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3075. Regina NDE 4/8/2012. NDE 22707. I remember sitting on my bed and feeling short of breath. I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, I was staring up at the ceiling and floating closer and closer to it. I began to panic, feeling claustrophobic, being so close to the ceiling that I could touch it. In my panic, I managed to turn over. As I looked down, I saw my body lying on the bed, eyes and mouth wide open. My lips were bluish-purple, and overall I looked pale blue. To the left of me there was a bright, sparkling shaft of light shining down from the ceiling right next to the bedroom door. What was unusual about this light was that it was *not* coming through the window. Scared, I knew I needed help but I couldn't go out the bedroom door, because I didn't dare to go near that strange light.
NDE due to asthma attack at age 12. Interesting discovery of money she had hidden and lost as well as verified OBE observations far from her body.

3074. Teresita Possible NDE 6/23/2012. Possible NDE 6310. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. I found myself in a place where several things claimed my attention: the place was like a luminous city, but the luminosity was not sunshine. Everything could be seen with great clarity and the temperature was perfect. I felt neither warm nor cold. All the people were wearing white tunics. What struck me was: (this is what I said to myself) ‘LOOK OVER THERE IN THE DISTANCE AT THAT GROUP OF PEOPLE!! THEY ARE CONVERSING WITH SUCH EXTRAORDINARY PEACE AND LOVE!!’
Possible NDE that happened in the hospital from a virus.

3073. Morgan O NDE 6/17/2012. NDE 6317. From Switzerland Suddenly I came out of my physical body, looked at the scene, came closer to see and recognize myself, big shock! Then I popped into a marvelous Light, so bright and yet non- blinding, pure love, all knowing. I had a choice, stay (which you really want) or go back. I thought I'm 19 years old, my parents, brothers, friends will be sad (although I had no idea of what happy or sad meant). I thought that I don't want to be born again.
NDE due to scuba diving accident at 240 feet deep.

3072. Bill D NDE 6/17/2012. NDE 6316. Then I suddenly was above myself looking on. I stuck with my body as they wheeled me into the emergency room. Then I was in the corner of the room looking down at my body as they worked on it. It was like floating and seeing all. I recall no pain just an interest in what was going on with my body. An injection was given to my body.
NDE at age 15-16 due to hundreds of hornet stings.

3071. Jon S NDE 6/17/2012. NDE 6315. It seemed perfectly normal for me to be there. The room was lit with a soothing bright white light. I felt totally comfortable and natural. There was a man in a white robe with a white beard and long white hair standing in front of the bay windows of my room. He was looking at me and smiling. I could tell he wanted me to look out the window.
NDE at age 7 from being hit by a car.

3070. Bonnie H Probable NDE 6/17/2012. Probable NDE 6314. One minute I was inhaling, and the next minute I was in the top of a fichus tree which was standing in the corner. I felt like I was ‘one with it’; I wasn't climbing its limbs, I was just part of it. I can't describe from where or how I heard or sensed what was being told to me. It was more like I was receiving information telepathically from some source that was simply telling me all the answers to everything in the world; things that I never even cared or understood anything about: wars, mathematical equations, solutions. The subjects were beyond vast, they were boundless, and the information about them was flying through my head faster than a millisecond.
Probable NDE due to complication of dental anesthesia.

3069. Belazreg H NDE 6/15/2012. NDE 6304. From France I found myself floating in a universe of nothingness. I was wearing clothes and I felt full of love, a love I cannot describe in words. In my mind, there was no past and no future. I felt very well indeed! I could sense that there was someone, or some kind of being, behind me. This being turned me around without passing in front of me. I began to see myself through her eyes.
NDE from a gas embolism.

3068. Alan McD NDE 12/17/2008. NDE 16041. From South Africa. I saw numerous people all gathered to welcome me into the afterlife. All my beloved were there. It seemed like a welcome home party, but as soon as the doctors got my heart to beat, I was drawn back to the Earthly world. Another time I saw a tree with many books situated around it. Reading what was on the covers, I saw that they contained all the knowledge and mysteries of existence. One very large book seemed to consolidate what was in all the smaller books. When I tried to lift it, I found it was too heavy to carry, and I decided to return later for it. I saw a beautiful pulsating orb of golden light that I took for the Lord Jesus as it emanated perfect peace and love. I had no tunnel or meeting of a being of light, I think because I was continually being resuscitated by the medical team.
Series of NDEs as the doctors resuscitated him several times during a prolonged heart attack.

3067. Frank S NDE 6/9/2012. NDE 6313. From Ireland. In the summer of '68, I and two of my brothers plus a friend walked into an abandoned building site. On the site, the builder had dug a very deep hole for a generator. It had filled with rainwater. We were looking into the water, trying to see the bottom of the hole, when the embankment at its edge suddenly gave way. The sliding dirt carried me into the water where I struggled and then drowned. I found myself in some strange and unfamiliar place. I went down a tunnel feet first. I felt enveloped in light; I saw 25-30 people, none of whom I knew. My whole life up until that time was replayed back to me, all in color. It was amazing!
NDE due to drowning at age 14.

3066. Lina N Probable NDE 6/9/2012. Probable NDE 6312. I was in a tunnel, and I could see a bright light at the end. I could also see the back of my mother in-law. Before I saw anything, I felt a hand on my chest. I heard, ‘It is not your time.’ The hand pushed me back in to my body.
Probable NDE due to illness with no further details.

3065. Carole M NDE 6/9/2012. NDE 6308. I was hearing a lot of people in the room yelling, ‘Carole get up, come back to us, open your eyes’. I remember I was looking at myself in that bed and saw my body lying there limp as a doll, my arms and legs in a weird position. I kept hearing the voices calling to me; I saw myself sitting up, looking at all these nurses and people in front of me. I remember distinctly seeing this young nurse who had been taking care of me.
NDE due to cardiac arrest as complication of congestive heart failure.

3064. Darla NDE 6/9/2012. Shared NDE 6307. I don't remember anything else except driving and I was looking at him, thinking to myself, 'He is so handsome. I can't believe I didn't notice how handsome he was.' This overwhelming feeling of love, being madly in love, swept over me. He was talking to someone. I noticed he was radiating a beautiful white light. The sun was shining, I looked at the windshield. I thought to myself, the sun wasn't that bright. I looked back at him; he took a deep breath in and out. I reached up to touch him when I heard the shattering of glass. Then I saw my hand with the bone sticking out of my wrist. I looked at the dashboard and it was like slow motion coming closer to me. I looked at the steering wheel and it was doing the same thing. I noticed my son wasn't sitting there. I then realized what had happened. I was yelling 'save my son!'
Rare shared NDE due to car crash. Son was killed in crash, yet she saw him radiating a beautiful white light.

3063. Anne N NDE 6/9/2012. NDE 6305/6288. I was suddenly in a dimly-lit room by myself. I noticed, in particular, that this room had a door, which I felt was special in some way. Then I became aware that I was no longer alone. God was there! I felt God as an all-encompassing presence, complete total and unconditional love in its highest form! Even though I saw no figure, there was no doubt in my mind that this was God.
NDE due to complications of lupus and multi-organ failure. Incredible account of healing.

3062. Malena S NDE 6/8/2013. NDE 5418. Born in Peru. I remember being floating over my body while I was going into a tunnel. It was dark. Further into the tunnel, I lost all perception of my body. Now it was as if I was in an ocean of stillness, of calm, of silence, of rest. I was happy, so happy, and I had an indescribable peace. I was in a state of extreme joy when suddenly I hear a very strong VOICE, powerful and omnipotent, that told me that I had to go back.
NDE from a cardiac arrest.

3061. Nicole K Probable NDE 6/4/2012. Probable NDE 5419. From Austria. I saw Heaven and there were white clouds, which didn't look so much like clouds but more like large puffy cotton balls. It felt wonderful and warm. A very bright light hit my eyes but did not dazzle me. It was so quiet and peaceful. I wanted to stay in that place. I so much did not want to leave that location! I was wearing a summer dress and felt like a happy little girl. Then out of the clouds came a pair of big wonderful hands!
Probable NDE from a bicycle accident

3060. Lawrence H NDE 6/2/2012. NDE 6303. From Canada I felt like I was floating in space (saw vivid colors of the universe like floating gases). Then, I was drawn to a very bright and peaceful light. It felt like I was on an escalator, moving upward without moving a muscle. When I reached the top, the light disappeared and I was in darkness. Immediately a voice called my name. I turned to the right but saw nothing. A voice called my name for the second time. I turned 180 degrees to the left.
NDE due to illness with vital organ failure.

3059. Debra Y NDE 4/8/2012. NDE 22698. As a teacher, I was supervising students coming out two doors of the cafeteria for recess. One child was running very fast when he should have been walking as there were one hundred twenty children filtering into a very small space. I put my hand out to sign to him to slow down and whistled at him as we made eye contact. The next thing I remember was looking down at my still body lying on the concrete from about twenty-five yards away and six yards in the air! I said to myself 'that's my body, but I am over here'. I had this feeling of total peace, a peace beyond understanding. My “body” did not exist, my consciousness was totally ethereal. Time did not exist either. I was at perfect peace! When I joined my body again, I still felt a sense by me of perfect peace and I didn't want to open my eyes to the muffled concerns of the three girls that I observed looking at my body when I had this out of body experience. Finally their voices were heard by my conscious ears. I opened my eyes to pain. I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. But, the out of body experience certainly changed my spiritual views and I am no longer afraid of death.
NDE due to head injury.

3058. Susan S Probable NDE 5/28/2012. Probable NDE 6298. From Australia I felt completely at peace and like I was 'coming home'. After a while, I heard the voice of my grandmother. Her words were lovingly spoken into my mind, or rather, their essence and meaning just appeared inside me and I understood them. The words said, ‘you can choose to come with me if you wish, but it is not your time yet’. In my mind or vision, I remembered my mother and my family, and I saw my body lying on the bottom of the pool. This was something I both saw like a vision of looking down on something, (much like a photo) and also something that was just a feeling/emotional vision/knowledge, within me.
Probable NDE due to near drowning at age 11-12.

3057. Paula S NDE 5/28/2012. NDE 6297. While on the gurney, I saw a tunnel of bright light in the distance, and I felt myself floating towards it. At first, as I entered the tunnel, it was dark. As I floated along through the tunnel, it became brighter and brighter. I noticed that all my pain was gone. I felt an incredible peace, love, and a sense of all knowing. I saw my father, my nephew, some in-laws, Grandma, and also a friend that had passed away.
NDE due to acute pancreatitis.

3056. Bill S NDEs 5/28/2012. NDEs 6294. A voice from the corner of the room said to me: ‘He is you friend and will tell you no lies.’ I quickly turned to see the person that just talked to me. I saw no one. In that same instant all the pain left my body and was replaced by a feeling that was so wonderful, it cannot be described. But the message was ‘No Lies’. What did that mean to me? I thought ‘Ask Questions’. So I did! Without the time to contemplate what sort of questions might be asked to a friend from the other side, I started asking questions. And as fast as I asked, he answered.
Multiple NDEs.

3055. Evie D NDE 5/28/2012. NDE 6293. I did not realize what was happening until I was in the ambulance and I saw my own face, and the paramedic watching over me on a bench next to me in the ambulance. When I saw myself, I then looked at the open door of the ambulance where my grandmother was standing, there wasn't much she could do or say because she speaks Spanish and the paramedics did not.
NDE at age 15 from suicide attempt (antidepressant medication overdose).

3054. William W NDE 5/28/2012. NDE 6292. Then all of a sudden I felt very peaceful and calm, I heard a male inner voice say ‘relax and let go.’ So I did. I stopped fighting and just accepted what was going on. It didn't matter to me any more if I lived or died because I got the sense that I could never die because I have always existed and I always will. It was quiet and still. I felt like I was in a womb filled with amniotic fluid and pure love. There was no time it just didn't exist and it didn't matter.
NDE due to drowning at age 13.

3053. Enocia J NDE 5/19/2012. NDE 6291. From the UK As I was falling, I could see car wheels coming towards my head but they stopped just in time. Then I felt myself out of my body, like I was everywhere at once. I heard a voice in my head saying 'It's not happening. It's all a dream!' I was back in my body; crying and feeling embarrassed for being in that situation. (It was many years later that I came to understand what it meant to dream the accident.) I came to understand it to mean that life is an opportunity for us to express and experience love. Only love is real.
NDE at age 10.

3052. Joe J NDE 5/19/2012. NDE 6290. We walked through the wall but were not touching the floor. We went above my house and I could see all around and down at my house. They talked to me for short time but don't remember what they said. Then I remembered my sister was at a Halloween party and all of a sudden, I was there; I saw everything she was doing. After that, I was under my favorite tree in a pasture: a mulberry tree.
NDE at age 4 due to head injury.

3051. Evan B NDE 5/19/2012. NDE 6289. I was sucked into the universe, which from my point of view, was within/ inside me. Everything in the universe was me. I felt every atom, every particle. Consciousness was universal. Even though I was alive, I had been disconnected from the universal consciousness. Something happened to time which I cannot describe.
NDE due to seizure.

3049. Trish R Possible NDE 5/19/2012. Possible NDE 6287. There was an indescribable all-encompassing feeling that God disapproved of my action. There was no shame or feeling of being threatened, just the strong feeling that God was not happy with my attempt at suicide. The grayness of the atmosphere combined with storm- like clouds was remarkable. I didn't feel threatened by it, though. I just observed it. I was outside this literal gate to heaven. I believe strongly in heaven but not this gate. It may have been more symbolic, I have no idea.
Probable Drug Experience vs. Possible NDE (sometimes you can't be sure) due to suicide attempt with drugs.

3048. Brian G NDE 5/19/2012. NDE 6286. The most evidentiary thing about my NDE was the out of body experience. I was able to 'see' the rescue and a 'close-up' view of the water and beach area; most spectacularly, an extremely accurate hawk-eye view of the cove area. Noteworthy, after the fact, I was able to verify the amazing accuracy of my hawk-eye view of the cove via satellite photos, 'rial (plane or helicopter) photos, higher elevation (perch) photos, various boat vantage point photos and beach level photos. Wow!
NDE due to drowning

3047. Samuel C NDE 5/19/2012. NDE 6284. At this time I felt myself walking through this ‘tunnel’ which seemed to me to be more like an arboretum with light shining through here and there. At the end of this tunnel there seemed to be a brightly lit grassy area. I reached this area, turned and began to walk toward a very bright light.
NDE due to heart attack.

3046. Lisa K NDE 5/19/2012. NDE 6283. I began hearing the staff panicked, rushing around, instruments being dropped on a metal tray and someone saying it was 'high degree heart block'. Then I noticed I couldn't see anything, it was as if the whole room was white, it was warm and comforting. I felt as if someone was there with me but I saw nobody. I felt absolute comfort and love there, like I have never felt before.
NDE due complication of procedure to correct atrial fibrillation (heart arrhythmia).

3045. William G NDE 4/30/2011. NDE 16035. Graham says that he went out of this life and journeyed into another country. He described a beautiful road lined with stately trees, strains of music were in the air, and he says that that along the pathway his father came to meet him. He tells of their greeting and conversation, and then of his being torn away, called back to his worn and aching body by the insistent calls of his wife.
1897 NDE from Newspaper clipping.

3044. Cory G NDE 5/13/2012. NDE 6280. My body had floated out of the overhang and I could see it as I looked down on the scene from about 40 feet overhead. Although I realized this was my body, I was unconcerned as I had a deep sense of well-being. Whether this was due to relief from the pain or being in an alternate place I don't know. I could sense the thoughts and emotions of those below.
NDE due to drowning.

3043. Coleen P Possible NDE 5/13/2012. Possible NDE 6281. I had to look at the mesmerizing layers of moving color, which was amazing. I noticed that the most gorgeous vivid purple, closest to me, fluttered in and out from the sides like butterfly wings almost, but in less exact, more abstract ways. This almost gave me the impression of being in a square hole, but there were no borders or corners. .It was musically coordinated but the swooshing sound scared me some. I saw teal and other colors and there seemed to be a little oval of white or slightly golden light in the distance. The feeling, dimension, synchronicity of everything was way beyond my capacity to dream or to fully describe.
Possible NDE due to multiple illnesses.

3042. Gary M NDE 5/13/2012. NDE 6282. After about 2 seconds I quite suddenly just shot right out of my body. I was traveling at a very high speed into complete darkness, like a universe with no stars. Suddenly I started seeing some stars in the distance. Then, again quite suddenly, (I'll call them ‘light beings’) two light beings flew directly in front of me and stopped me cold. I could feel that I still had this ‘thrust’ behind me, that if they moved I would move again. I remember quickly looking back, behind me and I saw a sort of umbilical cord of light going down to what appeared to be the world below.
NDE due to auto accident

3041. Julie B NDE 3/31/2012. NDE 22687. I was twenty-one. My husband and I just finished making love, when all of a sudden I found myself in the worst pain I've ever been in. I felt like I was going to throw up and have diarrhea all at the same time. I went to bathroom. As the pain increased, I fell forward. My husband caught me and laid me down on the floor. He left to call 911, that's when all of a sudden I was standing on green grass. I believe I looked forward and saw my dead grandmother and my dead cousin. I felt no more pain; there was a brightness behind them. I felt happy, loved and realized I must have died. I said wait, I can't be dead I haven't had any children yet! Then I was back in my body, I awoke still with pain, my husband helped me to the couch and waited for 911. 911 only took a couple of minutes, but by the time they reached me the pain, and other symptoms were gone. I felt one hundred percent better. The paramedics took my blood pressure it was normal. I was normal, just as if nothing ever happened. We went on and had three beautiful girls, all healthy.
NDE due to unknown illness.

3040. Tara S NDE 5/13/2012. NDE 6279. My near death experience and the place I went are ever-present in my consciousness. I was out in the universe with the stars as close as the ceiling in my house. The mood here was the greatest peace, calm, and serenity that I had ever felt. I was seated before the most beautifully lit presence of energy. It seemed to emanate the greatest divine love. It came out, surrounded, and became a part of me and I became a part of this presence. Our consciousness felt as one and yet I still owned my own consciousness. I felt like I was seated and I have racked my brain trying to figure out what I was seated on. My conclusion was there was no couch, no chair, no body, no flesh; it was pure consciousness. I remember whining about how I did not want to return; I did not want to leave the presence. The big thing was that I did not want to come back if I had to be in a wheelchair. I did not want to come back if I could not speak. Ultimately, I did not want to return. But I know the choice was mine.
NDE due to complications of illness and surgery.

3039. Stephane R NDE 5/13/2012. NDE 5406. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon. This light was not a blinding light. I myself was a comparable light, partially detached from the other light, I find it difficult to convey this in words. I had a conversation with the light but this was not conducted in words. The light emitted a numberless multitude of voices, of incomparable perfection by earthly standards. These voices, all in chorus, sang a single word, which was Alleluia, and the length of the chanting of this single word, sung a single time, is quite impossible to express by any measure of earthly time.
NDE with light and music.

3038. Julian A NDE 5/9/2012. NDE 5417. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Cuca Suddenly, I feel a sensation like zapping, and, as if somebody had changed the channel, I was in a place poorly lit with light in the background. There were people but I couldn't precisely tell who they were; it was like a reunion. I was feeling a calm and deep peace, and no pain. I was close to some people but, and I repeat, I didn't know who they were. Sharply, they took me out of there, and again, as if someone had changed the channel, I see the cardiologist doing the external cardiac massage.
Physician NDE.

3037. Victor D Probable NDE 5/5/2012. Probable NDE 6278. My parents were sitting by my bedside. They asked me something along the lines of, 'where have you been?' I replied that I had been with 'Grandma Lee.' I told my parents that she had taken care of me the past few days and that I had spent all of my time with her. 'Grandma Lee' was my great grandmother who had passed away two years earlier.
Probable NDE at age 5 due to asphyxiation.

3036. Francine W Probable NDE 5/5/2012. Probable NDE 6277. I was eye to eye with a being of light. I was kneeling and communicating with this one without words, telepathically. The thing was I associated this being as the Lord of Love (Christ) and at the same time; it was me talking to myself. What was said to me was 'Good job, Francine, but now you have to go back and finish what you started.'
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt.

3035. Ned D NDE 5/5/2012. NDE 6275. From South Africa In fact, I felt at peace. I felt as if I was floating, I think I had passed out by this stage. In the corner of the hallway, up at ceiling level is a movement sensor for the alarm system, (though I wasn't particularly aware of it at the time). The next thing I was aware of was looking down at me from the position of this movement sensor, as if I were inside it looking down at myself. Everything was still, very peaceful and calm, almost ethereal. I remember thinking that if this is dying then it wasn't so bad at all, in fact it was really rather pleasant.
NDE due to complication of appendicitis.

3034. Jill J NDE 5/5/2012. NDE 6274. I felt a rush of overwhelming love and joy flood me in a warm, honey-like texture. It came in through my eyes, ears, nose and mouth and I became completely peaceful and calm. I was given a choice about going home to heaven or staying. He didn't actually identify himself, nor say 'heaven', but I knew Him and what He meant by heaven. It was a very difficult choice, because I saw colors and lights that I had not seen on earth and felt joy and love as I've never known.
NDE due to pericardial effusion (fluid in sac around heart).

3033. Fausto M NDE 5/1/2012. NDE 5398. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. As I had my eyes shut, my idea was to give them a fright, pretending to be dead, and then slowly open my eyes to see who was there. I looked to the right, what a surprise I had. It was a being completely covered in a white sheet, and I asked myself, 'Who or what is this being?' Then, slowly turning to the left, I saw another similar being to the first, and I wondered again, 'Who or what are these beings, what kind of strange prank is this?' I had no fear, I was calm and not desperate, thinking about what I could see.
NDE from drowning.

3032. Evan D NDE 3/18/2012. NDE 22683. From Australia I then was out of my body floating above the car looking down at myself slumped forward in the driver’s seat, I was bleeding heavily from cuts on my head and for a few moments was transfixed watching myself bleed to death. I felt the greatest peace I have ever known and fell nothing but goodness flowing around me. Although it was pitch black and raining, I could see clearly because there was a bright light behind me (I was twenty-five kilometers from the nearest light source, I was on a country road). Then my whole life flashed before me on fast forward. I saw myself being born then it would pause a little at every major event that had happened to me. It seemed to take only a second or two from start to finish. Then a voice said to me ‘Do you want to live or die.’ By the tone of the voice, it was saying to make up my mind quickly or else I wouldn't have a choice. I thought about how sad my family would be if I died so I said ‘Live’ and I was instantly back in my body.
NDE due to auto accident.

3031. Billie S NDE 5/1/2012. Second-Person NDE 6268. From Canada 'Mommy, I was in that place' she had done a drawing; totally colored black except for floating figures near the top of the page. There was a small building shaped object in the left upper corner. She said she was trying to get home and there were angels around her.
NDE as a very young child as told by her mother.

3030. Vivian M Probable NDE 4/22/2012. Probable NDE 6272. I was aware of floating above my body watching the seizures. Then suddenly my body got up and ran down the road straight toward an oncoming car and I thought, 'Oh, this is the end' but it felt as if something or somebody pushed me really hard and the car missed me but I fell into a ditch. A friend caught up with me and I felt myself leave my body again and heard a strange unearthly scream and realized it was coming from me and then I was lifting upward very quickly toward a white light.
Probable NDE due to unknown illicit substance at age 17.

3029. Kathy M Probable NDE 4/22/2012. Probable NDE 6271. From New Zealand Initially I remember floating somewhere up near the ceiling of 'my' operating theatre looking down at my own body. I was a small child swathed in sheets and with instrument trays around my body, with a group of nurses and surgeons gathered around my body, looking at it and working on it. I felt no fear, pain, or anything wrong with me. I knew I was in spirit form. I felt happy, light, excited and at peace. I desperately wanted to turn around to face upwards and outwards. I felt I did not know but whom I knew loved me unconditionally.
Probable NDE at age 4 during surgery.

3028. Rose F NDE 4/22/2012. NDE 6269. I started floating through a tunnel, no color on either side of me, towards a white bright light. The feeling was immensely beautiful and peaceful. I've never felt anything like it since. As I was floating, I saw myself hovering over my body. My brother and sister-in-law were crying.
NDE at age 13 due to head injury in Italy.

3027. Sheila EP NDE 4/22/2012. NDE 6267. There was a beautiful library type area, where I was able to experience a ‘Life Review’ of my past, present, and future, sort of an extremely efficient fishbowl type with a 360 degree view, very cool. It became clear (telepathically), after that Life Review, that it was just not my time to go. I must have seen that I did not complete whatever mission or task that I had come to my life to accomplish. I'm pretty sure also that I saw loved ones and family whom had passed. It seems as if it would not be beneficial for my mission/task for me to know or remember everything in my review.
NDE at age 16 due to auto accident and broken neck.

3026. Dwight M NDE 4/22/2012. NDE 6265. I was in a tunnel. Everything outside the tunnel was moving very fast. At the time, it seemed to be like looking outside a train window. Melvin Morse, MD has or had two websites; one opens showing a small figure inside a tunnel and my tunnel looked exactly like that. Nothing else I have found accurately describes the tunnel.
NDE at age 17 due to drowning.

3025. Michael P ICU Experience 4/22/2012. ICU 6264. I went, I believe, to HELL. There were giant red dragons. The landscape was dark and eerie. There were people trapped in what looked like circus carts where they transport lions. They were screaming and bleeding. Went into what was a gypsy cart that was blood red in color. It had red streamers from the ceiling. I went outside and ran from the dragons that were chasing me. Then a man riding a gold dragon came by, grabbed me, and took me away from there. Then I was in a room, sitting, talking to my dad who had died in August the same year. He told me to let go of the past and move on with my life.
Good example of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Psychosis. This is NOT an NDE. Typical ICU psychosis experience that is quite frightening and with hallucinatory content. Also events skip around as in dreams which is not typically seen in NDE.

3024. Lisa B Probable NDE 4/22/2012. Probable NDE 6260. In the void, there isn't any light. It is completely dark but you know while you are there that you are being held by a very loving (seemed like) hand of the creator. There was also a great many souls in there; each of them suspended and silent, although I felt we could communicate if we wanted but we choose not to. It is a very peaceful place. No other place that I've ever been has been that calming. I was sent away from the void, not by anyone, but because I began to hear a sound.
Probable NDE associated with severe fever.

3023. Maggy C NDE 4/22/2012. NDE 6259. From Canada. I soon found myself feeling comfortable, peaceful, relaxed. My consciousness was no longer in the water. I was in darkness, but I was not alone or afraid. I had no sense that I might die and I was starting to become curious about where I was.
NDE at age 3 due to drowning

3022. Chris V NDE 4/22/2012. NDE 6258. I felt the calmness come over me. Calm I had never felt in my life. Just utter peace. Time stood still, linear time did not exist. I did not have a thought going through my brain. It was pure calm. At that moment, an intense bright light began to envelope me. I remember how good I felt, with this light and pure calm that was around me. Then as the light began to increase and the calm began to increase, then out of nowhere a voice said ‘you're not ready yet’.
NDE from physician due to respiratory and cardiac compromise by unknown substance.

3021. Tamara M NDE 4/22/2012. NDE 5415. From Italy. Original in Italian. Suddenly, I was aware of myself and I was getting up from the surgery table. As I was rising, I found myself hovering upward and I turned only to see myself lying on the surgery table. There was copious bleeding on the floor and a rush of nurses and physicians around my body on the table. I could see everything from above. I felt nothing, no emotions or thoughts. I was moving in the air endowed with the conscience of BEING.
NDE from surgery.

3020. Margot Probable NDE 4/20/2012. Probable NDE 5411. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Amy. I didn’t feel that I left my body, rather that I was entering into the deepest part of me. You could call it a tunnel and there was a light at the end. Or more accurately, there was someone who was full of love and radiating light. I was at the bottom of the pit, and unlimited peace and love enveloped me. The fire disappeared, along with the room, my family and the fear. What was left was a presence that loved me. I understood the importance of love. In this place, I saw two images, like two photographs, inside of me. The first was the convent where I was planning to become a nun and the second of the boy who liked me and with whom I was falling in love.
NDE from a Nun.

3019. Hector A Uncle NDE 4/20/2012. Secondhand NDE 5413. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Amy. Each knew who the other was, and he spoke with every one of them without using his voice, telepathically. The being showed him the immensity of this place, where all the people seemed to be in an infinite field filled with colors, trees, people who were reading and singing, and angels that floated above them. There was peace, love and harmony. He traveled with the being without having to walk - it was like floating in the clouds.
Second-hand NDE from his uncle.

3018. Rose M NDE 4/18/2012. NDE 5408. From Cuba. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. Soon my vital signs were fading, then I saw myself dressed in white, with a long robe, and my hands fixed to my sides without movement, my feet pointed on tiptoe, and flying towards a strong and infinite light which shone on my forehead. I was surrounded by a grey metallic tunnel, and grey balls like molecules floating and striking one another, but when these touched me they rebounded and formed new ones, and I continued to the light as if I wanted to leave the tunnel.
NDE from surgery complications.

3017. Anthony S Possible NDE 4/15/2012. Possible NDE 6257. United Kingdom In the dining room apparently superimposed on the curtained off French windows was a disc of golden light, although bright it was not dazzling. It was about four or five feet in diameter, and I was gently, slowly, moving towards it. At a certain time, I realized that the light was drawing me to it, and that I had no control over it. I grew apprehensive, then frightened, and still I was drawn towards the light.
Possible NDE at age 2-3. Shared 68 years later.

3016. Matthew E Probable NDE 4/15/2012. Probable NDE 6256. I was drowning. I didn't know how to swim at the time. I was drowning and I saw my life flash before my eyes.
Probable NDE due to apparent drowning at age 6.

3015. Sara M NDE 4/15/2012. NDE 6253. After a while, I was out of my body (up) seeing three doctors over me trying to revive me. I looked around me there and saw there was a kind of dark vortex over me. I could also see some beings, little and dark, in 2 or 3 groups. They knew I was there but they didn't approach. They looked strange so I didn't want to approach them either, but I didn't feel really alarmed. I noticed that I was moving slowly in the direction of the vortex and I thought that there was a limit of distance if I wanted to return to my body.
NDE due to anesthetic complication during appendectomy at age 13. NDE occurred in Argentina. Shared 47 years later.

3014. Jack NDE 4/15/2012. NDE 6252. I came out of my body and looked at myself and the next thing I knew, for whatever reason, my dad smacked me in the face. I could see him hit my face while still out of my body.
NDE at age 2 due to a seizure.

3013. Paula H NDE 4/15/2012. NDE 6251. I was at the ceiling floating. I was looking down at my parents; I was shaking hard in my body as if it were trying to revive me. I was surrounded by a bright light and just pleasantly floating. They kept shaking and seemed very upset. I thought 'I guess I'll have to go back, they couldn't take it if I left' and in that exact instance, I was looking up at them.
NDE at age 12 due to Rheumatic Fever. Shared 47 years later.

3012. Barbara L Possible NDE 4/15/2012. Possible NDE 6250. I became aware of a man in a grey suit standing next to my bed. He was tall, slim and older. It was not frightening in any way. He very simply said, 'you can come with me now or you can stay'. I knew he meant that I would die if I went with him. It was whatever I chose. I said very quickly, 'I still have a son in diapers I have to stay'. With no time passing whatsoever, I was back in my body and in extreme pain.
Possible NDE in ICU following surgery.

3011. Soony S NDE 3/9/2010 & 7/28/2012. NDE 16029/6348. From Korea. Non-Western NDEs. I remember that I fell down in the hotel lobby. The next thing I saw was: One: A gentle light beamed down from a star, small, not bright, in the north-east direction. Two: The light covered my body. I was face up, lying down. Three: I was lifted up toward the star. Four: Shortly after, I rose to a sitting position. I was looking down at where my husband and many others were around my body... When I was fifteen, I drowned in the river. Our boat capsized. I got very tired, and then things around me got lighter. Then I was not tired anymore. Then, at some point, I remember seeing the Light lift me through the tunnel of light in standing position. I was slightly tilted, headed up.
Two NDEs described. One at age 15 from drowning, one at age 28 from unconsciousness probably due to environmental stress.

3010. Moises NDE 1/11/2012. NDE 5389. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. Then I entered the light and the cold went away from me, and so did the fear. I felt a great peace and love. It was love and warmth. The light enveloped me completely. I was spoken to telepathically, receiving peace, love, tranquility and at the same time in a voiceless communication. I was still a bit sad, thinking that I wanted to be with my family who loved me so much.
NDE from motorcycle accident

3009. Gary F NDE 4/8/2012. NDE 6249. From the UK I saw a light, which was shining on me, and when I looked behind me, I was floating out of my body. I felt warmth all around me. When I turned around, I saw two spirits there that I did not know. The two spirits looked at me and then one of the two male spirits grabbed my arms and pushed me back into my body.
NDE at age 3 due to being run over by a car.

3008. Lois T NDE 4/8/2012. NDE 6248. Then this beautiful white light with beautiful music came upon me. I stopped struggling and felt a real calmness about me. I never felt such love in my life. I didn't fear anything.
NDE at age 11 due to drowning. Shared 53 years later.

3007. Victor C Other 4/8/2012. Other 6247. Awareness for me is what is behind the consciousness that comes with the functioning of mind and body. The awareness behind it however is of a much broader, infinite nature. The thoughts that we all have in our consciousness appear to be a constant stream that is continuous and linear in nature. However, upon intense concentration on what is an iota of time between our thoughts, I believe that what I have experienced was a gateway leading out of consciousness and into the hidden spectrum of pure awareness that lies beyond. It was kind of like this; I wasn't thinking but if I did think, I would become what I was thinking. Therefore, I dared not think about anything because that would have meant that I would have manifested out of total awareness and bliss. Being in this state was beyond bliss, you want to stay there and not do anything to disturb it.
Among the most remarkable and inspiring meditation experience that we have ever received.

3006. Natalie S NDE 4/8/2012. NDE 6246. Originally from Iraq. Having agreed, I moved to another vibrational location where healing would be performed on my physical body. From this location, I could see my physical body in the truck, head propped up by my right hand, elbow resting on the door handle exactly as I'd left it. I could also see my body as an energy matrix. Reading from both those levels simultaneously, I could tell that my right hand was nearly severed at the wrist, my right foot and ankle were badly mangled, and I had a deep wound in my right torso. There was a large hole in my head; I was missing one eye, the frontal sinus, and a portion of my brain. Some energy beings and I worked together, quickly repairing the body, primarily working through the matrix. The injuries weren't entirely healed, as some were to be of use in situating me for tasks I had agreed to perform or things that I wanted to experience as a whole infinite Self.
Exceptional NDE as a result from a roadside bomb in Iraq. Remarkable account of healing and spiritual wisdom.

3005. Steve L NDE 4/8/2012. NDE 6244. I was transferred to the intensive care unit by the evening of the following day. I was not sure what I had at that point and was in and out of consciousness. I recall that on November 18, two friends were visiting one second and the next, I was in what I thought was a large room. I soon realized I did not have my body, and that I was surrounded by consciousness; ‘pure consciousness’ is the only way I can describe it in human terms. Everything just is total love. There was consciousness that came to me in the form of people I recognized: no bodies, just consciousness. There was a mention of all the lives that I had touched. Today I share my story of how we are loved and safe and that the lives we touch go with us: they mean something. And that when I totally surrendered into the moment, my greatest gift came: a realization that the present is all we have and there is nothing to fear because we are all one with this mysterious, glorious creation called a Universe.
NDE due to necrotizing pancreatitis.

3004. Brenda H NDE 3/4/2012. NDE 22671. My roommate called for the nurse, my blood pressure had risen very, very, high. I remember being placed on another stretcher and taken down this well-lit hall. I remember seeing a lot of nurses and Doctors around my bed, with needles and other devices, which they used. All of a sudden I was lifted out of my body to the corner of the ceiling in the Hospital room, as I looked down, I could see my body lifelessly on the table, with tubes, IVs and I could see the Doctors and Nurses all around me calling my name. Brenda, Brenda! I actually heard and saw them; I actually felt the same, without a body. Suddenly I was drawn through the ceiling; I felt nothing, just went through. I saw a very, very bright tunnel. I moved toward it, closer and closer, all of a sudden, I felt something all over my body. The doctors had injected me with something and I returned to my body on the table, I stayed in ICU for four days.
NDE due to complication following delivery.

3003. Elena E NDE 2/25/2012. NDE 22665. I learned years later from the doctor that I was near death, but he confirmed it was kept from me as I was only twelve. I found myself hovering there watching until I found I had been joined by an older, thin man. He stood behind a podium and seemed to be making notes in a ledger. I could make out none of his thoughts whatsoever unless he chose me to ‘hear’ -- otherwise he was a complete enigma to me -- yet I knew that he could read all of my thoughts. It was like he had plugged into me. In this same way, he fed some things into my mind that astounded me, especially since I had little religious upbringing and had only recently been baptized into a branch of the Christian Church. He let me know that our experience on Earth is but a flash though it seems very long while we are living it and that it's a means to evolve. He also communicated that tragedy itself is overly stressed here and is only a kind of vessel for evolving. Then he asked me, ‘Do you have any choice?’ He didn't say what this choice was, but I knew he was asking if I wanted to live or die.
NDE due to unconsciousness from illness at age 12. Shared 55 years later. OBE observation during NDE verified after experience.

3002. Teresa C Possible NDE 2/18/2010. Possible NDE 16027. I asked my sister, who is twelve years older than I am, just how sick I was when Aunt Mary came and nursed me. My sister gasped and said, ‘you remember that? Well I will tell you, you were fine in the morning, but when mom got home you were so sick, she asked me what I had done to you!’ I was looking after you that day. If something had happened to you, I would never have forgiven myself. So I guess I was very ill.
Possible NDE from an Anglican Minister when she was two years old.

3001. Frances Z NDE 4/1/2012. NDE 6242. Demons appeared around me and, although I was spirit, they were going through the motions of ripping my flesh off. It was intensely painful. As I went deeper and deeper into Hell, I saw many prominent historical figures, and lastly, my father. My father turned to welcome me to Hell, and I was thinking that this was it for me. My life on Earth was over, and I've ended up in Hell. Getting out of Hell would not be a possibility.
An ex-atheist (now) has hellish NDE after a suicide attempt.

3000. Dan BC NDE 4/1/2012. Shared NDE 6243. A gentle breeze was suspending me. It was okay, it was fine. I was floating, flying, but it wasn't right. What was I doing there? I wasn't afraid. I felt safe, but confused. I looked up and saw James flying down to me just as if we were on a skydive together and he was 'swooping' me. His expression was that silly, playful smile he so often had in free fall. He obviously was not confused at all. He knew exactly where he was and what he was doing there. He flew down and stopped in front of me. Still with a smile on his face, he asked, 'Danny, what are you doing here?' I answered, 'I don't know.' James said, 'You're not supposed to be here, you have to get back down there.'
NDE due to plane accident where 16 out of 22 on the plane were killed. Rare shared NDE where he encountered a friend of his who died in the crash during the NDE.

2999. Laura L NDE 3/31/2012. NDE 6241. A second later, I was in this wonderful light! It was all around me and felt tremendous. Overwhelming, it felt so good that I have no words to describe its wonderfulness!!!! Then, in another second, I was standing on a river made of liquid light! There was grass and landscape but it was all made of this light or had the light in it. It is hard to describe.
NDE due to blood loss after delivery.

2998. Nancy T NDE 3/31/2012. NDE 6240. There was a bridge that led over to a magical, colorful, loving land. It was filled with everything a 13 year old kid would LOVE! It seemed to have colors I'd never seen before, flowers, fun animals, puppies, an amusement park with a Ferris wheel made of candy! Absolutely indescribable.
NDE at age 13 due to head injury.

2997. Janie A Probable NDE 3/31/2012. Probable NDE 6239. The only thing I remember about the NDE was that I felt like I was a part of the northern lights! I was (am) pure positive source energy and I felt the pure power of that!
Probable NDE as a result of car accident.

2996. Mindy T NDE 3/31/2012. NDE 6238. I remembered dying! I was in the sky going somewhere! I remembered the bright white all around me, the lack of pain, the peacefulness I felt and the joy.
NDE due to car accident.

2995. Laura M NDEs 3/31/2012. NDEs 6235. I only know I remember nothing that I saw in my life review; only the memory of having one remains and also of the love! My surroundings were then brought into focus as I became aware of a flower, a magnificent flower. It was rather like a perfect Gerber daisy glowing in brilliant orange hued colors, it was alive, and it loved me! In Amazement, I turned again to Him in wonderment and awe, exclaiming, 'This flower loves me. I can feel it.' 'Everything,' He said 'was made in love for you!'
Two NDEs. Relatively brief one early in life due to postpartum hemorrhage which was frightening. Stunningly transcendent second NDE due to shock from allergic reaction to blood transfusion. Features an epic argument with Jesus.

2994. Jared NDE 3/31/2012. NDE 6234. I remember seeing me lying at the bottom of the pool and I begin to hover or float. My mother was screaming. Someone jumped into the pool and pulled me out. Then it was like a sudden rush of something pushed me back into body and that was it.
NDE at age 13 due to drowning.

2993. Jenneane E NDE 3/31/2012. NDE 6233. I am not sure if my breathing or heart stopped but my blood pressure dropped and I passed out. The colors in the room began to slowly fade to black and white. I had never seen the world in black and white before and I felt like it was surreal. I had a flashback as though I was watching a war movie and I saw a soldier getting wounded and dying and a bright light came and wiped out the whole image. Then I realized that it was I, dying now. I guess I had a flashback of my previous life and I thought it was strange that I had been a man and a soldier. I have always had a great fear of war and death. The black and white images reversed and the light became dark and the dark became bright and then the powerful bright light got stronger and stronger. I felt the bright light pass through my body and it was the most powerful unconditional love.
NDE due to complication of childbirth.

2992. Preston P Probable NDE 1/21/2012. Probable NDE 22663. I was very in touch with my being out of my body (skin) and free to go with my thoughts. The walls were the only obstacle and I was ready to go beyond and was aware of the feelings and thoughts and not at the table where my body was laying. Everything was present, I wasn't looking back or around I was seeing all at once.
Probable NDE due to allergic reaction to penicillin shot.

2991. Ricardo H NDE 3/31/2012. NDE 5403. From Mexico I was no longer aware of my surroundings and felt no pain. I didn't know what happened but I started seeing scenes from my life; like snapshots of my loved ones, friends and acquaintances. It wasn't like a film. I saw still images, one after another of my loved ones, etc.; just like photographs. They all appeared just as I was used to seeing them; playing, working, resting, etc. I had a strange feeling of desperation, oppression, and suffocation while I witnessed all these scenes.
NDE from motorcycle accident.

2990. Garth P Probable NDE 2/15/2013. Probable NDE 16026. When I passed through the veil this time, the pain stopped. My head was bent and as I raised it, I beheld my angel wife. She was some distance from me and was on one knee picking flowers. She never spoke, but raised her head and smiled. My joy was unbounded. Her beauty filled the space. The body was not the one we buried, but the form and face of the young woman on the day we married. She was so beautiful. I started to stand with full intentions of going to her, but was again roughly jerked back though the veil and held by some unknown force. It prevented my re-entering the world of peace and beauty, but I was allowed to peer through the veil. My wife rose, smiled, and waved. She and the veil disappeared.
He died 10 years ago - Written in a letter.

2989. Winnie J NDE 3/24/2012. NDE 6231. I suddenly found myself flying in a dark night sky. The stars were everywhere, beautiful, shining all around me. I was aware of a cool breeze against me as I moved. I seemed to be aware of a being beside me on my right, perhaps holding me at the elbow and another at my left. I felt trusting and never turned to look at them. I quickly moved along and soon found myself above a courtyard with pillars. What impressed me most was that the floor was beautiful. It was white, like a crystal of some kind, dazzling and shimmering. I began to descend slowly, and then I noticed many people moving quickly in one direction like they were hurrying to a meeting. They all seemed to be wearing white, but were wearing colors too.
NDE due to faint followed by head injury.

2988. Margaret H Probable NDE 3/24/2012. Probable NDE 6229. From Australia I was in this place, not a tunnel but going towards the most glorious golden, white light. I arrived into it. It was so encompassing. It was total security and love. I didn't, and still don't, really have words for it. Everything was just perfect contentment and calm.
Probable NDE at age 11 associated with measles. Shared 50 years later.

2987. Herman V NDE 3/24/2012. NDE 6227. From Canada I asked the being what the tiny fast moving lights were and he replied that they were all spirits and that they were all going places. I also realized that I had left everything behind, that is all physical things, and that I was now completely pain free. An overwhelming feeling of peace and love, that cannot be described using language, enveloped me. There was no life review, no judgment, no trinity, no choirs of angels, no deceased friends or relatives, just a powerful feeling that I was loved and that I had returned to a state of spirit and that I was now 'home'. It came with a very strong sense of being welcomed back to the place from which I had come.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2986. Chuck H NDE 3/24/2012. NDE 6222. I was hit by a car while I was driving a motorcycle. I saw my life history. I seemed to travel into the future. I witnessed my parents grieving at my funeral. Then I was moving toward a light in the darkness. I experienced a great peace. Suddenly I was over my body. I could see myself crumpled on the concrete surrounded by several people. I then awoke and stated, 'I am alive.' I don't remember saying that but that it's what the woman who hit me told me. I remember being upset that I had returned.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

2985. Ana Probable NDE 3/4/2012. Probable NDE 5402. From Uruguay. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. I had the sensation of weightlessness and floating in spirals, of leaving my body and feeling in a body-free state. I was surrounded by endless grey smoke. Wherever I looked, I saw a kind of gaseous dense smoke. It was like swimming in a liquid gas or a smoky liquid. I felt disconcerted not to know where I was or what I was doing there. I was moving forward or sideways but wherever I looked there was nothing other than that mass of smoke. There was no noise, no other presence, nothing. It was a nothing in which I floated, and these surroundings went on and on however much I moved around or at least had the feeling of doing so.
Probable NDE vs. Possible drug experience

2984. Dagoberto O NDE 3/19/2012. NDE 5396. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. I took hold of the neck of the light bulb which gave me a powerful electric shock and threw me against a wall 16 feet away. In the moments after the shock, I felt that I was walking through a dark tunnel. Suddenly I found myself walking through a very beautiful park where there were lovely flowers, some shrubs and trees of a gorgeous green color, and the sky was a glorious blue. At the far end of the path I was following, there was a brilliant light. Everything was exceptionally beautiful.
NDE by electrocution.

2983. EBB Possible NDE 3/19/2012. Possible NDE 5405. From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter. I was having surgery. I suffered appendicitis / peritonitis. I was anesthetized but I saw light, only light, white light everywhere, but it did not hurt my eyes. I felt even much better than ever. I would have liked staying asleep forever but there was my family. I knew my family would split apart. My mother suffered from depression and my parents were on the verge of divorcing. Then I decided to awake.
Possible NDE vs. Probable anesthesia experience.

2982. Veronica M NDE 3/18/2012. NDE 6221. From Canada Suddenly, my horse bolted directly toward the fence and I could not control him. I have no memory of what followed. My brother was onsite throughout the entire event and observed that I had fallen out of the saddle, with my right foot still in the stirrup, and I was dragged along the fence line with my head hitting the ground and fence as the horse ran at full speed. Eventually my foot released and I was dropped to the ground. When my brother reached me, I was in full-blown generalized grand mal seizure, vomiting, and my eyes were clicking back into the recesses of my eye sockets. The next thing that I recall is levitating from a lying position into a conical tunnel in an upward direction toward a beautiful, warm, very, very bright white light. It beckoned me strongly, and I really wanted to go. Simultaneously, I knew that I was in the ambulance and lying on the right side of the vehicle.
NDE due to head injury at age 12.

2981. Catherine H FDE 3/4/2012. FDE 6219. In that moment, I saw my life in front of my eyes, all the things and ages to the present. I saw my life in great detail. I saw my life from birth to my given age. All the events that took place, all the things that I had long forgotten.
Fear-death experience with detailed life review.

2980. John S NDE 1/18/2012. NDE 22655. At that moment I wanted to, but had no opportunity to warn my Mother for the accident that was to take place. I instantly put my hands on the dash board, the next thing was silence, a bright light, and I was standing on the side walk noticing the car I was just in was moving still towards the side walk. I was in a serene state of awareness, completeness and everything seemed to move slowly around me. I noticed my body was partly out of the vehicle front window. I also noticed a lot of blood on the window itself that was all smashed up. There were people running towards the vehicle but in slow motion and then I felt a tug on my arm and it was my old best friend from young childhood smiling at me. I just felt an aw-feeling and she told me everything would be all right and it was time for me to go back and she said she loved me. This girl who tugged on my arm was named Ruthy, who was killed several years back in an accident when she moved from Michigan. At that moment I felt an enormous pain seemingly everywhere and pulled myself back into the vehicle.
NDE at age 11 due to car accident.

2979. Sigrid Possible NDEs 3/14/2012. Possible NDE 5404. From Switzerland. During my out of body experience, I was undergoing a surgery on my tonsils. I heard everything but; I could not defend myself against someone, I could not move, nor could I make myself understood. I felt panic and fear. Suddenly I saw myself sitting in a big chair, looking down from the ceiling and I heard everything that was said during my surgery. The next day, during hospital rounds, I told people, including my parents, about this event but nobody believed me.
Possible NDE at the dentist.

2978. Sharon G NDE 3/11/2012. NDE 6215. From Canada I was floating above the operating table, watching/listening to the staff. Two physicians were arguing about how to extract the baby who had become stuck in the birth canal. I felt calm, rested, and removed from the panic below. I watched them rush the baby out of the operating room and I followed above the baby the short way to the special care nursery where she started to cry. I knew she would live and floated a bit before I felt drawn backwards and down to my body again. My vision seemed to be 360 degrees (not front, back or side but all) and I went thru the wall (not out of the door) with no feeling of passage or movement. A few days later a resident sat with me and listened. He had been in the operating room and said that the events I described were accurate. He said he could not explain how I 'witnessed' these events.
NDE due to bleeding after c'sarian section delivery.

2977. Majenta S Probable NDE 2/25/2012. Probable NDE 6217. I could feel them as if they were hitting me; shouting that I was going the wrong way. It kept going as if it were never going to stop. Then, it suddenly did. Everything got quiet and peaceful. It was warm and bright. I know my discussion with this being had everything to do with my decision. I just knew I was not done living yet. I had not experienced what I need to, or achieved what I need to. I was talking to someone, but I can't remember whom, where, or what about; but we knew everything and the meaning of life.
Probable NDE vs. possible drug experience at age 17.

2976. Jane E NDE 3/11/2012. NDE 6214. I did not feel any pain, discomfort, nothing. I just remember seeing plants that were at the bottom of the lake and this beautiful light coming from the top down and I had a very unusual feeling of absolute peace and harmony. It was a very pleasant experience. I do not remember being pulled from the lake, but I remember that I was placed on a blanket and I had this out of body strange experience, like it was two of me (one that was fine and one was looking down on the other me).
NDE due to drowning at age 5 in Slovak.

2975. Raina K NDE 3/4/2012. NDE 5401. From Sweden. Original in Swedish, translated into English by Maria. The life review was mostly of my childhood. I saw myself as the girl and the teenager and a little bit of myself as an adult. I saw pictures during different periods of my life and I learned that life is a movie where I am on stage, and that it's me who decides how my movie is going to go and who gets to play a part of it. Today I understand myself a lot better, and I understand that I am the one that chooses what the movie is about every day.
NDE with an instructive life review.

2974. Shea B NDE 3/4/2012. NDE 6213. It was quiet and peaceful. I didn't feel any pain, just a quiet peaceful feeling. I felt like I was somewhere outside my body. I told myself 'Well I guess I am dying.' I wasn't emotional about it. Then I remembered my year old son. I didn't want to die. I began to pray. I told God I couldn't die because I had a baby to raise. I still wasn't really emotional. I was just explaining why I couldn't die yet. I only said it a couple of times. 'I have a baby. I can't die yet.'
NDE due to car accident.

2973. Larry P NDE 3/4/2012. NDE 6211. From Canada I recall floating upwards, to the ceiling and seeing everything in the room in proper perspective from above. I could identify myself on the operating table. I continued to float upwards, towards a bright light, white and warm. I had a very good, exceptionally loving feeling. It was most tempting to keep going through the tunnel. But, there was a diaphanous curtain that I would have to part to keep going, and once I passed through that, I knew that I could not go back. I could not return to my life. As tempting as it was to go to the white light, I thought of my wife, and my kids, and I chose to return. That's it! I awoke in recovery and I was told all went well and soon I was back in my ward.
NDE during surgery.

2972. Ron B Probable NDE 3/4/2012. Probable NDE 6208. When I got angry I was taken away from seeing my wife to that dark place again. I could hear my thoughts; my mouth didn't need to talk. I began to see what looked like smoke and reddish orange color. I was taken closer until I could see it was fire in the form of a lake! I was terrified.
Probable NDE due to accident. Hellish imagery.

2971. Bonnie Z NDE 3/3/2012. NDE 32085. I sort of blacked out, and suddenly there was no pain and I wasn't breathing or crying or gasping for air anymore. I noticed that I didn't even have the need to breathe. I felt sexless and ageless, and eternal. I felt overwhelming comfort and warmth all around me. I felt like I was floating, and my vision was a little weird because I could see all around me, and below and above me as well all at the same time. I saw the ceiling above me and it seemed to be glowing and expanding and opening up somehow to infinite space. And I saw my body below me, and all my blood. There was about two pints of it covering my arm and my floor. But I wasn't afraid of what I saw. I felt no negative emotions. I knew it was I but I didn't care - the peace I felt was so much better than the turmoil I would return to if I went back to my body. I floated continuously up, but just before I entered the light I felt like I should be in my body and so I started falling slowly and trying to breathe again.
NDE at age 13 due to self-inflicted cut and blood loss.

2970. Dani S NDE 12/30/2011. NDE 22646. I was struck in the head with a pistol, the blow immediately forced me to the ground. There I was straddled and continuously struck in the head with the pistol, a small guitar and other items. The last item I was aware of in my body to hit me was the pistol, his first weapon. After a few strikes, my mind went to a dark place with a huge light at the end, almost like a tunnel. The next thing I knew I was above my body, at ceiling height, and I could see him on top of me beating me, switching items when they got too bloody and slippery to grip. I didn't feel any pain or sense of panic during my out of body experience. I remember having thoughts like ‘What is he doing now?’ and ‘Am I going to be ok?’ I felt strangely happy, like if I had been in my physical form I would have a smile on my face. I felt no fear, pain, or concern with anything else. I remember my voice saying ‘When is he going to stop?’ while looking at my lifeless body. I saw him kicking me in the face, my hands were still protecting my face but my inner self had let go of the fight. My eyes were closed and I was totally unconscious.
NDE from boyfriend's criminal attack.

2969. Cherie B NDE 3/1/2012. NDE 5457. I was made aware that my body would heal and that it was safe for me to return to my body. It was clarified that we are not alone. We are always surrounded by loving beings when we cross over and even now in this existing dimension. I know that we are always safe and protected. And I know that no matter what our circumstances, who we are perceived as or judged to be by the world, or what we have done in this lifetime, that we are all pure love. It's as simple as that. And we are all here to remind each other of our pure essence and what we can create in this three dimensional world through love and co-creating. I learned that we are all one in the same sharing different experiences.
Stunningly transcendent NDE due to very prolonged cardiac arrest.

2968. Gary C NDE 3/1/2012. NDE 5379. From Easter Island. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Maria. I told my wife that I had been with her deceased mother in an amazingly white corridor; she was a Rapa Nui (a native Polynesian inhabitant of Easter Island, the eastern most part of Polynesian culture. The Rapa Nui people make up 60% of Easter Island's population). She died from thrombosis that had kept her in bed for 2 years and my wife and I had looked after her. She was there with me, in that shining corridor and told me in Rapa Nui ‘Kaoho Koe’ which means ‘to return’, ‘follow your path’. She was very tall and wearing a white dress.
NDE from scooter accident.

2967. Fernando S NDE 2/27/2012. NDE 5399. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by George. I was projected through the car windshield and then I became aware that I was floating, entirely lucid but out of my body and completely conscious of what was going on. There was some other beings but I didn't know who they were. They were invisible to me but I could feel their presence. The feeling of peace was huge and transcendental as I never felt until now. No signs of problems, anxiety or anguish. All my problems were gone. The surrounding environment was in a rose-whitish tone and I could feel the presence of spirits or beings highly developed. That environment of peace and serenity worked as a profound magnetic field and I was attracted to it. I started moving towards it and I knew intuitively, or something was telling me, that if I was to cross that frontier I would not be able to return. There was a barrier, putting a limit on life and death, and it was quite clear. At that moment, a voice in my mind was telling me that I should return because my objective in life was still pending. There was a lot to do yet.
NDE from a car accident.

2966. Carmine I NDE 2/27/2012. NDE 5395. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Maurizio. A very large light appeared and I felt a state of absolute well-being. The more I approached the light, the more I knew that my place was with her. When I reached behind me, it opened a beautiful vision. There were thousands of lights, the same as I was (I was a light) and all of them moving with harmony. I was happy because I knew that my place was with them. Then suddenly I returned all the way back at breakneck speed, and found myself lying on the operating table.
NDE from criminal attack.

2965. Isabel R NDE 2/25/2012. NDE 6205. The voice reminded me of the vision I had had of my husband and son in funeral clothes. He said if I didn't go back to them, I would disrupt some 'plan'. The plan would be repaired and everything would eventually be ok, so I could go ahead if I wanted. The consequences of my untimely demise would be that my husband and son would suffer in ways I could not imagine and I would know that these sufferings were because of my selfish decision not to go back. I would know this throughout eternity. It would not be a huge sadness for me to bear, more like a prick of conscience that could never be totally healed. No big deal, unless you consider how long eternity is.
Exceptional NDE due to ruptured fallopian tube and internal bleeding.

2964. Cindy B NDE 2/25/2012. NDE 6207. I was having a seizure. All of a sudden, I was pulled through a dark tunnel, which started becoming filled with a glowing blue light. I was not in my body. Although I felt like I was moving very quickly, I was able to see shadowy figures lining the sides of the tunnel, and I heard them talking, saying, 'Why is she here now?' 'What's she doing here?' 'She's not supposed to be here.' I heard all of them at the same time, and I became nervous, thinking I wasn't supposed to be there, but I was being pulled and couldn't stop myself.
NDE due to grand mal seizure.

2963. Maia S NDE 2/25/2012. NDE 6206. From the UK As I shut my eyes I was immediately above my own body and could see the whole of the labor room below me as if I was watching a scene of a play unfold. At that point, I was aware that there was no sense of pain or pleasure or even movement within my body, it was an unnaturally calm, still and complete weightlessness that I cannot liken to anything I've ever felt before or since. The feeling seemed to be a split second in time then the feeling of my own steady breathing came back and I opened my eyes to find myself back within my body.
NDE due to complication of epidural anesthesia during delivery.

2962. Vanessa W Probable NDE 2/25/2012. Probable NDE 6204. The best part of this entire experience was the love. I've never felt love like that. It wasn't even describable in our English language. The best way I can describe it was like when you get into a bath and the water seeps into you warming every part of you. Well, replace the water with love. As I was floating in 'space', and absorbing all this love, I could see that I was carried very slowly toward a part of a triangle. It looked like these planes/grid lines were going closer and closer together. I wondered what it was, but I was so at peace and felt so much love, that I couldn't help but just bathe in it.
Probable NDE at age 15

2961. Mary B Probable NDE 11/19/2011. Probable NDE 22643. From Canada I was sitting down, leaning over, with my arms on the table and my head resting in my arms. Suddenly I could see my upper body rise and sit upright. It was dark, and very still, with nothing around me except my deceased mother, on the other side of an invincible fence. She couldn't find my deceased brother and was waiting for me to go to her side of the fence so we can look for him together. Then I was awaken by the banging on my door and taken to the hospital.
Probable NDE due to accidental overdose of pills and alcohol.

2960. James N NDE 2/19/2012. NDE 6200. I went into a tunnel and was met by dead friends and relatives. I was taken to see a worm working controls of big cylinders, that had every animal and peoples you could think of, and they were going down the cylinders from adults to babies. There were fish also. I remember seeing all kinds of fish. As I was walking toward the worm, I heard a voice say, 'you go back and be a better man.' I felt so warm and loved I didn't want to go back.
NDE following accident.

2959. Tom Probable NDE 2/19/2012. Probable NDE 6199. From Sweden The next thing I remember is the feeling of relief, like all the burden was lifted off my shoulders and all my worries were gone. This was the most incredible feeling. I was in a softy dark, peaceful and beautiful place, walking with someone I knew very well and trusted. It was like I was home and knew the purpose of everything and especially the purpose of my life. I don't know how long I was there or who I was talking to but I think we discussed my life and that we agreed on something.
Probable NDE due to illness at age 10.

2958. Janie N Probable NDE 2/19/2012. Probable NDE 6198. The next thing I recall was floating from the ground into the air. The sky was very blue. It was completely silent and my body did not feel any flow of air around me or feel like I was projected forward in any way. I was simply floating towards the sky. I recall the feeling that I could travel anywhere and see anything. I looked around me. I saw the sky and what appeared to be castles and green valleys. I felt light, and comfortable. There continued to be no sound and there was no sense of warmth or cold; just complete comfort. At one point, I knew that I could keep going and there was no anxiety in that idea.
Probable NDE due to use of medications.

2957. Earl M NDE 2/19/2012. NDE 6197. Once again, my heart stopped, this time for about 20 minutes. There was no ‘bright light', but rather diffuse light emanating from everywhere. I was aware that I was surrounded by my ancestors, many of whom I’d never met. They were all speaking at once, not in voices, but rather directly to me, to my mind. I knew some of them were not speaking a language I understood, and yet I knew what they were saying. I understood what was being asked without ever being asked.
NDE due to prolonged cardiac arrest.

2956. Hanriette NDE 2/13/2012. NDE 6033. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by George. At that moment, I saw, like in an old movie going backwards, clear images of my life from being an adult to my childhood. I found myself in the middle of a grayish white mist and I noticed three beings dressed in white like angels, a woman to my left, a man in front of me and another man to my right. All of them had very dark hair. The woman had long hair to her shoulders and the men's hair was cut at the height of their ears. I couldn't see their faces because they were made of a very bright white light. They were communicating with me not through their mouths but by means of some kind of telepathy.
NDE from going unconscious.

2955. Riki Possible NDE 6/1/2008. Possible NDE 16019. There was a thick row of tall sunflowers and standing behind looking over them were these beings of light. They were shaped like a human body, but there were no features, just light and all around the edges, brighter light radiating out. I knew who they were. God, Jesus and angels. I knew they were expecting me, they knew I was coming and were waiting for me. They didn't say anything to me, I just knew these things without any doubt, they were projecting thoughts and feelings to me, and I could feel what they were trying to express to me. I felt the most wonderful love pouring into me. I saw myself fall to my knees and begin just sobbing from the relief and joy of it, it was so wonderful.
Possible NDE from sleep apnea.

2954. Rose NDE 4/17/2008. NDE 16018. From the UK It was 1979 in about the spring. I was fourteen and there was a craze at my school of inducing fainting to each other. When I look back I shake my head and wonder why! I was one of the volunteers for this. It was in my Classroom during a morning break. My friends all gathered round and I had to breathe very deep and very fast about twenty times. Then one of them put her arms around me from behind and squeezed just around my chest/waist tightly while I held my breath. Next thing, the consciousness disappears away. I was aware of being laid to the ground. Then wham, I'm up in the ceiling looking down on myself near the door. And I can see everyone looking at me and chattering about me being out cold and giggling. It was a very strange and very positive feeling, I recall. I liked being up there and seeing the scene below. I was aware it was happening. I wanted to float higher and out around. Next thing I remember is sort of being sucked back and coming round.
NDE from childhood game of inducing unconsciousness. Became unconscious, and OBE over body.

2953. Lacy NDE 2/11/2012. NDE 6196. The first thing I noticed was that I was warm and at peace. I was wearing a thin, white, strapless sundress. I was swinging on a tree-swing that was in a meadow full of tall, golden grass. Around me was a thick green forest full of different trees. Everything had a golden haze, like you might see in the early morning in the woods; all misty and warm. Nothing I've ever seen before. As I was swinging, I was smiling and laughing. On my left was a white tiger and the right, a white wolf. They just lay there, enjoying the moment. Then I woke up in the middle of the operation.
NDE at age 5 during surgery due to complication during surgery.

2952. Laura B NDE 2/11/2012. NDE 6195. I was floating above the playground. Everything was dreamy here and in slow motion. There was a girl with two blonde braids that were whipping about as she turned over and over in the air, falling off the slide. I was purely fascinated with this girl. I wasn't upset. I was feeling really good to be floating above. I remember the pine trees and the falling girl. I realized that the falling girl was me. I felt no worry, pain, or fear; just detached, slightly confused, and most of all, thrilled to be up in the air.
NDE at age 7 from passing out on top of a slide and falling.

2951. George E NDE 2/11/2012. NDE 6192. From Australia. In a matter of a couple of seconds, my body just snapped and I lost consciousness. The next moment, I was being gently channeled towards an incredibly bright, white light. The light had a brilliance that didn't hurt my eyes. Its attraction was so powerful, like a huge magnet that was the size of the entire Universe. It was totally irresistible. I was hovering and able to move in any direction that I wanted to move my body (or my mind, I should say) and it seemed to me that I was under no restriction; that I could fly away anywhere I wished to throughout that dimension. My mind was at my will and my will was my mind. I was completely aware that I was within the boundaries of what true life really is - a spiritual, mindful, non-dimensional world at the disposal of my consciousness.
NDE due to medication reaction at age 12. Shared 50 years later.

2950. Kaycee Probable NDE 2/11/2012. Probable NDE 6188. During sleep, I experienced a dream of feeling entirely encircled within a warm embrace, beyond anything possible on this earth. I did not want it to stop. I saw my father and some people behind him, who I think were my sister and grandmother. All had passed over. A voice I didn't recognize said, 'If you want to go back, blow'. I guess I decided to go back, so I went to blow but to do so, I had to draw breath first (to be able to blow).
Probable NDE due to sleep apnea. Interesting information during experience that may have saved her life.

2949. Paulina D Probable NDE 2/11/2012. Probable NDE 6187. My body may have been lying there on the operating table, but I was up in the corner ceiling of the operating room, looking down on my body. It did not feel as if my body were with me, just my mind and eyes. I had no feeling of fear, just a complete acceptance; oh, so this is how it ends.
Probable NDE due to severe illness during surgery.

2948. Ryan G NDE 1/29/2012. NDE 6186. My surroundings consisted of an almost perfect sight of everything in the veil of black nothing. I was in a void. I noticed that my ability of sight was different. I can see everywhere without even needing to turn my head. I was like an owl, except I can see through anything I can imagine as real. I knew all of this without even seeing anything. Suddenly, the pin prick of light starts shining. Creating the tunnel vision effect that accompanies almost all near death experiences. This light was alive. It was breathing, and it had the heartbeat of a million souls.
NDE due to fall at age 5.

2947. Trisha S NDE 1/29/2012. NDE 6184. Disappointment fills my very soul. I don't want to go; I want to stay here. I feel that this is my home. This is where I belong. I want to continue living here where I'm not weighed down by physicality, worries, or anything. I want to be like they are, all light and music. 'Later,' it says; 'later, we promise.' I'm devastated. I don't want to go back. I want to stay in this place of love. 'No, please. I want to stay.'
NDE due to bicycle accident.

2946. Roy B Possible NDE 1/29/2012. Possible NDE 6183. From the UK I was floating, weightless, surrounded by light; I have heard this referred to as a tunnel. Although it had those characteristics, the walls themselves were pure light. I was then in an unenclosed landscape of golden light, and was pleasantly surprised to see people passing by who I had known during my younger years. Some were old friends, others were people I had argued and fallen out with, yet now there was no enmity. I was then overcome with emotion as my departed mother came into view, smiling. As I moved towards her, I was hoping to speak with her, yet felt myself falling backwards.
Possible NDE during sleep. Woke up gasping for air.

2945. William E NDE 1/29/2012. NDE 6182. The next thing I remember was being in place of the most comfortable warmth, a bright warmth, and peace one could ever imagine. I had no fear whatsoever and I knew I was somewhere far from where I should be but I did not care. This was the place where no harm could ever come to me. It was perfect warmth, peace and comfort, and I loved it. I remember thinking that I was somewhere special and I did not want to go back to where I'd come from. Then I remember starting to wake up and I was mad because I wanted to stay where I was. I did not want to come back to this world.
NDE due to cardiac arrest following cocaine use.

2944. Steve N NDE 1/29/2012. NDE 6181. There was a spinning white light, and a throbbing noise, going 'wob, wob, wob...' at intervals of about one second, or slightly less. It consisted of white and black spirals, like a hypnotist's wheel. It may have been a spinning tunnel. Then, I was back in my body and awoke.
NDE due to dental anesthetic complication at age 5. Experience shared 52 years after it happened. Bellows described are an archaic from of resuscitation.

2943. Ronald A NDE 1/29/2012. NDE 6179. Then I was walking down a dirt path toward a bright light. There were very tall green trees lining the path. It felt so warm and there was such a good feeling all around me. I could hear birds in the trees singing.
NDE due to pulmonary embolus. NDE due to stroke, brain hemorrhage and seizure. Shared about one month after the experience happened.

2942. Yolanda W NDE 4/4/2008. NDE 16017. I am thirty three years old now. I was twenty three years old when I had my experience. I had pneumonia and it was killing me. It was November that year, three days after Halloween. I went to the emergency room in Tennessee. When I got there, I could not breathe. They said I shouldn't have been able to walk through the doors because my lungs were so full. They said I should have been dead. I start to lose consciousness, going in and out. I remember I told my husband to call my mom. She was at church. I told him the number, which is odd because I had never called the church before. But I knew the number as if I called it all the time. I lost conscious. I came back to for a moment. My mom was there. She told me they were hooking me up to a breathing machine. All I could do was shaking my head ‘no.’ I did not want that and I lost conscious again. The next thing I remember is being in the dark. I thought I was alone but I heard a voice. It was kind, comforting and loving. It was as if it wrapped its arms around me. It told me that I was ok; everything was going to be all right. It never told me if I was going to live or die. I was at peace, comfortable, and happier than I ever been. Finally, I felt safe for once in my whole life. I told it I was not scared anymore and was ready and all right knowing I'd never see my babies again. I knew they would be taken care of and watched over. I was ready to go. Let me also say I have tried to kill myself I have wanted to die for a long time, so you understand why I was ready. The next thing I knew, I woke up. I opened my eyes, looked around, and started to cry. I was not sure why, maybe because I was happy, or maybe because of the loss of feeling safe and at pure peace. It was four days later. I had been unconscious for four days. I lived, and that was the most wonderful experience I have ever lived in my whole life so far.
Short NDE. No link because this is all there is.

2941. Jeter C NDE 10/10/2011. NDE 22626. Coming home from work at 12 midnight. I hit a deer on my motorcycle at fifteen miles per hour. I went to a place that looked like a theater. On the screen appeared a walkway that went to the left. Could not see where it went. I felt Jesus was sitting to my right. Felt totally accepted. This place knew everything about me. Every thought I ever had. No words were needed. Every thought was known. Heavenly feeling is the only word I could find to describe this space. Fluffy red surroundings I call a space. Woke up on ground with laceration to right side of head above right eye. Doctor in the emergency room said bad concussion.
NDE due to motorcycled accident involving striking a deer.

2940. Carmen J NDE 1/21/2012. NDE 6176. I thought it was fascinating. I observed from the ceiling. I was being pulled further and further away. I just kept looking at the frantic person holding the rag doll that kept slipping through his hands as it spewed the rivers of brown on the body. I was whirling up, up, up. Then, from far away, I heard this desperate yelling noise. I didn't recognize the sound. As I focused on the sound, I was drawn to the sound until I got close enough to it, to distinguish it.
NDE due to apparent allergic reaction, with unconsciousness.

2939. Dahlia Y NDEs 1/21/2012. NDEs 6175. I wanted to check on my dog Walker, who was buried in our yard, so I flew to our house. I couldn't see him but I could feel him and I wanted to know he was okay. I flew over the roof to the front of the house and saw my best friend and her brothers on their bikes they were going to where my body was so I went to the lake. I could hear everything, fish jumping, ducks swimming and quacking, but I could still hear the sirens and they made me anxious and worried.
NDEs at age 6 due to bicycle accident. Experience shared at age 11, which is among the youngest children that has ever shared directly with NDERF.

2938. Karyn E FDE 1/21/2012. FDE 6174. I knew when the tire blew while I was on the Interstate that I was going to lose control of the car. I definitely heard a female voice say, 'there is nothing you can do,' and I felt the most serene feeling of total peace and absolutely no fear. I was knocked out after the first of four rolls. I did not see anyone or experience a tunnel but I did feel complete knowing and bliss. It was a feeling that honestly I cannot describe. I felt no fears, worries, or feelings of loss and I saw a white light surround me.
Fear-death experience due to auto accident.

2937. Ross F NDE 1/21/2012. NDE 6172. From Canada I asked what the purpose of human life in the universe was. Unfortunately I cannot remember the answer, but it seemed like an oversimplification, so I asked a follow-up question, 'if that is all there is to it why are scientists putting in so much time, effort and money into trying to figure it out?' The answer was also simple which I do remember. He said, 'Scientists like to make things complicated.'
NDE due to pulmonary embolus.

2936. Jeanette F NDE 1/21/2012. NDE 6171. From the UK The next thing I knew I could see below me, sort of looking from the sky downwards at a long wooden table with people discussing me sitting round it. I don't remember faces but I do remember purple cloaks. They were discussing whether or not I should live. I was only 15 and a bit too young yet. I knew that if I didn't get out of there and went any further down I wouldn't be able to get back.
NDE at age 15 due to bike accident.

2935. Erich B Probable NDE 1/21/2012. Probable NDE 6170. From Canada I had just come home on leave from the armed forces to visit my parents. I had a bad headache, so I walked to the doctor's office where I collapsed and passed out. I woke up one week later. I had the experience of a tunnel, the light, the music, total relaxation, and I could see a figure of a person at the end of tunnel, but could not recognize it. When I came to, there was a room full of people looking at me, including my parents. As the years went by, I noticed a definite change in my feelings toward living things. I used to love hunting, whereas now I choose to kill nothing, not even a fly. My family has told me many times over the years that I have been different since my NDE experience.
Probable NDE due to coma as a result of spinal meningitis.

2934. Jack M NDE 1/18/2012. NDE 6168. The space was lighter to the right, fading to a dim light as I panned left. I turned my attention back to the lighter end. At no time did I see a human like form, or any other form of being during the experience. However, toward the end of the experience, I sensed a presence originating from the lighter end of the space.
NDE due to boat accident and subsequent drowning.

2933. Michael L NDE 1/18/2012. NDE 6167. I entered through the door and immediately felt an intense feeling of love and warmth. As I walked I saw a beautiful field with an intense blue sky. The blue color was unlike I had ever seen in my life. I then became aware of beautiful music coming from everywhere; rocks, trees, grass, etc. were all praising god. I saw no one but as I turned I saw a throne or alter, I don't know which, with multiple colors streaming from it.
NDE during heart surgery.

2932. Jean R NDE 1/18/2012. NDE 6166. I then went through a life review. It was all about my relationships with others in this review. During this, I felt what they felt in my relationship with them. I felt their love or their pain or their hurt by things I had done or said to them. Their hurt or pain made me cringe and I found myself thinking, 'Oooh, I could have done better there.' But most of what I felt was love, so it was not too bad. No one was judging me during this process. I felt no disapproval from anyone else, only my own reactions to it all. That feeling of unconditional love saturating me continued to be there. I was judging myself, but no one else was judging me in this review.
Exceptional NDE due to toxic shock syndrome. Remarkable experiences- a must read!

2931. Susan T Probable NDE 1/18/2012. Probable NDE 6165. I know that I was 'somewhere else' and that, wherever I was, there was no pain and that, wherever I was it was, going to be, all right; even if I died and wasn't coming back. I did not feel that I needed to return or that I was going to miss out on something. I have a deep understanding that it wasn't my time and that I was 'shown mercy'. I was someone who didn't believe in God and where I was, was going to be ok, but that would have 'been it.'
Probable NDE due to severe auto accident.

2930. Pegi R NDE 12/31/2011. NDE 6163/6164. They were all standing, except one in the middle, up front; he was sitting. He was God. God spoke to me, and I replied to him. I was rude and disrespectful. I started screaming that I didn't want to be there and didn't want to stay. I was very angry. I told him I have young sons at home that need me. I screamed, 'I won't go!' Then God let me know, through thought, that I may be trying to get my way, but I was not the boss there. So I humbled myself before him, and asked him to look into the future and, I said, 'If my sons would be better off without me, I will agree to stay.' But if they wouldn't be, I begged to go back to take care of them. Then I saw them, my sons at home, being raised by their dad without me there. They were so sad and alone. He had a girlfriend and she didn't love them the way I loved them, and they missed me terribly. I was so sad and I longed to comfort them. I then asked God, 'Who else will teach them about you?'
Exceptional NDE due to ectopic pregnancy and internal bleeding. Another NDE from drowning.

2929. Jose M Probable NDE 1/18/2012. NDE 6162. From El Salvador After crossing the exit of the tunnel, I was surrounded completely by the Light. I tried to look back to see if the tunnel was still there, but I could not see it. Everywhere I could see I would only see this Light. This Light** was of a kind I've never seen in this world, it was a white so pure that would be impossible here. I don't have words to describe it. I know I had a conversation with the Light. I could not remember the contents of the conversation. I do remember however, that the communication was not through sound. I listened to the voice but it communicated directly putting the concepts of what He wanted to speak directly into my consciousness. I did communicate back to the Light but not by speaking.
Probable NDE due to illness at age 9.

2928. Tony D NDE 1/18/2012. NDE 6160. In 1992 my wife came home with another man. I stabbed myself in the heart. I was taken to the emergency room. I flat lined twice, but once I was floating and heard the Doctor and every detail, but it was dark and I saw nothing. No anesthesia at the time. I was dead, but I was more alive than ever.
NDE due to suicide attempt. He is now in college studying for the ministry.

2927. Sue C NDE 1/18/2012. NDE 6159. Slowly, one...then two....then four...and on, stars lit up in my vision. They were far away, very tiny. They twinkled white at first, and then as they grew in number and I felt I was getting closer, there were colors. Colors I have never seen, colors I love, colors I am familiar with. At first it was like looking at the sky, but as became one with this sea, it was more like a translucent river of stars and colors, they would breathe and undulate. They seemed to be as one. They all interacted together like an ocean, with a tide, with waves...rising and falling lazily in space. I became aware of my place among them, I floated and relaxed. The most important thing in this place was the feeling of bliss.
Exceptional NDE due to accident at age 17.

2926. Mark G Probable NDE 9/25/2011. Probable NDE 22617. I was told that I could continue and that we have three times in life to make the choice, but that for me, my health would be worse in the future. I was desperate and I had two small boys at the time. I remember taking the hand and grabbing it and putting it right on my back where the pneumonia had shown on the X-ray. Immediately I stopped coughing. The next day, we were coming home to Virginia and I was having what looked like an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. We stopped at the hospital and the doctor looked at me and said it did look like a reaction. He asked why I was prescribed it and I told him pneumonia. He asked if I had the X-rays and I told I'm that it was done in a hospital in Maryland. He ordered another which showed absolutely no sign of pneumonia.
Probable NDE due to pneumonia. Healed of pneumonia after experience.

2925. Marilyn R NDE 1/8/2012. NDE 6158. From Canada Suddenly I felt someone pick me up in their arms and I was surrounded by light and I looked in the smiling face of a man who said his name was Jesus he told me not to be frightened he was here to take me back. He had shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing leather sandals on his feet with straps that went between his toes and tied around his ankles. He had on a long white gown with long sleeves with a long light blue tunic over it. There was a gold color rope tied around his waist. His voice was very soft and kind almost musical and I felt a feeling of pure love and complete safety and trust. As we were walking up the stairs, I noticed that the left side of the wall was still basement wall but the right side of the wall disappeared and in its place was a beautiful garden full of long grass and wild flowers. I could hear birds singing and there were butterflies flying. I could see little children playing and chasing little lambs and I could hear their laughter.
Exceptional NDE due to strangulation at age 6.

2924. Erinn H NDE 1/8/2012. NDE 6155. I remember seeing myself with both my hands covering my face I then remember when I was in my body I was covering my face because of the feeling of blacking out. I was surrounded by darkness but did not feel at all that I was in the dark, I immediately felt peace, all my worries and fears I didn't feel anymore but they weren't taken completely away I had a knowing that they were placed to the right of me for the time being. Then something telepathically told me to accept the peace I'm feeling and if I do I would have eternity and eternity was straight ahead and that meant death to earthly life.
NDE due to unconsciousness during panic attack at age 17.

2923. Genevieve G NDE 1/7/2012. NDE 5390. From Germany. Original in German, translated by Sunita. In this dream, I 'flew' over the hospital where I was having the treatments and I saw all from up there; the parked cars, the entrances designed as winter gardens flooded with light. I felt light in weight and secure in a warm manner. In fact, I already had been in this hospital about 10 years earlier to visit my grandma and at that time, these entrances did not exist yet in this form.
NDE after brain surgery.