Archives 1998-2001

88. Ricardo Grandfather NDE 3/25/1999. Secondhand NDE 10064. From Portugal In that place there was a group of people who seemed to be waiting for him. They were all in white, and they all had a rosebud painted on the chest area of their garments. It was a realistic depiction of a rosebud, with two leaves on either side of the stem. One of those people came sliding up to my grandfather, holding in his hand one of those rosebuds.
NDE from Portugal, shared by grandson. Powerful and profoundly meaningful imagery.

87. Evelyn NDE 12/29/2001. NDE 487. From Denmark The bright light had slowly transformed into a figure dressed in a white robe. Everybody became silent as the figure came towards me. The face of the figure was very bright, smiling and calm. I could even feel its warmth.
NDE from Denmark associated with surgery.

86. PJ NDE 12/16/2001. NDE 480. What strikes me as so real about this experience, even after all these years, is the comfort and peace of it, as well as the vivid colors and sharp details of a landscape that I ordinarily would take for granted.
Two NDEs, both with visual perception of earthly events far removed from the body.

85. Gina NDE 12/9/2011. NDE 474. From Canada The next thing I knew, I was passing through a tunnel towards a very peaceful and beautiful bright light. I was met by moving forms that were pure energy. It was such a beautiful, loving place. I remember loving it there, and feeling astounded by the love that I was receiving. I reviewed my life, and I did the judging.
NDE at age seventeen due to car accident.

84. Jackie NDE 12/9/2001. NDE 472. I told her I floated up and saw all this really scared her and unnerved her... as my description of the situation (was) very accurate.
NDE at age 7 due to intestinal bleeding. Accurate out of body perceptions.

83. TO NDE 12/9/2001. NDE 477. Well, I didn't see a "white" light, but there was a wonderful, calming, warm, homey light that was a color I'd NEVER seen before. The only way I can describe it is a violet/white/blue fluorescent type color--but it was almost like a pool of color or presence (not a tunnel, really) that was radiating so tremendously. I WANTED to take it go to it...
NDE associated with black widow spider bite.

82. Alan NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10049. ... a bright beam of golden light washing away the blackness. Somehow, I'm struck in the chest by one of those beams. I feel no pain; but I fall down and can't move. Someone picks me up and lays me down on a table or bed. I'm asked if I want to go with them, or wait and get fixed-up.
Unusual variant imagery following severe injury. What is notable about NDE in general is that such variant imagery is so unusual.

81. Jerome NDE 10/27/2001. NDE 428. The confirmation of personal continuity of identity was, by far, the most spectacular part of the experience. The realization that my thoughts of the moment had such an impact on my mental state outside the body was the ""worst""--but perhaps also very good in that I learned (I believe) what I must work on to ensure a fully positive experience when I depart from my body finally without any option to return.
NDE from cardiac arrest. Interesting out-of-body perceptions.

80. Kelly NDE 10/27/2001. NDE 426. The being was pure evil it was negative. I did not know the being and it communicated to me it wanted me for my power and strength.
NDE from complication of brain surgery, involving an encounter with an evil entity.

79. David O NDE 10/27/2001. NDE 408. "I understood how the thoughts and deeds of humans affected the energies of the planet. I was shown spirit who were lost, and spirit who were trying to help them to the light. I was shown auras of humans, and our planet itself, and was explained their purpose."
NDE associated with drug overdose/poisoning. Very transcendent experience.

78. Burke NDE 10/27/2001. NDE 390. "The information rushed me as if this was to be the last stages of some type of completion perfecting the harmony in which I was now a part of."
NDE associated with near drowning. Received enormous knowledge.

77. Val NDE 10/27/2001. NDE 389. "When I realized I couldn't progress forward because my Mom was holding my arm, I felt very torn...not wanting to leave her and my family, but desperately wanting to join the figure waiting for me in the light."
NDE associated with surgery. Interesting involvement of mother in account.

76. Alexa H NDE 1/20/2002. NDE 10050. Multimedia. Another Multimedia. I saw how my acting, or not acting to help rippled in effect to other people and their lives. It wasn't until then that I understood how each little decision or choice affects the World.
NDE associated with labor and delivery complication. Detailed experience on the other side.

75. Joanna NDE 1/12/2002. NDE 10051. Never had I seen or even imagined a place of such purity and peace. Serenity, tranquility, and a calm I had never known before were present there.
NDE associated with cardiac arrest, with very difficult life both before and after the experience.

Touching account by a nurse of prophetic angelic visit. Not a NDE, but part of the greater spectrum of such experiences.

73. Linda B NDE 12/9/2001. NDE 10053. When my eyes opened, I was in hell - in a certain chamber of hell.
Internal bleeding led to NDE with both classic hellish imagery and classic heavenly imagery.

72. Tee NDE 9/30/2001. NDE 10054. Nothing is hard to describe. No sensory input or output. I don't know what else to call it other than describing it as black or nothing.
Frightening 'void' NDE associated with auto accident.

71. Jerry B NDE 10/18/2014. NDE 10001. What GOD showed me that day, there are not enough word on earth to tell you, but I will do my best with want words I have.
NDE associated with cardiac arrest.

70. Duane NDE 5/18/2001. NDE 406. Although much of what was going on around me was to my left, right or behind me I did not have to turn to witness it for I could see a full three-hundred and sixty degrees around me comprehending many things going on in the immediate vicinity at once.
Truly remarkable near-drowning NDE. Another "must read" for those interested in NDE.

69. Ellen NDE 10/18/2014. NDE 10004. Sounds like soul wrenching screams (not screams of pain, but screams of the soul), emitted from the fire behind him. I tried to pull back but discovered I could not.
NDE associated with childbirth with frightening elements.

68. Almost to Heaven on My Harley NDE 8/12/2001. NDE 10005. I was deciding whether I wanted to live or die. Because for some unknown reason I seemed to have a choice.
NDE associated with motorcycle accident.

67. Pepi NDE 4/22/2001. NDE 2. It was like being in outer space, everything around was in silence, the whole cosmos was around me but I was not afraid or feeling bad at all. I felt full of hope, energetic, alive. As if all my dreams were coming true. All at once.
NDE from Spain with interesting spaceship experience.

66. Michael G NDE 3/1/2001. NDE 10006. I was Home in the Unconditional Loving White Light, that renewed my spirit
Surgery related NDE.

65. SW NDE 3/4/2001. NDE 308. "It was fun and I liked it, and I believed God was talking to me, and I wanted to cross over through the last veil so much, but was told by the Voice that I could not, that it was too early for me."
Surgery related NDE at age 9.

64. Valerie NDE 3/4/2001. NDE 298. I was in surgery and had been placed in a controlled death simulation, so as to perform the brain surgery. The flow of blood had been almost totally stopped to the brain to prevent hemorrhage and stroke.
NDE interestingly associated with neurosurgical procedure involving substantially reduced blood flow to the brain.

63. Miguel NDE 3/4/2001. NDE 304. I didn't see anyone, but I felt He was around me, full of love and joy, and I wanted to stay, but it wasn't my time yet, so I was sent back to my family.
NDE at age 10 in Mexico.

62. Cougar NDE 10/18/2014. NDE 10002. I have had one surface experience and two deep ones. I have been to heaven and to hell and personally resolved the apparent dichotomy of experiences.
Three NDEs (pleasant and hellish) and startling aftereffects.

61. John F NDE 12/3/2000. NDE 171. Sure enough, I thought of being closer and suddenly I was at the very edge of the golden city. I saw little water falls in the flower gardens that were absolutely breath taking. I felt so good.
Very detailed NDE and Jesus encounter.

60. Judith D NDE 12/3/2000. NDE 233. But I could see the entire scene of the operating room. It was fairly dark and extremely peaceful. I remember thinking that everything is fine and everyone would understand later. There wasn't an ounce of fear associated with this experience. It was wonderful!
NDE associated with cardiac surgery with OBE element.

59. Bette NDE 4/29/2001. NDE 10008. When the funeral director arrived (he was also the ambulance driver) with all that was going on, laying on my back with my eyes shut-I could see his feet and that his shoes laces were not tied, and he had on no socks!!
NDE associated with childbirth with OBE element.

58. Az NDE 4/22/2001. NDE 10009. NON-WESTERN NDE I was so happy and by the way I was like an eight or nine years old and someone came to me and he said I was going to took you but I have told is not the time
NDE from lady in Iran at age 17.

57. Lisa B NDE 10/1/2000. NDE 273. I became aware that there were 2 (possibly 3) "beings with me, one on either side. They were communicating with me - directly, telepathically, just putting their input directly into my consciousness, no words and much less "time". I knew I was somehow removed from these usual "laws" or ways of processing experience. While I did not sense a life review on specific terms, I was shown, by understanding- not pictures or movies, many significant things in my life. The good and the bad. All focused on my contributions- how I handled myself. I remember the almost palpable absence of all fear. I was made to understand that this fear is what underlies many of our poor choices. That there is nothing to fear. I felt compassion toward myself like I never could imagine possible. A type of love that I never knew. Empathy, sympathy for all I'd experienced and a new determination to let myself live as I could and should and must. I knew I had a clear purpose and was shown this purpose so I could understand how needed I was.
Fascinating life review! Experiencer is a Veterinarian.

56. Tim NDE 4/22/2001. NDE 10010. Each ball of fire represented a totally different and unimaginable reality. Each one was unique, each one was so different from the other. I later realized that they were actually realms of life.
Remarkably detailed NDE for age 2 1/2.

55. Jennifer NDE 12/3/2000. NDE 10011. In the meantime, those of us who have been chosen will go forward loving and knowing what the real importance of our tenure here on earth is.
NDE at age 8 associated with falling injury.

54. Ruthie NDE 12/3/2000. NDE 10012. My Mom and brother who had been dead for 5 years (they died 6 months apart, to the day) were the ones who came to take me Home.
NDE associated with illness.

53. Derry NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10044. I believe the reason why I still live, one of the reasons I came back to this earth to live is because I'm supposed to testify that the spirit world is real and beautiful
NDE associated with car crash. Remarkable encounter with Jesus. Two beautiful poems.

Nurse's NDE.

51. August Probable NDE 5/7/2000. Probable NDE 188. I have a greater awareness of the importance of family and friends, because through altruistic endeavors our souls will evolve. It is through our own evolution, or rites of passage, that we help others to evolve.
Transcendent NDE by an attorney.

50. Karen B NDE 187 5/7/2000. NDE 187. Next thing I remember I was in a dark tunnel with a light at the end. I was compelled to go to the light. When I came into the light, there was a being of light. It was the most peaceful feeling I have ever felt. More peaceful than I can put into words. The being told me I was HOME but I needed to go back because he had some work for me to do. He said I would not understand the meaning of the work until I went back. He showed me what it was like to have a peaceful world and that we can attain that peaceful world if we have faith and help one another. He said I would come back here and help with this work. In time, I would remember who I really am and what my purpose is on earth. After my work was complete I would come back home. I agreed to come back and help. It has not been easy to come back to this world and all its pain and suffering. In fact, it was a very painful experience to come back. It was like a cruising feeling or of an awareness of feeling the material plane.
NDE from birth complications.

49. India Physician NDE 9/23/2000. NDE 10014. NON-WESTERN NDE But it was as though I could see without vision, hear without sound. I was in another Dimension of Existence.
NDE experience by a doctor in India. A good account of an NDE in a non-Western culture.

48. Delona NDE 9/23/2000. NDE 10015. At the time I did not know that he was so badly hurt, I remember holding out my left hand and taking hold of his right hand, then I remember one of the EMT's saying we just lost the Mother too. Then my son and I were walking hand in hand through a dark tunnel after we came to the end there were loved one's and friends that had died waiting for us.
NDE simultaneously with mother and son due to auto accident.

47. Lisa M NDE 3/5/2000. NDE 169. From Sweden. Multimedia Too The being of light showed me that all that was really important in life was the love we felt, the loving acts we preformed, the loving words we spoke, the loving thoughts we held. All that was made, said, done, or even thought without love was undone.
Transcendent NDE at age 5 from near-drowning. Truly remarkable!

46. C FDE 8/15/1999. FDE 102.
NDE associated with rape.

45. James NDE 7/18/1999. NDE 110.
Physician suicide attempt NDE.

44. Sammy NDE 7/18/1999. NDE 109.
NDE following cardiac arrest.

42. Greg NDE 7/5/1999. NDE 103.
NDE associated with auto accident.

41. Rachel Probable NDE 6/18/1999. Probable NDE 101.
Nurse probably experiencing NDE.

40.5. Brian B Probable NDE 1/13/1999. Probable NDE 92.
Probable NDE from cardiac arrest.

40. Guy NDE 6/7/1999. NDE 95.
NDE in ICU. Presence of Jesus.

39. Peter NDE 5/7/2000. NDE 10016.
NDE as an infant from an artist who conveys spiritual essence in his art. Beautiful examples of Peter's art included.

38. Harold NDE 5/25/1999. NDE 87.
NDE with specific life direction information.

37. Rosemary J NDE 5/12/1999. NDE 79. Child NDE (age 12).

36. Pul J NDE 5/11/1999. NDE 78.
NDE with prophesy regarding current events.

35. D NDE 5/11/1999. NDE 81.
Mysterious NDE with potentially verifiable physical effects.

34. Rena ADC 2/17/1999. ADC 10060. He came to me and said I love you. I can't be with you right now but one day we will be together.
ADC (After Death Communication). Part of the spectrum of experiences that include NDE.

33. Patti NDE 4/2/2000. NDE 10017. "Immediately after leaving my body a shaft of very white light came down in the room and a beautiful woman with long black hair in a white robe trimmed in gold came down through the Light. She extended her hands toward me and gave me the choice of either going up in the Light with her or staying on earth in my body. At first, I wanted to go with her in the Light as the experience was so beautiful and peaceful. I was also totally out of pain as the Light surrounded me."
NDE associated with childbirth.

32. Jean NDE 3/17/1999. NDE 10061. I could see the movement of the people and ideas that had shaped and been shaped by history. At each period in history, I experienced the total "feel" of that period, including its music, architecture, styles of clothing, political thinking and literature.
Technically an OBE, showing the overlap in the described NDE and OBE experiences.

31. Déjà Vu Experience 3/8/1999. Other 10018. "I reached in the broken car window and pulled the hand of an unconscious boy. But the boy was me."
Amazing "déjà vu" story unlike anything we have ever encountered.

30. Karen S NDE 2/28/2002. NDE 10058. We discussed my life, we discussed religion, we discussed secrets of the soul that as humans we must forget, lest we'd never be able to thrive on earth. All the while I was in awe.
Remarkable story of struggle with the guides to come back.

29. Minister NDE 5/30/1999. NDE 10020. "While I was being pushed back into my body I didn't hear any words, but I felt them. Simple and direct...You are not yet finished... I was shown who it was that had pushed me back and spoke to me. It was Yeshua Hamashia, which is Hebrew for Jesus Christ."
Minister's NDE associated with electrocution (4500 volts).

28. Cynthia NDE 3/22/1999. NDE 10021. "I have an inner contentment now that no one understands and words can't even describe, this is so difficult for me now to try to put in words the overwhelming spirit of peace that I have found"
Brief imagery, yet remarkably life changing.

27. Brad K NDE 3/18/1999. NDE 10022.
NDE at age 2-3, then as an adult.

26. Linda NDE 3/16/1999. NDE 10023.
NDE as small child.

25. Donna NDE 3/6/1999. NDE 10024.
Drug overdose, verified she heard & saw events while "dead".

24. David NDE 3/6/1999. NDE 10025. "I only lasted ten seconds in the Seventh Heaven. Whole galaxies could be created with the light there with total ease."
Remarkable tour of the seven levels of heaven

23. Charles E NDE 2/28/1999. NDE 10026.
Cardiac arrest and lightning strike. Interesting NDE.

22. Universe Creation Vision 8/12/2001. NDE 10057.
Author defined as NDE, astounding story of creation & remarkable poem included.

21. Jonathan NDE 2/17/1999. Drug Experience 42.
LSD associated, with epilogue documenting life change following experience.

20. George NDE 2/23/1999. NDE 10028.
Short with little imagery, yet greatly affected George.

19. Joe NDE 2/22/1999. NDE 10029.
Short, simple and moving.

18. Christianne NDEs 2/20/1999. NDEs 10030.
Five separate NDEs

17. Israel NDE 2/13/1999. NDE 10031. NON-WESTERN NDE
A fascinating NDE from Isr'l

16. Diane NDE 2/7/1999. NDE 21. Then I came back to this floating position above myself, but at an angle, so I couldn't really see myself, but I could. If you can understand that. Anyway, there were two people or things (spirits I think) with me. One on my left and one on my right. I was told that I could stay or I could go back. I looked down at ‘me.’ It was kind of fuzzy. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go back, because I sure didn't want to leave this wonderful, peaceful place I was in.
Grandmother came to warn her in an ADC while she was having a NDE from gas poisoning.

15. Sarah NDE 2/10/1999. NDE 10033.
As heard on the Art Bell Radio Show 2/4/99 and replayed 3/20/99 (Saturday). The story that astonished millions of listeners! Special for NDERF readers... Astonishing NEW information on Sarah's NDE at the bottom of her NDE account. Truly REMARKABLE!

14. Suicide NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10046.

13. Mary NDE 2/9/1999. NDE 10034.

12. Paul NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10035.

11. Prisoner NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10036.

10. Teen NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10037.

9. One Soldier NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10038.

8. A Child NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10039.

7. Three Sisters 8/12/2001. ADC/Other 10056.

6. In the Divine Light 2/8/1999. NDE 10040.

5. Rene Hope Turner NDE 2/8/1999. NDE 10041.

4. Twenty Years Later 2/7/1999. NDE 47.
Remarkable collection of wisdom gained from a remarkable NDE!

3. When Time Stood Still 2/7/1999. NDE 4.

2. My Vision of Life Has Changed Forever 2/8/1999. NDE 10045.
Remarkable collection of wisdom gained from a remarkable NDE!

1. Dr. George Rodonaia 2/7/1999. NDE 1.
Was he really dead for three days? You decide.