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Anna's SMR


I am currently married to my karmic soul-mate and together we have many children from a blended marriages. We have experienced the karmic relationship that has been many challenges, highs and lows, learning and growing from each other. Love is present.

At my new job, my first day was the day that I met my twin soul. No accident. My life has never been the same. I walked over to where some employees were standing. I said hello, and then turned to my left and I laid eyes on him. My world stopped. I seemed to have lost my hearing. I was amazed. I didn't turn away. I was shameless. I was in total awe. I did not blink. I could not stop taking in every centimeter, every inch of him. My love. My baby. There he was.

We erupted in odd conversation about our highest passion immediately... the other employees just looked at us and walked away, not sure what to think. The job didn't matter, who was there didn't matter, what day of the week didn't matter, what I was wearing didn't matter. I felt totally seen by him. I felt naked in the sense that he saw me, and I relished in it. He was looking at me the same way. He was chuckling, laughing...like he knew! That made me so nervous. I felt like I was high. I was not acting as I normally do. I was almost having an out of body experience because I was observing myself, truly amazed in my behavior. I wanted to take his hand and walk out of there and start our life, our passion, and start doing what our purpose is on this planet. What we are here for. we finally found each other.

 I knew this within 2 to 3 minutes of conversing with him. Then I got scared. I totally snapped out of it after 20 minutes of talking excitedly with him. I tried, and still to this day, try to manage my behavior around him. I try not to interfere with his life. He was married too, at the time. It has been months now, since this experience. Quickly, I will give an account of the 'strangeness' of this union. We have so much to say to each other, we were 'updating' each other in the beginning...then it became about our future.

We were both unhappy and unfulfilled in our marriage, even though we love our spouses. Our signs had coincidences, birthdays, places we traveled, our choice of partners based physical appearance, and races, our likes, opinions, goals...are the same. Too many to mention. Our first kiss (which was inevitable) felt as though I was kissing myself. I couldn't believe it. When we look at each other there is a liquidity in our eyes, I seem to enter him, and come back out. Like a flow of our energy. I get 'sucked' in without any choice.

 We totally know each other. We finally found each other. We know someday we will be together. We already know this. We have spoken about 'what are we going to do now'? Because it was too obvious we found each other. Our conversations were like we were 'picking up' where we left off.

His marriage has ended. Quite suddenly. Being there for him, and also giving him space has been a dance. I feel his pain when I am not around him. When he laughs it is music to my ears. His voice is like the heavens open up and angels are singing, when he speaks. I have an unbelievable listening of him.  Strange protectiveness, yet totally certainty of his individuality from me. There is no jealousy, no anger. He is more important than any human being alive to me. But I know I am apart of him. So this 'oneness' creates a completeness that I know no one else could fill.  We have decided to wait to consummate our union. When there is no one that would be hurt.

The only pain I feel is not being with him, talking, or seeing him. Physical heart pain. My love was instant and complete from the beginning. He looks at me with me so much love in his eyes it is overwhelming and unbearable. I see future, earth, eternity, life, death, birth, heaven in his eyes. I see God. I have never felt so in tune with myself, or another human, or my purpose like I do now.

He looks at me with the same awe and amazement. I see how I affect him. This letter has been so general considering how much more there is I could say about this, but I would have 12 pages! I have no idea if we will be together soon, or we have to wait for a time. So many things are happening so fast. I feel totally torn. I have a good husband. But, I know he is not my twin. Being without my twin is impossible. I was so afraid to lose him in the beginning I would cry and cry. I have not told him, but we have allluded to it. We say there is 'magic'. I thank God everyday for bringing him back to me. Now I know perfect love. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.