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903. Theodore R NDE 2/25/2006. NDE 2711. I floated above my body. I could see the doctors and nurses in my room. I continued to float away - the further away I floated, the calmer things felt around me. I heard soft, gentle sounds around me but couldn't make out any particular sound or song. Also, the further I travelled, the more I could hear voices calling to me to continue coming. I felt total love and acceptance from these voices I started seeing shapes of people but couldn't make out faces or genders - all were the same.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

902. Joe D NDE 6/25/2006. NDE 2708. At first, there was total darkness, the blackest black I had ever seen. So black, in fact, I could not see anything, not even one inch in front of me. Then, there was a flash of brilliant light, extremely radiant and bright, white, blue and yellow in color. Then, very quickly, I was floating over a vast field of flowers. These flowers seemed to encompass acres and acres of land, and they were extremely beautiful, ranging in colors, many of which I had never seen before. I seemed to be in spirit form as I hovered over these beautiful flowerbeds, and I was only a few feet above them as I floated over them. I could smell them also and their aroma was a wonderful scent.
NDE due to heart attack.

901. Debra J NDE 6/25/2006. NDE 2705. THIS IS VERY VIOLENT/GRAPHIC AND COULD BE DISTURBING TO SENSITIVE PEOPLE. Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a council of thirteen beings with the One in the middle twice as big as the six on either side of him. They were all sitting in chairs, big chairs at a sizeable distance in front of me. I was naked and felt totally revealed and tried to use my hands to cover myself up. The main one in the middle began to speak to me through the mist that was everywhere. I remember opening my mouth but he told me I did not have to talk, to just use my mind. I recall it was hard for me not to open my mouth to speak but I did what he told me. The questions they were asking me were about my life and how I had lived it. I got the feeling they were not pleased with me.
NDE due to vicious criminal attack.

900. Louise NDE 6/25/2006. NDE 2703. I could hear the nurse screaming to the doctor that I was losing my blood pressure rapidly. The doctor didn't respond to the nurse right away, and she screamed to him twice more. Finally, he said, “Get that bed in shock position”. By this time, I was floating out of my body and I could look down and see my body in the bed. The nursing staff and doctor were standing beside the bed. I remember begging God not to let me die as I had two young children and I didn't want to leave them.
NDE due to surgical complication.

899. Peter J NDE 6/25/2006. NDE 2699. From Spain Original in Spanish translated to English by Estela. After I reached a wider zone of the tunnel I turned around and saw the light (very small). I continued praying. When I finally could stand up I started to run; I was now near the light and did not see the person that was guiding me at the beginning – there was no one. When I reached the light I was HAPPY, comfortable and then far away I saw the person (that greeted me first) saying good bye; the person was happy and joyful and so was I. The person made me understand that I was to stay there and not to go towards him or towards the darkness.

898. Denise NDE 4/2/2006. NDE 21249. I heard one of the firemen say I was gone! I started floating. I could see the fireman trying to save me. I was all bloody. I was above my body watching everything! I started floating higher. I had never felt so peaceful! It is the best peace you could ever wish for! I was floating into some clouds. I saw my family and others I didn't know, but somehow I did know them. There was a bright light, and many people. Everybody was standing in the clouds and smiling. I felt peace. The place was so pretty and peaceful. I was floating into a light, but my father, who had passed away when I was fourteen years old, told me it wasn't my time yet, and he loved me, but for me to go back!
NDE due to car accident.

897. Margaret B NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 21239. The next thing I remember is still being in the doorway of the bathroom, watching my husband running back and forth from the bedroom to the living room. I heard everything he said, and saw everything he did. My husband tried to resuscitate me until the ambulance came. My blood pressure was low and they said I was coming back. I never saw my body, but I felt the sensation of falling when I re-entered my body. That wonderful peace which I felt was gone.
Muslim NDE from a Heart attack.

896. Peter M NDE 6/18/2006. NDE 2701. Then the movement stopped. I am unable to describe it completely. There was clear, omni-directional light, which reflected no shadows. The white light was everywhere. It appeared like it was muted through gauze, but yet still all encompassing. I saw no beings, nothing other than the all-pervasive light. I did feel and know intuitively that I was safe, happy, and loved.
NDE due to cardiac arrest which occurred this year.á Contributor has a doctorate education level and is a prominent executive.

894. Richard S NDE 6/18/2006. NDE 2694. It is my recollection that I again began to sink towards the ocean bottom. It was at this time I had an out of body experience. First, I felt myself witnessing my empty seat in my classroom at school the next day, while my teacher Mrs. Hall was telling the class that Dick would not be coming to school because he had drowned the day before. Next, I recall the sound of beautiful music and noticing the fish around me and seeing a bright light.
NDE due to drowning sixty-four years prior to submission.

893. Pietro B NDE 6/18/2006. NDE 2661. From Italy, living in Peru. Original in Italian translated to English by Werner. I felt like having been thrown into space with a perfect vision of moving away from the earth and entering into a very bright light. At the same time, I had a clear vision of my life on earth like being in a two dimensional screen; it is very difficult to express this in words. I was conscious of everything and thought about what I was feeling. There was so much happiness and endless peace, which increased while I was about to enter the light. I knew that I was part of the light. I didn't know why I did so but I knew it and I also knew that we're all part of it; at the climax of my experience there was something that transcended everything, and I knew that entering that light would mean I wouldn't be able to return. I don't know why this was the case but I knew it for sure and that's something I can hardly explain but I'm not looking for an explanation, I accept what I have experienced as such.
NDE from surgery.

892. Maria S NDE 6/18/2006. NDE 2671. From Spain. Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. I left the car by the roof, floating - which seemed normal to me - and I paused looking at the countryside. It was dusk, the fields were in bloom, the rosemary and thyme and even the rocks were surrounded by an aura of pastel colored light. It had rained a few days before and the earth was wet and renewed. Everything emanated beauty and light and I was enthralled contemplating the earth. All of a sudden the sun, which was a golden color, began growing bigger and bigger and I 'felt' that I could return home that way, to my place of origin, to the place I had come from. At the moment, I tried to put myself into that enormous ball of light I heard and perceived a voice that said, 'NO!' I couldn't continue forward. That voice kept me back. It had power and authority over what happened. It said to me sweetly, 'You have to return.'
NDE when she was five months old from an Emergency Room Nurse

891. Jackie H NDE 6/6/2006. NDE 2690. I was playing in my high chair and it tipped over causing me to hit my head on the floor. My parents said that I stopped breathing, turned blue and was completely lifeless for about five minutes. (I don't remember that part.) I remember seeing from above, my mother holding my father and me as he slapped me really hard as they were rushing out the door to take me to the hospital. While I was 'out' I remember being surrounded by dancing angels who were taking me into the most beautiful glowing light and I really wanted to go with them. I felt very secure and loved and wanted to feel that way always. When my father slapped me and I came 'back' I was extremely unhappy about being taken away from the light.
NDE at age two, fifty-two years ago, from head injury.

890. Louise B NDE 6/6/2006. NDE 2684. From Canada. Original in French translated to English by Jean Peter. I see myself above my body. I am overcome by a feeling of fullness. It has such an intensity that I can't manage to describe it. I see myself in the bed, there is a being dressed in white on my right, and he is moving the air with his robe because my body is hot. As for myself above, I don't feel anything. I also see around my bed people who came to see me during those two weeks. I hear what they tell me, I can accurately tell what they wore and where they were around my bed. These are facts I could check with them afterwards. I see all this in a state of peace and serenity.
NDE on the night just before coming out of a coma.

889. Esteban FR NDE 6/6/2006. NDE 2670. From Spain. Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. At that precise moment, at an instant so brief it can't be measured, I disconnected from my body and was overflowed with a sense of fulfillment and weightlessness. I clearly understood that I had died and that I was free from all bother and heaviness, and I found myself alive and feeling wonderful with a sense of peace and incredible wellbeing. I was in a place of calm where I felt happy and euphoric to find that, yes, there is another life where death is no more.
NDE owing to heart attack. Account by a theoretical physicist.

888. Miguel NDE 6/6/2006. NDE 2667. From Spain Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. It was as if I was in the country. Everything was green, the sun shining, like in spring. The temperature was very agreeable and the surroundings pure (referring to the air), there was no pollution which is why I think the colors were so alive, everything very clear, as if viewing a very sharply focused and clear movie in Technicolor. There were people, children I believe, but I'm not exactly sure. There was a group of people and I was with them, out in nature as if at a picnic. Everything was peaceful, without any kind of problem, only living in that moment. I don't know how long the dream (or whatever it was) lasted. I do know I felt really great, very good. All of a sudden, it felt like I was being taken out of the dream, not by anyone in particular, as if I just came to once again. I didn't want to leave; it was a very pleasant dream.
NDE from passing out.

886. Jenner A Possible NDE 6/3/2006. Possible NDE 2688. All I can get out is a whisper, 'Ma'am, I'm sorry, I'm dying now.'... My vision had started to tunnel, I hadn't started to pass through it yet when the epinephrine started working. My thoughts are that had I gone any further, then I would have left the body and started 'walking' through the tunnel. Maybe I was just so aware at the beginning that I noticed it with my eyes before my soul separated from my body and started walking. I know this is scientific and you only want what I DID experience, but I will say that had I walked I KNOW I would have saw Him.
Life-threatening event from allergic reaction just a few days prior to submission and came close to having a NDE.

885. Jim W NDE 6/3/2006. NDE 2681. I had open heart surgery in June of 1960 but in 1959 in June they gave me a catheterizations. They took me to the upper floor of the hospital. I was put on a flat steel round table and the pain was awful. All at once, I was above the building with no pain. I realized that someone was with me. The feeling was just wonderful and I just wanted to stay forever, the love to was just great. I was told that I had to go back. I heard the doctor say, 'Folks we are losing him. Let's bring him back.' I was above the building and daylight was coming up.
NDE at age sixteen due to cardiac catheterization forty-six years ago.

884. Lennie B NDE 6/3/2006. NDE 2664. From Sweden. Original in Swedish translated to English by Sara. I, myself, was on my way towards a light. I turned around and looked at myself, but then kept on walking or rather floating towards this wonderful light. This warmth and this joyful place was lovely. Here there were no stress, no high demands and no evil. It was so full of love that it cannot be described, everything was beauty. A place to be longed for, such wonderful verdure and warmth. Here there was only joy. Everyone was wonderful. No one was superior of one another, there I stood and all I wanted was to climb over.
NDE from a heart attack.

883. Maria C Possible NDE 6/3/2006. Possible NDE 2484. From Argentina. Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. I still don't know whether it was caused by the anesthesia or if I was truly dying. When I was sixteen they operated on both my legs. They put me under general anesthesia. The only thing I remember was seeing colors: rose, yellows, and distant voices as if in conversation. Suddenly I was in the corner of a room and saw a little girl. I don't know if it was me who was being taken by two nurses and put in a bed from where it seemed I was looking at the scene from the ceiling. I saw the girl lying down. Then I woke up and found that my two legs had been put into plaster casts. My mother told me that I had lost a lot of blood during the operation, they had given me a hemorrhage.
Possible NDE as a child.

882. Bobby NDE 5/27/2006. NDE 2678. From Canada I do remember seeing the rooftop of the City Hall. That is right in front of the intersection, which is a tall building and the rooftop of the office building. It is a fair distance down the street from where I was hit. I also saw the local library, which is behind a copse of trees that should have been hidden from my view from where I was. I remember after I woke up that I was curious how I had seen these images when I was on the ground. I woke up in a prone sitting position, again left wondering later how I had managed to be sitting up when I came to. I felt absolutely no pain nor fear. I actually had felt calm and serene.
NDE from being hit by a car as a pedestrian.

881. Hillary H NDE 5/27/2006. NDE 2677. Eventually my throat closed over completely and I lost consciousness. I saw all black; I remember going through my life, each important event that ever happened to me, I relived it, from my first birthday to the last birthday I had. I remember saying I am only seventeen in my head and trying to tell everyone that I was only seventeen and I was too young to die. I felt extremely frightened and scared. Eventually I heard a voice in the blackness it belonged to my deceased grandfather whom I was very close to. He told me not to be scared and that I was going to be fine, and that I was getting a second chance. Suddenly I woke up in the ambulance.
NDE due to allergic reaction. Contributor is seventeen years old, and NDE happened within the last year.

880. Missy B NDE 5/27/2006. NDE 2676. What I experienced, near death experience was when I first saw a small white fluffy spot in the distance as it grew bigger and closer like some 'tunnel', but yet it was white and bright. The feeling during the near death experience is remarkable and is hard to describe. I only could tell in words, but it is not how it is to be felt while on earth.... Teena was approaching me and started to talk. The funny thing is that she signed to me the whole time. I was in awe because she never knew American Sign Language and she died before I became deaf at the age of eighteen months old due to spinal meningitis. It is amazing how 'they' really do know how to communicate when they never knew any other language while living on the earth.
NDE due to car accident. Remarkable in that she encountered deceased sister who died at age five when contributor was age 1. At age 18 months, contributor became totally deaf. All communication with the deceased sister was in sign language.

879. Kim C NDE 5/27/2006. NDE 2669. At that point, an unearthly white bright light appeared. Although I couldn't hear a voice with ears I 'heard' in my head a voice answer my question that I was dead and on my way to heaven but I was not there yet. I felt such peace and love in that moment. Then the 'voice' told me that my time on earth wasn't done yet and I needed to go back. I pleaded to stay that I was fine with being dead and that I didn't want to go back now. The voice just said, 'No, you must go.' In that instant I started moving out of this void faster and faster, the light dimming as I rushed through a narrow tunnel and I felt so sad.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

878. Naomi F Probable NDE 5/27/2006. Probable NDE 2668. I felt no fear or surprise. It was as if I didn't care that the body on the table was mine. I looked around the room for 'something' but I had no idea what I was looking for. It was more of an easy feeling that I needed to go somewhere. Suddenly my deceased father was beside me! He died when I was nine years old but he looked young and happy. We talked about family and I told him never to leave me again. He said we would be together again soon and for me not to worry about him. He said I had to return to my body and that everything would be alright.
Probable NDE associated with surgery.

877. Brian H NDE 5/27/2006. NDE 2663. I always carried a buck knife and he took it from me. That's all I can remember about the assault. The next thing that happened, all of a sudden I was on a beach sitting on a drift log with a little girl that was about fifteen to sixteen years old. She was wearing dark blue shorts and a white sleeveless shirt. She was tan, green eyes, brown curly hair, and a killer smile. I was looking at her; she was looking at me smiling. This was as real as anything you can think of. I could smell the salt air; feel the sun on my skin, wind in my hair. For some reason I knew I was getting the s*&$ kicked out of me so, I got up from the drift log, I was sitting on. I started to walk away from the girl that was sitting next to me thinking that I had to try to find myself because I was getting the s*&$ kicked out of me. As I walked away, the girl yelled out to me, 'Brian! If you leave now you're going to see and feel things you really don't want to see and feel!'
NDE due to being stabbed several dozen times.

876. Erika FS NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2591. From Mexico. Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio. My first experience happened very fast, but was very significant. What happened was that I fell off a wash basin when I was six years old and struck my head on a heater that was inside the bathroom. At the same time, a full water glass that was on a shelf broke between the floor and my head. The only thing I remember is that I saw a pathway of stones and I walked along it with someone who took me by my hand. We went towards a resplendent light. I wasn't afraid at any time. I didn't see the face of the person I was walking with, nevertheless he wore a white tunic and I walked on his left. Suddenly, I heard my mother's voice and turned back and then I woke up.
Child NDE where she was knocked unconscious.

875. Jawad NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2573. From Saudi Arabia Original in Arabic translated to English by Samir. I surrendered totally and raised my hand stretching out my finger in order to recite the testimony silently in my heart. I saw nothing but a darkness and I felt a strange stillness despite that critical situation.... I began to move myself to the surface pressing the bottom with my feet; I made three unsuccessful and consecutive attempts to escape until I was saved by one of the brothers. Stillness... darkness... understanding the true meaning of the death.

874. Grace C NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 21190. From Canada I had been rushed to the hospital early one morning hemorrhaging very badly. My mom did not know what to do to stop it, so phoned an ambulance to take me to the hospital. When I arrived there, I was taken in almost immediately and some doctors worked on me to get the bleeding to stop. I was floating out of my body somewhere because I could see both my parents in a waiting room, and my mom was crying. The next thing that I saw was a tunnel with a bright light, which I was being pulled into. I was not afraid because it was all so very peaceful. After a while I was stopped by a grandmother that had passed on just about the time that I had this experience.
NDE at age 15. NDE occurred 61 years ago due to hemorrhage.

873. Denny B NDE/ADC 2/22/2002. NDE 31028. I was immediately there. They helped me across a long white bridge. To my left about halfway across the bridge was a large city made of light. The colors were silver blue, white, and silver. It looked like crystal light. I was getting better as we approached the end of the bridge, and entered into a large white dome at the end of the bridge. I sat there as my two personal or guardian angels communicated with the others seated on the circumference of the interior of the dome. The communication was telepathic. I heard the voices, but did not speak. I knew that they were talking about me. They were deciding if I should be admitted into the city and then into the heavens, or return to earth.
NDE due to coma from complication of diabetes.

872. Graham M NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2659. From the UK Drawn to a joyous white light and up through a layer of personalities with tails like comets. Came into a space where I was tended to by silver, featureless creatures with thin limbs and conical (inverted) heads. They communicated telepathically and laid me down. I was told I could stay if I wished. I was tempted as I was ecstatic. When I decided against it, I was sucked down a tunnel. The white light stayed in my peripheral vision for two hours after the event. Subjective time span for the event about a half hour. 'Objective' time span, seven to ten minutes. Was left with a sense of mission regarding spiritual healing.
NDE due to sudden unconsciousness of unknown cause.

871. Thomas R NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2657. As this was going on I was floating slightly above them then I just thought about moving up and there I was, hovering just above the light fixture. I remember reading the little identification sticker on the upper side of the lamp fixture but I don't remember what it said. For some reason I thought it was really neat to be able to just float there and read such a dumb thing. I did not see any boundaries or objects around myself, just a sort of gray fog. But it was a friendly gray fog - not frightening at all.
NDE due to accident with head injury.

870. Bruna D NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2653. From South Africa I remember leaving my body, watching them resuscitating me. I felt the man's lips on me as he breathed into me. I could hear my dead granny calling me in Italian. I was floating, not walking but upright, like those conveyor belts at the airports, towards a very bright light. I felt an emotional tugging as I kept looking back and watched them resuscitating me. I watched my brother run and hide in the public toilets behind the middle door. I was very calm, no struggling.
Child drowning NDE.

869. Dan NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2649. From Canada Then I remember seeing an image in my head, something told me and imprinted I guess, the knowhow of what I was seeing, and it was crazy as it is, the universe. Kind of like a giant bluish see-through egg, with millions and billions of light points, different colors, on the outside and inner. All connected by darker blue links, full of different kinds of life. I only saw this for a second or two but knew the 'Scientifics' to it, it's very hard to explain. The next thing was that I was back in the 'tunnel' all different colors now, colors I haven't seen before, maybe not on 'OUR' spectrum.
NDE due to allergic reaction at age sixteen.

868. James B NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2648. I was in extreme pain with chest pains when I heard nurse yell at the doctor I was losing blood pressure. I went into tunnel it was black. I was moving at high rate of speed. I couldn't understand what was going on. All of a sudden I didn't care, I felt so peaceful. I saw light at end of tunnel and wondered what that was. It was very small. I thought I can't fit through that hole. That worried me. I finally realized I wasn't in my body. About that time they zapped me with the defibrillator.
NDE due to cardiac stint failure.

867. Hanz J NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2646. ...heart stopped for two minutes and they brought me back - picked me up to put me on stretcher and died again for two minutes. Switched paramedic. Firefighter broke ribs. Brought me back. They didn't move me for fifteen minutes. (All according to a girl that saved me, and a neighbor, and paramedics) Then off to hospital. I regained consciousness in ambulance. While out... Very short time. Silhouette of women in black. Remember black patent leather shoes and either holding black lace or black lace around her waist. Couldn't see her but knew it was my grandmother that had died before I was born.
NDE due to allergic reaction.

865. Roger M NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2642. All the coldness I was feeling while I lay there bleeding to death was replaced with the warmest feeling I have ever known. Not the heat that could be associated with Hell, but a warmth from within my being. I no longer felt dread, fear, or any other emotion I had experienced in a physical realm. I can only describe it as a sense of peace and wellbeing. It's amazing the pressures we feel everyday just by being alive in our mortal bodies. It's only when these pressures are completely lifted from our existence that our souls are able to experience real peace and tranquility. At the same time, I felt all these changes occur, I also experienced an existence without the burdens of an Earthly body. The senses that replaced sight sound and smell felt like one sense of all inclusive awareness. There was no need for physical interaction as all levels of experience were not felt or spoken, but simply known.
NDE due to fall and serious bleeding.

864. Victor M NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2639. The record states 'respiratory arrest' and that my family had been briefed that my recovery was 'unlikely'. I became aware that I was in a very unusual place. No sense of body, no sense of pain. There was no sense of a 'tunnel' though I felt properly oriented. I certainly felt that I could 'go/move' forward toward something. I would not call it a 'light' but I certainly understand why others would so describe it. At the very first, I thought this was just the most wonderful experience. There were no normal senses or even a sense of body. For me the immediate lack of post-surgical pain was absolutely wonderful. My first words(?) or thoughts were that this is a very strange and wonderful place. I wondered where I was. There was never any fear. My next thought was, 'Is there time here?' Then I thought, 'Well, I remember just asking that question, so there is at least a 'progression of thought' if not actual time.'
NDE due to respiratory arrest after surgery.

863. Marsha NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2638. I was talking to people in a parked car while standing on a curb-less street. I could see a car coming and realized in 'slow motion' that it was going to hit the parked car, I think I said 'oh shit' when it hit. The bumper of the parked car caught me behind the knees, flipped me on my back. I bounced on the back of my head until the car stopped, about three feet from the railroad tracks. It was a hit and run, the other driver was never found. I was seeing my life in reverse, going back to the womb and then it was like a star-burst, a sensation of being almost in space.
NDE due to being struck by car at age seventeen.

862. Sherry W NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2637. We soon reached a point where we stopped. My guide stood next to me. This light was brighter than the sun. A wonderful glowing luminous white light. I stood there with a feeling, and the best way I can describe it is, the gut feeling you have when you are scared, but knowing you are not. I felt scared without being scared or afraid. I was calm. I knew that if I walked through the light I would have the answers to everything I ever wanted to know. This light was love, life, and serenity I could feel all this. I never heard a word spoken. You could feel what you needed to know, and what was being communicated to you. It was with feelings, not words. I had my choice. Without words I decided, I had a six month old baby I couldn't leave. I woke up a couple of days later in the intensive care unit.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

861. Dustin M NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2635. After battling for one and a half days with diarrhea and vomiting, I passed out. While unconscious, I stopped breathing and my fiancΘe could not find a pulse or heartbeat. She administered CPR and revived me. During this time, I had either a hallucination or some kind of event where I spoke with a group of deceased family members. They greeted me but quickly told me that it wasn't my time. Shortly afterwards I was pulled backwards away from them as if I was tied to a tether and after a popping sound, like Eustachian tubes clearing, I returned to consciousness.
NDE due to amoebic dysentery and dehydration.

860. Jeanne NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2632. I saw the cutest little house, all lit up and the yard, with a white picket fence was full of people, all welcoming me. They were so glad to see me. I felt my deceased father's presence, but unclear which person he was in the large group - there was so much love and warmth. A wonderful feeling. The best place I'd ever been/seen and I felt so loved. Then when I heard the voice, and answered NO, the scene was gone. Until I said NO, I felt no pain from my two broken femurs, broken hip, fractured ribs, arm partially torn off, cuts to face - -from being ejected from my pick-up and thrown over two hundred feet from the impact. I was hit from behind by a car traveling over a hundred mph with no headlights on.
NDE due to auto accident.

859. Greta J NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2631. I was swimming in a lake with my brothers when I decided to swim out to a stump and then back to shore. I was not a good swimmer and half way there or back I started going under. I was very frightened and then suddenly a peace came over me. I was floating in what felt like a tunnel or tube going up toward a light. The interesting thing that I still remember is that the light was so white. I felt so at peace and wanted to go to the light. My brother rescued me. I cannot today remember the fear that I must have felt from the drowning experience, but I do remember the intense pleasure from the tunnel experience.
NDE due to near drowning at around age eleven.

858. Gary A NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2630. It was the first time the Hong Kong flu hit. I remember seeing my mother tapping the thermometer, saying 106 degree temperature, this can't be right and then entering this black void... I was traveling towards an almost globe of light (a bubble) that I knew contained all that was known. It was very intense and attractive, there is nothing more powerful in needing to return to this, in what I have come to believe is our, before and after life's home - a dimension of energy of all that is, and all that is in are universe. We are all as one, yet as singular as we are in this physical journey, though without the knowledge of everything and the ability of all conceivable and unconceivable conceptual knowledge. In other words, man in all of our knowledge we are not even yet infants in what I sensed from seeing into this light.
NDE due to flu and fever to 106 degrees at age eleven.

857. Stephen B FDE 5/13/2006. FDE 2629. I experienced a life review moments before a car that I was driving smashed into a telephone pole. By luck, the driver's side door flipped open and I was thrown out of the car. It seemed at the time that my mind was preparing itself for death. In an instant, I saw major milestones in my life from being a baby until the present. I do not remember if I saw a white light at the end of the life review but I remember thinking that I was not prepared to die - too young. From that time on I have always been very aware of how one's life on earth can quickly be gone.
Fear Death Experience involving life review immediately prior to auto accident at age sixteen.

856. Kristin D NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2628. I saw my nephew who was my age and died tragically. He stayed with me and expressed an interest in needing to let my sister (his mom) and family know he was safe. I also saw my grandparents, and a cousin who passed away. My grandmother was surprised to see me they had been expecting my father (who was dying of cancer). I was taken to an area and left alone. In this area, I received an all knowing gift and was told (not in a verbal way) that this is heaven, it does exist but I needed to go back and spread the news that heaven does exist and that the teachings of Jesus were real. I was to be a messenger of good faith despite all of the destruction that my drug use had caused.
NDE due to coma secondary to endocarditis. Encounter with a deceased nephew in NDE. Remarkably, visit by individual matching description of nephew in the intensive care unit during her coma.

855. John G Probable NDE 5/13/2006. Probable NDE 2624. I saw my dear late mother Louise to the left, from above, in stirrups, and knocked out, bleeding profusely. To the right of her, was the doctor, he was bald on the top, with curly ringlets going grey. I knew he didn't want to be there, and was disgusted to have to be there, as he pulled off the gloves, to get ready to go scrub up again to sew my mother up. I also was aware that he was a golfer, and a social climber. I didn't like him on any level. He mildly disgusted me. All the way over, to the right, were two nurses, on the right of the two, was one of Scandinavian American heritage. I didn't really relate to her, but she was a kind, rather passive, an uninteresting person to me. Next to her, was a very large Irish/American nurse. In her arms was the most handsome baby you could imagine - other than he was red and purple, with a dangling umbilical cord. The cord was maybe ten inches long. As I looked, I realized it was me.
NDE at childbirth (was stillborn). Recalled experience decades later.

854. Celeste Y NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2621. I was driving when someone suddenly turned left in front of me and I knew I could not stop my car. I saw that I was going to hit the other car and knew there was going to be a bad accident. Suddenly I was removed from my body. I found myself standing on the street corner holding my deceased grandmother's hand and watching myself in the car as the accident happened. I felt no fear or pain, but I was aware that I was in the car that had just crashed. Suddenly my grandmother disappeared and I was put back into my body. It was after I was placed back in my body that I felt the actual pain.
NDE due to auto accident.

853. Carol W NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2618. Twenty minutes out in the ambulance I died, I quit breathing and my heart stopped. The paramedic in back with me was my friend and he freaked and yelled to the driver to stop. Together they started CPR and got my heart going again slowly, ten beats per minute. At that time, I shot out of my body like a roaring train straight up not stopping to ponder my body down below. I went to the light via a revolving tornado. Inside was dark at first and I went through all the negative (bad) things that I had ever done in my life and was stripped of it - forgiven instantly and continued up toward the light. Negative deeds pulled me down and positive pulled me up. There, on a horizon were shadows that turned to shapes of people, my grandmother and aunt Carrie appeared and I realized how young my aunt looked.
NDE due to poisoning from zinc at workplace.

852. Ann S NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2617. I saw the wonderful things that would happen with my family, the fun and the excitement of building our lives and home and learning everything I could possibly learn. I also saw the child with the brain tumor and her struggles, and my husband's descent into dementia and a divorce that I had no control over. It has all come to pass, but it's not over yet!
NDE due to complication at time of delivery. View of future life, much of which has occurred. NDE occurred forty years ago.

851. Anne C NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2616. I was rushed to the hospital. Approximately one hour later, I whispered to my husband to take care of our children. Almost immediately, I found myself floating on the ceiling of the room and looking down at my body on the bed. I remember watching my husband run out of the room yelling for help. Then I was floating in what seemed like a tunnel. I could see white light in the distance. As I got closer to the light, I experienced a tremendous sense of peace. I don't know whether or not I actually saw friends or family but there was a vague sense that they surrounded me. It was a wonderful feeling and I remember thinking that it would be nice to stay there forever. A voice came to me then, and said it wasn't time for me to stay, and that I needed to 'go back'.
NDE due to bleeding after delivering a baby.

850. Donna M NDE 7/27/2007. NDE 3196/2615. From Canada During the delivery of my youngest child, I saw myself turn a grayish color, my Doctor instructed the nurses give me an injection, they couldn't seem to find a vein that worked. He asked them to put a page over the intercom requesting any Doctors in the hospital to come to the delivery room. Another Doctor arrived. My deceased Father, who passed away the month before, was on the left side and slightly back of my Doctor. My Father was also very concerned, I felt so at peace I wanted to go with him. I had a life review and knew everything in an instance. Then I was told that my children needed me and I should stay here.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during childbirth.

849. David M NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2614. I was having a front and posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation. When it happened, I immediately knew I was dead. I went up through the wall to the outside and watched a helicopter land. They unloaded a baby and took it inside at that moment. I panicked and thought of my children and I was overwhelmed with grief and was sobbing and repeating, 'who's going to take care of my kids.' This went on briefly and I heard a voice. I didn't see who it was but he said, 'Fear not for I will watch over them.' At that instant he spoke, I was overcome with the greatest feeling I have ever felt. It was warm and great and sucked all fear out of me. Then I didn't care and wanted to go on up through a light that appeared.
NDE due to complication during surgery.

848. LDL NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2613. I tripped and fell hitting my left temple on the sharp corner of a low (about two feet high) table. I was unconscious but heard people standing over me saying, 'Is he dead? Is he dead?' At that point, I started to move extremely fast, feet first, through a dark tunnel, as I slowly turned counterclockwise. There were red, green, and other darker color lights around the edge of the tunnel. Human faces (faces only) were clearly visible around the inside of the tunnel. They were all looking at me, some were smiling, others seemed somewhat bored - I felt no threat or fear from any of the faces or from the experience in general. I did not recognize any of the faces. I begin to move even faster through the tunnel, then, all of a sudden, I was back in my body and awake.
NDE due to head injury.

847. Ron C NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2610. It was summer in Long Island, New York at Stone Brook beach. My older brother challenged me to swim over to an island maybe thirty feet away. I made it across and was so tired. My brother told me the water was rising and I panicked. I started to swim back and about half way could not swim any more. I went down three times, last thing I saw was the life guard on shore. Next thing I knew it was pitch black, no feeling of the body, floating and great, joy can't explain the joy. I looked up and saw a white light far away but I was moving towards, then it turned slowly pitch black all around me. I finally woke up on the beach with the paramedics. I got up and ran all the way home.
NDE around age nine due to drowning.

846. Vernon G NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2607. Then I remember looking down on my body and saying oh well it's just the shell I was trapped in anyway. But on the concrete ground, what was strange is that I was saying no I want to live to take care of my family and I saw that my spirit was only about half way out of my body. I could hear the sound of people gossiping about me and the things that I had done and that I shouldn't have done. I also heard a voice in my head saying that if I got up off the ground I would live in terrible pain for the rest of my life. I said that I don't care about that and my spirit was half way out of my body. I started fighting my way to my feet.
NDE due to falling accident.

845. Lori L NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2605. I had only one brief NDE. I was looking at myself, from above, there were no other people around me, and I saw the blue ventilator tube in my mouth. That's all! I remember briefly waking to see my daughter and boyfriend at my bedside. I couldn't talk because of the tube but I motioned, or so I thought, for a tablet and pen so I could relate my experience. They staff thought I was trying to remove my IV and restrained my arms.... I saw myself in my NDE connected machines, and this was real and clear. I also experienced vivid dreams or hallucinations that were clearly not real. There was nothing similar about them.
NDE due to asthma attack.

844. Marci S NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2604. I was underneath a structure that collapsed on top of me. I had no warning, nor did I hear any sound that warned me that I was about to have a ton and a half crash down on me. I found myself out of my body and looking down at my body. I remember the position and place my body was in, yet it was of very little concern to me. I had absolutely no emotional attachments to the body that I had occupied. I remember thinking that the body was too injured for me to go back into. I really didn't even consider that as an option. It was just a matter of fact thing. I was flying through the air, yet I seemed to have complete knowledge of everything going on around me. I was completely at home and I had no thoughts of being anywhere but where I was.
NDE due to head injury. Told by deceased father to breathe which may have saved her life.

843. Chuck B NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2603. I began to ponder the discomfort of drowning in the cold water. At first, it hurt to swallow the water. In short order, it became tolerable and then I began to sink, the waves breaking over my head. As I resigned myself to my fate, I found myself suddenly in this brightly lit tunnel. I remained in a watery environment, but the water was no longer freezing and uncomfortable but, warm and natural. I was gently deposited on the edge of a smooth, cement-like, pool-side-like decking. It was very bright, very warm, tropical but, also very foggy. I could not see beyond a few feet but I recognized this place as home and knew home was just to the left of me, somewhere beyond the fog. I was aware that being on Earth was a mission, not the end-all reason for being. I was so relieved to be home. I anxiously waited to be contacted and knew my friends/family would soon appear.
NDE due to drowning.

842. Hijo H NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2601. Rolled over multiple times in an SUV after striking a dirt berm head-on. During rolling, saw a brief vision of my surroundings, but was actually detached from the experience, like I was outside of my body. The scene around me was the rolling of the vehicle, but from my vantage point, I was stationary - somewhat like looking into a dryer in a Laundromat, where everything is spinning around and I am standing still. I could also hear the sounds of the metal and the dirt as the SUV contacted the ground. Hearing was very good; the visual was just everything spinning around, but with me being stationary. I had a great feeling of peace, and 'quiet' and no pain whatsoever.
NDE due to auto accident.

841. JoAnn C NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2598. All I remember is that I felt my spirit leaving my body. I saw people around my body working on it and the nurses and doctors were starting CPR. I also saw a bright light and was drawn to it. As I got closer to the path I was on I was met by a woman that I felt I knew. She talked to me, telling me that it was not my time to join her. I called her by name, and she was amazed that I knew her. She was my father's sister, Ann who had passed away for many years. I remember telling her that I wanted to stay because it seem so nice and peaceful and that it didn't hurt anymore. She told me that I needed to stay here with my mother and father, for God had a plan for me and that I need to fulfill this plan.
NDE at age four due to accident. Was told she would have a daughter later in life that would need her.

840. Montreal Q NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2597. It was very black, then a light appeared which seemed to be down/up/or along a tunnel. Next thing I felt higher than I have ever been in life, I felt a deep state of tranquility, love. MOST MOVING PART IS NEXT: Suddenly my recently deceased father (nine months before) appeared and told me it's not my time and I have to go back. I tried to resist but all of a sudden, I could see my mother working on me, trying to revive me and bandage my foot. I was looking down on my mother and my lifeless body. I felt very sad for her and then struggled to get back into my body and then I came to in my body, very groggy but conscious.
NDE due to drug (Librium) overdose and bleeding at age 16.

839. Traci P FDE 5/13/2006. FDE 2592. The next thing I knew I was standing in what seemed to be a circular room with MASSIVE movie screens at a complete 360 degree view. All time seemed to stop. However, my life review seemed to take mere seconds. Everything I had ever done, good or bad. Everyone I had ever known no matter how important or trivial. All my life experiences played out in a matter of fleeting seconds. In my mind, I heard or felt a voice. A Godly voice. A Holy voice. I felt the kindness and it was explained to me that judgment of my life was up to me. There would be no retribution. I was responsible for my life as I was for my judgment of my life. I'd been up to that a point a pretty good soul. Never hurt anyone or anything, always trying to help, to be the best person I could be. The review was surprising as it was pleasant. I remember smiling during this review for the most part. It passed so quickly but I felt all emotions as I had originally felt them only in light speed. It was almost like watching a movie on fast forward.
Fear-death experience due to car nearly going off a mountain.

838. Tristan Z NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2589. I realize I am looking down on a scene. I see a nurse standing beside someone on a gurney. I have a surreal feeling. I am very calm, lacking any emotion. Everything is very clear and in slow motion. I see my mom, dad and sister standing beside the person on the gurney. I don't immediately recognize them as my family until I ask myself who these people are. I see the people talking but I can't hear them. I wonder to myself who is on the gurney and why my family is there. I hover there watching but I'm not sure for how long. There seems to be no sense of time.
NDE due to suicide attempt (alcohol and 'pills').

837. Freda S NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2588. I saw beams of light and thought, am I dead? Thought of and looked for a tunnel that everyone sees. No tunnel, but I walked to the light. Seems like I walked for a long time. Then I thought I was dreaming but I kept walking towards the light. Saw my deceased father with his arms outstretched. My deceased niece was there also. She had been killed in an auto accident a few years earlier. A coworker was sitting down, smiling at me. She died from breast cancer. There was an older woman with her profile turned so I could not see her face. She was dressed in a long black dress with a full white apron. Period clothing from the 1800's. She wore a white bonnet. I walked towards her, wanting to see her face. When I reached out to turn her around, my experience ended. I woke up in the neurological intensive care unit and remembered my journey.
NDE due to ruptured cerebral aneurysm with subarachnoid bleed. She is a nurse who did not believe in NDE - until this happened.

836. Susan A NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2587. Colors perfect, things and places seen without flaw, almost undisturbed. Every petal of every flower perfect. No decay of any kind. Transparency somehow changed and music without time. Couldn't explain that one in a million years wouldn't know where to begin.... Life review takes place through the feelings and emotions of others in any given moment in time. We experience and feel whatever we created in that moment for them. I am much more sensitive.
NDE due to heart and surgical complications.

835. Ruby L NDE 5/13/2006. NDE 2586. I remember I was floating on the ceiling and I could see myself lying on the table at the hospital and the doctor and nurses were working on me. My husband and sister were there and I saw my sister take my hand and say, 'She is so cold.' She later said she did say that. I can hardly describe in words the feelings I had. I felt so good and I did not want to go back into that body. I felt light and wonderful, like a great weight had been lifted from me. I seemed to feel something or someone over my left shoulder but didn't turn to see because I was concentrating so much on not returning into my body. It is just impossible to describe the way I felt. It was not a long time before I was back in my body. I had six children at home that I loved very much and my husband I adored, but even so, there was no thought of them. I just wanted to stay out of my body.
NDE associated with complication of childbirth.

834. Alejandro M NDE 5/10/2006. NDE 2545. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated by Rio into English. She moved as if floating and when she got to where we were, she raised her hand in greeting. She didn't speak. She seemed to express herself mentally, everything arrived in my mind clearly and I only remember her saying: 'Little mortal, what are you doing in this place. You have commitments to keep in the worlds of time and space.' I didn't know what to say. She was extremely beautiful. She seemed to know everything and this was infused into me. Everyone knew her and seemed to adore her, or rather love her. I was paralyzed, completely paralyzed. I didn't know what to say. She looked at me with much tenderness and taking one of her arms from out of the folds of her clothing, which were more like strands of energy, she touched my shoulder and said, 'Come. It is the will of the Highest that, for some reason, you have come temporarily to this place. Let's find out why.'
Profound Hispanic child NDE.

833. Mary R ADC 9/7/2002. ADC 31023. Eventually I was rolled in for my operation. I do remember the operating room, then that was it. Until, I heard a voice. I heard my grandmother's voice and within a few seconds, I saw her standing next to me. I was sitting on the edge of a bed. Here, you should understand that my grandmother had an amputated leg. During our meeting, the first thing that struck me was she had both legs. Then I noticed her hair was thicker and blacker than it had been in the last 5 or 6 years. If I had to guess, I would now say she looked like she was in her 40's or possibly 50's. She preceded to tell me that she was great, but her body was dead. She also stressed to me that she had limited time with me so 'listen up.' She stated to me that an all knowing part of her soul entered her when her spirit passed out of the body. And, to help me with grieving she was going to give me as much information as she felt I could understand, in as much time as she was allowed.
Wow! ADC at time grandmother died... while person experiencing the ADC was under anesthesia. Remarkable spiritual wisdom shared by her newly deceased Grandmother.

832. Mary D Shared NDE and ADC 4/23/2006. Shared NDE 2563. I have a vision of her in stars like a rocket ship ascending into the skies. She is surrounded by spirits who tell me I must stay where I am - it is a very beautiful sight - dark blue with silver and gold shooting stars, they surround grandma and she is smiling. I wake gasping for breath and with the vision in my head. I know grandma has died. I call my parents and they tell me grandma died last night, I tell them I know. They tell me she died at 12:20 am. I tell them what I experienced.
Mystical experience when friend was drowning. ADC that is quite NDE-like when grandmother died at moment of her death.

831. Kelly K NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2578. It suddenly became easier to breathe. I knew everything the doctor was about to do, before he did things. I began to ascend, face first, through a tunnel that was a warm, reddish color, like the color of tomato soup, but soft and similar to clouds. There was an unearthly golden white light at the end but not very near. I was concerned about my son at home and the son I was having. I knew I was dead but wasn't concerned about that so much. Instantly it was made known to me that they would be all right. It was very reassuring. The next thing I recall was being shown the universe. I remember thinking, 'So, THAT'S how it is!' I was in awe. It was like a huge net, or chain-link fence, everything in the universe is connected. (Whenever I see pictures of what DNA composition looks like magnified, I think of what the universe looks like.) Very colorful and beautiful.
NDE due to complications of childbirth.

830. Arthur W NDE 4/20/2006 & 8/11/2012. NDE 2576/22781. I pushed her out of harms way, but was struck myself. I flew over the top of the car and landed on the back of my head. Instantly I was outside my body, hovering above the scene. I was completely alert. I was in a void and surrounded by only darkness, but I could see the scene below me. I was quite aware that I was no longer inside my body. I could see myself laying on the ground and all those I had been with looking on. My wife was standing in the street turned facing the other direction and I realized she was watching the vehicle that had hit me turned around and heading back towards us for a second time.
NDE due to being struck by car.

829. David Se NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2575. On or around June 12th 1979, I was walking across a parking lot. I looked up and a speeding van hit me and carried me about seventy-five feet across the parking lot into a muddy lot adjoining the paved one, it was a new strip mall not completely finished. The van continued into the muddy lot until it became stuck, then tried to back up and run over me again. The van could not move after that. I was very fortunate I only received superficial wounds and a broken nose. When the van hit me, I was strong enough to grab on to the grill as I went down and was pulled partially under, approximately seventy percent. The thing I have a problem with it is that I watched the whole thing from the side walk and can remember thanking God that it became stuck and did not take my life. Then I was back under the van and woke up at the local hospital.
NDE when hit by van, but only minor injuries. Apparent loss of consciousness due to accident.

828. Carmen B NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2574. From Canada Commonalities with all three events: Looking down on body in hospital bed (1 event). Serenity, soft music, sense of great peace, soft colors not of the physical world (indescribable). White/pale yellow soft light, sense of floating. Trees but not like normal trees, no other entities present. Desire not to return.
Three NDEs, apparently due to heart attacks.

827. Cassie M NDE 4/23/2006 & 5/13/2006. NDE 2572/2645. from Australia The doctor felt my pulse. I heard him say there is no pulse. I had been sitting straight up on many pillows. I saw myself fall sideways onto the nurse. I must have lost consciousness for a moment, because I then became aware that I was floating at the top of a corner of the hospital room. I felt an amazing feeling of release ('dying' of asthma is not a comfortable feeling) and happiness and peace. A feeling I did not want to leave behind, although somehow, I knew I would have to go back. I did not know where I was (or care) and did not understand where 'back' was (or care). I saw a crowd in the room doing some sort of medical procedure.
NDE due to cardiopulmonary arrest from asthma attack.

826. Salomon NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2571. From Europe I got very angry, I was angry with myself. I remember telling myself, 'You killed yourself at last you stupid fool,' like dying is a very normal, ordinary thing. While I was watching myself, I saw my friends came into bathroom. I saw them slap my face, trying to find my vein to administer Naloxone. I realized there were lights coming from my dead body. Suddenly I felt very happy, like I was never before. The light, coming from my body started to getting brighter. Slowly the light covered everywhere, I couldn't see anything. There was just this light of perfection and the happiness myself. It's hard to tell this, but I was connected to this light somehow. We became one perfect being. We didn't talk to each other but I understand what they said and I knew they understood me. I thought we were like God, we were so perfect.
NDE due to accidental overdose of morphine and codeine.

825. Christine E NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2569. From Australia With the second OB experience, everything again was more real than real - super real in fact. This time I was in a dense forest, sitting under the most magnificent tree imaginable. Someone came to me, sat down and talked to me. 'He' was dressed in a robe with a hood - of a dark color. We talked. He took my hand and placed it on the bark of the tree. My hand and arm, myself, blended with the tree then I knew and understood everything.
Two NDEs described due to massive blood loss at two separate childbirths. First NDE was forty-seven years ago.

824. Nash J NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2568. Before I floated upward, awareness surfaced, I was in a blue bubble, breathing in the water. I saw a thread. Compelled, I touched it. That's when it happened. Pulled into a great blue light, I found myself without body, without anything but consciousness, sitting within, all I can call it (a concept), God. I knew then what I looked into, the days of young life a dream, and all I was, everything that was me had resided for a time within the plane of time. Now I realize I am forty-six today, and use words to describe this experience. However, it has never changed. When I was revived by the paramedics, I told them all I was with God. They laughed and patronized. Yet, I knew that it all happened.
NDEs at age two and three due to drowning and accident respectively.

823. Kenneth N NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2559. I suddenly passed out without warning, I found myself in a black, silent void. I strained to see any light but there was none. There was no sound, no touch, no smell, nothing. I felt totally alone with just my thoughts. I remember thinking 'So this is what its like to be dead!' I felt that I was still me, but not who I was in life. But rather, the core essence of who I really am without any ego identity. After a short time, I began to feel so lonely that I began to call out. 'Is anybody there? Please help me!' I then began to pray to God, 'Hello! God! Jesus! Please help me!' Almost immediately, I began to sense that I was now moving through the black void instead of just hanging in place there. I could see a very small bright light in the distance and I was moving towards it.
NDE associated with blood loss.

822. Tawnie J NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2556. The two clearest parts of my memories (incidentally I am shaking as I write this) were the moments when I was struggling to try to draw in air and then the visual picture of my mother and sister entering the room, my mother's reaction and then how my sister looked, and my brothers' reactions - that was all very, very clear and bright. The reason that I always puzzled over the experience is that although I knew that I could not have seen from inside that blanket what I had seen - and especially not from above the bed (near the ceiling) which is the angle from which I viewed it all - the memory was always so clear that I knew I had seen it all.
NDE at age four or five (over fifty-five years ago) from suffocation.

821. Anaica NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2553. The experience itself was extremely unique to anything I have experienced in life so far. It is very vague now, but the years of nightmares remind me. The most memorable part was infinite beings of light and darkness swirling around me pressing in to suffocation then expanding to vast expanse and back again. Almost like a dance of sounds and sensation so perplexing, that recalling the memory causes me to chill and swoon. The nightmares have been gone for years now, but I can still recall the events, the words without meaning (many whispers from around me), a vast expanse wrapped tightly around me, and endless maze of emotion that seemed to last forever. In retrospect I loved it, even though it caused much fear and discomfort at the time it caused much needed spiritual growth.
Two NDEs, both involving head injury. At ages seven and thirteen. Variant NDEs with unusual experiences.

820. Terry M NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2551. It cannot be compared to ordinary consciousness, but only in its contrast does one find an idea of its nature. You are not confined to a localized consciousness we experience as sentient, physical beings. Instead, I was encompassed in a gravity of understanding that superseded the need for anything else. I cannot make a proclamation with any more weight than to state that this we accept as existence in a realm of time and space, is of no consequence to my, or anybody's permanence. This, unquestionably, is the effect of the light I found myself in, and as myself.
NDE due to head trauma from fall at age six.

819. Karoline A NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 21180. I was having my gallbladder removed. I remembered I was leaving my body and there was a ‘big white angel’ taking me away. When I turned around, I saw my body lying on the operating table. Doctors were working on me. The angel asked me if I wanted to stay or go with her. I told her I was not ready to go yet. The next thing I knew, I was waking up from the surgery and I asked my doctor if I had stopped breathing on the table for little while and he said, ‘yes.’ He asked me how I knew. I told him, I saw the whole thing when an angel came to me, and was ready to take me with her. I told the doctor I could see exactly where everyone was, what instruments were used and the locations everything was in. Anyway, my doctor told me Penicillin was fatal for me and to never let someone give it to me again.
NDE during operation.

818. Jasun E NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2548. I heard the nurse scream and push a button on the wall - code red or blue? I felt the nurses and doctors trying to revive me. They had put the paddles on me twice but my heart did not start. Then the doctor climbed onto my body, took a large needle, thrust it into my chest, and pushed the plug down - I then felt my heart start up. The amazing thing was I was outside of my body looking at myself. The first thing that happened when I realized I couldn't speak was that I could not blink my eyes. The color went out of everything and turned to black and white then I was outside of my body looking at myself. I felt like my life had flashed before me. I was at peace and no pain. When my heart started up I could feel myself go back into my body. I went into a coma and didn't wake up for days.
Two NDEs. One due to allergic reaction, the other due to blood loss.

817. Nicole L NDE 4/8/2006. NDE 2530. From Chile. Original in Spanish, translated by Estela into English. After that, I saw a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, there was a white and gold light. Next to me, there were two persons in black that made me understand that I had to accompany them. (they never talked to me) It was as if they were forcing me to accompany them. I freed from them. After that, I remembered in a slide or photo manner, two facts of my life: one when I was little and the other was actual. I then heard my friend's voice from far. I suddenly woke up. I was very tired. He told me that I had a convulsion and had lost consciousness.
NDE owing to syncope.

816. Marco C NDE 4/23/2006. NDE 2522. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to French by Maurizio and then to English by Jean Peter. I passed through a huge and dark tunnel with my body (but much lighter and almost brittle), but darkness was not scary as I was going towards a light at the end of the tunnel that was becoming closer and closer. I passed it lightly and smiling - lovely and warm air on my face and my hair (I particularly remember soft air waving my hair)! I turned my head forward heading to the light as I traveled towards it, quite lying, not as a position but because I was steadily determined to go to the light. The more I approached, the more I felt total wellbeing. I could not measure time. There is no clock there and a minute may last several hours, or hours may elapse within a thousand of a second, there is no humanly rationalized time! I only had a temporary disconnection from earthly life during the trip, I could see, from outside of my body and presumably from a ceiling corner, a doctor or a nurse bent over me - my travel was about to end. I felt incredible wellbeing envelope me, I was in the center of the light!! So much peace - so much love!! So much incredible sense of wellbeing!!
NDE due to pancreatitis.

815. Wayne H NDE 4/2/2006. NDE 2543. 04/02/2006 & 08/18/2007 The wall beyond my gurney became transparent and I was shown what appeared to be a flowing river. It was silver and shimmering as it flowed. The drops in the river were each a different color yet all flowed together as one body of water. Nothing gave me the impression this was actually water or a river but this is the best descriptive example that can be given of something I witnessed for which there are no words. The main body of the flow was silvery shimmering lights with different colored drops on the flow. I understood (I use this term because I did not actually hear) the colored drops were the experiences of all who had lived. The experiences existed as separate items yet belonged to the whole. The whole was the collective knowledge of all. I understood there was no individual, just one, yet each experience was an individual making up the whole.
A MUST read! NDE from being struck by car as a pedestrian. Thought-provoking Jesus Encounter, fantastic description of the other side.

814. R.T.F. NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 21166. I first realized something different was going on when my eyes focused on a spider or fly in the nearby ceiling corner of my hospital room. I wondered why I should be looking at it. The next thing I knew I was viewing an image of myself on the hospital bed, pale and lifeless. The pale part was a physical view; the lifeless part was a strong sense, like an animal senses something but can't explain it. It took me a few moments to realize that I was looking at me through the spider's eyes because the image was ‘multi-faceted’, like looking at something through a prism. In the next phase of the experience, the essence of me was floating through a gray fog type of swirling mist. My being or awareness or essence arrived at a massive stone staircase, loitered briefly at the first step, and then started to ascend the stairs by floating upwards.
NDE associated with extreme acute side effects of radiation therapy for Hodgkin’s Disease in 1968.

813. Marisol HF NDE 4/2/2006. NDE 2457. From Puerto Rico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio. It was incredible. I was in a completely dark tunnel. There was no floor. I was floating. At the end, I saw a very small light. I heard voices in the distance but couldn't understand what they said. It was like being in a library where you hear people speaking softly. There was an incredible scent of red roses. I began to walk and walk and walk. I wanted to get to the light because it would take me to a special place. I noticed I wasn't getting any closer to the light and I began to raise my hands. I began praying and said, 'Lord, my soul praises and glorifies you. Help me God. I want to get to the light and I can't.' Suddenly I did.
NDE from an accident.

812. Julio M NDE 4/2/2006. NDE 2231. From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio. At about 2:00 in the morning I 'woke up,' because of an insufferably loud whistling sound, and I saw a luminous silhouette, flawless white, that transmitted to me a beautiful sensation of peace. It was a very special light in that despite being intense, it didn't radiate, it was dense and concentrated - everything else surrounding it looked black in comparison except for some reason I was unable to see myself in the bed, as if I were outside the building, up by the roof.
NDE from Pneumonia.

811. Davide D Probable NDE 11/8/2005. Probable NDE 2372. Original in Italian, translated to English by Rita My grandfather had died and I had never known him. In front of the house of my maternal grandparents there is a big meadow.á Across the meadow the land starts to slope upwards and there is a walkway.á In my dream (but I don't dream because again I remind of it to me today) I was in the meadow.á My grandfather led me by the hand across the meadow. The meadow was of a luminous green as if it shone with its own internal light. We go for a walk for the meadow and as we get closer to the walkway, I like to be with my grandfather. I want to go with him. He lets go of my hand and tells me that it is not my time to go with him.á I looked up and could see at the summit of the sloped walkway there was a very strong light but not blinding. My grandfather continues up the walkway and I wake up. From this moment I don't remember anything anymore, but my mother recounted me it that I had told her, 'Mom, I saw my grandfather Mario, I wanted to go with him but he didn't want me.'
Child experience at age 4.

810. Rita M NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 2429. From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Rita. Every time, I saw myself on a bed, surrounded by many people. I have to say that these visions were not clear; it was as if I saw behind a veil. Other moments I was on a roof, saw what was happening down below, and saw many people, one next to one, on a wire (like pigeons), they didn't talk and watched down. Other moments I thought to a particular place and immediately 'I was there' (I don't know how, nor fly, nor walk). I didn't have a real perception of my body as usually we have when we go out in the street and walk but I saw the places from a high point and I arrived there. All in a fast way. An important and dominant element was water: many times, I traveled between places like rivers. Only once I heard someone talking (perhaps in Latin) while a saw a manuscript. During those days I felt I was dying and my relatives said to me that one night my body was 'near to dead'.
NDE from Congestive heart failure with pulmonary edema

809. Brian T NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 2538. One example when I approached the boundary. No explanation was necessary for me to understand, at the age of ten, that once I crossed the boundary, I could never come back - period. I was more than thrilled to cross. I intended to cross but my ancestors over another boundary side caught my attention. They were talking in telepathy, which caught my attention. I was born profoundly DEAF and had all hearing family members, which all of them knew sign language! I could read or communicate with about twenty ancestors of others and mine through telepathic methods. It overwhelmed me.
Remarkable NDE!!! Profoundly deaf from birth. NDE associated with drowning at age ten. Communicated telepathically with multiple deceased relatives.

808. Johnathon NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 2535. From the United Kingdom I could feel the grass, smell the air and feel the cool wind again my face. Even here birds sing, the sun was as bright as any a day I could recall, the grass was far greener, just everything was more visible and everything felt alive, like I could feel everything's energy pulsating against my own which felt totally wonderful. I remember walking with him stroking Bruce as we strolled about. He said he is taking me to a special place were someone is waiting for me. He spoke in length about life, stressing the importance of goodwill to all creatures. He also explained that there is more life in the universe than one can hope to understand and where we are going is a meeting place. About maybe a few moments I could see other people walking about, some were kissing, cuddling, people were laughing being happy and I could actually feel their happiness inside my belly, yes my belly. It felt so right, so strong and I knew everyone could feel my love, sort of like everybody sharing their experiences with everyone around.
NDE associated with truck accident.

807. Sarah S NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 2533. I remember falling to the ground. The next memory I had is I was under water looking up out of the water at a boat. The boat had a person in it with a bright light behind them, it was like when you are in a pool, you look up from under the water, and you can see the sunshine. I think it was a man. He was reaching out to me as I swam towards the surface. His hand was extended reaching towards me right before we made contact, I felt like I was not going to make it like I was drowning. That is when I was revived via CPR by my step-mother, and I vomited all over her.
NDE associated with a seizure at age fifteen.

806. Nikki Possible NDE 3/26/2006. Possible NDE 2532. I was in intensive care for eleven days for my first Christmas. Being so young, I don't remember the experience when it happened, but I can picture all the colors and everything else about it in my mind. When I was three years old I walked up to my mom and just out of the blue said, 'Mom I died when I was little and you didn't even know it.' she turned around and said, 'Really? What did you see?' I wouldn't tell her any more. Three years later we were reading a spiritual book, and a blurted out, 'Mom! I remember what I saw!' I proceeded to tell her that there was a beautiful city and there were golden domes, and I was often in a room where little baby angels would race to Jesus' mother Mary on a throne and place flowers at her feet. I told her that her robe was red and trimmed with fur, and it makes sense because it was around Christmas time when I was sick.
Possible NDE associated with spinal meningitis at seven months of age. Recalled experience later.

805. Gail D NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 2529. CAUTION STRONG ADULT CONTENT. ...right before I lost consciousness I smelled something strange, very strange. After that, I was on a lake in a row boat, I could see myself in the boat, I felt very calm, wasn't thinking about anything, just looking. It was very dark, but I could see the silhouette of purple on mountains when I looked to the side, it was beautiful and looked like the sun would rise very soon. The lake was very still, I wasn't afraid, then I heard my mother and daughter's voice, but my daughter who was only approximately two at the time, well, it was the sound of her voice grown up but I knew it was her voice. They called my name and my body moved like through an air current very quickly. It was like the wind carried me so fast and I saw a bright, bright light very quickly and then a beach.
NDE due to criminal attack. Interesting vision of the future of her mother and daughter.

804. Bryan S NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 2528. The life pictures were divided into three categories with eighteen good life experiences with respect to people and your life, eighteen bad deed pictures that you regret, and eighteen nature pictures of your favorite beaches, travels, sunsets, etc. My good pictures outweighed my bad pictures, probably because I had an NDE at such a young age and kind of knew the rules to that 'game.' The globe or 'judgment room' had walls that spun fast and seemed to be made out of water from the brightest colors of water from the best coral reefs on earth but far brighter. Up above or at the ceiling, there was a golden triangle from which the brightest of lights came from, and there were these star beings that fly or swam in the densest of lights. As they collided, they made this reverberating love feeling like the ripple effect when someone throws a stone into water but this was love not water. It sprinkled down onto you and is the single greatest type of love that I have ever experienced. The remaining portion of the ceiling was created by the bright fire and cloud bank but did not burn and actually went sideways from the triangle to the 'water walls.' All the while, your life pictures are flashing brilliantly through the light.
Fascinating life review!

803. Peg A NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 2527. I began going faster and faster and within an instant moment of ecstasy, the Light surrounded and pervaded everything I knew as me. Within this feeling, I recognized a remembering as this explosion of wonder and raw newness immediately made me think of being born. The thought that this was the true birthing of my Soul, calmed my newly acquired cognizance and I was spontaneously in love with and in need of this familiar place. I recognized it as a deep yearning within my heart and now I had returned. I knew I was home. I was finally, blessedly home.
NDE due to peritonitis and internal bleeding.

802. Katie NDE 3/26/2006. NDE 2526. I had a feeling of extreme peace and I loved being where I was. I was not afraid at all and I wanted to stay where I was. I then began to see what was going on around my body. It was as if I were looking down from above and behind my body. I watched things go on for only a few moments before I was instructed to go back, because it was not time for me to die. I never saw where the voice came from, but I felt the presence of a being beside me. I don't recall seeing anything, but I knew that where I was, it was a good place and I wanted to stay. I did not question the voices command. I just did as I was instructed. I went back and fought for my life.
NDE due to anaphylactic shock. Remarkably, NDE occurred only one day prior to submission.

801. Don S NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 21159. I have no chronology of events at this point in time, but I slowly began to very clearly see my hospital room from above. It's like I was high enough in the air to see all four corners of this small room clearly, along with its contents, of course. This picture didn't just pop into view, it slowly became bright and clear, much like a movie will sometime do, very slowly fade from black to a bright and clear picture. Along with all contents of the room, I also saw myself lying in bed. I had no concept of time, it just wasn't a factor. I watched myself a while, then took note of how funny the nurse looked from above. She was wearing one of those little hats nurses seem to all wear in the 1970's. She was again taking my blood pressure and seemed to be very concerned since she was doing it over and over.
NDE associated with auto accident. Was able to confirm what he saw in the OBE state.

800. Steve S NDE 1/15/2006. NDE 21151. I was completely coherent. Not drunk, not drugged, totally aware of my surroundings and how nice it was to be weightless. Next, I realized I wasn't gasping for breath it was wonderful. No pain no fear no worries. I started feeling better and better as an overwhelming feeling of love consumed me. Up ahead, I saw a large group of people. They had no faces nor bodies. They were just gray silhouettes. There was one standing alone just below me to my right with outreached hands; I was about ten feet above them. Some say I had a choice to go or not, if that's so, God cheats. It was irresistible so as I am descending to take the hand of who I think was Jesus, I heard a voice from beyond. It was my Wife, saying ‘you better think about those boys.’ I have two young sons.
NDE associated with heart attack.

799. Robert B NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2525. I remember waking up underwater and seeing people on shore at the funeral briefly then traveling over the country, hills, water, etc., without form, just as a spirit. I do not know how long this lasted but I was in caverns and could only wiggle through caverns toward the bright lights. At these times, I could hear the nurses or doctors say, 'Stay with us. Stay away from the lights.' (The nurses said later I was wiggling on the gurney and crying. As if going through the tunnels toward the lights.) I have been told by religious persons this means I must choose between good and evil.
NDE from post-operative complications.

798. June T Probable NDE 3/11/2006. Probable NDE 2524. CAUTION STRONG ADULT CONTENT. I remember that I could no longer get any air in. I felt that I was like a drowning victim. At first, it was hard to get air, and then I went to a dark place. I saw a life movie of me when I was a child, and I saw my children crying over my coffin but they were much older. I saw my sisters fighting over my clothes at the closet. Then I went to a burial place, I saw my body being disposed of, felt the mud hitting my body, and I smelt the dirt that was covering my body. Then all of a sudden I heard a voice that said do not give up...
NDE from strangulation by a rapist.

797. Sandra C FDE 3/11/2006. FDE 2521. The initial fall was about fifteen feet. Then I tumbled end over end for maybe another fifty feet, finally landing face-down, in the water. My friend, Linda was watching, screaming my name. I said 'Linda, I'm okay that's just my body.' Somehow, this made perfect sense while I was out of my body. I watched as she started to pick her way down through the rocks to get to my body. I started to drift upwards, and suddenly I was surrounded by nothing. I was not cold. I was not hot. I was neither wet nor dry. I was. I was everything; but there was nothing in everything. I was love. I was peace. I had no beginning and no end. I was communicated to. One would say that I knew without being told, I heard nothing, but was given knowledge. I knew I was not supposed to be there. I could stay or go; it was up to me... The thing I have questions about is this: when I left my body there was no physical harm yet done to my body. I think I was literally scared to death.
Rock climbing fall. OBE prior to injury to body.

796. Bruce C NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2518. From England. Early evening (dusk) I was traveling in light traffic at about thirty mph, an oncoming vehicle came round a bend and didn't correct her steering. She crashed into me whilst doing at least fifty mph. I wasn't aware that I'd been hit, but I was aware that I wasn't where I was. I didn't feel any pain, I thought I was totally conscious but I knew I wasn't. I tried to move but couldn't, I tried to talk but couldn't, I knew that I couldn't see but didn't care. I was so totally at peace that I expected something to happen so I stood, laid, sat. I wasn't actually doing anything but I was there. It's impossible to say for how long because there was no time associated in this place, I was there and I was enjoying myself. I asked the question to myself or anyone who might be listening, 'Am I dead?' I was told by my granddad (passed over four months previously), 'No!' I asked 'What happens now?'
NDE from car crash.

795. Jane NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2515. Passed out quickly. I just remember being very peaceful and then there was complete darkness and I thought, what happened, where am I, what is going on? Then I thought did I die? I died, I can't believe I died. Then I began to fight it, no I can't die. I remembered I had family and where I was and I was scared and I wanted to go home, I came out of it and woke up. I passed out before and never had that happen. The nurse said I had convulsions too that I never had before. They kept checking for my blood pressure to return and that took about half an hour or so because it was so low. I was very weak.
NDE associated with effort at donating blood. NDERF Note: donating blood saves lives, and I do not want this account to cause concern about donating blood.

794. Kent M Probable NDE 3/11/2006. Probable NDE 2513. All of a sudden I am climbing on a stage which is all black except for an old six panel white door with peeling and cracked paint and an old time big round black door knob. There is no door frame or other building structure. The door and mid-stage are bathed in a yellow stage light from above the stage but the light does not illuminate anything except to create a yellow glow. Just as I step on the stage, I am very calm and have an impulse to just walk over and open the door to see what's on the other side. But I remember that I am alone and that my wife of thirty-four years who helps me with all decisions isn't there. I remember saying or thinking to myself, 'I can't screw up because she isn't here to help me.'
Probable NDE from accidental massive narcotic overdose.

793. Parker K Probable NDE 3/11/2006. Probable NDE 2511. I was told that I was unconscious for approximately thirty seconds, but I felt that I had 'been gone' for what seemed like two hours. Also, felt the presence of a male figure and knew that we had been 'conversing', and this of course was difficult to explain, as I do not remember anything about the encounter. Would have been so much easier to say something like, 'I was told it's not my time, etc.,' but I could not say that. I get mixed reactions when I report being angry to have had to leave and just wanted to close my eyes and return to that place.
Probable NDE from blood loss following surgery. Contributed by an RN (Registered Nurse).

792. Geoffrey NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2510. I was in the backseat of my mother's car and we were stopped to make a left turn and a truck (van) hit the back of the car at about sixty mph. My sister and I, who was in the car (backseat), were thrown from the car. I was thrown, by police reports, one hundred and eighty feet. I know when I woke up I was under a snow-plow wheel and dragged myself out from under the wheel then was out again until I reached the hospital. During the accident, I knew nothing other than a complete loss of time and a floating experience as I physically left the body and watched as a relative (great grandmother) welcomed me. She said to me, 'You need to go back.' I looked at her for what seemed hours then awoke in the hospital.
NDE at age fourteen due to car accident. Recognized his Great Grandmother immediately, though he had never seen her.

791. Mikel R NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2509. During both visits (my parents, Jesus) I was told that I had a choice -- stay in heaven or return to Earth. It was the most peaceful I have ever felt in my life. There was unconditional/nonjudgmental love there -- they were truly 'OK' with whatever decision I made and didn't try to convince me either way. At that point, I didn't really think of the pain I'd have over the next few days if I returned to the 'living.' I simply choose to live to avoid hurting those who were left -- period. Though my decision, in 'real time,' had to be relatively quick (i.e., seconds), I never felt rushed. I first had a discussion with my parents, then changed locations and talked with Jesus. The content of both conversations was identical, as was the tone and feeling of peace.
NDE due to breathing difficulties after surgery. Very remarkable in that the contributor is a physician (M.D.), and had this experience one day prior to sharing it.

790. Leta C NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2507. It was at this point that I was no longer conscious of the earthly world. I remember a falling movement through a black tunnel, then arriving at the most brilliant, beautiful white light. I have never since seen this color or type of light. Once I reached the light, a voice - I never saw anyone, only heard a voice - welcomed me. The voice was very warm, masculine. He said, 'Welcome, Leta. Do you know where you are?' At first, I was confused - not understanding where I was or what had just happened. I remember starting to say no, but then it hit me, and I told him, 'Yes, I am in heaven, but I don't want to be here. I just had a baby and I want to be with him.'
NDE due to severe blood loss after childbirth.

789. Charlie D NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2506. I sat up in bed when I saw three people standing at the foot of my bed. One person was my (maternal) grandmother, with whom I was very close and who died in 1965. One person was my cousin's grandmother (I was fond of her) who had died in the early 1970's. The other person was a woman I knew to be my aunt who was my mother's sister and who died in early childhood, circa 1919, and BEFORE my mother was born in 1929.
NDE following surgery. Visit by three deceased relatives.

788. Lutz JH NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2504. From the Philippines. I was getting nearer towards the light. It just occurred to me that I was already dead. I said, 'Lord, if that light is you, then I'm going towards you. I accept that my life on earth is over but please take care of my family because I wasn't able to say goodbye to them. I love them very much.' Having said that, I went faster towards the light, it was like something or someone was pulling me towards that light faster. I was so near that I entered those very strong rays (wish I could draw it). As soon as I was there - I felt LOVE, so wonderful, being home, being happy, being in peace (I could still feel it even until now.) I didn't want to go back. 'I'll stay here', I said.
NDE from bleeding due to Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever.

787. Nick S NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2503. Not even two seconds after I asked myself that there across the 'tunnel of death' (that's what I refer to it as) shined a very bright light, but it didn't seem to hurt my eyes. In fact, it felt soothing to look at. I turned around to look and behind me were two dogs with thick black coats and they were sitting on the walk way. I knew I couldn't turn back so I turned back around. In front of me was something that's hard to describe, almost like an orb or a spirit of some kind, but I heard someone say, 'You're not supposed to be here yet. Come with me and go back to your home. It's not your time.' I asked, 'Am I dead?' The shiny thing approached me and I almost felt as if I were being pulled into the light, which was still far away. As I got closer to the light, everything started getting dark. Soon I was in complete darkness and felt as if I were falling up and I heard a booming voice say, 'I love you but you haven't experienced my gift to you yet. If you were to go now you would never get to see what it is like to...' And I woke up.
NDE at age eleven shared at age fourteen. Frightening elements, then encounter with light.

786. Murray R NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2502. From South Africa. I was standing next to a shelf stacked with DVDs. (It seemed to be uncountable, there were so many). I coincidentally saw a DVD in front of me with the words on the cover, 'WHY NUMBER 28?' I took it from the shelf and on the cover was a photo of myself. I then checked the back, and there was written, 'Murray R was born 1962 and lived up to.' There was no date. 'He was a talented man who played music in various bands.' And I was actually reading my own life story. All the detail will take a while. I called the young man that was working there and asked him what this was all about. He replied that this was a DVD of my life. 'May I see this?' I asked. He took the DVD from me and put it into a player; where after the video of myself was flashed onto a big screen. BEAUTIFUL.
NDE associated with car accident. Remarkable decision process to return to life.

785. John F NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2501. I was driving down a road, when someone crossed into my lane, hit me head-on. I heard the glass braking, then felt myself drifting upward, I could see, and saw my body in the car. People were shaking my body or me, I could not feel anything, and I could see the accident. I could not speak, could not hear, and had not thought of what was happening - just see and felt void. I saw a light shining, I stopped drifting upward, like I was just hovering over the accident, looking down, people kept shaking me, my body, but I felt at peace, I had no worries, just could see everything, that's all.
NDE associated with car accident.

784. MF NDE 1/15/2006. NDE 21146. From Australia. My friends and I were typical teenagers looking for an 'alternative experience'. We'd heard about hyperventilating while crouching, then standing up quickly while someone held you tightly around the stomach. The result is oxygen deprivation to the brain, causing light headedness, or, in my case, blackout. A few moments after I blacked out 'I' was in the same room but hovering around the ceiling looking down on my body lying on the floor with my friends standing next to me. The room was the same, but entirely illuminated. I felt calm with a sense of 'knowing'. I was not in a physical form but was part of the light. I was the light. I was watching my friends panic as they realized I wasn't breathing after our experiment. I was watching them gently kick me as they tried to wake me up and I felt annoyed that they were doing this to my body. I felt like yelling to them, ‘hey, I'm up here and I can see what you're doing’. Instead, I returned to my body to tell them 'in person' that they could stop kicking me. I was ok!
NDE from induced oxygen deprivation.

783. Lidia G NDE 1/7/2006. NDE 21144. From Australia. I looked at myself against the door and realized that if I was in fact dead, I wanted to stay dead. The feeling was not of this earth and I knew that if I came back I'd lose it. It was of tranquil peace surrounded by love. Even as I say the word ‘love,’ it feels heavy and not an effective word to describe the feeling. Not only was I surrounded by it, but also it passed through me effortlessly and feeling like that was all that I could ever want in life again. The loving and weightless feeling is just incommunicable in any words known to man. I have tried for so many years to accurately describe the feeling but it is impossible. I wouldn't say I was floating because I felt lighter than air. I wouldn't say that I felt loved as we know it, because there are always strings attached or something that binds us to love. There is always a connection. With my experience it was as though it was my breath, my air, me. I was love.
NDE at age 13 due to faint after facial injury.

782. Cecilia H NDE 3/11/2006. NDE 2499. From Bolivia. Original in Spanish, translated by Estela into English. The Light attracts me as a magnet. It is so marvelous that I follow it but then retreat from it because I am listening to the crying of the people who were surrounding me. It is like if I turned to the right hand side i.e. I do not go up or down. It is strange. The feelings that surround me are as strong as ever. And that Light is white and catches me. I do not see nor hear anything else. I do not feel my body, or my head, nothing physical, only mental. It is all so beautiful that I do not want to leave the light.
NDE from by hypobulimic shock.

781. Juan HCU NDE 3/4/2006. NDE 2491. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated by Estela into English. I suddenly saw a beautiful, bright light which enlightened the place where I was. I looked like a boy eight or nine years old, I was standing in a white robe. Then, two groups of persons appeared dressed as roman wrestlers; one group was red and the other was blue. They were fighting over me. Both groups wanted to take me and said to each other,'He belongs to us.' 'No, he belongs here.' It looked like they were going to fight with their swords and during that moment of discussion I took the opportunity to run and escape and this is where I got back my consciousness and started coughing. I immediately got medical attention and am alive to tell you about my Near Death Experience. Lifeguards said it was a miracle 'We thought you were dead and we were taking you to the morgue.'
Drowning NDE.

780. Shukri F NDE 3/4/2006. NDE 2495. From Palestine-Jerusalem. Original in Arabic, translated to English. Electric shock during work time, I lost my consciousness and I felt trembling. I saw many colors and shapes and I could see a very bright light raised from them.
NDE from electric shock.

779. Erick M NDE 3/4/2006. NDE 2460. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio. The next thing I remember was seeing my body lying on the bed with my family around me. I then found myself in a dark place without borders on the sides and I noticed that the pain had disappeared. I felt so light that I couldn't even feel myself walking. I noticed some shadowy figures that came towards me and behind them was the reflection of a light. There were ten or twelve figures and I noticed a glow around them. My family later confirmed that I was without vital signs during this time.
NDE owing to a reaction to injected serum.

778. Francisco S NDE 3/4/2006. NDE 2449. From Ecuador. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel. Because of the bite of a coral snake (micrurus lemniscatus), during the fifth day after the bite I suffered a breathing break because of the collapse of the left lung. The next scene I remember, was observing around me a blue color as the sky, very intense; while this happened, I was descending in a spiral, slowly, until arriving at the bottom of a total darkness. At the bottom of this darkness, there was a 'brightness' of a very brilliant light, which was little by little getting more and more brilliant. The sensation of peace I felt is impossible to describe. Suddenly, I saw my grandfather who died in March of 2005 and he asked me with great tranquility (easiness) if I was fine in there. I told him that I wanted to come back and he responded, 'Then, get out of here, this is no place for you.'
NDE from snakebite.

777. Andreas SH NDE 2/19/2006. NDE 2498. From Denmark. It is difficult to say what exactly I felt, I was saying goodbye, knowing that I was now leaving these wonderful beings, but not with a lot of sadness, more a feeling of sympathy, maybe a bit of melancholy? Then I saw a light. Like the brightest cloud. It swept along the bottom of the sea towards me, in a rolling kind of motion. It embraced me. It is very difficult to explain, the texture and the richness of this being. Like small vibrating treads of fire, the purest white. And the sensation - Love. Every molecule in my body melted into this being and I somehow became one with this vibration.
Child drowning NDE.

776. Bobby H NDE 2/19/2006. NDE 2494. At 10:00 pm I died, on the glass table. They shocked me back to life; I died again, shocked back to life. Came out of a coma 06/03/2000. While I was dead, I sat next to a guy who looked exactly like Anthony Quinn in 'Zorba the Greek'- in the closing shot where he's sitting on the fantail of his yacht. We were in a twelve to fifteen feet crater, a pickup truck bombed out burnt up across the entire top, nine inches of light could be seen all around. I was on his left side looking right. He didn't turn to me he just said, 'You're going to be okay.' I didn't know, I was not okay, I was just there and he just said it to me, that was all he said. I knew it was important but had no clue what this okay meant, just that I knew it was going to be okay - God, or Jesus, or an angel (???) said so.
NDE associated with severe viral infection. Atypical experience elements.

775. Sandra P NDE 2/19/2006. NDE 2493. I remember walking and everything went black and next time I was being revived via CPR. It's funny, I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I was floating on my back and I was going feet first to this light at the end of this - not like a tunnel - more like clouds. And I had this sense that there were people/bodies there watching me go and I heard this incredible music being performed without instruments - it was vocal. And no words - just music done vocally. I didn't want to come back but I could hear my name being called. I had no sense of time, pain, anything. I felt wonderful and yet confused. But I knew I was going to a good place. This is all I care to say at this time about it.
NDE associated with undefined life-threatening event.

774. Carolina NDE 2/19/2006. NDE 2338. From Chile. Original in Spanish, translated by Rio into English. When I found myself there I was surprised but at the same time not worried. At that time, I felt completely enveloped in great peace, a marvelous sensation of fulfillment. There was no sense of time or space. Everything WAS and nothing more existed. The temperature was embracing, enfolding - I looked around, curious, but without a feeling of curiosity, (I can't explain it better). It was like accepting what was without any other reference. Everything was very green, with nature everywhere. Behind me was a great closed door (impossible to jump over it was so tall) with large bands the color of brilliant gold. In front of me was lots of grass with a straight, but not long, road in the middle that disappeared at the nearby horizon. There were a few people whose faces I never saw, but each one was in his own world. There was a fountain of water. All the people were dressed in white. The only sounds where those of nature and they were not loud. No one spoke, except when my grandmother appeared and met me.
Went to a garden like area and met with her deceased grandmother.

773. Gloria T Probable NDE 2/14/2006. Probable NDE 2492. From Canada. I experienced two separate events within a seventy-two hour time frame with the onset of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). The first experience involved walking down a long what appeared to be an arbor covered in a swirling white light. On the other side was a pasture, it was warm, beautiful peaceful. It had a border or ending in front of me but beside me, it went on for miles. I looked up and saw my grandmother and my father-in-law, both deceased. Their faces were in the clouds. They both smiled at me. We were all a lot younger; they were not what they looked like at their death. I reached up to them as I wanted to join them but they blew me back and I felt that it wasn't my time to go. I felt that I had to finish raising my kids, grow old with my husband and also write my story.
Probable NDE associated with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)

772. IA NDE 2/14/2006. NDE 2257. From Spain, Original in Spanish, translated by Rio into English. I do remember feeling good, accompanied by someone who looked to me like Jesus although I didn't see his face at any time. He was a calming being who accompanied me flying above the accident scene while explaining things to me. I remember flying above the accident scene and seeing myself lying on the ground. During that time, feelings of total incomprehension come over me although I was guided through the experience wrapped in a secure, warm feeling. The first thing I thought about was what will happen to my family when they find out about the accident without having the opportunity of seeing me and prove to themselves that I am really okay. These thoughts seem to be read by my 'imaginary' companion who tells me, 'Look, there you are down there, but don't worry. You will return and will be okay.' Or something of the sort. These are calming assurances with an archetypal power.
NDE from a Spanish Journalist in Afghanistan.

771. Karen G NDE 2/14/2006. NDE 2239. From Chile. Original in Spanish, translated by Estela into English. I opened my eyes and saw myself in a tunnel of lights - diffuse and beautiful lights - I was in some kind of a train. I did not see myself but knew that I was riding leaning back in a train at high speed. I was very frightened of the speed, the lights passing by very fast by my side. I saw thousands of light spirals and thought, 'I am dying.' I felt my body glued to the seat and saw a very strong light with a golden frame at the end of the tunnel. I saw some Roman columns with the infinity symbol. As I approached it, the light became stronger. I was frightened because I knew that if I passed through the entry-way I would not be coming back. Thousands of voices were talking to me at the same time and I repeated to myself, 'Not yet. I am dying. Not yet. Not Yet.' and I was anguished because I did not want to go to the light.
Interesting NDE tunnel experience.

770. Muhammad NDE 2/12/2006. NDE 2479. Original in Arabic, From Saudi Arabia I can't describe it, but the place was nice and comfortable.
NDE from car accident.

769. Tarik Possible NDE 2/12/2006. Possible NDE 2467. Original in Arabic, From Oman. When I was playing with my young sister 'to hide' I was running towards our home's roof to hide from my sister. While I was trying to go upstairs by the stair I thought to try to go down to the under stairs through the gutter pipes. When I climbed the gutter pipes, it broke down and I fell from eight meters high on my head and back. My breath was stopped and I felt I wanted to scream or to talk, but I couldn't - the world was in 'circles - rounding'. I had a strange feeling as if in another different world, a world than cannot be reached except by the dead ones. I lost my feeling of my body, the darkness was overwhelming.
Perhaps the beginning of a NDE because of the colors and the separation of consciousness, but maybe not because he still has the fear of death.

767. Alexis R NDE 1/7/2006. NDE 21114. Everything became dark but then a light brighter than anything I have ever seen flashed. I then was watching everyone run to me and try to wake me. I was standing over myself with all the other people. I could hear them screaming at each other and I felt all their emotions. They were scared and confused. One person kept screaming, telling them to go to the hospital. I felt like I was talking to them, calming them down. I helped them carry me to my car and place me in the passenger seat. I knew I was watching myself but I felt helpless and excited at the same time. The whole time I was trying to communicate to my friends. I came back to my body suddenly.
Faint, then NDE. Interesting ability to feel the emotions of others around him even prior to faint.

766. Rose D NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 2483. This entity then gently and warmly assured me that every single person was given enough information for him or her to make the right choices. Free will was a right not to be given up lightly. And sometimes seeing is not even enough for believing. Remember kindness, selflessness and love towards others will always guide you in the right directions. If you do not get it right, you will always have another change. You are not finished and have more work to do. Then I woke up on the floor with the same euphoria, sweet smell and pain gone for about five more minutes. Then my illness came back. But I cannot forget the experience and feel I am supposed to somehow share it.
NDE associated with unconsciousness due to flu. Remarkable in that this experience happened the day before she shared it here.

765. Jennifer N NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 2485. I was on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, into what appeared to be a round 'stained glass' 'skylight.' It was a large rosette, letting in the light, which filled the room. I call it stained glass because of the round, rosette mandala pattern the light exuded from, but there was no sense of light diffraction through glass. The light was very white - not the blaring lights of a hospital or the dazzling light of the sun, but palpable and calming, almost cloud like radiance. Just a calm, and accepting, soft but bright, radiant glow unlike any light I've seen in normal life. I felt very peaceful looking up into it as it came down to where I lay. I remember a sense of calm and safety, and the place seemed very familiar to me, as if I had been there before and could remember all about it if I wanted to...
NDE associated with allergic reaction and illness.

764. Jennifer C Probable NDE 2/5/2006. Probable NDE 2477. But mainly I was in a desert with this old Hispanic woman in a red dress dabbing my forehead with a white gauze cloth. There were others around me. Very distraught. It's like I lived other lives. None was my own. The people I knew, but the places were foreign. I was in Mexico a lot (or what I deciphered to be Mexico)... BUT the one thing that is miraculous is the Old Hispanic woman. Now, six months ago I started dating a guy that I had known for about four years. Well I went to his home and in his room, there was a picture of his mother. IT WAS HER! I asked him about her and he said she had passed away in October of 2004.
NDE from suicide attempt with drug overdose. Probable NDE as experience had 'Less consciousness and alertness than normal' thus may not have been a fully lucid experience. Interesting encounter with deceased mother of man she would later meet and become

763. Lizzette T NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 2476. When I got to the very edge of the tunnel, I bent over sticking my head just outside of it to see what was there. I looked up and I saw the bluest sky. I looked to the right and saw the most beautiful green grass on rolling hills. Then I looked down at the grass just outside of the tunnel and stuck one foot on top of it and it was soft and cool to the touch. Then I looked to the left and there was someone sitting on a throne and he called me out. I came out of the tunnel and walked toward the being and I was not afraid. When I looked toward him this is what I saw. He sat upon a throne that was made of something that I've never seen before. It was solid and translucent at the same time. He wore a white garment that covered him from his neck down to his feet. His face was bright and radiating like the sun with rays extending outward. There was no face, but pure light.
NDE at age three or four from unconsciousness resulting from whooping cough.

762. Jay L NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 2474. Extreme car accident, collision at over one hundred mph, had NDE and then most extreme pain, etc.... The description of the 'light' is the most difficult. I must say that it was more than a light. I was approaching God's presence and the feeling was not within my power to describe.
NDE due to car accident. Very few details of experience provided.

761. Paulene NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 2471. From Australia. I knew I was taking my last breath for I could feel the air become thicker with smoke than with air (due to the fire). Once I accepted this was it, I felt great peace and everything from my past flashed before my eyes in a matter of seconds and was overcome by the presence of God. When I say God, I say the most beautiful love my heart has ever felt and the feeling got stronger as the body got weaker. I was in no pain physically or emotionally, and as I crossed, which was like blinking or taking a breath, from one world into the next and it was busy with things happening.
NDE from smoke inhalation during house fire. Rare experience elements including seeing statue of Buddha and encounter with Martin Luther King (contributor is Caucasian).

760. Gabe G NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 2470. I lost consciousness from an overdose. Then I felt my spirit man on the inside go out of the top of my head, like taking my hand out of a glove, is the way it felt, so to speak. My spirit man then went down through the floor of the house I was in then it continued on down through the earth very deep it seemed until I came to a very large cavern of total darkness. Although it was the worst darkness I have ever experienced, yet I could still see very well. I landed on a rock against a wall and sat there for a moment trying to understand just what it was I was into, trying to consider my circumstances, when I saw a spider that was as large as an automobile tire with the head of a human being attached to it instead of a spider's head. The spider glowed a fluorescent orange color and instantly I knew the spider was color coded according to his crime that put him in this dark place.
Frightening NDE from asthma medicine overdose involving an encounter with evil entities.

759. Bob M NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 2466. A strong gust of wind caught the mainsail, causing the boom to suddenly swing around and hit the back of my head cutting it wide open and almost shattering my skull. Never knew what happened until later. One moment. I was watching the other yacht. Felt a blackness and brief pain. The next moment, I was hovering in the air in old Holland, admiring beautiful well-kept lawns and flower beds arranged in beautiful geometric form. The water was light blue. I was also impressed by the large pink windmills. Felt a tremendous sense of peace. For some strange reason, my name was Hans. Could not remember the last name. It had a Germanic sound to it. This went on for a few minutes. A little later, I heard my name being called. 'Bob, come back'!! Who is Bob? My name is Hans. I felt a pull, and got a little irritated because I did not want to leave this beautiful place.
NDE due to head trauma. Variant NDE with unusual experience with a sense of being named 'Hans' in ancient Holland.

758. Annette S NDE 2/5/2006. NDE 2464. I was 'floating' near the ceiling of our living room where I saw myself laid out on the floor, surrounded by eight to ten paramedics and various 'first responder' personnel, most bent over me, some bringing gear in or out, talking to my husband, etc. My kids were standing in the archway between our living room and kitchen, and my husband was stuck in the entryway, as he could not get through to our kids without getting in the way. The gentleman talking to him was probably in his fifties and had short grey hair with a neatly trimmed mustache to match. I couldn't make out what he was telling my husband exactly because it was pretty chaotic in the room, but I could make out the words, 'She wasn't breathing, but they're intubating and we have a faint pulse now,'...
Brief NDE with verified accurate observation of resuscitation efforts.

757. Dominique NDE 2/5/2006. Secondhand NDE 2346. From France. Original in French, Translated by Nelly. He was floating just a little above the ground and a multitude of persons were running towards him and trying to catch him in order to make him lower at their level. These beings' faces were tortured with anguish, fury, they were really frightening. My cousin says that there were also dogs and lions. This was, he says, the most frightening experience he has ever had in his life. What was this place exactly like? 'A place of misfortune', he adds, unwilling to give any further details.
Even though this is a second hand account, it has quite a ring of authenticity.

756. Ramiro J NDE-Like 2/4/2006. NDE-Like 2224. Originally from Ecuador. Original in Spanish, Translated by Estela. One night, after reading about this subject, I remember I went to sleep. Everything looked normal and I remember clearly - and I know it was not a dream or hallucination because I was perfectly conscious - even though it started as a dream, soon it became in something very real. I first felt that during my dream my soul detached from my body and went up towards the ceiling. I was terribly desperate and wondered if this was death. I really thought it was my end; everything was so dark and deserted, I felt so lost and desperate when suddenly my body started falling down, at an incredible speed. I felt that I was nearing a dark and gloomy place and nobody would hear me. I was so desperate that I started crying for help.
Frightening experience.

755. Paola MH NDE-Like 2/4/2006. NDE-Like 2417. From Chile. Original in Spanish, Translated by Carlos. Suddenly I found myself like waking up aware of the surroundings, of my body and of the place where I was, and the circumstances, etc. Following that, I could clearly see the ceiling, with my eyes closed. I felt a great peace and calmness and I really thought that I couldn't feel my body. At this moment, I started seeing on each side of my bed two high and luminous presences (figures) that apparently were there to escort me. They didn't have a clear form, just like beings of light. Then I saw towards the foot of the bed, a group of more or less six luminous people, but again I couldn't see their faces.
Spontaneous NDE-like experience.

754. Martha C NDE 12/20/2005. NDE 21096. I, my spirit, was golden light. I was still attached from the center of my chest. My spirit appeared purple at the junction with my body.
NDE associated with cardiac arrhythmia.

753. Marty NDE 1/15/2006. NDE 2463. I felt my body explode out of something and into another realm of calm, peace and beauty. I felt that I was traveling in a tunnel, which I think is a common experience felt by others. At the end of this tunnel, was a very bright light and I was getting closer and closer to the end and I saw brilliant beings of some sort.
NDE associated with Strep infection around age ten. Interesting in that he wished to share this experience before reading any other experiences on this web site.

752.5. Marion NDE-like Experience 12/20/2005. NDE-like 21098. I was fully awake. I even laughed aloud because I knew I was on my way. The earth seemed to be a rust color. I saw large city freeway system with overpasses and all the exits and roads. I saw cars and tractor trailers. They looked like matchbox size. Traffic was moving and very busy like after work. Then I looked up and was being propelled. It was first gray then very dark. I was in a tunnel with motion. It seemed the tunnel had grooves and moving very fast around me as I was going higher. After a while, I saw bluish white light in the far off distance. It seemed to be one light. The closer I got to the light; I realized it was many lights. I was not scared and wanted to keep moving towards them. I felt very comforted. I also had the feeling of being guided.
Dramatic OBE with encounter of deceased friend. Very NDE-like experience.

752. Pat B NDE 1/15/2006. NDE 2461. From Australia. I went through a dark tunnel and felt that I was carrying a weight on my back like a haversack. I felt there were people beside me but I could not recognize anybody even though I saw the shape of people. I felt that the tunnel was a long walk and there was a pin point of light at the end of the tunnel. I came outside the tunnel and noticed somebody standing beside me with a covering over the head. I was looking at fields of bright colorful flowers and felt that a massive weight had gone from my shoulders. It was extremely peaceful and I felt that I did not want to go back. The colors were extremely bright and beautiful. This other person told me that I had a son and it was not my turn yet. I tried to argue as I felt I did not want to leave but I had no choice, every time he said I had to go back I felt that I was drifting back through the tunnel.
NDE from cardiac arrest during childbirth.

751. Johan I NDE 1/10/2006. NDE 2456. From Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated by Garry. I fell through the ice and thereafter slipped underneath it. Slowly my eight years of life experience left me and was transformed into beautiful music and colors. I lost consciousness which finally returned after three days. I didn't see the music and colors thereafter. A year later the exact same experience repeated itself but I retain very little memory of that one.
Child Drowning NDE.

750. Beatriz S Possible NDE 1/10/2006. Possible NDE 2406. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated by David M. All of a sudden I saw myself walking in a large brightly lit hallway, it was lit with a light that was brighter than I'd ever seen before. I felt well, very light and I observed that there were many doors. Everything was extremely clean, white and extraordinarily bright. I stopped in front of one door that was open. I held the doorway and when I looked to the right, there was a man dressed like an astronaut but dressed all in white. On the part that covered the face, he had on a type of silvery cloth. The man looked at me through this sort of helmet and said nothing.
NDE from surgery complication.

749. Sébastien B NDE 1/8/2006. NDE 2420. From France. Original in French, translated by Johanne. During this journey I wasn't feeling any presence but rather energies creating a beneficial energy. Suddenly the voice of a friend came from far and became clearer and clearer saying, 'SΘbastien, stay with us, SΘbastien, come back!' At the beginning, I didn't want to because I was feeling very good and I also knew that the return meant returning to the surrounding sadness and hardship. But this voice, those words, brought images of my mother, of my father, images of all the moments of peace and love spent with my friends, girlfriend, family, teachers or even people met briefly. The feelings related to those images were close, even identical, to the state I was in.
The first experience may have been a heart attack; the second experience was from going unconscious.

748. Maxine M FDE 1/7/2006. FDE 2454. From France. I felt very drowsy while I was driving and at about two miles from home, I fell asleep. I suddenly found myself floating outside the car and seeing and hearing earth and stones hitting the side of the car as it swerved towards a huge ditch. The car then plunged into the ditch, tried to go up on the other side, but rolled over and fell back into the ditch. I remember being in a sort of tunnel and being projected towards a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I was sliding at great speed towards the light and I thought 'When I'll stop sliding, I'll be dead.' The sliding feeling seemed to be coming out of my head and not out of my body, as though something was being sucked out of my head. I saw no one, heard nothing except the swishing sound due to the speed at which I was sliding down the tunnel. I heard bells or something. The sliding finally stopped and I knew I hadn't died. I was bruised and shocked but not badly injured. My husband was not injured either nor were our two dogs.
From France. Car accident, but OBE early in accident. Accident was apparently not severe enough to be an imminent life-threatening event.

747. Rachel B NDE 1/7/2006. NDE 2451. After suffering a gunshot wound to the chest I was unconscious when I arrived at the emergency room. Within minutes, I was in shock and dying. Suddenly I was looking down on my body and the crowd of doctors and nurses working to revive me. I looked around and found that I was up above the room and in the very left hand corner of the 'picture'. Looking to my right, I could see a brilliant light as if it were coming from behind a door an indefinite distance away. I wanted to go through the door but could not because of what the doctors were doing... The next day when the surgeon came in, I greeted him by name and told him he should have let me die. He was amazed I knew his name and more amazed when I described and named the other doctors and technicians that had worked on me. He said I was already comatose when he got there. I even described the layout of the instruments he had used and the layout of the emergency rooms. He said there was no way I could have known these things.
NDE from gunshot wound to chest.

746. Irene NDE 1/7/2006. NDE 2452. From Australia. So, there we are, having had the contrast dye injected, the hot yucky feeling has passed and then - all hell breaks loose. I had a very swift reaction in my body which felt like nausea, but about a hundred times worse emanating from the pit of my stomach and enveloping me so quickly all I could get out was, 'Paul, I don't feel very well!' I heard him say, with some urgency mind you, 'Hold on Irene, we're nearly there.' I felt a backward and downward tilting sensation that was quite surreal - and then from the tips of my toes up towards the top of my head, my whole physical body was vacuumed upward. It then appeared to take rest about fifteen feet in the vertical and as I looked downward, I saw the strangest sight. I was not frightened but intrigued mostly as I could see in vivid color, 'me' or at least my head, encompassed in a black liquid blanket with Jane to the right of me, the other nurse, whose name I never actually heard, to the left at about the level of what would have been my shoulders.
NDE from complication of cardiac angiography. This experience happened only about six weeks prior to submission.

745. Robin G NDE 11/19/2005. NDE 21083. Then I heard the nurse say ‘she is going into shock and she is unconscious’. This is where it gets weird. I felt a complete calm come over me and I felt no pain whatsoever. I never felt myself leave my body; I was just standing at the head of my bed looking at myself and the nurse and Doctor. I heard them talking about stopping the bleeding by stitching up my cervix. I felt no discomfort from being out of my body. It was very peaceful. I heard the Doctor tell the nurse ‘try to wake her up’. I then watched her walk over and pick up a little packet off a standing silver tray. I tried to say ‘I am awake, I am awake’. But my lips weren't moving. So the nurse walked up, tore the packet open, and put this horrible smelling stuff under my nose. What's weird is that I smelt it before my body smelt it. All of a sudden, I was back in my body slapping her hand away and telling her 'I Am Awake, I've been awake the whole time, leave me alone!’
NDE associated with complication of childbirth.

744. Edwin A NDE 11/26/2005. NDE 21085. I remember vividly, what I now know to be my spirit rising to the ceiling of the hospital room. I could see my body lying in the hospital bed with all the doctors and nurses working on me. I could see the entire room, even the wall division. I remember the wall division because my family was on the other side crying looking at me in the room through a small window on the door. It seemed as the where fighting for a spot to look through on the window. As I rose, I felt sad that they were so unhappy, but as I elevated I remember looking up and seeing this very pleasant light. I remember trying to stop, but I just kept going. Then there was a Being. The higher I went, the more light I saw. The entire ceiling became the sky with a trail of light leading way up.
NDE from asthma attack, approximately age 3-5.

743. Madison T NDE 1/7/2006. NDE 2455. I made a deal to come back and entered my body through the forehead didn't fit - last joint of fingers and last joint of toes as if I was glove that was too big. I exited through the forehead, looked at that body and thought, you made a deal - so in again I went. This time a perfect fit.
NDE associated with auto accident.

742. Gary D NDE 1/1/2006. NDE 2428. At that exact second a land appears behind The Guide, a beautiful land like no other I have ever seen in my life. I have traveled to many places here on earth but have yet to find a place where the plants and trees glowed like they did in this place. It was like a beautiful tropical jungle I could see birds flying with three distinctly separated tails not like the birds I had seen here on earth. I could see plants and trees that made no sense to me. It was so beautiful so peaceful and very bright, everything was bright and alive. By now, I was beginning to understand what is going on here. I know now it isn't anything earthly that I am looking at or for that, matter experiencing.
Astonishing NDE 33 years ago due to scuba diving equipment failure. Remarkable for several elements including the observation of a watch he had on during the OBE phase while passing over significant earthly distances. Remarkable observation of his divin

741. David K NDE 1/1/2006. NDE 2444. Then it was like I was transported to another plane of light first white and then as I felt like I was gaining focus I realized it was a bright purple. I was traveling not as a human but as a force of energy, that I have come to describe as waves of light. There were others there also that guided me and communicated to me and welcomed me like a loving mother would and I could feel a connection with them that had no origin. The feelings that I experienced then were overwhelming to me as a LOVE I never thought possible and peace beyond words. By this point, I had realized that I must have died and I truly didn't mind, in fact I was relived and would have cried in Joy had my body been with me.
NDE associated with heroin overdose and unconsciousness.

740. HB NDE 1/1/2006. NDE 2445. From the UK All of a sudden I heard a clatter on the floor, as if something fell over, but I could see nothing: I was conscious of being upright in total darkness (later I was told that the noise was my body falling to the ground and upsetting a trashcan). It was dark and I wondered what I was doing there. Then for some reason, I took a big, wide step to my left. I was in another place. The sun was shining, it was warm, and it was beautiful. People were all happy, content, and busy. Many children. I remember my dead grandfather with his arm round me - he was showing me a building. There were many children. I didn't question anything, it was all 'meant to be'. It felt like coming home. But then I heard a voice say, 'You will remember nothing of this,' and a wrench. I was back in my body but I didn't know it. I was just conscious of being inside something, totally quiet, totally still. Then I breathed and that was incredible.
NDE associated with allergic reaction.

739. Oma L NDE 1/1/2006. NDE 2448. Minutes after I was injected with the anesthesia I went into a seizure and had a cardiac arrest. I found myself standing on an air of darkness. I can see myself, but everything around me was foggy and dark. All I could hear was more than a thousand voices talking to me at the same time. The words were not clear to me, but for some odd reason I knew what the voices were saying. All I could understand was 'Do you want to live?' I would go back and forth between the voices, and flashbacks in reviews of my life. It was a very frightening experience. I also saw a bright light white light as if someone is shining a flashlight in my eyes as if not to be viewed. I believe at that point, like I knew what the voices were saying; I also knew that the light was the image of God or maybe that was what I wanted to believe.
NDE associated with seizure from medication. Frightening experience.

738. Tisha G NDE-Like/ADC 1/1/2006. NDE-Like 2450. At this point, I was no longer afraid but still fully conscious and aware of what was happening, it was really a very comforting peaceful feeling and I recall thinking that I was heading somewhere pleasant. I could not come close to guessing how long this went on, I totally lost track of time - or rather, there was no time to track... According to reports her death would have occurred at around the same time I had my experience. I no longer feel that I was losing my mind, what happened to me was as real as anything I have ever experienced - in fact, it was more real.
NDE-like experience probably occurring at the time of her mother's death (1,300 miles away, and death was not expected). Consistent with an After Death Communication (ADC).