Archives 7-1-2007/12-31-2007 pt. 2

1423. Rich B NDE 3/31/2007. NDE 202. I came to later back in my bed angry that I had been so close and had been saved. There was still a sense of connection with that wonderful place I had just been and I took a risk and initiated a reconnection. This time I was challenged to make an accounting of myself before I could proceed. I was defiant, angry, and only wanted oblivion. In spite of this, I was then given a choice of what my future existence would be. I chose to return and complete any unfinished business I still had with those dependent on me (my family mostly). As this was considered a worthwhile task, I was guided toward the light by one of the feathery entities that were active around the light. Some sort of healing process then took place and I returned to my body feeling both wonderful and sad at having to let go of that love and acceptance in the light.
NDE from surgery complications.

1422. Burnie A NDE 12/31/2007. NDE 205. From Canada When I was unconscious I felt like I was watching a play, I was traveling to different places, some fields, riverbeds, my home.
NDE from suicide attempt.

1421. Henrietta N Probable NDE 12/31/2007. Probable NDE 207. I saw the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ, Blessed Virgin Mother, my parents, and the doctor's wife who operated on me the conversation went as this. Jesus said to me, My little one, I will send a son to you in my time. I will also send the doctor a young lady to help him with his four children. And that I must return to earth to take care of the three children He has given me. My mom and dad hugged and kissed me. They talked to me too. Words of missing one another were expressed. The doctor's wife, gave a message to the doctor, her earthly husband, and told me to tell him how much she misses him and loves him and misses her children.
No experience, but from her answers this is a probable NDE from surgery complications.

1420. Sam B Probable NDE 12/31/2007. Probable NDE 210. From the UK That's when I was in the tunnel. I was myself lying on my back as though I was standing alongside my body. As I lay there looking up into the light it was a CALM feeling -- no fear whatsoever, just calm and an understanding of what was happening. As I stood there, I could see myself slowly rising up staring right into the light. Wow I can see it just like yesterday!!!
Probable NDE from an illness.

1419. James B NDE 12/31/2007. NDE 214. I remember being drawn toward a warm and lighted place, and thoughts and ideas were being imparted to me as though people were talking to me, yet there were no faces. I felt safe and secure as I progressed toward the light, then, as though I was being yanked back on a bungee cord, I was pulled backwards into total darkness and I knew that I was scared, naked, and cold. I ran, but I did not know what I was running from. I ran off the end of a cliff or precipice of some sort and as I fell, it became lighter and I began to develop panoramic eyesight like a raptor. As I fell further, I finally took flight, and I saw far below me the body of a Native American woman lying face down in the dirt. I flew down to her, rolled her over, and a great white bird rose out of her body and flew away, and I then went to ashes, much like a Phoenix.
NDE from a car accident. Experiencer has a PhD in Philosophy and Religion.

1418. David R NDE 12/31/2007. NDE 215. There is not much to tell really. I was in an open box, enveloped in darkness while still able to see around me, faced with a choice of going towards multiple lights in front of me or staying where I was. I chose to stay here because I believed that whomever I was in contact with was telling me to go back because I was needed in this lifetime. I believe that I talked with the highest plane of consciousness that any human could ever hope to attain and spoke with many different people from the past who were attempting to tell me what I needed to know to finish my job here on earth.
NDE from heart attack.

1417. Walter G NDE 12/29/2007. NDE 2815. From Italy. Original in Italian Translated into English by Amy. I realized then that I was dead. But that didn't bother me. Slowly but surely the meaning of the physical world became irrelevant. And it was as if I was forgetting who I was, and whom I had been. In an instant, something happened. I saw myself in my mother's womb two months before my birth, I had a desire to eat fruit, I remember very well my life review, it went on until my death, aromas, perfumes, sensations, forgotten memories, when I was suckling, everything in a short moment. It seems that in that state time does not exist. I was definitely in another spiritual dimension.
NDE from lightening.

1416. Charlene P NDE 12/28/2007. NDE 3434. It was so overwhelming and I felt this love that I remembered but never felt here. I was drawn toward it, feeling so much love and acceptance. It was bright, but it did not hurt. I felt I was actually part of it. I knew whatever I wanted to know, although I cannot remember it now. I seen others there that I knew and knew me, but I do not know how I knew them or they knew me. I was told by telepathy that I am done here if I want to be done here or I could return.
NDE due to post-surgical complications.

1415. Cindy S NDE 12/28/2007. NDE 3428. All that I remember, because I was so young, is seeing my daddy on the ground holding me in his arms. It was like I was standing above him watching.
NDE at age two due to car running over her, including her head.

1414. Kitty W NDE 12/28/2007. NDE 3427. I had left the Hospital through the ceiling and found myself in an indescribable place of light and mist and beautiful sound. I felt warmth, love, and the blood in my veins turning to warm honey and a sense of Peace and Belonging beyond description. Next, I found myself lying on my back in sweet smelling fresh grass beside a pond, surrounded by indescribable flowers and foliage. There was a small water fall and swans there. After a while, I noticed a man nearby with silver hair and incandescent skin. He appeared to be glowing, but other than that, he looked normal. I did not recognize him, but felt we were old friends. We talked about a time when we were in Kansas in the 1850's and laughed about my, 'spectacles'. He told me I couldn't stay there - I was just beginning my Path. He said he would come to me in the future on Earth when the time was right and he would have 'what I needed'.
NDE due to allergic reaction.

1413. Hanne B NDE 12/18/2007. NDE 3426. From Malta. The 'scene' disappeared as I was zooming out and up, the rooftops and chimneys went out of sight, and the next 'thing' I remember (vividly!) is that I was between thousands of stars and spiraling galaxies they were All Around 'me' and I was part of the Whole. (I did not know back then, what a galaxy was, let alone a spiraling one.) I felt One and All Consciousness and extremely happy. The night sky around me was the most beautiful Royal Blue and I was 'clad' in a 'floating garment' with a long, pointed hat on my 'head', which was pure light. When I moved my 'hands', stars would spring from them and join the rest on the firmament.
NDE at age three in Denmark. Shared sixty-four years later. NDEr is a retired dentist.

1412. Debbie E NDE 12/28/2007. NDE 3420. I was out drinking with my ex-boyfriend and we were driving in his car after we left the bar. An argument took place during a heated discussion. (Three years later, I still can't remember what we were arguing about!) After this took place, I found myself in a dark tunnel with a bright light gradually coming toward me. I then saw my mother who passed away in the year 2000. She was in front of the light. We were communicating through each other's minds, not verbally. We can understand one another I remember, but I don't have any memory of what was said. I just remember me feeling a floating sensation, not being in my physical body. I didn't like the look my mother had; it was a look of fear. I got that same look when she was alive at times; she had worry and disappointment in her eyes. She tilted her head down and kept her eyes staring straight in line with mine.
NDE due to accident with head trauma

1411. David A Probable NDE 6/17/2000. Probable NDE 216. Then I saw children laughing and playing, and teenagers talking with each other, and young people going through experiences and learning from them. I saw them becoming old and calming down from their worries and finding peace, which made them happy. I said, 'This is what I want; a life in a human body with the ability to taste, touch and feel, smell, and see, and especially the knowledge between good and bad.
Told as a dream, but looks like it could be an NDE from the bad accident.

1410. Stephanie S NDE 12/17/2007. NDE 220. From the UK My twin sister came to visit me and I was in shock for two days. All I knew was that I now had the knowledge that we don't die and that there is a wonderful peace and knowing when we do. I was distraught and it took me nearly two years to want to live as all I wanted to do was die and couldn't understand why they had sent me back.
Allergic reaction and heart attack.

1409. Nancy M NDE 12/17/2007. NDE 221. The nurse asked me if I felt dizzy or nauseous. I stood up and said that I felt a little nauseous. That is my last conscious thought until I was jerked back and found the code team standing around the bed. In that brief period while I was gone, I saw three or four people standing in the upper left hand corner of what I first described as a TV screen. My field of vision was more like a box. I could not recognize their faces, but they were all tall and slender. They had dark hair and the woman, at least, was dressed in a style that made me think of the 1940's. I have been in on several codes and know how this hospital runs them, and these beings were not the code team. The nurse gave me a copy of my tracing showing the asystole.
Asystole after angioplasty. Saw several people standing near.

1408. Arlene H NDE 12/17/2007. NDE 222. I remember the overwhelming feeling of calmness and very peaceful. The most I remember is how peaceful I felt. Then the next thing I knew I was looking down on people as if I was up in the air looking down. There were people crowded around someone on the ground. The lady was very pretty and she was giving someone mouth to mouth at the pool. It was like watching TV. Then I looked closer and realized that was ME. I started to feel scared but not attached to that person. I saw my mom crying and the lady said if she doesn't wake up we will have to give her this shot. Well that is all it took for me. All of a sudden I was back in my body and saying please don't give me a shot.
Child drowning NDE.

1407. Jeana B NDE 12/17/2007. NDE 223. The next thing I knew my sight came back again and I saw my friend on the phone calling 911 and telling the person on the line that I was female and had been shot in the head. He looked so lost and afraid. I wanted to reach out to him so bad and tell him I was all right and never felt any pain and was at peace, but I could not. Again I had thought, is this what it's like to die. I thought I was going to see myself at my own funeral and actually be buried while I was in this state. Once again, I slipped into the darkness and felt so at peace with the darkness around me and actually saw the image of a hand through the darkness come at me and my soul turned around and I felt this hand push me away from behind. I truly believe this was my guardian angel. As I was turned away, I found that I was falling back at the speed of light. I had re-entered my body and felt as if I was reborn again. My body was taking its first breath and I woke up in a state of shock gasping for air and kicking the paramedics around me. I felt as if my soul had given my body life once again.
NDE from gun accident.

1405. William R NDE 12/17/2007. NDE 232. All around me were other life forms being pulled up. I could see the end of the tube and it shined very brightly with white light. I kept going faster and faster until I flew out the end into space. There were stars all around, a groaning sound, I was cold, and I felt absolute bliss. I had a body, but it didn't have definition; a hand, but no fingers; legs and feet, but no toes. Somehow I was drawn to this area where I could see life forms of all kinds, some even looked like elephants. They kept passing in front of me until a dark haired human being stopped in front of me and introduced himself as my entrance into the records of all time, everything that has ever happened, or is going to happen. The library of all existing knowledge for all of God's creatures. He shared all kinds of information with me, and even let me see other lifetimes I will be experiencing. I was given the choice to leave life on earth and continue on, or, he recommended I return to earth and complete this life cycle. He said it was important to complete each lifetime and its teachings before going on.
Teenage suicide attempt.

1404. Amy J NDE 12/17/2007. NDE 234. I became aware of being in a space filled with bright golden yellow light, with the feeling you get if you walk into a party where no one expected you and everyone stops and turns to look at you, as if to say, 'What are you doing here?' I couldn't see anything because the light was so bright but could sense others around me moving forward in one direction. I was not moving and felt like I had just stuck my head and shoulders up through a hole in the floor to see what was going on. At first I fought it (don't ask me what 'it' was, I think I was just being stubborn), but I remember thinking 'Hey, this isn't so bad!' I felt very warm (the inside kind and physically) and peaceful and safe. I felt like everything before just kind of came together to put me at this place where I was supposed to be. Just as I was starting to accept all this, it was like I was sucked up by a vacuum and it was gone, I was in darkness with no sense of having a real body but could hear my sister's voice.
Pneumonia/sepsis/stopped breathing. OBE portion of the NDE.

1403. Linda R NDE 12/17/2007. NDE 237. This wasn't the same person that was with me in the tunnel. I knew this because his presence was most definitely male. He was dressed in a long white gown and had shoulder length hair; only his was lighter than the first person's was. He guided me to a marble bench just outside of the garden where we sat down to talk. He told me things that I cannot remember now but he told me that I would remember what we spoke about when the time was right. And then he said that it was not my time to be there and that I needed to return to my family. Afterward, I felt as though I had spoken with Jesus.
NDE from post-birth complications. Spoke with Jesus.

1402. Christine S NDE 12/17/2007. NDE 238. There was a point when I knew that I was dead. I remember seeing car headlights and knowing that they were angels. I felt absolute total and complete ecstasy and an intense thankfulness that Heaven was real, that I was eternal and would absolutely never die. I was hearing bits and pieces of music, 'Thought I'd died and gone to heaven.' 'I want to lay you down on a bed of roses, while tonight I sleep on a bed of nails, I want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost is.' The experience is still very foggy in many ways for me. The intense (it was SO intense that I can't find strong enough words to describe!) feelings of ecstasy I had, involved knowledge on every level that I would be One with my husband, Kevin, and with our children, families and friends for all of eternity, and I was so thankful to God that eternity was real!! As I said, the feeling was so intense at one point that it is impossible to adequately describe, but that is the part where I knew that my husband and I would be together in heaven with our babies, friends and families always and that we would never feel any kind of pain again.
NDE from Auto Accident. Life review. Highly disjointed and hard to understand. Multiple other parts of experience some of which are seemingly borderline lucid.

1401. Suzanne B NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 239. From Australia I had always been 'aware' of things that most people weren't. When I was a child an older lady would 'come and get me' and show me things. I saw 'televisions with pictures that could be controlled by an operator' -- I know these to be computers now. I met with 'beings' that looked a lot like the drawings that I have seen of 'aliens'. I have had an uncanny sense of the 'departed' and can sum up a person within minutes of meeting with them. I can sense their pain and fear levels. I can unravel their minds for them, in a short conversation. These skills became 'more' after my experience.
NDE after a car accident.

1400. Daniel A NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 241. This seemed to be a natural progression; there was an automatic review of my entire life -- every event ever experienced complete with emotions (but viewed objectively) -- rolling in front and around like a panoramic movie. From birth to death, in a linear fashion, observed without sadness or remorse. Yet in 'earth time', it only took (in my best estimation) a quarter second. Yet it seemed to be weeks spent replaying my life. Once it was complete, there were a few more automatic 'instructions' but then I became immersed in infinite peace, bliss, and ecstasy. Unimaginable love; understanding so great, powerful; so awesome as to be humanly incomprehensible.
Heart stopped.

1399. Kessie P Probable NDE 12/16/2007. Probable NDE 244. The next thing I remember was my heart pounding so hard I could hear it and feel it. It woke me up, my eyes were open and I was so scared. Then it stopped beating and I was pulled incredibly fast through this dark tunnel toward a bright light. I felt there was someone beside me. I was scared; I knew it was not a dream. Then suddenly I felt as if I was dropped back onto the floor.
Probable NDE from pain after a car accident.

1398. Mort J NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 246. I was standing across the room watching them work on me... A beautiful amber glow... I was told not to step through the doorway. There were six beautiful children playing in the hall... I was told I couldn't go I wasn't finished yet. I was quite upset and angry. I told them I was tired, worn out and ready to go.
NDE from surgery complications. Although brief, it does talk about the NDE elements.

1397. Joy B NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 247. While in arrest, I could see myself floating in a gigantic bubble of light. I could see doctors and nurses all around the table, and my body was lying on the table. The room was very dimly lit. The next memory I have is that of a man talking to me. I KNEW it was God. I could not see His face because the light was so bright that encompassed Him. His voice was like none I had ever heard before -- so calm. I had a great sense of peace. I was not scared. He talked to me. He said that I was in heaven but that He was giving me a choice -- to either stay or return. He said, however that my work on earth was unfinished for Him, and that I was needed more on earth than in heaven. When He said that, I told Him I would return. At that point, He touched my left hand.
Remarkable account that also describes seeing a little boy at the hospital happily playing as he passed to the other side. This account does provide comfort to those parents who have lost a child.

1396. Cathy H NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 252. I saw Jesus holding my five year old son who had died two years earlier in an accident. They were both dressed in white. They were standing or floating in this bright light. I couldn't see much of anything else I was to focused on seeing my son. Jesus was holding him. Jesus put him down and he came to me. I was so happy to see him. We embraced and I told him that I could see that he was in good hands and that he was very happy and full of love and peace, but I had to go back to earth and help his sister, who was nine, to get through the trial of this life. I told him I loved him. He understood what I was saying and then I went back. I remember wanting so desperately to stay there with him, but I just couldn't. I felt very torn and sad to leave at that moment. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. I'd go back there in a minute if I could. It was such a wonderful experience. It's been such a blessing in my life.
NDE from surgery complications.

1395. Newie Y NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 253. Then I was outside the window (we were on the thirty-seventh floor) looking back on me passed out in the window. My hand was reaching out to the me in the window. The night was dark but the stars were getting lighter eating up the night. I felt an urgency to take the me in the window with me, touch her, or get her attention. I'm not sure. But she was out. Didn't see me. I turned to go -- into the sky, night, light. Not sure. Just that that person in the window had nothing to do with me anymore. There was no sound. Maybe whooshing. But this is New York. There is always sound. This was quiet, Very quiet. Then I heard this colossal noise.
NDE from anaphylactic shock.

1394. Candy B NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 254. I was in bed when the doctor arrived. He began to push and feel around my stomach when someone screamed. At that time, I realized it was I who had screamed, but I wasn't 'there'. I was high up in a corner of the room watching them working on me. I 'saw' me scream rather than 'heard' it. The doctor was taking my blood pressure and said something about it being 35/0. He called for units of blood and was angry because they weren't thawed out. He gave me two units of a clear fluid, while the blood was being prepared. I continued to watch all the activity floating in a bright white light. It was peaceful and I didn't want to leave it but a thought of my three year old daughter made everything disappear and when I woke up I think it was three days later.
NDE from post-operative complications.

1393. Michael H NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 261. Suddenly, I was floating in a blackness, but I felt no pain and no fear. I had the impression I looked to my left and saw in the distance two pillars, each with a Greek lamp on top, between them and beyond them was a glowing light. Somehow, I knew intuitively I would not travel up and through them, so I turned my face back into the blackness.
NDE from a heart attack. Experiencer is a Professor of Philosophy and Religion. He gives good distinction between NDE and also the hallucinations he experienced in the hospital.

1392. Mary Lu R NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 265. I remember going through a darkness. I have trouble going into dark places, even in a storm I have trouble going into our basement. This darkness wasn't threatening or frightening, it actually felt comfortable and safe. Then I went into the 'light', I put emphasis on this because I haven't words to express how this light made me feel. There seemed to be serenity, peace, happiness, everything right with the world. I've told others multiply your most happiest feelings, your most contented feelings, times a hundred million; and the feelings I had doesn't even come close. My grandmother (on my mother's side) met me and told me that God wasn't through with me yet. He still had something left for me to do and that I had to go back. I feel I really didn't really want to; but God (or whoever the supreme being is) is most powerful.
NDE from car accident.

1391. Lewis D NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 266. At that time everything went black, so black it was as though I could feel it. Then I saw a ball of light that seemed to be moving closer to me, it seemed to rouse interest in me at the time. I was moving closer to the ball it was perfectly round with twinkles in it. Then a big hand and arm, very strong looking, came into view coming to grasp this ball of light all the time saying with a low voice saying, 'I have everything under control.' It was as if I was a part of this light somehow.
NDE from fall.

1390. Christine S NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 268. I remember becoming aware of being in a dark place. There was no sound it was just dark. I seemed to be waiting there. Then I began to move toward a brightly lit area. The area appeared to be a bright yellow wall with uneven sections that had definite lines running along it. Along the lines the edges were faintly pink. I was floating along this wall but could only see one side of it as if my back was against the other side. Yet I had no sense of having a body. I was just aware. As I continued to move along I became aware of a feeling of horror. That's what I remember feeling. I had the intense urge to get out of there. I kept saying to myself I've got to get out of here. I repeated it several times and then I felt myself falling and everything was black again.
Beginnings of a NDE.

1389. Leeta NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 269. I saw the doctors poking me with needles and the thought raced across me; how wonderful to not feel any pain. How amazing to be this aware and happy and to not feel any pain. It was great. The next thing I remember is being up toward the ceiling and looking down, I saw my body and the doctors and assistants hovered all around me. They were looking at my body very concerned and motionless, almost as if they were waiting for something to happen. I was very aware, very happy and extremely at peace. I looked at my body in that state and suddenly tried to make myself speak 'Tell them it is too late.' As I tried, what we humans would call desperately but you couldn't feel desperation. As if, you couldn't feel any negative feeling. This is what is so difficult to explain. 'Tell them', I continued again, almost trying to force the lips open on command. Then came the realization. 'Oh yes,' I thought, 'dead people can't speak'.
NDE from hemorrhaging.

1388. Marla W NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 272. I found myself in this place. It was white and soft and peaceful -- not really cotton-like or a fog (although that's the word I use to describe it), just enveloped in white. I seemed to be walking away from where I'd been (and could see myself moving but my legs weren't moving -- I was gliding). I could hear voices around me but not make out what they were saying. After what seemed like many minutes, I became frustrated with the mumbling and stopped. I turned around and began to move closer to the voice that was loudest. As I moved back, the fog became gray and muddy in color and appearance.
NDE from auto accident.

1386. Bernice N NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 274. As I was in the CAT scan, I felt tightness in breathing. I began to gasp. I looked to my right through a window and saw the technicians in a room talking. It became very painful (the choking) then it did not hurt anymore. I looked down and saw my body convulsing. I saw people rush toward me. The next thing I saw was a tube being shoved down a person's throat (I was above the person like on the ceiling or something) I remember thinking that looks like it really hurts! I heard the doctor's talking and I saw the paddles going towards the person. All of a sudden, I realized that the person was me. I was scared. The next thing I knew I was back in my body on the table, and felt a choking feeling due to the tube down my throat.
NDE from IV contrast reaction.

1385. Katie T NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 278. I remember parts of my life, not like seeing pictures, but living them over again in a very fast short way. It seemed like I was living the experiences of other people I had known or met in my life. It was as if I knew exactly how they thought and felt at those very moments. It seems as though I just knew all kinds of things and feelings that I had never been taught or experienced in my life. I just KNEW. It was warm, calm, peaceful, and just felt like happiness. There just are not words to describe it. I just wanted to keep floating away as it just seemed to feel better the farther I went. Then all of a sudden, it was as if I knew I couldn't stay. I had to go back, I had things to do. I didn't know exactly what they were but I knew my daughter was waiting for me and I had things I had to do. Then I felt guilty and confused because I wanted to stay in that warm peaceful place and I wanted to go back and finish what I needed to do.
NDE from surgery complications.

1384. Jean R NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 280. I suddenly was aware I was a spirit looking down at my body. The relatives in the room were arguing over who could comb my hair. My mother sat quietly in a chair. My grandfather was talking to someone who appeared to be God but it was actually only light. I could not see God but I could hear his voice. My grandfather was asking God to let me stay with him. I was a good person. My grandfather's pet boxer was with him on a leash. I could feel the love between the dog and my grandfather. God reviewed my life. I felt some fear as I felt I was being judged and was not good enough for God. God told me I did something good that pleased him and seemed to try to ease my fears. It was something about helping a boy child in some way. God appeared only as a light and an authoritative voice. I could not see him. Afterwards he asked me if I wanted to stay or go back. I thought for a second and was given a vision of the future wherein my mother would get cancer. I felt in my heart that she would need me as I told God nobody would be there to help her. At that point I returned to my body.
NDE from suicide attempt.

1383. Michael AS NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 281. The colors began to pixel into solid square blocks of colors. Like if you slowly move closer and closer to your monitor screen until your nose touches the screen. Then I saw black color, still fully conscious but no longer in my backyard. I never really thought that I could be passing over, the thought never occurred to me. I had no more body, could not feel hot or cold. I didn't need to breathe, I didn't hear any sounds. I was pure consciousness. As I looked around, but not through my eyes, I just had vision and consciousness. I saw a black void endless in depth. I remember just thinking, 'Humm, okay, big black void?' As I was floating in the void, I turned to see what was pulling me forward slowly. I didn't feel any force on me just the sensation of being pulled towards something. I looked forward, if you call it forward, and saw a light in the void. I would say it was about four hundred yards ahead of me and I would be there in about two minutes, at my constant speed. As I drifted towards the white light that twinkled like a star it didn't hurt to look at it.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

1382. Jim W NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 282. I also felt the presence of a indescribable light behind me. I did not want to turn to this light, maybe from fear of not returning. My fear was not of the light itself, in any way. I don't know how long this out of body took place. I remember the emergency medical technicians rushing around, fixing my busted up torso and head, and saying twice, ' We're losing him.' After some time I felt what I know was the hand of God on my shoulder, and a very calming voice. If I may quote the Lord, 'You are not done here.' I felt a gentle push on my shoulders and was pushed back into my beaten body. I remember nothing after that point, and until I left the coma I had slipped into. What I do remember is the absolute presence of God.
NDE from head injury from fall.

1381. Levi J NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 287. I'm in the void. I'm totally familiar with this now and what is going to happen. Again the light. Again hurling toward it trying to put my total faith in what that light is. Again failure. Then I'm back in the void. The light again appears. Instead of going to the light I basically prostate myself in its presence and plead, 'What is it I can do to be with you? How can I serve you?' Boom. I'm with God. I can remember laughing hysterically, not in a physical way, but the impulse that would make you feel that good.
Four NDEs. One NDE from allergic reaction.

1380. Deana M NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 290. I found myself in a dark black warm fog, almost caressing, but I felt afraid. Then the next moment I was swept into the light. Like a blink of an eye, I felt immense love, joy, and happiness permeating my soul, my entire being, having no cares, no wants, and no needs. There were children there laughing and playing. Their laughter was like a heavenly music, I was as a child. But not in body as we call bodies, almost like a tear drop bubble, yet not. We were all on a cloud, but there was no earth below, there was blue sky above, a very deep yet clear blue. I wanted to stay and bask in that penetrating love, so vast, so deep, but had to go back. I went back to the black warm loving fog, then to nothingness.
NDE from suffocation.

1379. Kerry L NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 3418. I was being whisked through a tunnel at a very high rate of speed. There was the brightest light I have ever seen. It was blinding. I remember going through this tunnel, and then I remember floating above a field of flowers. Then I remember seeing the pearly gates and they were so beautiful. I wanted to get in there so badly, but was allowed to look over the gate, but the gate wouldn't open. Everything on the other side was so beautiful. More beautiful than anyone could imagine. The roads were emerald and diamonds everywhere with gold. Everything was so shiny and sparkly and just awesomely breathtaking. I saw Our Heavenly Father and he was sitting on a throne. He looked ghostly like, but a bright whitish glow about him. I kept saying, 'I need to get in there, I need to go to heaven. Let me in, Let me in.' I remember distinctly that his reply was 'You can't get in here, it's not your time to go.' Then he disappeared and everything went backwards. Back through the flowers, the bright light, the tunnel, and the darkness.
NDE due to suicide attempt with unknown medication overdose.

1378. Padraic R NDE 12/16/2007. NDE 3412. At one moment, I was above the Earth and began to forget my family, my own name, even that I had fingers on my hand. I passed through four dimensions about as thick as a piece of paper. As I moved away from the Earth, I could feel 'life tones' of space and other planets. I then came in contact with a 'life force' not as advanced as our own, who expressed the emotion 'love' to me both individually and collectively.
NDE due to cut and blood loss.

1377. Kathy A Probable NDE 12/16/2007. Probable NDE 3411. The path zigzagged and at the end of the path I could see a very bright light. I remember just standing in the path and a small girl who was as if bright light was standing next to me and also a very tall man dressed in a green suit. In front of me were three beings dressed in black robes that had emeralds around their hoods. I could not see their faces and I was not afraid. I felt very calm and peaceful. They spoke to me with their minds and told me that it was not my time yet. That I had to go back and love Him. I did not understand what that meant. When I described the little girl in the bright light, my mother's face just went white. She later told me that I had described my grandmother when she was about twelve years old. That white light remained very close to me even after I woke up. I kept pointing to her and telling my family that she was right next to me protecting me.
Probable NDE from brain surgery complications.

1376. Riki Stepfather Lee NDE 12/16/2007. Secondhand NDE 3410. This is a story that my deceased stepfather, Lee M., told me. He was admitted into the hospital for a heart attack. While he was in the intensive care unit, he experienced another heart attack. He told me that the doctors and nurses were there checking him out. He heard one of them say, 'We're losing him' and he looked over to the heart monitor expecting to see it dropping. He told me that he was surprised to see it was a flat line and said 0 (zero). Then he was out of his body, up above the doctors and nurses, by the ceiling, watching them work on his body. He could see his body lying there and he said his mouth was wide open.
Second person NDE account. NDE due to heart attack.

1375. Wally T NDE 12/15/2007. NDE 289. I was walking in the park with a friend on a nice cool breezy summer night. I noticed my shoestring was untied and sat on a wall to tie it. Before I knew what hit me my heart felt like it was racing. I grabbed my chest and was immediately surrounded by the brightest light I had ever seen, but I was looking right into it and then I felt as if a blanket of love had been wrapped around me. The love I felt told me that this had to be God. A voice came out of the light and told me of when it had saved me from myself many times. The voice told me many things my future was revealed, and my true destiny in life was also revealed. The last thing that happened was the voice gave me the choice to live here on earth or come and be with God for all eternity. I chose to live, and God chose to give me another chance. One last thing, the whole time this was taking place I could hear my best friend in the background yelling that my body was glowing like a light bulb.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

1374. Lee Probable NDE 12/15/2007. Probable NDE 302. I tried the 'want' a little harder. I moved faster!! It came to me in a rush I could move with a 'thought' I started darting around like a firefly. Rivers, mountains, lakes, oceans flashed into view and out -- it was incredible! And then I looked up. The stars were pinpoints of light that I longed to travel to. I just knew that what I was looking for was up there somewhere. I started to pick a spot to 'travel' to, but a beautiful tinkling sound stopped me. Thinking back now I realize it was the only sound I ever heard 'there': their laughter and one short sentence (that comes later). The lack of all describable feelings, cold, hot, wet, dry, loud, quiet, etc., I didn't notice till much later. Anyway, I looked around for the sound. Again it came and I noticed the smaller clouds would light up BRIGHT!! When this tinkling sound happened. Then I realized it was laughter. I was hearing, short, beautiful, with joy, glad to see you, bursts!!
Probable NDE after heart surgery.

1373. Buffy N NDE 12/15/2007. NDE 300. I only remember looking down, from the left hand corner of the room, on a bed with someone in it and people around it doing something to that person. I had absolutely no feeling whatsoever. It was a quiet that was more than quiet and there were no emotions at all. At the time, I wasn't thinking or hearing anything, just watching. When I awoke a day or so later was when I realized what a horrifying experience it was -- totally cold and silent. It took me years to even mention this to anyone and I have never mentioned it to my family doctor even though after all this time and him knowing me I know he would not believe me.
Frightening NDE, Suicide Attempt.

1372. Rue A NDE 12/15/2007. NDE 311. Next I felt I was floating upward. I did sense that I was leaving my body and I remember thinking, 'I'm dying -- I can't go -- I have too many things to do.' I was terrified -- I remember thinking I just can't die now. There seemed to be such a struggle and then I just started to float. I just remember floating upward and it was easy, I wasn't fighting anymore. I never got past the ceiling and I never looked down. Then I remember someone saying, 'I am here with you.' I remember saying, 'But I am floating away and I am dying.' She replied, 'We are here with you.'
NDE from Allergic Reaction

1371. John C NDE 12/15/2007. NDE 313. I could not and started to lose consciousness, then instantaneously I blacked out. Then I began to rise above my body. I was very much aware of what was going on. I had my back to the light and I felt such peace. I heard them call the code blue I watched as they tried to resuscitate me.
NDE from surgery complications.

1370. Tommy M NDE 12/15/2007. NDE 315. Was I to die or was this where I crossed over to this side, but I couldn't now. My wife needed me, I had to take care of her, she needed me she couldn't handle this. Then the light wrapped around me like the arms of love and understanding and the most peaceful feeling I have ever known I knew everything would be all right, and it wasn't time for me. Then I wanted to stay with mother and I wanted to be with my wife at the same time.
NDE from surgery complications.

1369. Diane C NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 321. I first came to an absolutely serene and beautiful countryside. This is where I saw animals (including unicorns) and they were so beautiful and contented, so full of LOVE. The grass, trees, and flowers were all so exquisite that my mind said so and in return, a vibration of Love flowed back to me from them. The water was so spectacular that I expressed this in my mind and the waters were living and sparkled back to me with love. There was melody or music all around, not unexpected, and perhaps because I love music so much. And God has permitted me several times in this life to hear this awesome music, fully more melodic and more beautiful than anyone could write while here on earth. Just suddenly playing and filling my soul with joy.
Exceptional NDE from Cardiac Arrest.

1368. Winton R NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 326. The next memory I have is I'm on the bottom, the water is extremely bright and clear. I start swimming along the bottom, and brightly colored fish, some almost neon, come by and start playing tag with me. I start playing with them and find I can swim quite fast. I think for a second that I should be breathing, but decide I don't have to because I like it here. Shortly later, I start choking, and came to on the beach with the lifeguard working on me and my family and a crowd around me.
Child drowning NDE.

1367. Goldie J NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 328. Then, I felt myself slipping away into a black, warm tunnel; I was going backwards not forwards. It was like falling back into a nice, cushiony warm place. It was comfortable and an Ahhh! Feeling, like all my problems and pain were forever gone. I have fainted before but it did not feel like this. This was a good feeling.
Beginnings of a childbirth NDE.

1366. John M NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 329. I have no idea how long it was before he noticed, but I distinctly remember looking down at myself, from about eight feet away, and four to six feet above me. I was in front of myself, seeing me being electrocuted. I could see Will breaking down the tool kit, and I could see me, doing the stupid maintenance trick, and the only feeling I had, was that I was being very stupid, and I would remember this dumb act for quite some time to come. I had a feeling of anger, knowing that if I didn't get my butt back in gear soon, we would have some major explaining to do to the commander. I wasn't at peace, I was upset that I was malingering and goofing off. It was a very strange experience.
Beginnings of a NDE from electrocution.

1365. Clio P NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 331. Suddenly I found my mind floating outside of my body. It stopped just above and behind the nurse on my right. I could see the back of the nurse and beyond her, the delivery table and other hospital personnel gathered around the table. I remember seeing the back of the cap the nurse wore that covered her hair -- like a shower cap -- and the ties on the back of her gown. It was interesting that the nurse blocked my view of the face of the body on the delivery table. I was not the least bit afraid; in fact, I was absolutely intrigued by the experience as it unfolded. I had no sense of time, so I have no idea how much time elapsed when the scene before me started to go black. It was like the old TV picture tubes from many years ago: When you turned the TV off, the picture contracted to a little dot of extremely bright light in the middle of the black screen before it went completely dark.
Childbirth NDE, but what is unusual is that the experiencer still believes the experience was a trick of the mind and that there is no afterlife.

1364. Tenna N NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 337. I remember a feeling of floating through the back of the paramedic as he was straddled over me. I watched him with great interest do mouth to mouth and CPR. As I watched this, I felt myself start to float away from the scene, but not too far, as I was very intrigued as I realized that was my physical body. I felt a voice/presence/force behind me telling me, not giving me a choice, that I had to 'go back', it wasn't my time. I never turned to look at the presence behind me, but also felt a very gentle nudge in the direction of my physical body. I didn't re-enter my body until my 'spirit' as it were, reluctantly agreed.
Teenage suicide attempt. Experiencer is now a registered nurse.

1363. Remos G NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 340. The first one I met was one like in a hooded robe whom I knew immediately as someone who had been with me all my life. (I know for certain this was my guardian angel.) Next, a Godly figure appeared in front of me and as I raised my head in the lying position, I was given a choice of great pleasure (heaven) or great pain (returning to my body.
NDE as a pedestrian being hit by a car.

1362. Ruth M NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 342. While seeing all the beautiful colors whirling around above me, I felt inside a vacuum - I do not feel I was in my body... Peace, serenity, awe, not afraid, realizing I was dying.
NDE from Atrial Fibrillation. Experience written in the form of a poem.

1361. Kirsty M Probable NDE 12/14/2007. Probable NDE 349. Next thing I remember was floating near the ceiling with my legs crossed Indian style. Everything was dark, I had no fear, no pain, and I did not remember anyone that I had in my life. I do remember being in an extremely calm and peaceful self. I had my body, yet I did not know it was me at the time. I was in the operating room looking down on the doctors and nurses. I could see the equipment and I could hear some things. They were working very hard. As I was looking down, I came across a body lying on the table, and just thought to myself, why don't they just let that poor girl go. That was it.
Probable NDE from surgery.

1360. James C NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 351. I left the home following a light, during this time I saw some of the trauma things from my life. The closer I came to the light the more peace I felt. Then I came to a field of the greenest grass surrounded by the most colorful flowers I ever remember in my life. From a distance coming toward me were four people, as they got closer I knew two of them. They were my grandparents, the other two could have been also my grandparents but I never met them. My grandmother and I spoke but without words - I don't know how, but I knew what she was saying. She told me it wasn't my time. She looked great and a lot younger than I remembered her; she also had all her body parts. When she died, she had one leg and was ninety-eight or ninety-nine. At that point I walk toward the light, I stood there just letting the peace flow through me and the next thing I was back watching them work on me again.
NDE from Cardiac Arrest.

1359. Melissa NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 363. After I was taken to hospital and in coma, I distinctly remember things. I remember telling my family to turn off lights and shut blinds because it was too bright in the room. They tell me the lights are off and it is 9:00 at night. I remember telling my parents about an angel floating next to my TV screen. I remember a man in a white gown standing beside doctors as they examined me. I remember meeting my grandparents who died before my birth. I was able to tell things I never would have known otherwise. I can't describe all I've been through in this little amount of space/time.
Tree limb fell on her.

1358. Bunny J NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 364. WARNING Disturbing Content. I was taken outside of my body, outside of the car, and wrapped with this most incredible feeling of power and peace. It was God!! God then asked if I wanted to stay here on earth or go with Him. Of course, I said I wanted to go with you God. He said, 'Okay, let me just show you something first.' He put me at my funeral, under the ground, on a grey drizzly day; I was in my casket with my hands folded on my stomach. All my friends and family were there and all I could see were their grey tears. God said, 'Is this how you want your friends and family to remember you?' I think I said no, but I still would rather go with you God.
NDE from violent criminal attack.

1357. Charles L NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 365. At this point, I saw little windows pass in front of me. I was as if I was inside a tiffany lampshade and each little window had an era of my life when I was growing up, it was really weird. Next thing I remember, I was being picked up and taken to the hospital there I passed out from the pain. When I woke up, unknown how long I was out, a priest was standing over me giving me last rites!!!! I spoke and told him I am not ready to go yet.
War NDE with life review.

1356.5. Rebecca P Probable NDE 10/8/2001. Probable NDE 360.
Probable NDE from Crohn's Disease.

1356. Risa L Probable NDE 12/14/2007. Probable NDE 366. I wasn't just sleeping at the time, I was having an NDE! This is what it was like. I flew above my bed and saw how gray I was. It made me very scared but then a light appeared in front of me that was BEAUTIFUL, but it was far away. I walked, or 'flew' toward it. When I got to it, a strange lady appeared in front of me. Saying, 'Hello, Laura! I love you, but you have to go back.' I was very puzzled about this, but I went back towards the darkness and into my room. I lay down on my body to re-connect with it. In the morning, I asked my mom why I didn't have a grandma like all the other kids. She told me that she died before I was born, and showed me a picture of her. 'This was the strange lady I met last night!' I said. My mom just sat there thinking 'Huh? Could it be? Nah.'
Probable NDE from allergic reaction at age five.

1355. Steven D Probable NDE 12/14/2007. Probable NDE 367. At the hospital, I remember leaving my body on the operating table and going upward. An angel greeted me. I wisely extended my hand and asked who his name was. He complimented me and answered, 'I come from the presence of the Lord and my name is Moroni, an ancient prophet.'
There's no doubt that he was accidentally shot. The question comes in when he tells the story about being dead on the operating table for three days.

1354. James M Probable NDE 12/14/2007. Probable NDE 373. From Canada I immediately sensed a warm comfortable feeling of euphoria and all the pressure on my chest disappeared. I observed the wall of the room across from me begin to take on the appearance of fieldstone with soft colors of blue, brown, rose, yellow and move. There were mortar lines separating the various stones. After the wall had taken shape, a tunnel portal (similar to those on a railway) started to form in the center. I noted the floor just inside the tunnel entrance begin to open in a zigzag pattern allowing a very, very bright white light to emanate through the floor. I felt compelled to enter the tunnel and I then floated towards the entrance. About midway between the bed and the tunnel, I noted my wife (a registered nurse) seated in the corner of the room and made a conscious decision to say, 'Good-bye Mary'. She responded with an angry, 'Don't you dare die, you have too much to live for.'
He thought he was going, but wife had other plans.

1353. James M NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 374. I turned to see where the singing was coming from, it was coming from outside the door. There were six beautiful children all dressed up playing ring around the rosy, around a large pillar in the hall. Behind them was the most beautiful amber glow, soothing and warm. I realized I wasn't in pain anymore. I felt happy, relieved and at peace. I started to go to the children but I couldn't step through the door. I turned and looked at the dragon, he smiled and said I wasn't done yet, I still had tasks to perform. I told him like hell, I'm old, tired, and I want to go. He said I couldn't go. The scorpion came over and touched me. The next thing I remember was waking up and seeing what I assume were ghosts walking past me and out through the back wall.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

1352. Shelby M NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 375. I started feeling the presence of 'others' around me welcoming me and calling me by name. I asked them who they were and they told me their names. I felt a connection to them somehow but couldn't figure out how they knew me because they didn't look familiar but 'felt' familiar. The communication was not like talking to people like talking normally, it was more as if we talked to each other in our heads. The feeling of so much pure love that came from them and this place was so intense that it still brings me to tears as I write this. Just as I was re-acquainted (so to speak) with the others, I noticed that they started to move away from me and I wanted to be near them because of the intense feeling of love but I couldn't move forward to them. It was as if I was planted in that spot and that pulling, or flying, to the direction I had before stopped. Then this 'voice' said loud and firm, 'No, not yet, you have to go back.' And at that instant I was whipped back into my body.
Two NDEs at age sixteen.

1351. Dian S Probable NDE 12/14/2007. Probable NDE 377. My feeling is I'm being tortured because I can't breathe and I finally have a realization that I have to do something with this life. It dawns on me I will forgive myself for not doing it perfectly, and I say this aloud to myself. Upon saying this, the wall disappears and I'm in a warm beautiful 'really neat' place. The first thing I thought was, 'They lied to me; there's nothing to judge here with.' (Read that carefully.) The experience of being there was 'Like swimming naked at night in the Gulf of Mexico' totally supported, perfect environment. The next realization was that my body was not there, but I had a sense of where it should be. Next, I knew everything; I had all knowledge. There was also the realization that the past was around me, the future was around me but everything was Now. I was not the Now-ness, but I was a part of that Now-ness, and it could not be without me, and I could not be without it.
Probable NDE from sudden loss of blood pressure.

1350. Sharon G NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 378. LOVE, extreme, overpowering happiness; like I had been infused and surrounded by the love... Heaven, no doubt in my mind, the colors and feeling were BEAUTIFUL... I knew I was surrounded with love and loving people.
A bit cryptic but the answers show it is a NDE.

1349. Ginger M NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 379. Suddenly I could no longer feel my body which was weird, since I had been shivering with fear and cold just moments before. I was only aware of an exquisite sense of warmth and peace and the brightest, most golden-white glow enveloped me. Then it felt as if I travelled through a sort of tunnel, and I viewed what looked like brief film clips of my life up to my present age. I could even see expressions on the faces of family members.
Adult drowning NDE.

1348. Thomas O NDE 12/14/2007. NDE 384. However, I remember the feeling of my body lifting as if I was going to rise to the sky. I told my friend to hold me down, hold me down. That is the last I remember before blacking out was the brightness of some kind of light, it may have been the sun. The next thing I knew, it seemed like hours had passed and I could see a crowd of people from above. I was looking down on them. I did not know what they were doing. I remember wondering why they were on the other side of the street from when I last remember being awake. I could see someone holding a person up that was sitting on the ground. I then woke up to throwing up and vomit being in-between my legs and many people standing around. I remember people and the cop trying to keep me awake. It seemed like forever before the ambulance arrived. I don't remember being loaded into it but I do think I left out of my body again while on route to the hospital. There is this vivid image of me watching the ambulance as it traveled to the hospital.
NDE up to the OBE phase.

1347. Tim E Probable NDE 12/10/2007. Probable NDE 3406. From the UK. I knew the body on the operating table was mine, but it didn't matter. That was just a temporary place. The surgeon was doing the best he could to fix it, and I had no worries there, but it was just a temporary place. I, me, myself, was here, stood behind the surgeon. It was vivid, so vivid. I kept getting the feeling it had happened twice, that I had left my body twice. All that flashed through my mind as I tried to sit up and then lay propped on my elbows. I didn't say anything to the nurse at the time, and seeing as I wasn't allowed to get up yet I lay back down and promptly fell asleep again.
Probable NDE during surgery.

1346. David NDE 12/10/2007. NDE 3405. Went into surgery and saw my heart on a monitor being pumped with some kind of dye. Passed out and had the NDE. I found myself in God's presence. No light, just a soft grey haze around everywhere. Jesus put His hand on my right should and said 'This one belongs to Me'. I was informed that it was not my time yet. I could go back but the choice was mine to make. I was welcome there, but must chose what I want to do. Feeling safe and loved and all knowledge available. No secrets. No wanting for anything. Very safe from any harm. I found myself waking up in the recovery room with nurses and doctors by my side.
NDE due to heart attack.

1345. Simone R NDE 12/10/2007. NDE 3404. From the UK I went to a place but it was just pink fluffy clouds and bright light. There was the most beautiful choir music too. I could feel hundreds of people looking at me and smiling although I couldn't see them and there was a very strong smell in the air of flowers although I couldn't see any. In front of me stood my great Nan and great granddad, my little brother and my Nan was holding a baby. All deceased. My Nan handed me the baby and although I couldn't see the baby just its blanket I instinctively knew it was my baby. My brother kept trying to pull me with him but my Nan kept pushing me back and saying 'go back it's not your time, you're needed.' I felt sad and confused as to why my Nan didn't want me but I soon felt exhilarated and happy. I woke up to my boyfriend giving mouth to mouth he said I'd stopped breathing in my sleep.
NDE from apparent cessation of breathing during sleep from unknown cause at age 16.

1344. Tabitha B NDE 12/10/2007. NDE 3403. The stillness came back. I got up to comfort Brandon, my fiancΘ. I wanted to tell him that I was fine. When I did, I saw myself choking. I wasn't choking myself like my nightmares. I was just choking I couldn't breathe. I was on top of myself watching myself and all these shapes were moving like people or animals around me. I wanted to go back inside, because I was worried about Brandon. He was so sad.
NDE due to seizure.

1343. Marnie M NDE 12/10/2007. NDE 3402. From Canada While the accident was happening, I can remember feeling no pain. I was happy and looking forward in dying and going on. There was a light, and I was delighted to head towards the light, and looking forward to the light in getting closer. I remember saying to the light. I really wanted to join it. A man's voice came to me and told me I couldn't go with them. I was really upset, and wanted to know why, because I was so ready to go. The voice told me that I had to go back, that it had special plans for me, that where very important, and that my job wasn't done yet.
NDE due to auto accident

1342. David L NDE 12/8/2007. NDE 385. All I could see was black all I could hear was my heart beating slower and slower. I remember praying, 'I don't want to die. Please God I don't want to die.' I started to cry, I know I was crying because the tears were warmer than the water. I could no longer hear my heart. Then I saw these things like huge bubbles, but they were not bubbles, they kept getting closer and closer. They hit me with extreme force and each time one would hit I would see a moment from my past when I was being mean or rude to someone but I saw it through their eyes and I could feel how I was making them feel. It was awful. One after another, they wouldn't stop, each bubble seemed to last forever and felt worse and worse. It was like watching a virtual reality video and feeling every emotion and physical pain. Then I saw my funeral and all my loved ones and how they felt from me being dead. I started to pray and had an understanding of some sort of what was going on. It was almost like a mini judgment of my life up to that point. Everything that I had said or done to hurt anyone was coming upon me.
Child drowning NDE.

1341. Arlene H NDE 12/8/2007. NDE 386. Then I was walking toward the brilliant light I saw through a hole in the darkness. I came to a hooded figure but couldn't see the face, but the form glowed dimly reflecting the light coming through the hole and I was completely visible, my arms and legs - everything looking normal in the light, all safe and sound. The person stepped aside to let me in, but I stopped 'dead.' Although it was wonderful in there, brilliantly peaceful and rejoicing people, like a congregation at a very full church, shoulder to shoulder all singing and praising God. All I could see where they were facing was incredible light, bright, brilliant, glowing, shimmering, and the mood was powerfully approaching the 'Great Amen.' It was no surprise. I knew the place somehow. It was like going home, returning from somewhere, back again, safe and sound.
Drowning NDE.

1340. Curt AL NDE 12/8/2007. NDE 397. The 'nice place' whatever or wherever it was, was down and to the right. That is, if I had been lying with my head to the north and feet to the south, the place would have been southwest, or maybe south-southwest. It wasn't really 'down' but toward my feet. I sensed that whatever that place was - it was brighter than the green mist. Not uncomfortably bright as the hospital had been, but comfortably bright. I wanted to go there. I did have the flash review of life. While I felt that everything was moving extremely slowly, the review was incredibly fast. I remembered many incidents from the past - re-performed roles - held 'conversations' with people. I remembered my entire life, almost as if I were re-living life on multiple levels simultaneously. I felt this incredible power to devote my total concentration on several different things at the same time.
NDE after a party.

1339. Erika K NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3400. I would like to first add that I came into this life with a memory of before and choosing this difficult life path that I was to accept. In my near death experience, I remember leaving my body and suddenly being in a place surrounded by the purest form of love, which permeated everything, and being with loving beings. One spoke to me and began to show me the importance of the future of my life as a human and how each of us played an important part in the development of each of us as a whole. I was shown how we were all connected to each other and if our life's plan is not fulfilled how it impacts the whole.
NDE due to suicide attempt at age 16

1338. Anthony D NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3399. I started to get dizzy. I must have passed out and the next thing I knew I was out of my body and looking down at everyone standing around me. It took a minute to realize what was going on. Then suddenly I felt a great feeling of peace and I felt I became a part of the whole universe, totally free of worries and care. I wanted to stay there. But something seemed to be pulling me back. It's taken many years to even talk about this.
NDE after passing out.

1337. Anika S NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3398. The most profound part was when I found myself falling, falling and being very afraid, unsure of what was happening and just confused. I was in the blackest place ever; it was like being out in space without the stars. As I'm falling, I hear a voice telling me that everything would be alright and in that instant I felt the most amazing peacefulness, stillness and genuine love I have ever felt. It felt like the Holy Spirit touched my soul.
NDE due to illness and complication. Experience happened only ten months ago.

1336. Andrew P Probable NDE 12/5/2007. Probable NDE 3397. I asked my father why there was no light or tunnel and if he was sent to guide me on my future journey across. I felt sad and angry when he told me that he had come to send me back to the land of the living. When I objected strongly he told me that I still had more to do and that my job on Earth was not yet finished. I asked what he meant by that and he raised his right arm (although he was not in a clear human form he was able to point to a direction behind me).
Probable NDE during surgery.

1335. Kerryanne M NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3394. From Australia. Just as this happened I felt the most incredible feeling of everything just coming together inside me. It was the most beautiful feeling of warmth and joy. I felt myself rising upwards and was surprised that I could hear that level ringing sound so clearly though I was not in my body.
NDE due to surgical complication. Interesting in that some skeptics claim partial awakening during general anesthesia may account for NDEs during surgery. Here there is a very clear difference between partial awakening under anesthesia and the NDE short

1334. Eva W NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3393. The next thing I remember was the light of my grandmother's garden and walking around her beautiful back yard. Jesus then appeared saying that I now had what I finally wanted. I asked him what he meant by that and he said that during the course of my thirty-seven year old life I had said that I hate my life 1,535 times and now he was giving me the opportunity to never have to worry about going back to my miserable life again. As we walked together, I noticed two deer waiting for us. They were the two deer that some hunters killed in 2000 and tossed alongside the road of where we used to live in the country and I took the remains and gave them a proper burial because I couldn't stand to see someone do that to them. My late grandmother came to me then saying that she would take care of my baby if I wanted to go back home and that she felt I was too young to be with her just yet.
NDE due to pregnancy complication and bleeding.

1333. Vincent L Probable NDE 12/5/2007. Probable NDE 3392. On June 21, 2005 at about 9:00 pm I got sick and went to the bathroom to get sick. The light was so bright and white; I was so peaceful you will never feel like that on earth. The person that talked to me, we talked with our minds. Then they told me I had to go back. I got mad. A big man all in white with big blue eyes and long white hair told me again, you must go back your job is not done.
Probable NDE owing to heat illness.

1332. Jason C FDE 12/5/2007. FDE 3391. This is what I saw. I remember seeing the rock fly out of the hold and thinking 'Oh no.' All of a sudden I was knocked out of my body. It was like someone pushed me hard but instead of my body going with the push it was just my soul. I saw myself fall down to the rocks below. At this point, I got confused. I thought 'Well, If I am up here who's down there?' I remember bringing my hands up to where they should've been and seeing something like a static light where they should've been. Right at this point, for whatever reason I started noticing my surroundings. The river below me looked like a liquid crystal. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The leaves on the trees were bright neon green. Then everything started getting extremely bright.
Rock climbing accident. Note OBE began prior to impact at end of fall. This phenomena has been reported in a number of other rock climbers who fell, and experienced OBE prior to impact. Clearly in the spectrum of experiences as NDE.

1331. Barbara B NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3389. Up on the ceiling, I felt absolutely calm and extremely unworried, and the thought that I immediately had was, 'I'm dead. If I'm up here, and my body is down there, I've died.' There was no angst, fear, or anger; it was just a statement of the situation as I watched the people below working over my body. I actually felt nonchalant about my own death. I calmly began talking to God, as I usually do, and I simply said that I needed to go back. I said that I needed to return to raise my three month old baby daughter and my eight and a half year old son. I knew that I would soon be leaving my husband, as I was in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage, and that the children would need to be raised by me. I asked to return to my body to be the support for my children. I strongly wanted to return to my body, I calmly requested God to return me.
NDE due to complication of medical procedure (myelogram).

1330. Sheri G NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3388. The next thing I knew I was in the emergency room floating above watching the doctors shock me back into my body. They took me into surgery. The next thing I remember is someone pushing on my stomach and the pain was excruciating. Someone said, 'Rebound,' and we were headed back into surgery. I was in a coma for eight days, so I'm not sure exactly 'when' but at some point I found myself traveling a dark tunnel with a bright light beckoning. The closer I got to the light the more love I felt. The light got bigger and bigger and I could see all kinds of loved ones who had passed on. My grandma Jessie had her arms wide open to hug me and the closer I got the more overwhelming love I felt. I heard beautiful music and saw angels all lined up across the sky behind my relatives. I was so happy!!
NDE due to being stabbed.

1329. Vandimir Probable NDE 12/5/2007. Probable NDE 3386. My first memory is of falling through blackness. It didn't seem to bother me, but got a little boring. Then I noticed a small light way off in the distance. With nothing better to do, I sort of fell in that direction. When I got close enough I could see that it was a person. He was head to toe consumed in flame, as well as falling through blackness. I said, 'Hi, my name's Joe.' He said 'I am forever falling and forever burning.' He told me that some long time ago, he and I were one, and if he had anything to say about it, we would be one again someday.
Atypical imagery. Allergic reaction from a tetanus shot.

1328. Mary P NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3385. I looked immediately to my left out my rear passenger window to see the headlights of the car that was behind me now shinning in my rear passenger window. That was the last thing I remember. I then was above my car in euphoria. Everything was beautiful, the sun was out, I was smiling and felt warm and joyful. I looked at my car and could see it veering to the other side of the freeway as there was no divider. It was headed into the west bound lanes. I saw the car that hit me behind my car and it had stopped. The driver had gotten out and was looking at his front bumper. I looked again at my car traveling to the other side of the freeway. I puzzled why it was moving. Suddenly a man's voice in my right ear stated, 'If you don't go back, someone will die.' I remember not wanting that to happen. I woke up with my hands on the steering wheel and trying to gain control of the car and trying to turn it away from the oncoming traffic.
NDE due to auto accident.

1327. Patrick B NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3384. The emergency medical technicians showed up and began working on me. As they were doing their job I remember feeling a rush of warmth come over me, but looking down I could see how cold and lifeless my body looked, I really thought nothing of it I was completely comfortable just seeing what was going on. The really freaky part came when they put me in the ambulance I actually went with my body to the hospital all the while being able to hear everything around me and see it very clearly. I remember what seemed to be emotions although it felt as if I was pulled in two different directions at once. One saying stay and the other saying I must go.
NDE due to falling and hitting his head.

1326. Warren R NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3383. I took an overdose. I could see my dead father motion to me with his arms just go back it's not your time yet. He didn't talk but it was like I knew everything he was thinking. The next thing I heard was the voice of my wife and my children crying. That's when I came back in my body. I woke in the intensive care unit on full life support.
NDE due to overdose.

1325. Mark D NDE 12/5/2007. NDE 3382. From the United Kingdom. Now facing the crossing my perceptual field elevated a little to the buildings disappearing into the horizon far down the street... An image of an artwork that I had created in my early teens for a school project entered my mind and replaced the last visual image that I had seen (of the street) - this was of a perspective exercise that I had drawn, with long, tall buildings diminishing into the distance. In this exercise, I had covered each panel of each building with cutouts from magazines and one panel in the center left stood out. There I had replaced the quadrilateral shape of the building with a picture that of a young baby girl's face.
NDE due to being struck with motorcycle.

1323. Dawn K Possible NDE 11/28/2007. Possible NDE 3378. I was being pulled through something. Tunnel, I am not sure, but the light was becoming more and brighter, very bright. I was squinting my eyes and could not take the light. Some force, as I say, as I am not sure how to really explain it, was pulling and pulling and I was pushing and pushing even as sick as I was. Somehow, I kept pushing myself away from the light and kept doing so, but the light was so bright.
Possible NDE in which the experiencer found the light hurting her vision.

1322. Dennis G NDE 11/28/2007. NDE 3377. I felt a floating sensation then a terrible impact. I felt my body being tossed around violently. (My background in landing on the ground during my skydiving days trained me to totally relax in order to minimize body damage.) Then a strange thing happened. Time seemed to stand still and I saw a black hole with a bright light at the end of it. As I passed through the black hole, the noise was deafening and made a whooshing sound as I exited it. I found 'myself' above my body with my friend trying to bring me back to life using any means possible. As I was 'floating' above my body there was a feeling of serenity like I've never experienced before.
NDE due to auto accident.

1321. Lois M NDE 11/28/2007. NDE 3375. I saw colors that don't exist. And even though the light was brighter than I had ever seen it didn't hurt the eyes, in fact, it soothed the eyes and appeared soft and bright at the same time. I can't say that there was depth perception as we know it - it was greater than that - again, like a oneness and all things perceived in its entirety. I learned from that experience that there is such a thing as 'the mind's eye'.
NDE due to near drowning at age fifteen.

1320. Sarah M Possible NDE. 11/28/2007. Possible NDE 3374. I was hemorrhaging blood. (I thought it was ketchup but I knew I couldn't have eaten that much ketchup!) I told my parents and they looked at me with something in their eyes (fear). I ran back to the bathroom and I heard my mother scream in terror and cries and moaning. I was tired and laid down to rest on the floor - my back to the floor and I looked up and saw myself on the ceiling. I wasn't scared at all. I felt someone holding me so tight yet so gently and could feel wind and bright light and words exchanged. I couldn't hear the words but suddenly I felt myself thrust back into my body. I felt then that life is precious and it is much easier to 'die' than to be born. I was told later that I was on 'the critical list for six days'.
Possible NDE from hemorrhaging.

1319. Stefanie R NDE 11/28/2007. NDE 3372. Then I saw this white bridge with my dead uncle Nick (he was my favorite family member who died when I was in the fourth grade) standing there. I went up to him and he spoke to me. He was telling me that this was the 'family bridge' where everyone in our family goes after we die. One member of the family is there to greet us. After we cross the bridge, there is no going back.
NDE due to auto accident.

1318. CJ L NDE 11/28/2007. NDE 3371. I felt very much at peace. It was dark and I could feel I was moving to my right, floating fast. I thought at first to yell echo, then thought it would be inappropriate. My next thought was, 'this is it!' I prayed the Lord's Prayer, and I don't remember the other prayer, I recall thinking, 'Now I get to sing!!' At that moment, I had a rush like when you fall in a dream. I was upset about being taken away from there! I sat up and looked around saying do you have heating pads under me it's hot take them out!
NDE due to heart attack.

1317. Steven S NDE 11/28/2007. NDE 3370. I felt safe and protected and like I wanted to stay in this state of euphoria. Then a dark space drew me in. Straight after that, I was drawn in to a really bright light where it seemed my whole life flashed by in clips. I mean everything, in seconds. After seeing this, I didn't want to stay here anymore. (However comfortable it was.) It felt like I had something I had to come back and do, something to live for, it also felt that something didn't want me to pass over yet.
NDE due to head injury.

1316. John H NDE 11/28/2007. NDE 3369. Suddenly, I was in a lightless void, except for the piercing white dot that seemed so far away, like a distant star in what would otherwise be a starless black night sky. I felt the sensation of moving toward it at incredible speed and almost instantaneously arrived at a point where, while still being in this dark void, a whiteness appeared in front of me. Imagine being in a dark theater in front of a white screen. Although there didn't appear to be edges around the whiteness. It was just there. I, on the other hand, was not aware of having any form. I just was there.
NDE due to anaphylactic reaction to penicillin injection.

1315. Renee NDE 11/28/2007. NDE 3368. I was comfortable but I knew consciously I was unable to swim so I questioned myself at the time and thought 'How could this be?' I felt as though I was breathing because there was no effort to do anything but feel. I was out of body but still looking from my own eyes. I was unable to feel temperature. I remember the blissfulness of the blue and mixed forms of a lighter warped like. I felt like I was a fish. Happy. In wonder if I was privileged to be experiencing it. It wasn't until I saw the movement above me from the surface of the water that waves of another environment were there. I saw the images of two people, which were my sister and Lisa our neighbor.
NDE due to near drowning at around age seven to ten.

1314. Rosa R Probable NDE 11/12/2007. Probable NDE 3357. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva. Soon I saw myself in a dark tunnel, very near a super-brilliant light. When I saw the light, there were many people - very brilliant - dressed in white tunics with a rope belt, they stretched their arms and called to me to get closer. They invited me with a force filled with love, tranquility, peace - that is, many lovely things that I can't explain with words, but that attracted me enormously; it was as if I were in ecstasy. I started to advance towards them very happily.
NDE during childbirth.

1313. Jools G NDE 11/10/2007. NDE 3367. From the UK. I remember the suffocating feeling of the asthma and next thing I realized that the panic surrounding this feeling had gone and I felt totally unaware of my physical body. I was falling down a well lined with the most strikingly white soft material I'd ever seen. I remember the wonderful feeling that there was nothing I could hurt myself on. I have no idea how long I was in this blissful state. Before I got to the bottom, I saw that the ambulance had arrived outside the doors to the hospital Accident and Emergency Department.
NDE due to asthma attack.

1312. Arifur R NDE 11/10/2007. NDE 3364. In front of my eyes appeared all the prophets of religious teachings; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. In the middle was a bright human shaped light. It spoke to me saying that it was God, I didn't believe it at first (who would), I asked 'it' 'Who Are you?'
NDE at age 14 due to auto accident. Experience shared at age 16. Remarkable dialogue with God.

1311. Cyril C NDE 11/10/2007. NDE 3363. From the UK. I'm was then wheeled on a trolley to theatre I'm still ABOVE looking down on everything. Gets into theatre and see all the silver dishes gleaming down onto me, saw the surgeon. Anyway, he picked up this green drill, how did I know it was GREEN? Because I could SEE everything. Then there was two nurses, I could see their faces passing objects to the surgeon, remember the nurse's faces were half covered but I could see them. The drilling began, I now started to leave the operating theatre, and YES into a TUNNEL, yes we have all heard of the tunnel. It was a pleasant trip because at end of tunnel I could hear children laughing and playing, but could not see them.
NDE due to brain abscess.

1310. Malinda K NDE 11/10/2007. NDE 3362. Normally, there would be absolutely no memory of what had transpired during the unconscious phase of a grand-mal seizure. But I actually do have a memory of this event and recall being an energy field, similar to the white garbled screen you would see when changing channels on a TV and finding no reception. A pulsing, constant motion of energy/electricity. And yes, I did say I WAS that energy, not that I only saw it and was drawn to it. I WAS it. I knew everything beyond our comprehension or my ability to communicate in words here. I was connected to all things, both seen and unseen, and had an absolute and intimate knowledge of them because I was them. I also felt an overwhelmingly insatiable desire to experience things with all the senses I had held as a human. I needed to touch, hear, see, taste, learn, and experience emotions. This is why I no longer believe in a separate omnipotent being called God. We ARE God.
NDE due to grand mal seizure.

1309. Gene J NDE 11/10/2007. NDE 3361. It was extremely dark. I heard no noise. I was alone in total darkness. I seemed to be actually floating or in motion, in a direction. As I was slowly propelled forward through the stillness and blackness. I began to notice a small light ahead. The light grew even larger and brighter and it soon surrounded me to the point that I needed to close my eyes again. It was an extremely bright white light, so bright that when I did open my eyes, I need to blink a few times and squint. I suddenly found myself standing alone; yes actually upright, in the middle of what was a large, ultra-bright, white glowing room. It was so peaceful and quiet that I didn't want to leave. I felt an overwhelming comfort here, a warmth-like I belonged here. Still partially squinting I began to feel like I knew everything. I had gained so much knowledge instantly, that I had no doubts or questions as to what was happening.
NDE due to heart attack.

1308. Stephen T NDE 11/10/2007. NDE 3359. From Australia Visualized a large green blue circle with a feeling of depth but did not look like tunnel. Suddenly found myself in a large hall with a stone bath being washed by humanoid aliens; very peaceful (this was certainly a subjective illusion). Sudden transformation into a realm of timeless Absolute Beauty, Absolute Love and Absolute Infinity. The radiance was literally unbearable.
NDE due to near drowning. Remarkable insights and processing of NDE.

1307. JB NDE 11/10/2007. NDE 3355. Then, filled with great fear in my thinking and responding (both occur simultaneously here), I quiveringly asked, 'Why must I die?' Instantaneously the Voice replied, 'You must die, because you have failed to do what you promised us.' (No wiggle room here. My death was imminent.) Confused and frightened, I fell to my hands and knees (metaphorically speaking), and began begging for my life. I begged like I have never begged before. Groveling like a worm beseeching a human not to stamp on it, I implored, 'I don't remember what I promised, and I don't know why I must die. Please give me another chance. I don't remember what I promised!' The Voice answered. 'You promised us that you would help others. You have failed to do this, therefore you must die.'
NDE that happened in India. The NDE is remarkably transcendent and due to operative complication.

1306. Orson H NDE 6/20/2002. NDE 12014. From the Azores. I had an asthma attack with closure of the breathing passages which occurred just as the ambulance I was in arrived at the hospital. I remember the ambulance attendant slapping my face and saying, ‘come on boy! You're going to make it.’ Then everything went black. In the urgency department I still heard a nurse saying ‘Ha mais um batimento para suportar a vida.’ ‘There's still one more beat supporting life. Here comes the spooky bit. I was in a fast-moving stream just approaching some rocks at the edge of the falls I was about to go over. I could see the vegetation on the opposite bank in vivid autumnal colors. The water was warm and I was very comfortable and not a bit scared. Then it ceased before I was about to go over the edge. I still feel a slight feeling of disappointment that I did not ‘shoot the falls’!
NDE from asthma attack. Shared at age 88.

1305. Bonnie S NDE 11/7/2007. NDE 3351. They found something abnormal on the right side of my heart which they wanted to do the catheter procedure, as I was having it done that is when I had the near death experience. It was so amazing, I felt the warmth and seeing the light so bright I think it would blind the human eye. I wanted to go see my kids to let them know everything was okay, I saw my son he was sleeping. Then I went and saw my daughter, she was at work, I saw she was sitting at a long table doing envelopes in a medical office. I know she felt my presence, I touched her shoulder, the sad thing is I felt no sadness, all I felt was love and warmth. I then saw my mom standing there smiling at me, she did not have her hands out to welcome me. I was still able to see everything going on in the hospital. I saw the doctor using the paddles and my body just lying there. I saw the nurse moving fast around the table (she was screaming in my face Bonnie breath, Bonnie breath) and then the same nurse's surgical cap fell off her head, which she ended up kicking under the table. I was told by a male's firm voice to go back, and that is when I felt the last shock to the chest, which was very painful.
NDE due to complication of cardiac catheterization.

1304. Mike S Probable NDE 11/7/2007. Probable NDE 3350. What I did experience was being back at my grandpa and grandma's farm. I was younger, more like a teenager. I also communicated with a couple of my uncles who have passed away already. I also remember seeing my grandma and grandpa, but not really talking to them. Everyone was younger. Again, I'm just starting to share my experience.
NDE where the experiencer is struggling to make sense out of what happened.

1303. Sherri B NDE 11/7/2007. NDE 3347. As I lay there, the first thing I was that I was in a white fog and what looked like my dad motioning with his arm and telling me to, 'Go back, go back it is...' I looked down over to the right (in the way he was motioning me) then no I came to in the middle of the road. People were commenting, 'Oh, she's dead. Yeah she's dead.' I believe it was my dad because he had long hair, a long beard, and what I believe was the brown suit he was buried in.
NDE due to auto accident.

1302. Vito P NDE 11/7/2007. NDE 3346. When I spoke to my mother, I told her I was going to die - at this time my vision became blurry and then just stopped. I told my mother I couldn't see anymore. This is when the doctor took the phone and said they had to do emergency exploratory surgery. My hearing was never affected, even at the time of blindness. Then it was as if I had lost all fears and pain, and felt as if I had an incredible feeling of energy and alertness. My vision came back, except I was not in my body anymore. I was above it, while they rushed me to the operating room. The feeling could not really be defined, as if I was floating or hovering, it was as if I was just moving along freely. There were no restrictions on my movement; my earthly body was not holding me back. I remember staying in this state throughout most of the surgery.
NDE due to auto accident at age seventeen with ruptured spleen.

1301. Ray V NDE 11/7/2007. NDE 3345. I saw my paternal grandfather in heaven. He was on horseback and saddled another horse. It was a solid white horse, a beautiful beast. Though my grandfather didn't speak, I knew it was for me. I felt a presence of others, though I don't know who. They were all familiar and happy to see me. I was very pleased to be there. It was like being at a party for me and we were all gathering to go somewhere. I don't remember going there. But I remember waking up in the hospital with my family around me and wanting to go back. If I could just go back I wouldn't hurt.
NDE due to accident.

1300. James R NDE 10/17/2007. NDE 400. From Canada After following my older cousin into the pool the air was knocked out of me, I couldn't swim and I took in water. Vividly remember watching myself bobbing in the middle of the (3D) pool as Craig fished me out. I was separate from my body standing at my head as they performed 1960's style resuscitation. Two dark bodies were having an argument about my presence. Yes, no, maybe. There was something important I had to do.
Child drowning NDE.

1299. Annie NDE 10/17/2007. NDE 404. From Australia It was like a meeting day with the great intelligence - the dew on the grass, the sky at daybreak, the enlightened one. Great light, which I became one with. Total and utter peace and serenity. Pure love - unconditional love, pure omnipotence, pure comparison, a sinless intelligence, knowing this intelligence was beyond what I was. It is something, which would take many lifetimes to achieve. Total rapture, a feeling of pure joy. Didn't want to leave it. I am part of this intelligence even though I know this intelligence is pure knowledge and sinless, yet I am a sinner. My body is not my soul. Felt my soul separate - sorry hard to describe. Soul has different mission and can communicate differently - bloody hard to explain.
NDE due to spinal illness, met with the light.

1298. Ron C NDE 10/17/2007. NDE 407. A rushing sound as I lost consciousness followed by blackness/silence and the realization that I was not where I had been a moment ago. A feeling of incredible loneliness until I felt that I was no longer alone. It's then that I realized that I was probably dead. I saw a glimpse of a being of light who I was embarrassed to look at. I knew I had to return and expressed a, 'Do I gotta?'
NDE from accident.

1297. Linda Sue C NDE 10/17/2007. NDE 413. I am a Diabetic. For years, I wondered why I never experienced any 'life after death experience', because I have been close to death several times. On this occasion, I dropped rapidly and my husband could not bring me back. I remember looking down at myself standing in a field of flowers. I saw myself younger. I started to pick a flower when I turned and looked up in the air and heard a voice say, 'Linda you can't stay, you have to go back'. Then I woke in my husband's arms.
NDE from diabetic reaction.

1296. Evan D NDE 10/17/2007. NDE 416. From Australia As I was floating I was just transfixed at just looking at myself (it is a weird feeling looking at your own body) I had a bad cut on my head and blood was coming out of me very quickly. I felt so warm and peaceful it's a hard feeling to describe and I also felt no pain. You don't realize how match pain you live with every day until you have an experience like this. Then my whole life was played out for me. It was like watching a video on fast forward. I saw myself being born then it seemed to just stop for a fraction of a second every now and then at things that happened, like my first day at school. Then it was over in what seemed like just a second or two. Then a voice said to me, 'Do you want to live or die?'
NDE from car accident.

1295. Virginia F NDE 10/17/2007. NDE 418. I left my body and could hear the nurses and doctor working on me. I did not look behind me to see them, I was headed for a window where a cool October fall breeze was coming in, and I knew that if I reached that window, that I would never come back. Then a being appeared, Angel-like and reminded me of the husband and son that would never see me again and the daughter that would never know her mother. (I did not know I was having a girl.) Then when I felt this profound love for my family, it was like a rubber-band that snapped me back into my body of pain. I had a choice to go or stay. But, I think that when I came to the choice of love and understanding of what this being was showing me, that's when it was understood what my choice had to be. When I was out of my body, there was no pain just profound peace and love. I knew that I was going to a place that was beyond anything a mortal could imagine. I do not to this day fear death in any way. And as a retired nurse, I shared my story with those at the door of death to help their journey of crossing over easier.
NDE from allergic reaction to medication during childbirth.

1294.5. Brenda F Probable NDE 10/27/2001. Probable NDE 424. I went into a black tunnel that had a pen point of light at the end and as quick as I wondered what it was, I was through the light and standing in a field looking around. Everything was crisp and clean like there were no dust particles to block the view; it was a beautiful field with a very small stream running through it. As I looked across the stream I saw a man, he was sitting on a pile of big rocks, sitting on one, resting his back on the other.
NDE from childbirth complications.

1294. Willis S NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 427. The pain was suddenly gone. I found myself in a dark void. No light. Slowly in the center of the void, I became aware of a change in color. The darkness had a pinpoint of grey. The grey slowly became white. This white spot began to grow. It was as if this white area was 3D. It was rising out of the void coming directly towards me. I saw it as either a volcano, or a pimple, no other way to put it. It was not a tunnel. The white area continued to rise toward me. I got the impression that the white area was swelling from internal pressure. As it came closer, I felt that I could almost touch it. The most important thing was the feeling that the internal pressure was reaching a bursting point. Somehow I knew that if the white area burst all of the void would be replaced with an intense, warm, bright light.
NDE from heart attack.

1293. CJ NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 430. I became aware of an arched castle-like doorway obliquely across the room from me. I was curious, not afraid. I went to the doorway. The walls were gray square stones, softly rounded, not sharp like concrete block, though rough to the touch like lighter gray mortar. The floor was stationary, the walls rotated slowly in a clockwise motion. A pale yellow light filled the tunnel - no source was noted it was just there. As I came to the opening, I could see it was a long tunnel. The pale light became more golden the further down the tunnel you looked and was so bright at the far end it obscured further viewing. The light had a gentle friendly quality, it was non-threatening. I knew it was okay to go there if I needed to, I felt no fear.
NDE from stabbing assault.

1292. Christine NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 432. There was intense pain and suffering and then release - followed by pure ecstasy. I did not see any light ever, at any time. I was in a 'nothingness', a blackness or a void, and I was alone as in I didn't see anyone else, but I didn't feel alone because I felt unity with everyone and everything. I knew without even a hesitation that everyone and everything in the entire universe is connected into one; that we are each a part of everything - I knew that I was eternal (and I remember being so thankful to discover that eternity is true and has never been a lie or myth). I remember thinking, 'Oh my God. I am dead!!!!!!' And I remember thinking that it was the most beautiful thing that could have ever happened to me - the happiest day of my entire existence - there was nothing sad about it, like I always thought there would be. The only emotions I felt were pure joy, ecstasy and bliss at receiving the knowledge of immortality. It wasn't a feeling or a thought, it was a knowing. And, I remember thinking how I could not wait to tell my husband that we really would be together for an absolute eternity! And I remember thanking God over and over again that eternity is real.
NDE from serious car crash.

1291. Geraldine Probable NDE 10/16/2007. Probable NDE 434. I remember moving slowly through a circular feeling space that was surrounded by darkness. I knew that I could not go out of the space. It seemed bright but there was a brighter source of light that I knew I had to go towards. As got closer everything got faster. I was at first afraid but then started seeing faces on edge. I remember looking at them and finally having the sense of knowing one who gave me a feeling of wellbeing that everything was all right. As I got closer to light source there was feeling of great joy around and in me, but then I could not stay as I was not finished and had to go back. It seemed that I was told this by the familiar face with great sorrow. I was also very sad when I came back. I remember crying hysterically. It took time to calm down. The way back was very fast, I was trying not to and then I was suddenly there.
Probable NDE from anesthesia reaction.

1290. Willane T NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 438. I heard the security guard say, 'There she goes,' and my body fell to the ground. The ambulance pulled up and I could see them putting me in the back. I was seeing it from the same vantage point as standing by the car. As they pulled away, I began to dissolve and went off into energy fragments, which no longer had thought. I awoke at the hospital where the doctor accused me of faking a seizure to get attention.
NDE from seizure.

1289. Doris A NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 445. During the eight minutes when I was unconscious, I observed (from an 'rial position) details of what occurred. I saw where I was, who was there, and what was done to me. I felt a feeling of peace that is hard to describe in words. I was not afraid and felt only like an observer. I did not necessarily want to come back to that body which was convulsing. I only remember a feeling of unexplainable peace and serenity and had no cognition of a material body, nor did I care. It did not last too long but I remember it vividly.
NDE from cerebral hemorrhage.

1288. Shawn J NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 448. A sense of serenity began to engulf me and I all of a sudden I was floating through the universe and being gently brought along by a being to my left. It was sort of being carried and gently brought along. The universe was vast and stars were such as you would see out in the countryside with no city lights to dim your view. I continued on this journey for a period of time that I cannot measure. Eventually, I began to see a light in the distance, which became more brilliant the closer I got to it. The light was like no light I had ever seen up to that time and have not seen since. The being on my left continued to gently bring me toward the light. Little by little, I came closer and closer. Eventually, I was completely engulfed by the Light and became one with it. There are no words in any human language that can describe the complete sense of peace and love imparted by that Light. It was such that I did not want to be apart from it. It was where I wanted to stay for eternity. I am convinced that I was given a glimpse of the nature of that which we call God.
NDE. Merged with the being of Light.

1287. Jeanette NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 449. The tunnel was interesting because it was swirling with all pastel colors. The person at the end had their arms stretched out to me. I remember not really feeling scared, but more confused as to where I was. The last thing I remember doing is looking down to see that I was 'levitating' in this standing position, but that the tunnel was circling under my feet about ten feet down. The circumference of the tunnel I would estimate to be about (it's hard to remember) twenty feet. It was really beautiful. No words were spoken. No movement of air. No sensation of any temperature at all (neither warm nor cold). That was it. I came back and I was fine -- although a little shaken to say the least.
NDE from inhaling CO2 cartridges.

1286. David L NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 452. The reason I am writing you is that at one point I had a lot of pain and remember the 'room around me' was bright white. I knew I was in pain, but was trying very hard to recite the Lord's Prayer. I distinctly remember being irritated because someone 'did something' that interrupted my prayer. I started the prayer again. During this time I saw my recently deceased mother's face and I think she spoke to me.
Beginning of a NDE.

1285. Malina E NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 454. Although I couldn't see anything, I could also sense other beings around. I could feel the pain of my tongue being pulled on. I think I felt as if I was being tortured and I felt evil surrounded by the torture. After this sensation, my surroundings changed. Now I felt like I was in a void. I wasn't experiencing any pain anymore. I think this is when I started to die. I felt like I was slowly floating downward in a dark tunnel. I wasn't afraid anymore. I actually felt at peace. I don't recall that I was dying at the time, just felt good inside. It was a very pleasant feeling. But I never saw a light and I don't even recall when I came out of it. I know I don't remember telling my friend I was dead. I might have started to become aware of things when in the ambulance.
NDE from seizure.

1284. Olivia C Possible NDE 10/16/2007. Possible NDE 455. He then showed me several thousand visions at once. The only way to describe this particular experience is to have a handful of beads, drop them onto the floor at one time, and as fast as they all hit the floor at once is the speed in which the visions came to me. I don't remember anything about any of these visions except the first one. I was instantly standing on a mountain top next to Him, which side I don't have any memory of. We were looking down on a valley with another mountain on the other side of it. The valley seemed to be at least ten miles away. There were people scattering back and forth in preparation of something of great importance (I don't recall what) that was about to happen. I immediately noticed my vision, my ability to see. Advanced is an understatement. For one, the color of the trees and the grass was a brilliant green that I've never seen before and haven't since - and I could see small details, even though I don't recall any. I can only remember thinking I could see small things miles away on the right of me and the left of me at the same time - in great detail.
Severe Fever.

1283. Dustine S NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 314/372/456. I was visited by a 'light being' of some kind, I think we would call her an angel, but I'm not sure. She was an adult, not young but not old either. She had long straight blonde hair. She wore an unbleached cotton garment with a simple rope like tie at her waist. I don't know how I knew it, but I knew she was barefoot and her garment was about ankle length. I couldn't see her from her knee area down. But I know she was barefoot. The most remarkable physical attribute were her eyes. She had large eyes that were the most intense blue, like a sky blue topaz but more intense. She stood next to my bed and without speaking we communicated. She explained she had come for me, ‘I could go with her and it would be okay.’
Two NDEs and a Ketamine experience.

1282.5. June J Probable NDE 10/16/2007. Probable NDE 463. I remembered the experience of my spiritual being floating 6 feet above the shell of my body, lying on the cart. I felt wonderful, secure, and peaceful. It was beautiful. I could see my family looking over the shell on the cart and I was wondering why they were crying. I wanted to let them know I was o.k. But I couldn't speak. I was thinking in my mind, 'don't worry it's o.k.'
OBE prior to surgery. Uncertain if this is a life-threatening event, so it is a probable NDE.

1282. Tammy C NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 459. I also remembered that in the midst of my accident the day before I was visited by a radiant woman who 'told' me that I would be okay. I did not remember feeling any pain when I was with her, just confusion because there was nothing around us and I didn't know what had happened to me or why I was there with her. She communicated with me without speaking audibly but 'impressed words and feelings' on me. That is the best way that I can explain it. I remember thinking, 'What happened?' and it was as if she answered my thoughts by 'telling' me. 'Don't worry about that. You are okay. You will be okay.' I felt complete trust in what she said and an intense feeling of peace too. There were also other people there and although they didn't look familiar I knew that I did know them somehow. They also were 'sending' feelings of peace and welcome, 'telling' me (again without words) that I would be okay.
Teenager in a car accident.

1281. Priscilla W NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 467. Then suddenly everything went black. The next thing I remember is looking down at all these people hovering over me working with me to breathe with some pattern breather. Almost immediately this door opened up, everything was so bright, and it was beautiful. My grandfather, whom I called Paw Paw, was standing there looking at me with this huge grin on his face. I started to walk towards him, because I wanted to hug him for he had been dead for three years at this time. Well right before I got to this door he said no not now and shut it on me. Then I woke up there on my hospital bed still gasping for every breath. What I had was double acute pneumonia that was from me vomiting during my surgical procedure. I should have been a goner that day, but my Paw Paw told me it wasn't my time. I am very thankful for that, because now I am a twenty-nine year old mother to three wonderful kids. I now look at death with a smile, because I know where I am going, and I know it is a beautiful place. Kind of like a big old family reunion. I want to say that I am glad that there is a place to discuss my brush with death for I have never told my family about this.
NDE from childbirth complications.

1280. Donna D NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 483. Have received scientific knowledge that I would not ordinarily have known. I have constantly been on a spiritual quest since this experience. Receive an abundance of spiritual energy at twilight RISP - Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis. Felt as if I traveled through a "wormhole" or tunnel - Einstein-Rosen Bridge. These entities are helping us fix things by expanding our awareness, which is the source of our predicament we find the planet in. At some moment I did answer Yes to Something or Someone - and from that hour I was certain that existence is meaningful and that, therefore, my life in self surrender had a goal. We are inflicting unwelcome changes on the planet which is really not ours. We are killing it. Our planet is dying. Time is critical. ACT NOW - SETI WIMP TOE LIGO - on a mission from God. Galaxy Quest. Save the Pale Blue Dot - Mindshift - Blue shift - Visual Ray Theory - Third-eye - tesseract - 4 + Aktis Ray (gamma) Actin. At times, a Spirit comes and takes me away. Dreams work. Remain open at the top, just don't know, just don't know. God is infinite, supernatural, God is Spirit.
Left temple hit with baseball.

1279. Michele W NDE 10/16/2007. NDE 2042. 484/2042 At first, I was more than 4 feet from my body, towards my feet and above the heads of the staff. As my body was trying to remember the number, I got closer to myself, as if I was whispering it in my own ear. Sometimes, I was there with my physical body. Other times I was floating in the darkness (maybe I did not want to see what was going on).
NDE from auto accident

1278. Ken A NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 488. The light is love. It is our real home. There we realize the connection... I remember that everything was okay with one exception. I thought, 'What a fool I was to have spent the time I spent accumulating those things.' What was meant by that was that I needed to concentrate on the things that were important. I have succeeded in doing that.
Two NDEs and many unusual things that happened afterward.

1277. John B NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 490. Then I saw a small dot of light that was getting closer and closer until the dot expanded into a room on the other side. There were no walls to speak of and there was other activity going on behind these glowing human figures that were hooded. I couldn't make out facial features but saw a silhouette of them. There was this unusual light everywhere that seemed to come from no direct source. We (me and the five of them) started to communicate without verbal speech. I felt as though I was plugged into everything and could see and hear through my consciousness. Then they asked me if I want to stay or return. I immediately said I want to go back. That I would do whatever they wanted me to do, just so I could return. I wasn't fearful at all, in fact I never felt so wonderful before, but I just thought I should go back and do work for these guys.
NDE from car accident.

1275. Norton J NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 712. From England Awareness was natural, yet totally non-human. Nothing from that experience actually fits into my human imagination, and the only imagery I have is what my mind can cope with in translation. Even as I write this, I can feel myself trying to shy away from it, and this is taking a lot of effort. There was a sense of self, of identity; it was no different from the very human self-image we all have and accept every day of our lives. There was a sense of relief in me that it was all over, so this is what it is like. Thought, sight, hearing and touch - our senses as we know them - simply didn't apply, this was different; for my experience of it, I knew that I had died although I had not gone through the classic out-of-body experience, and there was no fear involved, no wonder, simply the purest acceptance of my circumstances.
NDE from being run over by a car.

1274. Jason DH NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 724. But let me be clear it was my choice to come back ONLY BECAUSE: I had been assured that this is my last time here. He had my book of life with him and we sat at a table with my book on the table, the writing went back to front, like Hebrew, he held up a few pages on the top saying, 'This is Jason you have only this much to finish then you can come home to stay, your book is finished.' Then he went on to tell me of something I still need to do (which I was not allowed to remember). He told me of great benefit and need that caused the one more thing to do to be instilled in me as so needed for mankind that, of course, I would come back to do that one more thing before returning to stay.
NDE from criminal attack.

1273. Ira D NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 796. Died. I was forgiven past errors. Entered World of White. I was washed over with something soothing, cleansing, and fantastic. Could I stay where I was? Yes. Concerned about those left behind. Could I go back for a short time? Yes. More that would have to be explained.
Short NDE from heart attack.

1272. Steven C NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 799. I was in this void of darkness and without hope, and I spoke. I said, 'Where am I?' I could hear the words. A great love came down, saved me, and lifted me up; I was going to perish; I was in deep, deep trouble. All I had to do was accept it; in your wildest imagine you cannot believe how good Jesus is. He spoke and said to my ears, 'Do you believe I created the universe?' and I said, 'Yes'. I was taken above the water and ground and I had the mind of Christ; I was in the family of the Father.
Child drowning NDE at age 3 or 4.

1271. Clark Possible NDE 10/14/2007. Possible NDE 812. I overdosed on pills, and rather than slowing my system down they sped it up. I had a seizure and there was an eight hour time period where I was blacked out. If anybody out there has read 'Dream Catcher' by Stephen King I found out what it felt like to be Jonesey kind of. I was conscious though I saw or heard nothing, I felt at peace with everything. I guess at one point the doctors said my heart rate was at one hundred and eighty. I saw nothing but darkness, but felt total serenity.
NDE from suicide attempt.

1270. Pat H NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 860. The next thing I knew I was floating among the clouds in a blue sky. I remember feeling so free, content and happy like being born again. I knew everything that was around me although I didn't see any limbs or torso or even eyes, I just knew. Also, I remember that at the time I had no memory of who I was or what I was and that all I wanted to do was to continue to fly among the clouds. Then suddenly I saw a large circle of light in the distance, I was curious at first but as it drew closer I had a recollection of the sun which if I look directly into can damage my eyes and I turned away from it which seemed odd because I didn't know where that came from. My curiosity got the better of me and I looked directly at the circle of light. The circle was getting bigger and was drawing me to it.
NDE from drug overdose.

1269. Evan K NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 990. First thing I experienced was a large flash of light (figured it was impact of a guard-rail), then darkness (unconsciousness). About half an hour later, I was walking around dazed then entered a seizure type fit. I saw myself on the Emergency Room table but couldn't feel or hear anything. Then everything turned into a great void of light with a sense that I cannot explain. Have never yet felt that feeling. When I finally woke up over four hours had past and I was being told that during that time I didn't know where I was, who I was or what the date was. Shortly after I discovered bumps or scars on the palms of my hands, which look like round half pea size dots, one is outwards and the other inwards. If I scrape them off they come back the next day.
NDE from car accident.

1268. Gwen NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 1065. I found myself in a black void. The difference was flashes of vivid light bars. I felt myself walking on them, from one to another always moving forward. The colors were magenta, turquoise blue, fuchsia, lemon yellow and iridescent orange and purple. I finally woke up in the surgical room still talking. I knew I lost some time.
NDE from exploding brain tumor.

1267. Grzegorz K NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 1089. From Poland. Translated to English by Matteuz. After some time, a woman appeared. I can't remember if we talked. At one point, a light door appeared in the wall and the woman asked me to come with her through it. We were to be back soon. I agreed because I trusted her. We went through the door. On the other side, she was no longer there. Everything looked like an underground factory (I cannot describe that place, but I guess a factory is what it felt like). There were many people there. They were running naked in all directions. I just sat and observed them. The couldn't see me or they just didn't pay attention to my presence. Some time passed and I wanted to find the exit. I wasted a lot of time and didn't find anything. I was getting upset, angry, and lost consciousness. When I regained it, I was still in that factory, but there were no people this time, just the women that took me there. She said I would stay there (I think the communication was telepathic, we didn't talk in the usual way). I felt deceived. She had said we were going to come back.
Atypical NDE from brain hemorrhage.

1265. Karina M NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3184. I somehow 'received' the understanding (the message? It was not a voice.) That if I died right there and then, my eight month old son would be okay and that my parents would be okay in the long run. I had the certainty that the world (my world) would be okay without me. That my son would grow up healthy and well (he did), and that my parents would survive the pain of my loss. I accepted dying and was willing to let myself go (that's when I felt a weight lift). As I was 'returning' (my ex-husband shoved about four tablespoons of sugar in my mouth), I felt a 'sucking' pull taking me back (I did not 'see' my body from the ceiling or anything that was going on around my body).
NDE due to accidental insulin overdose.

1264. Katie A NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3183. When I died, I rose above my body and saw my grandfather working on my body. My body was of no interest to me; instead, I moved out of the room towards a presence I felt in the living room area. I went towards this presence, which was within a brilliant, sun-light bright, light space - not a tunnel, but an area. The presence was unbelievable peace, love, acceptance, calm, and joy. The presence enveloped me and my joy was indescribable - as I write this, I am brought back to this emotion and it delights me still.
NDE at age three from choking. Profoundly influential experience, and is now pursuing a Doctorate in Theology.

1263. Catherine A NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3182. I was up in the air in the operating room. I could see the doctor and the nurse anesthetist down below me and I knew that was my body down there on the operating table. I was going around in circles. They would get smaller and smaller. When I got to the center of the circle, I would pop out and start another circle. I got up in the corner of the room. I wanted to go out of the room and see what was on the other side. At that point a male adult voice said to me, 'You better get back down there.' That was all I remembered. My mother told me later, when I came out of the anesthetic, that I almost bled to death during the operation.
NDE from bleeding during surgery at age seven, shared sixty-five years later. She is a retired nurse.

1262. Don T NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3181. I continued floating upward and became a little frightened. I noticed I was curled up and that I felt very good (much better than when I was in the chair). Finally, I realized I was in the presence of some beings that were very loving. While there seemed to be a main being, the others were free to communicate also. I was shown the history of the planet and other things that I lost almost immediately. I think I remember asking if I could tell people about the secrets I'd seen. They made me understand that I would forget the secrets very quickly (and I did).
NDE due to blood loss after surgery at about age nine.

1261. Raven R NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3178. ...I looked down on the emergency medical technicians trying to reawaken me. I popped up into a surrounding that was white mist cloud; I saw white granite structures illuminated from the inside out. I smelled roses, honeysuckles, vanilla oranges, cinnamon, myrrh, and more all rolled into one fragrance. The flowers were surrealistic, light and bright or deep and comforting. Then it happened. I felt a hand on my right shoulder. As I tried to turn to look, the voice was a man's voice that was soft, calming and creamy. His hand was like an aurora borealis, like in Alaska, you could see the shape but the skin was crystalline of all colors, long lanky fingers, and medium wrist. He said, 'Raven, you cannot stay this is not your time, you need to go back now.' I said, 'I just got here, who are you?' He said, 'You know who I am.' I said 'God?' He said yes.
NDE due to heart attack.

1260. Jerry S NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3177. I thought I had acid reflux. On the third day, the pain moved to my shoulders and I had trouble breathing. I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden I was no longer in my house I was standing on this side walk looking into this very bright light but the light did not blind me. I was not walking towards the light I just stood there. An older man walked past me slowly. There was no sound it was completely quiet. I had the strongest feeling of loneliness. I was back in my house again and I knew it was serious so I called 911 to get help. I made it to the hospital. The doctor told me I had three blockages and only thirty percent of my heart was working. I was on the verge of death.
NDE due to heart attack.

1259. Simon J NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3174. I remember walking up to the grocery store where it happened then collapsed and then absolutely nothing. I was in a complete and utter void. Later, I remember being in the emergency room in the hospital and seeing myself from a third perspective. I could see them moving me from the gurney to the operating table. I could hear them saying, 'Don't leave us Simon. Don't leave us,' and them working frantically to resuscitate me.
NDE due to burst aorta (the largest artery in the body).

1258. Valerie H NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3172. Suddenly I can see again, but from a different angle, both episodes I was above to the left of my body looking down. I feel very different; I do not feel sick at all, I had no bad feeling what so ever. My mind thought, 'HMM... HMM, HMM... HMM, HMM.' I did not realize bad things were happening; I was like an innocent child humming. Even though I was looking down at my body and saw people working on me, I was not afraid, nor was I worried about my family. I could hear the nurses calling my name but, I paid no attention to them, I didn't realize I was 'Val.t' I began floating backwards toward the open door to the hallway and then into the hallway.
NDE due to heart condition that can lead to dramatic drop in blood pressure.

1257. Judy P NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3171. From Canada. Next it felt like I was falling backwards out of my body. It happened very quickly. I found myself in complete blackness but I could see. I felt a peace like I never felt before. There are no words to describe it. I remember thinking to myself I'm really here, you do go on. I was still me, exactly who I was on the physical side. Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the light. Oh, there really is a light, I was so happy to discover this. I knew I had to go to light. As soon as I thought that, I started to move towards the light. As I got closer to the light, I could see a tunnel. I knew I had to go into this tunnel. The light became brighter and brighter, but it didn't hurt to look into it. It surrounded me and comforted me. I had absolutely no worries or fears. Just absolute peace. I stared to move through the tunnel. I was looking at the tunnel, noticing its color, shape and texture. Also I was aware of presences at the end of the tunnel.
NDE due to bleeding after childbirth.

1256. Terre D NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3169. Then suddenly I was whisked away. I felt simultaneously that I was caught in a stream of energy flowing around a planet below and to my left, and also within a giant tree on a hill and all its parts, from roots to leaves. At this point, I knew I was pure energy. Infinite, because I could see the planet and was part of this powerful stream of energy, at the same time I could feel myself part of the peaceful, gentle energy of the tree. This stream of energy was fast and powerful, and looked like lights in a wide bright band out in space but curving around the planet, which was reddish. I could see other planets and stars, and the space between was black. As part of the tree, I could feel every leaf rustling in the breeze. Then suddenly I was back in my body.
NDE at age seven or eight due to childhood game of squeezing air out of chest to pass out. PARENTS: we have received a number of NDEs where this type of 'game' caused the NDE. Warn your children that this type of 'game' could be fatal.

1255. James W NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3168. This was a non-experiential experience - the experience had no content so there was nothing to have an experience of in the classical sense that we understand 'experience.' Something happened and according to outside observers, it took time for it to happen. In the classic understanding of experience, I experienced nothing. I became purely subject and no thoughts exist in this Oneness. There exists only One and no other; this One always is and this One cannot be explained, understood, or experienced by the rational human mind. White light is what I remember and the simplest way I can explain the moment is to say, 'I saw God.'
NDE at age thirteen due to unknown causes, but apparent transcendent experience at time of physical unconsciousness.

1254. Rhea D Probable NDE 10/14/2007. Probable NDE 3165. Next thing I know, I was floating in the top of the room looking down on myself, my mom in the corner on a stool with silver legs. She was hiding her face in her hands because she didn't want to see them cut me. I saw two doctors leaning over me on the table. In an instant, I was in a tunnel with a bright light at the end. I distinctively remember that I wasn't moving my feet and wondering how I could be advancing through the tunnel. When I got to the end of the tunnel, there was a man in an all-white tunic awaiting me. He never had to speak physically, but I could hear him and he could hear me. He took me by the hand and we walked. I knew him although I had never seen him. He loved me, I loved him and I felt safe with him. This place that we walked was the most beautiful place that I have ever see. It was like a grassy, hilly place filled with flowers. The colors were so bright and vivid. It makes the greenest grass here on Earth look dirty.
Probable (almost certain) NDE at age four as surgical complication, twenty-eight years ago. It was more common in the past for doctors to avoid disclosing they had a serious surgical or anesthetic complication.

1253. Peter M NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3163. From Canada I stayed in my place thinking while my two cousins and my brother went away and I climbed the wall and jumped. While I was falling, I saw a very fast movie for what I did at that time. After I hit the ground, I didn't feel anything. Then suddenly, I saw myself falling down in a tortuous well. It was dark and I couldn't see anything but I was able to hear other voices. Some voices were laughing, crying, or speaking. Some of them were falling faster than me. It was frightening and I was trying to find anything to catch. I moved falling for a while. It was a long well, and then I exited from the well to find myself standing at the beginning of a tunnel. There was someone who exited with me but it disappeared. I stayed at my place thinking what to do. It was a long tunnel and the end of the tunnel there was a door without a door and outside this door there was a very bright light that was shining the tunnel.
NDE due to fall at age five.

1252. Lonna O NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3162. I remember being up high in a corner of the hospital room, watching all of those people serving me being in a panic state. I saw myself lying on the bed, but, although I knew it was I, I wasn't the least bit concerned about it. It was in no way a part of me anymore. I kept saying, 'Please don't worry about me. I'm fine.' I realized that they couldn't hear me.
NDE associated with complication of childbirth. NDE happened forty-eight years ago.

1251. Sammy O NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3159. Tunnel (really just circular black border) with small pinpoint light in center. Scenes which I recognized as being from my youth, etc. being vividly portrayed - really in a continuous (sometime circular around the small light) fashion. I frankly thought that I was dreaming (being in the hospital bed) and was consciously trying to analyze what was happening. I thought it was an unusual dream with a very weird format (circular boundary). I mostly stopped paying attention to what was being portrayed and puzzled about the strange format. After what seemed a considerable time, the tunnel collapsed inward and the light exploded toward me. This apparently was when the code team shocked me. I then awoke to find twenty to twenty-five people (code team) in my room, and immediately realized what must have happened.
NDE due to cardiac arrest from post-operative complication of heart surgery.

1250. Theodosia Q NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3158. Something took my hands gently and guided me through the m'lstrom of colors. There was sound like music around me. I felt that I was one with the universe, walking through solar systems and galaxies. But in a final spin of lavender, I felt myself slipping into this mortal reality. I was on my back on the floor outside my apartment.
NDE associated with miscarriage and medication overdose.

1249. Thomas B NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3157. After injection, I fell head first down two flights of stairs. G, drunk as he was, put me in a bed and went about his business for an indeterminate time. He contends that when he came back later I wasn't breathing. He slapped me and dragged me upright at which time I regained consciousness. While unconscious, I viewed from above, as if near the ceiling, my seemingly dead body. My thought was that my parents would be devastated by my death and would have the embarrassment of having their neighbors and associates read about me in the Hartford Courant...
NDE associated with alcohol and heroin use, and then fell down stairs. Found not breathing.

1248. Patricia M NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3154. The next thing I know, I'm hovering at ceiling height, looking down on myself lying on the hospital bed. I could see I was wearing a blue and white hospital gown, and one of my legs was folded under the other. I felt myself drenched in a cold sweat. I appeared to be asleep or unconscious. I didn't see anything else in the room, but a calmness was with me.
NDE due to medication reaction.

1247. Terry B FDE 10/14/2007. FDE 3153. I remember seeing the sunlight from above (through the water's surface distorted by the water) along with the sensation of not being able to get air and the water entering my mouth and nose while I was bouncing to try to get to the surface of the water. Then I remember experiencing everything I had done in my entire life with some kind of explanation of what had been done well and what I could have done differently. This part did not frighten me at all and was accompanied by a total lack of judgment, and a sensation of being totally accepted and cared for.
Experience at age seven. This remarkable experience is an example of the difficulty classifying experiences. There may not have been unconsciousness during the experience, so it may not have been a NDE. This was clearly a real and meaningful experience re

1246. Larry S NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3152. The next instant I was standing in a hallway or a breezeway. The lighting was dim and I could see a man ahead of me wearing a very nice business suit and overcoat. He was also wearing a nice hat like a successful business man would wear. I was sure I did not know this person but started to walk towards him. As I walked, I remember telling myself, 'Don't forget this.' Approximately halfway to him, I had an uncontrollable urge to open my eyes. When I did, a nurse was in my face shaking and shouting, 'Larry! Larry! Larry!' When she noticed my eyes open she told me in a relieved voice that they had lost me and had hit my chest and then shocked me twice to bring me back.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1245. Amy C NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3151. This is what I called the NASCAR of crappy during my experience, because every character flaw, inhibition, fear - pretty much everything crappy about me in life - was put on the table and I was forced to deal with it.
NDE due to post-surgical complication.

1244. Colin F NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3149. It has played a major role in the direction of my life. I think that what I got was a small glimpse of Hell. I think Hell is a moment of ultimate clarity when all of your life is laid out before you in stark realism. The wasted opportunities, the selfishness, the greed and unhappiness, all become clear and apparent for the first time. Hell for me was true realization of all that I had wasted, a life squandered.
NDE due to head trauma at age fifteen. Disturbing NDE content, but was instrumental in him changing his life in a positive direction.

1243. John H NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3145. Next day threw the fat embolus and arrested. I watched myself from the ceiling as they moved me from my room to the elevator up to surgery and then waited for them perform my tracheotomy. I saw them take me back to my room where they proceeded to hook me up to a breathing machine which I remained on for three weeks.
NDE due to respiratory arrest.

1242. Bonnie B NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3144. I lay down on the bed and stopped breathing and that's when I died. It was not a 'near' death experience, it was death. I heard a loud buzzing and felt that I was in a total darkness and then I left my body. I didn't know at first that I had left my body; I was aware that I was floating above the bed, and that I was somehow very, very different. The first and most vivid sensation I had was that there was some place I wanted, HAD, to go to, and I knew I had to get out of that room to be able to go. I went up, trying to go, but I was stopped at the corner of the room where the walls and ceiling met. I looked down and saw the bed covered with the canvas tarp, and mother sitting on a chair beside the bed. Her purse was on the floor beside her chair. Her hands were folded in her lap and her head was down.
NDE at age six due to complication of diphtheria. Shared fifty-seven years later.

1241. Robert O NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3143. Saw ethereal pastoral sky with a river of events flowing in front of me. There was a naked woman with long golden hair who when looked at would seem to make one of the scenes pop into view by itself. This naked woman had her nakedness hidden by her long flowing golden hair. I can only remember one of the events and that was a group of four men bare-chested playing conga drums while they rotated in the scene. There were several other events but I cannot recall any of them. It was a fantastic experience and it made me totally unafraid of dying in the future.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1240. Misty G NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3141. What I remember is standing up and the next thing I was in this pitch black void, all I could see was a slight appearance of my body with a yellow/gold aura. I felt this overwhelming sense of peace; I cannot find another word that fits better. Kind of like everything has been taken care of and you do not do anything but go along for the ride. There were no lights but my aura. No angels, stairways, friends, no sound at all, absolutely nothing to the point of fear only with peace. I know strange. Nothing but this black space with me right in the middle. I remember thinking where am I and right when I did (keep in mind this void also had the feeling of no time) it is hard to put into words. I Sort of woke up and caught a blur of a female and what appeared to be the inside of an ambulance.
NDE due to narcotic overdose.

1239. Quena Probable NDE 10/14/2007. Probable NDE 3344. I was sort of floating not over my body but I was bodiless. I was so happy, content, and warm. I remember trying to fight them at one point to leave me be. I could hear them say breathe and I was thinking no I do not want to and I was fighting them to not breathe. I was so happy and comforted it was nothing like I had ever experienced before. There was no fear. Prior to this, I had a deep fear of death and would avoid thinking about death. There was no light that I can remember. Nor did I meet dead people I once knew. I then heard the nurse say she has been down for over ten minutes. I was like, oh hmm, I had no idea of time. I also remember thinking wow I always thought not breathing would be painful but I really did not want to breathe.
Probable NDE vs. post-operative drug (narcotic) reaction. Post-operative respiratory arrest. Not sure if full OBE. Very frightening to her afterward.

1238. Cynthi K NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3343. The speed was increasing continuously. I don't know how long I traveled because time was no longer relevant. I was aware that I was being directed toward something important. The light was in the distance. Before I could reach the light, I came to a plateau. On this plateau there were people of light, transparent, in long flowing robes or maybe they were not robes but part of their 'bodies'. I knew that these beings were my ancestors, people that I had NOT known in my lifetime but that were connected to me nonetheless. They were all smiling and happy to see me as though they had been waiting for me. They were glad that I was there so that they could tell me the secret that they all knew.
NDE due to car crash.

1237. Cindy M NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3342. I was riding behind a boat on an inflatable tube. This other girl and I fell off. I remember being underwater, my head hurting, and was afraid I had hit my head on the other girl's hip. My head hurt so bad I knew I didn't want to pass out cause I was under water but all I could think about was the pain in my head. The next thing I remembered was seeing a crane and thinking someone had drowned and they were pulling them out of the water. When I was closer, I saw a beautiful bright light. I looked into the water and could see the body and recognized it was me. I thought I couldn't have drowned because here I was, I looked toward the light and saw an angel and she said it was time to go back. I didn't want too, I felt like I dropped down into my body.
NDE due to boating injury.

1236. Ina P NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3341. I was following the voice and it lead me to a cliff, all I could see was a little needle of light but the ledge was sharp. I got scared but the voice commanded me to follow saying it would be okay. I fell off the cliff and felt like I was being wrapped in warm, peaceful blanket. While going through this light, peace surrounds you and all anger, hatred, emotions leave until only peace exists. I kept falling going deeper into the light. When I finally hit I was at awe with it - so beautiful; a golden gate so much peace. I had my left hand on a golden gate and I slowly open it. I had my right foot across. All of a sudden, I heard my mom. Half way across the gate, with my left foot in the air, I turned away and I saw darkness, then light, then my body below. My mom was crying begging me to come back yelling, 'Ina no!'
NDE due to fever associated illness.

1235. Kathi B NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3339. So the thoughts came into my head: what kind of form or shape would make you most comfortable? 'What do you mean?' I thought back. Some require me to take the shape of a wise old man, others a woman and still others an animal, all of different races, ages, sizes or species. What about you? I thought without hesitation 'Human.' With that, the light began to simultaneously separate into amazing rays of color and intensify into a more solid form. Once the light reached the stage where it looked like a human form, a rather generic looking cookie cutter shape, like a gingerbread man, I thought, 'That is enough, I am comfortable with this form.' The shape could move and was three dimensional. It was composed entirely of light and rays of luminescent color emanated from every part of it. I saw the color again, many years later when I first saw iridescent material. The feelings of safety, love and peace were even greater in its presence. We were still communicating through thoughts.
NDE due to near drowning.

1234. Steve T NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3338. I was overwhelmed by the deep green color of the trees and grass. The grass was blowing from a gentle breeze. The grass was long; I would say about ten to twelve inches. I was alone there but felt a spiritual presence watching over me. I had this relaxed feeling that I had completed everything I was to complete in my life. There was nothing else to do. No lists of things, like to-do lists. I had completed my tasks and now could rest. Rest in a way that is hard to explain. Rest with nothing coming up to do. No tomorrow, no next week, time in effect seemed meaningless. There was a rich blue sky and it was quiet except for the sound of the breeze and rustling grass. I felt completely content and happy. Then I was almost pulled away from this scene and started seeing the ceiling tiles in the emergency room. I had trouble making sense of where I was and felt like I had fainted. The nurses were doing CPR on me and I started hearing them telling me to breathe.
NDE due to hypertensive crisis and reaction to medication.

1233. Lou P Probable NDE 10/14/2007. Probable NDE 3335. I had an out of body experience. It wasn't during an operation, it was while I was in traction. I floated out of my body to the top of the room and then I floated into the hallway down to over the nurse's station and I could hear them speaking. I was very, very scared and yelling at the top of my lungs, 'HELP! HELP!' but they couldn't hear me. The next thing I knew, I was back in my body.
Probable NDE from Professor.

1232. Ada R NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 3336. I do not know how to describe - that is the problem. It was as if I was walking out in the universe with an infinite softness, peace, knowledge of my soul going on - peace and more peace, I loved it... The beauty, depth, serenity, infinite peace, wonder, space, what I saw. How much I did not want to come back...
NDE due to post-surgical cardiac arrest. Contributor is a Psychologist.