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3226. Bernardette L Probable NDE 12/29/2012. Probable NDE 6539. From Australia I rose up above them, and saw they were all crying. I could also see myself lying in the cot with a nurse next to me. Next thing I knew, I was traveling very fast through this black tunnel towards a bright light. I was so scared, and crying out for my mum. Before I got to the light, a lady appeared to me. She said, 'Come on Bernadette, it's time to go.' I was still crying and said, 'NO! I want my mum!' She looked at me and said, 'You're not ready to go yet.'
Probable NDE due to illness at age 8.

3225. Gene K NDE 12/29/2012. NDE 6538. Looking to my center-right, I saw a brilliant light coming from a doorway. Feeling drawn to it, I started walking towards it. A figure I recognized as Jesus appeared, and without any verbal exchange, he informed me that it was not my time, and that I needed to go back. His eyes were piercing blue, and he was communicating with me simply by thought.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery associated with severe sepsis

3224. Manuel T NDE 12/29/2012. NDE 6537. I could sense I was in a peaceful loving, serene location. I could not sense any walls, floor or ceiling so I knew that wherever I was, it had to be immense. I was not able to see anyone but I knew thousands surrounded me, if not more, people or souls. The peace, the love and serenity that I felt was like nothing I ever felt, and I wanted to stay there enjoying that wonderful feeling. I remember feeling all the love flowing like a wave but when it got to me, it didn't stop. I felt it flow through me and it was wonderful.
Two NDEs from cardiac arrest during two separate cardiac catheterizations

3223. Aurora NDE 12/29/2012. NDE 6535. From Canada Before I hit the ground, I couldn't feel my body and I could see myself from an angle above. It was the strangest thing to look down at yourself. It's the hardest thing to try to describe, but before I saw myself hit the ground, I was shot back in.
NDE at age 17 due to lightning strike.

3222. Jobe S NDE 12/29/2012. NDE 6532. Pulled a piece of steel into a 7,400 volt power line. I left my body instantly. I was hovering above my body watching myself getting shocked with no fear but a strong sense of peace and love. I knew I was in God's presence. I asked Him telepathically, 'wow this is it huh? This is how I am going to die?' Then boom. I was back in my body, flopping around till power resided. I was able to go to the hospital. The doctor said I should be dead or have major organ damage, but nothing. It's been four years and no damage. I went from 95% faith to 100% faith and have a close relationship with the Lord. He still gives me that intense love feeling, that's how I know he is with me.
NDE due to electrocution.

3221. Denise V Probable NDE 12/29/2012. Probable NDE 6530. Shining down upon this sea of humanity was a blindingly beautiful light, pink, golden and white-brilliantly luminous. A sort of 'voice' or realization arose within me and spoke. Although nobody appeared, I felt the presence of something immense and eternal standing to my right. It informed me that the people I was seeing, were all those who had ever lived. Yet here they were-alive! It told me that all of them were me! Not only that, but I was each of them!
Probable NDE during emergency cardiac procedure following heart attack.

3220. Paul H NDE 12/29/2012. NDE 6528. From the UK The next thing I remember incredibly vividly is looking down and seeing myself on the stretcher. I felt a feeling of warmth, security and total peace. I could see myself somehow over trees, the experience was as if I was in a wonderful dream.
NDE at time of treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.

3219. Marten M NDE 12/19/2012. NDE 5432. From Belgium. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Annelies. All of a sudden, I was gone from my small house and I was in a dark space or tunnel. It scared me. I felt lost and didn't know what was happening when I saw a white light in the distance. The light was whiter than white, a light we don't have here on earth. I felt I had to go to the light but I didn't know how. I was sucked towards it and once in the light I saw that the colors were much more intense than here. I saw flowers, rivers, and houses but they didn't resemble anything on earth. No, everything was perfect, beautiful, everything radiated happiness and peace, and even the music was in perfect harmony with everything.
Suicide NDE. He clearly saw the paramedics prior to going into a coma.

3218. Julia O NDE 12/15/2012. NDE 6526. I knew it was the presence of, or the feeling of, God. God was telling me that it was not my time to come to this beautiful, loving place that I was sensing. God was letting me know that I had two young children to take care of and that I needed to go back to my body. I didn't want to go and was so very saddened by this. I wanted to stay in the presence of this all-encompassing love, yet I knew that I loved my children and that they needed a mother to take care of them. I was so torn, I did not want to go back. But I felt pushed back down or nudged. 'Go little one, go back, it's not time!'
NDE due to blood loss at time of delivery.

3217. Fergus J NDE 12/15/2012. NDE 6524. Beyond the fence to the right stood a group of people, at least 20 or so. They were all facing me and were silently watching. They were dressed in strange garb, more like close fitting robes that covered their bodies and heads, but not the faces. The material was not exactly like anything I had ever seen. The faces were not covered, and it was too dark to recognize features, but I was certain I knew all of them. My parents stood out, mostly by their outline and position. They were at the front and more to the middle of the group standing together. Straight ahead and next to the group was a very ancient looking stone archway. A pathway went through it and straight ahead through a very long and dark valley. A long distance ahead, the valley sloped upwards. Over the horizon and beyond there was a very bright light shining up into the night sky, like the lights of a distant city. The night sky above the glow was lit with beautiful shades of purple.
NDE due to cardiac arrest

3216. Larry V NDE 12/15/2012. NDE 6521. I was trying to figure out what this tunnel could be or how it could be. I looked at it from above, seeing the opening. Within an instant, as fast or faster than thought, I was inside the tunnel. The tunnel appeared to be drilled out of rock with ridges in the walls. The tunnel appeared to have an overall color of yellowish tan, it had white in it that had some volume, charcoal streaks, amber hue here and there hard to describe but you can see what I saw, I will tell you where later. I started moving through the tunnel ever faster toward a speck of beautiful blue at its end.
NDE while hospitalized for sepsis.

3215. Selena E NDE 12/15/2012. NDE 6520. From Australia I only had eyes for the wonderful glowing light at the end of the tunnel, which seemed to hold promise of great warmth and love unending. I felt so joyful and excited! All awareness of my body on the bed left me as I tried for some time to reach the light. I knew absolutely that wonderful things were awaiting, if I could only get to the end of the tunnel.
NDE due to cardiac arrest while pregnant. Remarkable prior premonition of two children that she would have. The second of these two would be the one she would deliver just after her cardiac arrest.

3214. Marcus H FDE 12/15/2012. FDE 6519. From the Dominican Republic What I never will forget was being thrown under the truck and thinking that the rear wheels would kill me. But not one of the wheels hit me. Then when I hit the snow, I saw my whole life like in a movie running in front of me. I will never understand how, in less than two or three seconds, this could happen. As I landed I heard somebody very clearly and loudly saying: 'It is still not the time'.
Fear-death experience at time of auto crash.

3213. Mark B Probable NDE 12/15/2012. Probable NDE 6518. I remember going super-fast, so fast my skin was burning off and then down a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel it was split, the top section was white and the bottom was red. There were voices saying, 'Choose' and I kept hesitating and they kept saying, 'Choose now! Choose now!' For some reason it took me forever to spit the name, Jesus, out but I said it like jeeeeeeeessssuuuuussss really long as I'm flying through this tunnel. After that, it went instantly to a better part of life. It was a life where everything seemed to be just perfect, where everything was revolving around me.
Probable NDE due to accidental drug overdose.

3212. Vikash C NDE 7/28/2012. NDE 22776. From the UK. I stop breathing fell and the next thing I saw was I on the other side of the road on top of the building like a bird on the roof looking down across the road at myself.
NDE due to being impaled on a rail.

3211. Magda NDE 12/13/2012. NDE 6454. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sheldon. I started remembering many things from my life: my family, past situations and recent events, too. It seemed that lots of things I had forgotten about came to my mind all at once, while at the same time, I was feeling peace, serenity, and complete well-being. I felt that nothing was evil and nothing would do me any harm. I kept traveling directly toward a point where a light was emanating from what seemed to be a window or some kind of hole; I’m not sure what it was. When I got closer, I entered through something round. It wasn't a tunnel. Perhaps it was a door. I do know there was a building with a waiting room, or some kind of receiving area, that I went into. There was a white light on the ceiling and I was seated on something like a metal bench.
NDE caused by extreme blood loss from a miscarriage.

3210. Annie G NDE 12/13/2012. NDE 5423. From Belgium. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. Suddenly I was in a tunnel that was illuminated by a strong blue light. It was pleasantly warm and I felt endless peace and love. I wasn't afraid because I heard my deceased grandmother call my name. I was curious and flew further into the tunnel. At a certain moment, I made the decision to make a right turn and go back. At that instant, I found myself back in my body with doctors inserting tubes into me. Sometime before this, I had seen myself lying on the operating table with people standing around me. Among them was my sister-in-law, who was assisting in the operation. Later I could describe all that went on during the surgery and also the contents of the operating room. I also knew that in the operating room next to me, a lady had died. The doctors seemed a bit shocked when I mentioned this to them later.
NDE from surgery complications.

3209. Eduardo D NDE 12/10/2012. NDE 5427. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Joan. Floating along beside me in this space, I saw, like in a roll of camera film, many moving pictures of my personal life. Pictures from when I was born, to when I was a child, to a boy, to an adult, and all at such a speed that it became incomprehensible how these moving images could be visible at that rate. Scenes that certainly belonged to my life but which I didn't think I could have remembered anymore. Very beautiful scenes and very important moments in life, and all at a continually accelerating speed until I was about to reach the light shining in the distance of the tunnel. Then I felt myself pulled away and I regained consciousness in the recovery room.
NDE from an allergic reaction.

3208. Josef T Probable NDE 12/10/2012. Probable NDE 6479. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Anja Next, I was in a state where I knew I was dead. That was okay. Then I felt this incredible peace. I did not see anything. But the feeling was so overwhelmingly intensive, clear and enormous like nothing else I had ever experienced. Everything was simply well. It was this incredible peace.
Probable NDE from a Priest.

3207. Carlo G FDE 12/3/2012. FDE 6515. From Italy. I looked up for a second, and all of a sudden a deep realization of the wild beauty of the place swept over me! The serac (pinnacle of ice) was glowing with stripes of all colors, and behind it, a sharp, beautiful icy peak emerged over the nearby mountains. Suddenly, that beauty expanded to encompass infinity! I was pervaded by infinite joy, infinite pleasure, and infinite confidence in my climbing ability!
Fear-death experience from climbing an Alps mountain and nearly falling.

3206. Christopher NDE 12/3/2012. NDE 6514. It's hard to explain, but it felt like a room where there were no colors, no walls, and no darkness. But the room did have a color. It was the color of light. I had no thoughts of my children, my family, and there were no cars, birds, trees, nothing. I knew something was wrong. I felt that I was dead but it was, like, not even a worry, like I didn't even care. Then I noticed the light was coming only from one direction û the direction I was looking. There was no side view, only straight-ahead tunnel vision. I had to turn my head to see what I wanted to see. Whatever direction I looked in, that's the direction I went in.
NDE due to heart attack.

3205. Gale S Probable NDE 12/3/2012. Probable NDE 6513. From Sweden I found myself in this strange place but I cannot explain where I was. It was just full of light and love. I was with a higher being and felt happy and peaceful. We were communicating somehow, but I am unsure how. All of a sudden, I was told I must go back into my body right now because it was not my time.
Probable NDE at age 14 at time of severe fever from chicken pox.

3204. Rod H Probable NDE 12/3/2012. Probable NDE 6508. From Australia. As for me, I was at peace, not feeling sick or in pain. I also felt I had not 'gone anywhere'. It was more as if the earth had slipped away out from under me. I could still see and hear, but had clearly left my body.
Probable NDE at age 14 due to undiagnosed kidney infection.

3203. Jodi K Probable NDE 12/3/2012. Probable NDE due to medication overdose. 6507. I was in a tunnel of light. I was wearing white. Then my feet were standing on wood and I was being moved on the wood towards a beautiful green hill. It was perfect! I was not alone; there was someone holding my hand. I went to a place where I saw rounded stone arches. Now I am on a journey that began with my experience. As I continue alone, I learn what I can on my own. All I can say is that my experience was the only time I have ever known acceptance and love, peace and joy.
Probable NDE due to medication overdose.

3202. Sandi R NDE 12/3/2012. NDE 6505. I remember going right through the car's roof and being held in clouds of amazing colors. The colors were brilliant and very comforting. I could ‘see’ the colors and ‘feel’ them simultaneously. It was as if I was held in someone's arms, like a baby is held. I knew God was there with someone else too. I was not sure who the other ‘being’ was, I have always assumed it was Jesus who was holding me. They were not in bodily form; they were part of the cloud-like colors. I felt absolutely no fear, only peace and comfort.
NDE at age 7 due to auto accident.

3201. Sarah S Possible NDE 12/3/2012. Possible NDE 6504. It was like I could see everything, but I could not hear or feel anything. I saw the light bulb by my bed. I grabbed the light bulb saying,
Possible NDE vs. NDE-like experience during sex with her husband.

3200. Roland B NDE 12/3/2012. NDE 6503. I had my life flash quickly before me. It was as if I was watching a movie run very fast. I continued through what looked like a tunnel towards a light in the distance. As I approached the light it got brighter, and I was enveloped in this unbelievable feeling of love and security. It's impossible to describe this feeling of contentment. All this time it was completely silent. Then, I was startled out of my ecstasy by a question that suddenly arrived in my mind. I didn't hear a voice, yet it was as clear as if someone was standing before me. The question was, 'WHAT GOOD HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE?'
NDE following contact with electric power cable.

3199. Walter C STE/SOBE 12/3/2012. SOBE 6510. From Canada. My spirit moved around the suspended shards, admiring them for a few moments, and then I turned to the 'task at hand.' This body (to which I felt no emotional attachment) had just been in an accident, and I wasn't sure it was still inhabitable. I know that sounds odd, but that was my question; was this body still intact, could I still 'use' it? My consciousness positioned itself in front of the body to examine it, to scan it, from top to bottom no damage.
STE1 - SOBE at time of auto accident. Remarkable observation of shattered glass in air as time stood still. STE2 - Exceptional SOBE that lasted for months following receiving traumatic news.

3199. Walter C STE/SOBE 12/3/2012. STE 6511. From Canada. My spirit moved around the suspended shards, admiring them for a few moments, and then I turned to the 'task at hand.' This body (to which I felt no emotional attachment) had just been in an accident, and I wasn't sure it was still inhabitable. I know that sounds odd, but that was my question; was this body still intact, could I still 'use' it? My consciousness positioned itself in front of the body to examine it, to scan it, from top to bottom no damage.
STE1 - SOBE at time of auto accident. Remarkable observation of shattered glass in air as time stood still. STE2 - Exceptional SOBE that lasted for months following receiving traumatic news.

3198. Poppy Probable NDE 11/30/2012. Probable NDE 6500. I saw grey and pink lights. I remember flying through a very pretty tunnel. I found myself by a waterfall, and saw my father! He stayed with me for a while. It was an amazing place, full of vibrant beautiful colors, bright green grass and blue skies. My father looked wonderful.
Probable NDE associated with neurosurgery.

3197. Angel M NDE 11/30/2012. NDE 6499. I felt a thump, like a punch to my chest and then I felt a pull; a physical, touching-me pull. It was my spirit being pulled out of my body and it was fine by me. In fact, it was a good thing. I saw my body in the hospital bed, I heard what people were saying, and I knew I was dying. It was all good. It was a thump, then a letting go and a release of care. It is hard to describe, but I think about it all the time.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

3196. Bon A NDE 11/30/2012. NDE 6497. From India. Non-Western NDE. When I was living THAT life, I was aware of my entire past of THAT life, just as now I'm aware of my past in this life. The life I was transported to had me born to a family with modest means. From the room around, it was evident that they were much poorer than I am now, where I stand in this lifetime.
NDE due to unconsciousness from apparent dehydration and subsequent fall from a sixth story window

3195. Carol M NDE 11/30/2012. NDE 6496. I am still astounded by the life review. It was exceptionally different from my normal everyday consciousness. On this earth plane, it is virtually impossible to see an entire lifetime going by all at the same time, and totally comprehending everything as if you were living it all over again. It was like watching hundreds of movie scenes simultaneously, yet I was IN each scene, understanding every single detail. That would be impossible in our human form. Now I understand why science says that we only use 1/10 of our brains.
NDE at age 10 due to drowning. Shared 56 years later.

3194. Sharon M Possible NDE 7/28/2013. Possible NDE 16056. Apparitions appear some distance before me. All white and translucent. Their pale light swallowed by the darkness. As I approach, I recognize them. My friends, my family, all standing in groups, deep in conversation. Someone's missing. Who? As I float onwards, they turn towards me, and stare in silence with emotionless faces. I look upon the image of each in turn, their blank eyes watching me as I slowly float by. I can't help them. I felt numb. I couldn't even say goodbye. Mum was last. I linger on her image for a time. She has Ian. He can help her. I don't know what I can do. I'm dying. I turn away with regret, and let the tide take me. The darkness beyond is vast. Where am I going? I'm dying.
Probable ICU experience vs. Possible NDE.

3193. Eliana NDEs 11/19/2012. NDEs 6490. A few months ago, while taking a shower together Eliana blurts out. The doctor didn't take my ouwie away, but God did!I was really, really dood (dead) and sick. The ghost brought me naar jou (to you) I was in de hemel (in heaven) toen (when) ik (I) was ziekie (sick), I had ouwie on my arm. She is a nice one, too, and a bad one. I ate a blauw (blue) cookie in de hemel (in heaven). You and I and daddy always go in heaven.
Exceptional NDEs. Infant nearly died at 2 and 9 months. Now at age 3, and talking, her mother records her stunning discussion about her experiences. A must read!

3192. Don Possible NDE 11/19/2012. Possible NDE 6493. I became aware of myself, walking in a grassy clearing that was surrounded by trees. At the time, I thought that I was seeing a light-grey sky in the distance. But now, I believe it was a dim light. As I continued looking at it, the light became a pure white. I wanted to go there, to where the white light was, and so I kept walking toward it. As I walked, I noticed how lush and green the grass and the forest were. I was at peace and I felt content.
Possible NDE under anesthesia during surgery.

3191. R.A. NDE 11/19/2012. NDE 6492. First, I experienced a quick, but comprehensive, replay of my life. It was similar to watching a movie of my life, except that I was 'in' the movie, rapidly re-experiencing my life's events. I experienced something like the 'traveling through a tunnel' feature, but for me it seemed more as if the tunnel came to me. I saw a circle of light that quickly grew in size until I was inside of it. Once I was inside the light, I was aware that it was much more intense than earthly light. The light seemed to be coming from a sun that was so big that it covered most of the sky.
NDE due to being choked by a jealous girlfriend.

3190. Angela SDE 6/24/2012. Shared Death Experience 22764. The first shot did not make her relax at all. In a few more minutes, the doctor returned and gave her the deadly injection. As he was injecting the needle and delivering the shot I felt Roxy's spirit leave her body and to my surprise I left with her, in no time at all I had traveled so far from where I was standing on earth and had traveled to another galaxy light years away. But, then as if no time at all had passed I was standing back at the exam table with the doctor and my dog's body. Her spirit had just traveled from our world to the next. Do all dogs go to Heaven? YES guaranteed, that is what I learned. The experience changed my life.
Shared death experience with pet dog who was euthanized due to advanced malignancy.

3189. Leonell A NDE 11/15/2012. NDE 6462. From Venezuela Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. While I was lying on the ground, I remember speeding through a layer of clouds. I was dressed in the same clothes I had on, a pair of blue jeans, white T-shirt, sneakers. I was running towards a white light, which was very far off, and underneath it I recall a violet light. Suddenly I heard a voice. Turning round, I fell into an abyss, as if I had returned below. First, I heard a long sharp whistling noise in my ears, and then I saw shadows.
NDE from going unconscious

3188. Karen O NDE 11/15/2012. NDE 6469. At one point during the crisis I 'saw' images or pictures of my mom and her sister, my aunt. My mom's image was to the far left and my aunt's was right next to her. They were dressed up in dressy clothes and were younger than when they died in 2010. The images were of the head and shoulders. I also saw an image of my sister, who is alive on the West Coast, at the far right of my vision. I found out later she was praying continually for me when she heard how ill I had become. During this I thought, 'I should tell Mom what's happening' then in an instant I realized she already knew what was happening and I didn't need to tell her. The images seemed to 'flash' as I came into normal consciousness.
NDE several days later in ICU when she had a brief episode of unconsciousness. Saw deceased mother and Aunt appearing younger than at time of death.

3187. Hannah S Probable NDE 11/10/2012. Probable NDE 6486. The knowledge crept up on me with ever-mounting bliss that I could exist as a human being, but also outside of myself as an element in the universe, and that my human state was only a small part of what I really was. The happiness and joy that came with this knowledge cannot be described other than by saying I felt that I could laugh with delight and never stop laughing about the beauty and blissfulness of the true state of our existence. It was just sheer beauty, love and peace, and timeless bliss.
Anesthesia experience with interesting encounter with liquefied gold.

3186. Jackie F NDE 11/10/2012. NDE 6485. All I felt and knew was a great peace, a calm. I did not know where I was, but I had never felt such peace and calm in my life. Nothing hurt, and all I wanted to do was rest and not leave that place because what I was feeling was like no feeling I had ever felt before and I knew Jesus was there with me because I heard myself saying, 'Jesus, I don't want to leave.'
NDE due to a blow to the head after passing out and falling to the pavement subsequent to two months of hospitalizations for debilitating rounds of cancer treatments.

3185. Mark W NDEs 11/10/2012. NDEs 6484. I could not believe the magnitude of the peace I felt, just being out of my body! The clarity of everything around me was like the difference you feel when you wake up from a dream into reality. I had 360-degree vision. The calm, the peace, the joy I felt were indescribable. It wasn't that I was in Heaven, I wasn't. It was that there was so much peace and joy just being out of a body that's continually warring to have its way.
Multiple NDEs and STE.á Recounted here: NDEs from taking someone else's medication, and from fasting for an overly long period. Briefly mentioned but not recounted here, NDEs from a car accident, and while anesthetized during surgery.

3184. Samantha F Probable NDE 11/5/2012. Probable NDE 6478. During the actual delivery, I remember a brilliant white light surrounding me, and I knew what God was. It was pure joy! I heard the medical staff, saying, 'Bring her back!' I did not want to return because it was so beautiful. I shared this later on with my mom, who said it meant that I had almost died. This happened during the birth of my third child, my second son, who is age 50 now. After the birth, several nurses were in the elevator with me. They commented that I had had a difficult delivery. It was very real, and the memory of it is still with me today!
Probable NDE associated with a difficult delivery. Shared 50 years later.

3183. Michael H NDE 11/5/2012. NDE 6477. I fell off his back, and as I sank down, I panicked and was screaming and crying. This caused me to inhale water and I drowned. It was terrible. I started to hear bells ringing and everything got dark. Suddenly I was floating up in the air over the pool, watching all of the activity and seeing people working on my body. I wasn't afraid but I remember feeling sad because my uncle Hank was crying. I started to notice a bright light up in the corner of the ceiling and I headed toward it down or through a long tunnel of light and sound. I noticed that the sides of the tunnel were blurred and had all different colors. I heard bells, like phones ringing and large bells gonging. Then I heard a deep voice say, 'No!' and it felt like someone grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled very hard. It didn't hurt, but I was suddenly being pulled very fast from behind, and I watched the tunnel receding. Then I was awake with all of these people standing around the pool staring at me as I lay there.
NDE at age 5 due to drowning.

3182. Julia B Probable NDE 11/5/2012. Probable NDE 5428. From the Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Ingrid. First I just closed my eyes, but after a while, I heard a voice calling, 'what are you doing down there? Get up!' I opened my eyes and saw someone who reached out his hand to help me up. When I was on my feet, I noticed that I did not have one scratch. I was OK. And I also noticed that there were other beings wearing long robes. These beings said to me, 'It is wonderful that you are here!' but I couldn't see their faces. Further away I could see the forest from where I had come. I asked myself, 'What is behind that forest?' The being who had helped me onto my feet responded that behind the forest is a wonderful little village. But the being didn't speak, it was like telepathy. When I was near that being, I had a feeling of security and happiness, simply indescribably good. Suddenly all the beings started moving in the direction of the forest. But the being that was helping me paused and asked, 'Are you coming with us?' I responded, 'Not yet.' I knew that, if I went with that group, I wouldn't be able to come back. Having made that decision, suddenly I found myself floating high above.
Probable NDE at the age of 3 weeks old.

3181. Lydia LB NDE 11/4/2012. NDE 6460. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sheldon. I was flying along with Sofia to meet up with my other babies. I remember that white light guided me, but it wasn't a continuous light. It was as if a wide path was made of thousands of spotlights. About halfway on this path between the hospital and the house where my children were, a very intense yellow path of light crossed through the other path. I stopped there, before crossing those yellow lights and continuing on the beautiful white path.
NDE from labor complications.

3180. Francis J Shared Death Experience 11/2/2012. Shared Death 6476. Feeling peace beyond all understanding, I was sort of floating above a bed, a hospital bed. Medical staff surrounded the bed; I can still identify the staff today. There was a young man with somewhat dark complexion and dark wavy hair with a stethoscope around his neck and a lovely young woman with beautiful auburn wavy hair. I don't know these people in my real life. They said to me (the body below me) that they were sorry they could not save me. I 'think/talked' to them, feeling so peaceful, that it was ok. Next, a wonderful green-yellow-white light drew me to it (still floating in the hospital room).
Remarkable empathic shared death experience dream at moment of her grandmother's death.

3179. Evelyn vH NDE 11/2/2012. NDE 6475. Strangely enough I had not given any thought to how I felt while out of my body until I got back in it and had something to compare it to. While out of my body, I felt free; as though I had no boundaries. It seemed that I was part of everything and everything was part of me, as though we melted together and were one but at the same time, I was still a separate entity. I know that sounds confusing, but that is how I felt. Plus there was this wonderful sense of warmth; not like the warmth of temperature but rather the warm of love. The closest thing that I can relate it to is when my daughter was four she came in to go to the bathroom. I was sitting on the sofa at the time. When she was done, rather than going right back out to play she ran over to me, threw her tiny arms around my neck, and for no reason at all said, ‘Mommy, I love you.’: when she did that the warmest sensation swept down me from my head to my feet.
NDE due to head injury at age 11. Shared 50 years later.

3178. Mayumi T NDE 11/2/2012. NDE 6474. From Japan I felt a gentle wind, and also I felt my feet walking along the stony streets, touching many flowers as I passed. I came to a little country house (Japanese style). I had to go over to it and see what was inside! My two uncles were there, and they welcomed me through the first floor balcony. Then we had some beer together, all laughing with each other. One of them said to me, 'You have to go back where you belong. Your dad is waiting for you there.' Then I felt like someone was pulling me back by my shoulders.
NDE due to alcohol poisoning and cardiac arrest.

3177. Rynne R Probable NDE 11/2/2012. Probable NDE 6472. From the brain injury, I was in a coma. What I remember from the experience: I was in a room, it was all white, I was on a bed that was very soft and warm. My grandmother who I called Mimi was right there with me, she had died in 2002, as were many other people - but they were not as clear. I was aware I knew them and they loved me. There was no ego, nothing but love and warmth. I was aware that I was Rynne but that really didn't matter. I was just outside Heaven and I could see the light on the other side of all these people I knew in the room. I felt like I was in a holding room. But everything was so peaceful and calm and beautiful. Who I was wasn't really who I was. We were all love and that was all. I wanted to stay but my Mimi looked at me and said "Rynne, you have to go back, you have things to do and your Mother needs you." I cried and said I wanted to go with her and stay. Mimi just smiled and said "Everything is going to be OK, but you have to go back. There are things to do."
Probable NDE from brain injury.

3176. Linda C Possible NDE 11/2/2012. Possible NDE 6468. I remember feeling completely emotionally detached from the situation; even calling myself 'her.' I remember saying, 'look, there 'she' is in the bed. I flew up, out of that room, to find the most unearthly magnificent light. I remember stopping movement to look carefully at the blades of grass. It was down and to my left. They seemed to be lit from the inside. I was in a giant open space like a field. No pain. No worries. I did see a tunnel but I decided not to take it. I don't know why. It was around that time that I was absolutely threaded through with love; it felt like big cables going through me. This love that was nothing like earthly love. It was a feeling I will never forget.
Possible NDE associated during bed rest due to blood clot in leg.

3175. Stephen R Probable NDE 11/2/2012. Probable NDE 6467. On my first post-operative appointment with the surgeon I told him that whatever the young guy was doing really caused damage to by throat. He asked how I knew it was a young man so I walked him around the room of what I saw. When I said, 'and you (the surgeon) were at the foot of the bed' he ran out of his own office. How could I have known what was going on in the room because there was a curtain between my head and body so I couldn't see the doctor at my feet?
Probable NDE due to unknown illness (I don't know what myocardial syncodrepressoris is).

3174. Marsha R NDE 11/2/2012. NDE 6464. Then I was suddenly in a tunnel that was very dark, but I continued forward because a voice, probably male, was saying, 'Come my child'. I was not afraid, but apprehensive. I then stood in the light, but there were no walls floor or ceiling. The voice told me to come with him. I remembered suddenly that I had just had a baby. I begged to be sent back because I was afraid of 'who' would raise my baby. I remember telling the voice, or being, to come back for me when my daughter was grown and did not need me any longer. Suddenly, I was back to observing my body.
NDE from nurse due to stroke during childbirth.

3173. Cindy B NDE 6/2/2012. NDE 22755. During my NDE in which I was basically hovering over the accident, It was very real. And I even watched people run down the hill to the car, saw my friend climb out of car, heard the people talking, and then someone working on my body. I was clinically dead for three minutes. At first, I thought it was like a sun behind clouds. But as the clouds started parting it got brighter and brighter. Different then our sun. I knew that if I stayed and watched the clouds part all the way than I wouldn't be able to come back.
NDE due to auto accident.

3172. Donna G NDE 11/2/2012. NDE 6463. It was blissful in the spiritual realm, floating in an ocean of white light. I was content, until one of the nurses screamed, 'We’re losing her' and the sound of distress hit my spirit like a cannonball shot to the belly. Emotional energy feels stronger to a free spirit than to a spirit wearing a bodysuit made of flesh and bones. It threw me into the air and I came to a halt about three inches away from the ceiling. I looked down at my spiritual body to make sure it was still intact, and what I saw surprised me. There were two cherubs, stark naked except for tiny loincloths, and every bit as cute as the putti in Raph'l’s paintings.
NDE due to blood loss as a result of surgical complication under general anesthesia.

3171. Kate D NDE 10/16/2012. NDE 6443. 'Look at me,' his voice was low and gentle. 'I can't,' I squeaked. I was too ashamed and too afraid to move. 'You can,' he said in a soothing voice, engendering so much love and trust to me in that moment. He reached over the bench with his hand and gave me his strength.' Look at me,' he urged again. When my shallow and tear-soaked eyes met his, I saw that moment of violation from his view. I saw his heart swell to its brink with torture and pain. I saw the Creator of the Universe cry out with pain. He reached out through time and distance toward me, and took my little hand in his. In that moment of violation, he sent his love and his comfort radiating through my little four year-old body.
NDE due to suicide attempt. Stunning clash of good and evil in a courtroom. Epic triumph of hope over tragedy.

3170. Christopher M NDE. 10/27/2012. NDE 6458. As I see it, I was near death. What is evidential to me is that I could not have gotten out of bed. In what I remember about having gotten out of bed, my left arm was not injured. I could not move the blinds even though they were light plastic or vinyl. I was not alone; someone put me back into bed. Although I did not see them, I trusted them. I'm 5'4' but I could see the top of a six-foot wardrobe.
NDE due to auto accident.

3169. Nury M Probable NDE 10/16/2012. Probable NDE 6455. From Columbia, living in Thailand. During the fevers, for three days my mind was like in parallel worlds: I could be here and talk to others and at the same time my mind was like seeing my own mind in different times or lives, all passed so fast. Passing tunnels of darkness and tunnels of light and finally at the end of the tunnel of light to arrive to a place full of light where I recognized was my great grandparents and grandparents and others persons darling to me that had passed away. They were holding me with so much love and welcomed me to that place. I was full of peace and happiness. I came back to tell my mother I saw my grandparents' deaths; and I slept again and continued to be there with them. My mother became very fearful and called a doctor to come to my home. When he came, I was dying. I felt such peace and happiness. He did not feel a pulse in me but my mind was with the heaven. So he rushed me to the hospital, where they admitted me for 5 days administering antibiotics and serum.
Probable NDE from illness. Originally from Columbia. College teacher of comparative religion. Interesting spiritual journey around the world. Experience is hard to understand and a little preachy.

3168. Annie P Probable NDE 10/16/2012. Probable NDE 6453. There I was greeted and held by Christ's Pure Love/Light, and He transferred me to the front steps of the school in Nirvana. The walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings, everything involved was of vibrant colors, hues and intensities that I had never seen on Earth. I wound up in a room where I remember studying a system of quantum physics and geometric shapes which would allow us to evolve an ability to quickly attract, and be filled with, only one energy that of: Light.
Probable NDE due to auto accident.

3167. Tammie W NDE 10/16/2012. NDE And Probable NDE 6452. This time I was in a cold, cave-like tunnel with water running down the walls. I looked ahead down the tunnel and an awful heat hit my face, taking my breath away, choking me. I could see people reaching out of the bottom of the tunnel for me. I remember wanting to give them a drink of the water that was running down the walls but I was told I could not. Then I was told that I was not going to die now, but that I had been shown both sides of the afterlife and it was up to me to choose which place I would eventually go to. I realized I was being given another chance.
NDE (first experience) and probable NDE (second experience) due to accidentally shooting self.

3166. Charles P Possible NDE 10/16/2012. Possible NDE 6450. While breathing a combination of ether and nitrous oxide gas, I began to feel a very uncomfortable vibration developing in my head. Following that, my consciousness seemed to shoot out into a very starry universe, with a sense of laughter (probably caused by the nitrous oxide, also called 'laughing gas.') While I was in space, I received a very strong, non-verbal, profound, clear and friendly message. It was that what was happening (my surgery) was of no significance whatsoever to my eternal existence. This OBE and accompanying message was very short, but I remember it well, even though it occurred about 60 years ago.
OBE associated with anesthesia. Shared 62 years later.

3165. Julia Probable NDE 10/20/2012. Probable NDE 6448. From Canada Immediately, I was attracted to this room and wanted to find out what was on the other side. A nearby spirit opened the door, and the most amazing lightness and joy filled my heart. I was literally enveloped in love, if that can be visualized. I looked, not directly into the intense light, but around it, where human beings and perhaps not human, were joyfully reunited with each other. I wanted so much to go through this door, but someone there told me that I couldn't, and that it wasn't my time yet. I pleaded to see God, and had a discussion on existence that was too sophisticated for any twelve-year-old to begin to comprehend.
Probable NDE due to severe Strep infection at age 12.

3164. Wendy M Possible NDE 10/16/2012. Possible NDE 6456. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sheldon. I opened my eyes but I had no body. I was seeing everything that was happening from the ceiling. I saw myself sleeping and the doctors operating on me. I was amazed to see that in the room there was another person who they were operating on. I thought, ‘Wow, the operating room is shared’. I was conscious that I was up above without a body, but it was a strange sensation. I was not scared at all; it was as if nothing mattered. I could see without eyes.
Verifiable OBE due to being under anesthesia. The reason it is not a NDE is because the surgery was not life-threatening.

3163. Carl D NDE 10/16/2012. NDE 6440. Everything there was made up of light, light that was light but wasn't light. I've never found adequate words for what to call it, except for ‘HOME.’ I just knew it was HOME, my real HOME. The place I'd been living where I was born and grew up that was no longer ‘home.’ It was only where I'd come from, where'd I been. And when I did return back to HERE, I felt totally out of place. This wasn't where I belonged anymore it was only where I'm meant to be, just for a time. THEY promised that when I'm done, or when I've done all I can do, then I could go HOME again. To express what HOME was like has been impossible for me to do. Everything HOME is connected. It is all One. It's Light. Light is love, or what beings here call ‘love,’ I think. Peace. It is all at peace, except when they showed me the grey-things, in the ‘void.’ I never remember asking, but I must have. It was light and grey, light and shadow or absence of light, or just less light. All creatures / beings are of light, but some have more light, some less. I'm not sure if where I was heaven, but I was at peace, I was loved, and I was HOME.
NDE due to smoke inhalation.

3162. Melanie E NDE 10/16/2012. NDE 6437. From Canada I don't remember anything else until I saw myself below, on the ER table, with people working on me. I was always interested in medicine, so I said, 'Oh, a blood transfusion, who is getting that?' And a voice said, 'You.' I didn't see a face, but my questions were answered, and I wasn't at all concerned about the bloody person on the table being me. I was thinking what a weight had been taken off my shoulders and how I had never felt so good or peaceful, when I realized they were trying to put me back INTO the body on the table, and I tried to fight them off. Then suddenly I was back. The doctor told her I had no pulse or blood pressure when they brought me in, and it was a miracle I was alive.
NDE due to auto accident.

3161. HD NDE 10/16/2012. NDE 6436. I started freaking out. I was screaming and crying trying to get out of this horrible thing. Then everything stopped and all I saw was a bright light and a man standing there. He said, 'This is your last chance, take everything back, take it all back. Think about everything you have done HD, take it all back.' It just kept repeating in my head.
NDE at age 14 due to illicit drug reaction.

3160. Zachary G NDE 10/16/2012. NDE 6433. I remember spontaneously appearing with no body in a formless place. Only beings of pure consciousness melding with one another were there, along with my consciousness. Those beings directly communicated with me through some kind of intuition, not through thought. It was direct knowledge without a thinking mind. Putting it into words now, what was communicated to my mind was the understanding that, ’I am not supposed to be here yet; I need to leave here and go back.’
NDE due to criminal attack. Contributor is Buddhist.

3159. Bonnie W NDE 10/16/2012. NDE 6432. From England When I came round I asked the doctor how many times I had gone, he held up three fingers, and I went again. I found myself in a black void completely at peace. I had no self-awareness, no memory of who I was but I somehow knew that I was separate from the void. I cannot describe the feeling of completely peace: no pain, no worries, no sense of self, it was fantastic.
NDE due to cardiac arrest by Buddhist.

3158. Kadri M Probable NDE 10/16/2012. Probable NDE 6431. From Estonia I remember that suddenly I was in Heaven, standing before an angel who was holding the Book of the Lamb. To me, it seemed to be a wonderfully friendly place. Of course, I was surprised to be there, but I really liked it from the first moment of my arrival. While I was looking around and getting know the place, suddenly I heard a man's voice saying to me, 'You need to go back. Your time has not yet come!'
Probable NDE from near drowning at age 7.

3157. Edward B NDE 10/6/2012. NDE 6430. I was diving/snorkeling at Monastery Beach. I was standing in somewhat shallow water when the spear gun I was carrying went off. The spear went right through the front part of one of the flippers I was wearing. I fell down and my foot was pinned to the sea floor so I couldn't get up. The water was just deep enough to keep lapping over my face and I kept swallowing and breathing water. As I struggled, I heard the distressed people who were around me. I saw everything that was happening. Night seemed to encompass me. I saw the light and I felt a whole wavelength of universal flow. I saw a grandmotherly woman beckoning me to come.
NDE due to drowning.

3156. Gwen J NDE 10/6/2012. NDE 6429. What I remembered was that I had completely merged again with God. It was a void, darkness, but unconditional love. I was no longer a separate being. I was where I belonged, where I came from. It was perfect. When it was time to return I had to again differentiate from God and become a separate soul again. Yet I was still a part of God.
NDE from physician. NDE due to rock falling on tour bus that she was in. Exceptional NDE and also how she lived her life after the experience.

3155. Chantal L NDE 10/6/2012. NDE 6428. From Canada As I looked at it, I noticed that this light was a being, a Being of Light! As this Being of Light was approaching me I started experiencing all kinds of images in my mind. At first I thought he/she was communicating with me telepathically but then I realized, all these images were memories, my memories. I was remembering who I really am. (It was like an amnesiac who regains his/her memory). I had total recall of who I really was. I was this old, old being, who had always existed. I was wise and loving.
NDE due to shock as a result of ruptured pelvic cyst.

3154. Sue M NDE 10/6/2012. NDE 6427. I began to feel warm and very pleasantly calm. I felt as if I had given in and was not afraid any more. I saw a really fast flashback of things that had happened in my life and then there was an intensely bright, flashing white light. I did not feel like I was in a 'tunnel,' but more that the light surrounded me and I was moving forward within it. Although I felt the presence of someone, I do not remember hearing or seeing anything.
NDE due to drowning at age 8.

3153. Melissa H Probable NDE 10/6/2012. Probable NDE 6425. At the time of my out of body experience, I felt an overwhelming peace that my soul was all-right with itself, no bad memories, nothing of being drunk while being passed out. I was aware of being alive, not a spirit though. I remember looking down and knowing that I was up in the air, suspended, with someone by my side helping me.
Probable NDE due to alcohol and drug overdose.

3152. Blanca N Probable NDE 10/4/2012. Probable NDE 6418. From Puerto Rico. Original in Spanish translated to English by Simon. At that moment, I seemed to enter a dark and silent place, full of peace. I began to see images of my life, starting with the first day I went out walking with my present partner, then going backwards to times in my childhood. There were so many times of happiness! I kept watching as my life kept going backwards.
NDE from suicide.

3151. Anna W NDE 9/30/2012. NDE 5426. From the Netherlands. My mother-in-law and grandmother vanished. In their place beside my bed appeared my late grandfather clad in a white coat. He had been a general practitioner/doctor during his life. However, I had never met him as he had died when I was seven years old! He spoke to me about the details of my medical issues and pointed out, in terms of centimeters, exactly where in my abdomen the three main internal infections were located. He specified this medical information in Latin. I don't speak Latin but I understood him. Then he too disappeared. I immediately re-entered my body and so I was able to repeat everything my grandfather had just told me while the surgeon wrote down detailed notes and my husband listened.
Exceptional NDE from the Netherlands in English. Peritonitis following surgery. Remarkable information from deceased grandfather (who was a doctor) helped surgeon find areas of abdominal infection.

3150. Godfrey Z NDE 7/18/2012. NDE 16055. From Malta. I remember that subsequent to my passing out, I felt great peace and happiness. I saw no lights and heard no voices, but I do remember very vividly that as the staff nurses were bringing me back, I felt very irritated, exactly as if I had been enjoying a beautiful movie and the light had suddenly gone out during the best part of it!
Priest has a NDE.

3149. Roberto F NDE 9/27/2012. NDE 5422. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Luana. Suddenly, I felt a sensation of peace and tranquility taking over me. Then I saw the image of an unknown man in a beautiful garden. I felt peace like nothing could ever go wrong. I felt safe. This was something inexplicable. As the man started talking to me I had the feeling I knew him somehow, even though I had never met him before. I also noticed a kind of light that came from him and that made me feel calm. It was as if that light was feeding the peace I felt. He told me I could choose either to go with him and see what I have done wrong in my life, or to stay.
NDE from criminal attack.

3148. John D NDE 9/24/2012. NDE 6417. As I lay there, all grew quiet. I heard songbirds singing in the branches above me. I wondered where they came from because a battle usually ran off all wild life. I was at great peace and in no pain.
NDE from being shot in Vietnam.

3147. Lillian K Possible NDE 9/24/2012. Possible NDE 6420. As I watched, it began to come toward me, though I might have been going toward it, I'm not sure. As I watched, it came closer and when it was very close. I saw that the light was coming from inside a large pink Lotus. The petals were opening to reveal more and more light. Curious, I reached out to touch it and instantly was inside it. An exquisite overwhelming feeling of love poured through me. It was so intense I was afraid I wouldn't be able to bear it. I was feeling safe and loved for the first time in my life.
Possible NDE at a doctor's office.

3146. Jason H Probable NDE. 9/24/2012. Probable NDE 6415. As I'm looking up towards the circle of light above me and a little to the right, I saw three figures, silhouettes, if you will, of my Papaw (who died in 1980) my great-grandma (who died before I was born) and my Nanaw (who died in March of 2001). There were no faces; they were just shadows with that bright light behind them. I did feel LOVE from the light and my grandparents. There was no sound whatsoever, but I could hear my thoughts and feel theirs. No words from them, but I understood them.
Probable NDE due to asthma.

3145. Mona M NDE 9/24/2012. NDE 6412. She told me, 'No.' I kept crying and saying I wanted to go with her and she kept saying, 'No. Not now.' When she had passed, she had been very deformed from severe rheumatoid arthritis that she had had for over thirty-five years. But when I saw her standing in front of me, she looked beautiful. I had never seen her without pain or physical deformity. She looked so good, but not as I remembered her.
NDE due to heart attack, stroke, and seizure.

3144. Carol S NDE 9/16/2012. NDE 6410. I felt wonderful. I never knew what happiness was before that moment. The joy was unbelievable. Then I became aware of a disturbance below me: my step-grandfather slapping my face, trying to revive me.
NDE at age 16 due to unconsciousness associated with illness.

3143. Sreenivasa M NDE 9/16/2012. NDE 6409. From India I experienced a vibrant feeling of traveling in an upward direction along a cool, translucent cylindrically shaped curving pathway. I was able to see thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of glowing candlelight shaped spots of light. I saw the lights only, with no candleholders or lanterns moving freely along outside the translucent wall of the tube in which I was traveling. Every time I would go around one of the curves, I would see a human-shaped white light, appearing and disappearing, slowly blinking, about a hundred yards in front of me. It was traveling at the same speed I was.
Non-Western NDE due to criminal attack.

3142. Kanwal Probable NDE 9/16/2012. Probable NDE 6408. From India Another door opened and there were now two men standing there with beautiful clothes for me to wear. I was about to start putting them on, when the five men who had carried me from my home appeared. Again, they firmly lifted me by the arms, leaving the clothes behind, and brought me in front of that same white-bearded old man with his register and pen. He then told the five men that they had brought me before my time, and that I still had many things yet to do on Earth. Then he ordered me to help all living beings on Earth. He said that when my service duty was finished, I would be allowed to come back here again, otherwise not.
Non-Western Probable NDE.

3141. Kathi S NDE 9/16/2012. NDE 6406. I was enveloped in a warm happy wonderful glow of unconditional love and total peace. I felt the glow of the light surrounding me and could see a pinpoint of light off to my side (as if this is where the source was). I felt it more than anything, knowing it was a glow of love and acceptance more than anything else.
NDE following surgery.

3140. Demi B NDE 9/16/2012. NDE 6405. Ahead of me was a very bright light. I remember thinking that it was so bright, that if I looked at it, it would hurt my eyes; but it didn't. I didn't yet realize what the light was but I immediately knew that that is where all things come from, and it is where all things return, and that when I was back inside the light I would know and be everything. I was given messages; no one gave them to me, I just knew them, and the closer I came to the light the more anxious I was to be in it; to 'return' to all love and all knowledge.
NDE due to drowning at age 14.

3139. Urvashi G NDE 7/15/2012. NDE 16054. From India When I was on the operation table, I could hear what the doctors were talking about between themselves, despite my having of a full dose of anesthesia. Suddenly, I realized that I am going down a round-shaped tunnel, struggling to come out. I noticed figures that looked like humans, but small, like the size of a thumb. Sometimes they looked golden in color, and sometimes they appeared to be silver. The figures were horrifying to me with their voices and laughing. I went deep into extreme fear. I tried to look inside the tunnel, which was more horrifying.

3138. Michele M NDE 9/9/2012. NDE 6404. I could hear the Doctor screaming, 'Order 5 units!' I remember thinking so calmly: 'Oh, this is what it's like to die.' I could 'feel' myself (I don't know how to describe it) but 'me' pulling up towards my head and shoulders and starting to float up. I remember thinking, 'This is easy; so easy.' Then everything stopped, I opened my eyes again and could see and hear all the noise and the lights as they wheeled me down the hall and into emergency operating room.
NDE due to blood loss. Relatively abbreviated experience.

3137. Johanna S NDE 9/9/2012. NDE 6400. From Australia I found myself walking along a path next to a river. People were sitting on the right hand side of the river, on a riverbank, either alone or in groups, talking or reading or just sitting quietly. The feeling of peace and total acceptance was overwhelming. The colors were so bright. There's nothing like them on earth. Eventually, I was called back. They told me that I had to come back here because my work was not finished yet. I was told that when I do go back, in many years' time, I will not be returning here.
NDE due to stroke.

3136. Josefa L NDE 9/4/2012. NDE 6326. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon. Very soon I felt hot and found myself in what was a large passageway: more than a tunnel; at the end there was an enormous double door with a white light filtering through. The door opened and the light invaded me, surrounded me. On either side of the door there were rows of people (whom I did not recognize, they were rather indistinct), waiting for me, applauding me, I was engulfed in well-being. The feeling is indeed indescribable, it is pure happiness.
NDE from teenage roughhousing.

3135. Tam NDE 9/3/2012. NDE 6391. My grandfather was present, I do not know if he was sitting or standing but he was next to the operating room table where I was lying; he held my hand. He appeared to be much younger and healthier than the frail man he was when he passed in 2003 at the age of 86. He told me I would be okay and he would wait with me. I had no glasses on and I am blind as a bat but I could see him and the surgery going on in the distant part of the operating room. I recall that I was cold and covered by a sheet to my chest. I had three more deceased relatives visit. Two uncles, who I was very close to, who had passed several years earlier, came to tease and annoy me as they did in life. I could not see them but I knew they were there and I could hear them but not through words: I still cannot describe that. I have tried for five years to describe the ‘knowing-ness of the presence that was not visible and the hearing without words.’
NDE during triple bypass surgery.

3134. Marian S Probable NDE 9/3/2012. Probable NDE 5424. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Ingrid. Then I found myself floating just above my body. From that vantage point, I observed the doctors bustling around and looking worried. They were to the left of me, to the right and even beneath the gurney. Everything seemed to be bathed in a purple light giving the whole scene a mystical ambiance. A bright, white light was shining on the end of the gurney and the doctors were fading in and out of my vision. It was almost as if I were seeing them in a series of endless mirrors. They were moving away from me, receding into smaller and smaller shapes repeatedly. Their spoken words seemed to echo. It felt as if I were floating in an in-between world.
NDE from appendicitis.

3133. Victoria R NDE 9/2/2012. NDE 6399. From Canada She couldn't hear anything I said. She continued to look out of the phone booth at passing cars. She couldn't seem to see me. I tried desperately to get her attention, but she was completely unaware of my presence. She continued to cry and nothing I did, she didn’t acknowledge. After a few minutes, I recall hearing someone screaming, ‘She's turning blue!’ At that time, I was unsure whom they were talking about.
NDE due to alcohol poisoning.

3132. Caren M NDE 9/2/2012. NDE 6398. I felt light. Like I was a feather floating up towards the sky. Then I saw the color baby blue. At this point, I didn't feel anything. I was fine. Then I stopped floating, I was stuck. In that baby blue setting, my sister appeared like a photograph and I started hearing voices. After I saw her, my emotions took hold of me. I was sad and determined to stop going up. I kept saying to myself 'No! I'm not done yet'
NDE due to choking from criminal attack.

3131. Cristael B NDE 9/2/2012. NDE 6396. I asked the Light, ‘What's happening here? What's going on?’ The Light parted, like stage curtains in front of me, and I saw a panoramic vista of buildings, parks, trees, flowers, beauty and so many things I could not comprehend or understand. ‘Where am I?’ The Light answered me, not in words but in thought-concepts. ‘Now you are at the moment of beholding the Imperial Heaven, the heart of God, the great Master Awareness that overflows to create all that is.’
NDE due to near fatal flu.

3130. Marlene S NDE 9/2/2012. NDE 6395. I could see myself on the operating table during heart surgery. It was as though I was hovering in a corner looking down upon myself and all the equipment attached.
NDE during heart surgery following heart attack.

3129. Enrique NDE 9/12/2012. NDE 6394. I then had a vision of a tunnel that was pulling me closer. I prayed the ‘Our Father,’ and the ‘Hail Mary,’ and then repeated these prayers once again: nothing, it was still pulling me. I then realized it was over. I knew I had only moments to accept the Lord Jesus, who had died on the cross for my sins. I became very desperate and made another attempt, saying, ‘God, show me who you are, show me how to LOVE.’ Immediately after saying the word ‘love,’ I bounced back into my body and took a huge breath of air!
NDE due to unconsciousness associated with dystonic reaction to cocaine use, renal failure and deep vein thrombosis.

3128. Roberto P NDE 8/27/2012. NDE 5420. From Italy. I was on a dark, calm tropical river, like the Amazon. I was working hard, pushing the boat forward with a long pole that reached down to the river bottom. I remember I was wearing a straw hat, white trousers and a rope as a belt. It was a sunny day and I was navigating this river by its dimensions and features, which I seemed to know well. Its banks were lush with thick vegetation. I was immediately struck by the intense colors, much brighter and richer than the ones I was used to. I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with the fragrant, moist air.
NDE from car accident.

3127. Jamie W Probable NDE 8/27/2012. Probable NDE 6390. From Canada. I could feel my own presence but had no physical being. The way I described it to myself at the time was, 'pure mind.' But this did not seem strange at all. None of the sensations I had seemed out of place or unexpected. I was neither afraid nor happy. I just understood everything made perfect sense. It was like dreaming at night, where you are suddenly living on the moon and your dog is now a dragon; and in your dream you don't question these things because they are as they are. The thing that I was most aware of is that I could feel the presence of other minds in unlimited numbers. The feeling I get now when recalling this, brings to mind the word 'infinity.' I then felt a pull, drawing me into alignment with these other minds. It felt as though we were linked together in a chain that went on forever.
Probable NDE at age 15 associated with inhaling gasoline fumes.

3126. Rita A NDE 8/27/2012. NDE 6389. The next minute I was up in the corner of a room watching what I believed to be a man on a hospital bed. I did not wonder why I was there, I just was. I was very intrigued with what they were doing and believed they were running tests on him at first, but then saw more doctors bringing more machines and realized this was a life threatening situation and they were trying to save his life!! I felt their tension and worry over this patient. I watched with such interest for a while, very inquisitive of what was going on.
NDE due to cardiac arrest from air embolism.

3125. Pam P Probable NDE 8/27/2012. Probable NDE 6387. I was cold, shivering, frightened and panicked, knowing I was drowning. I remember thinking about opening my mouth and sucking in the water to 'get this over with', when I saw a bright light way off in the distance. It was just a pinpoint of light: very bright in the deep water, but it didn't hurt my eyes. Incredibly, the light moved very fast and within a fraction of a second, engulfed me. Suddenly, I felt very warm and comforted like a cold newborn baby being wrapped in a warm, soft blanket. I remember feeling very peaceful. I looked down at my arms and legs and they were glowing in the dark. I heard a voice say, ‘It is not yet your time. You'll be alright.’ I couldn't tell if it was a male or female voice. Next thing I knew, my brother grabbed the back of my coat and pulled me out of the water.
Probable NDE at age 8. Contributor is an ordained minister.

3124. Gloria M Possible NDE 8/24/2012. Possible NDE 6353. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. Then I felt and saw myself going through a tunnel at great speed, stopping at the end of it. There was a space or city, and a big lake preventing me going further. I was very scared, terrified, I could see no one. I wanted to go home to my parents and my house. I did not go back through the tunnel in reverse; I just woke up crying out for my parents and weeping.
Possible frightening NDE for a child.

3123. Connie N Probable NDE 8/22/2012. Probable NDE 6386. The best description was of being forced through a passage that was too small. There was darkness on the other side like floating in outer space. I felt the presence of a loved one, my maternal grandfather who had passed years earlier. He spoke only French when he was alive and I only spoke English yet I fully understood communication with him. He asked me to follow him into the tunnel. Once entering the tunnel, we seem to float along at a very fast speed. At the end of the tunnel appeared a light. We went towards the light.
Probable NDE associated with anesthesia for delivery.

3122. Mira G NDE 8/22/2012. NDE 6385. From Poland This time, I could see the individual wheat plants in detail and at a distance of three feet. I could not believe that such wonderful colors could be found in a wheat plant and to have that golden yellow reflect the sun was just beautiful to see. I was above the shack and I looked at the wheat field all golden in the sun. One could see for kilometers and all there was blue sky of a summer day. At a distance I saw the blue cloudless sky with birds flying around and chasing each other, I was jealous that the birds could stay home in Poland and enjoy flying around in the sunshine. I saw some trees that must have been the border of the property. The trees were tall and they were full of dark green leaves.
NDE due to complication of general anesthesia.

3121. Mike R NDE . 08/22/2012 NDE 6379. I woke up again, this time to doctors and nurses asking me all these questions. I didn't know what to say because they had just told me I had stopped breathing, so I was freaking out. Then I went out again. This time I saw my kids playing in the park. I was watching them from a distance, like I was really not there. I stopped breathing twice that day.
NDE due to auto accident.

3120. Michele M NDE 8/22/2012. NDE 6378. Looked to my right, no cars, proceeded to the curb, where I felt a hit to my hip. I think I opened my eyes, and there I saw a Yellow hourglass figure that came around me, and I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I saw nothing but clouds and the bluest of blue skies, I asked (maybe telepathically) ‘am I in Heaven’, and I didn't see anyone. I don't know how soon after I said that, that I heard ‘Michele’ But I didn't know what a ‘Michele’ was, I couldn't rationalize nor did I try, I was in such a peaceful state of mind. After that, I heard screaming, and I thought (telepathically) ‘who is that screaming’ and then I opened my eyes, and I was back in my body surrounded by traffic that authorities had stopped, and my foster mother (currently deceased) asking me ‘what happened’.
NDE at age 16 due to being struck by a car.

3119. John K NDE 8/22/2012. NDE 6377. Then I started to rise: above my body and my wife, flowing upwards. No tunnel, just rising very high. I looked back and I could see my body and my wife far below. However, I was in no fear of falling, just peace, being lifted very gently higher and higher. (Please note: Out of Body experiences and death are two different things. I had had many Out of Body experiences and death was much different, much more freeing: ecstatic!). Then I seemed to jump, in some way, above all Creation in the Presence of God. The Light was so bright and infusing that I thought that it was power. Then I realized that it was Love. There was no judgment of any kind, only unbelievable Love. I looked at my body for imperfections, but I was perfect. I had 360vision and could see forever: All of Creation; All of the Universes; all of Life. Then I realized that all Creation is full of life and that Love is behind it all. I never wanted to leave there, ever. MD Anderson said that I am the only one in the world to have survived the terminal stage of the cancer.
NDE and remarkable healing from malignancy (leukemia).

3118. Kathy S NDE 8/22/2012. NDE 6376. I felt a ‘Whoosh’ and suddenly everything was perfectly clear. My mind felt sharp and alive and I felt wonderful. Then I realized I wasn't breathing, and I didn't need to breathe. I had no body. For some reason I felt like I was floating above the bookcase in my room, but I couldn't see anything. It was all dark. I felt wonderful, sharp, and alive, completely at peace. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that everything was just fine; everything was exactly how it was meant to be. It was an incredibly peaceful and yet an energizing feeling. I was still completely me.
NDE due to respiratory arrest due to asthma.

3117. Annette NDE 8/22/2012. NDE 6375. From the UK I was in a tunnel, which seemed to be moving round/rotating. I was not rotating, just walking forward. As I walked through the tunnel, the walls were changing color all the time. The only way I can describe it was that it reminded me of a kaleidoscope toy a friend of mine had. The colors moved and were ever changing. The colors in the tunnel were not so strong. I remember blues and lemons. As I looked straight ahead, I could see a pinhead of white. I thought it was the end of the tunnel.
NDE at age 4-5 due to complication of dental anesthetic. Encountered being believed to be Jesus and her sister who died two hours after she was born who she never knew that she had.

3116. Grady NDE 8/22/2012. NDE 6374. I kept telling them that I was still there, not in a panic way; but I knew that if they quit then I was gone. I could hear the doctor cussing. The nurses were frantic and the anesthesiologist, who I had never met named Steve, were all going nuts. They stuck with me. After a drug induced coma for 5 days, they woke me up, I asked my surgeon why he kept trying to keep me alive and he said he didn't know, that something kept urging him on. That's when I repeated to him some of the things that were being said during that frantic hour that I witnessed above the table. The surgeon and the nurse verified some of the things that I told them I heard.
NDE due to cardiac arrest. Remarkable later verification of events seen and heard while under anesthesia and in cardiac arrest.

3115. Kiki Probable NDE 8/22/2012. Probable NDE 6373. I suffered a head injury due to inexperience with riding a bike and not wearing a helmet. I hit a tree and wound up in a ditch feeling very peaceful. That's what I remember and it was so peaceful.
NDE due to head injury from bicycle accident.

3114. Arvind B NDE 8/22/2012. NDE 6372. From India. Then I saw a huge light in the center of the hall and I started drifting towards it. There was a huge light coming in from that huge hole. I am a fervent Hindu with blind faith in the Super Power. To be more specific, I firmly believe in our Goddess, Mother Kaalika. I could feel that she was there on the other side of that beam of bright light coming from outside the hall. I was happy to know that she was there outside. I bowed and tried to see her.
Hindu NDE from cardiac arrest. Relatively rare non-Western NDE.

3113. Robyn O NDE 8/11/2012. NDE 6371. The tunnel was the most amazing thing I have ever seen/experienced in my life with lights of every color surrounding me, comforting me, delighting me, somehow infusing me. I could feel the vibration of the colors and hear the music of each color and the colors were spinning all around me. I was in the middle of the lights but part of the lights too. It seemed like a very long, blissful, and peaceful time and it was so much more.
NDE due to auto accident in New Zealand.

3112. Ashley Probable NDE 8/11/2012. Probable NDE 6369. I'm being suffocated when I hear God. I began to beg for forgiveness, beg for my life, all I can see is my children, all I want is them. For a split second, I feel at peace, I know I'm dying and it’s okay. I'm looking over the ones I love and everything will be fine. Then the breathing I'm hearing becomes overwhelmingly fast. I realize I'm being given a second chance at life, as I'm struggling to get back into my body my life begins to flash again, just like before, as if I were flashing through a deck of cards, but this time is different I can't make out this life, ‘who's is it?’ Then I see my kid’s face and I know it's mine!!!
Probable NDE after unconsciousness following illicit drug ingestion.

3111. George Possible NDE 8/11/2012. Possible NDE 6368. The children looked like images that were penciled in, but with only their face and hands, and no body was visible in the images. I then looked down (not that I was higher up or far above them), so I just glanced down at them. I see people were floating on the sides of this tunnel. The people were all white. They were all facing and drifting towards the bright light that I call a 'bulb'. The people disappeared into that light/bulb. They were floating towards it but their feet weren't moving, similar to an escalator and traveling very slowly
Possible NDE during or possibly following surgery

3110. Roy S NDE 8/11/2012. NDE 6367. Next, I was shot backwards through a tunnel at even higher speeds. I stopped at a giant planet, and went around in orbit with it for a bit. Then I took off in another direction also at a high speed. I found myself going through a large tunnel to which a smaller tunnel was attached. The smaller tunnel was sucking in somebody. There seemed to be a dark hole at the end. I swam towards it. Before I got to it, I heard a voice that said for me to not go there, ‘You don't ever want to go there.’
Remarkable pre-birth & birth remembrance and NDE at age 4.

3109. Nona B Probable NDE 8/11/2012. 6365. I was on a fast-moving train. I was standing on the step on the right side of the train, holding on to the bar attached to the side of the train. My right arm was extended out as I enjoyed the rush of air and I traveled along so fast. In the distance, I could see on the right: surrounded by a beautiful forest, a shining white building, with a gleaming white dome. I thought, 'If I want to visit that building, all I have to do is let go.'
Probable NDE due to low blood pressure after surgery.

3108. James NDEs 8/11/2012. NDEs 6360. At some point after the surgery, the medical staff was to remove the breathing apparatus and something went wrong. Everything was visual; I could see and hear the staff talking: panic-stricken. All of a sudden, calmness encompassed me. I could see myself floating in a clear liquid (submerged) with fine cottony-silk material, 2-4 inch strips, floating about me. My appearance was without hair and the shine of baby skin. My head began to feel cool like water being rinsed over it
Three NDEs following heart surgery.

3107. Karen vDK NDEs 8/11/2012. NDEs 6359. From the Netherlands. During the operation of April 23, I was aware of a hugely intense feeling of love and compassion. I traveled through a kind of tunnel. Time didn't exist, and I found myself at a 'gate,' together with three figures. One of them, I recognized as my grandmother, whom I knew was alive at the time. The other two were other kinds of beings, human-like, but I couldn't identify them. The feeling of harmony, love, and goodness was overwhelming. At one point, we were 'told' we weren't allowed to pass yet and had to 'go back.'
NDEs due to surgical complications. Remarkable encounter with grandmother in experience at time grandmother had a stroke, and again when grandmother died. Rare two separate shared death experiences.

3106. Peter N NDE 8/11/2012. NDE 6358. The next thing I remember was me, about 10 feet away from my body. I was looking at the body, whose eyes were closed. The body appeared to be floating at the bottom of the lake's mud wall. I remember looking at myself for a short period of time. Time seemed like it was going in slow motion. When I was outside of my body, I felt the most intense feeling of inner peace that I have ever felt.
NDE due to drowning at age 8. Shared 55 years later.

3105. Mary H NDE 8/11/2012. NDE 6356. I felt like I was naked, floating in the middle of outer space, in pitch black darkness, but even though I couldn't see, and even though it was complete darkness all around, I knew, and felt a bright white light, encompassing my whole body, in which I was floating in the fetal position. It was like I could see the light trough my closed eyelids. During this realization, I was a tiny bit scared. I was thinking that this isn't right. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was like the best feeling you could ever think of on Earth, and intensified by a trillion.
NDE due to auto accident.

3104. Erika R NDE 8/11/2012. NDE 6354. Then I was moving through this purple light. Although it was dark, I wasn't afraid. I then entered pure white light. I have a hard time explaining how and what I felt; because there are no words to describe how beautiful, loving and peaceful it was. It was like I was surrounded in warm, loving wings of light. I have never felt anything close to this, before or after, this experience.
NDE due to asthma attack. Remarkable communication from unborn son (she was 11 weeks pregnant) thus a shared death experience.

3103. Sonia M Possible NDEs 8/11/2012. Possible NDEs 6352. I was looking intently at this light when I saw an image slowly appearing from this light. I watched this image take shape and as it did, it was moving towards me in a sort of gliding, smooth motion. I could hear this grand voice that seemed to echo through my head and reverberate throughout my body, as the person took form in someone I knew: my sister in law. But I could hear a man's voice speaking to me through her, and as she placed her right hand on my left shoulder, she said: All will be okay.' I asked her, 'why can't I just go now?' Without moving her lips, she communicated, 'It's not time. You will be okay. It's not time.'
Two experiences that are possible NDEs.

3102. Sarah A Probable NDE 8/11/2012. Probable NDE 6351. From the UK. I was ‘waking up’ only what I saw was certainly not what I had expected! I did ‘wake up’; only to realize that the strange noise I could hear was an incredible ‘unearthly’ singing. The music was so phenomenally beautiful that I could not reproduce it. I do not consider myself a culturally ignorant individual but this was nothing like any music I had ever heard. It was not as one might imagine as ‘heavenly’ or ‘choral’. Instead, it was beyond adequate description. Glorious beyond merit, the sound was celebratory and powerful. I couldn't make out was being said, not the language within it was projected.
Probable NDE due to cardiac condition.

3101. Angelia D Probable NDE 5/13/2012. Probable NDE 22728. I was just suddenly in front of several people, none that I recognized at first. There was no background or foreground. we were just together. Then, my husband (deceased for two years and two and a half months) spoke to me and said only three sentences but he said them to me repeatedly in his patient tone (he always knew how to talk to me): I am here. It's not time my little white teddy bear. Where there is love. Others were around that seemed familiar but none were as familiar to me as my husband. The others would sometimes echo what he said but never in the same order.
Probable NDE due to illness.

3100. Mariana H NDE 8/10/2012. NDE 6306. Original in Spanish. Translated to English by Emily. Suddenly I felt an electric discharge throughout my body, and the journey began. I left hearing, seeing, and feeling what was happening behind in the earthly plane. Then I saw that dark cone, which was short, and had light at the end. I traveled at an astonishing speed towards it. Suddenly I saw before my eyes a wide space, very, very illuminated, in very bright yellow and white tones. I felt a very strong hum, similar to those noises that hospital apparatuses make to mark a death or a cardiac arrest. It was then that I understood that I was dead; I remember having consciousness, and asking myself at the same time, ‘What's happening? What is this? Is this death?’ The music, almost celestial or angelic, sounded in the distance, but I was hearing it perfectly; it was beautiful. I was feeling light, I was not seeing my body; it was like I only had my consciousness or mind. I felt as though I was flying, and that illuminated place seemed to move about like a carousel, or a movie that was playing slowly, but I was only seeing light, and hearing this beautiful music. Besides that, there appeared before my eyes a harp in a resplendent, golden color that disappeared seconds afterward; the peace overcame me; it was a lovely feeling: tranquility, wanting to be there, I had no fear, nor sadness, nor memories. In this moment, facing my eyes, there appeared an enormous white wall as if to stop me and a straight black line appeared in the middle of it.
NDE from going unconscious.

3099. Ramon Probable NDE 8/9/2012. NDE 6320. Original in Spanish. Translated to English by Simon. There appeared tunnels of light; at no point did I stop thinking or looking. Occasionally, I dodged around black spaces. (I think that when you leave your body you travel at incredible speed; this makes the stars pass by in a blur so I could see tunnels of light.) When I came to a stop, I was facing a person identical to me, though I did not believe that it was me. Instinctively, I went to him and embraced him. After 20 years in the garment business, I noticed he wore a white shirt and pants, and carried a sky-blue bag. I was aware that he was entirely energy. I wanted to see his face, but he no longer had a face.
Interesting NDE with reincarnation imagery.

3098. Lori E STE/SOBE 5/1/2012. STE, SOBE 22717. There to my left on a screen was my life. I could see it! Me! I saw and felt all of my choices in this lifetime. There was absolutely NO judgment attached to it. None. I wasn't judging my life, I was simply seeing it. To the right it was dark, dim. I ‘felt’ like the right side was reserved for when I actually did physically die. I would be privy to it then. It contained all the possibilities of all the angles of all the decisions I had made, played out in a different realm. As if, let's say, I had decided not to get married when I did. What my life would have been—and it actually was played out, but not in a physical way. It was still acted out. It was all the ‘probables’ in life. I asked, in thought, or feeling, not with my voice, why I was here. I was told that it was because I had asked to be there. I knew this voice, as it was comforting and familiar and yet I knew it was God. How was that possible? I immediately questioned the voice about its being female. I had always envisioned ‘God’ to be male. I had expected to be greeted in a male voice. I was shocked to hear/feel that I had chosen this voice, because it was MINE! It was MY voice! I suddenly knew that I was part of the universe.
This is a MUST READ. Among the most remarkable spiritual experiences ever received. SOBE with stunning spiritual insights.

3097. Glenda G Father's NDE (Sherman G) 7/28/2012. Secondhand NDE 6350. Two days later, my dad (who was not religious at all) told me that he had felt his spirit come out of his body and he felt that he was about 3 feet parallel with his body. He had looked down, and wasn't afraid to see what was going on. He then became vertical and found himself standing to the left of the doctor at his physical body's head. The nurses and attendants were running around getting instruments to try to get the bleeding to stop. While telling me this story, up to this point, my Dad had a faraway look in his eyes, but then he paused and told me that he could tell me the names of the instruments the doctors and nurses were using, because he could remember every detail of his journey.
Daughter tells of father's NDE. Remarkable verified life review content.

3096. Karen H Probable NDE 7/28/2012. Probable NDE 6347. Mainly in colors of bright red, yellow, green and other colors that would light up as they tapped them, as if they were colored plastic with lights under them. They also seemed to be watching some sort of display further up on the slanted part above the keyboards as they worked. I knew about old-fashioned typewriters of that time, from having been allowed to use one in the office of the store where my father worked. These were different, very pretty and fancy, to my way of thinking.
Probable NDE during general anesthesia at age 6. Shared 60 years later.

3095. Roy T NDE 7/28/2012. NDE 6346. While unconscious, lying flat on my back, I saw a bright light, or conduit, in the upper right hand corner of the room (the east wall.) The brightly lit conduit, or tunnel, reminded me of the light that you see above an operating table because of its round shape and its intensity; but this light didn't hurt my eyes. Two angels stood outside of the conduit: one was my younger sister the other a nephew.
NDE due to unconsciousness following a cardiac stress test.

3094. Jenny C NDE 7/28/2012. NDEs 6345. With each hit, I popped out of my body onto the terraced lawn at my house, looking at what was happening, but detached. In and out I popped, in the end staying on the lawn. I could see a woman was rushing out the door two houses down, and I heard her screen door slam shut. But there was such a nice little breeze blowing, and it was very peaceful. I hadn't realized how high I had gotten, but I chanced to look down and saw a little girl in a brown dress crumpled on the ground far below and wondered who she was. The lady knelt beside her and I thought; oh, she will be okay, the lady will help. It was then that I saw the silvery white chord connecting me to the girl and realized it was me down there.
Two NDEs. One at age 5 due to head injury, one at age 46 due to anaphylactic allergic reaction.

3093. Sheree F NDE 7/28/2012. NDE 6344. All I remember is seeing a bright light, which was 1,000 times brighter than the sun. The feeling I had as the rays shone down on me was of peace, love, serenity, like I was safe, I was home, and I belonged. It was awesome! Then I woke up in the hospital with staples down the front of me, getting a shot of morphine every 4 hours for 5 days and I was angry with GOD for a few years afterwards: to allow me to experience the splendor, and then send me back to be all messed up.
NDE due to auto accident.

3092. Brandy M NDE 7/28/2012. NDE 6311. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. Suddenly I saw myself outside my body floating around inside the operating room. I saw my daughter. I saw the reflex-tests being done on her and the doctor listening to her heartbeat. The nurse made notes on a sheet of paper of all my daughter's physical responses, finally saying aloud: 'Normal reflexes and excellent lung-function.' I could see myself covered with a green-colored sheet with an opening in the middle.
NDE from child-birth complications while under anesthesia.

3091. Rhonda R NDE 7/21/2012. NDE 6343. I thought, 'Am I dying?' A very kind female voice spoke to me saying, 'No. That would never be asked of your parents.' (My family had just lost my 27-year-old brother two years earlier from cancer.) This being, I believe, was an angel. The calm and feeling of pure unconditional love that emanated from her was far past anything possible for human beings. The angel told me not to fear the there was nothing wrong with me.
NDE from college professor due to allergic reaction.

3090. Loni S NDE 7/21/2012. NDE 6342. My next thoughts were, 'So this is what it's like to die! No more pain! I should be seeing JESUS!' And I was in His presence within a nanosecond. I was not allowed to 'see' anything at all. The unconditional LOVE and acceptance I felt has no earthly comparison. I was told 'telepathically', as my ears heard nothing, that I could stay and, 'All is well'. I had no memories of my life or earthly associations at that moment. All I wanted was to stay forever in the presence of His light and love. I was so happy to be home!
NDE due to complications from ruptured ovarian cyst.

3089. Edwin G Probable NDE 7/21/2012. Probable NDE 6341. I felt my breaths getting shorter and the next moment I was drifting through a grayish tunnel of clouds; I felt like I had a body, but could not feel it. (It has been so long I am sure I have lost memory of some of the details.) What stood out was the clouds seem to have beings guiding me through. Then this bright light, which would be normally blinding to the human eye, was in front of me. I heard my grandmother’s voice calling me and then she slowly came into focus and greeted me. She told me that I have to ‘turn around and go back, this is not your time’. I still ‘have to do what you were meant to do on earth’. If I pass her, I will ‘not be able to return’. She knew that I could feel the love and peace; but she also felt that I was afraid. She told me the fear that I was feeling is the guilt of leaving before doing what I was meant to do.
Probable NDE due to apparent attempted poisoning.

3088. SA NDE 7/21/2012. NDE 6340. I saw numerous people all gathered to welcome me into the afterlife, all my beloved were there. It seemed like a welcome home party but as soon as the doctors got my heart to beat I was drawn back to the earthly world. Another time I saw a tree with a lot of books situated around it. Reading what was on the covers I saw that they contained all the knowledge and mysteries of existence. One very large book seem to consolidate what was in all the smaller books but when I tried to lift it was too heavy to carry and I decided to return later for it. I saw a beautiful pulsating orb of golden light that I took for the Lord Jesus as it emanated perfect peace and love. I had no tunnel and meeting of a being of light I think because I was continually being resuscitated by the medical team.
Short NDE. Scant details, but enough to determine NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3087. Thomas S NDE 7/21/2012. NDE 6338. The next thing I knew, I was in this beautiful room filled with the most gorgeous white light shining all about. I could feel a loving, comfortable, unfearful feeling; I felt no pain whatsoever. It was easy for me to breathe, and I felt so comfortable. In front of me there was a bed made of stone with beautiful white sheets and a pillow clad in a white pillowcase. I could see the stone corners of the bed. There were three stone steps to climb up to the bed. I started (or at least I thought I did) to push myself up to get into the bed by going up the stone steps.
NDE due to lung collapse and cardiac arrest one day following arterial bypass leg surgery.

3086. Marcela L NDE 11/8/2010. NDE 16051. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated by Max. In During my coma, I saw a marvelous, very white light, and I felt very much loved and at peace. I seemed to be in a place where there was no pain, and I did not want to leave. Suddenly I saw my grandmother, and my father, who had died a year ago. My grandmother was wearing a dark brown tee shirt with a light brown skirt just like what she used to wear when she was alive. I did not see how my Dad was dressed. Then my grandmother said to me, ‘No, my sweetheart, you still have many years to go before you can be with us.
Very short NDE from surgery complications.

3085. Don B NDE 11/5/2010. Shared Death Experience 16050. While in this state of looking over my body, or ‘hovering,’ I remember feeling Kathy, although not in a normal sense. We connected but not as our physical selves, but connected in a way that is hard to put into words. I guess it could be described as a telepathic or kinetic connection. As I replay in my mind this telepathic connection, I realize it also included another presence. It seemed as if all three of us had a tug of war going on. As I try to assimilate this in my mind, it seems that the tug of war was like this presence, or Angel had a hold on Kathy, and Kathy had a hold on me. There seemed to be a back and forth tug and finally a hard tug breaking me away from Kathy’s presence.
NDEr who died with his wife in a shared death experience. This is a bittersweet NDE; gotta go find the Kleenex box.

3084. Maribell B Possible NDE 7/15/2012. Possible NDE 6337. I don't remember having a body, but I remember there were two kind, warming presences with me, and feeling like they were helping me. Back then, I thought they were angels. I was in the sky, thinking it was nighttime and looking at the stars. After some time, being amazed by the sight, I suddenly appeared in the church I always attended. I was facing the cross of Christ. He told me I was special and important, and then he had the two beings send me back to my body.
Possible NDE at about age 4.

3083. Bret B NDE 7/15/2012. NDE 6336. Suddenly, I was in the most serene place I had ever been in my life. I was happy and I didn't feel any pain. I actually didn't feel a physical body at all. It was beautiful in that the sun was shining, and I felt as though I was floating with the clouds in the most peace I had ever experienced. Without voice, the Lord asked me if I was happy with what I had accomplished in my life and did I want to stay. I have to be honest and say that I really did want to stay.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3082. Sarah Other STE 7/15/2012. STE 6335. Eventually I began to see or sense someone with me. They looked like living things that moved and breathed. They were bright blue and bright red. They seemed two-dimensional: having height, width, but no depth. I felt I was dead at this point. I can't explain how, but I knew this was a bizarre place and I must be dead to be here. It wasn't dream-like at all: it was very real. I was very scared, because I did not know what would come next. I didn't like these beings because they were nothing like anything I'd ever seen.
Cesarean section given with anesthetic agents that included Ketamine. The difference in the content of this experience from typical NDEs is noticeable with frightening emotional tone, and unreal appearing entities. May have been anesthetic awareness (favor) or Ketamine experience. This is an example of a spiritually trans-formative experience (STE).

3081. CJ V Probable NDE 7/15/2012. Probable NDE 6334. I remember all my surroundings were purely white and very soft feeling in my mind. I was in such peace I just wanted to stand there; I was in no pain at all. The feeling of comfort is almost indescribable. Then, I looked and my mother, who had passed away about ten years earlier, was standing a distance away from me, like maybe 10 yards, but directly in front of me. She was also in white; her hair was as I remember it when she was a young woman from her pictures. She had a firm, mother firm, look on her face and she said 'Go back CJ, it's not time yet'.
Probable NDE due to infection around time of delivery.

3080. Georgia P NDE 7/12/2012. NDE 6332. My mind became clear, and I found myself going into a very dark tunnel. I was one of the bright stars shining in that darkness. I had no body: I was floating in darkness. I heard a male voice telling me I needed to make some changes in my life, and for that reason, it wasn't time for me. My mind was like a fast elevator reviewing a whole lot of different aspects of my life. It was going faster and faster as I tried to figure out what changes that I needed to make.
NDE due to blood loss around time of premature delivery.

3079. Hazel K NDE 7/12/2012. NDE 6328. I remember that all of a sudden I felt very cold. I seemed to be headed up an incredibly long flight of steps, similar to those you climb to get to your seat inside a football stadium. The steps were very narrow and dark, but I could see at the top that it was very bright. It was as if some kind of light source was there. I also sensed that someone was up there but I never actually saw anyone. I remember getting closer and closer to the light, as if I were being swept along up to it.
NDE due to blood loss.

3078. Sara C NDE 7/12/2012. NDE 6327. From Philippines At this moment, it was pitch black and I lost my sense of sight, hearing, speech and feelings. I had no idea how long it was until I saw a bright light. This light grew larger and larger into a tunnel. Inside this large tunnel, there were myriads of bright, multicolored lights on its walls where I flew alongside the tunnel. I also heard angelic songs, which I'd never heard before. I felt I was flying and I felt at peace with myself. I did not see any beings inside the tunnel, only myself.
NDE due to apparent allergic reaction to Demerol at time of emergency cesarean section delivery.

3077. Oliver V NDE 7/12/2012. NDE 6325. From France, Original in French, translated to English by Yvonne. I found myself floating in a place without tangible limits, indescribable, immaculate and saturated with the essence of this absolute light, made of immeasurable Love. It is hard to explain the dimension of the experience with human words. I was an observer without a physical body, bathed in pure elation in the midst of this Love. Love so deep that all memories faded, in this misty and luminous space without border. I felt completely transcended by this immense, amnesic Love and thought I would just stay in this unknown but somehow felt familiar place. It felt even more familiar than my home on earth.
NDE at age 11 from heart attack while under general anesthesia.

3076. Michel L NDE 7/2/2012. NDE 6319. From France, Original in French, translated to English by Simon. I suddenly found myself floating upwards from the bed, towards the ceiling of my hospital room where I remained, lightly floating and weightless. I could see all around me without turning my head: 360 degrees of panoramic vision. Looking down, I could see myself on the bed, around which people in white gowns were standing, working on me with great haste. I wandered around for a while (of course I don't know for how long or where I was) and I found myself near a big tunnel, which held an irresistible attraction for me. At the end of the tunnel, there was a great, white light, which seemed beneficent and felt calming. The calmness of this light contrasted with the agitation down below.
NDE from alcoholic coma.