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3832. Fabien N NDE 12/29/2014. NDE 7502. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. It was then that a bright white light appeared. Progressively, this light encompassed the whole room I was in. I was not blinded by this light. It was a very powerful white light and I had the sensation of being in a fog. I felt good, had no pain at all. I thought, “this is death? Well, I should have died earlier!!!" Then the white light made room for a slightly pinkish light. The sensation that I felt in that light was even more pleasant then the preceding feeling. At that moment, I felt that my soul detached from my body without detaching completely. I had no desire to get back into my body. All my memories of earthly life seemed like they were being erased. I gradually forgot who I had been, who my family members and friends had been.
NDE with an interesting discussion of progression to loss of consciousness.

3831. Blaine S NDE 12/27/2014. NDE 7503. I perceived myself in a room. Kind of like some kind of control type room. There was a bunch of people waiting for me. Many, many people. The focus of all these people seemed to be on me. Some female being ran in and said to a male type being that it was not right and it was not my time. There were to females sitting next to me. I call them angels. I asked them what was going on but they only looked at me and smiled. Kind of like a smile that a mother gives an infant. They kind of told me in a telepathic way that there was no possible way that I would be able to understand what was happening but to not be afraid.
NDE due to respiratory arrest following cancer surgery.

3830. Calla G Probable NDE 12/27/2014. Probable NDE 7501. From Canada After that, during the surgery, I spoke with something. It didn't speak in words, but it communicated with my mind, which put what it said into words. I said "I am willing to come now if you are willing to take me." It said, "it is not time yet, you have to go back." I remember I could not hear my baby breathing and I refused to come back unless my baby came with me and then I heard her breath.
Probable NDE at age 17 during delivery.

3829. Debbi ER Probable NDE 12/27/2014. Probable NDE 7500. Standing in my living room was a strange looking man, an Indian master-type gentleman with a turban on. He was saying, 'No, Debbi it is not your time to go. You must stay here.' I looked down on the sofa and saw me on the sofa, lifeless in appearance. I found myself having a pulled-back-into-my-body type sensation. He said, 'I am your angel. My name is Babba Ji. I have always been with you and will always be with you.
Probable NDE at age 5 from Rheumatic Fever. Encounter with a Babba Ji is intriguing, but there are no other experiences posted on NDERF (currently over 3800 NDEs) that mention a “Babba Ji” or “Baba Ji”.

3828. Alma W Probable NDE 12/27/2014. Probable NDE 7499. From Australia A light appeared in the distance and the pain began to fade. Everything stopped and just became peaceful as the light became larger and nearer until it enveloped everything. I could see everywhere, but it was just white light. There was no floor or anything, but I just knew I had to walk towards where the light had begun. I could hear my footsteps- proper footsteps not toddler shuffling or anything so maybe they weren't my footsteps but I've always thought of them as my footsteps. I couldn't hear anything else or smell or taste, but the light was so bright and vivid. I came to a stop when I saw a little boy in front of me. I did not know who he was at the time, but he has followed me since in my dreams, claiming to be my twin.
Probable NDE at age 2. Met her twin brother who was stillborn early in pregnancy before she was born.

3827. Brian C Possible NDE 12/20/2014. Possible NDE 7496. As I got closer to this light and it became clearer to me it was wider than in height. The light was a glowing, golden color I cannot describe since I had never seen anything like it before. As I got closer, I began to notice what looked like a planet but nothing like I have ever seen before. This planet was clear like a snow globe or clear glass in which this glowing, golden light was inside. As I got closer and the speed and information began to decrease, I could tell that on the edge were thousands and thousands of stars. I began to ask or think what was going on and what was this? My speed stopped and so did the information. I was just floating in space looking at the gorgeous, most beautiful view I had ever seen. I did not feel any pain or bad feelings. I felt peace, comfort, joy, and love like I never felt before. I just floated, taking in this view and trying to figure out what was happening.
Possible NDE due to heart disease.

3826. Charles G NDE 12/18/2014. NDE 7493. As we continued to walk through the tunnel, my sense of awareness was like never before. I felt some sort of imprint in palm of this being. I turned the hand over and saw a hole. I felt overwhelming compassion and love to the point that I felt as if I was going to combust. The being said "this is what they did to me". I was like....why, oh why? How could this happen to such as you? I looked up to see the face of him once again. Much to my surprise....I was no longer looking at the beautiful celestial being that was walking with me hand in hand. His face now was more olive in complexion, with a very dark tan. His eyes were a deep dark brown, but their was a mesmerizing sparkle in his eyes that blazed of fire. He said to me that there was evil people in the world. I stood behind him and his robe dropped midway to his back where I saw more scars.
NDE due to auto accident. OBE observations confirmed. Dramatic encounter with Jesus.

3825. Mark G NDE 12/18/2014. NDE 7489. I had an out-of-body experience. I was sort of floating over my body, watching the medical team apply emergency shock routine. I could also see my wife and her friend, both of them crying and trying to get to me, but the nurses had to hold them back.
NDE due to severe illness with internal bleeding.

3824. Richard H NDE 12/18/2014. NDE 7487. He was pure and prefect in everyway, he was middle eastern and had a black bread and hair. The flesh was of all races and I knew that this person (God) was all powerful and he looked all humans that loved him. I was talking about earth and we both looked to my left where everything is not man made and there the darken pit and earth was down there. Then I looked at his beautiful garments and edge of one of the garments was diamond trim with one piece not man-made.
NDE due to an auto accident.

3823. Denise N Possible NDE 12/17/2014. Possible NDE 7479. From Portugal. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. I was watching over the body that was escorted by all those beings. There were about 20 beings. The being that looked like a doctor said by thought, ‘We are here to heal that body.’ I did not know the body on the table was me. It had a garb that reached the knees. I felt happy and completely safe. One being escorted me while assuring me that everything was well and nothing could fail. Those beings radiated love and I felt the room filling with love. I felt peace and a well-being I have never felt before.
Anesthesia experience that might have some REM intrusion. No clear life-threatening event.

3822. Monika P NDE 12/9/2014. NDE 7486. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I saw myself from a corner in the emergency ward and I was fully conscious. I could see my own body down there in this room, sitting in a bathtub. Doctors and nurses were pumping out my stomach, calling my name and slapping my cheeks. I saw myself from above, in the room, and found this somewhat funny. I didn't feel anything physically, but felt unbelievably well where I was.
NDE from accidental overdose.

3821. Noemi GV Possible NDE 12/9/2014. Possible NDE 7471. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. The tunnel was made of earth. I was wearing my white frilly dress and girl’s tights. I was braiding my hair into two braids, yet never saw my face. Suddenly, I don't know how, there appeared in front of me a tall slim man with a white trailing tunic that reached the floor. I never saw his feet. His hair was shiny, limp, and fell to his shoulders. I never saw his face because we both were looking in front of us. As he took me by the hand, I noticed that the skin on his hands was very white.
Probable Anesthetic Experience vs. Possible NDE.

3820. Akshatha K NDE 12/7/2014. NDE 7484. From India. I could hardly feel the reality; all the vehicles were moving in slow motion for me, with very low volume. I was floating in the air. It felt, as if I was losing the connection with the reality. I was travelling to a different world altogether, the light was too bright for me to open my eyes fully.
NDE due to unknown febrile illness. Relatively uncommon non-Western NDE.

3819. Scott B NDE 12/7/2014. NDE 22991. I was in a different consciousness that was a more aware, higher state of being. I did not want to come back, even though I knew I had loved ones on earth including a child. Where I was, was so wonderful that it trumped all experiences on earth. In particular, there was the feeling of being loved without worry or sadness.
NDE due to unknown febrile illness. Relatively uncommon non-Western NDE.

3818. Paulo JF NDE 12/7/2014. NDE 7409. From Spain. Original in Spain, translated in English by Leigh. Everything was black and white. Above and in the distance, there was a brilliant white light in the shape of a partially open door toward which I was headed. I didn’t have a body and wasn't in the water. I felt very calm with a very pleasant sense of peace and well-being. No words can describe the happiness I felt in those moments. It was as if one hundred women were caressing you (it’s a saying) such was the pleasure and well-being I was experiencing. This was something super, super good.
NDE from drowning accident while diving.

3817. Frédéric M NDE 12/3/2014. NDE 7475. From France. Original in French, translated in English by Marguy. Again back with my grandfather, I found myself sitting by a table with a council in the company of several deceased persons of my family, which I still have difficulties to identify. My grandfather led this council. There I was shown my past life, I had access to the purpose of my life. This council was organized only with the goal to come back to earth, something that, at that time, I didn't consider at all. Then they started to show me the life of my children without me and they showed me the life that I would be living when coming back to earth. My children would be happier, professional lives, more in accordance with myself, a craftsman trade, creative, and independent. After this, they finally convinced me of a necessary return, for the following experience and the well-being of my children.
NDE from heart surgery complications.

3816. Dr. Jean Renee H NDE 12/18/2014. NDE 7481. I arrived to this thing and entered its being with such a welcoming from all who resided within it. Their goodness and love combined with it. This union exceeded what I can explain. They were thrilled to have me join. The light knew all about me and I knew all about them. At once, I was overwhelmed with a distinct choice to either proceed or return; it was totally up to me.
NDE while in medical school (currently a physician) due to accidental medication overdose.

3815. Mona Lisa R NDE 12/1/2014. NDE 7474. Suddenly, I was walking in the autumn forest and there was someone to my left. I was given explicit, stern instructions to not look to my left. Of course, I obeyed. The being walking next to me told me there was no need to worry any longer. The second operation was going to go just fine and I would live to be an adult and to stop letting myself be burdened with fear and worry. I was so incredibly happy and content to walk with this being. I was totally consumed with absolute joy.
NDE at age 13 during surgery with cardiac arrest.

3814. Maryann W NDE 12/1/2014. NDE 7472. While I was out, there was a man standing behind me. I could see myself on the bed looking back at him. I asked who he was and all he said was, 'It is not your time. You have to go back. You have things to do. I will be here to help you now that you see me.' I asked his name. He said his name is Justin. He told me to go back now and he will come again.
Atypical NDE in which the being encountered appeared multiple times later with information

3813. Oswaldo Probable NDE 11/26/2014. Probable NDE 7464. From Columbia. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. In the green meadows, it was as if I, myself, or something had to test my spiritual level. I was shown that my childhood could have been lived as if every moment was beautiful. He surprised me with such a profound realization as he was saying goodbye to the surgeon and me, but they wanted me to go. It was a beautiful, deep sleep in a state of peace and harmony. I imagine that, if I had said goodbye I would have stayed in this incomparable, relaxed trance state.
Hindu NDE from a criminal attack.

3812. Penny W NDE 11/23/2014. NDE 7469. I see my body in the bed and it is very still. My friends Megan and David are now in another room, a waiting area. I am omnipresent both with myself in my hospital room and in the waiting room. David and Megan are discussing that if I survive this, I need to have a person that can make my medical decisions if I cannot. This conversation and the location of it have been confirmed. My attention is shifted back in the room. The conversation in the waiting room between my friend and my son and what is going on in my room and the ICU are happening all at once but I am able to shift my attention between the two.
NDE due to anaphylactic shock and need for resuscitation in ICU. OBE observations confirmed.

3811. E.D. W NDE 11/23/2014. NDE 7470. I was in the center. I couldn't see myself at the time, but I heard loud ear-piercing bangs, it sounded far away but with every bang it was getting closer. Then a loud voice ‘this is how it began and how it will end’. I felt so alone, afraid, the word ‘void’ kept popping up in my mind. Everything was black except the small white dots and one right in front of me but it seemed a million miles away.
NDE due to seizure and cardiac arrest. Relatively rare hellish NDE. Those who have read many NDEs will recognize the falsehood of what was heard during the NDE: “This is how it began and how it will end,” just like one would expect from a hellish realm.

3810. Rhonda M NDE 11/23/2014. NDE 7468. Caution. Graphic Violence for mature audiences only! I was almost floating in a void-like dark space that was peaceful and tranquil. I slowly tunneled towards a really bright light, and then a voice forcefully, but gently, told me to scream.
NDE at age 9 due to criminal attack. Note: It was the earthly events rather than the NDE itself that made the experience distressing. It takes a lot of courage to share this, and I think it will help a lot of people in a similar situation.

3809. Janice G Probable NDE 11/26/2014. Probable NDE 7467. I shouted, 'I'M ALIVE! I'M ALIVE!' I was in a bright fog, like inside a bright cloud. The only structure I could see was a round black tunnel to my upper left. A man's voice said, ‘You have to go back, you have work to do.’ I have never felt more free, safe, and alive in my life. It was profound. All of my senses were just beyond intense. There was such an abundance of peace and love all around me. I was so immersed in the feelings that it was beyond words.
Probable NDE due to blood loss following hysterectomy. Some proselytizing.

3808. Dominic Possible NDE 11/22/2014. NDE 7458. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. This light is a bit difficult to explain, ground, ceiling and sides, there was nothing like this, as this light was a whole. It was not blinding, on the contrary, it was soft, calming, securing, and warm. I can't compare it to anything: I had no pain, I felt good, fit, smiling. There was soft, angelic music. I sensed an immense love, I was enveloped by this place, and I felt that I was forgiven. I didn't see who was sending me all this love and who forgave me but I felt something Very High and protecting.
Anesthesia experience or possible NDE.

3807. Maria NDE 11/22/2014. NDE 7459. From Germany. Original in German translated to English by Marguy. Then I suddenly started to fly. I wanted to fly farther, over the wood and towards the grain field that I loved so much. ‘Just flying once over to see everything from above’, I said to myself. I have to say that I otherwise never was flying in dreams, not before and not after this event.
Child NDE from a slip and fall at a pool.

3806. Genny H NDE 11/15/2014. NDE 7462. The trees were on either side of the river and the river ran through the trees. I remember being taken aback by how beautiful everything was. I was very happy because I was on my way to heaven. While I was taking in all of this scenery, I felt like I was in a trance, almost. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a face appeared to me from inside a doorway, or maybe a window. I only saw this person from the waist up. I knew immediately it was Jesus Christ himself.
NDE due to unconsciousness following major surgery for blood clots and an aneurysm.

3805. Glynis W Probable NDE 11/15/2014. Probable NDE 7461. There was a peaceful feeling and I knew I would go to heaven. But I was rushed out of that room and put on my bed. As my mother rushed to my side the nurses took my BP and my mother yelled out ‘70/30’. Although I was lying on the bed, I could see my mother talking to my doctor in the doorway as he told her: ‘I hope we can get her back.’
Dentist has three life-threatening events with at least one probable NDE due to a pneumothorax.

3804. Sally S NDE 11/15/2014. NDE 7460. This wonderful sensation of peace flowed through me, and I floated out of my body. I was in a pediatric ward with two other girls. I remember looking down on each of them as they slept. Suddenly, a beautiful voice told me that it was not my time that I had more to do and that I would marry and have a boy and a girl. I was also told that my life would not be easy, but I would never be alone.
NDE due to bleeding after surgery at age 9. Interesting future awareness of children that she would have. Shared 54 years later.

3803. Bahman R NDE 11/15/2014. NDE 7456. Non-Western NDE from Iran I see a white space then I began seeing the tunnel. A White-black combination color over the walls of the tunnel with the images of somebody that was familiar to me. I think they were my parents and my grandfather who had died years before the time of NDE. I remember that I was watching my past years of life and different events at an unbelievable speed.
NDE due to head injury.

3802. Marc M NDE 11/8/2014. NDE 7454. From Switzerland. After a great loss of blood due to internal bleeding, I left my body. A spiritual being reached up, grabbed me and pulled me back into my body.
NDE due to acute blood loss.

3801. Andrew G NDE 11/8/2014. NDE 7453. I knew the voice that came from within the light. He was a friend of mine who had passed away earlier that year. He said, ‘Andy, it is so beautiful here; it's beyond anything you can image or know.’ I asked Tim, ‘Why can't I come in?’ Tim replied, ‘It's not your time, it's not your time.’ I remember feeling so happy, so very happy.
NDE due to drowning.

3800. Sharron T Probable NDE 11/8/2014. Probable NDE 7451. There was no tunnel or bright light; instead, a very creamy white/yellow light, like very early morning, was everywhere. The colors were so vivid and the layers of everything went much deeper than our typical 3D: it was more like 30x30D. It was so beautiful and calming that I knew I wanted to be here forever. There were people and animals as far as I could see.
Probable NDE due to severe bacterial pneumonia.

3799. Mich K NDE 11/8/2014. NDE 7450. I always remembered seeing myself in the third person from above like I was hovering. I swear on my Life this is true. Nothing religious but it was amazing.
NDE at age 9 due to blood loss from accident.

3798. Valeria M NDE 11/8/2014. NDE 7447. Although it was clear when I was dying at the time of sinking, I wasn't aware that I was dead or anything would be strange. It was natural seeing my friends outside the ambulance, it was a normal part if my ‘life’. I was focusing on them so didn't see anything else, not my body, not the doctors, anymore. I ‘saw’ my friends' worry, their astonishment, and ‘saw’ the drinking friend's confusion not knowing what to do, when to come into the ambulance.
NDE due to unknown illness.

3797. Elise C NDE 11/8/2014. NDE 7444. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself in a very luminous place with a slight sensation of mist, when I looked to the distance. This space seemed without limit to me, like a void filled with light. At this precise moment I was on a wooden merry-go-round, I was sitting, I don't know where, maybe on a horse. I was calm, I felt very well, I asked myself no questions as I didn't remember my fainting. For me, I had 6 years, and was enjoying being on a merry-go-round all alone. Then a forearm with a hand of a person came out of nowhere, it was as if she showed to me why I was here, as if a camera was showing me that I was unconscious. This hand had a meaning after I understood what had happened to me. I had the choice to stay in this place or to go back.
NDE from going unconscious.

3796. Lariza GWT Possible NDE 11/8/2014. Possible NDE 7429. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva R. M. Arriving at the light, I saw the most beautiful garden that anyone could ever imagine. It had many flowers of bright colors. A stream flowed through the garden. I heard the water and the sound of many birds singing the loveliest song, which can be experienced. In the garden to the right were two people; one wore a white tunic and had bare feet. It was JESUS CHRIST and beside him was my brother who had died of a car accident when I was eight years old.
Anesthesia experience that could be a NDE.

3795. Flora O Possible NDE 11/8/2014. Possible NDE 7452. It's all Love! A spirit, who was cloaked in a burlap tunic with a large hood covering his face, met me. He was an ethereal form. We communicated by thought and feeling; there were no words. He led me to a healing room where other spirits were dressed the same way. As I lay down to be worked on, my soul was being infused with Love. Part of me went to a River that I ‘knew’ was the River of Life. It was beyond magical. I have always wanted to write a book called ‘The Color of Music’ because that is what this river was. Flowing Music that was every color on Earth and a lot more colors we can't see here, because of Earth’s density. I was hearing the Music of the Spheres during this whole time. It sings Love. It's Angelic and beyond description.
Detailed STE at time she was considering suicide. States went unconscious, but no life-threatening event documented. Possible NDE

3794. Bronwen C NDE 11/1/2014. NDE 7446. From New Zealand. I found myself traveling rapidly upwards into the sky. I had an immensely joyous feeling of lightness. I remember looking back at my crumpled body on the rock below and observing that ‘I’ was not my body. I could see everything below me very clearly. Below was the Hawkesbury River, with the beautiful bush surrounding it. I was heading towards some very beautiful cumulus shaped clouds. I had no fear, only joy. I looked back again and saw my boyfriend, who I was very much in love with, standing beside my body. In real time, this would have been several minutes after I fell, as he was quite a ways behind me and it would have taken some time to get down the steep cliff. I was a long way away by now and still traveling upwards, but I could feel exactly what he was feeling. He was very distressed. My heart filled with compassion for him, which I guess was what brought me back.
Exceptional NDE due to head injury from fall and an encounter with an angel.

3793. Annelise W Probable NDEs 11/1/2014. Probable NDE 7445. On the three occasions I was very tired or severely unwell prior to the experience. Afterwards, I was sad to have left the place and had to make efforts to thank the people who saved my life; feeling I wish they didn't interfere. My personal life was great; it had nothing to do with my earthly life.
Three probable NDEs associated with, at least for one of them, apparent cardiac arrest due to blood loss.

3792. Vernon C NDE 11/1/2014. NDE 7443. From Canada. The next thing was that I was about a few hundred feet in air watching my body tumble down the river. I thought how weird it was that I had drowned; yet I could still see, think, and wonder. I thought,
NDE due to drowning.

3791. Marney N NDE 11/1/2014. NDE 7442. I floated above in the room, I could see everything that was going on, but not afraid or concerned with it. I saw them cut my clothes off after 'I was gone' (which was validated later). It was a light feeling, like the world was lifted off my shoulders and I could float now, I felt like I was safe, I was comfortably curled up, in a pair of giant hands that held me. This comfort, this ultimate light was everywhere. I knew I never wanted to leave that place: this is where I belonged. Then I felt like I fell from a tall building and slammed back into my body. I remember my family there and very angry, my demeanor was elation (which I am sure confused them).
NDE due to overdose in suicide attempt.

3790. Sherry S NDE 11/1/2014. NDE 7441. I remember seeing all of this happening. I saw the look on my mom's face as she sat in the chair, I saw my sister backing the truck up to the porch and my dad yelling he couldn't lift me because of his hip. I have no idea how I saw this all because the events were happening at the same time. I remember being in the doorway of the house and thinking, I am not sure if I actually said it or not. 'I love you all.'
NDE due to allergic reaction.

3789. Farrah NDE 11/1/2014. NDE 7439. I was no longer home; I was safe, free in light traveling somewhere unknown. It was bright and warm. I felt loved ones were present. I admit, at the time, it felt like I was moving in joy and peace, both emotional and physical. I was escorted and cradled by loved ones who had passed me and were whispering. A stronger sound came from the rest. It was either a VERY close family member or a loving influence giving me a path option. I could choose the light or return to my body.
NDE due to suicide attempt by gunshot to head.

3788. Amanda M Possible NDE 11/1/2014. Possible NDE 7438. I remember being taught how to fly by a very nice lady who reminded me of Glenda from the Wizard of Oz. I remember flying around my house and being amazed at how close I could get to the floor without landing. It was as if I was able to become incredibly small and fly through the fibers of the carpet. I specifically remember the feeling of learning how to soar and how exhilarating it was. I flew around my house and the nice lady laughed at my amazement.
Possible NDE associated with fall out of bunk bed at age 7.

3787. Garrett T Probable NDE 11/1/2014. Probable NDE 7437. I had been very depressed and overdosed on my insulin. It worked but not for long. While I was 'dead' there was a shadowy figure next to me. He pointed to my seizing body on the ground and then I felt a surge of pain before returning to life.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt at age 13.

3786. Joan S FDE 11/1/2014. FDE 7435. Moments after these thoughts, I was up in the sky, maybe about 20 or 30 feet high. I was looking down on this man who was on top of my body. I was aware that I had no body, but I could see, just as though I had eyes. If I had a body, I would have been floating flat on my stomach, looking straight downward. I looked to my right, as though I had turned my head; I saw that I was on a plane of some sort. There was a layer of darkness above me, an invisible layer below me between myself and the earth, and an open area out to the right side, which was light. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to go there or not.
Fear-death experience during criminal attack.

3785. George N NDE 10/27/2014. NDE 7434. When I realized all the new faces coming into the well-lit room, I felt myself going up, as if in an invisible elevator and was hovering (I actually felt like I was bobbling) above my bed. I remember that I was able to hear and know what everyone was thinking and saying all at once. There were many doctors and nurses in that room at the time. I remember that I knew one doctor understood what was happening to me while the others were speculating. I came back down and yelled: ‘Listen to him! He understands’.
NDE due to bleeding after surgery.

3784. Anna A NDE 10/27/2014. NDE 7433. From Greece Her thought came into my being and I could feel and see things through her mind and sense exactly how she meant it. I ‘told’ her, ‘I would so love for you to be with us and play with your grandchildren’. She ‘answered’, ‘Don’t you worry at all! Before this child was born, we went together to all the gardens and lovely forests and we laughed, played, and sang together. Besides, now that I'm here I can protect you much stronger than if I was there, weak and ill.’
Exceptional NDE due to blood loss after delivery.

3783. Victoria W Probable NDE 10/27/2014. Probable NDE 7431. I remember where the meadow ended, where the man in robes came from, and the white and billowy clouds. Whereas, the meadow was the tall grass and beautiful flowers that were unlike any colors I'd ever seen. The meadow had a soft light but there was no sun. There was so much peace there. It didn't seem to surprise me that there were many times, neither I nor my brother were in true human form but were more like entities.
Probable NDE due to septicemia. [Editor's Note: Septicemia is a serious life-threatening infection that gets worse very quickly.]

3782. Sara A Probable NDE 10/27/2014. Probable NDE 7428. The very first thing I noticed upon awakening was that I could literally feel all the intense energy of terror and panic that was radiating from my husband, yet I felt unusually calm and peaceful myself. I wondered, momentarily, if I was dead, because I had heard this is what the feeling is like of being away from one’s own fear and becoming a detached observer. I could see the energy of the terror in him as being separate from his core being: I just knew it was something easily managed. I instantly knew how to soothe him energetically and went right to work doing it. All I wanted to do was comfort him.
Probable NDE due to concussion. Remarkable life changes after concussion.

3781. Reinaldo N FDE 10/27/2014. FDE 7414. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated into English by Alexandra. I saw all my life, all my past, my family and friends, all the important moments of my life in a flash. Then I opened my eyes and I don’t know what happened. I should have died in front of that truck, and that didn’t happen. I didn’t do anything besides wait for certain death.
Fear death experience from an impending motorcycle accident.

3780. Juanita NDE-Like Experience 10/27/2014. NDE-Like 7377. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated into English by Eva R. M. Suddenly, I felt like I was shot out of my body. I bolted fast, flying into the midst of an endless ocean of light; going very fast. I felt that I traveled a great distance, when, inside me I knew I was reaching a limit after which would be Jesus, God. From the time I was a child I was very much a believer. If I crossed, I would not come back. I felt a desire to follow, but an inner voice told me and made me understand that I was not ready to go there, that there were still things I must learn, and I, myself, then thought, ‘I'm not ready, I must return.’
NDE-like experience.

3779. Nancy S NDE 10/27/2014. NDE or FDE 22979. All I remember is seeing my head. Then I was down the end of the stairs. People heard me scream an unnerving sound. I remember nothing but watching.
NDE vs. fear-death experience from fall down stairs.

3778. Raymond O NDEs 10/18/2014. NDEs 7423. From the UK I had died again. This time, I was met an old friend who had died from a tumor two years previously. We were tightly together, moving forward almost like in a crowd; but he and the others were all grey in color. 'What are you doing here Ray, you are not supposed to be here,' he told me.
Several NDEs due to cardiac arrest in a short period of time.

3777. Sherry C FDE 10/18/2014. FDE 7421. The next thing I saw was me, looking down over us all. I was floating over the whole scene. I silently yelled out to God, 'please save us!' Our huge car had wedged itself between a huge, old, concrete cattle trough, and the huge oak tree. Our car came to a stop, and I was once again in my body.
Fear death experience due to car accident without significant injury at age 13.

3776. Lisa M Probable NDE 10/18/2014. Probable NDE 7420. I remember hearing the complete panic in the nurse's voice and wondering why she was so upset, because I felt fine, at peace. I was aware that my heart wasn't beating and that I wasn't breathing, but I didn't care. I could have just stayed in that peaceful place, but the urgency in her voice seemed to force me back against my will.
Probable NDE (vs. anesthesia experience) during surgery.

3775. Gabby G NDE 10/11/2014. NDE 7419. From South Africa. I watched the doctor say ‘we are losing her, we are losing her.’ Then, I was in a tunnel and travelling to a light with a wonderful feeling of love and protection. A voice said ‘why have you stopped fighting? Don't you know I am still with you?’ I was then told that I had to go back.
NDE due to psychotropic medicine overdose.

3774. Nichole BD NDE 10/11/2014. NDE 7417. I was running in a grassy field toward a giant sun. I remembered looking down at my legs and they were short to the ground: I was a child again. There was another child holding my hand and running beside me. It was a little blonde hair boy with blue eyes. The most amazing part was a pure feeling of the most intense love I can barely describe. It was just wave after wave of pure love. It was within me, it was around me, it was EVERYTHING. It felt like heartbeats of love, one wave of love after another. Yet there was love in the interim as well, and then the wave would come with even more and more. It was endless, eternal and complete. I had no fear whatsoever. I had no feeling other than LOVE. I had no thought other than reaching the LIGHT. I felt pure happiness and joy. It was the most beautiful feeling that words could never even come close to describing. The closest thing I can think of to relate it to on this earth would be the moment I brought my child into this world.
NDE due to apparent complication during surgery.

3773. Luis H NDE 10/11/2014. NDE 7415. I woke up in a place where everything was white and clear, I felt alive for the very first time. I had no pain, no sadness or anything, all I felt was love and peace. As I looked around, a bright light hit my face and blinded me. As I tried getting closer to it the more at peace I felt. When suddenly someone was covering the light and began to get closer and closer to me. As that someone was getting closer to me, my heart felt joy, love and peace. Once in front of me he hugged me and told me he was my father and the one who created me. When he told me that, I knew I was home but in his words; he told me it was not my time and that he would call me again when it was my time. Also, I was to tell my story so that those who do not believe in him could see that he does exist and he is watching over us. Once God told me that, I woke up in the hospital as if nothing had ever happened.
NDE due to cardiac arrest at age 10.

3772. Elle D NDE 10/11/2014. NDE 7413. I observed my parents making love and was drawn to them, experienced myself in my mother's womb, then my own birth and relived my life. Not so much the various experiences but what it was like to be myself at each stage of growing up, until I became an old woman and died again.
NDE due to strychnine ingestion. Interesting frightening aspects of NDE until she surrendered- and the experience became blissful.

3771. Zoe C NDE 10/11/2014. NDE 7410. From the Philippines I was still able to follow the prayers asking for God's help, for the sake of my child, whom I had not yet seen. Soon, I experienced myself speedily floating inside a fast moving silver metallic tunnel and saw a very bright light at the far end of the tunnel. When I got out of the tunnel, a blinding, shining floating white robe met me. On the side, I saw my father who died in 1982, which was six years earlier. I clearly remember he was smiling at me. Crying in extreme joy for seeing my father, I asked him to please help me get back and still he kept on smiling. I implored ‘God please return me, my child needs me’ and suddenly I heard a thunderous voice saying ‘GO BACK’.
NDE due to complication of delivery.

3770. JJHG Experience 10/9/2014. Anesthesia Experience 7406. From the Canary Islands. Original in Spanish, translated to English to Erika. I wondered what was going on while my body sank into deep relaxation and began feeling an intense well-being, peace and tranquility within myself. Everything went absolutely black. I didn’t hear or see anyone. I saw no lights, no stairs, heard no voices. I would have died happily at that time. I wanted to die. I felt no fear. I know what it feels like to die and I'm ready. Then I went into respiratory arrest.
Anesthesia Experience.

3769. Richard NDE 10/27/2014 & 11/9/2012. NDE 7432/22974. I remember being sure that I had in fact died in the emergency room, and to my amazement finding that there was life and consciousness even though I knew I was dead. When I did arrive to stand next to these two groups of people it was as if it took no real time at all to reach the people ahead of me even though it had felt like a giant struggle to do so. I can still here the sound of my voice as I asked them "who are you people?" It is a sound of disbelief that something I believed not possible turns out to be proof, positive true. I could make out very little of what they were saying, but one group seemed to trying to make the other group understand that "I was a traitor" while the other spokesperson for the opposing group asked for an exception.
NDE with very atypical experience content. It is notable how uncommon NDEs are with such an atypical experience.

3768. Wanda M Probable NDE 10/4/2014. Probable NDE 7404. As we pulled up to the hospital, and they took me out of the ambulance, I started seeing my surroundings very differently. I was sure that they lifted the gurney to maximum height for some reason. I was at least 10 feet in the air, looking down. I remember as we entered the halls of the hospital that the ceilings ties were right next to my body and face, and the floor was a long way down. They started to intubate me, quickly grabbing plastic doo-dads and hoses.

3767. Monika NDE 9/20/2014. NDE 7398. From Czech Republic. Original in Czech, translated to English to Rick. My experience began with a flight through a dark tunnel that had a “certain structure.” I came closer to the light, which was all the more intense but in no way did it address me. the light was full of love, otherwise I am unable to give it a name. I found myself in a fruit orchard with the constantly pleasant light. It was as if it told me that I don't need to be afraid. It said that I was received with enormous love and no one in any way will judge me. My inner feeling was that I ended up home. It was very peculiar that it was as if I did not have a physical body. I was extraordinarily light and my legs in the grass did not touch a single blade. I was pretty confused by that because as an atheist and a person when I confront something scientifically unexplainable, I am reluctant to believe it.
NDE from former atheist who tried to commit suicide.

3766. Rhea S Probable NDE 9/27/2014. Probable NDE 7399. I got the distinct feeling that I was going on a journey. My spirit felt exhilarated but I remember arguing in my mind, 'I can't do this because my sister is severely injured and needs me!' The next thing I knew, I felt so exuberant going through this high-speed tunnel. It was like a swirling, dark vortex. I felt 'blissed-out' in it.
Probable NDE following car accident.

3765. Mary Ann P NDE 9/27/2014. NDE 7397. From above, I could see her. I was on the ceiling looking down at her trying to tell her to help me. I could see her calling an ambulance and trying to put clothes on me. I was unable to help her, since my legs felt like lead. I floated to a room somewhere, and could see a small door at the far end of the room. A part of me felt like I was supposed to go through the door, but another part of me said, 'No.'
NDE due to allergic reaction after eating brownie laced with marijuana.

3764. Marsha T NDE 9/27/2014. NDE 7396. What happened is that I quickly entered a tunnel of white light. The tunnel was white. The end of the tunnel was like a grey dot in the distance. It was the most wonderful experience ever. So peaceful! Then there was the music. I was overwhelmed by it.
NDE due to criminal attack.

3763. David B NDE 9/27/2014. NDE 7395. My grandmother was in front of me smiling. Behind her, I could see lots and lots of people. They were not really people, but shapes of them in a cloudy grey-color. I could feel them and the excitement and happiness coming from them. I could feel that I knew them and they were waiting for me. My grandmother was smiling as she said, 'It is not your time yet, you have a few more things to achieve.' Then it was as if everything went into reverse.
NDE due to seizure.

3762. D NDE 9/27/2014. NDE 7394. From France. Original in French, translated to English to Marguy. I could watch myself on the ground while I was floating above my body. I didn't feel pain anymore. I floated in the wind going faster and higher. I didn't know if this would be stopping or if I would continue to go higher up into the sky. I saw the place globally, looking at the swimming pool, public gardens, the stadium, streets, roofs of the houses, at an angle that is just impossible to describe. I saw the alarm of people on the ground while I floating above them. I remember that I saw that I was wearing a red swimsuit that summer. A feeling of well-being came over me.
NDE from landing wrong while diving into a swimming pool.

3761. Kevin E NDE 9/20/2014. NDE 7392. As soon as I fell off the bed, I saw myself HIT the rocker and was thinking, 'That's going to really hurt'. Immediately, things became surreal. The door to our room opened and a brilliant light came forth, with a woman (angel?), coming in to cradle me in her arms. The light filled the entire room and I could feel her sweetness and love. She was dressed in either brown or gray, quite simply and had long brown hair and brown eyes, full of love.
NDE at age 3 due to head injury.

3760. Elaine L Probable NDE 9/20/2014. Probable NDE 7384. From France. Original in French, translated to English to Marguy. My father was pushing me back saying ‘no you cannot come with me, go back with your son’
Probable NDE from falling and going unconscious.

3759. Paulo NDE 9/19/2014. NDE 7389. he only thing I wanted to know then was, what purpose? She responded it's not for me to know, but everything is going to be alright/OK. Which I understood that meant not just the trauma I had just experienced, but my whole life. Then I was outside my body above the ambulance, I didn't descend from the clouds or anything, I was just there. I recognized the street and surroundings and knew where we were headed, the hospital. Instantly I could feel myself, I took a breath and opened my eyes.
NDE due to fire at age 7.

3758. Otto J NDE 9/19/2014. NDE 7388. From New Zealand. To my surprise I was again watching the rain but it was hitting the ground in slow motion. There was plenty of time to watch each individual drop even though it was raining even harder now. Then everything went white like a bright mist. The mist cleared as I moved forward. There was no sensation of walking I just wanted to move forward and that’s where I went. As the mist cleared I looked down. There was a line or boundary that I knew I wasn’t to cross. Beyond the line there was a very large plain building with an opening like an arch at its base. People were coming through the mist and passing through the opening as if it was the normal thing to do. As I pondered this situation a women in her 50's came up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder, she said" you know you're not supposed to be here aye?" I got the impression she could tell I wasn't in a good state of mind and I knew I wasn't going to get any further than this. Just as I was turning back I woke up.
NDE due to suicide attempt at age 17.

3757. Lyndall W NDE 9/19/2014. NDE 7387. From Australia. I noticed that the Doctor was surrounded in a shining silver light. I was aware of my body being surrounded by a beautiful blue light. I felt as though I was held in the arms of Jesus or some incredibly loving energy, similar to that of a baby being loved and held by its mother, although clearer. I was not afraid at all and in some ways very alert. All pain disappeared. I felt the energy moving up my body and was conscious of wanting it to move out through my head. I felt, or heard myself humming a sound similar to the sound Om, I recognized this after I came around. At some point I was aware of my life passing before my eyes and I was judging the events impartially. I was aware of a panel of people advising me. I was asked if I wanted to continue on or go back. It felt as though reasons were presented to me for a case to return to the body. I believe that I wanted to move on into this loving space. At some point I decided that I would come back for my new baby.
NDE due to hemorrhage after delivery.

3756. Steven M NDE 9/19/2014. NDE 7386. At the time my air way was being blocked off by a much larger boy at the school bus stopping response to I me making fun about him with the other kids that where there to go to school. He has pushed me up against a tree and as I blacked out I felt myself sliding down the face of the tree. The next thing I knew I was looking down on this whole seen with me there and the girls that where there pulling him off me. This looking down seen lasted no more than 3 seconds, but during it I do recall having 360 degree vision if you will. I recall coming back around and gasping for air and my throat hurting for several hours at school that day and then the whole thing was forgotten about until almost 20 years ago when I read about someone's NDE.
NDE due to being choked at age 10. Shared 49 years later.

3755. Margaret R Possible NDE 9/19/2014. Possible NDE 7383. The only thing that I can remember is leaning how to walk and maintain a connection to the divine at the same time. I also remember that I learned to withhold making judgments, not just about a person, but also about any situation or circumstance that I found myself within. I was not to determine if it was bad or good. I was to first allow the Father to show me how to view it, or the person, and how to react and feel about it. This would be kind of fed or downloaded to me in the form of an impression. (I often get these in life). This way, whatever the experience, the Father is telling me what I need to know in order to perform or react and feel in the manner that best suits my survival here and my growth to be that which I was created to be.
Probable NDE at a few months old due to accidental overdose of medication. Shared 57 years later.

3754. Ricardo AH NDE 9/19/2014. NDE 7379. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Erika. After several minutes we approached the mountains in front of us and the cloud was increasingly larger and brighter. Its whiteness was impressive and that glow was growing more and more; it approached me until it enveloped me. In the light of the cloud I realized that its color was white, but with a slight golden hue. I felt at that moment peace, joy and absolute tenderness, as if that light burned me and gave me complete serenity. I was subjected to a love without limits comfortable as if on one’s lap. I felt welcomed, loved unconditionally, forgiven for all my mistakes in life. Everything disappeared, the sharp sound, the voice of my companion, the panoramic view, everything. Well I was there, enjoying the peace. In the light of the cloud, I didn’t see my body either. I found myself joined with the light and full of happiness.
Exceptional NDE that happened two months ago from a priest going unconscious.

3753. Wendy G NDE 9/7/2014. NDE 7373. From Canada The next thing I saw was a meadow in the mountains with indescribable beauty. The sky was the bluest blue; the grass was the greenest green. All colors here are extremely pale compared to there. I saw my grandmother, running with children, towards me. She took me by the hand and we were at the beginning of a bridge over a small creek. We talked for what seemed like hours about my life since she had died. I had just turned 9 years old when she died. We also talked about when she came to let me know that she died, to say goodbye until we would meet again and not to be sad. She was so vibrant and healthy, despite dying of a brain tumor.
Detailed NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

3752. Bob M NDE 9/7/2014. NDE 7382. While in the act of dying, I was terrified, but only for a few seconds. Then a calm and peace came over me that I still remember vividly. Warm light and peace, which exceeds understanding (literally), surrounded me and I was going to the light.
NDE due to drowning at age 9. Shared 69 years later.

3751. Marta E NDE 9/7/2014. NDE 7378. From Portugal. A car came across the one, in which I was driving and I lost consciousness by traumatic cranium encephalic attack. I remember I believe I was out of my body, looking down and asking me, 'Why was everybody so anxious about the situation?' It was so peaceful, that I can't remember in my all life to have had such an equal experience.
NDE due to car accident from physician.

3750. Jeffery M NDE 9/7/2014. NDE 7372. I remember trying to talk to a family member but they did not hear me. I somehow realized they could not hear me, so I thought about getting closer to their ear and trying again, and realized that I was instantly already by their ear. I remember going in front of the house and counting how many emergency vehicles arrived. Counting the cars, pickups and fire trucks and police there were all together: 15. I remember seeing all the priests from the Catholic high school across the street all standing together in the side yard out of the way of the firemen. I did not realize I was gone and out of my body until I was revived and sitting in a chair later, behind the house and had time to think about the episode. I was revived by paramedics. My hands and feet looked like burnt bacon for a long time.
NDE due to electrocution at age 16.

3749. Joshua L NDE 9/7/2014. NDE 7366. In this state I felt timeless, it felt like an eternity could have passed, yet I was still aware of the now. The more I started to think of what happened to me and how I got here, the slower I began to move. I began to try to resist it, as if I had any choice. A peace came over me that rendered me helpless and calmed me at the same time. During this timeless state, I did have memories that I could use to amuse myself. Being only 5 years old I don't remember all the countless thoughts I had because it felt like an eternity. I do, however, remember the detail of how they appeared in my mind or consciousness.
NDE due to fall with head injury at age 5.

3748. Don D NDE 12/20/2013. NDE 16073. I wondered what was in the beautiful city below, and if there were any trees there like on earth. Without moving, suddenly I could see a street level view from within the city. Not only were there many trees, but they were sublimely beautiful. They were extremely colorful….in a palette of colors that does not exist on earth. I was immediately struck by how beautiful these colors were….and how odd it was that they were almost intense in the sense that neon colors were, yet somehow struck you as being as mild as pastel and perfectly coordinated. I marveled at how very much more beautiful the color palette was there than it was on earth.
NDE from unknown illness.

3747. Beau B NDE 9/7/2014. NDE 7370. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was floating in an azure-blue sky. A cold wind hit my limbs. I heard the sound of the wind upon me. I was transported. My arms and legs opened up like a cross. I was flying at such a speed towards this light. At the moment, I didn't realize what happened, but it was impressive. Maybe I was in a big tunnel? I don't know, as everything was blue. I felt cold, very cold. Afar, I perceived this immense and very bright white spot, but it was pleasant to the eyes, not dazzling. A radiation, a source of warmth and well-being was warming my face.
NDE from accidental strangulation.

3746. Peter B Probable NDE 8/23/2014. Probable NDE 7363. I was free and now flying into the clouds. There was no more pain, no more anything of this earth. Looking ahead, I was going higher and then there was a bright warm light, so bright but full of love. There was no fear at all. I came to a stop. Suddenly, from no place at all, there was a voice. It was a warm and soft voice that said, 'You have to go back, it is not your time you have things to finish that are not done!'
NDE vs Dream vs Febrile Hallucination from flu with fever.

3745. Donna GV NDE 8/23/2014. NDE 7362. I remember floating through the woods of many trees. There seem to be an open path where I was floating toward. I heard people in the woods laughing at me, but I could not see them. Still floating forward, I felt no pain, or any emotions. Yet the feeling was wonderful. I came to a stop and said 'I am ready'. I knew that this was the place to leave the living. Many people spoke as one collective mind. They said that it was not my time and that I had one more thing to do.
NDE due to car crash.

3744. Maggie S NDE 8/23/2014. NDE 7361. I separated from my body. I observed myself lying on the bed and all of the busy-ness in the room. I felt no pain or distress. It seemed that all was okay; but it also seemed that things were not okay.
NDE due to post-operative hemorrhage.

3743. Henrietta J NDE 8/21/2014. NDE 7358. From France. I saw a light, bluish white, very intense, that didn't dazzle me. All was black around me. I floated in the void while approaching this light, then was stopped as if being behind an open window. I wanted to jump into this beneficial, living light, which seemed to me as being God. But my grand-aunt, deceased in 1982, appeared to me in the frame of this window. She was wearing a double pearl necklace. She was young and bright. I then said to her, ‘Aunt Andrée, I would like to stay with you.’ She smiled at me. My consciousness was lucid, much clearer and quicker than in the earth-life, and I knew myself as being dead. My aunt, while smiling, answered: ‘No, that's not possible.’ I insisted: ‘Aunt Andrée, please allow me to stay with you, I'm fed up journeying down there, I want to get back home!’
NDE from peritonitis.

3742. Tina S NDE 8/16/2014. NDE 7356. I realized that my grandmother and great-grandmother were standing at the entrance to the light. My grandmother had died in 1978 and I had never met my great-grandmother. Both were native. They told me by telepathy, that it was not my time and that I had more to do. During this time, I have no idea how long this lasted. I was completely immersed in the most incredible love, contentment, acceptance, feeling of being home, that you only could imagine. In fact, we don't have words to describe the feelings.
NDE due to accidental gunshot and cardiac arrest under anesthesia. Initial part of experience is 'anesthetic awareness' due to incomplete anesthesia, and is notably different from the content of the NDE.

3741. Sam J NDE 8/16/2014. NDE 7352. Creator/God/Great Spirit said to me, ‘You’re going back.’ Exercising my free will and choice (Yes, I have that kind of relationship with Creator/God/Great Spirit that I feel just fine talking back) I said, ‘No I'm not’ Creator/God/Great Spirit said, ‘Yes you are. I have 'stuff' for you to do.’ With that, a bolt of energy came out of the energy form and zapped me.
Exceptional and thought-provoking NDE due to apparent clinical death with absent brain function.

3740. Mauritz N Probable NDE 8/16/2014. Probable NDE 7351. From Sweden. I was in a dark tunnel with the brightest white light in the distance that I have ever seen. My life started to flash. The feeling was fantastic! I felt total bliss and the best I have ever felt. This is 100% different from real life where I live in constant pain due to back injury/surgery. In the distance of the bright light, I heard a voice in Swedish tell me, 'Come here. It's okay'. Some kind of humanoid-looking life form I have never seen. I said to them, 'Not now.'
Probable NDE due to respiratory suppression from medication.

3739. Gary J NDE 8/9/2014. NDE 7346. I got up off the arena operating table and stepped around my surgeon to his left, looking over his shoulder, at my draped body and the opening in the surgical drape surrounding my incision, running down my lower back to my coccyx. A nurse was handing the anesthesiologist a syringe with what I heard was adrenaline. He injected it into the IV over my left arm. I saw the monitor and it was flat lined. Then things got busy. But, at that moment, all of the drama and apparent life-saving activity became unimportant.
NDE due to complication during surgery.

3738. Olivia E NDE 8/9/2014. NDE 7342. I felt a very quick 'whoosh!' and suddenly I was floating at the top of the car ceiling in the backseat behind my Dad's head!! I saw his silhouette shape, his back to me. I saw the very bright dashboard lights. I saw over in the passenger seat, 'Mom' with that scarf on her head. It was night. I realized I was floating and I looked down at my 'floating' self, but there was NO BODY there. I could 'FEEL' everything around me: FEEL IT!!
NDE at age 6 weeks old due to flu during drive to hospital.

3737. William H NDE 8/9/2014. NDE 7340. Each of us, as an individual sphere of communion seems the embodiment of two complementary halves: Understanding and Memory. While Understanding seems the principal characteristic of the higher soul, Memory seems to be the principal characteristic of the lower soul. As I experienced it, Understanding is our individual portion of the limitless Knowledge of the One Soul, the evolving insight we possess into the Way of the One, our individual spark of immortality. Memory, on the other hand, is the accumulated impressions of all the lifetimes we recall, the sum of all the personalities we have yoked to our soul, our enduring storehouse of mortal treasures.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3736. JK S Probable NDE 8/9/2014. Probable NDE 7339. They were discussing my life and my accomplishments. They knew all the details of my life, as if my life was condensed to symbols or special signs. I vividly recall not sitting down to join them, because in my mind, I wanted to return. Attention was upon me, and I mentally told them I wanted to return to raise my four-year-old son who wasn't allowed to visit me in the hospital. I was mentally told that was my choice. I mentally expressed my desire to continue my life with my son. I knew my decision was supported. They knew I would return because I did not sit down in the chair. If I had sat in the chair, I would have been joining them. This felt so agreeable.
Probable NDE during bronchoscopy and ADC next morning from deceased grandmother.

3735. Cyanrose J NDE 8/3/2014. NDE 7336. I instantly floated above my body. Confused and in fear I considered floating out the window, but turned and saw my infant daughter, the doctor and nurses were working to save her life. I floated toward her: reaching as I neared. My baby was beautiful. My arm and hand seemed extended in length, longer than normal. My extended hand went right through them all. I started to feel panicky. I tried to speak but the doctors/nurses couldn't hear me. I watched my baby kicking her feet and moving her arms. I could hear her crying. My heart ached because I felt she was dying. In tremendous emotional pain and anguish I floated outside the room to see a red phone in the hallway.
NDE during delivery.

3734. Wanda K NDE 8/3/2014. NDE 7335. The best I can explain is, my spirit submitted completely. I knew God was there and it was as if I was resting within him, not as a separate entity. It was truly the greatest peace anyone could know. I didn't hear, I just was and that was being within God. I, immediately, 'knew' that God was there and I existed in Him.
NDE due to hypothermia from scuba diving

3733. Cassandra P NDE 8/3/2014. NDE 7331. From Australia. body at the heart or central chest. Where it touched, the heat was dispelled by the most exquisite coolness. This immense relieving coolness spread from the center to the extremities. Then I found myself travelling up the blue ray of light. The color was indescribably beautiful, alive, delicious, shimmering and enveloping me. I was moving upwards, I sensed, at great speed. I thought, 'this must be how death feels, how anyone can fear this wonderful release, this joy?'
NDE due to fever from cowpox. Happened at age 17 in South Africa. Shared 53 years later.

3732. Barbara G Probable NDE 8/3/2014. Probable NDE 7330. Suddenly there was no ceiling or roof over my bed, the sun was very bright and the sky was very blue, and there was someone there telling me, ‘come on let's go you can go now you can fly’ and I knew immediately that it was true. I found myself sitting up on my bed feeling more wonderful that I have ever felt in my life. The empty shell of my body still lay on the bed behind me, but it meant nothing.
Probable NDE due to undiagnosed medical condition causing anoxia and syncope.

3731. Wendy T NDE 8/3/2014. NDE 7329. After 2 or 3 days, the nurses made me get up and walk in the hallway. I saw the Doctor who had been screaming at everybody and wouldn't give up on me. I went up to him and thanked him for saving my life. All the blood drained out of his face and I think we both realized, at the same time, that we had never met when I was alive.
NDE due to suicide attempt at age 16.

3730. Marie W NDE 8/3/2014. NDE 7325. Then a pair of hands came through. They were amazing! I instantly knew that they were the divine hands of Jesus. He reached and suddenly I was in his hands. He began moving me, handing me off to the next Master. I heard exquisite sounds that were all around me and through me. It was like music, but not. There were notes and frequencies; with each note and each blend of frequency, it changed my experience into the next step.
NDE due to criminal attack. Remarkable account and very atypical.

3729. Carlos S NDE 8/3/2014. NDE 7322. Then, there was silence. The ringing stopped, the pain was gone and I, from a higher elevation, was watching my mother kneeling beside the sofa, shaking me. This lasted for what seemed a matter of seconds and the noises and pains returned.
Brief NDE at age 5 due to Scarlet Fever.

3728. Mary D STE 8/3/2014. STE 7334. In the experience of being one of the trees, I felt the love resonating like a sense of strength and glorious power, sturdiness, powerfulness, and longevity. When I felt the love when the beam first reached me, it was first like I am precious, I am cherished. I felt cherished, I felt me specifically, I am loved by God and I want you to feel that, that truth, that knowing in your cells: that you are cherished, you are loved, you are precious, you are God's precious baby, delicate precious infant, God's own creation. God loves you as if you were the only thing in existence. God loves all things like that. God loves all of existence preciously and specifically. God glories in the detail of the magnificence of the life you are co-creating with God. I love God.
Exceptional STE while operating a vehicle. Multiple insights, including insights into the tinniest particle that composes matter.

3727. Jacqueline HW NDE 7/27/2014. NDE 7313. From New Zealand Upon experiencing the tremendous light, which to our normal eyes would seem almost blinding, I first saw our dog, Mr. Miyagi, who had passed six months earlier. He had died of old age, but upon that meeting, he was like a lion in his prime and sitting in a meadow. He radiated love for me and for our time that had been spent together on this earth. We didn't communicate through words, it is just a knowing.
NDE due to cardiac arrest from apparent heat stroke.

3726. Beth S NDE 7/19/2014. NDE 7319. I remember my whole body going rigid and screaming, but nothing came out. Then there was blackness. I was floating in the blackness heading somewhere. I was happy to be there. It was peaceful, calm, and quiet. I felt as if I knew all the secrets to the universe. Then there was a pounding on my chest, a man yelling, and my sister in law crying. I was really angry to be back in my own body.
NDE due to electrocution at age 15.

3725. Alta NDE 7/19/2014. NDE 7318. From South Africa All I knew was that I fell and it was dark. Then I was in a wonderful, warm and loving light. It felt as if I was being held in the arms of Jesus; fully protected with no fear, but total calm. I felt as though I being held like I was something precious. I had a sense of timelessness and comfort. I had no awareness of my body or any contact with the physical world. I felt total peacefulness.
NDE at age 6 due to accidental burial during construction.

3724. Martha BG NDE 7/19/2014. NDE 7317. There was a very bright light and a welcoming place. I was not in a city and there was no landscape, just the warm, loving, wonderful, welcoming bright light. I was coming toward an indistinct group of people, they had no bodily form they just seemed to be hovering near a central figure who had on a flowing robe. I had a choice. I could join them or return to my life. I had a wonderful, joyful, peaceful feeling. It was suddenly decided for me.
NDE due to unconsciousness during delivery.

3723. Ken D NDE 7/19/2014. NDE 7316. I remember seeing myself in the car. Then I went through a tunnel. I saw my father and other relatives. I felt so happy and at peace that I did not want to leave. There was a body standing there in a robe looking like Jesus. I can't say for sure that it was he or not. The light was pure white, bright, crisp and perfectly round with him standing in the center. He said to me, 'Go back, it is not your time yet.'
NDE due to auto accident at age 17.

3722. Tikvah F NDE 7/19/2014. NDE 7315. I was above the chaos, confused as to where I was. The paramedic struck the body's chest twice, as she said, 'I got this.' A baby was crying loudly and people were rushing around. Then there was a man at the body's head, while the woman kept pumping the chest. I wasn't interested in the body. I heard a voice telling me, 'Our father is coming.' The voice repeated it. My father is dead, I thought. The confusion below me continued. Then I saw my deceased father walking toward me, as if he were walking on a beautiful hill. He looked younger than when he died and had three children with him. He gave me a look of recognition as greeting. Then, he disappeared. I felt so sad that he was gone.
NDE due to cardiac arrest associated with cardiomyopathy from prior anthrax poisoning. Another experience described that is possible dream.

3721. Wendy A NDE 7/19/2014. NDE 7314. I was simply interested in what was going on, and was experiencing a profound feeling of peace and lack of connection with the entire situation. I always thought that if I were ever near death, I would frantically be scratching out messages to my loved ones, but I didn't give any of them a thought! I heard them call for a priest, and I could see someone comforting my crying roommate as they escorted her out into the hall. They had trouble getting the blood transfusion started because they said my veins were collapsing and that's the last thing I was aware of. I don't know how much time passed, probably not much, but I suddenly 'woke up' as the priest was anointing me with oil.
NDE due to blood loss following hysterectomy.

3720. Yamen Probable NDE 7/19/2014. Probable NDE 5468. Nonwestern NDE from Lebanon. Original in Arabic, translated to English by Tarek. I felt relief. I felt that this explosion released my struggling soul. My soul could now roam around where ever it wanted without obstacles. I felt complete freedom. I was now free and didn’t need a passport to cross boarders or move around the earth. I could even roam around the universe, but I didn’t want to leave Earth so I wouldn’t feel lonely. I was flying very easily. It was not a dream. The feeling of flying was very real. A being that looked like the Joker (from the card game) approached me. He was very friendly and gentle. He was my guide as I traveled. He directed me to the way to Brazil. I had always wanted to see Brazil.
Probable NDE from bronchitis.

3719. Paul Probable NDE 7/15/2014. NDE 7309. I was completely filled with peace, and like a spiritual chorus of joy, much deeper and broader than euphoria. My inner being was an enormous producer of power, from deep within me, from the deepest heart of my very inner being was an immeasurable love and purity, I became a very source-generating of gushing purity and truth. This is the only power that is truth. Within me was an incredible replenishing of the power of goodness, expanding and flowing out. Like if suddenly you flipped on a million spotlights pointing out from every direction, from inside of me, each having a trillion tons of force pushing the purity of love and truth, from every which way. As I slowly floated forward. Ever increasing in goodness. This power had a sense of warm liquid, bright pure light, calm and radiant but extremely immense, and intense, energy. It grew to be as large as the sky and ever bounding from within me. My inside grew outward. It was the only true power I have ever felt.
STE probable NDE due to poisoning. Very long commentary.

3718. Tina G NDE 7/15/2014. NDE 7307. The right screen showed a happy joyous occasion, Sofie was graduating, throwing her hat in the air. Johnny was hugging the whole family. The children are well on their way to a successful life. Corey and I held hands tight we were so happy. But the pain, it was agonizing. I took a breath in but I could not breathe out. I felt as if someone had hit me with 100 sledgehammers. This is how I would live for a period of time, I would have to heal for period of years but, I would know my purpose. Could I endure such pain for my purpose?
NDE due to aneurysm rupture.á Remarkable simultaneous future visions of the consequences of returning to life or not.

3717. Bella J NDE 7/15/2014. NDE 7303. Immediately I was without a body. The best way to describe the experience is that I knew who I was, however, I did not feel pain nor was I afraid. A tremendous white light surrounded me. I felt unbelievable peace, love, harmony, goodness. I knew I was floating, that I did not have a body; I sensed goodness around me then sensed a question asking if I was ready to die. I knew I had mixed feelings.
Exceptional NDE due to being hit by ski boat.

3716. Sandra A NDE 7/15/2014. NDE 7305. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself above the table. An intense light; I heard everything that was said; I witnessed my own resuscitation. I saw my body bouncing with the electric shocks.
NDE after giving birth.

3715. C C Possible NDE 7/5/2014. Possible NDE 7299. From Canada I fell down a tunnel at a high speed, tried to get a grip of the walls of the tunnel but someone always pushed my hands off and I kept on falling. That was not so nice, but suddenly I rose into a bright, white light, all was warm and I felt a deep love, indescribable, and I felt a presence and I felt a bit of shame because of this presence. I was about to see hair, I saw an outline of it, that presence was very close, but then I woke up with a nurse watching over me. I had a nurse at my bedside for 24 hours.
Possible NDE during general anesthesia. Shared 42 years later.

3714. Sandy A Probable NDE 7/5/2014. Probable NDE 7298. I asked without speaking what we were doing there. The presence said it was time for my review. I immediately felt ashamed because I knew I hadn't done my best. Suddenly I made clear I wasn't ready, but the door still opened. I saw a desk and books or scrolls, and a huge screen. The screen turned bright, so bright my earthly eyes would not be able to stand it. I knew I didn't have to be ashamed. It was a learning experience, but all of a sudden I heard a loud bang and woke up.
Probable NDE due to criminal attack.

3713. Jeremiah J NDE 7/5/2014. NDE 7297. There is zero ego to Michael and his caring is deep. Apparently, I could help him with one or more of his duties. I wondered about God and he told me that God is all around us, in us, and everything. God Is. (This communication is all telepathic at this point but his use of 'God Is' was clearly demonstrative in nature.) He will take me to be presented to him. Quick aside here, this really confused me when I later returned. How could God be everywhere and yet I be 'presented to him'? This took some working out for me even though the answer was clear when I was there.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.