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430. Vivian NDE 6/13/2004. NDE 975. On one of these occasions, I guess I lost consciousness when I got out of bed and stood up - all I know is that suddenly I was in a very long, dark tunnel moving very rapidly toward a very large, bright light that radiated love. I could hear beautiful, high-pitched wind chimes, and I could hear angels singing; legions of angels. They were singing the Doxology. The light was Christ, and I was fully aware of that at the time. I experienced a life review in the tunnel which showed me experiences in my life where I had expressed unconditional love and giving toward others - and they were things I had done that were seemingly so small and inconsequential at the time that they were forgotten.
A woman who was not Christian at the time, experienced Jesus.

429. Jerry W NDE 6/13/2004. NDE 985. Then I was suddenly near the roof of my room gazing down on my body with total disregard. There was no fear, pain, or feelings to speak of at all, except a sort of surprise or wonder. Then I recognized me. But I remember not really caring one way or the other. In the next instant, I was somewhere entirely different. I seemed to be suspended in space if you can imagine - with my back against a wall - or actually a perfectly parallel plane that went everywhere.
Father who came back for his daughters.

428. CS NDE 6/13/2004. NDE 984. Then I noticed that surrounding the doctors were more people. They were extraordinarily tall. They were wearing white, and they were very 'shiny'; they emanated light. Their faces were kind, and loving. I perceived that they were not beings from this realm; I knew that they were watching over me. I believe that they appeared to me (or I perceived them) in a form that I would understand at the time. They seemed to be 'angels'. My family was religious and an angel was a type of being I would understand. I do not know if what I experienced happened today if I would perceive them in the same form.
5 year old died from abuse.

427. Charlene K NDE 6/13/2004. NDE 983. My sister and I got real quiet. It seemed like I was going to sleep. I couldn't hear my sister any more. Then as I felt like I was going to go to sleep, I saw a light, like a light from a candle. Then there was a lady there, she put her finger to her lips and said, 'Shhh child it will be alright.' She had long brown hair and soft eyes. When I started to cry she said, 'No, you must be still, your mommy is coming.' Just about that time the door opened, I knew it was opened because I could feel a cool wind on my face.
Child suffocation from being in locked in a refrigerator with her sister.

426. Ely L NDE 6/13/2004. NDE 987. I went over to release the line so they could right it again, but I got caught in some lines and the boat kept going over. I couldn't get loose and I couldn't hold my breath any longer so I just gave up. All of a sudden a peace came over me and I was outside the boat looking towards my son.
The beginnings of a NDE from drowning.

425. Catherine M NDE 6/13/2004. NDE 980. Then a male voice said, 'Your baby needs you.' I looked around, noticing for the first time the gray, swirling mist that I've come to call love. Such incredible love exists, more than we can imagine. I wanted to see the person behind the voice, who said again, with more emphasis now, 'Your baby needs you.'
Mother came back for child.

424. Judith E NDE 6/13/2004. NDE 979. I just felt very light and peaceful - and curious. I felt as if I was in a recliner heading forward as if the gradient was similar to a plane taking off. I wasn't going straight up but I was going up and forward. It was dark, but not totally black. It was more like a gray misty color, rather like a fog. At the same time, I felt as if I wasn't in the room anymore and was traveling along to somewhere and alone, a noise was part of the sensation. I couldn't hear the doctor or nurse talk or see them. It was just me. As I was going to say, at the exact same time I left and started to move through what was like space, a very strange noise was there. It was like a ZHOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM. It seemed to last a long time in a way, but I know it really didn't. I suddenly saw something I recognized - a circle of white clouds with a circle of blue sky in the middle.
She experienced the early part of a NDE.

423. Joey Son NDE 6/13/2004. Secondhand NDE 978. From Germany My son went into insulin shock while sleeping and woke up trying to speak but he couldn't. He said afterward, he was invisible and could see himself, my wife, and me as we tried to help him. This has happened twice while he was sleeping and he always says the same thing. That he could see himself. Well the first time he said he saw a monster barking at him but that was exactly the sound he was making during his fit. My son is very closed mouth about what happened to him and will not describe it any further than to say he goes invisible. When I asked him if he could see himself he said, 'Yes.'
The OBE stage of the NDE from a 5 year old.

422. Glenda H NDE 6/10/2004. NDE 981. I traveled in darkness and sadness until I found light and comfort. A being was sitting on a throne and asked me to sit next to him. (Yes, it was a man.) Before I sat down, I saw others who were behind him. I asked, 'Who are they? My angels? Oh, am I an angel too?' I was told, 'Not at this time, soon you will be.' I could hear the voices saying, 'We'll miss you, remember you, and also wait for you.' Somehow, I knew that though.
Teenage NDE from carbon monoxide poisoning.

421. Lori M NDE-Like 5/23/2004. NDE-Like 967. From Canada With a flash of the most intense white light, I found myself standing before the Source. I hesitate to explain my experience at this point, as it seems to me that that part of an NDE is very individual and personal. I will suffice to say that the Source was a geodesic orb, which emanated all I sensed, felt, etc. and that there were other entities present. I was told to turn and look at what I was leaving and where I was going, in order to make a good decision. In other words, is this what I really wanted, or did I just want the pain to end?
She didn't actually die, but had a near death like experience with amazing physical changes when she returned to her body.

420. Conan NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 20422. I remember hearing voices and seeing a crowd of people huddled around my passed out body. I might have been thinking something along the lines of 'oh crap' during the experience, but it's been awhile and my memory is fuzzy. I do remember after the event attempting to remember details, but having trouble focusing onto anything real specific (during the OBE, I wasn't thinking about looking for details; not even sure if I was thinking at all, rather than merely experiencing). I then finally came-to (i.e. woke up from what I guess was an unconscious state - don't remember if there was still a crowd of people around me), and a friend helped me to the nurse's office.
Originally submitted from the website but qualifies as a NDE because he went unconscious from the blow.

419. Maggie S NDE 5/25/2004. NDE 971. I did not want to die, but I knew I could not bear the pain anymore. Then it seemed I was transported somewhere else - I don't remember any white lights or tunnels, nothing like that. But there was a great meadow of green grass and flowers, flowers in pink and purple and yellow. My mother was to the right near a bench, something like a park bench where one might sit to rest, and she was planting large plants beside the bench at the end of it. I think the flowers were orange tiger lilies. I tried to get her to look at me, but she would not. I called her and called her, and she paid no attention to me whatsoever. It was as if she could not see me or hear me. That made me feel so peaceful for some reason. So I moved on.
This is an interesting account in that it looks like a NDE, but may have some additional integrated remembrances that are pain-related.

418. Nadir M NDE 5/23/2004. NDE 964. From Saudi Arabia. Original in Arabic translated by Shaza. Then I saw something like a fantasy. I looked behind, I saw the lamb of the street, and I was going to it very quickly. I entered the car quickly, and then the story began. I felt that I am so tall, with no weight, out of control. I saw everything of my past life, since my birth. I saw it as if I watch it, then everything disappeared. I was walking, but the step in a width of ten steps. When I turned my face to left or right, I saw persons; some of them observing me, the others were looking at me as if they are waiting for something from me. Others were looking at each other. I saw many people whom I had mistreated or hurt, they were looking at me as if they wanted to take revenge. Then I stopped without my wish, as if there was a sign of compulsory (STOP), though there is a long road to another world in front of me.

417. Nina H NDE 5/23/2004. NDE 245. I found myself in an ethereal place of light. Safe. Not warm, nor cold, just safe. I am not in my body and down there in a little circle in this place but not of this place there is the world with color and my mother's and the doctor's faces are in the little circle, looking at me, so worried. I feel immense love and compassion for my mother who suffers and looks like she is losing me. The doctor looks as if in pain. Even though I am above them, I can see their faces looking at me. I absolutely know what is going on.
Child NDE from the chicken pox.

416. Fatima A NDE 10/29/2002. NDE 10078. From Sudan. Original in Arabic, translated by Shaza. I went to the gate which my cousin pointed to me, it was very big gate with a big high beautiful door, with glittering golden hands like the big gates in the historical films but more beautiful. There were two huge guards, they were holding spears, the spears are crossed, the legs of those guards are so huge like a building size, I was so small running between their legs trying to enter to be with my cousin. I heard the door opened dragging across the ground with a high sound. I tried to enter, but they forbade me, by putting the crossing spears in front of my face.
Our first Arabic NDE with Remises like guardians of the gate!

415. Claire NDE 5/15/2004. NDE 935. From France I started to feel anguished. I did not know where I was going but if I lowered my head, I could not see anything. I had the feeling of floating. I was afraid and the more I went forward the more the light became big and hot. Then, without seeing anything, I heard a small voice telling me, 'Don't be afraid, keep you floating.' And I think I saw my grandmother and I felt well, there. Then I heard a voice telling me, 'You do not have anything to do here today.' Just at this moment, I said, 'MY BABY!' and I felt as if I was thrown against a wall.
NDE during childbirth.

414. Phillip S NDE 5/6/2004. NDE 961. God asked me: How did you serve your fellow man? I told him that I did not know. Just then my soul filled with my entire past, and almost instantly it was over. My whole life was looked at and through, and my whole life was judged in an instant. God then told me that I had been judged justly and that I was welcomed into his kingdom of heaven, but that it was not my time to leave the human existence. He stated also since I was here already, he would not force me to leave. He told me that if I should leave, after experiencing such a thing, I would only go back to a world where the pain would now magnify.
Amazing experience for anyone, but he's still a teenager!

413. Monica M NDE 5/6/2004. NDE 960. Then suddenly I was grabbed up and felt myself go into what was like a waiting room. It was peaceful and I loved it. I wanted to stay. I had an overview of my life, who I should be with and whom I shouldn't, what life was and a taste of it I guess is a way to put it. I only remember a feeling of it now but at the time, I know it was beautiful. I also remember hearing prayers from my family. I remember some of their thoughts and fears too. I remember them being told that I was down way too long and I was, as I put it now, MUSH. They need to let me go. Then I remember prayers.
Complications from diabetes.

412. Joni H NDE 5/6/2004. NDE 962. There were no tunnels or sense of being transported - just there, above me was an indescribably WHITE wing. It had no beginning and no end. I could see the feathers in great detail. There were two voices, but they were not speaking directly to me, but to each other, it went as follows: 'We are going to give her, her new name.' The other voice replied, 'But it hasn't been three days yet.' The first voice said back, 'But we are going to give her, her new name anyway.'
NDE from drug overdose

411. Frank G NDE 12/14/2003. NDE 20412. The very next instant I am sitting in a meadow. Everything seems perfect - the grass, the sky, my being there - it seems like I belong there and I am not surprised to be there, it just seems very natural. I do not remember that I drowned or anything about the life I just left. Being there seems to be all there is. There is no sense of past or future, just NOW. After a while, I see someone far off in the distance. He is too far away for me to see his face, but it seems like I know him. In a way, he seems to be ME. He said, 'Are you ready?'
Adult drowning incident.

410. Wade R NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 20417. From Canada I drowned when I was fourteen years old. According to the witnesses and paramedics, I was clinically dead for over fourteen minutes. I saw myself dead as I was looking down at my body and being joined by other spiritual beings. What happened after that is very difficult to put into words. Words just cannot describe what I saw and felt. I was told it was not my time. I was allowed to see so much. And then I was returned to my body.
Teenage drowning incident.

409. Randi S NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 952. I could feel myself moving, but I knew it wasn't on the table any longer. There were thousands of colors in front of me. It looked like I was watching the Aurora Borealis. Then as if one of the rainbows of colors saw me, it came right at me and lifted me. I could feel myself moving along the rainbow as if it was solid, kind of like on an escalator, except I was sitting down. I was watching the colors as I rode along the rainbow, and then, as if it was a wave, one of the colors hit me. I was immediately awash with an emotion, the emotion was the only emotion that I could feel, and then it was quickly replaced by another as I kept getting hit by the colors that were pure emotion. I felt pure anger, absolute love, jealousy, fear, happiness, and others that I cannot name. I was totally immersed within that emotion until another one ran into and through me. I was becoming part of the rainbow. I knew that I was dead, but I didn't know what to do.
Teenager with spinal meningitis. Miracle recovery with no trace of spinal meningitis after the experience.

408. Edna C NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 957. From Canada Then a man spoke to me from behind. He asked me three times why I wanted to die. My three youngest children were aged eleven, thirteen and fourteen. So my first response was, my children. He replied that it was not a good enough reason. Then he showed me what would happen to the children if I did not go back. He said that I had provided wisely for my children in case something should ever happen to me. They would be adopted and raised by a family from the Blood Indian reserve. They would adjust, be well educated and do very well. Then he said, 'Now, why do you want to live?'
This is the first NDE where wanting to come back for children was not a good enough reason! Usually this is one of the big reasons for returning to earth.

407. Wilfred B NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 949. I felt myself come back down and I was steering the motorcycle through the last mail box, when I knew the bike was about to fall over. I took it on faith that I should just leap forwards off of it, and though I hadn't had time to mull it all over, I knew that because of what I had been experiencing, I would be fine by jumping away from the crash. I sprung up into the air at about a thirty-degree angle and sprawled my body with hands spread out in front and legs fully extended away from my waist. While shooting through the air, my instinct was to look up and to my right, and I saw three of the others that I had seen earlier. One face at a time with each in its own 'cloud' like enclosure. They seemed to be concentrating on me, and apparently helped finish the process of keeping me alive and not hurt nearly as badly as I could have been.
Motorcycle accident where he experienced a dimensional shift to avoid being killed.

406. Dan T NDE 12/14/2003. NDE 20410. I died for about three or four minutes eleven years ago and entered this other dimension that I took as being Heaven, certainly an afterlife. It was really beautiful, with gardens and fountains and small, countryside hills. The people appeared in Greek or Roman dress, very comfortable with white robes and sandal type shoes. A pocket of females was conversing near a majestic water fountain that also displayed Greek decor, with Seraphim, ivy and fruit. I didn't know what to do or say, so I just stood there and looked at them. A gorgeous blonde haired one lifted her head my way and the others turned to greet me with very warm smiles. Then a man walking down a brick path to my left suddenly appeared waving his arms to the group of women calling to them, 'No! Do not speak to him, it is not his time.'
This NDE comes from our OBERF website

405. Bernie N NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 951. I remember being transported from Sandusky Michigan via ambulance to the hospital. I am not sure that I remember the arrival at Lapeer, only the departure from Sandusky. I found myself in a dark void. Total blackness. No boundaries, nothing to touch, nothing to see, nothing to smell, nothing to taste. I was totally separated from all creation. There was no floating sensation, yet there was nothing solid around, above or below me, that I could see or touch. There was nothing there except me. Alone in the dark. I could think clearly, there was just nothing to interact with. No joy, no happiness, no fear, no sadness -- just empty, alone.
Frightening NDE with a void.

404. Lavette H NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 945. I was amazed at how much more real and vibrant the colors and light around me were. This is real and that body there was just a coat I had been wearing. It felt good to be out of it. I felt free from pain, confusion and all the heaviness of the weight of life on one's shoulders. My entire perspective on life was changing as fast as I could think. As I was basking in the wonder of it all at the same time the one who pushed me in jumped in to get me. I watched as she pulled the body to the top of the water. As fast as my self came out of the body, it went back in and I was instantly very angry about it.
Teenage drowning NDE.

403. James M NDE 5/17/2014. NDE 30595. I had a massive heart attack and was admitted to a cardiac intensive car unit. Upon regaining consciousness, I observed hospital staff at the end of my bed and my wife seated in the corner of the room. I determined I was in serious condition and made a decision to go peacefully. The wall facing me took on a mosaic appearance of field stone in pastel colors. The mouth of a tunnel was being drawn in the middle of the wall and I was floating towards its portal. I felt warm and comfortable. A bright white light appeared. I audibly said "Good-bye" to my wife who admonished me and I was forcibly returned to my bed.
Contributed from our ADCRF website He describes both, an ADC and his NDE.

402. Darren G NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 958. At the moment that my heart stopped I rose above my body and kept going. I saw clouds and then my deceased father of maybe two years. He told me to go back. It wasn't my turn. I had things to do. So, I did and nothing has been the same. I don't know if I have completed what he wanted but I am lost.
Very brief NDE.

401. Scott A NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 947. The ocean was not water but fire, in the shape and appearance of water. It seemed to me that this tide was coming in. I stared at this in bewilderment, hence finding out I could not speak let alone cry out, my mind was frantic. Then to my right I noticed that there was someone moving freely, not walking but just appearing in front of some of the people there. I had noticed this person from a long way off as he seemed very small, just an silhouette, then he was in front of me. He had a kind face; grey robes; a grey head scarf like that worn by Muslims; and a whitish grey beard. He uttered no words for I did not see his mouth move, but he 'said', 'You do not belong here.' And the next instant I was flying at quite some height over the fire sea and then I awoke to find the whole school surrounding me.
Teenage experience where he passed out from lack of air.

400. Bard M NDE 4/24/2004. NDE 944. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy Being out of my body: No, but I had the impression to be lying on something lukewarm and very flexible, (my mattress?) Maybe a feeling of floating? At any rate, I was in this 'stretched position'. I watched the scene uninvolved, that took place some 55 yards away from me, under no circumstances I felt a sensation of fear nor any emotion whatsoever, I was in peace, completely inaccessible, a simple observer.

399. Pam A NDE 4/20/2004. NDE 934. From Belgium. Original in French, translated by Régine Then I met Christ himself. I recognized him straightaway. I understood he wanted me to go back to earth but I didn’t want to do so. But he told me it was not the time for me and that we’ll see each other again pretty soon. I’m very attached to my family but at this moment this had absolutely no importance at all. I had no opportunity at all to take contact with earth or people living on earth. And I was not anymore interested in doing so.

398. Maria N NDE 11/6/2003. NDE 20384. The best experience was that I was able to experience calmness, warmth, love, peacefulness that I will never feel in this world, all the sadness was gone, my insecurity and my emptiness. I heard a strong and vibrant male voice commanding me to go back that this was not my time. I replied to that voice that I wanted to remain where I was, I did not wanted to go back, he commanded me approximately three times to go back now.
NDE from Surgery complications

397. Jo D NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 923. Even the store’s were crowded with colors, every can, product showing it’s true color of content of vibrations. I visited temples of Light within the great mountains of earth. I saw Mother Theresa within a church as a young girl, beautiful with dark long hair in a wedding gown. The church was lit with beautiful golden candles and she was being wed to the Holy Spirit. Becoming more as a great Mother of heaven. I was then taken by her fire and was blinded by the Light for an entire night. There is much more to share in time. But, my greatest joy is for all to understand they are never alone, the great saints, Masters, and angels are present. Rejoice in the day, the sky, the stars, the rivers running to meet the great and vast oceans of the Divine Mother.
NDE from allergic reaction.

396. David J NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 922. Some time passed and eventually I found myself in a bright tunnel travelling very fast. I was at least vaguely aware of the NDE phenomenon so I realized I must be dying. At first, I was upset, realizing that I had succeeded and starting worrying about the people left behind. As I travelled down the tunnel, I felt these fears stripped away from me one by one. Eventually the tunnel let out onto a platform with a marble floor. There were various people milling about in grey hooded robes. One of them came up to me and introduced himself as my guided. The architecture of the place I was very Greek in style with columns and such. I don't believe it was heaven OR hell.
NDE from suicide attempt.

395. Keith P NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 936. The thing I most remember is the feeling it was like a very gentle very warm wind was on my back pushing me, it also felt like I was enveloped in a feeling of total peace, love, and contentment, a feeling I can only describe as Heaven. In the initial moments I got the impression of others standing around me much like you would experience in a crowded bar but that quickly faded. I remember looking through the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom and down the hall and seeing my wife in the dining area, where we had the computer desk, she was on-line and in a chat room. I then remember her getting up and coming my way and walking directly through me. I was out of the bathroom and in the bedroom at this time.
Didn't realize he wasn't solid until his wife walked through him.

394. Frieda NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 929. The pain was gone, and I was no longer cold but the perfect temperature; pain free as I had never felt it before. All I heard was a sound that sounded like blood rushing through my ears while I was in a perfectly quiet dark place (womblike). Then I felt as though I was floating (as if on one of those moving walkways in airports) but much quicker and smoother. I was surrounded by darkness but suddenly I was headed towards a bright light (just like the light at the dentist's office but bigger and brighter and more all-encompassing). I felt no fear, I had no opinions about it one way or another, but as I got closer to it I realized that I didn't want to go there yet and I turned away from it and just as swiftly was surrounded by the darkness again.
NDE from an ectopic pregnancy.

393. Connie J NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 920. I don't really remember a light, I do remember someone coming towards me, a human but I couldn't or don't remember seeing a face. I do remember hearing children playing close by. It was a lovely feeling of everything being good and right there, there was no animosity, there was no hatred, I had a total understanding of why I was on earth and who I was. I wasn't there long and someone told me I had to go back, it wasn't my time yet. I argued that I didn't want to leave but before I could get my argument out I was already on my way back.
NDE from car accident

392. Louis B NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 924. I was in a car accident, where my ribs were broken just before I died. As I slipped from my body, I was standing all of a sudden in an area filled with red and green flowers. Off a little way was a building and a man standing there. He told me to go to the window. I was amazed and confused about where I was; and wondering how I got there from just being in a car wreck a minute ago. I went to the window and they told me it's not my time and to go back. I went back to where I was standing when I first got there. The next thing I knew I was in the car accident again, back in pain once again.
NDE from car accident

391. John B NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 921. At that moment, I realized that it really was me down there in my blue shirt and jeans, lying in the middle of route thirty-one. My beautiful metallic blue Schwinn five-speed was mangled. :-( A few seconds later (judging by the activity I was seeing) I wondered how I could be up here and down there at the same time. Then a few seconds later I was 'sucked,' for lack of a better word, back into my body.
Teenager bicycle accident.

390. Paula B NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 937. I fainted while reaching for a towel. I saw several rings of light. The center ring had my father's face in it and he was smiling. The outer ring had my older brother Tony in the lower left and he was happy to see me. Tony was the same age as he was when he died. My upper left ring (outside of Tony's) was someone else; but I was concentrating on my father's face who was smiling at me as if I was being silly. I felt a great amount of love and peace at the time and wanted to go with him. I felt a pulling forward motion sort of feeling as well.
NDE from hemorrhage with miscarriage.

389. Fastan NDE 12/14/2003. NDE 20391. I remember the intense feeling I get when I lose consciousness (pressure in the chest and head). Then it was black. After that, I saw myself being lost in a kind of dark-brown cave; I was dressed in a white long-sleeve dress (very old-fashioned). There were about five doors or exits in this cave - three ahead of me and two behind me. A male voice was telling me to choose either one of the three doors in front of me, and that I should definitely not take one of the two other doors. After following his advice I started gaining consciousness.
NDE from heart attack.

388. Marie J NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 938. From France I was bathing in the ocean when suddenly I got trapped in a roller. The year before, I had almost drowned because I panicked. So this time I said to myself, ‘Not today, so I will just wait and, above all, not panic.’ I didn’t have to wait very long before I found myself in another universe. First, I was in a place where there is nothing but blackness. Then, I felt and saw my life passing by (I think so, it was so fast I cannot be certain, but I had this feeling that it was my life. Past or future I cannot tell.)
NDE from drowning.

387. Bouillot NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 939. From France. Original in French - translated by Rene. I fell into the river at the foot of a bridge. It was in summer and I had boots on. I couldn't swim. After a short panic underwater, I no longer felt my body and started to experience a feeling of happiness. In a moment that seemed very short to me, I reviewed the happy events of the life I had led. Then I was floating in a white light. Next, I had the feeling that I was asked very gently to make a choice between living or not living. I experienced that state of weightlessness as very pleasant. Then I regained consciousness because someone had dived in the water and had gotten me out. On the bank of the river I felt very cold.
NDE from drowning.

386. Tine NDE 3/21/2004. NDE 940. From Belgium. Original in Dutch - translated by Rene. First I heard and saw nothing anymore, then I seemed to be looking from the top of the room at my own body. I saw the doctors and the nurses fighting for my life. I heard what they said and I saw myself. I had a warm feeling and then I entered a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a bright warm white vibrating light it was beautiful and it gave me a very calm and reassuring feeling. I wanted to go to the light and I floated towards it. The warm feeling became more and more pleasant as I came closer to the light. Suddenly I felt again the pain of the accident, I was furious that the doctors had brought me back.

385. Cinthia NDE 2/24/2004. NDE 910. From Netherlands. Original in Dutch - translated by Bas De Kort. This is difficult to explain. I experienced deep calmness, just as if I was somewhere else. It was earth, but also not. On the one hand it did frighten me, but on the other hand it did not, because it just felt good. I remember that I had conversations, but I cannot recall with whom. I wanted to stay here, because my life on earth was not so precious to me anymore -- here I had found peace. I had to come back and finish things off. I was promised that I would experience more prosperous times, but I did not want to go back and was angry with 'them'.

384. Guittard NDE 2/24/2004. NDE 906. From Switzerland. Original in French - translated by Johanne. Then, an incredible well-being, I felt lightness, happiness, my body felt like cotton wool, I was only love and here words are too weak, there are none in the dictionary which can describe this moment of intense ecstasy. Meanwhile, my whole life was flash
Two children drowning, with two different experiences.

383. Ron A NDE 2/20/2004. NDE 916. They led me up into a bright cloud (it was just like driving or flying through a cloud, if you ever done that) and there was no sound or wind. The whole trip seemed like ten seconds. When we emerged from the cloud I could see five people standing in the distance. As we moved closer I could see more clearly who it was, it was my family that lived in heaven, they were all very happy to see me again and there was one man I did not know, so I greeted them from left to right. It was like a family reunion at Christmas time, but much better.
Child drowning NDE and an unusual UFO encounter in the same year.

382. Vadra P NDE 2/20/2004. NDE 913. I didn't go through any tunnels or anything like that but all of a sudden I was in the most beautiful place that I had ever seen, and I felt like I was really there. The grass was so very green and the trees were more beautiful than I had ever seen. I was happier and more free then I have ever felt (to this day I have never felt like that again). It was wonderful and peaceful. The smell of the air was a freshness that I cannot explain. I could move from one place to another in a blink of an eye and everywhere I went was different but just as beautiful. I could actually fly. It just took a thought and off I would go. I felt as though I was in a very familiar place and was afraid of nothing.
NDE from criminal attack.

381. Barbara H NDE 2/20/2004. NDE 912. I remember a lot of whispering. The tallest in the middle has 'his' head bent toward a person whispering in his ear who I view on his left. I remember at that point thinking, 'Oh, boy this is it.' I then proceeded to 'recall' all the supposedly bad things I had done in my life. Then all at once, they all looked in my direction as if realizing that I knew they were there and I was now conscious. Then all of a sudden, I got a rush of warmth and love. I cannot describe this to you, when you fall in love there is this feeling, it's nothing compared to really honestly physically feeling love the way I felt it from them. I was like awed.
NDE from a car accident with the most vivid event being the life review.

380. John Ma NDE 2/20/2004. NDE 917. Then I went through an almost indescribable experience. I was on a gurney being wheeled up to what looked like a round doorway in a medieval cathedral. Around the doorframe were purple flowers. I thought this was a game show. Somehow, I knew that I had a hand in making this happen. A man dressed in a tuxedo and tails spoke to me. He told me not to worry. Everything was going to be okay. 'Mark,' he said, 'soon your troubles, fears, and worry will be over. Just relax.' The gurney was moving toward the doorway. (Before the operation, I was slightly down due to my depression. I had prayed to God that I was ready to be taken.) Everything calmed down until I began to sense that the man was not a friendly character. Rather, he was a con man feeding me a line. Suddenly I put two and two together and realized that the man represented death.
NDE from surgery complications. The imagery is dream-like which may mean his blood pressure was not quite low enough to "die." Came back for his children.

379. Marilyn Y NDE 2/20/2004. NDE 909. I went into anaphylactic shock. I passed out while emergency medical technicians carried me down the stairs. I can't explain because it was a golden light so bright, with a group of people all sizes. I couldn't see faces or can't remember them. But I felt welcome.
Amazing! She had a NDE and reported it promptly to NDERF! She hasn't had time to process or integrate the experience yet- usually takes seven years.

378. Achess NDE 2/14/2004. NDE 893. From Korea. Original in Korean, translated to English by Lua. Then I found myself fainted, but from the viewpoint of the third person, like I was watching a game. I saw many people rubbing down my body. The image of my body is a little bit different but I still recognized myself. And then, I don’t know what happened but I was inside my body again. I was awake, but was still groggy. I remembered that I tried to wake up knowing that I had gone far away. At that moment, my body lurched and fainted. I could feel that I am going far away of myself – again.
He fainted and woke up several times, but once he had an OBE.

376. Aubaud V NDE 4/6/2003 & 2/7/2004. NDE 898/1118. From France Original in French translated by Johanne & Marguy I was in an ambulance and had nausea and the motion of the vehicle was uncomfortable. I asked them to slow down. Then there was a light in my right eye as a doctor was performing an auscultation. He said 'She has a ruptured aneurysm and is in a coma.' For a moment I was aware of the noise coming from the marketplace. People usually start arranging the stall around 4 o’clock in the morning. Then two nurses came in and lifted me up. I felt like vomiting but could not. I was cold, had a headache and was totally dazed.
Aneurism NDE.

375. Phillip B NDE 10/6/2003. NDE 12003. I had mine when young, maybe 8 yrs old. I don't remember all to well but, Dad was teaching me to swim, in the pond on the farm, something happened and I went under, I left my body, and was above it, and back some, and could see myself wondering why, I guess. Everything was green, except there was a big white light over my right shoulder, behind me some. When I was removed from my body, there was a feeling of great rest, or indescribable feeling, peaceful beyond words. Then all of a sudden I felt like I was pulled threw a pipe, back to my body and out of the water. Dad said I had came up for the third time when he was (just) lucky enough to grab me. Dad was very upset, and took me to get swimming lessons from then on. I will add a personnel note to you. I think this experience helped me get through Viet Nam, because I had no fear of getting killed, except one, leaving my family behind. I did about buy the farm a number of times. Lost 13 buddies one night within 100 feet of me. Life is really great however and I want to live to be 100 plus, just to see the families grow.
Child drowning NDE. Short but very much a NDE with all the after-effects.

373. Meg A NDE 1/26/2004. NDE 903. From the UK This NDE is among the most graphic and frightening NDE we have encountered. It is disturbing in several aspects, thus as a service to our readers, we believe some additional comments from our perspective would be appropriate. The individual submitting this experience authorized publication of this experience, but did not provide any contact information, thus we are unable to share our comments on her experience with her prior to posting them. If she contacts us with any comments on the following, we will be sure to post them, if she is agreeable.
Introduction to Frightening NDEs provided by Dr. Jeff Long to help readers to place this NDE into prospective. For readers who are disturbed about this, in addition to Dr. Jeff's comments, I would recommend a dialogue with Rev. John Price http://www.nder

372. Dot NDE 1/26/2004. NDE 904. In 1987, during the birth of my son by a student doctor, my heart rate dropped to 46. I then went into a tunnel, like the universe. There are dark shadows and it smells like sin, evil, and awfulness. A light is in the distance, I'm getting closer. ‘Oh good, soon I will be safely out of this stench’, I say to myself. Then I'm in front of a table. A higher power is there in front of me. I am a light entity. Around me are more light entities. There are also dark entities around me. I don't like them.
This is very interesting in that it is rather similar to Meg A's NDE (above), only she didn't go to the dark side. I'll bet the smell was similar.

371. Brian N NDE 1/24/2004. NDE 902. From Canada My life flashing before my eyes, only the good things in my life not the bad. I remember the instant I hit the ground, then a warmth came over me. I was in a light so brilliant and warm, I was surrounded with a sense of well-being. I have no words in my vocabulary to describe the feeling encompassing me. I went into the light and then my grandfather was with me holding my hand. My grandfather died a few years earlier and now I was with him holding hands.
Teenage NDE from climbing accident.

370. Nellie L NDE 1/24/2004. NDE 899. In perhaps a count of three I was at the light and I was stopped at a barrier. I looked at the light and I experienced an overwhelming flood of peace, joy, and unconditional love. I knew that God was behind that light, and there with Him was everything we could imagine - beautiful, good, just, merciful, and righteous, in a far greater measure than the human mind can conceive. Even after so many years, I do not have words to describe this adequately. I wanted nothing more than to step over that barrier and go through the light to where God was. I said, 'Oh, yes, please...' But it was not to be. A man's voice came from nowhere and said, 'Go back. It isn't time.'
NDE from child-birth complications.

369. Lorraine I NDE 1/24/2004. NDE 900. From the UK I then entered some other dimension and was greeted by people who I feel were my relatives or at least were absolutely overjoyed to see me and greeted me with overwhelming love. I have a split second recollection of being then surrounded by the most beautiful living light, which breathed and surrounded me with unimaginable love. I was told I had to return and this caused me terrible emotional pain to have to go back to my life and that room again. In order to give me strength, I was shown my future, from the point of return, all through my entire life.
Child NDE from criminal attack.

368. Nancy H NDE 1/18/2004. NDE 897. I started noticing little points of light whizzing past me (or I past them). I don't know what they were but they looked like stars in the night sky. It seemed that I was traveling at the speed of light, although I can't say what I base that on. Very suddenly, I stopped traveling. I had been looking downward the whole time and so I can't say if I was traveling toward a light or not, but when I looked up I was on the beginning fringes of the most beautiful GOLDEN LIGHT. I know others talk of a white light, but the light I experienced was very golden. The light had little sparkles in it like glitter and when the light passed through me, it had intelligence and emotion. It filled me with unconditional pure, pure love and intense peacefulness.
NDE from nitrous oxide overdose in the dentist's chair.

367. Rhonda H NDE 1/18/2004. NDE 896. Suddenly, the light got intensely bright and I felt an indescribable warmth. A comforting warmth. When we reached the light, we were on a hill, overlooking what looked like a wheat field. People were coming up the hill, toward where we were. They wore robes of varying colors. I sensed they were at peace. No expression, just peace. I came away feeling that must be total contentment. Jesus sat down under a very large tree and they all knelt down in front of Him.
NDE with Jesus.

366. Vicki S NDE 1/18/2004. NDE 892. From New Zealand I remember the sensation of falling and hitting the ground. The next sensation was of 'seeing' myself as a crumpled body below me on the floor. A split second later, I was 'back in my body' but aware that this body was in some sort of spasm from the neck down - I had no feeling in my body even though I could see my limbs flailing about. I could move my eyes voluntarily but nothing else. At that moment, I was conscious of a disjunction between my body and my mind/soul. It was as if the normal state of seamless synchronization had been broken and had exposed the two distinct constituents of my being.
The beginning of the OBE phase of the NDE

365. Hans V NDE 1/17/2004. NDE 894. From Canada During this time, I felt me riding as a little boy on a beautiful merry-go-round, lovely organ music, beautiful white clothes. I was happy, smiling and laughing with all the other kids. We experienced total bliss. My other little friends were also decked out in white clothing - going around and around. A man got up, walked across to the handles of the machine which powered the merry-go-round and stopped it. He called out my name and asked me to get off the merry-go-round. I was so very sad. I cried, but I got off. He told me it was time to leave this.
NDE from a car accident where he was a little boy on a merry go round.

364. Juliet N NDE 8/20/2002. NDE 10077. MultiMedia The best way I can describe the transition from being ‘alive’ on the physical plane and the passage to the Other Side is like passing from one ‘room’ to another. You do not cease to be or lose consciousness; your consciousness simply shifts from one vantage point to another. The experience changes; your outlook changes; your feelings change. And the feelings I experienced were profound. For me, it most certainly became that peace that surpasses all understanding…My transition was gradual as a result of having a terminal disease—as opposed to a sudden one incurred from accidents, heart attacks, etc. I became aware of a ‘Being of Light’ enveloping me. Everything was stunningly beautiful--so vibrant and luminous…and so full of life—yes, life! --in ways that one would never see or experience on the physical plane. I was totally and completely enveloped in divine Love. It was unconditional love…in the truest sense of the word. I was in constant communion with this Light and always aware of its loving presence with me at all times. Consequently, there was no sense of fear whatsoever…and I was never alone. This was a special opportunity to experience being at one with the ALL—never separate…and never at a loss.
Wow! Reader's and Listeners will really enjoy this one!

363. Stefan NDE 1/14/2004. NDE 877. From Sweden Original in Swedish. Translated by Lisa M. Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me saying, 'Stefan, it's not your time yet.' I didn't see any being of light or anything like that - I just knew there was someone there. I accepted this immediately, and then asked how I could get back to earth. The voice/being then pointed to earth and said I should dive into the water, and then I'd come up on the other side. I saw the earth before me and started diving with my headfirst. During the dive, I experienced the water and noticed I was on my way up to the surface. I came up on a shore and felt born anew, happy, blissful, and redeemed.
Started as a dream, but woke up gasping for air.

362. Van L NDE 1/11/2004. NDE 871. From Belgium Translated by Bas de Kort Came into a beautiful garden with soft colors; A park in perfect harmony with a blue sky; Summer-like spring; Beautiful building, kind of monastery; Beautiful hall-way with huge chandeliers; At the end of the hall-way a strong yet soft light; While entering the building I was stopped by three close, yet deceased, relatives; I spoke to the three of them; The last one told me that it was too early to enter; Then came back to the world with beautiful visions.
NDE from car accident.

361. Choi NDE 7/16/2003. NDE 12008. From Korea Translated by Gungil One of my friends choked my neck during a game. I didn’t want to surrender so I endured for a while and then I fainted. At the moment, I felt very good. After a few minutes I couldn't open my eyes because the light was too shining. I even felt sore in my eyes of that shining and I felt everything was in the color of white. After a while, my eyes were adapted to the light again and I could see. I was in the ground a few far from the hall. There was no body and no sound. I felt still.
NDE as a child

360. Sharlene B NDE 1/11/2004. NDE 888. From Canada The pain remained excruciating but suddenly I didn't feel afraid. My surroundings were pink and all of a sudden, I heard my mother's voice behind me (I never saw her - she passed away in March 1992). She told me that it wasn't my time yet and that I was to go back for my sons.
NDE from heart attack.

359. Kay M NDE 1/11/2004. NDE 889. The next thing I remember is being in a void. Then all around me almost as if I were one with them, were colors. More than are here on earth and a feeling of peace. I felt like I was surrounded by love, comfort and peace. I also heard music but not like we hear it here. It seemed as one with the colors. I felt like I understood this all and wanted to stay. Then a sad feeling and I opened my eyes to my friends staring with very worried looks on their faces. They said it had taken a long time for me to wake up. It felt like only a few minutes to me.
Childhood prank led to this NDE.

358. Nigel M NDE 1/2/2004. NDE 880. From New Zealand As soon as I had a self-centered thought or any other thought other than helping others, I was immediately thrown towards the outside of the huge revolving mass and had to struggle back towards the center. The outer edges of the mass were revolving with thousands of beings at a nauseatingly fast pace. As I got closer to the center, the pace slowed down and the energy of the beings became much lighter and less frantic.
Interesting newbie experience (happened 12/17/2003) with the level of compassion being the measuring stick for where he could go on the other side.

357. Kelley W NDE 1/2/2004. NDE 883. Everything went into slow motion during the attack and I "split in two" in that one part of me was conscious, the other was like a separate being, spiritual, but I knew it was my soul. After I was freed from the cage, I lost my ability to see anyone, just grey shadows on a sort of movie screen in front of me. People's feelings and fear (there were perhaps 20 to 30 people there) were palpable, and threatened to carry me away like a tide, if I gave into it. To the right, on that screen, was coolness and peace. To the left, the panic and pain of those around me. One half of me kept telling those around how to treat me (I'm a former EMT & I recognized my voice) the other was fighting the desire to turn toward the right as I believed that if I succumbed, the ranch would be in a lot of trouble and perhaps even sold.
4 separate NDEs, with one being a lioness attack! Profound wisdom on "hell," compassion, and suicide.

356. Tom S NDE 1/2/2004. NDE 884. I was (this is going to sound stupid) kind of told it isn't my time yet because I have a lot to do yet. At this time, my wife and I had one child, a boy, after all this and I was in a semi-private room, my wife told me we were going to have another baby. So it wasn't that I could or could not have gone further, something was pulling on me and it was up to me to go on or stop there, but not go back. I felt as if it was up to me. I think it was the love I have for my wife and son that stopped me, because I started to think of them.
The life review from this NDE caused some major changes in his life.

355. Anne L NDE 1/2/2004. NDE 885. From Canada Every time I came up for air, I was sucked down into the water. I was fighting very hard to get air, then after so many breaths of water, my body just went down and my spirit just snapped out of my body (I felt a definite jolt out). Then I was on my way out drifting upwards at a forty-five degree angle and I felt that I was wearing a long pale blue robe/dress, so long it covered my feet. The next thing I knew I was at the pool-side coughing and hacking and my mother was freaking out.
Drowning NDE