Current NDEs

4482. JH Probable NDE 2/18/2018. Probable NDE 8512. When I got halfway there, I asked God, 'But what about Randall?' He was my husband at the time, and I know I wanted to come back and be of help to him because he had mental health issues. I felt as if God said, 'OK!!' Then I felt myself being let go and I slowly drifted back down into my body again.
Probable NDE due to complications after caesarian section delivery.

4481. Brooke S Probable NDE 2/18/2018. Probable NDE 8511. The morgue workers soon left and placed the clipboard where they had been writing details onto my torso. I could continuously hear them talking and working in another part of the morgue, but I was unable to cry out for help. I began to realize that this was what death was like and I was really upset.
NDE due to being struck by cars. Recovered in morgue.

4480. Linda A NDE 2/15/2018. NDE 8509. I was up against the ceiling in this huge workout room. I wasn't in my body. I describe it as a vapor of me. Words cannot describe the way I felt because it was beyond anything imaginable. I was so very happy, peaceful, and content! I felt feelings I did not know I could feel or that even existed. On one side of me, it was very bright.
NDE due to cardiac arrest that was monitored during exercise.

4479. Judie S NDE 2/15/2018. NDE 8508. I remember how surreal it was to realize how dark our world is. I'm not sure how to describe this but I could see the world. I was as if a veil had been lifted that made everything very clear and vivid. I rose up out of the dark part of the world and ascended into a very right, peaceful, and painless reality.
NDE due to anesthetic complication during emergency caesarian section.

4478. Johnny D NDE 2/12/2018. NDE 8507. I saw a tree that was about 400 to 500 feet high, but probably closer to 500 yards away. The tree had many colors to it's leaves, like gold, green, brown, and yellow. The tree sparkled like it had lots of diamonds on it. With a blink of my eye, I was next to this tree within a second. I was looking at each leaf and could see what was reflecting all the dazzling little colors of light. There were raindrops reflecting the the rainbow within each drop of each of the colored leaves the raindrops rested upon.
NDE due to lightning strike at age 13.

4477. Frandy Possible NDE 2/9/2018. Possible NDE 8505. From Indonesia. Suddenly, I felt pulled up. I was moving up very fast. I was moving through many, billions and billions a little shiny dots around me. I think they were stars. In a second, I stopped moving. I don't know if it's a place or not, because I don't have any words to describe this. A place always has dimensions such as width and height. But it's not. This was an unlimited place without borders or time.
Possible NDE vs OBE at age 11-12.

4476. Mark W NDE 2/8/2018. NDE 8503. From the UK. I was shown, in this post-death state, how a still mind produces a calm line, and how a disorganised, un-concentrated mind produces a line like the a mountain-range. I remember thinking, 'Ah, this is how mountains are made.' I was also shown the earth from a great distance. The earth was wrapped by a great Being who radiated pink light around itself and the earth. It was a Being of pure love. I wondered if this Being who was wrapping the earth was Jesus.
NDE due to asthma attack.

4475. Andrew Y NDE 2/4/2018. NDE 8501. The whole atmosphere around me was bathed in a purplish light. It was like I was floating in an illuminated purple cloud but I could see everything in the house as usual, but through the cloud. I had no more pain and thought that I had dreamed about falling down the stairs and hurting my back. But now, I had woken up from that horrible dream, and I was fine and had absolutely no pain anywhere. I was completely conscious and aware and felt fine.
NDE due to fall down stairs.

4474. Lacee T NDE 1/27/2018. Shared NDE 8497. Exceptional Experience. From France. Original in French, translated into English by Marguy. Suddenly I was in a field of tall, beautiful, green grass that was undulating in waves—yet there was no wind. Overhead, the sky was pink/rosy/purple and I felt a strong sense of well-being, as if I were in a wonderful paradise—a sort of Garden of Eden. I saw my husband walking towards me through the grass.
Remarkable shared NDE with husband who died in crash.

4473. Dr. Robert Cole 1/27/2018. NDE 16095. Exceptional Experience. At first, it was the Light, a brilliant, white light, without reflection and without glare. Then, the feeling... of quiet jubilation, of peace and incredible serenity enveloping me. It was not ecstasy or any feeling I could identify, except perhaps glory in the warmest most positive sense of the word.
Psychiatrist's NDE in an email to his son Adam. Robert joined the light about 3 years ago.

4472. Hervé P Probable NDE 1/25/2018. Probable NDE 8496. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. It started with my passing through a tunnel. The colors were dark, like grays and browns. At the end of the tunnel was something like the edge of a ravine. I saw this white light that I can't explain because I had never seen a color like that before. I felt extraordinarily well.
Probable NDE due to heart attack.

4471. Jala W NDE 1/24/2018. NDE 8494. Then I blacked out and found myself traveling at a extremely high rate of speed down a long tunnel. The distance was great and there was a presence with me. The light knew my every thought. I had an emotional feeling that I could not control this. My privacy was gone but I could not know everything the light was thinking. I knew only what I was supposed to know.
NDE at age 17 due to a fat embolism resulting from a prior injury.

4470. Brian H NDE 1/23/2018. NDE 8493. The trees in the background looked VERY old, like the old trees that are over 1000 years old. There was a little girl standing in front of me with a grin on her face as she was looking at me. She had on blue clam-digger shorts and a white sleeveless, v-cut T-shirt. She was barefoot. As she stood smiling at me, I noticed that she had the greenest eyes I have ever seen, like fire-green. It was mid-day. The ocean, sun, birds, and the wind were so totally real that it was very confusing. Why was I there?
NDE due to criminal attack.

4469. John B NDE 1/21/2018. NDE 8492. I was completely serene. The peace was so intense that it was all I could think about. I have been searching for peace and happiness all my life and have never found it until now. I enjoyed being in this state the whole time. I did not want to leave. I started to feel a power beyond imagination. This power was like it was the power of the entire universe. I did not possess the power but the power was felt all around me. It was like some sort of movement. The strength of this power was immense.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4468. Miguel P NDE 1/21/2018. NDE 8490. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to Spanish by Sean. I started to breathe in water. This was the feeling I had in reality, that 'I breathed' but for sure, I was drowning. I wasn't in agony, but completely the opposite. The darkness had become clear. I saw crystaline clear water while I felt at peace. There was a very intense light, as if on a hot clear summer's day. I had the feeling of floating under a totally calm ocean.
NDE due to drowning.

4467. Chao Y NDE 1/20/2018. NDE 8489. Non-Western. From China. Original in Chinese, translated to English by Jenny. In a split second, I came through a tunnel and to a place filled with bright light that did not hurt eyes. The soft bright light felt very comfortable and warm. I sensed this is a vast, boundless place. Even the area my feet stood on had that gentle white light. It felt not solid at all. There were no sounds or and nobody was there. I did not feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, I felt I was home.
NDE at age 5-6 due to passing out from illness.

4466. Debbie P Probable NDE 1/15/2018. Probable NDE 16094. Weird memories and thoughts flashed through my mind. Slowly, I felt myself slipping away. I had tunnel vision and other bodily functions were shutting down. I was accepting what was happening to me.
Probable NDE from choking.

4465. Martha A Probable NDE 1/12/2018. Probable NDE 8486. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. All of a sudden, I was in a fantastic city. The city was beautiful with buildings of glass. The main part of was skyscrapers that were real objects of art. Around me was a strong light which didn't tired my eyes. I was wearing a white tunic. A tall man was walking beside me. He was thin and was also wearing a white tunic. He was explaining everything to me about this beautiful city.
Probable NDE from a professor and associated with surgery.

4464. Lori W NDE 1/11/2018. NDE 8485. Next, I was hovering above the operating table. They were holding my baby boy above my abdomen. He cried and they were expressing their pleasure at a safe delivery of a healthy baby. I heard a nurse say, 'Uh,oh, there goes her heart !' Then she said, ' 'Inaudible, inaudible. STAT!!'
NDE at time of delivery.

4463. Elaine K NDE 1/8/2018. NDE 8483. I remember a life review and seeing events in my short life as they went through my brain. I saw events in my life such as trips to my grandmother's house. I was in the dark and saw a light at the end of what seemed like a tunnel. I felt like I was being pulled to the light and I knew once I got there I would have crossed over.
NDE due to drowning at age 8. Shared 50 years later.

4462. Dr. Prasanna M Probable NDE 1/8/2018. Probable NDE 8482. Non-Western. From India. In that blackness, I found myself falling downward and with increasing speed. Everything was black all around me.Though it appeared like a tunnel, I did not feel any limits or a wall. I was trying to hold onto what I thought might be a wall with my arms spread wide open. I continued to fall, more like slipping, to a deeper place at a very high speed. I do not remember how long I was falling.
Probable NDE from physician due to vagal reflex induced loss of consciousness.

4461. Billy E NDE 1/7/2018. NDE 8478. I found myself looking down onto my body. I thought, 'Must be my diabetes, I must be going low.' I felt a purpose to life and understood that I cannot 'float' upwards anymore. I should head back down and go back into my body.
NDE due to diabetic issues at age 10.

4460. Tammy H Possible NDE 1/1/2018. Possible NDE 8477. While staring at her features in my NDE, I saw so much of myself in her. She had long black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. Her complexion was so beautiful and I saw my features. She had her father's eyes, and was probably close to 5 years old. Immediately and instinctively, I knew who she was before even asking. I was in awe of the similarity in features and asked 'are you'....? Before I could finish the sentence, she said, 'Yes Mommy', I'm your daughter.'
Possible NDE associated with surgery. Remarkable detailed awareness of future soulmate during experience.

4459. Anthony C NDE 1/1/2018. NDE 8476. What I do vividly recall, is finding myself floating over a scene unfolding on the ground below me. It was a very surreal experience in hindsight. But at the time my Being was without negative feelings like fright, anxiety, concern, etc. It was a completely peaceful feeling. It was very natural and I had no worries.
NDE due to head injury due to fall at age 5.

4458. Jay H Probable NDE 1/1/2018. Probable NDE 8475. However, as I began to die, things got brighter when I dropped to about 15 feet deep. I was on the bottom of the pit and able to see everything around me. I started to get curious, as my mind did not feel like it was dying. I began to accept death and was not scared. At that moment, a voice, spoke to me and said this. 'Jay. It is not your time.'
Probable NDE due to drowning.

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