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3550. Sally C Probable NDE 12/28/2013. Probable NDE 7049. I had an almost dreamlike experience of being in space. I saw light beings and the one great light was God. I knew the answers to everything. Even sorrow made sense. I understood life's purpose.
Probable NDE due to accident with blood loss at age 8. Most likely this was an NDE, then a separate hallucinatory experience in the recovery room or later.

3549. Danee C NDE 12/28/2013. NDE 7048. As for my experience with the nothing: it was a moment and an eternity. There was complete darkness, yet it was so peaceful that I cannot describe it. I was aware of my soul and aware that I was free from my body. There was no time like we have alive, on earth. Time felt stretched, but afterwards only seemed like a few seconds. I was aware of and thought of my children. Then I became aware that 'everything is as it should be.' It was as if someone had spoken it in their mind and I read their thoughts. It was as if I was just visiting to see the complete and total peace that I had no idea that existed, before that moment.
NDE due to complication of cardiac procedure.

3548. Jean B NDE 12/28/2013. NDE 7046. Not only did I not feel any distress such as the need to breathe, but I felt so loved and so comforted. As I looked in the distance underwater, I noticed twirling water that became a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, I saw a beautiful white light. The light was so beautiful that I was drawn to it. I wanted to be closer. I have never felt such love and peace since.
NDE due to drowning at age 4. Shared 51 years later.

3547. Toby Possible NDE 12/28/2013. Possible NDE 7045. I wasn't scared, or feeling any emotions. The fish was about 4 inches long, and had a thin body, maybe 1.5 inches thick or so. When this fish got in front of my face, it had stopped there, and slowly manifested a glow around its body. It was a very faint glow and emitted yellowish blue and green colors around its body. Then there was a quick nod of its head back and forth as if to say 'NO!! It's not your time': I was clear that this was the message to me.
Near drowning with altered consciousness at age 9. No OBE, no clear imminent life-threatening event.

3546. Kelli G NDEs 12/28/2013. NDEs 7043. I could hear my brother enter the room and tell mom that I was in cardiac arrest and respiratory distress, and that I didn’t have much time. She told him that she wasn’t going to any hospital until she finished her make-up. The conversation sounded so far away. Then I could hear nothing. I was floating along in this tunnel filled with a bright, white light. I couldn’t see anyone because of the brightness but I just knew someone was at the other end. I thought it was GOD so I told him ‘Lord, I am sorry for my sins but I'm not ready to die yet, I'll miss my mom’. Then I felt a love within me that I have never known before or again. After that I awoke in the hospital.
NDE due to cocaine at age 15, and another NDE at age 28 due to drug overdose.

3545. Robert M FDE 12/28/2013. FDE 7041. My whole life past flashed before my eyes so quickly. All the events were real and it was like 19 years’ worth of events passed through my head in seconds. It was weird. The attack was only 3 or 4 seconds, but in my mind, my thoughts and memories were processing so fast everything slowed down, but when I remember the event it all seemed like it happened in a flash.
Fear-death experience after throat was cut in criminal attack.

3544. Elaina S NDE 12/28/2013. NDE 7040. Non-Western NDE originally from Iran, now living in Austria All I can remember is that I saw myself lying on the street. I think that I also saw myself sitting there looking for something, and then passing out. I have this weird feeling associated with seeing myself from outside of my body for a few seconds and then being back within my body!
Brief NDE from 15 year old due to head injury during accident. She is originally from Iran and is Muslim.

3543. Gabriel NDE 12/28/2013. NDE 7036 & Probable NDE 7035. On it, a guide or god showed me events that have come to pass. One that I remembered was in Isr'l they shot a teenager in the grassy hills after he threw rocks at soldiers and which started the second intifada or Arab revolt. In this 'movie' I was watching it until I was living it: being in the grass looking at the slain teenager and the soldiers who chased this teen who found him hiding and killed him anyway. They questioned the soldier and each other as to why he did that.
NDE due to strangulation at age 6. Probable NDE due to LSD overdose.

3542. Sean M NDEs 12/28/2013. NDEs 7034. From the UK I climbed over a hedge and slipped, I tried to catch the barbed wire in my hand and missed; the barb tore a long ways up my forearm, blood gushed. I fell. Then I saw a beautiful orchard and beings. I believe I had another NDE, in my parents’ house that night. I lost a lot of blood. I walked towards the orchard, it was silvery white and beautiful. I saw those I knew but had never met in this life, I was light and felt no pain, up until then my arm was in shreds and I was in pain. As I neared the beautiful orchard, I came to a cold stream. I knew, as if being told, I can never come back if I cross this stream. I didn't like my life so far, so I battled against it but couldn't cross it. Bang! I was back in my body with headache pain and heaviness, it hurt so much, but I was alive again.
Two NDEs close in time to each other at age 17.

3541. Annie V NDE 12/28/2013. NDE 7032. From Belgium. Original in French, Translated to English by Marguy. I floated in a dark tunnel that seemed alive with circles and a pale-bluish fog. I had never felt so good and so happy, filled with love and peace, and above all I was experiencing the sense that I possessed knowledge about everything. In the distance there was a white light; it was very bright, but it didn't hurt my eyes. Then I noticed that to the left of the light, and illuminated by it, there were several people waving to me in a happy, welcoming way!
Teenage suicide attempt.

3540. Charles M Probable NDE 12/28/2013. Probable NDE 7026. From Canada. Original in French, Translated to English by Marguy. In 1960, I was 6 years old and drowning. I saw the events of my life passing rapidly. I had the impression of going through a tunnel and then I saw a light.
NDE as a child was vividly recalled years later with the ADC from his mother's recent death.

3539. Monique NDE 12/28/2013. NDE 7016. From France. Original in French, Translated to English by Marguy. Coming out of the 'light', a paradisiacal landscape opened up before me: with, at first, its little wooden bridge, where a river was flowing underneath. Opposite, at the left, in a mountain landscape, was a magnificent rainbow where the light was even 'stronger and warmer and more filled with love', where I KNEW that I would enter and be happy.
NDE from attempted suicide.

3538. Riccardo NDE 12/27/2013. NDE 5456. From Italy. Original in Italian, Translated to English by Francesca. I found myself sitting in the middle of a very big soft black velvet semicircular sofa. In front of me, there was a big screen as though I was going to watch a movie. On the screen, I saw a dark mountain. Behind the mountain, a blinding light forced me to keep looking down toward the foot of the mountain. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw around me, both to the right and the left. I saw the shadows of people who seemed to me to be dead relatives and friends, but since it was dark, I could not see to distinguish their faces.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

3537. Jeff S NDE 8/18/2007. NDE 16069. I knew immediately that this man was Jesus. I never saw him before, but I knew that he was the master and my lord. I understood that he knew every fine detail about me. Jesus wore a white roman like cloak from his neck to his feet with long arm sleeves that were very loose. A red loose ban of clothing stretched from his left shoulder across the chest to his right waist. He had long brown curly hair that dangled to his shoulder length. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t see his wounds in his hands, face, nor see the color of his eyes.
NDE as a child where he had a conversation with Jesus.

3536. Brent H NDE 8/17/2007. NDE 16068. I felt this unexplainably intense love, with joy, peace and just overwhelming. It seemed as if time didn't matter. As he pulled me up, I saw that he wore and all-white robe, but whiter than one would see on this earth. As I was stood up, I looked at his face. His hair was white like wool ) his hair was white like wool. His blue eyes pierced through his face with flames of his love. His face was so bright, I couldn't see other facial features but I knew it was Jesus. He spoke to me and said, 'My son, my son, it's not time for you to come home yet. I have much work for you to do on earth.' He said it again as he put his hand on my shoulder. I felt like I was being sucked back into my body.
NDE as a child where he had a conversation with Jesus. Contributor is a Pastor.

3535. Zena M Probable NDE 12/15/2013. Probable NDE 7028. From Canada. Anyway, as I started to enter the 'place', there was a bright, bright, soft light. It was shaped as if you drew an oval around a person. The light came from nowhere and started to touch me. It wasn't pushing against me, yet there was no sense of being touched except by love. As I moved backwards out of the door, the light said to me, 'Not yet.' Then the door shut.
Probable NDE at age 3 due to asthma attack. Shared 64 years later.

3534. Glenn Possible NDE 12/15/2013. Possible NDE 7027. When I inhaled the nitrous, I felt the effects of it immediately: as if my mind was about 3 feet away from my body, upwards and forward in the front of myself. I instantly knew how all my current decisions were affecting the people in my life and how everyone viewed me. It wasn't pretty. My drug abuse and how I was treating the family was very selfish and made people view me in a certain light. The experience out of body only lasted about 5 seconds, if that much. It was almost like an all-knowing, but not of the entire universe or anything, only what I needed at the time. The experience made me really think about what I was doing to myself; and how what I said and did, really did affect the others in my life. Not just me.
SOBE possible NDE due to inhaling nitrous oxide at age 15.

3533. John V Probable NDE 12/15/2013. Probable NDE 7025. I found myself in a tunnel that was somewhat scary and musty smelling. At the end was a brilliant light. I walked toward the light and through into another world. ‘Heaven?’ There was a point where I couldn't go any further. My grandmother was there crying with her arms held out to me. She had died when I was a teenager. She hugged me. It was like when you would come out of a cold lake, and your mother would wrap a warm towel around you. I had a feeling of total unconditional love. I had no pain just a feeling of total wellness.
Probable NDE at time of great pain and diagnosis of stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

3532. Lucky NDEs 12/15/2013. NDEs 7021. I had woken up again, this time in the operating room. I watched the doctor sticking in the catheter tube in my leg. I saw a lot of people moving very fast around me doing all sorts of things I was watching this from above my chest. I wasn't floating from the ceiling or anything like that but just barely high enough to see what he was doing and to see myself exposed to the room.
NDEs due to heart attack and febrile episode as infant. Shared about five weeks after most recent NDE.

3531. Duane H NDE 12/13/2013. NDE 7014. BAM, I was gone and I was in a place that couldn't be described as earthly. I was in a place or state that was void of everything and I needed nothing. The closest inadequate description would be ‘Nirvana’. It was wonderful.
NDE due to sudden loss of consciousness following surgery.

3530. Peter S NDE 12/13/2013. NDE 7011. From Thailand I never, in my entire life, fell asleep as nicely as during that time. I felt no weight, was going wherever I wanted and there were beautiful white clouds of which I'd never seen. The feeling was amazing; it looked like freedom. Then at a certain moment, I saw a face and a body in very nice white clothes, a fresh face with black half-short hair, which started talking to me. I don't know if it is male or female, but it very friendly. This person told me, 'You have to go back, because you need to do a lot for the people, it is not yet time to come here.'
NDE due to apparent cardiac arrest, and probable NDE due to apparent cardiac problem.

3529. Maggie C Probable NDE 12/13/2013. Probable NDE 7007. I found myself floating through a dark tunnel, but yet it was light enough and starry enough that I could see myself floating around in the tunnel. I looked at my arms and legs but did not actually see them. I became very frightened because I knew what was happening to me. I knew that I was dying. On my journey, I saw the brightest light I had ever seen far, far away. The closer I came to the light, the less sad I was. Finally, at one point, I was not thinking about my children anymore. I was thinking about how happy I was. I had never experienced such human happiness in my life.
Probable NDE due to dental anesthesia.

3528. Connie C NDE 12/13/2013. NDE 7004. I was facing a row of people, many of whom I felt were familiar to me, although I do not now remember their faces. We were talking. I do not know the subject, but we talked for a long, long time: so very long. Then, they began to smile and wave, like they were waving goodbye to me. Suddenly, the scene changed and the people were gone. The words flashed through my mind, 'where did all the people go?' We had been discussing something intensely interesting, and I wanted to go back to continue.
NDE at time of delivery

3527. Joel L NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 22900. Exactly after watching these events, with no delay, the next thing I knew was, that I had somehow assumed a position approximately 30 feet above what was happening below, watching what was going on below me. I saw EVERYTHING, except my body, which was now under water. I saw several people dive into the lake to search for my body. I saw them eventually find it. I saw them pull my body up onto the dam and begin to attempt to resuscitate me.
NDE due to being hit on head by a log at age 12. Shared 50 years later.

3526. Bob B NDE-Like 11/27/2013. NDE-Like 6999. Original in German. Translated to English by Marguy. The sphere changed into a big white cloud, and I dove inside! Now I started experiencing an unprecedented feeling of happiness! Never in my whole life had I ever felt this way! (I never have since then, either.) I was floating in this cloud: I noticed I was not alone. Somehow, the cloud contained the whole world! It seemed to become like a water bubble, with everything inside it: trees, houses, animals, people that I knew and strangers, too, and rocks, plants, just everything was there. Everything was floating along with me!
NDE-like experience during a Gestalt Therapy group.

3525. Adrian B Possible NDE 8/17/2007. Possible NDE 16067. I could see nothing but the light, everywhere I looked around me. The one thing I could share with you is that any possible trace of pain or distress has totally vanished in such a place. I was incorporated in that light, I(my soul) was reflecting the light, it was a wonderful feeling. I could feel the peacefulness, love and tranquility. I was simply happy. I was experiencing all these beautiful feelings, although I could still feel my lips wailing with the pain I had prior to my getting there, as I had been crying before my crossing-over.
Child Possible NDE.

3524. Robert W NDE 12/7/2011. NDE 16062. I remember the bright white light. To me, it feels more like walking with a purpose than a confined tunnel. The first time it happened, when I came to, the paramedics had the defibrillator out and were working on me. It was a shock and a jolt when I came back. The second time, I was in the cardiologist’s office taking a stress test and I fainted when they put the radioactive die in my IV. The second time I fainted, I saw people. I didn’t recognize any of them. They looked at me as if wondering why are you here. Something was wrong. I guess it wasn’t my time to go yet.
NDEr wrote to us.

3523. Sarah W Probable NDE 11/23/2013. Probable NDE 7003. This time when I was thinking them to myself, like I had so many times before. I was getting answers back. It was a male's voice. His voice was soothing and calming. It was the perfect pitch and music to my ears. I was going over in my mind what I always had. 'Why won't God protect me?' I heard 'He will'. I said 'He will?!!' He said 'Yes.' With each answer, I could feel the weight of worry come off my spirit, much like the saying, 'the weight of the world on your shoulders'. I asked, 'Why won't God stick up for me?' He told me the things I was dealing with were all temporary. I told him I didn't do all those things of which I was being accused. But, no one would believe me. He said 'I believe you.' I said 'You do?' I can't tell you how great it felt to have someone believe me. I was still staring out onto Earth. It was so close to where I was. I was in awe of the size and colors.
Exceptional probable NDE at age 14. Epic experience in the unearthly realms and with Jesus with answers to her deepest life questions. By classification rules this is a 'Probable NDE', but what you read here is the real thing.

3522. Bessie Probable NDE 11/23/2013. Probable NDE 6998. I became aware of what felt like a woman I could not identify, nor was I familiar. It felt mostly feminine, actually, but I can't remember if it felt masculine as well.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt with overdose of pills at age 13.

3521. Yazmine S NDE 11/16/2013. NDE 6992. From New Zealand It was in and with everyone and everything. It had always been in and with everything. It was/is, Truth and Love and Compassion and Joy and All. This Goldenness held all information. It was the One Mind. It contained the creation of all of everything ever created. I felt, I experienced everything that has ever been and ever shall be. All is simultaneously occurring. There is no past or future. It all just IS. There is no way to describe the immaculate beauty of this experience, though every day, for the last 35 years I wish I could find a way. Bliss, is a mere descriptive word, yet does not give to you what I wish I could, but yes, ‘bliss’ is close, in a way.
Exceptional NDE due to blood loss following miscarriage.

3520. Paul B NDE 11/9/2013. NDE 6990. From the UK Just then Paul, the department store man entered the office, [ironically Paul's nickname is Gripper] he's a big lad, 20 plus stones and built like an outhouse. He immediately started slapping my back, and chest to no avail, but I was still in control. I grabbed his arms turned into him, clasped his thumbs under my rib cage, and motioned Gripper to pull up. A second later, I drifted out, to the side, how far to the side I don't know but I was disconnected from the body.
NDE due to choking.

3519. Lisa T NDEs 11/9/2013. NDEs 6988. I suddenly saw what appeared before my eyes as an old movie screen of my life being played out: from the very day of my birth, all the way to what would have been my funeral. As I watched my family crying, I cried out, ‘No! No!’
Three exceptional NDEs at ages 10, 19, and 40 due to head injury, drowning, and cardiac arrest during medical procedure. Remarkable insights!

3518. Kenneth H Probable NDE 11/9/2013. Probable NDE 6986. I saw everything as it was. The room I was in didn't have a ceiling, only walls and floor all brightly lit. Where my perception was centered, was beautiful. There was a full moon and every star shone more brightly than ever before. I was standing on the threshold, and all I had to do was step away. I felt voices rather than heard them.
Probable NDE due to illness including renal failure.

3517. Ryan D Probable NDE 11/9/2013. Probable NDE 6985. From Ireland I don't know where or when, but I have this memory of a white light: the brightest light I've ever encountered, but it had no effect on my eyes. I have to emphasize that there was nothing other than this light: no loved ones, no angels, no voices or tunnels just light. With this light was peace, the most amazing feeling ever: love, comfort, inner peace and the weight of the world off my shoulders, it really was as simple as this.
Probable NDE due to sub-arachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding around the brain).

3516. Sunny P Possible NDE 4/2/2013. Possible NDE 22891. The next thing I remember was seeing and experiencing a beautiful crystal-like, kaleidoscope-like (but not symmetrical) light. I could also hear a soothing chime-like sound. Like a funnel with suction, I was back in the emergency room. I was sad and almost irritated that they ‘interrupted my dream.’ The first words from my lips were, ‘ahhh, I was having such a great dream.’ The woman standing over me said, ‘we lost you’ and they had to revive me. I didn't think too much about it at the time, I guess just glad I was a alive. This experience won't leave me and has caused to contemplate its meaning. I learned last week that we don't dream while under anesthesia. Then what was I doing? I believe that if I share, others will share and it may help me find answers as to why this experience stays with me so strongly.
Possible NDE due to setting bones in emergency room.

3515. Martin NDE 11/14/2013. NDE 6962. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel. Suddenly in the fog, I could see a lighter little dot in front of me and it attracted me. At that moment, I decided to advance; I hear a masculine voice over my right shoulder that tells me ‘Not yet’ and touches my shoulder. When I tried to turn, I felt as if I was falling.
NDE from being ill and fainting.

3514. Krista G NDE 11/3/2013. NDE 6984. Then, from the love that was both within and around me, it was communicated to me that I had one of three choices to make. First, was to move forward, into the woods. However, I'd already rejected that. The second choice was to continue onward to what lay beyond my present reality, and the third was to return to my body, and resume the life I had left behind. However, if I chose this, I was to share my experience through being of service to others. I looked at the beauty around me, once again feeling the enormity of it, and the love, peace and oneness of it all. My pulse returned at 9:26 am.
Profound NDE due to cardiac arrest during delivery. She is a physician assistant.

3513. Debra B Probable NDE 11/3/2013. Probable NDE 6981. Jesus told me it would be okay, because he had something better for me. I remember wanting to stay: there was so much peace and love there. I started to turn to walk back down the path, when I looked back, one last time; I saw a demon standing on a small hill in the forest. I could see all of him now and knew this was Satan. I felt pity for him and he turned and walked back into the darkness.
Probable NDE due to illness.

3512. Veronica C Probable NDE 11/3/2013. Probable NDE 6980. The area was illuminated with a white light, yet with no obvious physical lighting. I distinctly remember there was something delightful there associated with animals, something on which I could ride. A rocking horse is the only way my childish mind could describe it, but it was more magnificent and lion-like.
Probable NDE at age 2 due to accidental choking.

3511. Chris B Possible NDE 11/3/2013. Possible NDE 6978. From Canada. Everything went completely white. It was not a flashlight, tunnel, or glowing light. It was more like a white snowstorm, I guess, but with that particular white. I knew I was at a table area talking to someone, I don't know who it was. I remember being told, 'Chris, it's time to head back.'
Possible NDE due to truck accident with traumatic brain injury. Recalled experience many weeks later.

3510. Dawn W Possible NDE 11/3/2013. Possible NDE 6977. I left my body slowly, peacefully and effortlessly. I began a very slow journey through a semi-darkened tunnel upward towards a light far away, at first. In the distance, I could make out the silhouette of two figures on the left side. On the furthest to the left was the taller of the two. Directly next to him was a much shorter person. As I neared them, I somehow knew the tall figure on the left was indeed my Grandfather and next to him, the short figure, was my Great Grandmother. I could not make out any of their features. They were all shadow/silhouette. A very, very bright light glowed from behind them both.
Possible NDE associated with hypotension in surgery.

3509. Hyacinth Probable NDE 11/3/2013. Probable NDE 6976. I remember the first person I saw was my step-grandfather who had died just a day before. I remember thinking ‘what are you doing here?’ He just smiled and told me to ‘come along.’ I don't remember a tunnel or anything, we just walked a bit, all of the sudden I saw a lot of people running around, doing things, and they were very happy. I saw bowls of fire. People were putting their hands in them and they were not burning. I saw angels.
Probable NDE due to liver failure and coma.

3508. Kathryn H NDE 11/3/2013. NDE 6975. It was more of a feeling that we are already all One, so what happens is just more of a ‘drama’. It would be okay to just let it all stop/or not stop. I felt removed from what was happening, like being in a dream state and simply observing things around me. I was aware that what is most important is: we see that we are all part of one Being. We are not separate, but make things seem separate in order to play out this reality. By finding our oneness, we can make true connections with each other. All the rest is head games and false reality.
NDE due to head injury and drowning. Contributor is Buddhist

3507. Sue B NDE 11/3/2013. NDE 6972. The field behind us was very green and whoever owned the corn growing there had a good year. I could smell fresh cut grass or something earthy in the air: it was very fresh and pleasant. The thing that bothered me was that I couldn't see the man's face, we talked but no direct eye-to-eye contact, and I seemed to be looking at him through the corner of my eye. It was almost like I was bashful, but I had the feeling I was very close to this person. I could tell he was my age, had dark hair, and I knew his build. I remember hearing a voice that said 'someone up there loves her very much and was watching over her.
NDE due to being hit by car while on bicycle.

3506. Sehmoune N Probable NDE 10/26/2013. Probable NDE 6966. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Just after the operation, I saw my open back. I had lost three liters of blood. At that moment I was dead, I saw a white path with my cousin and a light at the end. I talked to him. Another path was black with much blood and screaming. I saw an old woman there that I knew. Before seeing all this a spirit asked me ‘do you believe in God?’ and I said ‘yes’.
Probable NDE that deepened her faith.

3505. Mark F NDEs 10/26/2013. NDEs 6969. During the 2001 experience I was given seizure medication. That time, I had a full, out of body experience where I was watching the emergency room staff work on me. I knew the full conversation they were having and recalled afterward all that had happened. I related to the doctor, shortly after (within a minute), everything he had said and done. I was hospitalized after this, and as day went on, I could recall more details, although no one was telling me anything.
NDE during medicine administrated for a seizure. NDE during a cardiac stress test which happened the day prior to his sharing the experiences.

3504. Matthew P NDE 10/26/2013. NDE 6967. The next thing I knew, I was lying on a hospital gurney with two, what appeared to be, doctors checking my pulse and blood pressure; calmly discussing that I had neither. At this point, I realized the fact that I was looking down on this scene and I was about five feet above it all. I put together, instantly, that I had been drunk, smashed this window and I was now looking at my lifeless body below me. I started screaming that I wasn't dead, repeatedly. I started rising above, what felt like ten feet, where I had been. Then, poof: a bright, white light all around me.
NDE due to blood loss from cut.

3503. Steven F Probable NDE 10/26/2013. Probable NDE 6965. My sensation of travel then began to feel more controlled and guided. More like moving at a high rate of speed, and all around me is 'brilliant'. It is a bright light that is pure, and cannot be described or compared to anything other than itself. As quickly as this sensation begins, it starts to slow, like being tethered, and stops. The stop is abrupt, and I am shown images/events. I have a sense of understanding for them, but can't put context or belonging to them. Then off I go, stop, images/events. This repeats itself numerous times.
Probable NDE due to combat injury in Iraq.

3502. Hayley J FDE 10/26/2013. FDE 6964. MY LIFE FLASHED BEFORE ME. My fall was broken by a platform that was built to support a pump that supplied water to our house. I hit my head on the pump and didn't care because I was saved by that platform. There was a ladder there that I climbed back up it. At 8 there isn't much of a life to review. My experience made me realize that someone was looking out for me.
Fear-death experience due to fall down cliff at age 8. Shared 62 years later.

3501. Norman T NDE 10/26/2013. NDE 6963. Then I turned, looked around, and said, 'I have to help those retards get that guy into the ambulance.' The person going into ambulance was me. I remember bouncing around in the ambulance as they started driving. Then I fell into my body.
NDE due to being struck by car.

3500. Carol G NDE 4/14/2013. NDE 22889. From Canada. I knew I was no longer in control and just went with the fall. I opened my eyes. It was like seeing for the first time, everything was very bright on this dark, snowy day. The building I had just exited was in total blackness in my left peripheral vision. I could see traffic moving in front of me, as well as on the off ramp. From my right, when I looked down, I saw a body falling. I said aloud, ’that's Carol.’ It came out in a whisper of several voices, both female and male. I rushed to help the falling person when I was suddenly back inside the body. I could feel the pain on the top of my head that already existed and I felt the second hit to the back of the head. I said out loud in single voice, ‘thank you God for not letting it hit in the same place twice.’
NDE due to slip on ice. Interesting in that SOBE started before her head was injured.

3499. Louis S NDE 10/26/2013. NDE 6960. From France. Original in France, translated to English by Marguy. There I just remember being in a dark tunnel with a light at the end. I see my father, who died 4 years ago and who tells me ‘it's not your hour’. I sense the light as being filled with love and it is taking away all the frustrations of my life. I'm obeying my father and turn around, while being sad to leave him again, and happy having seen him.
NDE from going unconscious.

3498. Theresa C NDE 10/21/2013. NDE 5455. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Francesca Suddenly, I was on the top of a mountain. All around there were other snow-capped peaks and the colors of the sun were similar at a sunset. In front of me, a handsome guy shows up, with short, blond hair, dark blond, trimmed beard, and blue eyes wearing a red Colmar down jacket. He was always smiling. He told me that if I continued to be the way I was in this life, one day I would be happy. He told me other things I don't remember, but I remember I was in peace, and serenity; everything was huge and beautiful, there was love and perfection, the universe was balance and I was in a blissful state.
Amazing NDE where she met a fellow who she found out later had just died in an avalanche.

3497. Daniela NDE 10/21/2013. NDE 6941. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel. When my parents got me up, in that moment I saw myself out of my body. I saw myself, the situation, and I was listening to everything. Then everything went black. All of a sudden, I saw a white bright light. I was listening to murmurs and I said to myself, ‘This is it.’ I let myself fall into my father's arms. During all those moments, first I felt anguish and then fear because I did not know what was happening. Later when seeing myself out of my body, I felt tranquil and in some way, pleasant.
NDE from fainting.

3496. Clarice F NDE 10/21/2013. NDE 6950. From France. Original in France, translated to English by Marguy. At the glimmer of this kind of light, the mirror lets me see my life in flashes. Sometimes I see with details and feel all this emotionality that I couldn't manage. It is a trifle, this passionate love that led us to hell. Trifle, of course, nothing to report on my professional life, my social life, and other appearances. It is amusing trifles all this, just a look touching a well-muddled life, by details considered trivial here and there. It is like the look of a generous grandmother upon a small clumsy infant. No need for excuses, or pardon, all my life in the eyes of this presence and from a high perspective, was only touching and beautiful, perfect after all. Obviously I was there because my life, I had considered it to be unworthy, impossible to continue with it.
NDE from Suicide Attempt.

3495. François O Probable NDE 10/20/2013. Probable NDE 6949. From France. Original in France, translated to English by Marguy. Jesus is looking at me. There's nothing Christ-like at him, but I know that it's Jesus. I know it as this man has a smile and a look, that I never saw before. A smile and a look speaking of love. I saw Jesus who was smiling at me and loving me, and the more he looked at me the more I felt at ease. Then he looked away from me, and looking to the same direction as he did, I saw myriads of stars all around me. It was a sight of beauty. WONDERFUL.
Probable NDE from drug/alcohol overdose.

3494. Dara Possible NDE 10/19/2013. Possible NDE 6959. One afternoon, I found 'myself' floating above our small house. I could see the roof of our house from above, as well as the yard, and the woods. I saw everything from a bird's eye view, at an angle I had never seen before. I could see above and below myself, front and back, and to the sides, simultaneously. Soon, drifting towards me in the sky above the trees, I saw a glowing lady in blue and white robes.
Possible NDE at age 4 associated with history of cardiac arrhythmia.

3493. Carla S NDE 10/19/2013. NDE 6956. Apparently, they were getting ready to declare me dead when I started shouting, yes shouting, my incantation. I remember coming to consciousness reciting.
NDE due to apparent cardiac arrest. Remarkable that the experience ended as she was reciting an incantation used in Catholic exorcisms.

3492. Kelly Q Probable NDE 10/19/2013. Probable NDE 6951. I found myself in a playground of sorts. I perceived it to be in the future. It was a huge indoor playground with very high ceilings: very advanced children around the ages of 3 and 5. We were playing on electric-powered tricycles with buttons for forward and reverse. They were riding on little tracks with curves, hills, and valleys for them to go around, up and down. I no longer felt pleasure, pain, hot, or cold. All physical sensations were gone my consciousness was no longer limited by its biological housing we call the brain.
Probable NDE due to aspiration during hospitalization.

3491. Karl A NDE 10/15/2013. NDE 6946. From Germany. Original in German translated to English by Marguy. I left my body and was floating above myself. In the distance, I saw an indescribable bright light. I saw myself lying under the wheel. I was swinging back and forth between the light and myself. I saw my father as he struggled to take care of me. As long as I was outside myself, I didn't feel pain: only calm and peace. Suddenly, I was back again.
NDE from accident.

3490. Lacey Possible NDE 10/12/2013. Possible NDE 6948. Then suddenly, I felt so peaceful, warm, and calm and it lasted about 15 seconds. I never felt anything like that in my life before. Everything was dark and I was so peaceful, warm, and calm and didn't care about anything in the world. I feel like I wasn't even in my body at all and had neither pain nor feeling of sickness at all. It was a great feeling!
Possible NDE from overdose of alcohol and medication.

3489. Claud H NDE 10/12/2013. NDE 6947. Suddenly, I noticed two hands coming out of the light in front of me and I knew instantly that those hands were my dear Grandfather Juan's hands. When I was a little boy, I used to sit on Grandpa Juan's lap to talk with him. I was always fascinated by the size and roughness of his hands. The joy in my heart and soul were so strong, when I saw Grandpa Juan that I just grabbed him and hugged him. He told me that he was very happy to see me and that he loved me. He then added, ‘But Claudie it is not your time, and you must go back. Don't worry because we will see each other again very soon.’
NDE due to clinical death during surgery for ruptured appendix.

3488. Bob R NDE 10/12/2013. NDE 6945. It was total blackness and total silence. I became afraid of the void. I did not know what it was and did not like it at all. In a short time I found myself moving through a tunnel. I was scared at first but it was better than the void and I became comfortable there, especially as I approached a light. I was wondering where I was going. I found myself in a space that was very calm and comforting. The lighting was a little unusual. I could not see a particular source of the light, but it was there and was warm and welcoming. Two beings were there, both males. I felt like I knew them, as if they were distant relatives, but I could not identify either one. They were dressed in clothes that we would wear on earth.
NDE due to drowning at age 8.

3487. Wanda T NDE 10/12/2013. Probable NDE 6944. I entered a very light room where there were other being of very bright light-bright but it did not hurt my eyes like it would here on Earth. They were distinct personalities. I felt comfortable. They showed me past events of my life and future events. I felt the emotions of me and the others. I understood our reasons for our actions, the emotions of all involved and I felt all mercy, love and understanding. I saw the effect of my death on my daughter and her future if I returned. One of the entities asked me if I was willing to return. I said ""Yes, but.."" I never got to finish, I really did not want to leave this wonderful place. I felt myself traveling very quickly. I slammed into my body with a big jolt. It took one second to feel the pain return and then the atmospheric pressure returned to my body-it felt like heavy chains weighing me down on all body surfaces.
Probable NDE associated with uterine bleeding.

3486. Linda S NDE 10/12/2013. NDE 6943. After that, I was in complete darkness for a while. Then, I wanted to see my mother, who was in the waiting room, so I floated through a glass window and tugged at her arm. She couldn't hear or feel me. Shortly after, I found myself looking at a beautiful golden sun, hearing a deep voice telling me, I didn't have to go back. But frantically, I had to go back; I wanted to be in a body, I didn't want to be a spirit. The voice said to me, 'If you go back, you will have a difficult life. Are you willing to suffer?' I said yes and here I am. I asked my mother about the experience when I was about 9 years of age. She admitted, a tug at her arm was felt, and the surgery was taking too long.
NDE due to complication of tonsillectomy at age 2 ╜. Shared 71 years later!

3485. Hope R NDE 10/12/2013. NDE 6940. Around me, I felt an extreme sense of warmth. It was entirely black, but I was processing thoughts, thinking I was going to die. For some reason, I was not scared. All around me was a warm blanket of black warmth. It was extremely comforting, and I could take deep breathes of clean, sweet smelling air. This happened while I was underwater and could not actually breathe.
NDE at age 8 due to drowning after being bitten by a water moccasin snake.

3484. Andrea V Probable NDE 10/6/2013. Probable NDE 6934. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I saw everything like being in a milky white, but everything metallic was shiny. Then I turned myself, still horizontally, and mounted to the ceiling that was stopping me. I turned again to look down and then I felt aspirated upwards at a tremendous speed. I was in total darkness. I swiveled around and saw a small light, that was growing, as I went along approaching it. Arriving into the light, I was flooded by a mixture of love, peace, and well-being in my body and soul. How shall I put it? It was as if every cell of my body was exploding with sheer happiness, while at the same time I had no body anymore: contradictory!!
Probable NDE from allergic reaction to medication.

3483. Alice NDE 10/6/2013. Secondhand NDE 5454. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Patricia. My daughter Alice (I am her mother as Alice unfortunately is no longer with us) claims that she entered into a marvelous light that emitted warmth and a sense of peace. She then saw Jesus sitting against an immense tree; He had a beautiful face “like no other you see on earth”, she (Alice) said. During this experience, Jesus touched her hand and Alice thought, “I will die because He is taking me with Him”. Instead, the surgery went well, and Alice told me about this experience a year and a half after her surgery.
Second person NDE about Arianna's daughter - Alice.

3482. Lael NDE 10/5/2013. NDE 6939. Once I was outside, I had the feeling that it was night. A shaft of brilliant white light, similar to looking into an aircraft searchlight, pierced the dark sky above me. By contrast, the dark around me was so deep it was palpable. I ‘fell’ upward through that light, but when I reached a threshold, a point of no return, I was stopped. I kept looking into the light. Within it were all the love, beauty, acceptance, and bliss imaginable. How can one describe perfection? I knew God was behind that light and I wanted more than anything to join the beings that I knew were with Him. However, a voice said, ‘Go back. It isn't time.’
NDE due to seizure day after delivery.

3481. Phil Possible NDE 10/5/2013. Possible NDE 6938. I was moving through a dark tunnel, toward a very bright light, the light did not cause any discomfort to my eyes, in any way. I felt drawn to this light and felt a strong tranquility and a feeling of a path to peace. To the left of this light appeared my son's face, no other part of his body, but it was as clear as anything was. He spoke the words, 'Don't do it Dad. Dad don't go', as clear as anything. The light began to dim and I felt myself recede from the tunnel.
Possible NDE following episode of head trauma from fall.

3480. Lori NDE 10/5/2013. NDE 6937. The very next thing I remember is the room being very bright: not like a tunnel of light but just the room, being very bright and I felt immense pressure on the side of my head and neck. I blinked my eyes a few times and I could see myself standing at the bottom of the operating room table. I heard the surgeon distinctly say, 'where is all this damn blood coming from?!' and I could see blood all over the front of the surgeon and it was on the floor.
NDE due to blood loss during surgery. Shared about 3 weeks after NDE happened.

3479. Debra M Probable NDE 10/5/2013. Probable NDE 6933. I also remember that each time I crossed over into the spiritual world and came back; I possessed a different spirit, one of a boy in fact. The spirit that I possess now is one that has been alive forever. What happened to each spirit that I carried in each experience was left behind with God, including the one that I was born into the flesh. The one that lives in myself now was the last one God sent me back into the living world to finish out what God had intended it to do.
Probable NDE due to head on car crash at age 8.

3478. Sandrine W NDE 10/3/2013. NDE 6932. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I listened to the neighbors, saw them walking through the courtyard, then I lifted my head and saw the pearl grey sky coming through, between the buildings and there I felt that I could leave, mounting in the sky and I started to panic. I turned, and went around the table again. I ran into the corridor, hopping over my body, came into the living room, my partner was standing near the window. He was smoking a cigarette, I was shaking him, but he wasn't seeing nor hearing nor feeling me. Then I returned to my still lifeless body and at this moment, I heard steps that made the wooden floor creak: it was my friend. When he saw my body, he rushed to my body ignoring me (my spirit that I could visualize as myself without a body, in fact there were two me's!)
NDE from falling down and going unconscious.

3477. Marc O NDE 10/2/2013. NDE 6931. From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. felt the presence of a multitude of beings facing me. I couldn't see them but I guessed them to being small and agile. I saw numerous little light dots moving in front of me. I also clearly felt bad intentions, nothing but BAD intentions. These were Evil beings. I heard them whispering without understanding a single word, like in a horror movie. They seemed to be excited and moved around a lot, in the way excited sharks do when they are circling a prey. The prey was ME, except that I was not surrounded. Everything happened in front of me. All eyes turned on me. It was then that an event happened. I felt all beings stiffen, placing themselves swiftly.
Rare Hellish NDE from seizure.

3476. Isabel RM Possible NDE 10/2/2013. Possible NDE 6920. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel. At that moment, a man came from behind me. He stared at me with such peace and so much love in his face, with such warmth that I did not fear. It gave me confidence and I stayed there. I was looking at him in wonder because this man had very skin golden, chestnut hair, had clear eyes and was dressed in brown. He was touching like some lights in the tree while turning and smiling again with all that warmth and love. There was a moment that I thought, 'wait, wait, this is real'. While seeing around me, I felt myself really there, I even felt the breeze blowing and I saw how it was moving what looked like wheat.
Possible NDE due to anesthesia.

3475. Lin M Possible NDE 9/29/2013. Possible NDE 6928. From the UK. As it was being done, I began to realize that the images I had in my mind were all: well what were they? I also realized that the perspectives I could remember were all wrong, my field of vision would not have allowed me to see things I can remember clearly seeing. I'd never actually questioned it before, but how could I, on an operating table, see a panoramic view of the room both looking up and looking around it, as if from on high. I also realized that the white gowns the 'students' were wearing were just that: gowns, not white coats. Again, I'd not questioned it before.
Possible NDE following heart attack. Was in same area of the hospital six months later and realized her memories from six months ago was of an unearthly experience.

3474. Shante H NDE 9/29/2013. NDE 6926. I was tossed over 13 feet, landing on my shoulder and head. I was seeing shadows raising me and around me. I was feeling a deep sense of love and compassion. The beings were very vivid and were calming me. Then I came back to this realm.
NDE due to being hit by a car while riding a bike at age 10.

3473. Atlanta NDE 9/29/2013. NDE 6925. He guided me to a place where there were millions of souls who were loving and accepting of me. I kept saying 'I don't deserve to be here' and they assured me it was where I belonged. I remember questioning why everything felt more real than anything ever had in my life! My brain was in a broken body and it seemed I had 'pure consciousness without a material brain'. I began to understand why we live, when an authoritative 'voice' said. ‘NO. She is not ready’. I did not suffer a serious head injury, but the neurologist assigned to me wanted to study this 'NDE' I had several surgeries (13) over the next 4 months. The Neurologist decided to use KETAMINE 4 times for anesthesia to see if it reproduced the NDE. It did not; I had OBE's and imaginative 'trips' but nothing like the NDE.
NDE due to pneumothorax. Contributor is a registered nurse. Neurologist caring for her decided to use ketamine for four of her operations to see if it would reproduce the NDE- it did not.

3472. Karen L Probable NDE 9/29/2013. Probable NDE 6924. From New Zealand. The experience was very brief. I was aware of arriving on the 'other-side' where I was met by a huge, radiant angelic being of white light. It was a soft muted area, ethereal and cloud-like. The angelic being communicated telepathically that I was being given a choice about returning to my body or continuing onward.
Probable NDE due to chest infection and high fever.

3471. Kevin A NDE 9/29/2013. NDE 6921. I saw a shimmering portal-like wreath, which enlarged and shrank in size. I knew I could reach through, and I did. It was welcoming and enticing. My grandfather was visible through the hole and he wanted to take me fishing. I reached through and stepped halfway in, then withdrew as my children entered my thoughts. I told my grandfather no and he said 'but Kevin, I even have worms today.' This meant the best bait possible for our favorite fishing spot.
NDE due to heart attack.

3470. Helen L Possible NDE 9/29/2013. Possible NDE 6919. I closed my eyes and all I saw was blackness. It was peaceful, no fear at all, just nothingness. It was a few minutes later I felt being grabbed from behind and my eyes opened when my daughter Sarah had found me and pulled me to the top surface, I remember the touch of her hands and feeling like I was being pulled back from somewhere and then opening my eyes just as I came to the surface.
Possible NDE due to drowning.

3469. Marla D NDE 9/29/2013. NDE 6918. Then I felt airborne, and said, 'well, I've wrecked my life'. I knew or saw that my body was going either to be damaged, dead or very messed up. I felt lifted upward. I did not look at my body during this event. I was aware of what was happening.
NDE due to unknown cause of apparent unconsciousness while driving.

3468. Jessie S Probable NDE 9/29/2013. Probable NDE 6917. The feeling I had was similar to a feeling of seeing the person you love after being away from them for too long. That Light was pure, unconditional Love and I felt it. It was everything. It was everything that ever was and ever will be. I wanted to be part of it. The urge to follow it, walk towards it, melt into it was overwhelming. I belonged there. It was calling to me, waiting for me. I looked back into Anthony’s eyes, his hand still on my shoulder. I was overwhelmed with joy and love. The expression on his face confirmed what I knew. Yes, that was The Light and Anthony was there to walk me into it. He was there to take me home.
Probable NDE due to complications after surgery.

3467. Benita H Possible NDE 9/29/2013. Possible NDE 6916. The next thing I knew, I was awake. I was confused because I could see my husband and myself lying in the bed asleep. I realized I was lying on the ceiling. At first, I was scared but then it became a peaceful feeling. I wasn't hurting at all. I was trying to wake my husband up but my body in the bed would not move. I could move on the ceiling. I was looking all around the room. There was nobody else there. It was calming, serene. I didn't know what was happening. I don't know how long I stayed on the ceiling.
Possible NDE following surgery.

3466. Jane A NDE 9/29/2013. NDE 6915. From the UK I found myself floating in a huge bright void with the most incredible music, yet it was completely silent. It felt peaceful. There was no fear. I felt love. I felt I had to come back. I awoke suddenly and found myself on the floor with my mother giving me the kiss of life. I was happy, yet also sad when I returned.
NDE due to unconsciousness from fumes from coal burning at age 6. Shared 49 years later.

3465. Charlene J Probable NDE 9/26/2013. Probable NDE 6909. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I felt something like a bursting in my head, and took off into space. I was accompanied by 'presences' that I didn't see, but who were talking telepathically to me in terms of a kindly welcome, while up far away, there was a radiant sun diffusing an immeasurable love. My only wish was to join this sun.
Probable NDE from anesthesia complications.

3464. Nolwenn NDE 9/26/2013. NDE 6912. From Tunisia. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. A light that filled me with IMMENSE happiness, a feeling of peace and infinite Love! Unbelievable, indescribable, simply surreal! Never before nor after had I felt a similar and such a powerful sensation. It filled me from everywhere. I was propelled by the whirlwind, lightly, and landed upright on my legs, in a vast, grassy plain. Bright and welcoming, fresh and warm. A wonderful plain, as they only exist in dreams. A light blue sky dotted with little clouds, lightly floating in the sky.
NDE from Vasodepressor syncope.

3463. Hugo HSR NDE 9/26/2013. NDE 6899. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. I saw a blue light extending to the horizon. I asked myself 'Am I in heaven?' That light stayed still for a fraction of a second, I thought 'Am I dead?' In a scale from 0 to 100 with 100 as the maximum distance of that scale, the light was at '70' away from me. It was as if the light approaches only if you do everything that the bible says you cannot do. The light appeared in the same way people describe about the tunnel.
NDE from auto accident.

3462. Sarah LG NDE 9/19/2013. NDE 6907. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I remember that at this moment the being of light let go of my hand. I watched him leaving through this tunnel, joining the light that became more and more intense according to his progress. This light I saw was warm, full of joy, relief, happiness, Love. I felt like going through this tunnel, to join the light being. Because down there, the real world, I finally perceived it as cold, noisy, dark, and filled with pain.
Child drowning NDE.

3461. Mark S NDE 9/17/2013. NDE 6898. Suddenly, I felt this tremendous power pulling myself out of my chest area. As this was going on, a very powerful wind and rushing water were surrounding me. I was drowning. The water came up over my head, and I began swallowing water. An Angel (Guardian Angel) spoke to me and said, 'Breathe, it's all right to breathe, you won't drown'. I took a deep breath and found I was breathing in water. The noise of the wind and rushing water subsided. I found myself floating inside my body.
Brief NDE with an encounter with Jesus!

3460. Irving K NDE 9/17/2013. NDE 6913. Suddenly there appeared an unearthly bright light upon which I fixated. It was so very bright but did not hurt my ‘eyes’. It appeared to be fractionated into ‘squares’ or ‘rectangles’ or approximations and the colors varied between golden and yellows. They were absolutely beautiful. It seemed that my ‘eyes’ were forward focused but my entire ‘visual field’ took all this in. There was total peace and serenity, and perhaps in retrospect: love. I did not want the spectacle to end, and it appeared to go on and on. To the end, the ‘visual field’ did not materially change. Throughout the experience, I had no awareness of my physical body.
NDE due to drowning at age 4 or 5. Shared 77 or 78 years later. Contributor is a retired physician.

3459. Rachel B Probable NDE 9/17/2013. Probable NDE 6906. From Australia I saw people around me who I knew had died, some people I knew some I didn't, but they were a distance away and I knew if I moved closer to them I would die. There was a threshold. I was ‘shown’ a place or can I say a presence? This is very difficult for me to describe. It was a vast intelligence: a place where all that has ever been known, all things that are known now, and all things that will ever be known was present. Like a huge library of truth and knowledge. These were things known by man, but so much more was unknown to man. It was vast, endless. I thought to myself ‘no human could stand in front of this, we are too small, unable to comprehend this’. But I am here, I see this. I felt humbled beyond words.
Probable NDE and anesthetic awareness due to too little anesthetic during c'sarian section delivery.

3458. Carolyn W Possible NDE 9/17/2013. Possible NDE 6905. From Australia I think it was my spirit's way of surviving the malaria; I had to make this journey on the spiritual level to combat the malaria on the physical level. The whole experience was hyper-real, as I have read NDEs are, and there was an overlap with that world and this, as I awoke from the coma, over days or hours, I don't know which, I was mixing the two worlds up together.
Possible NDE vs Probable ICU Experience from cerebral malaria.

3457. Merida R NDE 9/17/2013. NDE 6904. I found myself over the Caribbean, (dare I say Devil's Triangle?), in the ethos, and in the stars. I WAS ASKED A QUESTION. It was big, it was great, and there was no choice to answer incorrectly. I saw heaven. It was full of beautiful children, all singing like a child's choir. All I could think of was the Holy Spirit. Later I was asked, ‘why children’, I say, ‘of course the children, the blameless, the helpless’. I had no personal choice, my answer was, NO.
NDE due to overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills.

3456. Patricia NDE 9/17/2013. NDE 6902. I remember looking at my body, looking at the entire scene and felt absolutely no connection to my body that was there on the kitchen floor; it felt as if my body was just a ‘coat’. Then something happened; everything went dark again and the next thing I vividly remember is that I was looking UP at my mother. I no longer was hovering close to the ceiling, looking down; this time I had reversed position and was looking up.
NDE at age 5 due to head injury. Shared 49 years later.

3455. CT NDE 9/17/2013. NDE 6901. All I recall is a dark tunnel with a bright light at the end. I said to someone, who I could not see, 'I am not ready yet. I have three kids to bring up.'
NDE due to pulmonary emboli after surgery.

3454. Nurse NDE 9/17/2013. NDE 6900. I felt myself saying, 'What about my baby?' I felt the answer, 'That she would have the people she needed when she needed them.' I am hearing plastic being opened and people yelling. I notice I am standing in the back of the room and my deceased Father is there. He had been dead about nine years then. He took me into his arms, we were dancing, and he was singing to me. He sang the same way he sang when I was a child. He told me it wasn't my time.
NDE due to complication following delivery.

3453. Petra W NDE 9/17/2013. NDE 6897. From Australia I knew if I am not going back, the body will be dead which meant that this woman cannot hide the fact anymore that she abused her children. She just could not explain this dead body that also showed wounds of the beating (clear blood under run imprints of that carpet beater). It was very tempting to give into this option as I now felt safe and good and not in fear every minute of the day. There was also another voice, another voice of mine that suggested to me to go back. Saying yes, that my life will not be the easiest for some time to come but reminded me of my commitment why I wanted to come back to earth, wanting to fully integrate with myself and experience ascension. Experiencing and expressing the magnificent being that I was in a third dimensional space. So my decision was to go back into the body of this child taking one big breath.
NDE due to beating by mother at age 7.

3452. Joan LH NDE 9/17/2013. NDE 6896. I went from being in my body to being in a place of absolute Love. I can only describe it like being in a swimming pool, but even my body was filled with this Loving. I was one with it, but also apart from it. I was still me, but I was far more than me. I was one with everything: it was ALL good. I did hear beautiful music, but it wasn't like our music. The music itself was part of me, but I don't think I was singing. It was more like it was just part of me and I was part of it, but it was much more than just me. I felt weightless and free: absolutely free. I was enfolded in this Loving, and was part of it, too. There was not one single part of me, or part of anything else, that was not love. Individuals did not exist in the same way as we do here. I was still me, but I was also part of The Loving. I simply KNEW things without hearing a single spoken word. I WAS love.
Exceptional NDE due to complication of spinal anesthetic. Contributor is a nurse.

3451. Nelleke N Probable NDE 9/17/2013. Probable NDE 6893. From the Netherlands Then one of them pressed with his hand on certain points of my body, as if he was repairing the body by fixing some buttons. All 'buttons' were at a special distance as if my body had a 'system' of buttons, which made it work. After this 'cosmic repair', I felt a very heavy pressure on my chest (re-animation?) and a strange and very quick and fluid feeling as if I was going through a tunnel of time. When I was almost 'down' I clearly heard my husband and a friend yelling at me 'hold on' hold on' you will succeed!'.
Probable NDE associated with caesarian section.

3450. Krystal S Probable FDE 9/17/2013. FDE 6891. At that time, my sacredness went into absolute terror. I was bone chilled, blood cold scared. I was so fearful of what was in my house that I shut my eyes and thought 'Just do what you will and stop terrorizing me'. Next, I was no longer in my bedroom quarters. I was enveloped in a white light. A white light that shone so bright, but yet is not comparable to any artificial light or light from the sun. I looked down at myself, but this was not me. I was in a man's body, a tall lanky man. I'd estimate him to be young. The clothing he wore was a red t-shirt, denim carpenter-style, jean shorts and white sneakers. I recall a feeling of peace. I felt that the guy was me and I was him.
Probable fear-death experience associated with SOBE.

3449. Charles B FDE 9/8/2013. FDE 6890. From Canada I was seeing myself from the top of the room, from the front, three to four meters away at forty degree angle in the air. I had a full view of the room. I saw the lady behind me stand up suddenly from her desk and rush at me. She tried to get the candy unstuck. She succeeded. When the candy was free, I went back in my body. The whole incident lasted ten seconds at most.
Fear-death experience at age 5-6 associated with choking on candy.

3448. Joyce F Probable NDE 9/8/2013. Probable NDE 6888. I was connected with everyone and everything. I felt such profound sadness as the universe cried in pain after 9/11. I felt such emotional grief and compassion as it was all a part of me. I would witness my physical pain when out of body, as I did not feel pain. I did feel such empathy it was as if I was a part of the Universal Consciousness. That feeling of compassion was surreal and profound. Having many Spiritual experiences in my life, I know there is life after death. Actually, we are more alive after we die. Our consciousness never ends.
Probable NDE due to hypoglycemia and seizures.

3447. Bobbie T Experience 9/8/2013. OBE 6887. I no longer felt any pain, although I could still hear what was going on in the room. I felt as if I was going to the light and I was very happy and pain free. I heard one of the babies cry and I quickly turned my head and could see the room as if from far away, just then a male voice, over my right shoulder, said to me, ‘It's not time yet, go back.’ It was a beautiful, kind and loving voice. Next thing I knew I had literally slammed into my body with such force and the pain started all over again. They must have given me more anesthesia as I went out completely shortly after returning... I knew the light was God. I can't tell you how I knew that, I just seemed to know it.
Anesthetic awareness and OBE during emergency c'sarian section. Anesthetic awareness is extremely rare. Contributor is a nurse.

3446. CC Possible NDE 9/8/2013. Possible NDE 6886. Then went to the next dimension and it was a reddish lit area. Then we went to the next dimension. It was an area where they put thoughts of earth into my mind, trying to distract me from going further to the next dimension. I believe that is where people become a spirit stuck on earth if they want to go back. The next dimension was total darkness and I call that the waiting room. It is where you ask God for mercy and knock on heaven’s door. I was sobbing for Jesus and sobbing for God to help me.
Probable dream vs. possible NDE. Encounters with different realms.

3445. Sarah P NDE 9/8/2013. NDE 6885. In a split second, my friend saw me, and then I said her name as my feet, legs, and upper body swung smoothly and surely counter-clockwise to other side of wall, taking me down into the tumbling, frothy reservoir water! Now here comes the experience: So I'm down there?! I still remember clearly, distinctly, that it was like I was looking down on my body lying on bottom of reservoir and the thought I remember and only this thought do I remember, was, ‘I'm dead’. The area I was looking down at my dead body was lit! Like someone left the light on! The emotion I recall that accompanied the ‘seeing’ of my dead body was no alarm, but mere factual acknowledging I was dead. There was no fright.
NDE due to drowning at about age 17.

3444. Sandi P Possible NDE 9/8/2013. Possible NDE 6884. I remember my aunt, who had passed away, calling my name saying, 'come here baby girl.' I walked towards the voice down a long white hallway. I tried to turn around and all of a sudden, I was looking down on my body standing in a white room in a white dress. My body looked so flawless it was almost creepy. Everything was just so calm and quiet.
Possible NDE vs. drug experience.

3443. Avery D NDE 9/8/2013. NDE 6882. I saw a very bright light a ways away from me. I saw outlines of angelic figures. It was like they were waiting for me.
NDE due to electrocution by old (1960) refrigerator at age 9-10.

3442. Maria SV NDE 9/8/2013. NDE 6881. From Argentina. I was surrounded and flooded in white light that didn't make you blind. The light opens our consciousness and was at the end of tunnel. The light had a telepathic voice that connected with my heart. That same voice told me it wasn't my time. It said to me that I should go back. But I refused to go. So it began to tell me all the events that will come to my life. It even told me that I never have been in love with a man on Earth and that I should come back now so I can do that. It kept saying, 'you have a mission to accomplish and too many things to do.' As I was obstinate to stay and didn't want to come to earth again, GOD in a kind of telepathy, put two pictures inside my mind. They were my children, two boys, and he told me their lives will be a disaster without my presence, guidance, and love. So, with no hesitation, I came back.
NDE due to complication of surgery and anesthesia.

3441. Ginnie E NDE 9/8/2013. NDE 6880. I was fascinated by where I was, up and suffused in a strange place that was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I seemed to have no visible body, but I was circular and I laughed, as I seemed to roll over on a face that was not there. I wanted to go, but something was behind me, some type of barrier that would not let me. Whenever tried to turn and leave, I would turn over on my seeming face and I would laugh. I think I tried to leave three times but it was hilarious that I was rolling seemingly forward. I was not afraid but a bit frustrated that I could not go. I do not know where I wanted to go, but I definitely felt that I had a destination. Then suddenly, I felt suction and everything went black.
NDE due to car crash with concussion and blood loss at age 17.

3440. Vishnu V Probable NDE 9/8/2013. Probable NDE 6879. From India. And I strongly believe I heard someone speak to me. I don't remember what he spoke or what I heard. But that was sure. He had a firm voice of an average man in his mid-40s, he had a high base: the voice still rings in my ears but the words unclear.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt at age 11.

3439. Amanda Possible NDE 9/8/2013. NDE 6830. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. While they were operating, I was elsewhere, in a place where there was a great bridge of light, very big, on the right-hand side. On the left there was one made of fire. Obviously, I was going towards the bridge of light. Suddenly, I remember saying to the Lord, ‘Lord, let me go back, my children are still small, at least let them be able to get a job.’ I said moreover, ‘Not my will, but thy will be done'.
NDE vs. an anesthesia experience.

3438. Kyle W Probable NDE 8/31/2013. Probable NDE 6873. The third experience built upon the other two. I found myself alone in the darkness. I was the one particle of light in the void. I became lonely and bored, so I split myself into two parts. Then I split into four parts, then eight parts, and then sixteen parts. I kept doubling myself, repeatedly, until I became everything and everyone. I came back to consciousness from being passed out in the driveway.
Multiple probable NDEs from substance abuse and suicide attempt.

3437. Olivia S NDE 8/31/2013. NDE 6871. Instead I looked forward into the expansive blue sky and felt the most amazing sense of peace. I felt wholly loved, protected, peaceful, and safe. I thought in that moment about my life and wondered why I had ever felt horror or sadness when the truth was it was so minor compared to the peace I felt at that moment. That it really never was worth worrying about. I felt there was so much more.
NDE at age 9 from drowning.

3436. Blanca A NDE 8/31/2013. NDE 6867. From the UK I have no fear at all. I can smell or sense an over-powering fragrance I never experienced before. So sweet that there is nothing that I can compare from this world. I am looking at the hills and yet they were not hills like we see here. Endless space, endless brightness, no horizon, no depth, no structure as such. It was a nothingness and something at the same time. I wanted to stay forever here. I didn't have memories or thoughts, just sensed things. It was just so tranquil. There was lasting peace. Nothing solid, just emotions. I was lying on a bed, but it was not a bed as such, but some sort of a buoyant platform. I had no fear of anything whatsoever. On the end of my bed was my uncle standing with a walking stick. He looked exactly as I remembered.
NDE due to hypoglycemia and cardiac arrest. Contributor is Muslim from Kenya living in England.

3435. Meg C NDE 8/31/2013. NDE 6866. As I communicated with her I noticed the face of a child circulating around her head. The face was cherub-looking and glowed like the others. I ‘knew’ the child was a male, but I didn't know who he was. After a while, (not sure how long because time had no meaning) my aunt said, ‘Tell your Mom I'm happy and that everything is good.’ As she said that, I ‘knew’ I was going back.
NDE due to sepsis. Remarkable awareness of a son that her aunt lost shortly after birth. Contributor is a nurse.

3434. Hope C NDE 8/31/2013. NDE 6865. The next thing I knew I was in a space and I felt the presence of my Father on my right. Also a male friend of mine on my left. They were both deceased. I wanted to turn and look at them, but I couldn't. I felt calm. There was no pain. I was peaceful and wondered what was happening. All the while, I was still hearing people talking in the distance. In front of me were ten boxes in brightly illuminated colors. Each box was a different color. I would walk up to each one and it would open. I would look inside. My Father and friend stayed at my side at each one. I can't remember what I saw, but I know it had to do with me. When I came to the last box, I didn't want to go near it because I knew it wasn't completed. I felt frightened of it. I stopped and it was the first time I thought about my husband, two daughters and my mother. I worried about my mother and that she was dying. I needed to be there for her. My one daughter has cerebral palsy and needed me. My husband and other daughter needed me, too.
NDE due to asthma.

3433. Morena B NDE 8/30/2013. NDE 6834. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel. All of a sudden, I went out of the tire and sank to the bottom of the pool. At the beginning, I got worried. But then I felt tranquil. I saw all my life as if in a quick movie. Later, I saw a tunnel where there were lovely beings and I started to cross it. At the rear, I was seeing a light. I knew something good was there. I felt peace, tranquility, and happiness.
Child NDE from drowning.

3432. Valerie B NDE 8/28/2013. NDE 6814. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel. In that moment during my flight to the beautiful city, by now it is closer, a big light salmon-color coral block falls in front of me. I flew around it to pass it and my trip continues. Once closer to the city, another block falls diagonally, like this the block was hindering my arrival to the city. It was repeated five times and every time the block was much bigger, and the city more beautiful and closer. Just when I was ready to go into the great city, a big voice, something like when a big thunder comes down and booms strongly. A very authoritarian form and sounding very loud says my name.
Several Experiences mixed together. The NDE was when she had the OBE over her body during surgery.

3431. Lisa NDE 8/25/2013. NDE 6864. From Australia. The last thing I remembered saying was, ‘God help me.’ The next thing I remember it was dark and I could see sort of figures in the dark. More like forms or outlines. I think I was above them. As I looked down, I saw what I thought at the time was someone with blonde hair. I thought that this is not for me. There is no place for me. I panicked when I saw this horrible mask. This frightened me a great deal. I felt this great fear and my eyes opened and I was looking into the eyes of my then boyfriend.
NDE associated with strangulation. Atypical NDE content.

3430. Sarah NDE 8/25/2013. NDE 6863. I felt warm and relaxed. More comfortable than I have ever been. I felt like I belonged. I saw a white glowing light surrounding me and felt as if I were floating. I was aware of other beings or souls surrounding me. I saw no bodies, nor did I feel like I had one myself, but I knew I was surrounded by familiar souls. There wasn't one in particular that I felt like I could name, like someone from my past, but it was a general familiarity and belonging. I heard whispering but I couldn't make out the words or the language. I was in no pain and felt nothing but love and comfort. This floating and comfortable feeling lasted for what seemed like a great amount of time until I began to hear words I could understand. At this point the only way I can describe the feeling was being forced back into my body.
NDE associated with blood loss at delivery.

3429. Loni C NDE 8/25/2013. NDE 6861. In my head, I asked, ‘What are we? How are we judged?’ In that same moment, He showed me the golden threads, interwoven, that made me, me. But that I did not exist alone. My golden energy threads extended throughout the universe, and they were not ‘mine’ at all. We, humanity, are all woven together and we are part of God's tapestry, of sorts. (There really are no words that can adequately describe this.) In between the golden threads, however, He leaves each of us empty spaces. The way he showed me is that we can fill up these empty spaces between the weave of threads with light or with darkness during our lives.
NDE due to apparent cardiac complication of Lyme Disease. Frightening at first, but with remarkable lesson.

3428. Michael J FDE 8/25/2013. FDE 6859. As I was under water I very distinctly remember looking down at this boy and saw total panic in his expression. At that very moment a very audible calm voice said, ‘Mich'l look at what you are doing to him. Relax everything will be fine.’ The voice was so calming and reassuring that I immediately released him. Again, I heard the voice say, ‘Mich'l relax, everything will be fine.’ I no longer panicked. I no longer felt starved of oxygen. Then the water turned a bright yellow becoming incredibly clear. The whole time I felt so warm and so at peace. I was very much conscious during the event but no longer struggling. I was almost in a state of suspended animation, like everything came to a stop for that brief moment. I would say I was under for thirty to forty five seconds, still totally calm and still visualizing the bright yellow light that had accompanied the voice.
Fear-death experience at age 9 due to near drowning.

3427. Jacob H NDE 8/25/2013. NDE 6857. I remember having a strange dream. I was going through a ribbed tunnel, and then nothing. Later it changed slightly, and I perceived my body floating through the nothingness. The next part is somewhat comical. I gained consciousness when I was slid off the backboard onto the bed in the emergency room, then passed out. I woke up to several people attempting to get tubes in, and asked them, ‘Would you please stop poking me,’ and passed out once more.
NDE due to accidental narcotic overdose after surgery.

3426. Nicole Probable NDE 8/22/2013. Probable NDE 6854. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I let go and saw my body as just an envelope! My soul had decided to leave, and I ‘escaped’ through the top. The state of ‘grace’ came back. I didn't see a tunnel, nor any ancestors.
NDE from surgery complication.

3425. Paolo D Probable NDE 8/18/2013. Probable NDE 5452. From Portugal. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. It was in that coma state that I had the experience of entering a dark tunnel. As I saw a distant and diffuse light, I began to walk along the tunnel towards the light. As I saw that light, I felt euphoric and I try to reach it as quickly as possible. When I managed that, I saw a wall/barrier of a fluid light, intense and very bright. I felt a huge desire to cross that barrier of light. However, I have clear notion that I felt fear about not knowing what could be beyond that barrier.
NDE from car accident

3424. Lourdes L NDE 8/18/2013. NDE 6785. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. I began to see myself regressing to the womb. In a flash, I was shrinking and returning to the maternal belly and once there I came to a place of light. With an intense yellow light. I think it was a field, but there were no plants, just a huge yellow space. This place was pleasant, fitting, and pleasurable. I said to myself, now I am home. Love was palpable in the atmosphere. All I could feel was love, so much love. A kind of love unknown to me, which I had never felt in this way. Everything was love. I thought, ‘I want to stay here.'
NDE from car accident.

3423. Mattie K NDE 8/18/2013. NDE 6853. I found myself standing in a blue channel of light. I tested myself; my body was like a hologram. My whole life replayed itself. Then I got to the end of the channel and was greeted by big group of beings (human). I knew them all, but only on that other side. When I came back I realized, I didn't know any of them. I was given a choice to stay or go back. I was shown the place, a very, very beautiful place that will always be there. I chose to come back.
NDE due to drowning.

3422. Janice Probable NDE 8/18/2013. Probable NDE 6852. From Finland. I was swimming in the lake. I was taking my nine year old little sister on my back. My sister did not know how to swim. In the middle of the lake, my sister was scared of something. She went into a panic and began to press my head under the water. I tried to fight back. Then all of a sudden, I stopped. The water was warm and very bright. The bottom was sandy and shiny. I felt a deep sense of peace and love. I knew that my life was over and it did not scare me. I was a little bit annoyed that my life was short-lived.
Probable NDE at age 16 due to near drowning.

3421. Anthony L Probable NDE 8/18/2013. Probable NDE 6851. From Canada. Three men, two of whom I did not recognize, stood at the foot of my bed commenting, between themselves, on my condition. They had neither faces nor bodies, but they were there and recognizable as people. Then one turned his attention to me and advised me to get to the hospital as soon as I could. I should not choose to die at this point. He was the one I recognized. He was great grandfather, who died about seventeen years earlier. I had only a few brief memories of him but have had memories of even earlier events. I had been losing blood for three days and did not recognize the fact. This was the first of two such events nine years apart, both regarding blood loss from ulcers.
Probable NDE due to blood loss from ulcers.

3420. Janita Son NDE 8/18/2013. Secondhand NDE 6849. From South Africa. My son was only four when he was hit by a car. His heart stopped for a few minutes. My son told me exactly one year after the accident that he saw GOD. God picked him up and started walking him toward an open door. He then decided not to go with God.
Second-person NDE. Mother shared NDE of her son, age 4, who was hit by a car.

3419. Joseph C NDE 8/18/2013. NDE 6848. Next thing I know, I'm in a very bright, unearthly white place with literally no dimensions, only a door up ahead, and a man had an unbreakable grip on my arm, and we were walking towards this door. He said, 'once you go through the door, you can never come back.' All I knew was that I had to not go through the door and to do everything I could not do. He repeated himself again and again, only saying 'once you go through the door you can never come back.' Meanwhile, my friends were in the kitchen out of view from me, a heard me making a snoring sound, (sign of heroin overdose) and thought I was joking, until they heard me crash through her glass table. They both ran in, to see me on the floor, my face blue, no pulse.
NDE due to heroin overdose. Was given Narcan which is a medicine that very rapidly reverses the effects of narcotics (like heroin).

3418. Charles P NDE 8/18/2013. NDE 6847. From Canada I became enveloped in a white light that was calm and comforting. It was alluring, an envelope of peace and calm that allowed me to opt out of the horror of the fear of death. I realized that I was able to see my body below me in the river (floating head down). As I looked up from that view, my line of sight scanned over the beautiful landscape of the river and the woods surrounding it. It was at this point that I had a vision in real color (not infused by the white light). The vision was of a hillside with long grass blowing in the wind, I was looking from beneath the hill up to a small shack or roof made of wood shingles.
NDE due to drowning.

3417. Rhea T NDE 8/18/2013. NDE 6846. It was a BEAUTIFUL experience I remember, but I just couldn't see who they were and why they were like bright lights. They were so calm and peaceful and stayed next to each other swaying slightly side to side. I wasn't afraid at all... that is until I saw that they were not touching the floor. Then I remember being really afraid and then all of a sudden I was WAY UP AT THE CEILING. I didn't know what or why this was happening. I didn't feel any different, I felt like my normal self, but with no gravity, like a genie. I remember this so clear. I remember thinking, 'why am I up here?' I could see myself way below. Then all of a sudden it was like being on a fast roller coaster, I took off fast and then all of a sudden I was lying on a stretcher and they were running with me to the medical room on the ship.
NDE due to 70 foot fall on cruise ship.

3416. Curtis P Probable NDE 8/18/2013. Probable NDE 6845. I was floating in outer space with the earth below. To the best of my guess, I was in orbit around 400-600 miles above the earth. But one thing I was not aware of at the time, but thought about years later, was that were no stars. The Earth was there, though not particularly noticeable, but what was noticeable was complete and utter darkness. Not just a darkness of not being able to see what was there, but a darkness from the lack of anything being there, a complete void of emptiness. I remember floating along in orbit for a while until I noticed something coming toward me. As it got closer, I saw that it was a door, much like the door that is floating in the title sequence of the old Twilight Zone TV series. When it came to me, I knocked on the door. As it opened, this unbelievably bright, pure white light came pouring out into the darkness from inside. I wanted to go inside so bad I could taste it. I wanted to go in there more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. I remember this feeling of finally going home for the first time in my life. But then as I began to cross the threshold and enter, I heard this very loud, though not shouting, deep voice say, "No!"
Probable NDE due to motorcycle accident.

3415. Irene O NDE 8/18/2013. NDE 6843. I watched and listened to other children talking about me ‘being dead’ to their mothers. I could observe absolutely everything that was happening around me. Looking back, the strangest part was that I had no feeling about what I was watching. None at all. It wasn't good or bad. I wasn't happy or sad. I was just watching. Years later, I ran into a lifeguard that was working at the pool that day. I recognized him from my ‘viewing’ episode. I asked if he was there that day, told him who I was (because I was now an adult, not a seven year old girl), and he confirmed everything I asked and explained to him. He said he will never forget that day because that was his first job and he had just started.
NDE due to head injury at age 7.

3414. Patricia C NDE 8/12/2013. NDE 6841. From France. I was at the border between the darkness and the light. I needed to reach the light at the top of the little mountain as the light was receding and the darkness was gaining ground. But the nice being extended the light to cover me against the darkness, but they could not extend the light more. So I needed to move fast to stay in the lighted area. As soon as I stayed in the lighted area, I was safe. If the darkness gained on me and caught me, I would not be safe anymore, but lost.
NDE due to surgery related event.

3413. Rick D Probable NDE 8/12/2013. Probable NDE 6840. What I remember from the point that my heart quit and waking up the next day is this: I had argued with someone in a language that I've never heard before. (This language is important somehow.) It was a heated exchange, but not a violent one, if that makes sense. I also recall the doctor hollering out to shock me with two hundred joules, then two hundred joules again. Then the third time with three hundred joules. Obviously, I survived somehow and am here today.
Probable NDE following cardiac arrest.

3412. Carl S NDE 8/12/2013. NDE 6839. I was not in my body. I was in a void. It was completely black and I had never felt so alone. There was no floor, walls, or light of any kind. It felt like I was falling but without wind or any other senses. I reflected on my life but in a way without any images in my mind. It was self-reflection with a sort of inner dialog with myself. I have never felt so alone or disconnected. I sprung back and woke up with a doctor over me telling me what a lucky kid I was.
NDE at age 15 due to alcohol overdose. Void experience that was frightening.

3411. Karin S NDE 8/12/2013. NDE 6836. Then I saw these glistening opal-like strings being taken on task. Each connected to the person uttering the thought held by a being on purpose of connecting. I saw counter thought and the connection dissipated. There are no words. I heard several people in the building I was in ask for money. I laughed and it was loud and eternal. The surprise stopped me. There was a pause and then the understanding. I was a newbie. Then I was with others experiencing all of the cause and effect of me being my limited self in body.
NDE due to head injury.

3410. Lelei Probable NDE 8/12/2013. Probable NDE 6835. I went through a tunnel. I saw a very bright light. My deceased father was there. My father stated that he forgave me. My father passed away when I was sixteen from lung cancer. I was very mean and not understanding. I have always regretted the way I treated him. He was a very kind and devoted father. I never understood that until I had children of my own. At the time of my experience I was having trouble with my own teenage daughter. I know this was not a dream. The emotion and peace that I felt when I woke up was nothing of this world.
Probable NDE due to sleep apnea and failure to wear CPAP device (device that prevents breathing from stopping) at night.

3409. Duane G NDE 8/12/2013. NDE 6833. When I sat on the stoop of our front porch I wasn't sitting anymore. I was standing, watching myself. I saw my mother and my sisters are running out of the house screaming and gathering all around me. I saw this car pull up and then them picking me up and carrying me to the car. All the while this woman's voice behind me was saying,
NDE at age 13 due to blood loss from cut, and interesting dream years later.

3408. Sara G NDE 8/12/2013. NDE 6832. Without physically talking to me I could understand them all. The children kept signing me to keep going and Jesus kept extending his right hand and telling that I could stay or that could go... The two children made it very clear I needed to come back for some reason. As if almost for me to someday be their mom... For the longest time after the experience, I couldn't understand who those two children were. Finally, later on I had my first child and she was born with blonde-golden hair. And then my second child, a son, with black hair. They looked just like the children where I landed in that different dimension.
NDE due to being struck by car at age 11. Remarkable meeting with her future children in NDE.

3407. Rhonda Possible NDE 8/12/2013. Possible NDE 6831. From the UK. I had taken two tubs of anti-depressants and slit my wrists. I could hear the voices of the doctors and then they just faded into a lower volume and they were muffled. I then felt the doctors begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation on me but it was like I was standing in a room and someone was banging on the floor causing a sound above me. I could hear my heartbeat slowing down and it slowed down a lot. I then felt myself begin to fall and I just kept falling and falling. I felt calm at the time. I wasn't scared. I was calm like I was falling through a tunnel, a never ending tunnel. Then it felt like I exploded and I could hear the doctors around me again. I was still unconscious.
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt with anti-depressant medication at age 14.

3406. Marilyn C NDE 8/4/2013. NDE 6829. I had been traveling through a field of lights in a void. As I slowed, I could hear disembodied voices murmuring around me, and I realized I was just a glowing ball of energy, though I was thinking clearly to myself, questioning my own presence. At the same time, I understood the other voices emanated from the energies that surrounded me and they, too, were thinking similar thoughts that I could hear. As I drifted and listened to the voices, I had no sense of the past or the future, only the present. Then I felt myself physically slammed back to where I found myself in bed, hooked up to a blood transfusion in post op.
NDE due to blood loss associated with delivery.

3405. Frank R NDE 8/4/2013. NDE 6828. I felt a presence in The light. I asked the light if I was dead, and remember that I was not sad when I asked. A voice, which was not audible but which I felt, told me that I had many more years left on the earth. I remember feeling intense despair when I asked the light if I had to go back. I have a wife and two small children and I would later have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that despite this I did not want to come back. I then sensed the light smiling. I suddenly and violently woke up and was seated in my car looked at the deflated airbag and glass everywhere. I had a hard time waking up.
NDE due to auto accident.

3404. Sarah FDE 8/4/2013. FDE 6827. I remember it being very black, and then I heard ‘breathe and get out.’ I managed to get out of my car that was nose down in the ditch and stumble up the hill. I started screaming for someone to help me. My car was on fire and I was covered in gasoline. Ultimately, nearby people heard me and called 911. I had a severe concussion. I lacerated my liver almost in half, broke a rib and punctured my lung. If I had not taken that deep breathe immediately, I could have passed out, as my head already had trauma and my car would have blown up, as I was all the way down an embankment and no one could see me.
Fear-death experience with remarkable cognition prior to impact of her car during car accident.

3403. Jim T NDE 8/4/2013. NDE 6824. I have never felt such peace, calm, warmth and love in my life. There were no tunnels, bright lights or life reviews. What I did experience was a presence, which reassured me that everything would be all right. It was not a spoken voice but rather a telepathic message, which was just as clear as a spoken voice. It reassured me and put me at ease. I firmly believe it was a higher power communicating this message to me.
NDE due to severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) due to diabetes.

3402. Ashutosh S NDE 8/4/2013. NDE 6823. From India. I saw unearthly light. I could see myself age from a child to a teenager in a jiffy. I even saw my parents and sisters. They were laughing and I could see myself enjoying with them. I was facing a divine light and an unearthly voice was recalling me over and over again. I never heard that voice prior to the incident nor until now. The unearthly light faded away and I still remember that when I woke up I was supposed to be on my bed. On the contrary, I was lying on the ground. Devesh and two of the other friends were terrified and on gaining conscious I asked them what am I doing here?
Relatively rare non-Western NDE from Hindu in India due to accidental choking.

3401. Dr. Bell C NDE 6/30/2011. NDE 16052. I was captivated by how the cognitive experiences of our body differed from that of the soul. Whilst our body is connected to the surrounding world through the five senses, our body relies on sensory cell to detect the outside stimuli, and make the mapping to a particular group of regions within the brain where the signals were received and interpreted, such as images and smell. In contrast, the soul does not require sensory cell to connect to the universe at all. Instead, it works in a way similar to telepathy. In that different state, my vision and hearing actually followed my changing mind. In other words, I saw and heard what I thought about. I was in active rather than passive cognitive processes. My perceptions were no longer restricted by any physical object or distance, because in that state I comprehended things through its basic forms similar to energy. That was a brand new cognitive experience to me.
Non-Western NDE from a PhD Psychologist.

3400. Judith E Probable NDE 7/28/2013. Probable NDE 6821. The voice told me the pictures were to calm me since they were favorite pictures as a child. I was also told it was the process that was important and it would be good for me to meditate for about fifteen minutes daily. As soon as I was told this, the pictures disappeared and there was an immensely bright light a short distance from me. I could feel only what could be true, unconditional love from the light for me. I actually became part of the light. I felt so loved that I could do nothing to diminish this love. It was the most awesome feeling I have ever experienced. This love was not an emotion; it was a state of being. At that point, I became aware of the room, nurses, my body, and my bed. The asthma had let up and I could lay down for the first time in almost a week.
Probable NDE due to severe asthma attack.

3399. Mukurarinda D NDE 7/28/2013. NDE 6820. From Rwanda. I went and entered that room and found there Jesus Christ. He welcomed me in his office and had me sit before him while in between was a small table. Before anything, he stretched out a file with some written papers and he started to read everything I had done on earth until the time I ascended to heaven. Then He closed the file and asked me, ‘Do you agree to have done this while on earth?' I accepted all. While reading them, it was like a video or like you are doing it that moment. There is no way to reject it whatsoever. He told me, ‘I want you to go back to earth. There is something I want you to do. After you will finish it you will come back here in heaven and live here forever.'
NDE in Rwanda at age 17 . Contributor became a missionary.

3398. Anthony M NDEs 7/28/2013. NDEs 6819. From Australia. Then I heard a male voice speaking. This voice was absolutely clear and seemed to reverberate as though I were in a sound box. Even though the voice was not speaking to me, I understood what was being said and that the information involved me. This voice was not to my left or right, it was within me. The communication was telepathic. The voice said, 'We do not want him here yet. Send him back.'
Two NDEs, one as a child and one as an adult.

3397. Ekterina R NDE 7/22/2013. NDE 6816. From the Philippines. I closed my eyes and felt like I was teleported to another place. I saw shadows of people hovering above me and I felt like I had just been born. And they felt so familiar, like they had anticipated my coming. I didn't know what to expect, but I wasn't scared. A part of me was asking myself if I wanted to stay there and leave my children behind. But I thought, ‘I'm not done with my present life yet,’ and I willed myself to go back.
NDE at time of miscarriage and blood loss.

3396. Martin J NDE 7/22/2013. NDE 6813. I felt as if I was being lifted away and then I started to experience what I have come to call 'my tour.' I started traveling to all sorts of places. Some were familiar. Others were not. I remember them, but I have a problem clearly describing all of them. Mostly because words alone cannot adequately convey the existence of them. They were all wonderful, remarkable, beautiful, and interesting. Some were landscapes. Some were places I remembered as a child. The easiest to describe were the landscapes. There was a valley with lush mountain sides and an exceptionally spectacular waterfall. There was a lush green field with flowers and children laughing and playing. There was a beach with crystal blue-green water and blue skies with a cool breeze and gentle lapping waves. I was shown places with other stars, galaxies, and planets. I lost sense of time and space and was instantly transported from place to place.
NDE due to severe complications of cardiac catheterization.

3395. Sinder S Possible NDE 7/22/2013. Possible NDE 6812. From India. I fell, hitting a rock directly on my head. I passed out. Here is where it began. I lifted out of my body and something pushed me into a weird place. It was like a magnet pushing me there. I then saw someone who was dead. My grandfather. He said, ‘To the stars’. I got pushed by that force and fell on my knees. Free of that power, I fell into a weird city that looked like a very ruined version of earth. I then noticed it was earth. But earth during World War 3. Everything was rubble but thank God, it was only in one continent that was blown up. That was Europe. I then heard voices explaining how the savior of this event will be born in 2001 on this exact date in Canada. He too would be a Sikh. I awoke in the hospital and the doctor said that I had just died and was now alive.
Possible NDE associated with passing out at age 11.

3394. Peter P NDE 7/22/2013. NDE 6811. I remember looking out to left field from my shortstop position, and there was my grandfather (who died in 1978, but went to every one of my baseball games up until his death) walking toward me. I was so happy to see him. He was a young man, not the elderly man I knew when he was alive. He got to the edge of the grass, and the dirt of the infield, I walked toward him. He never said a word, but he was telling me to come with him. He turned back toward the left field fence and we began walking toward the fence. I asked him, ‘grand-dad, what are you doing here?’ He stopped, turned and pointed toward the pitcher’s mound. I turned and saw a large group of players, spectators, frantically running to and from there. Then I saw two blue cleats, pointed toward the sky. My blue cleats. Then like being sucked through a vacuum house, there I was lying face up on the ground with one person holding my shoulders, another holding my legs down, a woman talking at me, another man with his hands on my chest.
NDE due to cardiac arrest. Dramatic account of OBE over baseball field where she coded.

3393. Nichole S Probable NDE 7/22/2013. Probable NDE 6810. I decided to take the whole bottle of pills and then I went to my room. I went to bed. I remember this long tunnel full of brightness. I was drawn to the light like a magnet. I knew I wasn't in my body but I couldn't see anything about myself. I just knew I was floating. As I got closer to the light, I saw a small group of people standing on my right. They were dressed in long white gowns. A male stepped forward with brown hair and these piercing blue eyes. He said ‘you have to go back. We're not ready for you.’ Then I sat up and it was morning. The first thought I had was, 'There is a God and he loves me.'
NDE due to suicide attempt at age 15.

3392. Tonja BB NDE 7/14/2013. NDE 6806. I had a fallopian tube rupture with e-coli bacteria built up in it and I went septic… I died when I went into emergency surgery… The light was so very bright but did not cause me discomfort. Matter of fact, it was comforting. I was warm and happy and felt so much love. So much love! I was finally home. I asked the energy ball if it was God. They said, ‘That is a human word but if it makes you feel comfortable, you may call us God.’ I asked about the Bible, Jesus, Gay, Lesbian and well, I asked all sorts of questions and I received every answer. I asked what religion was the correct one. They told me that I did not have to choose. I think I knew at that moment that I wasn't going to get to stay. I didn't want to leave. They made me come back.
NDE during emergency surgery for ruptured fallopian tube. Remarkable account of her being an atheist at the time of the NDE and encountering God.

3391. Bethany R NDE 7/14/2013. NDE 6805. The first thing I noticed was a sense of pure calm and peace. I started to see people currently in my life and then going backwards into the past. Next thing I knew I went to a pure blackness. There was in an open amphitheater on the left and amazing gardens to the right. It wasn't what I saw though it was this indescribable by words feeling of absolute peace and comfort. I looked around. There were many, many people standing all around talking in light whispers amongst each other asking, ‘What is this? Where is this? Why are we here?’
NDE due to complication of anesthesia.

3390. Les R Probable NDEs 7/14/2013. Probable NDE 6803. I recall being wheeled into an operating room for a double hernia operation. I was frightened. I recall large oval lights and about three doctors present. I believe I was crying, as this was a traumatic event. I had never been to a hospital before. I clearly recall a doctor placing what seemed like cheesecloth into what looked like a strainer of some sort. Then he began to pour a liquid into it, very strong, as I know today it was ether. The next thing I recall, I seemed to see a bright light. I had a warm feeling. I was floating above my body looking down as asking, ‘What are they doing to me’? Suddenly it seemed, I heard a deep voice say, ‘It’s not your time go back.’ The next thing I recall was waking up, having an orange type lotion in my groin area, and stitches.
Two probable NDEs, one at age 10 associated with surgery, and another at about age 15 from near drowning.

3389. Garry R NDE 7/14/2013. NDE 6802. As I passed out I exited my body and found myself floating in the center of the room. I was aware of the entire room, my stuck body, and the surroundings within and without the house. I was also aware of a sort of shimmering fog that surrounded the area and that was growing more distinct and substantial by the moment. While I felt very calm and very peaceful, I was also aware of a sense of very real urgency in that, if I did not get help soon I would not be able to get back. I was aware of my sister playing outside in the yard with our friends and I moved out through the second story window and down into yard.
NDE at age 9 due to suffocation. Interesting apparent communication with 4 year old sister while in OBE that saved his life. Remarkable observations on OBE state.

3388. SK Possible FDE 7/6/2013. Possible FDE 6798. The whole time the incredibly loud metal noise was continuing. I have never before or since felt such absolute terror. I can't even fully explain how scared I was, and some part of me thought that I was possibly going to hell. For the record, I am an atheist, but I just felt that it had to be hell. I was in an absolute panic, and I had what I guess can only be described as a ‘life flashing before my eyes’ moment. It happened incredibly fast, and it wasn't so much life images as it was a thought of every person I know, from my family to completely random acquaintances, and even complete strangers. I can't remember it all and it happened insanely fast, When it did happen it only intensified my fear because I guess I took it as affirmation that this was the end and I was dying. I just had the overwhelming knowledge that I was dying and I was about to descend into hell.
Probable drug experience vs. possible fear-death experience associated with ingestion of unknown drug.

3387. Diana M Possible NDE 7/6/2013. Possible NDE 6797. I was taken to an ethereal conference room filled with Angels, Light Beings, and Masters. The oval conference table was empty. Then a white piece of paper floated down. It was empty until letters began to appear one by one on the paper with spaces in between spelling T-R-U-T-H. I was escorted back to my body. The angels said they would protect me and asked that I tell the truth. I had no idea what truth to tell or what or who they would protect me from.
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt.