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First Experience - 7 years old
Second Experience - At the University
Third Experience - At the University
Poetry #13

Poetry #9
Poetry #2-3
Poetry #23
Poetry #24

Poetry #10
Poetry #12

Poetry #2-11
Poetry #2-24

Poetry #11

First Experience description: 

When I was 7 year old, I had my first NDE, and the memory came across my mind when I had second experience: I had like-experience, like-feeling, when I was very young!  But, three experiences are not same but have something in common. Let me tell my first experience to you : I had been in the hospital with a high fever for a month or so. One day, the nurse that took my temperature shouted, prepare for alcohol pack. soon, my doctor came. and the nurse took my clothes off and began applying a pack to my front body. I thought the saying that a nurse is an angel in white gown is a lie because my nurse was treating me painfully at that moment.  I felt my surroundings came into me (a funnel called me) like a movie screen. I looked at the clear light and I shouted "관세음 보살(Kwon Sem Bo Sal: one of Buddhas' names)" and then I was alive and left the hospital.

second Experience description: 

I'd like to tell you my second NDE. My second NDE made me thankful for everything of the world. I wonder if My second NDE is the real NDE.

I wonder you know about the educational circumstances in Korea. I always thought Why I should study and live although All is the end in front of the death. Moreover, I thought I would not go to school if I was an orphan.  Anyway, I entered into university.

The university taught me the alcohol, but I could not drain the cup although my senior passed a liquor glass round because I had been sick with tuberculosis. I finally quitted medicines on summer vacation of my first year, and one day I drank too much. The next day, I got up early in the morning. One of my seniors said to me there was a mess last night because you were breathless. However, I could not remember.

On the same day, I climbed to the top of the mountain Hanra. (highest in south Korea)
I was in the stupid condition. (I could not express it well.). At the next night, We went to dancing. I danced. At that moment, I felt as my surroundings were coming into me. I was too astounded to dance more.

One or Two days passed. I was sleeping. I fell down the black tunnel with high speed and saw the bright red cross. I opened my eyes with surprise at the almost same time, I felt as my body jumped. that was very euphoric. Moreover, I saw the look of my high schooler.  I suddenly seemed to know Why we should live I thanked for everything.

third Experience description: 

I'd like to give you a detailed account of my third story some time later.  The short version is as follows:

After My third NDE, I started to try to search for something related with NDE. first, I read the books like Tibetan book of the dead, Life after Life, Life before Life, Upanisad, The Dhammapada, TAO TE CHING etc.

I had a trauma in my second year, and I was sick with tuberculosis again. I recovered my health and spirit after I had the third NDE. At that time, I thought NDE could recover our memory that disappeared because of a trauma. NDE make us to review bygones, as you know.  I was studying psychology.

At that time, I thought I'm never related with NDE and It is okay to live like now. Moreover, I wanted to know something scientifically. So I majored in life science. Now, I work at a immunology lab.  However, I was tormented by my doubts about the present state of things.

I was not busy on last vacation, just then I started to search about NDE at the web. So I found several important web page. Moreover, I came to know there are many NDErs and I'm not alone.


Poetry #13

If you drive yourself to the cliff

At that moment
Although someone push you down

A parachute is released before you reach on land

It is like that all the time
There is always a light after that.
there is always a floating.

Poetry #9 

Don't give up yourself
until you find the road.

Don't believe others but yourself
until you find the road.
Believe only yourself.

Get drunk to yourself.
and you can find the road
just before you become insane.

Don't forget LOVE
Don't forget FORGIVENESS
Don't forget HOW TO LIVE
Even after you see the road.

Keep the road during your life
though it is hard and difficult.

Poetry #2_3


Sometimes cry
I live my own life
I live on my own way
I am what I am

Sometimes murmur
I'm exhausted
it is out of my ability

To be my life, my mind
To be what I am

Never is all called casual
All is so necessary

I Wonder all things is called as my life

I'd like to get drunk to my life
like I get drunk to alcohol

Poetry #23

I'd never seen such a crumbled man
crumble clearly and beautifully when you crumble

Never crumble unclearly and ugly
I never give a cheap pity.
I was wretched but you were dirty

How comes it you pretended to love me
you' might have told you want only to sex
if so
we did not need such things for the beginning
How comes it you pretended to love me
a dirty guy

I'm not a fool
When you are qualified
I will see you again
but you don't want
Never do
I want your determination to be true
have a cheap pity

I was so wretched that you were dirty.
you were dirty. have a cheap pity
I told to be a master of your life
Be a thorough master of your life

Poetry #24

If you want
please be a goose

If you do not want
never come here again

I promised
but I'm so afraid to come here

If you want
please be a goose

Poetry #10

Each of us has his(her) road.
Each road not to be interrupted.

We has the road to walk alone
Although we are walking together.

We are walking alone
enveloped in a fog.

Poetry #12

To know death is to know life
but  nothing to be solved

Poetry #2-11

I get to know,
The tree in my mind, where I have to go,
is one thing.

I get to know,
All I have to do is reach there,
It matters little whether I reach early or late
It matters little what road I choose,

I get to know, but I'm worried to reach there.

Poetry #2.24

"White paper is clean, but easily soiled.

We live, painting in our each white paper.

it cannot be perfectly white again.

Life is such a thing."

Who says,
That we live only painting on it and we can not make it white again.
Who says.

How come they don't know?:

if we can spin it like spinning a top,
it can become lightly white.

White can include all colors,

The only difficulty that we have,
is to spin it with proper colors.

How come they don't know ?

After we have pains,
we always are at the starting point again.
Only what is changed, the bigger paper given to us.
All the time, the starting point.

Poetry #11

Over there,
at the dark over there,
every of my blood is chilled
see the castle in the dark over there
what is the birds

when I opened my eyes, the castle disappeared
when I touched it, it was scattered.

I wandered to find where the castle was
I could not find it
because there was not any darkness here

I wondered what was the dark
very much
I was impatient with my curiosity

I wandered from place to place
to find the dark castle

I open my eyes
I can see that I stand up on the dark place with one foot