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4167. Jeffrey C NDE 6/29/2016. NDE 8024. The Blessed Mother asked me what I thought of what I learned. I told her I thought it wasn't right that I had to put up with people hurting me, that Jesus was suppose to protect me, and if I was going to go back that I wanted him to make it right. He looked at me and said, 'My son, I can not cause pain to another, I can only heal those who are broken.' With the arrogance of youth, I tried to pull the old 'I want to talk to the manager' routine and demanded to talk to God. The Blessed Mother said, 'You can not 'see' God.' Jesus spoke up and said, 'No one can see God.'
NDE due to suicide attempt. Remarkably transcendent.

4166. John M NDE 6/29/2016. NDE 8023. From Canada Then I saw myself floating in a sea of very dark blackness. I felt total love, NO judgment, and no negativity at all. I heard the doctor talking to the interns about what to do. They had tried everything medical, but NOTHING worked because I did not want to come back. I had never felt SO loved, SO calm, NO pain, and NOTHING negative... NOTHING. Around me, it was completely flat black. I had NO fear of ANY kind. It was WONDERFUL and AMAZING.
NDE due to allergic reaction.

4165. Celso NDE 6/26/2016. NDE 8022. From Paraguay. In my particular case, God took the form of a luminous warm water. It does not mean that a luminous warm water is God; it is just that for me it became a representation of the concept God because it was with the experiencing of the luminous warm water that I felt the most connection with the eternal, with the source of the life force. Despite this image still being a somewhat poor representation of God, for me it does entail all the overwhelming emotional qualities of the genuine concept of God. It created in me that profound emotion, that feeling that shakes all the molecules of each one of your DNA helixes and changes your life forever. Believe me, once you have had such experience, your life will never ever be the same!
Exceptional NDE from a biomedical engineer due to drowning; remarkable observation of the time in his watch during NDE.

4164. Tomasz M NDE 6/22/2016. NDE 8001. Originally from Poland. Original in Polish, translated to English by Sister Eva. I was in a wonderful, extremely bright white light. There was no time or dimension. It was very clear but not dazzling; the light was good. The light was everywhere and at the same time full of love and happiness. It's hard to describe with human words because the human world seems to me now so small and limited. Where I was, there existed everything you need for happiness. It was good emotionally; I did not feel any pain or depression which I had been suffering before this event.
NDE from going unconscious.

4163. Jaime T Probable NDE 6/18/2016. Probable NDE 8020. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. Then the infinite peace and light that had clouded my vision continued and approached me.
Probable NDE from heart attack.

4162. June Probable NDE 6/16/2016. Secondhand Probable NDE 8018. Following her accident, she had risen up and saw an outstretched hand from Jesus. She said on the other side that they speak mind to mind or telepathically. She was given the choice to come back to her earthly life or go on. I don't remember if she was shown her family or just thought about them, but from thinking of her family she concluded they needed her and she could not leave them.
Probable NDE due to auto accident.

4161. Robert B Possible NDE 6/15/2016. Possible NDE 8017. I remember very little about dying. But I do remember being in a vast field with gray tents spread everywhere. There were faceless figures. I remember walking away through a canyon. On either side of the canyon were men in white robes with hoods hiding their faces. The last thing I remember was all of them pointing to me. Then the world was swallowed by gray.
Possible NDE due to asthma and cardiac arrest.

4160. Lovella H Probable NDE 6/9/2016. Probable NDE 8014. Then, the 'movie' started. My life was flying past my eyes. I don't know how long the movie was, but it seemed quick. Yet, I could associate every single detail with the events I saw. It was like I saw a summary of my life, but somehow it was very detailed. I knew every time I was 'bad.'
NDE vs. Fear-Death Experience because it is unclear if she actually lost consciousness. Incident happened at age 9 due to drowning and shared 56 years later.

4159. Raed A NDE 6/9/2016. NDE 8012. Non-Western NDE from the United Arab Emirates Before I crushed the trailer, I was flying in a lovely white tunnel. I saw all my life from the time I was born in our house up until the time of the accident.
NDE due to car accident. Contributor is Muslim.

4158. Bobby R NDE 6/5/2016. NDE 8010. The place seemed to expand for all eternity. I do remember a being of light, God, standing near me. It was looming over me like a great tower of strength, yet radiating only warmth and love. Its first words sent a shock through me, 'Bobby, I'm sorry for the pain this meeting will cause you. When I created the Universe, I put rules and limitations in place. Every time you come here, it changes you, because this is your second time here. You will remember more than you're supposed to, and it will cause you more pain than you know. You will suffer as no one in your family ever has, and I can't change that.'
NDE due to respiratory arrest caused by asthma at age 4. Remarkable awareness of future events. Was born legally blind but could see perfectly in NDE.

4157. Heather M Possible NDE 6/2/2016. Possible NDE 8009. that I was having a hypoglycemic crash, and then nothing. There was no bright light. There was no floating over my body, no watching what was happening. No angels. No sound. No up. No down. There was simply an absence of everything. It was black. The purest black I’d ever seen. I did have the cliche sensation of not being in my body, but it was more like the feeling that my body was just *gone*. *I* was gone. I didn’t feel like I was dead. Literally, the word “gone” is the only way I have to describe it, and the only thing that I can say I was feeling at the time. I don’t know where “gone” is, or what it means. All I know is that it’s nowhere I could ever identify as being anywhere near anything “here.” It was absolutely terrifying. If I’d been able to think properly, I’m sure I would have been even more frightened, but my brain was sapped well beyond its limits already. From my estimations and evidence gathered later on, I am fairly certain that my sugar levels were further into the danger zone than they ever have been in my life.
Possible NDE due to hypoglycemia.

4156. Vladimir R NDE 6/2/2016. NDE 8008. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. Everything was blurred, and I remember that in the church doorway on the point of leaving I fainted. This part was strange. I fainted with my eyes closed, and on opening them again, I saw myself, and my aunt together with two men trying to wake me, all of this I saw from above, I was floating some 3 metres above them. I didn't feel anything special.
NDE from fainting in church.

4155. Davy Z Possible NDE 5/30/2016. Possible NDE 8004. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. You were able to read accounts about a dark tunnel with at it's end an intense light, for me no tunnel. I saw myself heading upwards, face turned towards the 'bluish sky'. I know that I left behind, rather below, something dark what seemed to be my past, I felt good. Like in the hallucinations I had no body, no intelligence, no noise, nobody around me and I was advancing in this 'cotton wool void', with farther away a space of bluish cotton wool. This cotton wool space opened partially, something or somebody, rather a beautiful old man with a white beard, clothed in this cotton wool, very quickly said to me: 'YOU, YOU ARE TOO KIND! GO BACK'.
NDE from cardioversion with cardiac arrest.

4154. James Y NDE 5/30/2016. NDE 8007. A typhoon was off the coast and have high serf with five rows of breakers. I decided to attempt to dive through all five rows and to body serf back to beach. After diving through the first two I got caught in a spot where the waves were breaking on me and taking me to the bottom this happened over and over till I was to tired to fight to the surface. I felt sure I was soon to drown and thinking how heartbroken my Mother was going to be when she got news of my death. I could not understand why I started to feel this overwhelming peace,in fact most peaceful feeling I had ever experienced. About this time I noticed a oval about five feet wide with three female spirit beings looking out and I could feel unconditional love coming from them. I understood that my home was with them and I wanted to go with then not caring if I died. At that moment I floated up to the surface and no wave was crashing down on me and I could get a breath. Each wave after that washed me toward the shore. My buddy ran up shouting I though you drowned.
NDE due to near drowning. Shared 54 years later.

4153. Herve R Possible NDE 5/29/2016. Possible NDE 8003. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was in a tunnel or in a very empty and extremely lighted room. I saw silhouettes, and I heard them murmur but I wasn't scared. I saw a door made from a magnificent wood that I tried to reach and pull the handle to open it. Each time when I thought to pull the handle, I was brutally pulled back. This happened three times in a row, and each time I woke up at precisely that moment.
Became aware of possible NDE at age 6 months by recurrent dreams around age 8.

4152. Alain R NDE 5/26/2016. NDE 8002. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. There was nothing around except this open tunnel that was very luminous and not at all stifling. The tunnel got brighter and brighter as I got closer to the end of the tunnel. As I got to the end, there were at least three silhouettes of Beings. I could not see them in detail or enough to know who they were. They were simply Beings that I will call Beings of light. All of them were beneficial.
NDE from going unconscious

4151. Sabrina V NDE 5/26/2016. NDE 8000. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was watching everything from the ceiling, as if I was floating above them. I don't know how much time this took. Then I felt myself leaving the scene and there was a warm and welcoming light waiting for me and enveloping me. I felt drawn into the tunnel. I was well, but I sensed that if I would go too far, I couldn't come back anymore.
NDE from delivery complications.

4150. Juana dB NDE 5/23/2016. NDE 7999. From Spain, now living in France. The most striking feature of the place was the light. It cannot be described if you have not had the experience. Everything was light, there were no shadows. Everything was happiness and love. Everything made sense and was understandable. Finally I had made it; all my live had been lived to get to that place. I felt no anxiety. There was no Time. There was only knowing, being, loving and felicity. I realized that we were out of Time. That as such, Time had ended and it was a relief. It was a totally different dimension.
NDE due to childbirth.

4149. Burt A Probable NDE 5/22/2016. Probable NDE 7995. From the Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. It was a relief; rest at last. While I was enjoying this, I was forced through the pillow on the bed toward a powerful bright light. There was a sort of rose colored half-globe as a suggestion of a sort of world, the rest was bright light. There was a kind of consciousness which was kindly reassuring but somewhat distanced. I was not allowed to stay.
Probable NDE happened at age 3. Shared 60 years later.

4148. Butch Probable NDE 5/14/2016. Probable NDE 7993. During this time, I was in a tunnel surrounded by beautiful clouds with a light in the distance. I could see a figure of someone in the mist. Then I heard a soft, kind voice that told me to go back.
Probable NDE after a 5K run due to a cardiac arrest.

4147. Mo T NDE 5/14/2016. NDE 7990. It felt so amazingly good, I loved the feeling. I felt light and free, it was ecstatic. I now started to be a little more aware I think and I thought to myself 'is this how other people feel?' I started to be aware of a non directed loving light I could feel as much as see, in fact I more was simply aware of it than directly saw it like eyesight. It was then that I felt a presence. Not exactly female but definitely not specifically male. I also started to be visually aware of light. My awareness was growing and I became aware that i was dying and that this is what that was. ( I previously had not looked in to NDE's, I knew about them tho and this certainly seemed like what I had heard about) I started to think about people who see family and i was so relieved that I felt none of that. Seeing my grandmother might have been nice I suppose but outside of that seeing anyone else would have been terror for me. I actually thought about this during it... a fear of seeing my abusive parents and relatives. But there was none of that just an indescribably beautiful feeling of release and love.
NDE that happened four months ago due to loss of consciousness associated with pneumonia.

4146. Mario NDE 5/13/2016. NDE 7966. From Italy. Original in Italian. I don't know when I lived the experience of my travel in this indescribable and wonderful LIGHT, where I have been enveloped with much love and peace finding myself in a place where so much joy could be breathed facing huge and wonderful flowers with intoxicating perfumes. There in that place, I met my parents who passed a few years ago. Only my mother talked to me saying that it wasn't my hour yet and that I had to go back. Despite my disappointment, she insisted for my return.
NDE from deadly virus passed on by a mosquito.

4145. Farnaz R Possible NDE 5/13/2016. Possible NDE 7937. Non-Western Possible NDE from Iran. Original in Persian, translated to English by Amir. Suddenly I felt I am traveling with a very high speed up into a tunnel that had orange and yellow color. At the end of the tunnel there was a white light. As I ascended through the tunnel, my speed kept increasing and I could hear a sound. After all these years I can still remember that sound which raises the hair on my skin from the fear. It sounded something like a clock ticking. The faster I travelled, the louder the sound became. I was feeling utter loneliness, the feeling that I won’t see my parents anymore and everything ended so easily. Fear that I don’t know where I am going. I asked God with my whole existence to please return me.
Possible NDE.

4144. Sadaf Z NDE 5/13/2016. NDE 7972. Non-Western NDE from Iran. Original in Persian, translated to English by Amir. As soon as my uncle laid me down on the floor (at home) my soul left my body. I could see myself laying down on the ground with very pale look and my family and relatives had gathered around me. I could not hear their voices anymore and time was passing very slowly. I was also looking at the light bulbs from the ceiling level and their light seemed much brighter.
NDE from falling.

4143. Brigitte Possible NDE 5/13/2016. Possible NDE 7988. From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I saw myself in an igloo, in a pyramid and saw deceased people, and today I'm here and am writing to you; after this I went to intensive care services to ask them why this igloo and pyramid.
Possible NDE from cardiac arrest.

4142. Banu U NDE 5/9/2016. NDE 7985. Non-Western NDE from Turkey. I had and have beliefs still but this experience had no relation to religion. It is something related to your own soul.
NDE due to overdose of general anesthetic.

4141. Steven D NDE 5/9/2016. NDE 7981. The next memory I had was trying to stand up, but it was like I was slipping on a hillside with lose rock like shale. As I looked up, it was dark and there were three crosses. The man's face on the cross in the middle had a 'slash' of light illuminating his face, mainly his eyes, but just from his face you could tell he had been severely beaten. But his eyes - to this day I get emotional when I think and feel the complete love, compassion and caring I felt he had for me.
Exceptional NDE due to heart attack.

4140. Ming-Yi H NDE 5/9/2016. NDE 7980. Non-Western NDE From China. Original in Chinese, translated to English by Jenny. In front of me, I saw people in white robes standing and smiling at me, whose gowns looked like Gandalf from Lord of Rings. Slowly I walked toward them and I noticed to my left that was my paternal grandfather and maternal grandfather. I did not recognize the people, male and female, to my right. I never met them in my life. They were all very kind and smiled at me.
NDE from fainting.

4139. Violette S NDE 5/9/2016. NDE 7979. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I saw a lighted tunnel. I had no weight. I didn't see myself but knew that I was floating. It seemed imperative to me to go to the tunnel. A few seconds later, I was stopped. I heard a voice saying, 'No we cannot keep you. You have to experience terrible and painful moments. You have to get back down [to your body]. We can't do anything for you. That's it.' I was screaming, 'No, I want to stay!' Again, I was told, 'No, you can't stay.' I kept refusing to go back . Then I was sent back with power and high impact, between the two eyes.
NDE from car accident.

4138. Becky M NDE 5/9/2016. NDE 7977. I heard the doctor talking to me and then I was gone. My grandma came for me. When she died, she was 92 and had both her legs amputated. When she came for me, she was young, healthy and walking. We talked for hours. She kept telling me to go back, it's not my time.
NDE due to complication of bleeding out during surgery. Contributor is a Registered Nurse.

4137. Mark Possible NDE 5/9/2016. Possible NDE 7976. In my second NDE experience, I was having severe hypoglycemic attacks again. This night, I dropped to a point of shock. I jumped up out of my body and began to walk across the room. A voice spoke to me. It was not audible in the way you would hear it with your ears, it was more like energy going right into my mind. It was just as real as any audible voice you would hear with your ears. This voice was stern and powerful, yet loving. The voice said to me, 'Fear not, it's not your time.' I found myself back in my body and in the bed. As I lay there awake, I began to see in an open vision in front of my eyes, myself in the 1960s. I also saw some other people that I don't know who they are at this time, but they had to do with my path.
Possible NDE potentially due to hypoglycemia.

4136. Karen R NDE 5/9/2016. NDE 23117. I saw something far away and it was strange, like someone lying in bed and hearing Mom doing something so I would know it was her. But I knew who it was. The person was coming closer and I could see a Person in Blue with lights all around him. I knew who it was. I could not see his face but I knew it was Christ Jesus, and he held out his arms to me to come to him. I knew what he wanted and said, 'Please not now, I must stay with my children. There is no one else to care for them.' His arms went down and I began to move back to my body.
NDE due to complication of childbirth. Shared 55 years after experience.

4135. Naveena G FDE 5/4/2016. FDE 7964. From Australia As a part of the experience, I asked about the nature of reality and why stuff like this happens. It was an urgent question, because I'd reached the limit of endurance to sustain emotional equilibrium regarding trauma, I absolutely could not go on without knowing the answer. I poured everything into it, my focus, my heart and soul, 'Why did this happen to me? What caused it? Was it me? Was it because I was bad person?' Up until then, I'd never truly considered the possibility of judging myself as a bad person.
FDE associated with criminal attack.

4134. Sara S NDE 5/4/2016. NDE 7975. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I felt myself travel at a tremendous speed through the walls of our house and those of neighbors' houses. On arriving in the street, I was able to see a friend go by with his dog. I came to a park. Then, I felt myself travelling at high speed into nothingness. I felt I was empty and I shouted, 'NOOOO!' But just then I heard a voice reverberating and saying, 'Go back.'
NDE from slip and fall accident.

4133. Nathan NDE 5/1/2016. NDE 7970. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I saw my life scrolling by in a flash. I felt many emotions and a sense of well-being. All the facts that had been deeply hidden in me and mostly forgotten came rushing back to me while I was in a in whirl-like tunnel. The closer I got to the white light at the end of the tunnel, the more well-being I felt.
NDE from being hit by a car as a child.

4132. Christophe D NDE 5/1/2016. NDE 7968. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Beside the doctors, my mother in my fathers arms, both crying, a horrible vision seeing them like this. I'm seeing a child stretched out, but I don't realize that this is me. And I am like glued on the ceiling, I feel nothing, as if I was floating like in water, but without any feeling of weight, or pain, or heaviness, I have no weight at all.
NDE from being hit by a car as a child.

4131. Stephanie A NDE 4/29/2016. NDE 7971. I had suffered and amniotic fluid embolism. Rare 1 in 40,000 risk where amniotic cells get into the mother's bloodstream and if you happen to be allergic to it, you go into a type of anaphylactic shock and in most cases, women do not survive. I flatlined for 37 seconds… I describe who called the code, which nurse did the CPR, the first crash cart didn't work but the second one did. That my doctor kept saying 'this can't be happening.' My anesthesiologist was by my feet.. etc. I was able to take the tapes back to the doctors. And they confirmed it was 100% accurate. Even my doctor said 'I did say 'this can't be happening..' but I was saying it in my head.'
Remarkable premonition of her death during delivery. Later confirmed OBE observations with the health care team that resuscitated her.

4130. Miia H NDE 4/29/2016. NDE 7965. From Finland. I remember floating up, close to the roof. I looked to the direction of the bedroom door. I could not physically see anything extraordinary, but I just somehow knew that above the door there was another door that I could and would use some day. That moment I also realized I was not going to die this time. Instantly after this realization, I felt another electric shock.
NDE due to seizure at age 11.

4129. Irene Z NDE 4/28/2016. NDE 23112. From Australia I was at the ceiling, looking down towards myself on the bed. The doctor and his two nurses were alongside the bed. I knew instantly that they were the medical team doing my procedure. I knew it was my body on the bed. The doctor and the staff were standing in what appeared to be a sea of black ink. The colors of their uniforms were outstandingly brilliant. I felt just wonderful, not frightened in any sense but was stunned at the brilliance of the colors I saw.
NDE during angioplasty.

4128. Rick I NDE 4/26/2016. NDE 7963. I then felt another presence of a person who had so much love. It was just amazing. I felt complete acceptance, Love, and Understanding. That was great; I know it was Jesus. What I felt after that was like nothing I could ever express. It was a overwhelming feeling of LOVE; just LOVE. I think it was the Man himself. I wanted to stay, but my Grandma, as corny as it sounds said, 'Ricky, you have things to do still.
NDE due to accident.

4127. Bonita E NDE 4/26/2016. NDE 7962. I came through the portal and I was standing in a beautiful forest. A woman yelled a 'hello' to me and I responded enthusiastically. However, I found this amazing because I did not know her as far as I could tell. Then I thought, 'If I'm in heaven then I want to see Jesus.' Just then, two women passed by. I asked them where I could find Jesus.
NDE encounter with Jesus due to cardiac arrest after delivery.

4126. Deborah L NDE-Like 4/26/2016. NDE-Like 7961. My brother began motioning to a white marble bust on a pedestal that had no head or arms, just the torso. 'One thing that you have to understand about our cousins is that they just didn't have it in them to be any different than they were when I was sick. Look at this bust, it has no arms. You wouldn't expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball. It's the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. They didn't have it in them to be any different.' I nodded and looked at the statue. His words seemed to make sense to me. 'If you carry bitterness and hatred towards them in your heart, you will only end up poisoning your own life,' he continued, 'You must consider them as souls who are spiritually handicapped.'
Detailed ADC Dream from her brother.

4125. Anabela Maria C NDE 4/25/2016. NDE 7957. From Portugal. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. In that moment, I looked up at the blue sky and saw something like a lightning bolt; or rather a white light-beam coming from the sky. It looked like it entered through my head, and then I felt myself being fed directly by God. I felt literally that I was being filled with the love of God, being healed, being fulfilled with peace, happiness, joy, and life. I felt so loved by God and that was so wonderful that I have no words to describe the happiness I felt. I felt more alive and happier than I ever felt before.
NDE from tree falling on her.

4124. Sheila B NDE 4/25/2016. NDE 7958. I went unconscious, floated temporarily above my body, and saw the anesthesiologist rushing and calling for a surgeon. Then my vision was gone. Next, I was floating or swimming in soft, beautiful clouds and felt no pain. I was light with no gravity weighing me down. I'm not sure how to describe this but when I came to my destination, the music or sound was calming and wonderful and was not harsh noise. Upon arrival, I was escorted by my sister and we talked. Most of the conversation was that my sister was reminding me that my children needed me and that it was not my time to come here.
NDE from ICU nurse due to bleeding after surgery. Remarkable encounter with a patient she had cared for.

4123. Mike R NDE 4/25/2016. NDE 7959. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I watched the situation as if I were standing a bit higher and beside the car. I saw the other cars passing my car, but I couldn't see myself. There was a short series of pictures and some talking going on. I don't remember what we talked about except that it was a very pleasant, warm voice. What remained was the moment in darkness. I was the only one there. The darkness was endless. I had the feeling and awareness of being dead. I remember thinking that dying happens so fast, that I need not having any fear of dying. After this I felt a lightness, love, happiness, contentment, security, and well-being that permeated throughout me.
NDE from going unconscious.

4122. Gabriela A NDE 4/18/2016. NDE 7955. From Ecuador. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I saw myself floating through a type of misty tunnel with an intense white light at the end. I felt absolutely nothing; no fear, no happiness, no anxiety, nothing. I just floating like a piece of paper. Also while floating, I saw a green-colored tunic that the doctor was wearing. I saw myself wearing a blue cap. I had never seen the blue cap before because it had been moved to behind my head. While I went through the tunnel a series of hands tried to grab me without success. I kept advancing towards the light at the end of the tunnel. I was almost there when one of the hands dragged me back to my body.
NDE during childbirth.

4121. Jolie B NDE 4/17/2016. NDE 7953. Then everything went black. I was calm despite having a sudden realization that I was dead. Through the darkness, out popped a bright light. The light gave me so much hope and joy. I believe it was God comforting me. It was like he was letting me know that I wasn't alone and that it wasn't my time to die.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4120. Bart R Probable NDE 4/17/2016. Probable NDE 7952. While I was thinking that this is a nice dream, I heard a male voice asking me, 'Would you like to return to your life on Earth?' It took we a while to figure out this was not a dream. I was on the edge of dying, or perhaps I had died, but this was a chance to go back. The voice repeated the same question. I had just seen my wife before I took off on my flight, and I didn't want to just disappear, or die when I hadn't said goodbye. That was very important to me, to have said goodbye to her. The third time the voice asked the same question, I said 'Yes!' Then almost instantly the vehicle disappeared.
Probable NDE from airplane crash.

4119. Michelle H NDE 4/17/2016. NDE 7951. I was enveloped in the lightest light imaginable but it was not the type of light that would hurt my eyes. I have migraines triggered by bright light sometimes, but it was an all-surrounding light. I felt the MOST LOVE and PEACEFUL feelings I have ever felt. I did not have much belief in God at the time; I was not raised with much religion but I knew it was God who was with me. I felt like I was without body. I was not in a space but I was space. I felt such a deep connection to the love and peace of God that I was love and peace.
NDE due to criminal attack.

4118. Larisa NDE 4/17/2016. NDE 7940. From Russia. Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim. After 'blacking out,' I suddenly awoke in a tunnel. The tunnel was rotating and was giving off a metallic clanking sound for each rotation. The walls of the tunnel were light gray, probably even a pearl color. It was divided into sections by round 'ribs' of a darker color. In the tunnel it was not dark, but at the end of the tunnel there was a round exit, beyond which a brighter white light could be seen. I didn’t float anywhere but stayed in place.
NDE due to heart stopping during delivery while under general anesthesia.

4117. Lisa S NDE 4/12/2016. NDE 7945. When she left me alone in the bathroom, I fell again, hitting the counter top with my arm and falling against the bathroom door causing it to slam shut and I was up against it where they couldn't get in. Again, this is all from what I was told. I don't remember any of that. The next thing I remember, clear as day, was a bright light surrounding me. It was bright from every direction. I saw the light, and heard a voice (couldn't tell you if it was male or female) and all it said was 'It's not your time'. At that very second, a HUGE breath came back into my body, I gasped and found myself, head hanging down, in the corner of the bathroom, up against the door.
NDE due to hypoglycemia.

4116. Carol M Possible NDE 4/6/2016. Possible NDE 7943. First, it was a lot of light. My whole family was standing on the stairs of a building that had Roman columns. I saw like I was outside their hemisphere. Next, I saw myself in my hospital bed except there were flowers and a white picket fence surrounding me with a priest standing over me. Then, I was in front of our church and was placed on an open flatbed truck. My feet were glued to to the truck and what I thought were angels were holding me.
Possible NDE due to burst appendix. She was in a coma for one week at age 11, so there could be components of NDE mixed with possible ICU psychosis. Shared 54 years later.

4115. Myriam M NDE 4/6/2016. NDE 7942. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I felt my body sliding towards an intense light that I never saw before, white and of all rainbow colors at the same time, a beneficial light. I was also sliding towards a source of happiness, of intense love, such as I never had been feeling. I felt good, had no hurt anymore, my body was light as if I was floating, I was happy. I told myself that I should go there, let myself go towards this wonderful place, as if I deserved this, that I needed to let go.
NDE from childbirth complications.

4114. Uran P NDE 3/30/2016. NDE 7902. From Croatia. Original in Croatian, translated to English by Maja P. What I remember is next: I felt peace. There was darkness all around me. Somehow in that darkness, I've seen my body. Suddenly, I felt strong plunge ( with great speed through some overcast ). At once, I found myself surrounded with light which didn't blind me ( yellowish color). I felt uncomfortable through it, don't know how to express myself better.
NDE from an auto accident.

4113. Flavio DA Probable NDE 3/28/2016. Probable NDE 7926. From Italy. Original in Italian. All was dark and the sensation of darkness was NOT the one my closed eyes were used to give with the neon lights above my face. It was an authentic ABSENCE OF COLOR. It was 'black' neither it felt like it was an 'absence of visual perception'. This lasted a second. Whereupon I felt I was something formless, something plunged into a fog whose color was that of nothingness, that colorless color I mentioned earlier. I felt brave but also a bit scared.
Probable NDE from passing out in the emergency room.

4112. Carla WB NDE-Like 3/28/2016. NDE-Like 7931. Suddenly there was no time. And I felt myself looking out my door into a golden room. I mean it was bright gold and it was beautiful. There were rays of gold streaming through, and there were people covered in gold talking, laughing at a desk. I watched them and felt happy. there was a blond haired young woman behind the desk, a man dressed in jeans and , with another man dressed in trousers like my grandfathers. They were all covered in gold. Along with this, there was a brighter color of gold to the right of the desk. At the same time I could also see the two young nurses in my room. As they chatted I just kept watching the golden endless light outside the room.
NDE-like experience during hospitalization for hypercalcemia.

4111. Paul D NDE 3/28/2016. NDE 7930. I got down on my knees to beg, 'Please, please let me in! Please!' I begged so hard that he half-reluctantly agreed to see if it was possible for me to stay. He said, 'Wait' and then he went to his left. Then I noticed that in the dark there were maybe 3, 4, or 5 other light figures some 10 to 15 meters diagonally from us. He went to them. I could not hear any sound but could see them arguing, moving their arms in wide gestures, trying to convince each other. After some 10 seconds the arms came down. They were still talking but I could feel some form of agreement had been reached. Five seconds later, he came back and said, 'I'm really sorry, it is not possible. It is just not your time. Some people still depend of you on Earth.' I started to plead again but before I could finish my first word, I was *poof* gone from there.
NDE due to roller skating accident at age 10.

4110. Michelle B NDE 3/28/2016. NDE 7927. I began to be almost sucked into a dark tunnel. I was afraid, but then I saw the light. The light warmed me from the inside out. I felt intense love wash over me. I forgot about the water, swimming, and the humid air. Then a hand came down through the center of a Godly light and I was suddenly aware of my situation.
NDE at age 12-13 due to drowning.

4109. Susan D Probable NDE 3/28/2016. Probable NDE 7938. I then heard God say telepathically that I had to go back because I had work to do which was to lead my mother to salvation and to help her. I knew without a shadow of doubt that's what I had to do and never questioned it. The music was extremely loud with so many different kinds of harmonies never heard on Earth and yet it wasn't disturbing, it all made sense and came together beautifully and when you're in spirit form it never sounds too loud, only peaceful and very joyful.. All I knew were that souls were celebrating and Jesus was celebrating with them. Next minute I woke up on the couch at my Grandmother's place shivering with a cold washer on my forehead and Mum fussing over me.
Probable NDE at age 4 due to apparent febrile illness.

4108. Sharon D NDE 3/28/2016. NDE 7936. I started to search for something and found myself at the warehouse where my husband had worked for over 10 years. Now I was on a mission. I saw a door with an EXIT sign and was feeling that what I wanted was on the other side of that door. As I reached to push the door open, I heard my daughter calling me from behind. She was yelling 'MOM! MOM! Just as I started to turn towards her voice, I was slammed back into my body.
NDE due to stay in the intensive care unit after a surgical procedure.

4107. Sharon M NDE 3/17/2016. NDE 7925. For me, all He did was love me throughout the review of my life. Not a word was said, and it was over in a blink of an eye. It was after the life review that I heard a male voice say, 'What you put out into the universe will come back to you'. As I stood there in the garden, I noticed once again, how beautiful and brilliant the colors of the flowers, the trees and the grass were. The reds were redder, the pinks more pink, and yellows more yellow. The colors were so much more vibrant than any colors I had ever seen. The air was sweetly fragrant. It was so clean and clear. The grass felt cool to the touch, like on a beautiful spring day. There were birds singing in the trees, and I saw a stream where the water glistened like diamonds in the sun as it flowed over the rocks. I heard music, which was more beautiful than anything I had ever heard before. It was then that I noticed everything had its own pitch or sound. The trees had a sound, the leaves on the trees had their own sound, the grass had a sound, the rocks had their own sound, the water had yet another sound, and so on; and, when you take all of those individual sounds and put them all together, it sounded like the most magnificent symphony and choir ever created, and what’s even more amazing, was, everything and everyone in Heaven was singing praises to God.
Exceptional NDE where she met God and Jesus! Remarkable in many ways.

4106. Dale B NDE 3/17/2016. NDE 7924. I was aware that I was fine, actually better than fine. My first thought was that I felt no pain anywhere. I wondered how is this possible? I realized time was not time I was accustomed to. Rather, time seemed to encompass 'all time' is the only way I can explain it. I felt all that there is, was or ever would be. I was a part of it all, and still a singular entity. I felt I could be anywhere, anyplace, and at anytime I wanted. Knowledge was free and I was a part of it all. There was love in abundance. I felt no hate anywhere and no confusion. I felt only joy. I was not alone, but no one was with me. I was overjoyed.
NDE due to heart attack.

4105. Kasia B NDE 3/16/2016. NDE 7923. We were at the movies that Jane Russell was in and I started choking on a lifesaver candy. My father started patting me on the back which was not working so he excitedly grabbed me by my feet and rushed up the aisle yelling for me to cough it out. The carpeting was maroon with gold waves in it. I couldn't get it out and kept choking. When got up to the lobby he ran to the water fountain and kept yelling at me to take a drink. I could see the water swirling into the drain and I tried to drink but couldn't.. That is when it happened. I was standing about 25 feet from this scene with my dad shaking me while I was upside down, my mother standing next to him screaming and my younger sister just standing close by but not understanding. I remember looking at this scene with great wonder thinking what are they doing and why am I over there and here too. I was very confused but not afraid at all. Then I saw black behind me with two shadowy figures, not threatening at all but I didn't understand. Remember I was only 5.I was a very nervous little girl but I wasn't afraid at all. Just very calm. The next thing I remember I woke up in the ER with a large silver light fixture over me as I lay on the table.
NDE due to choking at age 5. Shared 62 years later.

4104. Mary M NDE 3/13/2016. NDE 7922. From Canada I remember floating above my hospital bed as the nurses tried to wake me up. While floating over the bed, I saw a tunnel and a light. I heard a non-auditory voice telling me I had to choose between life or going to the light. I feel I was there for some time trying to make up my mind. The light was comforting, full of unconditional love and peace. I'd look down and see the IV hook-up. I heard the nurses talking about 'ICU' and knew without ever having heard the term before that it meant Intensive Care Unit. I made the choice to stay in this life.
NDE due to suicide attempt at age 15.

4103. Lawrance B NDE 3/8/2016. NDE 7919. No matter which way I turned, there was light. But there was a direction where the light was more intense; not brighter, per se, just more intense. I got a feeling in my chest that someone was trying to talk to me and I spent some time trying to figure out how to communicate with whatever it was. I couldn't speak like normal, and simple thought wasn't helping. Somehow I was able to project my thoughts toward the light, and thus began our communication. Please bear in mind that using words to describe this communication is inadequate, but I'll give it a go. The light wanted to know if I was ready. It didn't ask me, I simply sensed what it wanted to convey. I knew that 'ready' meant ready to move on. I felt a yearning to say goodbye to my children, and the light emanated patience. I was instantly transported to a void.
NDE due to heat stroke.

4102. Jonathan J NDE 3/8/2016. NDE 7918. Next thing I remember was that I was in a very different place. I remember seeing a lot of unearthly yellow. There were lots of Beings frantically flying about. I heard loud singing or a loud chorus. I would not call it musical exactly. It was the sounds that these beings were making. It seemed as if they weren't focused on me but were very busy with something else of an urgent nature. It was bizarre and chaotic. I remember trying to think or telepathically communicate to them that I needed help 'getting up' so that I could return to my body. I felt as if I could not get up on my own and desperately needed help getting up. The desire to be raised back up to my body, was more an instinctive feeling than anything else. I didn't see my body, but knew I was not in the right place to regain consciousness.
Atypical NDE at age 9 due to bicycle accident.

4101. Victor B Possible NDE 3/6/2016. Possible NDE 7914. From Hungary. Original in Hungarian, translated to English by Gábor. When I was 4, and then I was lying on the operating table and the well-known scene from my dreams started happening and I was moving away from the world. I saw myself lying on table and I also saw that the doctors started to rush. I drifted further and further away from everything. After the first fright it wasn’t a dreadful experience at all. Finally I have arrived to a bright, white place. Looked like as if I was in clouds. There was silence, peace and it seemed like time ceased to exist.
This is a possible NDE since it happened as a child but not remembered until therapy as an adult.

4100. Vanessa A NDE 3/5/2016. NDE 7916. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. In the same environment but blurred, I went away from my forehead. I was a white vaporous silhouette, well defined, and fluid. It seemed female but there was no detail, and no face or clothes. I had the feeling that it was 'me' who was leaving my body. I felt well, but at the same time I was scared of dying and leaving my life, my family, my friends. I did everything to recapture this silhouette so that it wouldn't go completely away from my body. I managed to do it and came back towards my forehead.
NDE from drug overdose.

4099. Alicia A NDE 3/5/2016. NDE 7917. There were thousands of energies with me and we were all watching the earth turn itself inside out. It looked like a black hole does, but was red like flowing lava. There was one larger energy with us, I can not say this was God, as I didn't ask the energy's name. But as I witnessed the earth, I looked around and asked, 'Where is my family?' The large energy said, 'Who is here is who is meant to be here.' The fear and panic I was feeling immediately went away and I felt very calm. Then I asked, 'Why is this happening?' Again, the larger energy replied, 'This is what has to be done.'
NDE due to sepsis.

4098. Manuel F Probable NDE 3/5/2016. Probable NDE 7915. From Chile. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. Then a Being who was like a shadow twice my height, took me by the hand. It guided me through a dark desert, like an enormous field with hills but it very dark. It was as if I was the only one who shone with blue light. I saw people there that I don't know. There was no fear, just tranquility and this Being who took me from this place to another, I understood that I shouldn't be there. I don't know how much time passed.
Probable NDE due to fall landing on head at age 15.

4097. Debbie NDE 3/3/2016. NDE 7913. The guides had two books with them for me to read. The first book was about my life. I could flick through the pages and look at different events and they helped me to judge if they were good or bad. Good decisions were celebrated by the people on the other side of the bridge. The pages were more like films and I could see how my decisions affected everyone around me. I was shocked to find out that a day I had worked really hard at the hospice and done my best to help everyone, yet this was celebrated the least by my guides. The day I helped a spider out of the door was celebrated because I had done it with a feeling of real empathy for the spider despite being afraid of spiders. There was no reward from people knowing what I had done. The message was do everything with love, which is much tougher than I thought.
NDE due to suffocation.

4096. Andreas Probable NDE 2/21/2016. Probable NDE 7912. From Germany After nothingness, I realized that I was aware of myself. I could see my body below me. I thought 'Oh that's me! Ha-ha that's funny.' While I was up there levitating, I felt a great inner peace and calmness. I had no worries, just nothing. At some point, I remember saying to myself, 'Hey I know this feeling, it feels like home'. And I knew that if I turned to see above me I would see more of everything. But I decided not to look up and concentrate on the problem. I was facing downwards where my body was. I started questioning things and I tried to receive answers by observing how things were. After having seen my body, I questioned, 'How can it be?' I tried to look at my current me but I couldn't find anything. I had no body. I was nothing, yet I was conscious. I asked, 'How can I see if I have no eyes? Where are my eyes and my brain, that allow me to see? This can't be. This does not comply with what I have learned how things work. This can not be. What about the laws of physics doesn't this break the laws?' Then I observed and I realized the answer.
Probable NDE due to altered consciousness following ingestion of drug.

4095. Kylie A NDE 2/20/2016. NDE 7910. From Australia It was a clean, white corridor and it seemed to go on for a long time and around corners. We talked and she assured me that I should not be scared. We came to the end of the corridor and there was a door. She asked me 'Are you ready?' I said, 'Yes.' I saw both of my maternal and paternal deceased grandfathers. There was another man there who, I didn't know. My paternal grandfather said, 'That's Margaret's father,' meaning it was my great-grandfather who was my paternal grandmother's father. (I later found out that he was a great, kind man). I was thrilled to see these ancestors and not scared at all.
NDE due to complication of spinal anesthetic during caesarian section delivery.

4094. Shabs NDEs 2/15/2016. NDEs 7906. Non-Western NDE From the UAE The next second, what I sensed was that I was passing through a black, hollow tube at tremendous speed. I did not feel my body. I was scared. It was so thick and dark. Somehow, I regained consciousness and saw my mother and doctor by my bed.
NDEs from fainting starting at age 10. Contributor is a Muslim in United Arab Emirates.

4093. Rachel S NDE 2/15/2016. NDE 7903. From the United Kingdom Then the pain stopped completely and I was above both of us looking down. I remember seeing the kidney shaped medical tray and scissors on top of the wall cupboard. I didn't go through a tunnel, I just remember that I had no body or sense of what I was anymore. I was 'feeling' a sort of decision-making crossroads, thinking, 'I can't die now because my husband needs me.' I'd only been married for two months at that point. I wasn't at all scared and I heard no voices. I didn't see anyone. I only had this sense of what would happen next was within my control.
NDE due to ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

4092. Helen C NDE 2/15/2016. NDE 7901. My next recollection is standing in the room next to a leather sofa at the far end of that room. My partner is beside me and all my hospital belongings are on the sofa. I recall thinking how funny it was to see a leather sofa in a hospital, what a lot of bags we had, and then looking over at myself in the bed with a drip hung beside me. I think that deep down I must have known I was viewing myself but I was not that body on the bed. The conscious me stood across the long room looking across to the bed and the body.
Out of body viewing of body following emergency caesarian section delivery.

4091. Donna C NDE 2/2/2016. NDE 7896. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I didn't know what had happened to me. I saw myself floating in a white tunnel of light. I had white clothing and was barefoot. I felt a tremendous peace; something very beautiful in my heart. I didn't think I had died. I only felt peace and love. From afar, I heard my mother's voice. Suddenly, I felt something change in my heart. I heard her cry and it made me feel pain and sorrow to hear her. I said to myself that I needed to return.
NDE from fainting.

4090. Sonia S Probable NDE 1/31/2016. Probable NDE 7895. I remember going through a tunnel with lights. The tunnel brought me to a place with a huge screen and many people waiting for, what it seemed to me, a movie that was about to start. As I look at the huge crowd of people I notice that I know them all or they seem familiar. The light on the screen turn on and there I am as a child about 10 years old. I'm walking into a department store with a friend. We end up stealing a hat and, OMG, that was shown to everyone there. When I looked at the crowd, that friend and the cops involved as I got caught were all there watching the movie too. I was saying in my mind, 'What is this? Where am I?' The screen kept showing scenes one after another, to all of this crowd. The crowd ended up being everyone who was a part of my life or who I've ever met. The screen kept showing all my sins I've ever done from my teenage years until I was age 33. I was so embarrassed. Those were the secrets I thought no one would ever know, yet it was shown to all those that I ever knew. I felt humiliated, embarrassed and it did not stop until I said, 'I am sorry. I repent for all sins I have ever committed.'
Probable NDE due to West Nile virus infection and induced coma.

4089. Matt Mc Possible NDE 1/31/2016. Possible NDE 7894. From the United Kingdom I passed into the vacuum of a black hole. Then, I'm was in a universal space and had a few balls of energy, that were entities, around me. I noticed a big wheel beside me . The wheel had an electric blue thread spinning a web going towards the earth. I had a strong sense this was somehow cleaning up bad energy. I found myself begging to return to my body and saying I wasn't ready to die. There was a light of heavenly nature giving me a sense it wanted me to go into the light almost asking me to 'come up here with us.' I refused and explained that I have two young children who would miss me. The next thing I know is I've gone back into my body but my head was still a black hole vacuum. I was terrified and it seemed to last ages until my mind awoke back in my body.
Possible NDE due to difficulty breathing.

4088. Francine B NDE 1/30/2016. NDE 7892. Next, I was in a Hell and was flat on my back with bars pressing down on me. I could hear the cries of other souls and their anguish. An evil presence questioned me for what seemed like an eternity. It wanted to know what I believed spiritually and who I worshipped. I was very afraid a first but became defiant and challenged their right to keep me. I told them I did believe in Jesus and I didn't think he would hurt me. Then I was suddenly out of hell.
NDE due to overdose of illicit drugs. This is one of the few hellish NDEs submitted to NDERF.

4087. Anna BZ NDE 1/28/2016. NDE 7889. From Poland. Original in Polish, translated to English by Kasia. At the end of the table, I see my mother sitting, who died when she was 88 years old, except now she looks like she is 40 years old. She wears a dress that I know to be dark blue in reality, but this dress was white with red roses. A woman stands up and walks up to me, but she walks dreamlike, as if she doesn’t see me. Suddenly she returns. From above, through the opening in the ceiling, I saw a great brightness like a beam of non-blinding white light. I kept saying repeatedly the whole time, 'My God, where am I?'
Physician NDE from surgery complications.

4086. Steven L NDE 1/22/2016. NDE 7890. Next thing I know, it’s like Star Trek in a warp speed kind of thing. I was literally flown, maybe flown is not a good word. I was transported fast into the light. I went into this room that had no dimensions but had a 360 degree movie screen around me. These light bodies came up to me. This one light body came up to me and looked at me and asked me one question 4 times. Throughout this whole entire time I am watching my whole entire life review going on all around me.
NDE due to car accident.

4085. Joan K NDE 1/21/2016. NDE 7888. I was above everything. The first thing I noticed was an amazing feeling of peace. like I've never experienced. All fear, anger, sadness, and negative emotions were gone. I felt amazing. I could see myself and the doctors, nurses, and medical staff. But they were only an observation. I had no feeling or judgment of them, they just were and I just was. Then I looked at myself and I was light. I had the shape of a person but was only made up of a yellow light. I wasn't scared, just maybe curious. Then I felt I had to go somewhere else, so I began to fly away and upwards.
NDE due to respiratory arrest during general anesthesia surgery.

4084. Susan M NDE 1/21/2016. NDE 7887. I saw the team enter and surround a person lying next to me, at least that was what I thought at the time. It never dawned on me that the other person was me. I was very, very calm. But I felt bad for the lady (me) as the code blue team struggled to get her heart to start again. I saw 'me' being intubated with chest compressions and the rotation of the team to revive me. I also saw my catheterization and everything else around me. When my heart started to beat on its own 45 minutes later, I was pulled back into my own body.
NDE with cardiac arrest due to allergic reaction.

4083. Sonya N NDE 1/19/2016. NDE 7885. Jesus spoke to me. It sounded like a loud, clear voice behind me. But the light was all around me. Jesus uses very few words. He is very loving and very kind. I knew that He was angry with me. I knew and understood why. He said: 'It is ok if you want to die now or you can choose to live.' It felt like we had a long conversation, but it must have been only a split second.
NDE due to criminal attack. (NDERF Note: the NDEr does not indicate that the she met an angry God or was told about the angry God in the NDE.

4082. Brigitte B NDE 1/18/2016. NDE 7883. From Italy. Original in Italian. I felt my shoulders seized by an indescribable force. It was as if I were being pushed into a tunnel of stars. I was going so fast that the stars were dashing by me at light speed. Then suddenly, everything stood still. I found myself hovering in one place that was in the most absolute and dense darkness. I remember I was vainly struggling to discern something. I noticed I could see 360° in all directions at once. I remember this feeling of waiting, as if something or somebody was to arrive. I had the feeling that there was something else after that standstill. Slowly, the thick and unfathomable darkness turned into a warm and comfy gray color. I begun to realize that I wasn't afraid.
NDE due to strangulation at age 14.

4081. Murielle T NDE 1/15/2016. NDE 7879. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Then the hall was plunged into darkness. I felt surrounded by people that I couldn't really see, but whose slim silhouettes and blue skin, I could distinguish. I still had this sensation of well-being. The screen illuminated and I saw my life passing by. But the life review was not the most interesting thing. It was the scenes concerning the earth that I found most interesting. I saw our earth, or rather scenes that happened on several places on earth. I was in a rage; complaining about unfairness that made poor people starve, while others were cosseted without scruples. This was contrary to my earthly beliefs. At the time I was a communist and strongly believed in class struggle.
NDE from retired college professor who was an atheist prior to the experience.

4080. Ron J Possible NDE 1/14/2016. Possible NDE 7881. When I was born, I was not breathing due to a lack of amniotic fluid in my mother. I died shortly after I was born. Of course, this has all been told to me as I do not remember being born. But I do remember what it was like to be dead.
Possible NDE occurring at birth.

4079. Dr. Rick U NDE 1/13/2016. NDE 7880. I found myself climbing up a beautiful, green grassy hill under a brilliant golden blue sky that opened onto an ancient village. The village had hundreds to thousands of people doing different jobs like teaching, caring for animals, caring for children, preaching, cleaning and many other common jobs. I died five distinct and different times and felt a deep sense of loss from leaving this place.
Neuroscientist had a heart attack and was defibrillated five times.

4078. Murray S Probable NDE 1/13/2016. Secondhand Probable NDE 7878. During the night I awakened, arose, and went into the hall. The nurse was not at the desk. I assumed that she was taking care of someone else on the floor. I continued on down the hall. About half way down the length of the hall, I came to a set of automatically-opening sliding doors which led into a long dark tunnel, with bright white light coming in at the far end. Although I didn't know where I was going, I felt that was where I was supposed to go. The feeling of happiness and love was overwhelming.
Probable NDE that is a second-person account because the person who had this experience is now deceased. Shared by great nephew.

4077. Jamie L Probable NDE 1/11/2016. Probable NDE 7876. From Canada I was in my friend's kitchen and my spirit jumped out of my body in an upwards motion. I ended up becoming a blue orb or an energy ball that was electric-blue in color. There was a buzzing sensation or a humming, almost exactly like what the Buddhist monks chant when they chant OM or AUM, which is the sound of God to them.
Probable NDE due to apparent sudden lack of consciousness of unknown cause.

4076. Cheryl G NDEs 1/11/2016 & 1/31/2016. NDE 7873/7893. I looked up and saw the light above from beneath the rippling water. It made a beautiful, asymmetrical pattern above, as all the waves collided overhead. At first I was looking at the light on the bathroom ceiling, but it shifted into an endless expanse of the most comforting and soothing, beautiful light. The light was both, warm and cool, at the same time. In the same way that the light engulfed me, so did the most sublime and serene sense of love and peace envelope me. There was no longer any beginning and any ending. It was as if all of time, it was all, exactly now. I gained the infinite knowledge that absolutely nothing is impossible. I was brought back from that place just as unexpectedly and I had arrived there.
NDE due to drowning at age 3 and a recent NDE.

4075. Kathrine D Probable NDE 1/11/2016. Probable NDE 7872. He had brown hair that was a little longer then shoulder length and a brown beard that came just to the top of his collar bone. I noticed he wore a white robe with an almost Roman or Greek red sash draping one shoulder and across his chest. I could not focus on his face. Although the beard was clear, his face was not. His arms were out towards me, as if he was wondering why I was there and why was I taking my time? I was like he was asking if was what I was expecting. I was not sure which he meant because he never spoke. I remember I tilted my head to the side and smiled at him. Then I felt myself being pulled back. I saw him act frantic, almost trying to reach a hand out to grab me, but he missed. As I was being pulled backwards, I saw him 'throw' a stack of color at me like a Frisbee. I felt like images and information were being downloaded into my brain.
While this could have been an anesthesia experience, the detail given could make it a NDE at the time of surgery.

4074. Marisa D NDE 1/11/2016. NDE 23080. In the first incident, I did not know I was pregnant and I was told that I would give birth to a son… The second experience happened during childbirth. I was stationed at Madigan Army Medical Center, on Ft. Lewis, WA USA. All of a sudden, I stopped hearing the doctors and nurses. I felt my body rising up to a bright light. It was translucent, no color. A male voice spoke as my body floated. He said: "It's not your time yet. You have a son to raise. Have no fear, you are not alone." Suddenly, I woke up and the nurse was explaining that I passed our and they had to give me oxygen. A couple of weeks thereafter, I discovered that I had a pregnancy related cardiomyopathy. The doctors thought I needed a heart transplant. They gave me medication, Lisinopril to take for 6 weeks. I followed doctor's orders, and 6 weeks later during a follow-up visit, the doctor turned white. He said "Nothing is wrong with your heart. You are healthy. Your heart miraculously recovered."
All of a sudden, I stopped hearing the doctors and nurses. I felt my body rising up to a translucent, bright light that had no color. A male voice spoke as my body floated. He said, 'It's not your time yet. You have a son to raise. Have no fear, you are not alone.'