Archives 7-1-2011/12-31-2011 pt. 2

2922. Jill D NDE 12/31/2011. NDE 6151. When I stepped into the liquid, all that was 'Jill' disappeared. 'I' no longer existed and yet 'I' was still there. I was the essence of life, I guess. I don't know what else to call it. I was conscious of my surroundings. I had joined with all the other consciousness in the pool and had become one with it. I 'knew' all other life in the pool; I was 'one' with everything. I was home. My personal identity disappeared but my essence continued to exist. This wasn't frightening at all, however. Instead, it felt like I was truly myself, like when I get out of a shower, after having cleaned myself off.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

2921. Karen J NDE 12/31/2011. NDE 6150. A million thoughts at once and each clearly experienced. I thought about how strange it was that the cold didn't bother me. I was wowed by how strong the water was (until I couldn't feel it anymore). I felt the absolute peace of everything feeling perfect. I thought about everything that had ever happened in my life, but not distinct thoughts, just a sense that I was aware of everything that has happened. I thought many different things at once and was able to instantly comprehend. My consciousness was not constrained by anything physical, just infinite thought and wisdom with no time.
NDE due to near drowning at age 10.

2920. Debbie B NDE 12/31/2011. NDE 6149. From the UK I recall my blood pressure being taken and that they were concerned because it had dropped considerably. I then lost consciousness and was out for a couple of hours. During that time I had a beautiful vivid 'dream' that I was in a beautiful colorful flower garden with blue sky and sunshine standing on a gravel path and in front of me was my mother looking about 20 years younger as clear as day! All she said to me was, 'I'm okay now and you're going to be fine.' The fact that I was unaware that my mum had died at that exact time until 2 days afterwards proves that it was real to me.
NDE due to post-operative infectious complication. Met mother who had died at the same time of her experience before she was aware that her mother had died.

2919. Bella K NDE 12/31/2011. NDE 6148. All I can remember is music that was kind of in the back ground that was almost like notes within notes. The song that reminds me of it the most is 'The Carol of the Bells.' I remember feeling very peaceful. I was sitting at a very plain wooden table and there was white all around the man, who was Jesus, who sat next to me. I remember feeling a sense of total love. There was no judgment, only pure love and I felt so good in his presence. I remember we were talking without using words. I would look into his eyes and find all the answers I was searching for.
NDE due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

2918. Kelly L NDE 12/31/2011. NDE 6147. I went to a clinic that was paying for 'healthy' (non-smoking, etc.) blood to give to cancer patients. The nurse could not find my vein after digging for what seemed like a very long time. Apparently I went into shock and convulsed instead of passing out. They kept me standing up rather than putting me in a prone position. I looked down from what seemed like a height of possibly 20 or so feet and saw the nurses holding me upright. I 'came back' shaking my head saying, 'No'.
NDE due to passing out during blood donation.

2917. Maria S Possible NDE 12/31/2011. Possible NDE 6145. I start hearing an 'electrical' buzzing sound and begin to feel heavy as lead. At this point, I know there is no turning back, because this sound along with feeling heavy as lead has always preceded previous out of body experiences. I think to myself, 'Oh no here you go again, you shouldn't be doing this.' Then, without even any sensation of coming out of my body, I am floating in a grey mist. This grey mist is a neutral zone as much as I could tell. My form is now spherical with a small sphere on top, which is my head. This sphere (that I am) is made of soft greyish blue light. I'm just floating there in a grey mist, thinking 'now what?', and 'will I be able to get back?'
Possible NDE from sleep apnea.

2916. Camryn L NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 6136. I knew that Einstein and Mohammed and Handy and Mozart and all the great artists and scientists had tapped into this knowledge, either in their sleep or as a conduit from God or the Great Spirit or the Universal Energy. I was bathed in bliss and harmony. I felt more love than I could even imagine, and everything emanated positive energy and affection. Every single positive word in the dictionary could not capture the feeling of eternal bliss that I felt.
Exceptional NDE due to blood loss with remarkably transcendent experiences.

2915. Paul S NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 6137. From Canada My next realization was the strangest one yet! All through this entire process, I became aware of being conscious outside of what I consider the boundaries of the physical body. My eye vision; if we can call it that, out of the sensation of seeing, I was probably about 12 feet away at a 45 degree angle from where my body was lying on the floor. I could clearly see my wife Jennifer and her sister Sharon and my sister-in-law Joanne who was also present at that time. I remember too that I (my essence of conscious self) was floating above and away, from where my physical body was laying on the living room floor. Yet I clearly remember that my consciousness which was not within the boundaries of my physical body. It was a lucid sensation of being able to see at 360° all around from wherever situated while my consciousness was situated next to the ceiling - I recall feeling the presence of a loving spiritual-entity.
NDE due to pulmonary embolus.

2914. Rhonda C NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 6138. I was in a tunnel that was not dark, but not bright and it was comforting. I had the most incredible emotions. They seemed to center in the solar plexus. There was the most incredible mixture of peace, joy, love, and acceptance; so strong, I still cry thinking about it. I seemed to be able to talk in my head without words. I asked if I was done. I seemed to just know that life on this plane at this time was only a part of my existence. God answered back. 'It is your choice. You may come with me, or go back.' I truly felt this was my choice and we were having this dialogue in my head. I could hear his voice as clear as anyone who speaks to me aloud. I told him I felt I needed to go back, that I didn't feel I had accomplished what I had set out to do. I felt emotions of kind acceptance, not judgment.
NDE due to surgical complications and respiratory arrest after surgery.

2913. Kirat A NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 6139. From India The next thing I can remember, I was observing the operation from the ceiling. I had a comfortable 'rial view of the surgery. I could see my dad who was inside the operating theater. I could see the surgeon and the nurse standing to the left of me. Suddenly, I went up higher and felt extreme happiness and peace, which I had never ever experienced. It was divine. I suddenly started falling back in a deep dark tunnel. As I fell in the tunnel, a few past events of my life were visible to me and they went past me in a fraction of a second.
NDE due to complication during surgery.

2912. Michael P NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 6140. I saw 3 figures silhouetted in blue light. No faces, only human shapes. The one in the middle said 'It's not your time yet.' Then I saw myself being extracted from my car. Then I woke up in a helicopter being flown to the hospital.
NDE due to car accident.

2911. Harold R NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 6141. After going in the lake, I found myself surrounded by vague images that I couldn't make out but they were in front of a bright light that was coming from all directions. There was a feeling of great love coming from all of them with an overwhelming feeling of love surrounding and behind them. The love I felt seemed to be the love of a grandmother, coming from each of them. After experiencing this feeling of love for a while, I was told it wasn't my time and I needed to go back but they would see me again in the future.
NDE due to drowning. Shared 51 years later.

2910. Keith J NDE & Pat's Second Person NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 6142. Keith 'negotiated' with God, stating, 'I have found love for the first time', and it was this statement that caused, Keith thought, The Divine to reconsider and send Keith back to his earthly existence. It was love, Keith's love for me, and our bond together which was unshakeable. Our bond was not 'of this world' and remains that way for me, even after I lost Keith. The security guard came over and said, 'Are you Kim?' I replied, 'Yes.' She sighed and said, 'I have a story for you. Will you listen?' Keith and I became quiet and she sat down in the chair adjacent to me. 'Pat' explained that she had been in a medical coma two years prior as a result of a 'scarlet fever' type of illness. She had been discovered unconscious by a neighbor and brought to the hospital. While in this coma, 'in this Other Place', she was shown my face only, given my name as 'Kim' and told to 'find Kim.' And, so we had found each other but we didn't have the answers because we didn't have the questions.
Wife (Kim) of Keith tells of his NDE due to heart attack. Later Kim met a security guard (Pat) in Atlantic City who told Kim that she had an NDE and was told to 'find Kim' and shown Kim's face. If Pat reads this, please email NDERF.

2909. Paula Y Probable NDE 12/30/2011. Probable NDE 6143. I was in a park and my deceased cat Amigo came running towards me and jumped into my arms. I recognized him instantly. I held him and hugged him. I was so happy to see him. I was smiling and extremely happy. He was happy to see me as well. He was rubbing his cheek against my face over and over. I kept squeezing him and feeling his fur. I was soooo happy to see him again. Then he jumped out of my arms and walked over to a park bench. There were people around, but no one stood out. I watched Amigo jump on to the park bench and curl up next to an old man. I realize the old man is my deceased grandfather.
Probable NDE during open heart surgery.

2908. Glenn F NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 6144. From Wales, UK. Out of the darkness behind me, I heard my father call to me. He passed away 10 years ago at the age of 76. I was looking toward where I heard his voice and then all of a sudden there was light everywhere. And there he was!! Smiling, and looking like I remember him when I was young. Now he was a man in his thirties and I was old. Seeing him in this light and talking to him was so comforting. I never in my life felt so content. I had a feeling of total peace like nothing I've ever experienced.
NDE due to cardiac arrest under anesthesia.

2907. Glenda G Possible NDE 8/20/2011. Possible NDE 22601. But there were three steps that led up to a platform of sorts, and there was a door across from the steps. I instinctively knew that every person and every animal I have ever loved in my life was alive and well beyond that door. They were all waiting for me. Now I understood everything. This was my mansion that Jesus speaks about in John 14: 1-3, which also happens to be my favorite verse in the Gospel. It assured me that there would be a place for me in heaven. I was here. This place was mine. It was being built and personalized just for me. I can't even describe the overwhelming joy I felt, or the atmosphere of love and acceptance I was surrounded by. I wanted to stay; and they were telling me that I could. I was loved. I was a part of this amazing place.
OBE vs. NDE. Was physically compromised several days after surgery. Quite NDE-like experience.

2906. Ahmed B Possible NDE 9/30/2012. Possible NDE 16059. From Iran I woke up and saw that my neck and my head were raising of my body. Slowly I felt that I was going out of my body. The separation started from my feet. New feet came out of body, then other parts of my body followed the new feet. My face left the old body with shining light and was golden-colored. It sounded like bubbles in a soft drink. I looked at the old body and I said to myself, ‘it belongs to another man, I hated it.’ Suddenly I floated fast, then faster and faster. I went through a black tunnel. My sense of hearing became so strong I heard my neighbors talking in their house. I flew around the room very fast, weightless, with twenty eyes. Time was different.
My heart goes out Ahmed for going through the dark night of the soul.

2905. Lars N NDE 12/16/2011. NDE 5387. From Germany. Original in German, translated by Anja. I don’t know what or how it happened. Suddenly I was above the pool at the height of the 10 meter (30 feet) dive board, although I was far away from the board, in mid-air. In this moment, I felt a single feeling best described as a feeling of complete contentment and joy. The best feeling I have experienced in my entire life. I looked around and saw the leaves swaying in the wind, birds were flying through the air, and I saw the sky above and the many people below.
Teenage NDE from going unconscious.

2904. Darlene L NDE 12/21/2011. NDEs 6017. From Finland. Original in Finnish, translated by Azure. I glided through a tunnel towards a light, and when I was about to reach the end of the tunnel, I saw a hand which stopped my advance. I was told, 'It is not yet your time, go back.'
Two NDEs.

2903. Kaleen NDE 12/17/2011. NDE 6131. I was in an vast open field, where there were people all around. I couldn't see them but sensed their presence in my periphery. The sky was the most vivid blue I had ever seen and the grass was the most amazing color of green and appeared to be alive. It was swaying, although there was no breeze. The clouds in the sky were the softest, puffiest white down. The colors were almost indescribable. I felt the strongest sense of love, as if someone had taken a warm blanket and swaddled me in love.
NDE due to passing out after donating blood.

Ellie P NDE 12/17/2011. NDE 6130. From Wales, UK. I was lying there watching all of this & wondering, 'why isn't anyone coming to get me?' when I saw my mother walk forward to the side of the bed. When she was alongside me, I could see from the corner of my eye that she had tears streaming down her face. I thought 'why is she crying?' but as I turned my head my brother came forward & dragged her back out of my sight. That was when I realized that I wasn't going with them to the Spirit World i.e. I wasn't going to die.
NDE with some atypical features.

2901. Cami R NDE 12/17/2011. NDE 6132. From this state, I felt honored to keep the body breathing and endure this particular blazing burden. It wasn't suffering; it was fuel. I was filled with the sheer joy and gratitude of experiencing this particular delicious incarnation, this body and personality. This joy of Self has returned over and over through the years, at times gracing me with a sense of being blessed at every pleasure and pain of being in the flesh.
NDE, but predominant experience happened a few days later during meditation-like state. Very enthusiastic about her experiences and really did some writing so just know that this is a longer experience than most.

2900. Nicole M Probable NDE 12/13/2011. Probable NDE 5384. From France. Original in French. Translated to English by Magalie. Suddenly, I felt myself depart and in a dark tunnel, lit with bluish hues. At the end of it, I could see a very attractive light. I felt no more pain, had no physical body and felt no mental anguish. The only thing I felt was unconditional love and my father’s presence. He died 28 years ago! He took my left hand and welcomed me. I did not perceive myself as being dead. I felt only happiness, no more pain and on top of that, I was with my father. I wanted to go further and through the door but my father sent me back to terrestrial life without giving me any time to argue. He said goodbye, which seemed impossible.
Probable NDE from taking medicine for rheumatoid arthritis.

2899. Lieselotte S NDE 12/11/2011. NDE 6126. From Canada. I was in the room, but not in the bed. I saw an intense white light and heard a pleasant classical music associated with the light, surrounded by an agreeable atmosphere. It was a pleasant experience. Afterwards, I felt that I did not fear death anymore (though that fear returned later as my cancer had not been cured).
NDE during coma after surgery

2898. Sandy D NDE 12/11/2011. NDE 6125. I found myself in a field in compete darkness. Heartbroken I felt my soul shatter like glass and the shards scattered across the grass. I was in a clearing surrounded by tall grass. Big flat rocks were in the clearing; they were boulders, but mostly they were flush with the ground. I lie down and felt the sharp rocks (and when I woke, there were scratches and bruises). I asked God to take me. I was in such emotional pain. I heard rustling through the grass and knew it was not God coming for me, something else was. I closed my eyes in fear and when I opened them a huge deer was standing over me. I was so close I reached up and the deer brought its nose to my hand.
NDE due to drug overdose.

2897. Paige M NDE 12/11/2011. NDE 6124. The first thing I remember is floating above myself and looking down and seeing my body face down in a snow bank under a tree. I had been wearing a wool pea coat and a thick Carhartt jacket over it, as well as snowmobiling pants and thick winter boots but I felt free as I floated looking down. I had no worries or any thoughts. I heard a sudden scream and saw my best friends rush to my limp body and roll me over. Suddenly I was aware that I was not breathing and began to panic. I remember seeing a blinding bright light but I turned away because I was trying to breathe. Everything was so bright and vivid I remember it even now.
NDE due to snowmobile accident.

2896. Karen NDE 12/11/2011. NDE 6120. I was somewhere I knew and it was where I belonged. I was VERY HAPPY. I then saw someone walking toward me from the left. I recognized the male figure and we both laughed when we first looked at each other. I had the sensation that he was as happy to see me, as I was to see him. We talked and from what I can remember discussed that this was where I was from and that I was home. I cannot describe the feeling. Joy, elation, and happiness. No words that I know can describe it. Everything made perfect sense!
NDE due to illness with sepsis. Contributor is a nurse.

2895. Shannon T NDE 12/11/2011. NDE 6119. From Canada. I was in total bliss and awe that I was still alive but in another place! I all of a sudden just knew what I knew all along, that life does go on but in another time and place! I know that I was on the verge of reaching a light, but that I had to travel through the darkness of my own soul and that it wouldn't be long in the dark and to just enjoy my time there until I end up in the next place or until I catch another life.
NDE due to surgical contribution. Contributor is Muslim.

2894. Pedro J NDE 12/8/2011. NDE 5383. From Chile. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Petrov. After traversing in that dark abyss, I found myself flying as if I were a bird, an Eagle. This flight took me over hills and places of great greenery. I was asking myself what it all was and when I felt an answer had come to me, it was of no importance.
NDE from being shot.

2893. Ray B NDE 9/10/2012. NDE 16058. Transcribed by Elaine. Then Jesus came towards him with pure love and Ray realized that religion is real! Together, he and Jesus moved through the heavens, like clouds. They stopped in front of Mary and light came from her hands and he told her how much he loved her. They started moving through the heavens again, stopped, and God appeared in front of him. He felt that God was looking through him and knew everything he was thinking. Ray had a life review while standing in front of God. Ray was looking down and seeing different parts of his life and God was showing him how he forgave him for all the bad things he had done in his life. During the life review, he also saw his own future.
NDE from drug overdose.

2892. John M NDE 8/18/2011. NDE 16057. As we approached an intersection I had the feeling that I was fading away (that's the best I can describe it). I knew then that there was something very wrong. I arrived at the intersection just when the light turned red and heard a voice say that I was dying. I put the car into park, shut off the engine and collapsed in my wife's arms. The voice again said ‘you are dying, this is how it feels.’ It wasn't a threatening voice, it was kind of calming in a way. I felt no pain during the whole process.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

2891. Ana R NDE 11/27/2011. NDE 6118. I felt as if I was being pulled down and remember hearing screeching like nails being scratched on a chalkboard. My teeth clenched and the fear I felt was overwhelming. In my mind, this was permanent and it was hell. The next thing I remember is looking up and seeing a cross with great light around it. I never saw any beings or anything, but I heard a voice say 'I am not finished with her yet', talking about me as if I wasn't there.
Frightening NDE due to severe infection following delivery.

2890. Brent M NDE 11/27/2011. NDE 6117. I chose not to push my luck and opted for the here and now. When my decision was made I resumed life back in my body. An ambulance arrived. I rose from the pavement and walked to the gurney. Amazed eyes followed trip with disbelief. I believe one was a priest who had administered last rites.
NDE due to car accident.

2889. Helena K Probable NDE 11/27/2011. Probable NDE 6116. I was in the corner by the ceiling and watching my body lying on the bed and my boyfriend was sitting next to me. I felt profound joy and peace. I flew closer to my body and thought that I looked very pretty and young.
Probable NDE due to unspecified illness.

2888. Zander Probable NDE 11/27/2011. Probable NDE 6115. From United Arab Emirates. I don't remember anything 'real' at that moment, only one thing, my vision was bright white and I couldn't hear nor see anything. I felt as if I was trapped in this white light and I couldn't go away from it. I felt relaxed. I could not feel any pain but at the same time, I was panicking. It seemed like it lasted so long could see shadows far away in the brightness.
Probable NDE at age 17 due to being hit by a cement truck while on a bicycle. Shared within 1-2 days after experience occurred.

2887. Alex FDE 11/27/2011. FDE 6114. In the questionnaire, you asked if I sensed a boundary or a point of no return. Well, the point was where the knife was touching my throat. And if the guy decided to cut, my GI Joe sized soul was just going to jump out the hole. Does that make sense? Sounds crazy now, doesn't it. It was like I wanted to just get away from there so bad that getting away from the horror of the murder was the last, um, choice. The last free choice I would make.
Fear-death experience at time he was being robbed at knifepoint.

2886. Stephen M NDE 11/27/2011. NDE 6113. From the U.K. I remember seeing a doctor run up to me with what I can only describe as a syringe in his raised hand, and just as my eyes closed, he brought that syringe down and into my chest. Then it was darkness again. I have no idea of time scale here, but I remember opening my eyes again, and had a really strange feeling that I wasn't laid in the usual horizontal position, but more of a vertical one. I felt 'upside down', in the sense that my feet were up on the ceiling, and my head towards the floor. As I slowly turned my head right, then left, I was actually looking at the top of the nurses heads as they walked around. I called out in a quiet and calm tone, yet I don't remember my lips moving. I said these exact words: 'What's happening? Where am I? Everything's changed.' I saw no one look at me, yet I heard a female voice reply, 'It's alright. Everything's going to be alright.'
NDE due to being struck by car.

2885. Phyllis Probable NDE 11/27/2011. Probable NDE 6111. We both were looking down and I saw doctors and nurses around a bed and asked the girl next to me who was on the bed. She said it was me and that she had to watch. Being so young, I couldn't grasp how I was sitting up on this ledge and in the bed below at the same time. I wasn't scared; in fact, when I looked behind me I saw a playground with lots of kids playing. The flowers and grass colors were so vivid and pretty.
Probable NDE at age 3 during surgery.

2884. Lysa NDE 11/27/2011. NDE 6110. From the United Kingdom I floated up to the ceiling. I could see through the wall to another room and I recognized young women from my ward sleeping in their beds. Then I was in a viewing gallery with a very tall woman who held my hand. She was strong, serious and in charge of me. We watched my dad come into the theatre to see me as the doctors thought I was going to die. I didn't feel sorry for my dad or particularly want to go back. The woman holding my hand told me I had to get into my body. I said I was scared that I didn't know how to do it. She said 'Go down now.'
NDE due to post-surgical bleeding at age 6.

2883. Kyle M NDE 11/19/2011. NDE 6107. I started traveling fast towards something, and, real or not, I think it was hell. I saw a dark, rugged, rocky landscape with tall, jagged rocks sticking up all over. In the distance, there was a giant orange glow with dark streaks going up. I found myself looking into a sort of giant cave entry with enough room for everybody. When I came to, I was sweating profusely. I was terrified and didn't know where I was. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.
Hellish NDE due to faint.

2882. Benny M Probable NDE 11/19/2011. Probable NDE. 6105. I was ten. I was at the beach. A huge wave hit me and pulled me under the water. It was calm, and I understand what eternity fells like. There were no walls or boundaries. The black space I was in was a way to travel to the Light.
Probable NDE due to drowning at age 10.

2881. Stephen I Experiences 8/6/2011. DBV, Other 22586. I came into work the next morning and noticed he wasn't in his bed. I was informed that he was in the ICU (intensive care unit). They had had a heart attack. They coded him three times (coded is when the heart stops and they have to shock them to bring them back). His family didn't want to let him go so they would not sign a ‘do not resuscitate’ order. They made three attempts to bring him back and he and I did three ‘pulls’ in our tug of war in my dream! He survived! One day, a couple of weeks before she passed, she was chatting away with this unseen child. I asked her to ask him what his name was. She turned her head away from me and said in the direction of the little boy, ‘What's your name?’ I asked her if he answered her and she said, He said his name is Lolo. I broke out in a sweat.
Entity encounters at age 4 and later. Deathbed vision of mother who described being she saw as same name contributor used for entity as a child. Also Two remarkable shared death experience dreams from a nurse with his patient.

2880. John R NDE 11/17/2011. NDE 6102. Immediately upon beginning to roll I thought, 'oh, now I am going to watch myself die. I knew I could not possibly survive the fall that was about to take place. I was very calm, firmly gripping the wheel as the truck rolled. The moment I made that statement, I felt the presence of something very new and unique in my experience. It was as if somebody had come up behind me and wrapped a protective cloak around me (or a pair of angelic wings), completely enveloping me in a loving embrace. I felt no fear throughout the experience, but rather, the most opposite occurred. I was awash in LOVE.
NDE due to truck accident and several other experiences described.

2879. Brad M Probable NDE 11/17/2011. Probable NDE 6101. Suddenly a large angel appeared. He spoke to my mind, and I could understand, just like an adult. He asked me if I wanted to leave or stay. I felt very powerful in his presence, like nothing was going to harm me, and anything I said was alright. I no longer feared or felt death. His words were understood fully and completely without any words. I saw myself before I was sent here. I remembered a previous conversation while picking out my parents.
Probable NDE at age three due to illness.

2878. Jack S Probable NDE 11/17/2011. Probable NDE 6060. I walked into my living room and collapsed against the dining room wall. While falling, I hit my head on the kitchen counter and then again on the wall. This knocked me out, and my body, from my shoulder to my elbow, was stuck, jammed against the wall, until I came to. At that point, I pushed and slid myself down to the floor, where I lay flat on my back. The room was pitch black. The next thing I recall is seeing an extremely bright, white light directly above me. I started thinking, 'There's no light above me in this room where I'm lying.' Then I realized that I was no longer sweating and felt totally at peace. I lay there for a few minutes, just looking at the light. Then it hit me that I was dying. I said to myself, 'This cannot be happening. I have a six month old son that needs me.' The light disappeared.
Probable NDE due to fall with head injury.

2877. Yolanda H NDE 11/17/2011. NDE 6059. I saw white clouds all over. I looked up to sky and there were more clouds. I didn't see God but I had faith he was there and I knew I was dead. I saw a shadow of a thin tall man looking down at me from the cloud, this man was walking on the cloud. I started to beg God to let me live. I said, 'God please let me live; if I die my mom and my brothers are going to cry a lot for me. God please let me live. I don't want to die right now; I'm too young. I want to grow up get married and have children. After that, you can take me but not now.' I said this many times over and over.
NDE at age 7 due to being hit by a car.

2876. Tom S Probable NDE 11/12/2011. Probable NDE 6057. From Canada I was suddenly in front of a great Light. It had to have been God! It was so powerful that no words can describe it. The closest I can come is to say it was like being suddenly placed a few feet from the Sun; but instead of feeling heat, you feel Love, infinite Love. The Love emanated out in all directions in slow, gentle rays of light. Never can I forget it. Thirty years later, it's still what I mostly think about. A vision of a man appeared down to the right of the powerful Light. I presumed it was Jesus. He looked like he does in most paintings. He was wearing a white robe and was extending his hands out to greet me.
Probable NDE due to medically delivered overdose of narcotics.

2875. Alexandre B FDE 11/4/2011. FDE 5375. From France, Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter For about 20 seconds, I saw a series of scenes (between 10 to 12) about my short life flashed before my eyes. I did not see these scenes through my own eyes but from above as if I were an observer. In one scene, I saw myself in my mother's arms. In another, I was in the hospital having my stomach pumped. This experience lasted for a few seconds maybe, but back then I felt like it lasted for several minutes.
Fear Death Experience from drowning.

2874. Maria GP Possible NDE 10/29/2011. Possible NDE 5378. From Spain, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. It was a communication in the mind. The being stayed behind while I floated on, being pulled along by a wonderful river of lights. The river took a right turn, and I was in front of two enormous screens, depicting rounded forms made of constantly moving lights and colors. I stood before them, feeling that I was required to understand the movement of those lights. It was similar to needing to figure out a password. Leaving the screens behind, I found myself in darkness. At this point, the feeling of wisdom was enormous, and my heart was overflowing with love. I remembered Jesus, as if I were He. I turned towards the left, and there, at the end of a sort of tunnel, I saw a shining sphere. It spoke to me telepathically (I guess,) and said ‘Not yet, you have to return and guide your family’.
Possible NDE from childbirth.

2873. Rebecca B FDE 10/29/2011. FDE 6049. As I was rolling over and over I thought to myself, 'Is this how it ends? Is this it; you mean the end? This is the way I go? It is all over like this? Wow, I'm okay with me then, if this is it!' I remember feeling so at peace as things were obviously hitting me in the head which I do not remember anything touching me. I remember opening my eyes and looking at the side airbags deploy and I closed my eyes again. I felt an overwhelming calmness in my life that I have never felt and don't know that I would ever feel as long as I am here on this earth. A certain stillness and comfort like no other.
Fear-Death experience at time of car accident.

2872. Christy H NDE 10/29/2011. NDE 6048. I remember waking up in a large field that was filled with grass and beautiful pink flowers. The sky was so blue. There were mountains in the background and a large forest on the other side of the field. What I remember most is how warm I felt. It was a very comfortable warmth like on a Spring or fall day when the weather is perfect and the sun is shining; like that. Sitting next to me was a little girl. We talked for a long time. She was a daughter I lost to stillbirth several years ago. I knew that's who she was and I felt happy to see her and talk to her. She was about 7 or 8 years old which is how old she would be now if she had lived.
NDE during surgery to hemorrhage after delivery. Remarkable encounter with her own daughter who died as stillbirth eight years previously.

2871. Sache P NDE 10/29/2011. NDE 6047. At that moment, I was suspended in darkness, naked and cold. I could feel the presence of evil all around me. I kept trying to speak, but my mouth was sealed shut as my body was frozen, no movement. I saw my wife reaching out to me but she was going in the warm and comfortable direction. I woke up to a team bringing me back to life. There is HELL. Therefore there must be heaven.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during severe infection. Hellish experience.

2870. Paula L NDE 10/29/2011. NDE 6045. From Canada When this happened, I found myself astral projecting and then I could see a strong light. The feeling I was having when I looked at the light was of complete love and happiness. I then went through the light. I could see people at the end of the light that I recognized but I couldn't get close enough to know who they were. I knew I did not want to come back to Earth. I knew I had died.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

2869. Sue A Possible NDE 10/29/2011. Possible NDE 6042. Then the next thing I remember was being somewhere 'else' and I was in absolutely no pain. It was kind of a weird void landscape almost as if it was foggy and yet it was light. Then, I remember a wonderful kindly man who asked me to sit down and talk to him. There was some sort of bench. The man filled me with a sense of awe and I loved him. He then proceeded to tell me something like (sounds hokey) the secrets of the universe and the meaning of my life; its past, present and future; that I was dead (which seemed fine to me), and why I needed to go back. It all made perfect sense. I agreed that I had to go back and yet I didn't want to leave the man and the place and I cried and begged not to go back.
Possible NDE during delivery.

2868. Jane K NDE 10/29/2011. NDE 6041. From Australia. At some point during my experience of giving birth, I was aware that the atmosphere changed and there seemed to be a medical emergency. I could feel blood pooling in my chest (I was having a c'sarean and the lower half of my body was paralyzed from the epidural anesthetic). All at once, I felt the essence of myself/ the thinking part, separate from my body. My consciousness seemed to be heading somewhere. At that moment, I heard my daughter cry and I willed myself to reenter my body. When this happened, I remember saying, 'Back down to Earth again!' I was hemorrhaging massively during childbirth and the doctors and nurses were finding it hard to stop the blood flow.
NDE due to hemorrhage at childbirth.

2867. Lilith W NDE 10/29/2011. NDE 5376. From Mexico, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. Then I came to a place where the path ended and there was a trickle of water in the mud. I saw someone approaching but I was not afraid. Gradually everything became lighter, a bit like day dawning, and I saw him far off and getting closer. It was my grandfather dressed in white and coming towards me. When he got to me, it was already sunny and in the distance, I could make out some people observing me, also, a kind of house or rather a church.
NDE from attempted suicide.

2865. Isabelle P NDE 10/20/2011. NDE 5374. From France, Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter. I had two experiences, one when I was 15, during one of the many surgeries I underwent after a serious traffic accident, and later one when I was 22, when I was giving birth to my daughter. Both times, I clearly heard the surgeons talking to each other, saying, ‘We are losing her. It’s over. We'll never be able to get her back.’

2864. Tom K Probable NDE 10/16/2011. Probable NDE 6040. From France I was greeted by four guides on a well-worn path in a field of the most beautiful golden colors I had ever seen. My guides appeared to be Mayan Indians. We all walked down the path together, with the leader out in front, and the others flanking me, either beside me, or in front and behind me. Although we spoke different languages, we all understood what the others were saying. I was told that there was nothing to worry about and that I should follow them on this path. The weather was perfect; the sky was the bluest blue I have ever seen, with scattered puffy white clouds.
Probable NDE due to surgical complications.

2863. Tish Z NDE 10/16/2011. NDE 6039. But then there was one that I just knew was my mother, who had passed. I'm not sure how I knew it was her. It reminds me of when you suddenly smell something, which vividly brings back a memory of the past. I was an adult, but I could hear myself call her 'Mommy.' She took my hand and led me to the edge of the tunnel and into the light; and I could see green rolling fields that seemed to go on forever, and a sky so blue. The colors were like nothing that I had ever seen before. There was this wonderful, overwhelming sense of peace.
NDE due to allergic reaction and stroke.

2862. Giuseppi C Possible NDE 10/16/2011. Possible NDE 6038. I recalled being in a dream state while under. I recall being on a large promontory in the dark. Way out in front of me was a light, not bright and not dim. I then said, 'Hello.' (No answer). 'Hello, anybody out there?' (No answer). I then asked, 'Can anybody tell me the meaning of life?' Then I received this EXACT ANSWER telepathically: 'Man has not even scratched the surface to know what life is all about.'
Possible NDE around time of heart surgery.

2861. Michael S NDE 10/10/2011. NDE 6037. I remember waking up in an absolutely beautiful green field of grass. When I awoke, I was laying on my back looking up into the sky. The experience of 'waking up' in this field of grass seemed entirely normal and natural, as if I had always been there and simply woke up from a nap. The sky was a picture perfect day, clear and blue with a radiant sun. As I raised my head up from the ground to look around, I saw my deceased dog from my childhood bounding towards me. I remember exclaiming her name at the top of my lungs as I saw her bounding towards me. It was overwhelmingly wonderful. I felt completely at peace and totally happy.
NDE due to faint following medical injections and anxiety.

2860. Alex A NDE 10/16/2011. NDE 6036. I lost consciousness again and saw a very bright white light, unlike anything on earth. I noticed the sky was a beautiful blue, and I felt a wonderful peace and quietness for a moment. I had a flashback from a moment when my mother was driving me back to the ER before I passed out again, (which I had not seen,) and I heard myself say, 'Please help me, God.' During that flashback, I saw two radiant orbs in the sky from which numerous tall beings were rapidly descending and surrounding both our truck and the road in front of us all the way to the hospital. A being that was taller than the rest was standing on the hospital roof and holding something in his hands, but I could not see what it was.
NDE associated with cancer, blood loss and seizure. Experience occurred about 2-3 weeks prior to submission.

2859. John C Experience 10/16/2011. Sleep Paralysis 6034. As I began to give in to my apparent fate, I calmed to the point that I took more notice of what I was staring at. Obviously, there was the thing that was surrounding the cube. It was so arresting because it glowed with pure white light. Folks, I don't know much about what I saw, overall... but I can tell you that this object was a halo, through and through. The white light was gentle on the eyes, yet resoundingly pervasive. As I stared at it, it dawned on me that I really couldn't say what a halo was supposed to be exactly. I found myself briefly relieved to be preoccupied with it. A few moments later, I shifted my attention to the cube. It, or whatever was responsible for the speech, droned on as I scanned. There was something on the surface maybe here and there like writing or something. It definitely seemed like writing but in small, confined areas, I think. The writing, unfortunately, was unrecognized. I found little time to think on it before the speech stopped.
Sleep Paralysis Experience

2858. Pamela M NDE 10/16/2011. NDE 6032. All of a sudden, air didn't matter and I began to fade away into this warm bright light. The light was so bright and comforting I wanted to stay forever. The light didn't hurt my eyes but all you could see was the brightness of the light and you could feel yourself floating or rising in the light, when all of a sudden, as if someone pressed rewind, I was sucked down out of the light and back into my body. Now I'm not afraid to die because whatever you are suffering from it stops when the white light comes and it's beautiful.
NDE due to criminal attack.

2857. Anna L NDE 10/16/2011. NDE 5373. From Argentina, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A. The Light resembled nothing I had ever seen, it was huge, I would even say infinite. Like a sun above the sea, it gleamed with every color. I could feel its warmth. It seemed to have its own life, its own consciousness, and its own movement, and it seemed to be aware of me and to be communicating with me telepathically. I perceived the Light above the water as being part and parcel of 'my' Light (that is to say, myself.)
NDE from allergic reaction to drugs.

2856. Billur P NDE 10/16/2011. NDE 5372. From Turkey, Original in Turkish, translated to English by Aylin. I had drowned and found myself in a dark place where I felt I was being pushed and pulled. I had no thoughts, fear or pain. When I started to regain consciousness, I felt dizzy and was pulled back into my body at incredible speed. The light was so strong I could not open my eyes but I could hear very well.
Teenager drowning NDE.

2855. Barbara W NDE 11/30/2012. NDE 16060. Breathing in the water was relieving and not at all what I had expected it to feel like. I took in another small breath of water through my nostrils and let it go down my throat. Still no pain. I hungrily swallowed a mouthful of water. There was no choking sensation as I had anticipated. Instead, it felt relieving as the water went down my throat. I kept breathing in water until my lungs no longer felt like they would burst. A peacefulness filled me. I watched as a bright white light came out of my chest and rippled up through the water. When I looked down, I could see my physical body below me. My physical body looked peaceful, calm, mannequin-like, with my blond hair fanned out. My arms were relaxed and poised slightly away from my body while my legs were in a standing position with my feet touching the mud. I looked like a life sized doll. Now that I was in spirit form, I felt at peace and I wasn't the least bit scared.
Several NDEs including a childhood drowning NDE and an NDE with Jesus.

2854. Muzaffer E NDE 10/15/2011. NDE 5274. From Turkey. Original in Turkish, translated to English by Aylin. I passed out in the water, and then I felt myself moving upward. At the height of about ten meters above the water. I don't remember if I was still moving upward, or whether I had stopped. I looked down and saw a hand in the water. I didn't realize at the time that it was my hand - that's where my body was floating.
Child drowning NDE.

2853. Therese B NDE 10/11/2011. NDE 5369. From Sweden, Original in Swedish, translated to English by Maria. Instantly, I am in a different dimension–in a beautiful place, which is filled with gorgeous white and golden rays of light. In front of me, there is a large group of people, looking so good and happy, all welcoming me. I feel right at home, as if returning to my real family after a long trip away. Another Consciousness is speaking directly to me, and it feels like our Father. This Being is love, safety, happiness, understanding, consciousness and freedom! I become aware that I now understand everything and that I have answers to all my questions. Now everything is very clear to me!
NDE after being struck by a car.

2852. Manfred K NDE 10/11/2011. NDE 5146. From Germany, Original in German, translated to English by Aylin. I saw many pictures and many places. I met many people, some I knew, some I didn't. They were talking, laughing and crying. I thought that I was able to go to other dimensions.

2851. Lawrence NDE 10/10/2011. NDE 6031. The tunnel was green or light yellow. It was Palm Sunday. I had to go through palm leaves that I had to go through. This was slowly opening from a bigger opening entrance that was gently or slowly peeled open. There was a spiral tunnel getting narrower toward the end.
Physician's NDE due to loss of consciousness, shared within weeks of its occurrence.

2850. Olu A Possible NDE 10/10/2011. Possible NDE 6030. From Nigeria. I can’t remember making any effort, or my feet moving in a walk. I then saw a not too big tunnel, which went downward. I am six feet tall, and that tunnel may not have been more than twelve feet wide. It looked metallic, glassy and white. The place almost looked like a factory area, for it was clean and serene, although it was not as bright as the man himself. There was a coolness to the light and it was not very bright. I then started flowing effortlessly down the tunnel. I could not see what was at the end. I heard no sound and no voice. Suddenly I halted in space and ceased going down.
From the U.K. now, but originally from Nigeria and experience happened in Nigeria. Describes lower GI blood loss, but not in any quantity that is life-threatening.

2849. Marie NDE 10/10/2011. NDE 6029. I remember me above my body floating. There was a swirling bright light. The light was full of light dust particles and a tingling of bells. I was weightless and felt great calmness. It was a special place without time or space; just being. I felt at peace. I never heard anyone speak. It was all knowing without words.
NDE due to illness.

2848. Jill Probable NDE 10/10/2011. Probable NDE 6027. I was in a 'brown' place; like velvet, soft brown, comforting, safe. A female being was to my right in a haze of gold, as if lit from within. I was raised a Roman Catholic and had a great love for the Blessed Mother (I called her 'Blessed Mommy') so this being appeared female and spoke in a female voice. She told me not to be afraid. She then told me about my life, that it would be quite difficult and that God would not leave me. She gave me details, but I only now have come to remember one, other than the number 23, she gave me. She told me I would have a 'broken heart'.
Probable NDE at age 5 due to illness. Shared 61 years later.

2847. Sophie K NDE 10/10/2011. NDE 6026. From New Zealand. I remember saying 'oh I can't breathe' and I was walking through the most amazing trees I had ever seen. The color, the light, indescribable, human eyes miss so much of the color in the World, we are so limited in what we can see. People surrounded me. I was communicating with all of them at the same time. I felt amazing, loved, at peace, utterly content. Sadly I don't remember what was being talked about (feelings aren't words.) I know that I had a choice, I didn't have to return, I could stay, I was so loved. I saw my husband with a little girl of three or four with straight hair (my oldest daughter had wavy hair). I chose to come back. Coming back, I was trying to breathe with a resuscitation mask over my mouth and nose. As they are sucking the air out, I'm trying to breathe the air in. I had been given adrenaline.
NDE due to complication of delivery.

2846. Victoria H NDE 10/10/2011. NDE 6025. I had no fear after that and I recall being 'sucked' out of the driver side window of my Crown Victoria auto. My next recollection was opening my eyes. I saw a light so bright and believed it was the hot August sun overhead. (It was approximately 2:30 pm). I saw a figure against the sun and heard someone praying over me.
NDE (early on) and ICU experience (most of what is described) due to auto accident as a police officer.

2845. Judith L Probable NDE 10/10/2011. Probable NDE 6024. From the UK The whole of this valley was filled with beautiful, tall, slim trees in full leaf, which hung partly over my path, which incidentally was a path in that it looked as if it was quite well used, and wild flowers of all colors and hues. There was a smell of flower perfume in the air, heady and wonderful. I wanted to keep on walking up this path, and now I come to what is totally unexplainable.
Probable NDE due to illness with fever at age 4. Shared 63 years later.

2844. Linda W Probable NDE 5/17/2011. Probable NDE 22558. The tech in the ambulance kept asking me if I had ever had a heart attack as my EEG was not right. He ask me three time and I just left him. I could hear him but did not care as I was no longer in any distress and I was floating just above the gurney. The feeling was incredible as I am a worry type of person. I at this time did not have any worries at all. Actually, everything in my life seem wonderful. I did not feel as though I was going to stay in the ambulance but that I was going to a place that was beautiful. I don't know how to explain this feeling as I have never had a feeling nor have I know anyone who ever expressed ever feeling like this. It was like I was not a person anymore. At least not the same person. Then we arrived at the hospital and they started doing test on me.
Probable NDE due to complication of high blood pressure.

2843. Maria NDE 10/10/2011. NDE 5309. From Germany, Original in German, translated to English by Hermann There was an indescribable, unbelievable love coming from this light. There's no word for it. Every word is just too inadequate to describe this love and this peace, which fulfilled me and flew through me from this light. I approached it slowly but without moving myself. It was really strange. I knew that in this light is my child, my daughter, who has been taken from me in such a cruel way. I didn't see her but I felt her presence and her love. I also felt the presence and the love of other beings but I couldn't see them. Suddenly for some reason I stopped or was stopped. I still saw into the light, but I didn't approach it any more. And I felt that here was a boundary and that I had to make a decision.
NDE from criminal attack

2842. Paula M NDE 10/7/2011. NDE 6023. Then I saw my grandpa. I had loved him so much that my heart died the day he died. He was telling me that I cannot enter that light and I better fight for the life I needed to live as I was not done on this earth. I needed to finish what I was put on this earth to do. They both stood in this light, which was brighter than anything I had ever seen. But I heard their voices to fight and not give up.
NDE due to auto accident.

2841. Martin R Probable NDE 10/7/2011. Probable NDE 6020. There was blinding white light that made it hard to see. It hurt my eyes. Then I remember the woman getting up from her chair and walking forward towards the light. I sat there then suddenly got up to follow her. I couldn't move. I remember reaching out to her and yelling at her to wait and take me with her. I reached out more and more, but I was firmly rooted to the ground. My feet would not move, and I cried for her to come back. Then suddenly she turned around and looked at me. She then said in what to me seemed like English 'It's not your time yet.' Then she disappeared.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt with multiple medications.

2840. Danny B NDE 10/7/2011. NDE 6018. About three feet in front of me, an image appeared to me, dressed in black. I did not see a face, but I heard the voice say to me, 'Danny Joe!' (That is my given name). 'Danny Joe, you have come a little bit early. You need to go back.' At which time I started descending and then a sudden jolt stopped me again and I rested. It was so peaceful. There was someone standing on my left and I was approached by this figure, but to this day, I cannot tell who it was. I did recognize the voice that had spoken to me though. It was my grandfather on my mother's side.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2839. Barry FDE 10/7/2011. FDE 6016. From Canada I felt like I knew and understood absolutely everything in an instant. Having everything revealed in only a moment, instantly put my life in perspective. And knowing exactly the meaning and relationships and truth of everything lets you know exactly where you stand without anyone else's judgment to point things out. You just know. Afterwards, I did not fall backwards off the edge as I'd thought; I slid down a way and managed to regain control.
Fear-Death experience due to near fall while climbing.

2838. Muhammad A Probable NDE 10/7/2011. Probable NDE 6015. From Egypt I heard a voice asking, 'have you had enough?' I didn't see who asked the question and I did not reply yet. Then my whole life flashed in a couple of moments with vivid detail. I felt that a male who had passed away was telling me, 'take care of her.' Then pictures of people popped up, and I felt a cool breeze although it was very hot, so I said, 'No, I'm not done yet.' Then I saw visions of my future and I felt that now I knew HOW to live in this thing called life. I was very peaceful at the moment, seeing my life. I was accepting death, feeling relieved and tranquil.
Probable NDE due to illness.