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by Jeffrey Long

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by Jody Long
by Jody Long
by Jeffrey Long

by Roy L. Hill
by Kenneth Ring et al.
by Anita Moorjani
Anita Moorjani
Eben Alexander, Karen Newell
by Kenneth Ring
by Bill VandenBush
by Roy L. Hill
by Natalie Sudman
by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
by Kevin R. Williams
by Larry Vorwerk
by Kimberly Clark Sharp
by Peter Fenwick
by Jim Robbins
by William Barrett
by Chris Carter
by Ray Brown
by Maureen McGill et al.
by Michael Tymn
by Frances O'Brien
by Mahendra Perera
by Danielle Vermeulen
by Steve Volk
by Frederic Delarue
by Farnaz Masumian
by Robert Schwartz
by P.M.H. Atwater
by P. M. H. Atwater et al.
by Diane Goble
by Lisa Wade McCormick
by Evelyn Valarino
by Don Miguel Ruiz et al.
by Charmaine Mary Nona Maeer
by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes
by Joyce Hawkes
by Nancy Clark et al.
by Albert Aparicio Haust
by Robert Schwartz
by Hope Bradford
by Shabse Werther
by Joellyn St. Pierre
by Annamaria Hemingway
by Anthony Peake
by Paul W. Schenk
by Alan Bryson
by Louis LaGrand
by RN Mary Terhune
by Duncan Alexander McKenzie
by Jörgen Bruhn et al.
by John Joseph Petrovic
by Dr. John J. Petrovic
by John J. Petrovic
by Gary L. Wimmer
by Michael Talbot
by Eben Alexander III M.D.
by Donna Wolfe Gatti et al.
by John White
by Ann Frances Ellis PhD
by Daniel John Neiman
by John W. Price
by Garry Kay
by Deborah S. Weiler
by Jeff Olsen et al.
by Christophor Coppes
by T C Gopalakrishnan
by Erlendur Haraldsson Ph. D.
by Marc Gotti
by T. J. Owen
by Alex Tanous et al.
by Daniel Flynn
by Joseph M Grimes
by Joyce A. Oleinik
by Annekatrin Puhle Ph. D.
by Michael Tymn
by Robert Kopecky
by Philippe AYDENS
by Anne Archer Butcher
by H. R. Phillips
by Mary Deioma
by Martin Heyden
by Adi Da Samraj
by Gerald F. Rubisch
by Lee Thornton
by Jilaine Tarisa
by Raimund Eich
by Brian Foster
by Lynn Kathleen Russell
by Agnes Olive
by Avril Meyler
by Avril Meyler
by David Oakford
by Javier Gonzalez
by Martin Heyden et al.
by Robert Noble
by Mira Sai
by John Booth
by John J. Graden
by Madelaine Lawrence
by Maureen McGill et al.
by Robert M. Tremblay
by Peter Baldwin Panagore
by Theodore Russell
by Debra Diamond
by Sharon Kay Casey
by Linda Cull et al.
by Mary C. Neal
by Carla Wills-Brandon M.A.
by Carla Wills-Brandon
by Carla Wills-Brandon
by James Anderson
by Stephanie Arnold
Greg Kinnear (Acteur), Kelly Reilly (Acteur), Randall Wallace (Réalisateur)
by Marilyn Mendoza
by Gary Roe
by Sheldon Lawrence
by Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly
by Charmaine Mary Nona Maeer
by Cristael Ann Bengtson
by Melissa Hyatt
by Casper Louis Principe
by Cathy Truehart
by Nancy Rynes
de Alain Fortunat
by Gwen F. Steele-Perkins
by Andrew Petro
by Robert Cougar Penhaligon
by Brian McLaughlin
by Carol Lynn Vengroff
by M. C. Ingraham
by Michael Newton
by Allen Johnson Jr.
by Vincent Hamain
by Vincent Hamain
by David Bennett
by Duane F Smith
by Lorri Brewer
by Heather L Dominguez
by Howard Storm
by Penny Sartori & Kelly Walsh
by Lynn K. Russell
by Terry Larkin and Marjorie Steiner
by Mary Jo Rapini
by Jean-Jacques Charbonier
by Gary L. Wimmer
by Krista Gorman
by Sharon Milliman
by Pegi Robinson
by Sheri Stanley
by David Lorimer
Massimo Aiello
by Ingrid Honkala
by Daniel Punzak
James Polakof Ph.D.
Christine E Liley
by Sean Madden
by Sean Madden
by Sean Madden
by Bill Guggenheim, Judy Guggenheim
by D Elkins, C Rueckert, J A McCarty, J McCarty
by Ra
by Don Elkins, Carla L. Rueckert, Jim McCarty
by Ra
by Jim McCarty
by Dolores Cannon
by Dolores Cannon, Joe Alexander
by Dolores Cannon
by Dolores Cannon
by Stuart Wilson
by Claire Heartsong
By M. J. Evans
by David Wilcock
by David Wilcock
by Michael E Salla
by Stuart Wilson, Joanna Prentis
by Tricia McCannon

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