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4266. Craig P NDE 12/24/2016. NDE 8172. I seemed to float upwards or outwards and experienced a parabolic worm hole in space. As I passed through the wormhole, I emerged into a vast darkness with many small points of light. There came an understanding that each point of light was an individual entity like myself. All were exactly similar and had no connection to their life as a human being. A brighter light appeared some distance in space or time. When drawn to this greater light, images of my family appeared.
NDE due to heart attack with cardiac arrest.

4265. Damien Probable NDE 12/23/2016. Probable NDE 8171. I saw a walkway with millions of colors; all flowing and moving from different directions into a single point in front of me. The colors moved over a misty background, almost like a stage fogger but the expanse of it was enormous. It was like I could see the other walkways leading to the center. There were people on the walkways. Some people were walking, some were standing there, and some were running. I could see all of this even though those walkways looked like they were hundreds of miles long and miles apart from each other. It felt strangely comfortable though.
NDE due to fall from parachute failure.

4264. John Possible NDE 12/22/2016. Possible NDE 8169. The Light was so intense as it streamed out of the tube towards us. It filled me again and again with longing to go inside the great opening. I thought, 'I am a child of this light'. We all headed towards it, sometimes slowly and sometimes frantically, dancing and singing with a joy that only a mega-win on the lottery would bring. The Light filled us all. For not only was I filled with this peace and joy but so was every other creature. I knew that; and they knew that I too, was in that state. A 'shared state of existence' is not adequate to describe it.
Possible NDE due to fever shortly after surgery.

4263. Barbara W NDE 12/22/2016. NDE 8167. I saw a beautiful bright light and was in a cloud. I was looking down at myself, my crying dad who was praying and holding my hand, my mom sitting on a chair and the doctors/nurses working on me. I hovered above my body for quite a while. I saw a bright light and a person. I think it was Jesus because he looked like the typical picture of him with long hair, etc.
NDE due to diabetic ketoacidosis.

4262. Bobbie K NDE 12/22/2016. NDE 8166. From Canada, originally from Hungary. On the other side of life, I was enveloped in warmth and love such as I had never before experienced. I felt safe, free, and limitless. Although I cannot recall any visual images, I knew that I was home. I was totally supported in anything I could possibly want to do. I was part of the Universe; I was a part of the sun; and I was a part of God! I had a feeling of total safety and was deliriously happy. I was not aware of being a child or having any form, but I knew who I was. I knew I was a part of everything, but I also had a sense of individual identity. I was filled with love and joy.
NDE due to drowning at age 5. Shared 64 years later.

4261. Kari W NDE 12/17/2016. NDE 8163. As I swam away, there was this realization that I could breathe under water. I was astonished and relieved at the sane time! I couldn't believe that someone hadn't told me this was possible. I was excited and almost giddy. I also saw a warm, glowing light that I started to swim toward. I was totally at peace with no fear of drowning because I could now breathe.
NDE at age 16 due to drowning.

4260. Amie FDE 12/17/2016. FDE 8164. I remember going blank, like I was conscious but I wasn't. Everything went silent. While the car was hydro-gliding, I remember looking to my right and seeing a tree and thinking that this is it; I'm going to die. At that second, everything flashed before my eyes. I remembered everything that happened to me in my life, like flash backs in fast forward motion.
Fear Death Experience at time of car crash with a life review.

4259. Marie L NDE 12/16/2016. NDE 8155. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Rosalie I suddenly saw everything become a light grey color. I felt as if I was not only lying down, but had the sensation that I was being pulled in a backwards motion. I didn't see anyone in particular. But the feeling that I had was of absolute peace.
NDE from childbirth complications.

4258. Leslie E Other 12/14/2016. Other 16086. I was transported to one of the towers. In that moment, it felt like I was split into two. I found myself in a dark stairwell with people screaming. I didn’t notice a fire. We were going down the stairs and I could feel the panic of others. What followed next was something so explosive causing the stairwell to buckle and be sucked down like a vacuum. We all started to free-fall, and what I will never ever forget are the numerous hands that grabbed my shoulder and body while we were all falling to the bottom.
911 Experience.

4257. Laurent C NDE 12/14/2016. NDE 8158. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was far away in a white, luminous, infinite, and peaceful immensity. It was as if I were floating. I was serene and omniscient. I never felt as happy as during that moment!
NDE due to being struck by car while on motorcycle.

4256. Kelly W FDE 12/13/2016. FDE 8160. I cried out three times, 'Oh, my God.' Then, I left my body. Next, I was told that I was at the pearly gates. I saw the gates. Then I was thrown back down to earth.
OBE prior to expected vehicle crash on highway.

4255. Paul G NDE 12/13/2016. NDE 8159. The knowledge I acquired in the previous planes allows me to remember exactly what is in my present surroundings. Here I don’t need hearing or sight, because I know without the need to focus. I know what is all around me. I understand as well the space all around me. With this 'full knowledge' why do I need to physically turn my head and look ahead in order to see where I am going? I don’t! I know without seeing. I don’t know how, I just know things.
NDE due to being struck by car.

4254. Pat S NDE 12/13/2016. NDE 8157. I had a feeling of unconditional love and it was if all of a sudden I knew everything. I knew we were here to help one another and to love one another. The bad things that happen are because we are given free will and it is a choice as to what we make of it. After passing on in this life, there is no judgement against you no matter what you did in this life.
NDE due to blood loss from ulcer.

4253. Alan P NDE 12/12/2016. NDE 8156. Then I became aware of my life. I have tried to describe this event to others over the years, and the best way I have found is that the review of my life was not like watching a movie or video, but rather more like standing in front of a large picture and being able to see the picture as a whole, or being able to move in to study some detail of the picture. The difference being, that I had a complete understanding and recall of the whole picture which was my life.
NDE due to suffocation at age 11.

4252. Alena B NDE 12/4/2016. NDE 8150. all I could feel was an eternal peace and love. The Love-enlightened feeling was overwhelming. It is still in me, even two years later. Another feeling was the notion that from now on, everything is going to be good.
NDE due to horse falling on her.

4251. BJ K NDE 12/3/2016. NDE 8154. I remember one last thing very specifically. I stopped, turned around, and said to him 'You better be for providing some damn miracles to make this worthwhile'. The last thing I remember was laughter and loving humor.
NDE due to cardiac arrest following heat stroke.

4250. Lori L NDE 12/3/2016. NDE 8152. Suddenly, I no longer heard the noise from the car, or felt the bumpy road. Everything became quiet and peaceful. I felt a warm, large hand gently caress my hair on the top of my head and a sweet voice telepathically told me, 'It's okay. It's not your time, I have more for you to do.'
NDE due to hemorrhage a few days after hysterectomy.

4249. Vincent H NDE 12/3/2016. NDE 8148. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I also give the name 'tunnel' to an effect that is felt like a vortex: the energetic structures composing it seem to swirl, in order to create a geometry, allowing concentration and persistence. This is giving a tube effect whose extremity seems to be tighter. A symphony of melodious sounds is accompanying you, cradling you, and transcends you to a point of unequaled appeasement. This end, this extremity is made of a light and volutes of an opalescent white. Very intense and not blinding, this light similar to a textured veil, is composed of reflections of countless luminescent colors, it seems full of vitality.
Two NDEs.

4248. Kathryn Y NDE 12/3/2016. NDE 8147. I didn’t see the face of God in my moment of death. Nor was I confronted with a blinding white light. I saw an encompassing blackness with the most electrifying colors of light throughout it. The blackness hugged me and whirled around my body for what seemed to have a sense of time. I talked with the Divine.
NDE during cardiac arrest that was reversed with an implanted defibrillator. Interesting verification of cardiac arrest corresponding to NDE.

4247. Jeremy NDE 12/3/2016. NDE 8151. Suddenly, it became dark and I was now above the scene looking down at it. The strange thing is that it seemed perfectly normal. I was probably 20 feet in the air looking down. I could see myself submerged in the water. I could see my dad and this other person sitting on the patio close by. I knew that I was underwater but this was some kind of interlude or intermission in the events. The thing that jump out at me the most about the interlude was that it was completely peaceful.
NDE from drowning at age 4. He is now a minister.

4246. Louise R NDE 11/29/2016. NDE 8146. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself unconscious at the steering wheel of my car; but in the meantime, I had some flashes of the past and of future events. I also saw the deceased mother of my present partner who was on bicycle. I had never seen her before, not even in a photo. I saw my son waiting for me and bent towards the kitchen window. He was not in front of his computer and this was exactly what was happening when I got home three hours later.
NDE from falling and going unconscious.

4245. Georgio A Probable NDE 11/29/2016. NDE 8145. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I didn't know what was happening. I heard and saw people trying to resuscitate me. I saw myself but I didn't float; I didn't see a tunnel or a heavenly voice; nor did I see anything like that. I just listened to the people there, but they couldn't hear me.
NDE from falling and going unconscious.

4244. Karen M NDE 11/19/2016. NDE 8141. Exceptional Archive. I kept shrinking until I was just like an atom, perhaps? I could see each particle of the cloud and what we looked like down to our tiniest level. It was beautiful; we were beautiful. I had shed the sense of my body very quickly. I was simply nothing and everything all at once. I eventually left the cloud, still with no sense of a 'body.' I was me. I was pure energy, purely beautiful and whole. I was pure love and yet still 'me.'
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery at age 14.

4243. Gwen SP Probable NDE 11/12/2016. Probable Second-Person NDE. From the United Kingdom I saw people who had been allowed to dive into the Light and as they passed through, they seemed to give off many lesser lights or Spirits: this was the rebirth of their spirit children from their kind or unkind deeds on earth. It seemed as if the person broke apart and yet I knew the person had was still whole and that only the power of their deeds would break apart. It was explained that kindly actions give larger spiritual energy to the new mortals while unkindness resulted in lesser spiritual force.
Probable NDE told by the person having the experience, Gwen S-P. She was British, but born in China in 1893 and it happened in Hong Kong in 1930.

4242. Newt J NDE 11/11/2016. NDE 8137. From Australia As my identity vanished, I became aware of my surroundings. 'Surroundings' presupposes existence and also physicality, but this may have been infinity. Instinctively it felt like the sum total of infinity in its pure, atemporal, undifferentiated state(s). There seemed to be a swirling colour that was luminous but in an absence of light. It was somehow indistinguishable, as if unilluminated, perhaps in a vacuum. The paradoxical aspects arise while describing the experience, but the experience itself was pure and without resistance or tensions I welcomed this experience and agreed with myself to stay, contented. But soon I was curious to search for parameters, a threshold, new knowledge.
NDE due to car accident.

4241. Carlos Manuel V NDE 11/6/2016. Second-Person NDE 8136. From Costa Rica. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I felt gently pulled away from my body. I was far from the Planet. At the same time, everything around me was expanding. The Universe opened infinitely and lit up my surroundings. I could still see Earth but it was reduced to a very small point of light in the distance. This gave me a sensation of the greatness of our planet through this spectacular vision but at the same time it made me think how tiny we are compared to the presence of this enormous universe. It is difficult to speak chronologically about the events, because I can't say that there was time there or that one event happened after another. Then I was in a place full of light. I knew that there were many people who had been here; not in the body, but like souls who were like light. All the time, I felt an extraordinary peace and happiness. I felt very happy and content to be there.
Brother's NDE from a stroke.

4240. Georg M NDE 11/3/2016. NDE 8133. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I immediately left my body. A heavenly calm starts around me. All pain is gone. The movie of my life is running very fast, but very detailed in front of me. All the persons that I once met showed up and waved kindly to me. From above and approximately 10 meters away, I see my body lying in the cornfield. In the meantime, my friends found my body and were standing around helpless. They were making sorrowful and pejorative statements. I'm watching the scene from above in the distance. At the same time, I saw a bright mystical white light, which is drawing me closer as if by magic. This light was not the sun, which was also shining.
Physician's NDE when he was a teenager.

4239. Elias Ketamine Experience 11/3/2016. Ketamine Experience 8110. From the United Kingdom Then an immense familiar light appeared, which I recognized to be my true nature. All darkness disappeared and my terror was replaced by shame for finding myself in such a sick internal state while in the presence of such pure light. The canvas of reality as I knew it was lifted and the material world was transcended. I began to witness my life from start to finish with the best and worst moments being highlighted to me. I was shown that as a young teen, I was on the correct path with pure intentions but then I began to live for the wrong reasons and a hedonistic lifestyle.
Although Ketamine experiences fall into the drug experience classification, they have similarities to NDEs so are great for study purposes.

4238. Paul F STE 10/27/2016. STE 8132. A voice told me that a good analogy would be a jellyfish. From the top of the water, it just looks like a small, inflated blob, but under the water it has threads or feelers that reach deeply a long way into the water. Our life on earth was just like the top of the jellyfish, but our life in this dimension had the feelings and depth of the long, trailing threads of the jellyfish. The analogy meant that life on earth was just a very small part of what we would experience in this place.
Probable febrile experience but with profound spiritual insights. Shared 48 years after experience.

4237. Andy J NDE 10/27/2016. NDE 8131. During the trip to the hospital I remember hovering over my body watching three emergency medical technicians attempting to revive me. I remember being confused and unaware of what was happening, almost as if I was watching a movie of my death. The next thing I remember was that I was floating high above the Earth, just staring at the vast oceans and bodies of land. I felt complete peace and I was not afraid at all.
NDE due to alcohol overdose.

4236. Rafa SR NDE 10/26/2016. NDE 8129. From Spain. I left my physical body and saw myself lying down in the white snow, surrounded by the contrasting red color of the blood. I went into a tunnel and had a 'once in a lifetime' feeling of peace with the world. I felt no pain. I saw the brightest light and then had a big choice, 'Should I let go?' I was fully aware of what was going on around me. My reaction was to return to my body.
NDE due to head injury caused by skiing accident.

4235. Geoff B Possible NDE 10/19/2016. Possible NDE 8120. From the United Kingdom Above the boat, I could hear my mother's voice telling me not to be afraid and head to the calmer water. She was like a mist that was heading in the direction of the horizon where the silhouettes were. But also swirling around the mast was my granddad's voice encouraging me and telling me that I could beat this. I had a problem believing what my mother's voice was telling me, as she had been quite a religious woman. It was like I shouldn't trust her, that she was making this all too easy; almost as if she was being selfish and taking me away from my family. My granddad, however, I did trust. He was being being honest, positive, assured and constantly reminding me that I could get back to my family. He kept telling me to look at them and know that they needed me.
Great example for scientific study. This is a possible NDE because it is hard to say what it is. There are elements of NDE where he reports being out of body and was guided by deceased relatives. Yet the recollection is interwoven with dreams, and elements of ICU psychosis/REM intrusion, and these experiences occur over a period of over a week so it is hard to figure out when one experience started and another began. There is also a high chance that some of the experience(s) could have been influenced by the many drugs that were given to him.

4234. Dale H NDE 10/14/2016. NDE 8121. Before awakening, I experienced the presence of unrecognized beings who were comforting me without any physical contact. I just felt they were close. I could not recognize my environment but I was lying down in a warm and well-lit place. I had a sense of ineffable, inexhaustibly infinite peace and well being. I had the sense of being totally loved and accepted. I had absolutely no fear, which was a unique experience because I have a chronic anxiety disorder. It was a transient experience that at most seemed like it lasted a few seconds.
NDE from physician due to heart attack. Shared less than three weeks after experience occurred.

4233. Tammy R Probable NDE 10/8/2016. Probable NDE 8118. I felt so calm, was surrounded by a bright light and was perched above the accident. I saw the accident happen. I saw my body lying on the ground. I saw the car rocking back and forth hitting me on the head. I saw people working on my body and 'bring me back to life' twice before I was transported to the hospital. Yet, I felt no pain. It's hard to explain the calmness and peace that I felt while watching this.
Probable NDE at 16. Remembered nearly 10 years later in dream.

4232. Catura J Probable NDE 10/8/2016. Probable NDE 8116. I do remember being in a beautiful and comforting place. But I didn't know how I got there. There was a nice pool there where I was looking at myself in physical form, but I was separate from my body. I saw myself when I was about 8 years old and having fun jumping into the pool. After this, it wasn't like I was talking. It was more telepathic when my soul or whatever I was in that moment asked, 'Where am I?' I knew someone was beside me, although I couldn't see them physically. They responded, 'You're in heaven now, you can do whatever you want.'
Probable NDE due to car accident at age 13.

4231. Mwila G NDE 10/8/2016. NDE 8119. From the Democratic Republic of Congo. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Immediately, I found myself near the morgue, and facing it there is a Catholic church, and in the enclosure there was a friend physician, I call her and tell her 'doctor they said that I stopped, tell them what they have to do so that they can continue with the operation', she would tell me where?, and I pointed with my finger in the direction of the surgery room, showing her down there, she was answering, they know by themselves what they have to do. 'I tell her 'This is not what you are talking about, they have done that already, go tell them'. She said 'If they did already then it's over.'
Physician NDE from surgery complications.

4230. Georgina C NDE 10/8/2016. NDE 8117. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I was out of my body. I saw my mother while she was crying and looking after a baby in another room. I saw my eldest daughter who was with my mother in the bed. I saw my father calling the ambulance. I felt all the anguish that my family felt. I saw the ambulance as it arrived as they took me to the hospital and as I went into the emergency room. I saw the doctors as they said there was no pulse. I saw it all but nobody could hear me. Although I was in a coma, I saw how they came to see me. I saw my teenage brother when he arrived two days later, but he couldn't hear me. I was there but I wasn't in my body. I saw my husband. I was asking everyone about my children, yet nobody replied to me.
NDE from intracranial hemorrhage.

4229. Valéria ABP NDE 10/8/2016. NDE 8097. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Olivia. There was a feeling of peace. I gave into myself to this feeling and thought, 'I want my family to know that I'm going in peace.' I saw the image of each of my family members; my three siblings and my parents. The image of each one came and I felt, 'Let them know that I'm going in peace.' I slipped into a radiant tunnel of white light. It was not exactly a cylinder, but there was a spotlight that seemed like a projection. I slipped into a sense of being pure consciousness. It was not my body or myself as we know it here on earth. It was a feeling of blurring and integrating with greater awareness; a return to life in its pure state. It was a feeling of deep, light peace, beauty, and lightness.
NDE from auto accident.

4228. Richy R NDE 10/2/2016. NDE 8115. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. This happened some 40 kilometers from my home. Instantly, at unbelievable speed I was at my father's place. I was floating while roaming through the rooms of the house. Then I was back in my body within a few seconds.
NDE from being hit by a bus.

4227. Dixie NDE 9/30/2016. NDE 8113. I kept sinking. My lungs filled with water. The water was very deep and dark. Suddenly, I was enveloped in a warm, loving light. It felt like caring arms around me.
NDE at age 7 due to drowning. Shared 56 years later.

4226. Birgit S FDE 9/28/2016. FDE 8111. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I saw the events of my life passing in front of my eyes. I couldn't stop this either. They events were passing in front of me like on a projector. They were going backwards until I was a baby and crawler, which was surprising me very much. The pictures seemed somewhat triangular, as if they were adapting to a triangular tunnel. The pictures scrolled faster and faster as I was rolling on. But it was very quiet, I didn't hear anything. Then suddenly there was a loud jerk and a thud. I was back again in my body.
Fear Death Experience from falling down a mountain.

4225. Teri HF Possible NDE 9/20/2016. Possible NDE 8108. When I opened my eyes, the room was flooded with bright light. The hallway was dark like a tunnel behind Fran. She was once more beside the bed; I couldn't move or reach for her and I remember trying. Fran asked, 'ARE you coming with me?' This time, I answered, 'No, I don't think so. Not right now.' Fran smiled, said, 'OK. I love you!' She turned from me, and was absorbed into the darkened hallway. It was like a dark tunnel, and I could not follow her. I regretted telling her 'No'.
Possible NDE and Shared death experience following complications of surgery.

4224. Stefan G Probable NDEs 9/19/2016. Probable NDEs 8105. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I was weightless and slowly flying straight up. I was standing upright but not on a surface where I would have been able to stand. Surrounding me was an agreeable brightness that was white but not blinding. I felt truly good. I didn't think. I just let everything happen and it was beautiful. After a short time, I saw a gray edge above me, that was slightly bent. I moved towards this edge and when I was there, I saw my deceased mother and her mother who was my grandmother.
Two probable NDEs described.

4223. Lisa S NDE 9/18/2016. NDE 8107. We were talking and then very suddenly I was in the corner of the hospital room looking down on myself. I could not hear what was being said or what they were doing, but I could say my husband was next to a couch by the window and looking as white as a ghost. I was aware that there was a presence on both sides of me but they did not say anything. It seemed like a few minutes that I watched. But in reality, as I found out later, it was more like a minute or less.
NDE due to episode of low blood pressure attributed to epidural anesthesia during caesarian section delivery.

4222. Kathy M SDE 9/16/2016. Shared Death Experience 8103. Then, all of a sudden, I felt that someone was in the room with us. I turned around and 'saw' something hanging in the corner of the ceiling. It was a huge being that had wings but was more like a bird wings than angel wings. They were down and pinned to its sides. It was just sitting on nothing in the corner.
Shared death experience with dying mother.

4221. Barbara P Probable NDE 9/11/2016. Probable NDE 8101. The amount of Love and joy and peace I felt was so extreme that I have no words to describe it. Those words I just used are trite compared to the level that enveloped me. He took me to a place I could look down on my neighborhood. Kind of like Santa Claus in a sleigh. Then we both moved to another vantage point wherein I could see more. Then he spoke to me, though speaking was more telepathic. He told me to turn and look at my body. I did. It was laying there just fine. Then he said, 'You just have to go back into it for a moment.'
Probable NDE due to reaction to tetanus shot. Shared 55 years later.

4220. Deanne W Probable NDE 9/9/2016. Probable NDE 8099. I was in complete darkness. There was a man dressed in white standing next to me on my right side. At the end of the darkness was a circle of light. In the light were people milling around. They seemed to being going on about their lives as if nothing was wrong.
Probable NDE due to pulmonary embolus.

4219. Preeti B NDE 9/6/2016. NDE 8095. Non-Western. From United Arab Emirates I find myself 'somewhere' I now call a tunnel. It was a greyish dark type colour with blotches all through it, the best way I could describe this tunnel is it was like being wrapped in a space made from the static on your TV when it fails to receive a signal. Along with that is a (what I call) Universal humming that was pleasantly familiar somehow. At this point I become aware of a sudden knowing and feelings of oneness with everything. I had no real sense of the Universe at the time as in, I was too young and stupid to even consider the cosmos but today I think of the experience as if I were speeding up so fast through the Universe and I knew absolutely everything about everything. I became one with everything that ever was and everything that ever will be. I knew I'd left the physical world somehow because I specifically remember saying to myself: Wow, I've got to bring this knowledge back! In the tunnel I learned the secrets of the Universe, meaning of life, reasons for war and poverty, cruelty and everything else. Everything made complete sense and I needn't question anything. Seemingly, out of nowhere, I find myself at the bottom of a short staircase. At the top of this staircase stood Jesus Christ himself. . I'm absolutely overwhelmed by joy and happiness, I'd never, ever been so happy before. He stood, as a being of warm light, bright and completey welcoming with arms out, as if to accept me.
NDE due to head injury from person born in India while in Australia. NDE followed by mystical experiences.

4218. Jeremy Probable NDE 9/6/2016. Probable NDE 8096. From Australia The next thing I know, I was out of my body. I felt absolute peace and love as I saw myself lying down on the bed. Then almost immediately, I was in a white gown with lace and a long veil like a princess on her wedding day. I also had flowers in my hair. My hair was tied up like in a bun. Although it was me in that dress, I could also see myself as if I were behind me. The white of the gown was so beautiful, pearly-white and soothing to the eyes . I remember the touch of cool breeze on my face. It was so perfect; not too cold but somewhat fresh. It was as if the breeze repaired any part of my body that was either damaged or distressed. I cannot explain the beauty of the breeze as it touched parts of my face, like a baby with new skin. I felt like I was radiating that same white light that was in front of me.
NDE vs drug experience at age 13 due to inhalation of liquid petroleum gas. Met Jesus. Experience content very NDE-like.

4217. Pearler NDE 9/6/2016. NDE 8098. I was not of this body, but whatever I was it was normal to me. Jesus telepathically said, 'I know it's bad and I know it hurts. I am sorry.' I could feel his sorrow for me. He continued, 'You have not done what you said you would do and you must go back.' I did not know where back was, but I knew it was not throught the light and that was the only way I was going. I said, 'NO! By God, I'm here and I'm staying.' Jesus said, 'You will come here . You do get to come here, but not yet. Not now. I'm sorry.'
NDE due to the motorcycle he was riding being hit by a car.

4216. Ladli S NDE 8/31/2016. NDE 8092. Non-Western NDE from India. The man's face still smiling. One thing about that face is that it was not like it was made of skin and flesh of any sort. It was like shapes you notice in clouds, but it was full of beauty, serenity, and completeness.
NDE due to being choked.

4215. Laura B NDE 8/29/2016. NDE 8090. This is when I experienced looking down at myself and watching myself being worked on. I felt very warm, happy, and safe. A deceased person that I was very close to was there with me. He looked at me in a loving way. I wanted to stay with him and didn't want to leave him, but I was being sucked closer and closer back towards my body.
NDE due to post-operative complications with cardiac arrest. Shared less than 3 weeks after NDE occurred.

4214. Destiny C NDE 8/27/2016. NDE 8087. That's when I popped out of my body and watched EVERY single CPR and medical procedure done to me. I heard and saw it ALL. It was a distinctive 'pop' that I felt when I left my body. I was on the ceiling watching it all. I didn't really feel disturbed to see my body on the bed. I just thought that I looked terrible and 'no way am I going back into that!' I watched coworkers do chest compressions and cut off my clothes and thought, 'Dammit, that was my best Victoria's Secret bra.'
Remarkable NDE by ICU nurse in the ICU at the time of cardiac arrest. NDE is shared less than one month after it occurred.

4213. Tricia B NDE 8/25/2016. NDE 8086. Exceptional Experience. One of the most important lessons that was transferred to me by the light is that love is all that matters. Though this seemed like a hippie slogan or a paraphrase from the Beatles, the message sunk into me on a deeper level. Every interaction is meaningless if love is not attached to it in some way. A prayer is meaningless without love. A sermon is meaningless without love. A religion is meaningless without love. The prayers of those who loved me felt like wind, slowing down my progress toward the light. Though their love felt sweet, and reminded me of my life on earth, their prayers did not stop my desire to keep going deeper into the light. I’ve always been an adventurous soul, and this was the greatest adventure I’d ever been on. When I returned to my body, it felt like a dark wind had engulfed me. I still felt one with everything.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

4212. Nathan L NDE 8/25/2016. NDE 8085. At that time I seen a bright light with a field and what was Jesus. He reached out and grabbed my hand. He told me don;t be afraid. I was at peace the whole time. I could clearly see him. He did the sign of the cross and told me it wasn't my time.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

4211. Richy K Probable NDE 8/25/2016. Probable NDE 8084. I was able to tell my friends what they were doing while I was unconscious and hovering over my body. At one point, I saw one of my friends come by to pick me up and declared I was dead. I was extremely moved by being in the presence of immense LOVE and PEACE. I had a moment of extreme awareness of my failings and faults while in the presence of a Being who was an overwhelming reality of Love, Light and Peace.
This is hard to tell where the drug experience left off and an NDE probably starts.

4210. Robin L NDE 8/25/2016. NDE 8083. Exceptional Experience. We are standing on this cliff edge facing each other. He nods his head to the right toward the open space. He is showing me our next step is off the cliff edge. He offers both of his hands to me with his palms open. If I were a newborn baby I would fit in the cradle of his large hands. I step closer to him. With complete trust I put my hands in his. My hands look small and perfect in his. We inch our feet toward the edge. I curl my fingers around his and squeeze tight as we leap off the cliff together. We begin falling into black night and total silence. There is great ease in staying together just as when we had our feet on the ground. Now instead of being held steady by the ground, we are surrounded by sky. It does not feel like wild falling, it is peaceful. We have a relationship with every star. Some stars are becoming further away, while others are coming closer. He looks at me with pure love, and with his voice speaking inside me he tells me, 'This is dying.'
Abducted at age 8 from America and brought to Africa. NDE due to bullet grazing her head.

4209. Kohn A NDE 8/24/2016. NDE 8078. I don't recall ever feeling my body as this was happening but I very well could have been floating. I wasn't looking back at my body. Soon after this, pictures started flashing in front of me like someone flipping through a photo album. In it were pictures of myself as a happy, peace-filled person who has a purpose in life and with tasks that are incomplete as of yet. I could feel a wise, holy spirit who to me must have been God. Although I never saw him, I definitely felt his presence.
NDE due to coding after being given medicine in ICU. Quite atypical NDE content.

4208. CN Possible NDE 8/22/2016. Possible NDE 8079. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. While I was still aware, my sight was replaced by moving colors. In the middle of the moving colors it looked like there was an opening. I could see something like domes, half spheres situated at the ground, which consisted of many glass triangles placed side by side. There were two of these domes.
Possible NDE from fainting.

4207. Jack D Probable NDE 8/22/2016. Probable NDE 8076. The next thing I know, I am traveling upwards in a tunnel like on a road with lights opposite of each other at regular intervals. There was another light that I was traveling towards and I wanted to keep going. The lights that I saw at regular intervals came at me slowly, but for a long period of time. I say 'period' because time has no meaning there. I can't explain what 'time' is like there. After a while, I slowed down and stopped traveling upwards.
Probable NDE at age 4 due to injury.

4206. Dan B Probable NDE 8/22/2016. Probable NDE 8075. I recall flying over myself while lying on an operating room table in a hospital. I was surrounded by a team of doctors and nurses. There was no pain, no visions and I could not hear what was said. I was fully aware of my surroundings though, that it was me on the table, and that they were working on me.
Probable NDE during operation at age 3. Shared 56 years later.

4205. Curtis F FDE 8/22/2016. FDE 8081. A male voice said 'You are born' or 'It begins.' Then a deck of cards appeared. The first few cards were black. Then every card after that was a snapshot of everything important that I have ever done up to the moment of the accident.
Fear Death Experience with life review.

4204. Allie S Possible NDE 8/22/2016. Possible NDE 8080. After feeling like I couldn't breathe, I went through a white, spinning tunnel. In the center of the tunnel was a young boy with dark hair smiling at me and calling me to follow him. There was the sweetest draw to do whatever I could to try to meet him, but as I got closer, he seemed to stay just out of reach. I didn't know the boy, but there was a feeling that I loved him and he was the gateway to a place that would fulfill a kind of fairy tale for me somehow. There were so many promises surrounding the feeling he emanated, I kept wishing I would see him again every time I fell asleep at night for many years afterwards. I would have dreams about him and the tunnel, but they didn't hold the incredible draw and feel of the actual experience. After the experience, all the many dreams and wishes to see him again felt weak.
Possible NDE at age 4 due to possible suffocation. Shared 51 years later.

4203. Belinda K NDE 8/16/2016. NDE 8071. From South Africa As I thought that, in a millionth of a second, I went up a tunnel, it started out black, and as I went up, it got lighter and lighter. I looked, liked in slow motion, left and right, and saw that it was light streaks, getting brighter and brighter. I knew I was travelling so fast, as if such a speed cannot exist. Up until today, I believe that this is where my need for speed comes from. Then it was completely white. I was then on top. Everything looked like clouds, as if I was drifting in clouds.
NDE at age 9 due to bite by a rabid dog

4202. Deepali B Possible NDE 8/16/2016. Possible NDE 8070. From India But, I suddenly felt the pain going away and felt as if I was flying at rocket speed inside a dark tunnel. I could not stop myself. I tried to stop and a voice told me this is death. I could not make out whether it was a male or a female voice. But the voice was guiding me through the tunnel. I started to resist saying 'I have a son, I can't leave him and go. He is sick. He needs me.'
Limited consciousness during general anesthesia called ‘anesthetic awareness’. Possible NDE as well due to intraoperative hypotension.

4201. Melissa E FDE 8/16/2016. FDE 8069. Then I saw a light in the distance. There seemed to be a few people there. I didn't have any fear as there was such a longing to go back to such a peaceful place. The whole thing was very peaceful. Whoever it was there, they were happy to see me and I was overjoyed to see them. There was a main person in a flowing white robe who was greeting people. The next thing I remember is him touching me on the head and telling me I wasn't ready yet.
FDE due to motorcycle accident.

4200. Gloria S NDE 8/16/2016. NDE 23143. I saw myself floating over my body, looking down at myself and my three children were leaning over my head area. I was laying face up. I can tell you what I was wearing and what they were wearing. There was no pain, I felt as though I were floating
NDE due to auto accident.

4199. Francis A NDE 8/11/2016. NDE 8068. From Italy. Original in Italian. I WAS HOVERING AND HAPPY. I WAS FOLLOWING MY BODY AND WAS FINE. I HAD NO PAINS. I WAS CONTENTED, DETACHED FROM MY BODY, AND DID NOT WANT TO COME BACK. But fate wanted me to come back.
NDE due to loss of consciousness from seizure.

4198. Scott P Probable NDE 8/11/2016. Probable NDE 8067. I remember being under water, with a brilliant light above me, and colors sort of radiating around it, with the colors themselves being very beautiful, nearly indescribable. And it was extremely peaceful, not a single worry in my mind. I had no desire to leave, I wanted to stay right there and keep watching this.
Probable NDE at age 2 ½ due to drowning.

4197. Ali A NDE-Like 8/7/2016. NDE-Like 8066. Non-Western NDE. Originally from Algeria, living in France. Translated to English by John. Since I had been electrocuted at 360 volts, it was expected that I would die. Yet, it happened that I came back to life. I’m grateful that I came back with a wonderful discovery. I am instilled with Security, Peace, Love and Trust in the Beyond.
This is a remarkable NDE-like experience promoting love and peace.

4196. Mustafa Y NDE 8/6/2016. NDE 8065. Non-Western NDE from Iran. Original in Persian, translated to English by Amir. There was a middle age man there with white dress on who was standing some distance from me. His light was the only brightness in that dark space. He came towards me. When he got close, I felt he had a letter in his hand from which he was reading. When he finished the letter, he returned me. I was back in the tunnel again.
NDE from a criminal attack.

4195. Randy G NDE 8/6/2016. NDE 8064. Then all of a sudden, it got really bright. It was like I couldn't look up but this was the whitest, white light there. I heard a deep, soothing voice that said it wasn't my time that I had to go back. I remember asking, 'Why?' The answer was, 'It's just not your time son. You have to go back.'
NDE due to bicycle accident at age 7.

4194. Jim Martin 8/3/2016. NDE 8062. The first thing I remember was the intense, brilliant light that was at the end of a short tunnel. The light was brighter than any that I had ever experienced but my eyes had no trouble adjusting to that bright light. I recall that my entire life's experiences passed before me, but the only detail that recall now was seeing cocker spaniel, Ginger. She had been killed by an auto several weeks before my event.
NDE at age 10 due to croup. Shared 62 years later.

4193. Marina P NDE-Like Experience 8/2/2016. NDE-Like Experience 8059. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I felt peace and tranquility like inner and outer peace, peace, peace and more peace. There was complete and serenity wrapped in a sense of timelessness or eternity. I had the sensation of living there all my life, as if I had always been there. In fact, I had no memory at that moment of the identity I now have. I didn't remember anything from my current life, including my name, age, or the fact that I live on a planet called Earth. I had no memory of what it is to be a human or about anything that comes with it like eating, sleeping, or travelling. I felt love and ecstasy. This is the hardest part for me to talk about because trying to explain this sensation with only words degrades the experience.
Profound NDE-like STE that started as a meditation experience.

4192. Zac S Possible NDE 8/2/2016. Possible NDE 8061. Then I was shown a landscape that was in the farthest reaches of outer space, maybe somewhere outside the universe. It appeared as a cosmic game board between two opposing entities, Order and Chaos, Good and Evil, Male and Female, nature and industry. After witnessing this, I was essentially told that this conflict didn't matter and that ultimately one thing would overcome this timeless dance. Then I was taken to what I believe to be the edge of existence. Time did not exist here. There was just infinite light, unconditional endless love, nirvana, and ultimate eternal bliss. There was also light and color that I'd never seen before. Before I could enter it though, a Being stopped me. It was made of light with thousands of geometries and covered in eyes. When it spoke, it sounded like millions of sincere, loving laughs.
Drug overdose that could be an NDE or at least an STE.

4191. Sherry F Probable NDE 8/1/2016. Probable NDE 8060. My next memory is that during the operation, I sat up and looked around at the medical staff and was wondering why they were ignoring me as I had clearly woken up during the surgery. They should do something. I then remember being at the bottom of the operating table and half watching what was going on to my body but not really taking much notice. It really hadn't connected with me that I was out of my body. I remember an older man standing to the left of me and thinking that he was the surgeon for some reason. But now, I realize that he couldn't have been the surgeon who was working on me and that this man was aware of me, although he didn't speak to me.
Probable NDE due to blood loss after delivery.

4190. Bonnie J Possible NDEs 7/30/2016. Possible NDEs 7766. I suddenly found myself in a tunnel or in a blackness. There was this - what I can describe as - a cut out of the blackness. As if you were to cut a hole in black paper or something. And because there was this hole is why I say I was in a tunnel of some kind. Anyway, it was pitch black except for this hole where I could see a blue sky on the other side. The light did not permeate into the blackness where I was suspended. These two little girls appeared in this hole and they were looking at me and smiling and giggling and telling me things. I felt completely happy and comforted by them.
Two possible NDEs.

4189. Marie-Hélène Grandmother's NDE 7/26/2016. Secondhand NDE 16085. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. She was often told me that at that moment, she got out of her body and saw herself from above. She was being transported by the doctors. She heard them saying that she had no chance of surviving. She saw the dismay of her husband and her baby, and she understood that she couldn't depart simply like that. So she reintegrated into her body again.
1941 NDE from childbirth complications.

4188. Laura S Possible NDE 7/26/2016. Possible NDE 8057. During my experience, I felt very happy, calm, and not frightened. It was a very strange, warm feeling like being lowered into warm bath water. I saw a most beautiful color blue that I have never seen since my experience. My deceased mother came out of the blue color background. She was smiling and wearing the light purple dress she had on when she passed away. On my mother's right side and a bit behind her was our deceased parish priest wearing his priest clothing. I felt the urge to go to my mother but she repeatedly motioned with both arms to go back and to not approach. After that the experience just ended.
Possible NDE associated with appendicitis. Shared 67 years later.

4187. Maria P NDE 7/23/2016. NDE 8055. From Greece. I suddenly saw myself floating above my body. I was looking downwards at my body, but couldn't see the people around me. My body looked empty. There was light everywhere that was so breathtaking, magnificent, and absolutely beautiful. It was light like I have never experienced before. Words cannot describe it. The light was intelligent, it was endless, and it was communicating with me. I felt perfection, Bliss, Love, Love, Love, and again, words cannot describe the extent of these feelings. I was so HAPPY that I did not want to leave.
NDE due to loss of consciousness from uncertain cause.

4186. Cathy A NDE 7/23/2016. NDE 8054. Then I felt myself over the pool in a way that was odd. I was over my body and about 5 feet above the water. I felt a light breeze. I felt fully as myself. I was at peace, not really understanding or caring about what was happening below the water. Then, I saw and heard a red-headed teenaged boy yell, 'Hey!' as he dove under the water. I knew that this shout was about me.
NDE due to drowning at 5-6. Shared about 52 years later.

4185. June W Possible NDE 7/21/2016. Possible NDE 8052. From Ireland I imagine fairly quickly after that was when I saw white light but was not aware of any sound or staff taking him out of the room. He was able to tell me that as soon as I said I was going my arm and leg fell off trolley and my eyes were fixed open… Bright light (tunnel shaped)but not in a defined tunnel structure.
Possible NDE due to blood loss after hysterectomy.

4184. Jaime NDE 7/20/2016. NDE 8051. While unconscious, it was both, dark but not dark. There was no tunnel or light. I did hear female voices asking if it was time to take me. I lay there in complete comfort and peace waiting for the answer.
NDE due to head injury from fall at age 15.

4183. Brenda C NDE 7/20/2016. NDE 8050. The white light of the pure pain caused my soul to step sideways outside of my body. I was in the brightest light that felt like I was in a room made out of light. I felt a male presence behind me. I knew that my baby would be fine. But, I had to choose if I wanted to stay in the light or go back. I looked down and saw my husband in the future without me. It would be very hard for him to lose me and have to raise this child alone. I saw my mother trying to get custody of my son and blaming my husband for my death. I sighed. I didn't want to leave the light, but I couldn't leave my husband with that burden.
NDE due to seizure and stroke around time of delivery.

4182. Les T Probable NDE 7/19/2016. Probable NDE 8047. I sensed that I was in a black void, probably confined in a large clear tunnel, moving very slowly along as one would in outerspace weightlessness. I sensed there were others along with me in some sense, but did not see or communicate with them. At the extreme end of the tunnel, or far down the tunnel, was an extremely bright light. I felt like I was moving toward it. It was like the light of a train, maybe from miles away. I felt drawn toward it and wanted to go to the light.
Probable NDE at time of dental surgery.

4181. Bub D NDE 7/13/2016. NDE 8046. There were all these beings, whom I didn't know but yet I could feel so much LOVE. There seemed to be one main person who was standing there waiting for me. I didn't know him, but yet wanted to jump in his arms because I could feel so much LOVE. Then I saw the beautiful place behind him. There are no words to explain. As I was almost totally in that beautiful place with all those beings, I realized I couldn't hear my Dad's voice anymore.
NDE at age 8 due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

4180. Margarita C NDE 7/13/2016. NDE 8044. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. The light was as if one was in a womb or a space which didn't have a horizon. I was part of this light, that was love and knowledge. It was like everything was there inside it.
NDE from car accident.

4179. Chris H NDE 7/10/2016. NDE 8041. The next thing I knew he was there holding me and telling me everything was alright. I was amazed that he looked about 25 years old. Then I realized I could breathe and wasn't in the parking lot anymore. There were other people around and they, like my father, were all young. I knew these were all people who knew and loved me in life but had moved on. Then my dad said he wanted me to meet someone. He introduced a man named David to me. I don't know how I knew, but he was king David from the Bible.
NDE from a criminal attack.

4178. Lucie F Possible NDE 7/8/2016. Possible NDE 8040. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. But this light was alive and in fact, it marked me. It was unconditional love. It was as if I also was this light, like a soulmate. It was an energy like myself, but more dissipated and it diffused everywhere. I could spend hours to describe it, to look for the right words. I often think about it. It is like a love that you cannot forget. It didn't say anything. It came close and illuminated me as we watched each other.
Definitely an OBE but could be a possible NDE.

4177. Pedro Z NDE 7/8/2016. NDE 8039. From Chile Then, I was standing on a wheat field. It was daytime, cloudy, and the wind was blowing strong. There were no sounds. I felt the wheat moving and touching my body. I felt the wind in my body. I heard no sounds. I was not feeling anything else but I was standing in total and absolute peace. I was watching the field, looking at the sky, and seeing wheat moving. I was not waiting for anything, just observing the landscape. I didn't walk forward or back.
NDE due to drowning.

4176. Renata W NDE 7/8/2016. NDE 7996. From the Czech Republic. Original in Czech, translated to English by Sister Eva. The odd thing is that I saw the limp body, the dead body but also the soul; when I was looking over my feet, downward. I was fascinated by everything around my dead body. I still did not understand. I thought that the soul was a clear glass, but it was not.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

4175. Bonnie M NDE 7/4/2016. NDE 8037. I fell to the ground and instantly I discovered I was out of my body, up in the treetops, looking down at the neighbors' mother who was leaning over my fallen body trying to bring me back to consciousness. It was delightful. I remember thinking how great it felt to be out of the body, and the tops of the trees seemed like a friendly place to be. It was completely familiar to be out of the body.
NDE due to being hit in head with ball at age 9.

4174. Diana H NDE 7/2/2016. NDE 8034. My next realization was that I was no longer frightened about not being able to breathe on my own. I was at peace and very aware of the steps the doctors and nurses were taking to save my life. I understood all the terms they were using and could comprehend that I was not alive as far as they were concerned. I became aware of is the state of each person's relationship with others in the room. There were suddenly no secrets and yet, there was no judgment on my part, but rather an unconditional love. I felt very much loved at this time and I wanted to extend that to the others in the room. But they could not hear me.
NDE due to complication of pregnancy.

4173. Debbie S Mother NDE 7/2/2016. Second-Person NDE 8033. While in surgery, she remembered lying in bed and suddenly seeing a bright light outside the window. In the yard were several cherubs dancing around a maypole. She said all the cherubs looked just like me. While that was going on outside the window, the Virgin Mary appeared in her room, and told my mother it was time to go with her. Mom to her that she couldn't go with her because 'Al and the kids need me'.
Shared mother’s NDE that occurred during surgery for a brain tumor.

4172. Beth P NDE 7/2/2016. NDE 8032. As the light got closer, I could see that it was a man walking towards me. Finally, after what seemed a long time, he arrived. He was wearing a brown robe and was floating in the air. He had brown hair, a beard and the most incredible eyes that I had ever seen. He smiled at me and I smiled back. Then he spoke to me, although we didn't speak with our voices. We spoke with our minds and that seemed absolutely normal. The man said, 'Are you ready to die?' Immediately, I said, 'No, I'm just a little girl. I haven't lived yet.'
NDE due to severe pneumonia at age 10.

4171. Tracy R NDE 7/2/2016. NDE 8031. Next thing I recall was it being very black. Slowly the edges of the darkness were filling up with light. It was a very bright white light. At first, it was silent. Then I started to hear someone calling my name. The light grew bigger and I could start making out three figures. Their arms were stretched out as if to embrace me. They were off in a distance at first, and were floating closer. I reached out to touch them, but I never made contact. They had no faces, no hands, and no feet.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4170. Norman R NDE 7/2/2016. NDE 8030. Looking to the left, where everyone else was headed, it seemed that the hallway ended in a much larger, brighter room, where I could see people moving about. Rather quickly, a taller male, who appeared to be in charge, like a supervisory receiving clerk, came up to me, and though obviously quite busy, told me that, 'Everything was okay. You were not expected now, but you've done everything that you needed to.' He added that it was my choice as to whether I wanted to stay or go back.'
NDE following cardiac arrest.

4169. Robert N NDE 7/2/2016. NDE 8029. I remember I was all of a sudden standing in a beautiful meadow. There was tall, waving grass and the most calming sunlight. It felt so very calm and peaceful. Ahead of me and about 30 yards away was a stand of trees. The trees were so thick and close together that I could not see into them. Then my paternal grandparents emerged from the trees, holding hands. They walked out and stood in front of me, closer to the trees than to me. My grandparents are both long deceased and I was VERY close to them when I was younger. They looked great; the same as I remember them when I was a child. They were nicely dressed, smiling and holding hands.
NDE due to Legionnaires Disease.

4168. Cobina C Possible NDE 7/1/2016. Possible NDE 8027. I then looked behind the bed and saw some monitouring machines, I wasn't scared, I remembered at that time I was not in pain, I was not hungry, I did not need to rely on breaths, I felt light and happy. I looked down and noticed I was not touching the floor, so at that moment I knew this was my chance to be free of the body that was in pain.
Possible NDE following surgery.