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NDERF (1/1/10-6/30/10)
NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody Long and Dr. Jeff
NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

2259.  Josefina M Mother's NDE  English expanded version  6/26/10  From Venezuela.  Original in Spanish, translated by English by Simon.   During an emergency operation for a burst appendix, she suddenly found herself positioned as an outside observer in a corner of the operating-theatre. From there she watched the entire process.
NDE from burst appendix.

2258.  Diane C NDE 4626  English expanded version  6/21/10  From Canada.  Original in French, translated by English by Kathy. At that instant, I felt myself floating in the air, lying horizontally about three-quarters of the way up, that is to say.. a few feet from the ceiling.  I wasn’t moving at all and none of my senses was working.  I was very content and would have wanted to stay there it was so peaceful.  I was in danger but didn’t know it at all.  Also, I saw a big tunnel right in front of me, very near and it was very very brightly lit.  The tunnel was at least ten feet in diameter and was just a few meters away from me.  The light was very, very intense.  It seemed to have a very thin veil in front of the entrance and there was an extremely bright light behind it. 
NDE from allergic reaction to medication.

2257.  Tami C Probable NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  In March 1984, I was six months pregnant, and awoke with severe pain in my leg.  In preparation of going to the ER, I began to feel faint, and felt like I was going to pass out.  I recovered within a few minutes, and my husband quickly drove to the ER.  While in the ER, I was lying down, and began to feel faint again.  The ER staff quickly wheeled me into an ER room where they began to frantically "work" on me.  During this time, I could hear them say, "We're losing her and the baby's heart rate is dropping."  A nurse also apologized to me as she told me that I was going to feel tremendous pain while sticking a needle in my wrist to take blood and measure the oxygen level.  Despite all the frantic comments, and people rushing about, I felt nothing, but pure peace and no pain, and felt like I was floating.   I remember thinking, "I just want to go to sleep."  A voice quickly said, "No, it's not your time." 
Probable NDE due to pulmonary emboli.

2256.  Jean E NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  From New Zealand.  I was bleeding profusely, and the time went very slowly. My BP was being taken often and going down, and I thought when it hits zero I'm dead. I had to wait for blood to be matched before going in for emergency surgery.  They wheeled me out of the birth suite and to the operating theatre, and it was then I left my body and started to float. The ceiling disappeared and I was looking at myself being wheeled along on a trolley from a great height down what seemed to be an endless corridor. I felt extremely calm, and found the whole experience wonderful and life changing. I kinda plopped back into my body when the anesthetist started giving me an injection.
NDE due to bleeding after delivery.  Interesting that her NDE ended when anesthesia for emergency surgery was started.

2255.  Cindy D NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10 Things went dark and I had a sensation of floating but seeing nothing. I was very afraid and then I heard/felt a Presence. This Presence was telling me (not necessarily with words?) that everything was okay and not to be afraid. The level of Peace and Comfort of this Presence is not describable. After lots of this 'support' I realized that I recognized this Presence. IN fact this Presence was closer - more connected to me (and had a history with me) than any 'relationship' in my life. Again - not describable. But I do remember thinking at first when I realized I recognized the Presence - 'Oh...it must be my Grandfather' (who had passed away about 3 years earlier and the only person close to me that had died). But I quickly realized it was not my Grandfather...nor any human being I had had a relationship with. In the first few 'moments' it seemed I was trying to make sense of recognizing this Presence? This Presence continued to comfort me and assure me that everything was okay and that it was going to be wonderful.
NDE due to horseback riding accident with head injury.

2254.  Laura S NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10 After that I was looking down and watching. It was a cold winter day but I was not cold or warm. I could see them take me from the car and put me in an ambulance I watch them but was ok and happy but somehow I know I had to return and I did in the ambulance. I have never shared this experience before, but it has affected my life more then I realized till now.
NDE at age 5 due to auto accident.

2253.  Leigh H Probable NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10 It was the fourth day following the initial infarction and, as I understand it after the event, the plan was to do a balloon angioplasty the following day. I was alone in my room and suddenly there was the appearance of a figure in bright light at the foot of my bed.  It was so bright it awakened me. The figure approached the side of my bed and took my hand, he then said "it will be alright."  After that I next remember being awakened in the cath lab after the procedure was over and, indeed, it was alright.  I never feared anything in this and I never feared it afterward. Since then, I have had five stents implanted and an Implanted Cardio Defibrillator (ICD) placed in my chest. But I have never felt any fear at all. I know that whatever may come there is more than this earthly life.
Probable NDE associated with heart attack from retired minister.

2252.  Jim W NDE 4485  English expanded version  6/20/10 Suddenly, it was like my body was physically lifted out of the water and was now standing on solid soil, and saw my mom and dad playing in the water, not noticing that I had almost drowned. But at some point after this I had a remembrance or a knowledge of being in heaven before I was ever born and being offered a selection of a time to come live on earth. I chose the time after WWII because I thought it would be a great time to live. I had the sense that there was another with me, very close to me that was also given this opportunity and chose an earlier period where that person's life would be during the 50's and 60's, primarily. I clearly remember this occasion of choice and it was not a dream.
NDE at age 6 due to drowning.  Shared 58 years later.  Interesting remembrance of pre-mortal existence.

2251.  Adeline N NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  Coming to after tonsil surgery, I felt sick and vomited blood.  I was taken back to surgery; while being taken back to my room I went through a tunnel with a light at its end and came out to a beautiful scene.  I was suddenly aware of two friends who had passed recently.  They were asking (beckoning) me to come over.  I didn't hear voices but I heard them.  I must have known what that meant because I said I couldn't come now because I had three little kids at home who needed me.  One of these friends was the husband of a girlfriend who died in an accident after 3 months of marriage.  The other was in the Air Force whose plane went down in the English Channel.  He was one of my husband's boyhood buddies.  They were telling me to cross over - no sound (like mind reading).  It was tempting, but I told them I couldn't come now, because I had three kids at home.
NDE due to post-operative complication.  Shared 61 years later.

2250.  Tim B NDE 4479  English expanded version  6/20/10  Next I remember moving, flying very fast, like thru a tunnel. I saw a small light in the distance that quickly became big and enveloping. I felt a sense of peace and love and still no pain. I felt I was enveloped or sitting with something wonderful and it must have been God I guessed. I felt there was another entity, another creature of light nearby who communicated with me somehow, it seemed like wordless telepathy. It asked me if I wanted to go back, I didn't really, not feeling like this. But I did select to return. The being let me know that I could return, but there would be pain all my life. I recall that he asked me again, a second time, and I made the bargain. Immediately I returned to regular consciousness in the hospital bed and was hit by unbelievable pain for the first time. I woke in my body looking up and felt for the first time pieces of broken teeth in my mouth. Pain was back.
NDE due to auto accident.

2249.  Paul F Probable NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  In my private Hospital room after surgery I first saw my room fill with light - then, I felt a Wonderful Love pour over me - I was in ecstasy.  I don't know how long this lasted as time was irrelevant.
Probable NDE following surgery by former minister.

2248.  Tammy F NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  from the UK   I remember my ex partners hands round my neck as I was in a standing position and slowly started to slide down the wall as I lost consciousness. then he was gone and I was stood in my own head although I couldn't actually see my feet in my head I was aware that I was out of my body looking down at my own body but standing not laying prone. my body lay crumpled on the floor. I was wearing all white clothes in my new state. I looked left to the front door trying to get my bearings, not understanding what I was seeing, then looked right to the back door that was open from where my ex partner had run thinking I was dead. I had an unbelievable feeling of warmth and love. I could see the faces of my children and dead parents - everybody that was important to me kind of scrolled in front of me. I felt so calm and I didn't want feeling to end. I was worried about leaving my children behind and that they had no one to care for them - I think I said "my kids". this timeframe was guessing about 1-2 minutes from seeing myself to the end when I suddenly awoke laying on floor where I had collapsed thru lack of oxygen.
NDE due to strangulation.

2247.  John H Probable NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10 I viewed myself (out-of-body), lying on a stone pedestal in a warmly-lit cave. Although not even knowing why I was in this position, having no memory of the accident, I thought to myself, "Do I really want to go back to that crap?" I answered "No", and the voice of my maternal Grandmother, nothing visual, just her very distinctive voice, to whom I was close, responded, "Scott, you've got to go back!" I walked through a void, came to a singular white light, hanging adjacent to a black, seemingly felt-covered garage door...with no windows or handles. My perception is that I spent about a total of 2 minutes at this door, turned perpendicular, walked away...and woke up to Dr. K!
Probable NDE due to auto accident.

2246.  Alison M NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10 At the point of impact it was like everything froze. Almost like someone hit a pause button. I remember looking at the cracked windshield and looking over to my passenger who had a look of horror on his face. I then looked out my side window and remember thinking "I'm going to die now" right before hearing an awful screech. (the metal of the car dislodging before the semi's tires spit me out back across traffic end over end. At the time I had this thought It felt like large hands were laid on both my shoulders from behind, almost in a comforting manner, and I felt the most amazing sense of peace come over me. I knew I was at the end and I was okay with it. I didn't have flash backs or really any time to think of what I was leaving behind. I let out the most relaxed sigh of my life and it was like I slipped out of myself into a comforting darkness. I still tell people to this day that it was the most peaceful moment of my life.
NDE due to auto accident.

2245.  Ray G NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  I kept trying to get oriented and kept trying to get air but I couldn't seem to do either. I had no idea where the others were at this time. Then almost instantly, I entered a state of complete calmness, I realized I was dying and wasn't afraid of it in any way. I started reflecting about my family and that I would miss them and that this was such a silly way to die. I seem to be just entering a peace yet I was thinking clearly and calmly as I was bouncing down the river. I almost didn't want to come back.
NDE due to drowning.

2244.  Jimmy W Probable NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  Then one night the roaring and the sensation of drowning was much worse and then I was above the bed looking down in the dimly lit room at my mother and another lady, with me lying in the bed glistening with sweat and looking very tired.  The next instant I was outside looking down from above at my house.  I slowly started to move higher, away from my house looking back as the house grew smaller.  At some point I stopped ascending and as I hovered there I was aware that I had no physical body and there was no sound.  It was as though only my eyes had left.  I don't remember being afraid and I thought, so this is what my house looks like from high above.
Probable NDE from rheumatic fever.

2243.  Donald W NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  Just after they smashed my face with a rock, I felt myself raising from an horizontal position and slowly rising from the surface to an upright position. Floating so it seemed, completely aware what was happening. Although I could see nothing I could feel every part of my body down to my waist. Although in the dark I seemed to know which way was forward, backward and to my sides. In essence gravity and three dimensions seemed to still be in play. I noticed an utter peace and feeling of non-concern and was of a blissful state I will never forget. I was fully aware what was happening to me and then I thought of my soon to be wife, asleep at Kona Shores waiting for me to come home and I remember asking myself what she would do now.
NDE due to criminal attack.

2242.  Joyce O NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  I was in a state of wonderful peace where there was a very bright light starting out like the top of a huge ice cream cone and ending at a point.  My soul began to move very quickly through the light to the end of the point.  There was a figure at the end of the point with outstretched arms.  All of a sudden there was total blackness… This is my experience.  People that have death or near death experiences may have different opinions.  I only know that I love life in spite of the bumps and that I'm not afraid of death.  I also feel that I'm living proof that there is life after death.
NDE due to suicide attempt with medication overdose.

2241.  Sue E NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10 The next thing I remember I was looking down at myself. It was like I was on the ceiling. I could see them still sticking needles in me to start even more IV's. I saw there were at least 4 bottles of fluids hanging and going wide open. I remember them asking for blood and hanging that. I could not feel any of this and did not have the severe pain in my kidney area. My mother came in the room and I remember thinking how beautiful she was, and how well dressed, but how awful the camel wool dress she was wearing looked on her. I have such a clear memory of the shoes, purse, dress she was wearing. I was devastated at how upset she looked and it was as if I could feel how she felt.
NDE due to gunshot injury.

2240.  Jill C NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  from the UK  I had been taken to an ambulance after struggling to breathe for quite a while- it was getting impossible to breathe and I knew I was dying - I expected everything to go black but suddenly, (and this apparently happened after I had stopped breathing) I was in a place of incredible light - not the sort of light we are used to - wonderful patterns and golden lights enveloped me, and at the same time I was enveloped in the most incredible knowledge of unconditional, benevolent love, which was sentient.  Then things did go black and I woke up in hospital, after being on a ventilator for two days.
NDE due to kidney failure.

2239.  Alex A NDE  English expanded version  6/20/10  Everything I seen from here on was from a birds eye point of view. There where two men I did not know, one told the other the boy is drowning and pointed to my body. And man just jump right in to save me. I just kept floating up towards a blinding white light. The feeling was so amazing. Like I did not have a care in the world.  I felt like I was made out of energy and air. I rised up my arms and hands so I could see them. They had a very slight glow to them. Not flesh, but energy and air like. But not see through. My arms still had hands and fingers. I opened and closed my hands to make fists. At this point they had pulled my body out of the water and laid it against a tree.  Upon seeing my body laying there. I started to hate not being in my body.
NDE at age 11 due to drowning.

2238.  Jennifer W NDEs  English expanded version  6/20/10  I was three years old.  I was sitting in the back seat of my dad's car and he was driving down the road.  I was just sitting there, minding my own business when these hands pulled my soul out of my body.  I was high in the sky and Jesus was there next to me.  Suddenly I heard this very deep, pulsating vibration, it was kind of spooky, but somehow I sensed that God was somewhere out there.  I told Jesus I didn't want to stay and talk, I needed to find the source of the vibration. Jesus wouldn't let me go and explore.  Instead He was telling me things.  Basically He said that the next several years of my life would be horrible.  He was preparing me for what was coming up.  He gave me advice.  I don't remember anything He said, except pretty much that life would be Hell.
NDEs at age 3-5 due to abuse.

2237.  James C NDE 4460  English expanded version  6/20/10  Arriving there I first saw someone that looked a little like me and when I asked who this person was I was told it was my brother. At that time I never knew I had a brother that had died. Soon we were joined by two others that were introduced as another brother and sister, a set of twins that had also died. I met and saw many of my blood line down trough the ages. When I was told why we were writing I demanded to see Jesus. Jesus asked me to return to my body because my family needed me. I argued a while but Jesus promised me an additional 10 years to my life and that he would watch over me all the years of my life if I would return. Still objecting he instructed that I be shown what would happen if I did not return. When I saw the vision of my father being taken to jail and my mother in a casket I was devastated. Then Jesus allowed me to be shown the future of the world. Wars, strife, no rain, death, earthquakes, etc.
NDE due to illness at age 8.  Was declared dead.  Account shared 63 years later.

2236.  Courtney NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  When my son was born, I lost a lot of blood, and I felt my heart stop. It's strange to describe but the closest thing I could think of to it is the sensation of not being able to breathe. I felt my heart stop and I lost consciousness, then I felt myself rise up, and I was looking at myself. I could hear the doctors and nurses calling me and I could see my husband and my new baby. My hubby was looking so helpless. The room looked slightly different, like it was hazy. I keep yelling "I am here, I am right here" but no one could hear me, finally they gave me ephedrine to get my heart going again and I felt myself plunge back into my body and take a breath, like being underwater and coming up for air… I felt my husband's feelings, and it made me realize how much he really loves me. It has made me love him more.
NDE due to blood loss during childbirth.  (JL note: the drug given was most likely epinephrine, not ephedrine).

2235.  Perry D Probable NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  I had a motorcycle accident when I was 19 years old.  I don't remember anything after being struck by a automobile.  I found out later a few details about the accident.  I ended up with a broken femur, torn quad muscle on the other leg, my helmet cracked and I had trauma to the head.  Also sustained amnesia for 10 days. While in the hospital, I had an experience that I couldn't explain at the time.  I thought it was a dream.  It was the only thing I could recall during the amnesia period.  I was on a bed, lying face up, so relaxed, no pain whatsoever.  I started to rise up off the bed, peaceful.  Saw a beautiful light all around me, going up like a tunnel.  I heard music being played by two angels.  Harps were strumming.  Finally I heard a voice asking me "Are you ready"? It was a male voice, pretty deep.  I remember saying "No, I'm not ready".  Right then, I started on a descent back to a bed.  I just remember, no fear, the most peaceful state ever.  Beautiful, calming music.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.  Interesting that experience is the only thing he remembers during a period of amnesia.

2234.  David M NDE 4457  English expanded version  6/19/10  The strangest thing that I recall (as if it happened yesterday), was that although these medical people were suddenly working frantically to revive me that I had no concern at all for my well being as I knew that I was ok throughout the entire episode. I found myself suspended about 4 feet or so above all this activity and immersed in bright light beyond me, but, somewhat equally as bright to my sides as well.  I was very much at peace and was dumbfounded about what all the confusion was on the medical table (upon which I was physically laying), below me. I distinctly recall my thoughts of " well if you doctor's would just do this (or that) that I would in fact be fine. Of course I have no medical background but at that moment it was clear to me what they were doing wrong.
NDE due to illness.

2233.  Gary T NDE 4456  English expanded version  6/19/10  It was 2:30 AM when the heart attack hit me, I was transported to the hospital ER, in there by 3 AM, there were about 6 ER people working on me, I was in an out of consciousness the whole time, all of a sudden everyone was gone and there was this bright, bright light ( all I could think of was from what I heard about the bright light that this was it ) so I said out loud "OH SHIT" than one of the nurses that was standing next to my head said to me WHAT and I came back to consciousness and could see everyone again. They prepared me for a catheterization and ballooned me and inserted a stint. The nurse told me what I said and I remembered the light and told her that's what I was making my remarks about, thinking this was it. We all laughed and she said I might want to rethink my last words.
Probable NDE due to heart attack.

2232.  Shelly NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  I was driving a single cab truck and was rear-ended at 55 mph. My head hit the roof of the truck two times before hitting the back window 3 times, shattering that window completely. I was in and out of consciousness on the way to the hospital and woke up 3 hours after arriving to the hospital.  The only thing I remembered for my NDE was there were 2 or 3 hooded shadows facing me, one was trying to touch me and I kept slapping at whatever he was trying to grab me with. It didn't look like a hand but more like a hooded sleeve.  The weird thing about my NDE is that I was GIGGLING while trying to slap it away, when I think I should have been scared!! I wasn't scared though. I couldn't get it out of my mind afterwards and was very depressed for months that I was met with a hooded creature.
NDE due to truck accident with atypical content.

2231.  Robert S NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  Upon passing out in shower I fell forward and struck  my face between the eyes on a small retaining wall between the shower and bathroom floor.  I experienced a view of myself from outside of the shower on the bathroom floor looking back into the shower at myself laying there.  As I looked up I could see an image of an individual in a glowing gown.  The image was slowly raising upward.  As I panned up further I saw a very bright silver/metallic like button in the middle of the chest of this robe/gown.  The robe/gown was lightly illuminated and the button was laser like in the center of chest.  I noticed that as I panned up further the image had its hands stretched out to the sides with the palms up. The final pan upward I saw myself with a smile on my face. The image continued to rise and was extremely peaceful.  Immediately I experienced being above my prone body looking down at my self laying in the shower.
NDE due to fainting with head injury.

2230.  Winnie S NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10 Then I experienced darkness and then proceeded to the indescribably bright light.  The scene was a pastoral setting with brilliant colors but not distinguishable as flowers or objects.  Approaching me were beings that I can only describe as individual entities that appeared to be bright, not earthy beings, familiar but not identifiable to me.  They welcomed me and the light presence gave a feeling of love and peace and knowing that I have never felt before. The communication was not in words but in thoughts.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2229.  Jeff W NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  I was on the passenger side of a car when it was hit on the freeway in Atlanta Georgia. When I saw the car front end about 2 feet away everything positive in my life ran thru my brain like a high speed camera. The next thing I could remember was that I was an entity in the sky. As the entity I had no thoughts about the actual person who was in the accident. The feelings I had of the entity was that it was powerful and somewhat all knowing. Even though I turned into this entity; I felt no connection between who I am as a human and who the entity was. I came to upside down on the drivers side of the car.
NDE due to auto accident.

2228.  Gay L NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  A routine lump removed from my breast, I had a reaction to the drug and lost blood pressure, I was aware of the doctors and nurses working on me at the time, I had a warm feeling and saw god. it was not a face only a bright, bright light. I asked god if I was dying, and when he only held me and did not answer me I knew that I was not going to die at that time. it was the most comforting time I have ever felt. I was not afraid in the least, I had no desire to go, but on the other hand no desire to stay. I saw one of my children and my dog who were at my home at the time. I was told that it was all caused by a reaction to the drug used to put me under for the operation.
NDE due to allergic reaction.

2227.  Karen A NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  Without warning or anticipation of the automobile accident in which I was a passenger, I found my self in a void; complete darkness. I had no sensory feed back: complete silence, darkness, no smells, no feelings and yet a very strong awareness of only myself...as though I was watching myself from a close distance. My body was perfect, undamaged. I was overwhelmed by the total aloneness and had but one thought: this dark place I am in cannot be heaven and, therefore, I must get out. Since my consciousness and body had been separated I could not move my body. All that was me was this very powerful consciousness that could will things to happen. At that moment I awakened not knowing where I was or what had happened… Panic. This was a place that was foreboding. I wasn't suppose to be there. I had to escape. I had NO sensory feedback… It's life changing and a conformation that God is with us.....all of us and that we have more power over a bad situation than we think we have… I have a personal relationship w/God. I'm not afraid of Him anymore!
NDE due to auto accident.  Interesting understandings from a frightening experience.

2226.  John S Probable NDE 4449  English expanded version  6/19/10  They put me on a ventilator and a medical induced coma. I was near death, but not officially dead. I knew I was dying and was fighting to stay alive. I remember just feeling tired of fighting. I was half out of it all the time I guess do to the medicine to keep me in a coma. All of the sudden my alertness was greatly heightened and I was on an elevator going up. The doors opened and there were some people there. I didn't know them but I had a certainty that one of them was a relative of mine, he was in charge of my entire family line. There was another person there that was a person in charge. I was given the choice to stay on earth and live, or the suffering could end and I could go to a very comfortable, pain free, place. I thought about my children being left without a father and profound sadness settled over me as I knew that I would have to come back if it was up to me.
Probable NDE due to severe illness.

2225.  Linda A's Mother's NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  This is how mom related her experience to me:  She felt like she was in a tunnel.  At the end of a tunnel was a bright light.  She kept moving toward that bright light.  Once she got to the bright light, she felt a presence behind her and knew it was Jesus.  In the light, she saw her father (my grandpa) and his brother (great uncle) sitting at a table.  (They both had preceded her in death in the early 1970's.)  She looked at grandpa and said, "Dad, I want to come with you".  Grandpa turned around and spoke to someone - whom mom knew was God although she could not see him - and when he turned back to her, he said, "It's not time".
Mother’s NDE due to post-surgical complication as told by daughter.

2224.  Gail D NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  During my surgery, I awakened and was floating.  I could see myself near the ceiling of the surgery room.  I was pleased with my appearance and youth.  I entered a tunnel near the side of the surgery room ceiling very cautiously,  but kept one foot at the outside of the opening.  I only wanted to look in.  I looked up and saw a light at the end which was very soft and moved back and forth.  Some electrical currents ran through it and it was somewhat milky in appearance. It was as if some forms of life were in the currents. Something was communicating with me and asked me if I was ready to come all the way in.  I said no.  I wanted to go back and raise my two sons until they did not need me anymore.  I wanted to become a better person.  I made a promise to be a good mother.  The light assured me that I was loved and I was sent  back into my body to fulfill my purpose.
NDE during surgery for tumor- heart stopped during surgery.

2223.  Greg L NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  I remember hearing a loud crack. A bolt of electricity jumped from the loose wires dangling from below the bridge to the lightning rod I was holding in my hands. The massive amount of electricity entered my palms and with full force picked me up and thrust me into the air. The energy of the lift pushed me like a rocket, up thru the atmosphere and into the extremely bright light with eyes wide open. The air felt clean, warm, and light with no downward gravitational pull. The time from the initial electric shock to the bright light was (this may sound crazy) instantaneous but not a a hurried pace. I felt an immediate attraction and curiosity about this state of where I was, and wanted more. The soothing mesmerizing beauty of the light captured my soul and gently I floated higher and higher. I drifted with purity, fully trusting, completely engrossed, full of energy, clear thinking and more alive and aware then at any time in my life.
NDE due to lightning strike.

2222.  Ted S NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  Was swimming in a pool and removed my life jacket. I then was trying to find the edge of the deep end when I slipped and went under the water, I tried to grab a woman's swim suit, she felt it but seen nothing. I blacked out.....When I come to I am floating above the pool with a spirit or ghost beside me.  I ask it why no one is helping me ( I can see everyone around my body and hear everything they are saying, still 32 years later like it happened today) the being floating with me tells me with out moving its mouth or saying anything that "the world is not as loving as you think".
NDE at age 10 due to drowning.

2221.  Jeffrie D Probable NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10 I kept watching the huge light over my bed and somehow I slipped off from the bed into warmth, wellness and felt happy and I was not afraid . . . didn't hurt; just drifting away.   Suddenly it was as if something caught me and I opened my eyes and tried to move my left arm and couldn't because it was taped to a board with the needle delivering blood.  I was SHOCKED because I had been away from there! 
Probable NDE as a child.

2220.  Valerie H NDE 4441  English expanded version  6/19/10  I was above everything with absolutely no pain! Total peace -- I couldn't hear the shouting but could see the anesthesiologist covering my face with a mask. I knew that I was dying or dead and that didn't bother me. I saw my son being lifted out of me and then being worked on. The operating room had windows very high toward the ceiling and there was a woman sitting on the tile sill. She was wearing a white drape and very pretty with short dark hair. She was smiling at me and I went over near her, watching what was happening below.
NDE due to complication of caesarian section surgery.

2219.  Nathan I NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  About 7:00 pm, I was about to cross JP Rizal to the other side of the street to take a ride back because I missed my bus stop.  It was drizzling, I had to cover my head with my black jacket.  Suddenly, I heard a loud screech of a braking van and before I could react, the van hit me on my side and I was thrown about 3 meters and was unconscious.  I saw a bright light and had fast flashbacks of the faces of my offices at PNB.  Then I woke up with people helping me go to the hospital just beside our house at Sta. Ana, the St. Anne's Hospital.  I remember that I saw my body on the pavement from above when I was unconscious.
NDE due to being hit by van.  He is an attorney in the Philippines.

2218.  Larry C NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  Suddenly I was in what I call the white room, Found myself above looking down at my mangled self under the collapsed air stair. Non voices, no ghostly forms just a very pleasant experience. Then my name being called by  my landlord who told me later that when he walked into the hanger, saw me mangled under the pile of steel he threw up. Said he hadn't seen any thing like that since WWII.
NDE due to 3000 pounds of material falling on him.

2217.  Joseph L NDE  English expanded version  6/19/10  I was driving a ford station wagon to buy flowers for my wife who had just given birth to my son 2 days earlier when a drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit my car broadside on the drivers side front third of the car. I remember hitting the brake hard. I then felt warm blood running down my face. I thought I was dying and said a prayer asking God for forgiveness. It was at this time that I  noticed that I was floating above my car a few feet. I remember vividly saying to myself this must be what dying is all about. I was feeling EUPHORIC, it was an absolutely incredible feeling. I could see myself in the driver's seat, bloody  hair, floating higher yet, with people gathering around the accident. I was no longer a few feet above the car. I was more like 50 or 60 feet above the car and it was at this point that I noticed that I had no arms or legs and I could not see any other part of my body, but my thinking was very clear and my feeling still EUPHORIC.  It was the greatest feeling I have ever experienced in my entire life.
NDE due to auto accident.

2216.  Louis L Fear Death Experience  English expanded version  6/4/10   The Earth was so beautiful, I remember seeing the large brown areas, the continents and thinking the color was wrong, I expected the land to be green like the mountains where I live, so much was brown, but then realized different climates, not everything was green. The oceans were amazing, so large and the clouds were everywhere in different shapes.  I turned to look around and saw stars, like you would see in the night sky, but there were so many more of them and they were so bright, also so beautiful that for a moment I forgot about the Earth. One of the stars started to become larger and seemed to move towards me. The light from the star was very bright, within the light I could make out a human shape, a staff, possibly a robe. I could not make out the facial features because the light was so bright, but I don’t have a sense that I was looking at a man or a woman, I had a sense of a benevolent intelligence, and gender wasn’t relevant. There was an intense feeling of joy and safety, that this new place was safe for a distressed child.
Fear death experience from a fall that happened as a child.

2215.  Ralph B NDE  English expanded version  6/4/10  Boiler explosion.  I was burned 100 %  40 % first degree, 20 % 2nd degree and 40 % 3rd degree… My mother came to me being held by a man with a plaid colored skull cap. She told me I would marry, have two daughters, and my girl friend (whom we had never met) would break her leg.  When I came to in Johns Hopkins I told my nurse what I saw.  She said not to worry, that my girl friend was coming up with her mother.  The next day she came in the room to inform me my girl friend would not be coming.  She broke her leg… It turns out the man with a red beard was my Great Grand Father, a rabbi who by the touch of his hand could heal the sick.
NDE due to boiler explosion and burns.

2214.  DeeRay G NDE  English expanded version  6/4/10  It was to be like any normal Sunday I guess, in that two things happened. My wife is a traveling nurse and was cancelled that morning. The other I got up to use the bathroom. While standing I suddenly had this feeling come over me like nothing I had ever had. I was it seemed  knocked through my self and it was sweat and swaying.  My wife was at the sing and I told her I felt weird.  I turned to her and she knew that I was having a heart attack.  She set me down.  As she did this, I started to float up.  My mind mind was racing fast as I thought of my mom who passed away 30 yrs ago.
NDE due to heart attack.

2213.  Grace N Probable NDE  English expanded version  6/4/10  Was given sleeping pills and after taking them I awoke and felt much time had past so took more. Felt I was in a room with bright white walls. I saw no walls but felt they were there. There was what I felt to be an authoritative being in the room with me. I didn't see him but felt it was a man. I felt so much love, peace, goodness. It felt I was wrapped in this love. I was raised by loving parents but this was far above anything I had ever known. Suddenly I was jarred by a voice saying "Do you want to stay or go with me?" It was like the voice had spoken a few times but I didn't hear it so now it was a strong voice. I wanted to go so badly; but I was a single mother with 4 small children. I started to try to explain this & how much I wanted to stay in this love.
Probable NDE due to accidental sleeping pill overdose.

NDE at age 2 due to burns.  Shared 58 years later.

2211.  Tim D NDE  English expanded version  5/30/10 After I passed out at the end of my bed I floated out of my body, up and over my body somewhere near the ceiling. It was light in my room and as I was floating I notice my arms were out stretched and I recall thinking I could feel the oxygen flowing through my body, I thought how cool,  I don't have to breath, the air goes right through me. I also noticed the temperature, it was like summer time, those rare nights when the outside temperature is exactly the same as your body temperature.
NDE due to unconsciousness from multiple illnesses.

2210.  Michael C NDE  English expanded version  5/30/10 I was in the middle of a heart attack and the Medics took me to the nearest hospital (Community North) because it was the nearest medical facility. Unfortunately it was not equipped to handle heart surgery. The Doctors were trying to keep me calm, but there was not much they could do. I was in extreme pain from the MI and suddenly, a warmth overcame me and I felt a total calmness. When I was about to open a door at the end of a white hallway, an alarm brought me out of my bliss. I found out later that my blood pressure had bottomed out and the medical team gave me a boost of adrenalin and it brought me back to my pain. This sensation occurred about 8 times over an 8 hour period.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Multiple NDEs in short time.

2209.  Hilde B Probable NDE  English expanded version  5/30/10 Feelings of  belonging,She was part of all there is.  She was home.
Probable NDE shared in the form of a poem at age 84.

2208.  Steve W Probable NDE  English expanded version  5/30/10 At that moment all the pain I felt was gone, the weight of the world lifted. It started like floating in a hot tub and quickly beyond anything I have ever felt or imagined. My body began to float up and I was aware of the angle the color of the room and the now empty bucket. This was and remains today the greatest experience of my life. The absence of weight and pain, pain one doesn't even know is there. I can remember thinking this is where I want to be.
Probable NDE due to motorcycle accident.

2207.  Jerry M NDE  English expanded version  5/30/10 I was completely conscious from the moment I found myself 100 feet above my car accident and realized I was looking at myself in the car.  I knew immediately I was dead and several questions came to me and were answered at the same time they were asked.
NDE due to auto accident.

2206.  Kathy W NDE  English expanded version  5/30/10 From Australia All this time I felt like I was accelerating toward the light and as I approached I felt myself unfold like a flower, although I had no body. As I unfolded I felt it, the Love, which was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Even now I cry when I talk about it as my system feels like it's going to overload from just the memory. I was enveloped by this light and felt one with everything, all seeing, all knowing.  It certainly wasn't what I understood of God as an entity, but maybe it was better. It gave new meaning to that saying that God is Love. The love was like an energy that connected every molecule in the universe.
NDE at childbirth.

2205.  Chris W Fear Death Experience  English expanded version  5/30/10 From Canada I'm not sure if time slowed down, or that my thoughts and cognitive processes were so incredibly fast.  As I fell toward the ground in the space of what might have been two minutes, it is as though my whole life was compressed and replayed in the blink of any eye.  I remember two or three distinct images of the whole experience and the rest was just a blur.  It was as if my mind was operating in two spaces, in one part I was trying to control the helicopter, and in the other I was having the playback experience.  In the logical part of my mind I had come to the realization that if the wind shear situation did not abate, I would crash and be killed. In a distant and disembodied way I was wondering if it would be painful. During the event, I was not afraid.
Fear death experience during near helicopter crash.

2204.  Manon L Probable NDE 5/27/10 From the Netherlands.  As a 7 or 8 week old infant I almost died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). My mother told me that she went into the room to feed me and that I had turned blue and felt limp; she felt something heavy fly away through the room. She then called my father who picked me up and patted me and told me to come back.  The next thing I was crying.  They kept me for observation in the hospital for some time, but I was ok after that.  The memory that I have always known, I am almost 35, is that of a bright light; like looking into the sun but not sharp to the eyes, coming from that source: a feeling of encouragement.  To these events and feelings I have always connected my wish to do something that is of real use to other people.  Growing up I didn't have the words to describe that memory, feeling and wish. Until recently, I have never heard people in my surroundings speak about such a thing in their lives. When my mother retold me the story of what happened when I nearly died, I put 1 and 1 together and realized what had probably happened.

2203.  Paul L Probable NDE  English expanded version  5/11/10  I had been having hallucinations and weird dreams during this time. I was mostly unconscious. During the experience I was a spirit floating in a void above my body. I could see my body lying in bed. I was moving toward this Gateway  that had a bright light coming from it. I looked back at my body and then at the Gateway and it became clear to me that if I went into the Gateway I would not go back to my body. I choose life.
Probable NDE from Sepsis.  Interesting distinction between the hallucinations he had been having and this experience.

2202.  Charles D NDE  English expanded version  5/11/10 Then there was no light and I was floating above my body.  It looked like it was an orange or fold color.  I thought for a minute, "oh I am on the other side."  Then I heard the words "leave me." From that moment, I saw my body again.  I said to myself, "Wow, I'm floating and oh I don't hear that stupid ringing in my ears." Then I zoomed back into my body.  "Whoa, was I dead?"  Sara said that my heart stopped, I stopped breathing, and let out a gasp of air.
NDE from low blood-pressure.

2201.  John C NDE 4410  English expanded version  5/11/10 "He can't stay here," I saw the old man say. It was his voice I heard earlier. "He's got to go back." Go back? Back where? It seemed that the woman and old man were engaged in a conversation about me, but all I could think about was where I could be going and where I came from. It seemed all I had to do to be with those people was 'project' or 'wish' myself there. But this 'back' business bothered me to the point of distraction.
NDE from fainting.

2200.  Joke P Probable NDE  English expanded version  5/10/10 From the Netherlands, original in Dutch translated to English by Annelies.   While I have these thoughts I'm being sucked in further, slowly I float upwards into the beam of light which is getting narrower and brighter. My eyes and body are drawn towards it and I let myself go completely. I'm moving in an infinite oasis of peace and safety. I'm floating slowly through a space of intense peacefulness in a soft color of grey/green. It embraces me, I'm part of it, I'm one with it. The voices are fading. I hear them in the background but they don't reach me. About halfway I reach other surroundings where the soft grey/green color becomes bright light grey. It's more beautiful than where I was before. At this point I stop and I see an almost invisible boundary between the spot where I am and where the beautiful bright light begins. I'm at the end and  at the beginning. The doorway looks inviting.
Probable NDE from going unconscious when head hit the concrete.

2199.  Begona VA NDE  English expanded version  5/9/10 From Venezuela, original in Spanish translated to English by Simon. I felt no pain, everything went dark of a sudden and I found myself ascending a tunnel at great speed. At its end there was light, but I never got that far.
Beginnings of a NDE from childhood.

2198.  Etienne NDE  English expanded version  4/24/10 From France, original in French translated to English by Kathy.  I learned what we become after death and of course my life is completely different now. NDE from heart attack.

2197.  Soledad NDE  English expanded version  4/23/10 From Spain, original in Spanish translated to English by Simon. After an endless period of suffering I lost consciousness, then something awakened me. The pain and suffocation seemed to have disappeared. "Someone" was approaching me from behind and I could sense this being on the left side. He or she told me not to be afraid, and explained that they had come to take me away. When I heard this I felt joy, relief. I do not remember anything else.
Child NDE from pneumonia.

2196.  Jacque M NDE  English expanded version  4/23/10 From Canada, original in French translated to English by Kathy.  Suddenly, I’m surprised to find myself fully awake and feel a great joy, blissfulness; I’m in a space/time that in no way resembles life on Earth.  I understand that I’ve died.  I smile with wonder and say to myself, Oh, it’s like this!  I don’t see anything much, and hear nothing either, but I feel an intense well-being, a sense of wonder in an immaterial world, exalting and serene, that seems to function according to superior values, entirely unknown in the Earth world.  It isn’t made up of individuals and I can melt into it, I already belong.
NDE from surgery complications.

2195.  Trevor J Probable NDE  English expanded version  4/23/10  From New Zealand.  It was then that I noticed that behind the three was a door and through the gap at the bottom of this door I could see a most intense light. The light did not spill into the room where I was but was totally contained on the other side of the door except what I could see through the gap. It was the whitest light I had ever seen, much brighter than any light on earth, and yet it did not hurt my eyes. I was still floating at the ceiling all of this time as well. I was fascinated by the presence of this light, it was though it was a 'being' of some sort and it radiated everything that was good and I still experienced the same beautiful feelings.
This book details a probable NDE from cardiac arrest. 

2194.  Gayle V NDE-Like  English expanded version  4/23/10  All I remember from that point of time was traveling at a high rate of speed upward through a darken tunnel. I had not made this decision; I was within the Will of another. This tunnel was a winding spiral of circling ribs, I being propelled upward through. It reminded me of an umbilical cord through which I was being propelled, not touching any of the surrounding membranes but at high speed moving ever upward, leaving the darken world behind and entering a world of a greater light.  The light became even brighter as a moved upward.  Only a moment later, I stopped. Surrounding me was the presence of warm radiant light; it was holding me, comforting me, loving me, enclosing me in perfect rapture, an area of pure soothing brilliant golden white light.  I was totally at peace.
NDE-Like experience from exhaustion.

2193.  Juan M NDE English expanded version  4/8/10  From Spain, original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.   I remember seeing myself in a place where everything was light. I did not look behind me but I noticed that the light shone on everything around me. I could not differentiate between the floor and the ceiling, that is, everything was light, a very bright light, strange but not uncomfortable. I did not know how I had come to be in this place, but it has always seemed to me that I came there at incredible speed, as if I had been through a tunnel or passageway at immense velocity, and ended up there, but this is just a feeling, as I could not see any passageway or tunnel.
NDE from fainting.  Interesting example of earthly events ‘intruding’ into NDE.

2192.  Cheryelle B NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 I knew the doctor.  While she was attempting to put in the central line I told her to put me in trendelenber because I was going out.  I then felt the most peace I have every felt in my life. My mother was there to meet me and told me I had to come back that I was not through.
The beginnings of an NDE.

2191.  Paul C NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 I was surrounded by a very, very intense white light, and it seemed to crackle, almost "electrically," so to speak. The light encircled my form; it sort of wreathed the contour of my body, as I recall. All this was against an extremely dark background.  It was unclear where I was or what kind of room or space I was in, other than the darkness, then the bright light surrounding my form, sitting up at 90 degrees and screaming loudly. I cannot say with certainty if I was positioned slightly higher than the view of myself on the table, but I think I might have been. I was certainly not below that level, and definitely not "floating" above my body. I was seated comfortably in a chair, simply dispassionately and objectively observing what was taking place. 
NDE from heart attack.

2190.  Fifi T Probable NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 To describe further, I was standing in space, but I did not see a horizon. There was no atmosphere as there is on earth, no limited vision or degradation of colors farther out. There was no sun.  Light was emitted in everything and out of everything.  The city looked something like pictures I have seen of Jerusalem, the city glowed, every molecule was lit, I felt this light in me, part of me, I was part of it. In this light, I felt incredible, indescribable love and forgiveness that only God can give. I love my life, my children and husband, I have by no means at that time, a wish to die or be 'done with life'. But once I have felt the peace and love of that place, if I HAD HAD A CHOICE, I would have not left. 
Probable NDE from sleep apnea.

2189.  Christopher H NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 The horror of trying to breath but having all air squeezed from my chest while wide awake haunted me for years and still does to a lesser degree. But amazingly once I blacked out I remember flying and being so joyful. I was so happy and there were some loving presences there next to me. At the time I thought it might be Jesus but there was no name and the bright white light was the main feature. This was many years ago but as I write this much comes right back to me. I recall definitely NOT wanting to leave this loving place. I felt so happy and wanted.
Child NDE from car accident.

2188.  Florene W NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 What I do remember is that all of a sudden I was floating above my body and looking at myself thinking I don't want to go back there.  I remember as I floated upward a lot of tiny lights that twinkled all around me and I was just "out in space".  I was not afraid or anything like that, looking back now I did not even question anything  All of a sudden I was in the most beautiful place that I have ever seen (and still have not seen) looking down into a beautiful "stream" of flowing water - the water was a blue that I have never seen before, it was coming down off of a small little cliff and the water when it hit sounded like my fine crystal when you "ping" it with you fingernail.
NDE from childbirth complications.

2187.  Viva T NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 Then there was One of incredible dimension, brightness, beauty, majesty.... As I was drawn toward (combined with earnest choice) could see complex shapes and colors (words don't describe-have tried to draw) and dimensions where the colors and shapes were overlaid one on another (like translucent immense precious stones fitted together to form a complex multi-doesn't describe-dimensional impression of a Most Loving Being that drew me to Him, invited me in, and pointed the Way to the Light.  ALL wisdom and love was conveyed via unheard thought transmission from that Being (Jesus?).  That light was a yet far distant point that I immediately (in combination again of will and being drawn) directly my self to with all earnestness with the conscious goal of uniting with that light (or perish?).  As I approached, the light grew larger, brighter, compelling until I was suddenly thrust into it (beyond a sense of boundary) with indescribable speed.
NDE described by Nurse with a PhD.

2186.  Khat H NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 During the time of my son being pulled from my body I was above my body looking down at the surgery. I heard someone calling my name and when I finally focused on where it was coming from I saw a tall white man that looked like the paintings of Jesus.  I walked over to him and he gave me the feeling of calm and serenity the closer I got to him. When I finally reached him he told me that I had to leave. I did not understand why I had to leave. He took my hand and told me " It is not time for you to come to me Khatherine." I began to cry and begged him to let me stay with him, but he refused. As he was comforting me he led me back to the space above the operating table and told me that I still had many things to do before I could see him again.
NDE from childbirth complications.

2185.  Sammy M Possible NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 From Australia.  Left body, felt really warm and comfy, started heading for the Light when my voice said "It is not your time....you have things to do." Knowing that I had to get back into my body, I focused on the pain and suddenly I was back. A nurse said " We lost you for a while." I said, "I know!"
Very brief possible NDE from an accident.

2184.  Joyce J Possible NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 All of a sudden a very bright, white beam of light came down through the water and lit up the bottom of the pond in front of me, not right in front of me but just at a distance.  A peacefulness came over me and I felt very light as if I were just quietly floating towards it, of course I was in the water with an inner tube around my hips.  I remember being aware that I wasn't panicking (scared) or struggling anymore.  I wasn't afraid of it, it was more that I was curious.  I could see the plants and fish illuminated on the bottom of the pond by it; before the beam of light appeared I couldn't see anything.  
Child possible NDE age 7 from drowning.

2183.  Mabel G Probable NDE English expanded version  3/27/10 The Dr. returned, induced labor, and the birth pains became so excruciating that there were loud crashing noises and symbols inside my body and head. Then there was a loud scraping noise similar to a pipe being pulled from another tighter pipe.  As unusual as it was, my soul left my body and I flew through space in a tunnel with lights streaking on each side (my soul left my feet and proceeded upward through my head and out).  I flew thousands of miles per second and felt protected from evil and harm by the colorful lights.  At the end of the tunnel was a light which was Jesus’ robe.  Suddenly I was standing in the valley of the shadow of death with a small stream of water running at my feet and on the other side facing me was Jesus! 
Probable NDE from a difficult childbirth where she met Jesus!

2182.  Rebecca M NDE English expanded version  3/9/10 Then, she found herself in a big hall, something said her name, and a "Book of Knowledge" opened to her name.  Images were projecting on to a wall of a time when she was a small girl.  There were conversations with others.  She could feel the emotions of others as they were feeling them.  She saw the effect that she had on other people.  It was like a life review.  She saw the good and the not so good effects that she had on others.  She realized that she had an effect on everything in the world.  Mostly, she learned to be kind and give love to others.

2181.  Marilena R NDE English expanded version  2/26/10 I was shown scenes from my life all at once - past, current, and future. I don't remember the exact details of what I saw, but the entire experience changed my life after that. I made up mind to do all the things I had always dreamt of doing, to forget about religious beliefs, to do good and help others, to not have any regrets when my time to go came, and to be true to myself above all else.
NDE from drowning.

2180.  Holly V NDE English expanded version  2/26/10 I found myself sitting {which I thought was odd as felt I should be standing} in a sort of passage ... I called it an elevator shaft, but really was more like a curved, fast moving tunnel = more like a subway than a shaft.  But it was not very wide and I was comfortable sitting in it. There were no seats, but one could just seeming sit in suspension.  The tunnel was surrounded by darkness which was not surprising for some reason, and the darkness appeared to be infinite.  Then as I flowed quickly through this shaft, I realized there was soft glowing light in the distance ahead.  Maybe like city lights appear long before you can see the city,,, more like a glow reflecting off the darkness.  Then as I looked to the side, I began to see images of my life {guess that is the life review}…
NDE due to infection after miscarriage.

2179.  Tracy M NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  From Canada I felt pulled through the opening. The place I was is a hill in Marysville where my grandmother used to pick sun flowers. The grass so lush and so green the air so perfect moving yet still...colors with intensity I have never known. I could see and know all these things with my entire being.  A dogs tail weaved through the tall grass. A beautiful fuzzy puppy wagged her tail at me.  At first I did not recognize her, I had never seen our dog as a puppy. I was so happy to see her ..we had to put her down two weeks prior to my daughters birth. She had injured her hip. We had given all the surgery we could to keep her but it did not make her quality of life better it had become much worse. We put down on my due date our hearts were so heavy with the loss of dog that generously shared her life with us for 12 years.
NDE due to blood loss during delivery.  Inspiring reunion with her recently deceased pet dog.

2178.  Michael G NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  I was spinning in circles, gasping, and eventually gave up.  I sank and gulped water, seeing my limbs suspended in blue murk.  At this point, I passed out.  Immediately, I snapped awake, but the blue murk was gone.  Instead, the pool was empty, yet I was suspended above the tiled floor.   Arms and legs out before me.  My “life review” began.  It was like watching a film in fast-forward.  Everything, I saw.  Going to the bathroom, eating, sleeping, school, playing, climbing trees…anything.  It flashed so quickly, yet it was all me, and I comprehended it.  Instead of soaring through tunnels, it was as if someone pulled a veil off my head…as if I blinked…and I was no longer suspended above the pool.   I was in the middle of the sky.
NDE due to drowning at age 9.

2177.  Ericka S NDE English expanded version  2/26/10 I remember it was dark, pitch black.. I am terrified of the dark in life but I had absolutely no fear.. It was neither hot nor cold but I was aware of a tingle. I knew I was dead. I knew I had no body. I looked at myself and was there, but not. My son's father was there he had committed suicide a few years before and at that time we had been on terrible terms.. All I felt from him was absolute love all I felt period was complete love and peace and knowledge like I was full. He kept telling me to go back, but it was not in words it was like telepathy or something. I kept begging to not but he kept saying I had too I did not belong here, and our son needed me.. My son was kidnapped years before and I had not seen him since. I kept saying " I wouldn't know him if I saw him and my ex showed me a visual of him.. It did not look like what I remembered. He looked like a perfect mix of his father and I. When he was little he looked exactly like his father, I did not believe him I said that isn't him. He said you will see..
NDE due to alcohol overdose and MDMA poisoning.

2176.  Dan A NDE English expanded version  2/26/10 I had run out of oxygen. I was alone and scared in complete darkness when suddenly I saw a little tiny pin point of light, as I stared at it the light became brighter and larger and closer like I was moving toward it or it was coming to me very rapidly from a far distance away, until it was so large and bright it was like a wall of light. Proceeding into the light I was immediately filled with the light and filled with the most amazing peace, warmth and joy! I have never felt such an amazing feeling ever in my life. My eyes adjusted to the brilliant bright light and I realized that I had entered into a magnificent splendid giant hall or building, the walls emanated this pure bright light and filled everything it touched so that there not a shadow, sad or mean thought could exist, just pure love and joy.
NDE due to being crushed by cement wall.

2175.  Madonna M NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  While ice skating with my sisters on a river approximately 1/4 mile from my childhood home in the countryside of southwester Ontario, on Valentine's Day (a Sunday), February 14, 1965, I fell through a patch of thin ice, and fell deeply into freezing waters with a swiftly moving current.  I felt no sense of needing to breathe, or of cold, but recall initially noticing how dark it was, relative to the bright winter's day outside. Suddenly, I could see from above, myself falling. I will never forget the vision of myself in my yellow ski jacket and extra long striped scarf, my long blonde braids and scarf floating over my head.  I was calm watching myself, no thinking anything strange of feeling anything but completely in control and serene.  I spoke aloud these words: "I'd better get back down there." Immediately I was back in my body, with a plan to allow myself to sink to the bottom and push off from there, looking toward the light. My thought was that the light was the break in the ice.  I did just that, and with little effort made my way to the break in the ice. My sisters swear that I was under water for several minutes.
NDE due to falling thru ice while ice-skating at age 9.

2174.  Esteban M NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  I was admitted to a Katy, Texas hospital with ventricular tachycardia.  at approx.3:45 a.m., I started having symptoms of VT and my blood pressure started dropping.  the last thing I remember was my blood pressure was 60/40.  the next thing I know is that I am standing in a field and the grass was the greenest I have ever seen.  I also saw that the sky was the bluest I have ever seen.  then the clouds were the whitest I have ever seen.  it was so peaceful and the sun was shining brightly. even though I did not see the sun. I could feel the wind against my skin.  I remember that it was very calm and I felt so serene and at peace.  I said. "oh wow!"  suddenly, I felt my body being pulled to the right side and I awoke and saw that they were placing the wooden board under my body in the hospital.  they were preparing to shock me but when I awoke the doctors saw that my heart rate had returned to normal.  I asked the nurse why all the doctors were in my room and she said that I had gone into cardiac arrest and that they had lost me.  I told the nurse about my experience and she said that I surely must have gone to the other side.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2173.  David W NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  The morning after my bypass surgery, when the fog from anesthesia and morphine was lifting,  I started to hum "Nantucket sleigh ride" by Mountain.  I hadn't heard the song for almost thirty years.  Then I started to remember looking down on an open chest and a heart laying there still.  then I saw two probe like things touching the heart and the memory stopped.   after a week when I went to have half of my staples removed I asked the surgeon if he played Mountain in the operating room.  His response was the question "looking down or the light"  he said that many of his patients have reported these events and yes indeed he did play a mountain CD during the surgery.
NDE at time of open heart surgery- OBE over body and saw his heart restarted during surgery.  Surgeon confirmed a song was played in the operating room that he was aware of.

2172.  Hal R NDE English expanded version  2/26/10 I could remember bicycling, waking up in the ambulance, then going blank. What I remembered next was moving down a "hallway" but not really a hallway and going by "scenes with remembrance" and thinking I remember that, and I should go in there, but I didn't. There were many of these "scenes", one after another, but I did not go into them, as I was coerced to keep going.  I came to the end of this "hallway" it opened up to an infinitely large space.  In this space, there were an infinite amount of from what I could describe would be souls communicating with each other simultaneously. I was in awe at the magnitude of thoughts being communicated between these souls. I could focus in on one area and pick out the "conversation".
NDE due to bicycle accident.

2171.  Michelle H NDE English expanded version  2/26/10 I was driving to work.  Not speeding.  In an instant the truck was on its side ....sliding along the soft dirt shoulder of the road.  My vision simply faded to black like in the old movies.  All sound stopped. There was no feeling in my body.  It was dark.  I was not in a body.  I was AWARE I was in the dark.  I was aware that I was observing and actually thinking.   I thought, "Huh, that's it huh". I experienced only a moment of fear before I faded back into a body full of pain… I feel even now that I am still in the void.  I am still ambivalent about the intent of a God, afterlife and how it has not helped me in this life.
NDE with void experience that left her ambivalent about the intent of God and the afterlife.

2170.  Chamisa H NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  I could see through walls. I read the surgeons mind and instantly "knew" he was having an affair with the attending nurse; that his brother would die of cancer the following year. (and did). My sister had sent me roses, my husband was home chopping wood. My kids were in school A list of details, all  too trivial to write about, but confirmed to me what I saw was real. Unlike dreams, I remembered everything as if it just happened. It changed the direction of my life and the way I took care of my body, my life, my family and patients forever after… I saw what all my family members were doing at the time and was able to verify those activities later, they were astonished that I could see what they were doing, and talking about.
NDE due to accident and severe hemorrhage.  Shared by retired nurse.  Astonishing verified information received during NDE that she could not have otherwise known.

2169.  Tim V NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  I suddenly woke up in what I can only describe as an open space of light .I saw several human forms made of light. In the blink of an eye two of these forms suddenly appeared on either side of me. When I looked at them from close up I could see into their brilliance. I could see their features. One of them was my grandmother and the other was my dad. They were made of light. It was them but much younger and more perfect. I would have not known it was them had I not known it was them. My grandmother preceded to welcome me home, not to worry we will take good care of you were her exact words. This was not speech, it was more like telepathy. I really cant describe the overwhelming feeling of peace, love, joy and RELIEF!!! I was finally back home. It was like my memory of this place was coming back. I knew so much there that I don't remember now. But I do remember feeling like I was away at school and I had finally come home.
NDE due to illness with unconsciousness.

2168.  Maria F Probable NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  I remember seeing the doctor and he was counting numbers.  I felt as I was above them, seeing them working on me.  Next, I remember seeing my husband and 5 year old daughter in the room outside the OR. They seemed upset.  All of a sudden I was going through a dark tunnel, but with flashing speed, and straight ahead was a very bright!!! light.  Then I was in a meadow with beautiful flowers surrounding me.  The colors were so vibrant!  I felt peace and love surround me.  I looked to my left and there was a splendid man in a white robe, with shoulder-length hair, beard and mustache.  Then he was in front of me.  There was a bridge separating us, and he communicated in telepathy.  I understood that I could go no further.  Then I woke up in my hospital room. I don't remember any way back.  However, I laid there feeling so sad and a overwhelming feeling of heartache,  and remorse.  I did not want to be  here, I wanted to be in that other place I had been in.
Probable NDE at childbirth.

2167.  Elizabeth L NDE English expanded version  2/26/10 And space is exactly what it was. It was the color of Montana sky, had no walls, ceiling or any type of perimeters. There were a few of very white clouds here and there and I recall looking around for some kind of tunnel or exit but at the same time hoping I could be in this place forever free of emotional and physical pain, or stress, it was fabulous indeed, but as I thought about be able to stay where I was, I heard a powerful voice, heard isn't exactly the right word. I seemed to feel/hear/sense it in my thinking part of my brain. It said NO, not now, later, you have much yet to do. I was sad to be back in the physical part of me and am still wondering what I should be doing.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2166.  John D NDE 4371 English expanded version  2/26/10  I could feel the tires starting to give way and knew I was going to roll and yelled, "OH GOD!" two or three times then there was a bang. Everything stopped. I was totally conscious, but didn't know where I was, Totally void of light yet I could still see...I was aware of myself and I don't remember having a body, just a consciousness. I looked around or at the darkness, It was right in front of me and far away, then It was like looking at a black canvass with no beginning or end and it was silent, at first. Then sounds I really can't explain, I became aware of presences, coupled with the darkness becoming textured and streaked with ashen grey's and a burning, scraping sound. I heard screaming and crying. I never saw what was causing it but with each streak I became more terrified and knew I wasn't in a good place, And whatever was trying to come "through" the darkness, meant to do me harm.
NDE due to truck accident.  Experience was frightening.

2165.  Matt E Probable NDE English expanded version  2/26/10  woke at 2:10 am to find myself looking at the alarm clock drifting around the room and feeling light and cool (airy) going out to kitchen then back to bedroom  to find myself looking for the first and only time in my life at myself from somewhere else then drifted outside thru the wall to see my dog who was whining and cowering with one paw over his head looking up at me ..as if he could see me (also I was wondering why I could see so clearly at such an early hour  I could hear all  the activities of the surrounding area...as I drifted out to the street I looked at my neighbors porch and laundry line and the home next door with the Chevy parked in the drive figuring randy must of been off from work.. often he worked nights I started to drift down the road but the house at the end was not visible just a lighter area of fog like something out of twilight zone as I got nearer I came to the realization I did not want to go the field seemed stronger as I got closer I fought to change direction and finally tension that ended with a feeling of falling backwards into a hole...
Probable NDE from apparent respiratory arrest from unknown cause.

2164.  Jon B NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  To the best of my knowledge I never lost consciousness. Once everything got black, my need for oxygen dissipated and I began to feel a pulling sensation and I knew my soul was leaving my body. My soul just automatically left my body. Once I was out of my body I could see again and noticed that I was floating upwards and out of the pool to a height of around 10ft above the surface of the water. I remember thinking to myself "This is great!" It was such a huge relief to have the threat of death finally behind me. Even at such a young age the mind is aware of our mortality whether we ourselves know it or not. Once I reached 10ft. above the water I stopped. I didn't have any control over my actions from that point on. I couldn't move, all I could do was observe. I was positioned on my back although not entirely horizontal and I was facing the sky. I looked down and could see my parents frantically trying to fetch my lifeless body from the bottom of the pool.
NDE at age 3 from drowning.

2163.  Joann P NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  She then told me when I was around six months old,' that I had died in my Grandfathers arms". Believe it or not, I remembered this and said to my Mom," Yes! I remembered  him crying and screaming to me saying ," that if I die he would too". Mom was in shock in how could I have known this," because I was around six months old"… I was an infant. I found myself in this pink and purple atmosphere floating slowly through clouds. I was an infant and being carried over the shoulder which I thought was my Grandmother. Following behind us were two Cherubs, very small, short curly hair, naked, neither sex, one solid pink and one solid purple. It was like they were trying to keep me entertained and they did. I was trying to catch or touch them with much laughter and giggles.  They were fluttering around us like humming birds. The scenery changed to a beautiful landscape of green valleys and hills. To the left I could not see," but could hear the laughter of children playing".
NDE at approximately six months old from choking and passing out.  One of the youngest age NDEs ever shared with NDERF.

2162.  Suzanne RP NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 There was a light tunnel of light and I was in the light.  I did not have to go to the light.  I didn't hear anything around me.  I saw at the end of the tunnel of light my maternal grandmother who had passed away in 1976 and I was in my mind reaching up to here to pull me up and she just shook her head.  She didn't say anything.  Then, the tunnel at her end closed and was black.
NDE from criminal attack at age 17.

2161.  Gary S NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  I was walking towards these human shapes, I could not make out faces but everybody was  like sort of waiting to greet me, I felt like I was coming back home and the feeling of happiness coming from the human shapes present was so overwhelming that I have never in my life felt so wanted and love in sort of a  morbid way I was mad that I came back because I felt like I had known and love them all my life it felt like i was coming back  to a place that was a part of me that made complete.
NDE from heart attack.

2160.  Alfred H NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  In the midst of the heart attack, I was talking with the EMT in the ambulance one second, and the next I was somewhere else.  It was completely dark and void of sounds.  I "felt" completely immersed in an emotional cacophony of positive feelings.  I have never felt so good as a living human being.  I am convinced that I was in the presence of the Holy Spirit, even though I don't know the "why" of this.  There was absolutely no concept of time, pain, sorrow, fear, or anything negative that is associated with the human experience.  When I became conscious after my heart had to be restarted three times, I was as secure and happy as any person could be for a few moments; then the reality of being back in the world came crashing down.  In the years since, I feel as though I have become more cognizant of what really happened during that time.  Little pieces of the puzzle have become apparent to me, securing my belief that what I experienced was real and profound.
Three NDEs from cardiac arrests.

2159.  Mark H Possible NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 I remember having an incredibly powerful fear of death before my surgery--a fear which vanished after my experience and has never returned. I had the nurses pray for me right before the surgery. I found myself in the presence of a heavenly light, which I was not allowed to enter, but only barely touch and observe. When it touched me, I was bathed in ethereal music. I not only heard this music, I became a part of it. There was life in the music--God was there. It flowed through me and I through it. There was more ecstasy in the music than any one single human could tolerate. I knew at that point that the music we play here on earth is simply a reflection of this "source." I felt more "awake" than I had ever felt, as if this earthly life was but a dream and true consciousness happens after death.
Possible NDE during surgery.  Remarkable description of encounter with unearthly music.

2158.  Robert B Probable NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  When all was seen I was again filled by this Goddess with tenderness until I again nearly burst and was told, "That every act of kindness matters" Before I was sent back I asked how long was I here and is this was it would be like for everyone else. I was told that I was there for 7 years and that each person would see only what they could understand when they came to her. Some would see her as Jesus some their fathers or moms every imaginable deity as well. All that mattered was that they be changed and completed made new. I was shot back thought the tunnel and saw a dark husk beneath me.
Probable NDE due to surgery complication.

2157.  Mike K NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 I was on the flight deck to de-arm the ordinance of one of our planes when it landed during night flight ops.  An F-8 crashed on the fantail (round down) exploding on impact. The airplane broke in half, the cockpit with the pilot went forward off the ship. The debris came flying at us at 110 mph the burning fuel following.  I have lived that moment a million times.  After all these years I can still see the nose of the plane rise up at an awkward angle. At that point I got a sick feeling.  I knew this was going to be bad.  The sound was unreal as the fuel burst and ignited.  I was staring at a wall of burning jet fuel coming right at me.  It was all in slow motion almost frame by frame.  I find this hard to put on paper.  I felt myself looking at myself I was high and to the right of where I was standing.  Then the word “move” came to me loud, very loud and clear.  At this point I moved and so did the guy next to me.  After the initial blast I got up and manned a fire hose.  Thirty years later I found him on a web site and e-mailed him.  He said he pulled me from the fire.  I don’t remember that.
NDE due to debris from nearby plane crash.

2156.  Liv T Probable FDE English expanded version  2/25/10  I heard the most beautiful voice when I was out of my body "YOUR NAME IS LIV NOT DI" Simple and funny I know that was my Angels ways of reassurance as I had things to do still and they sent the man in the car to shield me, as well as allowing me to walk and talk and see the criminal that hit so he could be stopped.  I know The Angels are humorous &  loving and they have guided me though out my life and they tell me always to keep things Light.
Auto accident.  Interesting angelic encounter.

2155.  Mark K NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 My arm was held up in the air while they were working on my arm. one of them said "there's some buckshot" the other said "I'll get it". It was then that I realized I was out of my body about 10' above the table looking down. That freaked me out a little and then my whole life flashed before me. it was like the scales of Justice. The bad things on one side and the good on the other. I could no longer see me on the table, but I was on the bottom of a very beautiful  colorful (Like fire opal) blue, red, yellow translucent wall. As I floated to the top and looked over, there were five people standing on the bottom of the other side, dressed in white gowns. Very thing and young, I don't know why but I believed they were relatives and one was my grandmother from my fathers side. She died years before I was born.
NDE due to complication of surgery to manage shotgun injury.

2154.  Art L Probable NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 As I got closer to this light, I felt at peace, I felt love and knowledge. As I got closer to this bright light I noticed the silhouettes of people with there backs toward me. As I got closer these two silhouettes, they turned to face me. I knew that they were my great uncle and aunt. I drifted past them as I approached this source of light which grew brighter. I also felt like I knew the universe. I had an understanding of everything. Someone approached me from this light. A holy light, a source of all knowledge, love and so much more. A voice said " What have you done with the life I have given you"? "Go back now and live your life. Marry and raise children." As I started to retreat from this person ( GOD, A CREATOR.) I very quickly fell backwards down into my body, witch hurt so bad.
Probable NDE due to accidental overdose at age 17.

2153.  Ellen H NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  I then go to a place that is very beautiful.  People all about the same age, 25 to 30 are walking in different colored robes, all long.  There was a beautiful fountain, and the gate was one I could not get into to.  I wanted someone to let me in. It was as if no one could see me.  It appeared to be a place of learning.  It was very beautiful. Next, I remember a male voice telling me more in my soul than audibly, that I did not belong there yet.  Boom.  I was back in my room.
NDE due to suicide attempt at age 15.

2152.  Michael O NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  I can still remember in detail the look of the sand and gravel road we walked down to get there. When we arrived at the carnival place she told me to wait, that someone wanted to speak with me. Coming out of the carnival, though the entrance was my kid sister Allison. I have never been so happy, I could not stop crying with joy. Allison had passed away in 1992 at the age of 23 from a brain aneurism. She was in med school at the time with a very promising future. It was devastating for us. When Ali, approached me, I really knew I was home. We sat at a little table outside of the carnival talking for what seemed like forever. She was so wise and calm. This is going to sound strange, but at one point she said would you like to get a hot dog. There was a little stand next to the ticket booth. So we got a hot dog. She told me to enjoy it, because I would not be having these anymore. I did not understand at the time, nor did I care. However, I would later come to realize why she said that. With my kidney disease, I have to be on a super low protein diet, which means I am a vegetarian now.
NDE due to kidney failure.

2151.  Joe NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  a beautiful, tranquil light, feeling of total peace and serenity at the time of the accident… no real direct light but a pleasant glowing light in the distance I wanted to go toward.
NDE due to accident, very briefly described.

2150.  Oliver W NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 After getting the image of the EMTs working on me, I was transcending to a grey whitish light and started to travel through the tunnel. I was looking down the tunnel which was transparent.  I saw little black dots which I can only assume that these dots were nothing more than souls...these dots were everywhere and the cross over I can only compare it to the river Jordan when I got through the tunnel.  I saw  one of these dots coming at me and it grew very very large....this huge massive silhouette told me to turn around this is not your time....so I turned around did not ask any more questions looked down again seeing the tiny little black dots which like I stated before where in my opinion souls departed.  Non I did not see any of my dead relatives.... do I have a better understanding and consciousness of our relationships with our psychic nature absolutely....and there is an after life.
NDE due to insulin reaction.

2149.  Larry T NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 I was in a tunnel with a light at the end of it, a very bright white light.  I had always thought of a dark tunnel, but this one was most merely correctly explained in the Kabala, as a geometrical tunnel of multicolored lights, as explained to me by a Rabbi.  (Not my religion)  I now have a sense that nearly anyone can end up in this very nice place.  I have no fear of dying after that experience. It was a very nice place.  Sense then I've had 4 more Cardiac Arrests consisting of another for 13 Seconds, then one of 39, and the final 2 came about 20 minutes apart, and were of duration of 12 and 19 seconds.  Non lights, no tunnels on any of these.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2148.  Leonard S NDE 4337 English expanded version  2/25/10  From England.  I was attacked from behind , "jumped upon " I was dead when I hit the ground. I could see myself , from what I was told by the partner I was with,  after the assailants had stopped and were ready to leave. I was floating ten or more feet above the street.  I found myself next to a railroad , it was dark but for a bright light and noise which became a Steam train going by me . It had as passengers some people who in life had been mean to me.  Quickly I ran through my entire life as a series of pictures and sounds.  I could take the train should I wish to , I was able to catch it but did not and started to walk into a tunnel to follow the train. At the end of the tunnel was a great light . My grandmothers voice told me not to go . I was not wanted , she said , this was for others , I had a wife and family to look after.
NDE from criminal attack.

2147.  Paula D Daughter's NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 She spent 3 months in ICU in a comatose state and the Doctors did all they could to dissolve the clots. She died twice. She has no memory of those 3 months, but does vividly remember seeing her grandfather who had died two years earlier. She says she "flowed" through a brightly lit tube. When she saw her grand father and another person she did not recognize, she felt a great deal of love and warmth and a sense of belonging. But her grandfather told her, that it wasn't her time. She felt confused. She told me that he very firmly said "Go Home". Several days later she woke up, and she was improving. She couldn't talk very well nor could she move, but she managed to scrawl on a paper pad, I saw Grandpa. It took a week more before she could speak and she tried to explain her experience. At the present, she doesn't speak of what happened her, but her conception of a "place" that exists after all brain function ceases, has become clear to her.
NDE shared by her mother due to pulmonary embolus.

2146.  Jonathan G NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  That's when for what I believe was a very brief moment I had a strange/unusual experience.  All of those people attending me suddenly vanished and my Mother was sitting on the left side of the bed beside me with my Father standing by her.  I didn't realize who they were at first because they were both very young late teens or early 20s.  There were other people behind them who I couldn't focus on because of a bright light coming from something like a worm hole/cornucopia/horn of plenty shaped object behind them. There were figures of people rushing out of it toward me but I couldn't tell who they were due to the extreme brightness of the light coming from that object. I then became distracted by figures to my right which were all my former pets (dogs and cats that had died) climbing over each other to get to me, they gave me the impression of me just getting home from a long trip as they seemed very excited to see me.
NDE due to heart attack.  Met deceased parents and pets.

2145.  Richard R NDE 4332 English expanded version  2/25/10  I had my Buck Knife just in case) I carefully scanned the bar room for threats as I entered, being conscious not to make any aggressive eye contact and saw the usual ruff looking crowd of seaman, dockworkers and B-girls. Suddenly It hit me that it was Quiet and that everyone was looking at me instead of minding their own business. Then I realized that everyone was smiling, just a little Buddha-like smile and fear swept over me and I tensed and looked around for an attack from behind.  Then I began to feel waves of love and peace flowing thru everything. I felt I wanted to relax and flow with the Waves! Then the fear of the unknown seemed to fill me and I got scared!
NDE due to explosion on ship during Vietnam War.  Interesting variant NDE content.

2144.  Paul O NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  From Ireland.  My perception of motion had speeded up a hundred fold. As I realized I was about to be killed, a sensation as of a swirling vortex began that enveloped my whole body, which then concentrated in my head and I exited my body through the top of my head. I literally flew out of the top of my head. I found myself travelling in an upwards direction in total darkness but with a marvelously wonderful sense of well being. I was cocooned in what I perceived to be a spherical form. My initial thought was, ‘if this is being dead, I like it’. The joy of freedom from my body was as intense as it was immense. I perceived I was travelling at great speed but I had no references by which to measure how fast it was. I was being cared for, looked after, I felt very secure. I was travelling towards some place I was not aware of.
NDE due to car accident.

Jeff NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 From Canada. I was in the school parking lot, having a cigarette, when my friends where going somewhere in the car, so I sat on the hood of the car, and he pulled out with me on and then revved the car forward resulting in my body flying off the hood of the car onto the side. I then landed on my feet but unfortunately the G-force of the cars speed made me fall on my back very hard and very fast. I then hit my head at a great speed. At this time as soon as impact, my vision went black. Through the seconds of my darkened vision I saw what seemed like multiple bright lights surround my body's shape. The colors where very bright Yellowish white mixed with a neon blue. Seconds later I regained consciousness and was in shock lying on the ground.
NDE due to falling off hood of car at age 16.

2142.  Kenneth J NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  A hydraulic hose took my head back between my shoulder blades.  It took them over 5 min. to get me out.  In the meantime, I was watching them from up above, I heard all they said saw all they did.  I asked them later if that was what was said and done.  Two EMTs were there.  They told the others 3 to 4 times "He's dead."  I suddenly got a big breath of air and was back in my body.  It took me 2 yrs to learn to walk again, I saw no lights, just was up there looking down on the guys working on me, they were already talking about who was going to go tell my wife I was dead.
NDE due to coal mining accident.

2141.  Jacqueline H NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  I was eating breakfast with my then husband. We were talking and laughing, when a piece of biscuit got caught in my throat.  I couldn't breathe.  There was no pain, but I was scared not being to breathe.  I remember gasping for air, and then everything went grey.  A light grey everywhere.  It was slowly getting darker, and darker, going from the grey to almost black. I heard a voice, or a muffled sound I thought was a voice that said, "We are not ready. not yet".  At that point it started getting lighter and lighter, and woke up with my husband sitting in front of me with tears in his eyes. His mother was behind me pounding on my back.  I gasped for a breath of air, and yelled at her to stop. I then said to my mother in law and husband, "It doesn't hurt. Dying doesn't hurt".
NDE due to choking.

2140.  Jerry G NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 I passed out and room mate hit nurses emergency button and got me some help.  Here is what I experienced. I drifted to above and to the foot of my bed and looked down and saw a nurse enter our room and felt for my pulse and not getting one she tried slapping my wrist and retrying. Not getting a pulse she rang for a code red or blue {whatever} and I watched as another nurse, a nun, a doctor and intern rushed into my room and started working on me. I watched as they brought in a gurney and transferred me to it. Also they brought in two machines and connected me up. I floated up above and watched and listened to the whole procedures until they revived me. I had gone into Shock. Anyway, Later I repeated my experience to my roomie verbatim and he was amazed as to my accuracy. There was no fear during my experience. It was the most calming time of my life.
NDE due to episode of unconsciousness after surgery.

2139.  Ken W NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 I couldn't see myself and had no body part, like a hand, that I could hold up in front of my eyes (no eyes either) to confirm what I was, but I assumed that I was one of them. I was floating above the ground like them. I could move about effortlessly like them. All I had to do was think to move. As I buzzed about they seemed to tell me to settle down because I was new and didn't know how to move about yet. They weren't using words, but I could clearly understand them just like you would easily understand "watch out" in a language you didn't speak. Thought, knowledge and memory were not linear, one thing after the other, but all at once. The amount of sensory intensity would have overwhelmed me minutes ago in my human body, but this was way cool. I could see and hear and conceive in ways that were inspiring and wonderful.
NDE due to inner tube accident at age 15.

2138.  Timothy N NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 From Denmark  I don't remember why but suddenly I ran into the water and was surprised that the water slowed me down. I was a very expressive and wild child at the time. The next thing I remember is that I am lying on the bottom of the water looking up into the mirror like surface of water above me. I'm not scared because now there are light stripes and beings (maybe angels?) beside me and I'm now looking at my body from above - there is also music - sounds like thousands of bright voices singing in harmony...I just want to be here forever! I will never ever forget this - this is so real, and somehow my dreamlike bliss got interrupted by a hand that grabbed me - It was my father in all his clothes and shoes who pulled me out of my bliss and saved my life (Thanks dad!).
NDE at age 4 from drowning. 

2137.  Tonya R NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 The experience defined me and I, in turn used it to guide my children. I do not limit this experience to my children but to everyone who I can feel will accept that there is unlimited joy to follow if we can allow ourselves to understand that this life is only the life we must get through to get to the joy of our true existence that waits for us on the other side. I also let them know that who we are and allow ourselves to be is the way to get there, to that beautiful unlimited place.
NDE in ICU after surgery.

2136.  Deepak Y NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  From India.  I was in a cab while vomiting going on and cab was moving towards new deli, sir ganga ram hospital, my head was in lap of my younger brother, he was trying me to awaken but I was not able to do so.  I felt Darkness, no horn, no traffic sound nothing, Just I was feeling very Light, there was no pain, nothing and vomiting going on and I was not having any feeling for that.  Old life was coming in PowerPoint presentation type. Than darkness, I was feeling free.  Finally after 6 hrs, I came to know that banding has been done by doctors, esophageal virus was the problem.
NDE from India due to intestinal bleed.

2135.  Rajnish K NDE English expanded version  2/25/10  From India.  As I started rejoining both ends of the electric wire. I got an electric shock (I did not wear any gloves). It was like a knife-like particle inserted into my finger and speedily entered in my body towards my leg. I cried as loud as I can. My mom listen me and started crying. I became unconscious led down on the floor. Fortunately, the bare wire fell from my hand and I was saved.  Between these almost 10 to 20 seconds, I felt I was out of body, I felt that my body was lying down; if my mom removed the wire from hand she could save my body. I was really did not want to lose my body. I felt that I was telling to my mom to stop crying and remove the wire from my body's hand because I was unable to do. I also felt that my mom was not listening to me but I did not know why. 
NDE from India due to electrocution.

2134.  Lee K NDE English expanded version  2/25/10 From high in the air I watched her holding my still body as she screamed for help, screaming that her baby was dying.  I remember feeling sad that my mother was so upset, but at the same time I felt very peaceful. I watched the scene from inside the apartment and could only see the back of her. Very quickly I was laid on the sofa and several adults surrounded my body. I watched from high above as one neighbor initiated rescue breathing.  I had felt nothing but peace until that point. …One thing about this episode that amazes me is the depth and quality of the vision.  I remember the shade of my mother's lipstick, color of her blouse, color of the sofa and even the nightgown I was wearing.  I have very few memories of when I was 3 or 4 years old, but this event is as clear today as when I experienced it 47 years ago.
NDE at age three due to illness with febrile seizure and aspiration.

2133.  Tami C NDE 2/21/10 In March 1984, I was six months pregnant, and awoke with severe pain in my leg.  In preparation of going to the ER, I began to feel faint, and felt like I was going to pass out.  I recovered within a few minutes, and my husband quickly drove to the ER.  While in the ER, I was lying down, and began to feel faint again.  The ER staff quickly wheeled me into an ER room where they began to frantically "work" on me.  During this time, I could hear them say, "We're losing her and the baby's heart rate is dropping."  A nurse also apologized to me as she told me that I was going to feel tremendous pain while sticking a needle in my wrist to take blood and measure the oxygen level.  I felt nothing, but pure peace and no pain, and felt like I was floating.   I remember thinking, "I just want to go to sleep."  A voice quickly said, "No, it's not your time."  The ER staff administered an IV of heparin since they determined that it was a blood clot.  Once this was administered, I awoke and felt excruciating pain.  Unbeknownst to me, a doctor took my husband aside, and told him that my daughter (yes, she was born a month later at 3 lbs. 11 oz.) and I were not expected to live.  A few days later, I had an x-ray that revealed two pulmonary emboli (blood clots on the lung), which they believe happened during my fainting episodes.  
NDE from pregnancy complications.

2132.  Sergei Probable NDE English expanded version  2/21/10 From Canada, original in French, translated to English by Kathy. Suddenly I was propelled outside of my body and I could see the emergency doctors and another doctor come try to revive me.  I could see around me.  Everything was very bright and in sharp focus, no blurry vision.  Then, looking at the scene I felt myself pulled into a vacuum that I couldn’t see, everything was moving so fast.  Then suddenly everything went black.  For a moment I thought, hey, where is this, where am I?  Then a great fright overtook me. 
Probable NDE suicide at age 12.  Experience occurred in Russia.

2131.  Carol M NDE 2/18/10  I personally had a weird equestriennes after giving birth. I had lost a lot of blood. I was in the recovery room and holding the baby but felt like I was going to faint and told my sister to take the baby. I blacked out but could hear my sister calling for the nurse who came in and took my BP. I heard her call out to the doctor " Don't leave yet" He answered "What's her BP?" She said "Zip". There was a flurry of activity THAT I WATCHED FROM ABOVE ABOUT THE HEIGHT OF A FILING CABINET - MAYBE A LITTLE HIGHER. I was quite interested and expected to see them get out paddles or jab a needle into my heart. Instead they jabbed a needle into the IV bag that was hooked up to my arm. In a few seconds I was "back in my body" not overhead.  The next week during my first post-natal check-up, I asked my doctor why he jabbed the IV and not my heart. He explained why - but then said, "How did you know that?" "Because I was watching from above." He said there was no way I could have known that since I had virtually no blood pressure. (My heart I believe was still beating - don't know)
NDE from childbirth complications.

2130.  Lana C Fear Death Experience  English expanded version  6/19/10/E021610 There was construction on the interstate, and I found myself frustrated because everyone was passing me.  I thought "Don't they know they are supposed to go slow in a construction zone?"  All of a sudden, I was taken out of existence.  It was as if I were not on this planet, didn’t exist, whatever you want to call it - I was not a part of the life zooming past me on I-85.   I had no vision whatsoever.  I heard the flutter of wings, like the sound of a flock of birds taking off.  I looked to my right to see what the noise was.  I saw about thirty to forty angels descending from the sky.  They descended so smoothly. They were all talking amongst themselves, so I couldn’t understand what they were saying.  It was like when a crowd of people are talking, and you can’t make out what they are saying because too many people are talking at once.  Their magnificence was like nothing I had ever witnessed.
Fear-death experience immediately prior to serious auto accident.

2129.  John Co NDE 2/18/10 I do remember this as if it happened yesterday.  Dad had given me this liquid to clean scuff marks off the back of front seat. My parents were  inside apartment, entertaining old friends from Mobile.  At one point I got a little dizzy, so I stopped and sat up in back seat and rolled window down to breath some fresh air. It was very cold outside. After a few minutes, I went back to work and this was last I remember. They say, when I passed out, my face fell right on a cleaning rag.  In my dream I was at least 40' above and at an angle to the the rear. I was laying face down on driveway and Dad was straddled on me, giving artificial respiration. Our friends were standing by but Mom was not there. I suppose she had gone to call the ambulance. Then I floated in space and went by 3 very bright moon-like uninhabited planets, full of large craters.  All these years I have kept this a secret, feeling no one would believe me. This chemical was used, also, to clean typewriters and I never could stand the smell to this day. I do believe I have guardian angels that have helped me get this far. I believe my Mom and Dad are always around. Perhaps, the angels back then were our friends, who were about to leave but wanted to see new car.

2128.  Ivette GM NDE English expanded version  2/17/10 From France, Original in French, translated by Jacqueline. I had the feeling of many colors, as if there were lots of colorful balloons everywhere, like if everything was color, and soft music, vivid, so beautiful, even though it was not really like the music we know here. I was separated from that huge procession, which was now in front of me and suddenly wider, at about ten meters. The first people at the front were my husband holding my children's shoulders, my daughter on his right, my son on his left side. They had a huge smile, I felt that everybody was happy for me. When I could see them well, when I perceived their state of mind, their great joy, when they gave me their smiles and all that joy, the distance between everybody and I was shortened in an instant, and I was going to meet everyone of them and they were coming to meet me, sliding.
NDE from respiratory arrest.

2127.  Juanita C NDE English expanded version  2/12/10  We hit a mountain head on and rolled three times. I floated up and saw two brick walls beside me. I was on asphalt.  To my back it was really dark.  There was a tunnel in front of me and a dim light of fog.  Then my boyfriend called my name floated back down to my body.
Brief description of NDE due to car crash at age 17.

2126.  Desmond F NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 From France, Original in French, translated by Jacqueline.  I have the sensation of having my mouth full, I can not articulate, and then everything changes...I am now fine, I am feeling intensely, immensely well, lying (I think so, for I am both spectator and actor of the stage, I am both inside and outside, so... am I lying ? I don't know.) Bathing in a soft light around (or in front?) of me; some familiar and extremely caring presences lean on me. I have no concept of time passing. I have the feeling that they tell me something although I hear nothing, I am sure there is a communication, though unable to mention any content or formal expression of it. As for what I feel...everything is serenity, benevolence, love ... I bathe in the fullness, I dare say perfect happiness.
NDE from heart attack.

2125.  Jorge V NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 From Mexico, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.  As soon as I was under anaesthesia, I started seeing images of my life, right back to childhood. I saw my parents, my 6 brothers, my children and their mothers. I went back over many stages of my life, until I came to a stage when I began to see the things I had done wrong, but passing before me in a very rapid succession.
Surgery-related NDE.

2124.  Connie T NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 I found myself in a field of brightly colored flowers, with the sensation of a river flowing just beyond the flowers.  The whole area was enveloped in a very bright yellowish light.  Just on the other side of the river was a huge crowd of beings with no discernable faces or other body characteristics.  I had an overwhelming sense of welcome with the impression that they were beckoning to me to join them. Although I didn't actually see her, I was aware that one of them was my grandmother who had passed away about 10 years before.  I can recall vaguely wondering if my father was in the crowd (he died when I was 11).  I didn't actually speak to anyone, nor did I hear any words spoken to me.  It was more, just a very brightly colored vision, with sensations of joy and welcome.
NDE due to faint following surgery.

2123.  George W Possible NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 Once I was out for the count I started seeing strange beings and my life on another planet with all my friends and family. They told me that we live forever but we had to go through death after every life. I was told our death provides light and energy to the universe and after we provided the light and energy for a bit we come back. I saw so many things and it was like they all happened at once. In the beginning I was very afraid bad things kept happening but as I progressed through the experience it became more and more peaceful.
Possible NDE due to seizure and pneumonia.

2122.  Janice H NDE 4306 English expanded version  2/4/10 I was thrown out of the car and landed between two large boulders and the car then landed on top of me.  The two other passengers in the car were not injured.  As I was being crushed by the car, I felt myself being squeezed so hard that my breath was leaving me and I thought to myself, Oh God, I am going to die..... About this time, I was being levitated to the sky.  I looked down where my body was lying and my right leg was all twisted.  I saw the two people that was traveling with me crying and were very upset over my injuries.  The ambulance had arrived and the attendant was administering help to me.  I watched them do what they could but I could not understand why everyone was so upset.  I was feeling wonderful and happy. I knew that this was a wonderful thing that was happening to me.
NDE due to auto accident.  Shared 58 years later.

2121.  Al G NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 From Croatia.  Strangely, I did not feel any danger, even though I could hear thunder and see big waves hit the ship. The only thing I could feel was peace and satisfaction, pleasantness. I was happy, first moment of happiness after a couple of years. I felt divine. I felt like I'm the nature itself. It felt like I'm floating in air for hours and hours, and then suddenly I heard a voice of the woman I love (even though she left me two months before that I still love her) telling me to be strong, to make it through. That voice told me to get up, open my eyes and to live; because it is not my time yet to leave this life.
NDE due to head injury.  Heard former lover tell him that it was not his time.

2120.  Gary T NDE 4304 English expanded version  2/1/10 My brother who is 2 years older than me was out on a second floor balcony that did not have bars to protect anyone from falling, I would grab the handrail and swing out over the concrete ally below, I missed the handrail and feel head first as if diving into a pool. I then remember looking down on my body and my brother standing over me crying and pulling my hair to get back up the stairs. I saw my mother run down and pick me up crying and blowing air in my mouth, I remember thinking why is she doing that im ok, then the next thing I was in my body looking up at my mom and then I was unconscious in a coma for 2 weeks. I woke up in a hospital and never spoke of my experience until I was 11 and mom  turned white when I told her about the details of my brother crying and dragging me up the stairs, she confirmed it.
NDE due to fall with head injury at age 4 who is now an RN.

2119.  Joe A NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 I was running track at my high school. I was a fast runner and was ahead of everyone, when I turned my head to look back at the other runners. When I turned back around, I ran into a steel pole (Light pole for the baseball field) I was knocked out. I remember seeing myself from above as I lay there. I saw myself laying there and the other boys gathered around me. It seems like it only lasted a few seconds. I remember having a strange feeling of seeing myself laying there.  When I came to, all the boys that were running with me and the boys practicing on the other baseball field were standing around me. The coach had them carry me to the gymnasium where the high school principle met us.
NDE due to head injury.

2118.  Sandy M Probable NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 They said they were going to rush me into surgery as soon as the doctor arrived whom they had already called. They told me they would have to perform a D&C and would put me out. In the Recovery Room I was speaking to a being that I had the understanding was the Lord Jesus Christ but he didn't say he was but I just "knew" who he was because of the comfort and peace I was in. I was conversing with the "Lord" and I said what I thought was out loud, "thank you for being with me during this" and I just had such a warm and cozy feeling, really calm and at peace. I then realized that I was awakening and I saw a nurse in the room and I said was I just talking and she said no. And I said you didn't hear me talking and she said no you weren't talking.
Probable NDE following miscarriage.

2117.  Bonnie VB NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 Then I looked up and I thought the little light up above came on (the refrigerator was not plugged in so there actually was no light).  It was very tiny and then I felt myself leaving my body, going up through the grates, and into the light.  I was being pulled up through a tunnel that opened into the most beautiful white light that I could ever describe.  When I was fully into the light I realized it was the most incredibly beautiful light that I had ever seen.  It seemed to have a personality that was beyond belief loving.  I was happy just being in the light.  I remember then that I heard a voice that I thought was the light that surrounded me.  Without having a body some how I talked to the voice.  I was shown that the white light was really made up of all the colors.  I was shown the zillions of colors in the light, more than I have seen on earth.  They were all beautiful.… If it isn't real I'm not sure how I learned about the colors and all things in the universe coming from an original light when I was technically not breathing.
NDE from asphyxiation at age 4.  Shared by retired college professor 63 years later.

2116.  Nostra J NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 I felt exhausted and deeply relieved to sit down.  Then it seemed I was in some other place.  There was a lot of wind there and the wind made a lot of noise. I saw that I was in a tunnel.  I seemed to be floating through the air, propelled by the wind. I was very calm.  There was no sense of worry or fear.  I was willing to go where this wind would take me… Experience was definitely real.  It has been 19 years since this experience.  Plus I know I have a poor memory that has plagued me since a child.  But I have never forgotten anything that happened to me that day.
NDE due to apparent faint.

2115.  Patricia M Probable NDE English expanded version  2/4/10 while I laid on my death bed knowing nothing  of this world, I was on the beach with my  mother holding her hand and walking on the sand with a dolphin in the water near by. The water seemed white and all else was this grey sort of color, but transparent too. My father was standing on a hill by this big building with lots of windows but I couldn't see in the windows because they were blacked out. My mother and father look the same, but different too. This place was so peaceful and wonderfully beautiful I never wanted to leave.
Probable NDE in ICU after emergency surgery for colon rupture.

2114.  Kathleen B DBV English expanded version  2/2/10 I began telling my grandfather that it was okay to let go and God would take care of him and to go toward God when I felt like I was being pulled toward a great bright light.  Not a harsh light but a light filled with warmth and peace.  I remember feeling and seeing my grandfather's had in mine and him telling me he was scared and he needed me with him.  It was bizarre as I was not dead or dying but I was having this feeling as if my spirit/body was being pulled toward the light at the same time as my grandfather was.  The light got brighter and then enveloped us. We were standing in a place that was illuminated but not with regular light or lamps or candles and there were other people there but I could not make out who they were nor was I frightened or surprised to see them.  My grandfather was on my left and we were still holding hands.
Exceptional experience of transitioning with her dying grandfather into the afterlife.  These types of experiences, along with shared NDEs, are among the strongest evidence that what happens in NDEs is what happens at the time of permanent, irreversible death.

2113.  Elizabeth S NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 Then as I gazed at the sun it kept coming closer to the window, getting larger and speeding up and getting brighter. My thought was that the earth and the sun were about to collide and I was witnessing the end of the world. The ball of light came through the window with the sound of a swift wind, and I saw that it was an awesome image of illuminating white light that was Jesus. I was afraid because I felt unprepared to be judged. I wanted to speak but was unable to do so. I noticed his youthful appearance and thought him to be near my age. I saw his sandals were old and worn and wondered why he would not have newer ones to wear. He took steps suspended in mid-air.  His arms were reaching out to me, and then he spoke. He said "You are not ready to die, you still have work to do." He hesitated, and then said "And don't be afraid, I will be with you."  I watched him back up toward the window and leave just as he had entered. The bright light then returned to the sky.
NDE due to complications of delivery.

2112.  Jennifer B NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 I was completely relaxed and pain free.  I felt filled with love and peace, as if I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  I also noticed that my thoughts were extremely clear, very unlike my usual self.  I wasn't floating long before I noticed a field of stars below me.  They formed a sort of curtain that divided where I was from someplace else.  I knew I would be able to go to them if I just thought about doing it, but right after I had that thought, a male voice spoke to me in my head.  He told me that if I went past the stars I wouldn't be able to come back.  I remember thinking, "I'm not sure I want to go back, it's so wonderful here."  And that was it.
NDE due to hypotension, fainting, and blow to head.

2111.  Bobbie K NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 From Canada. 
Eyes wide open, guided by the Light,
So familiar, so loved, so free.
Far from illusion, heading toward the sea.
I reach a tunnel, the water is gone,
my body no longer in sight.
My spirit soars lightning speed ahead.
Much to my delight,

I am on other side of life!
NDE at age 4-5 from drowning.  Much of it shared as a beautiful poem.

2110.  David A NDE 4284 English expanded version  2/2/10 I was on a hospital table after losing almost all of my blood.  Doctors were working on me.  I floated out of my body.  I glanced back. The doctors had stopped working and were walking away. A nurse was filling out a report.  I entered into a tunnel of swirling lights of many colors.  Two beings met me, apparently as guides.  As we started to continue the journey, the two beings (angels?) stopped and told me that it was not yet my time.  They released me and I suddenly re-entered my body.  I looked at the nurse and told her that I was thirsty.  She jumped back in shock and dropped her clipboard, and then began calling for doctors.  The doctors hooked up various bottles through IV tubes, and I went to sleep.  I woke up the next day in a hospital ward.
NDE associated with combat in Vietnam.

2109.  Ray S NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 …watched as my mother came to the porch and yelled for father my brother and sister crying ... as for me? ... just calm it was just after Christmas and I got the sheep skin coat that I bugged my parents for I only bring this up because my brother bought me a purple slush while he was in the store earlier and I could see my Dad trying to revive me and the slush staining my coat!  So here I am dead and I am upset over a coat! LOL  Don't know how long this was all taking I just know I was slowly rising higher floating in the tree looking down next thing I remember was waking up in the Union Hospital in Freetown MA with everyone around me asking if I was going to be OK now. I looked at my Mother and said Mom is my coat ruined now will the purple come out?
NDE due to carbon monoxide poisoning at age 7.  OBE observations later confirmed.

2108.  Dea M NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 The colors got more intense and more detailed, turning into patterns and textures and weaving of both color and sound.  While I knew that this was not of our world, it all seemed natural and without need for explanation.  At some point I understood the essence of creativity and was given the "joy stick" of my own imagination so to speak, to create my own visions.  It was amazing what ever I thought became vision, and swirled around me in its own reality.  I realized my unlimited potential as a human, I realized the unlimited ability to feel love, I knew that I was being held in that "love" and I knew that this was the forever-ness of that love. I knew what it was like to LOVE the way that God loves, and when that happened my "heart" opened and I could feel my soul touching that of the unseen creator, I knew that "God" does exist and we are a part of it all.
Exceptional NDE due to car accident.  Perhaps the most dramatic description of colors ever.

2107.  Debbie P NDE 4280 English expanded version  2/2/10 I was in a very black and vast void illuminated only by a glowing, pulsating enormous Cosmic Question Mark, the space filling sound of joyous laughter, and absolute understanding of what is important in our lives - love, and love alone.  I had no awareness of anything other than my own unique cosmic connection to my Creator - it was an intensely personal experience, and there was no awareness of anyone or anything else, other than this divine connection - being caught up in something far beyond my normal awareness or understanding.
NDE due to cardiac arrest while under general anesthesia.

2106.  Sue H NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 I thought that I would never have the experience of being near an angel again, when one day swimming in the river I got on a beaver barge, I panicked and couldn't pull myself out of the water, I was submerged with just inches from the surface, no air, starting to fade out,  when I looked up through the water and saw a person standing upon the barge "where no one could be supported" she put her hand through the water, over my face, pushed me HARD under the barge and through the other side, I jumped up to see if anyone was on the barge, and no one...."I do believe in guardian angels".
NDE due to burn injuries at age 6, and life-saving encounter with an angel.  NDE happened 52 years ago.

2105.  Sylvia D NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 …this was an extreme threat to my life, I was not expected to live. As soon as the aneurysm ruptured, I knew something was terribly wrong. The pain was so severe, and my condition worsened very rapidly. I was at first aware of the seriousness of my condition until I lost consciousness. Then, I was in this very intense, bright light. I am uncertain of the timeline and order of events, but at some point, I was with my deceased grandmother. She was in a field picking green beans, and I was with her. The light almost felt like a very hot summer day, but I felt drawn into this light, a part of the light. There was no pain, no fear, only a feeling of warmth, peace, love, and serenity. It was so wonderful that I wanted to remain in that light. Then, I was aware of others with me, but only recognized my recently deceased mother. She was in a gown of white, I could see her and I reached to touch her but she remained out of my reach. I was told I could not stay, that it was not my time…
NDE due to ruptured brain aneurysm.

2104.  Beth B NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 The entire experience felt like I was in a higher level of awareness than I had ever been.  This event is crystal clear in my memory and has always been… Experience was definitely real           When my Grandmother visited and I told her about the man I thought was my grandfather, she listened and then pulled out this picture of him (he was 65 when he died). It was the same man I had visited, but much younger.  He didn't say this to me, but I said something to my Grandmother that convinced her that I had seen him -- it was strange, but I remembered to tell her that the key was behind the stove.  She had lost her clock key, and that's where she found it.
NDE due to drowning at age 7 ½.  Shared 53 ½ years later.

NDE due to motorcycle accident.

2102.  KB NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 The river bottom changes constantly so in playing on what had previously been a sandbar, I step off and was over my head in the water. I struggled to gain my footing but began to sink in the water. Eventually I stopped struggling and a feeling of calm came over me. I saw my life (as brief as it was) flash before me. I experienced feeling very peaceful and happy to go toward the bright light ahead. The next thing I recall was someone grabbing me. My sister says she looked over and saw my hair floating on top of the water (my hair was waist length at the time). She rushed over and pulled me out by my hair.
NDE at age 8 due to near drowning.

2101.  Frank P NDE 4272 English expanded version  2/2/10 I suddenly fell back and was fully surrounded by a energy of a white light. I have NEVER seen this color white here on earth. It did not hurt my eyes to see it. I felt relaxed with no thoughts of my family or my past. I somehow knew I was in the place I have seen others talk about. I do not know how I knew this. I then had a male voice say to me "Frank, do you want to go with me or go back" With out hesitation I said "go back". As soon as I said back, I felt the shock of the paddles come in on my right chest and cross to the left.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2100.  Bobby H NDE English expanded version  2/1/10 I was free of the body...free of the daily stress of a physical existence.  I no longer felt fear or loneliness, or emotional pain.  There are no human words available to describe this.  It was a total immersion in God's love, in his light...as if I was in the presence of Christ himself...immersed in the Holy Spirit.  I could see, but not with my eyes, hear but not with my ears and so on.  It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever experienced in my life, before or since...it was not physical.  It was 100% spiritual.  As this was going on I had no sadness or did I miss anyone or anything I was leaving behind.  It was as if I was also immersed in total understanding and knowledge of all things...there was no concept of time and space...only pure love and infinite wisdom, untold forgiveness and acceptance.
NDE due to falling accident.  Also shares remarkable ADC that happened at the time of his son’s death.

2099.  William M NDE English expanded version  2/1/10 I went to sleep while driving. Then I was aware that we were out of our bodies & quickly flying up toward space, holding hands. we flew straight up for a minute or so when we started to see a park or countryside-like landscape. It seemed to be in twilight, sort of dark, but we could see trees, bushes, etc. Suddenly, we were intercepted  by 4 creatures. They seemed about ten feet in height & were invisible, but we could see a vague humanoid outline (my best description would be like the invisibility effect in the movie "predator" which I saw some years later. Two flanked each of us and began to gently separate us. They overwhelmed us with a feeling of the highest love & compassion that was well beyond anything we could experience on earth.
Rare ‘shared NDE’ account.  Auto accident with his girlfriend.  The two of them shared part of the experience.  He was sent back, she was not.

2098.  Silvia B Possible NDE English expanded version  1/30/10 From Argentina. Original in Spanish translated to English by David.  In that moment my whole life with every single scene that it was composed of passed by very quickly.  I couldn't remain in any scene for more than a fraction of a second.   My attention was directed towards a very white and brilliant light.  I wanted to go toward that place.  I felt attracted to it... I felt a strong attraction to the peace and light.   It was an experience that the years haven't allowed me to forget.  It was extraordinary.
Possible NDE during childbirth.

2097.  Dorie's Mom's NDE English expanded version  1/30/10 My mother said she remembered the beautiful light and the "men" waiting for her. She was asked whether she wanted to stay or go back. She said she had 6 children and, of course, me on the way, and that my father could not handle all the work alone so she thought she should finish her job on earth and go back. My father, over the years, being an Irish immigrant with a big ego, always talked about that time when the doctors told him she was going to die and he "cried like a baby." My relatives have told me that my mom was very ill when carrying me with a bad case of pneumonia.

2096.  Amy D ADC English expanded version  1/29/10 Next thing I know, I am standing outside the nursing home where Josie lived. The most beautiful golden light was shining above and I was in amazement as I looked at the trees the light emitting from every leaf and it was Autumn; the colors had a vibrancy and brilliance never seen on earth. Next I heard my grandmother's voice "This place is not-ting but corridors!"  My heart again felt so heavy and I told her I understand and I am so sorry!  I did not see her physically, but felt her next to me. She then told me she was" leaving" and wanted to tell me how much she loved me.  Instantly, I felt what she meant and understood the Light.  I stood in awe. Everything conveyed was telepathic and was felt in emotion more than the words. The love exuded was felt full bodied and consuming
Shared Death Experience (NELE/ADC)

2095.  Jack A NDE English expanded version  1/26/10  It will probably be no surprise whatsoever that during the two hours and fifty-four minutes I remained clinically dead in the hospital and later in the morgue, I spent 155 active and healthful years creating art and architecture on "the other side." The paradise I found myself in was intimately familiar. I also immediately recognized my deceased grandmother who was there, although she had transitioned from life as we know it some thirteen years before I was born.
Amazing NDE art as a result of his experience on the other side!

2094.  Marta Y NDE English expanded version  1/26/10 From Mexico. Original in Spanish translated to English by Simon.  After this I saw myself floating in the void, and little by little tiny spheres of many colors became manifest, not moving at first, then suddenly starting to vibrate while smoothly approaching me and incorporating themselves with my essence, which made me feel something I can't manage to describe, it was as if I was being tickled. I asked what this was, and a voice said, "This is the knowledge you have accumulated in previous lives, it was kept from you, but now it will be of use to you."
Very detailed NDE where she met her second son who had not been born yet!

2093.  Ludmila NDE English expanded version  1/23/10 From the Ukraine.  Original in Ukrainian, translated to English by Yulia. But they did not interested me at all, because I knew everything and I did not have a necessity to use all that information … I was overflowed with the feeling of pleasure, and the feeling that at last I was coming back to the place that was so dear to me. My movement was guided by my interest. There were no words in my consciousness. In my mind I used only concept, logic and intuition.   I moved permanently upwards, my consciousness revealed more and more, and I can describe a condition of my consciousness as an allegorical symbol of a flower of a lotus, which opens its 1000 petals. 
NDE from anaemia and a cure after she came back!

2092.  Alejandra M NDE English expanded version  1/23/10 From Argentina.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Jacqueline. Suddenly, I was standing in front of a black swirl, and moving ahead to cross it, to reach out a bright light that was getting larger as I moved toward it. I quickly entered in that light and they were bright, faceless people with human form, which I did not know, but I felt they knew me because of the friendly way they received me; I had the felling that one of them was my late uncle that I loved so much; these entities received me with great joy and greeted me by my name, but all this dialogue  was by telepathy. I was not talking, and they did not have voices either. I also remember feeling a sensation of peace, welfare and happiness beyond description, it was like if I belonged to that place. Suddenly, the voice of my conscience told me that it was not my time yet, and that I had to return, but I did not want to...I was so comfortable; I resisted, and I felt like if someone was pulling me from somewhere else, and I pulled in the opposite direction, but this force was stronger than me.
NDE from fainting prior to blood draw. Was aware she needed to return, but did not want to.

2091.  Gail C NDE English expanded version  1/23/10 Suddenly, a black car appeared and .....I just remember the car was spinning and....after I remember a beautiful peace that I can not describe with words. I did not remember anything. I was not aware of what happened. I did not remember anything at all. I just saw a light like the sun...so bright and clear. I saw the threes like if I was lying down looking the sky...but it was not the sun for sure....how could I being looking at the sun without hurting my eyes. I start listening children laughs...like if they were playing and having fun. But that peace, that peace was awesome.
NDE due to car accident.  From Mexico.

2090.  Judy G NDE English expanded version  1/23/10 The doctors now tell me that my skin was grey, my heart rate was 20, my blood sugar was too high to read and that they needed to put an IV in my neck with a temporary pacemaker or I would die.  I told them do whatever they needed to do.  That's when every got really far off in a distance.  I could hear voices, but they were so far away.  There wasn't just one light.  There was a black tunnel-shaped hole with hundreds of white lights literally flying from the tunnel and coming at me, trying to pull me in.  The pull was extremely strong.  I started going toward the lights.  Then something went off in my brain and I mentally blinked my eyes to see if the lights and tunnel would go away.  They didn't go, the pull got stronger.  I was terrified.  I yelled "NO......I'm not ready.... Go away". 
NDE from viral illness and severe hyperglycemia.

2089.  Carole C NDE English expanded version  1/23/10 I had taken a potpourri of downers. Since I worked at a local pharmacy, I was well aware of the meds I consumed. I went to bed that night, hoping to never wake up again. SURPRISE! In the meantime, I saw my body laying there on the bed, from the corner ceiling of my bedroom behind my bedroom door. I remember my friends dragging me off the bed, trying to get me to walk. There were two others with me in the ceiling (so to speak) We were discussing my life. I can remember bickering with them. I did not want to go back to my life. I suppose they were displaying to me all the reasons why I should.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

2088.  Bill C NDE-Like English expanded version  1/23/10 I was not yet sleeping but had my eyes closed. I saw a bright flash. I next remember a dark tunnel and two figures on both sides of me guiding me towards a very bright light. I remember instantly of reading or hearing of people talking about this type of experience when I was younger. I instinctively look to my right to see if I was in a dark tunnel. It was surprised to see stars, but made a point to note this for some reason. There was no fear at all in me. I just glided along with the two figures, one holding each arm. The light was getting brighter ahead of me. Finally we were near what look like a four tier Golden Arch. Beyond this Arch I can see all my relatives who passed away, especially my Mother. All looked very happy and were all smiles. We could communicate but not by talking.
NDE-like experience at time of going to bed, not associated with a life-threatening event.

2087.  Carol L NDE English expanded version  1/23/10 When I had left the planet, I was an entity, sitting on the bottom of a thick black line (as if sitting on the floor in a hallway leaning against the wall) which had beautiful bright white light running the length of either side. I did not have a body and had no awareness of being "Carol" or having a husband and children, a home and a job. I was waiting and was aware of that. I was patient and not bored at all. Not like me. I get antsy and bored, especially without visual stimuli. I was are of my essence. That I ember as being very much me. I was just kind of hanging out waiting for a decision. I had no worries or cares and i was so FREE and RELAXED and CONTENT.
NDE due to complication after surgery.

2086.  J.H. NDE English expanded version  1/23/10 I was aware that there was no linearity to my experience, no attachment almost as though the forces that operated inside it were free floating. In our framework for understanding it I could say this intense softness wanted me and loved me, like it was pulling itself to itself with joy, smiling peace, and the most intense softness. Then there appeared in the bottom left corner of my mind's eye a luminescence. Gosh this is so clichéd, but it is absolutely true. The luminescence came towards me and I towards it. I knew with a kind of transcendent knowing what it was, and it was communicating the very fullness of itself and I was aware of the magnitude of it. It was infinite, and boundless and perfect. But I resisted it. It was overwhelmingly attractive.
NDE due to bleeding after delivery.

2085.  S.L. NDE English expanded version  1/23/10 Every time I (we) went on a journey, my guardian would say you must go back to your body.  I would say, "Non it is to nice here." This happened several times. Then on our last trip away from my room my guardian said "it is not you time" "we have other things for you to do" " we will come and get you at the right time" I found myself back in the with my guardian in a corner. I said I don't want to go back it is to peaceful here. The guardian in a calm voice,  "It is not your time we, will come when it is your time."
NDE due to unspecified accident at age 8.  Shared 48 years later.

2084.  Miguel RP NDE English expanded version  1/14/10 From Columbia. Original in Spanish translated to English by Simon.    I returned to the black tunnel, I don't know for how long, as everything seemed to happen instantaneously. I came again to the light, but this time it was brighter and stronger than the previous times. I got used to the light and saw a clear sky, without sun or clouds, neither hot nor cold. I looked at my chest and could see no damage, and I began to praise God, I was well and I was saying: "Thanks to Christ for saving me, nothing happened to me". I was feeling myself and could not believe what I was seeing. I looked up and there was no one there. The floor was brilliant like crystal, and then I saw a person dressed in something like a white nightgown, who came near me but without my being able to see his face and hands, which were shining light. When he was near me I told him I was working with explosives and they had blown-up on me, but without harming me. He told me to calm myself. I asked him who he was and he replied that he was the Angel Gabriel.
Apocalyptic NDE with Angel Gabriel.  

2083.  Eric SV NDE English expanded version  1/14/10 From France. Original in French translated to English by Jacqueline.    First, I started to see everything turning around me ... then, suddenly, everything disappeared ! ... I was in total darkness ... everything went black ... there were only darkness and nothing else ... but I was not scared, I felt good, quiet ... I was moving fast and straight ...I knew where I was heading to...It was like going back home...I had the feeling that I already knew the place where I was going to ... and I  had an only wish: to get there fast!... and I moved straight into the darkness ... Then, I heard someone calling me... the voice came from behind me... I stopped to listen better, because the voice was far away...then, I hesitated  if  to keep on my way ¨out there¨ or going to the voice that kept on calling me, again and again...
Beginnings of an OBE from a fainting experience.

2082.  Louise S NDE English expanded version  1/14/10 From Scotland.  I felt very light and floating and the pain suddenly stopped and the stress that I had been feeling stopped and I felt very relaxed and at ease with the world.  I had no worries any more.  I felt at peace but aware of my surroundings at the same time. I knew that I was out of my body and I was floating just above near the ceiling of the room, I was aware of the doctors and nurses panicking over my lifeless body, I 'looked down' and could 'see' my still body, it looked a very blue color.  I felt so comfortable and serene, floating above, no worries, no pain, I felt wonderful.  I remember thinking, "Wow, this is GREAT!!"., "What a feeling!"
NDE due to blood loss following miscarriage.

2081.  Debbie NDE English expanded version  1/14/10 I wasn't afraid at the scene but instead felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and some more curiosity. I felt something and looked up beyond the rope. That's when I saw the fuzzy white circle of white light in the distance. it wasn't the sun I remember seeing that to. I thought at the light oh no not yet please I like this one im not ready yet. at the same time I felt as though I knew everything I had ever wanted to know and more at that young age. I knew that whatever happened in this life it was all ok. it was all just experiences. good or bad. The feeling of complete unconditional love was so very strong I almost didn't want to leave it. but I knew I belonged with it and I would be back with it. so I chose to go back to my body. just then everything went black.
NDE due to drowning at age 5.

2080.  Amber Y FDE English expanded version  1/14/10 For the brief seconds before it occurred. Yes, it seemed like everything was in slow motion then I felt like if I was going to die it would be fine… Experience was definitely real            I thought about it and I have never felt so loved in my life.
Fear-death experience seconds before car crash.  Experience happened about seven weeks ago.

2079.  Sylvia R NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I was out of my body observing my body laying in the hospital bed, and I could hear everything that my sisters were saying as well as the nurse who came into the room.  I tried to talk to my sisters to let them know I was alright but they didn't hear me.  Immediately after this my spirit went thru this darkened tunnel extremely fast and looking upwards I could see this white light at the end of the tunnel.  Your spirit goes through this tunnel like "Whoosh" and you are there standing in the brightest white light you have ever known.  The noonday sun cannot compare to it's brightness or stark whiteness.  You instantly feel this bright white light raining down upon your spirit and you feel an intense love all over your body like soft rain falling on your skin.  You know you are loved beyond all shadow of a doubt by this Bright Whiteness surrounding your spirit. 
NDE during unconsciousness after surgery.

2078.  Mark B Probable NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 When I reached my last and final shelter, I felt as though I could go no deeper as I locked the door behind me and waited within the security of my refuge. Somehow I ""knew"" that there I would remain and had reached the end of my journey. This last refuge became a fortress different than those before it. It seemed more calm and tranquil there than that of my previous shelters. The pain which I had desperately sought to elude was never able to penetrate the walls of this refuge as it had been able to before. I left all contacts with my physical body far behind and above me where they would remain. There I left all physical ties behind, leaving only my inner ""self,"" the core of my ""being,"" then separated from the external world far above and outside the new world of my ""self."" Before I entered this refuge, which was a fortress stronger than those before it, I shed all contacts with my physical body, leaving only my inner ""self"" to pass through the walls of this fortress.
ICU Experience and Probable NDE.  Lengthy description of severe injury, and epic struggle for recovery. 

2077.  James S NDE 4247 English expanded version  1/2/10 Just as I took her weight everything switched off and I was in total darkness.  Then my life memories including ones I knew nothing about flashed through my brain, then it all faded slowly away into total darkness again.  Next I knew was I was standing on what seemed like terracotta sand.  Even though all around me was total darkness, I knew I was in a large circular cavern or hall of sorts that had arched doorways again in darkness and above me was water with gentle ripples flowing across it , the water was about twenty foot above and through it I could see what I took at the time to be a bright moon that was acting as a type of spotlight upon me.  I had no pain or discomfort of any kind and my thinking and senses where normal. I felt warm and very comfortable and very emotional with an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness.
NDE due to heart attack.

2076.  Dan B NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I began reliving my life. while I was seeing it from my perspective, I was also experiencing my every action as everyone affected by my actions. I could literally feel the concentric circles of "emotion" going out from me, as they were experienced by each person in turn: I affect john, john affects ray, ray affects sam, etc. and I experienced all of it. I was still frightened and sad about my life.  After the life review, I was shown (I don't remember a guide) how every person, every thought, every action and every word are connected. it looked like a vast web of stars that existed in many dimensions.
NDE due to episode of unconsciousness and stated heart attack.

2075.  Victoria NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I fell in the bath tub it was full to the top, I had already hit my head twice.  My reflexes where impaired,  I swallowed water, remember could not get out I was so slippery, my head was hurting immensely, blood was coming out of my nose, but at one moment I just laid with my eyes open at peace….  I saw myself with my eyes completely submerged in the  bathtub, lifeless...as I watch it out body experience there was nothing I could do…  when  I  was taken to  the hospital I heard them pounding on my chest, saying how young I look, what a time to die just before the holidays.
NDE due to drowning that occurred less than four days prior to sharing experience.

2074.  Laurie C NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I thought to myself, I'm dead, so this is death, I wasn't at all frightened and when I thought about how I should be a wave of pure love washed through my being , I felt totally at peace and very safe and love was in me around everywhere, I was calm and had no thought of the accident, no pain just absolute peace, I remember thinking that I could still think, and how alert I was, then a voice said to me do you want to stay or do you want to go back, the clarity of that sentence was amazing, and as clear as it was I didn't know if it was male or female, I said I've just had a baby, [4 1/2 months old], the next thing I knew was I was on the side of the road with someone holding me and I was gasping for breath.
NDE due to car accident.

2073.  Stephen P NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 After laying down for a bit. I started to feel really strange.. my body felt like it was sort of preparing for something. My limbs started to stretch and kind of just settle back in a certain position, my whole body followed suit. Then I felt myself just drift away and leave my body. I remember that it was a most pleasant feeling. I then felt enveloped in a warm loving peaceful light. At this time I was told that it was not time for me yet, and I felt like I was kind of "slammed" back into my physical body.
NDE due to a seizure.

2072.  Robert C NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I said "I'm going into the light " . They said "I is not your time " .  I tried to assure them I was going into the light but they denied my passage.  They were adamant it was not my time . The I noticed I was a ball of light . I no longer had the shape of a human being . My consciousness was spherical in all directions at once and I had a god like knowing . Then all at once I saw my entire life  pass before me in minute detail. In fact I saw much more than words and deeds but how they effected those around me .. It was like energy radiating from me that rippled out like a pebble tossed into still water eventually touching every thing around it . I saw how my actions hurt others even indirectly . I was devastated .
Remarkably deep NDE at age 6 due to drowning.

2071.  Marian F Probable NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I moved back into the chair but then the light was still there and I saw it and I wondered about my mother's face and I saw the light move closer to me and it wasn't a pinpoint anymore.  It was big and squarer.  It was coming to me and it was okay.  I had this sudden thought "He'll be okay."   Some sense of him being cared for and I could just let go.  I thought, " I go alone."  and I relaxed.  I felt myself move forward and meld into light.  My shoulders moved back and I had a last second of choice and I thought NO. I pulled back away, turned completely away, the dentist hit my hand and called my name and said we would have to stop.  He said he was turning off the gas and up the oxygen because I was passing out.
Probable NDE due to nitrous oxide administration for dental procedure.

2070.  Harold B NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I remember the doctor saying I was dangerously dehydrated but could not hold fluids down.  The doctor came in and said to my brother "he's gone." I rose out of my body, saw the doctor, my brother, and a friend. Everything in the room was very vivid. I seemed to float into a blinding light and a hand reached out and took my hand.  I felt, I guess a rapture-like feeling of peace and serenity.  I saw a man in shadows who said, "you can go back if you want or you can continue this journey."  I wanted to come back.  He let go of my hand. I floated back in to my body, opened my eyes, stood up, I felt great, and to the disbelief of everyone walked to the ocean with a feeling of pure joy.
NDE due to malaria and other illness.  Happened in India, though he is not a native of India.

2069.  Laura J NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I remember falling asleep, and then I looked down and saw myself on the surgery  bed, the doctors and nurse frantically doing something to me. I thought that was very strange and was very curious. I remember seeing me as being very small in a white gown and they were doing something to my mouth. I did not know what they were doing. I was distracted by something over my right shoulder and it was warm and I wanted to go there. It was like sunshine (I really remember the warmth, but a comfortable warmth-like comforting warmth).
NDE due to anesthesia complication at age 6.

2068.  Sandra B NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 The doctor was yelling for me to answer him. I could not even move a finger. I did not know that my heart was gone. I struggled to answer him but I could not nor move could I mover any part of my body to signal I heard him. After a short time I left my body and I was looking down at my body , I would say I was about 6 feet up over my body. I thought to myself," I must be dead as I am looking at my dead body down there." I was very calm and began to move very slowly upwards and it was more and more beautiful into an infinity of light and peace, happiness, I knew I was going to heaven or somewhere very beautiful. I did not want to come back at this point as it was the most happy I had ever been in my life. I felt so loved...
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2067.  Roxana M Probable NDE English expanded version  1/2/10 I remember I got out of the bathroom feeling sick and couldn't see in front of my eyes, when I have arrived into the room, crushing by all the walls surrounding me, I fell down, slowly like a feather and I put my hands down to prevent the fall. Then I just remember that I saw myself from somewhere up sitting down and watching up, and then I went, I went with an enormous speed heading to a white shinning light on a channel. I remember I could see where I was going to, I could see the end of that tunnel, brightly sparkling. When I got there it was extremely white and I remember seeing somebody but I do not know who it was, an old person, I'm sure of that and we had a long long chat. After that I remember coming back with a bigger speed than before, could see myself down waiting for me.
Probable NDE due to apparent unconsciousness of unknown cause.

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