Archives 7-1-2010/12-31-2010 pt. 2

2552. Leonard R NDE 12/29/2010. NDE 4960. All of a sudden, I heard an audible voice say, 'LET GO.' I instantly felt what can only be described as a tingle. All of a sudden, I found myself standing up. A figure, or person, was across the street, summoning me to come to her. I say 'her' because I felt as comfortable with this person as I would my own mother. I remember being a little scared or apprehensive about crossing the street to get to her. I guess I was afraid of being struck again. The person assured me û not verbally, but, like, mentally û that I would be OK.
NDE at age 2 due to being hit by car. Remembered experience 38 years later.

2551. Holly S NDE 12/29/2010. NDE 4958. The light underwater was blurry and bright but I then I blacked out. The next thing I remember I was hovering about 20 feet over my body--observing. I had been pulled from the water and was lying beside the pool on the concrete slab. A female and a male teenage swimmer were arguing with each other about what should be done. One wanted to turn me on my side and whack me on the back and the other wanted to do rescue breathingàI remember sobbing and wailing all the way home not because of the traumatic experience, but because I was sad and angry that I had been pulled back into this painful heavy plane of existence.
NDE at age 4 due to drowning.

2550. James FM NDE 12/29/2010. NDE 4957. As soon as they touched the needle to cauterize it to the ulcer it literally exploded. I was spouting blood out of my mouth like a fountain. So they told me anyway. It was then that I realized I was above my body looking down at it and at them working hard trying to save me. I just floated there watching them. I didn't feel any fear nor pain. Just a very deep feeling of being at peace with everything and everyone. It felt incredible! I floated down and onto the floor not sure why I did this, but when I did I realized I wasn't alone. There were what I can only describe as ghosts floating past me and out through the double glass doors that went out into the hallway. In the hallway, there are giant pillars in front of the ICU doors. At the pillar directly in front of my room, there were six children, dressed in old fashioned clothes that you would wear to church. They were playing ring around the rosy. The ghosts were drifting past them and into this beautiful amber glow, which was on the other side of the children. Then they would disappear from sight.
One NDE described out of stated multiple NDEs. NDE due to blood loss during surgical procedure.

2549. Randall S NDE 12/19/2010. NDE 4955. I went quickly through a tunnel and was met by two shimmering beings who stayed with me the entire time. The first place I went was a crystal city where everything was vibrant and alive. These beings took me to different rooms within the crystal city, one of the rooms I came to know as the room of knowledge. In this room, I knew all there was to know about everything. The beings didn't let me keep all the knowledge I gained at that time.
NDE at age six due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

2548. Vincent K NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4936. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon. Then I was in a 'place' in the presence of other persons, who were smiling and very luminous, but with a soft light. I don't remember faces, but I remember the benevolence of the way they looked at me. We were floating without the actual sensation of floating. We were just nowhere, which gave a floating feeling, as there was no limit in space, no ground, and no soft sky overhead. There was no notion of time either, which is strange. It was impossible to say whether it lasted one minute or eternally, as time really does not exist. There was no feeling of time passing. I felt intense happiness, or rather well-being.
NDE due to unconsciousness.

2547. Brian J NDE 12/17/2010. NDE 4952. I suddenly started to feel very light-headed, dizzy and short of breath. I decided to try to make it to my bedroom so I could lie down, with the hope it would subside. I never made it to the bedroom. I was suffering from a heart problem I did not know I had. There was a dresser with no drawers in it in the spare bedroom, and I could see myself lying inside this dresser all curled up in a ball. I watched as one of my cats (Compass) walked up to me and lay down by my side. Suddenly, I saw this very bright and pulsating light. It was like a strobe light, but a hundred times faster. It was pulsating so fast that it was almost a steady light. I heard people calling my name. Next, I found myself traveling to a place that was beyond comprehension. I was no longer feeling the pain that I had been when all of this started.
NDE due to unconsciousness from heart problem.

2546. Jenny A NDE 11/9/2010. NDE 22409. From Canada. After I died, I remember being pulled upwards towards the ceiling. Then suddenly the ceiling became a white mass, which swirled into a blue tunnel. My spirit body (?) or soul was lifted up into the light. As I was floating in the tunnel, I could see a bright white light at the end of that tunnel. However, when I was about halfway there, I felt this feeling as if a higher power was forcing me back down and urging me to go back to my body. Honestly, I was upset. I didn't want to go back. I wanted to go into the light, because there was so much peace, and a soothing, calm feeling. So I was trying to force myself back into the light, but, once again, I felt a presence urging me back down the tunnel to my body. I awoke, back in my body, with doctors and nurses all around me.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2545. Michelle JK Probable NDE 11/9/2010. Probable NDE 22411. From the UK. My mum told me that I fell, hitting my head on the rose bed and my body on concrete. I don't remember going to hospital, but remember that I was looking down at myself. The room was lemon yellow; a chair was at the bottom right of the room. My bed was near the door to the left, I was looking at me from the top left corner of the room, ceiling height. I remember vividly that there was a toy monkey with plastic facial features, looked realistic and scary, but I have no phobia of monkeys to date. I recall looking down at my physical body, motionless in bed and stare at myself for at least two minutes or so. Then shortly afterwards my eyes opened and I looked around the room and everything was exactly the same.
Probable NDE at age 5 following head injury.

2544. Ana Maria NDE 12/16/2010. NDE 4937. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. In the winter of 1981, I was on the way to the beach with a friend, and we were going down the steps (around 10:30 in the morning), when suddenly, as my friend tells it, I fainted. Though I felt nothing, I just remember rising up. There was a brilliant sun, giving me a special, soft, warmth, which did not burn me. I could hear beautiful music and I could see birds flying beside me, it was an incredible peace, something extraordinary; I had never felt this before, it was a beautiful feeling, and I didn't want to come back.
NDE from losing consciousness.

2543. Susan H Probable NDE 12/12/2010. Probable NDE 4950. While going under, I was aware that Jesus Christ came into the room. I was taken from my body and observed up to the point of doctors beginning to open my skull. Communication was telepathic. They wanted to take me to a Golden Mountain that was illuminated with white and gold light. There I was greeted by my family who had passed on. There was such joy and remarkable peace.
Probable NDE during intracranial surgery.

2542. Nelson L Probable NDE 12/12/2010. Probable NDE 4949. During emergency surgery, I felt as if I was levitating and I could look down at the operating table and see the surgeons working on me. I felt very cold and just wanted to be warm again. I kept levitating higher, the higher I went the warmer I became. Then a woman started towards me, I became very frightened. I said 'Who are you? I don't know you.' She said that she was my grandmother's mother whom I had never met. She said, 'Everything will be okay, come with me.' I told her I did not want to go, she kept telling me to come with her. I kept saying, 'No, I don't want to go,' and started crying. She left without me and I started to descend, the further down I went the colder I became.
Probable NDE during surgery at age six. Shared sixty-two years later.

2541. William H NDE 12/12/2010. NDE 4948. There was the briefest pause, while my personality puzzled that I did not gasp for breath. I didn't seem concerned that my body had just died - and then it was suddenly cradled in my higher soul and I was catapulted, for that is the only word for it, catapulted, wide awake, out of my body and into the Sphere of Universal Communion.
NDE due to heart attack.

2540. Chuck M NDE 12/12/2010. NDE 4946. I slid into what felt like a perfectly temperature Jacuzzi, and had the most incredible feeling of love as all things material slipped away and were no longer important. The next moment I was standing there in this beautiful field looking at my mother and grandmother (who have been gone for many years now).
Three NDEs, all different from each other. Chuck presented his NDE on the Biography television channel (United States).

2539. Johan C NDE 12/12/2010. NDE 4945. Except for my mind's eye, all senses were gone. It was very black and not the least bit frightening, a very calm transition. I knew what was happening and it was fine. I honestly wanted to see where this journey led me. If one can imagine oneself in the absolute void of space this was it. Then I saw the twinkling of lights. I sensed from deep within something like 'Are you sure?' With that 'conscious' thought I decided I wanted to live and the battle was on.
NDE due to illness.

2538. Jeri S NDE 12/12/2010. NDE 4944. At first, I wondered what they were doing and I realized I was seeing it all from above them. Why were they turning my face when I was over here? Why were they raising my legs so high in the air, and what was that noise? From up here, I saw all the activity going on. I couldn't understand why. There was a bright light kind of ahead of me, meaning that I could see over all the people, but there were lights on under me too from the doctors. It is just now, wow, that I realized this was not a room light. I did not acknowledge it at the time, because the doctor was saying the baby was in danger and won't make it, and asked if they had a signed form, he asked 'Do we save mother or the baby?' and I thought THE BABY, I'm right here, I don't need to be saved. I wasn't frightened, scared or worried at all.
NDE due to complication of childbirth.

2537. Chris B NDE 12/12/2010. NDE 4940. I was out of body and 'standing' in the hallway outside of the room looking in from behind the medical team. I felt warm and cozy all over like the most comfortable I've ever been. I was aware of a large male figure standing next to me but I couldn't make out his face and he didn't say anything but I could tell he was not with the medical staff. I believe he was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt that was brown in color. He was unshaven with darkish brown hair. Was it an angel or Jesus? I don't know. He never spoke - just stood about a foot away and radiated warmth like a heater. The hall lighting was definitely the fluorescent lights in the hospital still.
NDE due to cardiac arrhythmia with heart block.

2536. Michael C Probable NDE 12/12/2010. Probable NDE 4939. Then I felt cold air bellowing my gown and I was in a very dark place floating. Looking down I saw myself in a hospital gown lying on a ping-pong table (I played ping-pong a lot back then). The area around the table and me was very bright but all else was darkness, it was like a circle of bright light with the table me and some doctors and nurses doing something to me. I remember I could hear my dad saying everything was going to be all right.
Probable NDE during operation.

2535. Betty F NDE 12/12/2010. NDE 4938. When I awoke, I had a vivid memory of what I saw and it actually felt as if I had been somewhere, and that I had returned from that 'happy place' and very loving. It did not feel like a dream at all - it felt I was there, and it was incredibly 'happy', exhilarating, and I was not content coming back to reality. The memory is vivid, stronger than a dream felt alert, aware, real, like being there, felt like I was awake, easy to recall. I saw people but no faces, just dark/shadowed bodies in the background.
NDE due to faint. NDE occurred just several weeks ago.

2534. Catherine P NDE 12/12/2010. NDE 4935. The moment of detaching myself from my body occurred quickly like a click in time. The part about my soul leaving my body and entering into the void was quickly fast-forwarded so I couldn't figure out how I arrived to the void. Then I was in a dense hazy gray void - kind of like seeing the world without colors with poor vision. I remember the feeling of self-reflection being enhanced.
NDE due to faint and cardiac arrest from unknown cause. NDE apparently occurred a few days prior to submission.

2533. Guillem BC Probable NDE 12/12/2010. Probable NDE 4933. From Spain. Felt a great peace, a feeling of happiness and peace as I had never felt. I was happy; suddenly I started rising, first slowly, and then rapidly. At the end of the tunnel had a beautiful white light with a blue and white bicolor ring that was spinning like a roulette but slowly, the light-aired emotional warmth, wisdom. When I was very close to the light the light was understood that God and felt a force that would stop me and would not let me into the light. Then I contact the light told me, 'Not yet.'
NDE from accident.

2532. Susannah W NDE 12/12/2010. NDE 4932. From the UK I left my body and looked back at it without any worry or care. I then travelled in a floating sort of way to a place in the air at the other side of the garden. This did not take long and I felt no pain and very light. I arrived at a sort of cave entrance or tunnel and there was someone or some being waiting for me. He knew who I was. He was very bright and seemed human but was not, he was so bright that he was quite hard to see or recognize. He was pleased to see me but did not seem to think I should be there.
NDE due to head injury at age ten.

2531. Tommye R NDE 6/21/2014 & 11/2/2010. NDE 7274/22404. I recognized that they had put me to sleep to make the incision in the artery and I realized that what I viewed was something I saw while I was asleep, namely, the physician standing at a console with a screen above it operating levers. He was very intense. The screen was blurry to me and I had the feeling that I could not understand what was on the screen, that it was like looking at one of the photos they take where they view the child in the mother's womb (can't remember what it is called). The doctor, unlike the screen, was standing and very clear. I felt no emotions at all. I had a sense of myself as being larger than I was in reality. I was upright, not lying down. Later, I was told by my son-in-law that the physician who did the intervention told him that I had died just as they were preparing to put the stent in; I had no blood pressure or heartbeat.
NDE during heart attack.á Apparently occurred while under general anesthesia.

2530. Danielle V NDE 12/7/2010. NDE 4917. From Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Annelies. I then saw my life flash before my eyes, I also saw my parents and my children in the future and their sorrow. At that same moment or maybe one second later, I felt myself leaving my body. I found I was in a tube and I was sucked towards the light. It was a very liberating feeling; there was an ultimate feeling of love and freedom but most of all no fear and no pain. Before I came to the light, I stopped and saw my deceased grandfather peek over the edge. I went further because I wanted to go to the light. I wanted to be 'there' but my grandfather became very angry, he looked at me very angrily and shouted, 'It's not your time yet, you have to go back.
NDE from criminal attack.

2529. Maria R NDE 12/6/2010. NDE 4884. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Susana. I woke up in a long and dark tunnel that suctioned me slowly towards a source of light that faintly lit the place where I was, since the light was still far. I felt attracted to the light but I was not able to see it because I was facing in the other direction. At that moment in time, I had a feeling of total indifference, toward my life and toward my imminent death. I did not have the wonderful feelings that many speak of, but considering my desperate and painful state, indifference was wonderful. I was also not afraid, only the desire to stop suffering. I came from a place of physical and spiritual suffering, being in limbo seemed like a treat. While I let myself go to the magnetism that brought me closer to the light, I started to hear the faint screams of my husband who was desperately calling my name.
NDE from child birth complications.

2528. Austin T NDE 11/30/2010. NDE 4930. Immediately I was gone from my body but I had a body. The first thing I can remember is the feeling. I could feel other beings' feelings of (let me search for words that will not be good enough) Happiness, Contentment, Knowledge, Overpowering wellbeing, no problems! I could feel their Happiness going ALL through my being! The next thing was that it was different from daylight or dark, another color that I cannot describe. Later I remembered GOD created day and night. People that I knew I was coming. They were there waiting to greet and comfort me. I started asking questions like a Child. I asked two questions when I and Everyone else Knew to be quiet and we All did!
NDE due to industrial chemical overdose.

2527. Robert D NDE 11/30/2010. NDE 4929. At that very moment, I was no longer present in the room. I felt this warmth. I was no longer afraid. I was feeling the undiluted, most-perfect form of peace. Then I was seeing myself in an embryo state positioned over earth looking back at it. It was as if I was looking at myself but at the same time, I knew it was me. I was no longer afraid of the space or the emptiness. Rather, it was the exact opposite. I was calm, reassured, and I was willing to stay there with no regards to any earthly reason to return. It is at that very moment I heard this powerful, serene, caring, authoritative, loving male voice say to me, 'It is not your time, have someone hit you in the lower left area of your back'.
NDE due to choking. Received information during NDE that likely saved his life.

2526. Tim NDE 11/30/2010. NDE 4927. I rose above the operating table. I saw everyone frantically working to save me. I thought, 'What are they doing?' Then I recognized my face and knew I had died. I was confused for a moment. I was pulled through the ceiling of the room and roof of the hospital and could see I was swiftly ascending. Then I was in the midst of a bright cloudy light with silhouettes waiting to greet me. Soon I saw my dear departed twin sister, grandmother, grandfather, and rows of departed uncles, aunts, etc. As I approached them, amidst this incredible light of love, a voice came from the direction of the light and said, 'Tim, it's not your time, you must go back, it's not your time to be here.'
NDE during surgery.

2525. Bob W Probable NDE 11/30/2010. Probable NDE 4924. From Australia I found myself on the ceiling looking down at a body on a bed. There was a red affect around this body. I was in a profound state of peace and contentment. There was a white light around or near me but I did not stay there very long.
Probable NDE due to alcohol intoxication.

2524. Marilyn W NDE 11/30/2010. NDE 4923. I was in and out of consciousness, and there were several doctors and nurses working on trying to get and IV into a vein to give me blood. I remember them becoming more and more concerned because my veins were collapsing and they were not able to insert the IV. I believe this went on for five to ten minutes. I was listening to them talk. Although I was not responding to them, I was able to open my eyes and see them. I suddenly was above myself looking down at myself lying on the bed with the doctor and nurses working on me. One of the nurses said, 'Look at that sweet smile she has on her face.' I then began thinking of my husband and my two children, and how hard a time he was going to have raising them by himself. I knew that I was out of my body and dying. I thought 'Oh poor Larry,' then immediately felt very happy and felt a strong pull toward brightness. I could not see an actual light source just a brightness that continued to increase along with my feeling of happiness.
NDE due to hemorrhage after delivery.

2523. Mark S NDE 5/5/2013 & 11/30/2010. NDE 6711/4922. I broke my left femur twice, smashing both my knees, and breaking both bones in my left forearm. My head was crushed, my left hand (bruised for months). My spirit was flung out of my body as if I was tossed, landing on my feet and then stopping against an amazing spirit. The top of my head was at the middle of his chest. He was warrior yet father like. He was only an outline, as if the light was behind him. The love was immense (as if a child being thrown against his father for the first time). I was angry, not only due to the fact I just put up the fight of my life and failed, but because I already knew everyone else was dead. I actually had to push myself back (when all I wanted to do was stay and listen but had a body inside a burning car to tend to). So I grabbed the spirit's chest with both my hands (forearms raised against his chest) and said 'I'm not done yet', while telepathically reasoning why I just spoke like that and what I'm committing to for my return with a caveat to return back if I fail.
NDE due to car accident.

2522. Wayne S NDE 11/30/2010. NDE 4920. I was standing in the kitchen of my home. My wife asked me a question and I tried to answer, my mouth opened but I couldn't speak. The next thing I knew, I was looking at myself collapsing to the floor from what appeared to be the inside of a large, dark tube. Everything in front of me became dark and I lost sight of myself. Then a bright white light appeared behind me. I was not able to turn around and look into the light. Instead, the light started slowly enveloping me on either side, almost like fingers of light. I still didn't turn around to face it. Then everything went black. I had a brief moment when I opened my eyes enough to see the flashing lights of an emergency vehicle. The next thing I remember is waking up in the intensive care unit of a hospital connected to tubes and IVs.
NDE due to seizure.

2521. Giselle RV NDE 11/19/2010. NDE 4859. From Costa Rica. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Susana. A being of light, even brighter and more loving, who could have been Jesus, asked them to show me part of what I still had to do on earth and to show me my new born son in the crib at the hospital. They told me that my son had a learning path depending on the fact that I would be his mother and that my decision would greatly affect his life. With all the pain in my heart (by the way I had no physical pain) I decided to return. They would have to erase almost all of my memories because they explained that if I remembered too much I would not be able to handle the desire to return and would run the risk of committing suicide, which was considered wrong in that dimension.
NDE from child birth complications.

2520. Manuel P NDE 11/28/2010. NDE 4796. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. The next thing I remember is floating above the place of the accident, seeing people on the road and attendants putting me in the ambulance.
A short NDE from an accident.

2519. Carol M NDE 11/22/2010. NDE 4773. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Susana. All of a sudden the room went from small to very large and the walls were now white. Like a camera flash, the television set disappeared and where it hung I saw angels descending, dressed in white. In the center was JESUS with arms crossed and he stood by the foot of the bed. He did not say anything to me. The angels started to touch me from my fingertips all the way to my head but without touching my stomach, which glowed in a brilliant yellow. It was as if I had a light bulb inside my belly. At this point I felt nothing but great PEACE, no pain whatsoever.
NDE from pregnancy complications.

2518. Mike I Jr. NDE 11/22/2010. NDE 4919. I instantly was at the edge of the earth's atmosphere and I was staring into space. I literally saw stars, and many beautiful and captivating galactic things. I have since seen the same or similar things when visiting the website of the Hubble Space telescope. Now I realize I saw novas, supernovas, quasars, black hole and other things. The first thing I felt was an absence of pain (pain that WAS unbelievably intense just seconds before). I felt instant peace and stillness beyond words and anything I have previously known. I felt calm, assured, complete and absolutely, serenely wonderful. I felt LOVE...incredible perfect love, as if everything was just perfect, in order and so peaceful. I had a knowledge or oneness with everything it seemed.
NDE due to auto accident.

2517. Rachel Probable NDE 11/22/2010. Probable NDE 4918. I was about to sit down on the chaise lounge which is in front of the TV when all of a sudden I could not swallow, I could not breathe. I tried twice with no good results. I went to try it again and heard what sounded like snap of finger I felt a release of something inside of me and it is then that I saw a white form come out of me and as I looked with my physical eyes I saw it formed my person. I recognized myself and I no longer had the sensation of not being able to breathe or swallow as I felt it was no longer needed wherever I was. I felt good and had no pain. I also felt like whatever problems I had in the world they were swept away instantly at the snap of fingers.
Probable NDE probably due to cardiac dysfunction.

2516. Mellony C NDE 11/22/2010. NDE 4915. From Ireland. During this time I could hear music and bells ringing all around me. Suddenly it went black and I could see nothing but felt at ease. I wondered why I was in darkness and thought maybe I was trapped. Quickly a light appeared to my left and I felt attracted to it. My self felt like an energy full of power and love. I could hear the vibe and voices of other ladies and men who were passing over to be with the holy mother with sure love and warmth. I could hear a strange language being spoken to me.
NDE due to allergic reaction.

2515. Leslie vB NDE 11/22/2010. NDE 4914. I couldn't see anything else and it sort of felt like I was floating higher. Then, I saw a small little pinpoint of a white light very far away. As time went by it got closer, like being in a tunnel with an oncoming train is the best way to describe it. Eventually after a couple of minutes, the light was upon me and enveloped me. I was the light. It's very hard to describe. I don't know how long this lasted but it felt very warm, safe, cozy and comfortable. It was not at all scary. It was a nice place to be.
NDE due to faint from unknown cause.

2514. Oscar D NDE 11/2/2010. NDE 22393. To die was terrible, but as soon as I let go, I was left with peace. I decided to explore the area, went outside, came back in, and then met my real parents, who explained that my mom in life was a nice person, but not my real mom. I knew, without any doubt, what they were saying was completely true; because I could feel the intense love and affection they had for me. I could feel a direct link to them and they were both like guardian angels, advising me of my situation, and giving me advice on what to do. But, I did not take their advice, because I knew, that my mom on earth would suffer throughout her life without me, so I felt it necessary to save her from that fate and return, even if she was not my real mom. I felt the pain she would have to go thru, knowing I died would ruin her life and I felt I would be the one to suffer more.
NDE due to anesthetic overdose at age 10. Remarkable encounter with his biological parents.

2513. Sergio J Probable NDE 11/18/2010. Probable NDE 4806. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Jacqueline. I fell asleep for a moment but I woke up with my head on the side, resting between two legs protected by a white robe, which feet were naked in a pair of sandals. Then, I felt an overwhelming peace.
Probable NDE related to surgery procedure.

2512. David B NDE 11/17/2010. NDE 4908. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Maurizio Balestrino. I moved weightlessly through the tunnel, from an initial darkness that gradually grew lighter. I did not see any form of objects or people, but I felt the reassuring presence of beings or incorporeal souls. I could not distinguish them from each other, but I felt as full of love and desire to help and accompany me. I felt they were my deceased relatives or friends who were in close contact with me. They pushed me gently towards one direction. My mood was an indescribable bliss, like heat without temperature but made of love and total satisfaction.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

2511. Christian A Probable NDE 11/17/2010. Probable NDE 4838. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Jacqueline. I felt perfectly well, and suddenly, I saw a bright white light, which had the shape of a galaxy, and was turning in an anti-clockwise direction. It lasted quite a long time I think, but how could I measure the length of time. This light was composed of the energy (souls?) of disappeared Beings; it was, somehow, paradise, but where individuals were inseparable. However, a great joy emanated from the whole thing, a total wellbeing, nothing bothering, and I wanted to stay there for eternity; I was part of that sort of galaxy, but at the same time, I was an outside spectator.
Probable NDE during surgery.

2510. Alicia B NDE 11/16/2010. NDE 4765. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. Afterwards I went into the operating theatre and saw a lot of doctors and nurses surrounding the operating table. I realized that they were really alarmed and were acting as fast as they could, but I watched them with complete detachment. I felt myself float towards the ceiling, and then straight away I was back in my body. I remember thinking 'get these metal things out of my mouth' and feeling very cold. I wanted to bite the fingers I felt in my mouth but had no strength. I lost consciousness again and woke up when it was already night, in an oxygen tent and with saline and plasma drips all over me. For me at that age it was a 'little plastic house'.
NDE from surgery complications.

2509. Stephanie P NDE 11/14/2010. NDE 4912. I saw some sort of machine being wheeled into the room. I saw a man rub two oblong shiny things together. The people around the body moved slightly back, and I got a better view as someone yelled and then it became quiet. I heard a buzzing sound over the whoosh, thunk and the beeeeeep, then the shiny things were placed on the chest of the body on the bed, and it arched upward. This repeated until the steady beep became separate beeps again.
NDE due to cardiac arrest after suicide attempt.

2508. Amanda S NDE 11/14/2010. NDE 4910. From Canada I could see everything from every angle all at once. I could look at myself from an 'rial perspective or I could look at my profile from the side and it was then that I noticed I was wearing a toga of all things. A gorgeous white linen almost silky looking robe covered one shoulder and wrapped my whole body in white. The only color in the space was my skin and my hair. I was in my body in what I would describe as a meditative state. I was in meditation pose and at the very same instant, I was aware of all my surroundings but I was also the energy in the space that was more alert and aware than ever of every sense except touch.
NDE due to respiratory arrest from sepsis and pulmonary embolus at age seventeen.

2507. Nani NDE 11/14/2010. NDE 4907. After the doctors could not revive me, I found myself above them in the corner of the room. I felt so peaceful and did not want to return to wherever I had come from then. It was like a clear white lit area, I could not see myself, the flesh part, but I could feel everything else of being human. I did not see anyone though. It was so quiet. I really liked it. This feeling of peace I cannot really describe it all but it was the BEST feeling ever.
NDEs due to surgical complications, at age eighteen and twenty-four.

2506. Brice W NDE 11/14/2010. NDE 4906. A life review of sorts followed, though the physical life just left made up only the smallest part of it. I seemed to be recalling (remembering) myself as a being prior to that physical incarnation, a being of the same character as those now with me. The recall was vivid. I had no doubt at the time of its accuracy. It was like rousing from a dream. The restored memory included awareness that the choice to return to physicality, though rightly mine, had been already made prior. I 'saw' that I had previously known of and been in agreement with the plan to exit the body as just occurred, for the purpose of rousing transcendent awareness that would gradually unfold upon return.
NDE due to complications of surgery in Air Force hospital.

2505. Lynn E Probable NDE 11/14/2010. Probable NDE 4905. I remember hearing the most beautiful singing I had ever heard. I wanted to hear more of it, I could hear people talking and calling my name. This was very inviting to me, even as a child. I knew I wanted to be where the music and singing was, and felt no fear whatsoever. My name was said many times 'Lynn, Lynn, Lynn.' Then I heard another voice. It was firm and authoritative. 'Now is not the time, she must go back, she has work to do.'
Probable NDE due to apparent carbon monoxide toxicity at age nine or ten. Shared fifty-three years later.

2504. Harold T NDE 11/14/2010. NDE 4904. Then I was watching them from above. I was staring right in their faces and laughing. I could see them sweating and sticking me with a needle and yelling. I really couldn't hear because of the static-like sound. I could see myself. It looked like my face had sagged and changed color. I began to yell at myself but nothing happened. Then I was free like a bird. I could see the guys I work with talking to the boss. Then I was where it was as bright as could be, not like the sun, but a white bright. It was cold, but not cold. It was peaceful.
NDE due to heart attack.

2503. Mark P NDE 11/14/2010. NDE 4903. I was above my body in the operating room for pulmonary surgery. I saw the doctors working on me and my wife in the waiting room and my mother about 2,500 miles away.
NDE due to surgical complications.

2502. Eddie H NDE 11/21/2009. NDE 31843. I was unconscious in my car. The fire department had to use the Jaws of Life to cut me out. While I was in the car, I was unconscious but I saw a white lady dressed in white and she reach out for me with her hand and told me to take her hand and walk to the park with her and I’ll feel no pain! I looked at her in her face but I couldn't see her face! I saw her body and hand but couldn't see her face. It looked like I was looking through a glass cup full of water! She felt so warm and happy! But I didn't take her hand because it felt strange and in the same time I heard far away a person screaming out, ‘can you hear me, can you hear me?’ I was going to grab the lady’s hand but I had flash back of my family who love me and I didn't grab the lady’s hand.
NDE due to auto accident.

2501. David A NDE 11/2/2010. NDE 22386. I started choking and I was scared and could not breathe. I closed the door to my room, because I didn't want to get in trouble. I was alone. I know I saw darkness and felt very calm and quiet then I could see myself lying in the corner, curled up. I saw my cousin open my door and come to me and he is talking to me while I am looking down from ceiling.
NDE due to choking at age 9.

2500. Brenda H NDE 11/2/2010. NDE 22385. When I floated around that cubicle in the hospital. I felt the real me and where I was going. I wanted to go there. All the compassion in the world was in me and with me. My spirit was all knowing, and goodness poured through me. I knew what the older and the younger nurses were thinking. The older nurse was barking orders but I felt her thoughts. I floated to one side of my curled up body from the ceiling and willed the shell of me not to hurt too much.
NDE due to cardiac arrhythmia during delivery.

2499. Pete V NDE 11/9/2010. NDE 4900. I was in fact hovering above the entire scene below and looking down. I saw the car against the tree, and the ambulance as well as onlookers from the neighborhood and stopped cars. I was in no danger and no pain. I was perfectly aware of what was going on below me, yet in a state of complete tranquility. There was no discomfort, no judgment, and no concerns. My soul left my body and was in a heightened state of consciousness. Ironically, even though I was 'unconscious', my soul was more alert and aware than it could have been merged with my body and mind.
NDE due to auto accident.

2498. Robert C NDE 11/9/2010. NDE 4899. I saw a bright light and went to it. There I saw my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law who approached me. They told me that I have unfinished business and had to raise my sons since I had just got divorced. I woke up screaming, 'NO, No!' I like it here!'
NDE following surgery.

2497. Ken M Possible NDE 11/9/2010. Possible NDE 4896. I realized from more pain in my chest that I was now inhaling water. As I came up I gasped for air, but nothing happened except choking. Then I got very relaxed and I remember thinking that the old cliché was 'after three times going down - it's final.' So after a few seconds of panic I resigned, relaxed, no pain, no fear. Suddenly a hand grabbed the back of my wet suit and I was lying across what I thought was a surfboard. Then I realized that the water was shallow and I could stand up. I turned to thank the guy for helping me; but nobody was there.
Possible NDE, but a guardian angel encounter for sure!

2496. Sean M Probable NDE 11/9/2010. Probable NDE 4895. I was running to school and ran between two parked vehicles, about one block from my home, and ran into the side of a moving vehicle. I was knocked back and immediately lost my breath and immediately had my short life flash before me. I do not have all that great a memory of events when I was a young child, but to this date, I vividly remember this event.
Probable NDE due to running into moving car at age eight. Shared sixty-two years later.

2495. Robert L NDE 11/9/2010. NDE 4893. I was hovering all alone crying for my mother, there was no people, no earth, know sun or moon, just a dim neon blue void. It seemed like I was alone for just a minute at which time I noticed light, a translucent being with a head, human-like face, arms, body, and know legs, an angel/spirit, start to approach from my right side, with the voice of a young girl, and started saying, everything is going to be okay, see you can fly. This gave me some comfort and that is when I stop being scared.
NDE from childhood 'choking game' at age eight.

2494. Ricky W Probable NDE 11/9/2010. Probable NDE 4892. I began to see a bright, yellowish light and feel that if this was death, it was very peaceful and wonderful. One of my feet found a rock, and then my head came out from under the water, and I was totally rejuvenated.
Probable NDE due to drowning at age nine. Shared fifty-one years later.

2493. Lady D Probable NDE 11/9/2010. Probable NDE 4888. The next thing I recalled had nothing to do with the earth or people. I was conscious of my thoughts and of having no physical body. I was a speck of light or energy suspended in a curved hallway that had no ceiling or floor. The hallway walls where white, curved into infinity on either side of me. The walls were infinitely tall. I do not know how wide the hallway was it felt like six to ten feet had I a physical body. Where the ceiling and floors would have been there were dark voids. I floated in the hallway. I could stretch my light in a single line horizontally or vertically but I was always centered at one spot in the hallway. The view was always the same. I explored the space as much as my new existence (speck of light energy) would allow me.
Probable NDE due to abortion complications.

2492. Diane D NDE 11/8/2010. NDE 4886. I was in the dark, but there was no defined space and saw myself standing there. A wonderful feeling of calmness came over me and then I started to walk away very fast, with purpose, into this dark that I could see in perfectly. I knew just where to go. As I watched myself walk away, I remember asking all the pertinent questions I would ask. The questions were answered but I don't know how. I then heard my voice say, 'Come back, Diane, it's not your time.' Then I watched myself turn around and head back the way I started.
NDE due to faint and head injury at age twelve.

2491. Karen C Probable NDE 11/8/2010. Probable NDE 4885. I found myself in front of a door. It magically opened and my stepmother greeted me. She said 'Hi, Karen, Come on in.' She was absolutely beautiful and younger than I knew her. She had a white gown. Her hair was long and shoulder length. I stepped into an apartment. It was the most brilliant white light I ever saw. As I stepped into her apartment, she said 'I will show you around.' I saw her bedroom, which was a single bed and white. Her living room was all white. Her kitchen/dining room which she invited me to sit down and to drink some tea with her.
Probable NDE due to hypoglycemia.

2490. Karen H NDE 11/8/2010. NDE 4882. From the UK At some time that night I became 'aware' of the cardiac monitor making a loud continuous alarming noise and thought to myself that's the noise those machines make when you're dead. I knew it was my machine making the noise but it didn't worry me. I had this calm and relaxing sense of a beautifully all-encompassing love, peace, and joyfulness. It was a complete fulfillment but in a quiet, gentle serene way.
NDE due to cardiac arrhythmia/arrest.

2489. Cori R NDE 11/8/2010. NDE 4881. The next thing I knew I was on a path with 'blurry' beings on each side. They didn't look like 'people' but I knew they were. The colors were very earth tone. As I floated down the path, there to the right I saw my dog Molly, who had passed away about seven months before. The next thing I knew, I was at the end of the path. It felt so good.
NDE due to brain hemorrhage and seizure. Met her deceased dog.

2488. Ellen C Probable NDE 11/8/2010. Probable NDE 4880. At time of the experience, I no longer had the sensation of not being able to breathe. I felt no pain and had a sensation of floating. Everything was very bright. There was a feeling of softness on clouds. The clouds parted and revealed large, white gates opening at the end of the experience.
Probable NDE due to pneumonia at age five. Also ADCs with mother. Shared sixty-four years later.

2487. Holland C FDE and NDE 11/8/2010. FDE and NDE 4879. From Canada I sat on my bike, in front of the car that was about to run me over for what felt like hours, having a little conversation with myself. I was commenting on things like what a nice hood the car had. I was also talking about this is what that angel was talking about, that I saw years before. Then the car ran me over.
Fear-death experience (with life review) and NDE following due to being run over by a car at age three or four.

2486. Bess J NDE 11/8/2010. NDE 4878. I then started to walk towards a very peaceful light sort of a tunnel and just a tremendous sense of joy. As I got closer to the end of the tunnel, I heard an older man's voice that said it was not my time yet.
NDE vs. anesthetic awareness following accident at age sixteen.

2485. Thelma S NDE 11/8/2010. NDE 4877. Light? Oh, it was more, bigger, profoundly more, than just light. It was so vast! Shimmering, a cloud of warm, love. It was as if I was in love with the whole world, and everyone loved me back! It was such a glorious feeling, that I did not want to return. No pain, no negative in anyway. Then, I asked if I could stay. It was up to each of us. We have all choices. Our life is a gift to us. We make of it as we want. There is a 'God' for lack of a better word, and it would have to be called LOVE!
NDE due to criminal attack.

2484. David S NDE 11/8/2010. NDE 4876. Suddenly, I was watching doctors working over a body on a table. I was either above, and/or I have the recollection of being behind large glass doors - and I was willing (maybe shouting) that they NOT pull the sheet over that poor schmuck lying there, who happened to be me. All of the sudden, I was back in my body, feeling my heart and temperature racing. Then I remembered to have FAITH. It is so simple. I had forgotten to have faith in my panic. No sooner did I 'remember' to have faith than I could feel, palpably, that I was slowing down, cooling down, feeling much more peaceful, that I was going to be alright.
NDE due to heat stroke while running mini marathon.

2483. Zoe NDE 6/30/2011. NDE 16046. From Croatia. I was watching from under the ceiling his work and listening to his asking, begging me to start breathing. I was answering that where I was is beautiful, and trying to persuade him to come to join me in this beauty, so that we both could go out through the opened window. I felt no cold or any uncomfortable environment.

2482. Pietro Probable NDE 11/5/2010. Probable NDE 4872. From Italy. The pain has ceased. I felt a feeling of peace and total wellbeing. The feeling was like falling into a gray fluffy blanket. I could see a light that slowly died away or moved away. It reminded me of like the old televisions when they switched off.
Probable NDE from ventricular fibrillation.

2481. Badtzmaru NDE 6/13/2012. NDE 16045. I was unaccountably transported to a completely different place, with the searing pain in my head miraculously gone. I appeared to be in a large tunnel that led somewhere. The tunnel was in the shape of a large Roman arch and was constructed of a completely smooth material in an off-white color. Running through the tunnel was a wide path of the same material in the same color that disappeared into the distance. Although no lamps were visible, the tunnel and the pathway were brightly illuminated. For some reason, my mind was aware that this was the entrance to heaven. As I tried to proceed upon the path, I found that I could not move forward, as if an invisible barrier blocked the way. Puzzled, I looked around, but could see nothing but the tunnel and the path. Then, from above and to my right, came a voice that was unmistakably ethereal. I said, in a clear, resonant voice. ‘It is not yet time.’
NDE from stroke.

2480. Cheryl O NDE 11/2/2010. NDE 22372. I remember all of a sudden everything went white and I started to feel like I was spinning. I fell but didn't feel it, everything was numb. When I hit I could hear my friend's boyfriend screaming for help and the next thing I saw was the back of his head leaning over me trying to get me to wake up. My friend ran out of the bathroom still yanking her pants up to make sure everything was okay.
OBEs from spontaneously going unconscious.

2479. Trevor J NDE 10/24/2010. NDE 22363. I was surrounded by a ring of fire, I could not see my body. Dark figures where around the fire. There were millions of other rings of fires with souls in them. I saw our driver who was a Private being dragged away by the dark figures. I called on Jesus Christ to save me a hole opened in the red skies and through the hole was a blue sky.
Combat NDE.

2478. William H Probable NDE 10/17/2010. Probable NDE 22356. I became conscious of waves of energy washing over me. It was a feeling of total comfort. I feared nothing. I didn't know if I was alive or dead. This was first person as though I were still in my body. Time was muted. There was no sense of it at all. Next, I see my body lying in a pool of light like a spotlight shining on it, darkness is all around it, but still no fear, only comfort. I get the feeling I must return to it, but I don't want to. I look closer and see myself in white with an identification tag on my left wrist. I know my body is in a hospital.
Probable NDE from attempted suicide.

2477. Bobby T NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 22352. Around 4:30 am I apparently woke for former wife and she came to my bedside. I am in a state darkness and clarity fading in and out of kind of a sleepiness. Cathy touched my forehead and called for a nurse explaining that I was burning up. The nurse came in, took my temperature, and ran out of the room giving orders for Ice and ICU. During this time, I entered into a state I have never experienced before. First, I saw myself lying in bed at home. Then I was lying in bed with the nurses around me and Cathy was arguing with the neighbors about the DOG BARKING (key words) during this event Cathy asked me where I was and I told her the hospital.
NDE from sepsis.

2476. Robert H NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 22351. I saw that it was me in the hospital bed in an emergency room. I ran out of the room, through the double doors, and found myself walking down the hallway of my house. I went into my bedroom and saw my wife asleep in bed. I went to the foot of the bed and grabbed her legs. She then setup and called out my name ‘Robert.’ Before I could say anything. The phone rang in the Kitchen. She got out of bed and I stood off to one side as she went by me to go and answer the phone. I walked behind her and said ‘I have to go.’ But she could not hear me. I then turned and went out the front door of our house. I then found myself lying in the hospital bed with doctors all over me.
NDE from motorcycle accident.

2475. Michel B NDE 11/1/2010. NDE 4544. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Kathy. I was very, very comfortable in this extended position. I was watching as a stranger (dispassionately) the scene unfolding about 50 meters away from me. At no time did I sense fear about what was going on outside. I was at peace, totally inaccessible; a simple observer, up high but not ‘flying’. I could see both my body and the outdoors. I could see myself ‘seeing’ (very difficult to explain). I could feel no pain. I was very, very comfortable, totally relaxed, bathed in softness and light.
Physician NDE from hemorrhagic stroke.

2474. Harry L Probable NDE 10/24/2010. Probable NDE 4399. It started with me flying through the sky and was very pleasant. All of a sudden, I dove downward and entered into the water. I kept getting deeper and began seeing my entire life flash before me. I remember seeing details of my childhood and later life that I had completely forgotten. Watching the births of my children and seeing them grow up again had deep meaning for me. At the time, my children were seventeen, nineteen, and twenty-one. At the end of the dive, I entered what seemed to be like a cave and I was surrounded by people or beings of some kind. I can't describe them because I never saw them. I just felt their presence and could hear them talking about me. They were trying to decide where I should go next.
Probable NDE during a coma after surgery.

2473. Shane P NDE 9/19/2010. NDE 22339. The next memory I have is I am laying on the side of the highway and my cousin is on top of me beating on my chest. Then, I am conscious of the fact that I stop breathing. I am not panicking. I am not scared. I don't know how to explain it. It's like I knew I wasn't breathing anymore but I didn't need to. It was peaceful. I was calm. The next thing I knew I was looking down at my body and my cousin is slapping me on the face and beating me on the chest. I was viewing this from about ten feet above the ground. I could also see a police officer standing to the side, not doing anything by the way, and my cousin would yell at him to do something and he would just stand there. I could see everything. At that point reality hit me and the exact thought I had believe it or not was ‘I have to get back down there’ and my next memory is me taking a deep breath and seeing my cousin and paramedics.
NDE from seizure.

2472. Rose D NDE 10/24/2010. NDE 4867. From the UK It didn't seem like a room because I didn't feel my feet standing on anything solid. I didn't find it strange either that I was floating. I felt a kind of normal-ness, like I knew why I was there and it was okay. In front of me was a podium with an open book on it with a little writing on one of the pages. Beside it as an inkwell with a quill in it. There was no one else in the room but I felt a presence telling me to look at the book, so I did and I didn't understand anything that was written there but I remember thinking, 'My name isn't here,' so I assumed I wasn't meant to be there.
NDE due to asthma attack at age nine.

2471. Dianne H Probable NDE 10/24/2010. Probable NDE 4865. I was feverish and uncomfortable with all the lines going in and out of my body. All of a sudden, I was in a very beautiful place with soft green grass and a blue, blue sky. There was a perfect refreshing temperature (it was summer in Phoenix and hot in the hospital). There was a light, but no sun to be seen. I was standing barefooted on a slight downward slope with a clear brook not too deep and about two or three feet wide at the bottom of the incline. The other side of the brook/river was a slight incline, but a little higher than the one I was on - the slope was not uncomfortable on which to stand. I was walking slowly towards the water (I am not sure why I was drawn to the water) and was surprised to be able to breathe well and felt no pain. I was barefooted, but do not remember what I was wearing. I looked up towards the opposite bank and saw my Aunt Margaret coming rapidly towards me.
Probable NDE due to illness.

2470. Michael W NDE 10/24/2010. NDE 4864. I remember leaving the building and heading up into the sky. I remember looking back at the hospital. Then I was heading into the light. When I came out of my coma, I remember telling people that the light was as bright as the Sun but it did not harm my eyes. While I was heading in the direction of the light, I was told that it was not my time and I returned to my body. The voice that told me that I had to return to my body I just knew was Jesus Christ. I did not see him I just knew.
NDE at age ten due to being run over by a car.

2469. Anne M NDE 10/24/2010. NDE 4861. I had been riding with friends and we had crossed a main boulevard and were approaching a gravel side road. I recall riding down the gravel road and looking up to see a large beautiful tree with a brilliant light behind it. I remember being amazed at the beauty of the tree and turned to my friends and shouted 'Look at that tree!', but then saw my friends had stopped and were leaning over someone on the ground. I told myself to go back, that someone had been hurt. After this, I can only recall waking up in an ambulance. I later asked my friends if they had seen the tree. I wondered if I'd seen it just as I had been hit, but they hadn't. At the time, I thought that there had been a tree up ahead and the sun behind it had made it appear so radiant. I did return to that area, but no such tree could be found.
NDE from bicycle accident at age sixteen.

2468. Michael H Probable NDE 10/24/2010. Probable NDE 4860. It's about that time that I realized that if I see where I'm headed. I'm lost. By the way, if you're lucky, you learn a lot of things very quickly. I terrible thing I was told ( not in words) was hell is being cut off, knowing you were -something - but you can't remember what that is, and there is more but you can't remember that means....It's on the tip of your, wait ,what's a tip, what am I again....? Over and over, trying to sink your teeth into it, just as you bite....nothing, like a face full of Novocain. That voice again, it was so calm, it said it is not your time to choose, this is a gift, life. You have been selfish, so many things were being told in me, when I saw my room light like a far off star I thought and felt so ashamed and naked to everything, I just thought ,"I'm so sorry, I didn't know, please"
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt at age 16.

2467. Sabine E Possible NDE 10/23/2010. Possible NDE 4791. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Jacqueline. Suddenly my body was lifted and I saw myself in bed with all those tubes, I was floating above it. I was in a state of complete bliss, everything was beautiful, and, especially, I was not suffering any more, the pain was gone and I felt really good. Then, I saw a tunnel with a white dot at the end that attracted me. I moved toward it, and as I was moving on, the white dot was getting bigger and bigger, and I kept going.
Possible NDE after surgery.

2466. Silvia F NDE 10/23/2010. NDE 4823. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Maurizio B. Suddenly I saw myself enveloped by a huge white light. At first, I did not understand where I was.
NDE from car accident.

2465. Verschelde NDE 10/22/2010. NDE 4790. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Jacqueline. I was watching myself over my body, in a state of total serenity and complete detachment from what was happening below. I saw the nurse slapping me, asking me not to fall asleep and stay awake. I felt nothing and I did not understand why everybody panicked because I felt really good, calm, and I did not want to 'return', I felt so good, it was like as if my body had nothing to do with me.
NDE from child birth complications.

2464. Deedee Probable NDE 9/19/2010. Probable NDE 22314. From Canada So I decided to hop off my 3 foot high bed, until I noticed my feet never landed on the floor; Instead, I literally just floated. I felt light as air. Then sensed a tugging feeling coming from my belly button and I started to slowly move toward my window; which was glowing a bright white light. As I looked down I noticed a cord; delicate, see through and sparkling, making its way from me, towards the light, passing forever into the non-visible distance.'
Probable NDE from sleep apnea.

2463. Giancarlo N NDE 10/17/2010. NDE 4721. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Maurizio B. Then a huge bright light, but not blinding indeed very nice, a kind of obstacle and then the return at a speed rate that you cannot describe. I was shouting my dissent while I was running through a tunnel and finally the revival.
NDE from accident.

2462. Anna-Cristina S Probable NDE 10/17/2010. Probable NDE 4738. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Claire. It was beautiful, indescribable really. I floated to a light from which a kind of goodness emanated. The light was bright but not blinding. I saw the shadow of a being; I think the outline was female. She smiled at me and I felt happy and somehow comforted and protected. I was not afraid. I was happy to find myself immersed in this beautiful light.
Probable NDE from illness.

2461. Kelly T NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4854. I then remember seeing a bright light and suddenly being up in the sky just above my parents' apartment building. I didn't feel alone. I felt the presence of an angelic light being who was with me to my right. It felt very peaceful! We hovered in the sky watching my father in sheer panic carrying my lifeless body out of the apartment building with my mother and little brother following. I saw my father place my body in the backseat of the car and saw them rush to the hospital. I then remember hearing my family's voices (parents, aunts, uncles) all calling out my name, asking me to wake up. I sensed the being that was with me giving me the okay to return to my body. I then remember darkness, hearing their voices a little louder, and then waking up in a hospital bed with my family surrounding me in tears. I woke up in complete peace, turned to my mom and said, 'Mommy! I saw an angel!'
NDE due to bacterial meningitis and seizure at age seven or eight.

2460. Shannon Probable NDE 10/16/2010. Probable NDE 4852. To me, as soon as I hit, I opened the door and stepped onto the road, no pain, holding my face. I stood under what I thought was a street lamp. Three women came and said they heard the crash. They laid me down and one kneeled at my hip level, the other at about knee level, and the third at my feet facing me. At some point, one of the women told me she was going to go get a pillow and another woman was going to call for help. I'm not sure what happened to the other woman.
Probable NDE following auto accident at age sixteen.

2459. Marnie A NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4849. I awoke in a white room. Not really a white room, but that's my best explanation. The color was a blinding, bright white room with no edges. To this day, I can see it as if it happened yesterday. Although it seemed blindingly bright, there were no lights. No sound at all, just quiet. No smells either. The best way to describe it is as if you're in a 'clean room'. Not eerie at all, just silence. It seemed the room had no beginning or end.
NDE at age five due to auto accident.

2458. Kathleen W Probable NDE 10/16/2010. Probable NDE 4846. In front of me, a distance of about ten to twelve feet, a micro-thin line appeared. It was a white, luminous line that was brighter and more beautiful than any crystal-like prism casting light; a white that made the whitest white I know of to be dull and off-colored. As the line widened just a fraction, the light became shards. Sharp, razor edged shards of light. It was so beautiful that I knew the only thing that I wanted was to go towards that opening, sure that beautiful would be an inadequate word to describe what must lie beyond that light. I could not propel myself; I felt that I no longer had limbs to walk with, to pull myself forward with, no hands, nothing. I thought in my mind 'Move forward, move yourself towards that light' and at that moment, I felt two hands pushing downward on my shoulders.
Probable NDE due to attempted suicide at age seventeen.

2457. Raven W NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4845. This is where there seems to be a skip in time or something because the next thing I knew, I could suddenly breathe again. While I remember sitting up, I don't remember seeing anyone or anything around me. I was sitting cross legged on what felt like a solid platform though I couldn't see anything above, below or around me except a solid endless white with several floating mini-televisions that had nothing but static on them. There was some white noise from the televisions but it wasn't overly loud or annoying, just there.
NDE at age six due to choking on candy.

2456. Maggie V NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4844. From Canada. The next thing I know, I was in this dark room, no else was in there with me. I felt a peacefulness and calmness that I had never encountered or experienced in my life. Once I was brought back out of this dark room, I knew that I had been somewhere where I had never been before, and know that I should never be scared in my life again to cross over. This room was black, didn't have corners, and I didn't see anyone or anything in the room. I remembered it was such a beautiful, warm room.
NDE due to heart attack. Experience occurred just a few weeks ago.

2455. Perry D Probable NDE 10/16/2010. Probable NDE 4842. I felt like my soul was being lifted out of my body. All the pain was subdued and I felt like everyone around me was in a different world. I saw a very bright light, the light was beckoning me, it wasn't like it was speaking to me, but rather, I knew what it was saying in my guts. It said, 'Let go, relax, everything is going to be okay.' There was just love everywhere; there was nothing to worry about. Then I heard my father's voice (in the ambulance at the time) talking, and I started to pray to God, I said I didn't want to die yet etc.
Probable NDE due to illness. Experience happened within the last several weeks. Contributor is fifteen years old.

2454. Cheryl B NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4839. I was in a tunnel but there were no walls as we know them. Beautiful lights of every color in the rainbow surrounded me. It was like a childhood kaleidoscope. I felt like I was moving somehow and was floating on air. I was surrounded by feelings of warmth and peace. I didn't see or hear anyone, but did feel the presence of others. I was not afraid and felt tremendous peace.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2453. Lily E NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4837. I remember thinking how there was only very small ripples on the surface of the water - how smooth and funny the water looked from that angle. Next, I was in a dark tunnel. I did not like being in this dark place. I could see light at the end. I wanted to go to the end toward the light. I experienced moving very fast, not walking or running on foot but flying almost on a current of airhead first going toward the end of the tunnel. I got to the end and I could not see anyone but 'felt' people were there. I was not afraid but felt happy and secure. I felt that I somehow knew the people, they knew me and that they cared about me. I did not walk out of the tunnel because it was so bright that I could not see anything.
NDE due to drowning at age five. Shared fifty years later.

2452. John D Probable NDE 10/16/2010. Probable NDE 4836. I told her that during my operation I went to live with God. She asked more - what happened when I went to live with God? I told her that God said I was supposed to go back and live with my Mom and Dad for a long time, before I would come back to live with him. My Mom asked if I was scared, and my response was something like, 'How could I be scared of God?'
Probable NDE at seven months during open heart surgery. Remarkable apparent remembrance of NDE several years later.

2451. Lorri B NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4835. From Canada. My dad and I were somewhere dark, felt like downstairs in my house without the lights on. I could smell my dad's cigarette and his body odor. It was wonderful - peaceful, knowing, communicative, you didn't need a mouth, loving, gentle, fun, happy, and soft, these words are so lame compared to what it was. It was right, it was perfect, it was the way it should be - it just was.
NDE due to heart attack. Experience happened one week prior to being shared.

2450. Walter W FDE 10/16/2010. FDE 4834. I really felt that I was going to die! During this brief interval, I experienced the panoramic life review phenomenon - a horizontal series of TV- or movie-like screens of what I believe were past events in my life. Though I couldn't remember the content of any of these scenes afterward, I recall that they were very detailed. The strip of pictures seemed to move past quite rapidly.
Fear-death experience during auto accident.

2449. Aharon N NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4828. From Isreal I was in a transparent, luminescent balloon of bliss, floating inside like a baby in a mother's womb. However, I saw myself what I was. I experienced a wonderful feeling of bodilessness, no burden of weight, no measure of time, distance and space. In that transcendent balloon, I was fully conscious of my being and could feel what's beyond this transparent balloon.
NDE due to heart attack. Contributor is originally from India.

2448. Raymond H NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4826. I remember very explicitly that I first went to the misty place. The sense of beauty, love, peace, and most of all completion still makes me cry whenever I remember it. I somehow felt that I was 'allowed' to say goodbye to those still on earth. I envisioned my kids and was instantly in a void. My kids were there, but without seeing, hearing, or touching. I could sense them and I knew they could sense me. I wanted to tell them that I loved them and say goodbye, but couldn't. Then I knew they understood and I turned back to the mist. Back in the mist, I was ready to let go, but suddenly the mist was retreating. I was back in the void.
NDE due to heat stroke.

2447. Sylvia S NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4824. I was going up like in a tube with bright white light not describable as any light on earth. I heard music that was so divine and had a feeling of total peace and happiness. It was a spiritual feeling like none I had ever experienced in my life. Nothing I had done on earth so far ever gave me that sense of happiness or peacefulness. I only could go up so far and then came to an abrupt stop and a strong male voice said my name. I could not see this person. He said, 'You cannot come with me, you must go back.' I pleaded saying, 'Oh please, it is so wonderful, let me stay.' He said, 'You must go back, you have babies to care for.
NDE associated with childbirth.

2446. Paul V NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4820. At first, everything went dark, totally black. I felt myself leaving out of my body. I don't remember going through any kind of tunnel or anything. I did come out of the darkness however. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes up and seeing the brightest light you could ever believe. It was all around me. The light was ten times brighter than the sun, but it did not hurt my eyes to look at it. It was the most peaceful and serene feeling a human could ever experience. Words cannot express what I felt like at that moment! I knew I was in a good place. It was a lot better than where I have been in life. What I was feeling at that moment was just overwhelming.
NDE due to electrocution.

2445. Dee H NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4816. I remember that I was floating like - because it seemed as if I was walking but yet not. I said there was this kind of bridge or walkway and I started towards it because I was drawn towards it. As I got towards the middle, I could see this beautiful park like setting and there were people standing around and talking and it was a very bright yet not in a blinding sunlight type way. The closer I got to this park type area the more wonderful I felt. I felt so over-whelmed with love and kindness and like I was going into the most loving home-like setting.
NDE due to allergic reaction during surgery.

2444. Lawanda N NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4814. From Australia The third event was when I went into early labor with my daughter. I remember her being born. I remember watching it happen, and as she was born, my partner was rushed out of the delivery room, and I followed him in to the lobby. When I got out there his mother and sister and father had arrived. I could see them as if I was looking down on them. I even watched my partner faint. I remember laughing at him because I thought he fainted from watching our daughter being born. Later I found out it was because he was told I had died.
NDEs. Clinical death at age three weeks (recovered in a morgue) and two remembered NDEs at age nine and twenty-three. Contributor is Native American.

2443. Matthew B NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4812. I went to rest my head on the table but my head slammed down. My arms and hands locked up, my body stiffened. My friend's wife was a Registered Nurse, and she was scared. They said I was trying to talk, but my jaw was clenched shut, I was trying to mutter words through my teeth: moaning like. My eyes rolled back, when they were trying to lift my head up. My friend, who is strong, could not pry my hands open or un-bend my arm. They were about to call 911. What I saw and felt was pure ecstasy. That is the only word I know of to explain it by definition. Immediately I saw the blackest black; black like space. I felt as if I had no body. I was weightless. There was no temperature. I was just conscious. The only way I have been able to explain it to friends was as if a doctor numbed your body and put you in a pool and blindfolded you with the lights off. What I felt was an enormous amount of ecstasy at first, and then I realized I was going nowhere, I was stuck, I got scarred. I was looking around in a panic. I saw a pin prick of light at the top right of the darkness. I immediately felt ecstasy again.
NDE due to passing out and likely seizure.

2442. Tony G NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4811. From the UK. I was taken to the hospital and whilst lying on the trolley, the person with me heard a mayday alert and I saw the medical team rush to me. They hurried me off to the resuscitation room. I believe it was at that time I was moving in a dark tunnel. I do not remember leaving my body but just seemed to be floating. I remember hearing a quiet rushing sound, as I progressed in the tunnel. I saw my paternal grandmother holding a little boy's hand that was standing next to her. I believe the little boy was my son who was born and lived only for two days but showed himself to me as about three years old (the age he would have been had he lived).
NDE due to accidental overdose of alcohol and medication.

2441. James C Probable NDE 10/16/2010. Probable NDE 4809. The lasting impression that I have is the feeling that I experienced when I saw the light. The feeling was that all would be okay. Up until I saw the light, I was in great turmoil because I knew I was going to die, and I did not want to die. Seeing the light somehow gave me great comfort. The light came into my view gradually, and the brighter it became, the more I lost my fear of dying. The light at first appeared to be far off in the distance. I remember looking at it with curiosity. It seemed to get brighter and closer to me, but I do not think there was a tunnel. By the time the light became so close that I felt it was becoming a part of me, I was no longer afraid. Just when my fear was gone, the light faded and I started to become aware of being in the hospital. The doctors told me that I had been resuscitated in the Recovery Room.
Probable NDE due to accident and blood loss.

2440. John J Probable NDE 10/16/2010. Probable NDE 4807. I am trying to document as much as I can in a poem format, this is the beginning as by my time in the other realm I spent several years and there is much to tell. I shall continue as I have time, but it was an experience as real as any in life I have had thus far.
NDE associated with surgery and spontaneous perforation of colon. Remarkable two years of experiences in unearthly realms.

2439. Helen W NDE 10/16/2010. NDE 4805. from New Zealand When I opened my eyes, I was in an amazing place with lots of greenery. There were trees, rolling hills, etc. I felt an overwhelming joy and freedom. I noticed a trail of sorts, sort of like a dirt track, so I started to follow it. I wasn't walking; it was more of a floating sensation. I was full of wonderment. Everything looked so amazing.
NDE from passing out.

2438. Zack J Probable NDE 4/6/2010. Probable NDE 22299. From Australia I then came into the pyramid age and was approximately twenty to thirty years of age and was employed to assist in the building of the pyramids. At the time of the pyramids the area was not a desert, it seemed very lush, I saw in detail how the pyramids were built. Again, I saw my life in a moment to moment manner and was aware of eating dinner with other workers. There was no sense that we were slaves or in the situation under duress. I left this at approximately forty years of age. from this point I flashed to Italy as a young boy and experienced each moment of my life once again to the current point of my life.
Probable NDE due to illness associated with high blood pressure.

2437. Shelley R NDE 11/8/2009. NDE 31810. I was four and had a shallow, brief near death experience. I was drowning in a pool; I felt a burst of panic as I want under the water. I remember (like it was yesterday) sinking to the bottom, looking up at the surface above me, then everything got very bright and peaceful, and next thing I knew I was above the indoor pool near the roof, watching my uncle wade through the water to where I was. He had a look of almost panic on his face, and I watched as he picked me out of the water and put me on the side of the pool. I then went back into my body and choked and gasped as my parents stood over me arguing about who was supposed to be watching me.
Multiple ADCs and an NDE.

2436. Renee W NDE 9/19/2010. NDE 22306. I was pulled backwards out of the water, but I did not feel cold or wet. I felt like I was one with the world. Just energy or air. I could see the boat, and the water getting smaller and smaller. I was amazed because I had never seen things from the sky looking down before. I felt so light and had such a wonderful sense of union and belonging.
NDE at age 5 due to drowning.

2435. Tatyana R NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4803. ultra-white and bright. It made my fear go away. At some point, I entered the light. I saw myself from above. Most importantly, I knew what had happened; it seemed I knew everything. In a profound way, I had no body weight, no emotional attachments, only the ultimate Peace. I had no questions, no wonders, NO FEARS, no regrets; I was home.
NDE due to complication during abortion.

2434. Hazel L NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4802. It was then I saw incredibly brilliant light. I hesitantly moved slightly forward and was standing in front of a person. It took my eyes a few moments to adjust and I've never felt my heart beat so wildly. The person in front of me was my mother (she had passed away less than six months before). I don't know how to describe her except to say she was glowing, not just her outward appearance, but from within. She had the most beautiful smile on her face and I couldn't believe it. Just as suddenly as I recognized her, I felt enveloped in the most comforting warmth of love. I don't know of any words to describe it, other than it was all-encompassing.
NDE due to complications of surgery.

2433. Cara A NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4801. I was outside of the physical world entirely, outside of time and space. I could see not with eyes but through sensing. I was enveloped in the Light. I felt unconditional love, peace and joy to an extent that can never be felt or experienced here. I was one with the Light. I was whole. I was home. No bad or evil exist there. There is no pain, no hunger, no thirst, no suffering, no struggle, no baggage, no illness, etc. I sensed there were many and that we were all one, one with each other and one with the Light in perfect Holy Communion with the Light. I felt such awe, love, peace, and joy. I felt no passing of time.
NDE due to criminal attack.

2432. Randy M NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4799. While scuba diving, I ran out of air and stopped breathing for five-plus minutes. During which time, I saw and spoke to my dead grandfather in a very bright light, after holding his hand and walking he let me go and said he would see me again in the future.
NDE due to scuba diving accident with loss of air.

2431. Don NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4798. While floating above my body, I looked at my hands and they were there. I had a body. I could hear the men in the room saying 'He sure is young to have to die.' I tried to tell them I'm not dead. But they could not hear me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small light coming at me or I was going to it. As the light got closer to me, I began to feel love. As the light got closer, in the light was a man. He said, 'What are you doing here?' He called me by my name. The light was around him and me; it was a pure feeling of love. I asked him, 'Who are you?' He said, 'I'm your brother.' It looked like he was surprised that I was there and of the question.
NDE due to illness at age twelve.

2430. Rob S NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4797. While in this out-of-life 'experience,' I found myself at once in what seemed to be Heaven. It was infinite, as though there was no limit. It was a VERY light bluish in its unlimited scope, and there were a gathering of spirits on my left and a few in front, including one in particular who I surprisingly recognized as my father who appeared healthier and younger than I even had known him to be. He was, as were the others, totally spirits, without body form, as though 'friendly ghosts'. They showed no emotion or expression, as though awaiting the outcome of my presence.
NDE due to cardiac arrest after surgery.

2429. Angel NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4794. Apparently, it all happened quite fast but to me it felt like it happened over hours. I was calm and then after they gave both doses of medicine with no response somehow I suddenly realized I wasn't 'done' here and I begged 'God' to let me stay. I told 'Him' that if 'He' let me stay that I would do something really good with my life and that I would fight to survive my Lyme disease. I felt like I was 'hugged.'
NDE from intensive care unit nurse due to illness.

2428. Charles T NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4793. I sensed evil around me and even though I thought I could move about, I froze because of fear. I thought I was alone until I saw three demon like figures standing by my feet and talking in three different languages. I was laying on a cold slab in a dark chamber of what I found out later to be Hell. While the demons were talking and looking down at me, there was a tiny light coming from behind them and I could see their silhouettes. They were about three to four feet high with skinny bodies, arms, and legs. The light behind them was getting bigger and closer so I quit looking at the demons and concentrated on the light. Because of an earlier experience in my life, I knew the light to be Jesus Christ. He engulfed me in His light and took my spirit and soul out of Hell and replaced them in my physical body in order to live again.
NDE due to cardiac arrest with a frightening visit to hell.

2427. Michael F Probable NDE 10/11/2010. Probable NDE 4792. There were no bright lights like you see in the movies. In fact, once I moved through the ceiling, I was immediately standing inside a huge room with a very high ceiling. I was facing what appeared to be a dozen or so very hard wooden pews/podiums and behind each pew there was a man in a hooded garment and the faces although discernible were not well lit, kind of like a monk in the monastery.
Probable NDE due to stabbing at age fifteen.

2426. Randall C NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4788. Well at the instant she turned off my device my heart stopped beating. At that same instant I went into a dark place, I had a feeling of complete peace and contentment and a kind of mild euphoria.
NDE due to accidental stoppage of pacemaker that was necessary to keep his heart beating.

2425. Ben F FDE 10/11/2010. FDE 4786. Just to give you an example of how strange time became during the accident - during the first roll of the car the windows blew out and the safety glass in car windows shatter into little cubes that fly everywhere. During my experience, time went so slow that I could follow the individual cubes of glass as they traveled through the air. The car was spinning wildly at a hundred km an hour or more but it was like a scene in the movie 'The Matrix'. (Gave me chills when I first saw this movie because the scenes where time slows down reminded me of the experience I had during the accident.) During the accident I felt like I could have stopped time at will and plucked one of those glass cubes out of the air and put it in my pocket, it was extremely bizarre.
Fear-death experience during auto accident.

2424. Lawrence B NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4785. From the UK. As I looked on in amazement, a cinema screen appeared in front of me. I saw myself in a film of myself. It started when I was about five years old onwards, showing all the details from childhood right through to old age... After a while the screen vanished and I floated back down to the floor. The two beings said again in unison 'Do you want to go through the gate Lawrence? Because if you do, you won't be able to go back.
NDE due to apparent medication error.

2423. Nathan B NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4783. From the UK. During my experience, it started as an outer body one, I was sat on the bed next to the one I was lying on watching myself being resuscitated. Then I was being pulled by my shoulders from behind. I turned my head to look and all I could see was darkness as if I was being taken into a dark cave. Then I remember as if I was roaming in this dark place with some small almost flash memories of other things, not people but (don't know hard to explain) I remember that it felt as if I was there for a very long time.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2421. Jackie D NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4778. From Australia OHe stood at the left side of the end of my bed, and I must have been talking too much (as I do), because he interrupted me in a slightly impatient voice, by saying, 'Jackie, you have to make up your mind, are you coming or not??' He used a 'tone' that he always used when I wouldn't get up at 5:00 am in the middle of winter to attend swimming training, after begging him the night before to wake me! This was in my primary school age. I 'ummed' and 'arhed' and finally said 'I better not!' Before I could tell him why, he was gone.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2420. Sandra V NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4775. I awoke and I was looking down over my body. I remember thinking, 'I don't see a white light like I had heard that people saw.' I was at peace. It was as though I was in the clouds and floating away. The higher I got I felt the same peaceful feeling. Then I looked back at my body and was desperately trying to make one limb move; my hand first.
NDE due to overdose of aspirin.

2419. Scott S NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4772. All I can say is that they were familiar - but yet, more than familiar. They were loved by me. I knew that I loved them and that they loved me. I try so hard every day to try to figure out who they were, but I can't. They made me feel so welcome. It was an indescribable feeling. It was love, par excellence - and I didn't even know, exactly, who they were.
NDE due to strangulation.

2418. Jane C NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4771. I gave birth to my first son. On the sixth day after delivery I hemorrhaged and was admitted to hospital. While waiting for cross match blood to be completed, I began to feel lightheaded. My hands to my ears the last thing I remember saying was that I had a terrible ringing in my ears. My physician told me later, that I had no pulse and no respiration. I remember being in the most beautiful white light. It was all encompassing and warm. In the white light with me was a holy being that seemed to me to be God or Christ. We communicated telepathically and even though I wanted to remain where I was, I cried out to this being that I must go; I had a baby that needed me. With this, I feel I was allowed to come back into my body in what seemed to be an instant and I was back in my hospital bed.
NDE due to hemorrhage after childbirth.

2417. Ben M NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4769. All around me was light that cannot be described properly with words. It was good and warm but not like heat. It was thick and textured but not like fog or smoke. I started to understand and my mind was clearing when I began to move forward toward what seemed to be an outline of something ahead very hard to describe; not really clear. Then I found myself back lying down with a male nurse slapping my cheek and asking me if I was okay. He then asked, 'Did you see anything?' I was overwhelmed with the experience and answered with, 'I just had a dream.'
NDE due to cardiac arrest during cardiac angiography.

2416. Mary NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4766. I looked down at myself for a long time, but I don't think it was that long in real world-time. I have no idea how long I was out. I was up next to the light, and although from the dark place my home was down diagonally, my tube-vision from next to the light was straight down. Okay, where was I - so once I knew I had to breathe I very quickly decided I wasn't ready to go. It was decided instantly like a 'yes or no' question, like a 'let's go team' as a sports game begins - and I was in my body again, down below. I forced myself to breathe and couldn't yet feel my body.
NDE due to illness and passing out.

2415. Molly M NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4762. I saw so many people I knew throughout my life. My grandmother was the one who greeted me. She said 'Hello Molly' and I felt love from her. She said for me to put this little Angel costume on and I'll show you around to everyone. So we went flying.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

2414. Todd I NDE 10/11/2010 & 8/6/2011. NDE 4761/5293. It was free of stress, free of unhappiness, it was just 'better'. Even as I read what I'm typing, I know it sounds crazy but it's also so true. I remember looking in to the face of the women with me, not her face so much, but she had blue eyes. They spoke so much to me. They were telling me in my head that it was OK to go through. Just as suddenly, not so much exact words like 'it's not your time' or 'you aren't ready' but a feeling of both.
NDE due to heart attack, delayed memory.

2413. Jon L NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4759. Next, I saw that I was standing beside my bed and looking at myself lying there. I was several feet away. Then, I heard a nurse screaming repeatedly, 'Hey! I'm not getting a breath here!' She keep yelling loudly and repeating the statement. Even though I seemed to know it was going to hurt, I decided just to take one breath just to get her to be quiet. When I did, I immediately returned to life experiencing a lot of pain and being angry with the nurse for making me come back to pain and earthly problems and experiences. There should be absolutely no fear of death.
Heart attack. Likely hallucinatory experience followed by NDE.

2412. Carmen M NDE 10/11/2010. NDE 4757. For a long time I felt like I was walking in a black tunnel and no way out. The next thing I remember is looking up into a face of a man - he's trying to talk to me. I don't feel like I am in my body but hovering or disconnected from it somehow - I felt nothing - no pain, nothing, just peace. I looked past him and saw my car a few yards away and there were many people standing around looking at me or looking at the car. Then I went back into the tunnel - pitch black.
NDE due to auto accident.

2411. Stacy S NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4756. The scene below me is bright and vivid with lots of activity. It is like I am looking through a transparent and translucent membrane at live theater, but I am not emotionally connected to it other than I am curious and interested. All around and above me is black, a void, I look over to my right and see a long dark tunnel leading off into infinity. In the farthest reaches of this tunnel, I see a small, singular bright light. In the front of the tunnel are two figures, my grandparents, both dead for many years. A Voice asks me a question. The voice comes from everywhere, inside me, around me, back in time, forward in time, everywhere. It says: 'ARE YOU FINISHED?'
NDE due to seizure.

2410. Jeff Probable NDE 10/10/2010. Probable NDE 4754. I noticed a light. It seemed far away but was getting bigger. I'm not sure if I was going to it or it was coming to me, it was so dark and there was no way to judge it. As the light got closer I could see people around me, I didn't recognize them and they didn't seem to know I was there. The light got close to me, it was just a ball of light but it seemed intelligent I asked it, 'Am I dead?' and it responded, 'Yes.' I asked where I was and it said, 'You created all this darkness with your depression and anger.' I said, 'If I am dead, where are my grandparents?' The light responded, 'They are around you. They are always around you.'
Probable NDE due to overdose of alcohol and pain medication.

2409. Pamela B NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4752. We went through a light tunnel together - Gabriel on one side and Raph'l on the other. I can't describe how we were traveling. It wasn't like we see movies depict people flying. It was an energy travel - like we set our intention and away we went. The feeling of lightness was truly incredible. It was such a relief to be outside my body. We came to a place that I can only describe as pure love. It wasn't said or verbally expressed. It just WAS. The energy could be seen everywhere - glowing, ethereal beauty. Seeing was very different there. Things were vividly alive with energy. I was told that I had a choice - I could stay or I could go back, but if I went back, I had to promise to help others understand and reclaim their spiritual selves.
NDE due to brain hemorrhage due to trauma.

2408. Mandy C FDE 10/10/2010. FDE 4750. At that moment, I lost all sense of being there in my body in that room with that person. I was traveling through a great black void, like outer space, at a tremendous speed. I had no sense of body, just the essence of my being hurling through this velvety void. In the very far distance, I could see a single speck of light, like a very bright star. There was no other light in this void. I was speeding towards that light through the deep blackness of this void. This blackness was enfolding me, comforting me, offering me complete safety as I hurled through it. I knew that the light I was speeding towards contained every good, beautiful and pure thing. I had nothing to fear, I was safe and cared for. The light, although it looked only like a star in the night sky, was beautiful and I knew that was where I belonged and longed to be.
Fear-death experience due to criminal attack.

2407. Hollie M Probable NDE 10/10/2010. Probable NDE 4748. While in this place, I began walking toward this tree and my guardian Angel came to me. She spoke not with her mouth but clearly in my head. She said, 'You need to stop and wait.' I kept looking past her and moved around her to get to this tree. Her voice came more forcefully, 'Remember.' She held up her hand and on each one of her fingers there was a moving photo of my four children and she said remember them you have to wait.
Probable NDE due to surgical complication.

2406. Janine P NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4747. From Canada. An ex tried to kill me because he had to go back to jail. My daughters were in the apartment and walked into the bedroom were I lay blue! If it was not for them I WOULD NOT BE HERE!!!... You know when you look in the clear bright blue sky and see some fluffy white clouds - I was in those clouds. The peace and serenity I felt is something I will never forget!! I saw a dark figure in the distance (I believe it was my dad) and the voice said, 'It's not your time you have things to do, it's not your time you have to go back.'
NDE due to criminal assault with ‘overdose’ from ex.

2405. Kathy K NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4746. I was very interested in my body on the operating table. I had no clothes on but I had no fear. I only felt peace, such peace. I felt no pain, no worries, just peace. I know I was floating above my body. I did not want to go back. I wanted to stay but something said, 'Remember your children,' and 'Your time is not finished, you must go back.'
NDE due to infection after surgery.

2404. MS NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4745. I felt a pull that I couldn't break from. I was moving fast. I was going through a dark hallway. I could hear other voices of people, I didn't know whom they were, and I was frightened. The voices of the people sounded like they were confused and didn't understand what was happening to them. I didn't get to travel very far, but I remember it being dark and feeling afraid. I looked at myself but there was nothing physical to see, but I knew I was looking at myself. As I was traveling I heard my mother sobbing and I turned around and a few feet away, I saw myself lying on the floor lifeless and my mother crying over me. Suddenly a voice said to me, a voice that I could hear only in my head, 'If you continue you can never return.'
NDE at age five due to faint.

2403. Rachel P NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4744. I could see the top of my shoulders. It was as if I had been jolted out of my body (but not entirely removed from it). I said a quick prayer 'forgive me for my sins' and felt a wisp of air go by my face that seemed to signify (as my mind interpreted it then) the sum of my life. I had always thought people had 'video replays' of certain moments in their life before or during dying but all I felt was a very quick sensation. Then I experienced a very strong feeling of curiosity - that within the next few moments I was going to find out what happened to a person after they died.
NDE due to auto accident.

2402. Karen P NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4742. I seemed to be sitting up or standing and I was surrounded by a brilliant white fog. I felt a gentle breeze blowing on me. At that time, I felt the most wonderful peace that I have ever felt and I didn't have any fear. There wasn't any tunnel and I wasn't aware of my deceased relatives or anyone else, just the peace and euphoria. Then, suddenly, I was back in my body and the pain and low light of the hospital room came back as before.
NDE due to hemorrhage after emergency c'sarian section.

2401. Cheryl N NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4741. I felt I was connected to a whole, like I was home again. It seemed to be some sort of energy is the best way I can describe it. Then I seemed to be traveling, soaring over snow-capped mountaintops, as an eagle would do. I got this distinct impression. It was magnificent and beautiful.
NDE from pneumonia.

2400. Marianne D Mother NDE 10/10/2010. Second-hand NDE 4740. She said she recalled that all of the pain disappeared, and that she was floating above her body, as if at the ceiling, and watching as her husband, my dad, held her hand and tried to talk to her and cried. Despite the disturbing scene, she said she felt serene. She felt sorry for him, but felt so peaceful and detached. She then turned and saw a very brilliant brightness, and a path that wound, sort of side to side, upward. Red rose bushes lined the path. The colors were more brilliant than normal, she said. She said she was told she had to go back, but did not really want to go back. She just wanted to keep going up that path.
Daughter shares her mother’s NDE that happened forty-six years ago. Mother died three weeks ago.

2399. Ben NDE 5/30/2009 & 7/17/2010. NDE 22088/4737. Then I had another heart attack in December of 2007. That's when I had the out of body experience when I was on the operating table. I watched them take off my socks and my pants. Then I saw my wife (she has gray hair now) but when I saw her, she had black hair like she had when we met. Then I saw the white light. It was the brightest light I ever saw.
NDE after heart attack during surgery to place cardiac stents.

2398. Sid M Probable NDE 10/10/2010. Probable NDE 4736. From Canada. I knew I was before God in total darkness and that God was blocking my entrance into heaven. I desperately wanted into heaven but on an intuitive rather than rational level. At this time, I was happily married with two very small children and a family very dependent on my career yet the 'pull' of heaven was very powerful. I pleaded for entrance but the voice of God said, 'No, not yet!'
Probable NDE due to auto accident.

2397. Mat Y NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4734. When I 'came around' it was just like waking up in a completely pitch black room, except it felt like I was, but wasn't there. I couldn't really feel anything, like I had no body, and as a result not have any sensory input for a sense of touch. After a minute, a man spoke to me, but it sounded like an amplified thought in my head. It was very prominent, but not overpowering, and sounded like a polite grandfather. He said, 'You know why you're here?'
Cycle crash.

2396. Aaron E NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4733. As my soul was leaving my body, I felt at peace. Than I saw myself kneeling in front of a light. I wasn't scared, I was just asking for mercy. This was after my body was at a cold still. I had heard a voice calling to me and it is still stuck in my head. The voice had said to me 'Not your time.'
NDE due to head trauma with broken neck vertebrate at age 13.

2395. Deborah G NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4731. I remember leaving my body. I saw doctors and nurses around my parents and me in the hall. I saw and heard the doctor talk to my parents and tell them for one of your daughters we were able to pump her stomach; but your other daughter we could not and she has passed. While this was happening, I left the area of my body and there was Jesus; he put out his hand, I grabbed it, and we start walking to this light. All communication between us was not speaking with our mouths, but with our minds. He said my child you have a choice you may come with me into the light and go home or you may return.
NDE at age three from overdose of aspirin.

2394. Scott C NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4730. I saw everything happen like I was floating so to speak above (my wife confirmed as I told her about the conversation herself and an emergency medical technician was having in the other part of the house as I was being worked on). I talked to a person whom I did not know, I can't be sure but it seems that I had a choice, to stay or come back, I wasn't scared even though at the time I didn't believe in God or anything of that nature I was sure at the time this life wasn't the only thing we have.
NDE due to seizures.

2393. Mickiel B NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4729. As time went on I became very happy, filled with joy. It was extremely dark, no sound no senses, nothing except my mind. I was not concerned about my family or anything. My thoughts were, I have died, and I will be the first in my extended family to find out what comes after death. I was so happy. I began to leave my body when slam I was back in my body with pain, and hurt and worry.
NDE due to heart attack.

2392. Scott S NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4727. At the hospital, I went into ventricular tachycardia and passed out. Immediately I went through a tunnel. It looked like I was flying a million miles an hour through fireworks. I felt no fear, only peace. I then remember being resuscitated and waking up from a very peaceful infinite void. Once I was stabilized and in my room I received a message that I did not meet the being of light because 'I needed to figure out some things for myself, and the answers would not be just handed to me.'
NDE due to heart attack.

2391. Thea Relative NDE 10/10/2010. Second-hand NDE 4726. From India. I would like to share the NDE of my father's aunt. She was very ill and at that time, she was in a coma. My grandma was taking care of her and one night she was sleeping with her. My grandma had a dream and in her dream, she saw aunt sleeping on her side. Aunt was sleeping on her back from many months as she was in coma so her dream indicated that she came out of coma. The next morning Aunt came back from coma and told my grandma that it was very nice up there and she met with her husband. Her husband was so mad because it was not her time and asked her to come back. After a few days, when my grandma asked her again, she didn't remember anything. She lived a long life after that.
Experience Second person NDE vs other.

2390. Mary M NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4725. I am laughing without a body, I am still here!!! Then I was in a black place of no light, a void. I was concerned but not scared. Then I felt a rushing feeling and into the brightest most beautiful, loving light. Words cannot describe the love I felt. I said I want to stay here forever. I felt several presences in front of me, but I all I saw was light - I was the light. They said, 'You cannot stay here.'
NDE due to unconsciousness following delivery.

2389. Richard W NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4724. From the UK. Unlike the previous four months, my mind was suddenly at peace. There was no anxiety. There was no confusion, just peace. I was floating about fifteen feet above my house looking around. I could do whatever I wanted to, I didn't have to turn to look at something; I just had to be curious about it. I remember looking at the window I had climbed out of and hearing people inside talking about me. They couldn't find me. They did not think I had climbed out of the window because the window was shut. I could hear every word they said. I did not see or care about my own body on the ground. It did not feel it was part of me.
NDE due to suicide attempt related to mental illness. Remarkable account of healing.

2388. Sara NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4723. My body felt very light, and I realized that I was moving upwards with no effort or intent on my part. I didn't feel scared, merely intensely curious as to where this was going. I remember feeling so good. So light. I felt euphoric and playful. I had energy that I hadn't ever had, but not in my normal, hyperactive way. Normally, excess energy made me feel antsy, anxious, irritated, silly, and out of control. I was totally in control, and this energy felt good and right. I wasn't feeling attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) energy. This was something else. When I looked back down, I could see my own naked body on the hospital gurney, and the medical staff running around, working on me in what looked like a panic.
NDE at age four during spinal tap to diagnose meningitis.

2387. Fred G NDE 10/10/2010. NDE 4722. I experienced nothing but pure love from God. Finally God started telling me that I had to go back and I moved back away from God when He said the word 'back.' I started pleading with God to stay. God told me that I could not come into heaven in the condition which I was in. For I was strung out on drugs and alcohol. God said again that I must go back, and I moved further away, still pleading to stay.
NDE due to unconsciousness from unknown cause.

2386. Amy C NDE 10/9/2010. NDE 4720. I did not have an experience of seeing God as an 'old man in a big white robe, sitting on a throne,' although, that was the most prominent image I might have held in my mind, formerly. At NDE, God was the Mind, or maybe I'd say, 'The Order' in all things. God felt to be the Supreme Highest Vibration and Frequency, that felt like more of an ESSENCE than an old man, to me. I still feel God is ineffable. God was all around and in everything. God no longer felt male to me. I didn't sense a gender, if there was one. The idea of that just seemed silly from the Other Side. God was just all that is beautiful and peaceful and One, and all that is Good.
NDE due to allergic reaction. Among the most profound NDEs ever shared with NDERF. This one is recommended to be read by everyone!

2385. Paul B Probable NDE 10/9/2010. Probable NDE 4714. From the UK. I slipped out, that is I wasn't connected to my body. The discomfort in my throat (it was never painful) was gone. My first thought was, that's it I'm dead, only I'm not dead, I feel okay, I can see, I still can't breathe. Just then a voice that seemed to come from my head (it wasn't a voice more like a thought that didn't seem to be mine) said, 'You don't need to breathe, you're body needs to breathe, you don't!' That makes sense I thought. When this event occurred, I was never frightened but I was in a state of shock that I would think would be normal. Then I thought what have I got left, that is I had better try and move something. Believe me, I hadn't even blinked, maybe it was the shock. I was just figuring out what part of me I should try to move when I was back in my body.
Probable NDE from respiratory distress due to allergic reaction.