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3386. Shana S NDE 6/30/2013. NDE 6790. I went into a white ball of light… Brighter than the sun… A light clearly of mystical or other-worldly origin… I encountered a definite being, or a voice clearly of mystical or unearthly origin… I was with Jesus and He told me it was not my time.
Fragmentary description of NDE at age 8 due to accident.

3385. Kate B NDE 6/30/2013. NDE 6788. About the same time a pinpoint of light started, and I was moving rapidly towards it. I was picked up by a being of light who radiated peace and endless joy and compassion, not to my body, but to my soul. I didn't care where my body was. At first, I could see that the being was dressed in white, but he kept getting brighter and brighter. It seemed we were going up, but we stopped, and it was a gray area. God wasn't in the gray place, but God was everywhere else. We left there, and continued moving into the brightness above.
NDE due to severe illness.

3384. Scott S NDE 6/30/2013. NDE 6787. My entire life passed before my eyes-every single moment. It was also extremely peaceful and calming for me. I felt no pain whatsoever despite being severely beaten. Despite the beating, the near death experience was a very positive experience and only reinforced my belief in the afterlife.
Fear-death experience due to criminal attack. Life review while fighting off his attackers.

3383. Norina S Possible NDE 6/22/2013. Possible NDE 6783. From the Philippines. Ahead there was a ‘place’ of light or a glow of very cool unearthly colors, like a shade between yellow or gold or pale pink but nothing like any color I know. The light was bright but not glaring, enveloping but with no heat. Events I cannot understand were going on too fast. It was like I was going through or flying past them, and I am like I didn't want to go through that. I felt a ‘presence’ with a voice, but not really a voice. Somebody was leading me through that tunnel of light to get out of it or into something.
Probable anesthesia experience vs. possible NDE during emergency c'sarian section.

3382. Judith Possible NDE 6/22/2013. Possible NDE 6782. I was in awe that I could see how everything looked from that perspective. The night stands, the alarm clock, the chair, the entry to the bathroom. Then I felt myself turning to the doorway of the bedroom and slowly floating out into the hallway and down the hall all the while very close to, almost touching, and the ceiling. At the end of the hallway, there was the front door to the left and the den to the right. I was still marveling at how I could see everything from up there.
Possible NDE at time of severe flu.

3381. Mandy FDE 6/22/2013. FDE 6780. In a second's time, my fifteen years of life flashed before me as in a newsreel. Every single event from birth to present. My friend was able to stand, kept yelling for me to swim, and was holding out her hand to grab me. After going down two or three times, I was given the blessing of reaching her hand. We walked out of the water and I laid down and cried my eyes out because I knew I had nearly drowned. I had been fearless. I never lost consciousness. I was aware of every moment.
Fear-death experience associated with near-drowning at age 15. Shared 54 years later.

3380. Sharlene F Possible NDE 6/22/2013. Possible NDE 6778. From Canada. The next thing I remember is, I was hovering above the bed, way above it, higher than the ceiling. The room was filled with a bright, bright light with a pinkish hue. The light was brightest above me. I was floating. I could feel my whole body floating, not a feeling like an image, but actually floating like in water. I was looking down and I could see myself lying flat on my back and my husband still sitting up in the same position. He hadn't moved and I can remember thinking how on earth could he be so nonobservant with all this going on! I remember continuing to look down and hearing my mum's voice above me. She had passed away in March of that year. She said, ‘it's not time yet, you have to go back for Gareth and Damian.’ (My two sons who were young but not living with me.)Those were her exact words. I remember them clearly to this day. Next thing I remember I was back in my body and awake.
Possible NDE associated with left chest pain.

3379. Bolette L NDE 6/20/2013. NDE 5437. From Denmark. Original in Danish, translated to English by Runi. Everything was sharper and I could focus on it when I wanted to. Colors were clearer and vibrant. My field of view was all around. It was so beautiful and all the colors were unearthly beautiful. I was so happy and calm during all of my near death experience. I have hearing loss in my life, I did not have that in death, and I could hear much better than ever in my life. I had no trouble with my hearing; the sounds were beautiful and melodic. The conversations I had with others did not take place with sound, but rather with telepathy. I was completely filled with emotions, such as great joy, deep, deep love, comfort, gratitude, freedom, ‘EVERYTHING is as it should be’ feeling. All is well feeling.
Amazing NDE where she met her future son.

3378. Luri HD NDE 6/16/2013. NDE 5445. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. . I felt that I left the body and was moving through the road, not walking, just sliding through the road as if I floated. As I knew about the existence of other ‘dimension’, I knew that I should look for the ‘light’. I slid many meters (about 500 meters) when, suddenly, I felt a strong light behind me.
NDE from car accident.

3377. Doc S Possible NDE 6/15/2013. Possible NDE 6777. There was the seeming appearance of a glittering, draped, flowing black dynamic tunnel of sorts. It led to a yellow bright light. As it approached, and the light fell at my feet, I felt the pain in my head relieved. I saw no one and heard nothing. I felt a very satisfying feeling of well-being. As soon as this happened, I sensed in my mind, as if I was asking myself for some reason, ‘Well Doc, it is up to you.’ I felt that the meaning was whether to enter the light or not. I reflected very briefly, and ‘said’, ‘not now. I have a very ill cancer-ridden wife who needs my help to survive and depends on my daily nursing.’
Possible NDE due to poisoning by monosodium glutamate.

3376. Karen R NDE 6/15/2013. NDE 6776. Eventually, sooner or later, who knows when, we came to an area that was filled with what appeared to be many church pews filled with people praying. My guide/angel told me these people were all praying for me. At that time, and I don't remember exactly how I knew, I became aware that some/most of these people praying were not currently alive. I did see some people I recognized from my life that were still alive. I truly felt those prayers as a very strong force right then and there.
NDE due to auto accident.

3375. Beverly S Probable NDE 6/15/2013. Probable NDE 6775. The next thing I saw was a man with shoulder length hair dressed in a white robe. Our eyes met and we communicated to one another through our thoughts. During this encounter, I experienced such joy and elation, unlike any I had ever had before or since. We were in the clouds the entire time. Then, he conveyed the message that I had to go. I longed to stay there with this individual. In the next instant, I felt as if I were falling.
Probable NDE due to smallpox at age 6. Shared 54 years later.

3374. Lauren NDE 6/15/2013. NDE 6774. I remember nothing other than flying out of body through the top of my head. I floated around for a bit, everything was blue and was I unsure where I was. I looked down at my son in his incubator and remember thinking 'Am I dead? If I am dead, it's okay because the baby is alright.' (I later saw my son's picture from the same point in time it matched exactly what I saw, even though the incubator was on the other side of the curtain.) I floated out of the hospital and remember looking at the yellow bricks outside.
NDE due to blood loss during c'sarian section delivery. Contributor is a nurse.

3373. Rachel NDE 6/15/2013. NDE 6770. From the UK. I remembered the complications of her birth and struggled to recollect the outcome that she had survived. Once I had remembered, I immediately answered the voice and said 'No, wait, I can't go now'. The voice immediately replied in an urgent almost forceful tone 'Then you HAVE to wake up'. The commanding tone of the answer resounded in my head and I started to look around in the darkness for any slight change from the blackness that might indicate a way back to the operating theatre.
NDE from hemorrhage after emergency c'sarian section delivery.

3372. Marilyn B NDE 6/15/2013. NDE 6769. I did have a kid's version of a life review as I remembered to say the prayer the nuns had taught us to say at death---my life review was of only happy memories, but I watched them play out. The one in particular I remember seeing was of being four and in the kitchen while my Mom baked cookies. All the details were very clear including the smell of the cookies and the joy in the kitchen. All of this happened in time speeded up. It was light underwater when I surrendered to dying. My body stopped struggling and somehow I was able to float up to the top of the surface and crawl out of the pool.
NDE due to drowning at age 10-11. Shared 50 years later.

3371. Rita NDE 6/15/2013. NDE 6768. I appeared in another place that is hard to explain, floating in a different universe with tall beings (10 ft.) angelic-like not human-looking and very kind. Then I was floating or flying in front of my father who was running fast from the softball game, he looked very scared. I'm now looking down all I see is people huddling over me.
NDE at age 8 due to fall from tree with head trauma.

3370. Viola NDE 6/13/2013. NDE 6751. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. Suddenly, there was a flash like a camera-flash. Never had I felt so good, no pain and I seemed to be floating, it was as if I was not ill, no pain and no nausea. Everything around me faded out and I seemed to be in a park which appeared very familiar, time slowed and distant voices could be heard as if shouting technical terms. Meanwhile, I wandered slowly through this park which seemed endless, feeling a warmth in my chest which grew stronger when I saw Ana.
NDE from reaction to chemotherapy.

3369. Greg A NDE 6/9/2013. NDE 6764. I saw the most brilliant light and felt the most loving feeling coming from the voice of a figure in the light. It was a friend who had died in June of that same year but that was not the only voice I heard and felt - there was another voice that told me, 'Son, it is not yet your time to go, there is still something left here on earth for you to do.' The voice of my friend told me, 'It is so beautiful and loving here, but you can't come in yet.' I saw a few other figures in the light. To me the light was so peaceful with so much love that I can't begin to tell you how I felt.
NDE due to drowning.

3368. Bernardea NDE 6/5/2013. NDE 6723. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon. I was ‘told’ in a telepathic way, ‘You cannot die, and you haven't yet seen this street’. And I was teleported above a great bridge. My perception of colors and the wonder of the world was increased. I was opposite a little street going up past a restaurant called ‘Rhul’. It is true that I did not know this street.
NDE due to allergic reaction.

3367. Deborah W NDE 6/4/2013. NDE 6758. I could hear medical staff saying they lost me two to three times… It was like a huge cathedral and I knew I had to stay there and watch my operation with my mother. She was sitting on a settee dressed in a beautiful off white gauze skirt and over blouse… I knew the magnificent healers, there were four, and were not to be reckoned with! They were there to help the doctors keep me alive only.
NDE due to ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

3366. Vido NDE 6/4/2013. NDE 6754. I vividly recall my life playing as if it was a video before my eyes in vivid detail. I can remember staring at my graph on the defibrillator monitor as my birth experience played out and I remember that female voice as she looked down on me while the delivery team resuscitated me and brought me to life. I had this feeling of sorrow and yet inner peace knowing that I may be dying. I always believed in an afterlife and was not afraid. I blacked out and came to as I was being rushed down a hallway into the trauma unit.
Two experiences. Probable NDE at birth, and NDE vs fear-death experience when accidently shot in chest with staple. Interesting life review during second experience with awareness of his own resuscitation at birth.

3365. Karen FDE 6/4/2013. FDE 6752. That's when I saw my life flash before me, from when I was young on up. I also saw my grandfather standing by me with the same smile he always had. He didn't say a word. He had passed years before. I felt such utter peace, serenity, and tranquility like never before. I felt a perfect warmth, like I was totally safe and taken care of. All was perfectly ok. I felt total calm, like never before.
Fear-Death Experience due to near hit by lightning.

3364. Jack Ketamine 4/13/2013. Ketamine Experience, OBE 22855. I sensed a presence to the rear right of me and I could see a winged creature with a dragon/lion-like face similar to those seen in Asian art and architecture. It was flying around, coming closer to me in the void I was floating in. I felt a strong energy and my brain was buzzing on the right side. It came close to me and landed on the right side of my head. Suddenly I felt I was being sucked downwards, and I had the sensation of falling. I began coming over the crest of a waterfall and falling down, only the waterfall was made of thousands of nooses, turning and twirling around.
Ketamine experience. Excellent example of how ketamine experiences are radically different from NDEs and STEs.

3363. Pierrette Possible NDE 6/3/2013. Possible NDE 6734. From France. Original in French, translated by Marguy. I was clinically dead for twenty seven seconds. I was raising and there were plenty of people around me making faces. Then a huge hand took me and I went up at top speed. And there they told me: you have to pray for Isr'l. I'm believing, but not practicing. I woke up while still praying.
Several deaths, but only one Probable NDE.

3362. Irene NDE 6/3/2013. NDE 6728. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated by Manuel. All of a sudden I was inside a tunnel, dark and starry, like the sky at night. At the end of it there was a light, but not white. It was colorful, like all the colors of the rainbow. Something was pulling me to the light. When I finally arrived and went through it, I saw shadows without faces. They were talking to me telepathically.
NDE suicide attempt.

3361. Anthony N NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 6749. The next thing I remember is going through the tunnel and sitting on G-d's lap. He was sitting on an overstuffed chair. He had his arm around me even though I was tiny and He was huge. There was a blinding, bright, white light behind Him. He was wearing a white robe. He had white hair. He was talking to me without moving His lips. He was telling me that I had to come back, that it wasn't my time. He said that I had stuff to do, and things to experience. I didn't want to leave, but didn't protest. I was feeling the most intense love I have never felt before or since.
NDE due to antidepressant medication overdose in suicide attempt at age 15.

3360. Michelle P Probable NDEs 5/26/2013. Probable NDEs 6748. I could see everyone around me, many doctors and nurses, and I felt at peace. When I woke up, I was told I was very, very sick and they had to get the infection under control before they could do open-heart surgery. I had surgery march 28th. During surgery, I felt my dead father's presence, I felt at peace, and I knew I would be ok. The thought that I had was that my father wanted me to be ok to take care of my mom.
Probable NDE due to respiratory arrest secondary to complications of MRSA infection.

3359. Kale M NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 6745. My spirit then moved to the east window and I could see the car race north to the hospital. While everyone was rushing about me, my spirit was at peace, calm, and somewhat curious. As spirit, I had no legs, but that caused no panic. I was flying and that caused no panic. Everyone else was going nuts and that caused no panic.
NDE due to seizure secondary to encephalitis from German measles at age 7. Shared 53 years later.

3358. Laura NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 6743. When I ran out of strength to fight, I said to myself, ‘he is not going to let me out. I am going to die now. My life is over. What about my mother? What is she going to do? What a terrible scandal, why is this happening?’ Then it was over... Although I was not looking at the water because my head was pinned down and I was obviously unconscious, the light was drawing me to it. I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and a release, and felt so free to escape that way. I was seeing visions of shimmery dark figures in the distance, but could not make it out. But, I felt that at this time, it was where I was supposed to go. As I began to get closer and feel more and more love, I felt my hair being pulled up. A voice that said ‘Oh no,’ or ‘uh oh,’ or something, and before I knew it I was conscious again.
NDE due to drowning.

3357. Susan T NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 6740. When my heart had stopped and I became aware of ‘getting the hell beat out of me’. It was the nurses doing chest compressions. Then I heard a female voice saying ‘her face is white, her face is grey.’ I saw them put three tubes down my throat. They looked black to me at the time, but, upon waking in my room, they were the typical opaque white tubes.
Apparent awareness during resuscitation from cardiac arrest due to surgical complication and an OBE later.

3356. JB Rene A NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 6739. From the Philippines. It became my companion as we traveled a very vast green meadow. As we traveled further, I sensed there was a festival along the far horizon. I couldn’t hear sounds. I could only sense what was happening. I felt joy. My whole being was so peaceful. I didn’t even know what pain and sorrow were anymore. I didn’t have the correct adjective to describe what I felt. The light started a ‘conversation’ with me. It wasn’t audible but I could understand the words he was saying. He was speaking to me through my mind. I can still clearly remember his words. ‘Be humble. Say this words three times. Pray as simple and short as you will. ‘Have mercy on me, a sinner.’
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3355. Patricia H Probable NDE 5/26/2013. Probable NDE 6737. Three angels hovered together at the foot of my bed. Beautiful is not a powerful enough word to describe them. Many years earlier, I had studied scripture of angels telling us they existed, created by God to watch over everyone, guarding, and these were for me! Their faces were bright but my vision seemed hazy. They never spoke but they covered my soul with their presence, enveloping my entire body with love. God had inaudibly spoken to my spirit revealing that Ron was with Him in heaven. I was soooo jealous! I wanted to go to heaven, too... After a three-year recovery, I realized my purpose after the accident in God's eyes was different from the world's view. I was to tell everyone to be of good cheer. There is a God and heaven. I've been there and my purpose is to tell you about it.
Probable NDE due to overwhelmingly severe injuries in motorcycle crash.

3354. Judith W NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 6736. I had a Block and an Episiotomy. Then everything was black. I was sliding down something like an auger. I felt comfortable and warm. I had no pain. I was sliding down to the very brightest light I have ever seen. It was comforting. I was not frightened. On my slide, I saw a cameo-like face of my baby, then my mother, then my husband, and then my dad. They told me it was too soon. It was too soon to leave. You have your baby, I thought. I was smiling. I kept sliding to the light.
NDE due to hemorrhage following delivery. Encountered living people during experience which is very uncommon.

3353. Jeffrey S NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 6733. From Canada. When I sat down, I looked to the aircraft now about fifty feet away from me. The cockpit windows were level with the ground so I could see into the cockpit when I sat down. To my almost horror, I saw the captain’s seat upside down and an arm and leg dangling from it! I knew at that moment I was looking at myself... They looked at each other with a weird look and said Jeff, can we bring in the helicopter pilot who found you and rescued you? I said, ‘yes of course.’ I shook his hand and they asked me to briefly share my story again. When I did, the helicopter pilot started to cry. He said Captain, when I found you, you were hanging upside down in your seat and you did not exit the aircraft... The thing that still no one can answer is why they found fifty four blood-soaked paper towels strewn all in front of the aircraft, with a trail leading to the edge of the tree line as I explained.
Remarkable NDE with unexplained phenomena. We have never encountered an NDE like this, and have no explanation for what is described.

3352. Adele P Probable NDE 5/26/2013. Probable NDE 6731. I was aware of my deceased mother and father. They were in a dim gray light. My mother was in front of my father and she was wearing her hair and clothing the way women did during the World War II. My father was behind her but he looked like he did after he had surgery for head and neck cancer. Much older than my mom looked. My mom smiled at me and lifted the palm of her hand as if saying, ‘Don't come.’ My dad gave me the ok sign he always did when I did something to please him. Some moments went on and then they disappeared into the gray light. The next day I was taken to the hospital and the emergency room doctor told my daughter that I was very, very ill and might not live. I was hospitalized for fourteen days. It took me eight months or so to fully recover. After that experience, I was not and am not afraid to die.
Probable NDE due to sepsis.

3351. Alan G NDE 5/26/2013. NDE 6730. From Australia I found myself sitting on this bench seat in the most wonderful place. It felt so warm and comforting yet there was no scenery, only a light fog. I saw this old man approaching me and immediately I felt that I had known him all my life but didn't recognize him. He appeared quite old and yet I felt he was quite a lot younger than he appeared. He sat with me on the bench seat and we talked for what seemed like hours about my early life, from a small child to my mid-twenties when I married. So much of his discussion I didn't remember about my childhood, but there was a sufficient amount that I did remember that I knew he had known me all my life. Then he talked through my thirty plus years of marriage and the death of my wife three years ago.
NDE due to heart attack.

3350. Timothy H Possible NDE 2/25/2013. Possible NDE 22850. From Ireland. I can remember looking down from the sky at my funeral. I was at peace and so calm and perfect. It was so clear and it was very bright. I was looking down. I knew all my friends and family were there that day, but I couldn't see them, they were there in spirit. I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life and I really believe that I walked through the valley of the shadow of death and it was the most peaceful and perfect moment of my life. I don't think of this everyday but it is always with me, it was so amazing, My mum and dad got a phone call from the neurologist and were told we have did all we can and don't know if your son will live or die. It was a miracle for me to recover as well!
Possible NDE due to head injury.

3349. Kenneth P NDE 5/14/2013. NDE 6717. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter. I saw pictures of my life flashing before my eyes, in a perfect chronological order. I then told myself I was dying.
NDE from allergic reaction to imaging dye.

3348. Jenny S NDE 5/14/2013. NDE 5449. From Belgium. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. But I understood!! What I didn't see with my eyes was becoming suddenly aware that I was no longer in this world; the water was such a beautiful blue, a swan was swimming there which seemed to be glowing from the inside out, it was radiant. Everything radiated an indescribable light and I was part of that light, everything was part of that light. It was a feeling of rest, love and serenity I had never experienced in my life - the feeling of fulfillment, of being complete, without pain, without a body. When I realized I was without a body it felt as if a block of granite had been lifted from me and I could comprehend my pure self. I was just a dot but just as lively and at the same time as softly radiant as everything around me. The grass was greener than green and smelled mildly wet but inviting. The trees and their leaves shimmered and the sound of the wind was as music.
NDE from electrocution.

3347. Meinhard G Possible NDE 5/13/2013. Possible NDE 5448. From Switzerland. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I was moving at high speed through a dark tunnel toward a strong light at the end of the tunnel. Then I floated out of the tunnel into a very bright light, which completely enveloped me. There was a feeling of great love surrounding me. While I was in this abundance of light and love, I noticed that I was standing in front of a stage similar to a stage of a theater. There were two female, angelic looking beings of light. They had bodies but were shining so brightly that I could not see their faces in detail. They encouraged me not to be afraid.
Possible NDE at time of birth.

3346. Walter N Probable NDE 5/11/2013. Probable NDE 6722. I had passed out at home and died on the way to the hospital. I was resuscitated. Then taken to the emergency room, where I had died a second time. My body started shutting down. My soon-to-be- ex was asked who she would like to perform the funeral. I was in a coma for five days before waking up and realizing where I was… I was taken into a long tunnel, but the closer I got to a light, the farther it seemed to be away from me.
Probable NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3345. Lennie K Probable NDE 5/11/2013. Probable NDE 6721. The next moment I remember my vision tunneling and then I began to see purple space and stars. If you go to Google images and type in ‘purple nebula,’ it is strikingly similar to what I saw. I don't know what to call it, but seeing and experiencing this ‘galaxy’-type feeling was a very incredible thing. I felt calm, relaxed, and soothed.
Experience due to game of inducing unconsciousness. Many people have died doing this.

3344. Connie F NDE 5/11/2013. NDE 6719. During this time, I remember the feeling of being overwhelmed, and then complete darkness. There must have been a pause or some sort of change occurring as my feelings were very different. I was aware of being somewhere else. Somewhere not where my physical body was. There was complete darkness, but more than darkness as in absence of light. It felt like nothingness. I looked around hoping to find a light or some loving presence, but there was nothing. The most absolute nothing I could imagine. I began to panic and the fear I felt was like nothing I have experienced before or after. The realization that there was nothing there, no light at the end of the tunnel, nothing. I was absolutely alone.
NDE due to accidental heroin overdose with apparent respiratory arrest. Frightening void experience.

3343. Jiaheng I Probable NDE 5/9/2013. Probable NDE 5444. From Hong Kong, China. Original in Chinese, translated to English by Helen. I can see that the sky is very bright even though it was nighttime. A voice in my head told me ‘He/She’ is God and I could feel that He completely understands and knows my entire life. I felt that He was God, all-powerful, and that he could help me. So I started to beg him, begging him loudly in my heart, ‘Please, help me! I do not want to die! Give me one more chance for me to live a meaningful life!’ I kept apologizing to Him, apologizing for the life I had been living. I said to Him, ‘if I don’t die, if I don’t die, if I don’t die, I would, would, would….’ Then He said, 'You would go to church, yes?' I immediately agreed, as I felt my heart about to stop, and my eyes shutting, I felt that in 3 seconds I would leave this world, 3, 2, 1. Suddenly I felt strength in my body. My eyelids lifted with ease, circulation returned to my hands and feet, and my body started to get warm.
Probable NDE from an atheist who met God.

3342. Kristen L Probable NDE 4/12/2012. Probable NDE 16034. I was surrounded by a brilliant light, warm and pure! I felt completely enveloped by this light. I was cocooned in it! I had been in darkness for weeks, but this light brought no pain. In fact, the very concept of ‘pain’ seemed to not exist. This idea did not occur to me at the time, of course, but now that I am trying to describe it, this seems to be the best way. All fears, all emotional and physical pain was gone. Everything felt so right, so perfect! I also just seemed to know that I was in the presence of God (or Jesus.) I remember experiencing the most indescribable joy! Of the near death experience characteristics you have mentioned, these were present: the wonderful, enveloping light, the intensely joyous emotions, my sensing of God's presence, and finally, my return to my body. About returning to my body, I do not think I was given a choice.
Probable NDE from meningitis.

3341. Clyde S NDE 5/5/2013. NDE 6716. The sky was lavender and the fog was still lavender and swirling around my feet. I was looking around and going, ‘Wow!’ and ‘Far out! This is really cool!’ About that time, I noticed ahead of me an opening in the trees from which a lady emerged and started walking toward me. She was dressed in a lavender gown! I never saw her face, as it was sort of blanked out. Anyway, she came up to me, placed her hand on my forehead, and gently pushed me back down.
NDE due to heat stroke.

3340. Joan K NDE 5/5/2013. NDE 6715. I could not breathe anymore. I had no more pain. Everything was very calm and peaceful. Then came a light like I have never seen. The only way to explain is like being outside looking up at the sun with your eyes closed. Then all of a sudden, air came into my lungs I jumped up and out of the tub in millisecond. There was my four year old son holding the plug to the curling iron. He pulled it out. What made him know how to save his mom?
NDE due to electrocution.

3339. Frank G FDE 5/5/2013. FDE 6714. From the UK. I spent an eternity wallowing in a universe of knowledge that made me whole, connected and an integral part of everything that had ever existed, past present and future. I felt what love really is, not an emotion but knowledge and it was housed in every gene that my identity and awareness was composed of. I welcomed such a feeling with eager open arms like a long lost friend. It resonated with being back in my mother’s womb, safe and out of harm’s way and I had no cares in the world. I was surrounded by peace which permeated the very core, soul and essence of my body.
Among the most detailed and dramatic fear-death experiences that we have ever received. Happened as the result of a rock climbing fall. Also notable for more close calls with death in their life than we have ever seen.

3338. Bonnie C NDE 5/5/2013. NDE 6713. From the UK. I was fascinated to see that I was somehow poured into a corner. I could see that I was somehow fluid and I saw that I was some kind of silver-like liquid mercury, or a silver thread-like being. After hearing I had died, I said very matter of fact, ‘oh. So I died. I always wondered how I would die. But, I'm not dead. Don't they know I'm not dead?’ I seemed to turn away and very quickly was sucked into a small tight tunnel. It was dark and I could see a small pin prick of light at the end. I was told if I am ever to speak of this then to give this message: It's not complicated, don't make it so. And, we have it all backwards. We don't live and then die but we die and then live. Stop searching to answer the mystery when there isn't one.
NDE due to shock.

3337. Robert N NDEs 1/5/2016 & 5/5/2013. NDEs 7869/6712. There is no anger in heaven, there is no hate, there is no violence but that does not mean there are no misunderstandings. Does that mean that that particular soul does not want to see you or talk to you? No, not at all, you can have the opportunity to sit with that soul and other higher level Angels to find a solution to the challenges you two may have. You can discuss and ask questions about why they may have done certain things that affected you in a dramatic way. Perhaps there is an explanation we did not see on earth that would make sense now that we are in heaven again. This may sound strange but you must remember we are not perfect and we must grow our souls to become close to GOD and to achieve a high status in Heaven. We have lifetimes upon lifetimes to learn and to grow. Unfortunately there are times when we are not able to secure this meeting since the other soul has chosen to return to earth to relearn or learn a new task.
Remarkable NDEs (3) due to cardiac arrest.

3336. Christina C Probable NDE 5/5/2013. Probable NDE 6708. From Canada. I was falling down a grey Tunnel, tried to catch myself along the walls but someone( looked like nurses) pushed me away from the walls and suddenly I felt a bright , very intense light around me, and warmth, and a feeling of love, like butterflies in my stomach, only a thousand times more intensive than like 'being in love'. Peaceful, warm and feeling loved like never before. Then I woke up and there was a nurse sitting at my bedside watching over me. It was like I was paralyzed until the next day. Couldn't speak but knew and heard everything. That part was a bit scary. Next day all was over and I thought I had dreamt and never talked about until I read a similar experience 20 years later. I still remember that and it helped me a lot when my husband died some weeks ago. I knew he would be in a better place.
Probable NDE due to anesthetic overdose around time of delivery.

3335. Marina R Probable NDE 4/28/2013. Probable NDE 6702. I remember the contractions all around me. I was 'seeing' in the darkness. I could feel my mother’s fear. I was feeling overcome by drugged sleep, and sliding and losing control going down a slippery slope. I guess that is both literal and metaphorical. I felt a sheer veil of panic. It felt like everything was moving very fast but slow at the same time. I was very aware that there wasn’t anybody there to receive me. They didn’t even see me or know I was there! I have always had this feeling I am not seen, or that they think I'm invisible. I feel/see the room along with the doctor and two nurses. At the same time, I saw my dad in joy about me. But I am in a bell jar with the feeling of being disconnected between us. Like a museum piece.
Very thought provoking pre-life remembrance and probable NDE shortly after birth.

3334. Laura P NDE 4/28/2013. NDE 6698. I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and an amazing sense of tranquility. I felt badly that I was leaving my husband behind with the kids in our cramped home in town, but somehow I knew he and the children would be all right. In the far distance, I saw a light. I could vaguely make out movement, as if there were several people in the distance. I could not make out whom they were. I was headed in the direction of the activity. I did not know how I was moving, but I was. Suddenly, I felt a crushing pain in my chest. My eyes opened. I found myself in the emergency room surrounded by medical personnel. The floor was covered with a long printout strip from the electrocardiogram machine. ‘Don’t do that again!’ I yelled.
NDE due to cardiac arrest secondary to cardiac arrhythmia.

3333. Catherine NDE 4/28/2013. NDE 6697. From Australia. After what seemed like an interminable amount of time trapped in pure fear and confusion, I heard a voice. Seemingly, it was in my head, not experienced as being outside of me, telling me that I had to make a choice about whether to return or whether to keep going. I understood that there was no coming back if I chose to go on... Now I understand that I was being shown a profound lesson. That we are not our minds; that the mind is an unconscious thing that spits out thoughts, beyond our control, just like the Buddhists explain it.
NDE due to episode of unconsciousness of unknown cause.

3332. Sandi M NDE 4/28/2013. NDE 6696. I remember the doctors and nurses rushing me to the operating room. I lay there, slipping in and out of consciousness, until I passed out. At that exact moment, I passed out. I remember seeing the doctors and nurses yelling things. I saw my husband, looking afraid. I continued hovering above my body and watched myself being operated on. Then, in a flash, I felt as though I were in another world. I was somewhere else, but I cannot explain it. It wasn't a room, nor clouds, nor anything I can really describe. Maybe a void? Everything was white. It was not a white light, but like a white dimension, or a white realm where it was just me and this tall, strange looking man wearing a suit.
NDE due to uterine rupture around time of delivery.

3331. Kathy K NDE 4/28/2013. NDE 6694. As I watched from above, I saw what is described as ‘my life passing before my eyes.’ I had never heard this term before, but I saw every moment of my life, as if I were watching a movie. I was only seven, so there was no sin to account for, no lessons to learn, but I did see a complete life review. It couldn't have taken more than a few seconds. My sister noticed that I had not surfaced, and had her friend Sonny jump in and pull me out.
NDE due to drowning at age 7.

3330. Harold D Probable NDE 2/9/2013. Probable NDE 22840. Then I noticed a group of people across the creek. They were older people, all dressed in white. I didn't know any of them. Now here's the kicker. My wife had died 2 yrs. earlier and she came from around the back of them. She came to me. I was standing at the edge of the creek. She walks to the other side of the creek up to the edge and then tells me, ‘It's not my time. You have to go back.’ I told her I want to stay with her. Then she says, ‘Harold you have to go back, it's not your time.’ She told me we would be together again. Then it felt like I was being sucked back, like I was dropped into my body.
Probable NDE at time he had the flu.

3329. Samantha H NDE 4/20/2013. NDE 6692. My focus was on what was being shown to me. A sort of film reel was directly in front of me but up just a bit. It was like watching an immense, very clear TV. I was watching images of every event that had taken place in my life. My entire life all in pictures. The most interesting part of it was that with each picture, with all the pictures (there were more than I could count), I re-experienced the original feelings that had accompanied each one. And this was happening all at the same time!
NDE due to severe blood loss after delivery. Remarkable life review.

3328. Teri B NDE 4/20/2013. NDE 6691. From Canada I was in labor. After twelve hours my heart stopped. I remember watching them work on me from above. After I left my body, there was no pain. I went through a tunnel at high speed. It was wonderful there and I did not want to come back. I heard a male voice telling me I had to go home and that I was needed there. As fast as I was out of my body, I was back in to it.
NDE due to apparent cardiac arrest during childbirth.

3327. Matt T NDE 4/20/2013. NDE 6689. I could feel the 'love' and that's all that mattered. I was content right there! Then, just as suddenly as before, I heard ‘my’ question. I don’t recall what it was, but I felt compelled to accept. I 'flew' off into the darkness before me in a giant swooping action. There was 'nothingness', just my thoughts and me. I did not want to think. I floated there in the darkness for what seemed like a long, long time. I felt nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing. I even stopped thinking. I was, but I wasn't. Then I heard bubbling sounds first, and then I could see red. I could taste nothing and do not recall feeling anything physically. The ever-so-faint feeling of 'love' lingered, but a billion times less than on the beach. It was a billion times less than near the orb. This lasted for a while.
NDE due to falling age 9. Shared 51 years later. Reincarnation imagery.

3326. Eric A Probable NDE 4/20/2013. Probable NDE 6688. From Canada. At this point I heard a fifth voice speak to me. A voice that was more powerful, even more loving and compassionate than the voices of the Angels. He lifted me up in his arms and I was completely filled with his light and his love completely. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced and I didn't want to leave. Even though I couldn't see him I knew this was Jesus. He said to me, ‘This isn't your time; I still have plans for you. So wake up now Eric and know that I love you. I love you so much, so wake up now.’ He kept repeating these words until I did wake up. I was lying on a bed inside a hospital.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt.

3325. Laila NDE 4/16/2013. NDE 6670. From Sweden. Original in Swedish, translated to English by Oskar. I separated from my body and then heard unfamiliar voices telling me to go back. I also saw a bright light further away. After around thirty seconds, I came back. I heard ordinary voices and could feel my body again. I was back to the strong labor pains.
NDE from reaction to laughing gas (nitrous oxide).

3324. Fatemeh D NDE 4/14/2013. NDE 6685. I had two failed brain surgeries, one on 01/12/2013, and the other one year earlier on 01/25/2012. The night after the second surgery, the nurse inserted a needle into the intravenous line in my neck (I don't know why the line she used was connected to my neck vein instead of my hand) to inject something that she later said was an anti-inflammatory medication. My husband was in the room. He reported that I said, ‘I am dying,’ and then had a violent convulsion, and passed out. I remember seeing myself dead. The image I saw looked like a pencil sketch drawn by a child. Then another sketch appeared, right beside the first one. In this one, I saw myself starting to breathe again. I said, or thought, to myself, ‘I am not dead.’ My husband says I only passed out for a few seconds. The ‘pictures’ of me that I saw are as vivid in my memory now as they were that night. And something strange: I didn't feel scared, just sad, when I thought I was dying.
Brief NDE due to loss of consciousness accompanied by a convulsion lasting a few seconds following the injection of an anti-inflammatory after brain surgery.

3323. Shar B Probable NDE 4/14/2013. Probable NDE 6681. I remember waking up absolutely furious that I was still alive, yet very appreciative of the beautiful day outside. Over the next few months, the experience came back in bits and pieces. The tunnel, the light, the being that told me that this was not the first time I had opted out of this lifetime. Twice before I had come to learn the lessons I had chosen, but ran from them in suicide. I was told that they would accept me with love, but if I was smart I would go back and learn those lessons! I chose to come back, I guess. I'm here forty three years later.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt.

3322. Chad C NDE 4/13/2013. NDE 6679. Ahead of me were… people? I couldn't see them but felt them ahead of me, past the cliff. The ‘light’ was out in front of them, so I could only make out forms, like silhouettes. There were many of them, like a crowd that was shoulder to shoulder. I remembered something about my grandmother, who passed in 1999. I don't know if she was there or if maybe I was looking for her. As I was on the cliff, still heading toward the group, I came to understand that the group was trying to tell me to go back. I didn't make a conscious effort or decision to go back, but I remember the group getting further and further away from me. I then began to sense my body again, as if I were in two places at once. The darkness was starting to fade, and I felt I was returning to my body
NDE due to cardiac arrest as complication of apparent chronic cardiac arrhythmia.

3321. Miles NDE 4/14/2013. NDE 6678. From Scotland. It was Christ. Standing, in a robe, with his arms raised to his shoulder height and straight out. He was smiling a smile expressing peace and love. He was dressed in white and although the cross he stood in front of dominated him due to its sheer physical size, it did not appear to intimidate him in the slightest. Rather, it made him appear very confident. He appeared to be implying that as he had overcome that which was behind him, that I too had the strength to overcome whatever might be behind me during my prior life. He was about five foot ten, and I guess about a dozen feet in front of me.
NDE due to hypothermia. Dramatic account of approaching death and apparent remarkable healing after encounter with Christ that allowed her to hike miles to safety.

3320. Caren M NDE 4/14/2013. NDE 6677. They did not speak in words, I just knew this to be. It was like telepathy, but more direct. I also remember a large circle, but I do not remember what its purpose was. The next thing I knew my friend was shaking me and slapping my face. I remember that I could hardly breathe or catch my breath, and I was afraid I was going to die again. I felt sheer terror like I have never known, and never want to feel again, but I do not remember why. It feels like either I was not allowed to remember or I can't because I won't let myself. At that point, I was at the end of her relative’s driveway lying by the road. She said to me, ‘I thought you were gone.'
Frightening NDE due to unconsciousness of unknown cause.

3319. Peter L NDE 2/4/2013. NDE 22837. From the UK. After some seconds I felt weightless and was floating. I then heard a voice calling me saying, ‘Peter.’ Then she called me again a bit louder. I asked her ‘Is this it? Is this what happens next? She then said to me, ‘You can come with me now Peter. Everything is going to be fine.’ I looked for where the voice was coming from. Then there was a great white light in front of me. She then called me again saying, ‘Peter everything is going to be fine, you can come with me now.’ I then said, ‘No I have to go back.’ She said, ‘Why do you have to go back?’ I said, ‘My wife was on her own.’ She said, ‘Then it's fine, she will be okay. Don't worry.’ I said, ‘No, I have to go back. She is on her own and she needs me.’ Then the light faded. I was coming around and came back to consciousness.
NDE due to severe nosebleed, then passing out at hospital.

3318. Liz T NDE 1/14/2013. NDE 22836. It had been my turn to ‘try’ the game, so I had spun around and held my breath while a friend squeezed me. My next memory is of being high above the group of children, higher than the tree, looking down on them. I could see one girl lying on the ground and the other children standing around her. There was no emotion connected to the experience. It felt totally natural to be in that state, and I did not recognize the child on the ground as being myself. My next memory is of ‘waking up’ on the ground, feeling slightly sick to my stomach and very dizzy.
NDE due to induced unconsciousness from childhood 'game'.

3317. Dominique V FDE 4/7/2013. FDE 6648. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon Then I had a strange turn and I left my body. It was as though I was snapped up and over the roof of the car into an immense and serene light. I began to rise above the car, which continued on its way at a good speed. At this point, the road had a slight bend and I said to myself, 'Hey, the car hasn't turned enough, that's weird!' At the same time, I felt as if I was flying. It was nice and enjoyable.
Fear Death Experience from an auto accident

3316. Liam O NDE 4/7/2013. NDE 6674. From the UK. It felt like I was drifting off somewhere and I remember this incredibly calm, euphoric feeling coming over me. Then my whole life. Every single second, flashed before my eyes at what seemed like light-speed, but I still was able to comprehend everything. Not just every event, but every interaction I'd ever had. I saw how my words and actions had affected the recipients and what they had thought of me, good or bad. After that, I started drifting off into this dark void and my euphoria turned to abject terror as my mind turned to thoughts of annihilation, drifting into this darkness, as if I thought the lights were going to go out for me permanently.
NDE from drowning at age 12.

3315. Brendan F NDE 4/7/2013. NDE 6673. From the United Kingdom I found myself outside of my body, standing about three feet away from the pushchair, looking at myself lying on the ground. Then I watched my brother and sister run into the shop to fetch my mother. My mother came rushing out of the shop and when she saw me lying stationary on the ground, she threw her arms into the air and ran back into the shop to seek help. Within a short time, one of the workers from the shop came running out with my mother, glanced down at me and then ran back into the shop to reappear a short while later carrying a large bandage. He then picked me up, placed me back into the pushchair, and started to wrap the bandage around my head. It was at this point that the experience ended.
NDE at age 2 ½ due to fall with head injury. Shared 52 years later.

3314. Annette Q NDE 4/7/2013. NDE 6672. From Ireland While this struggle to get my body to respond was going on, I was watching them from above. I saw the doctor leave the operating room to go and tell my husband that it was all over. Meanwhile, I was experiencing an indescribable feeling of unconditional love and felt surrounded by the purest white light. The peace and love in which I was engulfed was simply too vast to be described in words. What I really wanted was to get lost in this peace and love. But, instead, I asked God, (an awesome presence that surrounded me) to let me go back. I said, ‘I have to go back, my baby is just over one year old and my other two daughters need me. I cannot stay here now.’
NDE due to cardiac arrest due to seizures as a result of an adverse reaction to medication which was part of treatment for tetanus.

3313. Mary L Possible NDE 4/7/2013. Possible NDE 6676. It all seemed like it wasn't real, like it was a movie or something. Next thing I remember is that I was being wheeled down the hallway on a gurney, and I was in extreme pain. I believe this was when they took me to the intensive care unit... There was so much noise from the code team that I was only able to hear the loudest people in the room.
Possible NDE vs. probable awareness during CPR associated with internal blood loss and cardiac arrest.

3312. Dr Sandrine B NDE 4/2/2013. NDE 6661. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marie. I saw in a moment (although time was different from how it is on Earth) my whole life, from birth to my current age of fifteen years. It was something like watching a movie, but with the addition of all the sensations, feelings, and experiences that I had lived through, including what my consciousness was like and even my ability to love others. Everything about me was present in what I was being shown. I watched this film without being able to change anything, but with no sense of judgment, no regret, and no enmity. I was perfectly ready to die… and I felt so good!!! Then a cone of white light greeted me. It was pure and intense love, peace, compassion and absolute knowledge. This cone had opened up right at the top of my head and so I found myself thus against a kind of luminous robe worn by a being made of light—a man I did not know but with whom I felt I belonged, as I had never felt on Earth with anyone else.
Physician and an Experiencer!

3311. Hilde Probable NDE 4/1/2013. Probable NDE 5447. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I had an appendix operation during which I suddenly floated out of my body. I could look down at the room from above, but at the same time, I was present everywhere in the room and could see everything from all perspectives. The doctors were standing around me working hectically on me and I didn't understand why. I wanted to tell them that I was fine and that everything was okay. In fact, I felt free of all irksome emotions! Then I was pulled along through a tunnel towards a light. It was bright and simultaneously loving, friendly and full of affection. I would gladly have continued to float along further, but a being, one that I could sense but couldn't see, told me it was not time yet. I was given to understand that I still had some duty to fulfill and so I must go back. That was not what I wanted, but a strong suction pulled me back into my body through an opening in my head.
Probable NDE during surgery.

3310. Laurence L NDE 4/1/2013. NDE 6571. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marie. Suddenly, I become aware of a light in the far distance. I can't see my body, but it feels just like I'm seeing with my eyes. I feel a lightness and I am moving forward. ‘I know,’ I think to myself, and as soon as I feel as if ‘I know,’ I also have this indescribable feeling, stronger than any emotion I have ever experienced. It is pure love, and I feel others around me. I can only make out one silhouette. It is my father. I ‘know’ that we are many, that I am linked to them and they are to me! I am connected to my father. It is powerful! I perceive that he thinks I shouldn't be there, and that I am going to have to go back. I am in a halo of wonderful thoughts.
NDE from a car accident.

3309. Francine M NDE 4/1/2013. NDE 6656. From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. All of a sudden I found myself hovering at ceiling level and viewing the scene under me, but I really wasn't very much interested in what was happening down there! I remember mentally nudging myself to ‘pay attention to what's going on’ but then I found myself floating in a nebula of extreme beauty. I was immersed in the depths of the sky or ‘heaven’ and I felt a ‘presence’ but did not try to see it. Immediately I understood the whole universe…
NDE from anesthesia given during childbirth.

3308. Gary NDE 3/31/2013. NDE 6667. That's when I became aware I wasn't wearing anything and my body was emitting light, but still in human form. I also felt like I had been there before and was familiar with the place, which I thought was weird. I came to a wall where these things slid down it that looked like robots. They began melting and transformed. They brought me to a room with a being that was made of light. The room looked like it was made of glass and then a shower of light came down on me that felt warm and euphoric. The being walked to me and it talked to me through my thoughts and emotions. The being was funny and not threatening.
NDE due to passing out at age 16.

3307. Jerome D Possible NDE 3/31/2013. Possible NDE 6666. From Canada It was unlike any earthly light I have ever seen. Bright but not blinding, no heat, inviting, all-consuming but without taking away, penetrating, enfolding in the most gentle and profound way imaginable.
Possible NDE at age one due to what is described as 'hydro-encephalitis'

3306. Hannah NDE 3/31/2013. NDE 6665. From the UK. I was surrounded by darkness. I was confused and a little scared, wondering where I could possibly be. It wasn't the apartment block I was in before. I knew in my heart I was somewhere far away from Earth, but wasn't sure how I got there. This place was out of the Milky Way, possibly the edge of the universe, maybe outside of it. A small white light appeared, and as I moved closer towards it, I was overcome with warmth, happiness and tranquility. There was a female voice (I believe it might have been the voice of God or Mother Nature) telling me it would be okay if I went towards it, but that I was free to walk away if I wanted, and that I would have a second chance. In that moment, I knew it wasn't my time. I pulled myself away from the beautiful light and comforting voice, and awoke with a jump. There I was, in the back of the ambulance, and I had awoken after going into cardiac arrest.
NDE due to cardiac arrest from drug overdose. Shared four days after experience.

3305. Helen E NDE 3/31/2013. NDE 6664. I fell apparently to the floor. Immediately, I was in a realm of such unbelievable beauty. There were all the colors of the rainbow and also astounding music (I later thought of it as a difference of such magnitude as exist between rap and Mozart and Mozart to this music). Also, I was completely surrounded by absolute love and bliss. Then, I became aware that my husband was calling me as if from a great distance and slapping my face, which I could not feel. An inner voice said I had a choice whether I wanted to go back to earthly life and my small daughter and my husband or 'stay.' (At this time I felt, that I was going back through a sort of tunnel.) Obviously I chose the latter.
NDE due to blood loss.

3304. Jeffery O NDE 3/31/2013. NDE 6660. I left my body at the scene of the accident and visited another realm of light, where I was told by my own deceased wife that I must return to my oldest son who also survived the accident. As I returned to my body, I had profound experiences with the living people I encountered. All judgment was lost as I saw others for who they really are through God's eyes.
Profound NDE due to car crash. Encountered wife and son who died in the same car crash (shared NDE).

3303. Michele C NDE 3/28/2013. NDE 6649. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marie. After having ‘seen’/scrolling the elements of my life (only small events that touched or upset people), I found myself at the ceiling of the operation room. I saw a body and two heads (nape of neck) bent over it. I called but was not heard. I didn't understand anything. My body was in my head (consciousness) but my head had no limits. There was no pain.
NDE from car accident.

3302. Norbert E Probable NDE 3/28/2013. Probable NDE 6653. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself in an ambiance that was neither bright nor dark. It was like what you see through your eyelids when you close your eyes in sunlight. I was not aware of having a body. I felt the presence of a being that I could not see. He communicated with me telepathically. Very calmly, he twice asked me the following question: 'Now that you are close to death, what do you choose?'
Probable NDE due to on alcohol poisoning.

3301. Patricia B NDE 3/23/2013. NDE 6657. I experienced a profound sense of peace. It did seem as though I was walking toward a brilliant white light. A thought developed and a statement came from nowhere. 'No, go back, you are not ready'. I do not know exactly when I passed out.
NDE due to stabbing.

3300. Karen S NDE 3/23/2013. NDE 6652. All I remember is being up above where the nurses and doctors were working on my body, and looking down and watching. But it was not 'me' anymore. I was floating up toward a bright light. I saw angels with wings! I never saw God, but I knew he was there. I just knew. I talked to him but I don't know how, since I had no life form that I knew of. I begged God to let me stay on earth. I had a daughter who was just seven months old, plus I was enrolled in college and planning a future. I begged God, 'Please let me stay! I need to raise my daughter!'
NDE due to illness three days after surgery.

3299. Chris Mother Probable NDE 3/18/2013. Secondhand Probable NDE 6647. From what she told me, she experienced the bright light and beauty and happiness like never before. She was taken on travels to other planets and other places. She explained the feeling of wanting to stay there. She had an escort, but did not think it was someone she knew in her earthly life. She was told that she would have to come back to her life on earth as she still had things to do.
Daughter shares her mother's probable NDE account after her mother died.

3298. Elizabeth E Possible NDE 3/18/2013. Possible NDE 6646. During the second surgery, I saw a tunnel and a very bright white/yellow light. I was on my side of the tunnel and I had an epiphany about Jesus. I felt enormous love from him and I felt horribly sorry I had not gotten closer to him during my life. When I would close my eyes, I would see the white light. I felt it was God looking at me and caring for me and that Jesus was literally holding me and telling me he loved me and would take care of me. I felt safe.
Possible NDE following brain surgery for tumor (Oligodendroglioma).

3297. Jeannine M NDE 3/14/2013. NDE 6580. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon. Just felt myself leaving my body through the top of my head, (with some difficulty) then finding myself out of it. That is, free. Then I said to myself, ‘I'm dead. I'm going to be buried here in Sète, like Paul Valéry and Georges Brassens’ (the latter was still alive, but was buried in Sète after he died). I was all right, observing the cement paving stones on the terrace, which seemed wonderful to me, as did the sea and the sand. Suddenly I was projected towards a being of light who was not visible (there was no tunnel). He asked me (without a voice, by a kind of telepathy) if I accepted my death. I replied that my mother and my son still needed me. Then he kind of ‘smiled,’ or that's what I felt. A slightly mocking smile which meant ‘no’.
NDE from fainting.

3296. Dharam S NDE 3/14/2013. NDE 6645. I felt surrounded by many beings. I felt my Aunt Ginny was there and possibly my paternal grandparents. I wasn't sure though because all I could see was this incredible bright white light. I heard them say, 'It is not your time yet, it will be ok' and 'don't worry about anything... ever.' They seemed to say this last part with such emphasis and strength that it really stuck with me. It was as if this was a message that they had to give me and that they wanted me to take it back home with me.
NDE due to unconsciousness following illicit drug use.

3295. Marta L NDE 3/14/2013. NDE 6641. From Puerto Rico. I had the most beautiful fun jumping around in the clouds. Back then, I was so overweight that when I would jump onto a cloud, I would fall right through it and land on the one below. While this was happening, I was screaming like a kid in an amusement park! I felt so much joy, it's difficult to explain! Then all of a sudden, I felt as if a giant vacuum cleaner was sucking me down from the clouds. I fell a very long way and crash-landed. Before I opened my eyes, I thought, 'If this is dying, dying is marvelous!' The happiness I felt in my chest was so great that I felt as though I were drunk with joy. And very silly, too!
NDE due to allergic reaction.

3294. Joan S NDE 3/14/2013. NDE 6640. There was a tunnel with a beautiful light at the end it. I went toward the light and discovered a beautiful landscape with extraordinary plants and trees. I was so happy! I stopped to consider what would happen if I chose to stay in that place. How would my husband take care of this new baby and his three-year-old sister? He had just started a new business and didn't have time for family. I knew I needed to go back and take care of my children. So I did. I didn't see any humans there, or hear any sounds. But I knew everything. I realized that if a God existed, he was within my spirit.
NDE due to bleeding after delivery. Shared 55 years later.

3293. Corey L NDE 3/14/2013. NDE 6639. The entire time I was with my family I could feel their love. It was like a warm feeling all over me. I suddenly felt like I was on a moving platform and I saw Jesus! I knew instantly who he was, although he didn't tell me. He was dressed in a white robe. His presence felt warm and I could feel love coming off of him. Jesus said I should go back to the living and live my life. Jesus vanished and God appeared to me. She was bright and I felt her love immediately (and, yes, God is a female.) She looked like the sun, with love coming off of her in rays. (It's hard to explain, but she reminded me of a painting of the sun I had seen when I was very young, with light shining from the center of her body.) She hugged me and then suddenly she was gone.
NDE at age 10 due to drowning.

3292. Todd N NDE 3/14/2013. NDE 6638. Within seconds, I was out! ‘Out went the lights’ for me! It's hard to explain what transpired next, but I was above everyone, like, say, ten feet or so, looking down. I didn't notice whether ‘I’ had a body or not. What I saw was like the view from a camera. I could see and hear them laughing, standing around me. I could see my body actually lying there on the road! But I wasn't in it! I felt no pain whatsoever. Actually, I felt great! I was just in awe of seeing myself and trying to figure out how I got outside of myself. Trying to figure out why I and was able to see everything unfolding from a viewpoint above everyone! Then, poof! I was back in my body and awake. I felt refreshed and slowly got up off the hot road. Most of the kids were still just laughing at me. I'm sure they didn't realize how you can easily die within seconds from the technique that was used on me.
NDE at age 14 due to choking.

3291. Robyn NDE 3/14/2013. NDE 6636. I became one with all in existence, yet, I had a firm knowing that I was me. All was okay, all was love, the purpose of human life is solely for experience and expansion. I was one with the doctor, the nurses, my Mom down the hall, the equipment, the sound of the flat line, and all the space in between. I could have raised the doctor's arm up if I wanted to. But here's the important thing: I had zero desire to manipulate his free will. None. But I knew I was capable of controlling the entire situation, it just wasn't in my best interest for me to do so. They were me and I was them.
Profound and exceptional NDE due to overdose of anesthesia. This is a must read!

3290. Maya Probable NDE 3/14/2013. Probable NDE 6635. From Indonesia. I was still feeling so calm, relieved, relaxed, and joyful during this ride. I remember thinking this was so much better than a roller coaster ride. I used to feel afraid of heights, but I didn't feel that anymore. After a while, I was mesmerized with the beauty of our galaxy. It was so colorful and bright. I looked around me. I didn't see anybody at all, but I heard a voice. It was a soft, soothing voice that said that it is not my time to come home yet. I argued with that voice, saying that there's no way anybody could bring me back to the planet earth. I wanted to stay. But that soothing voice kept saying, 'it is not your time, go and have fun.'
Probable NDE due to auto accident at age 17 in Singapore.

3289. Joseph S NDE 3/14/2013. NDE/Shared Death Experience 6634. It was if I had been living in a dark room and suddenly the lights came on. That's the best way I can describe it. I know that I observed a whole lot while I was there, but the only thing I can remember actually seeing were ‘souls’(for lack of a better term)separating from the Light and traveling to the earth to inhabit human bodies(earthly birth). There were also souls leaving their human bodies(earthly death)and returning to the Light. I didn't see them actually entering or leaving their earthly bodies. I just knew this to be true. They appeared as orbs of light. The best way to describe it is blips on a radar screen.
NDE due to unconsciousness associated with marijuana use. Remarkable ADC as a shared death experience with her grandmother.

3288. Toma S NDE 3/14/2013. NDE 6633. When we were finally in the hospital I died. I was dead for a total of six to fourteen minutes. After they brought me back, thanks to shocks, they had to have me on life-support for a few weeks. When they brought me back and the nurse asked me what happened with the medicine patch I had, I told her I ate it so I would fall asleep and never wake up. I wanted to be with ‘them.’ I still don't know who ‘them’ are. I honestly don't think anyone does. I actually remember part of my ‘dream’ from that day. I was talking with someone. She was tall and beautiful, and she was warning me. She said they would bring me back and eventually I would understand.
NDE at age 3 from suicide attempt.

3287. Janie Anesthesia Experience 3/14/2013. Anesthesia 6631. From the UK I was having my tonsils out and I woke up in a theater, feeling myself drop my Rupert Bear cuddly toy. I was then looking down on myself from a panoramic angle. I was floating. I could see tubes going up my nose and then out of my mouth, but there was no pain. I could see my face and also the insides of my nose almost like layers. The doctors and nurses were all fussing and then one of the nurses put my Rupert Bear back under my arm.
Anesthesia experience at age 4.

3286. Michael E NDE 3/2/2013. NDE 6628. While passed out, I found myself flying into puffy clouds that were in a vividly blue sky, and then I was at the ocean near high cliffs. I also remember feeling complete bliss. I did not have to worry about anything anymore! Then all of a sudden, I felt like I was being pushed back into my body.
NDE due to passing out upon realizing that wife had died next to him in bed.

3285. Kenya Probable NDE 3/2/2013. Probable NDE 6627. Then, as I looked to the left, I saw this long, arched, endless, golden gate. Behind it was a light. Such a bright light!! Then he spoke, GOD, that is! He said, ‘Kenya, it's not your time to come home,’ and immediately I was pulled back out (as if by a magnet,) but then I found myself walking, or gliding, down a red-rock pathway. On both sides of me were the most beautiful mossy, grassy valleys with streams, and trees bearing fruit! Weird. All of it and all the colors were like pregnancy dreams or being in Disneyland. Every color was tuned to its fullest potential!
Probable NDE associated with surgery.

3284. Thomas A ICU 3/2/2013 & 3/24/2013 & 1/14/2013. ICU 6626/6658/6561. I woke up after I went down at the gym to the sound of screaming of the hospital staff and watched a saw cutting my ribs apart. I felt it all and heard it too. I felt myself drifting away as if I was riding on air. I felt and overheard everything that was said for hours in the operating room. I found myself walking down a roadway of smooth cut stones. I came to a gate that was made of gold. It was open, so I walked in to see my Grandfather Tom leaning on a wall. He called me over and smelled of gasoline. He was wearing a work shirt from his gas station. He told me, ‘Tommy don't go down there!’ I looked and saw the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. There were many people being bitten and beaten by demons with large teeth. The screams were so bad that I can still hear them today. I turned back to my right, walked back through the gates, and walked on down this long road made of smooth stones. I listened to beautiful music but kept walking away. I awoke to see my wife crying and the nuns praying and crying also.
Anesthesia experience and probable ICU psychosis due to dissecting aortic aneurysm.

3283. Nerka E NDE 3/2/2013. NDE 6625. I never lost my hearing. I could hear every word the nurses said. I heard them say that my blood pressure was going down to eighty over sixty, and that they were not able to start an IV because my veins were collapsed. I heard the doctors screaming about losing a patient. In my mind, I was going down a dark tunnel. I saw many pictures of myself from my childhood to that present moment in the operating room. Then I was ‘above’ my body, looking down on myself. I also saw several nurses and two doctors from above. After that, I was ‘back.’
NDE due to complications shortly after delivery.

3282. Colleen J NDE 3/2/2013. NDE 6624. From South Africa. I died twice (clinically) during surgery to remove tumor from behind right eye. I still have burn marks on base of my spine from electric resuscitation... I have no direct recall of the death during the surgery, but afterwards while recovering in the hospital ward I was haunted by an image and memory that I tried to capture in a drawing with color crayons. I tried to draw a tunnel of light that was colorful. I knew with certainty that I could not take my body through the tunnel. I called the ‘place’ I had experience ‘home’ and was homesick for the next twenty years. Even though I was very young, I remember very clearly looking at my hands and feeling that my body was strange to me, compared to the expanded peace and being awake that I felt myself to be. When it was time to be taken home (after lengthy recovery) I recall my mother driving us to our house and feeling sad that this house was not my real home. I was left with deep questions, a passion for seeking wisdom and truth.
NDE at age 4 due to complication during surgery.

3281. Julie G NDE 2/25/2013. NDE 6622. When I stopped I felt exceptional love and joy that is indescribable. I heard a male voice asking if I was ready to move on. I did not see anyone. When I answered, I thought it was strange that we were talking without me moving my mouth. It was as if it were telepathic. I said I wanted to move on but I hadn't seen or held my baby. I wanted to know if it was a boy or girl. He said I had a son. I was overwhelmed with the feelings I felt enveloping me. I thought about my child not knowing how much I loved him- how no one else could watch out for him. I struggled with wanting to move ahead and wanting to go back. I made the choice to go back. It was the hardest decision I have ever made.
NDE due to complications around childbirth.

3280. Joey W Probable NDE 2/25/2013. Probable NDE 6618. There was nothing to see but a soothing, enveloping light. Not bright, but soothing. The only sound I heard was of my Nonnie.
Probable NDE due to ruptured brain aneurysm.

3279. Chris Probable NDE 2/25/2013. Probable NDE 6616. From the UK. I saw a car approaching us on a fairly straight stretch of road. Then I became aware that I was somewhere else. It was as though I ‘looked up.’ The environment was dark; there was no noise or vibration. Everything was calm and non-threatening. I would say that I was ‘there’ for a very short period. I was informed later that this ‘area’ was possibly ‘The Void...’
Probable NDE due to auto accident.

3278. Sheryl NDE 2/25/2013. NDE 6615. It was beautiful! I was free from troubles, and I felt the love and acceptance I always searched for in my world, from friends, family and boyfriends. Now it was everywhere, inside and outside of me. It was everything, and I was part of it! For my whole life, I had missed it so much! What I felt, I had ached for and now I had found it again! It was so encompassing and accepting. There was true love everywhere. I wasn't talking, but I could hear all of my revelations. I marveled that I was okay, I was loved and that I was perfect just the way I was!
NDE due to car crash.

3277. Shannon C NDE 2/25/2013. NDE 6613. I want to say this was the Garden of Eden, the way God intended it to be. It was too beautiful for words. I had that feeling you get when you see something truly amazing, breathtakingly beautiful. I miss it. Anyway, there was a figure who came from one of the mountains. He glowed like white golden light, very warm and peaceful. When he got closer, I knew he was Jesus. He still had holes in his hands. He told me I still had a job to do.
NDE due to pulmonary embolus during surgery. Shared about five weeks after NDE.

3276. Yves F NDE 2/25/2013. NDE 6612. It was more of an interactive adventure. If I talked to someone, then something else was experienced. It was like feeling their memory of that experience very deeply and in every way possible.… It is like plugging your brain and emotions into another's and feeling thing together. It is beyond talking about feelings entirely… I did give you the most important aspect of the experience. God is love.
NDE due to cardiac arrest with remarkably long (45 minute) arrest.

3275. Milo N FDE 2/29/2012. FDE 22813. I also had time to see everything around me and take it all in, each amazing detail. I saw the back of my head for the first time in my life and was irritated at how my part looked. I saw little spots of dirt back in hidden hard to see areas of my car, where only something as small as a fly could get. That irritated me because I took great pride in a clean car. I saw and memorized every detail in the fields and ditches around me. I was totally calm seemingly uncaring if I lived or died. But obviously, I lived. Somehow, I kept the car on the road. As soon as the car was safe, I was instantly back in my body. When I got home, I got two mirrors (I swear first time ever) and looked at the back of my head. It was parted exactly as I saw. I took a small mirror and flashlight out and looked for those small hidden areas of dirt. They were exactly like I saw them. I again drove out to the corner and all the surroundings and gravel were just as I saw.
Fear-death experience at time of near car crash.

3274. Kelly C NDEs 2/16/2013. NDEs 6611. All I remember is a paramedic saying, ‘Kelly, stay with us!’ over and over again. Then I saw this tunnel with a bright light and I walked through it and on the other side, I saw my late grandmother and God, all in white, glowing. My grandmother turned to God and said, ‘She isn't ready to come in here.’ God said something, and I woke up in the emergency room. I turned to my dad, who was sitting beside my mom on my right, and I said to him, ‘Dad, Grandma says she is okay, and to stop worrying about her, she is fine.’ Dad was in tears. I went home the same day, which baffled doctors and nurses. I said, ‘I'm fine!’ and I left the emergency room. I said, ‘I'm hungry,’ so we went to McDonald's and I got a double cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake. I was fine after that. When I got home, I asked, ‘What happened to me?’ My mom said, ‘You were dead for forty-five minutes and that nurse was yelling at me about you.’ They had to use the paddles on me, but nothing worked; that's what my Mom said.
Three NDEs due to allergic reactions to medicine.

3273. Brian T Probable NDE 2/16/2013. Probable NDE 6609. From Australia. As I came closer, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of pure love, understanding and compassion which emanated from this wondrous entity. This was by far the most wonderful and powerful feeling of my experience. Nothing can truly describe it. This glorious, wonderful entity recognized me, understood perfectly every minute aspect about me, and poured love into me. The love was real, as much a force as a feeling, and immeasurable. Knowing every little thing about me and my life and viewing it along with me, there was a lot of real amusement. This being has a personality. It is fun to be with, delightful, and it has a sense of humor.
Probable NDE due to illicit drug use. A remarkable and detailed experience that almost certainly was an NDE.

3272. DPH Probable NDE 2/16/2013. Probable NDE 6605. From the UK I floated downwards into a huge cavern filled with many people. It was a network of caverns, I suppose, with lots of people either huddled together or waiting by graves for something to happen. The sensation was not unpleasant, nor was it pleasant. There was a feeling of expectation. Everyone was waiting for something to happen. The time aspect was the most interesting. It was like there was just the ‘now.’ As a theologian, the experience was in keeping with my philosophical cogitations regarding the afterlife, but it conflicted sharply with the teachings of my faith (I am a lifelong Catholic.) The experience reminded me of what I had read in philosophical texts about Sheol. The only thing that was different was the presence of huge bronze embossed doors. I knocked on them, but I woke up or came to, before they opened. The physical sensation was one of being wholly within a single space, not functioning through a body.
Probable NDE from a theologian.

3271. Ken M NDE 2/16/2013. NDE 6604. From Ireland. There was a warm glow of light about me, and about the place where I now was. The feeling of great personal peace was beautiful and unforgettable, although unexplainable. Even now I cry when I talk of it (as I am now), because maybe I should have gone there. I was in a relationship with Patricia, a widowed lady with four children. I am now married to her. I loved her very deeply. She did not appear, nor was I aware of her influence on me, but I really wanted to go to this beautiful place. Somehow, I was made aware that someone I loved would need me, and I had a choice. I did not know it was her, but I chose to come back.
NDE due to unconsciousness from apparent blood loss.

3270. Uma A FDE 2/16/2013. FDE 6603. From the UK. I was a newly qualified driver and I misjudged a tight bend in the road. I careened into a signpost, but righted the car instantly. At the exact moment of ‘the point of no return,’ time felt like it substantially slowed down or perhaps stopped. As a result, I was able to assess the entire situation and adjust my steering. I took control of the vehicle immediately after the collision, which had knocked the signpost clear across the road.
Fear-death experience immediately before the car accident.

3269. Ancient Iranian NDEs 1/28/2012. NDEs 16021. Ancient Iranian NDE motifs, which were woven into eschatological/mythic narratives.

3268. Darlene M NDE 2/15/2013. NDE 6579. From France, Original in French translated to English by Jonathan. It was as if all the alarms in the world were ringing at the same time, all inside of me. And then, at the far end of the tunnel, I saw a luminous point which was approaching at a very high speed. I began to feel very sure of one thing. ‘If you cross into that light, you will then be dead.’ At the same time, I was in a state of total happiness and high excitement, and inside me. I was repeating this phrase over and over: ‘This is it! I’m going home!’
NDE from childbirth complications.

3267. Khanh V NDE 12/7/2012. NDE 5436. Originally from Vietnam. I saw the Jeep in the moonlight turning off its lights and escaping from the scene (hit and run). The villagers tried their best to revive me, saying, ‘Mister, you can't die! Do you hear us? Come back! Come back! Don't die!’ Their voices were down there on the ground while I was high in the air. I was like in ecstasy and did not want to come back to my body. I forgot to say that a brief and distinctive review of my life, with complete details, was shown to me as soon as I came out of my body, but I was sucked back down into my body and heard the villagers' voices, now above my face.
NDE from being hit by a vehicle (Jeep).

3266. Patricia GB NDE 2/12/2013. NDE 5435. From Brazil, Original in Portuguese translated to English by Luana. There was sort of a ‘conversation’ without words between me and (I don't know who) about my return and at that moment MY FREE WILL was absolutely clear to me. My strongest sensation during this experience (which must have lasted four minutes, which was, according to the medical chart, the length of my cardio-respiratory arrest) was that I was in a MOTHER'S LAP! It was like I was being held, taken care of, by a mother that tranquilizes you, holds you, and protects you. It was soft, comfortable, and full of light and love. Everyone present (the light-beings) had respect, love, care and compassion for me and I felt the same for them, even though I didn't know who they were.
NDE from childbirth complications.

3265. Gustave P STE 2/9/2013. STE 6600. The soul, or our consciousness, is in all things and is all things. I wasn't seeing, so much as I was being what I wanted to perceive. If I wanted to look at a pine tree, I wasn't actually ‘seeing’ the pine tree, I was or became the pine tree—from whatever perspective I chose to observe it. I could either see it as a tree or know it at the molecular level. Since I was also the tree, there was no limitation to my ability to ‘perceive’ or ‘know’ the tree. In fact, this is a better way of putting it. The soul (or the nub of consciousness that we become one with when we leave our bodies) doesn't ‘see’ things, we ‘know’ things. If we want to see a pine tree, we ‘know’ it. We don't ‘see’ it, as on earth we do with our eyes. Also, concepts like ‘near’ or ‘far’ are meaningless to the ‘soul’ because we are one with all things and all things are one with us. We see distant things with the same perfect clarity as nearby things, because there is no such thing as near or far. Those terms are only used to refer to the position of earthly things relative to each other.
Profound Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) while in an altered state at age 11.

3264. Anthony A NDE 2/9/2013. NDE 6602. Then I remember seeing a beautiful unexplainable whiteness, like an explosion of beautiful bright white. The best way to describe it would be a bright white light, but it wasn't a light. It looked like many, many beams coming from a small center and just exploding into pure white. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I couldn't hear anything, but I felt warm, comfortable, happy, peaceful, and excited. It was like a kid just about to open his Christmas presents multiplied by millions.
Two NDEs. One due to a truck accident and the other due to apparent complication of a spinal injection.

3263. Oakland NDE 12/15/2012. NDE 22806. When I was six years old, I was hit by a streetcar while crossing the street. After I was hit, I felt very warm all over. I remember that it felt good, and I even wanted to stay cuddled up to the streetcar! Then I was standing off to the side and I saw the streetcar driver looking out of his window down at a clump of clothes. I did not realize that it was my body. I saw many people running over to the clump of clothes. A man in the crowd picked it up, and they all ran toward the school. Someone told me I should go with them. (I believe God or my guardian angel told me.) Then I was right next to the man carrying the clump of clothes. I don't know how I got to where the man was—I was suddenly just there, next to him. The next thing I remember, the first grade nun had her arms around me and I was crying into her dress. She was telling me that I was all right.
NDE at age 6 due to being hit by streetcar. Shared 68 years later.

3262. Silvia Probable NDE 2/5/2013. Probable NDE 5438. From Portugal, Original in Portuguese translated to English by Luana. I remember my parents, during their many visits to the intensive care unit, talking about whether I would be cremated or buried. I was angry and didn't want to come back. I was at peace in the light and I would only come back here occasionally to see how things were going. I hadn't seen any tunnel or barrier this time but went straight to the light and what I call the 'all-or-nothing.' I never actually 'saw' anyone because people didn't have bodies or shapes. Everything there was the same as it had been the other times I had been there.
Probable NDE from drug overdose.

3261. Elena Possible NDE 2/5/2013. Possible NDE 5425. From Russia, Original in Russian translated to English by Jim. I exited out of my body from my ribs, around my solar plexus, and moved in the direction of the left corner of the ceiling. I saw myself in the form of a small pink cloud, not completely rounded, but a little flattened at the top and bottom. The cloud was alive and moved a little. Its form changed a little but its dimensions remained the same. There was lightness, something like bliss, which is difficult to describe.
Probable Anesthesia Experience vs. Possible NDE. Distinct OBE, but no clear imminent life-threatening event.

3260. Tyrone NDE 2/4/2013. NDE 6597. I then went through a tunnel at warp-speed and saw the most amazing light. I knew it should have been too bright to look directly at, but I was looking at it without pain. I felt so good that I thought, ‘Wow, this feels sort of like when I broke my leg playing football and I got a morphine shot!’ Then I was all the way through the Light and my best friend, who had been murdered, was there, and my grandma, too. Both talked to me and told me that I needed to go back to my body and not ‘home.’ Then I realized, ‘Wow! This is home!’ My grandma said, ‘You have such a lovely wife and child, and you are such a positive force in a cold world. This is just too soon.’ She even called me by my old nickname. My friend told me I had much more to give and I would change more lives for the positive than I could imagine.
NDE from being shot.

3259. Wendy B NDE 2/4/2013. NDE 6596. I was above my body and could see very clearly. I could see all the doctor and nurses working on me. I knew I was going to die. I felt no fear. I was very safe, peaceful, and warm. I saw a light and wanted to go towards it and I did not feel like I was alone. I was feel conflicted. My son was a few miles down the road at the other hospital and coming home soon. He was very sick and had a life of health problems. My conflict was who would care for my son? My husband was so young and immature. I was worried. I was then pulled back into my body.
NDE due to bleeding after delivery.

3258. Belle J Probable NDE 2/4/2013. Probable NDE 6591. My recently deceased uncle was standing on the other side of the door, reaching his hand out for me through the upper part of the Dutch door. I remember that his extended hand was shaking, beckoning me. He desperately wanted me to grab his hand. He was smirking or had some awful mean expression that was horribly frightening to me.
Probable NDE due to blood loss following surgery. Highly atypical content.

3257. Keith M NDE 2/4/2013. NDE 6589. From Australia I was accompanied by four Manatees. They were guiding me downward at about a forty-five degree angle toward a large black wall. There were two ahead of me and two at my sides and were gently guiding my way. I then observed that they were also not rising to the surface to breathe. As we approached the wall, an aperture, (which resembled the iris of a camera,) began to open to slowly reveal a bright, warm, white light. The light began to grow brighter and warmer as we approached. As the light began to engulf my gentle companions and me, I grew more comfortable and relaxed.
NDE due to bleeding after coronary artery bypass surgery.

3256. Nancy Probable NDE 2/4/2013. Probable NDE 6587. From Australia. I felt like I left my body and followed a long, dry river bed. Although there was no water in the river bed, all around was very lush green grass with a beautiful array of flowers with splendid colors. There were large shady trees of all sizes. I began to climb higher into the sky and then into space. I was looking down on earth. Then there was a bright flash and all went white. Out of this whiteness came human figures.
Probable NDE at time of delivery.

3255. Laura L Probable NDE 2/4/2013. Probable NDE 6586. At the end of the tunnel there was a man standing there with open arms. He had longer hair and was wearing a white gown. He had the most peaceful look on his face. He was definitely not of this world. I felt so welcomed by him. I was quickly approaching a barrier, almost like an invisible wall, that once crossed I would not be able to return. Someone to my left was motioning for me to go back and the closer I came to the barrier the faster he motioned for me to turn around. Then he floated out in front of the man in the light and said to go back, it was not your time but when he said this, it was almost as if it was telepathic, because I could only hear it in my head. It was my grandfather that had passed away almost seven years earlier.
Probable NDE due to accidental narcotic overdose at hospital.

3254. Donna S Probable NDE 2/4/2013. Probable NDE 6585. But then, I began to see the brightest, whitest light you can ever imagine. I felt angels were lifting my shoulders, as if guiding me upward. Although they were supporting my shoulders and were somewhat behind me, I knew they were angels. I could see (even though I wasn't looking directly at them) images of white beings. It was a feeling of just knowing they were angels. I quickly said a prayer to God. Although this happened twenty-four years ago, I still remember it as if it just happened yesterday. I remember the exact prayer I said. I said,’ God, I know I just delivered a baby, but whatever you think is best, I'll do. I put my life in your hands.’ I let go. The feeling I felt was so peaceful, so floating-like.
Probable NDE due to childbirth complications.

3253. Peter N NDE 2/4/2013. NDE 10105/6584. From Scotland. I transmitted (communicated) my thought-feeling sense of reverence and thankfulness to this being. It was not necessary for me to do this, as it already knew. It did however thank me for this with more love, which I knew it would not have withheld anyway. I surrendered myself to this being, I wanted to be open to this being, I wanted to be so close to this being forever. We united in mutual love. I could not begin to describe the comprehensiveness of this union. There is no union like this in ordinary existence between people on Earth. This is love expressed with no barrier of any form between the direct experience of the love of the other which is now not other. The sensations generated by union in this condition are beyond belief in their scope and in their subtlety. Again it is only describable by metaphor.
NDE due to motorcycle accident. Among the most transcendent NDEs ever reported to NDERF. Very long account, but a must read!

3252. Grace NDE 11/19/2012. NDE 22800. I experienced the scene as if I were sitting upright, a little to the right and behind my body, slightly lower on the rise. I could hear everyone, and see the scene from the vantage point of one sitting up. I was concerned about not being able to make my body work. We waited quite a while, my fiancé speaking to me and me not being able to speak or move. I vaguely wondered about why I was unable to make my body function, and I think the idea of being dead may have been distantly entertained, but my main concern at the time was not being able to make my body work, not feeling connected to it and in control of it. The idea of being dead was curious, not especially frightening.
NDE due to auto accident.

3251. Rosa M NDE 2/3/2013. NDE 6578. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel. I walked towards the light, and the closer I got, the better I could see some interesting people there, who seemed to be illuminated by a light that was coming from behind them. I was just getting to where the people were standing when I saw them stepping aside to the right and to the left, revealing a person who had in his arms a bundle wrapped in a little sky-blue blanket. That person was Jesus! I was sure it was him! He had light brown, almost blond hair, a red tunic, something like a sky-blue cape and he was wearing mustard-color men's sandals. He was not barefoot.
NDE from labor complications.

3250. Portia NDE 2/3/2013. NDE 5434. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Aylin. Somehow, I knew what was happening. I thought, 'Oh, you are dead now', but I felt fine, although not euphoric. I turned to my left and saw the light it was very bright, and beaming toward me. The areas around it looked dark and empty. Only one area was bright. Leaving my body on the operating table, I moved up to the light. I'm not sure how, but I have the feeling I walked, or maybe I was pulled towards it.
NDE from surgery complications—a collapsed lung.

3249. Kathleen A NDE 1/27/2013. NDE 6581. My attention was then brought to my left side. I looked, and it felt like I was looking from inside my body. There I experienced pure black velvet, the texture of pure. Peace that had the feeling of pure black velvet. The shape of the black velvet tended to be somewhat like a tunnel, but not so clearly defined as a tunnel. I then continued to ‘soak in’ all the textures, and peace, and calm and contentment. I was soaking it all in. It was still like there was no time. And then I felt something grab my hair on the top of my head and I was pulled from the space I had been in.
NDE at age 8 due to drowning. Shared 68 years later.

3248. Sharon A NDE 1/19/2013. NDE 6576. I found myself immediately ‘flying’ over a green valley surrounded on both sides with high mountains. This landscape has always been one of my favorite and where I would escape to when life got rough. I enjoyed the freedom of fast movement but before I knew it, I was waking up on the couch with the paramedics coming in the door.
NDE due to pulmonary emboli.

3247. Helga C NDE 1/19/2013. NDE 6574. From Germany. I was out of my body and fully conscious. I could hear what everyone was saying during my operation. I was above my body and also in the wall. I felt that I was in the whole room at once, the whole clinic, even the whole world! Then there was a peaceful silence, and I felt very well. A tunnel opened up and I could see, feel, and smell a loving energy. All was love. This seemed to last a long time. Then, two days later, I awoke from a coma.
Retired physician describes NDE during surgery following car accident that involved CPR being given. Shared 47 years later.

3246. Trevor O NDE 1/19/2013. NDE 6573. When I passed out (I can't say whether I stopped breathing or not) I saw only darkness. Absolute darkness, and from a basic knowledge of different cultures, I quickly realized that it was the ‘void,’ or the ‘abyss.’ As I came to that conclusion, several hooded beings of an ethereal-looking faded sepia color appeared. There were at least three or four of them on my left side and I believe the same amount on my right. For some reason I focused more on the beings on the right side. (When they came to me at first, my rational thoughts quickly told me that these were just my friends. I thought that they had realized that I had passed out and were surrounding me. However, it turned out not to be them.) The beings stood around me, paused a bit, and then began to lift me up into a tunnel of light. At first I felt content and sufficiently warm in this void-darkness.
NDE following passing out after sustaining a deep scrape to a toe.

3245. Tommy P NDE 1/19/2013. NDE 6572. From Colombia. It happened at night. After a few hours in a blackout, I saw myself flying in the sky. Then I was inside myself, flying, and I began to see things on the ground below. From, like, four hundred feet up in the air, I saw streets, I saw a soccer field and a basketball court, and then I saw the hospital. I was very familiar with the locations of all these landmarks. Then, from up there, I saw a blue car, an old Dodge Dart taxi, driving up to the entrance of the hospital.
NDE at age ten from falling off a bike and hitting his head on the pavement.

3244. Nurse NDE 1/19/2013. NDE 6570. I found myself in the desert. It was night and the sky was blue/black with millions of stars, a dirt road, and an ‘adobe’ type motel. No one was in sight. There was an overwhelming sensation of contentment, peace, love, that everything and everyone I loved was fine. This sensation was so powerful that I know I will never feel it on earth. I was in a triangular motel room with another middle aged woman and a child about ten years old. We went out onto a patio and in the night sky was what looked like a train moving up into the sky. People were running to get on the train. There was an incredible light shining from this train. It was white and incredibly bright but I could look at it without difficulty. I knew I was supposed to decide whether to get on the train or not. I was undecided and immediately the nightmares started again. After some time I wished I could have that ‘dream’ again and immediately I was in the desert again. Exactly the same circumstances.
Experience due to infection and kidney failure. Initially frightening ICU experience and later NDE vs STE.

3243. Carol V NDE 1/14/2013. NDE 6567. My grandfather's soul greeted me on the other side, where I encountered many other souls, entities, light beings, and angels. I had experiences and visited realms that were unlike anything within our human contexts. I recognized great masters such as Buddha, Krishna, and others whom I have no names for but were perfect beings while on Earth. I experienced light beings who were ‘knowledge’ and gave me answers to all the questions of the universe. It was universal truth and knowledge. I experienced Christ, and finally I experienced total and complete and perfect light, love, joy. The God Consciousness. I understood how we are all part of this amazing frequency that is God’s resonance. I was told it was not my time to stay and that I was being sent back to my twelve year old body.
NDE at age 12 due to hypothermia.

3242. Claire B NDE 1/14/2013. NDE 6564. Next I was in a strange, unearthly city. There were three young women, about ages nineteen to twenty five, who were very beautiful and glamorous, as I always wished to be. They stayed with me. I did not question their presence, who they were, where they came from, or where I was. We did not speak, although communication was perfectly clear. I was filled with a longing to be beautiful. It was my greatest wish in life because I thought if I were beautiful, I would be loved and wanted. They asked me what I wanted and I told them this. They took me across the city to a white building. We went in, up a long, winding staircase to a large loft full of light. A man came in, waved his hands around me, and made different motions, speaking aloud almost to himself. It was my understanding that he was transforming me into a physically beautiful woman.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

3241. Michael G NDE 1/14/2013. NDE 6563. I can't describe the landscape in detail. I only recall a jumble of images, but I was aware of being on the shore of a sea with a view of a landscape with green hills. I understood that I was on a continent that was extensive. I became aware of a being who was ‘speaking to me,’ telling me that I had to travel to various regions of this world, perhaps by boat, and instructing me in what I would have to do at each location. I can't remember what the details of these instructions were. I only recall the general intent. I don't remember if the communication was verbal, but I don't believe it was. I suspect the communication was more direct. I did not respond, I simply listened and tried to understand.
NDE due to seizure subsequent to the lancing of a cyst during a stressful time of life.

3240. David NDE 1/14/2013. NDE 6562. From Canada. I spotted an area in this beautiful world where I very much wanted to go. But he said, no, that if I went there, I wouldn't be able to come back. Suddenly, a beautiful light shone towards us. It was a light I knew was Jesus. He told Stephen that I had to go back now. And I said, ‘No! I wanna stay!’ Jesus replied with, ‘You promised you would do this. And you have much left to do.’ With that, I was slammed back into my body and I awoke, gasping for breath.
NDE due to heart attack.

3238. Sandra P Probable NDE 1/14/2013. Probable NDE 6560. God (whom I call my Creator) told me it was not time for me to die. I had to give more love in this world… I had this overwhelming feeling of love! Not human love but indescribable love—unconditional love and acceptance! A spiritual love! Love that is combined with peace, joy, and acceptance! Truly, there are no words in my vocabulary I can use to describe this overwhelming feeling! I am not humanly capable of expressing this feeling because there are no earthly words with which to do so.
Probable NDE due to injuries from her car being hit by a train.

3237. Mona NDE 1/14/2013. NDE 6558. The last thing I remember was the driver yelling, ‘hang on!’ Then, boom. I was out. I want to say I looked at myself alone on the dirt road as the driver ran for help. I don't think I recognized myself or cared to go back to my body. Then I was instantly flying. I was a bird, or felt like I was a bird. I could feel the air on my face while flying. I felt free and at peace. Then I heard a voice. It said, ‘Mona, you need to go back.’ I remember thinking, ‘no,’ and then before you know it, I was gasping in a big breath of air.
NDE due to four wheeler accident.

3236. Barry C NDE 1/14/2013. NDE 6557. From Canada. I screamed, ‘How could you betray and ambush me like this?! I do all of this good stuff and look what you give me!’ ‘You are a lying, double-crossing @$&%!’ I yelled, and kicked and punched and swore as best I could. I was screaming and crying, and was even mad that I couldn't curse better. And then, as all of this was going on, I felt something like a warm hand come down and just cradle me. I screamed louder and kicked and hit, and the hand just held me. It exuded the most perfect love and warmth and softness, and absolutely no judgment. But my rage continued because now I had something to fight against and I screamed my lungs out and kicked and hit—and from the hand came a voice. It said in the softest, nicest, most honest, beautiful, trustworthy voice, ‘Barry, all you need to know is that I love you absolutely, no matter what.’
NDE due to multiple injuries as a result of criminal attack. Includes the angriest tirade at God that we have ever seen in an NDE. Stunning reminder of God’s unconditional love.

3235. Nicholas B Probable NDE 1/14/2013. Probable NDE 6556. From Canada. I was watching this from above the bedroom window. I always thought this was a dream until I told my mother about it when I was in my twenties. She told me that this is what happened to me when I was a year and a half.
Probable NDE due to choking on gum at 1 ½ years old.

3234. Colleen R NDE 11/2/2012. NDE 22787. Then nurses and doctors were rushing around, trying to figure out what my injuries were, and how to stop the bleeding. Things seemed clearer and clearer, and suddenly I found myself standing behind the doctor, who was now cutting my jeans off my body. I looked at myself, lying there, with my head busted open, my new white sweater soaked with blood and getting cut off now, too, my cute jeans all ruined. I decided I wasn't going to stay around to help them resuscitate me, and I left. I don't recall how I ended up back at my dad's house. He had passed away the year before. There I was, with him, and my mom and my uncle, my best friend, my Tio—everybody that had passed away was there. But I only talked to my dad. I never accepted his dying. I missed him too much. So I was happy. I just stared at him and he seemed to glow. He looked so beautiful. But also, he looked sad. So I asked him, 'What's wrong?' and he said, 'You can't stay.' And I was like, 'But I'm here, I don't want to go back.' And he told me to think of my kids having to grow up without me; he said, 'Imagine if I wasn't there when you were little.' He'd died when I was thirty and even at that age, I'd lost my mind wishing he'd come back. Anyway, he was right.
NDE due to being run over by a truck.

3233. David G ADC 1/14/2013. ADC 6559. When he was about six to ten feet from the casket, maybe one or two people ahead of him, I saw a bluish-grey mist appear near him and just wrap around him completely. It was Michelle and she was hugging him in the only way she could… She wrapped herself around him and I heard her say ‘Oh, Uncle Dave! I love him so much! I'll be with him forever. You have to tell him that I'll be with him forever and how much I love him.’ There is nothing I have ever felt in my human existence that compares with the love I felt between them at that time.
One of the most profound after death communications ever reported. Stunningly detailed and evidential. A must read!

3232. George J NDE 1/5/2013. NDE 6552. I saw paramedics from above assess me. They were panicking because they thought I was deceased. From above I saw them quickly cut me out of my coat. My spirit or consciousness then departed and travelled to 'heaven' or a place where a being told me 'It's not your time yet, you have to go back and do something important'.
NDE due to being struck by car at age 6.

3231. Polly R NDE 1/25/2013. NDE 6551. ’Where is my body? What is happening to my body?’ And then suddenly, I was back in my body, lying in the middle of the road. I had studied the sciences in my youth, so I was used to being sharp-minded. I also had been an infantry combat instructor in the Isr'li army, so I was used to a high degree of alertness. However, the level of alertness that I experienced during the time that I was out of my body far surpasses all levels of alertness that I had ever experienced before that or since then; I was separate from my body, and I came to know that my consciousness has a life of its own. Despite the fact that it contradicted my previous atheist beliefs, I found out during the experience that consciousness does not depend on the existence of the body, but is separate from it.
NDE due to being struck by a car.

3230. Tamara J NDE 1/5/2013. NDE 6549. I then felt that I left this world and my body and was in the presence of God/ Jesus. It was like every cell of my being was at peace and I had the joy of loving myself and being loved the way I always wanted to be. Here my memories become jumbled like they were all piled on top of each other in a split second or an eternity. Time didn't exist. One of my first revelations was that I was still 'ME'. The importance of this is difficult to explain but it was a surprise to me and a deep joy. I was not a mistake and I was who I was always meant to be.
NDE due to seizure during delivery. Remarkable experience.

3229. Josef P NDE 1/5/2013. NDE 6546. From the Czech Republic. When I reached the bright light, I was immediately surrounded by this light and became a part of it. I was engulfed by the feeling of the extraordinary love. I became aware of a being which was an ingredient of the light and which was nonverbally communicating with me. During our discussion, there were no secrets, because the being knew all my secrets, in fact, he knew everything I had ever done. This is a place where lies do not exist. The being knew my whole my life from the time I was born up until that moment (every second of it!) and everything I had been thinking that whole time.
NDE due to head injury in fight.

3228. Julie H Probable NDE 1/5/2013. Probable NDE 6544. I said, 'You're Jesus aren't you?' He gave me that smile that only Jesus can give and I knew the answer without him having to say anything. We walked and talked for a while beside the River of Life. One of the many things I loved there was that Jesus and I did not verbally speak to each other. He knew and answered my thoughts without having to open my mouth. I caught a glimpse of his eyes, which he allowed me to do. They are the most beautiful color I had even seen. They are light brown with flecks of amber color that shines with love. I asked Jesus 'what do you do here in Heaven?' He looked at me with a humorous smile that is beyond explanation in human words. He smiles with love that comes from every cell in his being. He said 'I do what is required of me by the Father'. I said 'ok, so what are you doing now?' Jesus said 'I am working with the Angels'. He then showed me what I can only describe as an army of Angels.
Probable NDE due to internal bleeding following outpatient surgery.

3227. Dan B Grandma NDE 1/5/2013. Secondhand NDE 6540. She was falling alone in blackness but shortly she felt she was moving up a tunnel. Then she saw a beautiful light that drew her. She came to stop at a threshold of this light; she could not go through it. She felt the presence of people she'd known that were dead. She encountered a greater being, and it felt like pure love and peace in there. She wanted very much to enter. Now she became aware of three large beings but she did not see them because they were standing behind her. They told her she could not cross that threshold because she had to 'go back' to raise 'the boy'. When they said this, she remembered me and agreed to go back, though she was sad to leave the lightà My father was not at the window, he was dying in the living room from ingesting 3 Phenobarbital and a bottle whiskey with Antabuse.
Grandmother's NDE and deathbed vision as told by her grandson.