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Dixie E's SMR

After a horrible 10 year marriage, I spent 5 years working hard at a Police Department. For fun, I'd dance with my gay buddies. I dated cops.  I had traveled all over the USA as a child due to my father's job.  We landed near Washington DC when Dad was promoted to a desk job. So I went to high school in Virginia.  I ended up in the Shenandoah Valley for college.  It was beautiful.  In my late 20s, I lived in Kenya for 3 months. I had always wanted to go to Africa.

On New Year's Eve, 1986, my best girlfriend & I were having an all girl's celebration at her Mom's house. Her mother is a brilliant chef, so we were enjoying coconut shrimp & chocolate torte & all kinds of other treats.  I had brought along a National Enquirer.  The Headline said "What Will Happen in 1986?!"  My friend took my photo as I was saying "You will become a lawyer & I will meet my Good Husband."

The next week, I auditioned for a play. I hadn't done any acting since college (over 10 years).  As I was waiting to be called onstage, the double doors of the theater flew open, bringing in a blast of snow.  A man with long platinum blonde hair & a reddish beard stood in the doorway.  He was tall & wore a grey beret.  Everyone shouted at him "Hey, Pete!!"  We never stopped talking from that moment onward. Turns out, when I was in Shenandoah, Virginia, I was invited to a big party at his college (William & Mary) which he had organized (a Spring dance outdoors) but I had to work so didn't go. When I was in Waa, Kenya, I had a chance to go to Goa, India.  He was in Goa & had the chance to go to Waa. We both chose not to do those trips.  We both came to Boulder, Colorado in June, 1982 for a Jack Kerouac conference.  We were onstage at the same time but didn't meet yet.  One night my girlfriend & I were dancing in a nightclub where lawyers hung out--a long haired, offbeat guy came up & started talking to us. We ended up giving him a ride home. Lo & Behold, 5 years later, it turned out that was Peter, the man I met at the theater.  We have now been married 20 years.  Every day is amazing, despite ups & downs financially. We've traveled to Scotland, Iceland, Germany, Austria & are utterly blessed to have found each other.  There are so many "coincidences" of times we could've met but didn't just yet.  What a Joy! (by the way, my girlfriend did become a lawyer!)