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Atheist Debate - Dr. Long debated two leading atheists recently on the internet radio show “Outer Limits of Inner Truth”. One atheist was David Silverman, President of American Atheists (https://atheists.org/). The other atheist was David I. Orenstein, Ph.D., Humanist Clergy and Atheist author and speaker. The American Humanist Association recently appointed Dr. Orenstein as the organization's representative to the United Nations. The show is at: http://www.outerlimitsradio.com/death/. Go to the link, then scroll way down to “The Death Show: Science & Skepticism (Part 5 of 5)”. Click the arrow there to the left for the show. There is a beginning interview that ends at 32:19, and at this time the two atheists start their interview. Dr. Long join the show at 42:10 and then things get, well, lively. Total duration of the show is 1:16:16. See what you think!


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The channel is:  https://vimeo.com/channels/nderf   There are 19 videos so far and many more to come!

Jim Chapman's NDE, Excerpts from his book "Heart and Soul"  (12MB) .mp3 Jim's audience reaches into the hundreds of thousands every week across southwestern Ontario and he has earned a reputation as a well-informed, inspirational, thought-provoking public figure.  Click here for the book review - All proceeds go to charities.

Alexa's NDE (9.41 MB 25 min .wmv)
Lisa M's (5.5 MB) .wma
Diane G's (194 KB) .wma
Juliet N's (4.9 MB) .wma
Genny H's (1 MB) .wav

Anita M's NDE with Audio Answers (mp3) and  A song with Anita:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txS3PZcubL4

Dave Woods (Soulmate) "My Spirit Will Always find yours" (1 MB) .wav 2004 Callicoon Music  with music to the Soulmate poem.  He has a great

Ana's Readings - YouTube:

Brian L's 748 Audio