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Kammy's SMR

Experience description: 

I have a soulmate experience to share. I'd like to remain completely anonymous, as I haven't revealed this revelation to my soulmate yet.  I just realized that revealing it to him is what I have been needing
to do.

About 10 months ago, I had a conversation with a man I had known as an acquaintance for some time. I had probably exchanged about 20 words with him in the six years I had known him. During those years I had been in a very painful relationship and afterwards I wanted to be alone indefinitely. I had just seen this ex boyfriend about a month before meeting my soulmate (which I'm about to explain) and I forgave him (I don't even know if he knows), not so much for him, but because I knew that I absolutely had to for my own well being. We had had no contact at all for three years. So, it was about a month or two later, at a mutual friends' wedding that I saw this acquaintance.

We instantly struck up a conversation that lasted about 3 or 4 hours (time seemed to stop), and it was during this conversation that something happened. Something in his eyes literally "flashed" at me for a split second, and it was a split second of pure recognition. I saw timelessness in his eyes, I saw him as an old man, just for a nanosecond, and I knew he was "the one." It's like his eyes had a life of their own for that instant.  It's hard to explain beyond immediately recognizing what his eyes
revealed to me. Like he had been wearing a mask, and for that  moment, took it off, to reveal his identity. We instantly became a couple. There was no awkward beginning, it was seamless. I am constantly amazed by the love we share. I have always had a hard time sharing deep feelings with romantic partners, and I haven't told him about the flashing of his eyes yet, and the recognition I felt.  I now realize that I have to tell him this immediately. I have been planning to tell him, I just haven't done it yet. He has told me he knows I am "the one." It's really amazing!

By the way, I am fascinated by the NDE page you have. I lost my dad at age 16 (I'm 35 now), and he and I were very, very close. He has contacted me several times, mostly through extremely vivid dreams. I have had dreams with my dad in them that seem regular, and then there are these other ones that are unlike anything else. They are reality. I had about 5 or 6 of them within about 7 years following his death, and I haven't had any more since then, or any other contact. I still miss him and love him intensely, but the contact has pretty much stopped. It's interesting. I related to many of the
comments and stories on your site. I was raised without any religious denomination, and after the death of my dad I became very spiritual. I have to wrap up this novel I'm writing here, but I will just say that the first dream I had was the night after he died. He knocked on my door, my parents' door (for my mom), and my brothers' door. We were all sleeping (just like we actually were). He woke us
all up, and brought us into the living room. He seemed really peaceful and happy and serene, but knew we were very upset. He told us all it was alright, and not to be sad. Then he gave us each a big
hug, and when he hugged me I woke up. I know this isn't a NDE, but it seems to touch on the undercurrent. Anyway, I hope you find any of this useful. It feels good to share it. I am happy to have found your site. Keep up the good work!