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982. Hellen C Probable NDE 12/14/2006. Probable NDE 2685. Original in Dutch. Translated into English by Matt. I had been ill for two days and the doctor had misjudged the seriousness of my disease. When on the second day my son arrived, I could just crawl up the stairs and lie upon my bed. Once on the bed, I felt like sinking further away. The huge pain disappeared, as did the concerns and anxiety. The only thing that remained was a feeling of peace. I floated through something towards a light. The feeling there was lovely! Peace, affection and an intense feeling of love. No stress, anxiety, worries or battle. I stood before three men who sent me back; behind them was a friend of mine who had passed away. I couldn't reach her. I was woken up, as what seemed to be several hours later, by my son. Only when I could see the panic in his eyes I realized that I was dying and something had to happen.
Probable NDE due to severe illness.

981. Bilge M NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2593. Original in Turkish. Translated into English by Ibrahim. Suddenly, I felt a strong pain in my chest. I fainted. However, I was still conscious but in a different place - at least my soul was. At first, it was very dark. I can't describe the place. I was asking myself where I was. I realized that I was flying very fast, as if I was looking for myself. I felt very light and relaxed. At one point, I saw myself on the floor. I was lying on my right arm. I went down and tried to raise myself, but it was impossible; my body was very heavy. Besides when I tried, I felt dizzy. Suddenly, I looked up and saw a beautiful place. Everywhere was green; small streams were running. I felt I was being pulled there. I tried to reach there with my hand, as if some hand were pulling me.
NDE from Turkey.

980. Angel S NDE 12/10/2006. NDE 2854. From Puerto Rico. I was out of my body because I could see all the efforts of neighbors who were trying to revive me. I could see the paramedics, policeman, firemen and neighbors all gathering around that body lying there, the funny thing was I was watching the body but like other spectators. My recollection is that I could move freely everywhere. I felt very calm. I remembered looking down to my body. There was a very dark room. There I found two deceased neighbors which I appreciated and loved them very much.
NDE due to stroke.

979. Udon T NDE 12/10/2006. NDE 2851. From Thailand All of a sudden there was no pain and I remember distinctly a humming noise like the sound of very powerful electrical current that was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. It is so hard to explain but it is like a hummmmm but as if the most perfect orchestra in the world played it. You probably won't understand that part but it was very distinctive. The next I remember was seeming to become part of everything but moving with huge fluorescent light structures that formed waves and were perfect in size and movement and the light was perfect. For some reason everything seemed to all of a sudden make sense, the world, myself, everything was answered in an instant and it seemed I knew everything. There were no beings but energy like myself that was part of everything and there was no coolness or heat or wind or anything just perfect fluorescent lights that controlled all the structure and gently everything moved in waves.
NDE due to severe bleeding.

978. Cathy M NDE 12/10/2006. NDE 2850. The doctors where working on me. They were removing my kidney to take to my sister in the adjacent surgery room. All I can remember is that I was floating over my body. Not really paying attention to the fact that the doctors where having problems with my punctured lung. All I saw was the light that was holding me over my body. It was peaceful and wonderful! It was comfortable climate wise and I was just looking down. Waiting for something, I did not know what. I felt the warmth of the love and the peace of just floating without a care. Suddenly, I heard the cry of my baby girl.
NDE due to surgical complication. Interesting awareness during NDE that blood tests done months previously (probably indicating she was pregnant) gave results that led to a delay in her surgery and that this was important as the transplant would not have

977. Barbara J NDE 12/10/2006. NDE 2847. 'Why is it not my time?!?! I'm ready to die! My life sucks!! My best friend died three years ago!! Why is it not my time?!?!' Then he turned around as if someone was talking to him and turned back around to me again and said, 'Someone wants to talk to you.' Then he pointed to the gate with the city behind it. Someone was standing there. At first, I couldn't see who it was but when I got close I couldn't talk, cause it was Jake. You see, Jake, my best friend, died in a car accident five years ago. We were both seven years old then. When I saw him there I ran to the gate as fast as I could! When I got there, we both reached out, grabbed each other's hands, and cried. He looked my age, but I knew it was him.
Incredible NDE that happened at age ten and is shared when she is twelve. Youngest person to share NDE directly in NDERF history. Note she is resuscitated by paramedics that then immediately left the area and vanished mysteriously. Barbara and her friends

976. P.A. NDE 12/10/2006. NDE 2846. I fell asleep at the wheel driving on the freeway, car rolled off and flipped off freeway. I woke and was hovering over my body - everything was very quiet, I was not afraid just stared at myself and thought I was dead. I was not frightened but did not see a white light coming from above like I thought (or you see in movies). Then I woke up and everything was very loud (my radio was blasting and you could hear the freeway noise rushing above).
NDE due to auto accident.

975. Roberta NDE 12/10/2006. NDE 2844. I remember thrashing and going under the water, I was panicking at first, but suddenly I felt peaceful. I was out of my body, watching myself as I tumbled around and around. I did not experience a tunnel, however, I did experience an intense ray of light that wrapped itself around me, and it felt so incredibly warm and comforting. I remember Jesus (or a higher power) speaking to me, I had a conversation with a voice; however, I did not see anyone but my own body. I cannot remember the entire conversation but I remember speaking of our purpose (love) and being told it was not my time (I felt very sad about this because the feelings I had were so comforting and incredible I did not want to go back).
NDE due to near drowning at age six.

974. Teresa M NDE 12/10/2006. NDE 2843. From Canada I was losing consciousness in the ambulance but I thought hold on with all my strength. I felt I was slipping away fast. The next thing I noticed I was without pain. More alert my mind has never been clearer or more alive that at that moment. Then I noticed I was in what people call a tunnel. At that time, I didn't know where I was. I was going down feet first so fast I can't even put it into words. I looked at myself I had the hospital gown on and it didn't even move. I got very scared because it was so black and I also noticed that it has rings around it like a vacuum hose. It still gives me shivers as I'm writing this. As a catholic, I thought I was going to hell for we are taught that hell is below us. I didn't see or hear anyone but I did feel that I wasn't alone. Then I started speaking to God.
NDE associated with severe illness.

973. Peter D NDE 10/6/2006. NDE 21408. I was dizzy all day. I was asked by my teachers if I wanted to go to the clinic and then go home but I suggested that I was ok and that I will be fine. After that, everything got blurry. I remember being at lunch. My friend Jeremy was in line and his brother, Joe, was right behind him. When they got out of line, I was standing and I remember saying, ‘My fourth hour teacher asked me if I wanted to go to the clinic and I said no.’ Then after that, it went black. I can remember hearing questions and seeing myself on the ground but I was just lying there. Then I remember them putting me in an ambulance but seeing that from another point of view. Then I Was blank for a while and then I remember hearing an unfamiliar voice saying my name. I opened my eyes and found myself in an ambulance with oxygen hooked up to me I asked then what happened and they said I had a seizure.
NDE associated with seizure at age 17.

972. Phillip O NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 21396. I fell down an empty stairwell backwards. I landed over the lower corner of floor, did a flip, and hit my head on a brick. I was unconscious, but don't know how long. When I knew nothing was under foot, I jumped out of my body, stayed on top, and watched the body at the bottom of stairwell. Then I went down and watched laborers and carpenters run up to me and stand around talking about me. A bricklayer pushed me on the shoulder, and I jumped back in my body. I was lying face down facing away, and could have not seen this with my eyes.
NDE from falling down stairs.

971. Zaya Probable NDE 11/11/2006. Probable NDE 2729. From Tunisia. Original in Arabic. I saw as if I am raising up to heaven and going far and far from the earth and I turned to be a light, but this light disappeared gradually.
NDE from heart attacks.

970. Seedhom B Probable NDE 11/11/2006. Probable NDE 2415. From Egypt. Original in Arabic. Then I heard him saying this stitching is not nice, repeat it. Then I heard loud voices, and I felt my body was flying above all, I tried to put it again in bed, but I couldn't. I tried to let the people know that I am in full consciousness, to move my leg or hand, I heard the nurse saying, 'Why does the patient do all these movements?' Next day I asked the doctor about all my feeling he said, 'This is the secret of anesthesia, to let the body be anesthetized, not the brain!' What surprised me is the how could I hear voices and see colors of dresses while I was unconscious?
Probable NDE during surgery.

969. Brian B NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2834. From the UK. What I do remember is finding myself in the midst of a wonderful light. I realized that I did not have a flesh and blood body anymore but I was still enclosed in 'something' - a kind of spiritual body. My eyes told me I was floating in this light and that hundreds, maybe thousands, of other entities were also there floating in this beautiful, warm, comforting light; though I was too far away to communicate with anyone. There was this amazing feeling of love all around me. I felt just wonderful and blissfully happy. I wanted to stay there forever! Then I heard a very sweet voice, which seemed to come from inside my head. This voice felt very, very special to me. I had this intuition that I was hearing the voice of God. His voice was so wonderful to my senses and the only word I can think of is beautiful. He said only three words - 'Come to me'. I wanted to do just that and go with Him! But instead I found myself back in my earthly body and lying on a hospital trolley all alone in a corridor.
Interesting NDE which occurred during a 'nightmare' LSD trip. Fell down stairs.

968. Mildred H NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2833. I was having headaches. I had two small children. My husband and I were having money trouble. I had a headache in the afternoon; I called my girlfriend to take me to the hospital. My husband was at work she called him. My neighbor at the time watched the kids. When I got to the hospital, they took me into the x-ray room. They did not know what was causing the headache. They wanted to do a spinal tap. My husband Scott had just came in to the room with me. They started with the shot to help with the pain. That was it, my heart stopped. I was wrapped in what felt like velvet, with the LOVE, LOVE, that I have never felt before or after. Then I was told that I could not stay I had work to do. I came back into the body. They had to watch me overnight. The next morning I went home never to be the same. So much LOVE, I help as many people as I can.
NDE due to allergic reaction to medication.

967. Christine D NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2830. I went through a tunnel there was a bright light. When I stepped out, I saw an old lady. She was scolding me, telling me I should not be here yet. I think she was my grandmother. I saw many people in white robes. As I looked at them, I saw their life, what they did and how they felt when they did it. I knew everything about life, what we were supposed to do and why it needed to be done. The people I saw did not talk with their mouth but with their minds. As I kept looking around at the many people and their life stories, I saw a man in a red robe with long hair. He was very beautiful. As he looked at me, I was back in my house with firemen working on me. I never forgot that I was only four, so did not know of any of these things but I do remember one thing - we are all connected to one another and have one thing on this earth to do.
NDE at age four apparently due to smoke or gas inhalation. Experience shared fifty-seven years later.

966. Andrew S NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2829. I heard a rushing sound and then became aware of the room around me. I was looking down at myself and my parents, who were holding one another and looked frightened. I remember feeling an indescribable sense of peace - it was so profound and complete it seemed as if I was swimming in it - as well as feeling very alive, with no pain. I realized I was dying, but I felt so calm and relaxed about it! I thought for a moment that mom and dad would be very sad, but I knew that they would be all right, and that we would be together again. I became conscious of a presence near me; it felt feminine and very, very gentle. It, she, spoke to me, but I don't recall much of what she said. I remember becoming aware of how much I knew, as if I understood the workings of the universe. I heard the presence tell me that all things would be plain to me. I then felt, as much as saw, a light ahead, intense but not painful. I felt an overwhelming desire to go into it.
NDE from allergic reaction at age fifteen.

965. Lavona F NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2828. From Canada. My next awareness was of being submerged and cradled in a warm, wavy wafting motion at the opening of a tunnel. The tunnel had billowy soft sides and was well lit, with the tunnel dimensions decreasing and brightness increasing as it got closer to a single bright light. I heard this wonderful soft music. There was no sense of fright or anxiety. I was very curious as to where the music was coming from, but the end of the tunnel was opaque and I could not see. The light seemed to be just out of arm's length, and I was aware that I just had to reach beyond the opaqueness to get to the light. The source of the music was at the light as well and seemed to be approaching more clarity at the light source. The next awareness I had was of lying on the rocks on the shore of the creek, in extreme pain as I was resuscitated. My sister had seen me and pulled me out of the water.
NDE associated with drowning at age eight. Experience shared fifty-six years later.

964. Jacob B NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2827. From Australia. I was completely awoken after my experience. I created like never before. I could see the energy in everything and finally understand the answers to the question about life and death that I had be searching for all of my life and that is only scratching the surface. I awoke for the first time into the ancient history of my soul's evolution, embodied in the physical form in this beautiful yet turbulent time.
NDE associated with electrocution at age seventeen.

963. Timi G Probable NDE 11/10/2006. Probable NDE 2826. From the UK. I set off down a long tunnel, at the end of which was a dot of light. As I went along, I thought, 'Oh, good. I'm dead.' When I reached the end of it, there was bright sunlight, and I was walking in a landscape. I walked over to a building like a church hall, and went in. The floor was of pine floorboards, and I noticed with interest that there must have been many parish dances, as the knots in the wood were standing proud of the rest of the floor, and were very polished. I spotted a piano standing by the far wall of the hall. Strangely, it was on part of the long wall of the hall, not up at what I perceived to be the front of the hall. I placed my hands on the keys, about to play one of Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words, which I had already played when my father died, and which I thought would summon him to my side.
Probable NDE due to severe hemorrhage during delivery.

962. Jan S NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2825. From Australia. One minute I was looking at the screen while the doctors were 'feeding' the tube into my body and I was fascinated looking at the pictures of my arteries and heart and then nothing. I remember seeing my father and a few other people whom I knew, but after a while, it was more a sense of not being amongst strangers - being safe. This 'memory' only became a conscious memory when I awoke and apart from the above, the overwhelming feeling was of an indescribable happiness, calmness, everything will always be okay feeling. I have never experienced anything like this feeling, and it remains with me every day.
NDE due to complication during cardiac angiogram

961. Lynn C NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2822. From the UK. The river was narrow and meandering and within a short time, an island (at least it seemed to be an island) came into view. There was a very bright light behind it so that everything on the island was portrayed in shadow or silhouette. The grass was very verdant on the island. On the shore, there were dozens of people, all waving and giving off a vibe that was utterly joyous. Right in the center of the island was an enormous chair that I can only describe as being a peacock type chair, of a brilliant white. There was someone on this chair, but again, as the light was behind the chair, I couldn't see who was on this chair, but I was aware that this was a magnificent being.
NDE due to severe febrile illness at age eight or nine. Interesting to note the difference between content of the febrile hallucinations prior the NDE, and the content of the actual NDE.

960. Filiesha L Probable NDE 11/10/2006. Probable NDE 2821. I don't know how long I was floating above my body, or how I was actually transferred to another dimension. I did know that I was now Home, my (out) Real home. The nature of this Reality is so completely different; there is no language adequate to express the emotions and surroundings. Time and language, as we know them, don't exist there. Love and compassion are the only words I can think of, and they barely scratch the surface of what I felt and perceived around me. The vibration feelings are so strong and yet totally incomprehensible at our physical (or perceptual) level. It was a perfectly normal feeling not to be in a physical body. The real I AM is a Spiritual Being.
Probable NDE occurring at initial part of surgery.

959. Dr. Ralph H NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2820. I was looking down the slope of the hill over a broad meadow where a small man wearing kilts was walking away from me playing bagpipes and singing. I never saw his face and he never stopped walking. As I stood there, I was overcome with an emotion that is made trite by any descriptions such as love, peace, contentment, hope, joy, etc. But that is the best that I can do. I remember on one occasion as I stood marveling in this peace and joy I thought to myself that this is what I've been pursuing all my life. Everything that I had done, good and bad was ultimately trying to come to this sense of Happiness. Along with this emotion was the desire not to leave and I felt a very strong desire to follow the man down into the meadow. But I knew that if I did that I couldn't come back... I suffered ten cardiac arrests in twenty-four hours, and had to be 'shocked' back each time. The experience described in the narrative occurred with each arrest, the same each time.
Shared by a physician. Ten cardiac arrests in twenty-four hours with same experience each time.

958. Ken L Intensive Care Unit Experience 11/10/2006. ICU Psychosis 2816. I'm writing this because my experience is very different than anything I've heard from anyone else in regard to near death and coma and I think I should at least put it out there for comparison purposes. I cannot remember the accident, which caused my coma. For some reason I spent (from my perspective) what seemed to me to be several months to a year in what I can only describe as a kind of parallel world. Things were similar but very different. I remember being a prisoner much of this time while constantly plotting and even sometimes attempting and succeeding to escape. It may be that while I was in this coma my injured brain was trying to make sense of whatever input it was getting from the hospital room and operating room.
Not all conscious experiences during the time of a coma are NDE. This is an experience during a prolonged coma due to severe head trauma that is interesting in its detail. It lacks the lucidity necessary to call it a NDE.

957. Barney M NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2812. As I lay on the ground, I felt nothing. There was no pain. It was perfect peace. I felt myself being pulled and I saw my body lying on the ground. Then I saw the emergency medical technicians working on me but I didn't care. As I went higher to the light, I saw all my relatives that had passed - my aunts, uncles, and my grandmother. As I was traveling through the tunnel to the light, I saw my beloved brother and he stopped me. He said, 'It's not your time.' The next thing I remember I was lying on the ground in so much pain they had tubes down my mouth.
NDE at age seventeen due to auto accident.

956. Jesse N NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2809. From the UK. I tried to stand up and I literally came out of my physical body! The sound of that music I cannot possibly describe with words because it simply cannot be heard with that clarity in this world! It was breath taking! It was so beautiful. I was ready to explode from joy! I could see both worlds at first. Although the physical one resembled a black and white movie in comparison with the world in front of me! The colors were out of this world; so deep, so luminous, so beautiful! There was a door in front of me and I could hear joyous laughter coming from inside the door coming from too many people! I had this uncontrollable desire to step inside the door and meet all those souls! My perception increased on levels I didn't think existed on a conscious level, although always knew them on a deeper level, locked inside of me! HOME! That was HOME!
NDE due to accidental illegal drug overdose.

955. Javed A NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2801. From the UK. Felt the warmth of other people but not seeing bodies more like mind interaction... Saw what the nurses and doctors were doing when they were trying to shock the heart.
NDE due to heart attack. Very briefly described. NDE happened about one month ago.

954. Thera L NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2800. From the UK. I left my body with a strange fizzing electrical sensation into light and then into a star filled black void that was full of awareness and life's precious lessons. I can remember thinking this sensation is not real and that my life was being pulled away but I wasn't scared just amazed. I then just went with it. I knew I wouldn't be returning but that didn't scare me. I calmly looked back at my family and said goodbye. I think I remember hearing from the deceased and wisdom from somewhere higher. A lot of learning went on during this time but unfortunately, now the lessons have been forgotten. I felt at the time that everything was so clear and so important to remember.
NDE due to strangulation.

953. Marjorie H NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 21359. I was watching my husband undergo an eye exam when I experienced chest pains and passed out. I remember the kind paramedics talking to me, asking what hospital I wanted to be taken to and my doctor's name. I gave his name, but said he was on vacation for the next week. (I'm not sure if this was before or after the out-of-body experience). My first out of body sensation was that I was floating above my body about ten feet in the air. I felt very happy, not exuberant, but calm happy. That everything was wonderful. Then it occurred to me that I must be experiencing an out of body experience and I started looking around for the tunnel. As soon as I did that, I zapped right back into my body. Afterwards, I remembered looking down at my body and thinking it was in pain, but ‘I’ was not.
NDE from retired college professor during attack of angina.

952. Michelle R NDE 11/10/2006. NDE 2797. But I didn't have to ask to be let in, God already knew what I was thinking. And I knew he knew. It was almost like the questions and answers happened at the same time - there was no time there. I felt shamed but also calm; there was no fear, just the shame and guilt of my circumstances. Then I was asked the question, 'Why should I let you in Heaven if you are on drugs?' And I knew I did not deserve to be allowed in. Then my whole life flashed before me in what seemed seconds. But then I even saw the future. I saw how sad my family and friends were. They were all crying. I was upset for a moment but then felt that I had to accept it. Then all of a sudden I was back in my body...
NDE associated with illegal drug toxicity.

951. Zulaykha NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 21351. The whole time I felt an immense sensation of joy beyond description. The only thing that took away from it slightly was that my parents looked upset. I wanted them to realize I was so much happier this way. They should be celebrating. Besides this feeling of peace and joy, I knew the God existed beyond all doubt. God is the Real, and everything else pales in comparison to his substantiality. I remember thinking how my parents (the atheists) were wrong and it was so ridiculous it was funny to think that God doesn't exist. I wanted to be with God, and remain in this state, but it was imparted to me (not through words) that I must return. I had to obey. I dove back down into my face and immediately saw things through the eyes of my body once more.
NDE due to probable medication error at age 6. Interesting that her parents were atheists at the time.

950. Wan I NDE 10/6/2006. NDE 2790. From Malaysia. But as I grew closer to the light and felt its shine, a sudden cool and calmness came over me. For the light made me feel peaceful all of a sudden as I grew closer. It was a kind of peace and calm that I've never felt in my entire lifetime, even until this very day. From afar, as I grew closer to the light, I could see almost like figures in the light, like heads, people all dressed in white, as if it were some sort of congregation or a crowd. The more I came closer, the more I felt like 'staying' and my sadness and fears disappeared. It felt like that comfort feeling of 'home.'
Teenage Muslim NDE due to drug reaction. This is the most detailed Muslim NDE we have encountered so far.

949. Kent M NDE 10/6/2006. NDE 2788. From Canada The experience was definitely real. It was more real than sitting down with my parents for a meal after I was released from the hospital. There is no question whatsoever that what I experienced was and is real. This society's beliefs are illusion... The truth is so simple a child can understand it. It's too bad that grown adults are so conditioned that they can't see it. It's all pretty easy and doesn't take a thick book or years of study to understand.
NDE due to motor vehicle accident with head injury.

948. Lynn R Possible NDE 10/6/2006. Possible NDE 2792. From Canada All of a sudden, I was out of my body and in a tunnel. The tunnel was smoky grey and there was a man I had never seen before standing beside me. He was holding my hand and dressed in a priest's outfit. I was fully aware that I was dead and that the man was there to take me to wherever I was to go. But, I couldn't understand why a Catholic priest had come for me as I knew no priests, and was not Catholic. Anyway, we started to move up the tunnel and we were up far enough to see a dot of light at the end of the tunnel. Just then, a voice came down to us and the words were directed to the man beside me. The voice said, 'Take her back, it is not her time.' The 'priest' responded by saying, 'But, she died.' Then the voice came back down and said, 'Take her back, she has much left to do.'
Possible NDE associated with severe illness.

947. Alok B NDE-Like 10/6/2006. NDE-Like 2791. Then out of nowhere, I felt my soul being pulled upwards by an invisible force to somewhere I had never been. All of a sudden, I was in a circular room with doors all around that were all red, a gaudy burnt red, and the floor was dark brown, it was hard to see - it looked medieval gothic or something. Then there was a figure that appeared and told me he was assigned to protect me and teach me the truth; to teach me of my past lives. Then with some motion of his hands we were elevated a couple feet off the ground, and a myriad of animals, peoples, leaders, and all other walks of life came rushing past through the doors under us. It was similar to the way that caribou and other group animals run in herds. He called himself 'Leftinent,' which I believe is one term also known as Lieutenant.
Hindu NDE-Like experience as a dream.

946. Suki M Possible NDE 10/6/2006. Possible NDE 2785. Suddenly, a being appeared before me - a kind young man about in his teens. He was dressed like a wizard. I believe it was my deceased brother who would have been six years older than me, if he had lived. I never knew him as I was born ten months after he died. I felt instantly at ease with him and felt love and peace radiating from his presence. He said 'come on, I am taking you with me for a while as you are very afraid.' He took my hand and the next thing I knew we were in outer space staring at the earth as it revolved. I remember seeing a cord coming from my body and reaching all the way to the earth. He remarked how beautiful the earth was and asked me if I felt better and then suddenly he said, 'You must go back now.' I awoke vomiting into a pan. What is remarkable about this is that I saw the earth long before we had space travel and I never saw the earth that way again until the first shots were broadcast on television when the moon walk occurred.
Possible NDE at age ten associated with severe fright prior to anesthesia.

945. FS NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 21336. From Canada The next thing I remember is my parents questioning me and asking me if I had eaten anything from the empty medicine bottle that they were holding. I then lost consciousness. I had eaten a full bottle of angina tablets. I awoke to see myself laying on a very high bed. I had a tube in my mouth and there was a funnel on the end of the tube. Doctors and nurses were talking to each other frantically, as if they were really panicking. They were pouring something into the tube. Their voices were raised. There was a sense of urgency. People were moving quickly and looking worried. I stood on the floor looking up at myself on the table. I was very calmly watching them hurriedly do things to me.
NDE due to accidental overdose of medicine at age 4.

944. Chrystal W NDE 10/6/2006. NDE 2796. Then the next thing I remember is standing in front of a person, in a beautiful landscape, very peaceful, trees, babbling brook, etc. The person in front of me was wearing a flowing robe with a golden rope belt. I never saw their face. I just remember that they told me I had to go back, but I felt so peaceful and happy I didn't want to go back. I think I tried to argue and say no, I don't want to go back, I felt so good there. But this person became a little more forceful and said again, 'You have to go back now'.
NDE from a car accident.

942. Dromo S NDE 9/10/2006. NDE 2718. From Palestine. Original in Arabic translated to English. When I was in an operation room, when they took me out, I was unconscious. I felt there was some spirit flying above my head and a very hard press on my chest, my right foot raised up, and I felt a severe pain in my big toe, as if something was coming out of it.
Christian NDE from Palestine.

941. Catherine R NDE 9/9/2006. NDE 2780. Then, out of the all-white world, back in the far left corner, was a condensed area of white cloud-like matter. It was an opening, tunnel area of some sort. In the distance came two figures, not quite walking or floating (hard to describe). They were dressed in white robes with white hoods covering their faces. I didn't know who or what they were until they were about 10' in front of me. Then, my uncle John lifted his hood. Behind him was my grandmother, both the only two people/relatives I knew to be deceased at the time.
NDE due to skiing accident with head injury.

941. Catherine R NDE 1/12/2011. NDE 4977. Then, out of the all-white world, back in the far left corner, was a condensed area of white cloud-like matter. It was an opening, tunnel area of some sort. In the distance came two figures, not quite walking or floating (hard to describe). They were dressed in white robes with white hoods covering their faces. I didn't know who or what they were until they were about 10' in front of me. Then, my uncle John lifted his hood. Behind him was my grandmother, both the only two people/relatives I knew to be deceased at the time.
NDE due to skiing accident with head injury.

940. Catherine R NDE 9/9/2006. NDE 2781. I was put under with anesthetic during an abortion. Although I was 'out' and surgery was underway, I could watch from above my bed what was going on below. I heard the nurse, and watched her as well, tell the doctor in a panicked voice, 'Her blood pressure is 0/60...quick, get ________.' (I can't remember the name) Then, I moved across the room, still above the ground, and went out into the hallway where I saw a doctor running towards the room and over to my bed. The next thing I knew I was awake and the surgery was over. I later confirmed the events with the nurse, who was quite shocked at my story and the accuracy of the events that took place.
NDE during surgery due to complication.

939. Lori H NDE 9/9/2006. NDE 2756. I don't remember getting to the operating room. But I do remember sitting on the operating room lights watching nurses and doctor's working on my hands, arms, feet, and legs trying to get IV lines in to give me blood and fluids to try to get my blood pressure back up. It didn't hurt, I felt very calm and peaceful. I wasn't scared. I could see my incision line; I could see everything they were doing. I remember thinking that I needed to see Erica, my daughter, because I didn't want to die without seeing her first.
NDE due to blood loss shortly after delivering a baby.

938. Julie C NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 2752. From Australia Then I was watching from above, a woman who was dressed in a long Victorian dress of a brilliant blue and a man also dressed in Victorian attire - black it was at night on a cobblestone street that was the color of red/orange clay, in a city somewhere. The street lights were candle lit and it had been raining. There was a puddle of water and the man took of his outer coat and placed it over the puddle so the lady could cross. The colors were so brilliant - I have never seen colors that brilliant to this day and I had a very content feeling, no fear. My memory is as clear today as it was at the time this occurred.
NDE due to accidental morphine overdose. Atypical experience.

937. Lucia L NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 2759. From Canada Then I was in front of this being, looking at him. I knew he was holy. I felt this was God appearing to me as I had always imagined him. An old man with a large beard. He had taken on this persona so that I would not be afraid. I felt safe. I have never felt so safe in my life. And love. So much love. He did not judge me, as my religion had taught me so long ago. There was compassion. It was overwhelming, so much that I can still feel it today. It is so very hard to describe. Everything was right. Everything was as it should be. There was no wrong. Calmness. Tranquility. It was incredible! He held forward a small treasure box, just like the ones that carry pirate's treasures. He said, 'Take these gifts home with you.'
Two NDEs back to back. Remarkable life experiences after the NDEs.

936. Lloyd P NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 2764. The light was like a boundary but it was transparent, I passed through into the light: it is hard for me to find the words to describe the feelings one encounters. I was blinded by the light unable to see anything but the light did not hurt your eyes. It was like looking into the sun a million times over a pure white light. I felt warm, safe, peaceful, and in the presence of pure unconditional love. It was like the light was absorbing me, my life was being shown before me, I got emotional, maybe I cried, I was ashamed, but I felt the love and knew everything was alright. I know I was in the presence of God.
NDE due to allergic reaction to anesthetic agent (succinylcholine) often given very early during general anesthesia for surgery.

935. Florence O NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 2765. I knew I was dying, seconds before I actually died. My husband was there. I hit the floor and he grabbed me. I looked at him from way above his head; he was holding me and screaming at me. He looked at my body and yelled my name, and then yelled get back here right now. I watched him from way above him and laughed. I thought, 'Does he think that's doing any good? Yelling at me and I'm not in there, I'm in...' and then I realized where I was. I was in a tunnel, going in backwards.
NDE due to drug interaction. Met relative she had not seen before. Contributor is Native American.

934. Jill NDE 9/7/2006. NDE 2771. My older sister and I were jumping on the bed in our parent's bedroom. I remember almost in slow motion being in midair and her pushing me. I flew off the bed hitting the floor. The next thing I knew I could see everyone around me crying and shaking me. They were saying, 'She's blue, Jill wake up, somebody do something!' I remember thinking, 'What are they talking about?' I could see everything they were doing. I heard everything they said but I couldn't do anything about it. I tried to make my body move but it wouldn't do what I wanted it to do. Then in an instant I remember being in the corner of the bedroom underneath the ceiling. I seemed to be floating there watching everyone run around frantically trying to get me to regain consciousness. I remember feeling a very comforting female presence even though she never spoke to me. Then next thing I knew I was back in my body.
NDE around three or four years old due to falling injury. Contributor is a nurse (RN).

933. Anita E NDE-Like 9/7/2006. NDE-Like 2772. I remember seeing my father in my life review and understanding that he had behaved the way he did because of a continuum of actions in his life and before his life. I understood where other people were coming from, right, wrong or indifferent. At the same time, I also understood that everything happens as they are meant to. I knew the 'Why'. That is one of the things I can't remember. But it made perfect sense and I thought, 'Yes, of course, how could I have forgotten?' It was so SIMPLE! I was shown what was important and what was not. Love above all was the purpose of the Universe and that we are all interconnected.
Very NDE-Like experience at time of severe emotional distress.

932. Christopher R Possible NDE 9/7/2006. Possible NDE 2773. But when we checked and discovered that you were still under anesthesia we just stood there and listened to you talk.' To this I said, 'Well, what did I say?' He said, 'It's not so much what you said as to whom you were talking.' I said, 'Who was I talking to?' He said, 'You were talking with Jesus Christ!' When he said this, I thought he was some kind of a nut and I didn't really know what to say. But noticing that he seemed to be a little astonished at it all I came back with, 'Well, was He talking back or was I just hollering out into the void?' He quickly said, 'We couldn't hear any other voices but it sounded like you were engaged in a two-way conversation.'
Possible NDE in which the experiencer was talking to Jesus - and the medical staff working on him knew he was talking to Jesus.

931. Barney A NDE 9/3/2006. NDE 21321. I awoke above the scene. I was at treetop level looking down. I was watching my best friend's mother running out of her house with a lime green baby blanket. She covered me with it. I watched the ambulance drive up. The fire station was about a quarter mile down the hill, so I thought it was strange that the ambulance approached from the other direction and that it was yellow and white. Back then, we had to take our bikes to the fire station every year and get a sticker that the fireman told us was our license. We also had parades ever year and the fire trucks and ambulance would lead with their lights and siren going. I had never before seen a yellow and white ambulance in my life. I also saw the lights and the ambulance number on the roof. I looked around and noted how silent it was. Like the old movies without the text breaking in. Watching all the action below without hearing a sound was strange. On my friend's rooftop, I saw our Frisbee and some baseballs. I also spotted a kite in the top of a tree in front of my godmother's house. I thought it was so cool that I could see things from this vantage point. I wanted to go and find other things.
NDE due to being struck by car at age 7. Remarkable observations in OBE state later confirmed.

930. Cara M NDE 9/3/2006. NDE 21310. All of a sudden, I was without any physical form. Everything was only lights, colors, music, and patterns but indescribable in words. I was part of a collective consciousness. The universe and everything in it was connected. I felt the true essence of my spirit. I had no form but was only a pinpoint of free energy connected to thousands of other energies of other consciousnesses that were the perfect balance of the universe. I can't describe this in words. Words do no justice to describe how it felt to be only energy, and only a speck of consciousness connected to everything in the universe.
Remarkable NDE due to overdose with cocaine and alcohol at age 17. She is legally blind without glasses, but had 360 degree vision. Very unusual future time awareness.

929. Mel NDE 7/29/2006. NDE 21309. I was seeing a lot of colors. I knew I was hallucinating. Then suddenly there was this bright white light and I knew it was so close to being over. I was drawn to the peacefulness. I just kept thinking, ‘this is it.’ It’s almost over. My boyfriend kept slapping me hard to keep me conscious, but I just felt something numb on my face and couldn't feel my arms and legs anymore. I was floating up, getting closer to the light. Every time my boyfriend shook me or slapped me, I was back on the couch. I remember getting very annoyed because the light was 'calling' me. Eventually my boyfriend decided to take me to hospital with my car, as the ambulance hadn't arrived after almost an hour.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

928. Suzanne R NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 21308. As a child, I had an accident at the club while running around the locker room. I bumped my head against the edge of a locker and passed out. I came to once as my sisters were dragging me out into the reception area. I remember the clerk starting to yell at me and then everything went black. The next thing I remember was the feeling that I was on the outside of my family car, looking in. I could see the road we were traveling and I looked into the car. I could see myself in the car, with my head slumped against the window. I remember that my hair was crushed up against the window and I could see that from the outside.
NDE at age 8 due to concussion.

927. G M NDE 6/18/2006. NDE 21295. From the UK What happened next was the strangest feeling I’ve ever felt. One minute I was running; the next minute everything just went really dark. I didn't feel cold or even wet. I just felt like I was floating but sinking at the same time. Everything was pitch black, when all of a sudden I saw myself above me and a bit to the left. I was just staring. I looked so peaceful but I still had no idea what was happening or where I was. The next thing I knew I was laying on the wooden decking with everybody around me - soaking wet and freezing cold. My friends on the boat said that they had heard something and went to see what it was. They found me floating on top of the water, my lips were blue, and I was unconscious.
Brief NDE due to near drowning.

926. Craig B NDE 6/18/2006. NDE 21292. I'm looking up at the basketball net. I seem to be in the center of the mat. I hear Andy: ‘Coach! Coach! Something's wrong here!’ ‘What happened?’ I wonder. ‘Did I break my neck? I can't feel anything. I must be paralyzed--I can't even feel myself breathing. But I can't panic. I can't feel anything. Oh, this is great. This is just great. What are they going to tell my girlfriend? Where's Andy? Why hasn't he run over here?’ I woke up, staring down at Andy. I was still on top of him, staring down. Andy was still pinned. ‘What happened?’ I asked. ‘Your eyes rolled back in your head and you just went out.’
This is about the simplest experience possible that meets our definition of ‘NDE’. Unconsciousness due to choking.

925. Francis McG NDE 9/3/2006. NDE 2750. From Ireland I then saw a city in silver and gray and a forest of beautiful trees, but no sound. Then I was back in front of the light. It told me that all there is was love. After everything, love was constant. It told me that I was to return. I said, 'No, I am staying.' The light was my size and was ushering me to a portal. I asked, 'Why should I return? If it gave me a convincing answer, I will go.' It said, 'You are going back for yourself. Your time is not up yet.' I told it that I would go gladly for you and I would do my best in everything I do. I would change myself and tell others that there is nothing but love and to love one another.
NDE due to auto accident. Quite transcendent.

924. Anita M NDE 2/4/2013. NDE 11068. From Hong Kong. I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this time, and I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body. I saw and heard the conversations between my husband and the doctors taking place outside my room, about forty feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation to my shocked husband. Then I actually 'crossed over' to another dimension, where I was engulfed in a total feeling of love. I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and generally how life works. The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable. Words seem to limit the experience - I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our three-dimensional world. I realized what a gift life was, and that I was surrounded by loving spiritual beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.
Exceptional NDE due to nearly fatal Hodkin's Lymphoma (malignancy of the lymphatic system). From Hong Kong, and a relatively rare non-Western NDE, and the most detailed non-Western NDE we have received to date. Exceptional insights and apparent miraculous

924. Anita M NDE 8/21/2006. NDE 2766. From Hong Kong. I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this time, and I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body. I saw and heard the conversations between my husband and the doctors taking place outside my room, about forty feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation to my shocked husband. Then I actually 'crossed over' to another dimension, where I was engulfed in a total feeling of love. I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and generally how life works. The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable. Words seem to limit the experience - I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our three-dimensional world. I realized what a gift life was, and that I was surrounded by loving spiritual beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.
Exceptional NDE due to nearly fatal Hodkin's Lymphoma (malignancy of the lymphatic system). From Hong Kong, and a relatively rare non-Western NDE, and the most detailed non-Western NDE we have received to date. Exceptional insights and apparent miraculous

923. Dr. Sahar NDE 1/11/2011. NDE 16004. From Sudan. I felt that I went to another place where there is good weather with a lovely breeze. I felt there is a calm and peace, which I have never experienced in my life. I told him that I was talking with anonymous people for a long time. Months, it seemed. I don’t remember what we were talking about, or who they were, but I remember that I was so happy with them! I felt very angry and sorry when my husband made me return to consciousness. Coming back, I felt this life is narrow, dirty, and disgusting. I want to go back there and stay forever. My husband was surprised. He told me that my fainting didn't last more than two seconds.
Doctor's NDE from Sudan

922. Joy H NDE 7/29/2006. NDE 2749. I was in surgery to repair a broken hip. I became aware that a doctor was talking to me telling me to breathe. There was great light, and suddenly I was above the bed looking down at what was going on. The light seemed to be flashing around the room very quickly. There were beings there also, somehow associated with the light. These beings had a fluffy see-through-ness to them. This seemed to be going along for a while and I felt as if I was moving with the flashing light, or toward the light. I became aware that I was not going to make it. I was not afraid. I was thinking of my grandbabies, my daughter. I realized or was told I didn't have to go. When I realized this was a conversation began within myself and I was telling myself I could stay. 'If I work at this, I can stay.'
NDE due to surgical complication.

921. Dominique S NDE 7/29/2006. NDE 2745. . I heard voices that sounded like they were underwater and I turned around. Paramedics were in a panic. They were working on someone lying on one of the benches hastily. (It did not occur to me to look at the person lying there - of course, it was me.) I went close to them and looked at one of them. It was as if a glass wall was between us. I went straight up to his face, but he ignored me. I got upset. I tried to speak to him, but he didn't listen to me. I was just ignored by all of them. I started yelling at them without my voice. Only my thoughts screamed, 'I cannot go. I cannot go. Don't you hear me? I still have to meet my boyfriend.' I screamed and got right into their faces and then it hit me that they could neither see nor hear me. I was horribly frightened.
NDE at age seventeen due to Strychnine poisoning. Quite frightening.

920. David M NDE 7/29/2006. NDE 2743. I was ran over by a boat. The propeller cut into my right chest. I was still awake halfway to the hospital. I then passed out from loss of blood and lack of oxygen not able to breath. I immediately saw the red lights of the ambulance and the street lights as well as the traffic. The next thing I knew I was watching the attendants taking me out of the ambulance. I was floating at the inside roof of the ambulance. Then all of a sudden, I was inside a bright white light. I associated this light with Jesus because I had a conversation with him as to whether it was my time to go or not. There were things I still needed to do i.e.: my wife and kids to raise. The instant He agreed with me I popped back into my body and woke up while they were working on me.
NDE due to being run over by boat.

919. Karyn T NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 21278. I seemed to be somewhere high up near the ceiling off to the right near the head of the bed. I was able to see everything that was going on in a rather close-up fashion. I saw the doctor's face. Although outwardly calm, he eventually did show a small twinge of panic right before I came back to my body. I was able to see my husband's face and his look of concern; and the nurse's face who was gently smacking me and saying, ‘Karyn, come back to us. Come on, you have a baby to deliver here.’ I saw my own face, my head rocking off to the right as the seizure took hold of my body.
NDE due to seizure during childbirth.

918. Jessica W NDE 7/29/2006. NDE 2710. From Germany. Original in German translated to English by Werner. Suddenly I realized that I separated from my body hovering towards a sparkling bright light. I remember that I once more looked down at my lifeless body and then opted for the light. I felt that it was an endless tunnel. It was comfortably warm there and I knew I would be all right. I saw my grandma holding out her hand towards me. It was rather strange that my vision of her was blurred and not as clear as I expected it to be. I talked to my grandma about my mum and my granny said that I would have to take care of my mum, since her boyfriend would be up to no good and that he would become an alcoholic. Up there I felt great so that I didn't want to leave it. I told my granny that I wanted to stay with her but my granny told me that that was not possible, it would not be my time and as she said that I was pulled back into my body.
NDE from an asthma attack.

917. Maria R NDE 7/29/2006. NDE 2738. From Spain. Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio Only light existed, without limits or dullness or anything to contain it, without point of emission, light upon light that didn't come from any source nor go to any place. Light filled everything and everything was light, including me. I then felt accompanied by others, as if I were the protagonist of the universe, as if every living being had all at once decided I was their focus of love. I thought, 'I have asked myself my whole life what pure love is, and it turns out that love is light.' I wanted it never to end, and it occurred to me that something so great couldn't have an end. But I thought I heard, 'Maria, Maria?' continuously. This bothered me because it was my husband who was calling me.
NDE owing to surgery complications. Saw light and met deceased mother.

916. Pat NDE 7/29/2006. NDE 2736. From Spain. Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. But the moment came when I could hear him farther and farther away and the light became more intense. I stopped hearing him but the light engulfed me. I was at the end of a tunnel. I remember it as a train tunnel where the light of day is dazzling, and I felt so good, better than at any time of my life, relaxed, at peace, very light, with my awareness very calm. I wanted to go through the tunnel and when my eyes became accustomed to the intense light, I saw him. He was at the end of the tunnel and I only saw him.
NDE from car crash.

915. Oscar S NDE 7/29/2006. NDE 2732. From Chile. Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. I remember that suddenly I was floating outside my body and was absorbed by a dark vortex that allowed a few rays of light to come through. I moved rapidly towards the end of the vortex or tunnel. I glanced at my side and saw I was accompanied by my father who had died in 1991. This unsettled me and I felt fear and began to analyze the things I was seeing.
NDE due to surgery complications.

914. Mari E NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2742. As soon as I did my 'checklist' of my life, I suddenly felt as though I was floating and I felt very peaceful. Then a bright light came around me and it felt as though the light became a large hand that surrounded and cradled me in it with warmth and comfort. When I was safe and secured by this light I looked up and saw what I knew to be my body. It was in an image of a sort of Gumby it has no distinct characters other then it appeared to be glowing sort of and the color of flesh with what appeared to have had veins running through it. My feeling where this is so beautiful - I am leaving my body and I get to take all the wonderful good feelings and thoughts with me! At that very moment everything went dark and I felt as though someone had jumped on my chest (this must have been from the paddles being put on me!).
NDE from an allergic reaction.

913. Timothy T NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2735. I was rising above the buildings and trees. Just then, a Large Hand came and held my hand and then I saw HIM He was bright and had beautiful features, long silver hair and beard, along with bright never-ending gown. He didn't say a word but I heard, 'It's okay. We are going home.' Next, there was a field on the right with people working in it harvesting some kind of grain. Next to the left, there was shops and a street that was beautiful and bright. Something else I saw, benches, like bus stop benches, that was weird. Then I heard the most calming and peaceful voice saying to me. It's Not My Time Yet! Somewhere along this journey, there had been a kind of screaming and kicking going on within me. I was saying, NO, NO, NO. I can't leave without saying goodbye to my family, I love them, please NO.
NDE from a criminal attack.

912. Jedraine C NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2733. From Canada At this moment a piercing white beam of light the width of a pen shot down to us. The demons began screaming and moaning, as if they were melting and soon they disappeared. The light was literally blinding but I could stare directly into it without flinching. I felt as though - I all of a sudden knew everything there was to know about everything and I felt this enormous presence of love and respect and everything good. Artistic portrayals of Jesus began flashing before my eyes, all different kinds of pictures and paintings and I saw a sequence of the crucifixion of Christ. The light was getting brighter at this time, and wider. Soon Jesus appeared in front of me and I could do nothing but fall to my knees and then lay my head on the floor at his feet. It was like that for an eternity and then Jesus said, 'You are worthy child, rise.'
NDE due to auto accident (which occurred just over three months ago) at age 17. Reader discretion advised: strong language.

911. Krikrikit NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2730. Well, GOD was there. Or more accurately, a great Fire or Light that I was to understand 'represented' or 'stood for' God. (But, in a way, it WAS also REALLY God - this can't be explained, and I sensed it as a paradox, something I just had to accept. But it really wasn't an issue, as there was no 'intellectualizing', just raw, naked experience of the Presence of God.) I can't describe how this felt. I was awed, struck dumb, amazed, overwhelmed. But none of this really says what a profound experience this was. God was totally, absolutely 'beyond' anything I had ever imagined. Beyond language, beyond thought, utterly beyond, but at the same time NEAR, RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME, mysteriously 'accessible' LOL, how lame all this is. TOTAL LOVE, TOTAL GOODNESS, TOTAL KNOWING.
NDE due to drug overdose at age 14.

910. Jared C NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2728. From Canada I fell off the pier and into the lake. I recall at first floundering in the water (as I did not know how to swim) and then swallowing a large amount of water as I started yelling for my mom. I recall noticing that I was starting to float under the pier and I remember thinking that no one would be able to get me in time if I went too far under there. I don't recall being afraid but rather very calm, not resigned but simply not caring. I then went totally face down into the water and suddenly I was outside of myself and BELOW my body. I could see myself floating face down in the water above me. I watched as I tried to shout again and saw the bubbles race out of my mouth. I knew that water was now pouring into me, but I couldn't physically feel anything and there was no sensation of fear. In fact, I felt quite dispassionate about what I was seeing.
Psychologist tells of his NDE due to near drowning at age five.

909. Bryan Z NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2725. This is the place where I felt that I was in a very large movie theater. The screen had a quality that was better than digital resolution. I began to see the human world through this screen. I was alone in the theater. But comfortable. It was warm, interesting, and safe. I recall seeing my mother hand-washing the blood stained tee-shirt and jeans that I wore when I fell. I saw the reality of earth in real-time of the human world but I also relived the entirety of my life in an intermingled way. It was as if I was aware at the same moment of every one of my life's experiences. The linear span of my life intensified into one brilliant shining point that could exist transcendent of time. My traditional notion of time had been shattered. In fact, that notion no longer made any kind of sense at all, for I felt that all moments occurred simultaneously at once.
NDE following head injury.

908. Shelley S NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2720. I was on a gurney. I had an out of body experience. I looked from the side and down. I saw that several people, including the doctor that performed the surgery, were working on me. I felt and knew I was dead. I felt and knew it was okay. I then went through a void (tunnel) floating with an incredible feeling of complete grace. Ecstasy if you will. Total darkness that was entirely peaceful. The feeling of peace, love, ecstasy, grace and an all knowing of what is, was presented to me (through feeling). Much more happened after the operation: life review, incredible knowledge, extremely heightened knowledge of all things. Many 'gifts' had been heightened and released to me from this experience.
NDE from cardiac arrest after surgery.

907. Ricky S NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2715. The next thing I knew was that I was standing at the head of the bed, looking at myself and the staff. The doctor told a nurse to give him something, they turned around to a cabinet and when they turned back around, they were handing him a really big needle. (I remember thinking to myself, 'I know what that is for and it's going to hurt like hell.') As the doctor reached for it, everything went black. The next thing I knew, I was standing in what I call a black room. But it was not a room, as we know it - more like an abyss, if you will. I had the feeling that there was something behind me, and there was something in front of me like a black veil, keeping me from seeing what was on the other side of it. I was transfixed on the blackness. It was not frightening at all. I felt the greatest sense of peace I have ever felt in my life. I stood staring at the black abyss. As I said earlier, I felt that there was something behind me, and was tempted to turn around to look. But it was like I had been told not to so, I didn't. After what seemed to be a couple of minutes, I was returned to my body. When I was returned, it felt like I was coming from the back of my head forward. As I reached where I was supposed to be, I could see, and hear everything clearly.
NDE due to heart attack.

906. Nora F NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2714. I was walking with my granddad and two dogs on leads and it was very icy. I remember my granddad taking the dogs and skidding on the ice on his heels. When I tried to do that with only one dog, I fell hard on my back and just lay there, on the ice. I remember seeing a very bright light and my life flashing before my eyes. I felt peaceful. I then woke up on the sofa in my grandparent's house, with my parents around me talking, and holding my hand. This experience wasn't an NDE I don't think, but it was weird and unexplainable, unless I just knocked myself out and that's why my life flashed in front of me with a bright light around.
NDE due to head injury at age 8.

905. Loran G NDE 7/23/2006. NDE 2713. I was bathed in the most extreme living light one could imagine. I saw everything on earth and how this light absolutely loved everything on earth, a billion times more than 'love', as we know it. Even the fine hair underneath plant's leaves were not only loved, but somehow accounted for. I laughed at the notion that we did not know how much we are loved. It was stupendous in emotion. I did not want to ever leave that love. Suddenly I felt like I gasped and said,' I'm not done with my children!' Everything flew by backwards and I awoke to a smiling son. The most difficult effect for me has been the fact that I now live for that light: I want to return!
Psychiatric Nurse's NDE due to cerebral hemorrhage and coma.

904. Gia P NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 21272. I don't remember if I looked in the mirror at that point, as I was so transfixed upon Gia as separate from myself, and upon their discussion about her. Debbie held Gia’s head and her stepmother held Gia’s feet, while the little girl watched them both carry Gia out of the bathroom, down the hall and around the corner to the living room where they lay Gia on the couch. I stood at the corner, about 20 feet away. I didn't know what to do. I wasn't sure how long Gia would be okay without me. I felt responsible for her. I felt she was vulnerable without me. Still, I didn't see any white light or dead relatives; the thought didn't even occur to me. I just stood there for a while watching Gia lie there as the nurse took her vital signs. They said that she was breathing and was okay, but that she'd passed out and weren't sure what to do next.
NDE due to passing out from unknown cause.