About Us

Welcome to the wondrous spiritual journey!


About Us

This web site is a free public service. We do not allow proselytizing. We welcome and encourage all people of all backgrounds, nationalities, countries, and religions to read and participate on the website. 

Our Mission: To research and study consciousness experiences and too spread the message of love, unity and peace around the world.

In the Beginning:

Dr. Jeff is a physician practicing the specialty of radiation oncology (use of radiation to treat cancer) in Houma, Louisiana. Dr. Jeff used to serve on the Board of Directors of IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies), and is actively involved in NDE research.  Dr. Jeff developed this web site in 1999. He continues to work on the questionnaires for research and information purposes.

Jody Long is an attorney and has worked in the areas of family, health care, criminal prosecution, business, and intellectual property law . Jody has several decades of experience researching paranormal and related phenomena. She was on the board of directors for Seattle Friends of IANDS group, a member of IANDS and supports IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies)... the oldest organization devoted to NDE experiencer support & research. Jody has been the webmaster since 2002.

The Growing Years:

We continued to grow and attract foreign vistors by translating the website into their language. We have had many volunteers and I am grateful for all of them!

There are 3 websites devoted to different aspects of consciousness. www.nderf.org (Near death experience), www.adcrf.org (After death communication), and www.oberf.org (everything else that is not a NDE or ADC). These three websites have grown to the largest of their kind in the world. The websites are free. They also have a way to share their experiences with us. Jeff reviews them and I then post them to the website so all can read these remarkable experiences.

We also personally answer the growing mounds of e-mail. There are many experiences on all three websites to post. Then there is media who wants to talk to experiencers. There are many people who contact me to post books and articles. So, this really is a second full time job to maintain the websites.

The culmination of the early years was the book Evidence of the Afterlife, the Science of Near Death Experience, which was a New York Times best seller. For me, it was writing From Soul to Soulmate: Bridges from the Near Death Experience.

Where we're going:

Right now Jeff is professionally developing to a prominent radiation oncologist in the region. That doesn't leave him a lot of time, but when he does get a chance he is working on writing his book tentatively titled Evidence of God.

I'm working on upgrading the websites. In my spare time I am organizing data for a new ADC book.

Plans for the future are to organize into groups and to personalize NDERF so we can have conventions and such.




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NDERF is the largest NDE website in the world in over 23 languages!
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