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Dr. Jeffrey Long
is a physician practicing the specialty of radiation oncology (use of radiation to treat cancer) in Houma, Louisiana.  Dr. Long served on the Board of Directors of IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies), and is actively involved in NDE research.  His book 'Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences' is a New York Times bestseller.  

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By Dr. Jeffrey Long 

Near death experiences (NDE) are real. A NDE Overview is contained in this web site as well as examples of Individual's NDE's. I am convinced of the reality of NDE. A detailed discussion of the basis of my conviction is beyond the scope of this introductory essay, but several important examples are provided. Experiencer's frequently report seeing or hearing events while unconscious, often quite geographically distant from their body. No physiological or psychological alternative explanation of NDE such as brain chemical release, reduced brain oxygen or seizure can account for this. There are millions of living NDE experiencers world-wide by conservative estimation. The consistency of NDE among vast numbers of experiencers at different times, locations, cultural backgrounds and experiencer's ages suggests its reality. I am not aware of any other "paranormal" or spiritual experiences involving large numbers of people with such a similar pattern of consistency.

The definition of NDE we used for our research is:

"A lucid experience associated with perceived consciousness apart from the body occurring at the time of actual or threatened imminent death." 

A more detailed discussion of this definition may be found in this web site's NDERF Research section. As part of the OBE, experiencer's consistently report weightlessness, ability to pass through physical objects, an ability to move quickly and effortlessly from place to place and inability to be seen or heard by other living people. NDERF has a fascinating account (Paul's NDE) of a NDE experiencer who witnessed another individual dying beside him, and saw "…a mist leave from his head, which instantly turned into an exact duplicate of his body. I noticed that his spirit or new body was whole and glowed a bit". These two simultaneously occurring NDE's suggest communication may occur between two individuals simultaneously undergoing NDE, but not with living individuals.

An example of one of many fascinating aspects of NDE is as follows.  About one in four NDE experiencers describe a process of life review. Often another non-earthly being is present. This other being being is often described as very compassionate and unconditionally loving. The life review experience has some variability, but usually includes a very rapid, often extremely detailed presentation of their life events, feelings, and a presentation of their action's effects on others. It is very significant that NDE experiencer's are often shown details of the actions and feelings of others they encountered throughout their life. Many or most of these individuals whose actions and feelings the NDE experiencer is shown are still alive at the time of the NDE with no awareness of consciously sharing their life actions and feelings with spiritual beings. This suggests the actions and feelings of living individuals encountered by the NDE experiencer, and the NDE experiencer themselves, are continuously known in great detail by spiritual beings in the afterlife.  This is strong evidence for a collective consciousness shared by all of us.

Such a detailed knowing of us by spiritual beings suggests an ongoing connection between those of us on earth and spiritual beings. I believe the preceding evidence suggests the likelihood of such a connection, and if so the implications are profound. I believe being known and understood by compassionate and unconditionally loving spiritual beings is an expression of their ongoing love for us all.

We hope the NDERF research and all that flows from it will be an act of love.

Copyright1999 by Dr. Jeff and Jody Long


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