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Dave with Love to Janet

Experience description: 

After two marriages that didn't work out I met my soulmate. I was 62 when I met her.  We've been married for 6 years.  People who meet us assume we've been married forever,  At 65 I had a heart attack.  After a few months I needed open heart surgery.  My wife was driving me to Albany Medical Center for the operation.  We were driving up the throughway at night. A snow storm was starting in. 

I didn't know if I was going to make it through or not, I was pretty bad off.  I looked at her and said no matter what happens I'll always be with you, My Spirit will Always Find Yours, no matter what. They operated on two of us at once. The fellow I went in with had a stroke in the middle of the operation and came out of it paralyzed.  I was lucky and I made it through in one piece. Here's the piece of poetry I wrote for her.


Dave Woods (Soulmate) "My Spirit Will Always find yours" (1 MB) .wav 2004 Callicoon Music  with music to the Soulmate poem.  He has a great Meditation CD which he composed    You can contact him at dave.woods@verizon.net

In the twilight of my life
when I'm closer to the end
than the beginning
the pain of learning
the illusions of what I could and should have been.
could and should have done
have all melted away
and I'm left here
with nothing
but the reality of who I am
and here....
I've found you once again.

In our embrace
we're children
who've walked the journey of discovery
through the darkness
to the light
across the lifetimes
where we fought and died
laughed and cried
were Mother ..Father.. Friend ..Lover.. Sister ..Brother
we've come together
time and time again
and again....and again

In our moment now
that seems so fleeting
we yearn for more time
but we had to find ourselves
before we could recognize each other
don't love with regret
for time lost
we will meet again
and as long as forever in eternity
across all time
and space
my spirit will always find yours
again ...and again.......
and again


Copyright 2003 Dave Woods Callicoon Music ASCAP