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Angel & Glenn SMR

Hello, I noticed your site and I wanted to find a way  to honor a first love between Glenn and I , it's a love that has withstood all tests of time and  a love that's so pure and precious.

We met when I was a tender age of 15 and a half. He had surgery at McFarland Hospital in Lebanon Tennessee on June 16, 1986 and the next day his brother Tommy (Rest in Peace Tommy We love you!) was about to get on the elevator to go to see him, Tommy seen me and called me over and said, "Come with me I've got someone I want you to meet" I looked puzzled at him as we got on the elevator and rode it to the second floor, I followed behind Tommy as he entered Room 219 but before entering he allowed me to go in first. Glenn  was laying  there in bed and when our eyes met something clicked inside me as if my heart fluttered for a moment, I was very shy and Tommy introduced Glenn and I and Tommy asked me to have a seat and I did, as soon as I sat down Tommy gave Glenn a little wink and made a quick excuse to leave the room. I was so nervous but he left anyway after grinning at me and walking out. Glenn began to speak as I didn't know what to say right away. We began to chat a bit as Tommy returned to the room after some time away. I had to return back to work downstairs and I got up and told Glenn I'd see him the next day.  Right before I left I noticed Tommy was grinning again, I said "nothing." and told them both goodbye.  I went downstairs and went back to work.

I had flowers and cards to take to patient rooms so I quickly looked for ALL the second floor deliveries and loaded them on the cart and quickly went back upstairs and walked as slowly as I could by Glenn's Room and smiled Innocently as I passed, I seemed to blush a lot when I was that age but especially when Tommy or Glenn spoke to me. I couldn't wait till the next day to see Glenn. I only worked 4 hours that next day and I came in early just  to see him. There after we  talked more and more and spent more and more time together and after about a week I started having feelings for him and found myself  falling for him day by day after that, after a few weeks  of spending time with him at the hospital.  I had such trouble telling him my feelings so I decided to write it in a letter for him, one day I sat down after work and wrote him a 6 page letter, it explained just how I felt for him and how much I appreciated Tommy introducing us. The next day I had to work and I got ready for work early and went to the hospital and before leaving the house I picked a Rose from mom's garden without her knowing of course lol... I took that Rose and Took the letter with me and went to see Glenn. When I arrived on the second floor and walked into his room it was empty and the bed was made and my heart sank... I asked the nurse where he was and she said he left an hour prior to my arrival.  I went back downstairs with that rose and letter and I sat in the Volunteer break room and the tears started flowing. I felt nauseated as my supervisor came by she asked me if I was okay.  I told her no... and asked if I could go home. She allowed me to go. I got home and laid on my bed still in my uniform and Cried for hours.  All I could think of was  that I'd never see him again, and for over 24 years I never seen him or his brother.

Tommy sadly Passed away in 2006 and I never got to tell him thank you for introducing me to my soul mate.

On April 21,2010  Glenn and I reconnected again through Facebook and When I received that Friend request from him I couldn't believe it was really him, I cried so hard when i seen his picture, especially when he told him how could he forget me after all I was the one who visited him most after his surgery back then. I told him that night how much I had loved him all these years and he felt the same for me and we both decided we wanted to be  together and we've been inseparable every since. chatting on cam/voice or on the phone or through messengers. On August 5th 2010 he moved from Georgia to Tennessee and came and got me and We've been together and so very happy every since, and it's living proof that A first love does last forever...