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NDERF (1/1/11-6/30/11)
NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody Long and Jeffrey Long, M.D.

NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

2742.  Mary's Son's Other English expanded version 6/30/11  Son's drawing in first grade is premonition of death at age 20. 

2741.  Anna Probable NDE 5229 English expanded version 6/30/11  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.  This being was surrounded by light and by other people, but I could not see them well, they were like silhouettes, or shadows... I was told that I should not be there, that it was still not my time, that I had to go back to those I had left on earth and solve the problems of my present and future life. I was also warned about what could happen if I committed the same act at some future time, along the lines of: "Death could stay with you without offering the chance to come back", and that I needed to cure the evil which I had in my body (referring to the overdose). This was actually a warning made out of love. I could feel how the person addressing me was protecting and counselling me just like a mother scolding her child.
Probable NDE from attempted suicide.

2740.  Ella J NDE English expanded version 6/30/11 "I entered a large hall. It was so long that I could not see the end of it. It was filled with people. As I was conducted through the throng, the first person I recognized was my Grandpa H. P. Jensen, who was sitting in one end of the room writing. He looked up and seemed surprised to see me. He said, "Why! There is my granddaughter, Ella!"  "He was very much pleased, greeted me and, as he continued with his writing, I passed on through the room and met a great many of my relatives and friends. It was like going along the crowded street of a large city where you meet many people, only a very few of whom you recognize.  "The next one I knew was Uncle Hans Jensen with his wife, Mary Ellen. They had two small children with them. On inquiring who they were, he told me one was his own and the other was Uncle Will's little girl.
Mormon NDE from 1891.

2739.  Edward S NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 I knew I was in a great deal of trouble, and that something had to be done. I was trapped in the back seat of a car and my best friend was in the front seat. I was swimming in blood and bone fragments...I managed to use my one good arm to get one leg out and then I tried to get me and my friend out. I could not do it. I was so tired and I thought I should rest. At that point, I felt GOD was looking at me. For years I had been a practicing atheist. I looked at GOD and said that I didn't think he wanted cowards and I wasn't going to change just because I was desperate. Stupid, I know, but I felt it would be cowardly to ask God for help when I didn't believe in God. While I was having this discourse, I heard sirens and knew an ambulance was coming. Shortly, I heard talking and felt someone lift my arm, hold my wrist for a minute and then say "Bag this one too, he's dead".  I said "No, I'm not!" and they went into high gear to get me out.  After they got me out and into the ambulance, things became strange. It was like I was above the ambulance, watching it going to the hospital. Then, once I got there, I watched from above as they wheeled me into the emergency room.
NDE due to severe car crash.

2738.  Linda D NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 I was walking with a friend after school. I never saw the drunk driver go off the road, because he hit me from behind. Suddenly I was floating in this black void, totally conscious of myself and my identity.  I was curious, but not afraid. There was nothing to see, just blackness.  I had no idea what was going on, but I had the feeling of moving forward and going somewhere. I was extremely excited and happy.  As I moved along, the happiness became intense joy. Then it changed. I had reached some sort of barrier and something indicated to me that I had to "go back." I have not, to this day, ever experienced such bitter disappointment as I felt when I was "told" to return. I did not want to return, but I had the distinct "feeling" of turning around. Returning felt like falling from a great height. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.
NDE due to being hit by car at age 13.

2737.  HD M Possible NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 I was a life guard in New Jersey. Every day before the pool opened I would hyperventilate dive in and swim the 50 meter pool under water.  That day I decided to take it a little farther.  I would swim the 50 meters turn and swim another 10 strokes then surface.  I swam the 50 meters then counted three more strokes as I swam those strokes I looked to my left and saw the deeper blue of the diving area(11-12 feet deep). Next thing I was aware of: I was laying face down on the hot concrete while another life guard "Jeff" was giving me back pressure arm lift - a then current method of artificial respiration.  What I remembered of the experience was that I was inside something and looking out, what was outside was moving very fast.  At the time I correlated it to being inside a railroad car and watching the scenery go by.  It was not scenery just the sensation of rapid movement.
Possible NDE from drowning.

2736.  Denise B Probable NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 From Mexico.  Eventually, the doctor arrived to check on me. I handed him my coloring book where I had colored a picture of a doctor and little girl patient. The image I colored matched perfectly what my physician was wearing in that very moment! I had seen him and purposely colored the page to represent what I knew of him so he would surely believe I knew him prior to actually meeting him. In fact, when he entered my room he immediately began to introduce himself wherein I interrupted to inform him that I already knew him. That's when I held up the coloring page and offered it as a gift to him for doing such a good job with my surgery. He denied the possibility that I could know him when we had not met until that moment. Nothing I would tell him convinced him. I explained that I had heard him talking to the people who were helping him. He denied the possibility of this claiming I was deeply sedated and could hear nothing. I told him I had heard him telling a story to my mom which he also denied.
Probable NDE due to surgery at age 7 or 8.

2735.  John R NDEs English expanded version 6/25/11  From Canada.  I went from my body to above my body looking down. this lasted very briefly then I was through a light and talking with my mentor or teacher ( like I said things don't always translate into "human speak" all that well� I asked as I was leaving , how will I know that what I have been shown is real? I was told to watch. During the next few months, I watched the largest collapse of the world monetary system and the election of a black president in the U.S.. two things that were shown to me.
NDE at age 24 due to suicide attempt.  Another NDE due to complication of hypothermic heart-lung bypass surgery.

2734.  Shawn M Probable NDE 5228 English expanded version 6/25/11  I felt my body shutting down. I was scared of the  black void I was in, but found I was able to breathe. Then I felt calm. But I was brought back. I was angry about having to come back, because I had never felt that kind of joy while I was alive.
Probable NDE from suicide attempt.

2733.  Robert J Probable NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  I was four years old and suffering from a progressively worsening life-threatening pneumonia with a temperature of about 106. After the family physician could not offer more than empathetic words my parents called the elders of their church to anoint and pray for my recovery. My father held me in his arms as he, my mother, and the elders prayed during which time I found myself floating near the ceiling of the bedroom. The whole prayer and OBE experience seemed very short, less than a minute. The following night my fever broke and I began to recover. I recovered in about a week but so weak that I had to relearn how to walk.
Probable NDE from severe febrile illness at age 4.  Shared 78 years later.

2732.  Michael M Probable NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  From Australia I was hit by a car and thrown sixty meters from point of impact was pronounced dead at the scene by the police, was revived by ambulance crew gone again in the ambulance  and again at the hospital.......yet I could see and hear everything that was said during the entire time. Even through the coma I could see my children who came to visit...they just couldn't hear me
Probable NDE due to being hit by car.

2731.  Charles N NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  As I started down the hall, I remembered my daughter, and I thought I couldn't leave because I had to take care of her. But a voice in my head told me she would be all right.  And as I continued down the hallway, I saw the light getting brighter. So I started looking for the source of the light, because I couldn't see any windows or fluorescent lights in the hall.  To my surprise, I saw that the light was radiating right through the walls!  And at the end of this hall was a brighter light coming from what seemed like another hallway, again to the right.  As soon as I got down there, eager to look to the right and see what was around that corner, I suddenly awoke in the recovery room. They told me I had died.  And I responded, "I know." I am not afraid of death now, because I have seen the light, and I am proud to say that I have the knowledge that I will never feel that wonderful joy and peace again until I am there, totally.
NDE due to anesthetic complication.


2730.  Albert S Probable NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  My hearing was fully tuned to that world. In the distance I could hear musical wind-chimes, the gentle sounds of a waterfall. Every sound was perfect - soothing, peaceful, loving, harmonious and joyful to my soul.  I experienced a sense, or state, of anticipation – perhaps it had to do with moving forward to meet my Maker (God) or looking forward to reaching my final, eternal destiny. The whole experience seemed altogether natural and purposeful. I felt completely content with it. The closer my spiritual body moved toward the light, the more peace, love and joyfulness I felt.  I noticed that way up ahead of me, the valley in which I was traveling had an angular turning point from whence the light appeared to be emanating. When I was just about to reach that turning point, I became aware of my eyes slowly closing – and of remaining closed, as my spiritual body started travelling backward, speeding up faster and faster, back to where I had come from. 
Probable NDE associated with operation.

2729.  Denise T NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  I overdosed on pain meds and was dead for several minutes. I had to have adrenaline shot into my heart. While I was gone, I found myself lying in the grass in a big field filled with beautiful daisies of all different sizes. There were hills and trees in the distance. I experienced a feeling of great love and understanding.  While I was there, I really didn't want to leave that place, but I just knew that when I came back, everything would be OK!
NDE due to overdose of pain medications.

2728.  Francoise A Probable NDE English expanded version 6/24/11 From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English by Maurizio B. I was lying on the bed. I thought I was dreaming that I saw a gallery, like a tunnel, where there was a beautiful garden with many flowers and a light at the end that grew steadily stronger and stronger.  Alongside this light  was my grandfather who had died approximately six or seven months ago.  I smiled at him and felt happy to see him, at first. He was smiling as if he felt well (when I had last seen him, he had always been suffering because he had been sick with cancer.) I wanted to stay there with him, but as I approached him, telling him how well he looked, he waved goodbye to me, and said, "I'm fine!  But you must go away now, because your time has not arrived yet."  I said to him, "So I come to you, and we have to say goodbye?"  And he said,  "Go, go! They are waiting for you!" 
NDE from suicide attempt.

2727.  Lorette C NDE English expanded version 6/21/11 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Simon A.    Then I saw a parade of photos. Of him and of me, on a boat. Yet I had forgotten these detailed memories, of these moments captured in these photos. And, as the photos passed before us, I remembered each of those moments. I felt as though I had become a bit drowsy, with my head still on his shoulder. Then, we separated. We were not on the ground, we were floating. He placed his hands on my shoulders, smiling at me gently, a serene smile.
NDE from suicide attempt.

2726.  Silvia A NDE English expanded version 6/16/11 From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English by Maurizio B.  At the beginning, I was choking. I was in a lot of anguish, because of the lack of oxygen. The quiet then slowly took over, giving way to a beautiful peace mixed with happiness.  I heard the doctors say, "She has become gray, we are losing her," but it was as if they were talking about another person.  I wondered why there was so much excitement - I was in that wonderful peace, where I could not even imagine the pain. I felt my consciousness hovering over the doctors' heads, as if I were preparing to leave my body. But then they got the tube in again, and I returned to my normal state.
NDE from choking.

2725.  Emmett M NDE English expanded version 6/12/11 I was in a sort of a room area that had 3-5 Monks in it.  There was something like a table that had little televisions on it and what I thought were funny typewriters.  Later in my life I recognized these as computers??  At least three of the monks were standing in the left-hand portion of the room. Towards the back of the room was something like a large round doorway with very light colored fog in it. There appeared to be a bright light behind the slowly circling fog. If I recall correctly, the fog was moving in a counter-clockwise direction.  On the left-hand side of the room there was another large round door. This one had a dark fog in it.  I asked the Monk who was closest to me (just a few feet away, to the front right of me) if I was supposed to go through the round doorway with the light colored fog, and he told me something along the lines of, "NO, you have to go back and do (or learn) something."
NDE at age 11-12 due to hanging.  Shared about 58 years later.

2724.  Request removal

2723.  Hal E FDE English expanded version 6/5/11 Although I could not form coherent thoughts, I remember being in tremendous fear.  I was, at this point, sure, beyond a doubt, that I could be facing death. The fear that I was experiencing at the time is the most fear that I have ever felt in my entire life. I had been to church (a Christian church) a few times in my life, and I remember thinking, albeit highly incoherently, "Please forgive me for my sins." I might have done that once or twice. All of a sudden, I "felt" a voice. (I say "felt" instead of "heard," because at that time, my ability to "hear", or process sound, was close to zero. ) The voice said the following: "You are forgiven, but it is not your time yet." 
Fear-Death Experience following auto accident.

2722.  Jon J NDE English expanded version 6/5/11 The light engulfed my mind, and my body fell, hitting the back of my head on a hard wood floor which caused me to curl around the doorframe and have a seizure. I could feel my body twitching, hear my friends yelling, and see what was going on, but I was looking from above my body. Then within seconds I was in a vast field, more beautiful then anything I've ever seen, flowers and grass abundant, I was standing on a small incline that dropped slightly until the field was flat. People made of crystalline light were in the field talking and loitering without a care, the field faded into forest about 200 feet away, in the sky were moons of red, blue, green, orange, and the stars shone brighter and more gorgeous then any I've seen, it was either dusk, or night time but light enough to see perfectly. After seeing all that, the only thing I could say was "I'm finally home", when an older man, who radiated wisdom and caring, power and finesse, took my right hand in his, and said "you have yet to finish your work, my son" and with a smile I was rushed back into my body.
NDE due to head injury with apparent seizure.  Interesting that a non-ordinary experience began immediately prior to head injury.

2721.  MM Grandmother's NDE English expanded version 6/5/11 Just after the birth, my grandmother became very ill with a postpartum infection. Her fever rose and there was little anyone could do about it. There was no such thing as antibiotics at that time. A physician was sent for, but by the time he got there, my grandmother was - he decided - dead. Her heart stopped for a few minutes. A minister was sent for, along with a mortician, and the family was prepared.  During this time, my grandmother said that she found herself suddenly somewhere near the ceiling, looking down at all the people surrounding her bed. She saw the midwife's panic and her husband coming to her bedside, crying in despair. She also saw her two eldest daughters near the door, and then her mother pushing them into the next room.  My grandmother turned around then and saw a bright light in the distance, as if it was through the wall of the bedroom. Then her own grandmother appeared beside her and said "Not yet". Then she experienced just blackness. A few days later she emerged from a coma, and then was bedridden for weeks before she recovered.
Second-person NDE.  From Norway, submitted in English.  Was her Grandmother’s NDE at the time of delivery in 1934.

2719.  Kyle R NDE English expanded version 6/5/11  I was a recruit going through training for the Michigan State Police.  We were in the gym for defensive tactics training.  On that day we were learning the carotid choke hold (no longer taught).  You had a partner and when you were the suspect you were suppose to tap the arm of your partner when you started to feel light headed.  My partner began to apply the choke hold.  The next thing I experienced was darkness and a loud deep sound I can best describe as a deep vibration.  I recall wondering at the time if it was my alarm clock (thinking I was back in college at the dorm).  The darkness was then gone and I recall seeing the upper corner of the gym coming closer as if I were moving toward it.  Then I recall looking down and seeing my partner holding up my slumped body.  I would say I was off to the side about five feet and up about 5-6 about 10 foot off of the gym floor.
NDE due to choking.

2718.  Stanley S Possible NDE English expanded version  5/29/11 From Germany  As I placed my hand into His, I immediately found myself in a world of unconditional Love. Today, I feel that the hand was the hand of Jesus the Christ, Son of God.  While my hand was in His, I discovered, felt, or believed that I was inside the mind of God. Although there was complete darkness, I felt that there never was a need for forgiveness here, that only unconditional Love existed. It seemed that I was in the presence, at that moment, of all of existing eternity.  I believe to this day that what was communicated to me was simply this: "Don't lie to yourself, nor to anyone." After this , I found myself back in my sleeping bag, gasping for air and fighting to get out of that self-imposed prison.
Possible NDE encounter with Jesus.

2717.  Vera G NDE English expanded version 5/29/11 But then, suddenly, I was traveling through space - all around me were stars; and up ahead I saw a pure white light. Then I found myself standing in a clearing - some sort of field that was surrounded by trees. But I wasn't alone. All around me were people, hundreds of them, maybe even thousands. But I didn't know anyone; I didn't know where I was or even who I was. And you'd think that I would have been afraid, but I wasn't. It was like nothing mattered, not who I was, not who anyone was, and not even where I was, or if I'd be going anywhere.  Everyone was talking and laughing; I felt like we all knew each other, but I don't remember recognizing anyone.  And now I can't remember their faces, or the conversations I participated in; but what I do remember is their smiles and the joy I felt just being there...   The only knowing that I can infer from this experience, is that there is life after death, and it'll be the most beautiful thing that will ever happen to us.... The experience was real, definitely... Something made-up just simply can't affect you the way something like this does, the way it changes you so much.
NDE at age 15 due to unconsciousness with seizure.

2716.  Dale T NDE English expanded version 5/29/11  I was around 6 years old - about 55 years ago.  I was eating dinner with my older brother (age 12) and my mother. I swallowed a piece of meat. Unfortunately that meat was attached by a sinew to another one still in my mouth, and swallowing the first piece caused the second one still in my mouth to block my windpipe.  I could not breathe and, according to my brother, I turned blue.  Suddenly I was observing the event from a corner of the room near the ceiling.  I could "see" ME lying on the floor and my brother and my mother watching helplessly. Beside me in my corner near the ceiling, I sensed a being. I did not know who this being was, but it seemed to me that he was a spiritual "big brother" that I had known since forever.  Together we watched the events occurring below, as though it was all pre-planned. I knew that we would just wait a bit until things changed somehow and then we would know when it was the right time, and that's when I would go back to my body.  There was absolutely no fear, no concern at all.   "We" knew exactly how this would play out. I don't know how to say it. Something like "It's so obvious how this will turn out," was what we were both thinking.  Suddenly I was back in my body, and I found that I had brought back with me the knowledge that I needed  -  to swallow the second piece of meat in order to keep from suffocating.
NDE due to choking/suffocating on food at age six.  Shared 55 years later.

2715.  Matteo M NDE English expanded version 5/29/11 From Italy As I continued on, the blackness faded and I entered into a space, a place, a dimension which I don't know how to name - but it was all white.  It seemed to be a perfect white - emanating heat, light, serenity, tranquility, and understanding. I felt good there.  I was just my soul - I did not have a sense of my body.  I saw people at the bottom left, but they did not seem interested in me.  Right in front of me, though, I saw a sort of silhouette coming towards me, but I couldn't identify what it was, because it/he/she ?? was too bright.   I think the figure spoke to me, and maybe I spoke with it...?? , anyway, something happened, but I can't remember what, or what  words were said. (It was actually telepathy, more than words. We communicated without physical speech.) 
NDE due to auto accident. 

2714.  Marie C NDE 5117 English expanded version 5/25/11 From France, Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter.   I was outside of my body, watching myself from above. I saw myself lying in my bed, my arms down by my side.  I felt so soothed - very calm and light.   When I stopped watching myself  “sleeping,” I saw in front of me a very bright corridor without walls. It was a pale white at the beginning and it became brighter and brighter towards the end.  As I went into the tunnel, I felt as if I were pushing my way through light, fluffy cotton.  I felt wonderful!   Suddenly I felt myself falling back into my body.  
NDE from imminent life threatening event.

2713.  Early Native American NDEs English expanded version 5/23/11

2712.  Pamela J NDE English expanded version 5/22/11 I went into labor and then had to have an emergency C-section. It went bad. I was drowning in the fluids of my own body and from the child birth. I was a chain smoker and I couldn't breathe. Then I saw a bright white light - beautiful, peaceful - and I was being drawn into the light, but I was being held back for some reason, like it was not my time. I heard the nurse say, "Show her baby to her; it could be for the last time." I didn't want to "come back" to life. Where I was was so peaceful and I wanted to stay there, I was not afraid.
NDE due to complications of childbirth.

2711.  Niel L NDE English expanded version 5/22/11 From South Africa. When I was four, I went to the swimming pool alone to get some coins I had seen at the bottom. I could not reach the side of the pool after jumping in, and I couldn't stay above the water.  I remember accepting death.  The next thing I remember is seeing my mother jumping the pool fence and diving into the pool. (Her image was distorted as if I was looking through the water.)  Next, I remember lots of shouting and crying and my family all huddled over something. I remember trying to talk to them, but they couldn't see or hear me. Then I remember a tunnel with a light at the end. It was a very bright light, but it did not hurt my eyes. I can remember not wanting to return to my body, but being forced to go back, and then physical pain caused, not by returning, but the by the pain of being alive.  Two weeks later, I was awakened from my coma by a glass bottle breaking at my bedside.  That's when I told my parents about my experience.
NDE at age 4 due to drowning. 

2710.  Carol I NDE English expanded version 5/22/11  You could call it a "life review," but it was more in-depth than that  - it was multi-faceted.  These were the facets: 1/ I experienced incidents from my life from my own point of view, 2/  from the point of view of whoever was with me, and, 3/ from the point of view of a witness - a watcher of sorts - and all simultaneously.   One occasion I relived affected me deeply.  I was in the eighth grade, and I was with my friends at school - leading them on in verbally abusing another one of our friends.  It was cruel behavior and I was drenched in it.  I got to be me and experience that secret little thrill you get when you are cleverly mean to someone. I got to experience the admiration, tinged with fear, of the girls who were going along with me,  and lastly, I also experienced the humiliation and pain of the one we were tormenting.  I got to not just see her; but to BE her, including her being huddled next to the lockers, alone and crying, after the rest of us had left.  I found myself full of remorse - first, over what I had done, and then over the fact that I was dead and couldn't make up for it.
NDE due to complication of aplastic anemia.

2709.  Mateo NDE English expanded version 5/22/11 From Argentina, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A. I saw everything black and dark. I felt that I was in my body but I could not move, and far off I could see a little light. Something told me I should follow it. I followed it until it got brighter and brighter, then something told me that it was not my time and that I had to go back. I was feeling very happy and did not want to return, I felt that I should stay. Then I woke up stretched out on the ground with everyone looking at me. I got up and didn't have any serious injury. Then I asked where the boy was, who had smiled at me, and I they said that there was no one there apart from them. That is when I started asking questions about this. Who can that boy have been that nobody saw? Why did he smile at me? I still want to know, and feel that when a person dies, his soul finds itself in another place.
NDE happened at age 8 and shared at age 13.

2708.  Erika B Probable NDE English expanded version 5/17/11 It was strange because I felt throughout this entire experience like I was in my body; and, even though my eyes were shut, I could still see him.  In a way, I was not really there, but yet I could feel, hear, and see everything going on around me - mostly my husband screaming and slapping me, trying to wake me up. And I was screaming back at him to stop hitting me. I kept yelling, "I'M AWAKE, I'M FINE!!"  I was yelling for what seemed like 10 minutes when I realized that he couldn't hear me -  that no one could hear me. I knew what was happening, but I was paralyzed and I couldn't do anything about it - couldn't move, couldn't speak, nothing.  Things started to fade and I remember thinking "Wow, this is it. I'm leaving my daughter and my husband right now."
Probable NDE due to alcohol poisoning.

2707.  Yvonne S NDE English expanded version 5/17/11  I was struggling to breathe, but it wasn't working.  Soon after, my legs started shaking and then my whole body. I wondered why my body was bouncing around, but it didn't hurt and it was a pleasant distraction. Suddenly I was aware that I was looking down on my body - but I could also feel. I saw it (my body) bouncing, and it felt like I was on a washing machine and that something else was bouncing me around. So, now I'm above my body somewhere near the ceiling, watching my body on the table. That was when I noticed all the people in the room. They were doing things quickly, crowding around me and the table I was on. A guy went to the speaker on the wall and said "Code red!" and then called for my chest x-rays.  From my place near the ceiling, I answered him.  I told him that they didn't have my chest x-rays, because they hadn't taken any. 
NDE due to complication after surgery.

2706.  Chris O NDE English expanded version 5/17/11  I remember where the sun was in the sky right then, but I do not remember falling... The next thing I do remember is the light, not collapsing, but rather fading much like it does at the end of a Looney Tunes cartoon. All right. It's dark, but before I have a chance to absorb any info, I see myself standing over there in the darkness and I was asking both of my-selves simultaneously: What are you doing there? you don't belong there.  It lasted, to me, about 2-3 seconds. In the next memory, I'm being dragged by some of the bigger boys. As I start to get my feet back underneath me I have an indescribable sense of ... elation? euphoria? Having regained consciousness, I tell my friends that "I feel like I just came from home!" And, just as quick, I hear some one quip "that's because the garbage-dump is your home."
Brief NDE due to fall from bridge at age 7.

2705.  Alan M FDE English expanded version 5/17/11 From New Zealand Time slowed down as I listened to the sail rippling in the wind -- as I gained airspeed while plummeting toward the valley floor.  I didn't see my "life flash before my eyes" or any of the typical crap you hear about -- as there wasn't the time for this, I imagine.  But, I just remember thinking to myself -- "Shit - this is gonna hurt!"  Then, out of nowhere, I hear another 'voice' (not my own) saying, "Alan... you're about to die".  I kept focused on what were once seemingly pea-sized boulders -- as they rapidly became the size of small cars and I figured this was it!  At the last possible moment, the providential "hand of God" snatched me from the clutches of death, just seconds before crashing onto the slope.  The glider just "righted" itself, flew away from the cliff face into the valley airspace, and I found myself awestruck by the event.
Fear death experience from dramatic fall nearly 1000 feet in a hang glider.

2704.  Brenda H NDE 2491OBE English expanded version 5/17/11  I fell and the next thing I knew, I was in bed in a hospital room. But I was also up near the ceiling, looking down at myself in the bed. My Mom and my Grandma were at my Grandma's house, and I saw them there, crying.  Next thing I saw was the Universe. Then I saw the light. It kept asking me to come to it. I saw my relatives in line. They told me to go to the light, too.  I finally got to the light, and a voice told me that I have to go back -  that they are not ready for me yet - because I still have some things to do. The next thing I remember is being back in my body. 
NDE at age 4 due to fall down escalator.

2703.  Francisco J NDE English expanded version 5/17/11 From Spain, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.  There was a wall next to a swing, and I jumped from this wall to grab the cross-bar of the swing. My hands slipped and I fell on my back from a height of over 6 feet, hitting my head as well. Then I saw my whole life in fast-forward. When I woke up there were a lot of people around me, asking me if I was OK, and I told them I was in a bit of pain, then asked them how many hours I had been there. They told me that I had not been there for hours, but just for a few seconds.
NDE from going unconscious on the playground as a child.

2702.  Christophe NDE English expanded version 5/9/11 I feel I am lying on some surface, though. I see a white light in the distance, like a lobby entrance or an opened door. The light is coming closer, or, rather, I feel I am going toward the light - as if I were walking but without walking, I feel my body does not move. Very hard to describe. Once I arrive close to the light, a being on my right stops me. Without recognizing him by his appearance, I know who he is - he is my Grandfather.  He tells me something like, "No, not now, go back."
NDE from accident.

2701.  Joe M NDE English expanded version 5/7/11 Then I could hold my breath no longer and reflexively took in a long deep breath. The breath was water however, not air. Surprisingly this did not hurt. All of a sudden a deep peace filled me unlike anything I've felt before or since (even when I was doing drugs). This is the hard part to describe: a darkness, pitch black, "enveloped" me at the same time but "enveloped" is only as close as I can get to explaining it. It wasn't scary. It was warm, comforting and safe. Safer than I've ever felt before. The next thing I remember watching the life guard giving me mouth to mouth to revive me. I wasn't floating above the scene as some people describe, I was watching it as if I were kneeling right next to them. I couldn't figure out what was going on. I didn't know why he was kissing me. Although I knew that that was me on the tiled floor I didn't realize until much later that I was watching myself.
NDE due to drowning at age 17.

2700.  Christopher N NDE English expanded version 5/7/11 Thirdly, (and in this one I have proof I was out of my body)  I was in a coma for ten days, and my sister was in the room holding my hand.  I was across the room by the door, looking at her.  I would see the back of her head, then she would turn towards the door and begin to cry.  I could see her perfectly. When I came out of my coma, one of the first things I asked her, was "Why were you crying?" and she stated she wasn't. Then I told her that I had seen her - I had seen her from across the room.  When I told her that, the hair stood up on the back of her neck, she told me later.  Then she admitted that she had wanted to be strong for me, so she would turn away from me in the bed in order to try and keep me from seeing her weakness.  I explained that I had been over by the doorway, out of my body, and that when she had turned to cry, she was actually facing right toward me.  This last one is proof, in my opinion.  How else would I have seen her crying? 
NDE from being shot three time with hemorrhage from femoral artery.

2699.  Rosa D NDE English expanded version 5/7/11 From Argentina.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.  I could see the doctors and watch myself being operated on. I noticed something was happening - they were flustered, particularly the anesthetist.  Then I saw the room as a glass box, and I could see my relatives outside. When I returned to where my body was, I saw my maternal grandfather to my left (he had died three years before my birth), and to my right was my godfather (who died when I was 8 years old). They took me by my hands. Around them was a very beautiful blue light and I felt warmth in their hands. Then, above my head there appeared a tunnel. Many beings were there, and I felt their happiness on seeing me. My grandfather and my godfather told me I must be strong, as it was not yet my time, and I couldn't join them. I recall that my senses were acute, I could hear better than ever. There was a peace which cannot be described - and my desire to remain there was immense.
NDE from surgery complications.

2698.  Scott H NDE English expanded version 5/5/11 And the light was with me – it was in this curtain of mist about head-level, and it wasn’t a type of light that was blinding, it had a warm, emanating energy from it.  It was a combination white/yellow/orange, and it had a warmth, a love – a type of love that I’ve never experienced.  Most people would never be able to comprehend that level of love.  A complete and total unconditional love.  In the knowledge that forgiveness that God has for us I can’t begin to describe.  It blows me away to this day.

2697.  Gregg S NDE 3049 English expanded version 5/2/11 & 3/30/2007 There I met three other human forms...and was informed that we had all incarnated in the past together...and were once a family. The truth, knowledge, and wisdom they all contained made them look multitudes of light years ahead of me. They showed me basic Universal laws that exist between the physical and spiritual planes, the properties of the Law of Attraction, the responsibilities one has over ones own space in this matrix of existence since, everything is truly interconnected...and what ever you do, really does effect All eventually. This was beyond euphoria...this was all far beyond what I had been taught on Earth in its school system...and made much more sense to me than what my religious studies had ever shown. My stay with these wonderful folks was quite short, but the realities they brought to my conscious were immense.
NDE from hang gliding accident.

2696. Tracey J Possible Pet Dog NDE English expanded version 4/30/11 The puppy was neutered last week and it developed complications during the surgery.  It flat lined momentarily but was revived.  I recently brought him home wearing the "cone" and I am not supposed to give him very much activity because of his stitches and the surgery ordeal… In the drawer there was a photo of my dad, upside down, which I stuck in the drawer a couple of days ago planning to put in an album one day.  The dog usually goes crazy for his brush.  He sniffed around in the drawer and his tail wagged like crazy and then he pulled out the photo very carefully and gingerly carried it in his mouth.  He put it in his crate.  He has never carried paper before without chewing it apart (he absolutely loves eating paper).  This was so odd.  He can't get in the crate because his cone is too large but he set the photo in the crate on his pillow, just inside the door, then went to sleep on the floor… I believe that during my dog's "flat line" moments in surgery, he must have seen my father.  Nothing else explains him putting dad's picture in the crate, or rushing off to dad's grave when he had no way of understanding the significance.
Possible pet dog ADC with complication of neutering resulting in flat lining, then inexplicable awareness  of contributor's deceased father.

2695. Leonard NDE 5170 English expanded version 4/30/11  I did not think I would ever have a drug overdose but it happened. First I saw the bright light, unlike any light on Earth. I went through the light at a very very fast speed and felt no pain, no hunger, and not even any gravity.  As a matter of fact, I don't think people on Earth ever feel the way I felt.  But it's hard to explain. Then I saw this black curtain open to a color I had never seen here on Earth.  I couldn't see anyone there. Then I heard my Grandfather's voice say "There he is!" in a very happy tone. The next thing, I was back in the tunnel of light feeling gravity again.  It felt awful.  I didn't want to go back. Then I was back on Earth, hovering in the corner of the bathroom near the ceiling, looking down at my dead body, and at my friends, who were freaking out. They had tried to revive me and had given up. Then I was back in my body in a cold bath tub filled with freezing cold water and ice.
NDE from heroin overdose.

2694. Marty M NDE English expanded version 4/30/11  I was in total blackness and wondered to myself "What?" -  not in English or any other language, but the essence of the word.  I had no cognizance of anything previous. I felt like I had just been born, not as an infant, but as inquisitive youth.  Then, on my left I saw plants and blue sky forming.  Somehow I sensed welcome and love from them.  As they materialized, I felt I was way out in the country in a meadow. When they began to form in front of me I sensed something wonderful was beyond them.  I couldn't wait to get beyond them to explore, when suddenly I sensed I couldn't move.  I looked down and saw a vast area.  Within the area I saw many little individual areas.  One flashed, and at that point I knew it was this life, and I had to come back.  I said in English, "Oh, no!" because I didn't want to leave that wonderful place.  In an instant I opened my eyes and looked at the EMT, who was so busily trying to save my life.  My only thought was "Why did he have to bring me away from that wonderful place?".
NDE due to heart attack.

2693. Liz G NDE English expanded version 4/30/11 I saw my grandfather tear off his glasses, thrust a hand in his pocket, pull out his keys and wallet and throw them to the ground. Then he dove into the pool (at the shallow end). Although in my memory, the events seem be in slow motion, it must have actually happened very quickly. During this experience, my baby consciousness changed to one of a mature, or even an ageless person.  I didn't feel as if I was of any particular age  (certainly not the age of two) but as if I had already experienced a full life. And I was feeling peaceful and calm about the events that were occurring. I felt as though everything was understood and everything was the way it should be... This was more vivid and clear to me than any thought or dream I have ever had since this occurrence.
NDE at age 2 due to drowning.

2692. Derrick's Experiences English expanded version 4/30/11  I remember this being had massive hands and he cradled and caressed me in his hands. I remember him having a voice that was deep, strong and powerful but yet gentle and loving at the same time. I don't know for sure what he said to me since I couldn't understand language at the time but I could think in concepts or feelings such as I could easily tell if someone was talking in a loving way, sad way or angry way.  I remember being in a the most wonderful state of peace and love that even to this day I have never felt anything close to. Also I remember seeing either the spirits or the spirit bodies of other babies that were about to be fitted with their earthly body. They were like swirling around this powerful being who was holding me and even looked like they could have been coming forth every time he spoke.  At one point I remember this being taking me from the cradled position and placing me on his shoulder as if he was trying to show me something. Then he took me into his hands for a final time and then I found myself going backwards down a dark tunnel with still seeing a hint of light from where I once was and then almost like with a thud I found myself in my body.
Pre-birth and during-Birth Remembrance.  Memories of weeks after birth verified with parents and are medically plausible.

2691. William C NDE English expanded version 4/30/11 My breaths got shorter and my eyes watered so everything became blurry.  I thought to myself,  "This is it, and that's OK." As I had that thought, everything went black. When I opened my eyes, I saw an undefined floor that looked like fog; and I heard soft, soothing music. When I focused my eyes, I saw the light in front of me illuminating everything around me. There were figures to the right of me that looked like they were moving to the music. In the foreground stood a women - my grandmother!  She was beautiful. I had never met her. She had died of ovarian cancer when my mother was only a girl. First she told me that I was welcome and I could stay. But then she let me know that although the damage to my body was great, if I wanted to go back, I could. She told me that it would be very difficult for me, but in the end I would grow a great deal from this, and that those close to me would be changed by this, too.
NDE at age 17 due to complication of hospitalization following auto accident.

2690. Jody M Probable NDE English expanded version 4/30/11 I cut through a vein in my left arm. I lay on the bed for about two hours and bled. I got up with a flashlight and went to the bathroom to see if I could stop the bleeding.  As I was trying to stitch the lesion, I noticed that I was getting very weak throughout my upper body.  Very soon all light faded away and my body collapsed to the floor. I saw the face of the woman that I was in love with, and I saw my own face simultaneously, beside hers. (She is still alive, just to let you know.) The background behind us was like a vortex. I felt very serene. She may have been my merit that saved me from death.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt.

2689. Nem J NDE English expanded version 4/30/11 From Morocco.  Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter I recall a moment when I found myself up in the corner of the hospital room near the ceiling. There was also much light - an almost blinding white light.  Looking down, I saw a part of my body and my legs, as well as my parents and the doctors standing around me. One of them was wearing white, the other one, blue. He was young and blond. This lasted for just a few seconds.
NDE from attempted suicide.

2688. Jarosław D NDE English expanded version 4/30/11 From Poland, Original in Polish, Translated by Google. (If anyone wants to translated this into grammatically correct English, please do so).   I looked at each other in advance, a nurse and my dad tore my clothes, I saw that in a hurry, the doctor checks the first bone ribs and long bones of the arms and legs or no fractures (and I see it, and I know they are ok), followed by cervical spine ok, then a further part, there is no visible damage to the body is limp, "Doctor, the pulse is not palpable," says the nurse. Watching, someone runs into the room, and informs that it was the fall from the tree, hears after a while, my mom, I see despair and tears.

2687. Esterlein B NDE English expanded version 4/28/11 From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon    I was suspended in a kind of starry sky which had the form of an ellipse, and around me were those same "women" that I had seen many years before when I was in bed.  They were holding hands and circling and circling, singing to me. They took me towards a very distant light; it was as if I were floating in space. Since then, I've read that others sometimes go through a tunnel, but that is not what my experience was like. I felt very good. I cannot describe the state I was in, because I had never felt that way before, and have never felt anything like it since - so I have nothing to compare it to.  I just let myself be carried and I was very, very happy. I had no fear at all. Suddenly I heard some banging and voices shouting, and immediately I felt an immense force "sucking" me in and bringing me back to my body.
Beginning of a NDE from fainting.

2686. Cherie J Probable NDE English expanded version 4/25/11 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter  Then I am weightless, all is blue around me; there is a kind of light bridge to cross. At the other end of the bridge,  there is more of the same blue - it's a blue path, and on it there are people dressed in white robes, like monks. Their heads are covered, too. I don’t see their faces but I trust them. One of the people parts from the group, looks at me, and waves me away with his hand, telling me to go back to where I came from. I feel strongly that I don’t want to, I’d like so much to join them. I feel that this is my grandfather (whom I never knew personally; he died when I was 7 months old.) I ask him why he doesn’t want me to join them, and he tells me, "This is not your time; you have something very important to do right now."
Probable NDE from childbirth complications.

2685. Wanda C NDE English expanded version 4/23/11 One time, under sedation, I drifted back into that familiar hallway, but this time I just kept going further in.  I began to see my brother and my sister  (who were alive and well.)  At that time, I was sure they were right there with me,  and also that we were all little kids again.  Some knowledge came to me and it went like this: "You have been together and in relationship to each other for eternity.  You are bonded, and this will always be.  Do not be afraid of losing anyone, as this simply does not happen."  I took it to mean that we may live and die during this life, but we will also live and die again and again - together in different forms.  The love between us is eternal. Our selves are eternal. Our bond is eternal. In that moment, I lost all fear, and I began to see my human fear of death and loss as a waste of energy.  I woke up to shouting and a breathing mask being placed over my face.  As far as I know, my heart had not stopped.  Only my breathing had stopped; and no one knows for sure for how long this was, as they'd left me alone for some time.
NDE due to stopping breathing while under dental anesthesia.

2684. Haley A NDE English expanded version 4/23/11 & 5/22/11  Then my Nana called out to my father saying "Jack, Jack you need to talk to her, she will not listen to me!"  Then my father came to me, and he was also warm and bright. He picked me up and told me I had to go back, it was not my time. He let me know that mother needed me, that she could not stand to lose another. She already lost a son and her husband... years later I found that my mother did lose a son before I was born.
NDE at age 9 from head trauma.  Met deceased brother that she did not know she had until the NDE.

2683. Camilla F Probable NDE English expanded version 4/17/11 From Sweden.  Original in Swedish translated to English by Maria A. I so much wanted to stay inside this love emanating from the figure of light. I thought that maybe it was God, Jesus or an angel, but I couldn't tell. Everything I was experiencing was so incredible, I just couldn't tell what it was.  My body ”floated” further and then I felt like I came upon a big, thick, high, invincible wall, which stopped me. It felt to me as if the Universe was a room that had something to do with this wall. I knew instinctively that if I passed through this wall I would die for real, forever.  I knew I could have floated through the wall,  but I chose not to because I really did not want to die, I did not want to leave my mortal life behind.  That was my response to the figure of light - that I did not want to come. Then I felt myself being dragged back through the tunnel, the same way I had come. I thought about what had just happened. The figure of light had offered me a choice - I could have chosen to come through the wall or not.  I had been so curious; It seemed as if there was a lot behind that wall ...
At age 15. Life-threatening event not defined, but was intent and awoke next day at parents, suggesting likely unconsciousness.

2682. Tami N Probable NDE English expanded version 4/17/11 I met some new people and talked to them; they had died, too.  I didn't know why I was meeting them, because I had not known them before they died. They just said that later on I would know why.  Now I do.  After I came back to this life, I met the best friend of one of those people.  And now that person is MY best friend.  And another one of them, a lady that had died, she told me I had to go back and take care of her husband. I had been out of the hospital for a couple of weeks, when I met him.  We both felt a special connection and are still together now... And also, my BFF ("best friend forever") -  we shared details about his friend who had died - (details which I would not have been able to know except for having met him;) and he corroborated that everything I remembered about that person was accurate...And the boyfriend I have now - (he is the person whose wife requested I go back and take care of) we talk about his wife (she died over 16 years ago;)  and he confirms everything I remember about her,  too.
Probable NDE due to severe accident.

2681. Dewayne NDE English expanded version 4/17/11 When I was 19 years old, I was stabbed numerous times with a butcher knife. I apparently lost a extreme amount of blood and went unconscious. I then remember floating above my body while emergency personnel were working on my body. It was as if the emergency vehicle were cut open and I could see the individuals inside it working on my body. I distinctly remember thinking. "They are cutting up my favorite pants." I then saw them apply the defibrillator unit to my chest to jump start my heart. They tried it once and it did not work;  then they tried it a second time, and it was as if I was immediately sucked back into my body, feeling extremely weak. The next thing I was aware of was waking up in the hospital in excruciating pain. 
NDE from blood loss due to stabbing.

2680. Michael J Possible NDE English expanded version 4/17/11 from the Philippines.   I was feeling good and relaxed, telling myself, "This is it; I am dead."  Then I felt myself rising up to where everything was bright white. Suddenly, I was in presence of a human form who was clothed in white. I couldn't see the face.  I told myself that this figure must be Saint Peter, holding the key to Heaven. Then the figure spoke to me in English, saying, "What are you doing here?"  I answered, "I do not know." The voice said to me, "Go back." At that moment, I opened my eyes, and the excruciating pain came back. My priest-friend was next to me, still holding my hand.
SOBE, possible NDE from the Philippines. 

Coma event, that is a probable NDE.

2678. Denise C NDE English expanded version 4/16/11 I was at one end of a tunnel and I saw a group of people at the other end of it.  From the background, a strong light was emanating, outlining the crowd with a beautiful yellow light.  I could not see any of their faces -  it was too dark.  Two of the men, I knew, were my Irish grandfather's brothers.  I could tell that's who they were because they were wearing the same type of hat my grandfather wore -  those wool hats from the 30s and 40s. Then, I believe, Jesus spoke to me.  It was such an incredible voice!  The voice said, "DENISE!  GO BACK!  IT'S NOT YOUR TIME YET!"  This voice had the sound of every good and kind comment that had ever been made to me.  Then I felt an electrical feeling, like a surge of energy rushing through me.
NDE at age 10 due to illness.

2677. Geri R NDE English expanded version 4/16/11  I heard my daughter talking with the doctor about routine things, but I could hear their voices echoing,  and I couldn't understand why....then I felt myself slipping out of my body,  again   I heard my daughter's voice saying  "mom mom come back,  where are those paramedics?"  I looked at them working on me in the dental chair, but  I was moving forward,  I had had enough of the pain and the tugging and the forceps and the pulling and the bleeding... I was floating towards a beautiful golden bronzed light.... It was there that I saw my mother and my husband.....holding hands....smiling at me.... they looked so happy and at peace.    I wanted to feel that.... my mother smiled at me and took my hands  and for that brief instant  ...I  felt it... I felt the peace and tranquility and it felt so good....but without talking ,  I was able to understand and communicate with mom and Philip...
NDE due to complication during dental procedure.

2676. Fran E NDE English expanded version 4/16/11 The doctor walked in the room, and the next thing I remember was feeling a massive shock to my body.   I had "coded" twice.  I remember very clearly being in a totally dark place. I said out loud, "What is this dark place?".  It felt like I was just a thought with no body.  I was fascinated, not scared.  I saw a small "pin prick" of light in the upper right hand corner.  Then beautiful crystals of light began coming through the small opening.  The crystals were like a waterfall and just kept coming and coming.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I am unable to really describe it.  Then I felt a massive shock to my body.  I heard the doctor yelling at me.  I opened my eyes, and was disoriented for a brief period.  It wasn't until several hours later that I realized what had happened.  A nurse from the ER came to see me in ICU and told me I coded twice.
NDE due to heart attack and two cardiac arrests.  Contributor is a nurse.

2675. Cara S NDE English expanded version 4/16/11 They were loosing me. Surgeon checked to see heart beat, very weak and realized also I had stopped breathing. I heard nurse say they were loosing me. I then felt my father taking me by the hand and my spirit rising from my body as I could see nurses and surgeon working on my body. I saw a tunnel and bright lights, and felt the presence of other dead people going towards the light through the tunnel. Then as I was getting nearer to the light I was stopped, and my grandfather asked if I wanted to continue, but there would be no return to earth. I said no, I had to get back to my sons. Then can't explain at what speed it was I went back into my body, like being electrocuted, and took a breath. I opened my eyes and saw the surgeon collapse next to my crying.
NDE following surgery.

2674. Robert FDE English expanded version 4/16/11  I was 16 yrs old. There were many of us staying the weekend at the summer home of a friend. A large estate with expansive grounds including a point that jutted out into the lake. This point held sheer drop-offs into the lake approximately 60'. My friend challenged me to a race to the edge of one of these sheer drops on tractors. We choose are rides and off we went...I think he won. But he stopped and I mistakenly pedaled the clutch instead of the brake and away I went. At that instant I saw nothing, yet everything. I saw bright lights, felt intense euphoria, could see everything and everyone I had ever known. I felt helpless and could not steer (and I don't mean the tractor) and unable to get back and comfort my family and friends who were devastated by my tragic accident....well actually stupidity. So much in so short a time that it would take to plunge that distance. I was overwhelmed with feelings like I had never felt before.
Fear-Death Experience at age 16 from fall over cliff while on a tractor.

2673. Linda F FDE English expanded version 4/16/11  I was trying and trying to swim not quite in a panic but... all of a sudden I stopped thrashing about and remember looking around the empty pool.  There were people above talking but not paying any attention to me. They didn't know I was down there and a sudden wave of peaceful calmness came over me suddenly and I remember saying to myself "so this is what its like to drown". I was ok with it. I thought of nothing - my parents, friends etc...it was a very calm attitude. …this wave of complete peace came over me. I felt like I never had before, no worries anymore. Just a matter of fact attitude and acceptance of a certain death.
Fear-death experience from near drowning and other experiences.

2672. Debbie B NDE English expanded version 4/16/11  I was met by my mother who had passed 2 years earlier.  Also, from a distance I saw family members that had also passed.  My mother told me to come with her. We walked down this long sandy path. When I saw a clearing, I heard a sound from behind me that made me stop in my tracks. I was told that it was not my time yet - that  my husband and I had a lot to do and that many people would be counting on us.  I then woke up in the ICU. The other time it happened to me was the 7th cardiac arrest I had. This time I had an out of body experience. I found myself going back to my house where the doctor had told my husband and sons to go and rest until morning. I touched each of my sons on the cheek as they were sleeping. When I went to kiss my husband, the phone rang. It was 5:02 AM. Suddenly I woke up back in my hospital room with the doctor telling me in my ear that he was putting in a temporary pace maker and med-evacuating me to another hospital. 
NDE from heart attack.

2671. Judi M Probable NDE English expanded version 4/16/11  I would start walking to a village that looked like something out of a rural 16th century town (or at least what I would imagine that to be). It was heavily wooded. Not real sunny. There was a stone wall, with capstones, where a few women were talking. There was a dark haired man, dressed in a sort of burlap tunic. Everybody was dark and swarthy with very dark hair. He would initially have his back to me. When I'd get closer, he would turn to me and smile and say something like "We've been waiting for you. Welcome back." I'd then be directed to start grinding a type of grain with a mortar and pestle. I'd chat with others at the scene. I didn't feel particularly important, like a leader. I feel like support to a larger group. The work and chatting seemed to last a while. It felt so natural and peaceful. Then, when, in real life, treatments would restore my vital signs and doctors would call my name, and I went into a lighter coma stage, the man said "they are calling for you. You have to go back. We'll be here when you return."
Probable NDE due to blood illness.  Interesting experience in apparent 16th century town.

Willem NDE English expanded version 4/5/11 From the Netherlands  I just slipped and fell into the water … I came into a tunnel / or better; it felt like I went up in spirals. The light was blue / green (it could have been the water) and there was a peaceful sound (not music but "sound"). I arrived and there was a "person in light" waiting. He / she took me by the hand and we just stood there for a while. It felt like getting home; more THIS WAS HOME. The person in light and I were totally equal; there was only love without any boundary. And then I was told to go back; I did not want to; I was ordered to go back  because there were "things for me to do down there".  Suddenly I was back and I saw some people on the road by the side of the river being busy (they where trying to get the water out of my lungs).
NDE due to drowning at age 2.  From the Netherlands, shared in English.

2669. Dawn W NDE English expanded version 4/5/11 Peoples' voices where comforting me as I bled to death in the road. The last sound I remember was a helicopter overhead.  Suddenly I was in a dark warm breezy place full of stars and voices where speaking, though not out of their mouths, they looked like film negatives and I know they where failing somehow. There was a debate about my fate with another entity who I could not see, I could only feel the knowledge and peace, and joy, like the answer to every question I ever had was answered. It bothered me afterwards when I realized that y children needed me but I only wanted to stay where I was and feel the relief from my life that I felt. Under no circumstances would I have ever wanted to be away from my babies but I really wanted to get to that source of total peace and elation and STAY there. Then the relatives, whispering to me led me back to my body, when I woke from a coma with 800 stitches in my face I was devastated that I had to go back to my life.
NDE due to accident.

2668. Margaret J NDE English expanded version 4/5/11 It was then I realized someone was in the car that hit me, and I felt forgiveness flow over me for this person.  He went to call his mom and someone from their car asked if I wanted them to call an ambulance, I said yes.  The next thing I knew I was jumping on the clouds, I thought this is great this is wonderful I don't care about all those people I left behind. It was so very beautiful, years later, as I got to fly on a plane, I saw the same beautiful look of those clouds...next thing I knew I started feeling pain, and thought oh no I must be alive!
NDE due to auto accident.

2667. Robert E NDE 5130 English expanded version 4/5/11 One Tuesday evening in February 2006 I was feeling ill like a flu bug, I was sitting on my sofa watching TV around 4:15pm then I started feeling like I had to vomit, I ran to my down stairs bathroom, knelt down over the commode to vomit, but nothing happened. About 2 minutes later I had a sensation I had never felt before, my whole insides were coming up like an eruption but nothing happen. Next thing I knew I was on a beach that sky was so beautiful and bright, the sand was so white everything was so peaceful, then a figure appeared from a distance that looked like a lady holding a child by the hand. The figure waved at me once then again and said no, go back.
NDE due to episode of unconsciousness during illness.

2666. Geary S NDE English expanded version 4/5/11 I found myself leaving my body and floating up to the ceiling area of the room in which the medical personnel were working on me. As I floated up to the ceiling area, I was watching the medical team working to place a tube down my throat so they could pump my stomach. It seemed that I watched them for a length of time in which they were talking back and forth with each other and working on me at the same time. I seemed to float over the wall to above the hallway just outside the door to the room that I was in. I remember seeing a nurse standing in the hallway, right below me and she was writing something on a small tablet. When she finished writing, she slipped the tablet and the pen into one of the pockets of her uniform. The pocket was located on the skirt portion of her uniform, about an arms length down. It seems that I began to float back into the room again as the nurse walked through the door. I remember seeing a flash of light and the next thing I was aware of was my parents standing over me in a hospital room.
NDE due to accidental overdose.

2665. Karen W Probable NDE English expanded version  4/5/11  Yes, for years could not tell the story without crying, don't care whether anyone believes me or not. It was the most warm, peaceful, beautiful experience in my life. The Light was like one hundred times the hot sun on a July, clear day. No medication could ever simulate that feeling. I was reaching toward the light with my right arm-wanted to go into the light. No thoughts of anything else at all-I could make out the figure from a distance inside the light, which I KNEW was the Resurrected Christ. He had his Right hand up, along with his index & middle fingers only. As I got closer, those 2 fingers went down & that's when I went backwards with unimaginable G-Force. I explain it to people in my area as "like going in reverse on the "Laser Loop", and older roller-coaster at nearby Kennywood Park, now defunct. I DID NOT WANT TO GO BACK!!!!!!!
Probable NDE due to bleeding due to diverticula.

2664. Joy R NDE English expanded version 4/5/11 At some point I was floating in the air, not my body, but my spirit. I saw a  crowd gathering on the landing by the pool and my was able to see that it was me on the floor and I saw my friend Fay and Jess crying while everyone was screaming call the ambulance, Is she ok? It was then that some force drew me to the most beautiful and peaceful place that I have ever experience. As I was floating towards the gate of this beautiful place, I saw my dead maternal grandmother whom I've never met, but she came to me and called me by name and said its not my time, she then showed me my mother in our kitchen in Brooklyn, and she said "Do you know what this would do to her?", she would never forgive herself for allowing you to convince her to let you go spend the weekend with friends. I then saw the light, I was being drawn into the light, It was the most calming, peaceful experience I've ever felt.
NDE due to drowning at age 14.

2663. Alfredo NDE English expanded version 4/5/11 From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A. Suddenly I was floating in the void, everything was darkness and silence, but I felt that I was moving in some direction, feeling an immense tranquillity and ease, also enormous happiness, almost indescribable, but I had no body, all I could see was darkness.  Then I started to see a far distant light and my happiness and placidness went on growing. As I approached the light I could see that it came from a door, or a frame without a door, as if a white rectangle were drawn on a black card. The light which shone from this door bears no comparison even with the light of a thousand stars together, the luminosity was indescribable, but incredibly it did not harm the eyes. When I was near the door I saw a woman, outside in the void, with hair down to her waist. She wore a white gown to the ankles and beckoned me with her left hand, gesturing for me to approach her.
NDE from childhood fainting game.

2662. Nilda P NDE English expanded version  4/5/11  From Brazil.  Original in Portuguese, translated to English by C. Rodrigues He said: I am going to show you some things. Then, in the distance, I saw a globe that looked like the moon during an eclipse. He said:  That is the Earth, and I saw many points of light in the globe. Then He said: in every point of light there is someone praying, if all the people on  Earth could pray, it would look like that, and the Earth became illuminated as the sun. But so is not and the globe darkened again.
Remarkable NDE!

2661. Mary I Probable NDE English expanded version  4/2/11  From Portugal.  Original in Portuguese, translated to English by C. Rodrigues My eyes were focused on the switch when I noticed people rushing into my bedroom.  I saw a hand moving closer to the switch and at this moment, and before the light was on, I felt that I was “ascending”.  I felt great relief, I had no more pain or discomfort, and I had come out from a situation that in all aspects was terrible. I looked downwards full of curiosity, I tried to look at me but I couldn't see myself clearly, just a figure half hidden by the people around; my bed was away from the wall and there were many people moving on both sides of the bed.
Beginnings of an OBE from abortion complications.

2660. Barbara P NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 I had a terrible vehicle accident. I was found by my boyfriends brothers.  They called EMS. I went to the hospital. ER doctor tried something that did not work out quite well. My physical body stopped functioning momentarily.  Then I returned. Do not recall the physical extent of injury until the next day after a few days was able to recall what occurred out of my present body.
NDE due to auto accident.

2659. Sylvianne R Possible NDE English expanded version  3/28/11  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Magalie.  I observed all the details in the bedroom, including what position my husband was sleeping in.  I felt myself leaving, as if I were being sucked in towards a tunnel that was illuminated with a bright yellow light (like the one you can see on a summer morning while watching a sunrise.) I was floating. I felt good - and mainly I wasn’t feeling pain anymore - it was all gone. I rested while I was floating, I felt marvelously great. I couldn’t see myself floating in the light (although I could feel it happening,) but I understood it to be my Self. When I looked down, I saw my husband sleeping and I saw my body beside him. Seeing this, suddenly I panicked and didn’t want to be sucked into the tunnel. I started screaming that my 2 children, including my 6 months old baby, needed me. I fought while I was floating and felt divided between wanting to stay down on Earth and wanting to go up into the tunnel. I was upset with the situation. A voice told me I should go back and take care of my family, that I still had many things to accomplish and learn - that things would be different now. I would have a new strength that would be invincible. I had a life-review and witnessed all the important moments of my life.
Possible NDE from pain.

2658. Denise NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 At that moment he shared his name, "John". As we moved he also shared with me what was happening. The following is a reiteration of his words. "Everyone has choices. Everyone has free will. How this interacts in your life, and death, and with others, is all by choice. The girl who came here at the same time as you. If the ambulance driver takes a different road to the scene, if someone decides to move her and doesn't know what they are doing and cause more damage, if her internal organs are too crushed by the accident by speed and timing, she will stay here. You are laying in your sons bedroom.  Your one neighbor was given the responsibility to check on you. it is her choice. Her free will. Will she find you? Will she decide to take a shower first and be too late? Each of us always hangs in a balance, by decisions. Not only by our own actions, but by the free will and actions of others." He finished, "I need to tell you, your neighbor is entering your home. She will find you. You will be going back."
Exceptional NDE due to illness, and a must read.  Remarkable apparent shared NDE with person unknown to her.  Remarkable encounter with ‘John’ with discussion of free will.  Later mystical experience led to identification of who John was.

2657. Carrie S NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 I had an anaphylactic reaction to a medication in the hospital.  I had no pulse.  I remember being above my bed and watching everything from above.  I heard everything the doctors and nurses said but I could not respond.  In the corner of the room above the bed was a good friend who had died the year before.  There was a bright light behind her. Then she hugged me and told me to go back down.  After getting epinephrine my heart restarted and I was no longer looking down from above.  Although I was scared I was not going to live, seeing my friend made me feel more secure. Afterwards I told the Dr's the dosages of medication they gave me and where everyone was standing in the room, even what they were wearing.  The Dr said that is impossible you had no pulse.  I told him the story about how I could see and hear everything and I was above them all in the room.  He thought it was fascinating.
NDE due to anaphylactic allergic reaction.

2656. Patricia B NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 As I panicked and struggled to breathe and survive, a wave came, I went under and the next thing I knew I was up above the water looking down at all the people along the shoreline watching in fear. I saw up above in a distance I can't describe groups of people standing in the light. The light was very bright. It was very calm, peaceful, quiet, comforting. It felt like they were beckoning me and I begged them not to take me yet. My whole life flashed before me. I told them my loved ones needed me, would miss me too much, and wouldn’t understand and that I wasn't ready to go yet with them. There seemed to be other groups of majestic people in the infinite distance, in a vast perspective, floating together in groups, not necessarily familiar, in different layers, in the distance. in the light. I felt at ease, understood, loved and comforted, peaceful, but driven to go back to my body and survive.
NDE due to drowning.

2655. Manuel H NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 Then I was sitting next to my then recently deceased son.  It was really bright. I had a feeling of instant pain, then nothing. I saw my life, and I questioned my existence here and wondered about my daughter, too. My son asked me in a really calm voice, (he seemed to be really at peace, too.)  "What are you going to do?  Are you going to come with me, or not?"  I went with him and found myself sitting in a church with him. My head was bowed, and he was praying with me.   (Note: In life, my son had not been a very religious man.) 
NDE due to drug overdose.  This experience occurred a few days prior to it being shared.

2654. CL Possible NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 For a few seconds, I could feel the doctor cutting me. It was an incredibly hot, hot feeling. I was aware of what was going on and the fact that I could feel the doctor cutting me, but I could not communicate this with anyone. I could not speak and I could no open my eyes or move. I'm told that that probably was the anesthesia starting to work. Anyway, the next thing I knew, I was waking up and I had this incredible need to write down all these images and voices and feelings that I had had. I spoke to the doctor and one of the nurses who were in the operating room and they confirmed some of the events that were so vivid to me.
Possible NDE due to internal bleeding and emergency surgery.

2653. Katalin F NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 Next thing I remember is this tear-dropped shaped orb came toward me it was clear but dense and it was meaningful. As it came up to me, I focused on it and as I focused on it colors rotating and revolving started to form images and those images I realized that I recognized and the it all started to make sense. I can not tell you now what it was that made so much sense all I know is that I felt I had answers to questions, things made sense and I was relieved and satisfied. The orb left and I started being moved through another portal this one brought me to "him", who was he? He, she, it, I am most comfortable referring to him as Christ. He was home, love, I knew him well and he knew me. I was very happy to see him and he was glad to see me, he liked me, he loved me, he adored me. I was such a dark, puny, pathetic looking being and he looked at me as if I was just perfect and wonderful, fully adoring me.
NDE at age 16 from drowning.  Remarkable description of apparent supernatural assistance with escape from drowning.

2652. Marianna C NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 From Canada. I remember my sister and I trying to swim back to shore.  I was concerned for my sister we held hands for a bit.  I recall men with ropes swimming into the beach, -then I was being pulled down into the water.  There were bright lights turned into the multicolor vision and then into a black darkness.
NDE due to drowning.

2651. Glenda Probable NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 My heart hurt really bad for a split second, and then I remember slipping down in my chair- I got about two foot away from my body and it was totally dark, and I remember feeling total weightlessness, and at the same time I was totally void of any emotion at all... then without hearing a voice I "knew" that I was being told to go back into my body, and I remember saying, "Ok" and then a split second later I was back in my body. I didn't take a mental note to remember the date/day it happened. It was just totally dark, I was no longer in my body. I just know that I was about two feet away from my body when I had to go back. I saw myself slipping down into the chair for only a split second and then all the sudden it got dark. It was the best feeling to have no emotion at all... but it is very hard to describe.
Probable NDE due to stated heart attack.

2650. Harold N NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 From Australia.  I suddenly became aware that I was flying like superman. It was sudden like I was an orange pip squeezed out from between someone's fingers.  It was sunny and warm and the warm breeze in my face felt wonderful. I looked around)  What the hell was happening?) and saw I was "flying" over a bay which was a deep blue and had lovely sandy beaches. Just out from the bay was what appeared to be a volcanic tropical island. The sun was high in the sky. Sitting at anchor in the bay was an unusual large sailing ship with one huge sail but with multiple decks - at least 3. There were tiny people crowding the uppermost deck of the sailing ship and beckoning to me. They were laughing and gesturing and waving and calling on me to join them. I felt so good and was flying straight to the ship. Then just as I was getting close it all faded and I was back in my bed with medical staff around me and my wife grasping my hand in a crushing grip.
NDE due to cardiac arrest following procedure for treating hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

2649. Martina D NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 From Canada.  I wasn't walking or floating...its like someone was carrying me but couldn't see who it was. Then the shadowy lights got bigger and more I was moving trough the path I guess more the light got brighter.... and the I remember asking myself clearly if I was still under water ....but wasn't feeling pain of out of breath....all I wanted is to see why it was so bright....that's when I saw and felt a presence reaching for me....no face...no body...just shadowy lines in a form a v all in white....I'm not sure if it was reaching for me but at that moment I felt pushed away like I have been sucked out a tube.
NDE at the age of four from drowning.

2648. Lorraine J NDE English expanded version  3/22/11 From Germany.  Original in German, translated to English by Amy. Above me was a small black opening. It swallowed me up. I was flying through a tunnel very very fast but it felt weird. I heard a noise, like a wind sound. It was all so crazy! The tunnel was black, pitch-black. Then it got light again. At the end of the tunnel was a light. The walls of the tunnel kept moving away from one another. It felt like I was in a cave with smooth walls. It seemed very big  and damp. I didn't know what I was doing here and it seemed as though a long time had passed. This place seemed familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. I waited in the middle of the tunnel or cave. The light emanated warmth, love and happiness. It was a living light. I heard beautiful music. So I went directly into the light. Once inside it felt as though I was home again. Everything was white and full of love. I was secure here.
Interesting NDE as a child where she was shown her future husband and told he would be ill but survive - and it did come to pass.  She was also told that she would not remember her NDE until later.

2647. Robert Probable NDE 5050 English expanded version  3/22/11 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Magalie. During surgery, I didn’t see myself outside of my body. I remember this beautiful landscape: a garden, a little stream, a bridge and this amazing and intense light. I had a conversation with a lady who was near a tree. The conversation was through our thoughts and she kept smiling, her lips were not moving. Her message was clear: I had to go back because I still had things to accomplish. I remember resisting and wanting to stay with her because I finally felt at peace. And then, there was this man on the other side of the bridge. He only glanced at me once and I knew I couldn’t stay.
Probable NDE from surgery complications.

2646. Renate NDE English expanded version  3/21/11 From Austria.  Original in German, translated to English by Amy.   The next thing I remember was floating up by the ceiling. I saw baby Anna sitting on the step where I had placed her. My body had fallen down the whole set of stairs and was lying at the foot of the staircase. My little boy came over and bent over me and started screaming “Mama, Mama!” The eldest daughter stood in shock and immobile by my body and couldn’t say a word. Both of them are now 22 and 24 years old and will talk about how shocking it was to see me lying there on the ground, not breathing. Then I was drawn into a tunnel. It was narrow but didn’t have hard walls. I was pulled through this tunnel. At the other end was an incredible bright warm white light, but it wasn’t blinding. There stood a being with a beautiful face and everything around him was bright light, but the being didn’t have wings. I knew it was an angel and he emanated so much love. The whole area was beautiful and bright and warm and I knew I was back home again.
NDE from anaphylactic shock.

2645. Roberto Z NDE English expanded version  3/21/11 From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English by Maurizio B.  After fainting I remember I was observing the opposite wall and suddenly a fissure was opened from which a wonderful white enveloping light came, the crack widened and I felt drawn to it, while I could see myself covered in blood (I was at the top) lying on the bed were no doctors around me, I saw blood on the floor, I felt I wanted to come across extremely well, then I saw a doctor who was smacking me and he said I had to react to that
NDE from hematoma/stomach bleeding.

2644. Daniel P NDE English expanded version  3/20/11 I remember at the gas station where I was shot looking down and seeing my internal organs laying in the ground and knowing that death was soon upon me before I passed out and I remember asking for grace and peace in this moment. Then I passed out and I next remember going to a place that was not far away and being surrounded by an aura and general pain free existence but I was also having like fleeting thoughts of my children's lives and my life and the good and bad that I went through, it was all so fast and so colorful, but like faded and had a haze to it, but then I remember that I was trying to pull these thoughts into place and make sense of what I was seeing, and it started to get cleared the haze and then I could see my daughters and their faces plain and in front of me and I was trying to reach them and I couldn't. But as this became so hard I remember waking in the helicopter and seeing the trauma nurse and then the pain was unbearable.
NDE from being shot.

2643. Lynn S NDE English expanded version  3/20/11 I was floating up in the corner of the room with a dark cloud that was about 1/2 my size.  I felt great! - for the first time in days I felt total relief of my pain and nausea.  It was incredible!  I was surrounded by intense brightness that seemed to funnel ahead of me, there was warmth and pleasantness with it…  I went on to medical school and now have the privilege to care for many wonderful people, and some, at the time of their death.  I know that what happened to me was real.  It was not shock, or a dream.  To have gone from such despair to peaceful euphoria, and back again, is not something that the mind can create.  The human touch, even that of a stranger, was enough to bring me back form death.  I know that at the time of death there is no pain, there is nothing but peace.  I know our journey does not end at death, there is something else out there.
NDE from physician due to ruptured appendicitis.

2642. Chris M NDE English expanded version  3/20/11 I saw both of my grandmothers. They both hugged me and my Dad's Mom took my hand and said to come on she had someone she wanted me to meet. We walked on this long golden road. It was 1 sheet of gold so wide you could fit 1000 people across it. I saw a man with long white hair and robe with gold trim playing with children. He arose and marshaled the kids away and walked towards us. When He reached us, my Grandma said, "Honey, this is your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.". He touched my forehead with two fingers of His left hand and said, "It's not your time .You cannot stay, you things to do for Me." I said that I was home and didn't want to leave. He said, "You have to go. When it is your time I will call for you so, be ready."
NDE due to heart attack and cardiac arrest.

2641. David J Probable NDE English expanded version  3/20/11 With one angel in front and two on the side, we went up high in the clouds. Then, we started moving horizontally going faster than an airplane, and they did not need wings to fly.  I thought to myself, "shouldn't friction be causing me pain from wind pressure?"  The angel in front spoke without using his mouth. He stated "there's no friction here."  I said mind-to-mind why isn't gravity making me fall, he replied "there's no gravity here."  I remembered learning that temperature in the clouds is extremely cold and I thought why aren't I cold? "There's no cold here" was my response.  I started to think about my job and university and the angel told me "THERE'S NO STRESS HERE!"
Probable NDE after hemorrhagic stroke.

2640. Christine T Probable NDE English expanded version  3/20/11  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon A. I saw people, without faces, young and old, I don't know if they were family members, asking me to go back, saying I could not stay with them...
Short Probable NDE.

2639. Janet M NDE English expanded version 3/14/11 From the UK. The alive me was in a different dimension....very strong, very powerful, very very alive...so, I went down to them, down to my body.. into my body....I not so much as made a choice, as the power of truth, for not knowing how else to put it, was so strong.....it gave no other choice...it simply was....there were no conscious thoughts of ...i am wanting to stay, or I am wanting to leave or go up or down, nothing like that....just simply....allowing the lie of death was unacceptable...it caused instant response.....the truth...truth had to be seen...given...done.. ...... I became aware that I was coughing, and liquid was coming up from my chest and running out of my mouth, the mouth to mouth had been successful, even though without a doubt the body had been lifeless for some time.
NDE due to reaction to illegal drug injection.

2638. Lawrence J Possible NDE English expanded version 3/14/11 While having a heart attack and being in the doctor's clinic and being attended to, I saw an extremely bright light and experienced a great calming and thought to myself that I was going to die and thought "Well, this is going to be a new experience."
Possible NDE due to heart attack.

2637. Annie Probable NDE English expanded version 3/14/11  From Australia.  My body was gone, I was a concentration of those colors/energies.  At the time, I felt complete. I had reached the perfection in my being... Not as a human being but as a part of a great source of energy... I recovered the ultimate knowledge by becoming that energy again. It was  fulfilling and intense...  After what felt like an eternity, I progressively felt heavier.  I realized I had to go back. At the time, I felt like I had a choice to make.  Going back to start or finish something in my human body...  I knew through the 7 energies/colors that I would have to sacrifice something to go back. The return was violent, dark and extremely painful physically and emotionally.  I woke up on life support and felt my body crashing on me. I opened my eyes, and I cried... I cried because I knew I would not feel what I felt until I die again...
Probable NDE due to blood loss.

2636. Guy VL NDE English expanded version 3/14/11 From Belgium.  I was riding my bicycle and I felt.  I hurt my head on a wall.  An ambulance took me to the ER.  I was projected to the light and when I came back through the tunnel I was on the ceiling ER and I saw  a body on the OR table.  I didn't recognize my body right away.  I saw the nurses and the doctor taking off their gloves and I then recognized my body and when back into it.  I heard the doctor say, "he is back"  It took me over 5 minutes to come back to full consciousness.
NDE from Belgium due to bike accident.

2635. Randy M NDE English expanded version 3/13/11 I realized I had entered a new dimension of consciousness. I suddenly realized that I was in the control of some being so powerful it was overwhelming. It was the GOD that I so hard tried to believe in on earth. The following feelings I experienced can not be felt while in the human consciousness. The first thing I felt was that I had no body, I felt like I was going to fall but then realized I could not. I realized that I had all my faculties and could still reason. At that moment I felt the presents of my creator and that my struggle to believe in a God on earth was over. "IT" had complete control over me, which was so soothing to me, it is indescribable. "IT", was emanating an unconditional love of "ITSELF" and for me. My GOD was taking me and it felt so good. I felt no pain anymore nor any of the other miseries felt on earth, including time, there was no time. I was in total comfort.
NDE due to seizure, likely due to alcohol withdrawal.

2634. Joyce Y NDE English expanded version 3/13/11 My roommate asked me if I needed help and I said yes. I remember saying, "Oh, Mom." What I remember next was being somewhere near the ceiling in the corner of the room at the end by head of the bed. I saw nurses beside the bed, taking my blood pressure. I have no recollection of what else they were doing. I distinctly remember looking down at them working on me. The next thing I remember is waking up with a blood pressure cuff around my arm and complaining it was too tight. The nurse explained she had left it on so she didn't have to put it on and off each time they took my BP since they were taking it very frequently. I was later told they wanted to put me in the Intensive Care Unit but the unit was full. I later asked the doctor what happened and he didn't have a ready answer, except that the MgSO4 might have caused my blood pressure to bottom out. I did not tell him about my OBE.
NDE following delivery from hypotension.

2633. Eric R Possible NDE English expanded version 3/13/11 From Belgium.  Original in Dutch, translated to English by Annelies.  When I entered that room I saw a large black book on a sort of altar. I went closer and I opened that book. The first page had only one word written on it and that word was “languages”. It is evident now that I love to write poems and everyone says I have a real talent. After that we went  to the room which said “love”. I went in and in the centre of the room was a very hazy grey cloud. I went closer and inside the cloud I encountered Joke ( my first love) and also Lydia (a girl I have lived together with for 3 years). I didn’t know what to do there so I decided to go outside again. When I looked behind me the cloud had disappeared and all I saw was Lydia standing there. Then the “cart” dropped me of at the door “family”. I went in and when I looked to the left I saw a queue of people starting with my grandma and grandpa. Behind them were a lot of other people, I had the strong feeling that this was my family tree. Looking to the right I saw my mother, my aunts, their children and behind them another queue of people.
Probable NDE from allergic reaction to sleeping pills.

2632. Robert B Dream vs. ICU Psychosis English expanded version 3/6/11 Shadowy figures with long ton heads slinked in front and back of the urns as if they were in some slow ritual dance.  The floors of the hospital were at right angles to each other making it difficult to move from one floor to another.  Young hospital interns laid a few pranks on me, one of which involved setting a fire… My wife, my boss and my parents appeared in the dream.  I found the hospital moving so that I woke  up one time when the hospital was in Detroit,  Later when I was in Baltimore, then later in Miami, then later in Rockville, Maryland… Experience was definitely not real.
Dream vs ICU psychosis.  Posted to illustrate the difference between NDEs and experiences of altered stated of consciousness that are not NDEs.  Those familiar with NDEs will easily see the difference.

2631. Patricia Z NDE English expanded version 3/6/11 I had a massive heart attack. We live in a small town so I knew the people that were working on me, I guess I coded in the ambulance.  So I saw my friends working on me. I heard there voices but only saw the female paramedics face. Then I woke up at the hospital but I was out of my body this time and as I explained later in this survey I saw my doctor and I could hear them say his name all the other doctors had hospital shoes on but my doctor had these real cool tennis shoes on. That's what I remember most, then I was in a type of tunnel and that's were this guy like in shadow form told me it wasn't my time yet
NDE due to heart attack.  OBE- saw doctor’s distinctive tennis shoes.

2630. Tony M Probable NDE English expanded version 3/6/11 From Canada I fell into a deep, dark pit that seemed infinite in size. I was perplexed when this happened, and looked around to try to find out where I was. As I looked down, I couldn't see my body anymore. I was simply a form of consciousness with my ego intact. I did not have to breathe, nor did I have any difficulty thinking, as though I was experiencing some sort of "super consciousness". I eventually landed with a thud which caused an excruciating pain to pass through my body. This void was the darkest black that I have ever seen in my life. It's as if there was no light whatsoever in this dimension. Even if a light were to shine in this void, the darkness would have completely devoured it. I could not see anything, but the sounds that I heard were absolutely horrendous.
Probable NDE due to complication after surgery.  Hellish experience.

2629. Lisa H NDE 5073 English expanded version 3/6/11  Two Angelic Beings of Light who seemed to be 8  ft tall with Mediterranean skin and dark blue piercing eyes, escorted me from the lake into the light. They  wore long robes with out actual angel wings.
NDE due to boating accident with head injury

2628. Nubia Possible NDE English expanded version 3/4/11 Original in Spanish, translated to English by Susana. I am not sure how long in took but my pain slowly subsided and when I fell asleep I saw my body laying on the hospital bed.  I also saw myself standing by my side.  I felt as if I were sinking into a deep well and when I was about to reach the bottom it was no longer a well but a very long and dark tunnel.  I felt an inexplicable calm. I felt no pain but I was scared in that darkness.  There was no one around, only me.  Suddenly I saw a very brilliant white dot, like a light.  I ran to reach it and it started to get larger and more brilliant.  When I reached the entrance, everything became illuminated and glowing and I was able to leave there.
Possible NDE from childbirth complications.

2627. Maria J NDE English expanded version 3/4/11 From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.  I was no longer afraid, and I began to notice that my body had no weight, it was as if I was stuck to the ceiling of the room. From above I could see the bed, my inert body and the crib with my daughter in it; I felt no pain at all, then the moment of darkness came, with no sense of time, but I know that I was fine, peaceful, with no cares, feeling warm. I know there was a small and brilliant light far far away, though I could sense it behind me rather than see it with my eyes. But I knew it was there.
NDE from childbirth complications.

2626. Cynthia H NDE English expanded version 3/2/11 At that time He told me I could ask Him seven questions and He would have to answer them. I said really? He said that's one.  I then said You mean if I ask you something but don't mean it you will count it? He said that's two…  I then asked Him one that all of us kids were asking, and we heard a lot of grown ups asking.  I know you love me and all life, but if you really love all of us continuously without end, then how can You send people to hell throughout eternity?  He said Cindy I do love all life without end. Some people chose to go to hell, I have already forgiven them; but they must forgive themselves… I asked if there is just one religion that will make it into heaven?  He said all who believe and have faith, even those who don’t outwardly think they do.  It depends on their hearts.
NDE at age 12 due to a pinealoma (a tumor of the pineal gland, located in the central part of the brain).  Exceptional NDE, including interaction with God, who allowed her to ask seven questions which were answered.

2625. Monty D NDE English expanded version 3/2/11 I heard the EMT yell "we're losing him." At this time, this is where it got really strange for me...I could see myself and I was surrounded by a total darkness, as if everyone had shut out all the lights in the room, but it felt like it was huge, I had a single light shining down on me from up above, other than that it was all pitch black.  I could see myself and I was telling myself, 'you have to wake up'...I was just repeating this to myself and looking around at the emptiness. I felt like I wasn't alone, but I didn't see anything other than the light above shining down, almost like a spotlight...The next thing I see is my mother and her friend walking down the hospital hall towards a body on the gurney that is covered completely up and pushed to the side of the hallway. I then woke up back in the hospital on that gurney, and I actually pulled the sheet off of my face... The hospital staff in the emergency room had told them I didn't make it, and I was in the hallway waiting for someone from the morgue to come and get my body.
NDE due to auto accident.  He was considered dead, and covered with a sheet in preparation to go to the morgue.

2624. Gregory C NDE English expanded version 3/2/11 Four days later I was being prepared for an Angiogram, a shoulder length blond entered my room and wanted to interview me about my experience in the E.R. I agreed to the interview and after it was over she was wiping tears from her eyes, “Why are you crying if this event happens all the time?”  “Because you are the first that saw things you couldn’t have ever seen, you were straight line with your eyes closed and yet witnessed one of the nurse’s trip over your wife’s foot, and then you were correct about the brunette nurse that took your wife away, and thirdly you saw the bald spot on the top of the Chinese doctor’s head. You could not have seen this unless you had left your body.”  Apparently people see lights and hear what’s going on around them when their heart stops, but I was able to view and hear everything going on while flat on my back with my eyes closed and my heart stopped.
NDE due to heart attack with cardiac arrest.  Remarkable verification of OBE observation.

2623. Billy S NDEs English expanded version 3/2/11 I can recall that I saw a bright light and was absorbed into the light. From this I only recall walking and talking to Jesus. I didn't seem to have to talk, because it was simply understood between he and I. Also, we were walking on a shimmering road that was translucent yet not totally. I don't recall music at all, but I was concentrating on Jesus. We didn't talk all that long, but it is pretty vivid to this day. I was upset and disappointed that he said I had to go back. He said I still had things to do in my life-nothing specific though.
NDE at age 11 due to febrile illness.  I was practicing a choke hold on another Marine and then he held my neck and that was when I felt my spirit raise above my body. I looked up and saw a dark tunnel with the same bright light I saw when I was 11 and very sick. I saw my mom and dad (Both are now deceased, but were alive a the time of this NDE), standing on each side of the tunnel. Again I was pulled towards the light and felt a warm glowing light surround me. I had no worries, time seemed to stop and I had no ill feelings of want or need or hurry. I felt amazing and wonderful. I knew I was headed home as it seemed that way. The next moment I woke up with the drill instructor standing over me. It was rather disappointing when I realized where I was.
NDE due to being choked as part of Marine training.

2622. David O NDE English expanded version 3/2/11 I was not aware of when I became aware during the three days in the coma. I do not remember the impact of the vehicle. I became aware at some point of being in a place of great expansion and light and being complete and very peaceful. I think I was moving toward more light, though, it could be that I was in the full light already. I was not aware of any body, nor any beings around me. But I do remember looking down on my worried and grieving parents. I also remember being given a choice as to whether I would return to the living and it was in seeing my parents in so much distress and having a vision of my mother's great anguish in the future, if I did not return, that I chose to return. I remember quite distinctly knowing that it was for them that I returned and not because life on earth was so much fuller and more important than where I was. I felt at home and complete where I was and unlimited. One could say blissful. It was home and I was choosing to go back to a much less developed state of being.
NDE due to car accident at age 5.  Contributor has a doctorate level degree in spite of the severe trauma he experienced at age 5.  Shared 50 years later.

2621. Cynthia H NDE English expanded version 3/1/11  One nurse came to me and pushed me back down onto the stainless steel table I was lying on, and simultaneously pulled a ventilator from my throat. I instantly flew out of my body and found myself standing outside of myself at my right shoulder. I watched as another nurse grabbed a bottle(s) off a shelf. Next recollection I have was a presence (dark with wings?) enveloping me from behind and telling me "NO." Then I felt suspended in some sort of colorless void without any senses, but a feeling of peace (or absence of fear)… I described to the surgeon what I remembered about choking, the nurses scrambling, leaving my body. I asked him if I died and was resuscitated, and he confirmed that my heart stopped briefly.
NDE due to post-surgical complication.

2620. Graeme E NDE English expanded version 3/1/11  From Australia This time when they hooked me back up to the machine, something, I don't know what, went wrong. I wasn't getting any air. Every cell in my body started screaming for oxygen, the physical panic was a tidal wave that ripped through me. As the panic  wracked me, sight faded, body sense faded, sound faded and then came the calm.  I found myself disembodied, floating above a crystal clear lake. It was only small, the water shallow with smoothed stones about the size of a spread hand. Lush green foliage with small shiny leaves overhung the water. I was as conscious and able to think as I am here now writing this. Yet I was suffused with the "peace that passes all understanding".
NDE due to respiratory failure.

2619. Lisa A NDE English expanded version 3/1/11  I felt a Presence with me- and I knew this Presence was our Creator.    Through thought, He  presented  me with a question- "Do you really want to hurt your family like this" this Presence asked me through thought. He did not stop me but wanted me to weigh the price of my decision--  to allow myself to cross the line and die, or to choose life.   I argued that no one seemed to care whether I lived or died anyway, so what was the point of life.  Then I was reminded of my sister and mother- and how much grief  my death would cause them.  That alone almost made me want to get up from the water right there, but I still stubbornly remained floating and tried to see what would happen if I did die.   With this intention I had,  I felt God show me that if I did decide to go against what I knew He wanted for me at that time (which was to live)  that I would be causing a great disobedience in my life and I could actually FEEL this friction of disobedience-- that I was really pushing things.,     This felt very uncomfortable so I decided then to get up out of the water mainly for that reason alone even though I also knew I didn't want my mother to suffer any grief over me.
NDE due to suicide attempt by drowning at age 13.  Remarkable dialogue with God that saved her life.

2618. Rhonda NDE English expanded version 3/1/11  I was having a heart test done.  I told the doctor I was going to lose consciousness, I didn't feel right.  I felt myself come out of the body at my feet.  It was slow.  All I remember was telling them I was going and I fell over on the bed.  The last thing I saw was the Doctor jumping up out of his chair.  Next I was in darkness. But went I realized I was in the darkness, I saw a bright Light come to me.  It was as white as snow.  That's all I remember.  Then I was back in my body.  Never will I forget that or know why it happen.
NDE due to loss of consciousness during heart test.

2617. Lorien B Possible NDE English expanded version 3/1/11 By that evening I was no longer making sense, and my memories are very faded.  The next morning I woke up to have a biopsy, I remember not being able to speak clearly but praying and sending blessings to the surgeons. The next time I remember having consciousness, I was with God. I understood my self literally to be in his palms. But everything was just light, and pure love. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever had in my life. God told me that my soul's purpose was healing, and that I could just do hands on healing. There was some information about just doing it like three times a week. Its kind of funny, like God was saying, don't stress about it, your soul needs to do this, but it doesn't have to be a huge deal.:) Now, there were no words said, it was just understanding that flowed from God to me. There was no pressure or even encouragement really, just a total kindness, wanting me to understand choices that I have made about my life. The golden light seemed to emanate eternally in every direction.
Possible NDE at time of biopsy of brain abscess.

2616. Jennifer ADC English expanded version 3/1/11 Then, just in a space of a few seconds everything started to click for me. the expression on his face was wrong for our conversation. I had made a joke and he didn't laugh. He told me to fight, He said I would have to fight for his daughter. That I needed to make sure she would be safe, and loved.. Again, I knew something wasn't right by the look on his face, it looked almost like regret. No anger, no fear, more like disappointment. But, still I kept talking as if we were speaking about him leaving the country. I said " Jamie, I will take care of your daughter, I would give my life to see that she is safe and happy."… I had a son that passed away ten years ago, that's when I knew Jamie had said goodbye, when he said " Take care of mine, I got yours" I knew he meant my son.
Exceptional ADC dream around time of death of her brother, before she knew he had died.  Remarkable information from brother about need to fight for the custody of his daughter.

2615. Alvaro A NDE English expanded version  2/15/11  From Mexico.   I know that are a “presence” of somebody in my right side, I don’t saw anybody.  Start walking, and watch to my left a kind of  long stone wall with barred windows, full of people, they’d scream “help me!”, but they mouths don’t open, but I listen more. I ask to presence, “Who are they?” and “him” replied “no yet”. Continued straight ahead and see a huge and beautiful garden full of people dressed in white, who are turning to see a sort of a stoned wall, from which the blinding light. This wall has some closed doors. One more time I ask: “Who are they?” and the same answer: “no yet”. We continued walking toward the front at one of the doors and see how out light thought the cracks in them. We stop at the door and ask again: “What’s behind?” and the same answer: “no yet”. 
NDE from going unconscious from pain.

2614. Gregory W NDE English expanded version  2/12/11  I came to a place that had a green field of grass and as I looked into the distance (not too far but a bit) I saw the most beautiful sight.  On a slight incline there was a city with walls so high I could hardly look over to see any sky at the top of the wall. I was moving slowly towards the city not at a fast pace but steadily and was able to get a good look at the walls.  I noticed that there were three gates and then notices I could look right through the walls and that there were gates on all four walls.  The spacing between the gates was perfect and then I noticed the foundation and the construction of the wall. First note that I'm red/green color blind and am visually impaired.  I saw twelve different colors that made up the wall.  The colors where not blended but were clearly defined and each was the same height as the next.  I also noted that the content or the making of the walls was solid stone and then realize that it was pure stone. 
NDE due to insulin reaction.  Interesting in that although he has red-green color blindness, he was able to distinguish green.

2613. Charlotte A NDE English expanded version  2/12/11 I had a double mastectomy and tug-flap reconstruction.  I lost a great deal of blood and they did not have enough to transfuse.  my blood pressure dropped and I flat lined for a bit.  I was initially delirious and frightened by darkness and a sense of a void.  however, shortly after it all began, I felt encompassed by light (I didn't see it, I felt it) and a unearthly awareness from someone/thing imparted the knowledge that I was going to be fine.  it wasn't about life or death just that everything was going to be fine.  I felt connected to a larger energy than I have known in my lucid life.
NDE due to blood loss following surgery.

2612. Jim T Possible NDE English expanded version  2/12/11 I had to have 4 molars removed.  My mother brought me to the dentist, they administered an IV to put me to sleep.  I remember counting from 100 in reverse to about 90.  I sense that I went to sleep and the next memory I am floating at the ceiling level directly above my body watching and listening as the Dentist pulled the teeth.  I remember noticing how hard he had to work to get the teeth to come out and that there was quite a bit of blood.  I did not float back to my body but sense that I went to sleep again and woke up in the dentist chair.  The next memory is sitting in the waiting room while my mother paid at the reception window them came and sat with me while I regained my faculties.
Possible NDE due to dental procedure under anesthesia around age 8 – 11.

2611. William L NDE English expanded version  2/12/11 From Canada. I had a feeling of leaving my body in total darkness and suddenly found myself atop a mezzanine (metal catwalk in an industrial setting. Everything in this environment was a different shade of red but distinguishable. It was then that I fell from an edge flipping, flipping, flipping down until I landed into a vast pile of gigantic "worm-like" creatures possessing large claws and teeth. When I first landed on them I was on top of them and then slowly slipped beneath them… Strong pressure on my chest. Doctors were performing CPR.
NDE due to accidental overdose of codeine containing pain medication.  Frightening content. 

2610. Heather I Probable NDE English expanded version  2/12/11 It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I felt like I knew everything and recognized this knowing was different from what my thoughts and feelings had been before. I begged to come back, but only because I have 2 young daughters… I was not judged by God, but rather by my self. I saw the way things "really are" and thought, Why didn't I ever figure that out. It seems so simple. They were things about spirituality, humanity and physics.
Probable NDE with TBI (traumatic brain injury).

2609. Morris M Probable NDE English expanded version  2/12/11 At around 2am my mother grabbed a doctor from the hall due to my wailing in pain. The doctored examined me then, may have, accidentally ruptured my appendix. From there I was immediately rushed to the operating room. Within minutes I was put under general anesthesia which was when I had my out of body experience. I was up in corner of the room looking down a tunnel, grayish or white in color and kind of cloudy, at my body and the doctor who was prepping me. I could see the blue garments that were over my body and the area above my appendix exposed. I could see him putting iodine on me in a circular motion directly over the appendix area. I could see him turn a glance upward towards my head then the next thing I was back in my body. Then I was laying there back in my body and could see, hear and feel the doctors (2 of them) slapping me in the face to wake me up.
OBE early in surgery during prepping skin for surgery.

2608. Denise M NDE 5037 English expanded version  2/12/11 All of a sudden my heart started beating at a very fast pace and the next thing I heard overhead was "code blue, code blue" with a strange alarm going off. Right after that, I had the sensation that I was floating down a path or tunnel, I wasn't in body form anymore, and saw a very bright light, like fluorescent. I knew I was dead, but yet I could still think because I thought to myself, "so, this is what it's like to be dead." It wasn't a bad thing. I had an immense feeling of love and warmth - like being engulfed in a secure, warm blanket. It was the most intense feeling I have ever felt. I didn't see anyone as others have described, but I felt like I had been down this path before and it was familiar and I didn't want to leave it. The next thing I remember was waking up in the ICU and I was blown up like a balloon.
NDE due to anesthetic complication.  Interesting ‘anesthetic awareness’ due to insufficient anesthesia followed by NDE, and they were clearly two distinctly different experiences.

2607. Ruben Probable NDE English expanded version  2/12/11 From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Susana.  Everything was black with colored spheres turning, and what sounded like music (Although this I don't remember too well).  I felt vibrations.  I am not sure whether the music was there or whether I was imagining it.  I felt very well. 
Probable NDE from going unconscious.

2606. Louis C NDE English expanded version  2/6/11 I awoke to find my self floating above the operating room table where I was all the doctors were working on me, I could not understand why I was in the air looking at myself, and then I could hear the drums beating when I turned to look the most attractive Indian woman was holding me in her arms under this big tree that did not have any leaves looked like a massive oak tree, I could see a lot of different Indians walking and singing drums pounding, then the snow starting to fall when it would fall on my face she would wipe it off, then she looked up so did I that's when I saw the bright light it looked like boiling water then it started to pull me in to the light, she would stand there with her arms out when I turned to look at the light I woke up, I was in the room, later my mom told me that I died 3 times they almost lost me.
NDE due to surgical complication at age 6.  Contributor has partial Native American ancestry.

2605. Victoria D NDE English expanded version  2/6/11 From Australia. I felt like I had split in two with my physical body remaining on the ground.  The other element was where my awareness was and it felt as if this was a ball of energy (I could not see this because my awareness was gone from my physical body).  The energy ball hovered at the level of my eSi about 10 cm away from my physical bodies face and watched.  I could see the physical body screaming in pain and crying but I felt no connection to that person.  After what seemed like an eternity I travelled as the energy ball up to a place.  I don't know how I travelled there but it was above me somewhere.  This place was dark and it had lights of different colors travelling through it.  The colors where yellow and orange and green - no blue colors.  When I could see this place, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and excitement.  I felt like I had arrived home.  I was impatient to enter this 'highway' of light.  It was almost as if I had somewhere I wanted to be.
NDE due to 50 meter fall.

2604. Jim T Probable NDE English expanded version  2/6/11 I had an accident with my 1961 Fordson Major tractor on a remote gravel road. I was crushed underneath the tractor, with the fender pushing my head into the gravel road. I thought my head was going to split as it pushed the skin from my cheek right through my teeth… I believe what saved my life lying under the tractor was leaving my body. I slowed my breathing on purpose and even held my breath when I could to purposely slow my heart rate as I could barely breathe with the blood running into my mouth. I felt a calm as I relaxed as much as I could with a four ton tractor squeezing my head into the road. Suddenly I was standing there looking at myself. I was totally calm as it was a long familiar experience that I welcomed. I walked around looking at the accident and saw everything spread all over.
Probable NDE from tractor accident and other experiences.

2603. LaVall M NDE English expanded version  2/6/11 I was conscious for maybe one or two minutes, and the next thing I saw was this brilliant white area, and I knew I was there, where ever there was. I can not even accurately describe the "Entities" that were with me, they were not physical Beings, but rather I had a sense of this intelligence that I felt very comfortable with, a sense that I was at home, a feeling of total acceptance, compassion and total love, almost euphoric. I was not conscious of being in a physical body, but at the time, that thought never crossed my mind. These Entities communicated in a telepathic way, it seemed that their thoughts originated within me, and I was communicating with them in a similar way. I was told of their nascency, and what they really were, that they were just a part of the ultimate "Entity" that was the Universe in it's totality, as I and all matter and Beings were also just a part of the whole that is the Universe.
NDE and probable NDE.  Probable NDE at age 13 due to drowning.  NDE at age 50 due to diabetic hyperglycemia.

2602. Stephen S NDE English expanded version  2/6/11 I was having blood taken from my bone marrow while experiencing symptoms including shortness of breath and chest pains.  I told the nurse that I was going to pass out.  The next thing I remember was looking down on myself being attended to by two doctors and two nurses trying to revive me.  I was totally detached from my body.  All the pain that I had been suffering was gone.  There was a feeling of complete comfort, ease, enlightenment, and freedom.  I was cognizant energy with no body or physical being.  The best word for what I felt was ultimate bliss.  As the doctors revived me, I could feel all of the stress, pain and physical burdens returning and I did not want to go back.  I felt myself being drawn back into my body.  Then my physical eSi opened and I was admitted into ICU for one week for tests.
NDE during medical procedure for illness.

2601. Robert H NDE 2441OBE English expanded version  2/6/11  I was also wearing the same, and standing behind another Doctor.  I looked over his shoulder and saw me there on the Emergency Room bed.  So, I went out the double doors leaving the Emergency Room.  And found myself opening the front door of my house.  I walked down the hallway to my bedroom.  I stood at the foot of my bed where my wife was asleep.  I reached down and shook her legs.  She jumped up and called my name.  The phone rang in the kitchen.  She got out of bed and I let her pass by me.  I followed her down the hall way as far as the front door.  As she continued to go to the kitchen.  I said I have to get back now and I love you.  I went out the front door of our house and found myself on my back laying down with the Doctors hovering over me. When my wife answered the phone, it was the Hospital telling her that I am was at the Hospital and for to come right away.  That they were not sure if I was going to make it.  After she got off the phone and leaving the kitchen, she noticed the front door was left open.  She closed the door and got ready to go to the Hospital.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.  Remarkable physical contact with wife in OBE state prior to her being aware he had an accident.

2600. Yvette R Possible NDE English expanded version  1/31/11  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Magalie.  A very large being of extreme beauty illuminated everything. He exuded Divine Superiority with his presence. He was bear-foot and he stepped away from the group to face me with all his magnificence. He was wearing a long, immaculate white alb. His arms hung alongside his body with his palms opened. My attention was on his long and stringy fingers and his fine, superb hands.  He was observing me with a look of infinite goodness and compassion that reached deep inside my being. JESUS CHRIST appeared to me, wrapped me up with his Divine Presence. His radiance embraced my soul. I could feel him with every fiber of my body. The power of his love wrapped itself around me in a surreal silence…. I didn’t want to leave him!
Possible NDE from the flu, at the very least an OBE and spiritually transformative event!

2599. Jutta P NDE English expanded version  1/31/11 From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Aylin.    I went further because I saw light in the distance. The more I was near the light I felt lighter, calmer, more happy and somehow snugly. The Light got more bright, my body felt slight and an overwhelming feeling of freedom and floating passed through me, it was miraculous and I can't forget it. It was a garden made of light. I didn't see silhouette of people, but light moving. I could imagine them as angels and before I wanted to step in, a soft voice talked to me that my time was not up and my soul wanted to finish its life-task. A door shut and I was surrounded in darkness again.  I was still in this tunnel, but I went out calmed down.
NDE from Dengue Fever.

2598. same as 594 

2597. Shannique S NDE English expanded version  1/30/11 I told Paki, “I feel like I’m gonna pass out.” And that’s what happened. I passed out. I remember being in this what seemed like a tunnel filled by a bright light. Extremely bright. Picture flying right by the sun but without the heat, and the light being given off is white, not yellow. Or the color of a white full moon on a clear night. I was going really fast, flying like superman through this tunnel. There was a sense of comfort, and peace. I was not afraid at all. I did not feel fear, or the sense of missing anything. It was amazing as I sit and think about it.
NDE due to ectopic pregnancy.

2596. Brandy L Possible NDE English expanded version  1/30/11 As I lay , I was meditating to calm myself, suddenly I saw "me" laying on the bed but "I" was above my sleeping body with a thin thread of golden light attached between my body and I. I floated upwards and found myself drawn to a great white light, I floated towards the light; I was welcomed by beings of light, I felt unconditional love, no pain, hardships or worries, I was bounced gently (as a floating balloon) in to the Light, where I heard a voice (male) who told me "It's not yet time, you must go back, your work is not yet done." The next moment , I was back, with a slight jolt feeling and opened my eSi.
Possible NDE due to sleeping experience during a time she was bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy.  Contributor is Muslim.

2595. Harry J NDE English expanded version  1/30/11 At one point in all of this, I was face to face with my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, who left the body in 1952. He was laughing uproariously. He was surrounded by bolts of incredibly intense light. In fact, I physically felt more than saw the light. The vision seemed to last for only a few seconds but it was absolutely overpowering. I had an intuitive sense that I had, through medical technology, prematurely crossed over into a plane of existence that was waiting for me at some time in the future. I think this is what made Master laugh so hard. I was like a naughty child peeking under the Christmas tree.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during procedure evaluating a cardiac arrhythmia.  Remarkable encounter with his deceased guru that he had been following for many years.  Experience happened just several weeks ago.

Possible NDE from medication (valium) and alcohol.

2593. Tom M NDE English expanded version  1/30/11 I saw my body down bellow me and when I realized I was dead I became extremely agitated and worried, I kept thinking to myself “you are dead, what are you going to do now”. The thought was persistent and I became more and more disturbed, at this point I heard or though I heard a voice that came from elsewhere and it said “don’t worry all your problems are left behind with that body”, at this point I felt as if liberated from a great burden, I never felt before or since such a state of wellbeing. At this point I began a journey at a great speed through a tunnel of light, all that I have narrated to this point is very vivid in my memory, what seams like a dream is what happened after.
NDE due to criminal attack.

2592. James S NDE English expanded version  1/30/11 I also became aware of a beautiful city behind them all somewhat in the middle distance.  I am not certain, but there may have been hills behind the city. The city was golden, either from its own internal light or from a golden light at sunset. There were beautiful trees and flowers and lovely smells. The city awakened in me a desperate yearning to go there, though I don't exactly know why.  I could somehow see that there were busy people in the houses, which had windows and flat roofs.  Suddenly I could cross the divide!  I felt simply wonderful, with no pain, and I was full of powerful feelings of peacefulness.  I flew right over Big Mama's head and the heads of the other people with no apology. I could fly and I seemed to have no mass. (I did not look at my body or any part of it, so I don't know what I looked like or even whether I was in my body.) I wanted to get to the city with great intensity. The landscape rushed me and grew ever more beautiful as I approached. I could hear the most beautiful music I had ever heard.
NDE from allergic reaction.  Contributor is a university professor of Religious Studies.

2591. Jack D NDE English expanded version  1/30/11 … the paramedic turned around and grabbed a defibrillator from the side of him and I watched him hit me once with the paddles , at that moment in time it looked as if i was watching "snow" on a TV screen then the picture came back and I watched him hit me the second time and again , "the snow/' except I was now conscious and was pissed off that they had "ruined my dream" that I was having , he told me ,"jack you did too much drugs tonight we need to get you to the hospital very fast or we may loose you again !... LATER THE NEXT DAY MY SON TOLD ME THAT "GOD" Woke him up and told him that his father is dying , go get your mother and help him , now my son was 8 years old and always slept like a rock and wouldn't get up at 4am for nothing !
NDE due to cardiac arrest following heroin overdose.  Remarkable in that his eight year old son stated that God woke him up at night, told him his father was dying, and told him to get his mother.

2590. Anne T Possible NDE English expanded version  1/30/11  From Belgium. Original in French, translated to English by Susana.  In September, 2010, I underwent surgery for sterilization.  While I was under the anesthesia I saw the same bright void and felt the same sweet warmth.  But I heard "not yet".  When I awoke, I remembered.  Later on, the doctor told me that they could not perform the procedure because there were problems with scar tissue and the anesthesia.  I was given a document to take with me along with my identification card.  I would like to find out more from them about what really happened.
Two possible NDEs with the common theme of the light.

2589. Carl H Probable NDE English expanded version  1/30/11  From Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Annelies.  As real as a dream can be but everything that happened can also be called a dream( real as well); I saw myself, I experienced myself in that dream, a wonderful journey in bliss and swathed in love searching for me. My true home, a part of myself that was left behind. But I now also know that it is a very special dream which never leaves you and sparkles on and on... And it is not a nightmare:). 
Apparently he has the interview on a website somewhere, but from what he says you can get a probable NDE from what he describes.

2588. Renee M NDE English expanded version  1/30/11  My friend was there trying to tell me to stay with her and everything would be ok. I stayed for a bit but my soul passed the life flight when it was fling down on me. I died and they came and resuscitated me and that is the only reason I am back here on this planet. I herd and saw almost everything. I see the fleshing cop lights and here the radio's and people talking telling me to stay but I felt wonderful out of my body. I want to go back. I try to meditate and leave my body all the time. It feels safe and calm. I could never descried this and have you understand!!! It is not in our vocabulary  and the feeling is something we do not feel here. You would say it is not real and yet it is more real then you will ever know here on this planet in this time in space. It is so close and simple yet so far away,so close but untouchable.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

2587. Stan ADC English expanded version  1/30/11 So last night my best friend and I are driving and I tell her umm I think my mom is next to me hugging me and telling me its ok son. My mother is very, very happy. My friends  jaw dropped and she started crying. I thought she would think I was crazy, And she thought I would think she was crazy but at the exact same time she was watching my mother die in a hospital bed with the doctors working over her. We both had chills and goose bumps at the same time. It was like a rush of energy hitting us both. I cant believe it happened myself so I don't expect anyone else to believe it. Yet I swear it happened and I have a witness that shared the experience with me!!
Shared ADC from mother who died when he was three years old.  Shared at same time, with different content, by friend who was with him.

2586. Rick H NDE English expanded version  1/27/11 I remember my spirit seeing the most overwhelming wondrous light. While I was being drawn towards this light, this light became larger. Then I found myself in a lit tunnel, of tremendous bright light, and other spirits moving past me, whereas I had decided to stand still. Midway between the entrance and exit of this tunnel, and in looking back from where I first entered this tunnel, I actually reviewed my whole life and existence. I contemplated on whether or not I would want to go back to my earthly life on earth. It was then, that I received an incredible amount of knowledge of a great many matters, concerning life and death, and the after-life, of which at present I can no longer remember; for I was told by God, that I was not going to be allowed to retain this incredible amount of knowledge, after I would be sent back into my physical body once again.
NDE from accident.  Head trauma kept him from remembering his experience until 20 years later.

2585. Vivienne P Probable NDE English expanded version  1/22/11  I had a general anesthetic for a female sterilization operation. I had the injection and expected to wake up on the ward post-operatively. I am a nurse myself. I woke up and found myself in a darkened room lying on a bed that was made of a fabric with all glittering squares. My immediate thought was 'Where am I'. I expected to be on the ward. The information flowed into my head that I had swallowed my tongue in recovery. I felt fantastic, wonderful, happy and full of joy which was great as was suffering from depression at the time.  Suddenly in the distance is heard a shout of 'roll her over'  The next thing I knew I was back in a bed on the recovery ward.
Probable NDE during post-surgical event.

2584. Erwin NDE English expanded version  1/22/11  I could see and hear the ambulance coming from the left side (the right side of my body)... after that I went into a long dark tunnel where I could see a small light at the end (which constantly became closer and bigger and brighter), where arms and hands came out of the wall, trying to grab me and pulling me back... I floated towards a very clear bright but not blinding light, but somehow never reached it totally... During that I heard the most heavenly music played ever... I felt fear at first, but afterwards I felt so calm and happy... and felt no pain at all... Somehow I sort of received the message that I had to return, since this life was not fulfilled yet... at that moment I floated back through the dark tunnel, hands pulling me again, back to where I was before...
NDE due to traffic accident at age 11.  From Belgium, shared in English.

2583. Odell H NDE English expanded version  1/22/11 Although I don't remember the exact words, He spoke to me.  He in effect said "Fear not. Be at peace."  His voice was moderately loud and very melodious.  I have been very hard of hearing since infant-hood, and have always struggled with hearing and speech.  I struggled to attend school and pass my classes.  My poor hearing affected my association with teachers and classmates, and I barely passed my exams and advancement to the next grade levels.  But when Jesus spoke to me, I heard Him very succinctly and clearly.  His voice was very melodious and sounded like music to my ears.
NDE due to drowning at age 11, shared experience 60 years later.  Long encounter with Jesus.  Interesting in that he was severely hearing impaired, but ‘hearing’ during the NDE was supernormal.

2582. Denise H NDE English expanded version  1/22/11 I felt warm and all my pain went away. There was light, I remember, just an illuminated space and nothing else that was visible. I was very aware that I was passing over and I was not afraid. I did not see or think of any of my loved ones. I was completely alone and totally at peace. I remember being surprised that I wasn't afraid. For a second I thought I would die but shortly afterward realized that I had to go back and needed to fight for my life with the EMT. I remember coming back and feeling pain and discomfort but with confidence that I was being looked after and would be okay.
NDE due to car accident.

2581. Kinyanjui N NDE English expanded version  1/22/11  From Kenya.  I saw now it was to cover me, with some mysterious creatures floating on top laughing. Once it was about to cover and sweep me  an amazing bright light appeared and I heard a voice ; YOUR LIFE HAVE CHANGED TOGETHER WITH YOUR DESTINY, from there I saw my uncle who was dead and an angel who were extraordinary happy.  One of them said to me YOU STAY IN THAT WORLD  then they hugged one another and disappeared.  From there I saw my self dancing with the angels in the skies. I could see my dead body behind taken to the morgue, postmortem being done, funeral arrangement, my burial till that evening when I regained my consciousness and discovered that I was not dead.
Non-Western NDE from Kenya due to suicide attempt.

2580. George K NDE English expanded version  1/22/11 I was smiling and happy with a blank look on my face on the 10 minute ride to the hospital. I could not recognize any people  I am not sure exactly about this but I think this happened on the way to the hospital.  I am sure that this happened however.  ---- I was walking down a path of some sort and was walking with God.  He/She was on my left.  I was too scared to turn and look at God. I believe I was scared I would turn to salt- not sure - I do know I did not look at God and I do know God was there.  I could feel the warmth.  I could hear the voice or really feel the voice.  It said, "you are going to be ok. I have got your back.  You are going to heaven one day but not today.  In the meantime I want you to tell others about this." 
NDE from stroke/seizure by court judge with encounter with God.

2579. Kathleen M NDE English expanded version  1/22/11  Meanwhile my stomach was bloating more and I started having chest pains, I told them I needed help I was having a heart attack.  They called in a bunch of dr's who were crowded around my bed, giving me nitro and deciding what was happening (I guess).  I kept telling them it hurt and I was going to die, they asked me who they should call.  At some point I remember Looking through what it seemed to be a big window and I was on the outside.  There were lots of people mulling around some together some by themselves.  No one spoke or looked my way.  None were close to me they were all far away, and they were all like black shadows of people, there were a few trees and grass, but the only colors I saw was a pink that kind of covered all I looked at including the people.  These people were neither happy nor sad but I didn't say any communication.
NDE due to post-surgical complication.

2578. Gini M Probable NDE English expanded version  1/22/11 I was walking up a steep gravel path in the early morning sunshine. I looked down the side of the path and could see the tops of very tall trees way down below me. I came to an enormous hand carved wooden door that went up as far as I could see. I heard a man's voice tell me I could go through the door if I wanted to and I would see my father. I told him that I could not go through because my mother would be left alone… I was told by the doctors that they did not expect me to live through the surgery on my broken leg… The voice I heard told me I could see my father and when I woke up I was told that my father was dead and I said that I knew it.
Probable NDE following accident in surgery.  It sounds like father died in accident, and she apparently first learned this during her NDE.  Shared 59 years after experience.

2577. Rick M NDE English expanded version  1/22/11  During all this I went to a place that was in the stars. At first my friend Kuauhtli Vasquez reached out and took me by the hand. Kuauhtli is a Peyote Road Man, who does ceremony all over the world. He is also a 20 year Sun Dancer, who has given his flesh for 20 years. Kuauhtli led me inside a big yellow school bus. I looked around like where are we going? All Kuauhtli did was smile. There were no words spoken. When we entered the school bus, the interior had transformed to a Peyote Ceremony, and we were in a tipi. There were many Elders sitting around the Sacred Fire. Some looked to be very old. Some I recognized!
NDE by Native American with traditional beliefs.

2576. Duane NDE English expanded version  1/22/11 I then proceeded to describe what I had seen. I described his exact clothing, and the exact place that he was standing in and I also told him what he had under his arm and what he was doing. I think that it troubled him because his eSi welled up and he has never spoken to me about it since, he did confirm that I was 100% correct on all points.  A couple of days later I was informed by a surgeon of what had happened to me during the operation. 
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.  Remarkable verified OBE observations.

2575. Anna NDE English expanded version  1/22/11 From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Susana. There was a very intense light, I guess it was due to the dilation of my  pupils.  I dreamt of a place filled with people that I did not know, although I felt that I had a connection to them.  Without speaking they communicated information, images and strange theories.  Dreams are always difficult to understand.  I found myself in an incredible state of peace and relaxation.  I wanted to stay there with those people that I did not know, but suddenly I found myself in front of a woman that I found familiar but I have not been able to recognize her. She had an authoritative yet sweet way about her.  She was the only person that spoke to me using her mouth and gestures.  She told me that I could not be there.  I soon started to hear distant screaming.  I begged to stay in that place but she did not allow me and showed me a path. 
NDE from apparent loss of consciousness in hallway of house.

2574. Glenna A NDE English expanded version  1/16/11  I was suddenly outside my body watching my parents, sister and doctors talk about me and my possible condition and fixes.  I was screaming this could not be happening and then there was my deceased grandparents at my side.  they were perfect and so was everything about the world.  I was calmed immediately.  they begun to lead me through a void towards a light. I was not happy at all to be going the direction they wanted me to go.  closer to the light someone asked me if I wanted to go back.  I knew I did and was going to go back.  suddenly I was again above my body in the hospital in a hall way being told by a doctor they were going to save me as they pushed the gurney into an operating room.  the next thing I remember was waking up in recovery.
NDE due to ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

2573. Mary W NDE English expanded version  1/16/11 We came to the end of the woods and directly ahead there was a beautiful white light with golden rays and I had the impression there was a city or town encased in that light.  I was powerfully drawn to that light but stopped at the end of the path because I knew if I continued forward, I would not return to my life.  I explained that I had just had a baby and that my 19 month old son needed me.  I missed him incredibly much at that time and knew I had to be there for him.  I said I wanted to keep walking forward but I can't.  I have to go back to my son and my new baby.  The tall being turned towards me, I never saw any facial features or other identifying marks.  I felt I was being allowed to go back because it was for someone else other than myself.  I also had the distinct impression that I needed to utilize the talent given me and not to waste too much more time.  Up until then, I thought I was doing the best I could. 
NDE due to allergic reaction from contrast injection for diagnostic procedure.  Contributor is a nurse who was a hospice nurse, and teaches a college class on end of life issues.

2572. Tom N NDE English expanded version  1/16/11 I then went into anaphylactic shock; and suffered cardiac arrest and complete respiratory failure. As soon as I flat lined my spirit and soul left my body.  There were no bright lights, no tunnels leading anywhere, and there was no one there waiting to meet me. I just went above the operating table and watched the efforts to revive me. There was no fear, no anxiety, and no concern, just watching and waiting. I was however aware of my existence and I knew it was still me. The surgical team withdrew blood from one arm and put new blood into my other arm, while they were administered shots of adrenalin.  As soon as they resuscitated me, I returned into my body… science is going to have to let God into the picture before they come to any realistic understandings.
NDE due to anaphylactic allergic reaction due allergy in Vietnam.

2571. Stephanie C NDE English expanded version  1/16/11 The last thing I remember was looking down at the flood of blood everywhere and said to my husband Kevin, 'Whoa, that's a lot of blood.' The next thing I remember was running thru a field by myself in a white gown, picking flowers, smiling, laughing. This was a beautiful beautiful place with yellow and white flowers everywhere (I know they weren't daisies, they sort of looked like oversized posies). There was a waterfall down the path with stone on either side of it. I just remember being so happy, felt a huge amount of love, I didn't ever want to leave this place.
NDE due to blood loss following caesarian section delivery.

2570. Riley Probable NDE English expanded version  1/16/11 I was hit by a car and the rest is unspeakable, I was told not to tell, but I am… saw my own body in the street.
Probable NDE due to being hit by a car.  Very little information shared.  Experience occurred about a month ago.

2569. Kayleen B NDE English expanded version  1/16/11 It was dark in my bathroom. I couldn't breathe anymore. I hit the door. When my then husband came in, I was already on the floor. Next thing I know, I'm watching him trying to bring me back to life. He didn't know what he was doing. He kept hitting my body against the wall and hitting my chest. I felt me 'laughing' and 'smiling'. I then 'floated' or 'flew' to the bedroom where my daughters sleep. I only felt calm and happy for a bit; then, sort of sad and then happy again. I felt free! Just free! Then, suddenly, felt myself get swooped back into my body and then breathed air again.  At first, I was very angry that I was alive again. Then, scared that I was actually dead.
NDE due to unconsciousness from illness.

2568. CL NDE English expanded version  1/13/11 During major surgery on my kidney, the medical staff was unable to control bleeding which caused my heart to stop.  Surgery was stopped in the attempt to resuscitate me.  All I can remember is thinking that I was dreaming.  At first, I was afraid that I had woken up during surgery and just couldn't move but I didn't feel any pain.  Then, I realized that I was in one of the corners of the operating room, floating there and watching the staff working.  I don't know how long that lasted but I eventually woke up in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for Heart Patients, drifting in and out of consciousness.  I found out a couple of days later what had happened.
NDE due to bleeding and cardiac arrest during surgery.

2567. Jean C NDE 4982 English expanded version  1/12/11  With that, the dentist grabbed my ankles pulled me down the chair so that I was flatter, and they started pushing my chest.  I wondered why, but I fled back to my spot above the stairs to watch the nurse.  I saw her hurriedly rush across the landing past the reception desk to talk to my mother.  My mother accepted what she had to say and sat down.  I could not hear what she said to her.  At this time, the stairwell began to fill with what seemed like sunshine to me,  but it got really bright. A voice told me I was alright and that she was with me.  I do not know who this was, but I felt extremely peaceful.  I began to shield my eSi.  Suddenly,  I felt myself tugged back into my body.  My body felt like a glove that was too tight.
NDE at age 7 due to complication of dental extraction.

2566. Christina T NDE English expanded version  1/12/11Sitting by a stream in the Redwood forest in Philo, California, I was lifted above the place I was sitting so that I was looking down upon the bushes around me. I realized someone was crouched in the bushes. I started to rise higher and could see that there were soldiers in the bushes. As I went further away, I could see that I was in a war zone and eventually looked down upon Central America and saw that I was hovering over Nicaragua. From there I kept going further and further away into the void of darkness watching the earth become smaller and smaller in front of me. Then, all of a sudden when I was in the total darkness, a petal of a White Rose came down from the upper right should and wrapped around me. It was warm, loving and so very light. Then a petal came down from the left and surrounded me in an even lighter experience. This continued on and on until I thought I was going to explode in the lightness of being enveloped in the LIGHT of the petals of a White Rose, with each petal surrounding me, until it became brighter and brighter and lighter and lighter, to the point of an all encompassing explosion into the Light.
Remarkable and transformative OBE/STE and brief NDE in hospital.

2565. Ruth B Probable FDE English expanded version  1/12/11 From France.  All passengers were ill, accept for me. A crew member felt sorry for me and wanted to entertain me. So he asked if he could take me for a tour around the ship. Captain and my parents agreed. So we went outside while the ship was rolling back and forth and left to right and I looked ahead across the deck as we stepped out of the door. Suddenly I felt afraid too, but in the same split second it was as if I zoomed out (out of myself and out into space). First I saw the immense ocean, than countries alongside than earth and the universe, than universe, as I was pulled into "heaven". As my perspective widened and widened it was accompanied by insights - suddenly I knew how water, climates, the physics worked together, than how people fitted in, how earth was ruled, what was important and what not, than how it all fitted into the universe. I understood "the system" through and through, how it was meant to be.
Probable fear-death experience at age 10 with remarkable insights.

2564. Lisa L Possible NDE English expanded version  1/12/11 I was under general anesthesia during a four-hour surgery about two weeks before my mother passed away. During this time, my mother was in a coma in a hospital across town after going into renal failure. During my experience while I was under sedation, I found myself standing just inside a very dark tunnel. A few feet beyond where I was standing, the tunnel ended and there was a large area of just pure, white light. I could see beings dressed in white flying or moving about within the light. With me inside of the tunnel was my mother. We were talking for a time, though I have never been able to recall what we were talking about. It seems as though we were together for awhile, though again, I'm not sure how long it was. Finally, my mother said that it was time for me to go back. She said that she would be going on into the light in a few days, but that she would see me again soon.
Remarkable encounter in tunnel with her mother who was in a coma at the time.  Shared OBE, possible NDE during surgery. 

2563. Lynn NDE 4972 English expanded version  1/12/11  I turned and checked in with my body I say the code team working. Chest tubes were inserted. I knew each person there. I knew their name, what they were thinking...it was as if I could be everywhere at once. Focusing my attention again on the new world I was entering many were excited to show me the answers about life I had asked so many times. As I saw them I felt tremendous peace and joy. Everything was as it should be. Suddenly a voice said "Stop! It is not her time". And told me I had more to learn. I felt sucked back into my body. I cooperated by inhaling and reentering the painful broken body in the hospital. At that time nobody wanted to hear stories about what I had experienced, as if they were afraid. Many people who had been at the code avoided me because I knew their names and exactly what they had done and felt during the code.
NDE due to complication following accident.  Interesting comparison of OBE at accident scene, and OBE with NDE a few days later.

2562. Nigel R NDE as told by Allan R English expanded version  1/11/11 From South Africa.  Nigel arrived in casualty an hour later, breathing, and recovered in hospital from his double pneumonia. It must have been 2 weeks later, Nigel and I were up to our usual antics, as if no life-threatening event had occurred. It was the weekend I remember that much, when Nigel coaxed me to take a ride on our bikes to Molly's and buy a coke. On arrival, he bought the cokes, but asked the shop assistant to call Molly to the counter, he wanted to thank Molly for helping save his life. While we waited, Nigel turned to me and said something quite simple yet profound: He said he knew he was dead, he experienced a tremendous WHOOSHING sound, followed by the most beautiful music he had ever heard in his life. Then he woke up in hospital. 
Second-hand NDE that happened as children in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).
  What is remarkable about this narrative is the effect his friend's NDE had on him.

2561. Clautreaux Possible NDE English expanded version  1/9/11 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Simon. And I was very happy to be going where I was going.  Suddenly a shadow started walking on my right side.  That lasted some time, and I was more and more happy, without pain anywhere...And the shadow at my side spoke to me, asking... "Are you sure you want to go on?" I went on a few paces... then I turned around, without replying, and began to go back where I had come from.
Possible NDE from heart attack after 9 days of coma.

2560. Sally M Probable NDE English expanded version  1/1/11 Got caught in an undertow, decided to rest when knocked down again, dragged on bottom, stones embedded in leg.  I just rested, a peace I never felt came over me.  Saw bright light through water, didn't want to get up.  Seemed like a long time.  A voice said, "you have to get up before another wave comes, I got up and walked out without any wave hitting me."  I made a decision to live and realized I was not finished here.  It was an overcast day without sun.  Years later at least 15 that type of water and weather brought me to the ocean again where I helped a baby from drowning , a toddler who was sitting on the shore and was picked up by the water and pulled into the ocean. No one saw it happening but, me.
Probable NDE due to drowning.

2559. Ted M NDE English expanded version  1/1/11 When I entered a side door, a stair case presented itself and I immediately ascended without thought. On the third step, I hesitated looking back down to see the multitude of souls mired in what seemed to be a river down below. I turned and resumed the ascent to the fifth step where I became centered within enlightenment, a singularity, my universe became clear, I could see beyond time and there before me passed my life, the lives of my parents, the lives of my grand parents, my accomplishments, failures, wants, needs and desires both past and future. It was a very beautiful and loving existence with all thought being as one. As I reviewed the past and future, it became clear that all was good, orderly and correctly defined, I was at peace within the cosmos.
NDE due to being shot in head with later cardiac arrest.

2558. Louis S NDE English expanded version  1/1/11 About this time, both of my deceased grandmothers appeared from nowhere. One stood there just looking at me and the other was telling me to go back, that I couldn't come in yet. I looked beyond her into the black darkness and felt the presence of my deceased grandfather, my deceased great-grandmother and uncles - family members I had never met.  I felt them and saw their spirits gathering in one area. My grandmother was adamant that I didn't take another step. I wanted to continue and she saw this. At this time she yelled out to me, "STOP! Cameron (my daughter) is going to need you!" (I was divorced and my daughter lived with my ex at the time.)
NDE due to truck accident.

2557. Lonny F NDE English expanded version  1/1/11 When I asked if I was dead he said very simply "Yes, you are." We never opened our mouths to communicate; everything was by thought alone. So many words were exchanged so fast that it would be impossible for me to account for them all. He made me feel very safe and welcome. He comforted me and let me know that he was there to assist. He asked me if I wanted to still live, and very quickly, without even having to think, I said, "Yes I do." He smiled as if he had expected me to say that. I don’t know why, but I felt as if we had always known each other, and that it was funny to him that he already knew my answer. I asked him if he could help me get back. I was made to know and understand that he couldn’t interfere, but what he could do was to show me what I already knew. Just then, I was pulled away from that bright beach and pulled upward, or inward - I really don’t know. 
NDE at age 15 due to drowning as a result of large waves following an earthquake.  Remarkable knowledge gained during life review helped save his life.

2556. Edna NDE English expanded version  1/1/11 From the UK.  My experience started with a terrible pain in my chest, followed by a sinking, falling feeling.  Then I found myself floating near the ceiling - level with the clock - and I was looking down and seeing my physical body being tended by three medical staff.  I then went down a blue flume-like tube with a bright light at the bottom.  As I was floating through this tube, I could hear snippets of conversations from my past.   On exiting the tube, I was surrounded by the most wonderful music - similar to pan-pipes.  This music was everywhere and the feeling was so peaceful and pain-free.  I asked, "Where am I?" and was told "The Halls of Music."  There seemed to be a lot of people, and they were all exuding so much love.  I went outside to the most wonderful blue sky and green grass.  There was a bridge.  I asked to cross it, but I could not - there was some kind of invisible barrier.  Someone I felt I knew appeared on the other side of the bridge, (I still do not know for certain who it was, but I think it was my grandfather) and he said, "It is not time yet, you still have work to do."  I wanted so much to stay, but in next to no time I was back in my body and in immense pain again.  Even though this happened nearly 30 years ago, I still remember it vividly. 
NDE due to complications of childbirth.

2555. Jean K NDE 4964 English expanded version  1/1/11 As I looked out at this most beautiful sight of stars, planets, and the great radiant and loving Light, I saw tiny trails of blue, pink and green lights traveling across the expanse of darkness toward the Great Light. I wondered what they were, and instantly I had the information that they were prayers from people seeking the Light. They were very beautiful, and once they reached the Light, they were absorbed into it. Then larger trails of white light traveled from the Great Light outward.  I knew that these were answers to prayers. I just wanted to watch the traveling of the lights, be warmed by the Light and enjoy the beautiful view. The Light turned a magnificent blue and rolled toward me like an ocean wave. It was not really close to me, but nevertheless I could see the image of Jesus within the blue wave. Love poured out upon me, like warm water. Jesus looked just like he did on the poster in my Sunday School class.  I had the thought that if I had been a Buddhist, perhaps he would look like Buddha, and I was told, "That is right. God appears in a familiar form."
Exceptional NDE due to respiratory arrest from bronchitis.

2554. Beth L Fear Death Experience English expanded version  1/1/11 we had those old metal ice cube trays that make the giant cubes with the sharp edges.  I made a glass of ice water and somehow one of those giant cubes went straight into my throat and blocked me from breathing.  As I was choking and panicking, my life seemed to pass before my eyes going backwards.  it was me watching me like in a movie and one "still" from that movie still stands out in my head, just a picture of myself at a very young age.  I don't know why.  anyway something told me to get some very warm water and try to drink and the cube went down.
Fear-death experience due to choking at age 17.

2553. James W NDE 4962 English expanded version  1/1/11 As I looked down at the house – a house where there was a very deep Christian influence, I first noticed a great many people surrounding it. These people, I did not recognize, although I could make out their faces. Beyond those I could see well, stretched a multitude of people into the horizon. That horizon joined the dimension of the one my companion and I were in. The earthly horizon joined the heavenly horizon. Those up close, I sensed were alive at the time, while those in the distance, I sensed as departed. The people up close were all praying for me. I believe they were kneeling.  And their prayers appeared as smoke rising into the heavens. They were all facing towards me, more or less, all over the yard.
NDE due to clinical death while under general anesthesia.

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More Archived NDEs (1/1/11-6/30/11)
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More Archived NDEs (7/1/10-12/31/10) part 2
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More NDE Archives 7/1/07-12/31/07 part 1
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More Archived NDEs (1/1/07-6/30/07)
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More Archived NDEs (1/1/02-6/30/02)
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More Archived NDEs (1998-2001)

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