic structure of any number of brains is the same and cannot be individualized.  The quantum foam, quarks is/are totally interchangeable.

The atomic structure of any number of brains is the same and cannot be individualized.  Once again protons, electrons, neutrons are totally interchangeable.

The anatomy of all human brains is essentially the same and according to the materialistic philosophy cannot be considered to be functionally individualized (certain structures in the brain do the same thing across all human bodies).   DNA is made of the same four protein molecules in each body. These molecules are interchangeable.  As a matter of fact except for a tiny percentage (.02%) of a difference in the genome pattern all bodies are essentially identical.  The electricity or electrical impulses in the brain certainly cannot be said to be individualized.  If I measure an impulse in a brain and focus just on that there’s no way to say that impulse is associated with one person or another.

Given that no “Individuality Module” has ever been found in any brain and all brains are essentially identical then logically there should be no such thing as the sense of being an individual.  If a brain is creating the consciousness looking out of the eyeballs of body TJS then that consciousness should be of looking out of all eyeballs everywhere simultaneously.  Separation of bodies in time and space would not matter.  There shouldn’t be billions of individuals on the planet but just one individual looking out of all sets of eyes.  This would be like having white noise as all sensory input. 

Saying that the Universe could be creating exact duplicate bodies elsewhere is not enough since if I don’t find myself to exist in those bodies they are not me.

So although I do seem to be an individual consciousness the source of that consciousness cannot be a material brain and therefore consciousness cannot be a point source phenomenon.

If consciousness is not a point source phenomenon it must be a field phenomenon.

If consciousness is a field phenomenon then my sense of being an individual must be an illusion.

If my sense of being an individual is an illusion then any sense of being an individual by any life form must be an illusion.

If all sense of individuality is an illusion then all consciousness must actually be Unitary or One.

If all consciousness is Unitary or One then obviously the death of a body/brain pair cannot be the end of consciousness and therefore consciousness exists outside of time and space and must be eternal.

It all gets back to the old adage “Know Thyself!”.

So by using the correct “species of logic” and real critical analysis we can see that the Materialistic paradigm is fatally flawed and that our true nature as Unitary Consciousness can be understood.

Thomas J. Spitzer


301 286-1899