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634. Sam P NDE 6/26/2005. NDE 2261. I was sleeping in the passenger seat when we hit the back of a truck at 60 mph. At some time I'm not sure of, I went straight up through the air for lack of a better description and approached a cloud that became a cluster of beings. I knew that they knew everything about me and that there was no need to explain myself. As I approached, the cloud like figures became human-like and I knew that they had always known me and that I was returning home. I became aware of incredible knowledge that I can't recall now. The sensation was as of a piece of a metal being swept into a magnet
NDE associated with auto accident.

633. Etienne V NDE 6/26/2005. NDE 2243. From Belgium. Original in Dutch. My heart stopped during an operation. I suddenly saw a clear light in a tunnel. As I entered further into the tunnel, I became quite calm and relaxed. The clear light kept attracting me until I heard a voice mention my name. I then retraced my steps back through the tunnel and I lived again.
Entered a tunnel containing a clear light.

632. Beckie H Mother NDE 6/17/2005. Secondhand NDE 2242. The first thing she said was I have been to heaven and I saw my mother and now I know what she looked like. She was amazed because her dad and a brother who had been in jail were there too. They were all healthy and happy and loved her. Jesus told her she had to come back as she had things to do - this is the remarkable part. She had always been very depressed. The next four months were the most difficult of her life physically and yet everyone she met was told of the Lord's love for them.
Daughter shares her mother's inspiring. Mother was sent back because she had things to do, although she had only four months to live after NDE.

631. Jule L NDE 11/10/2012 & 6/17/2005. NDE 6483/2241. Now I was familiar with the process: The void, the light, speeding toward it, being unable to enter it and then the horrible falling away feeling. This time however, when the light appeared it was different. Along with the light, I had these two thoughts: ‘What is it that I can do to be with you?’, and ‘how can I serve you?’ I was instantly taken into the light. I remember laughing hysterically, not physically, but spiritually and repeating over and over, ‘is this what it is all about?’
Multiple NDEs with inability to enter the light. Final NDE entered light. Interesting insight on frightening NDEs and their cause/purpose.

630. Jack C Probable NDE 5/29/2005. Probable NDE 2244. From the UK Some conclusions: I was 'conscious' throughout, although deeply an'sthetized. I knew what was happening, knew I was having surgery. I knew who I was, with full memory of all immediate matters. There was no physical sensation at all, but mental awareness of everything - but with a different - a greater, enlarged consciousness now operating, with no effort on my part. I was simultaneously aware on three different 'life' levels. A major conclusion must be that consciousness is not seated in the brain, but much deeper. In the soul, perhaps? The term used to describe this is unimportant. This part of us is present throughout our earthly life and is our self-created body which automatically becomes our vehicle for consciousness in the next chapter of the eternal life which we all have.
Experience during surgery. OBE, light, absorbed vast amount of information.

629. Curt A NDE-like 2/15/2005. NDE-like 20850. Suddenly, appearing to my right came this wonderful ball of white light. From the light, three figured appeared. They were dressed completely in white robes. There were ropes of gold around their waists. Instantly, my life passed before me. All the good and also the bad. I could not see the faces of the three figures. Again, I said I wanted to stay with my children. I wanted to have the opportunity to watch my kids grow. That was something I was denied. I was raised by a very abusive stepfather. I didn't want that to happen again. Then mentally I was told I must do three things. If I agreed, I would be able to watch them grow.
Electrocuted with severe burns (89% total, 57% third-degree burn). Was required to agree to three things to continue living.

628. Romona B NDE 5/29/2005. NDE 2237. I was then out of body, so light, so free, so content to just be. Everyone was so upset, so desperate to help me; I didn't need help I was fine and so happy more happier than I ever felt. At peace with the feeling of acceptance and love. It was more overpowering then anything I ever felt. I then realized I knew things, it is all so simple, people made things so difficult, it didn't have to be. What really caught my interest is knowing why we can't use all of our brain potential. Wow, what an eye-opener. We have knowledge of this side with us all the time in our head but to live here and learn what we must to grow in understanding of emotional pain, physical pain, complete loneliness, complete helplessness, that part of the brain is asleep for as long as our heart is beating.
Near drowning. Also remarkable After Death Communication described.

627. Brandelyn W NDE 5/29/2005. NDE 2238. When I arrived at the fence I started climbing over it. I was halfway across when I felt a touch on my shoulder. I looked to see who touched me (I wasn't frightened at all) and I saw who I thought was Jesus Christ. My family didn't attend church, but somehow I knew I was looking at Jesus. He didn't have an human body and he didn't look like an angel. It was more like a spiritual being. He told me, 'You can't come yet.' I asked him why. Everything about me wanted to be over that fence. I was actually sitting on the top row with one leg on either side. I needed to experience what was across the fence. It looked the same, but it felt different. It was even better than the wonderful feelings I experienced running through the field to get there. I said, 'Please let me come to the other side.' Jesus was kind but quite firm when he said, 'No, Brandy, you must go back. There is much for you to do.'
Motorcycle accident. NDE with Jesus encounter. Contributor is a pastor.

626. Richard P NDE 5/29/2005. NDE 2236. I was talking to my friend at the bar. All of a sudden, I felt sweaty, light headed and faint. I got up to go outside to get some fresh air but apparently never made it. According to what I was told, I collapsed on the floor. I remember being in a dark grey void. A voice said to me, 'Richard, why are you here?' I said, 'I want to come home.' The voice replied, 'It's not time yet. You have more work to do. You have a family that loves you and that you need to take care of.' That's when the manager brought me around the first time.
Unconscious twice in brief time period. NDE experience first time of unconsciousness, and NDE continued second time of unconsciousness.

625. Kaylyn K NDE 5/29/2005. NDE 2235. There was no wall in the intensive care unit. All I saw was blue people and trees and I wanted to get over to the other side, to the ladies in bright white who were laughing and throwing snow, and one of the ladies was my grandma Bessie. The blue trees and people would not let me through. I was always floating above the bed. No matter how hard I tried to go across the trees I couldn't.
NDE in intensive care unit with atypical experience elements.

624. Charles M NDE 5/29/2005. NDE 2233. I remember telling the angels not to drop me because of my fear of heights. The angels did not drop me even though I was trying to pull away from them. Once we arrived in heaven, I saw Jesus Christ who I expect was Jesus who is God now in our spiritual realm of things. I remember the angels placing me down as I was looking around and remembering how the bible described the streets of heaven being paved with pure gold, but I could not see due to a vast mist that overshadowed the ground (or surface) of heaven.
Brain aneurysm and strokes led to NDE

623. Donald M NDE 5/29/2005. NDE 2230. From Canada He guided me to a beautiful white light and a swirling tunnel. Things seemed to speed up and like a flash; my whole life seemed to go by. I saw a body on a beach and I knew it was mine. I asked what was happening. A voice came back and said, 'You are drowning.'
Near drowning while working on a tug-boat.

622. Katie NDE 5/29/2005. Shared NDE 2226. From the UK He went to see his doctor, stood to shake the doctor's hand upon leaving and as he did so he collapsed. It was a result of a severe allergic reaction, which had been building up from the medication he was on. Anyway, they lost him and he had to be brought back. My partner Alan had called me before going to hospital to say that he'd been called in, but at the time sounded perfectly well. Sometime later I was sat at home with my grandmother, whom I then lived with, eating my tea when all of sudden I 'spaced out', I can only explain it as going into a different form of consciousness. There were lots of bright very vivid colors, colors I can't put names too and weirdly a carousel. It turns out, after speaking to Alan after he had come through the event, the experience I had, had happened at the exact time he collapsed, and we had both seen the same thing.
The contributor had a partner that lived three hundred miles away. He collapsed from an allergic reaction, and she shared his experience at the same time he experienced it.

621. Georgeanne M NDE 3/13/2005. NDE 20817. From Malaysia. That's when I fainted and fell to the road. Suddenly, I was floating and saw my friend screaming for help. That's when I saw my own body lying on the road. I couldn't believe my eyes and I started to scream, ‘am I dead,’ but nobody seemed to hear it. I saw crowds start gathering around my body. That's when I felt some sort of energy pulling me away from the crowd, sort of like sucking me out, then I turned myself and saw a bright light, too bright, but beautiful. I didn't know how to describe the light.
OBE, then saw bright light.

620. Debora E NDE 5/10/2005. NDE 2223. The voice said I had not had my children yet so I had to go back. I didn't want to go back! I wanted to stay where I felt loved and safe from harm. The beautiful lady said not to worry someday I would be back and she would see me then. I found myself back in my body. I woke up from the surgery and didn't tell anyone for many years what had happened. One day a few years after the surgery, my mother showed me a picture of my paternal grandmother, who had died giving birth to my father. It was the lovely woman who held my hand at the other side of the tunnel. I had never seen a picture of her before.
Thirteen year old with NDE secondary to surgery.

619. Brian NDE 4/30/2005. NDE 2198. Everything suddenly faded away! Then, I'm in a wide open field. I felt the breeze blowing and the warmth from the sun. I could see thousands of miles in all directions. I could see and sense, every detail of every blade of grass that was in the field - from all directions too! The grass was in the field was bluish. Green, but blue in tone. Almost like turquoise in color. Then, I see something running towards me. It was a little puppy.
Heart attack. I was declared dead, and 'toe-tagged'. NDE in which he encountered a puppy. Shortly after NDE, identical puppy appeared in his life and was very important in a number of ways.

618. Elaine G NDE 4/30/2005. NDE 2201. I was dead for about three or four minutes, I guess, but I don't really recall the time, it's an assumption about how long it took her to get down the stairs, and get my heart started again (she's a registered nurse). I felt weightless, and calm. All around me was a green meadow, and it was still and quiet. It was bright sunshine. I felt no threat at all, and, in fact, have never to this day felt so at ease as I did at that moment. There were figures, human, one was a woman, and I have the impression that she was a dead person related to me, although I have no idea who she was. I was told that it simply was not time for me to go, and that I had to go back.
NDE at age four, associated with rat bite.

617. Anthony C NDE 4/30/2005. NDE 2202. Then I was outside my body looking at myself under water and then I rose above the water and I could see all around me 360 degrees. Above me, I sensed a very bright light above me but it was not the sun, it was omnipresent and brighter but not painfully bright. Even though I was outside I felt like there was no top, no sky no limit. Also, I was very calm, my panic and fear were gone. I was looking down on the water were I had gone under, I felt a little like a balloon floating up.
NDE associated with drowning at the age of seven. Was able to see others come to his rescue in OBE state.

616. Corinne K NDE 4/30/2005. NDE 2211. My doctor arrived and told the staff to intubate me. As soon as they started to put the tube down my throat I heard one of them saying, 'She's coding'. All of a sudden, I was laying down in what felt like a hammock filled with cotton. I don't know how else to describe it. I felt like someone or something had their arms around me. It was the most comfortable, warm and loving feeling I have ever felt. Above me was the 'white light' it was bright like the sun, but it didn't hurt my eyes and it was warm. It was a peaceful, and I didn't hurt anymore. I wasn't afraid it was the safest I have ever felt in my life. They coded me for twelve minutes before they could get me back.
Registered nurse coded as a result of asthma.

615. Ellen K NDE 1/20/2012 & 4/30/2005. NDE 6178/2213. From the UK I eventually left the people here on earth and went into the brightest white light, there was nothing but light and love, warmth comfort and a feeling of forgiveness and understanding. I couldn't see anything or anyone just the light but I feel I was communicating with my 'father', which is strange as my father is still alive he didn't feel like my biological father but an 'ultimate Father of all.' I experienced a time of rest and love and healing and then (I can't say when as time was meaningless) I had like a life review which was quite funny even though it was emotionally upsetting. I was asked what I thought and we agreed, much like the comments on all my school reports, 'could have done better'. I was then asked what I would like to do next, whether I would like to go back to my life and try to improve or stay in the light.
NDE as a result of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

614. Matthjis vH NDE 4/30/2005. NDE 2199. From the Netherlands, Original in Dutch When I reached the refrigerator, everything went black before my eyes. The next moment I saw myself lying on my abdomen next to the refrigerator. I saw myself from up above (a bird’s eye view). What was notable to me were the colors. They were very intense and bright. I had a feeling of massive peacefulness with restful silence. I felt no fear at all. The colors in my surroundings were so intense.

613. Veronica A Probable NDE 4/30/2005. Probable NDE 2187. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated by Rio. Somehow, I began to move through some kind of brightly colored geometric figures that served as a sort of matrix, yet I did not feel alone. It was as if many eyes were watching me. The only thought I had was, 'Aha! I recognize this. I know what it is. I have experienced this before.' I don't know whether I went upwards or forwards, but I immersed myself in those colors. I intermixed with them. Further on, I felt as if I left the previous experience by passing through some tiles or bricks. I was flying but I didn't understand much of what I saw. People were working down below, while I was near some windows. In another scene I saw myself down below but not in the hospital bed; rather standing up, very pregnant, saying goodbye to the 'me' that was flying.
Probable NDE from child birth.

612. Laura R NDE 4/17/2005. NDE 2182. I was playing in the water near the shore with my brother when I stepped into a big hole and went under. I struggled to get to the surface and began to panic as I ran out of air. I remember struggling to breathe, and then the panic left me and I felt as if I were breathing, yet I was still under water. I saw my tiny form curled up in a fetal position receding away from me, down into the dark green water. I felt euphoria as I started toward the surface and toward the bright light, which shimmered just above the water. I struggled to reach the surface and the light, but before I could break the surface, I woke up on the beach and there were a bunch of people around pumping water out of me.
Three years old. Drowning. Felt peace, saw light above water surface. Saw own body below her in water. Struggled to break through the surface of the water and reach the light.

611. Joel B NDE 4/17/2005. NDE 2181. I was then traveling through a tunnel at a very high speed. This tunnel seemed to be very long, like miles, yet it didn't seem to take any time to go through. There was a bright light. It was drawing me to it. I felt like I popped out of the tunnel and fell into this white light, yet I wasn't really falling, I was more like floating around inside of the light. It seemed like a container of light but without any end or boarders. I felt very much at peace and I liked being there in the light. I felt a presence toward the center and was drawn closer to someone there. I saw what I believe to be Jesus. He was in a white robe that was dripping in pure gold. It was so real to me then and even now, I see all of the details of how he looked to me. I felt so safe, so warm and I did not want to ever leave His presence. I felt like I was home. Then He spoke to me and told me about my life and what was yet to come.
Nitrogen gas poisoning. Through tunnel into light. Met who he believes was Jesus.

610. Marguerite S Possible NDE 1/17/2005. Possible NDE 2186. Then we were with a man. I don't remember seeing anything else. The girl, the man and me. We thought (talked? this is hard to describe too). It was like when words scroll down a computer screen faster than you can read them. But I could keep up with all the things that were flowing into me. It was a lot of good stuff about how to treat other people and how to act here. I don't remember any of it word by word but we are supposed to be nice to each other. And I am sure it's all still inside me even though sometimes I forget to do it or accidentally don't. Anyhow, none of this seemed strange to me and through it all I felt real blissful. I guess there just aren't earth words to say but I can still remember it. Then the man (maybe he was Jesus, he was real nice and I liked him a lot) said I had to go back.
Three or four year old. Took overdose of aspirin to see deceased grandfather. After this, was wrapped tight in bed and was suffocating.

609. Christine A Probable NDE 2/15/2005. Probable NDE 20770. In the next scene, (I don't remember how I got from the apartment to this next place), I was outside. I was in a vast open field, a beautiful natural landscape, 'moving' (not walking, but floating or flying) over a hill and looking down into a valley. In the distance were several massive mountains that made like a ‘wall’. My deceased uncle and aunt were with me. There were no houses or lights in the valley, and it was night, so everything around me was pretty dark. I remember looking up at the night sky. I remember having a sense that I was on a journey and that I was going somewhere specific, and my family members were there to take me to that place.
Very probable NDE with short term memory impairment after experience. Cardiac arrest. OBE. Met deceased relatives. Non-earthly landscape. Memory fragmentary and not vivid.

608. Anna NDE 4/17/2005. NDE 2193. I arrived at the hospital emergency room and was being questioned by the attending physician when I told him 'I don't feel very good.' This was when my heart stopped; they said they had to shock me three times. I flat-lined. All I remember is a vision of - my father, he was in a very beautiful yard with trees, very green grass and was riding something like a lawnmower (they said I first said a tricycle) he was about fifty years old and was waving at me. He was happy, everything was beautiful - he then motioned for me to move out of the way. That is all I remember.
Cardiac arrest. Saw her deceased father.

607. Lorraine W NDE 4/17/2005. NDE 2192. I was in the hospital after the car accident and all of a sudden I felt that I was unable to breath. I saw my body and had the sense of me floating over it. There was a dark room that I entered and then a bright light. The room was almost like a tunnel. Suddenly all my life flashed before my eyes. I felt so uneasy and scared. But then I was at peace. There was a voice calling my name softly then louder and louder.
Auto accident at age fourteen. This individual became a doctor after this, partly to help understand the experience.

606. Talia NDE 4/17/2005. NDE 2195. From Canada It wasn't blackness to my present recollection but very close to jet blue. The light was not before me at a distance. It was directly behind me and comfortably so. The light didn't close round me as I hovered there. I didn't feel a body to hover in but instead just consciousness. Perhaps I did have some form like those that shot across the vision of that unending space. Those were bodies that I recognized easily but did not concentrate upon. They were spirits traveling to destinations unknown by me. I knew though or felt I did. These appeared to me as what I called at age twelve while speaking with this adoring friend of the family, 'Tears in flame' and I gave that description because of their shapes that were so tear like, or by now I'd call comet like and because of their color. They were mostly blue to my vision with other bits of color to them. It was wondrous.
Eleven-year-old struck by a car.

605. Mary S NDE 4/17/2005. NDE 2190. They told me I was getting sicker and that my parents were very worried, my mother was crying. A while further one of my companions told me that I was given two spiritual gifts. The ability to speak different languages and the gift of knowledge of past and present events. He tested me. He asked me to say something in a language I never heard of. I said it as if I was born with the knowledge of that language. He also asked me to tell him the year, month, date, hour, minute, second, my mother was born and when she was to die. I remember I gave him the information. He said these gifts were my gifts.
Twelve year old with complication after surgery. Experience included seeing children playing in playground and receiving two spiritual gifts.

604. Wendy D NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 20780. She said, ‘I can't get a pulse or blood pressure, we're losing her!’ I watched the nurses pack gauze into my wound, and run to get blood, twenty-two units. It wasn't frightening at all. I felt regret thinking I would be leaving my family and friends behind.
NDE following surgery for cancer.

603. Ana G NDE 4/3/2005. NDE 2167. Original in Spanish. Translated by Rio. After this I remember beginning to rise upward and follow a white light that was getting bigger the closer I got to it. I then heard only echoes of the voices of the people who were present in the room. After this, there was a total silence and I experienced an immense peace, tranquility. I felt no pain, only great happiness and I sensed that something marvelous would be waiting for me once I reached the light. Then I heard the echo of my daughters' voices (saying, 'Mommy, what's happening to you mommy?') and the cries of my baby. And then I remembered that I had three small children who needed me and I pleaded with God, saying to Him: 'No, my God, not yet. My children need me,' and I felt as if I fell down from above into the hospital cot where my body lay.
NDE from surgery complications.

602. Gina NDE 4/5/2005. NDE 2143. From Spain. Original in Spanish. Translated to English by Rio. In the second more recent experience I remember first seeing a dim tunnel where I saw various deceased people I knew, one of whom touched my feet. I left those people behind in order to ascend accompanied by the being of light and go to the place where one floats. I did not see anyone there but I felt caresses on my head.
Two experiences widely separated in time. On both occasions she was met by a being of white light.

601. Jim B NDE 1/2/2010 & 4/1/2005. NDE 22252/2176. My next memory was being in the corner of my bedroom watching people come and go. It was eerily quiet. In an instant, I found myself near the ceiling in our entryway. I was watching and listening to a gentleman standing there directing people where to go: the wife was in the kitchen being questioned; the victim was in the bedroom.
NDE due to head injury.

600. Mark H NDE 4/1/2005. NDE 2175. Now, I was no longer in a hospital room but on a road! Not a golden road, just a beautiful road. It was me! I saw. A young me, about ten years old or so with a long willow branch over my shoulder, and a red bandana at the end of the branch, like a hobo! There were people that I had known in my life, and many others that I did not on that road. We exchanged smiles as we passed and my mind was in awe of what I was seeing. The most beautiful road I had ever seen! Details, that were indescribable. Suddenly I thought of a mountain, I had seen as a child. When I looked up from the road, there it was. The Mountain! Not just the mountain! But the most breathtaking mountain I had ever seen! Details the likes of which no one could imagine. Colors, shades of color, shadows for which there are no words in the human language to describe.
Cardiac arrest. Very long narrative with a great deal of commentary about what he is learned after his experience.

599. Ed H Possible NDE 4/1/2005. Possible NDE 2173. Suddenly it spoke etc., to me again saying, 'It is not yet your time, you must return. But, before you go, I wish to tell you three things. Practice these things for you will use them in my service when you return to me.' It was revealed to me that the order of the three things were by importance, the first being the most important. The voice went on to say, 'First, acquire knowledge for you will use it to better serve me. Second, learn to love for you will need to love to serve me. And third, do good works so that you may better do them in my name.'
Severe pneumonia at the age of five. Encountered a sphere of light. Was able to understand words and concepts being told to him in spite of his young age.

598. Brian W Possible NDE 4/1/2005. Possible NDE 2172. After I fell, I felt a tightening in my chest as I attempted to get up. After that I felt like I was skiing again and it was very peaceful and serene. Suddenly it felt like I fell again and I was out of control when my eyes opened I saw my feet kicking as if I was trying to stop myself until I realized I was not moving at all. When I stood up, I was not sure what had happened at first - meaning I was disoriented and there was nobody near me, except the people passing above me on the ski lift. Once I realized that knew I had fell and I was out. My body shook...
Possible NDE during a skiing accident. Fell on his chest. Interestingly, felt he was continuing to ski with a feeling of peace and brighter light.

597. Sharon S NDE 4/1/2005. NDE 2171. Suddenly, flashes as if I was seeing my entire life caught in Kodak moments, zipped past my conscious being, inside me. Faster and faster, they flew by, moments of my life. I felt neither happiness nor sadness as I watched. Then they slowed down, until I felt like I was inside a casket looking up, at my own funeral. I could see as if from that position and I saw in color, the image of my crying mother being held up by my father who looked so old and broken hearted. Each had a hand on my daughter's shoulders. Of my daughter, all I could see was from her nose up and eight little fingers holding onto the side of the casket. She was crying uncontrollably and shouting, 'Don't leave me Momma, Momma come back.'
Hit by a car. Had a life review, which included a flash-forward to her own funeral.

596.5. Judi C NDE 4/1/2005. NDE 2170. Then I was like pushed out into more black velvet, they on the right side of the tunnel I saw answers to equations in algebra that I had trouble with in high school, written in bright neon lights. And a few other things written, I don't know if it meant anything. I have always loved neon signs. As the writing went on, this loving, most kind, all-encompassing voice said, 'Judi, none of those things really mattered. You have all you need.'
Anesthetic complication during surgery. Experience helped her to understand what was really important in life.

596. Peter H NDE 4/1/2005. NDE 2168. This is when I experienced a feeling of comfort beyond any feeling that one could feel in the physical life. At that point, it was black with small specs of light as stars appear. I noticed that I was not a physical being. I was instead a pin cushion of electric energy.
Severe auto accident at the age of four.

595. Park Sang Hee NDE 3/31/2005. NDE 1098. From Korea. That place also had blue skies. Clear and clean, just like an autumn sky. It also had very large green fields of tiny flowers that spread all around. The field was full of white flowers and dandelions. I joyfully rolled around the green pastures with a shepherd's lamb. At a distant place, there was a fence. The fence was not very tall but it was at a very distant place, where I did not go. It was at a height where I could have jumped over it, but because I was having such a great time, I did not even have slightest curiosity to go there.

594. Marie-Claire NDE 3/31/2005. NDE 1094. From Switzerland. Translated by Régine. I made a suicide attempt by taking anti-depressants. In the intensive care unit, I found myself drawn to one of the room corners, being a spectator of all what was occurring. Then I entered a kind of tunnel lit by a terribly dazzling light. I hesitated a lot to go back, but someone with a very soft voice told me to do so.
NDE from a suicide attempt.

593. Noname NDE 3/31/2005. NDE 1100. From France. Translated by Régine First thing was an unfathomable black and the feeling of an out of body experience. Then the light, everywhere, not dazzling, neither hot nor cold, like being bathed in love. I saw my all life story, but when they send me back to earth (or maybe I decided on my own to come back) they erased all that I saw (probably to not modify my destiny in any way?).
NDE following a motorbike accident.

591. Marita G NDE 3/31/2005. NDE 1115. From Sweden. Translated by Lisa. My head was being held up sideways and I felt an arm around my neck on the side I was lying on. I felt rough pressures down my back and saw two hands pressing on my back at the same time. I remember a person who passed away a long time ago, who had thin brown hands and a light blue shirt - that's what I saw.
Beginnings of a NDE from suffocation.

590. Haya K NDE 12/1/2001. NDE 12013. From Jordan. I still remember it very well. I started to leave my body and I flew through a white tunnel. It was a ring moving slowly around me. I still remember feeling that the ring was moving me away from my body and into the tunnel. I was trying to resist that. I was not sleeping. I was awake. I was in a semi-sitting position, looking at the tunnel, resisting the ring’s push. I was conscious because I remember my mom sitting beside me trying cold compresses to reduce my fever. My parents told me after many years that I was in a very critical condition and they took me to the hospital. I still have that feeling as if I was leaving this world.

589. Adrian L NDE 3/26/2005. NDE 2164. From Trinidad and Tobago. At first I felt like I was being drawn out of my body. Even though I was feeling like I was rising out of my body through my head, I was aware that my body was in the horizontal position. All pain and worry and every bad feeling was suddenly gone and I was content. I saw a large ship with a tall luminescent female-looking creature standing on it and drawing me towards the ship. I was going, when I thought to myself, 'No! I must see my daughter grow up!' and immediately was in my body again.
Fell unconscious on bed.

588. Murry M NDE 3/26/2005. NDE 2161. I was floating up with hand out towards this very bright light. The light was extremely bright, but I could stare and look directly at it. There was a cool breeze blowing across my face it was the most comforting feeling I had or have ever felt. I could see a great figure and was slowly floating up wards towards it, or him, and then I was back as quickly as I was taken.
Was depressed and attempted suicide by hanging himself.

587. Rick S NDE 3/26/2005. NDE 2160. It was a total feeling and understanding of what I felt looking down on the accident as it was going to look like when the accident was finished. I felt no connection to earth other than observation of the scene. I was floating in the light going upward and feeling a joy and happiness so far beyond anything I've ever felt on earth.
Car was hit by tractor trailer going about seventy miles per hour.

586. Gloria M NDE 3/26/2005. NDE 2158. From Scotland Suddenly I was standing in front of a massive being, an Angel I think. The beautiful white wings were stretched out. It was so big I couldn't see the face or head. Suddenly the wings began to close around me and I heard a voice saying, 'Don't be afraid, we will hold you until it is all over. You are going to be all right. We will stay with you and hold you.' As the wings closed around me I was filled with white light that made my heart soar.
Asthma attack resulting in the need to be put on a ventilator. Went through a tunnel. Met an Angel. Was told that she would be alright.

585. Aussie Q NDE 3/26/2005. NDE 2157. From Australia It happened very fast it was like a panoramic view of my life that seemed to go from left to right in my mind starting with events that occurred when I was two or three years old up until the present time.
Allergic reaction to medicine. Predominant event in experience was a panoramic life review.

584. Jim F NDE 3/26/2005. NDE 2156. Suddenly, I found myself floating near the ceiling of my bedroom, looking down at my motionless, lifeless body. It did not seem the least bit strange or scary to me at all - quite the contrary - never before or since have I felt such an indescribable sense of peace, calmness, warmth, and above all - totally immersed in unconditional love. Words cannot possibly convey the overwhelming feelings that I was having. (To this day, I still shed tears of joy when I recall this experience.)
NDE is the result of an asthma attack. OBE experience, and able to see throughout the house he was in. Intense feelings of love. Experience was quite influential in his life.

583. Anthony M NDE 3/13/2005. NDE 2151. Then Jesus told me, 'This is what your death will do to the people you love.' And then he opened them up so I could also see their hearts. I could see my wife Ann, my mother Grace, my brothers Daren and Buvy, my sisters Christie and Diana. Their hearts were torn and pieces were dripping down. Jesus told me that their hearts were breaking. I also saw my stepchildren Nicholas and Danielle. Then Jesus said, 'This is what the future will be like without you in their lives.' I saw my mother with a sadness in heart that just wouldn't leave. She was saying things like, 'Why my special little baby?' Then I looked at Ann - she never left the house, she stopped eating, started smoking more and most importantly, she never dated or went out again. Then I saw Danielle. She was about twenty years old and was getting ready to walk down the aisle - with no one to give her away. She was so sad.
NDE from accident: was on motorcycle without helmet and was hit by car (flew seventy-six feet after impact). Saw many deceased relatives. Met Jesus. Was allowed to see several years into the future to help him make a decision about returning. Was able

582. Chris L NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 20726. Two years ago I was having oral surgery and had a reaction the medication to put me asleep. I was flat lined for over three minutes until the medical people showed up. I remember the whole event. I was with my deceased father in-law in an area that was so peaceful I didn't want to leave. When he died he could not speak English, but when I was with him I could understand him perfectly.
Reaction to medicine during dental surgery. Met deceased father-in-law. Interestingly, his father-in-law could not speak good English during his life, but could be understood easily during experience.

581. Catalin A NDE 3/12/2005. NDE 2146. This is where the unexplainable begins: Suddenly my vision was perfect; my hearing also, but to me everything seemed to be normal. I saw my dad picking me up and carrying me in his arms to hospital, which was pretty close to the school.
Experience at age 5 in Romania. Was running, and ran into larger boy. OBE - saw self being carried to hospital.

580. Raylene S NDE 3/12/2005. NDE 2147. Then I remember being above my body staring down on myself lying on the floor. It seemed like a long time that I stared at myself. I was surrounded by a bright light and had an overwhelming sense of peace inside. I was okay with dying. As I stared at myself lying on the floor, I remember shaking my head and thinking, look at what a disgrace I have become. I then heard the voice of my father behind me, I never saw him but I heard his voice, telling me that it was not my time and to look at what I would be leaving my children to face.
Beaten by ex-husband for five hours. Unconscious, OBE, saw her own body in light. Heard voice of her father behind her saying it is not her time.

578. Richard L NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2140. I looked back at the three people in front of me. These people were ancient. I don't know how I knew that, but I knew that they were 'old souls' who watched over my group. We all had 'sprung' from them, like children, each going their way yet connected to the source. I felt nothing like judgment of our actions from them. If anything, I felt a kind of amused benevolence from them, like parents watching their children playing. Even at the really bad things we did in our lives, there was no judgment. The one with the beard spoke to me. 'You can ask questions. We will answer them and you will remember. It is important that you do this.' My first question was 'Is this heaven?'
An exceptional NDE. At eight years old, on bicycle and was struck by car. Had OBE, could hear and understand thoughts of multiple people simultaneously. 360 degree vision. Was allowed to ask questions, and remember the answers. Remarkable spiritual w

577. Bob H NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 20703. I remember like it was yesterday I was above the pool about five -six feet up. I remember saying aloud to myself I am all right. I felt amazing, a feeling of total joy. There was no pain. I was looking down and could see people around somebody on the sidewalk beside the pool. I did not know who any one was. It was I looking down but what I saw was not Bob. I did not even know Bob, but I was still me as I was before I drowned. I do not know how to explain this any other way.
NDE associated with drowning at age 9. OBE. Was not believed when he shared what happened at the time.

576. Julie D NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2142. Then the most amazing, most incredible feeling, if you can call it that had come over me. I want to try to explain this feeling. There was no negativity at all. None. No longing. No missing anyone. It was pure. If there is pure love, I had touched it. I was still totally alive although my body was not.
Recovering from surgery, then respiratory and cardiac arrest. OBE. Felt pure love. Felt guilty after return to body that she did not want to return to body during experience.

575. Theresa G NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2141. I heard a voice say, 'Teri, open your eyes.' I kept saying I can't. I could hear water dripping. I heard a voice said open your eyes or you will die. The doctors and nurses called me Theresa, my nickname is Teri and I had never told them that.
Blood loss after childbirth. OBE, and saw some things later verified. Started to go through tunnel.

574. Craig T NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2139. When I was one and a half I became very ill. On the way to the doctors, I went into a seizure which trigged cardiac arrest, both occurred five times in total. I was flat-lined for a short time in transportation from one hospital to another. I had no religious background, I was baptized and that was it. I came back talking about heaven and telling my grandfather he would be warm there, but I didn't even know what heaven was. I was drawing pictures saying it was Jesus or relatives I never met.
Seizure and cardiac arrest at age eighteen months. Has no memory of experience, but parents told him after the experience he talked about heaven and drew pictures of Jesus and relatives he never met.

573. Debi M NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2138. I lost consciousness again and then as though my wish had come true, I felt light in my head. I opened my eyes but I didn't see the surroundings as I had seen them before. I was floating at some distance and height away from my bed, I could see somebody in that bed, and doctors had come to look at me, looking concerned. I just floated there for some time watching the doctors looking at me. Then it went dark again.
On bicycle, struck by car. OBE in hospital.

572. Khadija H NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2137. The next thing I remember was saying, 'I cannot breathe.' Then darkness. I was high above my body looking down when I next became aware. There were people around me. I did not care to return and turned around. At this time, I seemed so light and happy and could actually look down at the Sphinx below! I then saw another level of existence opening up, sort of like the scene from the movie 'Ghost'. There were many beings who had come to meet me.
Fell from horse and experienced head injury. Saw sphinx (accident was near sphinx). Saw another level of existence open.

571. Catherine Mc NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2135. Originally from Canada I was aware that there was a lot of commotion over by the gurney, but I wasn't recognizing the body on the gurney as myself. I felt peaceful and completely comfortable. The temperature was perfect, I felt bathed in warmth and love. There was no fear, no pain, just great joy. There was whiteness all around me. There were no features of any kind, just bright, clear whiteness that sparkled and didn't hurt my eyes at all. It was beautiful.
NDE at age five due to dog attack. OBE, felt held by another being. Choice to return to body.

570. Gina CH NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2134. It was the worst possible feeling that one can imagine. I could hear my children screaming and crying, but my body was frozen. I couldn't see or talk. I could hear the paramedics saying we lost her. I then started to see a tunnel of darkness, which was very cold and uninviting. I was terrified. It was such a feeling of evil.
Sepsis (overwhelming infection). Frightening experience with rare observation that the tunnel was cold and uninviting.

569. Richard G NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2132. I was in a motorcycle accident and flew from the back of a motorcycle head first into a bumper of a car. I left my body, went through a cloud, and came to a wall with electrical currents going back and forth on the top. I was beginning to wonder where I was at when my grandpa appeared in front of me. I recognized him immediately and he informed me that I could either stay there or go back and be with my family, it was up to me.
Motorcycle accident. Immediately recognized his grandfather even though his grandfather died when he was six years old, and the NDE was at age nineteen.

568. Pierre Q FDE 3/5/2005. FDE 2130. From France. My hand wanted to grip a stone, but it could not. It was the end. Time was passing slowly, while I was falling, or rather my body was. My soul was leaving, fleeing my body. The white color on my face now got into my eyes. I became at the same time completely terrified and petrified with fear, but also happy, calm, and enjoying the coming death that was taking my spirit out of me. This was the supreme state of this experience, perfect happiness and complete silence all around me.
Fifteen year old fell in rock climbing school. Brief sense of OBE and intense feelings.

567. Lori C NDE 3/5/2005. NDE 2129. In my NDE state, I was in a void, total blackness, my mind was working perfectly. I remember thinking that if this was death it really sucked, because I was totally alone, in silence. I tried to listen for my heartbeat, but heard nothing, tried to hear myself breathe, but heard nothing. I realized that I was not standing or sitting, just kind of suspended, no fear really, no need to breathe it was just so empty, just total nothing.
Prescription drug overdose, possibly methadone (a narcotic used to help with heroin addiction). Void experience as initial part of NDE.

566. Joyce H NDE 2/16/2005. NDE 2114. Suddenly I was in the presence of a Being of Light. I could not see the face, could communicate, but not in words or pictures even - in some connection of oneness. I experience that connection in meditation frequently, but I cannot explain it very precisely. It is beyond words and other kinds of experiences. The emotions are always enhanced. I feel joy so deep that my whole self-leaps with gratitude; I feel peace; I feel awe and belonging. I did not have a specific life review, but felt everything about my life and me was known, understood and not judged. I was profoundly loved.
Joyce is an amazing lady who now devotes her life to healing and also has a new book called 'From Soul to Cell.'

564. Thomas F NDE 2/16/2005. NDE 2117. I blacked out. Then I was hovering over myself and the room. I could see the intravenous and other things in the room, but the people were very hard for me to see. I shot off very fast leaving everything behind. There was no sound, only images. For several minutes I hovered over a large black pyramid object, I then shot off faster than before. I was moving through what seemed to be space. Planet’s and stars seemed very close to me. Still there was no sound. I felt complete peace and felt as if I was on my way to some place special.

563. John FO NDE 2/16/2005. NDE 2095. I accidentally took some drugs that I thought were sleeping pills but they were a hard narcotics. As I was laying down I fell into a very deep sleep type trance I felt my spirit leave my body. I rose to the top of the room and looked back at my body lying on my bed. Then my sprit went through the roof. I could see the top of my house. I went into space I could see the earth turning and the galaxies in the heavens. A presence engulfed my spirit. I felt at the time that it was God. He let me know that I could stay there or I could return to my body. I was young and in love, so I returned but I can say it was the most wonderful feeling. Hopefully, someday I will return to the spirit in the Heavens.
Drug experience that is very NDE-like. The question becomes if he actually did die from a drug overdose or could this experience be brain chemistry or hallucination?

562. Shirley J NDE 2/16/2005. NDE 2123. On the flight I woke up with a wonderful feeling of peace. I saw a dark tunnel with a light. And then I heard my deceased identical twin sister who died at one year old say to me, 'It's okay Shirley, but you must fight! Fight Shirley, fight.' I don't remember anything more, but I am sure you must know that identical twins are always 'connected'. I have heard her voice many times before and she did appear to me one night, but I became frightened and ran from the room.
During her NDE, her twin sister came to her. Again, this is the fuzzy line when dealing with a drug overdose.

561. Zachary J NDE-Like 2/16/2005. NDE-Like 2124. A gray-blue, translucent Raven. I stared at it for a moment, realizing I was floating. I saw to one side of me a great hole, which seemed to absorb all light, a space of pure nothing, and opposite it a hole of pure light, I was between the two. The Raven circled, letting out an unworldly cry, and flew lower. I saw - things. They're hard to describe. It's like catching a glimpse of a monster out of the corner of your eye, and turning to see there's nothing there - seeing someone other than you in the mirror, blinking, and they're gone. They were the beasts that were at all places in space and time, yet we could not see them, and they could not see us.
Frightening experience and just enough of a variant in the pattern to question whether it was a NDE or not. While he could have been knocked unconscious by the accident making it a NDE, it doesn't say so, nor does he state that he died, nor was he sure a

560. Mark J NDE 2/15/2005. NDE 2126. As I floated away from my body I was somehow aware of the air molecules, not in a scientific way, but such that there was a connection between the air molecules and what I had become, or rather, what I had always been. In this frame of mind I am always connected to all things. I have also said in conversations about my experience, and continue to assert, that what is really going is so much bigger than anything I had ever experienced in church or in literature through any medium. It transcends the human capacity for expression. In my awareness, I became or returned to being a part of this.
Profound NDE!

559. Joseph M NDE 2/15/2005. NDE 2128. It was insanely quiet and I realized that I was still there, and standing no less, (which was impossible due to the fact that I just collapsed backwards a few minutes earlier) and then it dawned on me that I had just passed on. WOW! I am still thinking and seeing and I am really here, I am really dead and I am really awake. Everything was bright with this gold reflection from a light that I couldn't identify. I had the distinct feeling of being a sound wave and rippling outward, but only so far. I remember thinking that I was tilted as though I was on an axis.
NDE from an asthma attack where he felt like he was tilted on an axis.

558. Maria C NDE 2/15/2005. NDE 20740. I walked closer to the door. I felt enveloped by Love and nurturing and concern and reassurance, then I realized the golden light was alive. It was swirling and moving. I stepped to the doorway and looked in. There was a long tunnel. It curved gently to the left about one hundred fifty feet down and I could only see to the curve. I could feel the love, caring, concern, and steadfastness of the light. I knew it was God with me.
NDE from a medical person.

557. Salena NDE 12/25/2004. NDE 20676. It was real, and that I had felt the sand and everything in this experience was as real as sitting in front of someone. As real as being able to touch them and smell them and feel them. I had gone somewhere else. How I woke up in this dream state was exactly how I was positioned in my car at the time of the wreck. Talk about scary.
Fascinating link of the experience to memory through the body being in the same position as during the NDE.

556. James P NDE-Like 11/14/2004. NDE-Like 20664. From Canada During this time, I thought I woke up to see the person in the bed to my right die. After I recovered, and started to ask questions about his death, and the doctors and nurses insisted that I could not possibly have remembered this. It seems as though I was standing beside my bed looking over top of myself towards the person in the next bed down from me. The nurses all of a sudden came to his bed in a hurry. The first one there tried frantically to recover him, but it didn't work. Many other nurses surrounded his bed and did a lot of stuff to him as well, but he died. When this happened, I can remember seeing some sort of fog, or cloud come directly up from his body and leave the room. I knew right at that time he had died, because of what it felt like. I could not hear any sounds during this event, but I can still remember all of the feelings.
Experience that happened during a coma.

555. Jorge V NDE 2/13/2005. NDE 1113. From Cuba. Original in Spanish translated by Lola. I left this world, I knew nothing, I felt nothing and I saw myself floating without feeling my body or mass, in the air. I looked up and I saw a very brilliant LIGHT, I saw downwards and I saw myself in the same dentist seat with the dentist trying to revive me, and trying to find out if my heart was beating. The feeling of abandonment, relaxation and happiness is difficult to describe and I wanted to remain in that condition. I suddenly saw that I was rapidly descending and entering my body, awaking from that marvelous sensation.
NDE from tooth extraction

554. Mary P NDE 1/12/2005. NDE 1086. From France, Original in French translated by Sabrina. I felt myself in a state of grace and absolute happiness as if I had no weight of my body anymore. I knew that the best moment had to come. In other words, I felt my soul flying in the air. I think that the question was, 'Do you want to die?' and I woke up with a breath, I removed the covers, I craved for living and I got my breath back realizing that I was dreadfully suffocating and trembling.
NDE from suffocation.

553.5. Tamara V NDE-Like 2/6/2005. NDE-Like 1083. From Belgium, Original in Dutch translated by Rene'. When returning home I closed my eyes for a moment because of the brightness of the Sun, we were driving about 50 kilometers per hour, suddenly my husband started cursing, the motorbike accelerated enormously and I did not have the time to open my eyes. It had happened in a flash, a bang, a few somersaults and there we were lying. I suddenly felt very peaceful and happy and felt I wanted to leave my body when suddenly someone or something told me “don’t go yet, it is not your time, your children still need you” I felt someone take my hand and saw or knew that it was a woman all dressed in white and she made me feel very calm.
No separation of consciousness, but there is a life-threatening event.

553. Julia M NDE 2/6/2005. NDE 2120. From Spain. Original in Spanish translated by Lola. Realizing that none of them heard me, I saw a beautiful white light similar to a beautiful sunshine, but that light did not glare. On the contrary, I perceived a peace I cannot express with words. I will not be able to define the sensation in feeling like this. You feel nothing, no cold, no warm, no weight, no pain, no happiness no sadness, it cannot be explained, and this is something you have to live to know how it feels. I felt so good that I decided to walk in and find someone to tell my mother and my aunt to stop suffering - that I was very well, that they were not to cry for me as it hurt me to see them cry and that I did not want them to cry. I wanted them to see that I was very well.
NDE from an allergic reaction to penicillin.

552. Muhammad F NDE 1/29/2005. NDE 1109. From Egypt, Original in Arabic translated by Shaza. During this I remembered everything in my life, with all the details and very accurately, everything since my birth till the time of accident. I remembered all the people I knew, even the ones whom I met only once or twice. I remembered all the events, the important and non-important ones when my age was less than a year - I remembered it with all its details. It passed in front of me and I saw it as a cinema show in just fifteen minutes.
Beginnings of NDE with a life review.

551. Tazell NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 1070. Short NDE with enhanced perception. I was in a warm and very comfortable place, not on this earth, but in dark space and with the feeling that I had been here before, like I was home at last. I had no eyes that I could tell but I could see in every direction at the same time. Not only could I see but also I knew what was around me - I had many more senses than smell, sight, hearing, speech, etc., - and an ocean of knowledge. I had no knowledge of earth or my wife or son and saw no people.

550. Lisa S NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 1071. My sense of 'being' was of rushing throughout the hospital halls at great speed. Someone was with me (hair rises while I type about it) and this person or thing had a great urgent 'hurry up' type attitude and was trying to get me to hurry. I couldn't figure it out. We got into the room where I was at (through a wall) and the person was holding my hand. I remember them (but can't see them, can only feel the hand) urging me to see what was going on (I was in no hurry or had no inkling or need to look), I finally did. I was absolutely horrified!
NDE from drug overdose.

549. Heidi D NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 1072. Next thing I remember was a total feeling of happiness and peace. I remember floating above a field of blue and yellow lupines. There aren't really words to describe the amount of joy I felt. I remember looking to the right and seeing green rolling hills. The colors were so brilliant and the air seemed perfect. Then I looked to my left and I saw me in the back of a red Jeep laid out behind the back seat. I saw my sister Kelly sitting in the back seat sobbing and shaking me asking me to please wake up.
Child NDE from bicycle accident.

548. Andy S NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 2104. I don't know how long that lasted because time just didn't seem to matter. But then I felt warm and felt a light, not saw one - it just grew brighter and more intense filling every bit of my being. It was very bright, crisp white, and it spoke to me, but not with words. The light ran through me, it was me, and when it spoke it was as if you understood the light not the words. You could feel it to, not like you feel bright hot sun, but you could just feel the light. I don't know how long it all lasted, but then it parted.
NDE from surgery complications.

547. Barbara S NDE 1/16/2005 & 9/7/2014 & 1/30/2011. NDE 2102/7375/5023. The next thing I remember was coming into a clear white light. I lost all fear of drowning. I knew that my body was perfectly safe. I felt this total love and acceptance from this light. I realized that the white light had a voice in it, and was separate from me. I also realized that I was still me but was part of this white light as well. I belonged to it and it belonged to me. I was told that you are here to gain knowledge and to learn how to love. When I was told this, I realized that when the entity said 'You' it didn't mean just me, it meant the human race. I understood all the ramifications of love and knowledge when it said this to me. It didn't mean physical love as much as it meant learning to accept all races, and knowing that no soul is better than another.
NDE due to drowning at age 10. Shared 49 years later.

546. Derric B NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 2103. When I wake from the darkness I look around as if nothing happened until I see that I'm floating. I look down and see a boy face down floating in the water with no movement, no life, not even realizing at the time that I'm looking at myself. Then everything goes black but I'm aware somehow. Then this light slowly engulfs everything. As this is happening, I feel a warmth, love, and peace that words are hard to describe. I then hear a voice that tells me that it's not my time yet and I must go back.
Child drowning NDE

545. Leslie M NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 1067. I felt myself leave my body. It was as if I was being sucked by a vacuum from the top of my head. Then, I was in a dark tunnel, and SPEEDING upwards towards a light. When I got very close to the light, I became conscious of a 'being' in the light, welcoming me as if I had been waited for, for a long, long time - gladly, and with love. On my right were three 'beings'. We communicated, without speaking. I cannot remember much of this, except I was asked (apparently rhetorically) if I wanted to stay. I answered yes, because I really felt I had come home, finally. But they communicated that my time here was not yet over, that I had more to do.
NDE after Childbirth.

544. Joe D NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 20641. I was led by other entities to a strange machine. I remember it making a low hum, but I couldn't hear it, I could still sense the vibration it made, though. The tone of this was something that had to be done- very solemn. Then I seemed to enter or become one, or passed through this machine thing and entered into a tunnel. As I had described elsewhere, I had none of my earthly senses. I felt I was infinitely small, conducted through this tunnel, yet squeezed through it, or perhaps fitting through it perfectly, as if the tunnel and I were of the same. The length of time I was in the tunnel seemed instantaneous and infinite, simultaneously. It's a feeling that I just cannot describe in words.
He had a NDE from pneumonia and also a STE later in life.

543. Cindy D NDE 10/10/2004. NDE 20633. Then all of a sudden everything was black. As I was coming back into ‘sight’ and out of the black darkness, to my surprise, I was floating on the ceiling, looking down at my body. I watched my three friends and boyfriend over my body trying to shake me and slapping me lightly on the face trying to revive me. My body was limp and they could get no response from me. I watched the whole thing. As I watched, I was scared. I didn’t understand any of this and thought I was dead. I was so scared because I thought, ‘Oh my god, I’m dead and they are going to bury me, but I’m not dead. I can see them and myself!’ My next thought was, ‘I’m too young to die!’
NDE from going unconscious.

542. Kim M NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 2107. Then I felt I had entered a large tunnel and at the end my mother stood with open arms outstretched. I knew I felt only love and peace. How sweet it would be to go to her. Yet, I had to tell her, 'Not yet. I have to finish my tasks on earth. To be with my family. I will be back later.' And it was hard to turn around.
Came back for family.

541. Clark NDE 1/16/2005. NDE 2110. I have had five flat-lines, and about fifty respiratory arrests. So there are many different experiences.
Short description of experience, but general knowledge imparted on this one.