NDERF Volunteers


  • NDERF needs your help!  Volunteers are needed to help in some quite interesting projects NDERF has ongoing to help all of us learn about NDE & support the experiencers. 


We appreciate your interest in considering volunteer service with NDERF (see "VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM" below)!  We have a number of interesting projects ongoing, and could certainly use some help.  We hope our efforts together will help us all understand the message of NDE.  Your volunteer service submission will not be shared with any other party unless you grant explicit permission.  You will receive no commercial solicitations from this site as a result of your completing the following form. 


Ongoing NDERF projects include:

 1.    NDE account collection for research.  We welcome NDERF web based form submissions or e-mailed narratives.  Please refer anyone interested in NDE or with experiences to share to our site!

2. Talk to NDErs or other experiencers - then put their experience on a form and submit it.

3. Research needs. We will have some upcoming need to have people research terms and cut/paste the words related to that term.

4. Organization building. We are finally ready to take the plunge. We need people to be in charge of NDERF groups and be a central contact for groups around the world.

5. Annual conference - planners, set-up, and everything surrounding putting on a successful conference.

6. Participate in the MegaCommunity www.nderf.net

I'm trying to get enough people to make sure all the features work.

7. Anyone out there know how to apply for the IRS 501(C)(3)?

8. I'm toying with the idea of microbooks - publishing . We have so many NDErs who want to share their experience in a book but even the self publishing on demand is expensive to set up. I'd like a plan for maybe 50-100 books for around $200. Is this even feasible as a service to our NDErs?

9. Submit more NDE "You tube"s and create your own!

10. We need NDErs to paint, draw, or color what they saw on the other side.

11. Always can use computer saavy people. We are working in Microsoft based environment. So far we have a great database designer and a design security expert, but if there are more of you out there - we can get the dynamic website up faster. There is a lot of data-conversion to fit into the database.

12. Hospice central coordinator - someone who can help interface between hospice and NDErs for some end of life help.

13. Coordinate resources for grief from losing a loved one and for those who are dying.

14. What about life coaches? Can we get a program going that keeps people positive and motivated?

15. Is there anyone out there that can go talk about NDEs to the blind and deaf and organize NDE materials we can hand out on behalf of NDERF? I think it would be another wonderful way to give to community.

The form is currently not working. So, e-mail your interests and how you would like to volunteer for us. Don't forget to give us your name and e-mail address. When we get ready to organize volunteers, we will definitely contact you!

AOL members need to approve us on your e-mail list or you won't receive any communication from us because it will loop in cyberspace rather than go to your e-mail.

Thanks so much!

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