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Jessica's SMR

Experience description: 

I'm not sure why I feel compelled to share my story. I was impressed with the stories I read on your site. I have always wondered about my relationship with my soul mate. We are a little different because we were young when we met on our school bus. I was thirteen and he was fifteen. We rode that bus together for a few years and as we grew older our relationship grew deeper. But, what felt so natural to us was often challenged by others. We never dated seriously because we just "couldn't get it right". One or the other of us was either with someone else or when we did try dating it didn't "feel right".

After high school we went our separate ways; him to a career in the Army and I off to college. We kept in touch closely for the first year and half but were forced to sever our ties because his new bride was unable to understand our connection. I had never felt pain so deep or agonizing.

During the years we were out of touch a I had a dream about him having a daughter. After speaking with his mother it was confirmed his wife had birthed a baby girl just days before me dream. I would never have known had it not been for the dream. I always found that occurrence to have been incredible. We have had similar experience in the years since as well. But, it wasn't until three years later when I was preparing to marry that we spoke again. He called me to congratulate me on my marriage.

We kept in touch from that point on and finally saw each other again eight years after our graduation from high school. When I picked him up at the airport we only had 28 hours to visit. It was incredible! There was no awkwardness or weirdness. We had an awesome time. This past March we got to visit again. He had been in Iraq for two years and came home to visit his family. He stayed with my husband and I for 3 days. Again we had an incredible visit. This time we delved into the "forbidden" territory. We discussed our feelings: when we're together, when we're apart, and throughout the past several years. I am fortunate to have a husband who is secure in my relationship with my best friend. Unfortunately, my friend's wife left him.

I will be traveling to Germany next week to visit my friend. I have always felt like he was my soul mate, but I also felt I was cheating my husband by saying that about someone else. I thought it was terrific to read the other stories on your site. I know my soul mate and I will probably never marry or have children together, but the connection we have is so much more than most people could ever understand. He completes me.