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1640. Janet J NDE 6/30/2008. NDE 3634. I saw the nurses and the doctor working on my body. I was up in the ceiling looking down. I thought it was cool I could float like that. I also saw my brother and his girlfriend in the waiting room looking worried. I wondered how they got there so fast. I tried to touch them and to say I was all right, but I could not. After it was all over, and my brother and his girlfriend came to the room to see me I reached out and touched them; I told them I had tried to touch them before. I was feeling no pain, I was aware that I was on a hospital bed, but it was by a huge river and there were a group of people on the other side, waving to me to come on the other side where they were. But I could not. I had two little girls I had to take care of. So I told them that I could not come.
NDE due to complication of surgery.

1639. B Death Bed Vision 6/30/2008. B DBV 3632. As I sat there holding his hand I witnessed an unexpected sight. I SAW not with my natural sight, however I SAW what looked like a whitish, wispy, cloudy human form lift out of a lying down, to sitting, to lifting form leave his body. It went upward and diagonally across the ceiling corner. I even said aloud 'This is wild.' I KNEW he was no longer inside the shell of the human body. No question about it. I even felt like I was a part of it. Everything seen and unseen was connected in perfection, and a joyous peace. I am also positive that T and another presence were in the room, located in the corner of the ceiling behind my left shoulder.
Dramatic ADC with husband immediately after his death.

1638. Pat R Probable NDE 6/30/2008. NDE 3631. I found myself inside of a tube that was like a bank deposit shoot. Between my hospital bed and the tube shoot, I don't know what happened. I knew there were 16 of these tube shoots in a perfect circle all pointing down. The tubes were each 40 feet long from what I could see, but they went on infinitely beyond that. I was head first into the bottom of the tube and had landed at my destination. These tubes were tight, tight, tight, so they held me tight looking straight down at the bottom of the tube. There were people in each of the tubes all head first down. The tubes were made of beautiful 6 inch thick crystal glass and people were lining up behind me face down.
Interesting experience - Back injury, coma, but no correlation of experience to time of life-threatening event.

1637. Wendy M NDE 10/14/2007. NDE 21822. I fell off a horse and hit my head on concrete rocks. A voice to me to hold on, spoken first in its native tongue, then translated into English. It was a man’s voice. A spirit warrior was sitting with me. I saw myself wide awake while I was out of body.
Describes race as Native American. Head injury at South Dakota reservation.

1636. Vicky M NDE 6/22/2008. NDE 3627. From Canada. Then I was suddenly looking down at my body. I was keenly aware in my young mind what had happened. I could look around the room, seeing everything clearly but noticing nothing mattered - in a material sense. I was very aware of the fact I had died, and I had a choice to go to heaven or return to life on earth. I also felt very connected to the universe and could feel how we are all connected. I knew what I had to do - as I felt, knew, I had work to do on earth; I was here to help others. I knew it was too soon to die. It was not a frightening experience, but definitely a life changing experience. It has affected everything I've done to this day and will to the end of my days.
NDE due to meningitis, pneumonia, and collapsed lung at age six.

1634. Henry W Probable NDE 6/22/2008. Probable NDE 3624. The next concept or rule I learned is that God can never be proved by scientific means. To do so would corrupt the environment. It would destroy faith. When we have faith we seek, we learn. If God were to appear before us like a huge being at the United Nations, the entire world would believe, but also live in fear. To successfully experience the human existence, one must be physically out of touch with God. We have to learn and seek on our own. We need to search out the meaning of our own existence and experience here on earth. Faith is the engine of discovery. Without faith, we are just like ants.
Suicide attempt. Profound spiritual wisdom encountered.

1633. Rick R Possible NDE 6/14/2008. Possible NDE 3595. I don't know how I got there, but I stood in a huge hall. I could see the forms of people standing around me. I could not see their faces but it seemed like I knew them. I sensed this. The people around me were more like shadow people. I could see their silhouettes. It seemed like I was not 'allowed' to see them, directly. The most usual thing about where I was is that the ceiling was THE NIGHT SKY, with brilliant stars. The floor was like polished marble. Then he comes into the hall and walks straight up to me. I hear him say, 'Hello, I am the Son of God.'
Knee surgery. No life-threatening event.

1632. Nithin S NDE 6/6/2008. NDE 3619. From India While I was eating food with my mother & friend it got into my respiratory tract. Then I couldn't take air inside. I fell down, struggling for air. I felt parting with my body & going upwards. I am now seeing a tunnel with light on other end someone is pulling me upwards. When I look around the surrounding is very bright. Then I can't see anything because of light. I have a strong desire to get into my body. Because my mother is crying for me. I can hear her crying from very down. Then suddenly I gasped some air with all my efforts. The food moved out of the tract. Suddenly, I get the feeling of inside the body.
NDE due to choking on food.

1631. Mariana Probable NDE 6/6/2008. Probable NDE 3598. From Columbia. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Mariana. Everything was dark and silence. All of a sudden, I heard girl children laughing, the sound was very sweet but I couldn't see anything. Afterwards the clarity started, I saw the girls smiling and running around me. In some way I knew my daughter was there, and then I felt so much happiness I smiled and felt I was falling into a very happy state that didn't let me react.
Probable NDE but definite ADC from her daughter she had just lost in childbirth.

1630. Rickie T NDE 10/11/2007. NDE 16015. The next thing I remember it was jet-black. The darkness was peaceful as it consumed my entire vision. I started to notice a pinhole of a white light. It was directly in front of me. As I sat there looking at this light, it started to grow in size. It became so large that my entire vision was now white except the top corners, which were still jet-black. A circle of the brightest white light I have ever seen before in my life. The white light was so bright, that I was unable to see anything in or around it. What I did notice was that even though it was bright, it did not hurt my eyes. I began hearing my name being chanted. It sounded like one person was chanting my name. I became confused, because I was not sure who was calling my name. I kept staring into the bright white light but I was unable to see anything.
NDE from attempted suicide.

1629. Gini C NDE 6/1/2008. NDE 3617. I saw an old Native American man and a cougar sitting in front of a fire. I approached him. He looked up and said, 'Follow me.' We went into a cave. The cougar was on my left side and the man on my right. As we walked through the cave, I saw my life from birth until the present. When we got to the end of the cave, I saw a brilliant white light. The old man looked at me very sternly and said, 'Choose.' I guess I chose to live instead of going into that light.
NDE due to hemorrhagic stroke. Met Native American and cougar. Lists her race as 'Caucasian'.

1628. Jeff S NDE 10/5/2013 & 6/1/2008. NDE 6936/3616. The pain grew and so did my screaming when all of a sudden I was in no pain at all. I was moving and moving fast. Eyes still closed. What about my family I thought? They will be fine the voice said and I was good with that because I knew it was true. When I finally opened my eyes, a beautiful city shined like the sun. Is that heaven I asked? Yes, the voice said. Then in a flash, I had met my grandfather. He was much younger and very happy. In another flash, I was at the bottom of the great stairs, which lead up. As I looked up and focused, there was God, Christ, and the Spirit surrounded by angels singing and praising. I fell to the ground for I knew where I was. Christ lifted me up, gave me a hug, and said I love you.
NDE due to being buried while working on a well. Series of dreams appear to have prepared him for how to respond to the life-threatening event. Also has a soulmate story!

1627. Darren T NDE 5/27/2008. NDE 3610. From Canada I remember standing in a dark area and just looking upon a bright light in the distance. The light was brighter than the sun, yet it did not hurt my eyes to look upon it. Beams of light were streaming out of it in every direction. As the light came closer to me, I could see the shadow of a person standing in the center of the light. I could determine the shape of the head, shoulders, arms and legs of this person.
NDE due to brain hemorrhage

1626. Shona G NDE 5/27/2008. NDE 3606. I suddenly felt like I was really small and looking down at myself on the floor. Everything was dark around me and I felt very very alone. I felt very sad for the person on the floor (didn't really associate that person with myself) I felt a sense of never ending aloneness. That is the last thing I remember until I was in the ER getting my stomach pumped.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

1625. Lorena NDE 5/27/2008. NDE 3586. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated by Mariana. I felt like something was talking to me without words. I only knew there was somebody letting me know that I was wrong or confused. My life was like a movie only saw it from the moment I got married. There were no sequence of images, they were more like spots and I knew why I have lived that. It was a circuit or something that was growing up every time more and more that each spot was passing and my death was the goal. I just felt that God wanted me to reach that moment, because I understood many things and then I saw my husband passing from the same in that moment. Then I saw a future, my husband and I in a green prairie in a very nice little house, inside I saw I had more children. I just knew that my husband and I were very happy and I understood my mistake.

1624. Sana NDE 5/19/2008. NDE 3470. From Saudi Arabia Original in Arabic, translated by Jody via Google. Then I started feeling that the ceiling of the room is coming on, and I started rising from the Earth towards the ceiling and I entered the tunnel. The spiral brings me to the quickly to the top. I imagine my husband and give him my latest recommendations about the newborn child and I tell him, 'I die now, children must receive good care. Take one to my grandmother.' I echo the certificates and attest that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God over and over again. The time I spent in the tunnel spiral went smoothly and quickly and pleased His Excellency. The feeling was indescribable.
NDE from childbirth complications.

1623. Denise N Possible NDE 5/18/2008. Possible NDE 3602. I had enough 'time' to feel like I was 'there' all of a sudden. I remember looking at the scene below, checking out the room and the dentist - just scoping the place out, kind of like in a detached wonder, like 'How cool, what's this?' I started to try and figure out what was going on, where 'I' was. Then I felt a 'presence' near me. This presence asked me to look at the scene and focus. I didn't want to and started to turn and look at the 'being' next to me and was gently turned to the scene again and told to focus - like a child was asked to focus. I was urged to do something about the scene - told to take the mask off the girl's face. I didn't feel like she was in trouble and didn't feel like I needed to do anything, kind of like a child thinking, 'Why? I don't even know this girl. Why intervene? She looked like she was ok.' I was urged to focus and take the mask off. The urgency or the 'thoughts' from this other being were becoming hard to ignore and I started feeling the need to do as I was told.
OBE, possible NDE, associated with nitrous oxide for dental procedure.

1622. Bill B NDE 5/8/2008. NDE 3596. ...the truck went off the road and turned end over end. At the time, it seemed time stood still and happened in slow motion. Everything went black. I saw a movie of my life, even the birth of myself leaving my mother's body, being delivered by doctor. It seemed I viewed my whole life even up to the moment of being in the truck. I was then in a tunnel floating and had the most peaceful feeling ever in my life. There was a bright white light at the end of the tunnel and I just kept reaching for it. Then, I was just back in the truck, hanging upside down by the seat belt.
NDE due to truck accident.

1621. Mieke NDE 5/8/2008. NDE 3593. From the Netherlands. Original in Dutch translated to English by Annelies. An acquaintance who was using drugs at the time flipped and turned on me. He put both his hands around my neck and started to strangle me. I tried to fight him as best as I could but I couldn't prevent him pushing me backwards He pushed me into a closet. At a certain point I 'went', I saw myself 'leave' and then everything went black. Then all of a sudden, there was light on the left and darkness on the right. A pleasant male voice asked, 'Mieke, do you choose the light or do you choose the darkness?' I said, 'I choose the light.' Then it seemed the light filled my body and it went through me into the boy who was strangling me. He let me go at once and apologized.
Shared experience - the strangler let go when he felt the light go from her body to his arm.

1620. Juan Carlos NDE 5/7/2008. NDE 3562. From Columbia, Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. As I went into the tunnel, I didn't want to go back. This could have been a phenomenon associated with the lack of oxygen, but the most astonishing thing is that at a certain point I saw myself on top of the water and I could swim toward the riverbank, leaving more than 200 companions who were with me astonished. I thought someone had pushed me towards the surface but nobody knew who it was, nobody had an explanation.
Teenage drowning NDE.

1619. George T NDE 5/6/2008. NDE 3594. From Romania. Original in Romanian translated to English by Mariana. After some time we arrived at the hospital, and I saw everything they did in order to resuscitate me. At the same time I went down the hallway to speak with this man who was covered in blood and was trying to get up from the floor. I helped him and I asked him what had happened to him? He told me he overdosed in order to take his own life, but now he couldn't move and no one was helping him.
NDE from suicide attempt.

1618. Christine A NDE 5/3/2008. NDE 3591. I was on the left side of my bed, not up in the air, yet not on the ground either. I saw several people knelt down around my body, so I couldn't really even see myself. The people wore dark clothing, so I'm assuming they were police. I think I saw one person with a white shirt (emergency medical technician?). While I was watching the 'event' I was with two of my deceased relatives: my grandfather's cousin, Aunt Kate (who was more like a grandmother to me); and my Uncle Harry. In life, these were really the only two members of my family (besides my mother) that I was close to. I loved them very, very much.
NDE due to heart arrhythmia as a result of chemotherapy for leukemia.

1617. Angela J NDE 5/3/2008. NDE 3589. From Tasmania. I looked up and thought to myself that I was sure that I had turned the light off, when I had gone to bed. I thought the light was coming closer to me and then thought I was dreaming. I looked down and saw the sunshine and myself through the window. I realized that I was not moving. I struggled inside me to move but could not until I heard this gasping sound which accompanied my arms moving and I opened my eyes and I could still hear this gasping when I realized it was the rush of air into my lungs. I was so terrified and utterly exhausted. I was surprised to find myself on the floor and lay down on the bed and slept.
NDE due to allergic reaction and meditation experience.

1616. Carol M NDE 4/29/2008. NDE 3557. From Saudi Arabia. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio. I began seeing everything white around me, like this blank page to write on. At the same time, I felt a presence as if someone was with me and began explaining to me about some doubts I had at one time. Not with words, but with images and perhaps telepathy since I do not remember hearing a voice. I could understand everything he said and it was all so clear and obvious that I wondered how I could not have understood this before and that my mother would also be happy to know it. I understood that everything good and bad happened for a purpose.
Experiencer has a master's degree, born in Bolivia, and living in Saudi Arabia where the experience occurred. The experience while giving child birth is a possible NDE, but the drowning experience when she was sixteen is a NDE.

1615. DW NDE 4/27/2008 & 11/19/2011. NDE 3587/6106. That Being already KNEW me before I arrived there. It chose to love me and wanted me to love it, KNOWING all of it. I wasn't asked to love blindly. I was showed the self that wanted me to love it. It wanted to be chosen by me as one that I would love. It had loved me before I was human, it loved me before I was born, it loved me being back with it, but most of all, it loved that I loved it, too. It was joy filled that I loved it. I was in a state of bliss from the love we shared. So was my new friend, the Divine Loving Being. Our perfect understanding in complete Love was, and could only be, Divine. I was HOME. That is what it felt like, the ultimate homecoming. I was where I was meant to be. I fit perfectly there. I was so glad to be there, loving with that being. 'It was where I was meant to be' is as close as I can put it. To be together with that other, loving self was the perfect place for me to exist.
NDE due to suicide attempt. Note From Dr. Jeff: This is among the most profound NDEs ever shared. I encourage EVERYONE to read this.

1614. Bonnie J NDE 4/27/2008. NDE 3588. The next thing I sensed was a surreal feeling of floating high, high in the sky. I had all of my senses though I felt I no longer had a body. All around me was bright, bright light and I sensed so much love I felt as if I'd never ever felt before - quiet, peace, serene contentment, no pain, now worry, just a tremendous sense of BEING - of me BEING. I hear (sensed) love, joy, peace, contentment. I floated without seeing anyone (relatives that had passed away). But, if this makes sense, I FELT God's presence. Then I sensed (heard - I hesitate to describe the event with our human terms because I never HEARD anything yet I know I was asked) a question. The question was: 'Are you ready Joyce?'. I struggled with the answer and then I was shown my graveside. The grass around my burial plot was vivid, vivid green, the sky was blue, there was a gentle breeze - I even heard a bird sing. People were leaving the coffin for their cars. The only 3 people left by my coffin were my husband, my daughter then aged 3 and my son then aged 17 months. AT THAT MOMENT I KNEW I could not leave my children - I telepathed my answer, "NO".
NDE due to boating accident.

1613. Sylvia P NDE 4/27/2008. NDE 3585. I was experiencing total comfort and not afraid in any way. A figure walked in (although dark, I could see him). He was someone that I had known as an acquaintance all my life and about the age that my father would have been. This person had passed away several years ago. He sat down beside me, not facing me, reached for and held my hand. After some time, he tugged on my hand and I said, 'I am not ready to go with you.' He very gently placed my hand back by my side, and walked into the darkness very slowly. He never said a word nor did he turn his face to me, but I knew him. After he left, I remember nothing until I woke up the next day on the ventilator.
NDE associated with surgery.

1612. Kathleen S NDE 4/24/2008. NDE 3582. I took an overdose of insulin. I then passed out and Lloyd put me in the car and took me to the hospital. I do not remember any of this but I remember waking up with myself sitting in the corner and watching a sheet being pulled over my head and then my spirit followed the doctor outside into the waiting room. The doctor told my husband that I had two heart attacks in five minutes and I died. My spirit then followed my husband outside and he punched the building and screamed no, no, no and he screamed at the sky and said why God why? I remember my uncle Richard my aunt Mary and my grandma and grandpa were waiting for me when I went through the white light. They said, 'You need to go back because your children and your family need you here on earth not in heaven yet.' It was a very nice ride through the white light and I did not want to come back.
NDE due to insulin overdose.

1611. Sandra H NDE 4/24/2008. NDE 3578. I was then floating down the river on my back but I was watching myself from above rather than actually experiencing what I saw. I could see myself gurgling and coughing up water but it was immediately being replaced by new waves of water and I looked as though I was choking while trying to breathe. Watching the water fill and float across my open mouth looked odd to me from my 'rial view but I couldn't quite figure out why; it was like watching a movie in slow motion.
NDE due to drowning.

1610. Jenny E NDE 9/13/2007. NDE 21798. While in the throes of a bad car accident, my deceased grandfather (that I was extremely close to) came to me. At the time, I was twenty-two years old and working in New York. I was just about to rent my first apartment away from my family. As the impact was happening, all of the events surrounding my life at the time went through my head (mainly the rental of a new apartment). My beloved grandfather came to me with his arms and took me out of the wreckage. I had no seat belt on and at the time, many of my friends who had seen the car thought that I had died in the wreckage (It was that bad!). I survived by the grace of my grandfather and I'll never forget it.
NDE due to auto accident.

1609. Hafur NDE 4/19/2008. NDE 3558. From Mexico Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio. At first rapidly and afterwards more slowly. It was amazing how my life was shown with events I had completely forgotten about and others that were so insignificant that it felt like I was seeing each frame of the personal movie of my life on earth. I realized that I understood everything with a great clarity and super-lucidity I had never experienced before. I discovered that I had personally chosen to take on a physical body and have the life experiences I was having. I realized I had wasted time in suffering and what I should have been doing was using my freedom to choose true love, and not pain, in all that came into my life.
Exceptional NDE! She met her twin flame too!

1608. Ryland D FDE 4/19/2008. FDE 3576. From Australia. When I got sucked into the drainpipe, the instant I knew I was in trouble, my life flashed before my eyes not like a movie with scenes in it. It all happened in an instant - I remember my whole life and what I had done. It is a very peaceful feeling, (besides from the trauma of almost drowning) everything was very relaxed and calm. It felt like I was underwater at least ten minutes before I blacked out, but only two minutes had actually passed. Then I could feel nothing; like my brain wasn't working at all, for I don't how long. Then suddenly with a flash of white light, I came to as I was being pulled out of the water but I could not see anything but white light for five minutes. Afterwards everything just looked new to me, like the trees and grass and everything looked so much brighter and vibrant for a day at least.
Near drowning. Life review apparently began prior to loss of consciousness. Age sixteen.

1607. Matthew L Probable NDE 4/19/2008. Probable NDE 3575. I was frozen in time, in the moment. I had no pain, just a feeling of astonishment. It felt as if someone was holding me up in that river, keeping me afloat. I felt love, and friendship. Then there was this booming, loud voice. It said, 'You can sit up and fight to live, or you can lay back and die.' There was no judgment in the voice, no right or wrong answer. For me, I know what the answer was immediately, because I was young, and there were things left for me to do in life. So I chose to live.
Probable NDE because not sure if there was a clear separation of consciousness.

1606. Donna S Probable NDE 4/19/2008. Probable NDE 3573. When I flat lined at first there was nothing. Then there was an extraordinary bright (white) light. Very, very, bright. Then it started to change to a beautiful blue. An indescribable blue. Then suddenly I was back.
She had an experience during cardiac arrest, but did not experience a separation of consciousness.

1605. Kimberly F NDE 4/19/2008. NDE 3571. I was promptly told 'You cannot come home yet.' I continued to try to go forward and it kept telling me 'No, not yet, it is not your time.' I then felt compelled to turn and look back at the tunnel. That was when I was transported back through and out the other side of it. I looked down and that's when I saw them bringing that paddle machine over to my body. I saw the doctor grab the paddles, say something to the person standing next to it, they turned some knobs, and the doctor put them on my chest and hit me once with the shock. I saw my body jump but I felt nothing. I then saw the doctor say something to them again, they moved the knobs again and he hit me a second time - nothing. Then, I saw the doctor put the paddles together for a moment (as if saying a prayer) and then said something to the person again - the person shook their head in disagreement but went ahead at the doctor's insistence and moved the knobs again. When he hit me the third time I awoke in the intensive care unit.
NDE due to being shot in chest with shotgun at age twelve.

1604. Karen H NDE 4/19/2008. NDE 3570. I remember being in a pitch black void, with me glowing softly within it. I felt complete relief, love, warmth, security, acceptance and many other things that I can't really describe. I was able to surrender to this darkness without fear. Since I don't have family or children, I had a feeling that it was okay that I stay in that void forever; everything would have gone on without me just fine... I have very, very bad eyes (almost legally blind) and I could see myself and my 'glow' very clearly.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

1603. Lesley B NDE 4/19/2008. NDE 3569. From Australia. As a family we had gone for a swim in the pool. I was left in there and although I had floaties on my face was under the water. My uncle said that I had been there for six minutes. He pulled me out and could not feel a pulse. The walls of the swimming pool were peeling away. I was standing on the bottom of the pool and stamping my feet alternately in excitement. It felt like I was at the door of a birthday party (I was three) and the door was about to be opened and inside were all the children having fun and enjoying themselves with all the presents and party food and games. I saw lovely green grass like a field and big trees. I couldn't hear the birds though. I wanted to go in but my relatives said to me that it was not time yet and to go back and behave myself. I was disappointed as I wanted to stay.
NDE due to drowning at age three.

1602. Chad NDE 4/19/2008. NDE 3566. Then it got all warm and I realized I was dying. It was me there. All of the horrific pain was gone. I felt better than I had ever felt before like a peaceful deep sleep feels. Disconnected. I felt happy. All of the sound started to get further and further away. The next series of events happened in what felt like about two or three months, but was actually about fifteen minutes. No one came to me or anything like that, but more like a movie of what I wanted in life. The girl I liked at the time was my wife, which came true two years later. Kind of like if I had complete control of the future, I got to build the perfect life. Then what felt like a ton of bricks fell from the highest building onto my chest like three times in a row about ten seconds apart.
NDE due to his car being hit by a truck.

1601. Selina NDE 4/19/2008. NDE 3565. From Australia. On passing out I felt a sudden rush past many people's faces. They were talking at me but couldn't understand what was being said. Finally reached end of light to be kissed and sent back... As I reached the white light, I received a kiss - distinct sound... My mother had passed the day before and I believe it was her that kissed me.
NDE during childbirth when she passed out.

1600. Bonnie G NDE 4/18/2008. NDE 3564. From Canada. I put on the brakes, but the van went sideways, fishtailed and then rolled about four or six times, landing upside down. I was aware that I was on the roof of the van, by the sunroof, green foliage was visible. Slowly I felt my body lifting away and in that moment, travelled through a starry tunnel/portal quickly, there I stopped floating, in what was a kind of a void. I felt not one presence but several, maybe three or four and a feeling that in the void there, even my brother, Terry, who died one year prior at age twenty-nine was there somehow. It was so peaceful, as if floating, like in that space just before falling asleep, tranquil, yet aware at the same time. These presences said in a language that had no words, it wasn't my time yet, there was still much for me to do. My brother had said that when he died he did choose to go when asked, but for me I wasn't going yet. It just was not my time.
NDE due to auto accident.

1599. Sanz Probable NDE 4/18/2008. Probable NDE 3561. From France. It was in the course of the surgical operation after the anesthesia, normally I shouldn't have felt anything. (Previously I already had four surgeries.) Suddenly I felt a very strong pain in the chest, as if my heart was taken off from my body and at the same time, a continuous sharp sound like a buzzer. Then the pain stopped as well as the sound, and I was sliding down a kind of black hall with a light at the bottom looking as a cotton material or steam appearance (difficult to describe). I didn't see any presences but heard voices as if several people were whispering together (male and female), 'Here she is coming, she is coming.' Suddenly another voice, a male voice, much louder and with an authoritarian tone said, 'No, it's too early.' That's it.
Not sure this was lucid. She says she had less consciousness and alertness than normal. They did heart studies on her, but uncertain if she had a cardiac arrest.

1598. Harriet K NDE 4/18/2008. NDE 3560. I clearly remember watching the angiogram as it was taking place - a person was holding my hand, there was a large square machine above me, and several people at the foot of the bed on the right-hand side. I was still comatose, and I was watching it from the left upper corner of the room.
NDE at age seven while in coma during angiogram for brain abscess.

1597. Minerva NDE/ADC 4/23/2006. NDE 31423. I kept telling the ER nurse that I couldn't breath. All of a sudden, it was very bright in the room. I was floating over my body. The nurse went to the doorway and shouted "code blue". The equipment was making a horrible screeching sound. The light outside my ER room was flashing. My mom was standing by the door holding my son (who was 6 months old at the time) A male nurse jumped on top of me and started CPR, as a couple other medical staff started rolling me out of the room and down the hall. I stayed with my mom as my body was being wheeled down the hall. When I left my body, it felt as if a hook from the center of my back pulled my soul back and up out of my body. I wanted to stay with my mom and my son, but the angel (I didn't see the face told me I must go) I went through a bright tunnel up to the most beautiful place I had ever seen. My grandma was there, although I don't remember seeing her face I feel she was there. There were many angels there. No one was talking using words, it was like all the talking was done through our thoughts.
ADC from deceased father. NDE from assault by former husband.

1596. Cyndi G NDE 9/13/2007. NDE 21780. I was above myself drifting upwards and away. I felt very calm and wanted to go towards this beautiful space. That I still have trouble relating to. The doctor told me that they could not get my heart going and kept me open for almost four hours .They had lost me several times. I saw them working on me but what was so strange or beautiful was that there were people all around the operating table standing behind the operating room. Behind the crew and doctors working on me. They had these very long, very white robes on that went to the floor and all had hoods coming almost over their heads. The robes were pointed at the top of the hood. I could not see their faces except for one .He stood at my head as I was floating above them going farther and farther away. He raised his head and looked up to me. It was the face of my Father. He had died ten months earlier.
NDE while under general anesthesia for heart surgery at Mayo Clinic.

1595. Roseann DBV 4/13/2007. DBV 16014. Original in German, Translated into English by Iris. About two hours later, after the ward round, I asked her what she meant by referring to the letter. She responded that she sensed from what I had written how much I liked my mother and she described me in detail what I had written. I insisted on the question how she could know about all this and she told me that she had watched me from above, from the ceiling. I had written the letter at a desk and worn a green bath robe. I wanted to know if she could speak Spanish. She said that she did not speak Spanish, but she again accurately described what I had written. She described my pen, how everything was arranged on my desk, the writing pad that all exactly matched how it really was. She even could describe the Roman style of my chair. I asked quite desperately, ‘How can this be possible?’ ‘I do not know, I have never experienced anything like that,’ she answered. I could not find an explanation and finished the conversation.
This is a second-hand report, but what a REPORT!

1594. Jaqueline NDE 4/17/2008. NDE 3501. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva. I answered, 'Wow, if you knew how lovely it was to be there with my Mama. Well, I didn't feel pain, or anything, but yes, it scared me very much - not being able to breathe. But later, I felt a relief and nothing hurt. It was a peace and an immense love that I felt in my heart and my soul, knowing I had that experience and that even though the interval during which I couldn't breathe was horrible, after that was the most marvelous experience I'd had in my life. Before, I was scared of death and now I don't feel the same. I give an infinity of thanksgiving to God for placing you and Linda as my angels who fought and fought even when it looked like there was no hope.'
NDE due to heart attack.

1593. Maria N FDE 4/4/2008. FDE 3493. From Mexico, translated to English by Eva. In that moment I saw myself enveloped in an invisible bubble. I floated. I felt as if I'd entered another realm of time. There was a tranquility, a peace, beautiful music in the environment. I felt, at that moment, that I was in a wonderful place, full of peace and love. There was no time - nothing. I felt only that peace, that love, and heard that music. Something protected me. I felt as if I'd always been there.
Fear Death Experience.

1592. Carolyn H NDE 1/30/2010. NDE 16013. I was looking into a huge kaleidoscope. There were colors of soft blue, pink, and yellows. They were all spinning around and then there was a big pop. Then it went black. All of a sudden, a bright soft light appeared in the distance. I could see a figure in the light but it was too far away to make it out at first. Standing right in front of me was my mother, father, and brother. My parents looked thirty years old and my brother about sixteen. The figure in the back ground started to come closer. As it did, I then realized it was God. He told me I am not ready to come home.
Short, but a nice NDE.

1591. Yvette P NDE 3/21/2008. NDE 3555. From India. I must have cut a blood vessel since I was bleeding profusely. It was right next door to a clinic and when my head was being sewed up under local anesthesia, I must have lost consciousness. I remember a loud roaring in my ears and rushing through a long, dark tunnel at the end of which was a very bright light. I cried out loudly (or so it seemed to me), 'Not now, not now,' and peed. Fortunately, I was having my periods then and was safely padded! With that shout, I came round and saw all the faces around me i.e. doctors, nurses, my friends who were with me in the accident and my sister, all looking very normal - and I was puzzled as I expected to have been asked what I meant by 'not now'. Of course I myself would not have been able to answer that question at the time!
NDE due to unconsciousness while being sutured following injury. Relatively rare non-Western NDE.

1590. Sandra E NDE 3/21/2008. NDE 3553. It was replaced by a very bright light that I could sort of see through. I walked out of what was the back of the house taking three steps through the light. It felt like I was walking down a few steps. Beyond the bright light was an intensely bright meadow with mountains beyond the meadow. Everything was very beautiful, green, and bright. There was a single large tree offering a bit of shade and a lovely stream flowing a few yards from the tree. I think it may have been an apple tree because it had bright red 'spots' in the foliage. Around the stream were animals drinking water. I remember a deer and a squirrel on the other side of the stream and a rabbit on my side. I sat down by the rabbit and gently put it in my lap petting it.
NDE at age eleven due to fall.

1589. Sara H NDE 3/21/2008. NDE 3552. I remember seeing the Light, how warm, and beautiful it was. I wasn't sure if it was coming to me or I was going to it. But the warm wonderful feeling I had, I knew everything was alright. I loved the feeling. When I did come back, and this doctor that was not my doctor, was there holding my hand. They were sending me to the intensive care unit. This doctor was sent to be with me. I know that the divine intervention was there. He took my family to the side and told them, that he had seen Jesus at the foot of my bed and Jesus said, 'It is not her time,' that's when your grandmother squeezed my hand.
NDE due to complication of medical procedure.

1588. Fanny L Possible NDE 3/16/2008. Possible NDE 3551. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. I kept doing things to stay in my body like flexing my fingers and toes, trying to do deep breathing, which was hard because I was struggling with that, and most important, I would feel my son's face and hair, just to keep that connection. He kept me going. I should have called 911, but I was afraid that if I left my son's side, I would die. I was scared and I prayed to God. I told Him that I knew He could save me, and that I needed to be alive to take care of my son. There was a point when I left my body. I didn't exactly see, but was given the knowledge that if I left now, my son would never recover from the experience. I was uncertain of what was going to happen, but I knew that I wanted to stay alive. I heard a familiar voice, although I can't quite remember who, saying; 'You must return now.'
Possible NDE. Felt strong emotion. OBE.

1587. Jennifer H Probable NDE 3/16/2008. Probable NDE 3548. From France. I reached the end on a sort of moving staircase. I was surrounded by night stars (although the operation was taking place in the daytime) but it appeared quite light. I was greeted at the top of the staircase by seven or eight people. They appeared silver. I knew that I knew and loved them, although I did not recognize them. They were very happy to see me and I felt as though I had come home. I do not know how long I was with them. What I did have was a very strong knowledge that I understood EVERYTHING in the world. I knew the reason for every mortal thing and felt a deep sense of peace. Finally I was embraced by all but told I had to go back. I was devastated and didn't want to go.
Emergency surgery after poorly done hysterectomy. After anesthesia started, OBE into starry sky. Not clear she nearly died, and a little unsure of timing of experience.

1586. Kevin P NDE 3/16/2008. NDE 3547. From Germany. Then I felt like slowing down and being stopped in what seemed absolutely like space near the earth to me. At least that was what I would imagine from movies. Somewhere near earth, but at least a little farther out than the moon, because earth was not bigger than the moon usually is. I remember seeing Europe, Asia, Africa, parts of North America and the northern Ice shelf through the clouds. I remember being totally absorbed with that sight and wondering what is happening here to me. While wondering about that I more felt than heard something like a voice, which sounded in me, asking something like, 'Was machst/willst Du denn schon hier? (What are you looking for? What do you want already here?)'
Suicide attempt, and was hit by train. Relatively rare OBE state where what he saw of his injured body was not verified by his observations after the NDE (unless he had an inexplicable partial healing).

1585. Tammy R NDE 3/16/2008. NDE 3546. I know it's hard to believe at three years old going on four. I can remember this but I was in a severe car accident and next thing I know I'm going down this beautiful 'Golden Tunnel' at it felt like a hundred mph. Then I came to a sudden stop and this beautiful 'Golden Light.' That is when God spoke to me and told me my life would not be easy but he would always be there for me and send many angels. At sixteen years old the same thing happened but I remember no words were ever spoken, I just knew. He told me I'm not ready and he's sending me back and not to ever try to take my life again - that is his decision to make and not mine. He also told me how much my parents love me and to stop being selfish but I wanted to stay so bad.
Two NDEs described. First age three due to accident. Second probable NDE at age sixteen due to suicide attempt.

1584. Susan R NDE 3/16/2008. NDE 3545. But any ways, this nurse, pumped one bag of blood and started a new one. I had turned back to go to my brothers, and it was then I heard another voice - a voice I had never heard, so warm, it surrounded you, it touched you, it was love. He was telling me it was not my time. I was on my knees and touching his robe. If love had a scent that was it, so pure. I did not look up. It was like I could not look up. I said, 'I do not want to go back!' I begged. At this time, I began to understand my brother's words. They said, 'Come here sister.' I remember that I did not want to let go of God's hem. My oldest brother took my hand. I looked down at myself on that bed. I looked back at my other brother, my twin, and he said, 'They need you, go.'
NDE from blood loss due to miscarriage. Declared dead.

1583. Timothy M Possible NDE 3/16/2008. Possible NDE 3543. I was walking down a path in an obvious direction away from a starting point. To my left and up about shoulder height were people and scenes I recognized from events that had happened in my life prior to where I was at the time - when I reached the point of the accident that spawned this coma. When I reached the point of the accident, I turned and walked back past the events I had just witnessed. When I reached the last event I entered a stone cottage and in the cottage were two very old beings, they reminded me of 'Yoda' in the movie 'Star Wars'. These beings were to my right and in front of me was a big picture window or opening.
Was in coma. Walking down path saw past scenes from his life. Can't correlate time of life-threatening event with experience. Could be an 'intensive care unit experience'.

1582. Matthew M Possible NDE 3/16/2008. Possible NDE 3542. My question is, how did I know my hand was paralyzed BEFORE I woke up from the coma! Impossible. I now suffer immense pain in my leg because my ankle is paralyzed, and the rest of the muscles are compensating for the paralyzed part. Anyhow I KNOW there is an afterlife, I caught a glimpse of it, remember it everyone DIES so this can't be all there is. My experience was so real it took my dad three months to convince me otherwise!
Coma for several weeks. Can't correlate time of experience to time of injury. Could be an 'intensive care unit experience'.

1581. Bonnie C NDE 3/16/2008 & 4/12/2014. NDE 3540/7180. I see the three maple trees in our yard adorned in leaves of every shade of the rainbow. Yellow, golden, orange, rust, brown, reds, burgundy, greens, purple. So beautiful the sight feels like music could burst forth. I'm moving 'upward' now, like a helium filled balloon, rising. Now I see the entire valley we live in. Main Street, church steeples, my school, the old Paper Mill, Blum's Shoe Factory, F.A. Owen Publishing company, Kelly Brothers Nursery, the airport, Foster Wheeler Corporation, Bernard McFadden's Hotel on East Hill. And most striking of all, 'the flats' - at the North end of town.
Clinical death at three months of age due to illness. At age 3 years recalled highly detailed experience consistent with a NDE. First shared experience with mother about 42 years later who collaborated some details. Shared 59 years after clinical death

1580. Robert I NDE 3/16/2008. NDE 3539. The image of a city started to appear as I got closer. The houses and lots were terraced, and translucently outlined in a beautiful warm blue light. There were children running and playing in the yards. As my feet landed firmly on the ground, people started coming out or the dwellings toward me. The closer the people came, I recognized my father first, and who had passed away in 1969! Then my grandfather, grandmother, aunts, and uncles that had passed on. We formed a huddle arms over shoulders, and the feeling of complete weightlessness - no gravity - I felt my soul melding with the huddle.
NDE due to 'too deep' anesthesia. Collaborating this is the fact that anesthesiologists generally do not wait in the recovery room for their patients after surgery is complete.

1579. Elisa P NDE 3/15/2008. NDE 3472. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Barbara. Suddenly I slid from the cliff face and then all was dark around me, deep dark. I didn't have a body; I was immaterial. I had only my thought and stop, nothing at all. I forgot my body. The time moved fast and I thought very fast. I saw me at two years old, then at four in the sea, etc. Suddenly my life was over and then I saw three slides of my probable future. In that moment, I was very sad because I was dead and I knew it clearly. I wanted to return at life to live a life with plenty of things. Slowly I saw a bright light around me, by instinct I know that was 'the line', the 'passage' and if I passed through it, I was dead. I decided not to pass into it because I wanted to live in my world and enjoy all things in it. In this time, I knew all the energy into world. I know all. I began to pray. Suddenly it was dark, but a different dark and I began to feel my own body again. Then I opened my eyes and saw the blue sky and I was ecstatic because I had returned to life. I was completely changed.
NDE from a fall into a ravine.

1578. Jaime M NDE 3/11/2008. NDE 3497. From Columbia. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva. The place was very beautiful with much light. I was imbued with a sense of fortune and happiness that I'd never before felt with such intensity. It was, without doubt, the most pleasant sensation of my life. The feeling of being welcomed was the strongest I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was able to recognize my deceased mother among all those people, but when I advanced towards her, I felt my chest burn with the electric shock of 300 joules [from a defibrillator].
NDE from surgery complications.

1577. Lynn R Probable NDE 3/9/2008. Probable NDE 3537. From Canada I had no recollection of 'time' as in the conscious state so I am unclear when this event took place. I am uncertain if it was while I had no pulse or remained in the intensive care unit. I could not see my physical body and felt like I was more of a spiritual being. I could see n luminescent white/blue light that was a distance away from me. I did not travel towards the light, but it was there. The only thing I could do was rely on the feelings I was having. There were no spoken words and there was just an unspoken knowledge of what was occurring. I felt overwhelmingly calm, at peace and very much reassured that I was okay and going to be okay.
Respiratory arrest due to asthma and ten days in the intensive care unit. Not sure this experience occurred at the time of an imminent life-threatening event.

1576. Lucinda T FDE 3/9/2008. FDE 3536. From the UK. I naturally assumed I was surely to die. At this stage I saw five amazingly spiritually beautiful people coming towards me, full of vigor, with a lift in the stride, and the light played around them which was emanating from them. They were in white and pale clothes, and one lady had a white dress with material with a blue floral pattern inset. The man slightly in front had fair hair, parted. He already knew exactly how I had come to be there; I was relieved by this. They were amazingly friendly and warm, and I was so pleased to meet them, and still feel really fond of them. I had never seen any of them before. They were warmer, kinder, more gracious and more alive, at one with their purpose, than anyone I have ever met on earth. But I said to God that I had four children, and that this didn't seem the right time.
At risk of drowning, but not clearly unconscious due to drowning.

1575. Lindsey S NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3532. Then suddenly there was a tremendous crash as if a bomb had hit the ground. Everything went black, I found myself in a void of total nothingness and before I knew it, I felt such peace and a sense of floating. There were thousands of soul's floating around. I felt their emptiness and feeling of solitude and loneliness as if they were stuck in limbo. Then my father was there to greet me, he was smiling and guiding me through all of the many lost souls. Everything happened so fast, as if a million episodes were to be put into a time frame of a minute. There was no time in this world and I found myself only in space. A sense of great peace was coming from a light above the lost souls and it drew me in. I wanted only to be in that light where the incredible and profound feeling of peace was coming from, this was my only focus. It was easy to move through the layers of evolution in the spiritual world. I experienced many layers not knowing what they meant not realizing I had died nor had I felt I had a family I left behind. The peace was all that I felt drawn to.
NDE due to being struck by lightning.

1574. Shelley S NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3530. I remember feeling panicked, afraid and then nothing. I watched in a strange silent stillness as they worked on me. I could not make sense of it all until 'it' arrived. I don't know the words to use to describe 'it' just that I got the message in the form of scenes, like video clips of what I needed to know. Some was of the future, only I did not realize that then; and the rest was more like instructions or explanations of what was to come. And then without words but still I heard; 'it' sent me back and I knew why with such utter clarity. When I took my first breath I knew why, it all seemed so clear and then I slept.
NDE due to anaphylactic shock. Remarkable gifts of future vision and empathic understanding following NDE.

1573. Andy D NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3524. All sound and vision slowly closed in and eventually stopped all together, both at once. A feeling of great relief and a knowledge that everything would be all right came to me. I am not a person who ever feels much joy or happiness but that is what it must be like. Total bliss with absolute peace. The event ended similarly to the way it started only opposite. Slowly a white noise static type sound began and got louder and louder until a feeling of a thud then I came back.
NDE following heart attack.

1572. Lisa H NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3520. I remember being in and out of consciousness, trying to look around to see what was going on, until I slipped into almost a peaceful sleep, I was not afraid or worried. I saw a very bright light all around me; it was beautiful. I saw what seemed to me as angel wings around me, I could not make out any faces, just knew they were there. One that really stood out to me was an angel so bright that was right in front of me, she had on an African necklace. What seemed to me standing there with her a very long time, which actually was only a few minutes, but her necklace is what continues to this day to stand out to me.
NDE due to surgical complication.

1571. Amber D NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3519. I saw myself walking down a HUGE yellow, tunnel which seemed to be made of yellow glass or light, the whole thing was glowing. It's like being in something the size of an airplane hangar, only taller, and as I mentioned it is a great big tunnel. I'm peacefully walking along, going to my death. Of course as humans we are very reliant on the breath, on air, breathing. Yet I realize that I am not breathing anymore, only rather than producing terror as I had always imagined not breathing would do, instead it's an incredibly blissful feeling! That experience of the bliss of living without the breath was a huge relief and is a big part of the reason for a lessening of my fear of death since the experience of the NDE in my life.
NDE due to illness and possibly water intoxication.

1570. Kate D NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3518. From Canada. I was unconscious for about seven hours. The experience happened right before I woke up in the emergency room. This is what I felt and what I saw. I was sitting on my grandfather's lap (who has been deceased since I have been eight years old) in the kitchen of the house where he used to reside with my grandmother. I was happy to be with him, to see him again after so long and I had felt so at peace just sitting with him on his lap. As I was sitting there, I noticed his arms come above me and he placed a wooden box in front of me onto the table in the kitchen. It almost looked like a small, intricately carved jewelry box. As he had placed it on the table, his hands opened the wooden box slowly- as if to gain my interest as to what was inside. As he opened the box, glowing white light emerged from it. It felt magical as it appeared and I slowly bent my head down into the box to see what was inside.
NDE due to overdose of GHB (Gamma hydroxy butyrate, an illicit drug).

1569. Baldwin R NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3517. I was laying on wet ground that was rather cold. The ground sloped upward; I used all my strength to stand up. When I did, I realized I was in a tunnel. Up ahead I saw numerous people. As I started walking toward them an old lady came toward me. This thirty years later I figured out was my mother's aunt Mary. She led me through the tunnel past some people, to a soldier in a formal uniform with decorations etc. But the uniform seemed strange it was not like mine and he wore spats or leggings. After that, Aunt Mary took me to the right towards a bright light that got brighter as we approached it. There through an arch or gate I saw many people smiling.
NDE due to severe pneumonia.

1568. William T NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3513. It was as though I was stuck in an clean, approximately eight feet diameter pipe with the brightest white light at one end and completely pitch dark at the other end. I sat at the end of the pipe closest to the light and wrapped my arms around my knees. I was crying but did not feel scared. The light was somewhat comforting to me; however, I was not certain what to do, or how far I could go into the light. I recall resting, and perhaps falling asleep, in this position. Then I recall watching my brother and a neighbor (friend), carrying something into the house. (I realized later that they were carrying my unconscious body into the house). After regaining consciousness I found myself in my bed, crying.
NDE due to head injury at age nine.

1567. Dian C NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3512. At some point I slipped back into the experience and found myself in a 'class' with several other beings. I do not know exactly when this happened in the course of this experience (during surgery? perhaps). It was kind of a neutral place similar to the physical plane. There was a large building that looked somewhat like an outdoor tent similar to the ones rented for vendor space; only this took up an area about the size of a city block and there were no poles, the canopy just floated there. There were tables with a variety of 'tools', which went to the hundred or so students. Each of the students got one and knew which one we needed to take. These 'tools' all had different functions. Also, the students were divided in groups of three except for mine which was one being and me. It seemed that both of us were last minute additions to the class. There were several instructors and it always seemed that we got the instruction we needed (never having to wait until an instructor was available). The being I worked with had a tool, which could make constructs, which could contain and manipulate metaphysical energy. I had a healing tool but it wasn't physical - it seemed to do emotional healing. It wasn't your typical college class. All the content was experiential and it did not matter how long it took us to 'get it' since time did not work the same way as it does in the physical world and some of the tools were more complex than others requiring more effort to learn what we needed to learn from using the tool.
Burst appendicitis. Several experiences. Experiences totaled eight months in duration.

1566. Janet N NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3508. From Kenya. When I passed out I felt a strong force drifting me away to higher ground. Then I came to again. When I opened my eyes, I saw my brother carrying me to the car then I passed out again. This time I was breathing hard when all of a sudden I breathed one last breath. This time I found myself in a void. I don't know where that was but I felt as if something was lifting me higher. In the background, I could hear my brother calling out my name and screaming to my father that I wasn't breathing. It felt as if he was miles away. Then all went quiet. I saw a big tunnel or something like a hole growing bigger and getting closer, as it got closer, a light was appearing. At first, I was frightened but a sudden wave of calmness appeared as the light got lighter and the tunnel got wider. I suddenly thought to myself where was I going and started fighting back.
NDE due to pneumonia in association with malaria and typhoid.

1565. Daniel T NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3507. I remember going through a tunnel. The best way I can describe the tunnel is if you were to place two horseshoes together at the 'U' part and bolts of light were shooting out from the ends. As I was floating, I saw orbs of light and as I passed, I saw people's faces, which I did not recognize. As I got to the end of the tunnel, the only face that I recognized was my Granny Wilson's. My Granny Wilson had died in the mid-1940's and I had seen her picture on numerous occasions. As soon as I saw her, I knew who she was.
NDE due to complications of pulmonary embolism.

1564. Donald M NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3506. From Canada. I stole my dad's car and drag raced a friend on a back road. I lost control and went into the ditch. Everything went black and then I could see myself slumped over the floor console in the car from inside the roof of the car. All I could think of is who is that? Things went black again and then I could feel and see I was floating through a field and all I could think of is I had to see my sister and say goodbye. Things went black again and then I saw the tunnel and the light. It was a warm feeling, hard to describe. I heard many voices of men, but the loudest was a woman saying 'It's not your time, go back.' I felt disappointment by that. Then things went black again and that's when I came to in the car.
NDE due to auto accident at age fifteen.

1563. Michelle P NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3505. I felt so blissful and whole, full of the most love I had ever experienced. I thought to myself,' If this is dying, then it's not as bad as everyone thinks it is.' Then I saw a light from 'above' me. It was pulling me away from the room. I figured it was okay to just let this happen, to go with the flow and accept whatever was to be. The light was getting brighter engulfing my body - body? I had no body. It stayed back down in that damp room. I realized that I was dead physically but mentally I was still alive. My soul was now my 'body'. I looked up into the light. I could see someone beckoning me to come. He was there at the end of this lit tunnel. Then I heard a voice. It was a man's voice. He asked me if I was ready. I felt so good. It was so easy.
NDE due to being shot.

1562. Mary Jo R NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3504. I knew it was God because he was an omnipotent being. Not like a person - much less limited in form. I did not see God but felt him through my skin. He spoke through all of my senses. He called me by name and told me I could not stay. I protested. I told him all of my services on earth (working 24/7, not much money for my work, a good wife, a good mother) I did not want to leave this place. Then God asked me, He said, 'Let me ask you one question. Have you ever loved another person the way you have been loved here?' The love I had received in that time was so overpowering - I had never felt anything like it so I answered God honestly. I said, 'No, it is impossible, I am just a human, you are God.' He gave me the illusion of a sweet protective chuckle. He then said, 'Mary, you can do better.'
NDE due to cerebral aneurysm.

1561. Lela L NDE 3/2/2008. NDE 3503. At the time of the hanging it was my weight was cutting off circulation to my brain. I could have gotten up at any time I wanted to but chose not to. All I remember is I started floating down at a good pace down a dark tunnel filled with jewel toned lights. Like they were bricks lining the tunnel and a black hole at the end. I wasn't afraid or didn't feel anything. It was strange? I could hear my friends that were alive telling me no Lela, no Lela. When I came to the wire had broken and I was laying on the floor of my closet. I was upset at what I had done and never attempted suicide again.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

1560. John C SOBE 3/2/2008. SOBE 3526. When I fell in, I started to close into myself, viewing it as if I was using a grappling hook to see the scene. As soon as I had lost consciousness, I had viewed the lifeguard's view, in both third and first person, and as I had gotten up, I regained consciousness.
Interesting variant experience. Occurred about age three, shared age fourteen. Apparently, OBE began prior to fall into pool. Apparent bi-location of consciousness.

1559. Gilbert H Probable NDE 2/17/2008. Probable NDE 3448. From Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated into English by Bert. At a given moment, my thoughts started wandering off and a bright white light arose around me, until I found myself in a kind of white room with a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Everything dear to me, family, partner, dog, seemed to have lost their importance (only I was important). After this phase, I was asked whether I wanted to live on. After an outspoken 'yes' (because I felt I was too young with still a lot of potential), I gradually woke up.
States CVA aneurysm and describes being in a white room and given a choice to live. Can’t be sure of timing of experience relative to the CVA aneurysm.

1558. Rae P NDE 2/11/2008. NDE 3500. From Australia. After leaving body to enter light... The whole experience happened in a 'cavern'... Just a very bright light all round...
Two life-threatening events. Apparent NDE(s) described in fragmentary fashion. Happened forty years ago.

1557. Laura D NDE 2/11/2008. NDE 3499. All of this time, I was thinking, just leave me alone. There was the most brilliant light I had ever seen and I felt so warm and loved, and there was a golden ladder going into the heavens and you couldn't see the top of it, as it disappeared into fluffy clouds up so high. Around the bottom of the ladder there were several Angels flitting about. I felt at peace and happy and wanted to stay there.
NDE due to premature childbirth 47 years ago.

1556. Mouse NDE 2/11/2008. NDE 3498. Next, I was gliding over an aspen grove where I grew up and over a lake my father and often fished when I was a kid. Then I came to a cave in a mountain, which had a boulder half covering the entrance. The light coming out of the cave was so bright. There was a person standing in front of the stone. I could not see who it was but he filled me with love. I did not want to leave. I could hear someone saying, 'Breathe, you need to breathe'. The person in front of the stone told me it was not the right time for me to come home. I wanted to stay in the calm. The person said, 'You have to back, it is not your time'. When I woke up, the medical team told me I had been 'unresponsive'.
NDE due to complication of medical test.

1555. San J NDE 2/11/2008. Secondhand NDE 3496. After his first chemotherapy treatment, his body went into shock, and he was clinically dead for a period of time. However, he was brought back and through a tremendous amount of courage, was able to live another year and a half. After being stabilized and permitted to leave the hospital, he told me the following story: He knew that he had died, and he was in a dark place. Above him, there was a bright light, and he felt a strong urge to go into it, as if people were calling him to do so. But at his feet, he saw a multicolored flower, and something stronger told him to hold on to it with all his might. It was at that point, he believed, that he was brought back to life.
Second-person NDE account. NDE due to complication of treatment of malignancy due to AIDS.

1554. Molly H NDE 2/11/2008. NDE 3495. During that time, I was drawn to what looked like three very large angels sitting in a pew. Next to them, I saw a little angel crying. I was so overwhelmed and felt so much compassion to see her somehow, I 'flew' over to her and, to my surprise, it was me! Then I flew back to the three larger angels with really big wings, who had no expression at all. I wanted to sit with them, but they would not let me. I was very upset and I wanted to be with the angels so badly. They or some entity or feeling was trying to send me back. I was again very upset that nobody wanted me to stay. It felt so peaceful and secure there. I did not understand why they would not keep me.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

1553. Chris H Probable REM Intrusion 2/11/2008. Probable REM Intrusion 3494. As the shapes and shadows of the room faded into a psychedelic fashion, I could see the 'snow' come together until there was a bright light filling up the room. The light was almost like the light one sees after a flash bulb has gone off directly in your line of sight, but instead of slowly fading from view, the 'after image' of light began to grow brighter until I felt as if I was finally enveloped by it. I still was aware that there was darkness and fear behind me, that the evil being was still in my room - but I was drawn to the bright light and with each step closer to it (was I stepping of floating? I'm not sure which) - I felt the fear began to drift far away.
Probable REM intrusion experience shared by a physician.

1552. Amanda J NDE 9/13/2007. NDE 21748. From England. Then it all went black! Later on when I died again, it was like a dream. I saw my stepfather, who I considered my real Dad; he gave me a rush of love and told me that this wasn't my time. I had to go back. I was reluctant. I didn't want any more pain. I didn't have the strength any more. He surrounded me with more love and told me I would find strength and help. I just had to ask. I had to go back. I remember crying and then I woke up aware that I was in a hospital in intensive care rigged up to all manner of machines. A nurse removed a pipe from down my throat and then I felt my dad kiss me on my cheek. Later on my mum confirmed I was left naked and she did go mad at the doctors.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

1551. Reen Probable NDE 2/9/2008. Probable NDE 3422. From Egypt. Original in Arabic. I watched all the nice moments in my life. I had so few nice moments, that I learned to have fun and to live life in the right way.
Probable NDE from auto accident. She describes a life review, but not sure if it happened during the 12 minutes she was dead.

1550. Vicky NDE 2/3/2008. NDE 3488. By the time they got me in the ambulance I had to totally force in on breathing. The last thing I remember was telling the guys that I was having real bad chest pains. Felt like a ton of bricks weighing me down. When I saw the light, I felt the love and wanted to go into it. Wondering who was there with so much love for me as I started to go into the light. Out of the darkness, as if it was coming from me, a big brown-eyed baby girl came to me, face-to-face; eye-to-eye. Eyes open wide as if to say, 'Hey, what are you doing?' With that I replied, 'Okay, I'll fight!' She looked one or two years old.
NDE due to allergic reaction to drug. Apparent future vision of a baby she will have at some future time.

1549. Lisa R Possible NDE 2/3/2008. Possible NDE 3487. Then I just felt cold and was alone behind a curtain that was drawn around me. It was if I was seeing in a tunnel vision and everything began to have a glowing affect. This is when I saw what I like to call an angel. I don't know if it was the shock or the fear but she was there. It was a little old lady with white hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. She asked me if I was scared and I said yes, I think I mouthed it in my head instead of saying it. She reached her hand over mine and it was so warm. At that moment, I felt a peace come over me and she said it's going to be all right honey. Then she was gone and they came in to take me to surgery.
Possible NDE from childbirth complications.

1548. Michael R Possible NDE 2/3/2008. Possible NDE 3489. I couldn't see anything other than darkness. It seemed in the blink of an eye everything was gone. It was not a slow transition. It was like closing your eyes and opening them to black and nothing. I felt my body was close by but my mind was not with my body. It felt as if I had left my body and couldn't make out what was real and what wasn't. I saw flashes of things that had passed in my life. Not like a movie, it was more like fast blinks, and I was unable to stop it or move from it. The feelings were of panic and fear.
Possible NDE from drug overdose.

1547. Teri NDE 2/3/2008. NDE 3486. There is life after this body dies, and it goes on forever as there is no time. All life on earth is connected mentally. We are in a cocoon like state here in these bodies, and when this body dies, the cocoon opens and we are free. We become our beautiful, butterfly selves as we were intended. There is a plan; it is all extremely organized, like a very complex mathematical equation. I knew everything but I can't remember anything else.
NDE associated with anesthetic complication during childbirth.

1546. Christy NDE 2/3/2008. NDE 3485. I remember total darkness, being comfortable, and not wanting to leave. I felt like I was on one side that was separated by a grey boundary. On the other side was chaos. I heard my mother crying. Instantly, I felt like I was given a choice, even though I didn't hear anybody speaking to me. Somehow, I knew that I could stay and it would be easy or go back to the complicated chaos. I didn't want to go over to the chaos. I felt no pain, and I was completely comfortable. My mom's crying pierced that zone, because I became worried about her. I felt myself make a choice to go back. Next thing I knew, I woke up with everybody crying and carrying on.
NDE due to seizure at age eleven.

1545. Kat M NDE 2/3/2008. NDE 3484. I figured I would go to sleep and it would be over, but as soon as I fell asleep, I just rose out of my body. My mother somehow knew something was happening from forty-five miles away, and she called 911. Amazingly, they believed her and sent out an ambulance. I remember watching my then husband look at me, not breathing, and walk out the door. He got in his truck and drove away. I could hear his thoughts about how angry he was at me for 'doing this to him'. I watched the paramedics start my heart beating, and the room went fuzzy. I have a brief memory of being in my body again, and then I was floating. Once we reached the hospital, I phased in and out of my body, mostly floating in a blissful void, where I couldn't feel any pain. I heard a voice that said simply 'wake up, wake up now' and felt an excruciating, stabbing pain in my chest.
NDE due to suicide attempt (drug overdose). Interesting in that mother, who lived forty-five miles away, felt something was wrong and called 911. Hallucinations followed the NDE.

1544. Wesley W NDE 2/3/2008. NDE 3483. He/they showed me the next crossing, but I really should stay 'here' and not to go on any farther. They/he asked me if I remembered the strange epileptic-like fevers that I had when I was a child. I did. They showed me that they were there then, and at the time of the bike wreck when I was only five years old. They showed me again. There they/he were. They showed me that He/they were at the birth of my first son. They showed me some other stuff but I was not allowed to remember. Then He/they told me that I was not done yet. He/they brought my attention to the body on the floor of the truck. I remember asking them who he was. All they would say is that I'd better wake him up or he will die in the fire! So I went to shake his arm to wake him when I realized that it was me on the floor of the burning truck! He/they told me that the only way out was through the fire and that it would be okay.
NDE due to truck accident.

1543. Lois M NDE 2/3/2008. NDE 3482. Now what I recall I felt like I couldn't breathe but then didn't care I didn't feel any more pain I was above my body. (I did not see my body convulsing it appeared to be just lying there with eyes wide open.) Then I saw this bright light in the corner (which would be the southeast corner of my living room). As I was looking at it, it got brighter and more intense. (Before anyone asks, 'no, it wasn't blue/white off white or yellow.') It was, ummm, it was, umm, just bright and intense in the center with pulsing multicolored rays that blended together coming off it. As I stared at it I was like being pulled ever so slowly towards it.
NDE due to drug reaction.

1542. Debra C NDE 2/3/2008. NDE 3477. I was floating in place, colored orbs of indescribable color were coming toward me and all around me a feeling of peace and calm that you cannot describe, beautiful! Then whoever is beside me starts running through my life at a pace you cannot describe in words (like they did in with Scrooge in the Christmas story), showing bad and good. The part that got to me the most is when I was shown the pain and devastation that my leaving would cause my parents especially my mother. The cry (wailing) of my mother's voice was unbelievable.
NDE due to drug/alcohol overdose at age sixteen.

1541. Walter R NDE 1/31/2008. NDE 3468. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated into English by Amy. Like a change in scene on TV I found myself flying (still at the same height above the ground, ten meters) over a green field but the green was a splendid color, I flew through this amazing green at a good clip and I remember that this field was like a hillside and I needed to get over the top. Below me the grass passed by but the horizon did not get any closer. Then another change of scene in a flash I was in a tunnel of light, but there I wasn't flying and I wasn't walking, I moved as though zooming. I got to the middle of the tunnel and the light was becoming more and more intense, but the brighter it got the more my joy grew, a warm joy, a sensation of peace
Experiencer is an atheist. The experience did not change his beliefs that the NDE is a product of his brain.

1540. Dirk D NDE 1/30/2008. NDE 3088. From Belgium. Original in Dutch, translated into English by Garry. I remember floating above the stretcher and looking down seeing someone lying under a sheet, and realized that it must be me. Several orderlies were pushing this bed. At the same time, I noticed the tiles along the hallway and the armatures on the ceiling that served the fluorescent lighting. (Later when coincidentally I found work in this same hospital I happened to walk through the underground passage and I remembered the area from previously when I had been out of body.)
NDE from car accident.

1539. Patricia D NDE 1/27/2008. NDE 3475. I found myself in a very velvety, comfortable black place. It seemed to be as infinite as space to me although I couldn't see anything. I felt as if I was swinging back and forth ever so slightly at the center of this space. I had no knowledge of me (as I know myself to be in my usual waking consciousness) but I had self-awareness. I felt as though I was a tiny little 'pinprick' of consciousness. I felt very content to float in the warm comfort - I don't recall having any thoughts at all.
NDE due to complication of medicine and head injury.

1538. Robert NDE 1/27/2008. NDE 3473. As I was coming out of anesthesia I could not see, move, talk or breath. I thought, 'I can't believe I'm dying.' I could hear all the commotion and the doctors and nurses coaching me along to hang in there. I wasn't sure they knew that I was not breathing and I had no way of telling them. After a few minutes, I lost consciousness and that's when a beautiful lady came and took hold of my hand. I didn't know where she was taking me, but I trusted her completely. The next thing I remember is sitting up straight as my breathing tube was pulled out.
NDE due to post-operative inability to breathe.

1537. Andrew R NDE 1/27/2008. NDE 3469. My car had flipped and while it was happening I heard glass breaking and other noises but then it went calm. It was different from being knocked out, I then woke up, or believed I woke up, and climbed out of the vehicle and to the top of the hill where I had flipped. I then tried to stop passing cars but no one seemed to see me. I then went back into the car because it was still running so I thought I should turn it off, that's when I saw what I believed was my own body.
NDE due to car accident with head injury. I suspect the head injury accounts for some negative aftereffects of the experience.

1536. Jeff C NDE 1/27/2008. NDE 3467. I felt like I was floating but I saw only black everywhere. I remember thinking that I was dead and this is what being dead feels like, but I was warm and comfortable with no more needs like paying bills or eating or feeling hungry. I didn't want to go back but then my eyes opened and a nurse was leaning over me checking my eye dilation.
NDE due to allergic reaction from fire ants bites.

1535. Denver P NDE 1/27/2008. NDE 3465. I floated and traversed over the greenest prairie of tall grass. I could not believe that my being was floating above the ground. It was more exhilarating than any roller coaster! In the center was a very ancient and Holy tree which I believe was the tree of Life. Beings of all spectrum of light also floated and traveled about. There was no pain. There was no suffering. I felt a sense of euphoric calm that is very difficult to express in words. Remember now, it was during this time that the doctor had told my mother to prepare of the possibility of losing me. All beings chanted the graces of God and praised him. I feel a leap of excitement every time I relive that moment!
NDE due to complication of treatment of pulmonary embolus.

1534. Deirdre P NDE 1/27/2008. NDE 3463. Then it was time for me to return. I begged and pleaded not to have to return. The love that I felt in those moments, in my eyes, did not exist down here. I argued, wanting to know when I could come back. I was told that things were still going to be difficult for a while and they would get better and then difficult again and then better again. I was told that I would be so happy here that I wouldn't want to leave.
NDE due to head injury from falling out a car.

1533. Jan H NDE 1/6/2008. NDE 3082. From the Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated into English by Garry. I saw a big black vacuum-like hole that seemed to exude great peacefulness. It was clear that the black hole was about to swallow me, but before I went in I was given a choice of many films that I could watch. There were black films and white films. The black films were the bad things I did in my life and the white films were the good things I did. I only wanted to see the white films; these films were of my young son from his birth until the present time. After I had watched all the white films all of them disappeared. The big black hole stopped it's vacuuming.
NDE from drug overdose.

1532. Rick J NDE 1/24/2008. NDE 2883. From the Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated into English by Garry. I've also felt the experience of having judged a thousand people and felt the emotions of these victims. However, when I finally looked upon those I had judged, I was so terribly ashamed of myself; I did not wish to exist any longer. Especially after a beautiful and radiant being saw and touched me, and I saw at once how I had been wrong and why. Thereafter, other beings asked what I wanted, as if I had yet to be born and that the choices in that life had to be made now. Questions like, do you want to meet your future wife; do you want children; how long would you like to live, etc. Even now I'm still putting together the particulars of this incident at a time of serious uncertainty.
NDE from falling accident.

1531. Colonel Fahad NDE 12/25/2002. NDE 16001. From Iraq. My attempt to understand what had happened ended when I felt I was ascending upward, leaving my body on the floor. On reaching the ceiling of the cell, I tried to stretch my arm to avoid to hitting the fan, but nothing happened. The fan kept rotating. My body kept ascending upward passed the ceiling, and was climbing up in the sky vertically. Looking down, I saw the ministry of defense buildings. Then I passed through the layers of clouds over the city of Baghdad and was in the clear blue sky.
1966 NDE from an old regime when he was a fighter pilot detained in prison. Fascinating account and atypical from western NDEs. As with almost all NDEs posted, we leave it to readers to determine authenticity. Here there is a possible commercial intere

1530. SB NDE 1/19/2008. NDE 3460. The car spun around several times striking the guard rails. I was then above the wrecked car looking at my body, I was being pulled toward a soft white light. It gave me a very wonderful feeling. I heard a voice talking to me from the white light to come with them. I very much wanted to go with them. I talked to them but not through voice. It was through mental communication. I wanted to go but I had an overwhelming feeling to go back. I told them I was too young to die and, even though the feeling I was experiencing was of warmth and love, I wanted to return. I remember returning to my body and opening my eyes and a man yelling to me and trying to pull open the door that had jammed in the wreck.
NDE due to car accident.

1529. Lisa NJ Probable NDE 1/19/2008. Probable NDE 3461. During that surgery, somewhere very deep I was given a choice between life and death by a messenger, Jesus, God, the powers. It was wind falling up and being sucked down like a tornado, tight air, lightness, smallness, then peace. The darkest darkness that could ever be blackness. I'm so tiny - the light is tiny - then larger, wiggly, blossoming into fullness, ghostly moving, energy, possibly a face, blue white-clear-smoky like rays of sun that don't burn. All knowingness. I know I want to die. It hurts to be gutted. The messenger knows I want to die. He/it calls it and asks me 'if I want to die', but not with words. It starts as words but it becomes intense thought into my thoughts but wind, screeching, birds? Energy, cool collective to the point. I don't know how to explain it.
Two emergency surgeries for bowel obstruction. Experience during second surgery, but no definite life-threatening event.

1528. Christina M NDE 1/19/2008. NDE 3459. From Ireland. Was on a golf course one night, had fallen, banged head, and the people I was with (only met that evening) thought I was dead. They spent a while (but not a very long time, maybe five or ten minutes) shaking me and trying to wake me up, as I was returning I really felt their panic that I might be dead. I realized they were good people really, doing their best - no bad intentions at all. Most vivid feeling is looking down on myself - on the ground, with these three people shaking me and feeling real pity for all of them, 'way down there'. It felt like a sick joke that I was being plummeted right back into my body even though I really, really did not want to go back 'down there'. Felt like no sooner had I thought 'oh poor them' than I was being thrown right back down before I had time to protest!
NDE due to head injury.

1527. Lee FDE 1/19/2008. FDE 3458. I knew I was out of my body because I saw myself out of my body in the passenger side and at the same time when out of my body I was thinking, 'This is weird,' looking at myself then looking at my body. I then watched my body come up a couple of inches off the seat leaning forward towards the windshield. Next thing, I was back in my body watching my face hit the glass. The glass cracked but right before my face hit everything looked like gold, that was all I could see, maybe it was because the car was gold? Everything was like in slow motion, it was only a split second but seemed longer than that.
Experiencer saw his out of body self looking at him with his physical body eyes.

1526. Margie M Probable NDE 1/19/2008. Probable NDE 3457. During the night I woke up to see my bedroom curtains blowing up to the ceiling but didn't feel any breeze on my skin. I saw a bright light approaching - a very white light - but I didn't have to shield my eyes at all. I thought I was dreaming and definitely recall pinching my leg to see if I was awake. I heard a male voice coming from the light but I couldn't see a person and the voice said, 'Come, follow me.' I remember that I felt so warm (not temperature warm), but warm in a comforted way and I recall sensing that the light was all-knowing and was love. There are really no words to describe this feeling - words can only lamely touch on it.
Very NDE-like experience. Rose from bed, walked into bathroom, and collapsed. No clear OBE.

1525. Mel B NDE 1/19/2008. NDE 3456. Then I saw a fog in the near distance illuminated from the rear with an incredibly bright light and a stick like figure silhouette with legs, hands and head standing in the fog. There was no pain, total bliss. Then I heard a sound in the distance and started to feel a sensation of, not discomfort, but more like annoyance.
NDE due to complication of appendicitis.

1524. Francisco GV NDE 1/19/2007. NDE 3365. From Mexico. Original in Spanish translated to English by Eva. All of a sudden, my vision started to malfunction - I saw the edge of the pool [as if] very far away and I stopped feeling any kind of sensation, like cold, wanting to breath, emotion, etc. Suddenly what I could see, I saw from afar as if I was drowning in my own vision. Everything turned dark for a very brief instant, because after that, I saw a tunnel of a dark color and my body headed towards it. When I reached the end of the tunnel I found a landscape of an intense white color, but it did not hurt my vision. I didn't feel afraid. I felt very tranquil. Then I saw a friend who had died a while back; he had been my best friend. His name is Nestor. I felt very happy to see him, but at no time was I afraid.
NDE from diving accident.

1523. Jean C NDE 1/19/2008. NDE 3373. From Argentina. Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. Everything I had done in my life had consequences. These consequences were felt and lived by me. I felt profound sadness, repentance and pain, which I will never forget. It was a fearful and unpleasant experience.
NDE from electrocution.

1522. Vasiliy NDE 1/17/2008. NDE 3237. From Ukraine. Original in Russian translated to English by Ivanda. At the beginning, there was a horizontal, very quick flight in complete darkness followed by sudden move up towards a very bright light. The feeling of time disappeared (no time existed there). Anger and all unpleasant emotions disappeared. What remained was overwhelming love for everything. All secrets of world's creation and meaning of life were revealed. I wanted to remember everything.
NDE from surgery complications.

1521. Rita Probable NDE 1/6/2008. Probable NDE 3275. From Italy. Original in Italian translated to English by Barbara. I didn't see my body, I was in a world filled of light, peace, love and knowledge. There were beings surrounding me with clear and warm light. They spoke with my mind and I understood all. Then a voice at my shoulders said that I must return in my body. I said, 'That's not my right place.' Suddenly, I fell in a black hole and I was in the prison of my body.
This is probably a NDE, but the remembrance is not close to the time of resuscitation.

1520. Doris D NDE 5/31/2003. NDE 10101. I can remember floating above the operation theater, listening to the doctors discuss the fact that I was dead anyway, and they should try this new technique for the advancement of medicine. At the same time, I could feel a pulling sensation and the room filled with a wondrous warm light. As my body drifted toward the light, I continued to see the medical team working on my body. The closer I got to the light, the more it felt warm and peaceful. I could hear muffled voices and music.

1519. Ginny B Probable NDE 10/14/2007. Probable NDE 3186. One night the dots started up again and I found myself out of my body, completely pain free and floating above my body in the corner of my bedroom. I remember thinking that I was going to leave now. I felt glad about that, to leave the pain behind. I didn't want to stay. Just as I was about to set off away from there I saw my mother come into the room. She knelt by my bed, prayed, and cried. Her beseeching tears touched me deeply. She prayed that I should be healed. I realized that she really did love me. I guess I'd not been sure of that before that moment. I remember deciding to return and give it a go.
NDE as a child from severe infection.

1518. Kolleen NDE 1/14/2008. NDE 1079. From France. Original in French I felt extremely well and I was guided outside where St Jean-Baptiste (Saint John the Baptist) began to take care of me. He asked me to sit and I had the feeling that I was above the clouds, above of a sea of clouds. Then, he held a book out to me, which he allowed me to leaf through the book. My life was written there (I absolutely don’t remember the details and I don’t think there are still topical topics; I think that it was about the life I should have had in case I missed my exam). After having discussed with St Jean-Baptiste he asked me if I agreed or not (I don’t remember the subject).

1517. Jennie NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 5. When I was brought to the emergency room, the staff debated whether I could be saved or not. In the meantime, I was in a state I could not describe. I was floating in complete darkness. I was aware of my surroundings. I felt well-rested, relaxed and happy. I do not know how long I was in that state. Finally, I felt something pull me. The next thing I knew, all these people were standing over me. I was asked my name and to spell it. I was totally confused. I had forgotten what had happened to me. They told me that they thought that a bug had stung me. I remembered then and began to tell them what drugs I already taken and they told me it was too late. They had already fixed me up. I started to feel a burning on my arms. I looked down and saw three IVs in one arm and two in the other. The doctor tried to explain to me that I was a DOA (dead on arrival). I didn't want to believe him. Each of the nurses came in and congratulated me on ' defeating death'. I went home at about two that afternoon.
Happy void experience. NDE from respiratory arrest.

1516. Star NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 6. All of a sudden, everything went 'black.' Total blackness that I can't even describe, it was so black. I didn't see anything, but I head a very loud 'rasping' like sound. I then found myself out on this beautiful field. It was bright, sunshine day. I can't describe the vivid colors and how beautiful it was. I was still shaking. I could not cross the field. For some reason, I knew that I could not. Way across the field (and I would use 'miles' to describe it), there was a beautiful carousel with several beautiful ladies on it. They were all dressed in light pastel colors. Dresses that were 'floor-length.' It's hard to describe. Light material type of dresses, and they all had 'parasols' (you know, they look like umbrellas, but they're not). One lady got off the carousel and came over to me. She took my hand, and I immediately stopped shaking and I felt GREAT! No words were spoken.
NDE associated with severe illness.

1515. Mrs. L NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 7. I was two years old and fell into a creek. I remember seeing a bright light (cone shaped) and a woman standing at the top of the tunnel of light, she was dressed in white. I looked down and could see my body floating face down in the water. I had on brown pants, white shoes, and an over-shirt. I thought about this many times but never mentioned it until I read about a NDE in a magazine. I had always known about my near drowning, but none of the details. I questioned my mother about it, and she confirmed that she had thought that I was dead when she got me out of the water. I have never been afraid of dying, because of the extreme peace and calm that I associate with the experience. I realize that I was so very young, but the event is as real as if it happened yesterday. The woman seemed to draw me back to her, and then she just faded into a cloud-like atmosphere.
Amazing NDE at age two!

1514. Edwin NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 10. I believe I actually left my body in the toilet. However, I did follow it to the hospital and watched in awe, as my body lay limp, while ambulance officers and doctors attempted to revive me. I was aware of other 'spirits' around me. Some were grey in color, others were transparent like myself.
NDE from electrocution and fall.

1513. Sandra S NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 13. I knew there were other beings all over. I could not see them clearly. After a few moments, I started to distinguish my father-in-law and my youngest brother. They had died the year before, two weeks apart. They were approaching me, like if they were floating towards me instead of walking. I was somewhat surprise to see them. I wondered what they were doing there. They did not say anything. My father-in-law just extended his right hand towards me, and when my hand was almost touching his, I heard a voice that told me in an imperative tone: 'If you touch him you will certainly die, remember your son Irving, he needs you. You need to go back to be there for him.' I did not like to hear that. I was feeling so well, that I did not want to go back. It was so beautiful, and I felt so much at peace! It was like going back to my real home.
Encounters with deceased relatives.

1512. Marge NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 14. I was surrendering myself to the wonderful peace I was feeling, listening to the doctor and nurses, when they started calling "Lydia, come back" over and over. Then I heard the nurse say "I don't think that's her name". When the doctor asked what my name was, I became very angry because he was treating me and didn't even know my name. So I "ripped" myself out of that loveliness and peace to tell him that my name was Marge.
NDE from allergic reaction to contrast dye.

1511. Murray P NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 15. From Canada. I felt a floating in a darkness. A white light appeared to approach. As it neared, it became more intense and whiter. Then I was inside the light. It reminded me of a Swedish globe only much, much brighter, almost too bright to see and yet, it wasn't hurtful or unpleasant. On the contrary, I had the feeling of an intense love and acceptance and that everything would be all right. Next, I heard a very deep, majestic male voice ask, 'What have you done with your life?' I saw my life as a panorama while being able to see it in its entirety simultaneously. I didn't feel too good with what I saw. The voice, once again asked, 'What have you done with your life?' This time it sounded more stern and angry. All I could say was, 'Nothing.'
NDE from motorcycle accident.

1510. Paul B NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 16. I broke the magnetic type pull that had been lifting me upward, and drifted down towards my mother's right arm, and was immediately surprised that she didn't turn to look at me. She and my father, who was standing on her left side, continued to look at my body that was damaged beyond description. I recall being disinterested in my body lying there, and instead, was intensely focused on the grief of my parents.
NDE from auto accident.

1509. Steve NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 17. Hit my head on a corner of cupboard door, long periods of sleep felt like my head was going to explode, went to friends house. When I left I fell down twice, second time saw myself laying in the street was getting farther away from my body and went into a tunnel. The further I got away from my body the brighter the light got... When I was floating above my body the body on the street just seemed like an empty shell.
NDE from head injury.

1508. Monty NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 19. In the beginning I was amazed to see these replays, then I felt a very strong need to get what I figured was a last look at my (beautiful) girlfriend's face -- my head only moved as if imbedded in gel -- I couldn't move it fast enough and panicked that I might lose consciousness before seeing her one last time. Once I saw her, I felt at peace. I was not sad about my dying, not regretful about the end of life, quite blasé. Then the white light came on and I felt I had to make a big choice.
NDE from gasoline explosion.

1506. Rick R NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 24. Then without warning it happened! 'What have you done with your life?' The voice penetrated my very being! I had no answer! Then to my right I saw what seemed to be like a movie; and I was in it! I saw my mother giving me birth, my childhood and friends! I saw everything from my youth up! I saw everything I had ever done before my eyes! As my life played out before my very eyes, I tried to think of good things I had done. I was raised in church and had been very active in church functions, yet as I pondered on this, I saw a man in his car that had ran out of gas. I had stopped and given him a lift to a local store about a year ago. I had bought him some gas as he had no money and helped him get on his way! I thought to myself, why am I seeing this? The voice was loud and clear. You took no thought to help this soul and asked nothing in return! These actions are the essence of good! I saw all the people I had hurt as well and was shown how my actions had set in motion the actions of others! I was stunned! I had never thought of my life having an effect on the actions that friends, family, and others I had met would take! I saw the results of all I had done! I was not pleased at all!
What have you done with your life? This is one amazing account!

1505. Barbara C NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 25. From Australia The first thing I remember was sort of rolling over, and then I felt myself being pulled backwards towards the ceiling. I looked down and saw a person laying on an operating table covered in green drapes. I realized it was me, but didn't feel any remorse at leaving my body. Then I was pulled backwards again only this time at great speed, I was still travelling backwards and was terrified. I reached out to try to grab something to stop myself but there was only blackness. There was blackness like I'd never seen before. I don't know how long this went on for, it could have been a few seconds and then again it could have been a few years! I then heard a sound telling me to 'Go Back'. The sound was neither male nor female it was a bit like music. The next thing I remember was hearing voices telling me to breathe. There seemed to be a bit of a commotion going on.
NDE from surgery complications.

1504. Matt S Probable NDE 1/13/2008. Probable NDE 26. I then found myself in the company of several (perhaps three) spirits, with whom I then had a telepathic conversation. I exclaimed something like 'Good, I'm here, I made it.' The spirits then informed me that I would not be staying, but proceeded to give me several deep insights into my then current life, almost like a psychic reading. I did not go down the tunnel, but I saw the outside of it in the near distance. I saw a tube projecting up at about a forty-five degree angle, much like a pipe in the ground. Above it, approx. two diameters away, were two very bright white lights. These lights pivoted towards a 'target soul' ascending the tunnel, and paused for a few seconds while the soul entered the light. The light would then pivot like a searchlight towards another soul and pause again while the soul entered the light. Both lights were identical and moved similarly, but independently. I knew that those were souls entering the light.
Interesting description of the tubes of light.

1503. Patti D Probable NDE 1/13/2008. Probable NDE 28. Next thing I knew I heard the fluttering of wings by my right ear. Then silence. And I was in a dark cozy place that is 'the womb of existence' and at the same time every place. There was no sense of being enclosed, but at the same time, I was 'in' and 'out in the void'. No walls, no tunnel. Not blackness like shutting your eyes. It was a warm soft off-black color. If I had eyes, they would have been open. I was not in my body. That is the best I can do. I 'saw' just the black wings like those of an eagle. About six feet in length from the shoulder to the tips. They floated in space with the shoulder end up. One was just in front of the other. They weren't attached to anything. They were just floating there all by themselves. They were to my right. Next my consciousness is back in the office.
Probable NDE from reaction to sodium pentothal.

1502. Dr. Thomas J NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 29. First week of College walking beside a road which ran through the campus. Returning my date to the dorm, which was only fifty yards from the college hall. The concrete road had a low gravel soft shoulder. A young man was teaching his girlfriend how to drive. She got one of her wheels caught in the gravel and struck me at fifty-plus miles per hour from behind. I never saw it coming. I was propelled ten feet up and thirty feet down the road, she struck a second student before stopping. I left my body, was up above the trees over the accident, and could see the whole scene. I was chalked off on the side of the road while they attended to the other student.
Evidential Veridical Perception.

1501. Moselle NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 30. From Canada I recall being rushed to the operating room. After that, it seemed I was rushing through a long passageway, which was filled with colors and sound. The sound was a high-pitched yang-ying. It seemed to take ages to get to the end of the tunnel; however, when I did it was so beautiful. I was greeted by three people who told me they were to 'help' me over. They were in white and handsome, fair it seemed. Behind them I could see lovely flowers and rolling hills.
NDE from complications in child birth.

1500. David B NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 31. I then started to feel my spirit start to raise out of my body. I started floating. As this happened, I all of a sudden got scared, I didn't want to die. At that moment, I saw future events that I was going to miss pass quickly before my eyes. I felt a sense of regret, and fear. I cried to God and asked if he would let me live. At that moment, I felt my spirit sink back into my body and attach just above my navel. I was amazed that my spirit attached at that part of my body. I then had this gut feeling that I wasn't going to die and this peace overcame me. My mind's eye then went back to the view of the galaxy but only in reverse. The galaxy was rotating counterclockwise and the stars were distant.
NDE from suicide attempt.

1499. Claude B NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 32. A figure appeared to me, at the time I could only think of it as an angelic form of some kind. I can still picture the being. I do not recall our exchanging any words. I was presented a cup or chalice that the angel/being held in one hand and a crown in the other, a small garland, which I imagined, was a crown. I understood I had a choice. I recall choosing the cup. This had no particular significance to me at the time.
Child NDE at age five. Contributor is a psychologist.

1498. Mike W NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 39. I was propelled towards a tunnel with a small light at the end of it. As I got closer to the light, it got brighter and larger. At the end of the tunnel, and it seemed that one second I was at the beginning of the light and the next I was out in the light, as if I went from zero to one hundred like that. The place I was in was almost hard to describe. It was a beautiful sunshiny day, and it was a large area of golden long stemmed grass or wheat field with flowers interspaced throughout the place. I was moving over this place and being guided towards a big beautiful tree out in the middle of all this. I got to the tree, and sitting on large rock was my dad's dead father. He died when I was three or four years old. Even though I was seventeen at the time and good size, I was sitting on my grandfather's knees. It really felt good to be there with him. All pain and everything else was gone except for us. He told me that I would have to go back to my life as there were things that I must do.
NDE from car accident.

1497. Lynda C NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 40. I remember seeing a passageway and then I was moving toward an entryway ahead of me. I wasn't actually walking, I was just moving. Then the door opened and out stepped my deceased second husband and my deceased oldest son, I was not afraid, I realized where I was, but was not scared. I have never felt more at ease or serene. Both my husband and my son told me that it was not my time yet. I didn't want to go back, but not for any other reason, but because I didn't want to feel the pain, that I knew I would feel. Steven (my husband) said that I wouldn't remember the pain. As he held me, I knew for the first time, he was not lying to me. David (my son) said that I had more to do here on Earth. I remember, seeing a bright, brilliant light, like the Aurora Borealis, over the top of the opening they came out of. I got the feeling that if I had gone through the door, I wouldn't be coming back, but I still was not afraid. I have never felt so loved, at peace, or safe.
NDE from car accident.

1496. Brian K NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 41. Immediately upon leaving my body there was darkness, then I saw several humans that were floating, they told me not to go to the light. At the end of the tunnel was a man who asked about the life review. I saw spirits, like shining lights of love, and I saw twelve beings that were not human, they had large heads and large eyes, they had no mouths that I saw, or ears. They were not scary, they were not demanding, or judgmental, they were there to help. Above them was a spirit that did communicate what things meant.
NDE from trauma caused by a criminal attack.

1495. Conner I NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 45. As soon as I passed out I instantly saw a white light. At first, it had streaks flashing across it like interference on a television screen. Then it settled down and became a very brilliant pure white. Except there was a figure standing there in the lower left hand corner of my field of vision. So it was pure white except for the figure. The figure was distant, so it was a very small part of the scene I saw. Mostly it was just pure total whiteness.
NDE from heart attack.

1494. Dean T NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 46. I spent a great deal of time in the tunnel, each time I died I was sent to the tunnel. Several times, I was spoken to by the being of light. He was with my father, like he or she, I don't know which, seemed to have their arm around my father. Each time someone I knew would say, 'Dean, you're going back honey.' We would hear the defibrillator warm up and wham I was back in great pain as I slammed into my body after the shock.
NDEs from heart attacks.

1493. Goldy NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 64. 1. Strangled. 2. Intense fear. 3. Lost consciousness. 4. Saw myself riding on the back of a large, female cougar. 5. Could feel the muscles of the cougar, its warmth, and movement. 6. Could see what I was leaving but not where we were going. 7. Regained consciousness. 8. Very calm and peaceful.
Multiple strangulations from mother and cousin.

1491. Martine Probable NDE 1/13/2008. Probable NDE 68. Mixed with the music was singing, ethereal voices, not really human, a choir of beautiful liquid voices, the melodies reminiscent of the music I have heard in Jewish temples, or maybe Isr'li music -- very haunting. I became aware of an amazing Presence, which I felt was God-like, and it overwhelmed everything else. As I neared this Presence, I began to think about my life, everything I had wanted to accomplish. What I had done, good and bad, but especially the people I loved, my family, certain friends. I suddenly wanted more than anything to go back to them and tell them, show them, how very much I did love them, much more than I had ever realized. As I felt these things, I suddenly was 'plugged in' to God, and this is no exaggeration. I KNEW, on the deepest possible level, that I had never been really connected to God before this. I had been devout in my belief, spiritual, daily prayed and so on, but I had not been totally connected. In one blinding second, I was.
This is a very beautifully written experience.

1490. Jack NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 71. At the end of this tunnel or whirlwind was the brightest white light that I have ever seen. And as I approached, it took on human form and appeared as a man dressed in a long white robe that had a gold sash around the waist. He had long flowing hair and the light was coming from where the face should have been. I was shown many things, many of which I was not permitted to bring back with me for some reason. I remember being told that I was dead before my time. Then I was told, 'TELL THEM! TELL THEM! TELL THEM!' three times.
NDE due to surgical complication. Remarkably detailed view of his resuscitation efforts.

1489. Bob C NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 75. Starting into this doorway, (which was approx in a wall approx 20 inches deep, I saw 3 ladies, each with "Mona Lisa smiles." one lady was forward of the other 2,and while no words were spoken, I had the distinct impression they knew me. These ladies were in long white robes. I felt warm, and completely at peace. I have never felt so much "love". I remember (still in the doorway,) looking to the left, and seeing another doorway, and suddenly feeling that "beyond that door, is the answer to all questions!". As I started to enter the room with the ladies, the 1st communicated to me that though "this is the right place, it just is not the time for me yet". Her "Mona Lisa smile did not change, but I felt an emotion from her that she hoped I understood I was just "not being allowed to enter yet."
Met several guardian beings on the other side.

1488. Lisa R NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 77. From Australia There was darkness but I was in a light and the light was warm and loving and peaceful. It was God's light. I mean that's what he is. My soul was in his soul or light or something like that. It was so wonderful I didn't want to leave but someone said I had to go back . I could hear my mum saying, "Don't you leave us! Lisa don't you leave us!" At times I would come to and open my eyes and see my mum by my side but then I would be back there in God's light. After I finely came back, I was so angry because I wanted to stay because it was so peaceful .
NDE from suicide attempt.

1487. Dr. Winborn W Probable NDE 1/13/2008. Probable NDE 84. I was in a bed flying over the city of Chattanooga looking down at the ground and the terrain. I could see myself in the bed as if I was out of my body and watching. Did not encounter any person or persons. Did not see anything I had not seen before other than flying in the bed. At the time of this experience, I was unconscious and my physician was not sure whether I was brain dead or not. Didn't have EEG's (electroencephalography) in 1952.
Doctor (MD) had a probable NDE from polio as a teenager.

1486. Della R NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 85. I remember floating high above my body, so that I could touch the exposed pipes on the ceiling. I was surrounded by a great, ubiquitous light. I heard the nurse and doctor say to my parents, 'She won't live through the night.' My mother fell over the table, sobbing. My father, with whom I have always had a close bond, said that he would donate his blood to me directly from a table nearby. This was done and I survived. Later, when I awoke, I tried to tell the nurse, the doctor, and my mother what I had experienced. The doctor protested that I could not have heard the conversation for I was unconscious.
Child NDE

1485. Tim NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 90. Woke in bed with massive pain, more than I ever dreamed possible. Felt like something pulled me out of bed. Saw and felt a mist and a blackness in a ring around me. Like a hyperspace on the periphery.
Frightening NDE from appendix rupture.

1484. Rebecca D NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 91. I existed in this void, anyway back to the details. I could not see anything in the distance, just darkness. All of a sudden, I heard a child crying. I said, 'Why is that child crying?' I moved, or gravitated toward the cry. It got louder and louder. I could see a child lying on the ground. She was a little girl with candy all over the ground around her. Someone was bending down to help her. All of a sudden, I was in this body, 'Oh, it's me.'
Child tripped and had an experience during unconsciousness.

1483. Rory R NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 93. The next thing I know I'm lying on my back, but there was no sensation of pain (which was a relief). Everything had a glowing beige light, not the pure white light, but a beige one. There were three beings around me. Two were female and one was male. This is just the impression I had. It was more like two feminine entities and one masculine one. Anyway, these entities were waving me away like I wasn't wanted. The next thing I know I'm gasping for air looking at a crying guy. All the feelings of panic and pain I had were replaced with a feeling of calm. The next thing I know the police arrived and saved me. And that's my story. As I said I was an ardent atheist, but now I know there is a God and I have no doubts about it. It changed my life forever, almost as if I wasn't ready, or I have something unfinished to do before I leave this world.
NDE from criminal attack.

1482. Fred B NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 104. Working alone. Grabbed a water pipe for balance. Got full electric shock across the heart -- 115 volts AC. Fell back to get off pipe -- don't remember hitting floor. Was floating in a black void, very happy -- no pain of any kind. Saw a light at my level, to the left. Swung that way and headed for the light, there was a texture to the light like the sun reflecting off water onto a white wall. As I moved to the light, I could hear a dog howling, got louder as I got closer. All of a sudden the incredible happiness was gone, and I was back in my voltage racked body. The dog howl -- was me! Some primeval survival instinct had kicked in. The sound brought a co-worker from two rooms away, and got me off the pipe-drill motor connection. I was able to change the dog-howl to the word, 'Help.'
NDE from electrocution.

1481. Nancy T NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 107. I was having ten vertebra fused (as follow-up from auto accident). The surgery should have taken no more than three hours - I was in surgery for over five -- as I my heart needed reviving more than once. With all of the back/bone pounding, this bruised my heart. I was in the post-operative room coming to and talking to the patient in the bed next to me -- when I couldn't breathe. The patient in the bed started screaming for help. I floated out of my body and watched the medical team work on me -- then saw lots of white light -- then faded to nothingness.
NDE from surgery complications.

1480. James F NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 118. I began to experience the most wonderful sensation that I had ever felt. I was floating through what seemed to be a red tunnel of some sort. At the end of the tunnel was a bright light that did not bother my eyes at all. The light gave me a sense of strength and joy that is indescribable. Once I arrived at the end of the tunnel, I saw a black table and seven people all dressed in white clothing standing on the other side of the table.
NDE from surgery complications.

1479. Cal G Possible NDE 1/13/2008. Possible NDE 121. Suddenly, the environment began to change, and I saw two worlds, dual dimensions. One dimension was merely physical, while the other had visual properties, yet unseen to the people crowding the little room. There were figures, some in motion, some affixed to their original position. The ones in motion seemed very busy, portraying a trace of energy (or heat) as they moved. The only representation they possessed were dark silhouettes that appeared as three-dimensional shadows. I gathered them as celestial beings with no true form. I was fighting a shift in consciousness and was concerned for my mother's feelings. I decided I would find a way back in to the dimension from which I had come.
Possible NDE from attempted suicide.

1478. Archie M NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 3455. From Australia I Saw the Light, Travelled towards it automatically and found myself in a beautiful field of Golden Grasses. Noticed several, about 5 or 6, people looking at me and waiting for Me, realized later that these were in fact deceased relatives from Scotland. I was shown a magnificent Gold colored city where universities of learning were operating. Felt a powerful being, God like, at my immediate side. Feels like I spent an hour or so there but was only gone, dead, for 8 minutes on Earth. I was told to go back, do important work, and use my previously wasted life to do good for others. Felt a hard return to my body.
NDE due to car accident.

1477. Thomas B NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 3452. I waved and shouted to them 'Hey, Chuckie! Here I am!' but they did not hear or see me. That's when I started to sink. I sank down into the car and awoke still pinned under the dash. I had lost a lot of blood. Blood was over an inch deep on the floorboard. At that point, I still had eyesight. After I was put on a gurney and on my way to the ambulance, I looked over to the far corner of the intersection just to see if my two friends from school were really there. They were!
NDE due to auto accident at age ten.

1476. Dana S NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 3451. From Canada. I looked up and felt so warm and I had felt so loved. I don't know how long I was unconscious but I know I didn't want to come back. When I did come back, it was because my boyfriend was crying and yelling that it wasn't my time to go.
Two NDEs. One due to passing out in shower, another due to criminal attack.

1475. Marcello R NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 3449. I found myself floating. As I floated upward, it was as if I were looking down on myself. I could see me lying face up on the floor. I continued to rise and looking back at my image, I began to get smaller and smaller until everything went black. I could still feel myself rising, floating upward, so I turned my attention the other way. That's when I saw blackness all around me with thousands of little flashes of light almost flickering all around me. As I started to pick up speed, at this time I felt the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt, and to this day have never felt again.
NDE due to apparent cardiac and respiratory arrest following drug overdose.

1474. Hera A NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 3447. I saw that I was lying on the operating table, and then my body left the hospital and went into the universe, travelling very fast through space. I landed in a very cloudy place and the people I saw gathering around me were my dead patients that I had seen die when I worked in the intensive care unit. I thought to myself that I surely had died, for these people were dead. Then suddenly I saw my father who had died six months prior and he talked to me through my brain and led me to a tunnel.
NDE due to cardiac arrest on operating table. Remarkably detailed NDE.

1473. Charles H NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 3445. I left my body shortly after it happened; I hung above for a brief while watching them work on me, not feeling any fear or sadness, just watching. Then I could see a light, in the light I traveled towards a figure. I never got a clear look at the figure, but I heard a voice it said, 'Are you ready? If you come forward, you can't go back,' although it happened so fast, I know I was in no rush to answer. I looked back and could still see myself lying there, it said to me, 'If you go back you won't like what is going to happen, but I need you there. What I have planned for you has not begun yet.'
NDE due to being run over by a truck.

1472. Richard L NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 3444. Suddenly in the void, I heard a voice. A male voice. He said, 'It's okay. It's all right. It's all good.' I went from total terror to total peace and acceptance of my life and responsibility. I was no longer worried about heaven or hell or my death. This voice accepted me, and did not judge me. I, in a way, had judged myself and clearly had an instant understanding of my life and how important it is to play our lives out to the end regardless of how hard it is and to get off of ourselves and to be in the company of each other to help each other. That abyss was total separation from all. I was in the 'I AM.'
NDE due to attempted suicide by drowning.

1471. Vivian H NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 3442. I had died - and then all was calm. I felt myself lift out of my body lying on the cold ground and heading upward. It reminded me of toy telescopes with segments that pull out and elongate but this telescoping feeling was me going infinitely upward. It was like a tunnel, too, I suppose and it was dark but with a light at the end. The light got bigger and bigger and then I felt as if I'd exploded into the infinite white light. It was peaceful and fine and I was content and beyond words and beyond thought.
NDE due to seizures as a result of alcohol and drugs at age seventeen.

1470. Ben J NDE 1/13/2008. NDE 21730. When I left my body, I saw my wife. She is 64 years old with gray hair. But when I saw her, she had black hair like the color it was when we met. Then, I saw a real bright light inside a tunnel with my dad's coat. I felt like I was floating. It was so calm and peaceful.
NDE due to heart attack. Happened about five weeks prior to sharing with us.

1469. Andrei NDE 1/12/2008. NDE 3229. From Uzbekistan. Original in Russian Translated to English by Ivanda. Somehow suddenly I started feeling incredibly peaceful. I was watching the children swimming above. And then for some reason I got a feeling that I am falling through the tiles into some kind of tunnel and the water of the pool was moving away farther and farther. I could still see the swimming children but they were moving away from me. Finally, I moved so far down from the pool that I found myself in complete darkness. Then suddenly there was bright light from all sides. I looked around surprised. I was observing the pool and the group from above. I looked at myself with surprise. I understood that I cannot fly; however, I felt as if I could go anywhere at all, nothing would stop me. I did not have a body. I was invisible.
Child drowning NDE age three.

1468. Thomas M NDE 1/12/2008. NDE 3440. On the morning of my experience the canals were iced over and the water level had been lowered so that there was a gap between the ice and the water. I fell through the ice into a fast moving current heading in to the turbines. I tried to stop myself by grabbing the underside of the ice but the current was too strong and I couldn't stop from tumbling along. When my clothes got heavier and heavier, I struggled to hold my breath and keep my head above water. I didn't feel the cold until I couldn't hold my breath any longer and took a huge gulp of water. I recall even today how it felt when that freezing water hit my lungs. It was around this point that my NDE took place. I remember looking up at the sky through the ice and seeing ME in the air above the canal looking down and following along with my shadow as I tumbled along under the ice. The feelings were very strong at this point and as the fear passed I felt totally at ease and at peace as if watching events unfold as in a movie.
Child drowning NDE age eleven.

1467. Stephane B Possible NDE 1/10/2008. Possible NDE 3366. From France. Translated to English by Jean Peter. I saw myself in a heavenly landscape, there was clay ground, a beautiful blue sky, grass, slight and tepid breeze, there was an olive tree next to me. My grandfather, dead since 1988, was sitting there, quietly playing the lute. He told me, sit down there dear Steph, you’ll see we’re all right there. I asked him where we were, he answered that I knew it, I was in Heaven but I should not worry. I felt huge pleasure emotion pervade me, I felt happy and free and about to cry for joy. I had tears in my eyes for so much beauty and for seeing my Grandfather. Then, deceased people came to visit me and they called my name, saying that I should come because you felt good there and I belonged there. I belonged among them; they outstretched their arms towards me. I saw dozens of dead family members. There were other people I did not know, but who also outstretched their arms to me. I felt like I would cry for joy, saying to myself that death was so beautiful.
Possible NDE but he didn't actually die. At the very least this is NDE-Like.

1466. Francesco D Possible NDE 1/10/2008. Possible NDE 3430. From Italy. Translated to English by Amy. I was outside of my body, like a body double, but I couldn't see, yet I was still fully conscious. In fact, at the same time that I was talking I found myself in a black void. It wasn't a room or a tunnel. It was just the Void. I didn't have time to be concerned about that because I immediately felt that I was flying faster and faster upwards into the most beautiful of beatitudes, and I saw an immense landscape made of light. I want to explain myself as best I can. What I saw was not 'objects' illuminated by light but the things themselves in an immense atmosphere, lofty, these things were themselves Light, or rather made of light. They weren't sources of light. They were light.
Possible NDE from coughing spasm.

1465. Gulden NDE 1/10/2008. NDE 2837. From Turkey. Translated to English by Aylin and Ibrahim. I felt raising up above my bed, taking direction to a white, very bright light. Meantime, I saw my uncle, who died one month ago, while passing me he said, 'Not yet.' I was surprised how I understood him without spoken words, but I felt very peaceful. Later a lady came to me, if I saw her now, I would recognize her. She took me to a wonderful place with mountains and said that this was the place of my life. The place we went was beautiful, but I said to her that this place is not my life's place. Then we came to a seashore with a little village and she said again that this place was my life, but I didn't know this place and I said to her that this is not the place of my life. After we travelled to some more very beautiful places she said that I was not ready to stay in these places and asked me what I remembered about my life.
This is a hot one; A Muslim NDE from Turkey.

1464. Nicole C NDE 1/10/2008. NDE 3437. If I remember correctly I was looking through an invisible tunnel, not like a train tunnel and there was not bright light but more like my side vision was blurred but not relevant. Hard to explain.
NDE from criminal attack.

1463. Doina Probable NDE 1/7/2008. Probable NDE 3379. Original in Romanian. Translated to English by Angela. I was in a state of peace and I felt so loved unlike ever in my whole life, but not that I didn't experience love in my life, it was just something different that cannot be explained in words. But I was sent back exactly in the moment when I was feeling so happy, those voices which were not a human language (like Romanian, English or something like this) but a communication. I was pushed back gently and with the same love, while having flashes of my son, mother and father (who were still alive). I saw my husband in the corner of a room weeping as he was waiting for me and this was the first image I had when I opened my eyes after half an hour from the operation.
Probable NDE during surgery.

1462. Mother-in-Law NDE 1/10/2008. Secondhand NDE 3109. From Mexico. Translated to English by Eva. Hours later, my mother-in-law experienced a strong hemorrhaging connected to the delivery. At some point, my mother-in-law started to see a path strewn with flowers and light. At the end of the path, she saw an elderly lady. My mother-in-law reached the elderly lady, who told her to go back; that she should see her family who were suffering for her. The elderly lady showed my mother-in-law her husband and her small children around the bed and other persons. All were crying and praying for my mother-in-law; for they thought she was dying. My mother-in-law saw herself stretched out on the bed; she knew it was she (there). In that moment, she became conscious that she was out of her body. The answer of my mother-in-law to the elderly lady was that she wanted to go with her, because she felt such peace and tranquility.
Second hand NDE as related by Jorge.

1461. Wendi NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 124. After leaving my body I was pulled into a void or darkness. In the distance, I saw a white ball of light come close and closer to me. I couldn't really make out what it was until I got closer. I could tell it was a human form human. Finally, I realized who it was. It was a deceased friend of mine who had committed suicide the previous year. I was very close to this person in life, we went to High School together and he was a support to me in life as well as in death. He told me that I needed to return there was a strong sense of needing to return. When I asked why he told me my life had a meaning and a purpose. It wasn't my time yet. I did return.
NDE from heart attack.

1460. Linda K Probable NDE 1/4/2008. Probable NDE 125. Oh Lord! After something like that, you have to investigate everything that your life is about. Going from believing in nothing to not being sure what happened to you, to learning to believe in something and the eternal investigation of what that something is. Thank God I had that bowel obstruction!
Inspirational probable NDE from post-operative complication. Not clear imminent life-threaten event. She was a heavy alcoholic and completely changed her life around.

1459. Tara B NDE 1/4/2008. NDE 126. There were three figures seeming to be waiting for me. I spoke with them and they said I had to decide if I was done with my task. I saw parts of my life race through my mind, and saw I was not meeting my goals. They told me that I had picked this life as a test. They said that I could choose to return to my body or get another body, but the goal was to be the same. These three figures were also blue and wore darker blue robes. They were blond, tall, and radiated love and compassion. Almost an emotional hug was given to me.
Attempted Suicide.

1458. James S NDE 1/4/2008. NDE 127. It is a feeling of Perfect love and trust. A feeling so strong that it could be felt so far away that traveling at supersonic speeds it would take half an hour to get there. The closer it came the stronger the feeling became until this immense feeling totally engulfed me in ecstasy so intense as to be unimaginable (for lack of better words) and lifted me by my elbows above the darkness and away we went; me being supported by two beings that felt better than a mother's breast to a newborn. I looked up at my benefactors and found that they were dressed in black gowns and had a screen over their faces, which, if you looked closely, had a mirror like substance that reflected your own image back at you. They were giving me reassurances through feelings and music that was like talking, only better than language. There is nothing to learn you can understand totally.
NDE from Heart Attack.

1457. Rica S NDE 1/4/2008. NDE 130. Oh, yes. What you answer for when you die is not what the preachers preach. It is, 'What have you done to help your fellow man?'
Attempted Suicide.

1456. Toni M NDE 1/4/2008. NDE 131. Caution, Disturbing Content - Mature Readers Only! All I remember was a beautiful white bright light, and the overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance. I felt like this was the best feeling I could ever have asked for. I have never felt that kind of love before or since. I knew there was someone/something there with me. This person/thing turned out to be a huge hand raised up as if to warn me to stop. The hand was illuminated and whiter than the surrounding whiteness. I heard a voice coming from the direction of the hand and it said, 'Go back, it's not your time.'
Teenage suicide attempt. This one made me cry it is so sad, and it really made me angry too.

1455. Kimberly HA NDE 1/4/2008. NDE 133. I flew up very fast. I was literally flying through outer space. I passed literal planets. I wasn't sure where I was going, but I knew the way. I was aware of someone following behind me, but I didn't look back at them. They felt familiar. It was wonderful to move without effort. I arrived at my destination quickly. I was in a rectangular room. It was white, almost as if it were made of light. A man came through a door at the far end of the room to meet me. We were each like silhouettes inside of impossibly bright lights. I couldn't exactly see features on the man, but somehow I knew that he was male and older. He seemed vaguely familiar. He asked me to wait there and he left through the same door. After a moment, he returned and said, 'You have to go back. You still have a purpose.'
NDE from Hypocalc'mia and seizures.

1454. Ellen K NDE 1/4/2008. NDE 138. Towards the end of this dilemma I all of a sudden was sitting in a room that had a window but not a window that looked outside. A big window looked into a big room that had a long desk or counter. On the other side of the room was a hospital bed with me in it; but I swear I convinced myself it was a manikin dressed with my long blond hair to look like me. 'They' even put tubes in this manikin. I got angry because I didn't want my mother to see this. I thought it was an awful joke. The more I looked I had to turn away.
Post-operative complication. Respiratory failure. Felt pulled toward abyss. Second experience described had no clear imminent life-threaten event and may be 'intensive care unit psychosis'.

1453. Richard B NDE 1/4/2008. NDE 144. Shortly after flight began I remember the pain going away. A feeling of peace came over me, and I remember 'leaving' my body, and starting 'through' a tunnel of multicolored lights. I was suddenly very happy, calm, comfortable, and happy in the knowledge that I was going 'into' heaven. Just before I reached the end of the tunnel, I was stopped by the voice of my father (who had been dead five years at the time) telling me I must go back, that my mother needed me (for what I don't know). I replied that I didn't want to go 'back', but my father's voice insisted. The next thing that happened was I was looking down on my body in the helicopter -- as the attendant worked on my body, trying to 'save' my life.
NDE from motorcycle accident.

1452. Anna De R NDE 1/4/2008. NDE 3295. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated by Amy. I exited my body and saw my relatives around my lifeless body. There was so much white light everywhere. The light emanated from every point, strong but did not hurt. So much joy, it was almost uncontrollable, and I didn't want to return to my body which I knew was in a lot of pain. Then something insisted that I must go back and I began to feel the pain from my feet up.
NDE from embolism.

1451. John C NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 149. I was floating above my body in the operating room and saw the doctors working to revive me. I then left the operating room and saw my mother and my aunt in the waiting room crying. Next, I was in a tunnel or hallway that was dark. As I began to walk toward the light at one end, I began experiencing an indescribable sense of Joy and peace, as I got closer to the light. When I got nearer the light, I was nearly blinded by its brightness. But I still wanted to get closer, to walk into it further. Then I heard a voice telling me that I had to go back I could not be here yet. I didn't want to go back and hesitated because I didn't want to leave. I felt so much Joy, Love and Peace completely void of fear, doubt and all sense of negative human feelings and emotions. I wanted to keep feeling that way and had a sense that it was just the beginning of forever and there was more to experience. But, the voice spoke to me again (it was the most incredible voice and I wanted to see whose it was) telling me again to go back.
Heart stopped during surgery.

1450. Diana P Probable NDE 1/3/2008. Probable NDE 150. I feared most of all that I was going to Hell. My flesh was my only hope on still being able to really give my life to Jesus, now it was to late. I thought like a child, innocent and pure. I couldn't make up excuses on why I was going to Hell. I couldn't lie. Then I started to see through the walls. I saw through the pillow with both eyes -- 'still thinking physical'. I saw this small black image hovering over the pillow looking straight into my eyes. It kept looking in a eager and greedy way and I could hear what it was thinking. It was waiting for me to leave my body. This figure reminded me of a 'half human and frog being', it stood like a frog, its face was mutilated. Its eyes were so black you fell into them as you looked into them. I screamed at it, 'I don't belong to you I belong to God! I belong to Jesus!' I finally realized I was dead. I started to cry but I felt no tears roll down my face. I just kept crying out I belong to you God I belong to you Jesus! There was no response. My life passed by me as I lay there. I thought of all the times I sinned and all the times I was good which were very few. I kept repeating these words, 'I don't want to die.'
Frightening, yet ultimately liberating. Probable NDE from heart attack.

1449. Helen PB NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 154. From Australia My NDE consisted of rushing very fast through a dark tunnel. I couldn't see the walls but felt I was bouncing off them rushing fast. I was not in my body but it felt like it was my eyes or my vision (my life force) racing through this tunnel. There was no language, no barriers. My life and who loved me or hated me disappeared. It was just my life force holding on and racing somewhere. I felt like I was being pulled back and slowed down. There were many lights up ahead. Bluish with brightness around each one. There was a definite boundary between them and me. They loved me absolutely and completely, they accepted me, knowing all the good and bad. They knew everything about me. They wanted me to come. I felt total utter protection and love -- for a short while. There were no words exchanged I just knew. I wanted to go with them.
NDE from ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

1448. Demi M NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 157. I don't remember hearing anything, or seeing a light or anything like that. I was really feeling great. I wasn't afraid. I was just thinking how cool it was watching my body bounce when I was shocked.
NDE from attempted suicide.

1447. Francis R NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 161. From Canada I was ordered to return and I didn't want to! I wanted to stay, for the first time in my life, I was happy. I haven't been so since and nothing has changed this fact.
Seizures. Brief description. Met Grandmother.

1446. Ellis B Possible NDE 1/3/2008. Possible NDE 163. From Canada I was sitting on my couch and my breathing was cut off. I was staring at my hand, and I saw myself draw away from my body. Then, something or someone 'pushed' me back into the world. I stood up quickly because I was startled by the whole thing.
Perceived he stopped breathing while sitting. Not clear this really happened.

1445. James G NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 164. Light was total Love, Peace and the Power from it was awesome and unexplainable, the power of millions of atomic explosions would not even come close to the power.
Surgery related. Organ failure. Saw light. Tunnel. Met deceased acquaintance.

1444. Brenda E NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 165. I also could 'hear' something, although I wasn't registering what it was. Let me state that I was controlling my movements. I don't know what was making me active, I just was. I started noticing that I was bobbing up and down in this funnel. I would get closer to the top and then bob down toward the middle. Eventually, I began to stay close to the top of the funnel. I was aware of drifting around the side of the funnel, and now it was continual. I wasn't stationary any longer. I just kept drifting around and around the side of the funnel, and then I began to slow down. I could hear muffled sounds here, and I slowly kept drifting around until I slowly drifted to a halt.
Head injury. Into 'nothingness'. Felt in 'funnel'.

1443. Angela K NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 166. I first told him that I wanted to go to the church, the church that was being built. I said it wasn't finished yet. After questioning me some more, I told him that two angels held my arms and took me up into the sky. I told him that there were people building a church out of gold bricks and that they were waving at me. I turned and saw two thrones with two beings sitting in them. Their faces were clouded but one of them told me that 'it wasn't my time yet'. I insisted that I wanted to stay and he told me that I had to go back to my mom and dad. Then I told him that I saw a little girl (which was me) and then it was over. I apparently went back into my body. I remember all of these details to this day.
Child NDE from drowning.

1442. Decembra B NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 167. Everything went black and I could see images in the distance. At that time, I referred to them as bubbles that would appear before me one at a time then zip away and another would appear. I saw images of myself with my mother, family and friends. I don't know why but suddenly I began to think of my younger brother and I knew he would need me. I felt as if I had to make a choice to continue with this or to go back home. At that moment I decided to fight my way back to the top of the water, I could see a bright light in the distance but I wasn't sure if that was the sun reflecting off of the water or what it was. Once I got to the shore I was exhausted, I went home and slept until the next day.
Child NDE from drowning.

1441. Patricia M NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 168. From Canada That night I went home. I somehow arrived home to be with and watch my family, but they didn't know I was there. I sat in the living room and watched them with their gifts. I was peaceful in that place. My boys are sixteen, eight, and one and half years old and I felt good then, as I always did in real life, about their ability to love and care for each other. But I also knew that my job wasn't done. I knew I had to go back to the hospital.
NDE from septic shock.

1440. Pluma S NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 179. I rose up above my body and then sped away. I was in a dark tunnel, flying very fast. I heard screaming and laughing like on a roller coaster and then screaming and crying -- then the feeling of falling and falling. There was painful screaming, like torture. Then -- ZOOM -- I was back above my body, looking down, watching the guy perform CPR on me. Then I snapped back into my body and I was soooo frightened and soooo sick. It was real.
Frightening NDE from drug overdose.

1439. Destri B Probable NDE 1/3/2008. Probable NDE 180. From Canada I was in a third-person state. I was looking down onto the operating table with my grandma holding my hand who I have never seen in my life except pictures.
At age one fell and hit head. OBE to emergency and waiting rooms. Not sure he had imminent life-threatening event at time of experience.

1438. John P NDE 1/3/2008. Shared Death Experience 182. The lady said that Eric was going with her and for me to go through those doors and pointed to the emergency room. After my release from the hospital, I was told the Eric had died in the wreck. My thoughts were, 'No, because I had talked to him and the lady.' Later a friend of mine and I went by Eric's house to express my condolences. When we walked into the house, I noticed a picture of the lady that was with Eric and asked who she was. I was told that she was Eric's grandmother that had died several years ago.
Shared Death Experience from car accident. Is it possible that taking Eric to Kansas is a reference to reincarnation?

1437. Selly Fear Death Experience 1/3/2008. FDE 3132. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated by Amy. I was on a motor scooter and all of a sudden a car appeared in front of us. I was sitting behind, on the back seat. I was catapulted over the car but in that moment everything slowed down and I saw my body flying. I thought of how my family would react if I died and that I needed to do something to save my life. There was only the void but at the same time, it was as though someone was holding me. Then everything went back to normal, back to reality, and I found myself on the ground, unharmed.
Left body from fear of imminent death.

1436. Eleonora Probable NDE 1/3/2008. Probable NDE 3054. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated by Barbara. I was in a tunnel with a light in the bottom. I began to move fast in the tunnel toward the light. In the light I founded all the persons that I have known in my several past existences, I saw this like an old photo group, all the persons were happy to see me. I was watching the persons and suddenly to my left I was approached by a middle aged man with a beard that asked me, in authoritarian tone, why I were here. I answered that I didn't know why I were here. He said to me that it was not my moment and I had to go back. I answered that I didn't want to go back, I was happy in that moment and I wanted to stay here.
Probable NDE from Nurse. She may have stopped breathing or temporarily smothered herself in her blankets, but the experience has the signature NDE elements.

1435. Matthew T NDE 1/3/2008. NDE 2874. From Germany. Original in German, translated by Amy. I ended up in the hospital with severe bleeding in my esophagus which needed to be operated on. I lost a lot of blood and my HV values were 6.2, where 17-21 is the norm. One night, I don't know which one, I saw myself floating in a very intense yet peaceful light and in that moment I had the feeling of complete peace, and absolute freedom in my soul. It was a sensation that is very difficult to describe - but it was very beautiful and ever since that moment I no longer fear death.
NDE from blood loss.

1434. Susan P NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 183. Then, it's like I saw nothing but blackness and I could hear echoes of their voices. I didn't feel afraid though, I felt fine and at peace but couldn't figure out why. Nothing made much sense to me but I didn't feel any pain or fear, also I could hear someone praying over me. I saw no light in this experience, just a black tunnel. Then they had revived me and I was okay. I know this doesn't make any sense but this is what happened. And I'm not even sure I was clinically dead to be honest, I thought I passed out. I never got a real answer, I was just told that they almost lost me and that I was very lucky.
NDE from auto accident.

1433. G. Bryan B NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 184. Major increase in my respect for life, reawakening of the spiritual facet(s) of my personality and a desire to reciprocate in sharing the love that I've felt and have been shown.
NDEs from several accidents.

1431. JC S NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 189. I hovered over my body looking down at myself. After realizing I was out of my body, I became about five years old and floated straight up to heaven, where I walked on huge red roses that gave off an incredible scent. There was Jesus standing there about one hundred feet tall, with his right arm extended. He was glowing, with long brown hair, copper skin, and a long white robe. The feeling of love and being home was awesome. I reached up and put my hand in his. We spoke with our minds and he gave me a guided tour of heaven. The colors were awesome, peace, love, and beauty. As we walked, I turned to look back for my grandmother, and my dog Rusty, who I did not see. As I turned to look forward there was a sheer curtain, with people standing there as far as far as the eye could see. Then I heard God say, you have to go back. I begged him to please let me stay, but he repeated, 'you have to go back.'
NDE from suicide attempt.

1430. Steven R Probable NDE 1/2/2008. Probable NDE 190. I had an overwhelming sense of Great LOVE and Understanding, with no judgment. I was calmer than I had ever been, Peaceful to the maximum. Everything that happened there was INSTANTANEOUS. It was not slow like here on Earth. We exchanged all information between each other, not with words but by 'mental telepathy'. I asked many questions, they gave me many answers. After these many years, I don't remember most of them, but the last few are unforgettable. They asked me if I wanted to stay with them or if I wanted to come back to Earth. Because everything there was so overwhelmingly wonderful and beautiful, I asked to stay with them.
Probable NDE because it is unclear when the actual experience happened.

1429. Margaret B NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 193. There was all this bright light, and then there was my grandmother. Suddenly we were at this meadow type place, and toward the distance, there were trees and people, many people. Near to us was a large flat boulder type rocky place, and there was a small creek running past it and beyond where we stood. There were several of my relatives there also, we had much conversation about things in my life, and that somehow I wasn't doing something I needed to do. I had all this 'happy peace' and wanted to stay there, but when I said so they began telling me that I needed to go back -- I wasn't done. My grandfather (weirdly my mother's father who died when I was a baby in another country) told me quite gently that I had to cross the creek and finish my work.
NDE from seizure.

1428. Heather S NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 194. Then there was an instant calm, I looked up and there was this light that looked almost like I was looking down a wave of surf or a 'tunnel'. I saw at the end what look to be a beach, grass, and a man standing there, I could hear him tell me that I wasn't supposed to be there yet. He didn't talk, but I knew what he was saying. At the same time, I could also see the pool, like I was above it, about twenty feet or so, looking straight down at myself. Then I felt myself going through the 'tunnel' but then I heard my brother's voice and I was 'snapped back' into by body.
Pool accident as a child.

1427. Dan Z NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 196. I remember 'seeing' the two bodies next to mine mold themselves into the dashboard as if it were made of clay. My body was there too; but I don't remember seeing it. While I was 'up and out' I felt no pain, no fear, no emotion; these being human feelings I can only conclude that I was something else. Then, as if a rubber band pulled me back to my body, I woke to see the front of my vehicle inches from the windshield. I turned and saw my friends moving.
Beginnings of a NDE during auto accident.

1426. Sara D NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 197. CAUTION - DISTURBING, GRAPHIC AND VIOLENT. Out of this mist I could just see a slightly dirty, used, medieval-style white pavilion. A man stepped out, saw me, and ducked back in, saying that I was here. He wore a tunic, hose, boots and cloak, with old Celtic or Viking style jewelry. His black hair was below shoulder length and held back in a sort of half-ponytail. I went in and found another dressed similarly. The first was in greens, blues and browns. The one inside was more in reds. His jewelry was heavier, of the same style, and gold. He also wore some sort of gold band holding his black hair back. There was a table, two or three chairs, and some chests in the tent. He was looking at papers on the table. I asked him who he was, and he said that he was my father. I disagreed, violently, because of who was killing me 'down below.' He explained that he was my eternal father (the word is translated -- because I knew he wasn't speaking English, though I could understand him -- to more parent than gender-specific).
NDE from criminal attack from biological father.

1425. Derry B NDE 1/2/2008. NDE 198. Everything in this garden had an overall whiteness and brightness about it. I was seeing the bright green of the plants. I could see the water, and a bright glow surrounded it and the burbling of the water had a musical sound to it, this stream of water fairly sang! The water was so sparkling clear! I remember wanting to bend over and take a drink from the stream that was running through this garden we were walking through. When I tried to scoop up water with my hands the water ran through my hands, literally, and it wasn't wet! Jesus stopped walking and looked at me while I was bent over trying to drink this water. I could feel his eyes on me. My thirst for this water even though I wasn't able to put it to my lips and drink it was gone at that moment! I can't describe the sensation I felt when the water was running through my hands, but I did feel something. I felt this overwhelming desire to experience everything about this garden.
NDE with Jesus.

1424. Astrid Probable NDE 1/2/2008. Probable NDE 3358. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva. I saw myself and started to float, arriving at a sort of anteroom, where there were many people. As I entered, I noticed there were, among the people, persons that I knew, including family members who had already died. When these family members saw me, they only turned and I felt they welcomed me although they did not smile. I only saw them looking at me. I kept floating and I arrived at a beautiful spot all covered in flowers, like a rainbow, beautiful, and I felt a sensation of indescribable peace. I stayed a few moments, contemplating the horizon of that place when I suddenly found myself arriving at a huge door. I wanted to cross through, but at that moment, when I wanted to enter, I heard a voice that told me, 'Return. It is not your moment.'
Probable NDE with all the NDE elements. Not enough information to determine if she actually died or was unconscious.