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3712. Karin F NDE 6/30/2014. NDE 7291. As I stretched out my arms I felt as though my body exploded and I was no longer in bodily form. I could not see any separation. I had no beginning or end. I was truly one with all of creation and I could only see myself as a purple and gold light amongst all the other. The being that brought me told me it was time to go back. I cried and begged her to let me stay, but she told me I had unfinished business.
NDE due to clinical death during surgery.

3711. Carmen V Shared NDE 6/30/2014. Shared NDE 7284. To me it felt like the same energy as if walking towards a party with many people: like the energy of many beings. I have a mental image of these beings being white and surrounded by whiteness. I also sensed a beautiful, comforting, peaceful music. I don't think I heard music and I have no auditory memory of music, but somehow I sensed this wonderful music.
Shared near death experience with unborn fetus.

3710. Béatrice P NDE 6/30/2014. NDE 7290. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I felt a sense of complete well-being. I had the sensation that nothing could happen to me, and I heard myself telling my mother, 'let me die' without any fear. Then I found myself at about 3 meters above my body. I saw my mother shaking me in panic, but I was in the position of an observer of this situation without any stress.
Beginning of a NDE from an allergic reaction.

3709. Alba NDE 6/24/2014. NDE 7266. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Erika/Roberto. In that moment, I had the experience. I saw my body on the bed with the nurse trying to wake me up. Since she couldn't, she started calling for help. I saw the activity around the hospital, as if there was no ceiling. I felt very welcome and wonderfully good, on something that felt like cotton. It was warm and bright. During the experience, I thought about no one, not even my children who were young at the time.
NDE from miscarriage.

3708. Samson J NDE 6/21/2014. NDE 7278. The light seemed to be the brightest white I had ever seen. As I entered the tunnel, I felt an indescribable sense of warmth, love, peace. I'm not sure how to describe it. The farther I got into the tunnel, the greater the peaceful feeling became. As I approached the end of the tunnel, I could see people waiting to greet me. One of them seemed to be my mother-in-law who had passed away 7 months previously.
NDE due to intravenous fluid overload.

3707. Haley T NDE 6/21/2014. NDE 7277. She proceeded to tell me that my daughter would need all of the love and support I could give her so that she would make the right choices when she needed to. Her road was a road less traveled. This woman explained that she knew I wanted to stay on 'this side' but I had to go back to take care of my children and to 'get back on track.' Several of the people congratulated me on the wonderful gift that I was given and told me that I was so precious to them yet I did not know any of them. The woman pulled me back from the group and told me to remember all that she said, gave me a big hug, and told me it was time to go.
NDE due to blood loss at childbirth. Interesting information that she would have a daughter even though she had been told she would have a son.

3706. Jo B NDE 6/21/2014. NDE 7275. In one strand I was aware that Light knew me better than I knew myself. Despite any of my foibles, eccentricities, poor decisions and plain old humanness, it loved me to the core. It found the seriousness with which I viewed myself amusing. It seemed to be certain that in the end, all of my problems, hurts, inflicted hurts, and my life in general would be redemptive in the sense that it would ultimately end in love. In another strand of thought it seemed as if huge amounts of information about the true nature of reality were being introduced. My mind kept seeing, and attempting to absorb, data that was contained on scrolls. A scroll would unroll and the data implant itself in me. Some of it I could comprehend. Much of it was totally above my head; gibberish. What was clear to me was the overriding message that humans, as units of consciousness, are capable of experiencing reality in ways far beyond what we typically do.
NDE due to seizure.

3705. Lis L Probable NDE 6/21/2014. Probable NDE 3859. From Sweden. Original in Swedish, translated to English by Ami The sensation in and of itself, the feeling of being heavy like lead, gave me the feeling of being in another dimension. As if the body and soul emerged from different dimensions, and that this results in a splintering within our human body.
Probable NDE that resulted in PTSD (Post traumatic stress syndrome)

3704. Salem NDE 6/14/2014. NDE 7271. From the UK Next to the being was my father who had just died. My father was dressed in the same clothes that he was wearing when he died a few days earlier. My father spoke to the being saying, 'My son won't let go of me.' He said it in an Indian language called Gujarati, which we speak. A long queue of people was still shuffling in to my left, waiting to go up these white stairs. At that moment, the being came right up close to my face and SNARLED ever so loudly. Its teeth of bright white fangs and grisly hair really scared me. It was telling me to let go of my father. I let go instantly. I was holding the process and queue up as it was my father's turn to go into the light, and I wouldn't let go of him.
NDE with atypical content due to passing out. Contributor is Muslim from the UK.

3703. Kat P Probable NDE 6/14/2014. Probable NDE 7269. I found myself fully aware and present, yet all that I could see was the most beautiful of all-consuming light, everywhere just the light. It was like the center of a flame. I had an overwhelming feeling of ok-ness, like more than love, more than peace and beyond serenity. It was so good that words cannot describe it. Then I heard my own voice say, 'But he is only 9,' referring to my son. It was a moment of doubt.
Probable NDE while on a ventilator with adult respiratory distress syndrome and multi-organ failure.

3702. Sally A NDE 6/14/2014. NDE 7265. From South Africa. I started feeling extremely cold and saw a ray of sunlight. I started recalling events in my life in flashes. I remember thinking I must vomit all the vile out my life before getting near the warm light. I just wanted to reach the light. I was extremely cold but not panicky anymore. After vomiting, I got so very close to touching the sunray. All I felt was extreme bliss, peace, love, and so much warmth. I felt myself exhaling my last breath. I was completely at peace and felt a joy that I cannot describe.
NDE due to unconsciousness of unknown cause. Experience happened 4 days prior to it being shared.

3701. Daniel H NDE 6/14/2014. NDE 7264. A tunnel came into view and it was smoky. Further up into the tunnel, I saw a light and it began to clear. I told myself I was glad that I was going up instead of down. I saw my body lying on the ground but my eyes were level with the grass. It was daylight where I was. I saw an elderly white haired man sitting in a chair with a boy with long hair sitting next to him on a stool. There were woods in the background. I remember most that the elderly man told me to make peace on earth because I couldn't stay yet. I told them I would see them again and then I re-entered my body.
NDE at age 12 due to head injury. Shared 52 years later.

3700. Michael Joseph NDE 6/9/2014. NDE 7210. I ended up with a life review, and was escorted around 'the other side' by a being who was my guardian angel/teacher whom I came to call 'professor' but he had an incredible sense of humor. I say 'he' with tongue in cheek because 'he' was neither a he nor a she. I saw what happened to true atheists (apparently, I was opened minded enough that I didn't qualify). I got to see various 'heavens' and asked to see what 'Hell' was like if there was one (and there was but it was nothing like I expected). I even asked to meet Jesus and apologize only to meet a man that was nothing like I expected and was given interesting historical facts I was later able to verify.
Two NDEs as a teenager.

3699. Sonya M NDE 6/7/2014. NDE 7263. Caution, Graphic Content. I was transported into a peaceful, white light that made me feel like I was going home after a deployment. I saw images of my life all around me. When I was on the other side of the light, I saw such beauty. There were gardens upon gardens of colorful flowers, and the sky was white. I saw a person who led me further inside while saying to me, 'It is not your time; you have work left to do.'
NDE due to being stabbed in a criminal attack.

3698. Wanda S Possible NDE 6/7/2014. Possible NDE 7262. I had the experience of images of my past appearing to me briefly. It was a montage. They were familiar yet distant. They were not memories that are available for me to recollect. I do not understand the importance of those images or even if they are important. The best way to describe them is if you are familiar with the Harry Potter franchise, they were similar to the moving photographs.
Possible NDE while under anesthesia.

3697. Sabina Possible NDE 6/7/2014. Possible NDE 7261. I forgot about everything I had left and wanted to be there where the Being was. I knew it would be the end of all my fears, I would never be sad again, I would never cry, and I would never be worried. I knew this would be the end of everything. I was quite far from the Being and I wanted to move and get closer but I couldn't. Then I heard the voice. The voice didn't belong to a woman or man and it didn't speak in any language. I didn't see the Being opening Its mouth (if it had any); I somehow heard it in my head. This voice was so soothing, calming, and sweet. It said only two words, 'Not now.'
Possible NDE at age 15 at night while sleeping.

3696. Glen D NDE 6/7/2014. NDE 7260. At the time I was 46 years old and didn't see all that well without my glasses, but I remember watching as new cardiac nurses entered the room to assist. These are nurses who I'd had no contact with when I entered the room for surgery. Oddly enough, from my vantage point I could read the names on their badges, Landers and McCarthy, and I had no glasses on.
NDE due to cardiac arrest. Remarkable later verification of OBE observations during experience.

3695. Robert T NDE 8/9/2014 & 6/7/2014. NDE 7343/7256. In the distance, there was a soft and peaceful reddish glow. It grew larger and larger. It seemed red but as I got closer, it appeared peach-colored, pink, and even orange. To this date, describing the colors is still difficult for me because I just can't say I have ever experienced colors so vivid and brilliant, almost like the phases of a cloud cluttered sunset or sunrise when the colors evolve with the slipping sun and reflected onto the clouds.
NDE due to end-stage AIDS.

3694. Lou N Probable NDE 10/18/2014 & 6/7/2014. Probable NDE 7426/7255. I distinctly remember floating over my body because I could look down and see the doctors working on me. I also remember going to the waiting room to try to tell my parents everything would be okay. At this point, I felt a feeling of warmth and great contentment. The warmer I became, the closer I was drawn to a glowing white warm light. I was very young at this time.
Probable NDE during surgery for complication of appendicitis at age 7. Shared 60 years later.

3693. Hamad A NDE 12/20/2013. NDE 16072. Non-Western NDE From Iran There was no fear or nightmares in any of these experiences; on the contrary, there was a special feeling of peace and warmth. I could feel the difference between the physical and spiritual world. I could feel that physical laws like gravity or pain do not apply to this spirit world. You can see clearly in dark of the night and you can look right into the sun without burning your eyes. I could feel that I was protected by an invisible force. I didn't feel lonely or lost at all, it is hard to describe. It was like there were eyes watching me but I could not see them. Although one expects to feel distressed, the dominant feeling there 3693was love. But I did miss my loved ones. The space I was in was light with a special color of green and yellow. I felt like I was on some kind of edge or boundary, where one side had one color and the other side a different color. I could go to one side and return. I could see the light and colors, but could not see any source for it.
Combat NDE from war with Iraq.

3692. Andrea J NDE 6/5/2014. NDE 7252. From the UK I was in the operating bed looking down at myself with lots of nurses and doctors around me. There was so much blood. Then I was pulled upwards in the sky. My vision was blurry, but I saw the most amazing bright lights and colors and then a large building. I was stopped and was told it wasn't my time and to go back.
NDE due to blood loss at childbirth.

3691. Mary C NDE 6/5/2014. NDE 7251. From Canada. I went from being frozen, quivering, silently screaming, to feeling incredible warmth and happiness. I was bathed in light and no longer felt wet, weighed down by ice, water, clothes or worries. I was perfectly warm, joyous, loved and peaceful. The light surrounded me but also seemed to direct me forward. I felt the same kind of perfect and overwhelming love I felt when I first held each of my sons.
NDE due to drowning in icy water at age 9.

3690. Greta H FDE 6/5/2014. FDE 7249. I was on the Mississippi River and stepped off a sandbar without a life jacket. The current caught me and took me under. My brother was near, and I tried to grab onto him to keep me up. He was not strong enough, and I was going down. I looked up and could see the light above me and my brother swimming at the top of the river, which is unusual, since you can't see your hand under the water in the Mississippi. It is very muddy. I was struggling and flailing my arms at first to stay afloat, but then my life started passing before my eyes. I saw myself swinging on the swing set, climbing trees and playing with my dolls. I was totally calm and peaceful during this time. Then all of a sudden, I heard a swooshing sound, and my other, older brother was grabbing me pulling me up to the top. He saved my life.
Fear-death experience due to drowning at age 12

3689. Sherrye KS Probable NDE 6/5/2014. Probable NDE 7246. I was back on the bank of the black river. Again, I looked across, and this time I saw Paradise. The bank of the other shore was made of crystalline sand that sparkled like diamonds in the beautiful, bright light that shone there. Beyond the beach grew beautiful, lush foliage, all kinds of beautiful plants. My eyes were drawn back down the beach where I saw, to my amazement, my friend, Penny. She was dressed in beautiful flowing garments. She smiled and beckoned for me. I saw movement in the foliage and saw the head of an albino tiger emerge from the shrubs.
NDE due to car accident with head injury.

3688. Brenda R NDE 6/5/2014. NDE 7245. As I was going backward, I saw three different events in my life that were part of the future. Two of those events gave me great shudders and a feeling of relief when I had completely passed them. Then we were over the top of the hospital and descending through the roof, passing different floors and seeing people walking and working on those floors. Eventually we were in the operating room, looking down upon my body and the two doctors and nurse. I heard them talking about me. The doctor said, 'I will not lose this patient over such a simple operation.' They were working around my head.
NDE due to apparent complication of tubal ligation surgery.

3687. Simon NDE 6/5/2014. NDE 7243. My first memory was my fiancΘe coming to me. She was standing over me saying, 'Wake up Steve, you have to wake up'. I could see her face, calm but insistent. It was almost like I was late for work. The next thing I remember, I am awake, face down in the lake with a mouth full of water. I cleared my lungs as I tried to swim toward the back of the boat. I got up on the back of the boat and climbed into the aft cockpit and climbed onto the main deck. I was expecting to see my fiancΘe standing there. She was not.
NDE due to apparent head injury.á Encounter with living person during experience, which is relatively rare.á Experience happened two days before it was shared.

3686. Ana A Probable NDE 6/5/2014. Probable NDE 7230. From Columbia. I just thought, ‘Well, finally the time has come and I am happy, because I want to depart. It has been accomplished.’ I proceeded to go to the light, but when I tried to walk in the door that embraced the light, I heard many voices, which I identified. It was the voice of my uncle saying that what has been done is done and there’s no going back; it was my decision. I heard my mother’s cry, but it did not stop me; my aunt also said that she couldn't believe what I had just done.
NDE from a reaction to medication and marijuana.

3685. Julian of Norwich NDE 5/26/2014. Probable NDE 7240. Julian of Norwich probably experienced a near death experience on May 13, 1373 AD. Julian of Norwich, her real name unknown, lived in relative seclusion as an English anchoress (a type of female monk) during the tail end of the middle ages. Although not a household name, she has been revered by Christian mystics throughout the centuries. Few books survive from that era of 641 years ago. Of particular note, 'Showings' was the first book written by a woman in the English language. I find it intriguing that the first book written by a woman in the English language was about a near death experience. The quality of Julian of Norwich's shines in both literary complexity and spiritual maturity. In my opinion, the writings of Chaucer, her contemporary, pales in comparison. Edmund Colledge says this: 'Julian's book is by far the most profound and difficult of all medeival English spiritual writings.'
NDE from 1373 A.D.

3684. Francesca NDE 5/26/2014. NDE 7238. Next thing I am seeing myself at a distance but not ground level. There were people all around me looking down at me. I could see the emergency vehicles and lights for what seemed like a mile in length.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

3683. Malavika H NDE 5/26/2014. NDE 7237. From India. I saw my grandmother who had passed when I was 15. I was really close to her as a child, since both my parents worked late and she raised me. I was so happy to see her. She was really into praying and always attended bhajans, etc. I hugged her and told her I missed her. She told me she missed me, too, and that she was really proud of where I was and who I had become. I was depressed over some issues and asked her if I could stay there with her. She told me, 'No.' She said that I had a lot to achieve. I needed to be there for my parents, my other grandmother and my cats. She kissed me on my forehead.
Non-Western NDE from India due to faint.

3682. Leslie Probable NDE 5/26/2014. Probable NDE 7236. Once that stopped, I realized I was hovering just above my body, facing the ceiling. The room was filled with a soft, glowing light. Then the light fixture in the ceiling lit up. I was very curious about this and wanted to float up and look at it. After I floated to the ceiling and looked at the light fixture, I turned around and looked at my body. I really felt no emotion about my body. I was actually very calm and felt extremely peaceful with all that was happening.
Probable NDE at age 13 due to pneumonia.

3681. Sylvie A NDE 5/26/2014. NDE 7235. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. At that moment, I was already out of my body. I heard that he said that my blood pressure was too low. Then I found myself in a luminous and soft place. White figures talked gently to me, and they told me a lot of things about myself. I didn't remember anything afterwards. The thing I remember is that I wanted to stay, and that they told me that it was not the moment. To help me decide, they showed me the interior of the ambulance. I heard the paramedic tell my mother that I would not make it to the hospital, and I saw her crying sincerely.
Teenager NDE from suicide.

3680. Penny C NDE 5/26/2014. NDE 7234. I was greeted by my great-grandmother who looked so young. There were so many other deceased family members with big smiles on their faces. Some of them died before I was even born. I knew of some by being told by my mom. Everyone was introducing themselves to me, and telling me who they were. I felt this love like out of this world. It was as if they were waiting for me, they knew I was coming, and were prepared to greet me. I was not judged by my lifestyle on the earth, but I remember my great-grandmother showing me so many things as well as explaining them to me.
NDE due to faint at age 15.

3679. Nicole E Friend Experience 5/26/2014. Secondhand Other 32304. Mich'l said that he remembers me stopping for gas and asking the attendant for directions to the hospital (TRUE). He said that he wanted me for his mommy because he liked my voice when I was speaking to the attendant. ( I did stop for gas and I was kind of lost going to a rural hospital, so I asked for directions). Then he said that he remembers that the parking lot was partially closed for construction, so I had to park on a corner and run to the hospital… Then Mich'l said the most incredible thing. He said that while his "real mom" was in labor, he asked God if I could be his mom because he knew that his "real mom" wouldn't survive very long, and he was afraid of being alone on Earth. Apparently he was told that he couldn't have me for his "real mom" but that everything would be OK and he would still get to be around me during his life.
The most remarkable pre-birth remembrance ever shared with us. Exceptionally detailed observations of boy about to be born confirmed years later by a friend present at his birth. Nicola E did not share her email address- we are asking her to email us.

3678. Michele G NDE 5/17/2014. NDE 7229. At this same time, I felt as if I were 8 or 10 feet tall. I was looking down at the dash/steering wheel, but I was much higher than I would be if I were seated in the car. I heard/felt a voice asking me, 'Do you want to go/leave?' My response was indignant. I had things to do. I wasn't finished. How dare I be asked to leave!
NDE due to car accident.

3677. Rick E Possible NDE 5/17/2014. Possible NDE 7227. Drug or medication overdose. It seemed as though the planet kept moving, but I didn't. I traveled through the solar system and the galaxy and the universe seeing nebul' along the way. I finally arrived at a place where there was a cylinder made of rotating lights, not unlike a tunnel. As I got closer, beings appeared to be angel-like, and I felt as if I might know them. The most important thing to me overall was the feeling of being free. No fear. Total awe. It was the best I ever felt in my existence.
Possible NDE due to unspecified 'drug or medication overdose'.

3676. Tina H NDE 5/17/2014. NDE 7226. Then everything went black and I felt a peace that I had never felt before or again. I was no longer in emotional pain. I was not angry or scared. It was the peace I had always been searching for. Then suddenly, I was back on the floor of the bathroom as the paramedics arrived.
NDE due to alcohol overdose.

3675. Stephanie D NDEs 5/17/2014. NDEs 7224. There was a Being standing next to me on my right. He was so radiating love and warmth coming from him. It was unlike the feeling of love here on Earth. It was similar to being in someone's arms you deeply love, feeling warm, protected, and happy and then multiply that times 1,000. His love was radiating out and filling me with that same love.
NDEs at age 4, due to blood loss following operation, and age 25 due to heavy object falling on her.

3674. Beverly L NDE 10/26/2013. NDE 22944. I was four years old. I fell and injured my head. I lost consciousness. Then, I was above myself, aware of the injured child. I connected to the injured me in a way I cannot explain. I was older yet aware of both of us. I could see from both views… The "older" me was very intent on me focusing on what I needed to do to be ok. And I felt in both senses of age an extreme importance.
NDE at age 4 due to head injury.

3673. Mahmoud NDE 5/14/2014. NDE 7189. Non-Western NDE From Iran. Original in Persian, translated to English by Shadi. I went to a different place. It was quiet and pleasant. I felt very light. The feeling was so great I can’t describe it. I could taste sweetness inside me; everything was beautiful. I was in that moment for around 30 minutes. In that moment, I knew that whatever I wanted I could get. For a second I thought ‘who am I?’ I saw my whole life flash before me like a movie. I could go to any time in my life's review. It was amazing. I felt like my intelligence and thoughts were beyond normal. I did not feel like I didn’t understand, it was a great feeling and I wished I could stay here and not leave. It was having the thoughts that I was wondering, ‘What can I do?’ as I could do anything.
NDE from being knocked unconscious.

3672. Doris Possible NDE 5/14/2014. Possible NDE 7218. From Venezuela. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Adriana. I listened to what was going on out of the building, but I saw myself in the hall just as I was dressed and with the same asthma attack I had at that time. I think I was out of my body, but I was not scared; I knew I was feeling sick. I could still listen to what was going on in the street. I knew what was happening to me.
Possible NDE, because it is hard to tell which of the experiences happened at the time of death or unconsciousness.

3671. Marisol S NDE 5/10/2014. NDE 7222. I was surrounded by black endless space all around me. I stopped flying forward when I realized I was in a different place other than earth. I looked up, there was endless space above like it went on for eternity. I looked down and the black endless space went on forever. I looked left and right and it was the same thing. I wasn't scared at all. Then I looked at my hands, I didn't have any hands all I could see was not my body but the outline of my body and hands. It was all the colors of the rainbow in stripes or red, yellow, green, blue, purple etc. Then I said to myself 'f$&@ this I'm not staying here!'
NDE due to accidental overdose of heroin.á Apparently given a medication that rapidly reversed the action of narcotics (like heroin) on the body.

3670. Rachel R NDE 5/10/2014. NDE 7220. I then was greeted by 5-10 golden 'orbs,' which I felt I knew. It was like a reunion. I felt the most joy and ecstasy I had ever felt when they greeted me. I knew them within. One orb approached me and showed me that I was the same. When it combined with me, I realized that I was also a golden orb.
NDE due to being hit by car as pedestrian.

3669. Gail A NDE 5/10/2014. NDE 7219. Then came a judgment of sorts, where I was judged on the things I had done and the things I would do in my future life. This upset me as I felt it was mean to punish or judge me for things I hadn't done yet. I wasn't judged on big things, more small instances of intent. It was the little things that mattered and not the big things.
NDE due to criminal attack at age 14.

3668. Ray NDE 5/10/2014. NDE 7216. From Saudi Arabia. I had a dark view of what's across the street from me despite the bright lights. I saw bright colors and parts of my life in less than a second.
Struck by car at age 9.

3667. Domi L Probable NDE 5/5/2014. Probable NDE 7215. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I went into the tunnel of light. I had no body. I felt a well-being, as such that does not exist on earth. I had neither sentiment nor past. On the other side of the tunnel, I felt millions of presences, that also had no sentiments, but who were feeling neither bad nor good. They didn't know evil anymore. On the other hand, I didn't see any animals.
Probable NDE from an auto accident.

3666. Robyn F NDE 5/3/2014. NDE 7209. I left my body and passed through a tunnel of light, which took me to a door of brilliant light. The door opened. I knelt down and saw that I was dressed in a dark robe of some sort. As I knelt, I looked up to see Jesus in front of me nailed to the cross. He looked down directly into my eyes. I've never seen eyes like those before or since. As he looked into my eyes, I asked him, without speaking words, 'What do I do?' He answered without speaking words, 'Forgive him.' As he 'said' the words, it was done. The forgiveness happened in that very instant.
Exceptional NDE due to brutal murder attempt by husband she was going to divorce. Remarkable communication with Jesus that saved her life.

3665. Lesley H Possible NDE 5/3/2014. Possible NDE 7213. From the UK When I arrived at one of the doorways, an official looking man asked me if I knew I had died. I felt surprised at first. Then I recognized that I had died but was not fearful. He asked me what I wanted to do and that's what I remember most significantly; that I actually had a choice; a concept I had never contemplated in everyday life. He told me if I wanted more life I could go back but if I wanted to pass over and go through the doorway I could and I knew that this would be joyous and eternal but I already knew it would also be there forever, whenever I decided to go.
Dream vs NDE at time of hospitalization with life-threatening pneumonia.

3664. Ryan F Probable FDE 5/3/2014. Probable FDE 7212. All I can remember is floating above both my girlfriend and me as if watching a scene from a movie, rather than being involved in the accident. It was brief and as the car came to a halt in a nearby field, I was back in my body again, looking over at my girlfriend.
Probable Fear-Death Experience vs Possible NDE due to car accident at age 16.

3663. Francis G NDE 5/3/2014. NDE 7208. I was knocking on the gates of heaven, only I could not get in. A spirit told me that it was not my time because I had to do beautiful things and help mankind and nature. I argued with that energy and told him/her/it that my body was mangled. How am I going to do anything with such a damaged body? I was told how, but not in English, nor Hungarian or German, but by thoughts projected into my spirit. That is when I knew there was more to me.
NDE due to accident on motorcycle.

3662. Angelo NDE 4/30/2014. NDE 7192. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Adriana. I was watching myself as if I were floating above the hospital bed, observing myself and the doctors below. I was aware of experiencing vague memories about my life: but nothing concrete. It was like a very quick movie. I also noted that I was entering a place that seemed to be something like a tunnel. I didn't feel scared at all, on the contrary, I felt very peaceful. In fact, I felt so well that I didn't want to come back!
NDE from surgery complications—allergic anaphylactic shock reaction to penicillin.

3661. Jiří H NDE 4/30/2014. NDE 7160. From the Czech Republic. Original in Czech, translated to English by Rick. I found myself standing in a meadow or in a field. Slightly to my right was a clump of trees, a small forest, and it was rather far away. It was a beautiful, sun shining summer day. I did not see it directly but I felt and perceived it. To my left were two deer, a larger one and smaller one. The clump of trees seemed to me very enticing and I had a very pleasant feeling.
NDE from a fall.

3660. Muhammad E Possible NDE 4/29/2014. Possible NDE 7194. Non-Western from Iran. Original in Farsi, translated to English by Shadi. The entities spoke again telling me ‘do not take any more breaths we want to take you with us’. I again stopped my breathing and the entities appeared again. This time I felt light and I saw myself as the bright light. I was floating up towards the tunnel of light. I heard voices of entities who were calling me. A lift appeared in the room and two entities came out of the lift. All the light ended and the tunnel was no longer.
Possible NDE from sleep apnea.

3659. Nicolas F NDE 4/29/2014. NDE 7204. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. It was like a hand carrying you, but floating would also be an accurate description. I'm in a tunnel, a kind of gigantic vault, dark and lit up at the same time. I'm surrounded by dozens of people, all more thoughtful, gentle, smiling, and kinder than the others. They all look at me but I'm unable to distinguish their faces. Men and women, I can distinguish gender. In order to describe with words, indescribable feelings, I would say that you have a 360° vision, and we are conscious about everything.
NDE from surgery complications

3658. Carolane B NDE 4/27/2014. NDE 7205. From Belgium. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I also remember that at the moment when I was unconscious, it was as if I was floating in the air in a lying position. I felt good, at peace.
Child NDE from a fall.

3657. Luce NDE 4/27/2014. NDE 7195. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was still falling and falling until the moment when I saw a strong light. At once I felt appeased. I headed for this light and heard my first name called several times. This call came from elsewhere, not from the place where I was (this white tunnel). I didn't know what to do and all at once I felt like I returned heavily into my body, whereas just before, I was feeling very light.
NDE from going unconscious.

3656. Amanda NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7203. From this moment on, I experienced a dark tunnel with flashes of neon lights of all colors, where I was traveling full speed in a form of a tornado. At the end, I saw a white bright light, as I got closer it got wider. All of a sudden, I was in a standing position surrounded by the most beautiful place I have ever seen: the peace, grass, trees and a very beautiful music with laughter coming from somewhere.
NDE due to accidental narcotic medication ingestion at age 14.

3655. Hannah F NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7202. There was a waterfall in front of us and beautiful scenery. I would probably call it a beautiful garden. However, everything was natural. I remember a feeling of love and reassurance. I don't remember what the man was telling me, but he was speaking for a long time. It felt like hours. I remember being shocked at a few things he said. Now, in my experience, I was ME but I wasn't 'HANNAH'. I knew myself, but not as Hannah. I don't remember what was spoken but I remember the feelings I felt. All I remember him saying was, 'It's time to go back now.'
NDE due to fainting at age 16.

3654. Micella NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7201. I was in a field of tall grass, and was with a young person of around 5 to 10 years old. We were 'playing', although I am not sure what the game was. I kept telling the young person that I had to go back, to which he/she (unsure of gender) would respond, 'Please stay a little longer.' The idea of staying longer was a peaceful one and the being was not upset at my protest to go. However, it continued to encourage me to stay a little longer. The pastoral scene was so pleasant it, perhaps, was difficult to leave. I remember I just knew that I had to return back though, as it was either not my time or that I had unfinished business in the other place.
NDE due to syncopal episode at age 17.

3653. Michael DP NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7200. From India. Then there was peace, a very strong sense of peace and awareness of death. I started moving upwards and away from my body. I hardly moved a few feet, when I saw my sister in the next room reaching out to switch off the fan. I saw her through an opening which connected the two rooms, but that view was not possible from where my body was stuck. As soon as she switched off the fan, I was again in my body for maybe 2 seconds before I lost all consciousness.
Non-Western NDE from India. NDE due to electrocution at age 10.

3652. James A NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7199. From Australia. It made it known that it wouldn't be deciding my fate. It would be my choice if I died or not. I felt so scared; I didn't want to die. Before this experience, I was numb and bitter, like a zombie. Now, I felt that previous passion for life I had when I was younger. This passion emerged as fear. This entity's personal desire was for me to come with it, or that's what it felt like. Like a magnet slowly pulling something to it. I expressed an automatically desire to ‘just see how things are down there’. My eyes opened briefly, as soon as this happened. I was slightly out of my body floating like an orb: it was so peaceful, the foggy green of the water, the mixture of warmth and coolness.
NDE due to drowning at age 17. Experience happened only three months ago.

3651. Kate NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7198. I had a vacuum-like feeling. I was sucked into a field of unearthly brilliant color with a large tree to my right in the distance and feeling of a non-human escort companion on my left. It was a feeling that I did not have to worry about my children or anything that I was leaving behind. All would be well. All was well and good; but then, knowledge that I could not stay.
NDE due to bleeding after c'sarian section delivery.

3650. Tracy S Possible NDE 4/26/2014. Possible NDE 7197. The next thing I remember, I felt that I was lying face-up floating beyond the hospital ceiling light. There was extremely bright light everywhere, which was warm. I slid backwards a little until it seemed my face was right against the ceiling lights. I was still face-up, like floating in a pool, and looked down at myself in the bed. I looked down and to the right, I saw my doctor at the stand beside my bed, writing in my file and checking my IV. I tried to speak to him or wave to him to get his attention but nothing worked. I kept trying, but at the same time, I was floating down, backwards, 'into my body'.
Probable anesthesia experience vs possible NDE following delivery with much blood loss.

3649. Rebekah J NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7196. I saw the most beautiful colors like a swirling rainbow tunnel. It was so bright. I saw shadowy figures like angels. I heard a voice. It was all around me. I do not know if it was male or female. It said you have a choice, ‘you can continue on or go back.’ I thought for a moment then I thought, ‘I want to grow up and my parents would miss me’. The sense of peace and tranquility was overwhelming but I chose to go back.
NDE at age 12 due to drowning.

3648. Patrice S Probable NDE 4/26/2014. Probable NDE 32302. I was 5 years of age. I was in a blizzard. I was hit by a drunk driver. I was on the operating table. I quickly was up over my body looking over my body watching the operating room doctors work on my body. I was next to a presence in which I believe was God. I was told by my mother I was screaming in the operating room. I was at peace happy and calm with God. I was told I was to young to go back.
Probable NDE at age 5 during surgery, and later in life encounter with Virgin Mary.

3647. Monique B NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7193. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. At the third arrest I 'left' and found myself being in a landscape, ‘David Hamilton-type’, rosy, golden, soft, and pleasant. I was walking on clouds. A situation so very comfortable that I remember thinking, ‘If this is being dead, it's really good.’ I continued to advance on the clouds in this cozy setting; to my surprise, after about some moments, I met a white bright silhouette (an angel, the blessed virgin?) who ‘talked’ to me saying ‘you have to return, your son (of 7 years at that time) needs you.’
NDE from going unconscious.

3646. Teresa P NDE 4/26/2014. NDE 7191. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Adriana. I felt I was abandoning my body through the same opening where I had bumped my head, I got out, and I didn’t even stop to look back. I didn’t look at anything in the room. I simply elevated in a diagonal line towards a light that I saw. I felt great peace, happiness, vital force, health, harmony and a great expansion. There was nothing like gravity. The light was there and I had to reach it. A soft breeze, it was the ideal weather, the breeze caressed me. I felt like flying, I floated lightly. Then I began to listen to voices coming from this light. They were very happy, very happy repeating, ‘There comes Tere! There comes Tere!'
NDE from a fall and going unconscious.

3645. Ronnie D NDE 4/12/2014. NDE 7188. As I approached the light, I felt no fear nor was I worried about anything. I felt everything was okay. As I walked out of the tunnel, everything got very cloudy, but I could make out figures of people walking towards me. I did not see their faces; they just walked by me on my left and right. I walked further away from the tunnel and got scared again. Afraid that I would not find my way back. I kept hearing water dripping like being in a tunnel with an echo. I walked some more and came upon a pair of steps. The steps were solid gold.
NDE at age 15 due to sledding on snow into the path of oncoming car. Remarkable sense of slowing car that might have saved his life. Apparent inexplicable recovery after being run over by car.

3644. Lauren NDE 4/12/2014. NDE 7184. From France. Originally from Algiers. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I saw a thick rope of a silvery white color coming out between my lungs, and what shocked me at once, was that this rope was going straight from my body towards the window. While looking through the window to see where this rope was leading, I saw three women holding the other end of the rope. They were suspended in the air holding the end of the rope and were pulling. They were upside down, their feet towards the sky and their hands and faces towards me still pulling the rope. I panicked, understanding that if they would pull too strongly I would be dying.
NDE from going unconscious.

3643. CB Possible NDE 4/12/2014. Possible NDE 7183. While I was deep asleep, all of a sudden, I was floating above and behind the Doctor’s left shoulder, observing as he carefully sutured up my knee. I could hear classical music playing. I could see the nurse, the anesthesiologist, and myself. I remember feeling no pain, no temperature, nothing but interest in the work the doctor was doing with those stitches. If I recall correctly, there were over 50 of them
Anesthesia Possible NDE, no apparent life-threatening event at the time.

3642. Marny NDE 4/12/2014. NDE 7182. I was very calm watching myself and felt no pain. The bright lights were intense, but I wasn't 'heading' anywhere, it was extremely fast, maybe 20 seconds. I felt a slight push and I was back in my body. I saw myself being revived on the delivery table. I saw the medical staff from above.
NDE due to complication of delivery.

3641. Kristine J NDE 4/12/2014. NDE 7181. I had no idea of time passing or memories of time passing but eventually I found myself with a woman. At the time, it was natural, like meeting someone I had always known, however, I couldn't say who it was now. We were somewhere/ nowhere: no walls, floors, no ceiling, no up or down. It was just she and I in darkness, with a light partly behind her. While talking, she and I 'went,' it was like we were just 'there.' We watched my kids in class at school. One of my twins was telling her teacher about her new step-mom as of the up-coming weekend. I was happily watching, when it dawned on me what 'step mom' meant. Without speaking, the woman I was with said, 'Yes, I was dead.'
NDE due to H1N1 bird flu. Remarkable and detailed future awareness of how her husband would meet another woman and marry her. However, she recovered and the future she saw would not happen.

3640. Maime S NDE 4/12/2014. NDE 7179. From South Africa I remember the tunnel, but it isn't like many describe it. It was more like the tunnel is flowing over me. Each place I looked, there are pieces of my life playing back. I saw experiences I had not remembered. The feeling was absolute peace and calm. I found myself loving that I could almost feel. I felt the emotions with each ‘movie’ experience of my life I was watching. In these experiences I was with family that had passed and some that had not. There were lots of experiences from when I was very young. It was a feeling of safety and love.
NDE due to allergic reaction. Prominent life review.

3639. Rebecca P NDE 4/5/2014. NDE 7177. I thought that I would have to stay in this lonely place for eternity and think constantly about how I was wrong to inhale the nitrous. I let my child and my family down. I was sad, but I accepted what I had done wrong and wished that I could have done better. It felt like I was there an eternity. Once I began to feel remorse, I heard a voice speak to me. I can't recall it sounding like it had a specific gender, nor was it a voice I recognized. I never saw anything as it spoke. I remained in this darkness while it spoke to me. It said, ‘You don't belong here. You need to find something in life that you love, and get out.’
NDE due to inhaling nitrous oxide without oxygen.

3638. Ivan NDE 4/5/2014. NDE 7175. From the UK. As I thrashed and panicked, a great calm came over me with a sense of 'all will be well'. This occurred during the underwater phase of drowning. I sensed peace, calm; love awaited me upon my death. The intervention of an adult, who pulled me out of the water, simultaneously snatched me back from a growing sense of calm and peace. While 'calmed' I was outside my body, looking at myself thrashing in the water. Slowly, I felt myself drift even further away, still watching me.
NDE due to drowning at age 10.

3637. Daniel M Probable NDE 4/5/2014. Probable NDE 7174. A being appeared and smiled. At that very moment, I realized that I was no longer in possession of my physical body. I had no conception of time but I had many thoughts. The thoughts were of my loved ones. I had a heightened sense of awareness, another being appeared between the first being and myself. I could not see any lips moving but I heard the second being say, 'I have chains, locks and keys to those locks, he is not yours'. The expression on the first beings face became angry, and then he disappeared. The second being slowly turned towards me and smiled a warm loving smile. I, at that very moment, knew that I was being sent back.
Probable NDE due to motorcycle accident.

3636. Steve T NDE 3/31/2014. NDE 7172. From the Phillipines During this time, I was somewhere in the clouds. I saw my father, who had died some 20 years before, and felt others I knew were all standing around further back behind him. My father walked towards me and said, 'Son it's not your time, you'll have to go back.' I felt so wonderful. Then a voice so powerful and strong, as if echoing in the fog, said, 'He has to go back now.' My father faded away and I sat up in bed. The nursing sister and staff could not believe it, as I had died. She told me that the medical staff had done everything they could to bring me back, but nothing would work.
NDE due to being hit on head.

3635. Mary W NDE 3/31/2014. NDE 7170. I was looking on from above them. I heard everything they said and did. The doctor couldn't get a central line on me. The scene was chaos.
NDE due to severe trauma.

3634. Eugenia M Possible NDE 3/31/2014. Possible NDE 7168. I remember a floating feeling and a very warm soft light. I was in a beautiful field full of wild flowers. The light was coming over the horizon, like a morning dawn! I was completely at peace, feeling only surrounding warmth, light and total love. As I floated toward the light, I was very eager to reach it but then a shadowy form was off to my left. I felt a touch on my left shoulder and a voice saying 'it's not your time. You have to go back!'
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt with medications.

3633. Serge D NDE 3/31/2014. NDE 7166. From Hungary. In that moment a sucking force coming from above, drags me into a higher stream where I literally left the earth, passing the moon and all the solar system, it felt quite fresh, a bit cold, and I felt a bit of panic. I saw the whole Universe floating around me or I was floating inside these elements. There are no words to describe the view, the feeling, or the experience. I stand, and contemplate the beauty of the big bang theory, the evolution, the balance between good and less good.
NDE due to car accident.

3632. SW N Possible NDE 5/1/2006. Possible NDE 2651. From Canada On the way I was starting to lose consciousness. I knew I was in the car, but I had no sense of time or reality. I had peripheral vision and could see the trees and sky on the sides of the road speeding by. In front of me was a long tunnel of bright, yet soft, very white light. Apparently I was talking, but I don't remember. I was saying that I didn't want to go to the party.
Possible NDE from allergic reaction to a wasp sting.

3631. Victoria P Probable NDE 5/1/2006. Probable NDE 2650. I could see my body on the operating table. I could also see and hear the medical staff, but was not interested in what they were saying. I was surrounded by God and bright white light. God comforted me and invited me to heaven. God also gave me the choice to come back to life to raise my three year old son. Since, I was a single mom, I am glad I made the choice to return.
Probable NDE from surgery complications.

3630. Heidi C Probable NDE 3/13/2014. Probable NDE 7164. The next thing I remember is waking up in the most beautiful warm, golden white light. I was bathed in it. The warmth I felt was indescribable. I remember when I was little staying at my grandma and grandpa's house. When I slept over at their house I always slept the most soundly and peacefully. I felt safe, warm and secure. The light and warmth felt like that only a million times more wonderful. I felt like I was wrapped in Angel wings. I had no physical body I just was. I was surrounded by loved ones and other beings, they felt like angels and saints. I couldn't see them but I sensed they were there surrounding me. I kept receiving three messages telepathically: I kept hearing that I was unconditionally loved, that things are always they way that they are supposed to be and that everything would always be alright. I knew that my husband, family, friends and my babies would be okay. I knew that they would always be okay. I knew that if I didn't go back everything would be fine that everything was always the way it was supposed to be. The love, peace, contentment, happiness and unconditional love I felt were indescribable. I felt like I was home.
Probable NDE while under general anesthesia.

3629. Abigail K Probable NDE 3/23/2014. Probable NDE 7163. The being took me over to ‘sit’. I still don't know how. He or she said to me without words, ‘You have to go back’. I responded defiantly, ‘No I'm staying home!’ The Being, again, made the same statement and I, again, refused until he or she just bore something in me: The knowledge that I did indeed have more to do and needed to return. I was to have children and I needed to know about the availability of this great unspeakable love, which I referred to as God.
Probable NDE due to apparent episode of apnea while sleeping. Remarkable encounter with a dog who died that night, and information that she would have children even though she did not believe she could.

3628. John K STE 3/23/2014. STE 7161. I told God, ‘If you really exist, I need for you to help me right now. I’m at the end of my rope and without your help and your love, I can’t go on. If you really exist, then you need to show yourself right now. If you don’t, then your silence will be the answer.’ At that moment, as I lay in this cavernous old bedroom in the corner of the abbey, the room filled with a warm wind. Rays of light seemed to encompass me, and I felt that I was picked up and cradled in these big arms. I was engulfed in the most amazing sense of compassion and love I had ever felt. I had never felt anything like this before. I knew that I was being held in Christ’s embrace.
Dramatic communication from God while he was a novitiate in a Benedictine monastery and was contemplating suicide.

3627. Timothy A NDE 3/23/2014. NDE 7159. I was then five to six feet above my body, moving upwards, and looking down. I could see myself lying on the concrete floor. I could see much more than what my eyes normally could see. My scope of view and clarity were enhanced. I could see everything except what was behind me, above me technically.
NDE at age 5 due to electrocution, and also remarkable ADC briefly described.

3626. Madeleine NDE 3/23/2014. NDE 7154. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel. At the time this was happening to my body, I saw myself standing at the same place, seeing how my body was on the floor. I didn't have any feelings, physical pain, and any stressors, neither fear nor anguish. I lost perception of time. I don't know how long I spent observing myself on the floor, trying to understand why I had fallen, smacked myself so hard, and not felt any pain.
NDE from teenage suicide attempt.

3625. Steve R NDE 8/18/2007. NDE 16070. I felt at peace. At this point, I was being drawn into a very bright, white tunnel. As I moved further up this tunnel, I could see two large brown, closed, arched gates, like the ones you would have in a church. On the left hand side, stood by the entrance, I saw a figure, dressed in a dark colored cowl, similar to a monk’s habit, but I could not see a face. Then I heard the immortal words, “Go back, it is not your time”. It was a woman’s voice that I heard and was very comforting in tone.
NDE from drowning as a child.

3624. Soizi W Probable NDE 3/16/2014. Probable NDE 7158. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was in a corridor where there were many persons. Between them, I recognized the grandfather of my husband, who died some time before this. I was in a big space, resembling a tent for a forum. There were several stands and I was standing at exactly one of them, discussing with a Buddhist monk, wearing white. He said to me, ‘You shouldn't come today. You will come back here when you will have the age of ??? Years. You did a lot of good things in your life, you will go back. But now make the most of your life.’ I don't know any more if those are the exact words, but that's the main idea of them!
Probable NDE from auto accident.

3623. Kathy VB NDE 3/16/2014. NDE 7157. There is no separation except the difference we create by ego. Under the water I was upright and there was no panic or fear. Arms outstretched, protected and loved. I was able to open my eyes under the water and see clearly. Beautiful colors, a brightness of white light and a knowing, all intertwined like fabric. A love, like the lap of the waves above me on the surface of the ocean, wrapped all around me and through me.
NDE due to drowning. Remarkable experience and rescue.

3622. Cali NDE 3/16/2014. NDE 7155. I was physically in the ambulance but do not remember looking down on my physical self in 360 degrees as I did during the OBE. Instead, I was in a place strangely devoid of detail but not a void. My mother was there; she had been deceased since I was in my mid-20s. We were seated, but I do not remember any furniture. It was light there, but not the bright tunnel people report seeing.
NDE due to insulin shock.

3621. Victorio NDE 3/10/2014. NDE 7150. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Adriana. While I was on the stretcher, I observed a very white light at a distance, which I was approaching. I was floating in the air. When I reached the light, I entered it and my arms disappeared through it, but part of me was outside and did not cross that frontier. As my arms were entering, the people who were in the light came to get me. They were all my friends and family who had passed away, and I could see their complete bodies.
NDE from falling out of a bus.

3620. Romy NDE 3/9/2014. NDE 7153. From Australia I looked back at my childhood. I could enter pictures there. From each picture, moment or thought, there was always the possibility to access that light that separated between it and the next picture. I could also see all the thoughts I had all my life. Their ‘pictures’ were as strong as the pictures that depicted action or words. I was amazed to see that our thoughts are that strong, so real. It looked as though they were also threaded on a string of light. I realized that everything that happened to me and every single thought I had, created an imprint.
Exceptional NDE from a lady originally from Isr'l resulting from car accident in India. Remarkable and detailed comments on life review. Received information in experience that likely saved her life.

3619. Barbara W NDE 3/9/2014. NDE 7152. It was sunny blue skies overhead. I remember walking up to a big brick house and there were beautiful flowers all around the front sidewalk. Everything was so colorful and vivid. The front door seemed to be especially illuminated and sparkly. I walked up to the front door and noticed a beautiful terra cotta tile design around the wooden door. I reached out my hand to a round metal doorknob to open the door and go inside. There was no fear or sadness. I just knew I wanted to go inside. Just as I touched the doorknob I heard someone calling my name.
NDE vs anesthesia experience immediately following surgery.

3618. Sally D NDE 3/9/2014. NDE 7151. From Canada It was calm and warm as I drifted up and watched myself lying so peacefully on the bench in the mall. There was no movement, no fight and finally no pain. As the fire crew arrived, I felt a strong hand on my shoulder, a hand that seemed also to have a warmth that radiated through my entire being and added visions of colors I have never experienced before, even though my eyes were closed.
NDE due to apparent unconsciousness from unknown illness. Interesting in that OBE preceded NDE. Experience was shared 5 days after it occurred.

3617. Gene B NDE 3/9/2014. NDE 7149. At the end of the tunnel was a vast space, multiple colors were dancing about, many colors and shades that I had never seen before. The colors were all choreographed to awesome, ethereal music. I felt total peace, almost euphoric. I knew that there was nothing to fear, no condemnation of my life the way it had been lived. I experienced total forgiveness in regards to my life and actions. I was given the choice of ‘stepping over’, or returning to my present life. However, I was encouraged to return, because there was still more work that I should do.
NDE from a physician who is currently retired, but was practicing at the time of the NDE. NDE due to sudden respiratory failure.

3616. David M NDE 3/9/2014. NDE 7148. From Canada. It was at this point, that the light got brighter and it was all around me. My arms opened up straight out to my sides and I became weightless, as if I was in a pool just floating with my arms and legs outstretched. It was warm and peaceful and all the thoughts of my regrets, and such, just disappeared along with any pain or stress. I was relaxed. I stared straight into the source of light, which was a circle and I began floating on my back towards it.
NDE due to sudden respiratory failure at age 16.

3615. Witney NDE 3/9/2014. NDE 7147. From South Africa. My mother sat in the middle of the station wagon and my brothers at the back. As we drove, we were hit head-on by a drunk driver that drove into our lane without stopping. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I could see his vehicle heading straight into us, and then I blacked out. I immediately forgot about everything. I was in complete darkness: it was warm and comforting. I felt safe and content. I felt loved. It was very quiet, it felt like I was swimming or floating. I felt like I was in a warm, safe cocoon. Nothing hurt. I saw a light in the distance. It was soft and shimmery. However, I didn't feel the need to go there. I had to 'go back'. I awoke suddenly, but couldn't see well due to eye and facial injuries. I was being taken out of the car wreck.
NDE due to car accident at age 12.

3614. Marc-André B Possible NDE 3/6/2014. Possible NDE 7144. From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I went out of my body; I saw my silver line that connected me to it. My parents were in the hospital room where I was in an incubator connected everywhere with all kinds of machines. My mother was crying and my father didn't say anything but held my mother in his arms. I turned, as if looking at the ceiling. I felt being pulled upward and I saw the light with big soft warmth that went through my being. I almost instantly found myself in a luminous place where everything was marvelous, where I felt much, much love, infinite knowledge and above all a learning of my previous and future lives. There were light beings around me, talking to me and I felt very good, with complete trust.
Possible NDE from a child under one year old.

3613. Silvia C Possible NDE 3/4/2014. Possible NDE 5462. Original in Italian, translated to English by Fran. I was out of my body and I felt very well. I could see a light 'surface' in front of me! Nothing on earth had the same consistency. It was very nice and pleasant and I felt surrounded by so much love. I wanted to remain in the light 'surface' that I perceived as a Tunnel. While I perceived it, I moved further away from my bed and I went into the tunnel. But after a while, something threw me back into my little body and what I heard in my thoughts was 'this is not your time'.
Possible NDE from a fever as a child.

3612. Fabio G NDE 8/6/2011. NDE 5463. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Fran. I could see the stars, the nebul', the planets, and I was there in the middle. It was my reality; I was really in outer space. Before entering the tunnel, I was surprised, and I could not appreciate the beauty of the cosmos. Then I became more relaxed, I felt serene, and I got emotional in front of such magnificence. I pictured myself with open arms in ecstasy, even if I didn't have a body. After some time, from a specific part of the space, I 'felt' a presence, something, someone, I can't explain it.
NDE from a diving accident.

3611. Haze NDE 3/2/2014. NDE 7145. Then there was whiteness, and then complete peace. I was with my brother and father who are both deceased. I don't remember words from them, just a feeling of total peace and safety. I felt or heard my best friend, Deb, speak when she touched my hand. She said that I had to go back; it wasn't my time. Without question, I rose and went with her.
NDE due to seizures while donating blood.

3610. Jane O Probable NDE 3/2/2014. Probable NDE 7140. I was above myself, nothing to fear because everything was perfect. Even fear was perfect and there was a nonjudgmental knowing that there was a reason for fear. When I was out of my body, I didn't worry about anyone on earth. I knew that they have inside of each of them what I was feeling in that moment. It was peace, and that they were unconditionally loved by God. It was as if they were each being engulfed in God’s love, which was better than anything that I could possibly get close to providing for them. That their lives were going to happen perfectly, according to how they needed it to happen with God. It was all perfect.
Probable NDE following broken leg during skiing accident.

3609. Ellen F Probable NDE 3/2/2014. Probable NDE 7137. There was the strongest emotional and spiritual feeling of being oppressed in every possible way. It is almost unexplainable how much emotional pain I felt. It was almost as if every negative feeling I had ever felt in my life were being forced on me at once. Flashes of my past and terrible choices and mistakes I had made flew by me. I also saw faces of my family members, they were all crying. I knew I was going to hell, and it was a million times worse than I had ever imagined.
Drug experience vs. NDE from drugs at age 17. Hellish experience followed by substantial life changes.

3608. Marie M Possible NDE 3/2/2014. Possible NDE 7136. Later on that night, I remember myself in a dark place that was very peaceful. In that place, I felt so alive with so much clarity that I had never felt before. I remember I had many questions come to me and my spirit and I remember asking these questions without even moving my mouth. These questions were deep, deep questions about life that only, it seemed, my spirit was able to ask, and not my cardinal mind. I had no sense of time or space. I remember these questions springing up inside of me, and the answers coming back that I understood completely in a way like I never had before. I can't describe in words the intensity, the depth, of how I understood the answers coming back to me. Then as fast as they came, they were gone.
OBE that was a dream vs. fever experience vs. possible NDE. Communication with God and understanding of three different types of communion with God.

3607. Graeme C NDE 3/2/2014. NDE 7135. From the UK. It was then that I sensed the sweet perfume of incense and found myself looking into a brightly lit, white-walled corridor. I remember feeling very calm and not at all afraid. I think the experience lasted a brief few seconds before my breathing started and I came around. The whole experience, whilst not at all unpleasant was, nevertheless, quite perturbing. As you will already have realized, I have no really positive thoughts about religion or the afterlife. However this experience has made me think again.
NDE due to exacerbation of asthma.

3606. Austin C Probable NDE 2/23/2014. Probable NDE 7134. From Scotland. I was then aware of traveling through a dark tunnel. I found myself on a road winding down to a beautiful rural place, which contained a large rustic house set in a valley with a forest behind it. There was a sparkling river and the meadows in front of it were golden and peaceful. There may have been a mill wheel at the far side of the house, through which a stream flowed. The forest behind, looked safe and inviting and I was curious to see it and remain there.
Anesthetic experience vs NDE at age 7-8 shared by minister 56 years after it occurred. The contributor is a minster.

3605. Brian C FDE 2/23/2014. FDE 7133. I sunk to the bottom and began to drown almost immediately, sucking water into my lungs. At first, I was feeling pure panic. But then, I felt myself out of my body. Once out of my body, I felt a peaceful calm, and loving reassurance. I felt the presence of love surround me and had no fear at all. It also felt familiar, like I had been through this so many times before and there was nothing to worry about.
Fear-death experience at age 5 due to nearly drowning. Shared 50 years later.

3604. Wanetta L Probable NDE 2/23/2014. Probable NDE 7132. I was confused, but not afraid. I remember thrashing my arms and legs and as I looked up, I saw two things. I saw sunlight, at least that is what I think it was, and I saw a lady's arm reaching down towards me. It was a white arm encased in a shimmering sleeve.
Probable NDE due to drowning at age 5. Shared 61 years later.

3603. Justin M NDE 2/23/2014. NDE 7131. She showed me five different life paths. At that point, I was ready to go back to my body and continue my life. She told me when I went back I wouldn't be able to remember what she told me and she was only able to tell me all that, so that I would return to my body. Before I went back, I noticed that a lot of people (or spirits/energies) had gathered around us, just standing around watching.
NDE due to suicide attempt and car crash.

3602. Beata M Probable NDE 2/23/2014. Probable NDE 7123. From New Zealand I felt I was in a dark area, like a void, but somehow, even though I could not see anything I knew there were limits to this area: borders? Walls? There were others there too. I had a sense of myself, floating, but not having control of the movement, others seemed to know how, and I could sense them. There was the sound of a bell, every now and then; it would toll singly, not regularly. I tried to work out what was happening, then a female voice said, 'You just got here; don't know how to move yet.'
Probable NDE during appendectomy surgery.

3601. Carlos K STE 2/23/2014. STE 7124. The whole of Heaven was loudly celebrating and rejoicing with me on my arrival! I was back!!! I could ‘hear’ heavenly bells, trumpets, angelic choirs, laughter and all kinds of happy, joyful sounds of infinite gladness, for which we have no name here on earth, because those things do not exist here. I felt the unspeakable, all encompassing, unconditional Love of God for me. It felt really ‘personal’ and because of its unconditional character is almost incomprehensible. To the point where I thought: ‘All this Love for me? Who am I? I am just a boy who grew up in a middle-lower class family, in a regular neighborhood, went to a regular school. I have no accomplishments. I’ve never done anything remarkably special. I'm just a regular guy, a normal human. What have I done to deserve this? Is ALL this LOVE really for me?’ The moment I finished that thought, I was instantly ‘swallowed up’ by this amazing Love. ‘I’ was completely GONE! There was nothing but Love. No me, no God: just eternal, incomprehensible, indescribable, total, complete, absolute LOVE.
Exceptionally profound STE. Among the most remarkable and detailed STEs ever shared with NDERF.

3600. Ron K NDE 2/23/2014. NDE 32286. My Mom was several thousand miles away and, I ran in spirit to her. She told me years later I was there as a blue light, about 5' above floor, and she knew it was me. She realized immediately that I must have died. She said I followed her around her home. I recall following her. I could hear her words, she could get my meanings well. I said my goodbyes to her. My experience was leaving the planet. I was very aware I was in space. I headed to the brightest area, where it all flows from. Getting closer, a group came out quickly and as I past them they called me and said they had a message.
NDE at age 15 due to blood loss from criminal attack.

3599. Gavin C Probable NDE 2/17/2014. Probable NDE 7122. From New Zealand. Suddenly, I was startled by two large bangs and pictures of my two little girls flashed before me. I suddenly realized what was happening and it was the end, I went absolutely crazy kicking fighting and obviously came-to under water.
Probable NDE due to drowning. Shared just days after it occurred.

3598. Brenda S NDE 2/16/2014. NDE 7118. From Scotland. I was running in a beautiful euphoric lily field, a bright sunny day, long grass, a fence, a tree; I was wearing a white veil over my body. I could feel the beauty and love in me, surrounding me. I could also see myself through an eye shape, just watching and being myself at same time. I was beautiful and healthy again, unlike the state I was in on earth. I was laughing, unlike earth.
NDE due to criminal attack.

3597. Jim A NDEs 2/16/2014. NDEs 7117. On 2 occasions, I went to a strange place. The first time was very short. On the second occasion, I was looking through a multicolored 'window' into a beautiful 'tropical' garden. I don't have words to describe it better. The window was a series of mosaics with beautiful lights of alternating soft peaceful colors.
NDE due to low blood pressure after massive blood loss.

3596. Lauren K NDE 2/9/2014. NDE 7116. I left my body and went into an aura of all white light! It was totally warm and Peaceful, pure Love emanating through me and around me. At that moment, my Grandfather, who had passed away earlier that year, appeared to me and we embraced. ‘My darling, you have a decision to make.’ I knew the decision was to stay or to come back. At that moment, I had an opportunity to view my life.
NDE due to trauma as a result of an accident while being towed behind a car in a snow saucer. Remarkable dialogue about the later need for a tracheotomy (and that she would be okay) if she chose to return to her body, or what her cause of death would be if she chose not to return to her body.

3595. Bailey J Probable NDE 2/9/2014. Probable NDE 7112. I suddenly felt all of the pain slip away, just a floating, calm, sense of awareness. My thoughts were no longer sluggish. There was a level of calmness and clarity that I had never experienced before. I felt so peaceful, so relieved. There was no fear at all. I remember thinking, 'So this is what it feels like to die'. I felt like I had a choice. I could sink back into my body, or I could gently float away into the peace.
Probable NDE due to high fever associated with Scarlet Fever.

3594. Marshall L NDE 2/9/2014. NDE 7111. I was crossing the four lane street in my Honda civic then out of nowhere a truck hit me at 50 mph in a 40 mph zone, I was going 25 mph. I was dazed/blacked-out for several minutes. I saw only a glimpse of what seemed to be a city in the clouds. Then afterwards, I saw flashes of my life go by all in 2-3 minutes but it seemed a lot longer, in that current state of mind. When I came to, my sister was shaking me awake calling me. It was so peaceful: I want to go back.
NDE due to auto accident. Shared just a few days after its occurrence.

3593. Bob G Possible NDE 2/9/2014. Possible NDE 7110. Suddenly, there was this intensely bright white light, and a being who was also very bright, who had a little blue to distinguish 'her' from the light. I say her because it seemed to me, at the time, that it was a female presence. It was almost as if this 'person' was what I had known, from a bit of a Catholic background, to be the 'Virgin Mary'. Not necessarily, but someone similar. It was telepathically related to me that I had a choice: I could come over to 'her', or I could return.
Possible NDE while recovering from fall.

3592. Catherine A NDE 2/9/2014. NDE 7109. I was walking under a wave, a HUGE wave, and I was not getting wet. There were colors of the rainbow that I have never seen. Inside this wave, I felt happy and I had no pain. I was so glad to be there. I did not know that I could feel this much joy! I saw an old woman up ahead of me. I could only see her back. She had curly grey hair and a slender body. There was also lots of people and no bodies! I just felt their presence all around me. I still feel their presence to this day. I could hear her telling me to 'hurry up'; she had so much to tell me.
NDE at age 11 during experimental surgery to correct scoliosis.

3591. Rosemary L NDE 2/9/2014. NDE 7108. I had gone through a tunnel but the light at the end was not all that bright. I saw a lot of figures standing at the end of the tunnel. They seemed to be sepia-colored. They almost had the appearance of Monks. I felt great happiness and comfort and utter, complete love. I remember being so happy there and I did not want to leave. I was surrounded by the most profound feeling of gentle beauty and love, but something was telling me it wasn't time for me to be there.
NDE due to myocardial infarction while asleep.

3590. Cathy T Probable NDE 2/9/2014. Probable NDE 7107. There was a bright light and a feeling of great peace and awe. I distinctly recall thinking, ‘Gee, I didn't think you could breathe under water, but by golly, I sure am!’ I looked to my right and saw my mother’s legs and I somehow knew that was her, which gave me an even greater sense of peace and safety. It felt divine without really knowing what divine felt like. I never once felt any sense of panic or fear, just blissful peace and beauty: no struggle whatsoever.
Probable NDE due to drowning at age 5. Shared 58 years later.

3589. David A Probable NDE 6684 2/9/2014. Probable NDE 6684. Suddenly, I was walking through a grain field with vivid radiant light making the surroundings seem more alive. In the distance, I saw two twin buildings with a majestic symmetry. I felt someone next to me. I asked what the buildings were, and I was told that angels just built the building and sung there. I was walked towards the buildings. There was a portal that joined the two buildings, and as I walked forward I requested if I could enter, but was told 'No.' I had to go back and fight.
NDE from sepsis.

3588. Jarod NDE 2/3/2014. NDE 7103. From France. Original in French translated to English by Marguy. I literally felt myself leaving my body. I was within an inch of going into the other world, when suddenly I started to hear people on a bench some meters away. Maybe it was this that awakened me.
NDE from an accident.

3587. Petra J NDE 2/3/2013. NDE 7012. From Venezuela. Original in Spanish translated to English by Manuel. I saw myself afloat in an infinite vacuum, completely wreathed in a white bright light, but it was not blinding me. I looked down and to the sides, but there was nothing more than this light. I was not sad, or scared or anguished, nor did I have any pain. I was in absolute peace and wrapped in very pleasant warmth. I did not have any notion of time. I did not think about my family, either, nor in what was happening to me. I was not even conscious about myself. I just perceived I was very comfortable in that place. I also felt something attracted me, very softly from behind, I wanted to let go with that sensation of weightlessness and absolute peace.
NDE from e. coli infection.

3586. Paula E NDE 2/3/2014. NDE 7102. From France. Original in French translated to English by Marguy. At that moment I saw in front, a path leading upwards into the sky, I engaged on this path that seemed marvelous to me, two angels keeping on each side, both were golden, they were rather childlike, cherub style, and they opened a door to let me pass. A big gate opened in front of me. The angels were smiling and what I felt was wonderful, it was an emotion of utter joy, total success, also to be able to enter this magical place. A tree was in the middle, its branches spreading gracefully, he was made of silver. I was very moved to arrive at this place; it was no garden as there was a huge space behind this gate.
NDE from surgery complications.

3584. Tammy H NDE 2/2/2014. NDE 7105. I did not feel scared or confused. I felt calm and curious about the activities below. I was too high up to see the people in enough detail to identify them. I felt as if my back was against a barrier. I knew the barrier was not visible to me; but, if I turned around and examined it, that I would move through it. I did not question this knowledge. Beings, loved ones or friends did not meet me. I did not see 'the light'. The feeling of total calm and peace did engulf me. My focus moved from the people, and I found myself very curious about a row of pine trees along the right fence line and how it looked. I remember thinking: 'So, that is what they look like from up here!'
NDE due to head injury as a result of a fall from a horse at age 13.

3583. Nigel O NDE 2/2/2014. NDE 7098. I saw a light and started to walk towards it. I became aware I was in, what felt like, a very large ‘tunnel’ and I was moving up an incline within it. At an undetermined point, within the ‘tunnel’, I stopped when a voice that was neither male or female, sounded soft and kind said (or it sounded inside my head): ‘Hello Nigel don’t be afraid you have had an accident, it is not your time, you have to go back’ I said I did not want to, as it hurt too much and I wanted to stay here. (We were almost involved in an argument.) The voice told me I had no choice in the matter and I was going back as I had ‘things to do’. (I presume I heard in the form of language I used at the time as a nine year old boy.) I came to, in great pain as I started to grab small breaths.
NDE at age 9 due to fall from tree.

3582. Betty N Probable NDE 2/2/2014. Probable NDE 7096. From Canada While spinning in that tunnel I heard a voice saying 'don't give up, don't give up' and soon enough I started seeing a blinding light. Even though I thought the light could kill my eyes, I knew I had to keep watching it, to get me out of there. The fly through the tunnel felt incredibly long, but after hearing the voice and seeing the light, soon I started hearing other voices around, and that dominant voice saying 'you're almost there.'
Anesthesia experience. Interesting to note some similarities and differences with typical NDEs.

3581. Brandon C NDE 2/2/2014. NDE 7095. I felt love, and some type of ‘non-caring’. I am not sure if it was my husband’s presence there, but something wrapped its love around me. I remember acknowledging myself as being ‘alive’, but not remembering the suicide, or anything for that matter. However, regardless of all of the pills and booze I consumed, I was no longer drunk. Everything was quite focused, regardless of the black that surrounded me. I had a feeling I had been here before as well. I have lost all desire to take my life.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

3580. SJ NDE 2/2/2014. NDE 7094. Then, the throne one had the 'ministers' roll some colored balls from one side of the room to the other. They were just like colored billiard-type balls. The balls made a sound when they rolled across the floor, which echoed on the walls, even though I couldn't see the walls. That and footsteps were the only sounds during the whole thing. I was supposed to understand the balls as 'atoms'. When I got that, they moved on to the next point quickly, which was, 'that's all your world is.'
Drug experience versus NDE with interesting insights.

3579. Julia M NDE 1/30/2014. NDE 7093. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I contemplate the softness of this light and hear a wonderful music that makes me perfectly happy, a kind of music that is so beautiful that it cannot exist on earth. Then at my left side, coming out from the core of the light, I first see human forms approaching slowly: men, women, children, young and old. They look at me with great kindness, as if they had a lot of love for me, and between themselves. They come to welcome me sympathetically so that I should join their group: they are smiling, calm, all wearing white. I look at them, as I want to see if I know them; in fact I am looking for my deceased father, my sister, and my grand-mother.
NDE from surgery complications.

3578. Irma NDE 1/20/2014. NDE 7062. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Adriana. Suddenly, I am feeling an intense pleasure, that I am happy with my parents and my children. This pleasure is so beautiful, but a strong voice bothers me saying ‘Irma, I am here’. Oh no! It takes me out of my pleasure and I don't like it.
NDE from going unconscious.

3577. Lana L Possible NDE 1/28/2014. Possible NDE 7038. From Uruguay. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Adriana. During this time, I felt very loved, comprehended and supported. I didn’t see a thing; everything was just perception and feelings. Words are a very limited source for describing. The type of love perceived was infinite, unconditional, intimate, of a paternal and maternal nature, but multiplied infinitely. That love knew me completely from the inside; it was very patient, with no limits: tender, which felt as if I was being held in cotton balls.
Possible NDE vs. an anesthesia experience.

3576. Neerie NDE 1/27/2014. NDE 7092. There was a guy there, around my age, with brown hair, and we were swinging. I remember it as being the best feeling in the world. Just total bliss! Anyway, I started to walk down a dark tunnel, but it wasn't scary, it, too, was warm and cozy. I heard my mom calling my name. The last thing I saw was when I turned around to look at the beginning of the tunnel, from where the light from the park was coming.
NDE at age 12 due to passing out and unconsciousness.

3575. Scot W Probable NDE 1/27/2014. Probable NDE 7090. As I began leaving my body, I could see myself from above. I looked like a crucifixion lying there, and then things, all things, time, space, the things man had thrown into space; all became dust to the wind I rode upon now. I was beyond the trinkets man had thrown into space and I was moving! It was too fast, my time was cut short, and emotions I had thought were bound only to flesh, became punishment for the trials I had failed.
Remarkably transcendent Probable NDE due to complications of necrotizing fasciitis (‘flesh eating bacteria’).

3574. Sara J NDE 1/27/2014. NDE 7089. From Canada. I experienced a sparkly light and a tunnel with light at the end. There was an unbelievable feeling of peace and of ‘coming home’. There was a voice speaking. I could not tell if it was my own mind or another entity, but instinctively felt that I should not try to intellectualize it, but just experience it. At one point, my whole life history flashed before my eyes and I thought of my parents.
NDE due to allergic reaction from tropical insect sting.

3573. Yvette P Possible NDE 1/27/2014. Possible NDE 7088. I'm in a park. Green grass was everywhere. It was very pretty and very clean. I see a black cat running up to me. It's my Amigo, my black cat who had passed away 6 months earlier. He runs towards me and leaps into my arms. He feels exactly the same. He was always a solid cat from his years on the streets. I hold him tight, I am so happy to see him. Joy fills me!! I cry a little bit. I hold him, hugging him, kissing him. He's rubbing his cheek on my face. I am so happy to see him. He is so happy to see me. This happiness is as if I've never felt before. I could feel his love and adoration. I have never felt happiness like this before in my life. It was peaceful, comforting, and so fulfilling.
Possible NDE associated with heart valve surgery.

3572. Jill W NDE 1/27/2014. NDE 7086. About halfway through the tunnel, a review of my life's events occurred. It was as if someone was flipping through a book: all sorts of life events, big and small, good and bad. Then I heard a voice say ‘Everything's all right.’ I reached the end of the tunnel and entered a field of light.
NDE due to disseminated intravascular coagulation and hemorrhage.

3571. Anne R FDE 1/27/2014. FDE 7085. Suddenly, I felt different. It was surreal. It was as if I'm at peace. I can see the water bubbling and I saw many white lights around us. I felt that I could breathe inside the water. I didn't feel terrified anymore.
Fear-death experience due to near drowning at age 15 in the Philippines.

3570. Melissa NDE 6/4/2013. NDE 22910. I was sitting in the dirt watching my dad make a horse for me out of wood. I was so excited at the thought that I was going to have a pony that I squeezed my dog with a tight hug and it turned to bite me in the face. my first memory of the OBE was my seeing my father lifting me over the fence to hand me to the neighbor on the other side telling my mom to get the dog away. I heard screams and saw my mom dragging the dog to the back yard and my sister and brother calling the police I remember telling them without speaking to be calm. It was my sister who was actually talking on the phone.
NDE following dog bite on face at age 3.

3569. Concetta S NDE 1/25/2014. NDEs 5461. From Italy. Original in Italian. Translated to English by Fran. A little later, a blinding light showed up to my right. Very firmly and with authority, it ordered me not to turn around, without words, as I did not need words to hear it. The light ordered me not to turn around because, 'It was not a place that I had to see.'
NDE during an operation.

3568. Angelo G Probable NDE 1/24/2014. Probable NDE 5460. From Romania. Original in Italian, translated to English by Fran These extraordinary experiences started when I suddenly fell into a big sense of ‘peace’. I felt very alive and with great awareness (similar to a deep meditation). I was surrounded (like being hugged) by a huge indescribable love that made me feel like I was in total happiness. It felt like a 'fatherly love' and I was so safe and filled with joy at its extraordinary presence, the likes of which I had never experienced before. I was traveling, flying, above all creation and I was speaking with God our Father as if we had been keeping the conversation going forever. He was leading me and addressing me in a deep, warm voice and I was feeling his immense fatherly love.
Probable NDE - The experience happened over a period of 5 days so it is hard to correlate the experience with time of death.

3567. Juan Pablo NDE 1/20/2014. NDE 7024/7020. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Adriana. When I arrived at the hospital, they injected me with 800 units of penicillin, which provoked the shutdown of my hearing and throat. Sometime later, they laid me on a stretcher where I saw a cousin of mine, who I told her to call all my friends to say goodbye to them. Instantly I lost my sight and was deaf, I began to listen to the Act of Contrition, which I hadn't learned when I was in my catechism lessons, but at that moment, I knew it all. At the same time, I began to feel such a peaceful feeling which I had never felt. I saw a child taking me by his hand to a place where a lot of people were welcoming me, a very nice place. I did not want to come back, I was so happy, but something pulled me back and I awoke.
NDE from an allergic reaction.

3566. Laurence D NDE 1/20/2014. NDE 7071. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Then I found myself submerged in total blackness. My sight changed to 360°. All was black; I was completely alone. It seemed that I had no body anymore. But, I was still there, more aware than ever. Then I thought (it imposed on me like an evidence) that this blackness was infinite, timeless with no beginning and no end. It was as if I was submerged inside forever, in total solitude. Time, like we feel it in our body, strangely wasn’t existing anymore. Understanding this, I felt an extraordinary flash of fear/panic/anguish coming over me. I went from a feeling of fear to an indescribable panic. Never before had I felt such anguish.
Distressing NDE from going unconscious.

3565. Huet Possible NDE 1/20/2014. Possible NDE 7059. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. During the experience, there was a sensation of violence, and a struggle, then an intense light.
Possible NDE but the experience was too fragmentary to tell for sure.

3564. Dennis F Possible NDE 1/19/2014. Possible NDE 7080. Their description of total peace and comfort is what I also felt. I didn't see a spirit. I knew the spirit was with me and it made me feel completely comfortable in my surroundings. I was completely enveloped by the feeling of absolute peace and tranquility. I also had as they described a feeling of total love. I felt the spirit. I felt surrounded by its presence. The scene that was unfolding in front of me was brilliant swirling of very intense colors. The background was HD brilliant Blue. The most vibrant Blue I've ever seen.
Possible NDE associated with Brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer.

3563. Martin S Possible NDE 1/19/2014. Possible NDE 7079. From the UK. I must reiterate at this point that there were NO feelings that were negative in anyway. I am not sure, while in that state, I could have even conceived what a negative thought was; it was an alien concept, whereas this was peace, bliss and contentment, as if I had never known in this life. I love my wife, children and family with all my heart but this plane of existence was different. We don't even have a name for the feeling I experienced in human terms. I remembered key words and phrases, which I felt was important and as the news ended I thought, 'How do I get back to my body?' Without knowing how, I was already sitting back where I had started.
Possible NDE, with remarkable verification of OBE experience.

3562. Harris B NDE 1/19/2014. NDE 7074. I then had an out of body experience, hovering above, while observing the attempts to resuscitate. I heard them discussing that they couldn’t get a pulse while they were communicating with the hospital by radio. It was dark above and very calm, peaceful. I had no fear of dying but realized that I was dying. I remember thinking to myself, chuckling, ‘I can’t believe I’m gonna die from a bee sting.’
NDE from bee sting.

3561. Julie K NDE 1/19/2014. NDE 7069. It felt like a slide because it was sending me toward this void in the darkness of a glowing white light. I think I was only unconscious for 30 seconds or so. Traveling quickly toward the light, I thought it was a crack under a doorway and I remember thinking 'there's no way I'm going to fit through there'. Think of sitting in a dark room with which the room next to you having the light. This is similar to what I was barreling toward, only it was a long, rectangular-shaped box of light, in the middle of complete darkness. Just as I was to enter the lighted void, I went under the doorway (so to speak) and into an instant state of euphoria. It was like 'ah-h-h-h-h, this is nice'. It was as if all my senses were pleased beyond normal. When I hit the light it was an emotion of 'relation', 'happiness', 'worry free' and complete comfort that goes beyond any words I have: almost a complete all-over orgasmic experience.
NDE due to car crash.

3560. Walter N NDE 1/19/2014. NDE 7068. While I was gone from my body, I was walking toward a brilliant light. It was brighter than anything that I had ever seen. As I kept going toward it, it kept going further and further away. I was so calm and peaceful. I knew that I wanted to be where the light was. I awoke five days later; I was both peaceful and calm.
NDE due to illness.

3559. Terry B NDE 1/19/2014. NDE 7066. Canada Suddenly, I was floating vertically around a magnificent cone-shaped light. I was drawn towards it and I could see myself moving closer to it. The voice of my grandmother, who had passed over five years earlier, told me to stay out of the light.
NDE due to drowning.

3558. Donna J NDE 1/19/2014. NDE 7064. I was also aware of how PEACEFUL everything was, there was brightness around me, and I had absolutely no sense of fear. This ‘peace’ I felt has stayed with me my whole life. The truth of that day was that I was face down in the water, just below the surface, with only my long, blond, sun-bleached hair floating on the surface of the water.
NDE due to drowning at age 5.

3557. Mark Possible NDE 1/19/2014. Mark Possible NDE 7061. From Australia As I was electrified, I was engulfed by tunnels of jade and blue, similar to worm tunnels you see in time-travel movies. Time seemed to stand still. I was connected to power for about 5 seconds according to witnesses around me told me at the time. But it felt more like 20 to 30 seconds.
Probable electrocution experience vs. possible NDE due to electrocution.

3556. Donald C NDE 1/19/2014. NDE 7060. After this, my Gram and him talked and she turned to me and said, ‘You have to go back.’ I think I even surprised myself, when I said ‘no, I want to stay here.’ At this point, Gram said that would make my family very sad because they love me very much. I said, ‘no they don't’ and was told to look. As I looked down, through what I thought was a television, I could see my sister and my brothers trying to revive me. My older sister was digging the mud out of my throat and nose. I was surprised. I could hear her saying, ‘Donnie breathe, Donnie breathe, please’, as she slapped my face. Then my Gram bent down, and while on one knee, turned me around and looked me straight in the face. With her hands on my shoulders she said the words that would haunt me, ’Donald you've got to go back, but remember. Remember You Are Part of Something Very Important!’
Exceptional NDE due to fall from a tree at age 10.

3555. Lani K NDE 1/20/2014. NDE 7057. The next thing I remember was a feeling of floating and peace. I'm certain there was a lot of noise from the car crashing, but I didn't hear any of it. It seemed as though I was in a peaceful, dark tunnel.
NDE due to auto accident.

3554. Eruera M NDE 1/5/2014. NDE 7053. From New Zealand I looked around at the trees and made a conscious decision to look at the trees because there was an aura of warmth and care emanating from that direction. When I looked at the trees, again they were aware of me. Exuding from the trees was love and acceptance.
Exceptional NDE due to injury during rugby game at age 15.

3553. Gillian M NDE 1/5/2014. NDE 7054. My next recollection is being in a vast, seemingly endless, space filled with brilliant white light. I recall no limits on perception, no binocular vision, but panoramic/spherical/360 degrees: hard to describe. I spent what seemed like a long time, certainly not minutes, hours, or days; more like weeks, months, or eons. Time was meaningless. I was with a group of beings that I felt I had known for a very long time. It seemed like more than 12 minutes and less than 25 minutes.
NDE due to cardiac arrest in a physician. Extensive and interesting discussion about the NDE.

3552. Wynne B Probable NDE 1/5/2014. Probable NDE 7056. I was in a place that was as vast as the ocean, except it was not really a place. It was like sound waves coated in gold, a place made of only vibrations, like the sea I could drift on them; only it felt like I was floating through a time and space that did not exist, I was weightless. Everything vibrated; there was no space or time, as I know it to be. There was only an endlessness of golden-laced vibration. I wish I could remember more or explain it better, but this is all I can remember.
Probable NDE during dental procedure with apparent nitrous oxide at age 6.

3551. Lizzy L FDE 1/5/2014. FDE 7055. Suddenly, nothing in this world meant anything to me. It was not that I cared, but rather, I no long believed I belonged to the earth. I was leaving it, but just then, the kayak man came along.
Fear-death experience from near drowning.