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Lisa R SMR

Dedicated to the man who is my everything.
My Soul Mate

The man I will soon wed.

Heaven only knows where I should start. If I could pour my heart out into words about Michael, there wouldn't be enough time in forever to read them. It began years ago when I was a girl. Brown eyes and hair, little frail child that grew up hard and starved for affection. A kind of affection only one man in a lifetime could give. We all have to travel roads in this life, some are smoother than silk, others unbearable and cruel. All are part of a significance that make up who we become. Delicate creatures under God we are, all having special beauty. I was so fortunate to find "one" more beautiful and unique than anyone. So different than what I have seen in all my years past. His eyes so full of hope and compassion. Hands crafted with a love and gentleness no one possess other than he. That is my Michael. He has the power to take the very breath I breathe. I would give my breath freely. Looking back, mistakes we all make them. Or are they all part of the stepping stones we have to journey before finding the true joys this life has to offer.

We put our hearts and trust in people we shouldn't. Fall and become so broken. Traveling the roads gathering strength and understanding as we go. Question? Don't we truly know in our hearts there is only one who God destined us to spend our lives with? I believe. For those who haven't found their one and only yet, don't give up. That ach in your heart that void you need to be filled. You hear that voice in your soul saying there's someone wanting me, needing me. Someone who can love me, the way I feel love. Keep believing, keep watch. When you least expect it he or she will surface. You will know. There will be such a magic and fulfillment in your heart. You will not be able to deny you have found the one meant for you. I can never put in words what hope in life and trust in love Michael has given me. Anyone who has been lucky enough to know him is richer by far. Gold and silver has no value next to my Sweet Boy. His presence fills a room with warmth. His smile touches the soul and brings a comfort to your heart. Michael and I, lived, dreamed, searched, suffered many hurts, but we kept hoping to find what was meant to be. We now live in a world that so many told me only happened in fairy tails.

I was told the love I looked for wasn't real. I still believed. Now I am sure of the life and love I longed for. Michael has made my journey complete. The happiness we share is a long awaited dream come true. Oh how others where wrong, such fools. The very first time we met I knew he was the one. Tall, dark and handsome. A complete gentleman. ( Took my breath, yes I am smiling) We met some would say by accident. ( I call it fate) I saw him in a crowded night club. He was standing at the bar, dressed in black (I am smiling), and a black cowboy hat. He stood 6'5. A mountain of a man. I was drawn to this mysterious gentleman. I could never see his face. He hide it from me when I tried to catch his eye. I made a few attempts to get close enough to speak only to loose my nerve. What I didn't know is he was watching me. The next thing that happened was a shock. He had pulled a chair up behind me and sat down. So sure I wanted to see this strangers face up close, now I was frozen. Afraid to turn around. He was extremely close, I could see him from the corner of my eye. Still I could not see his face for the brim of his hat. After a few deep breaths and what little spunk I could gather, I made a clumsy turn in his direction. ( Me little bold 5'4 never been afraid of anything was weak in the knees)

I had no idea the things that where happening where pieces of a puzzle falling together that would change my life forever. I spun around and hit his leg with mine. I began with the I'm sorry looking up to see what was hidden under that hat. Holding my breath, I saw his eyes fixed on me, finally unhidden. The structure of his face was strong, sexy and his smile captivated me. He was and is so charming. It was if we where the only two people there. As he looked at me his eyes took a soft warm shape. He was reading right into my heart. He reached his hand out over mine completely covering it. Gently he lifted my hand to his lips and softly laid a kiss there. Lost in this moment I was hanging on every word he said " Its a pleasure my lady." Chills ran over me. It took me a second to comprehend I was holding my breath. We saw each other over the next few months and found that we where so very much alike. The time that I spent with him never seemed to be enough. I will never forget the first time he said he loved me.

To this day it still feels like the first time. Some might think I am just silly or foolish. The ones who have there true love understand. Everyday I spend with him is a true blessing. The life we are living and building is untouchable. Such an innocent love we share. Free from doubt. Still never able to stretch the day far enough. An eternity of loving him wont be enough time to give him what he deserves. He is worthy of only good things and happiness. Every road I have traveled, any hardship or heart-ach I have picked up along the way holds no tie on me. I would do it all again just to touch his heart. To feel his hand on my cheek and his arms around me. He makes me new. Setting my heart into a freedom I never knew. Teaching me how love and living should be. Michael only my eyes can show you the way to my heart. My arms around you lost in place where you know me as if you have known me forever. The little girl, the woman. A place where you have always been, and belonged. Waiting for the perfect time and place that the magic of fate would fall upon you and I. Emotion, companion, love, so strong words cant hold it. You love me with all you are and can be, I love you with what you have made me. Before, without you so incomplete. Now filled with happiness and life. The girl that was hidden, waiting to love you now flowers out like a rose in the sun. You are my life and I will always love and belong to you. Your Baby Girl and Bride to be Lisa 1/24/2004