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138. Melanie SMR 8/5/2003. SMR 12010. I have an experience to share: First off, I have learned to relate and respect cluster groups; I have a memory from before I was born, and remember being a part of a "circle of souls" so interconnected and intertwined that we did not seem to think much of our own consciousness--then my consciousness developed awareness and I remember two beings giving me a "preview" of my life before I was to be sent to earth--they showed me something like a mirror or a curtain, offering pictures of the earth and showed me my parents and then told me there were certain lessons I needed to learn, though I certainly don't remember I've spoken to psychics, they have often commented seeing these two presences next to me...Now I am having a soul mate experience with someone who is afraid of commitment. It's very painful because he doesn't realize it yet, though I do--hopefully he'll come around...anyway, the interesting thing about this is that I remember him, its as though he's "come back"--its the most profound experience!

137. Arthur S NDE 6/20/2002. NDE 573. I was floating outside of my car looking down at myself, slouched over both driver seat and front passenger seat. What really makes me think I was dead for a short period is that everything visual was in reverse, just as you see it in the prints of film negatives. Everywhere that should have been black was white, and everything that should have been white was black. I was there, suspended in mid-air, seeing myself dead.
Although Arthur views his experience as an OBE, he was unconscious and described himself as ‘dead’ during the experience. There was a separation of consciousness apart from his body and the experience was lucid.

136. Billy D NDE 6/20/2002. NDE 579. Sometime during the operation, I awoke. However, while I could hear, I could not open my eyes or move. In fact, I felt quite different - kind of like a ball. It was dark and void. The only senses I was aware of were sound and a sense of being a small ball surrounding my intelligence. I was very conscious and could hear doctors and nurses talking.
This is a lucid, void experience, with separation of consciousness apart from the body and it occurred during a choking incident related to surgery. The experience falls within the definition of NDE, so is included in the experiences.

136. Billy D NDE 12/21/2005. NDE 10104. Sometime during the operation, I awoke. However, while I could hear, I could not open my eyes or move. In fact, I felt quite different - kind of like a ball. It was dark and void. The only senses I was aware of were sound and a sense of being a small ball surrounding my intelligence. I was very conscious and could hear doctors and nurses talking.
This is a lucid, void experience, with separation of consciousness apart from the body and it occurred during a choking incident related to surgery. The experience falls within the definition of NDE, so is included in the experiences.

135. Andrew C NDE 6/15/2002. NDE 570. It was when I was in mid-air that the spiritual experience occurred. I recall flashes of parts of my life up to that point, a bright light in one direction, being drawn in that direction, an inquiry to me as to which religious symbolic form I wanted the presence to appear in, a few options, then my image of Jesus Christ in a blue robe appeared.
As a teenager, Andrew got his choice of entities he would gain spiritual truth from. Remarkably, Andrew had an out-of-body experience a few days ago and reported it within 15 minutes of the event on, and the web search led him to www.nderf.o

134. Mary Ann F NDE 6/15/2002. NDE 563. I said to myself, ‘Am I dead?’ I was so scared. Then I found myself, going fast, up this dark tunnel. I was still scared, but I could see a very small light at the very end of the tunnel. Then I was in this beautiful light. My girlfriend's sister, Kathleen, greeted me. She was wearing white and was all aglow. She told me not to be afraid. I asked her if I could speak to God. Then God came down, like on an elevator, from a higher heaven and sat down in front of me. God looked like Jesus in an all-white gown and he was big, about 6 foot 5 inches tall. I know I could not see myself.
Mary Ann had a core NDE experience and some amazing after-effects too!

133. Leah NDE 6/15/2002. NDE 571. What I learned was God does exist and that he is a very loving God and he is so big and comforting. The love he has is so powerful. I had some insight at the time about life's mysteries. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, now I know.’ But I don't remember what I learned. I guess God doesn't want us to know certain things. Now I feel that's why faith is so important, so God can see how much faith you have in him.
NDE talk with God after dying from a burst appendix.

132. John & Mary Alice SMR 5/13/2003. SMR 10092. We have been together for over 24 years now, more in love than ever, with eternity still to come. Two more items of interest. About a week before that cold March night, I had a dream that woke me up from a deep sleep. A dream like no other dream that I ever had before, or ever since. It was short, with no dialogue. I was sitting at an outdoor café; it was late, maybe nighttime, with a heavy fog in the air. The silhouettes of two people were walking towards me. I looked down to read the paper and felt the presence of one of the persons sitting down at my table. I looked up and it was Mary Alice. It was if this dream was a harbinger, a sign of thinks to come.
It is always inspiring to read accounts with so much love and a hint of soul mate remembrance.

131. Erin K NDE-Like 6/8/2002. NDE-Like 568. He took my hand, and I could feel each of his fingers. His voice was clear and normal while the others remained muffled. He wore white, but I don't know if it was a suit, a robe or something else. He said, ‘Don't be afraid.’ (Actually, I wasn't afraid to begin with, and I felt very calm at the sight of him.) He said some things that I have never repeated (and never will), and then said that we would be together someday.
NDE during childbirth. What is most interesting about this experience is that the being in the NDE turned out to be a man she met later in life, but he has no idea of his role in her NDE!

130. Arthur B NDE 6/8/2002. NDE 567. The light then said, ‘What are you doing?’. I answered, ’I'm dying’. The light asked me, ‘Are you ready to die?’ I replied, ‘No! There are things I must do.’ The light then said, ‘That's right. You go back and do them. When you are done, come back and see me’.
Experience caused by sleep apnea reaction to cancer treatment. Remarkable after-effects!

129. Kris K NDE 6/8/2002. NDE 564. Then I saw my body on the operating table – I was floating above. I could late describe the equipment in the room and the conversations doctors and nurses had. I was not scared. I was sort of detached, almost clinical. I thought to myself, ‘Hmm, I must be dying’. Then I remembered my new baby and prayed, ‘Please let me stay - I have a new baby’.
This is an evidential (veridical perception) NDE with a life purpose to raise her child.

128. Jean S NDE 6/4/2002. NDE 561. CELEBRATION! I made a breath-taking dive into a tunnel. I saw motionless people. I saw old colleagues (deceased for many years), making signs as if to say, “Come along with us”. I saw my parents (deceased since 1979), making signs, inviting me to follow them. I also saw my mother-in-law making signs in order to stop me from following the others that were making these signs. I was still diving faster and faster and deeper and deeper toward a bluish-white light that was attracting me.
This is our first foreign language NDE! It is also interesting that this is a relatively new event (3 months ago), and may have more to the story after integration that usually takes 7 years to process the experiences.

127. Vern D NDE 5/25/2002. NDE 559. Being so real, I had no reason to believe that what I experienced had not occurred 'physically' and after waking up, I proceeded to relate my story to one of the nurses. She went on to state that I'd been found, 'just after 5 o'clock' and that I lay where my head had struck the soldier box. She said I couldn't have walked about the room and done all I had, as no one moves after the level of injury I'd sustained. She also said I'd been found suffering hypothermia and that I'd died twice: once in the ambulance and again on the operating theatre.
This NDE occurred as the result of being knocked unconscious. The most amazing thing was that he had no idea that it wasn't real until after the incident when the nurses told him he hadn't budged from where he initially fell.

126. Lindsay J NDE 5/25/2002. NDE 557. From the United Kingdom The nurses tried to put me back into bed when I passed out. The next thing I remember is brightness, very similar to somebody sitting in the clouds and there was my old friend Stuart. He had died some 24 years ago at the age of 21 from cancer. He looked his old self, the healthy version of him that was quite chubby, not the gaunt skinny person he had become during his illness. His hair had greyed around the temples exactly how he probably would have looked now if he had lived. I said to him ‘You've gone grey’
Post surgery complications caused this NDE where she met her old friend who had died many years ago.

125. Tawnie M NDE 5/19/2002. NDE 555. I had a sense of being loved for who I am, worthwhile and understood. I had a feeling of certainty more in my thoughts. For instance, knowing I was dead with certainty. The experience gave me strength from the love and peace surrounding me, strength of love. I think some aspects of who I am and what my purpose in life is were conveyed to me, but I cannot remember them. Before having my NDE, I was abused from the age of one and a half years, continuously up until my NDE occurred. While being abused, I dissociated, and now my memories of abuse are all blocked out, so I can't remember them. The NDE was one of the best experiences of my short life, at that time.
This is a drowning child NDE where the "kiss of life" was a gift with meanings on many levels.

124. Bob A NDE 5/14/2002. NDE 552. I remember standing up and looking around and seeing that everything was in the color green. Light green, dark green, all shades of green. The church was green, Mississippi River was green. I thought I broke my head, I put my two hands on my head to hold it, and I laid down on my back. As my body hit the ground, pictures of my life went through my mind. It was like a freight train of knowledge moving at the speed of light. Each car was experiences of my life (both good and bad)
Although Bob's NDE is highly noteworthy, the aftereffects are truly astounding!

123. Nancy P NDE 5/14/2002. 553. Then the main lady talking to me said, ‘It's not your time yet, you have to go back.’ Then she said, ‘Think about it remember’. Then it was clear at that moment so I said to her, ‘I'm dead, aren't I?’ She replied, ‘Yes, but it’s not your time yet, you have to go back...You are our go-between’. I didn't want to return and I proceeded to argue about it. But then I thought of my mother and how she would never forgive herself if I didn't live.
This account has a couple of good veridical perception parts verified after the NDE.

122. Mandy J NDE 5/14/2002. NDE 554. I was to have my gallstone removed via laser however, when they inflated my stomach, they gave me too much air, and put too much pressure on my aorta - they lost me for one minute and twenty-five seconds. That minute and twenty-five seconds were more wonderful than my whole life has been. It was the most incredible experience I have ever had.
What a wonderful reception of relatives and remarkable description when she looked up in heaven to see the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

NDE precipitated by a car accident.

120. Michael C NDE 5/3/2002. NDE 545. From Canada I remember a lighted tunnel and humanoid beings at the end of the tunnel. They indicated that I could go with them. I did not want to to go. So I went back.
This is a pre-Moody child experience precipitated by severe illness. Although his family joked about aliens and hallucinations, the story still follows as a NDE.

120. Michael C NDE 10/16/2004. NDE 2055. From Canada. I was in a very peaceful place facing a very bright light that was not painful. There were several (3 or 5) tall thin people whose features I either did not see or cannot remember. They seemed kindly. We were moving slowly toward the light. I have no memory of walking, we were just moving. There was no discernible tunnel, but the space did seem to have boundaries. One of the people took my hand and said, 'You can come with us.'
Integration experience because the NDE was submitted twice over a period of 2 years, so you can compare the processing of the NDE or the willingness to share more.

119. William Si NDE 4/29/2013. NDE 541. Passing through this area, which seemed as if it could be endless, yet wasn't, I could sense those spirits that were in the shadows, I understood why they wouldn't look into the light, mostly because of the religious indoctrination that had lived by on earth, they felt they were not worthy to look into the light because of actions they had done in the human existence.
Describing his third NDE in light of his first two NDEs and what he has read. This is a wonderful, extremely down-to-earth viewpoint from a Salt Lake City IANDS member. There is a letter addendum with additional questions from NDERF, and another e-mail

119. William Si NDE 10/24/2004. NDE 2043. Passing through this area, which seemed as if it could be endless, yet wasn't, I could sense those spirits that were in the shadows, I understood why they wouldn't look into the light, mostly because of the religious indoctrination that had lived by on earth, they felt they were not worthy to look into the light because of actions they had done in the human existence.
Describing his third NDE in light of his first two NDEs and what he has read. This is a wonderful, extremely down-to-earth viewpoint from a Salt Lake City IANDS member. There is a letter addendum with additional questions from NDERF, and another e-mail

118. Yolanthe v M NDE 4/29/2002. NDE 543. From Australia My name is Yolanthe, and my mind has given and conveyed to me so much knowledge. When I left my body in 1988 (horse stood on my head) I just was in light, going up. I left my brain, my body down there, not feeling any pain. It is the mind of every individual that does go on.
Two years of integration makes this an interesting experience.

117. Emma Louise S NDE 8/11/2004. Secondhand NDE 10090. A rare 1884 NDE (horse and buggy days), as related by first hand account of son and by granddaughter. She recounted a most remarkable experience during this period of time after being declared “dead." She felt as though she were taking a gentle journey down a river. She heard beautiful music. She felt a degree of peace and joy such as she had never experienced before. She believed she was in heaven and recognized that she had died. While this was going on she began to have conflicting thoughts-I must go back, my children need me vs. I can't leave this contentment and beauty. This internal struggle went on for some time. Then she awakened and recovered her health, living a full and satisfying life, and seeing her children all grow up and have successful lives of their own.
This is an wonderful NDE story, with most of the classic NDE imagery and after-effects, yet occurring almost a century before Raymond Moody coined term "near-death experience" and long before NDEs were ever publicized.

116. Victor Z SOBEs 4/19/2002. SOBEs 10068. NON-WESTERN EXPERIENCES FROM RUSSIA (In ENGLISH and RUSSIAN) Then I felt like I was flying through some kind of dark tunnel. Insofar as I had already heard about this on American broadcasts and read about it in local papers, I was not surprised, but rather expected it for some reason. I picked up tremendous speed. Such speeds are not encountered in life. My speed increased gradually, yet very quickly. Shortly thereafter, a light appeared somewhere in the distance and rapidly grew closer.
This is an amazing cultural exchange with several experiences over time - a spiritual journey. In a land of government collapse, Victor found the Bible (spirit) and also found balance and purpose in life.

115. Prana SOBE 3/21/1999. SOBE 10065. NON-WESTERN EXPERIENCE FROM INDIA After reaching a level I stopped and stood still for some time. I wanted to call my husband and tell him about this. But could not do anything. But then, I slowly came down in the same way and with a jerk entered the body. Suddenly, I was able to move and jumped up. The only aftereffect is that I have developed claustrophobia.
Spontaneous out of body experience triggered from fever after miscarriage.

114. SK W NDE 4/19/2002. NDE 538. At one point, I woke up. I wondered why they had put me in such a tall bed - I was at least 8 feet off the floor and I could see my mother sitting beside the bed, way down there. It was a brief experience and I then fell into a coma.
This NDEr has some of the most remarkable NDE after-effects, to write a full symphony and not be able to read or write music prior to the NDE!

113. Leanne V NDE 4/19/2002. NDE 539. I was in a dark space. There were others around me; to both my sides, above and below me. The dark space I was in was almost ‘soupy’, filled with liquid mercury. I was floating in that mercury. There was a lighted "doorway" above me, and the light from outside that door flooded the vast room I was in. I was struggling to make it to the doorway, but somehow I then knew I couldn't make it yet. I realized I had to stay and help the people who were crying out below.
NDE caused by viral encephalitis, spent a month in ICU. Amazing shift in diet and religious practices since the NDE.

112. Bruce H NDE 4/19/2002. NDE 537. I remember being in a very dark place, pitch black. I was not afraid. I was just amazed by how dark this place was. I then felt the presence of other beings. I never saw their faces, however. I somehow knew that my grandmother and aunt where there, plus others I had no feeling about. They were behind me and kept telling me to go with them. I even felt them touching my shoulder from behind trying to get me to go with them.
A dark, comfortable place, no tunnel, yet felt and heard relatives.

111. Ann NDE 8/5/2003. NDE 12011. ‘This is an addition to submission of 4/16/02. I came back from my experience with a very clear message that ‘suicide is not our choice to make’. It is never an option. I think no one who has been there would ever risk not being able to go back!’
Ann, if you read this, we didn't get the first posting of 4/16/02. If you could please resubmit it, we would love to share more of your message and story with everyone. 4/19/02

110. Shibani NDE 8/19/2001. NDE 10066. NON-WESTERN BUDDHIST EXPERIENCE FROM INDIA During that time, that i was watching my own body, i distinctly remember feeling joy, at not being the one hurt, complete disorientation from my own body, did not recognize my own body, identified myself as being the one, watching the other body lying on the ground. I did not feel any pain, or feeling, apart from feeling happy, at not being hurt.

109. Janet B NDE 4/13/2002. NDE 536. hen I was alone, and from far out in the distance was a giant red "blob"-- you know that movie, "the blob"? That's what it looked like, and what it was, I could "see and explain it” because I was full of eternal life-Jesus. I knew this blob thing as all of "creation." it was all mucked together, just wandering around. The blob consisted of “all” intermingled to the point of lost identities. It was looking for some kind of "food" to keep it going, but it wasn't going anywhere. Because the worst part of it was it's "feeling" of lifelessness---there was no "substance” to it. The lifelessness of it was it's worst horror...and there I was, full of real eternal life. Jesus, not "Jesus Christ” or any "religious reference”), and the blob tried to approach me.
Although the Death occurred from poisoning, the experience has many parallels to Mexican Shaman teachings of the "Eagle." Carlos Castaneda's book, The Eagle's Gift, talks about a figurative Eagle that swallows life-forms to sustain itself. The shaman's

108. Analisa D NDE 4/6/2002. NDE 533. All I remember was that I was in the hospital room, and all of a sudden I was surrounded by this bright yellowish-white, almost golden light. It was brighter off into the distance, and I was seeing this light as though it were superimposed over the landscape out the window. All of a sudden, I was somehow being pulled towards this light, and it was the most indescribable feeling of peace and love I had ever experienced. It was pure ecstasy.
Amazing comparison and contrasting between a heavenly NDE experience and then a hellish NDE-Like experience.

107. Tom P NDE 4/6/2002. NDE 531. "When my heart stopped, I became conscious of going into a weightless state and moving off…actually lifting off, above the gurney in the emergency room. There was much whiteness and a sense of peacefulness. I mused about the lifting without any pressure on my backside. Then I awoke and was being attended to after ‘shock treatment’. I feel, much as I had in the past, no fear of death."
NDE in very beginning of the out of body stage.

106. Kara NDE 3/21/2002. NDE 527. From Australia It can be described as flying through out of space and reliving certain unresolved events throughout your life.
Childbirth-related NDE. What is so remarkable about this NDE is the life review where she released the guilt of an auto accident when she realized that she was not at fault.

105. VV NDE 12/8/2002. NDE 526. From the United Kingdom I remembered being in a gray room with people in it. The room seemed like a waiting room. People were coming up to me. Some I recognized as possible family, but I didn't know them. Yet, they knew me.
Interesting NDE with familiar people in a waiting room.

104. JM NDE 3/21/2002. NDE 525. I was completely relaxed and felt total love. I could see shadows of people on both sides of me who knew me, but I didn't know them...but they were family. I heard the most beautiful music and was moving through a tunnel towards a light that I knew to be God.
Child drowning-NDE.

103. Daniel E Possible NDE 3/14/2002. Possible NDE 520. This seemed to be a natural progression; there was an automatic review of my entire life--every event ever experienced complete with emotions (but viewed objectively)--rolling in front and around like a panoramic movie. From birth to death, in a linear fashion, observed without sadness or remorse.
An experience so profound, it took the entire 7 years to even begin to process it!

102. Gail T NDE 3/11/2002. NDE 521. When I left my body, I still had thoughts and feelings. Therefore, the soul, my soul, really leaves the body in a packet of energy (thought/emotion). I cannot tell you how far or how fast the soul travels. I am certain that I crossed a dimension - out of the physical and into something else, where experiences are thought/energy. Each light I saw was another soul. I was floating in a river of souls.
This NDE touched off some major soul searching. Has a fascination description of hell. Also, this is one of the few NDErs that actually wanted to return to earth!

Major life changes surrounding relationship with son.

100. Fredna D NDE 3/8/2002. NDE 514. """ first I was panicking trying to get out and then, all of a sudden, a peace and a calm just came over me, and I remember that I felt like I laughed and, all of a sudden, it was like I was standing on top of the bridge looking through the road, and I could see my body flopping around in the water. I could not see my Self on top of the road; it was really like I was looking through my eyes at myself in the water and I remember saying to my Self in my mind well this is it!
Profound effect on her from a near drowning episode.

99. Joy C NDE 9/8/2001. NDE 10055. . . . We need to slow down your heart." And, I felt myself float a little higher. It was like I turned into air for a few seconds. Then I literally FELT my heart start beating again. I don't remember seeing a light, but I do remember feeling totally weightless, and out of body. It was a very unusual experience, to say the least. At the hospital, I began to feel better as my heartbeat slowed down. I remember thinking how close I came to leaving this world. My entire perspective changed.
Although relatively recent (not even a month old) and only having the beginnings of an NDE, she experiences pronounced aftereffects as she tries to integrate the NDE into her life.

98. Sherry H SMR/ADC 1/27/2002 & 2/6/2017. SMR/ADC 30206/23196. He looked up and saw me, his expression was pure amazement. The most interesting thing about this experience was that I could feel his emotions as though they were my own. He came towards me and I to him.. he picked me up and swung me around saying... 'I love you, I love you, I love you.
Series of ADC dream visitations with several family members. Illustrates the spectrum of connections between family members in this life and the next. This account is also part of the After-Death Communications Website at

97. Bill V NDE 2/10/2002. NDE 506. As the strands of electricity touched me, I felt instantly as if I knew everything, experienced the whole of creation. No heaven like what the Christian philosophy or any other religion states, no hell, just the purity of the universe as a whole.
NDE associated with auto accident. Interesting light and special knowledge elements.

96. Kathleen B NDE 2/10/2002. NDE 507. I just wanted to remain suspended there forever. The emotions that surrounded me felt like nothing I've ever experienced on earth. It was like love was magnified multiple times, peaceful and secure.
NDE associated with childbirth. Encounter with being dressed in 1800's clothing. Possible maternal grandmother.

95. William S NDE 2/3/2002. NDE 505. In between them was a bright light and I suddenly realized where I was. I remembered programs where people had said, “Don't go to the light,” which I wasn't about to do, but I didn't know what else to do.
Knowledge of NDEs prior to experience affected choices during the experience. Reincarnation imagery.

94. Jon NDE 2/3/2002. NDE 502. "The first thing I noticed was that I was somehow seeing the events before me from within the top of the wall to this video game-room. I saw a larger and older boy pulling the guy who had been kicking me in the side of the head off of me."
13 year old NDE associated with fight.

93. Larry NDE 5/10/2000. NDE 10047. Then here I am, looking at this orange and yellow ball. And it’s scary. I don’t know where the hell I’m at, but it’s beautiful. All of a sudden, it’s like tunnel vision—I’m looking down this tunnel. This little pink light went to a greenish-blue light. That’s when my life was passing. Then I’m up here looking at this orange and yellow ball, that was soft--it was hot-- looking into a tunnel. Everything’s quiet, dead quiet, but it’s peaceful. I have no idea, but I know I’m not on earth. I know! All of a sudden, there was this voice. It wasn’t male or female, it wasn’t nice, or soft. You’ve heard of impersonators. Impersonators can’t imitate this voice. The reason is there’s only one voice like that. When you hear this, voice, you KNOW this voice. I cannot describe this voice. It wasn’t strong; it wasn’t mean; it wasn’t soft. It was a voice! I cannot explain this voice. And I couldn’t turn my head, because this voice was talking to me. I cannot remember what it was saying. I do remember the voice saying to me, “You’ve got to go back. We’re not ready for you.”

92. Anne NDE 1/12/2002. NDE 491. "I learned that a simple smile, a kind word or acknowledgement can change the course of a person's life. I was given a gift of insight, visions, and spiritual awareness of what the universe is made of. "
Nurse's NDE associated with surgery and septic shock.

91. Ch NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10048. Everyone made me feel so at home and I wanted so much to go with them. I was looking forward to it and I didn't care about my life behind me because I knew that everyone would be alright with my decision to stay with these nice beings.
NDE during operation at age 18 while pregnant.

90. Traci NDE 1/12/2002. NDE 494. I knew that if I had needed anything - concept, form, communication - it could be mine to experience, but there was no need
Interesting insights on a void NDE at age 16

89. Debra NDE 1/12/2002. NDE 489. I felt no desire or need to return to them even though they were in a panic and scared for me. I just knew that all was going to be okay and that they too would be okay. There was a great sense of peace and relief - as if all worries or responsibilities did not exist or were meaningless. I knew I was with my God and I did not want to return to my earthly body and family.
NDE associated with internal bleeding.