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    6/9/14 Why Future Memories of NDEs are Imprecise by Brian Foster
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  • 4/16/14 Heaven is for Real is out! This is the Burpo child's NDE. I expected a lot of proselytizing, but was pleasantly surprised. It was minimal considering the father is a preacher. I liked the movie and Greg Kinnear and the Connor Corrum (the child) did a great job!
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C C Possible NDE  7/5/14  From Canada.  I fell down a tunnel at a high speed, tried to get a grip at the walls of the tunnel but someone always pushed my hands off and I kept on falling. That was not so nice, but suddenly I rose into a bright, white light, all was warm and I felt a deep love, indescribable, and I felt a presence and I felt a bit of shame because of this presence. I was about to see hair, I saw and outline of it, that presence was very close, but then I woke up with a nurse watching over me… I had a nurse at my bedside 24 hours.
Possible NDE during general anesthesia. Shared 42 years later.

Sandy A Probable NDE  7/5/14  I asked without speaking what we were doing there. The presence said it was time for my review. I immediately felt ashamed because I knew I hadn't done my best. Suddenly I made clear I wasn't ready, but the door still opened. I saw a desk and books or scrolls, and a huge screen. The screen turned bright, so bright my earthly eyes would not be able to stand it. I knew I didn't have to be ashamed. It was a learning experience, but all of a sudden I heard a LOUD bang and woke up.
Probable NDE due to criminal attack.

Jeremiah J NDE  7/5/14   There is zero ego to Michael and his caring is deep. Apparently I could help him with one or more of his duties. I wondered about God and he told me that God is all around us, in us, and everything. God Is. (This communication is all telepathic at this point but his use of "God Is" was clearly demonstrative in nature) He will take me to be presented to him. Quick aside here, this really confused me when I later returned. How could God be everywhere and yet I be "presented to him"? This took some working out for me even though the answer was clear when I was there.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

Alexandra S NDE  8/7/10 & 7/1/14  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Kathy & Marguy.  I was thinking of many things at once: of my parents, of my life, of the life that I would have had. Then I had a feeling of leaving my body, of floating, I could see my body curled up in the shower. I could see everything, I could hear everything but I was looking at my body. I only had eyes, no body and I could feel myself rising, rising then the black hole.
NDE from electrocution.

Karin F NDE  6/30/14  I told her that I was afraid that putting myself at the same level as Jesus would damn me to hell. She laughed and told me there is no hell! We are all equal in spirit form.  She then said that I was still veiled and made a gesture that must have taken off the veil for I immediately went to a place I now call the sea of light. As I stretched out my arms I felt as though my body exploded and I was no longer in bodily form. I could not see where any separation I had no beginning or end. I was truly one with all of creation I could only see myself as a purple and gold light amongst all the other.  The being that brought me told me it was time to go back. I cried and begged her to let me stay, but she told me I had unfinished business.
NDE due to clinical death during surgery.

Carmen V Shared NDE  6/30/14 To me it felt like the same energy as if walking towards a party with many people - like the energy of many beings. I have a mental image of these beings being white and surrounded by whiteness.  I also sensed a beautiful, comforting, peaceful music.  I don't think I heard music and I have no auditory memory of music, but somehow I sensed this wonderful music.  I wanted to follow the spirit and fly upwards, but at that moment felt the weight of my body.  I opened my eyes and saw a doctor leaning over me.
Shared near death experience with unborn fetus.

Béatrice P NDE  6/30/14 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I felt a sense of complete well-being, I had the sensation that nothing could happen to me, and I heard myself telling my mother “let me die” without any fear. Then I found myself at about 3 meters above my body, I saw my mother shaking me in panic, but I was in the position of an observer of this situation without any stress.
Beginning of a NDE from an allergic reaction.

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Disclaimer: NDERF has posted suicide NDEs on the website as part of the research project ONLY.  NDERF DOES NOT ENDORSE, ENCOURAGE OR ADVOCATE FOR SUICIDE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM! 

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