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Kristin & Matt SMR


I moved to Florida when I was 22 to help my parents through a divorce.  I was having difficulty finding a job and applied just about everywhere I went.  I finally took a job waitressing at a Bennigan's even though I had been offered the job there two weeks prior. I rejected it then because the manager said they were not very busy and he couldn't offer me a lot of hours.  However, it was the only thing available after endless searching and something kept telling me to go back.  It was as if I were being "called there" and perhaps that is why I could not find another job.

On my orientation day, the manager was showing me around. As we entered the kitchen, the grill cook was standing with his back to me.  When he turned around, he flashed me the biggest smile I have ever seen.  At that moment, something literally "clicked" inside my head and I heard a voice say "He's special."  One night after work a bunch of us went to a bowling alley to hang out.  Matt (the cook) and I fell into a conversation when we got there that lasted the entire evening.  We didn't talk to anyone else the whole night.  Later, he told me he felt the same "click" when we started talking that I felt when I first saw him.  We have been married for 15 years now and always joke about how we are "soulmates".  But really, we are!  I truly believe our getting together was "helped" by other-worldy influences.  It was truly love at first sight!


Thanks for writing back.  I don't mind at all if you share it, I'd appreciate it.   Another interesting piece of information is that Matt and I often share thoughts.  One of us will think something and the other will say it right at the very next instant.  I don't know how we do it, it's always done unconsciously, in fact we always laugh and try to figure out how to do it on purpose but we haven't yet.  I wonder how many other soulmates do this as well? 

BTW I read your book on near death experiences.  I was amazed how many people's experiences coincided with things that I have read in Buddhist and Christian doctrine.  I was very comforted by the book.

You can put my name down however, it is not a secret with us that we are soulmates. We are quite thankful that we found each other! 

Keep up the good work and research -- it's very important!