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NDERF (1/1/09-6/30/09)
NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody Long and Dr. Jeff
NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.


1933.  Carlos CP NDE English expanded version  6/10/2009  From Spain, original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A Suddenly I saw myself floating (I never saw my physical body), amazed, asking myself: What's this? Where am I? I was floating, without a body, but still I could move around, in short I had an "I".  I spent some time feeling disconcerted, it was like a dream but I still remember it as being too real to be a dream. Then all of a sudden I found myself in a room, where my mother, and one of my aunts who was not in the hospital at the time, were weeping inconsolably, seated on maroon-coloured, very brightly-coloured, armchairs. At this point I said to myself: Ah, that means I'm dead! And I started to feel a peace and wellbeing which is indescribable.
Child NDE. 

1932.  Mari Luz CB NDE English expanded version  6/10/2009  From Spain, original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A I was looking down on the whole schoolyard from above, as though floating in the air, and could see my fellow-players weeping and crying out. I was to their right, the teacher had his back to me, kneeling over a girl who was laid out on the ground. Approaching, I asked what was going on, but nobody answered me. The teacher was shaking her and slapping her with the palm of his hand on her face, and at this point I realised that the girl on the ground being slapped was me. I had my mouth open and my eyes were open too, but vacant.  The teacher (at the same time as he tried to revive me) was shouting, Oh my God, Oh my God, wake up... From my position (above and to the right of the whole scene) I could see everything that happened over the whole schoolyard with great clarity, the children and the people by the fence. 
Child NDE.

1931.  Cynthia Y NDE English expanded version  6/7/2009 I saw everything that has ever happened since the beginning of the Big Bang. like the discovery channel. I saw everything the whole universe from the beginning of time. And time is something humans made up, there is no such thing as time this is all a series of events. It was like a big paisley of cosmos being formed in front of me and I had superman vision. ( I told a friend what I saw and he turned me on to fractals it looked like that) I was hanging in the dark space and our universe was below me like a teacup saucer inside of a 33 gallon trash bag. I was in the bag still. I was beyond the far reaches of the universe. beyond the universe looking at it with superman vision and I could see earth and my house and inside it and all from a bazillion gagillion light years past the edge of the universe. it was really amazing.
NDE due to respiratory arrest from asthma.


1930.  Jacqueline M Father's Experiences English expanded version  6/7/2009 Dad relayed to me what happened just prior to Danny taking his last breath, Dad saw 2 large Angels enter the room and stand on either side of the bed not touching the ground, Dad heard Danny take his last breath and then Danny with the 2 Angels stood at the foot of Dads bed. One of the angels said to Dad we will be back for you in 2 weeks time. Dad died exactly 2 weeks to the day that Danny died. He told me that when he saw Danny's' soul that he was happy and rejuvenated. Another thing Dad told me do not be afraid of death as it is like walking through a door.
Several experiences in the spectrum of NDE.


1929.  John C Probable NDE English expanded version  6/7/2009 I have learned much throughout my life; however, my learning curve was significantly more - steep during and immediately after my coma. Here are some of the insights/revelations that were shared with me. My life did "flash" before me; however this "review" did not stop at my birth. My recollection was going back in time and "space" well before my birth. A time and place best described as Eden-like. I have a "recollection" of landing at the bottom of a significant hill in a "sea" of "people" I then climbed to the crest of the hill passed between two rocks and "interacted" with two human-like "persons" They communicated to me in unison...
Probable NDE due to apparent brain hemorrhage.


1928.  Cynthia M NDE English expanded version  6/7/2009 I opened my back door to get air and when I looked outside there was this beautiful blue-white light coming from the sky.  I could see very far as if a nuclear bomb had went off outside. It was 3:30am and I could see for miles it seemed. I couldn't hear anything and it was so peaceful.  I wasn't afraid.  Which surprises me.  A picture of my daughters flashed in my mind I guess.  My oldest first and then my youngest.  I said the words GOD I am not ready.  The light slowly started to return to the sky and my body took a deep breath.  The paramedics arrived a few moments later and my BP was 226/182.
NDE associated with severe high blood pressure.


1927.  Brandy M Fear Death Experience English expanded version  6/7/2009 What happened next was probably the most confusing and unbelievable experience yet.  I was standing IN THE WATER, I had a solid footing under me, and I was looking down the beach to my left.  The sky, although it had been sunny before, was now slightly overcast, but not in an unpleasant way...the clouds had a blue, gray, pink and yellow tinge to them, as though the sun was trying to break through.  There were absolutely no people on the beach, which was odd, since before, the beach was packed with people.  I wasn't scared at that point - I was actually completely at peace.  I just wanted to remain there, observing the beach, the sea (what I could see of it) and the gorgeous sky above me.  No, I didn't hear any voices like you'd expect, and no, Jesus or any other religious figures did not appear to me.  I just...stood there in the ocean and continued to review my life as I had done before.
Probable fear-death experience.  In the spectrum of experiences of NDE.  A good example of how difficult it often is to categorize experiences.


1926.  Andrea K Possible NDE English expanded version  6/7/2009 This Woman??? showed me things I do not remember all. She said to me :this is what it will be like when you come here. I then saw a Seashore or something like it and the air seemed to be blue .All was blue. I felt as if I was looking from the right upper corner from somewhere and I felt her next to me at all times. She was so calm. I saw people on this Seashore and I seem to know these people even though I have never seen them in this dimension. I felt such love and I felt so much love from them. There was one Woman she seemed to be close to me. I was able to hold her hands and we looked at each other and I felt love yet sadness. Then this Being next to me said that it was time to go now and I will see them again but it was not my time yet.
Possible NDE vs. Probable Anesthesia Experience.  Very NDE-like content.  From Germany.


1925.  Vincent L NDE English expanded version  6/6/2009 From Italy, translated into English by Maurizio B.  A moment later I was about ten meters above the thread of light which held the street lighting lamp (this thread is about fifteen meters above the road as well).  I did not understand where I was, but I felt good and no pain.  I was just surprised.  I saw only the wire with the lamp, not passed on the street car.   After a while I began to understand where I was.  I looked around and saw from a distance (approximately 70 meters) a figure on the ground at the edge of the pavement.  It was my mother who held a baby in her arms.  I felt a sudden urge such that I had started down toward the scene. A moment later, I was in the arms of my mother who was crying.
NDE as a child.


1924.  Joseph U NDE English expanded version  5/30/2009  As I fell and my friend fell on me I blacked out... At this time I looked down on myself lying there with my friends around me. I could here what they were saying and what was going on. I heard the TV and the commercials an show I was watching. I felt myself kinda floating above them near the ceiling and I could see down the hallway and was able to see my friends who were in the hallway an see what they were doing. I don't believe I was dead but I could hear my friends discussing heir worries that I was unconscious and they were slapping my face. one friend went to get water to splash on me. We were young and they didn't know what to do to revive me. As soon as I saw them about to splash water on me and then I felt myself being pulled back into my body… Then I went down the hallway an found my friends an asked them if what I saw them doing was the truth and they both confirmed that they were playing with a ball an throwing it back an forth. I was shocked an so was everyone else.
NDE due to injury while playing with friends resulting in unconsciousness.  Happened at age 16.


1923.  Sharon W Probable NDE English expanded version  5/30/2009  My brother knew what was happening but he thought that a piece of hamburger was lodged in my throat.  He saw me try to take breaths twice and could get no air. He started panicking and beating on me.  Well it took me one more attempt at trying to get a breath with no luck to realize that something was drastically different this time.  I was not breathing in the natural yet wondering why my brother was in a panic. By my fourth attempt at breathing with no success, I realized I might not be breathing in the natural but in my mind I had enough air for everybody and it was wonderful.  It was the complete opposite of the first time; it was like taking a walk through heaven, I had no worries except my brother beating me up in his attempt to save me. Suddenly the choking stopped and I was completely ecstatic, but I could never really explain all that I felt, I really felt Jesus was breathing for me. I was never aware of any discomfort.
Probable NDE from choking.


1922.  Sheri C NDE English expanded version  5/30/2009 & 10/10/10  When I told him that I saw him sitting next to me, on my left, and the shirt he was wearing, he started to cry.  He told me that was when they had told him, they were going to turn the machines off on me, because every organ was being run by a machine.  He told me there was no way I could have seen him and what he was wearing, my eye's were closed… I have heard that some who come out of this on the other side, feel a need to do things differently in their lives.  To do things "better", or change things.  I have even heard of some going through a depression over this, because the life expectation was to great.  My message is, be happy.  That is all that is meant to come of this, just be happy.  You don't have to become President, or volunteer every waking hour of every day, simply because you didn't before the "experience".  Simply live, love and laugh, often.
NDE due to complication of delivering a baby. 


1921.  Don C NDE English expanded version  5/30/2009  While being operated on the surgeon severed an artery in my neck and I bleed to death. I remember floating in the corner of the room above the operating table looking down at myself wondering what was going on. Then all of a sudden I was pulled through this tunnel to a white light where I found myself standing on this golden brick road leading up to some kind of building that had (12) twelve pillars along the side and front with steps leading up to a personage seated on a throne. This person got up and came down the stairs and down the road to me. All around me I could see and feel a beautiful peace and tranquility with love and peace. I had know care in the world. I also as far as the eye could see to my left was a beautiful landscape of tulips of every color imaginable. To my right was a wall of a beautiful blue that matched the sky.
NDE due to surgical complication at age 15.


1920.  Carmel B NDE English expanded version  5/30/2009 From Australia There was a man waiting by the tree, not speaking, just watching me, waiting for me to notice him. I was still 'in the light'. It made the ground look like a cloud but it felt solid. I knew there was more in this place but all I could see through the light were the gates, this man and the tree. . . .I walked up to the man and said 'Hello'. My voice sort of echoed. He smiled at me and held out a hand. It was the hand of a workman. I took his hand but I have no recall of warmth, then he hugged me and walked me over to the tree where we sat. He started to talk, explaining that he was Jesus, my great grandfather and that I was there by accident and that I needed to go back.
2 NDEs

1919.  Ann T Possible NDE English expanded version  5/30/2009  But about 45 minutes later I was looking down at myself from the ceiling of the air plane. Somehow I could see around the corner into the meal preparation area too and at the same time I was looking down at myself. And then simultaneously I could see straight down the isle from the back of the plane, all the while I could see in that very moment the flight stewardess around the corner preparing food, all the while in that very second I was looking straight down at my body as if I was perched on the ceiling. I knew something extraordinary was happening and I immediately suspected I had died or something. I kept looking down from the ceiling at myself, trying to see if I was breathing. I wasn't ready to die. At one point it appeared to me that my chest was rising and falling and at another point I couldn't be sure.
Possible NDE due to severe illness.


1918.  Elaine J NDE English expanded version  5/30/2009  My memories of the incident were seeing the truck headed towards me as I was stopped behind the bus - I could see it approaching in my rearview mirror - and I thought  ' I'm going to die and I'm really going to miss my kids' and then the airbag blew up in my face and I was in this amazing golden light- and it felt like joy all around me I felt fabulous- no pain, no worries, complete contentment - and the warm light was "God" or my idea of God - I felt loved and cared for and precious  - which was fabulous - and it seemed like everything made sense - it was like an "Ahhah" moment.  This presence didn't tell me it was god  - that was my later determination - we try to ascribe labels to things that shouldn't have labels - anyway, this intense energy force wanted to be with me and that was all I cared about at that time.  Then suddenly I was watching from above my jeep -
NDE due to auto accident.

1917.  Selosse NDE English expanded version  5/28/2009 From France, Original in French translated by Simon A.  My knee struck the rocks with such force that I fainted from the pain.  For a while, I ceased to exist... then darkness, a clear sensation of floating, during which my mind continued to function. I said to myself: "Ah, well, here you are then, this is death for you! It's not so bad as all that, after all."  At this point an unknown, but very clear voice, said to me: "No, you're not going to die, it's really not your time yet (with the implication 'you'll live to be very old') and you're going to get out of this." 
Went unconscious during a swimming accident.

1916.  Adam D NDE English expanded version  5/23/2009  We peaked up to the top of the hill and the four-wheeler flipped, my dad ended up falling away from the four-wheeler, but the four-wheeler fell right on top of me and the gas tank punctured my spleen and I immediately passed out. I woke up for a few seconds seeing somebody telling me to wake up, but I passed out again. Right there I began floating above my body just watching, without any concern, just watching as they put me on the stretcher. They put me in the ambulance truck and I couldn't see inside, then I remember just being in a light for a while. I ended up coming back into my body and woke up in the hospital a couple days later, supposedly I didn't breath for 30 minutes.
NDE due to accident at age 4.

1915.  Cinta J NDE English expanded version  5/23/2009 From the UK I was handing my partner a mug of tea when my teeth began to chatter and the next thing I knew, I was - somewhere else. No bright lights, no floating towards the light, I was just in another place, somewhere I'd always been. these people knew me and I knew them. I had no memory at all of any previous life. It was more real to me than anything else I'd ever experienced, but the most important thing was, that these people were so lovely. Kind, funny, loving, considerate. It was like having happiness running through your veins. This life continued for years - and then I came round to find myself in a  room I didn't recognize full of people. Some of them wearing some kind of a uniform. I know now that these people were paramedics. I had a thumping great pain in my chest and no idea where I was, or who any of the people were - I thought I was in some kind of horrible nightmare. I couldn't imagine what I'd done that was so irredeemably wicked I could be put in a place like this. One of the paramedics said 'We thought we'd lost you a couple of minutes there'.
NDE due to what I would guess to be a seizure prior to diagnosis of brain tumor, and NDE during surgery to remove tumor.

1914.  Edith C Probable NDE English expanded version  5/21/2009 From Argentina, Original in Spanish translated to English by Simon A.  I came into a place where children were playing games, it looked like a public square, a very broad space, where the colors were unusually brilliant to see, and everything seemed very calm, with no anxieties. It was a peacefulness which is very difficult to put into words. I was accompanied by someone, I suppose it would have been a woman, because she had a brown skirt on. Suddenly I saw some children near to me, my attention was drawn to a very pretty little girl. I was very happy and was following her, when suddenly I saw a little boy, and he was sad. He tried to come near me, but the little girl whispered something to him and sent him away from me. I tried to reach him (the little girl was smiling at me), I stretched out my arm and the little boy just turned around, as if asking me for something. The "person" at my side guided me in the other direction.
Probable NDE during surgery.

1913.  Paul H NDE English expanded version  5/16/2009  It seemed I was there for some time, but time really didn't exist there, but I never thought of "Time" as I did on earth as it would have been useless I guess, or it just wasn't an existing thing there.  There was no sound which I really loved.  It was like being in a sound proof chamber, but without walls.  I remember I could see.  I could look in all directions.  I remember looking under me and over me and I saw nothing but light Grey.  It never dawned on me that when I looked under me, I was missing my earthly body.  I remembered nothing of my earthly self.  Or even that I had ever existed before now.
NDE due to complication of cardiac procedure with cardiac arrest.

1912.  David L NDE 3990 English expanded version  5/16/2009  I was about three feet behind myself when I watched my body falling to the street. For an instant, my vision was back from the perspective of my body. I saw the pavement in my face. Back to the darkness, the pitch of black. Then as if looking down through the branches of a tree. There was an image fuzzy and dark. I thought, "What is that?" My friend answered, "I do not know, what is that?" Focusing all my concentration. The images was distorted like the sunlight that shines on the bottom of a swimming pool. The dim fuzzy dark image was illuminated clear for only an instant by the brighter lines moving across the field of view. I said to my friend, "That is my brothers car." I could see a police car to the left, a group of people behind the police car on the left, a ambulance to the right with a police car to the right of the ambulance. My friend said, "That is us." At that moment, we both said, "We are dead."
NDE due to auto accident at age 17.  Part of NDE is a rare shared NDE, where he is interacting with another individual who died in the same auto accident.

1911.  Theresa O Possible NDE English expanded version  5/16/2009  In  the next instant, Jesus Christ himself reached down and picked me up.  It was so much like the feeling I had felt when I was oh so small and so scared of a fire truck and my daddy had picked me up.  I held him so close around his neck. I wanted to do the same, yet I felt so undeserving.  As Jesus held me, I looked into his eyes-I will never forget how wonderful and awesome his eyes were!  The first thing I said to him was " Do you hate me because I am a drug Addict?'-I will never forget what He said to me---"NO"-  I only want you to know that I love you."  There were other things said and then he started to set me down and I said "Please don't leave me", and HE said "I will never give you more than you can handle"---Then I was back in my body.
Possible NDE associated with being poisoned by boyfriend.

1910.  Lee NDE English expanded version  5/16/2009  I instantly shot out of my body, but I was not above myself. It was as if I was some kind of energy, and I was flying away from earth, then it seemed as if I was flying away from the solar system, then I started flying away faster and I saw bunches of stars as if they were galaxies flying away from me, then they seemed to be bunching together into huge packs as if they were separate universes or something like that, it was as if there was a force or energy out there way  bigger than anything we know, and I had an enormous sense of understanding the meaning of life, that's when I seemed to shoot back at a phenomenal speed! I then came round and realized I had been in a coma and must of died.
NDE during diabetic coma.

1909.  Neiva Y Probable NDE English expanded version  5/16/2009 When I was around 4 years old, I had serious asthma.  We didn't know it was asthma yet, so it wasn't treated.  One night, I had a very, very severe asthma attack.  Suddenly I was flying, slowly following an angel who was only partly visible down my stairs.  It felt very real.  I felt wonderful and calm, and I wanted to keep following her for a long time.  The light was so bright it was almost white. But then I realized that I wanted to be with my mom, and that I missed her.  I wanted to go back to my normal life.  Then, it felt like the angel was pulling me towards her, but at the same time I was being sucked backwards.  She released me, and I flew through my house back into my room.  When we found out that what I had was asthma, the doctor said that I was very close to dying.
Probable NDE due to asthma at age 4-5.  Shared at age 11- the youngest experiencer to have shared with NDERF so far.

1908.  Stacey D NDE English expanded version  5/16/2009  had overdosed on a barbiturate I had three times the lethal limit in my system.  I was lying on the floor passed out when my mom just happened to come home early from work that day and found me.  When the paramedics arrived I was not breathing and my heart had stopped.  While they were resuscitating me I recall clear as if it had happened yesterday sitting up out of my body and looking at a man who was sitting on the chair close to where my body was.  I recall laughing as if I was incredibly happy to see him and I felt like I had known him my entire life.  He was sitting down, he had blondish brown hair and was wearing a white shirt with blue jeans.  He had his face covered so I couldn't see it and he was shaking his head from side to side as if he was disappointed in me.  The next thing I remember was opening my eyes to see the paramedics which were both women and my mom standing over me.  I looked to where the man was sitting and there were no men present.
Suicide attempt from overdose of barbiturate.

1907.  Robert H Probable NDE English expanded version  5/16/2009 I remember being transported to this new world it seemed like.  I remember seeing a brightly colored dome, spires, and living a whole life someplace else. I remember being clothed in simple garb.  The feeling of love was enveloping all around me.  There was no fear or sorrow whatsoever.  I saw colors that seem to mix together in glimmery iridescence.  It was pure joy and happiness.  It felt more real than anything I've experienced on earth.  I did not want to leave and I was thrown back into my body it seemed.  I was so upset because I was ready to go.
Probable NDE from accident.

1906.  Charles S NDE English expanded version  5/16/2009 Fell off porch… 5 years old sitting atop electric pole watching mother and  friends trying to get me  to  come  back -- so I felt I should go back and I  did.
NDE at age 5 due to fall off porch and OBE at age 55.  Contributor is currently 87, thus NDE shared 82 years after its occurrence is currently an NDERF record.

1905.  Giambalvo NDE English expanded version  5/16/2009 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Simon A. I had a fall into a ravine  more than 150 feet deep, witnessed by my companions and my teacher. From where I fell, I could hear my best friend calling to find where I was. I was replying but he could not hear me. I saw him reach the spot and I saw my teacher lifting me in his arms. I also saw the ambulance arrive by road and park at the edge of the forest. I saw the paramedics get out of their vehicles. I did speak to my teacher, but no one could hear me, and from where I fell it would be impossible to see everything I saw, as I was right inside the forest with my view cut off, and unconscious.
NDE from a fall.

1904.  Jean-Marie P NDE English expanded version  5/12/2009 From Belgium.  Original in French, translated to English by Simon A.  The only thing I am absolutely certain of, and which I could remember directly after the accident, is the flash, as I have always called it, though I was not dazzled. It was not so much a flash as a reverse flash.  Actually, I was in the light, and the world appeared to me as a little black dot. Then this dot grew larger and larger, until I seemed to pass from one world to another. I was surrounded by light and then little by little the black dot, at first tiny, grew bigger, to finally absorb me. The transition came about at dizzying speed. Yet, I remember it as if it were yesterday, as I did when I came back.  I've had trouble sorting out what happened just after the accident. As if time, not the events themselves, were stored in a random way in my memory, due to the shock, perhaps.
NDE from a car accident.  This is an unusual one that shows the link between NDE and the need for the brain to be able to reach those NDE memories.

1903.  Anatole C Probable NDE English expanded version  5/11/2009  when I decided to give up trying to reach the shore and just let myself drown, suddenly everything seemed to stand totally still. I could clearly feel/see that the wind still blew, the water still lapped around me, the sun continued to shine bright and strong. I could feel these elements but they did not effect the void time/space that was created around me. Then I heard a voice directly in my mind. I clearly perceived that it came to me from above-left side. This being I did not perceive as being "more" than myself. it was more like a "similar" to myself. a telepathic dialogue took place in which certain questions were asked and I was compelled to answer truthfully. At the end, I made a decision and at that point, the "void" stopped and, with difficulty, I made it back to the shore.
Probable NDE due to near drowning.

1902.  Carmen D NDEs English expanded version  5/11/2009 I was climbing up a long golden ladder up through the clouds, and I was climbing very very high and at the end of the ladder, there was a man, (for me, it was God) who met me. He was of medium built with white shoulder length hair, with a white shiny white beard like angel hair and had on a white robe with sash. He took me by my hand and we walked towards a marble bench where he sat me in his lap. I felt very weak and tired from the long climb. As he sat me on his lap and laid in his arms, I reached up and touched his beard with my right hand and felt the most immense sense of love and understanding, (until this day this feeling has never left me). He stood me up and took me by the hand and as we were walking, we went to a white marble room where there was a huge screen and pictures of my life were flashing very fast. In the screen, were the most surprising images that has never left me, it was of a previous life.
NDE at age 5 due to accidental overdose of anti-depressant medication, and NDE at age 15 due to ether complication during dental procedure.

1901.  Andrew C NDE. English expanded version  5/11/2009 From Romania.  I found myself floating in above the surgery room and surprised that I seemed to have no weight at all I was very light and movement was really easy compared to the physical movement I looked down and saw my body and the doctors working on me heard them yelling " we are loosing him " they struggled to get me back to life and I was so confused thinking " wow why do they bother ? I don't need my body im fine actually better than before " it sounds funny because for them it was a life-threatening situation but I was so calm and relaxing up there suspended in the air that I thought " this is death ? how can I see if I have no eyes ? " I then saw a bright gentle light coming down on me from the ceiling and it filled me with happiness and love that I never felt on earth I completely became addicted to it was so powerful.
NDE due to complication while under general anesthesia. 

1900.  Karyl M NDE-Like  English expanded version  5/11/2009  It was time to go outside, and I was headed for the window. However, as I turned slowly, there was darkness, and a small light at the apparent end.   In this tunnel, I could see glimpses of dark blue, purple and gold specks, illuminating the walls of this long, and very quiet tunnel. The tranquility that was within there is now capturing my entire being, and was enough for this highly anxious girl,  want to stay here for a long while.     As I am floating toward the light, I felt compelled to continue this uncertain and positive experience.......The light is becoming brighter and larger, and all I could feel is the presence of good., and now am for sure, this is where I need to be.
Very NDE-Like: OBE over body, tunnel, light at end of tunnel, being there gave her choice to return, back to body. No physical compromise.

1899.  Jessica G NDE English expanded version  5/3/2009  After a brief argument with the man, as I was trying to swim away from him, he pushed me under water by my shoulders and held me there.  I struggled against his hands on my shoulders, but was not able to come to the surface.  When I was almost out of air, I looked up through the water at the face of my attacker.  His expression was very frightening to me because he was smiling, but also appeared to be very angry. The perspective of my memory at that point changed from looking up at him to looking down at the top and back of his head and myself from above.  I saw my body floating limply under water with my eyes open. At the same time the visual perspective of my memory changed, I remember the pain in my lungs, my feelings of panic and the urge to breathe stopped as well.  I felt peaceful clarity.  I was aware of the circumstances and knew I was dying.  My face looked peaceful and oddly pretty. I was aware I had a choice and was happy to move on to the light behind me.
NDE due to criminal attack and drowning at age 11.

1898.  Paeata BC NDE English expanded version  5/3/2009  From New Zealand Great clarity. All the richness of color and the other senses working overtime and even I would say outside of normal experience so sort of extended awareness… A second was an eternity and an eternity a second.
Multiple NDEs from asthma attacks.

1897.  Dave N Experience English expanded version  5/3/2009  My brief encountered continued on, I felt that I was subterranean, my for some reason I noted seeing a statue of “The Thinker”, and then it was dark, hot, extremely hot, the surroundings were rocky, dusty, like a canyon underground and I was being led downward with the heat intensifying.  I blacked out form there I awakened into a blinding light, the light of the sun, like I said, it was so bright it was blinding, I turned and looked down to see mountains, filled with trees, a valley with a beautiful river flowing, as I turned, I saw the river flow into the ocean, untouched by humans.  No bridges, people, utilities, just raw beauty.  I felt alive. 
NDE vs ICU Hallucination.  Complications after heart surgery and was in ICU 20 days. Had episodes of respiratory arrest, but event not clearly associated with these events.

1896.  Jan L Probable NDE English expanded version  4/25/2009 I was given a general anesthetic for a routine surgical procedure for my bladder. Once the anesthetic was given to me, and procedure complete, while in the recovery room attendants and doctors could not awaken me. And so on....during this time I recall looking around the recovery room and eventually, sitting up and moving. Being curious I looked around the room to see what it looked like noticing the medical staff working in another portion of the room. Suddenly, I saw this beautiful white light slowly coming towards me. A man who had a kind gentle face dressed in a white cloth was before me. He stood to the right side of this ever growing light. While I began to move in his direction, he was so welcoming and only spoke to me it seemed through his eyes. He asked me if I wanted to enter the light. I was overjoyed that he had come for me and loved me so much. I can't really describe the joy or calm I felt. I wanted to go with so badly. It felt like home. Somehow it was decided for me not to go with him and I returned to my body.
Probable NDE following surgery at age 16.

1895.  Berta P NDE English expanded version  4/25/2009 I was 16 years old, h/o emotional, psychical and sexual abuse, intoxicated, involved in a severe motor vehicle accident that threw me 138 feet, landing on the pavement face first.  I do not remember the impact, transportation to the hospital or treatment up until the time of death.  I remember the code team working on me, and then they slowly turned and walked away.  The M.D. had said that it was over, he was ending the resuscitation attempt (calling the code). I was floating in the air, up in the corner, above some equipment.  I was looking down at everything. My vision was extremely clear and intense--as if being in a body was like being in a lens, and now it was clear.  I felt wonderful--no body sensations; pain, density.  Everything was light and pure, beyond anything describable.
NDE at age 16 due to car accident.

1894.  Christy B NDE English expanded version  4/25/2009 We had had an accident and from what I have been told, at first was non-responsive then got up, denied medical treatment from paramedics and went with my parents who had been called to the scene. I have no recall of the accident or how I got to my parents' house what I do recall is, I was with my biological mother who passed 12 yrs earlier and countless others who loved me and were so happy to see me and I them. I felt as though they were caring for me and began wondering why they had to care for me and that is when I was told it was to keep me safe and that I would have to leave soon, and oh I so so didn't want to go since I felt a very powerful all loving, content, sensation that I was Home! I was surrounded with a powerful energy source and was a source of positive energy myself and was interested and slightly confused as to why I wouldn't be staying with them.
NDE due to accident while passenger on a motorcycle.

1893.  Gloria NDE English expanded version  4/25/2009  I felt as though I was hovering around my body, but this was probably due to the drugs.  I had no physical sensation even though I was crashing into walls and doors.  I sort of watched my body bouncing around. Two days later, after everything was over, I found contusions on my head and other parts of my body.  In the meantime, somehow we made it to the hospital where they put me on a gurney, got me into a room, shoving a tube up my nose and down my throat (that I remember! It felt like someone punched me straight in the nose.)  The hospital staff kept yelling for me to stay awake.  I watched them from around my body more than in it. 
NDE due to suicide attempt with unknown medications at age 12.  Remarkable anxiety in her mother at the time which probably saved her life.  Also describes a deathbed vision by mother.

1892.  Jodi S NDE English expanded version  4/25/2009  A tall bald black man was wheeling me into the operating room because I started bleeding internally. I remember telling him through difficult breaths "Don't let me die!"  He looked right into my eyes and said, "You're not going to die today!" That was the last words I heard. I remember seeing this bright beautiful light that started out in front of me and quickly was all around me. It was so intensely bright and white, but it did not hurt my eyes or make me squint. It was so bright white it had almost a blue hue to it. There is nothing on Earth I can compare it to, so it is very difficult for me to explain. But it was the most welcoming and  beautiful feeling I ever had. I felt so incredibly free and I was intensely happy and felt no need for anything. There was no sense of time during this period. I just knew I never wanted to leave this sense of peace and wellbeing. One thing is for sure, I was NOT dead! I was more alive than I had ever been before. I saw a figure of light come towards me out of the light.
NDE due to car accident.

NDE due to medication complication after childbirth.

1890.  Thomas M NDE 3958 English expanded version  4/25/2009  I knew that this presence was all powerful and knew everything and that everything would always be alright no matter what happened ever. I became aware that the presence was prompting me into a dialogue. I remember bits and pieces of a "conversation" without words. I remember asking questions and receiving answers. The first question I asked was very impertinent. "Why is there so much pain down there?" (meaning on earth). The answer was laughter. So much joyful laughter like a mother laughing at the amazing questions only a small child can ask. The laughter was followed with something like: "Don't you know I have the power to take away all the pain? I can rewind the universe and start all over again with one simple wish. The pain is left behind on earth. It does not travel with us but the lessons we learn from it are eternal."
NDE due to car accident.  Had amnesia for weeks after accident, then remembered the accident and the NDE.

1889.  Crystal B NDE English expanded version  4/25/2009  Then, I remember seeing people in the past like my father. When I was face to face to my father I felt afraid "did you steal this?" he said to me. "no!" I replied, and then he asked it again. about 10 times with the same movement as if it was rewound and replayed. When I told the truth I got to go on to the next person I lied to. "did you do this to this?" "no!" then when I had lied again I ended up all the way back to my father. I had to tell the truth no matter how much crap I thought I would be in. I wanted it to end and I wanted it to fast forward so I chose to tell the truth throughout all of the people I have lied to.
NDE due to car crash.  Contains some atypical features.  Remarkably, this NDE is shared only a few days after it occurred.

1888.  Patricia AR NDE English expanded version  4/25/2009  Well I was prep for and was sedated.  The next thing I know I heard the doctor yelling and the nurses running around.  I looked to my right and saw the doctor beating on my chest, but I all I could do was stand there until I saw a light on the wall.  It looked like a flashlight that grew bigger and I touched it and was taken into a tunnel with clouds spinning and rolling around.  They clouds were grey, white, and smoky somewhat.  I was gliding very fast with my arms just dangling.  When I got to the end the light turned orange and there very tall man dressed in tan work outfit (Shirt & pants).  I look pass him and I could see yellow flowers and a large mountain and a blue sky.  His face was the color of light sand and his hair was golden tan.  He had the kindest look in his eyes.  I could hear the silence and see the trees and I wanted to run in, but he stopped me.  He tilted me backwards and sent me back through the tunnel with a gentle push, at which time I heard the doctor say we got her.
Two NDEs during surgery due to apparent cardiac arrest.  The second NDE appears to include the rare situation of seeing a person during the NDE who was alive at the time of the NDE.

1887.  Richard R NDE English expanded version  4/25/2009  Then I went into respiratory arrest.   This happens a lot to me. There was this most amazing bright light.  All of a sudden I was in the most beautiful place.  The sky was so blue. The weather was so perfect.  I was outside.  It was just this huge big open lawn.  Every member of my family and friends who had died were there. Even my dogs.  I felt calmer than at any time in my life. I have never felt so at peace or happy.  Then my brother came over to me and hugged me and smiled and said it wasn't my time yet and then all of a sudden I was awake and gasping for breath and surrounded by a whole lot of doctors and nurses. Since then I have felt so much calmer.  Death doesn't scare me like it did before. It is hard to explain.  I know that I am not going to die when my body dies. I guess you would have to have it happen to you to know what I am talking about.
NDE due to respiratory arrest.

Probable NDE that happened after surgery. 

1885.  Simran W NDE English expanded version  4/24/2009 & 1/1/2011 From India  It was the sunny morning at around 11 pm of 18th May, 2007 when I boarded a bus to take up some work. I don’t know what happened, I just heard some voices so concerned about me and pleading me lovingly, saying “WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR BRAIN. YOU ARE A VIPASSANIYA! WAKE UP, WAKE UP! And I did wake up, saw that my bus had met with a deadly accident killing the bus driver and injuring many of us. I was the only one who flew from the front seat. The vision was blurry, the sound dull, and some guy asked me about informing any of the family member. I somehow struggled my husband’s name and saw myself soaked in blood having splinters all over my body, leg crushed badly and then a blackout.
From India- relatively rare non-Western NDE.  NDE due to bus crash.  I believe the term used above is Vipissanā, which in the Buddhist tradition means insight into the nature of reality. A regular practitioner of Vipassana is known as a Vipassi (vipasya).  (From Wikipedia).

1884.  JennZ NDE English expanded version  4/24/2009  A friend and I were driving to VT one day and I was the driver. I have a history of chronic asthma and bronchitis. At the time I was still a smoker. I had a chest cold as well. I was driving along a highway in rural VT, not much traffic when I lit up a cigarette. After a couple of puffs I started coughing hard, then harder, then I couldn't even take a breath in and passed out. I remember not feeling anything after that just a dream or visual experience. I remember moving rapidly through the trees and bright sunlight was shining through the trees as I was moving toward something. Then I stopped. There was a big white house that sat under a brilliantly blue sky and there was a nice flower garden and white sheets blowing in the breeze on laundry lines. I remember looking into what I thought was a laundry basket on the ground but when I looked inside of it, I saw a baby.
NDE at time she passed out while driving.

1883.  Mandip Possible NDE English expanded version  4/24/2009 From India There doors sliding in front of me each door representing a stage of my past life since childhood & one door representing present day somehow I knew I had to enter the right door in the limited time I had  as after that all the doors would close never to open again leaving me all alone in the dark void forever .  I also knew that if I entered the wrong door  the memories from that stage of my life till today would be erased I started fearing not death but isolation or never being able to see my two sons & husband again or even not recognizing them after I wake up  I feel time is slipping out of my hands & I decide that I rather enter the wrong door than stay back  in my head I just think of GOD & put my foot forward to enter the speeding doors  & at that very moment I feel the anesthetist slapping my cheeks & calling my name & the surgeon says SHE IS BACK I know it was not just a dream because after these few seconds of consciousness I was unconscious again &when I regained consciousness again I felt the time lapse
Possible NDE from India.

1882.  Julianna D NDE English expanded version  4/24/2009  Was I really going to leave my life behind? I went over everything one more time and I just said do it now or else you'll suffer more with your life and if this ever came up again I probably wouldn't be brave enough to actually hold a knife to my stomach and say this is it. I'm through. So I lifted the knife up and just slammed it through my skin. The pain was so terrible I couldn't even cry. I remember falling on the ground with my mouth just hanging wide open. Then a white light appeared and a girl about sixteen or seventeen walked out. She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and told me that everything was going to be alright. I was scared. I kept on asking her who she was she just told me that it didn't matter and that she was my comforter.
Stunning NDE from suicide attempt at age 11.  Experience shared at age 12.

1881.  Phillip NDE English expanded version  4/24/2009  I was crossing a 4 lane highway, the cars by my side of the road had stopped at a red light that was half a block down. I went between the cars on my side and ran thru them thinking that the other lanes where clear because of the red light. I heard the screeching of tires, felt a heavy bump, felt myself spinning thru the air and then slid to a stop with my head on the curb and my body in the street. I was looking up at the sky. I could not hear, I was not feeling anything and I could not move. The edges of my vision was getting closer and closer until finally I blacked out. All of a sudden I was high in the sky. I could see my body lying in the street, all the people where getting out of their cars. I had a panorama view of the whole area and I was slowly going higher. I saw the ambulance coming. I saw the EMT's get out. They started immediately cutting off my jacket and shirts, It was winter time. They hooked me up to a defibrillator and shocked me twice.
NDE at age 15 due to being struck by a car.

1880.  Isaac L NDE English expanded version  4/24/2009  I took two floaties - foam 'noodles' - into the water and was straddling them as I floated, while my mother and uncle sat on the concrete and talked. I floated, without realizing it, into the deep end of the pool. Suddenly, I slipped between the wet noodles and fell into the water. Being completely inexperienced in swimming, I sunk straight to the bottom and started inhaling water quickly. I saw a light, and started to thrash and walk toward it. I seemed to move unnaturally slowly and fluidly. I thought the light was a light at the edge of the pool, and I was planning to reach it and pull myself up and out of the water. I almost reached it when my uncle's strong arms gripped me and pulled me up. He had jumped in, in his business suit, to save me. When I talked to my mom much later, she said I hadn't moved from where I had fallen in the water - my conclusion is that my spirit left my body and was moving to the next life.
NDE at about age 6 due to near drowning.

1879.  Lydia L NDE English expanded version  4/6/2009 From Quebec Canada, original in French translated to English by Simon A  I started home on my bicycle near 7 pm, I was not wearing my hard helmet with earphones. I was focusing on my premonition. At a red light, I crossed the street. I could see the car coming, and I thought it was going to stop to let me cross over. But it wasn't. It hardly slowed down, then it swerved and hit me. In the space of 5 seconds, I saw my life passing before me, and my grandmother, who was near to me. When I opened my eyes, I was under my bike, unable to move.
Teenager hit by a car at age 15 and reported it at age 16.

1878.  Chris W Probable NDE English expanded version  4/4/2009  Then the next thing I remember was that I was moving in slow motion across an open field of green grass. And it was a sunny day. Bright and sunny day. (Remember I was on my way to work at 3:30 am in the morning. It was pitch dark and no grass.) And as I was driving through the field, all the tree was right in front of me. So I swerved to miss it. Then I was just their watching myself. bent over holding my stomach. Asking for help softly. Then from there I was in a mans house, blood all over me, sitting on his chair, saying only (help, I hurt) then from there, all I remember was being in the hospital.
Probable NDE from car accident.

1877.  GP Fear Death Experience and Probable NDE English expanded version  4/4/2009 From India. I was on the roof of an apartment that was under construction.  There was opening of roof for lift on the roof. Accidentally I was slipped through it and came to the cellar floor and fell down on horizontal beam.  My spinal card 13th disk has been damaged.  I could remember the fall only.  It was about 50 feet height.  While dropping from the roof through the duct I lost body contact.  There was sudden and very bright light light.  I lost consciousness about the physical body and immersed in the light.  I was admitted in Hospital and after CT Scan and other tests the doctors confirmed that there is nothing wrong with my brain.  I could come to consciousness only after two days of the incident.
Experience began while falling, apparently prior to life-threatening impact. 

1876.  Kumar NDE English expanded version  4/4/2009  From India. During the surgery at one point I remember having no air inside me . I believe that was the time when my lungs had collapsed ( as told by the doctor later ) .They had lost me for about 11 seconds. At this time I remember very clearly what I felt was something like some one wanting to place some blocks on me ...like a jigsaw puzzle but didn't know where to fix it and I knew and wanted to let them . I was screaming to tell but they could not hear me . I lifted my arm but suddenly realized my arm was in two places on the operation table and trying to reach the doc. At that point I gave up but strangely I was not at all sad . I accepted it almost lay back feeling satisfied with a feeling of a lot of peace and calm around me . I strangely felt happy that the docs had failed to fit the piece . Then suddenly I felt a gush of cold air filling my body which may have been the ventilator starting . Next I woke up the next day .
NDE due to complications of childbirth. 

1875.  Lisa L NDE English expanded version  4/4/2009  An  older  man   parked in the  parking lot didn't see  us and  as  he backed out he   I was standing out side the  and  I  didn't see him  coming  my way he back up smashing me in to the car . and  I felt the  hard  hit  bit  felt no pain ,  I hear a  voice saying look  up  . I looked up it was  bright  and  I  look back  down and  back up and  I  could   see  my soul  leaving  my body going in the air .  right then I  began to pray to god to  let me live . because I  wasn't ready .I  just  had  a baby that  may . and had  3  other small  children and  they  needed me . and I  needed them ,   as I  prayed to god I watched  my  soul  come  back in my body and  it was  back in there  before the  ambulance  got there , and  next thing I  new I was  in the hospital .
NDE due to injury.

1874.  Barbara W NDE English expanded version  4/4/2009 & 11/2009  I had surgery to relieve the pressure on my brain and was in intensive care.  I was in a coma. I didn't know until I got home that the doctors told my family I only had a 10% chance of living.  At one point I became aware of a light that was with me that I'll refer to as a presence.  The presence was communicating with me and assuring me I was safe and led me through a beautiful field with flowers and trees and a creek.  The presence was telling me I would no longer have any worries or troubles and was so calming.  We got to a white bridge and I was ready to go over when the presence said it was okay to go over but told me I had 3 small children on this side, so I remained on this side.
NDE due to cerebral hemorrhage.

1873.  Christopher G NDE English expanded version  4/4/2009  Even under the sedation I felt a small amount of pain but when my heart starting going into V tach a peace came over me I became fully aware of my surroundings I could feel the shell of my body and my spirit began to rise an extreme peace came over me. As my spirit began to rise the doctor shocked me and then again and my spirit stopped and went back into my body and state of mind went back to being sedated. I felt complete peace no worries about anything and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
NDE during cardiac procedure while under conscious sedation anesthesia.  Interesting contrast between consciousness under this type of anesthesia and enhanced consciousness of NDE.  This experience was shared a few days after it happened.

1872.  Mitzi M NDE English expanded version  3/14/2009 Then everything went black and I totally relaxed. It was a very, very peaceful, calm feeling. There was no pain, no stress, no worries. The next thing I remember was I was standing at the door of a very dark space looking out at a beautiful fall day. There was a dirt road leading off into the distance and I was at the beginning of it. There a forest on either side of the road and the trees and plants were all bright colors of Autumn. Right in front of me there were 2 boys, around the ages of 6 and 8, and they were standing there facing me and holding hands. I couldn't make out their faces because the sun was shining very brightly in the sky above and behind them and their faces were in dark shadow. I believe it was because the place behind me was so dark and the sun had nothing to reflect off of to light up their faces. I could see the hair on their heads and arms very well because the sun was highlighting it. It was kind of like the boys were in silhouette. That was all I remember before I woke up.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1871.  Greg D NDE English expanded version  3/14/2009 I could not taste, smell or feel anything.  What felt like a few seconds later was a visual effect of all the great things that happened in my life.  It was as though I was watching a video of my life...starting out slowly and increasing in speed toward the end.  Then all of a sudden it felt as though I was standing in the middle of a football field in total darkness.  It was a feeling of open space for at least a few hundred feet around me.  As I looked upward I could see a rim of light at the very top of where I was at.  Air brushed behind my neck and though someone was behind me.  Then all of a sudden I heard a voice coming toward me. A man's voice which was in a different language.  It was more of a whisper that turned into English, telling me "It's almost time." I saw quick pictures of myself aging from childhood to adulthood and more forward.  All of a sudden a jerk came across my body and it automatically shifted 180-degrees.  I had then opened my eyes laying in a hospital bed wondering what the heck had just happened.  I was told that I had an asthma attack while at work and had stopped breathing.
NDE due to asthma attack.

1870.  Marci F Fear Death Experience English expanded version  3/14/2009 From France I was coming home after work at about 8 30 pm and it had snowed and grown considerably colder. I knew the winding hilly back road like the back of my hand and enjoyed speeding along. Unfortunately the wooden/bridge was exposed and grew icy faster than the ground. I came onto the bridge, lost control of my car, thought I would die, saw my life pass in front of me and at that same moment, something intervened to redirect my car and I glided safely to the other side. The next day, I took a walk near the bridge to study the icy effects and discover details. The bridge was closed. Someone else had gone over it after me, lost control and did not survive.
From France.  Life review at time car slid on an icy bridge.

1869.  Cedric G NDE English expanded version  3/11/2009 From France, translated to English by Amy.  When my heart rate reach 280 beats per minute the doctor turned to me and asked if I was okay. I remember it was precisely at that moment that I felt that I was going to faint. I therefore responded "not really" and "let go". That's when I climbed slowly towards the ceiling, my vision was tunnel vision, pretty clear in the center and blurry on the sides, I climb for a few seconds, I don't hear anything, I don't feel anything, I understand that I am going up and then am violently pulled back down. That's the only thing I feel for real, the ceiling gets farther away and the descent to the bottom is at an unnatural speed. Once I'm out of that room I regain consciousness, a nurse realizes that my entire body is trembling.

1868.  Cherie M NDE English expanded version  3/7/2009 In 2000 I was shot in the right temple point blank with a 22 caliber handgun. At first I could hear everything but I was paralyzed & blind. I was speaking but not sure if I could be heard because it was as if I were in another dimension. I kept saying I'm not dead yet & I heard him go outside & then reenter. Then I heard him make the 911 call. All of the sudden there was a dark tunnel I was getting sucked through towards the light. When I got to the light, there was Jesus. It wasn't visual but there was no disputing who it was. He took me by the hand. The profoundly incredible peace was beyond conception. We walked hand & hand for some time. It was hard to tell because it was like there was no sense of time. I remember feeling the presence of my deceased Father in the distance. I also remember not wanting to come back. It was bliss.
NDE due to being shot in head at point blank range.

1867.  Julie D Probable NDE English expanded version  3/7/2009 I was standing in the ocean.  I could feel the pull of the undertow.   I knew nothing about undertow.  I sat down in the water.   The undertow pulled me out into the ocean and flipped me all around.  I felt a deep sense of peace and a feeling that I was going to drown.  There was no panic only peace.   I thought to myself, "I wonder how far this has taken me out into the ocean"   I also thought calmly,  "I am going to drown"   I also had a panoramic view of my life -  there was no sense of time - I didn't know how long this was all taking. There was some sense of God being in control of the situation, however, I did not specifically see any Being.  Then, suddenly, I was "let go" and I came to the top of the water.   I was not far from shore.   I was with a friend.  She was on shore  laughing at me.   She said it looked "funny"      I never told her (or anyone else) for a long time I did not know this was an "NDE"   years later, I heard someone on TV describe exactly what happened to me.  They had been in a near drowning experience as well.
Probable NDE due to near drowning.

1866.  V NDE English expanded version  3/7/2009 Then, I was Home. Earth and this life were a bad summer camp, in comparison, and I knew I wanted to stay. I didn't want to go back to camp. That's all I knew. I didn't "see 'God,'" but I felt as though I was sitting in the lap and wrapped in the arms of the most wonderful, loving [giant] "parent." This is where it gets frustrating, because there are not, now, and will never be words to convey how this feels... I detest using the word "God," because of the great perversion we humans have made of the concept, but I will use it from this point onward, merely for the sake of expedience. I was "sitting in God's lap," wrapped in the warmest embrace, and immediately involved in a "conversation." We communicated -- telepathically? Don't know how else to describe it. I didn't want to come back. That was my focus. I was Home, I liked being Home, just let me be Home. But God was holding me tighter [in the best of ways], and showing me the life to which I must return.
Profound NDE at age 3 due to overdose of unknown medication.

1865.  Leta NDE English expanded version  2/28/2009 I woke up at 4:00 am. I went into the bathroom. I started to feel queasy. I felt faint. The next thing I remember was I was FLYING, super fast, head first down a long, dark hallway. It was very dark. There was someone on my right holding my arm taking me. I could tell that this person KNEW where we were going and it was their mission to bring me. I was screaming no, no, no. I did not want to go. I could see objects going by me on each side. I don't know what they were because we were flying so fast. It felt like we were going down that dark hallway for a  long time. I remember just thinking no, where am I? where are we going? Then we stopped in front of a door on the left. I don't know what color the door was, all I knew was it was a door and I was not going through it! I kept saying NO! The next thing I remember was my husband telling me I had a seizure.
NDE due to seizure followed by respiratory and cardiac arrest.

1864.  Linda S NDE English expanded version  2/28/2009  My sister, who had passed away 21 years before my experience, she was doing some type of work with other beings, who had human form, but I do not remember their faces. This was in a one-level structure, that looked like a long house from the outside. She was giggling and quite happy; she greeted me and told me there was someone she wanted me to meet. Amidst some commotion, through the back came Jesus Christ, and there was no mistake as to who he was; he looked like the artist's portraits, but not meek and mild, as often portrayed, he was healthy and robust. He put his arm around me, in the area of what would have been my shoulder, looked me straight in the eyes and said "I have come for you, that you may know that I am real." I was totally awestruck by His presence, yet I felt a love and respect for Him that I have never felt in physical life. I followed Him to an area that I can best describe as a "desert garden". We sat on large "sitting rocks", and he began to speak.
NDE during coma due to bacterial meningitis.

1863.  Valerie R NDE English expanded version  2/28/2009 I was in surgery at the time, I had told my doctor I was scared to die, though my belief in Jesus is tremendous, sometime during surgery I went thru a tunnel, parts of my life passed me by, I had closed my eyes tight, I remember someone saying open your eyes, I was in a pure white space, and could see rooms with spirits walking around, I started to cry, but no tears, I remember looking at my hands and they were translucent, then an angel appeared, she had such a radiant glow to her beauty to behold, she comforted me, telling me I was safe, I remember telling her I wasn't ready to die, she said she knew that, then she pointed down, and I could see the doctor's doing CPR on a little Girl, not really understanding that was me, I watched my whole operation, CPR, and all, I told her that was so sad, she looks so young, then she said they are bringing her back, and I felt like I was pushed and thrown back into that painful body, After I woke from surgery my doctor told me I scared her and that they had lost me in the operating room…
NDE during surgery at age 17.

1862.  Adaline C NDE English expanded version  2/28/2009 I didn’t feel any pain at all; however I was just struggling to set myself free from this man (the father of my son). I then was in this beautiful glowing place, white glowing background like clouds but illuminating bright clouds, and a man in front of me.  A man in a white dressy shirt and white dressy pants, his hair so smooth black and short, beautifully comb to the back (very good looking man). I was begging him to let me stay, but he insisted in telling me I have to go back. I insisted in not coming back, I wanted to stay in this beautiful place. This Other Side was unexplainable in words. Too peaceful, too overwhelming, I was overpowered with some much love. I felt enamored, whole and complete, nothing to do with this world. It was my best experience in my whole life. The moment I step in the Other Side I felt the immense love all around me, also I knew I belonged there, however I tried hard, and implore, implore, and implore to stay in this beautiful world…
NDE due to strangulation by ex-boyfriend.

1861.  Catherine D NDE English expanded version  2/27/2009 From France, Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter.  When I arrived where I could not go forward (I was at the end of the tunnel, on one side there was the light  but I was still in darkness), this is when I heard God’s voice who talked to me, HIS VOICE stopped me. His voice has an ACTING energy power. While He was talking to me, I did feel I could not move anymore, although I very much wanted to reach the light. My consciousness was clear, kind of acute, this is an hyper consciousness, ultra clear. Everything that has been told to me has been perceived and understood as being the TRUTH. This consciousness ENCOMPASSES ALL, just all. This is INSTANT consciousness. It is also different in the sense that communication is also realized through telepathy.  His presence (God’s) was not a visual one, although I could have precisely said where He was, somewhat hidden in the shadow. His presence could be perceived through the energy mass I felt flowing out of Him and the place He was.  He was God, no need to introduce Himself: Not only does he communicates orally but also through telepathy, by placing TRUTHS in our mind. The fact that He was God was one of these truths he placed in my spirit. 


1860.  Cora V NDE English expanded version  2/23/2009 From the Netherlands, Original in Dutch, translated to English by Annelies. Then I was alone again and although I was lying with my back towards the window, I was looking out of that window. And in the distance I saw a glowing point light up. While I was watching it became bigger, like the sun rising and it came through the closed window into the room and embraced me completely. Then all went quiet inside me and all I felt was a warm love, peace and a feeling of happiness that is difficult to put into words. It seemed I had had a lung embolism and the doctors had saved me from dying. For a long time I have longed for that feeling of love. 
Beginnings of a NDE.


1859.  Mark NDE English expanded version  2/22/2009 I was being drowned, BY a Lifeguard (of all people)...and, I slowly sank to the bottom of the pool, where I stayed for 5 or more minutes with a water filled body. After a short while, I sensed Angels gathering around me; it was peaceful.  Then, I was maybe 20 to 30 feet above the pool, looking down at my friend diving into the pool to save me. The Angels took me up to a gathering of clouds.  There were a few Romanesque pillars with green ivy, and an archway in the back.  I had 7 Angels holding me up, and four in front of me on the landing. Three were very animated and discussing what to do with me, the fourth angel kept me company.  I looked around and saw very large Pure Love Orbs with silhouettes of human souls - like a chalk outline of a dead body. I looked down at our earth and it was brown and moving, and alive with all of the souls it takes to make our planet whole; Our earth, is Alive, as you are.  I saw Heaven, a little to my left behind the pillars.
NDE due to drowning at age 12.


1858.  Stefan B NDE English expanded version  2/22/2009 I was standing on a moving swing and fell down after a girl shook the swing (and I wasn't holding myself to anything). I fell on my back and hit my head on the ground. I immediately lost consciousness. Then I saw my life from the beginning like in a fast-forwarded movie (the feeling I got was that of a dream - compared to full consciousness - so I didn't actually realize that I was unconscious). I woke up before the memories could reach the present with a fade-to-black and then to the gray of the rainy sky of that day.
NDE at age 8 in Romania due to falling from swing.


1857.  Marissa G NDE English expanded version  2/22/2009  From Israel.  I saw a girl in the hospital bed and knew that she was very ill and dying. With this understanding I knew it was me that was this ill girl. I had departed from my physical body and was looking at my hospital room from the corner of the ceiling, I saw my father walking up and down looking now and then at the monitors that my body was attached to, I saw my mother sitting in a large arm chair quietly. Then they appeared one on my left, one on my right and one behind me. I felt great wisdom coming from them; they talked to me through thought not sound. They asked me if I wish to go with them or stay. I had no questions about going with them but asked many about what will be if I decided to stay. Some of my questions were: 1. If I decided to stay will I get better? 2. Will the pain go away? 3. How will I know that all will be ok after I decide to live? 4. Is there something that I am to do on earth and therefore should decide to live? I was given more or less answers to my questions.
NDE due to illness. 


1856.  Georgia Possible NDE English expanded version  2/22/2009 From Sweden Original in Swedish, translated to English by John S.  Until this very day I remember the meeting with the incredibly kind figure who wore a long cloak or mantle. I think it was a male figure, maybe an angel, but without visible wings. I clearly remember the question he asked me: If I was ready to cross over. I knew somehow that there wasn’t any return if I did that. I almost felt embarrassed and ungrateful to the friendly figure when I said: “Mom and dad need me, besides we will go back to Sweden in a few days.” I don’t remember if I said that in words or by telepathy. Immediately after that I woke up. My grandmother was trying to lower the fever by using large rhubarb-looking leaves on my bare body.
Possible Child NDE .


1855.  Jolene NDE English expanded version  2/22/2009  The white, warm glow surrounds me. It is the purest white light you could ever see, glowing all around you. I felt so comfortable, and so undoubtedly happy. I knew what was going on, I knew it as a fact, not assuming.. I was dead. It felt like a long time before I was spoken to. It was not verbally, nor did I see anyone/anything else around me. I was being spoken from within my own heart. It is hard to describe without sounding like I am making a conversation with myself, but that's what it was. It was like my inner conscience was talking to me. It asked "Are you ready to come home?" I knew it meant death. I thought about it, I really did, I thought so hard and for what seemed like hours I contemplated. Do I really want to die? This was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced, do I want this feeling to end? My answer was 'no'. I wanted to live a life. As soon as I answered 'no' (which was not done verbally, I doubt I even had anything like a body at the time) I was immediately hit with, well, intuitions of the future.
NDE due to complications following open heart surgery at age 4.


1854.  Krisna T NDE English expanded version  2/15/2009 My boyfriend at the time was driving the truck. We were heading home from the bar. When he lost control of the vehicle and it rolled 3 times. My seatbelt busted And I was ejected. I have no memory of the accident but what I do recall is floating outside my body. The backside of my body was to me.  I felt (what I know now was an angel) something wrap around my arms and legs. I started being pulled back into my body when I was overwhelmed with the feeling of peace and calm. I knew that I was in an accident that I was being protected  and that I would survive.  I suffered 19 broken bones and internal injuries. (All to the torso)  not one limb was broke or scraped.
NDE due to auto accident.


1853.  Joelle L Possible NDE English expanded version  2/15/2009 I remember being somewhere where it was very bright. there were others with me. I think like 3 or 4 others. we were in a group. there were others I sensed them but I could not see them. The ones I saw are funny. It seemed like all I saw of them were heads and small wings. we communicated mentally only. I heard farther away someone saying there is a body available, but you must act quick. I said Ill go. but one of the others close to me said No its too soon for you. I said I don't care I want to go. And they said you must go now or it will be t0o late. Next thing I remember is being in a crib… I was born breech at home after hours of labor. when I finally came I was almost black/blue and not breathing. They wrapped me up and put me on the table.  A while later the midwife came, and she worked and worked on me and I finally started to breath.
Possible NDE remembrance from birth.


NDE due to allergic reaction with respiratory arrest.


1851.  Tara V NDE English expanded version  2/15/2009 I fell off the back of a motorcycle because the man I was dating at the time hit the car in front of him. I rolled a bit and looked behind me and saw a bumper heading right for me. I had no where to go it was in an instant. I felt the crunch of my bones or body. In an instant I did not know who or what I was or where. It was like I was moving very fast and pictures where flashing in front of me one after another and so on. It was kind of confusing. All of a sudden I saw the brightest light but I don't remember seeing clearly just actual beings almost on another side. I felt this complete happiness and feeling of just everything was lifted and I was to go. I could hear people telling me I must go back. I think it could have been my grandfather. I didn't want to go back or even understand why I was suppose to go. The feeling was euphoric. All of a sudden it was like I came out and popped out of a very bright bubble. As soon as I came back I knew I would be ok but I could not talk or move yet.
NDE due to being run over by car.


1850.  Gordon M NDE English expanded version  2/15/2009 After I was shot I ran about 100 yards, It was right after midnight, No one would stop to help, I laid down in the middle of the street, I saw myself laying on the ground with people around me. I knew I was going to die , My life did not flash before me like a movie or images, I experienced the following (with complete clarity and comprehension -instantly I was aware of every negative interaction with other human beings in my life, I knew if I remained where I was I would feel and experience every harmful thing I had caused others knowingly or not in my life, as they had, it was very frightening because the collective emotional pain was overwhelming. I somehow sensed I was given a choice to go back-I prayed sincerely for the first time in my life, it was simple, I promised to be the best person I could be-The next awareness I had was looking in the faces of two men over me, they were Fire Department paramedics, I asked one of them (very adamantly ) if I was going to die, told him to tell me the truth because I was trying to make my peace with God.
NDE due to being shot with shotgun.


1849.  Jeanne NDE English expanded version  2/15/2009 From Australia Picking flowers for mum on the way home from school.  The nicest ones grew on the edge.  I bent over to pick them and fell down below was a stream and rugged rocks.  No fear, I just thought oh I am falling.  Then nothing, just blackness, then I heard the noise and felt like I was being hurtled quickly through the darkness.  Then came the big noise the huge crack like thunder, then the great big blinding light and bang its like they shocked me to come back, it was not my time.  I don't know how I survived my face in the water or how long I was out.  My arm was bust and I was badly bruised and suffering shock.  Never forgot the light or the noise!
NDE at age 6 due to drowning.


1848.  D.I. Fear Death Experience English expanded version  2/15/2009 I left work around 9:30 pm. It was raining steady but not hard. I was heading toward the interstate on-ramp that I always take to head home. I saw the on-ramp speed limit sign. As soon as I did...I turned my wheel to take the right turn. At which point my car went off the road to a wet grassy shoulder, with a line of trees dead ahead. As soon as my car left the road, everything seemed to slow down. I remember being able to think and figure out what do, figure out all the outcomes. I saw my wife as clear as day standing right before me. After what seemed like a few moments, I remember pushing my clutch in and jamming the brakes. The car slid to a stop, about 3 feet from smashing into a tree. Once I had stopped, I got out the car. Had I not stopped the car, it would have smashed into several trees that lined along side a ditch.
Fear Death Experience from near auto crash.


NDE due to drowning.


1846.  Norma B NDE English expanded version  2/15/2009 Unable to breathe in or out at all, I struggled for breath until I didn't need to breathe anymore. At that moment, a great peace came over me. My head fell over to the right and down, and my consciousness (soul?) lifted to the right and up to the corner of the room, where I watched what was happening below. I thought about my two grown sons, neither of whom I had told about the surgery. It was an indifferent, wondering feeling to think how surprised they would be to learn I was dead. I watched as the two nurses near me suddenly realized there was a problem. "Look at those splotches on her face!" "She's not breathing!" Then there was a flurry of activity as they called for the anesthesiologist. They pressed on my chest to resuscitate me. I started breathing again, was suddenly back in my body, and they were injecting adrenaline into my groin.
NDE due to respiratory arrest after surgery.


1845.  Vickey G NDE English expanded version  2/15/2009 I had not been aware that I was feeling dizzy or anything while I was standing off to the side of the exam. I felt perfectly normal.  The next thing I remember was that I saw myself crumpled onto the floor.  I was floating above my own body and the sensation was euphoric, it was a feeling of perfection in the highest form.  I was completely weightless, and hovering over my own body in complete bliss.  I watched and listened suspended above my own body. At the same time it was as though all questions of the universe had been answered in that one moment. The nurse exclaimed “Oh my gosh, doctor, what happened?”  The doctor turned as quickly as the nurse had and was checking me.  I could see my lifeless body lying there, the eyes were shut and the face was expressionless.
NDE due to faint in doctor’s office.


1844.  Laurie S NDE English expanded version  2/11/2009  From Spain, Original in English, translated by Simon. I said yes, and immediately lost consciousness, seeing images of my life like snapshots, from early childhood up to the age I was at that time, seeing and understanding the meaning of all these pictures, although they flashed by at remarkable speed. Suddenly I entered a dark tunnel, feeling all the time at peace and in harmony, feeling wonderful, and in a bit a light appeared and there was someone, an entity, in two dimensions, without human features. I noticed other presences, as if they were accompanying me, but there was no one I knew. I wanted to stay there, but I was told I had to go back; I was urged to leave, I still had things to do, and soon I saw a burst of light, saw myself on the ground and my mother and my friends, the people of that place circled round me, looking at me and asking if I was OK.
NDE after going unconscious.

1843.  Silvan NDE English expanded version  2/8/2009  From Italy, Original in Italian, translated by Amy. Immobile, eyes open, no respiration, as confirmed by my girlfriend. And without thought, I'm always thinking, I am a very logical person yet in that moment I was without thought. All of a sudden I felt so peaceful the way I never felt before, a deep peace, the body no longer existed and it was as though it had never existed, none of my memories ever existed, pain never existed, memory of pain, no recollection of anything, only serenity and a white light all around me, blinding, a light cold in tone but warm, I don't know if I can succeed in making you understand, it's as though you have your arms wide open on a summer's night and your eyes closed and you feel the synchronicity of everything. Then a worry made me turn from where I was, it was a worry, I knew that I would never have been able to return without that worry that made me come back, and I don't know if it was the right thing to come back. In any case it was only in that instant when I returned that I felt the worry, I was still advancing but at the same time turned towards whence I had come. With the same peace that I described above.
NDE after going unconscious.

1842.  Isabelle M NDE English expanded version  2/7/2009  From Canada, Original in French, translated by Simon. All of a sudden, I found myself floating in a tunnel, proceeding at great speed, floating/flying. There was quite a strong buzzing sound. On either side of the tunnel were very bright images. I recognized myself, as a child. It was like a film.  I kept going forward through the luminous tunnel, and it was very pleasant. The feeling I had was of infinite fulfilment. Then a moment came when I was brought up short by a "wall" of dense light, which gave off an unbelievable goodness, an indescribable love. And I heard a voice filled with tenderness say to me: "It's not time, you must go back, it's much too soon."
NDE after going unconscious.

1841.  Alida V NDE English expanded version  2/7/2009  From Italy, Original in Italian, translated by Amy.  [T]here was someone close by, I can’t say who it was, and I was fascinated by the “sun” that I saw shining overhead, it drew me towards it, it was irresistible, I wanted to go to the “sun” but someone telepathically told me I couldn’t. I thought that I was awake and that my body was still in this world, so I stopped for a moment and wondered why the “sun” attracted me so, and why I couldn’t go towards it. But at the same time I knew “I don’t know how” that I wasn’t allowed to go to the “sun.” So I decided to disobey that voice inside of me that told me I couldn’t because the attraction was really too great. Then in a fraction of a second as I was attempting to go towards that light I was projected into my body and I heard some people who were telling me to throw up the water.
Child NDE from near drowning.

1840.  Miriam P NDE English expanded version  2/4/2009  From Venezuela, Original in Spanish, translated by Amy.  It seemed as though there were fractions of a second in which I saw scenes of my life with my family, my children, my husband and my work colleagues and I asked myself why, since there was so much more for me to do, when the most beautiful music surrounded me and I resigned myself to staying. Then I saw my 20 year old son leaning against a wall, my sister-in-law was asking him how my husband was doing and he answered he’s better now, and then I realized that hours had passed and I heard my other son, he was walking and they had already told him about my death, I was sad thinking about the pain that my death was causing everybody and I said to myself that I needed to go back, it wasn’t fair even if the peace and serenity that I was feeling was so wonderful and unexplainable.
NDE from surgery complications and under anesthesia.

1839.  John S NDE 3876 English expanded version 1/25/2009  From Sweden, Original in Swedish, translated by Maria A. I will never forget that face! It was so full of a welcoming, a non-demanding, warm smile of love…  In that inviting face, as  in the whole experience, there was nothing else than a complete pure and total love, unlimited comprehension, kindness, and  real affectionate, sympathetic and warm  humour. I cry now as  I remember that ( though I didn't believe I would,  after all these years ! ).   There was a silent direct communication, which  I am not able to “ translate” into written or spoken words,  neither specially into an image. I just felt, from that wonderful face, that I was both welcome and expected; exactly as if I had seen that face before, and much more… As if everything  was so well-known, so familiar and so self-evident. Nearly as if I had been away in a long, long journey in a foreign country ,  and after a time I finally had come back again! Home, where everything was so well-known and safe. I felt the exuberant joy of returning home, of  being able to come back.  
NDE from a criminal attack.

1838.  Jason N NDE English expanded version 1/25/2009  I was awaken up by someone I did not know. He was a white man and he had a suit on. He said his name was Michael and for me to come with him. I looked and there was a tunnel where the was was. I looked at myself on the floor where I slept by my sister. I saw her sleeping in the bed. I looked back at him and took his hand. For some reason I trusted him. I had a feeling that he was a good person. We walked through the wall into a tunnel. There was a bright light and he stopped and told me to go through it. I remember stepping through and it became a bright sunny day. A beautiful place and children playing with lions and everyone was so happy. they all looked at me and told me to go meet them. There was 2 glowing figures. I could not see there face but on was sitting on a throne and one was standing next to the other. A thunderous voice spoken and the other man said it is not time my son, go back and take care of people.
NDE at age 8 due to breathing cessation secondary to sleep apnea.

NDE at age 8-9 due to drowning.

1836.  Lauren H NDE English expanded version 1/25/2009 I slipped back into an unconscious state and I remember seeing this VERY bright, yet not blinding light.  I had the sensation of floating upward thru darkness and past shadows that had no form. Then as I continued upward, I got to a point where I couldn't go any closer to the light...my loved ones were there and the kept telling me to go back, that it wasn't my time yet.  I wanted to stay.  I felt love, peace, as if I were home.  Then I felt like I made a decision. And at that very moment I made my mind up, I was "sucked" backwards into life.  Back onto Earth.  I woke up inside an ambulance.  I do remember prior to waking hearing a man say "we lost her".  And then when I came back...."she's ok".
NDE due to accident.

1835.  Brent L NDE English expanded version 1/25/2009 That afternoon I had pain in my back.  This had been the sign for the need for angioplasty and stent placement before, so I knew what to do.  While awake and on the operating table, my Dr. was talking to me with his usual back and forth that occurs during an angioplasty when he suddenly yelled, "cough, Brent, cough!!!!"  I managed to get one cough out and then I was rushing through a completely black hallway.  As I moved there were living photos of the same people I had dreamed about the night before. They were smiling and gesturing me to move ahead.  I looked forward, not to see a light, but a large picture window of blue on the left side of the hallway.  The most perfect blue was shining through and I worked my way so I could see the view. I was just turning to see out of the window as I approached...and then my Dr's face was in mine saying, "What did you see?"
NDE during angioplasty.

1834.  Carole NDE English expanded version 1/25/2009  The doctor was saying that "it was nothing to worry about" when all of a sudden he said " OMG her lips are turning blue". I then stopped breathing.. I saw myself looking down at my own body and wondered "what are they all scared for?". Why is everyone running around? I then felt the most amazing "LOVE" imaginable.  There was peace in my heart. I knew there was a wonderful place for me to go when I was done. There was a bright white light and I felt the most incredible love  ( peace, forgiveness, tranquility )ever. I knew I was dying and I wanted to go to the light. I was very disappointed when I heard a voice ( and I knew it was a higher power) say....You are not finished yet. You cannot die. There is so much more you have to do".
NDE due to asthma attack at age 13.  Experiencer is a professor and a nurse.

1833.  Jay K NDE English expanded version 1/17/2009  Driving truck too fast.  Got on exit ramp that was elevated, truck slid into barrier wall on right side that stopped truck from rolling over, I saw wall was ending, I thought I was going to roll over so I turned wheel hard left and truck went into wall on the other side of road head on. the truck was destroyed and I saw myself laying on floor of truck with materials from passenger side of seat on my body.( from the ceiling area of the truck ).  I was not wearing a seat belt because  I always had a feeling something like this would happen, I even practiced what I called ( the dive move) where I dove to passenger side of a vehicle practicing for this sort of accident. I was not hurt , I did not even end up with a scratch. It seemed like only seconds I saw myself laying on the floor of truck and I thought to myself (I am dead ) then I saw myself move on truck floor and thought I am alive. Police showed up, I asked how did you get there so fast, he said he got call about 20 minutes ago, so I guess I was out 20 minutes.
NDE due to truck accident.

1832.  Harley W NDE English expanded version 1/9/2009 From Canada I was playing by a slide area and was struck in the head with a rock. I was in a coma for 3 days and during this time I died 3 times. At the hospital during the  times I did not show any vital signs I remember hearing the nurses and doctors talking about my condition and the various procedures they were using to try to  get me back to life. After each episode I would wake and ask the nurses and doctors what certain procedures were and I called them by name. The doctors were stunned and some nurses left the room crying. During each episode I floated above my body and rose up and went to the window and looked out at a bright summer day . Then floated back to above my bed and overhead what the medical teams were doing to get me back to life. I thought I was dreaming but I could recite all the procedures by name and the medical teams were stunned cause I never went to medical school obviously, so they could not explain it .
NDE at age 7 due to head injury.

1831.  Cassandra K NDE English expanded version 1/9/2009 From Australia We were at a friends house, I went into a bedroom sat on a bed and shot up the heroin. I was told that I died, only after did I realize what I had experienced was a near death experience. I remember all of a sudden I was conscious and aware of myself and I was somewhere else, but it was dark and I couldn't see anything but I wasn't afraid. I was very much aware of the fact that I was not in my body anymore but i was ok, I remember thinking where am I?  I was aware that I was still here, that my brain still worked even though I had no body and I was happy to know that this was possible. I knew in that moment that we will always exist, this was the predominate feeling I had , this awareness of my soul continuing on without a body. I have always felt since that day that there is no need for me to fear death because I know it's not the end. I never did drugs again after that, I was lucky that my friend came into the room and found me in time. She said I was black in the face and that I was not breathing, my heart was beating so slowly that it was almost non existent. I was brought back by paramedics and all of a sudden I could feel air in my lungs again and I was back.
NDE due to accidental heroin overdose.

1830.  Kate B Possible NDE English expanded version 1/9/2009 Then there was a sudden awareness that I had to go back now. It was as like I went through a dimension, like a wall I popped through and then I was floating in the darkest space. There were bright stars all around. I thought - oh no, there's been a mistake, and I saw forms of hands and arms trying to reach me through this dimensional wall. They couldn't get me. I felt they were crying 'Catch her, catch her'! I was floating through space and began to get very worried. I knew that this was the 'real me', and that my 'dream me' was having a surgery and that something wrong had happened. I felt as though I floated in this darkest space for a very long time, and had lots of time to realize that I was in serious trouble. There was nothing around me but bright stars far away and I was totally alone.
Parotid surgery. No life-threatening event. OBE to space, felt she was with people she knew forever.

1829.  Patrick M NDE English expanded version 1/9/2009  Experience was definitely real    For me it was a wake up call, or more like a huge SMACK in the face, WAKE UP Quit living your life in the way I had been, And to become a better human being in all ways, my personal relationships, my professional relationships, etc etc...IT TOTALLY changed me...
NDE due to electrocution (12,000 volts, 15 amps).

1828.  Chen M NDE English expanded version 1/9/2009 From China.  I didn't know how to describe him. He had no shape or voice, but he was bright and broadminded, warm and gentle. He could answer every question. He surrounded me and guided me. He communicated me with telepathy. He revealed everything of the universe. I was no longer in the tunnel but I was in the bright warm world. I felt a complete relief from pain and suffering. I felt the existence of everlasting harmony and happiness. He told me everything that I wanted to know. He told me the world is consisted by molecules and atoms and they keeps moving. Then he showed me a tree that beside my window in my room. What surprised me is that I had greatly improved my vision incredibly. I did see a world with moving molecules and atoms. The feeling was extraordinary and I can felt my consciousness was much faster then ever before. I asked him whether I'm a part of the world too and he said yes. He told me everything is moving, there was no death, there was no birth, everything is just cycling eternally. He said that this is the very truth of universe.
Very detailed NDE from China.  Relatively rare non-Western NDE.  From posted Internet account, translated by volunteer translator.

1827.  JMH NDE English expanded version 1/2/2009  …I heard the Code Blue called to my room. I was above the bed watching people working on me and someone, a being was at my side. I was peaceful and said to the being “I’m so glad they are putting me on those machines, I couldn’t breathe anymore”.  I felt light and bodiless, and the peaceful being steered me to another place. It was light and awesome; I rested there for a long time, although really there was no sense of time. I guess I rested there until I felt like participating in conversation.  I noticed I had no body, but felt perfectly warmed and there was a sense of love and peace rushing through me, like blood in veins… but I had no veins and nothing to “feel” with.  I started wondering where I was and looked outside my light pod, which had no inside or outside, but for sake of description I will say pod, and I saw others just exactly like me, and a great light pod in the center of all of us, millions of us, floating in the otherwise dark void with a pure golden light connecting each of us to the center pod. The golden thread of light was like an umbilical cord although it had no real form but just light, and it was delivering the peace and love of the center being.
NDE due to respiratory arrest secondary to illness (scleroderma).

1826.  Brenda W NDE English expanded version 1/2/2009 I fell back against my aunt and we hurtled down into the tunnel, and I heard my aunt say, "We just lost her." I thought it strange. If I was dead, why was I still in the tunnel? Why could I hear her say I was? I also thought it strange that I could see my uncle's face. He whirled around to see for himself. I can see his features still. At that point, deep in the tunnel--and I assumed for years it was the George Massey Tunnel but realize now that the George Massey had simply become the same tunnel others enter when going through a near death experience--I came out into Light. The Light is as others report. A warm bath of Light experienced as divine, as all knowing, complete Love, bliss. There was conversation without words and I understood I was to be sent back to live an abundant life. I begged not to. I then saw the red emergency sign of the hospital--again, a curiosity for me because I did not have the concept of being outside my body. I could not figure out how I could see something outside the car.
NDE due to asthma attack at age 17.

1825.  Leslie B Possible NDE English expanded version 1/2/2009  I was very ill, and had asked a neighbor I didn't even know, to give me a ride to the doctor, because I couldn't even stand up, let alone drive. That night had the sensation I was falling very slowly, going around and around, through a dark tunnel. I had never been so at peace, I didn't want it to end. At some point, the thought passed through my mind, "No, you must go back, you have three small children to raise." 

1824.  Noelia NDE English expanded version 1/1/2009 Original in Spanish, translated to English by Jenny.   Then I became aware of a beautiful light and the darkness became clear and light and I saw myself there on the ground in the arms of my friend and I could hear echoes of voices.  I descended back into my body and I saw a being leaning over me that I can't describe but I am sure it wasn't materially there from accounts from my friends and teacher, the thing is that I was conscious but everything looked blurred, I couldn't move and continued to have convulsions. This experience seemed to last a long time but in reality no more than 5 minutes had passed according to my teacher who took me to the nearest doctor.
NDE from a 16 year old from an asthma attack.


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