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Geri SMR

I've been reading NDERF for a while now, being interested in NDE's.  I read a little bit on the Soulmates page today and thought I would send this experience I had, which I believe may have been a meeting with my soul mate.  If not my soul mate, then at least someone who is VERY dear to me in Spirit.

I should preface by saying I am happily married.  I was married before to someone that I also know is very dear to me in Spirit, we are still good friends, even though our marriage ended with a lot of pain for me.  My current husband is a good match for me, although I do not feel we are soulmates, but have agreed to be here together to work on some things.  I do love him though, and we have a good marriage.  I say this in preface because I was certainly NOT looking for a relationship, I was happily married, which makes this story all the more interesting to me.

A few years ago I went to a conference in town.  I got there at a certain hour, which was the time I had printed on my information.  When I got to the conference center, I did not see anyone around. There was no bustle of people, I didn't see any information desk, etc.  I wondered if I had gotten the wrong day.  As I stood in the center of the lobby, I saw a man walking across the lobby.  I watched him as he walked across the floor.  A few minutes later, I decided found an information desk and found out I was an hour early, even though I was sure the time on my information was correct.  I decided to have a coffee while I waited. Soon, the man I had seen walking across the floor walked up and asked if he could join me.  He explained he was there for a conference, but somehow he had gotten the wrong time, he thought it started at 8am, and now he found out it started at 9am.  Same conference as me. 

He sat down and we introduced ourselves.  I found out he had not planned on coming to the conference, but was filling in for someone else.  He decided at the last minute to drive the 4 hours or so to get there.  Out of the blue, I asked  him "Are you on a Spiritual journey?"  I don't know why I asked him that, it is a very private thing to ask someone.  But he enthusiastically answered "Yes, always..." and we started talking.

Talking to  him was incredible.  It was like finding someone that I had lost.  We connected on a very deep level.  We couldn't bear to be apart all day. We just talked and talked, and hardly paid any attention to the conference.  We just found a quiet spot and compared notes on our spiritual ideas, our lives, etc.  We had both lost our mothers about the same age,  he was shocked to find out that I was born in the state that he grew up in (we are both very far away from there), there were also other coincidences that I can't remember now, but it was shocking.  He was also happily married, but to someone who isn't interested at all in the spiritual life, and neither is my husband.

We came back together the next day, realizing that there was something very deep between us, but that we realized that it was more spiritual than anything else.  We were not lusting after each other, it was more like a very deep love.  I felt like he was my brother (hence, twin soul?).  People that we talked to would ask "so have you known each other for a long time?" and we would say "no, actually we just met yesterday."  When we parted that afternoon after the conference was over, I felt a great pain, a great wrenching pain in my heart.  We hugged goodbye.  I felt like I had waited my whole life to see him again, only to have to say goodbye after two days.  I cried on the way home. I felt like I was saying goodbye to part of myself.  We kept in touch a couple of times, but I think we both felt for the sake of our lives and our marriages, we could not keep in touch.

I just feel overwhelmed again writing this.  I think we have been together before, but for some reason have chosen not to be this time.