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NDEs Call for a Celebration of Life on Earth: Life Purpose.

           After reading many accounts of NDEs, one quickly gets the sense that there are universal truths that transcend religion.  When people were asked if they came back with a sense of order or purpose to this existence on earth, the overwhelming reply was a resounding, �YES!�  The most important purpose was to learn lessons; while the most important lesson was to practice unconditional love. 

            The good news is that there is no hell, unless we create one for ourselves.  The bad news is that we keep coming back until we get it right.  In the life review, the only judge is the experiencer.  Many people report that they had all knowledge, remembrance, and total compassion on the other side.  To learn lessons on earth, people are made to forget their home on the other side.  Everyone who came back, including atheists, had a profound sense of the continuity of life. 

            The NDEs seem to come at a key point in a person�s life in order to either give them a choice to leave or to continue existence on earth.  There is a pattern suggesting a NDE acts as a planned event when a person gets too far away from their life�s purpose or goal.  When they come back it is definitely a path-altering event.

            Most people described �home� as the other side as they were free from physical pain or limitations and with those they loved the most.  These people knew that earth was but an illusion lasting short blink in the universal eye of time.  Interestingly, Jesus was the number one figure people talked to.  This is not surprising since most of the submissions to NDERF are from predominantly Judeo-Christian countries.  Unanimously, everyone returned to this life because they still had a purpose to fulfill on earth. 

            So why would one want to celebrate being on earth?  It is one of the rare opportunities to experience growth of the spirit.  It is hard to learn or grow in an environment with total knowledge and unconditional love.  By coming to earth, we are taken out of our natural surroundings to not just live with God, but to co-create with God.  The greatest triumph of the human soul is to overcome darkness and adversity on earth and to do it with unconditional love.


Copyright1999 by Dr. Jeff and Jody Long


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