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540. Sam B NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 20624. Time was of essence but not on my side. After 9 quick minutes of persistence, maneuvering became difficult. My limbs seized, my chest grew tight my efforts were useless. Time was now about 14 minutes: the water got warm...bright flowers glowed in front of my vision, soon after covered by a frost-like haze. I pushed out a softly spoken 'Help' only for myself to hear. At the next moment... 'She has no pulse, she's a led weight, start counting!1!2!3!4....I watched and heard a woman in a orange jacket, letters on her back, US Coast Guard, was talking to me, for a brief moment.
Drowning accident.

539.5. Ina N NDE 12/25/2004. NDE 2091. From Canada The next time I was looking down and there was my mother taking my pulse and looking so sad, I then ended up in the waiting room where I found my sister her boyfriend and my two children, the kids had no idea what was going on, they were playing and bouncing on the couch, my sister looked so sad, I felt for all of them, But It was my children that really got me. I said to myself who's gonna look after them if I go? I still had feelings but no pain.
She experienced the OBE phase of the NDE.

539. Beth V NDE 12/25/2004. NDE 2094. I had planned an attempted suicide that was quite serious in intent. I have many overdoses due to severe mental illness. I took a huge number of sedatives mixed with alcohol. I almost died. At one point, I was crawling on the floor unable to move except by my fingertips. I lapsed in and out of consciousness. I experienced my whole life again, with affect attached in lightning speed. I experienced a sense of tremendous engulfing darkness and space: a void.
Attempted suicide.

538. Gloria G NDE 12/12/2004. NDE 1099. NDE occurred in Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio. I went through a tunnel and arrived in a garden. I walked with a very beautiful man who gave me counsel. I looked at him in his essence and did not understand how such a beautiful, good, intelligent person could be interested in me. He spoke to me, but I do not remember what he said. Perhaps his words are engraved in my soul. The curious thing is that he didn't make me feel guilty. I had attempted suicide and he spoke to me as if I had made an unimportant mistake and he counseled me to do better. As I spoke to him we walked along and soon he told me go and join with a group of people. Even though I didn't want to leave him I obeyed. I then went with these people. They were a group of young people dressed in white. I only remember that they were women, I don't remember if there were any men.
NDE from attempted suicide.

537. Malcolm G NDE 10/8/2005. NDE 2358. From Australia I don't know how much time had passed but as I was laying on the bed in the ward I began feeling weightless and started rising up off the bed. I floated upward until I reached the ceiling about 9 feet from the floor. Looking down at the bed it was plainly clear that my body was still on the bed. It was the first time I'd seen my face in several days and I noticed how deathly gaunt I looked. However, there was absolutely no feelings of fear or dread. Just a strange feeling of quiet peace and well-being.
NDE from pneumonia.

536. Dario F NDE 12/12/2004. NDE 1096. From Argentina Original in Spanish, Translated by Carlos. I cross the bridge and meet my granny and the V.G. of Malvinas, Mr. Ramon Barrios, together ( translator note: quite likely he refers here to the Vice Governor of the Faulklands). I meet, as well, relatives of mine I could not remember. I said to myself “I stay in here”. I clarify that I am a married man and that I have one daughter, aged 4 back then. I hear a voice telling me: “It is not the moment, it is not your moment”. I turned around and saw Christ. I could not see His face, since He was very bright / shiny, but his hands – thanks to the holes-. He told me in a commanding and loving tone “you must go back”. I can feel two hands on my shoulders and I return to my body.
Two NDEs within 72 hours. One in heaven and the other in hell.

535. Silvia C NDE 12/12/2004. NDE 1097. Original in Spanish. Translated to English by Carlos. During the fourth time, the same happened. I woke up in the light and there I notice like I was floating on the air, but I was only eyes and mind…My body did not longer exist or I was not able to see it. This time there was people at the back of the light, lots of people, coming and going, as if they were having a walk….A deep feeling of peace came upon me, happiness, comfort….you feel in a full stadium of grace, it is a marvelous feeling. I don’t know how long did I spend in there, watching people. All of a sudden, somebody I knew, it was my husband, walking along with people, such a coincidence. He turns around and notices me, raises his hand , greets and walks towards me….and then I fall again in complete darkness ( as if I just had winkled) and AT LAST I OPEN MY EYES TO LIFE…..
Coma NDE from brain hemorrhage.

534. Sylvain C NDE 12/6/2004. NDE 1088. From France, Original in French, Translated by Régine I remember myself floating (the word is not very suitable, it was like being only a pair of eyes... no more bodily sensations, of no sort). The surroundings were black - no tunnel, no light, no ‘ghost’, nothing else other than the consciousness which got rid of its superfluous thoughts. In the middle was the operating table and the surgeons and the nurses were quite busy.
Teenager involved in a motorcycle accident.

533. Marion NDE 12/6/2004. NDE 1087. From France, Original in French, Translated by Régine. During the coma, one evening, a thought (not a voice) forces itself upon me 'you will recite 'our father' and you will forgive your mother'. Christ appears to me as a stamp posts on the retina. Two weeks later, the same apparition, another thought 'you will honor your father and your mother, as you have now forgave her' (always in the coma).
This experience is coma-related, he reports heavy medication.

532. Ribes NDE 12/5/2004. NDE 919. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Regine I was asleep, under an'sthesia, then I am projected in a bright tunnel at a dizzy speed, some colors, some flashes of light. Then, a slowdown, I am out of the tunnel. I am floating in the air and I’m going forward, I hear a divine music and a voice which talks to me as if within myself, a soft and reassuring voice which tells me not to be afraid, that I do not risk anything, which reassures me. At the same time, I am bathed in a divine music, I do not feel anything, neither my heart beating, nor my body or my body’s gravity. I am looking at my body, I don’t have a body anymore.
Child NDE from surgery.

530. Angela S NDE 11/27/2004. NDE 2084. They persisted again with the same secondary question, 'AND?...' Then, the words rolled from my lips like it had always been there just out of my knowing and instantly recalled. I had felt nothing different when I walked through the door because I DIDN'T change. My LOCATION did. My sneakers were never a part of me. I said, 'We do not change when we die. We are always butterflies. We simply move to a different sky.' If I had tears I could not feel them, and yet what I had just said reverberated into my heart, soul, and very being. I knew I had 'learned'.
Her NDE was filled with demonstrations and learning she was allowed to remember when she returned to earth.

529. Linda S NDE 11/27/2004. NDE 2082. From Canada The next thing I knew, I saw my sister who had just recently been hit and killed by a drunk driver. She had a light glowing around her and there was a peace about her that was indescribable. She started to guide me. The next thing I knew I was in another tunnel to the right that was going upwards. This tunnel was very bright with many indescribable colors and tons of little white lights. I was moving extremely fast and there was a big white illuminating light at the end. I felt more serenity, peace and love than I could ever express in words. I felt totally mesmerized and in complete awe.
NDE from suicide that started out scary and after praying, she had a wonderful experience.

528. Harold T NDE 11/27/2004. NDE 2081. I found myself in darkness as if I were out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark on a warm night. There were no sounds, at least not at first. I was not afraid; there was nothing to be afraid of. I felt the presence of someone there, but I saw no one. It was peaceful, but dark. I felt a breeze upon my face. It was hard to tell whether it was the wind blowing or me moving. The breeze upon my face grew. It wasn't long before I knew that it was I that was moving and not the wind blowing. It was still dark; I could feel myself moving, rushing. Rushing by things hidden in the dark. Things that I felt were watching me, wanting me, but I was unafraid.
NDE from suicide.

527. Dan Ta NDE 11/21/2004. NDE 2080. I lifted up the skin of Creation, and saw that every living thing in Creation was an expression of this being, connected to this being, indivisible and of One. Every person, plant, animal, insect, microbe, drew its' very existence from this Being. Without this Being, if creation existed at all, it would be filled with lifeless, empty rocks. Within this realization, I was shown how everything is interconnected. From the Beginning to the End. From the largest galactic cluster spinning around the hub of Creation, to the smallest quantum fluctuation. Everyone and everything has a place and a reason. This was revealed.
NDE during heart surgery.

526. Quinton T NDE 11/21/2004. NDE 2079. I was in a dimly lit room. Across from me was a shaft of light from the ceiling going down at an angle to the right and through the floor. On my left was my deceased seven year old grandson and my deceased eighteen month old granddaughter to my right passing by me with the Lord Jesus. A voice in my head said the light was the light of truth and love going from heaven to earth. Then in my head, I heard my grandchildren say you must go back and take care of our sister. I walked toward them and looked down and saw a bed, by it was my living granddaughter and my wife. Next thing I knew I was opening my eyes and saw my granddaughter my first words were to her I came back for you.
Grandfather came back for his granddaughter.

525. Pastor Dirk W NDE 9/15/2003. NDE 10103. From Australia In the front part of the mansion, the exterior of which extended further than my peripheral vision allowed, I saw a massive oak door and it swung open. At first, my eyes were overpowered by the brilliance inside, but after a brief moment I was able to see this large hall filled with people, all dressed in white. The place sparkled. There was a golden staircase at the rear of this hall leading to other sections. It had a very festive mood.
NDE on Easter 2004. This not only is an amazing NDE, but the dialogue between Pastor Dirk and Rev. John Price is very enlightening, inspirational, and helpful to those seeking to integrate their experience with their Christian religious beliefs.

524. Nancy C NDE 10/10/2004 & 1/28/2011. NDE 20582/5022. When I fainted my spirit rushed out of my body and I went to a place. It was my home. Although I cannot really describe it. It was like a place of ideas. There was no landscape or colors. I just existed and there were other beings there also. We didn't have bodies either, just minds. They all thought it was very funny that I was there, like it was my personality to try to get out of this life experience before it was my time to. Nothing in me wanted to come back to this life.
Childhood prank caused this NDE.

523. Mary L NDE 11/14/2004. NDE 2073. I opened my eyes to the most beautiful brightly lit place - green grass, a pond/lake trees but all were eclipsed by this light. I looked around and realized I was sitting on a man's lap, who was dressed in white robes. He had dark hair. At first, I thought it was my deceased father in his younger years. Then I thought it was my first husband who had passed on in 1981. Then I knew it was Jesus. He held me and comforted me. No words were spoken but the love and peace.
NDE from bicycle accident.

522. Jonathan B NDE 11/14/2004. NDE 2075. As this curtain moved from the corner toward me it obscured all objects behind it until I could see nothing but the wall of grey. When it touched my legs, I became aware, in some non-audible way that it was the Angel of Death and it intended to take my life. When it swept up my body, I did not become numb, but had a sense that I did not exist past the curtain and was becoming shorter and shorter. When it hit my arms and waist, they also seemed to become stubs. During the entire event, I could not move, or speak, so I could not call out for help, although my grandparents were in the other room.
This was a very transformational NDE.

521. Anne J NDE 11/14/2004. NDE 2076. From the UK My throat became more and more sore and I was trying to wake up until there came a point when the pain suddenly lifted. I felt no hurt, total release, no weight, and perfectly normal. My father was in the room with a lit candle that kept going out. He was removing my twin brothers of three years to safety. He came back for me feeling his way in the dark, lifted my body, and went through the door and down the stairs. I followed behind him and me to the front garden where he sat me on a chair. I came to consciousness, clutching the underneath of the chair seat in each hand. I still have the chair and I can still feel that place across my palms when I entered my body.
Beginnings of a NDE in the OBE state.

520. Carlos V NDE 11/14/2004. NDE 1060. From Venezuela. Original in Spanish, Translated by Carlos. I not only remember passing through a dark tunnel, but through a tunnel with lights of a wide range of colors. During the whole way, numerous voices could be heard, telling me: 'None that is on earth belongs to you any longer, everything is temporary. These are not your children - just roles to play - everything is temporary - your success is linked to the way you played your role - it depends on how did you behave.' And all of a sudden, a screen-like thing was opened and they told me: 'This is all you have done until now.' I remember scenes of my past life since I was two; they were telling me: 'You failed this, you were wrong in this, here you can see mistakes made, and here they are the good deeds...'
This is a very instructive NDE.

519. Lorena S NDE 11/14/2004. NDE 931. From Argentina Original in Spanish, Translated by Carlos. He was wearing a white long sleeved dressing gown, tied on the neck - as an angel, but provided with no wings - that matched his scarce white hair. This dressing gown was long enough, but I still could see his bare feet in the air, just as if his body was weightless, just some few grams. He, initially, was just staring at me. Yes, staring at me full of tenderness, opening his arms and telling me that he came for me.
NDE involving her grandfather.

518. Gunter P NDE 11/7/2004. NDE 2067. From Australia During this period of unconsciousness I saw three men, dressed in white short-sleeved shirts and long white trousers, who warned me of events to come. At that stage, their described scenario seemed to be absolutely unlikely. However, as things unfolded every one of their predictions came true to the last detail. The thing hardest to believe in the beginning was the 'membership' of the three entities.
An NDE with prophecy.

517. Caroline R NDE 11/7/2004. NDE 2068. During this time, really probably only a matter of seconds, I left my body. I do not remember a tunnel or light, (I wish I could be hypnotized now to see if I did experience something like this) but I did experience a 'life review'. I was in a room and there was like a giant wheel, or TV screen and it showed every second of my life, the good and the bad things. I don't remember much of anything else. Then my friend touched me, and when she did, it broke the electric shock. My arm was numb and sore for a few days.
Ten year old who was electrocuted.

516. Francis M NDE 11/7/2004. NDE 928. From France Original in French, Translated by Régine I was impressed by the words used by the firemen, 'He is fainting, we are losing him,' whereas it seemed not to me - I was there but I was unable to say anything, as if I was dead and at this moment I felt some fear. Then, I felt a heat, so soft, invading my body. I turned back and I saw one person who held my hand and who told me, without moving its lips, 'Come, don't be afraid. I am here to help you and to go with you before you recover your place on this earth. It is not yet the time for you; you still have so much things to do.'
NDE from a bicycle accident.

515. Dr. Boris NDE 9/7/2003. NDE 10102. From Panama, Original in Spanish After the experience, I look at life from a more spiritual perspective. I believe I can see the big picture of what people are, why we are here, and the road to peace. My seeking out God and having my religious beliefs reinforced has taken care of many of those things that caused suffering in my life.
A Psychiatrist from Panama.

514. Aissaoui NDE 11/7/2004. NDE 1063. From France. Original in French, Translated by Régine. I felt attracted, as if magnetized, by a light which attracts me, the closer I come to this light, the more I feel well, a feeling of peace, love, wellbeing, fullness. This light attracts me and I lose sight of my terrestrial body. I go towards this light, which absorbs me more, and more. I never felt such total wellbeing before in my life.
Teenager drowning incident.

513. Ana R NDE 11/4/2004. NDE 1084. From Spain. Original in Spanish, Translated by Carlos. In front of me there was this big black door, massive and open. It had no frame or hinges and a very clear light came from there, but it reached me in a diffused way. I thought this was due to the big distance to the door. I remained there for a while, thinking about my next move and started moving towards the light. I knew inside me that if I crossed that light I would never come back. I do not know how to explain this, since it never crossed my mind neither my past life nor my relatives left behind.
This NDEr came back because of her mother.

512. Sameer NDE 11/3/2004. NDE 1085. From Jerusalem, Isr'l. Original in Arabic, Translated by Shaza. I saw myself leave my body. I was floating up near the ceiling in the room, when I saw the doctors put electric shocks on my chest. I saw the doctor, who was my brother's friend, crying and hugged my brother out of the operation room.
This NDE occurred to a Palestinian man.

511. Rena P NDE 10/31/2004. NDE 2060. From Greece I found myself speeding fast up in the air inside a tunnel, light as a feather. A tunnel full of holes all around that bright light beams were coming through. I could hear the sweet sound of hundreds of chimes in the wind and I've never felt happier or more ecstatic in my whole life while swirling around and around. I was listening to the chimes and enjoying the gorgeous feeling not being able to get enough of it. This place was so gorgeous that I couldn't get enough of it and I just had to see it all! I looked up and I saw the end of the tunnel far away. A very bright, beautiful light that was not hurting my eyes at all. A destination I felt eager to reach.
NDE from Teenager who was in an auto accident.

510. John N NDE 10/31/2004. NDE 2061. I do not know when the NDE occurred on January 22, because I was in and out of consciousness, and heavily medicated, but it was some time during the afternoon. I experienced total blackness, total peace and total calm. The experience was quite beyond description, I could merely relate what happened. It absolutely removed my fear of death, and that absence of fear lasts to this day.
NDE from a former Baptist minister. Interestingly - he was highly medicated, yet the experience was extremely lucid.

509. William M NDE 10/31/2004. NDE 2065. At work I collapsed. Medical technicians came. They zapped me. No pulse. The rushed me to the hospital. The emergency doctor could find nothing, in all about twenty minutes. Out of here. P.S. Did not want to come back would go again in a heartbeat (no pun intended).
Short description of NDE, but you can tell the experience had a lot to it when you read the answers to the questions.

508. Olivia G NDE 10/24/2004. NDE 2046. During my last NDE, I was suffocating to death after surgery to my thyroid. My husband was informed that I was dying and nothing else could be done. I knew I was dying because I had an out of body experience and a deep feeling of peace while the doctors were working on me. I felt like 'no, this can't be happening, I have young children'. After, I was put into surgery and an airway was opened. This was different from my actual clinical death experience, which happened so fast that I was in one world and instantly in another. Like dreaming. I experienced love and ecstasy which I have never had the intensity of in this lifetime.
She describes three NDEs at various times in her life.

507. Jeffrey C NDE 12/24/2004. NDE 2057. Soon I was much higher up - it felt like I was on top of the ten story building. I could see for miles, all around my part of town. I heard a siren, off to my right, but the mill was in the way. Suddenly I was way high up!!! Looking down on the ten story mill's roof and barely able to see the others or me in the street. I could see an ambulance coming up Church Street and turning left - heading to cross over the bridge and into our part of town.
Teenager who had the OBE phase of the NDE.

506. England K NDE 10/24/2004. NDE 2054. I was walking down Whitstable high street at night, when a mugger attacked me. I resisted his attacks, but he still pushed me into the road. A car hit me. Doctors said I was dead on the scene, but one still attempted to revive me. He succeeded. Whilst I was dead, I saw the future. The world was covered in flames, and then Jesus spoke to me, he said 'Spread the word, and this will not happen, my son.'
NDE from a mugging incident.

505. Catherine G NDE 10/24/2004. NDE 2047. I felt myself lifting out of my body. I did not see my body below anything or me. The pain subsided and at the same time, I KNEW I was dying. I felt my being, my SELF, being absorbed into what I was later to describe as the arms of God. I experienced the most powerful, profound love and peace. Every hurt, pain, regret, all the negative things of my life were erased, wiped away. They no longer mattered. The only thing I felt was this unbelievable peace and love. The love was so vast, so much greater than anything I had ever experienced here on earth. I have never feared death since. I felt I had been given the greatest gift I could ever receive.
NDE from an abortion gone wrong.

504.5. Wally T NDE 10/24/2004. NDE 2056. In the beginning of my experience I was in the helicopter going to the emergency room. I was in and out of consciousness. When I arrived at the hospital, I told the friends that were with me goodbye but they insisted that I stay awake. I could not. I started what seemed to be a bad dream. Full of being turned and twisted in ways I did not want to be in and had no choice in. That part seemed to settle down after a while and I became an observer of a futuristic scene.
This is an atypical NDE. A lot of the imagery may have come from being in and out of consciousness. The important thing is the experience is extremely spiritually transformative!

504. John Y NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 86.
Distressing NDE. Even though he saw angels, he was afraid to die.

502. Michelle M NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2018. I remember it was like I was being re-introduced - or awakening after a hard sleep. I thought questions and the understanding would come. This is hard to explain, I guess the best way to express this is to make an analogy. It's like when you travel, you are staying in a motel, a strange bed, strange room and then you wake up in the middle of the night and don't know where you are - it takes you a few minutes to realize and remember where you are. That is the feeling I felt on the other side. I was remembering and it felt so good to be there and to understand, to know - it was home, where I really lived.
NDE from a car accident where mother came back for her daughter.

501. Hector G NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 1077. Suddenly a great feeling of total love and peace engulfed me. The next thing I noticed was that I was traveling through a dark tunnel. I had a perspective of being pulled through it. I was being pulled by my chest so fast that my arms and legs were trailing behind me. All the while I had that feeling of complete love and peace. I knew no fear. I saw a super bright light as I approached the end of the tunnel. There was a silhouette of a being. The silhouette was of Jesus Christ. I felt the love and peace was radiating from Him. I was told that it was not my time yet. I didn't want to return. I wasn't given an opportunity to argue.
Child drowning incident.

500. Michael D NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2028. Standing in the doorway at the foot of my bed was someone wearing a long, shiny, metallic looking robe. The robe went all the way to the floor covering her feet. I could not see the face because it was so bright. It radiated a very bright light but did not hurt my eyes. The light itself was love. (That's the best way I can describe it.) I could not see any facial features because of the brightness of the light, but I felt it was a woman and I knew she was smiling. I could see her long, flowing hair that seemed to merge with her gown and go to the floor with it. Her body was translucent and I could see through her. I felt no fear. I didn't seem to feel anything unusual at all. It all seemed very normal to me at the time. I felt very calm.
NDE experience from scarlet fever as a child.

499. Randall M NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2013. I opened my eyes and looked down from the ceiling at a scene of mayhem. Someone was lying on the floor - I couldn't see whom - and three people, two females, one male, were on their knees around the person. A nurse ran up with a push cart. Someone was calling out blood pressure numbers; the last set I heard was '35 over 15'. I got bored; it looked like a TV show. I turned around (on a horizontal axis). That was when I realized I was 'floating', because I wanted to go forward and turn left down a hallway, where they had told me my room was. I tried 'swimming'. That didn't work, but just thinking I wanted be someplace got me there.
NDE with a twist at the end!

498. Benny G NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 20543. Also it was like my head was opened and all the knowledge of the universe was being put in my mind with the volume and pressure of a fire hose. I understood everything. Everything. It was not ‘God like’ it was more of a ‘cosmic consciousness’ event. I could see the ‘Great Spirit’ (if you will) in everything. Everything is alive or is made up of this all inclusive consciousness. The dirt, rocks, the breath of a mountain goat, in the e-coli virus, the wind vapor on Mars, the varnish on my desk, and the solar wind from the stars. Everything. Everything
A newbie experience. He is still processing the NDE since it just happened in July 2004.

497. Renee G NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2004. I saw myself lying on the bed face down but yet I was viewing it from above as if I were floating above my body. Then I was taken through the roof and up into a dark space where there were many tiny colored lights and I was traveling past them. I had the feeling that these lights were very familiar to me but there was a single very bright light in the far distance that I was being pulled toward at great speed. I wanted to go toward that very intense light and then, as if there was a rope tied around my waist, I was reeled backwards again passing all the same little familiar lights...
Woke up in a body bag after being declared dead for twenty-nine minutes!

496. Les S NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2025. From China I had for the lack of a better term a slide show. Maybe it was a movie but slide show seems to better describe it, as it was just one image after another in a very, very rapid succession. I cannot remember exactly what the images were but it was both interesting, and in viewing these flashes, I knew I had seen these before. I would say my life was flashing before me but it seemed almost too much to take in at the time.
Mercenary had two life reviews during both NDEs.

495. Jeffer S NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 20542. From Canada He showed me the sky and said, ‘Son, this is what you've been doing with your life. I am quite pleased and will reward you with pleasurable eternal life for the wrongs that have been put against you.’ This man showed me a time in my life where he saw it was the lowest, when I lost my twin brother to suicide. He also showed me a meadow that was filled with people going across a river. A peaceful river. Those who were thirsty drank of it.
Led back to earth by his twin brother who died of suicide.

494. Caan S NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2031. At almost the same time my mind and body seemed to separate momentarily. The 'journey' though short lived can only be described as beautiful. There is a show called 'Sliders' on the Sci-Fi channel where the characters step into a tunnel of light and travel from world to world. The visual effects used to create that tunnel closely resemble what I experienced except in my case the tunnel was black and white and seemed to travel at high speed with me and around, me all at once. I got the impression that we are all part of a much bigger picture that God (Allah) has in store for us all.
NDE from a fall.

493. Esther N NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2030. Then, all at once, I was surrounded by a bright, blue light, and felt myself being drawn to -- somewhere. It was like I was being drawn through the sky, the blue was of that color. I didn't know why this was happening -- like most children, I accepted what was happening as the way it should be. Then, suddenly, I found myself in a beautiful garden. The closest description I can give is that it looked a bit like 'Tellytubbyland' -- but with higher hills. In front of me, when I arrived, were all these beautiful ladies! All but one had long blonde hair, and all were dressed in white dresses. Each one was under an individual bower. The lady in the center had long, dark hair, like my own.
Child NDE.

492. Joanie J NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2003. During the experience; there was also an intense whooshing and vibrating sensation. The best analogy I can use to describe it is this: If you've ever ridden on a ferry boat while sitting in your vehicle, there is a vibration from the engines and a whooshing sound. The sound is pulsating, emanates from the engines, and reverberates in the structure of the ferry boat, and the experience I had included an intense vibrating/whooshing/pulsating sound simultaneously somewhat similar to that.
Child birth related NDE.

491. Ruth NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2038. When I reached the LIGHT, it was so bright, like nothing on Earth, pure white LIGHT, and such a feeling of unconditional love and warmth. Any questions I had ever had were answered by the LIGHT. It seems like I was there for a long time, just absorbing all the answers. Next thing I knew a voice came from the LIGHT and told me it was not my time to stay there. I BEGGED as hard as I could, but I was slammed back into my body in reverse, and I cursed all the doctors and nurses.
This was the first of three NDEs mentioned in this account.

490. David H NDE 7/7/2002. NDE 1076. I was chasing a frog and fell into stock tank. I remember everything turning green and then I felt great peace. I was going down a black tunnel toward a very bright light at the end. When I got there I remember feeling a great peace and then head a voice saying "David you need to go back. Your mom and dad need you." Since then I have been told that dad found me and pulled me out and Mom did CPR on me.
Child Drowning NDE.

489. George S NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 1074. I was up near the ceiling and could see a long tunnel of light and approached the end of it, but something made me come back to my body. My mother made them pack my body in ice and I was in a metal tub for three days - when my fever broke and I came back from wherever I was. I have had - unsure of how to describe it - three episodes where I saw windows into the past since then.
Both NDEs appear to be catalysts for allowing him to perceive time differently and people on the other side.

488. Geraldine O NDE 10/10/2004 & 5/25/2004. NDE 338/20531. What happened? Did I have a stroke? I remember feeling very shocked. I remember then turning my spirit body and leaving. Next, I was in a very black place. It was not frightened because I knew that there was nothing out there in the darkness. I was just black velvet. I don't really remember much after that until it was time to leave. I found myself being sucked backward through a tunnel. I could see the light that I was being pulled away from and there was someone who seemed to be standing on a platform on the left side of the tunnel.
NDE from cardiopulmonary arrest.

487. Clark B NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2008. I did not have the 'tunnel experience' many others have had. I was hovering over my family. I knew I was dead and felt guilty that my wife and children were crying over me while I was feeling so good. I wanted them to be dead with me and tried to let them know I was fine. As far as my body was concerned, it was like an old shoe to be discarded.
NDE from electrocution.

486. Muriel F NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2040. From Australia I saw a light and experienced a warm blanketing feeling around me. I felt really at peace but was looking behind me for my husband and baby. I was really concerned for them. There were the presence of people saying to me that my time wasn't up. The presence of God was there reassuring me. He/she/it had commanded for my attention and it was like they had pulled my attention towards them.
Her NDE with God was preparation for a more difficult time on earth.

485. Az NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2034. I do remember looking down at myself on the gurney, wearing a hospital gown, surrounded by a doctor in green scrubs, a dark-haired nurse in blue on my left and two other people, one partially bald, on my right side. My husband was not present. Everyone was busily working to hook me to oxygen and fluids. My vantage point seems to have been the ceiling as I was looking at the tops of everyone's heads.
NDE from post-operative complications.

484. Laura Z NDE-Like 10/10/2004. NDE-Like 2006. A being, whom I understood to be God, told me He needed to converse with me, and indicated that this was a rare opportunity to have my full attention... During this conversation, I was told many things about my life and religion, and was given the opportunity to ask, and receive answers to, many questions. But then I was told that after I returned to consciousness, I'd forget everything I had just heard. 'Let me remember one thing,' I pleaded. 'You'll remember that this conversation took place, but you won't remember what you learned until the time is right,' I was told.
This would be a NDE, but it is unclear if the experience occurred during actual death. The experience seems to be a hybrid between a NDE and bilocation.

483. Marta M NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2002. I became dizzy and collapsed outside on the front porch. I can remember floating up into a tube-like area with a very bright light at the end. Everything was turning around much like a tornado as I elevated up toward the light. I was soooo relaxed and very comfortable more than I had ever felt before and did not want to be disturbed as I could hear my Father's voice trying to bring me around I just wanted to keep going.
Anemia related NDE.

482. Mo C NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2021. Several beings were coming after me. They were short and upright as a human would be. They were dressed in black hooded robes. They shuffle walked. They were black with round faces. They had pointed teeth and claws on their fingers. They were fighting and snarling at each other. They were fighting over who got me. Each one carried a large butcher's knife. They decided to dismember me so each could have a piece. I was trying to fight them off. All of a sudden, they stopped, turned around and walked away. They shuffled off snarling at each other. They entered what appeared to be a dark cave entrance. I heard no one command them to stop. They just stopped and left.
Hellish NDE after he coded on the operating table.

481. JoAnn R NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2014. I could see the doctors and nurses because I was looking down on them and myself. At this point, things started to happen very fast and I was drawn through a tunnel toward a bright light. Other lights along the tunnel were people. I was very excited because when I got to the end of the tunnel I would know everything!! I was moving very fast!! I never did make it to the end of the tunnel.
Child NDE.

480. Elzada O NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 1078. I remember my grandparents and a few others being around me. Then it seemed as if I was headed for the light which seemed so peaceful and I really wanted to go, but it was at this time that God intervened and told me that it wasn't my time yet, there was still some unfinished business - that is about it.
NDE from bleeding ulcer.

479. Ethel H NDE 10/24/2004 & 7/24/2004. NDE 2051/20532. Before I returned, I saw Jesus. He said I must return to my body since it wasn't my time to enter his father’s house. My job here now is to get closer to my family, and to spread His love where ever I went and to everyone I meet. I was shown everyone's thoughts and intentions, good and bad. I can still feel people’s thoughts and emotions even now.
NDE from heart attack where she sees Jesus.

478. Tiya R NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2027. Please not now. Even though I felt peace, comfort, and complete love behind me and around me, I didn't want to go. Then, the next thing I saw was the room become bright and the light behind me was even brighter. I remember turning around crying and I asked, one more time, please, Lord not now.
Her prayer was heard. She's back!

477. Joy L NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 2007. I blacked out to awaken to the most beautiful singing I have ever heard. I heard this singing, and then I heard my family trying to resuscitate me. They finally got me on my feet to go the Emergency Room. I saw and heard angels and the bells of a church. That is what awakened me. My family could not see or hear them.
Suicide attempt from drug overdose.

476. BaRaMi NDE 8/14/2002. NDE 10095. Original in Korean, translated by Soo Young I got out of the water and breathed again and I went down into the water three times. I felt languid and feeble and saw the bright light. I am calm and no panic, no breathless. I felt very good. My body and mind felt completely peaceful. It seemed that I was under the water for a long time. I wanted to stay there but I headed upwards and raised my hand because I felt a little stuffy. I reached the top of the water very quickly. I could see a boat around me. I went down into the water again. When I popped out of the water again, the boat came to me.
Cross-cultural drowning NDE.

475. Barry C NDE 10/9/2004. NDE 1037. Original in Polish, translated by Mateusz I found myself in a perfect blackness (not a tunnel), I could feel space around me. The blackness was so deep and velvet-like. In front of me, I saw a very bright light, but not a blinding one. I started to approach the light, it grew bigger, and bigger and finally, it turned into a great light ball around which I started to move, just like a planet. The ball was radiating love and tolerance, masculine power and indifference to who I am and what I have done - it was only important that 'I was'. I couldn't get into the light although I was very close. I wanted to be in the light so much. There was wisdom, acceptance, love and creative power in the light.
Suicide attempt, substance overdose.

474. Niles R NDE 9/30/2004. NDE 1054. From France. Original in French, translated by Régine It’s at that time that I had a life review. I don’t remember any more about how I reached this state (out of body experience, tunnel, …) but I remember me seeing like a summary of my stay in this summer camp with the full possibility of choosing to let the events pass or to dwell on them, with an external point of view, as if I could fly around those last events. The whole, in a feeling of well-being. It seemed to me that time was different from reality because I could go again in much of situations in a short time.
NDE from child pranks

473. Arthur NDE 9/18/2004. NDE 1073. My experience was vivid, every dead loved one and good friend was there to greet me and guide me I saw angels a field full of them, the music my gracious can't begin to compare it to anything on earth, with all this even showing me future events if I stayed upstairs (in heaven).
Didn't realize that the two friends he saw in heaven were dead. He thought they were living.

472.5. Bardin NDE 9/18/2004. NDE 1049. From France. Original in French, translated by Régine 'Don’t be frightened', then I heard… I was not frightened… I was dead, at least that’s what I thought, and I had no painful feeling… And I had already this feeling of being full of an infinite love as I had never felt before … Why being afraid of Love? Love does not want to do harm… I have no memory about place and time… I was surrounded by very loving souls… And that’s not all: no room, no landscape… just the souls.
Childbirth NDE, came back for son.

472. Hannah NDE 9/18/2004. NDE 1027. From Belgium. Original in Dutch, translated by René ‘I had seen my daughter and it was ok’. Then I felt a peace as I had never felt before. Perfect pure delightful serenity. Peace. Happiness. Words cannot describe that feeling. I am convinced that nobody during his earthly life can be so peaceful and happy as I felt then. Not even on the most wonderful day of a lifetime. This quietude and bliss are incomparable. I saw no tunnel, no light at the end of the tunnel. I saw an all-encompassing golden glow. For a moment, not long. Then I entered the most beautiful landscape that I could imagine. A bright green pasture, full with red glowing tulips. I was very aware that I was dead.
Childbirth NDE, came back for daughters.

471. Joe G NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1058. Then I felt like I was pushed back into a wall and my arms pinned back to the wall. I felt totally helpless and then I saw what looked like hair ball with shark teeth come at me. I looked to my right side and saw that the voices were little monsters that were turning into the hairballs and back into monsters. They were the ugliest looking things I have seen and yet to see. They looked like snakes crossed with bats crossed with something that had horns. They had bodies that were like that of a snake and it had wings. They arms and hands look like those of a bat. Their faces look like snakes and they had fangs like a bat and a snake. On the top of their heads, they had horns, but not like the horns of a bull or a ram. They had pointed horns but nothing that I could say was earthly.
This is an extremely profound NDE in so many ways! He went to hell, then to heaven. His sister, Miranda G had a NDE a month before he had his NDE. Talk about a family soul group!

470. Karol S NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1036. When I first left my body, the first time was vivid, I saw myself leaving and did not care. There was a void for just a little bit, then, I could see myself going towards heaven. It surprised that I could see myself going there. It was as if I was walking, but my legs were not moving. I was floating. I was wearing a white gown but when reached where I was going, I come upon at least eight people sitting in chairs in half horseshoe shape. The person in the middle had a chair that was taller than the others were. They told me it was not my time and had to go back. I did not want to go back.
Child NDE from Spinal meningitis, she died 3 times.

469. Cynthia P NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1035. I was suddenly standing in beautiful green woods. It was like jumping right into the middle of a vivid, colorful dream. There was lots of light and sunshine all around, light breezes rustling the leaves. Profound feelings of joy, well-being, happiness, comfort, and love. Before me, a sort of glade in the woods beckoned me towards lighter woods further on. It seemed there was more sunshine down there. The light was not blinding, nor was it white. It was more yellow, like sunshine really is, and the color of the leaves was spring green.
Coded in the hospital. Great picture of what her NDE looked like!

468. Shawna J NDE 5/6/2004. NDE 20495. I felt oddly emotionally disconnected from the scene in the emergency room. I was enveloped in a quasi-cylindrical light and continued to rise. I began to go faster and faster until I came to a place, where I finally stopped. There was an angel there and I felt as if I had known this being and this place all my life. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I asked a couple of questions and we were talking when I suddenly began to fall. It was if I fell right back into my body. As soon as I hit, I sat straight up on the operating table.
NDE from surgery complications

467. Alicia G NDE 9/12/2004. Secondhand NDE 1062. Secondhand NDE Sometime later Alicia came out of her coma, almost from the very first she told an amazing story of having gone to Heaven. She would look at you and point up to the sky and say, 'I went to heaven, and it was beautiful.' She would hold her arms out as wide as she could and say, 'There were lots of people, lots of people.' She would cross her arms over her chest and say, 'Everybody loved each other, there was no cussing, no fighting, no shooting.' With each statement she would use her hands to emphasize what she said, and lastly she would say, 'I didn't want to come back.'
Amazing set of corroborating coincidences as told from a witness.

466. Valerie L NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1039. I was floating to what I thought was heaven, I saw a bright light like I had never seen before. I felt a peace and serene feeling. This peace was indescribable. Then I looked up and there was my grandfather with open arms. He said he would take care of me. I looked to my left and I saw my two children telling me to come back. And I came back.
NDE where mother came back for children.

465. Robert M NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1038. Suddenly I am standing twenty feet away from the stretcher watching the doctor perform CPR on my body. During his time I was very calm, and noticed I was only a consciousness, no body, no pain, no problems, no worries. It was great! As I watched the doctor perform compressions on my chest I thought, I don't feel anything, this guy can't control whether I live or die. I thought only I can control whether live or die. As soon as I had this thought I was back in my body, and awake.
NDE from heart attack, verified what he saw in the OBE state.

464. Darlene H NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1061. He was ordering me to 'Get out of my car. Look what you did.' I was watching him. I was completely engulfed in warmth, in light, in love, in knowledge. I knew I was, I knew about things and subjects that were universal. I 'saw' my children, as infants, as adults, as parents, as grandparents. I knew I was not staying where I was. I knew I was only there to be 'protected' against further injury. Separated from this evil that was being waged. I knew I was going to be back in 'this' life.
Boyfriend strangled her.

463. Luis D NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1034. From Mexico Next thing I remember was an incredible feeling of peace that I have never felt before or since that day. And being in such complete peace. It felt like it could go on forever when somehow I was questioned by an incredibly authoritative, yet gentle voice that said, 'If you are willing to accept pain, you will save your son a lot of trouble.' I replied, 'How are these two facts connected?'
NDE from biking accident.

462. Karen B NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1066. I couldn't speak or breathe and I was thinking - God, I am ready if it is my time, but I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone or tell my husband and boys how much I love them. I was in total darkness, but it was not a scary darkness. It was comforting and like a soft glove holding me. A voice I had never heard before spoke. The voice was reassuring and sounded like velvet- no rasp in it at all - it was male. He said slowly, 'They already know.' I then felt totally calm and at peace.
NDE from allergic reaction.

461. Douglas D NDE 5/6/2004. NDE 20496. I then saw myself in a long narrow room which had walls made of mahogany with a long mahogany bar on the left side of the room. The end of the room had a swinging door with a light around the edges of the door on the other side of the door. I saw myself walking up to the bartender and asked him for a glass of air. He gave me a martini glass filled with water and I drank that and asked for another glass of air. Again, he gave me another glass of water, which I drank. Then I said I really wanted a glass of air and he gave me a glass of air, which I drank. At that moment I was pulled up to the surface of the pool by two people I was swimming with.
NDE with atypical imagery

460. Le Monde NDE 9/12/2004. NDE 1041. Original from France, translated by Régine. I remember this intense pain and I remember having, at the same time, a life review with short pieces, experiences that even I didn't recall, coming back in my mind. That's difficult to explain, but all that gave me the feeling of being in a fast deafening carrousel with the scenes of my own life. I saw my father, my brother and my sister and more particularly my grandfather who was smiling to me, but also one of my uncles deceased a few years before. I felt myself floating and rotating. Then I didn't feel my body anymore, I had the impression of being nothing anymore, of not existing physically anymore.
NDE from heat exhaustion.

459. Mario D NDE 7/13/2004. NDE 10083. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated by logo software To a certain moment, with fond but firm gestures, it softly got further me transmitting me with the thought, 'You have to now go, you are busy so many things, a lot of new things; you go, there are us, there are all.' I didn't understand this strange behavior and with the eyes I told her: 'Because grandmother you don't want that I stay with you? I want to remain here, not to send me back' But she was inflexible and with a hand on the shoulder she invited me to look, where I saw down myself some meter that I lay dying on a bed in a coma, with physicians and nurses, busy to tear me from the death. I felt all of this that they said: it was as him same assisting to a film the film of myself.
Remarkable NDE where his grandmother had placed a coin on the seat of the car to remind him of the reality of his NDE. He also went on to become a healer.

457. Maria TK NDE 9/2/2004. NDE 996. Original from Sweden, translated by Lisa M. Then the light came. I was thrown straight into the middle of the Sun. Straight into the middle of the warmest, most beautiful, most welcoming light, where I instantly felt that 'here I feel good'. I was drawn to the ocean of light as a gigantic magnet, and drowned in light. I'm not sure, but I might have heard psalm singing. It was like the light was 'singing' in some way. But not really. It wasn't sound. It might have been telepathic. My soul might have come into contact with the soul music of the light. It was light and it was Love at the same time. There was hidden and encoded Heavenly music in the whole thing. It wasn't important. The main thing was that here I felt Welcomed and Loved. I came 'Home'.
NDE from Surgery Complications.

456. Halina J NDE 9/1/2004. NDE 1002. Original in Polish, translated by Mateusz I went further to the right and I suddenly found myself in a grey desert and heard a voice coming from underground saying, 'There is GOD, There is GOD, There is GOD.' (I still can't remember if the voice spoke Polish or English). The word ‘ecstasy' describes the feeling best. Apart from ecstasy, I also felt great awe for God. I went further until I reached a tunnel and rays of sunlight. I knelt down and I felt God.
Child NDE.

455. Linda B NDE 8/11/2004. NDE 1030. After experiencing all of the miracles of this day I would still find my future playing out just as I had seen. And as it progressed I would know fear, sadness, and lack of faith just as they had predicted. I would sin and more. The angels knew this but it took me years to fully understand everything that they had showed me and wanted me to understand. They knew all of the time that I would not turn into the perfect saint. They loved me just the way I was. God loves me always not just when I am obedient and perfect. What a wonderful feeling that is. I just have to remind myself that He is here and learn to stop talking long enough to listen for His voice.
This is one of the most riveting accounts that we have. In describing her NDE, she takes the reader through the emotional gambit. Truly Amazing and a Great Novel! (All thirty-five pages of it!)

454. Terry E NDE 8/11/2004. NDE 1012. I did not have a life review, but rather Jesus and I had an astounding conversation where he patiently answered all my questions. One I distinctly remember: I had recently completed a grueling course in calculus and had gotten all the final exam answers correct except one - I wanted to know the answer to that question. Jesus laughed and then gave me the answer, not in words but in a 'knowing' that encompassed not just the element of the question, but a complete understanding of all relational aspects of the question. HE has a wonderful sense of humor and I distinctly got the feeling that HE enjoys us humans as a father enjoys watching the minor scrapes children get themselves into.
This is a first! Jesus was asked to answer a calculus problem. :)

453. Joshua C NDE 8/11/2004. NDE 1010. I saw an extremely bright light flowing over my right shoulder and obstructing my view from everything within my sight. Turning toward this light to investigate its origin, I suddenly saw three figures slowly approaching me. The figures began to come clearer and I then recognized them to be of my past uncle; my mother's sister's husband - 'Uncle Buddy' (1972); my past aunt - my mother's baby sister (1976); and another uncle - uncle Dee Dee, my father's brother, who I often visited during a great portion of my training after 'Boot camp' at Orlando, Florida in 1979.
He almost shook hands with his Uncle Dee Dee who had died earlier that day unbeknownst to him, but then woke up.

452. Beth NDE 8/11/2004. NDE 1023. Then I was suddenly above looking down on my monitor and IV pole and my body. I then saw a white being that floated up. I was asked if I was ready and I said yes. Then the being told me to follow. I followed and went to see my kids. I kept arguing that I could go and it would be okay for them. I went to the waiting room and saw my family. They were talking and I watched them. I saw my son on the playground at school. I then went to the light to see my mother who had passed. I could not go in. I would have to make a decision.
Came back for children.

451. Paul G NDE 7/12/1999 & 8/11/2004. NDE 106/1029. I was now a translucent shadow with hands, feet, a whole body but it was made of energy, power, and strength. I looked at my right arm and made a fist. I looked at my left arm and made a fist. I felt so strong and powerful I was energy. I looked out at a 45 degree angle and shot off like a rocket into this infinity of darkness I could see into. It was not like being in a dark room or closet it was a darkness I could see into an infinity. I felt like I was in space.
Marine in a brutal fight. The scenes are graphic. Paul shared his NDE the first time with NDERF 7/12/1999. His second submission shows a lot of integration in the past 5 years.

450. Michael D NDEs 8/11/2004. NDEs 1026. As the light grew closer to me, I could see rainbow colors coming out from everywhere and I was hearing music. The kind of music that you just can't hear on earth. It was like angels singing. As the colors passed by me I heard them say that I was going to be just fine, that I was home. Everything would be told to me now. They were speaking by way of mental powers and I was able to understand them and I remember telling them that I was glad to be home where such love lived. The kind of love that could not be felt on earth. When I stood right in front of the light I noticed that there was a golden center that was speaking to me; again by mental powers, and asked if I knew where I was. I told that I thought I was home to stay. Then the light passed over me and I saw photos of my life. I saw my parents. The center of the light asked me if I could feel anything from the photos. I said I could feel intense love and pain from my mom. From my dad I was feeling intense love and that he was very hurt by what I had done.
Suicide NDE

449. Carolle S NDE 8/11/2004. NDE 1019. I was on an inner tube and she was pushing me out until the water came to her neck. When she went to turn around and head back to shore, a wave picked up the tube and dumped me to the bottom. She kept reaching for me but couldn't find me. I just sat on the bottom and my short life started going before my eyes. Birthday parties, Christmas - mostly good memories, I don't remember any bad memories at that time.
Child drowning NDE.

448. Shalom G NDE 5/22/2004. NDE 10082. This time the journey down the tunnel seemed instantaneous, and as I met my guardian angels, I asked them, 'Can I go home now, my body is a mess?' They then replied, 'NO, you have still not completely your missions and purposes in life yet, you will heal and then share this information with others.' Simultaneously, I noticed my deceased grandfather standing next to the entrance of Heaven. My Grandpa Sam, who had died before I was born, said to me that after I experienced the 'Book of Life Review', I was to meet someone special, before my return to earth.
Remarkable NDE where his grandmother had placed a coin on the seat of the car to remind him of the reality of his NDE. He also went on to become a healer.

447. Norella D NDE 1/17/2004. NDE 10081. Over 25 years ago I fell asleep while driving. They tell me I rolled 165 feet and flipped my VW 4 times. What I remembered and it was brief - was hovering over the car looking at it and all the things along the highway. It was 1 a.m. and yet it was bright like day light. Then all of a sudden I was upside down in the driver's seat trying to get out. I didn't tell anyone for many years and when I became aware of life not being just what you see on the surface and there is more to it, it was very clear to me what happen. What I have thought about that is "when you have a traumatic physical accident as such you briefly leave as not to really experience the blows". Like the soul isn't about that aspect of the experience. That doesn't mean hours, days and even 25 years later you are not physically aware but the system has been set up as to not set up to have the immediate event be one of horror. Of course, if it is one's time that could make the difference as to how far into the light you go. I am sure this is like many others since there are so many car accidents. I now have the visualization of getting to my destination in tack. Good luck with your venture.

446. Harold E NDE 8/7/2004. NDE 968. From France, translated by René and Régine Only that on the road I now saw five tubes or lines placed like five points on a dice of a light. They were so white and so shining, but didn’t hurt the eyes. The tubes were so sweet and warm coming towards me so that when I could almost touch these luminous spots I turned toward them without any hesitation, like an emergency exit there close to my hands, and suddenly I found myself several meters from this car in flames that took away my friends.
Musician's NDE and rescue from a fiery automobile accident.

445. Jean T NDE 8/7/2004. NDE 1005. From France, translated by René and Régine I am intimately convinced, what I hear it is not my ears that hear. I am anesthetized, but it is 'me'. I start to move away from the agitation. I am not okay, no visual sensation, but have the impression of floating in the air. It is dark, I do not see. Something that I call the collective mind, in which all the good of humanity lives forever, shows me my life and makes me understand that I have not accomplished anything good, only egoism governs my life.
Surgery-related NDE.

444. Nona M NDE 8/7/2004. NDE 959. From Canada, translated by René and Régine Then I decide to take the path towards death, with the light at the end. I think of my life and my family. My son of five years old appears. He is an angel who smiles at me. How will he be doing without his father? I have to climb up, but I cannot. A hand grabs me. I don’t see a face, yet he helps me to turn my head upwards where life is. I climb up and get out.
NDE from bicycle accident.

443. Ally M NDE-Like 8/7/2004. NDE-Like 954. From Canada All I remember is that I saw a very strong white light not like on earth, it is impossible to explain the intensity of that light. I found myself sitting at a round table with a white cloth, at my left there was a person whose face I couldn't see, yet dressed in white, I was certain that it was God. In front of me was another person in white but I couldn't see the face. It was as if this person was eating biscuits or the like, there where crumbs falling on the table. The person to the left was talking telepathically in my head, I said I couldn't leave earth because there were people who needed me, that I needed to go back, that I wasn't ready.
NDE-like because even though she had the perception her heart stopped, it is questionable if she died or not.

442. Joop NDE 8/7/2004. NDE 973. From the Netherlands. Original in Dutch From Belgium - translated by Rene I was sucked into a tunnel where I floated, there were lots of animals (like birds) around me that made the most wonderful music, it was as if I was being welcomed. Floating, I went in the direction of the light that I felt I had to go to. Having arrived there, I felt so much happiness and love that I couldn't continue further up to the transition (threshold) between the tunnel and the light. Telepathically they told me everything. When I wanted to make a move forward a girl appeared with beautiful red hair. Then I had to leave all this and floated through the planetary system, back into my body, I felt reborn and full of energy.
Suicide NDE. Normally this would have been discounted as a drug experience, but it looks like he may have succeeded in killing himself.

441. Steve B NDE 7/24/2004. NDE 998. So, imagine for just a moment if you will a place void of any and all negativity. A place void of fear, famine, dread, hunger, greed, hate, anger, pain, racial and religious bigotry, jealousy, disease, pestilence, violence and all other possible forms of human suffering. A place of total bliss, overflowing with harmony where only complete unconditional love and understanding exists. One filled with such magnificent splendor, color, beauty and wonder that it escapes all human comprehension. A place that at first seems so foreign and almost frightening, yet as you continue begins to feel so familiar and wonderful.
The life review and other descriptions of the other side shows remarkable insight and amazing integration into his daily life.

440. G Ryan NDE 7/24/2004. NDE 992. From the UK I'd never felt so cold. From feeling very warm when I was lying amongst the rubble, I now felt cold. But it wasn't an uncomfortable feeling, it was just one that was accepted without question it seemed. I was wearing the exact same clothes as before, even the blood stains were still there. My sight was not - human. It was fragmented, although I could see perfectly, if not better, it was not the sight I'd had previously, and everything glowed in a silvery way.
This is one of the few NDEs where multiple people were involved. He talked to his friend who went to the other side, while he ultimately returned to his earthly body.

439. Miranda G NDE 7/24/2004. NDE 1008. After what felt like a lifetime of blackness I started to see a bright glowing light. A light so bright that it should have over-powered me but it did not. It was calming and peaceful and I was feeling love. The kind that you just can't know of. As it got closer to me, I started hearing music. I then saw prism-like lights coming to me and talking to me. Telling me that everything was going to be okay. When I got to the light, I saw my mom who had passed away in November of 2003. She told me that I had to go back. It was not my time. I still had things to do. I remember telling her that I did not want to go back; I wanted to stay with her there. She told me that I had to go back to my dad and the world of the living.
Teenager experience that happened six months ago.

438. Barbara M NDE 7/24/2004. NDE 1000. I began to hysterically cry begging not to be sent 'back' but to go to the light. Crying and crying then all of a sudden a calmness as a voice spoke gently to me like warm honey being poured over me very warm and comforting like I had never felt since then came over me. This seemingly familiar voice held a long list of reasons of why I had to return, yet I don't remember specifically any of these reasons (they all seemed trivial to me at the time thought). I could see a male figure with a very bright light behind him so I couldn't make out exactly what he looked like. He spoke to me very lovingly and gently as if not to scare me but to reassure me that all would be all right. Yet I only wanted to stay with him.
Teenager's NDE from pneumonia.

437. Rebecca I NDE 7/24/2004. NDE 994. There was wide blackness above me and I was going away from it, below it, as if I was falling. I wasn't sure where I was or what was happening. I remember the physical sensation of shrinking, and talking to myself. I thought it was like being in a funnel and I was going down, by the time I was in the very tip of the funnel I was quite small. I even said, ' I am the size of a pea now. Wow, I must be dying. This is really easy, it's so easy to die. You die in the blink of an eye, you can die without even knowing it.'
NDE from automobile accident. Came back because of memories of her daughter and niece.

436. Hannah J NDE 7/24/2004. NDE 1006. From New Zealand I saw a field of flowers which were unlike anything I had ever seen before. There were mountains in the background. It was an untouched, unspoiled landscape. The field seemed endless. I was floating above it. I felt I was to progress to the end of the field, I didn't look behind me. I didn't look far ahead either. It suddenly hit me what was happening and I refused to be there. If I want one thing in life, it is to raise my children to adulthood and I had yet to do that. This realization hit like a ton of bricks and I jolted back into consciousness.
NDE from childbirth complications.

435. Deborah D NDE 7/24/2004. NDE 999. That's when it happened. I went to a place that was the most comfortable, peaceful place that I had ever been to. I was at the lighted side of a tunnel. I saw dead relatives, all glad to see me. When I looked down the tunnel, I saw my body being frantically worked on. At 2:12 pm, I was pronounced dead. At the same time, out of the blinding white light, a voice I assumed to be God asked me,' Are you ready to come home?' I said, 'No!'
She came back for her mother.

434. Marianna NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 20456. From the UK I was met in the surgery by two doctors I remember at the time thinking this is it, I am not going to recover from this, as the pain was unbearable. I remember floating towards a bright light, I was calm and I wanted to go towards it, I was aware that I had my grandparents waiting for me on the other side, and I was very very calm. I heard a female voice. She told me that it wasn't my time and that I had to go back. I was disappointed.
NDE from ectopic pregnancy.

433. Penny NDE-Like 7/13/2003. NDE-Like 1001. I mention this because after my grandfather met me in the 'receiving room', we began walking (and talking of course) and we eventually arrived in a large room that looked like a library. This room was huge - coliseum scale - with bookcases and books everywhere, floor to ceiling. I had a sense that this library 'room' essentially went on forever, with unending nooks and crannies. As my grandfather talked to me we were able to 'float' up to higher levels in the great library. As we 'floated' along, my grandfather was pulling volumes off of shelves and skimming text. I was astounded by this because I *knew* my grandpa could not read. I began asking him questions and he told me that all things would be revealed to me in time, but this was not my time. I was not supposed to be there yet.
This would be a NDE but there is not enough information that she actually died.

432. James T NDE 10/27/2003. NDE 10080. It quickly grew in size as I approached it, and realized that this was the same pure white light I had experienced at four. It is the most absolute, pure light that never hurts to look at, probably because you're not actually looking at it with physical eyes, even though the sensation is that of seeing, it's simply a sight of the mind. It was like a sun or a planet of light until I got close enough to see more detail. It was at that moment, where seeing this detail, that what could only be described as 'all' was revealed, and even that is a poor description of what is conveyed to you. The detail I can only describe as billions and billions of 'bit's' of light both spiraling back to and away from this 'body of light', which is simply a more visual description of what we call God.
Two NDEs lead to one of the most profound knowings that are shared in this account!

431. Quint B NDE 7/12/2004. NDE 976. From France. Original in French, translated by Rene. In that moment I was electrocuted. This is what I went through: I moved very quickly as if drawn into a very strong and at the same time very sweet, light. Then, in that light and sweetness, I was one with the other souls in total harmony. Our collective consciousness told me that I couldn’t stay because I had something else to do. Being part of this consciousness, and a bit disappointed that I had to leave, I went back into my body.
NDE from electrocution.