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NDERF (1/1/07-6/30/07)
NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody Long and Dr. Jeff
NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.



1118.  Jonathan H NDEEnglish expanded version 6/23/07 From UK.  The operating room staff were rushing around me on the table while I watched from a corner of the ceiling above them on the other side of the room. I felt remarkably calm and just interested in the technical aspects of what they were doing. Really interesting, and wondering why they were making a such a fuss really. Then a bright white light grew brighter above me to the left, like a distant torch approaching and getting brighter. But it was square, not round. Drawn like iron filings to a weak magnet I seemed to move towards it, float is to imprecise an adjective, and realized that the light was coming from a square corridor that I was entering. No panic or fear, just curious. It wasn't cold either, no reason why it should be, but it was a neutral temperature. Moving up the slight gradient as if walking. Annoying silence all around, but a calm atmosphere. A voice, not one that have ever recognized, but definitely male then said "It's not time yet, you can go back now" I have been asking "why?" and "what for" ever since!
NDE during operation.

1117.  Petra NDEEnglish expanded version 6/23/07 From Finland. In my experience I saw myself in Etelä-Haaga (another Helsinki district) settings, but everything was in silver tones, even the lawn was silver-ish. A voice said me: "See that young boy biking so happily there? He was run over by a truck"  The male same voice said me "See that lady over there", and he led me to a normal-appearing Etelä-Haaga house - which didn't exist in the material world. It was located at Haaga central square.  I was led in a corridor, which was flooded by an immense overflow of light - I cannot describe it better.  Suddenly there was an immensely brilliant light, which came off one of the ground floor apartments. There was a friendly but extremely authoritative male voice, which said I must tell everything.  Suddenly I was in hospital, hanging off from ceiling not unlike a bat. I fell on the bed in my body.
NDE due to heroin overdose. 

1116.  Gina R NDEEnglish expanded version 6/18/07 All I remember is that I had gotten to the middle divider and stepped halfway up before I felt a force pull me into a direction leaving me in the dark momentarily. My body was struck by a 45mph car and I could sense the projection occurring before it happened. I could protect myself throughout the accident while learning I could see myself being pulled to a safe place. I don't know where I went just before I got hit. That is why I feel an angel of some sort was also involved. While laying on the hot burning pavement some people tried to help me and all I could see was how my life flashed in front of me an image of me not walking and of dying in the hospital.
NDE due to being struck by car.

1115.  Julie NDEEnglish expanded version 6/18/07  The next thing I remember is being on the ceiling looking down at my body.  This did not frighten me,  it was just 'ok'. I didn't think this was strange. My thoughts were light not deep. It was very peaceful everywhere.  I felt very safe and secure. I could hear the birds outside. I was aware of everything around me.  Yet, I was at the ceiling looking down at my body. I heard my grandfather come in the front door.  I heard the door close. He called my name.  When he saw me on the bed he yelled my name.  He began shaking me violently by my shoulders.  He was crying and asking me what happened. I could feel his fear, but I had none.
NDE due to injury from horse at age 16.

1114.  Connie V NDEEnglish expanded version 6/9/07  Sometime during the surgery I found my self on the ceiling in the corner of the room watching the doctor and his surgery room staff frantic about "stop the bleeding," and "we are loosing her," statements.  I was only 5 yrs. old but I can still hear the words and see the intense bright light and the red blood on the little body below as I watched them from above.  It was only a short time for my experience though I understand later that I was in surgery much longer than expected because of a "few" complications.  I didn't see Jesus, a higher power, relatives or go through a tunnel but I thought it was a strange being up in the corner of the room at the ceiling.
NDE at age 5, 56 years ago, during tonsillectomy.

1113.  Douglas D NDEEnglish expanded version 6/9/07  I knew that this had to be the Book of Life that I had heard about as a youth and that if my name did not appear in it I would have to go to hell. This was very serious indeed but as I stood there the book closed. That did not seem to be a very good sign and I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to go to hell because I had had plenty of opportunities to change but now it was to late. I knew that it wouldn’t do any good to cry and beg but that I should at least take it like a man because there would be plenty of time to cry where I was about to go. Before any sort of trap door opened up to send me to hell I was taken to a second table just like the first one except this book was closed. I was somewhat confused as to what this second book was all about when suddenly it opened up and this scene was a repetition of the first scene. This entire second book made no sense at all as I had only heard of one book but it at least seemed to be a delay in what I already knew was about to happen. Then all of a sudden my name was found in the second book and I thought to myself “great” I get to go to heaven.
NDE associated with severe auto accident.

1112.  Teresa BH NDEEnglish expanded version 6/3/07 I was choking on a piece of candy I was given. It was early morning. Everyone had been asleep. I woke my family up choking. No one knew what to do. No one could help. I passed out on the floor in the kitchen, my family around me. Suddenly I was looking down at my body. I felt so peaceful. No fear just peace. Suddenly I was in my body again. I sat up coughed and the candy dislodged.
NDE from choking.

1111.  Silvia NDEEnglish expanded version From Argentina 6/3/07 Original in Spanish, translated to English by Carol. The bus derailed and in the fall I banged my head. When I was able to open my eyes I saw a very intense blue light. After I saw it far away, I started to pass through a tunnel. At the same time I was walking, I was remembering all the moments I lived with my brother. When I reached again the light I went through it again and I saw my brother (he died 4 years ago). I hugged him and after crying for some minutes he looked at me and told me that I had not to cry for his death. That he died because it was his time and I had to live without laments. That he was fine there and that he was always taking care of me from that place.

1110.  Augustin NDEEnglish expanded version From Spain 5/28/07 Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva & Carol.  It was pure energy, the force, love, the life. I was at home…Feelings are indescribable because we are limited to this life and there was opening a unknown world of new  feelings, of comprehension of what someone can not understand and loved until that instant, my God how you loved…Then, I felt how someone was coming to welcome me until I had him in front of me. He was like a human form but without a physical body. He was all light, energy and love. We were communicating without talking, with thoughts or with the mind. After him, I started feeling more beings like him that were surrounding us and receiving us. I was fulfilled with joy and happiness. All was peace and harmony. I was prepared to enter completely in that place, my place.

1109.  Cynthia R NDEEnglish expanded version 5/27/07 The Guide then took me to a room (no walls etc) there were around 11 people walking around in a circle pacing as if they were following the first guy. He came up to what seem to be glass wall and said help me. So I tried to go there but the Guide said I was not allowed only he can save himself. Then we returned to the library...I heard Jesus speaking in the room to the side. I quickly ran to him but could not go thru. I was very angry not allowed to be with Jesus. As I stood there Someone grabbed my wrist and when I turned my head I saw A huge figure standing as if made up of golden energy. The don't talk non of them did but you can hear them in your head you know what they are saying. I then knew the figure to be God. He was very loving yet very stern.

1108.  Barbara R NDEEnglish expanded version 5/27/07 I cannot say at what point I passed out but I remember dreaming of a dark space and I saw people dressed in  bright white and the feeling of I had a job to do...a job that was important in the grand design of things... a job that God gave me...but I had so many questions...I then felt like if someone was pulling me by the back of my shirt and I felt like I was falling and I heard my husband calling me, but he seemed so far away...then I felt him smacking telling me to wake up...when I opened my eyes I asked him why he woke me up, I was dreaming and he yelled at me and said that I was in the train station...I know that I was in and out of consciousness because every time I awoke there were firemen and police around me... they said I went into shock and I had convulsions and I hit my head when I fell....
NDE due to blood loss associated with Miscarriage.  Two NDEs in one day.

1107.  Sandra R NDEEnglish expanded version 5/27/07  He said, "Come, take my hand.". I remember giving a half hearted attempt at reaching him and realizing somehow that I couldn't feel anything from the waist down. He stood about 8 ft from where I sat, and I knew I couldn't reach him. So I began to cry and I said, "I can't reach you.". His voice got firmer as he in more of a demand than a request repeated, "Take my hand!". This time, I tried as hard as I could to stretch my upper body enough to reach him, but I lost my balance and fell to the floor and hit my face. Then I began to sob and I said, "I can't! I can't reach you, you've got to help me. Please help me!". Then he said, very calmly, "You've got to try. You must never stop trying.". The next thing I saw was a series of bright lights passing over head as I regained consciousness and they were rushing me to ex-ray.
NDE in ER after accident.  Interesting how experience, while relatively unpleasant, was clearly what she needed to live the rest of her life positively.

1106.  Anne V NDEEnglish expanded version 5/14/07  I was at the oral surgeons office this morning for a dental implant and I had  nitrous oxide, which I have had before but I've never had this experience before.  I felt like I was quickly going toward this long, very bright light and I saw a shadow of a man and I realized and thought "I am dying, I have to go back to my children" and I kept thinking my daughter's name and I woke up and I had tears running down my face and the dr. and his assistant's were acting very concerned and told me that I gave them a scare.
NDE due to dental procedure with nitrous oxide.  Remarkably, the experience was shared the same day it happened.

NDE due to anesthesia following miscarriage.

1104.  Caroline S NDE & Dream ADCEnglish expanded version 5/14/07  During the caesarian I dreamt that my father was just up ahead of me on a slight incline and he was exactly as I remembered him, I was trying to walk towards him but he turned around and waved me away and he said "no go back go back its not time yet" I can remember feeling slightly disappointed but the next thing I knew I was being woken up by my husband to tell me that the baby was alright. The next day a doctor came to see me and said that during the operation I had hemorrhaged very badly and that they had nearly lost me my husband confirmed this when he came to visit he said he was told to prepare for the worst.
NDE during Caesarian delivery.  Also ADC dream described. 

NDE due to heart attack.

1102. Teresa M NDE 3060English expanded version 5/3/07  Original in Spanish translated by Rio  I kept my eyes open, but there had been what I would describe as a separation of my spirit from my body because I saw my body from the ceiling of the room of the hospital.  I saw, heard and felt such peace, an enormous and embracing  serenity as if there was no force of gravity at that moment.  I thought that people who die must feel as I felt.  No wonder they didn't come back.  And I felt so majestic that nothing worried me about my children, nor the newborn baby notwithstanding the great pleasure I took in having my first daughter.  And although I love my mother and father so much even though my father was still alive and I knew I had to continue working to help him financially in his illness, I didn't feel worried, only enormous peace.  Nor did I feel guilty for anything.  It was something inexplicable. 
Child birth NDE.

1101. Doris NDEEnglish expanded version 4/30/07  From Mexico, Original in Spanish translated by Rio   I was feeling peaceful when an ex boyfriend arrived and we started really fighting.  He started hitting me.  I fell down and lost consciousness.  I started seeing a light that was very, very white and a lot of people whose faces I was unable to distinguish.  They were all dressed beautifully in clothing like large angels.  All of a sudden a voice told me to go back, it's not your time yet.  I came back.  I didn't know how to explain this to my girlfriend.  She told me she didn't know what to do because she thought I was dead for a long time.
NDE from domestic violence.

1100. Carolyn B NDEEnglish expanded version 4/28/07 He then spoke to me, not through words but through thought.  ‘It’s not your time yet’.  It was then that I came back.  When I awoke one of the first things I said was ‘I can see! I can see! It’s as if scales have fallen from my eyes’.  My mother who is a nurse responded with yes, I know that you can see.  It wasn’t the physical seeing that I was referring to, it was the spiritual.  It was if a curtain had been placed across my eyes due to a traumatic incident that happened when I was 18.  It affected every part of my life.  The way I acted, the way I spoke, the way I viewed relationships and the world had all been infiltrated because of this one event.  I had felt dirty and harbored feelings of guilt due to what happened.  I had thought that God could not look at me.  I had felt that I was never good enough.  Through this event, I was able to see into my own heart.  I was able to see myself as God sees me.  Laying on my hospital bed with tubes covering my body, an open would of 40cm X 40cm, hair falling out, skin peeling off my eye lids, water retention exploding me to a hefty weight of 140kg, I felt beautiful.  I felt so beautiful, so pure, and so clean!  This is how God sees me.
NDE due to severe illness.  Profoundly inspiring account.

1099. William W NDEEnglish expanded version 4/28/07  They were wearing brown robes (like a monk) and carrying a staff, I could not see their face because the hood was hiding it from me. As I recall they never said anything to me, but I knew I was about to find out if I had to return. We walked until we came to what appeared to be a very large house, I entered and before me was what I think was God, or someone who had the power to decide if I was to return. Then this being told me to “Be Good” and pointed to my right, as I turned I saw about 5 or 6 round shapes that looked like planets sitting on top of pedal stools, then I immediately went straight into one of the objects and again felt the same feeling of moving very fast until I could see my body on the operating table.
NDE due to surgical complication at age 3-4.

1098. Wayne R NDEEnglish expanded version 4/28/07  A voice from my next door neighbor who was still alive at the time was in my right ear. He said do not look at the light. I could feel what I thought was the sun behind me but knew instinctively not to look at it. The pull of the light was great and at that time the same old magnetic pull on my face and upper body was throwing me back into the person under the blanket. Again the pain and cold from the reality of the road and this time I heard a voice saying "he's not dead take the blanket of him.” I was put into the ambulance and after a couple of days I was considered medically all O.k. but very bruised.
NDE due to automobile accident.

1097. Eugenia NDEEnglish expanded version 4/28/07  From Mexico, Original in Spanish translated by Rio  At that moment, I'm not sure exactly when, someone or something began giving me an examination of conscience and in the blink of an eye images from my life began passing before me beginning with my childhood.  Each image had its counterpart, or as if the actions of my life were being put into a balance.  I could see my house, "alone and sad."  I don't remember exactly hearing a voice, but I did understand everything that was said (as if my mind translated it).  They made me see with clarity that my husband wasn't that being who I had judged so harshly and that my son would be just as well off in life without me.  At the end of this "judgment" there is the option of deciding whether one goes on towards death or stays on earth.  At the end of the review of your life, they give you the option of choosing between life or death. 
NDE from allergic reaction to medication after surgery.

1096. Francesca DB NDEEnglish expanded version 4/23/07  From Italy, Original in Italian translated by Maurizio B I had to make a choice, to stay or  to go to see what  was there.  I saw a hot light while I was bearing in mind about it. I  decided  to go to see the light  because I felt very well, a relaxation,  a wonder,  a light never seen, something that was inside me and that came out of me and it continued telling me “what a beautiful, what a marvel” that one does not die and ask what are we worried on the earth if there is continuous life.  It is necessary to enjoy laughter and rejoice as in the light.  We continued to talk to each other here even though I was in coma.  I remembered the light telling me what happened.  I was home the day after my nextdoor neighbour found me on the landing.  When she found me, I was doing the thought and was becoming the thought.  I was in wonderful, very green gardens.  I still have feelings of immense joy and the absolute certainty that the life goes on  ...and when I got back in "earth"  I was not scared.  I thought at once that the light was the big mystery called God all here

1095. Jean K NDEEnglish expanded version 4/23/07 I then heard someone say;" I can't feel her pulse and there is no heart beat." And, then I heard a girls voice say the same thing. During this time I was trying to tell them that I was really okay but, yet I wasn't in the same level as they were.  I felt my body move up to a sitting position and saw a beautiful light or brightness in the sky and I felt so good and safe.  Then next thing I remember was being in an ambulance and the medics trying to give me oxygen, then it seemed like a few minutes later I was awake.  Years later in life I had taken a course "Death and Dying" for college, it was taught by Sister M.  I told her about my experience and her knowing Elizabeth Kubler Ross had me write down what had happen.  Elizabeth confirmed that I had a near death experience.
NDE due to apparent faint and unconsciousness.

1094. Vinnie G NDEEnglish expanded version 4/23/07 I remember being an indigenous person in pre-Columbian Mexico or Central America.  Once again I had been or was involved in a battle I saw myself trying to climb to the top of one of the pyramids in Mexico I have always thought it was the pyramid of the Sun in the ruins outside of Mexico City.  I guess I think that because I went there once to visit and I felt so at peace like I had returned home, like I had been there before yet I had never been there before that time.  As I am writing this I remember that on this trip in which the accident occurred we had driven into Mexico City and I remember seeing them in the distance and longing to see them close up again wanting to be there.  I cant explain this.  I was trying to climb the stairs but I was wounded I felt that if I could reach the top of the pyramid I would be safe.  For some reason I don't know why I believe that I was some type or warrior/Priest.
NDE due to severe motor vehicle accident.  Remarkable awareness of many past lives.

1093. Rafael EH NDEEnglish expanded version 4/20/07 From Spain Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio  Suddenly I saw myself sort of floating about 2 meters from my body.  As I said, I was 12 years old and felt that floating out of my body was the most normal thing in the world.  I looked at the scene with my friends laughing and hitting me to get me up.  I don't know how to explain it, but I was only consciousness.  I didn't move from the site while I saw myself on the ground.  Suddenly I raised my eyes up towards heaven and felt an inexplicable force that pulled me at full speed.  Stopping all at once I looked down and could see the entrance to the school. It's about 800 or 900 meters  from the porch where I lost consciousness to the door into the school where I could clearly see a group of women waiting in the doorway.  I couldn't think.  I was only conscious of everything around me. 
NDE from childhood prank.

1092. Maria S NDEsEnglish expanded version 4/19/07 From Argentina Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio  When I returned from surgery there was darkness and I returned through a tunnel of light.  I met my dead father, my aunt and grandparents.  I had life reviews of my life, infancy, adolescence etc. 
Multiple NDEs from a neonatal nurse in Argentina.

1091. CG Possible NDEEnglish expanded version 4/19/07 From Mexico Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio  Like the light of the sun but of greater intensity.  I only saw trees around me, nothing more, I only saw the tree tops and an intense light over everything, very brilliant, as if the sun was at maximum brilliance. 
There are NDE-like elements, but not enough information regarding if she died or not.

1090. Montse M Possible NDEEnglish expanded version 4/17/07 From Spain Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio My experience is as follows:  I have asthma and as the result of applying an anti-inflammation cream to reduce pain in my neck...I had an severe asthma attack that resulted in respiratory failure.  I was unconscious.  During the minutes before my loss of consciousness, I was completely aware that my life had ended.  I remember, after going through the worst time of my life due to the suffocation I was experiencing, the light went out...everything went dark...and I felt great peace.  I saw passing before my eyes...images of people I love...very rapidly.  Suddenly, awake...3 hours had gone by...3 hours...of which I have no memory, as if I hadn't been alive.  I am alive because they gave me pulmonary-cardiac resuscitation and I responded.  That day I came back to life. 

1089. Bill N NDEEnglish expanded version 4/16/07 As I remember I was looking down at two men in white, two police and my mother. They were bent over looking down at a boy lying in the street. I could see a ambulance with the back doors open. It seem as if I was look down through a kaleidoscope.
NDE at age 8 due to being hit by car.

1088. Danielle B NDEEnglish expanded version 4/16/07  When I lapsed into a coma then coded during the emergency c-section of my daughter I saw myself floating above my body and I could see them standing over my body and blood was everywhere and I turned to my left and there was an extremely bright light and I started walking towards it but the more I walked the farther away it seemed and I couldn't make it there no matter how much I walked then I felt a force not actually seeing it but it spoke to me and told me that I needed to turn around and go back because it wasn't my time and I was needed for other things I never saw this voice but I felt the force pushing me back down towards my body and before I went back into my body I heard the doctors saying that they couldn't get a pulse or a heart measure and that they had tried it all, I was watching them shock me trying to get me back to life and at that point the force told me that there were many things that I needed to do still and that I had a baby fighting for her life needing me and I remember going back down to my body and it was like a strong, steady vacuum.
NDE due to cardiac arrests during caesarian section birth.

1087. Barbara NDE 3059English expanded version 4/16/07 I had fallen and broken my hip.  I was in surgery to have it repaired.  During the surgery I went into respiratory failure.  I remember being in a darkness without boundaries and I was not in a body.  It was as if the essence or spirit of me was there.  I was floating as if in water but there was no water, just a darkness.  I was calm and peaceful and warm and it felt as though I should be there.  I don't know how I knew but I was waiting.  I did not questions this, I just knew I was there and it was ok.  There was no sound, no feeling, no pain.  And it was completely good.  But I was unable to advance to the next part of the experience.  Then I was in in the ICN and back in my body, but still floating.
NDE from respiratory failure during surgery.  From a nurse.

1086. Dr. M. Ghalabi NDEEnglish expanded version 4/13/07 From Iraq Original in Arabic 8-entering a dark cylinder space looks as tunnel. 9- appearance of white ghosts stretching its hands towards the center of the tunnel  and some of them tried to touch me, one of those ghosts was of my mother who died when I was 5 years old, and then I saw a light in the end of the tunnel. 10-going out of the dark cylinder entity to the out space, and I was about to leave our universe and I could see through mental discernment . 
Amazing NDE from a Muslim Doctor in Iraq.

1085. Paquita NDEEnglish expanded version 4/13/07 From Spain, original in Spanish translated to English by Rio  I was working in a hotel annex alone.  I was vigorously vacuuming a room when suddenly I banged my elbow really hard against the open door and lost consciousness.  When I awakened I saw they have put me on a bed.  The boss was there, a doctor, and a coworker.  I had peed all over myself.  The doctor said that I had passed out.  Nevertheless I was in Manhattan, at water level, the skyscrapers were in front of me, the wonderful sensation I had was that I could go instantaneously at will wherever I wanted.  When I began telling this story years later, I said that I didn't have a body, only a head, and that strangely I wasn't wet.  Later I understood that I didn't have a body, either, only consciousness.  The experience was tremendous and wonderful to such a degree that it took me a long time before I told anyone about it...       
An experience during unconsciousness fits the NDERF definition of NDE.  I suspect that there may be differences between those experiences occurring at or near death as opposed to going unconscious but haven't formally studied it yet.

1084. Christopher R NDEEnglish expanded version 4/10/07 That's when I got electrocuted.  My eyes rolled back into my head.  I could see the electricity going through my body.  Then I left my body, my brother was on the bed. I was looking down on him, I could see the hole room.  It was like being in my body but I was not.  Then I saw a tunnel.  It was made of bricks, just like a brick road, only curved like a tunnel, I went through the tunnel.  At the end, there was a bright white light.  When I went through the white light, there was a man. I say man because it was a mans voice. I saw this person in a white robe. I did not see a face.  I did not want to go back through the tunnel.  It was so peaceful. I wanted to stay but was told I had to go back.  There was a lot I had to learn yet. Then I went back through the tunnel and was back in the bedroom.  I saw my brother on the bed, and then I slammed back into my body.
NDE due to electrocution at age 7-8.

1083. Olma S NDEEnglish expanded version 4/10/07 I suddenly thought that I should be moving on and suddenly I was aware of moving through velvety blackness with sparkles (The closest I can think of is outer space surrounded by stars) though somewhat tunnel like. As I reached the distant incredible warm glowing light ,a sudden feeling of WOW I'm home, it was so familiar, I know I had been here many times before. I suddenly knew the meaning of life!!  I was communicating with a being unseen, and given the option of staying or going back, This was a tough decision I dearly wanted to see my daughter grow up and I did eventually want to return to my Nursing career, I chose to return and suddenly I was being drawn back into my body.  Strangely I could not remember the meaning of life it was like a curtain had been pulled across that memory.
NDE due to blood loss from colon cancer.

1082. Mary P NDE 3051English expanded version 3/31/07  I was in a small hospital away from my parents and very concerned for myself.  They could not take me to surgery and I have rare blood type that they did not have on hand.  It seemed like when I would pass I was in the most beautiful place with green and a river and all these people were so glad to see me.  I did not know anyone who had died in my family at that time.  The person that said he was waiting on me was wearing a straw hat, bib overall's with a white handkerchief in the pocket and had the most amazing blue eye's. Also, there were other period people there that were helping me.  It was so peaceful there that I could of stayed very easily but I was begging them that I had a husband and a little boy to take care of and I couldn't stay… Two years ago my brother blew up a 1920's picture of my Grandma and Grandpa on horseback, he died when my mother was only 12 yrs old and he was the man helping me on the other side.
NDE due to hemorrhage after delivery.

1080. Glenda H NDE 3045English expanded version 3/31/07  The second I died, the thought "Oh, I'm dead" casually and matter-of-factly entered my head and there was an immediate acceptance on my part. I did find out about the so-called "Judgment Day" I feared so much as a child. We judge ourselves and that at first, was a big relief but our life is still our job. I was shown what is now called a "Life Review". I was shown in living color, like on a movie certain situations, both good and bad, in my life. I was able to see and hear exactly how it was. But the kicker was as I was watching this situation unfold right before my eyes, I was forced, for the lack of a better word, to feel the other person's feelings at the time, not mine. Beside all the life situations shown to me, I was given the capabilities to hear EVERY SINGLE SIGNIFICANT thing that has EVER affected me during my life, the good, bad, and ugly. I heard EVERYTHING at the same time with extreme clarity.
NDE due to drowning at age 15.

1079. Jennifer NDE 3044English expanded version 3/31/07  I was hit by a portion of the tree.  I felt several things at once.  But the first thing I felt and saw when the tree hit my side was being in the middle of a bright light.  It was around me and the edges were yellow and red.  At that moment I felt the presence of my granny and my grandpa and felt that they were there with me.  I felt that they moved me to where I wouldn't be directly hit by the tree- like they saved me.  I then thought "wow, there really is a white light" and "this isn't how I'm supposed to die-I've got too many things to do".  It's as if time stood still b/c when I was back in my life, I saw the remaining part of the tree fall, hit the swing, and I watched it continue to fall on me.  The actions were freeze framed, piece by piece- but my thoughts moved so fast.  All the sounds and smells was frozen as each section moved.  Once it all fell, all I heard was crickets and I remember looking at the sky feeling panic and pain- wondering if I was dying and all the things I would leave. 
NDE due to tree falling on her.

1078. Russell W NDEEnglish expanded version 3/31/07  I then was about 10 yards away from the bright light (which was warm and felt nice), around this bright light was a arch way. I then walked into the light and felt no pain at all I felt like it was ok to be there, so peaceful so right, I then heard a voice (I know this voice but to this day I can't work out whose voice it is) and the next thing I remember is looking down on myself with my mom and dad holding my left hand (my mom crying it really upset me). I started to move around the icu ward and I can remember that there was 10 beds all with very ill people in and a nurses station in the centre, in front of me. The next thing I remember is floating up towards the roof and that’s the last thing that I remember.
NDE in ICU after his motorbike was struck by car.  From England.

1077. K.C. R NDEEnglish expanded version 3/28/07 As I got closer the light was more bright.  A color of bright white, so brilliant it is hard to describe.  It is also like a mist - I could feel it as I got closer to it.  Just before I got to the doorway and was in the presence of the light, like being immersed / enveloped in it I began to feel...all knowing, happy, stress less, exuberant, I am aware of all the answers to literally everything, just this ultra-fantastic existence of all problems vanishing, joy, physical and mental limitless being - that is about my best human description.  I walked through the archway of incredible light, and was in a kind of room of this wonderful light.  The room was more like an elevator shaft (without the cables or elevator).  There was no ceiling. I'm standing in the middle of the "room" happily immersed in this wonderful misty, powerful light, and I begin to float upwards.  Up and up and up, in the beautiful nurturing light.  After what seemed like 5 - 10 seconds of floating I never reached a top or anything, but I shifted back to the hospital bed world.
NDE due to complications of ruptured spleen after accident.

1076. Norma H NDEEnglish expanded version 3/28/07  I heard the crash and some screams, then immediately I was in a different place. There was an older woman on my right side who was "escorting" me, or "introducing" me to this new realm. The very air was of a golden-peach color, and I heard music of a genre I'd never heard before, and couldn't identify the instruments playing the music. Some distance away from us, I saw a large group of people who were facing us, and I "knew" they were there to welcome me. I felt such peace and joy. Suddenly, I was told mentally that I would be returned to life for another "season." It was then that I heard a distant voice calling me. I definitely did not want to return to the earth plane, but the voice kept calling me. It was an employee from a nearby store who was beside my door, saying, "Miss, are you alright? Miss, are you alright? In the emergency room, the doctor (a lady) asked me if I'd blacked out at the scene. I told her that I had not blacked out, I'd been somewhere else. This was something she didn't comprehend, and rather curtly told me that I had blacked out.
NDE due to auto accident.

1075. Diane N NDEEnglish expanded version 3/28/07 I was being worked up for symptoms of light headedness.  This test had you strapped to a "stretcher".  The first part was lying flat with electrodes monitoring the heart.  Blood pressures were taken a minute apart for 3 minutes.  Then the stretcher was raised vertically and pressures were monitored every 5 minutes.  At the seven minute mark, I started feeling very strange and said I was going to pass out.  As blackness engulfed me, I heard the staff say "she's going out".  The next thing I remember is that I was in this wonderful meadow with brilliant light, warmth and such beautiful flowers.  I had such a sense of happiness and love.  I saw forms but not faces.  The next thing I remember was waking up and having a hard time breathing and feeling sick to my stomach.  I later found out that between the time it took for them to lower the stretcher flat, my heart has stopped twice.  Ever since then, I haven't been afraid of death.
NDE due to medical test.

1074. Terry A NDEEnglish expanded version 3/28/07  I guess at that point I passed out. I remember walking along a long corridor of light with a man that I couldn't see, and could only hear. I could see ahead of us a group of people standing there, just there shapes and sizes, no features. I also felt I knew these people. I must of asked my male friend, over and over again, why am I so happy? I just left my new baby, and my other 3 children, and my family, because it was Thanksgiving night and all of our family were there watching the birth and eating turkey.  I felt whole and complete Love and Peace. I was so curious why I would feel so happy, and not miss anything or anyone. then my friend spoke to me and said, "You have known them all before and you will know them all again, there is no loss."
NDE due to hemorrhage following childbirth.

1073. Hope S NDEEnglish expanded version 3/28/07 I could see my mother beside me, with a sponge and ice water and I could hear her praying even though she was not speaking out load.  I could then see everything going on outside too.  I was bored with the scene and just then a person spoke to me and I was embraced with great love.  There were several of these people there with me and they told me I had found my way to a different place of life.  They spoke to me just like you would speak to a child, they told me that I was very sick and to get better I would have to go with them.  I was happy to do so. I then saw myself above my house and going higher and higher till I could see the planet from space.   I traveled across space and I was told that I was being taken to the home planet of these people so I could get better.
NDE at age 5 due to fever from Rubella.  Apparent remarkable healing.

1072. Andy B NDEEnglish expanded version 3/28/07  From Mexico, Original in Spanish Translated to English by Carol.  When I thought about that like transporting with only wishing that with my mind…I arrived at the end of the stream that was very narrow and I bumped into a strong ray of light like an intense white ray…I even had to close my eyes until I was not dazzle…Before I opened my eyes I was thinking that God was that light…and while I was opening my eyes…until I could penetrate that light and… what I saw was the Virgin of Guadalupe like made of pure gold…she was shining like the light of the sun.  The starts of her layer were like light sparks…her rays were shining intensely all around…it was pure light, really beautiful!... I was standing there just looking at her for a moment until I saw her at her face for a moment.
NDE from a heart attack.

1071. Corinne TL NDE E0326073/28/07 Original in French, Translated into English by Jean Peter.   I am 42 now and my experience occurred as I was about 16 – 17.  It was on the week-end, My sister had a boy-friend then who knew someone who could drive us to the night club with his car. On the outward journey, I felt unsafe as I saw how this person drove. And driving back, about 1 mile from the night club, the driver lost control of his car. There was a very thick fog. The driver tried to get a cassette off the car radio. When he raised his head, we were in a curve and he had no time to regain control. We turned and turned. The car tires screeched. The wipers worked on their own. The fog was so thick that we did not see anything. This is when I knew I was dying. I had this belief that came from inside and filled my head. It told me, “You are dying”. I emphasize “You”, as I did not talk to myself. This feeling was as if I had always known. Then my life rewound just like a cassette, like a movie, to come back to start, i.e. my birth. The only image that is burnt forever in my mind is when I saw my mother feed me as I was an infant. She was on my right side. Anyway, it would have been unthinkable for her to stand on my left. The fridge was small and next to my mother. I was facing the scene, I was a spectator. I was awfully scared by the thought of dying as I certainly did not wish to die. Beside, I told to myself “What shall my mother say?”, I was scared that she would scold me at the thought that I was dying. Behind, my sister was screaming. My door opened, and I believed I would be ejected from the car, I grabbed the driver arm. Then the car came to a stop. While getting out, I could not recover my balance and suffered a severe headache which lasted till the morning on the next-day (same for my sister). It took me a very long time to tell my parents about it. When I did, I asked my mother whether she recalled the small fridge, but she answered no. Same for my sister, she never lived something similar. The lesson I learned from that is: life is no game, you’d better not step into a car with a driver you don’t know. I believe this was a mean to scare us in order for us to be aware of the danger. A few years after my experience, the book “Life after Life” by Dr Moody was published. I wanted to buy one then, but I did not know what it was precisely about. It’s been about ten years since I have got it. I understood then why I wanted to buy it. I talked about it to a friend who also had a NDE, she saw the tunnel and the light.  It’s Moody’s book which convinced me of her experience. Since all this, I interested myself a lot in the NDEs. I try to understand and compare with things we know. I find a lot of similarities with everything about space, like: 1) The fact that you float; 2) The fact that you find yourself in a celestial body; 3) The four dimension world and Etc…  I believe there is indeed research to be completed in this area.

1070. Edward H NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  Recall being upside down and flying through the air.  Landed in a ditch.  I felt nothing as if my mind and body were separated.  Found myself in a white clouded tunnel with a bright white light at the end. I was enjoying the experience so much that I became angry when people on the scene offered emergency assistance.  I wanted to be left alone  Recall someone asking if I were dead.  I said no I wasn't dead. At that point I lost the tunnel.  The rest is history.  I am still here.
NDE due to being on motorcycle and struck by car.

1069. Bernardita B NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 From the Philippines. I was brought to the Hospital by my mother because of an acute asthma attack. I suddenly felt light and I floated . I saw my mother from above rubbing my hands and pleading to the nurses to take care of me as my hands suddenly became cold and limp. At that moment, I blacked out and as sudden as there was darkness a light shines through very bright but not blinding. I saw a closed gate suddenly opened and clouds rising around it. As I entered the gate I heard a voice telling me" Go back, Bernadette (not the name I use but Bernardita), It's not time yet. You have not met me yet." At that instant I was revived with solucortef… My name in Heaven which some priest or religious persons call me. I later discovered that it was the name in my birth certificate but which my parents were not aware of because it was registered by the midwife .
NDE due to asthma attack.  Remarkable occurrence where she was called a particular name in her NDE that was not what she knew her name to be.  Later, found the midwife who delivered her had recorded her name in her birth certificate as the name she was referred to during the NDE. 

1068. Ally D NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  I saw myself as I'd never seen me before and I was ashamed but also I had to relive all the horrible abuse, some of which I'd forgotten, all over again in every agonizing detail. I became aware of a presence with me. This presence was so vast and unimaginable I wasn't at first sure of what I was sensing but then I knew it was God. He was everywhere and everything, the beginning and the end, and he was Love. I came to know that Love is a power to rival all powers real and perceived in the Universe, something I never could have understood without this experience. As my life review, which by the way I didn't know to call it until sometime in the last decade, went along it picked up in speed. It felt ominous and I was battered with all this at light speed and I knew if it got to the end, I was dead.
NDE due to strangulation at age 16.

1067. Mark M NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  I walked out into the water, walking toward my sister and cousin, Cheri.  I hit a drop-off.  I was bobbing up and down, drowning.  I heard Cheri say, "Isn’t that your brother?"  Now I was floating above the water, looking down at my body laying on the beach....a lifeguard was bending over me, giving me mouth to mouth, I assume.  The next thing I knew, I was back in my body, I spit up, set up, he asked me if I was OK, and I said "yea".
NDE due to near drowning at age 5.

1066. Gwen P NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 My cousins wife told me afterward that 8 people had been working on me, that my heart had stopped.  Sometime between the efforts of those to start my heart - I found myself in a tunnel. I believe that I saw figures on my right, and left sides as I went down this tunnel.  And then I saw this light, like the suns light, but buffered.  A beautiful white light with touches of gold.  A wonderful warmth radiated from it.  He spoke to me, not verbally, but I heart him in my heart.  The thoughts were loving and kind coming from HIM, but I do not remember what was said.  I begged, and pleaded to be allowed to return.  I had a 4 year old daughter, and was concerned about her future without me.  So I didn't say "please, please take me", I said "please, please let me return".  And I did.
NDE due to severe pneumonia with organ failure.

1065. Dave A NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  After a few minutes I was alone and slipping away again. I found myself in a dark expanse. I was not alone but saw nothing and no one. I was not afraid. It was understood that I was safe. As easily as anyone understands when it's time to blink, I understood what was expected of me at that moment. A basic translation is as if someone said, "See." as an instruction to be followed. I saw and understood everything, the nature of the universe and how it applies to everything from the beginning of our universe to how we are part of it. It took many years and many moments where I would seem to 'zone out' while a flash of my experience in it's entirety would wash over me and I would get a headache from the amount of knowledge involved. Each time I would retain more and each time the amount more grows.
NDE due to accident.  Very transcendent.

1064. Roy F NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  What I now know to be a NDE, happened during the surgery to open my windpipe.  I have a vivid recollection of being near the ceiling in what looked like a hallway of the hospital.  The Dr. and 2 nurses were working over my body furiously.  The bed was slanted downward with my head lower than my feet.  I was not fearful.  I just waited... My brain paralyzed.  I was in an iron lung when I did regain conscientiousness.  My dad was there.  I was later told that I was unconscientiously for several days.  After my recovery, which in itself is a miracle, I remember telling my mom about how the surgery was conducted. In fact, I told her and my dad many times while growing up.  I would tell it in front of friends and visitors.  Their response always was, "Baby, there is no way that you could have known that, you were in a coma."
NDE during surgery for tracheotomy due to complication of polio at age seven, 55 years ago.

1063. Marlene K NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 The next thing I remember is hovering above my head in an ambulance and watching two male attendants work quickly on my body - I wondered why I couldn't hear the siren.  Then I turned around 180 degrees and saw my ex-husband's grandmother standing in a long white gown holding a beautiful bouquet of daffodils - they were gorgeous, as was she - she was in her 20s or 30s and I couldn't get over how beautiful and YOUNG she looked.  I felt she communicated in some way that if I took the bouquet of flowers (which reminded me of my own grandmother - daffodils were her birth flower and always her favorites), I could leave with her -that she would take me somewhere.  I looked back at my body and perhaps at this time is when I re-entered - because the next memory I have is waking up in a hospital room five days later..
NDE due to suicide attempt with overdose of Phenobarbital.

1062. Connie L NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 The anesthetist was not paying attention to me or what he was doing still busy talking about the football game.  I struggled and struggled trying to move anything to speak and could not.  I realized that I was going to die, I didn't want to die, I had a husband and three children that needed me.  all of a sudden a very calm feeling came over me and I was surrounded by a white light very cloud like. I felt myself floating and weightless it was a great feeling and I wanted to stay there.  I desperately tried to move up and down sideways anything and I heard him still talking about the football game and saying, she is blue, then yelling at me to breathe.  I don't remember ever breathing and the next thing I knew I woke up in recovery and able to move and talk.
NDE due to anesthesia complication.

1061. Howardena P NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  It was hard to believe by others as I saw  myself or felt I was walking around outside of the car, but also experienced being  highly conscious in a dark void, but I was not afraid. Although it was dark, I felt I could see. There was no up, down or sideways... no sense of direction. I was alone, Apparently the Buddhists call this Bardo.
NDE due to car accident.

1060. Sandra J NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 After 12 midnight I was taken to the operating room and put under anesthesia.  I wasn't really informed as to my condition as being life threatening.  I guess I was young and uninformed since I was aware as to the bleeding all day but since this was my first child I did not know what to expect.  While I was under the anesthesia I found myself in a very bright warm area high over the operating table.  I could hear people talking about the fact that they didn't know what happened.  Also they said that they knew that I had just given birth to a child the day before and they were sure that I would like to be there with my child.  The peaceful location, the warmth, the brightness, the calmness of the voices made it a very comfortable experience.
NDE due to bleeding after childbirth.

1059. Cameron H NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  I went into a coma dues to being diagnosed with Ryes Syndrome.  During the coma, I was on life support and an ICP bolt was put in my head to measure brain pressure.  My mother finally needed to leave my side to go to the restroom and when this happened, my life support dropped to "0" and the doctors tried to bring me back to life.  They were successful but I remember passing down a hallway that had no doors that was a soft grey tone.  At the end there was an open door with an immense light emitting through it.  I felt like I was floating down the hallway straight to the door.  I passed through it and was in this vast space that was like a giant Styrofoam sphere, that I was stuck on.  I could only travel round and around.  I then heard crying and beeps and turned to look where the sound was, and I was back in my hospital bed surrounded by beings that were floating around me.
NDE due to coma from Ryes Syndrome at age 6.

1058. Bonnie B NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 All of a sudden everything was black then I saw a light like a multiple shinning radiant glowing of indescribable brilliance and I was being whisked down a tunnel at an incredible speed.  There were people outside of this tunnel all along reaching out seaming to want to touch me. They were communicating with each other like a mental chatter but I couldn't recognize any of them yet they seemed familiar like they knew me. They were like faceless figures. I was not afraid to go forward but all I could think of was no, no I need to go back to be with my children, they are to young for me to leave them, please, please, I need to go back. I kept saying my children, my children, even though I would like to stay. I didn't say it with words it was with my  mind.
NDE due to complication of dental nitrous oxide.

1057. SM's NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  It was 10 days after surgery and I was scheduled to go home the next morning, but when the nurse checked my pulse early in the morning, she found no pulse. I had bled to death during the night. I remember this causing much confusion in the hospital ward, and my body was rushed to the trauma room.  I remember floating near the ceiling and being VERY SAD because I had a 6 month old daughter that would not have the care of a mommy.  The staff administered blood transfusions and I slowly came back into my body sometime later.
NDE due to bleeding after surgery.

1056. Diana R NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  During the event, I thought I was in the presence of Jesus.  We spoke and I was shown a life review.  The review was very fast but I seemed to comprehend everything easily despite the speed.  After the review was over, I had lots of questions esp. the meaning of life, lots of scientific questions and the meaning of the universe, etc. type of questions.  I was given all the answers and remember that it was all so easy and so clear and why didn't I understand that before.  I was told why I was born and my mission or reason for being and then told that my work wasn't done yet and that I had to go back.  I was really hurt that I couldn't stay because there wasn't anything that I wanted more than to stay.  Pure love is the best way to describe the being and place that I would be leaving. Under protest, I was sent back. 
NDE due to cardiac arrest as complication of kidney failure.

1055. Larry B NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  The next thing I noted was that I hit my head.  I noted I hit it hard but it didn't seem to concern me.  Then I was standing in this place.  I guess I could use the word beautiful to describe it but it was more of a mist and a feeling than anything.  I was alone at first.  But then people started appearing.  I recognized them all.  Some relatives and friends.  The others, well I knew them somehow.  They were all happy to see me but somewhat concerned.  I remember the overall feeling from them as I wasn't supposed to be there.  One of them pulled me aside and asked me a few questions.  I answered them.  He then said that someone was going to come and talk me out of staying.  I replied something to the effect of I have no intention of leaving.
NDE due to unconsciousness from inhalation of helium and falling and hitting head.

1054. Janice H NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  I looked around for a while and wandered to the garden area. I saw my grandmother standing on the other side of the fence in the neighbor's yard. I ran to the fence, so happy to see her. I wanted her to hold me like she did when I was a child. She had a wonderful laugh and was happy to see me too. We talked though it seemed that we communicated by thought rather than words, about general life things, she told me she was very proud of me. She told me she was sorry she left me when she did and was glad that I had acted so responsibly when I found her body. After talking for a short while, she said it was time to go. I wanted to cross the fence and go with her, but she told me no. She said it was not my time, that I still had things to accomplish. She told me that she would always be with me and close by at all times.
NDE due to severe flu.

1053. Violet P NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  I was having a baby Doctor could not stop the bleeding. I left my body. I watched them working on me. Then there was a bright light around me and I heard my great aunt's voice (she has been dead since I was 10) she asked me if I really trusted my husband to raise my son…  I am legally blind without my glasses but the nurse took my glasses before they took me to the delivery room but I could see clearly what the Dr. was doing.
NDE due to blood loss at time of childbirth.

1052. RoseMarie W NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  The smoke seeped into my home and cause me to have more difficulty with my breathing.  After going to sleep, I was wide awake.  I knew that I was not breathing.  I tried to take in some air but it felt as if a large block of cement was on my chest.  I was not afraid and I understood what was happening.  I knew that I was leaving my body.  I never saw a tunnel but I was going backwards from what I perceived to be a place of division.  One the other side, I was alive and on this side I was not breathing.  I was moving slowly at first and started gaining speed away from the place of division.  It was almost like a surface when you're under water.  It's hard to describe exactly what it was like.  I was totally aware of what was happening and there was absolutely no fear.  My mind and thoughts were moving as fast as lightening.  Everything was like crystal.  I understood everything and again there was absolutely no fear.
NDE due to inability to breath due to myasthenia gravis (a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease).

1051. Robert E NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 the first experience took place at the time when my blood pressure was crashing and my pulse rate was so fast I felt like my heart was breaking through my chest. I was tired of the the fight.  In my vision I found myself in a dark and barren hospital room. besides the brightly illuminated bed I was in, the only other item in this room was a plain wooden chair up against a wall. the chair area was also brightly illuminated. in the penumbra you could barely make out the outline of a doorway through which entered my clone who proceeded to sit in the chair.  at this moment I swung my legs over  the side of the bed and faced my companion.  I wanted to rip out my  heart which felt alien and unfriendly.  my companion seemed clearly aware of all my feelings. after all we were one and the same.  he said the following: "Robert, you can choose to stay or check out”.
NDE due to septicemia in ICU.

1050. Della M NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  There were by now 3 doctors and 5 nurses in my room. I though the nurse with the blood pressure cuff was funny. She would pump it up, listen, pump it up again, listen, pump it up again. I saw 1 doctor & 1 nurse fill a syringe with a very long needle that they were going to inject into my heart. I knew I was dead. I had no fear, I felt very much at peace. I was more than willing to go on. BUT at the very last second I thought what would happen to my 4 young children in my absent. It was like SLAM I was back in my body and I heard the nurse say I have a pulse. I have told others it was like the hand of God slammed me back into my body much like you would slam a handful of mud against a wall. I started laughing which no one understood. Since that day I have had no fear of death. I am far more easy going and at peace.
NDE due to allergic reaction after surgery.

1049. William S Probable NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 …the earth was racing toward me at 120 knots.  Instantly I developed the most intense headache centered in my forehead. The pain and pressure felt the size of a quarter and in that instant the pain exploded and I heard the following words “Let go you don’t have enough reaction time for that”. Upon hearing the words I concluded my subconscious was informing me I had bought the farm. For a nanosecond I resisted the notion to let go of the controls. In the following instant I let go of the controls, and laid my hands in my lap and waited for the impact.  In the few microseconds I had left on the earth I realized I had for the first time truly surrendered to forces beyond my control. The only recognizable regret I had in that moment was for the well being of the plane. I thought what a shame to damage such a wonderful machine.  My thoughts were moving faster that the speed of light and at this incredible speed I knew with certainty that my life was over. As I gazed at the earth rushing up at me I could see the birds flying around in the tops of the trees that I was about to impact.
Three experiences described.  Vision at age 5, Probable NDE at age 10, Remarkable near plane crash at age 44.

1048. Asked to be removed.

1047. Cory P NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 When I hit the surface, water choking water exploded from my nose and mouth. Right next to me I saw this boy with blue dark blue eyes. Can you help me get back? I'm so tired. He looked at me. Put your hand on my shoulder. I ended up on the beach on all fours coughing my guts out.  Looking around all I could see were my friends pointing at me. I wanted to thank blue eyes but I couldn't find him. After talking with my friends they said I swam in alone. I went back a couple of times after that. I never saw the kid again.
NDE due to near drowning at age 16.  Was assisted back to shore by being that could not be seen by his friends on shore.

1046. James E NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 Then, POOF, im in the light.  Its golden, its beautiful, the pain from the 3 years of my life gone, the laughter, the love, every emotion I had had in life, was gone.   I was one with everything that ever existed, or ever will be. I knew at that moment, the why of all whys.  I had no questions, I had need for no answers. Everything was known in that instant I entered the light.  Then it spoke to me, as if I was speaking to myself through the voices of everything that can, does, or will exist.   It simply said " you have to go back" and it was me telling myself I have to go back, but yet.. I am all, so who was talking to whom???   ha-ha.     So, I did not question, I already knew why I had to, why life existed, why everything happens.  After it told me I had to come back, that was it. I woke up in my bed, my mother laying next to me, 5 days had passed, the cancer that was eating me alive, that the doctors had said they could not cure, was completely healed.  They tested me, found i was completely void of cancer, and sent me home.
NDE due to coma after surgery at age 6 due to advanced Hodgkin’s Disease.  Quite transcendent NDE.  Indicates he was immediately cured after NDE.

1045. Denise M NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  I went into a diabetic coma.  My parents rushed me to the hospital where they told them I had also had a stroke on the left side of my brain, destroying most of it.  They said that I would die within the next twenty-four hours.  All of my organs were shutting down.  I didn't die.  When I went into the coma at my home, Jesus appeared at the side of my bed and asked me to go with him.  I did.  He took me to the spirit world or what you call heaven and showed me many things.  I got to see all of His life.  He showed me hell, where the evil people have gone.
NDE at age 10 due to diabetic coma.  Very detailed.

1044. Tim B NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 I woke up above my body, and I was still having electrical thoughts.  I felt like I was in the shape of a clear ball, and the back of me was connected to some type of electrical force, that was using me, but not hurting me.  I never thought of this was afterlife at the time, but after analyzing it now, I can see how it could be.  I was surprised how I could move around, by just wanting too, and the pressure of going back into my body was rough, but I was hoping it would all work out in the end, and it did.
NDE due to apparent loss of consciousness after unknown type of needle shot. 

1043. Steven T NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07 My heart was in V fibrillation and then stopped completely.  All of a sudden I'm in an extremely bright and white room with a large wooden table in the center of this room. Chiseled in the center of the table was an unknown design. (No other articles in the room whatsoever) Sitting at the table were three knights (like during the crusades with the large red cross on the clothing). Two were sitting side by side with their backs to me. The third was sitting across from the two. All three had their armor helmets resting on the table just to the right of each one of them.   They never acknowledged my presence, so I don't know if they seen me or not)   The knight sitting by himself stated with a firm voice "we need him now". One of the knights with his back to me stood up, slammed his fist on the table and shouted "no, it is not his time.”
NDE due to heart arrhythmia.  Saw three crusade era knights.

1042. Steve F NDEEnglish expanded version 3/22/07  ...I could see a person in the driver seat covered with blood and paramedics working on him, and I thought "wow that guy's really messed up", then I realized it was my truck and the person was me. While this was happening I felt confused; how could I be standing where the house should be? why am I standing when I was sitting in the truck? how could I see myself being worked on? then I turned to my right (facing forward) and I saw the grim reaper, the dark robe , the sickle, no face but where the face should be was just blackness, blacker than anything I'd ever seen before in my life, it was as if you could take the brightest light you could find (the sun, or even 1000 suns and shined it in there and it would just swallow it up) then I heard a voice in my head say either (come with me, or come to me) and as I stared into the blackness ...
NDE due to car crash.  Rare encounter with grim reaper.

1041. Sally S NDEEnglish expanded version 3/20/07 my blood pressure dropped out while having an operation to remove a Pilonoidal cyst off my lower spine.  I floated out of my body and was watching, (as if watching on TV), the medical team work on me to revive me, then I got bored watching, and I felt a slight pulling sensation and I started floating toward a soft mellow light in the distance.  Along the way I felt the presence of positive beings of light and soft beautiful music playing all around me, I felt happy and wanted to reach the light, then I heard, (or felt), a voice, (but inside my head), tell me that I must go back into my body because it was not my time to pass over yet, there was something that I still had to do on Earth - and with that, I was sucked back into my body and awoke on the operating table to the astonishment of the doctors working on me.
NDE due to surgical complication.

1040. Damien M NDEEnglish expanded version 3/20/07 Suddenly I could see myself from above, sitting on the doorstep with my head in my hands. My consciousness was 'floating' approximately twelve feet from the ground. I felt incredibly calm and strangely disinterested in the commotion carrying on below me. I could see people running around and I could hear people shouting.
NDE due to head trauma.

1039. RF NDEEnglish expanded version  3/20/2007 Original in Dutch, translated into English by Wouter.   I heard wonderful music, and saw a tunnel of light that I traversed at a dazzling speed. The tunnel ended in a sort of entrance with various entities, known to me, with whom I communicated through a sort of thought. They were like guides and helped the "souls" across a river (Styx?). There was also a basin from which a sort of bubbles rose up and floated into the universe, all of them filled with something. Suddenly a beautiful bright light passed by and everybody fell to their knees and praised that Light. I was about to go through a door of sorts (beautiful music came from behind it) when my name was called and I was allowed to return. Right before I arrived, I had a vision of blinds closing and I knew I was stone-deaf. I am sure now that there's more than our current world. Scientists are busy researching our consciousness, also in quantum physics people are trying to solve the riddle of "Life".  It is quite logical that the great avatars spoke of God and related subjects. Imagine that back then they were already talking about quantum leaps and nanotechnology, among other things. Nobody could have understood that then, but science and religion are converging more and more now. Our thoughts are faster than 1000 times the speed of light (300.000 km per second). So we can "find" everything in our universe, even God.

1038. Ruud L NDEEnglish expanded version  3/6/2007 Original in Dutch, translated into English by Wouter.  The first week after the accident they injected me literally full of morphine, to keep me in a sort of coma. Afterwards a doctor and also my parents told me that I had not been conscious for one moment during that week.   The funny part is that I can remember everything that happened at the intensive care. I know my parents came to visit, that my father had to throw up when he saw me, that my mother did not know what to do and could not stop crying.  There was also a nurse that came to sit by me whenever she could manage the time. I knew she was taking courses in surgery assistance. I saw her and her colleagues working the whole week, with me and other intensive care patients. One given moment, I knew precisely what patient was given which medication and what time.
This is an amazing NDE!  It proves that the NDE is not brain chemistry because the morphine did not change his lucidity.  The other part is that what he saw in the out-of-body state was entirely accurate and verified.  That means that the NDE was not a hallucination or figment of his imagination.  The skeptics will be hard-pressed to
explain away this NDE.

1037. Kasandra L NDE. English expanded version 3/4/2007 I remember thinking that God was over doing this white stuff and that the whole environment could use a little color.  Nobody came to meet or greet me.  I remember telling God that if he were busy that he could just direct me to the library and I would be more then happy to look up the meaning of my own life.  No answer.  And the white light just kept coming and coming. I remember then telling God, that if this were death it was a little BORING. I told God that he should remember that poverty, celibacy and boredom were nothing that I did very WELL...HELLO ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?  No Answer?  I became aware that there was a great knowledge being conveyed to me.  I had a sense that all of this was not the right time.
NDE due to operative complication.  Unusual and interesting communication from NDEr during experience.

1036. Darlene K NDE. English expanded version  3/4/2007 I floated up to the ceiling.  Lucy entered the room with the bright rays of sun through the window.  She had no body, like me.  We greeted each other happily and played, spinning and twirling in the air.  It was fun.  When we stopped, she took me up through a dark tunnel with an intense light at the top.  When we arrived, there was no top or bottom.  There was nothing there but love.  It was pure love.  Intense love.  Everything was okay.  Everyone there was okay.  They were all happy, loving beings.  They were expecting Lucy.  They talked with her and laughed with her.  I watched them and felt the love all around me.  They reviewed Lucy's past.  Suddenly, I felt a being communicate, "You're not supposed to be here."
NDE due to smothering.  Interesting encounter in experience with her cousin Lucy.  Later found that Lucy died around the time of the NDE, making this a relatively rare example of a shared NDE.

1035. Warida NDEEnglish expanded version  3/1/2007 From Libya Original in Arabic.  I felt that my spirit goes out and I saw the surgeon and druggist doctor. Then I met my past brother. I asked him is this the death?  Then I saw my mother she was far a way of me. She died in 1993 she did not talk to me. I saw daughters of my brother. they ignored me in spite of my great love to them.
NDE from Surgery complications.

1034. Kim H NDEEnglish expanded version  2/28/2007 From Belgium Original in Dutch, translated into English by Wouter.  However, the longer that took, the more I felt being sucked upwards. I felt relaxed and calm, but at certain moments I was really scared; I wanted to return and was prepared to do anything! Then I felt someone taking my hand, I didn’t dare to look behind me, but I still did without wanting to. My nephew was standing there, the one who has had a fatal car accident a few years ago. He spoke to me. Not with words, but with feelings. He told me to be careful and wary. I had to go back because I was too young. At that moment I did not want to return; I wanted to stay since I miss him dearly. He sent me back, it felt like I was being thrown back in my body.
NDE frm Motorcycle accident

1033. Irene L NDEEnglish expanded version  2/25/2007 From Sweden, Original in Swedish, translated into English by Lisa M.  I'm in a "tunnel" that's ox-blood  red, it's narrow or sort of  "close", I kind of float ahead through windings and curves, but I never hit anything, it feels warm, peaceful and pleasant and it's just like "everything runs smoothly". There's someone there with me, I presence I can only feel. Suddenly I know and understand everything, I know what everything is like, and I know I'm in the realm of death. The "journey" continues and I'm a small child and my "current" self all at the same time. I just AM, it's impossible to describe. We get to this enormous light and I feel that my companion gets there before me, and I just know it's a boy my age: 17 years. We are greeted by a "being" that is light, it's like a glow coming from it, I don't know if it's a she or a he. But it radiates so much love and safety it's indescribable. The boy "disappears" into the light, but for some reason I'm not allowed to come along... I so much want to come too, it's so wonderfully comfortable, I feel so absolutely great... I stay by the light being, I can't get past it, I'm told it's not my time yet. Then everything goes black.
NDE from an allergic reaction.

1032. Mickie S NDEEnglish expanded version  2/25/2007 From Austria Original in Dutch, translated into English by Wouter.  Two people were present, one known and one unknown to me. They both said they would walk with me a bit until my saddle was changed. At that moment I collapsed. I felt comfortable and warm, and saw myself lying on the pavement at the street. However, the street was not made of asphalt but of glass, with a bright light underneath. Actually, the whole street was light. Lateral to the street were bows of light, behind me. Before me new bows of light came up.  Then it was as if someone woke me up. I thought “Please let me sleep.” A doctor was resuscitating me.

1031.  Beverly B NDE-Like. English expanded version 2/25/07 The last thing that I saw before all external vision ended was a glorious fire - the core and center of a marvelous star. Perhaps this was a symbol for the blessing that was now to come to me. Everything faded except for a richly full void in which That and I encompassed All that is. Here, I experienced, in ineffable magnificence, communion with the Light Being. Now I was filled with not just all knowledge, but also with all love. It was as if the Light were poured in and through me. I was God's object of adoration; and from His/our love I drew life and joy beyond imagining. My being was transformed; my delusions, sins, and guilt were forgiven and purged without asking; and now I was Love, primal Being, and bliss. And, in some sense, I remain there, for Eternity. Such a union cannot be broken. It always was, is, and shall be.
Profound and profoundly life-changing experience.  Inspiring!

1030. Barbara G NDEEnglish expanded version  2/25/2007  My memory is this:  You know what orange Jell-O looks like, right? Well, mix some fruit cocktail in it when it is mushy, not totally jelled.  I was a piece of that fruit and I went into the orange Jell-O---all that I felt and thought all the other pieces of fruit could feel and know and I knew and felt all that they could feel.  Some of the fruit piece were on the "edge" of the Jell-O looking down and focusing on "earth"--the physical plane (as a five year old it seemed to be "earth") other fruit cocktail pieces were sliding more to the middle, aware of "earth" but not bothered by it. This place felt so wonderful--like a warm connectedness.  I was just checking it out and loving it, feeling loved and gently embraced by the orange Jell-O. A feeling of a voice saying I could choose to stay or to go back to where I came from---that both choices were ok and not to fret because this orangeness was always there for me.
NDE at age 5 due to complications of simultaneous childhood illnesses.

1029.  Anthony K NDE. English expanded version 2/25/07 Suddenly the breath I was fighting for wasn't there, it didn't hurt, the room darkened and al sound quit. Then without breathing I was breathing and I could see not only the doctor and nurses in the room but the room facing the Cath Lab behind glass looking at me. My wife was next to last standing to my left. She is a cardiac nurse and had barged her way into the room. She and the other 4 in the other room had distressed looks on their faces, so sad, so afraid. I never looked down where I was and wasn't aware anything physical had changed. I wanted to tell them all, especially my wife that I was better than great not to be sad. I felt perfect, no pain, warm, loved, complete, and peace. While I looked at everybody it was through different eyes, not like we see in our bodies.
NDE due to complication of cardiac catheterization procedure.

1028.  Anthony R NDE. English expanded version 2/25/07  It was as if I was seeing through a kaleidescope (again, not precisely what really happened, but as close as I can get with words).  The things I was experiencing (and truth be told, using the word "seeing" isn't really even accurate, but I'm limited with words) made no sense at all at first, but after a time, I seemed to be able to make a little bit of sense out of all the whirling images/impressions.  After an even longer time, I slowly began to realize that some of the shapes and colors I was experiencing were a "landscape" of sorts...but then I became started when it dawned on me that some of the collage actually represented a sentient being.  Not long after realizing that there was someone there with me, I knew without a doubt that it was my grandfather on my mother's side.  Now, my maternal grandfather died before I was three years old, and I have no conscious recollection of the man at all.
NDE due to respiratory arrest due to asthma.

1027.  Graham B NDE. English expanded version 2/25/07 I noticed an object in the corner of my eye moving towards me at great speed.  Before I had chance to react my vision got brighter and brighter until it was pure white, next thing I experienced was floating over my body but facing the opposite direction I was facing before crossing the road, I was moving down the road I just walked down but in the opposite direction.  It felt weird, I experienced this for around 30 seconds or so.  When I came round I was lying on the floor in a great deal of pain, apparently the bike did not hit me, but I fell backwards, breaking my leg and fracturing my hand, with a large whole in the skin on my head.
NDE due to fall including head injury.

1026.  Greg C NDE. English expanded version 2/17/07 From France.  Original in French, Translated to English by Simon A.  So having decided to amuse myself plugging the connection in, I received an electric shock from head to toe. A massive discharge paralysed me, I felt a kind of "burning" inside me, my heart stopped, and during this time ( I had no more notion of time, and do not know whether I was lying on the floor for 20 minutes or only 30 seconds) I lost consciousness. I then found myself bathed in a sort of white light which covered all the walls. The light was not blinding but was of an extreme whiteness, restful, entirely peaceful; I felt no emotions, neither fear nor joy, but an impression of total serenity.  I was melting into this light, I was in it and it was in me, we formed a unity. Today I am convinced that other events occurred, following this, but I can no longer remember anything.
Child NDE caused by electrocution.

1025.  Carlos EA NDE. English expanded version 2/17/07 From Peru.  Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Rio.  It happened at the beach.  I didn't know how to swim.  The water came up to my feet when I lost slipped and fell back because the beach where I went is like a wave.   When I lost my footing I  sank.  I later tried to get out but the waves kept pushing my down.  I felt tired and sleepy but I could see under the water.  I don't know at what moment I started going toward a white light.  I felt peace and the tranquility was beautiful.  As I got closer and closer  I was afraid.  In knew I was dying and I heard a voice that told me to go back.  I then returned rapidly and felt a blow to my chest and at that moment I started feeling pain.  I felt that I was drowning once again and I later saw some legs by my side that I grabbed onto to get out of the water.  Those legs took me out but according to my friends I got out by myself, it was incredible that nobody got  me out.
Drowning NDE

1024.  Francesca T NDE. English expanded version 2/17/07 I had lost a lot of blood. I remember floating, and watching from above the scene of panic by hospital staff as I flat lined, I felt it was quite humorous… Floating away, felt great. Until I realized I had been bought around and described by doctors as dead.
NDE associated with blood loss and possible allergic reaction.

NDE due to severe infection, fever, and unconsciousness.

1022.  Sharon D NDE. English expanded version 2/17/07 The time sped past yet never moved.  It couldn't wouldn't didn't have to it proved.  For I was the one who moved, but the truth just was it was still. Calm and awesome, truly fulfilled.  Peace and no sound, yet I could hear all around me there was a presence, but no fear.  In my emotions I had come home. I was whole and healed I would not roam. 
Two NDEs.  One due to being struck by car and another during childbirth.

1021.  Davida A NDE. English expanded version 2/9/07  I sat on my bed and the pains began so sharp so intense. I could hear my mother calling my dad to come and he was talking to me shaking me trying to undue my arms from twisting distortedly from me being in pain. Everything started going black and white.  Then in slow motion and I could see as if my soul was pulling backwards from out of my body, like I was looking through my eyes but being pulled backwards. I was looking at my mother and tried to reach to her, but she was looking at me in awe like she saw my soul leaving me too. Then all of a sudden everything went normal, like I was thrown back in my body and I could now smell apple cider vinegar all around me.
NDE due to pulmonary embolus.

1020.  Jose M NDE. English expanded version 2/9/07  I served with 101st airborne division in Vietnam from April 1969 to May 1970.  May 21  we came against a well fortified enemy. We attack a hill next to a wall  by the rice paddy.  Just before it got night we where told to get our combat gear to charge the hill.  I was pretty scared cause I knew that maybe I get kill. As we attack the hill a mortar landed behind and I flew thru the sky.  First thing I did was pray for forgiveness then all of sudden I could see myself laying the ground.  I had no more fear but Peace.  I wish I never came back but as I laid there all night they came to pick me up.  Once someone touch I came back to my body.
NDE from combat in Vietnam.

1019.  John C NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 . . . this being (I know it was God) was seated on a throne. This very bright light was streaming out from him and I could only make him out for an instant and he had long hair and a beard. The light was intense and I could feel that he was concerned for me and I could feel a lot of love the likes I haven't felt before and I felt he had great compassion for me and had knowledge about everything that had been and what ever was to be. I saw gold streaking with the bright white light also and knew all wealth comes from him too. It seems like I was with him for about three minutes and then I was glided back over to the four gentlemen who were by this very tall white fence. One of them then told me it was not my time yet and before I could tell them that I didn't want to go back here, I was in my body in the hospital gasping and choking with this tube in my throat.
NDE from an accident.

1018.  Andrea C NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 Suddenly everything went very calm and peaceful.  It was the most wonderful feeling I've ever felt. I felt like a feather image of myself, so free and light.  If I could have described myself at that moment in a word, it would be "whisper".   A man appeared in front of me, chanting happily for me to go with him.  He knew my name. He seemed familiar but I didn't know him.  This man did not scare me in any way although I knew if I went with him that would be it for me.  A force was pulling me towards him. I had to stop myself by wading in the water with my hands. I loved the place I was in and could have stayed there forever, life stresses and all known reality was gone.
NDE due to surgical complication.

NDE due to heart attack.

1016.  Sally F NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 This is when I saw a vision of Jesus and an Angel off to the right above me in a vision.  It was as though there was a window into the heavenly and I could see what they were doing although I wasn't standing next to them.  Jesus had his hands stretched down to the angel and he had his hands stretched down to me directly under Jesus.  The interesting thing is that I consider myself a Christian without a denomination and the vision of Jesus and the angel looked exactly like the paintings/window panes you see in a Catholic church.  Jesus looked like the Catholic Jesus and the Angel looked like a Catholic Angel - not a cherub but a tall, strong, man looking angel.  The colors were amazing.  I tell you all this because I thought that If/when I ever saw Jesus he would look plainer.  He was very radiant.  Also, I can tell you that I instinctively knew what they were doing (my friends laugh at me when I try to explain this).  Jesus gave the angel and then the angel gave me the "whammy to live". 
NDE where she encountered Jesus.

1015.  Thomas B NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I do remember sirens and seeing my mom crying in the back of an ambulance. But it was from above. then again everything is blank.  The next thing I remember was I was floating in the most peaceful place. There was singing which was the most beautiful thing I ever heard. Then I was approached by a man. He told me that I had to go back, that it was not my time. ( I wanted to stay. I did not want to leave.) He had then shown me his wrists and right foot. There were wounds. He told me not to be afraid. He then told me that in the most troubling time in my life he would be there and to have no fear.
NDE due to being struck by car at age 6.

1014.  Cono J NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 From New Zealand The next thing I knew I was drifting, gliding, weightless as if in outer space. I was surrounded in an intense, warming feeling.  There was no light, just the most amazing dark blue color everywhere.  I was aware that I wasn't breathing but it didn't matter.  All I felt was love, joy, happiness, and every wonderful emotion you could feel all at once. My thoughts had changed - not what I thought, but how I thought. Each thought was like a stone dropped into a still pool of water as if time had slowed (maybe it had for me). Then I became aware of others. There were hundreds of thousands of others. I couldn't see anyone's face at first, just their outlines.  We were on the edge of a cliff.  They were all waiting. I tried to see what they were all looking out at, but just as I was going to ask, a man in a very old uniform turned to face me and in a forceful voice said, "you're not meant to be here!"
NDE associated with stillbirth, blood loss, and seizure. 

1013.  Floyd NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 After the initial panic and fear, there was euphoria, peace, calmness, contentment, warmth. It was the best experience I have ever had… Like looking at a forest of trees from a close distance in a thick fog, and bright white light shining out from behind the forest, creating shadows and beams of light emitting from the forest.
NDE due to drowning.

1012.  Araceli S NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 From the Philippines. The driver did not stop; instead he tried to mow me down. Behind all this drama something else was happening to me. I suddenly saw myself sprawled to the ground and there was a silver thread connected to that lifeless body of mine and to me floating; hovering just above the whole scene I suddenly heard a voice commanding to move my body from head sideways with my face flat on the ground and straightened my feet. from that perpendicular position to the wheels at that .I watched my motionless body and I started to repeat what the Voice is commanding...move!!! I saw myself being moved in a split second in alignment parallel to the wheels with the chassis nearly decapitating me.
NDE due to being run over by a car.  Interesting in that voice commanded her to move her body which may have lessened her injuries or saved her life. 

1011.  Linda S Probable NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I did not see the Spirit as I had seen Jesus of Nazareth depicted in paintings, but the innate knowing of my heart remembered and acknowledged Christ. The radiant Spirit was Christ, the manifestation and expression of pure love. Because of my Christian education, I knew no other name to call what I felt as I looked at him.  Others might have called him Buddha, or Yahweh, or Great Spirit in the Sky, but the naming did not matter, only the recognition of absolute love and truth was important. Safe in the gentle yet powerful embrace of his love, I rested, secure that everything was okay, exactly as it was supposed to be.
This is a must read.  Astonishingly beautiful and exceptional experience.

NDE due to auto accident.  Quite frightening NDE.  Rare experience content of encountering the person who died in the auto accident in the frightening experience.

1009.  Kami C NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 They said I had to go back and I cried and said no, I wouldn't.  That they had to make my mom understand somehow that I was much better off now and she shouldn't worry but they insisted I go back, that my mother needed me, others needed me, I had to heal others and again I said no (7 year olds are very selfish) and I meant it.  I said I would go to my mother myself and tell her I was ok, that they had a way I could do that right? and I began traveling towards my mother and suddenly I couldn't move anymore, they stopped me and they said no, there was no way to do that, I couldn't do that, that I had to go back and I began moving backwards, back to my body and when I hit it I hit it like a ton of bricks and I hurt so bad…
NDE due to drowning at age 7.

1008.  Wendy C NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 There was an incredibly long line of people that were cheering and clapping for me.  And it made me feel so good!  The type of life I had, especially my childhood, was anything but happy. My sister and my grandmother where the first in line.  They were also very happy and joyous-these are words I would not have used to describe them on earth.  At some point I learned that all the people who had greeted me were people who had been affected by me, both good and bad (bad by my definition).
NDE during surgery.

1007.  James NDE 2893. English expanded version 2/3/07 During the trip I must have been dosing off and not I am not sure but I instantly slumped dead, I was dead and in full cardiac arrest. They were pounding on my chest, I was a code three. I was vaguely remembering a tech waking me by touching my chest. But I saw my self from above I watched a hand push a tube down my throat then the back of the two technicians heads and my body, then a metal tin like the bottom of a bread box and everything was calm then as if a sudden a shock to my system I felt like I was in dumped into ice water I then woke up in the hospital naked I was fighting for my life.
NDE due to suicidal overdose of narcotics and valium.

1006.  Melanie K NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 Next, I was near the window that was about three feet away from the side of my bed. I seemed to be at the same height that I would have been at if I was standing on the window sill but when I looked down I didn't have a body. I knew I was out of my body but it didn't scare me and felt better than the pain that I had been in all day. I could see the medical personnel working on me but I didn't really pay any attention to them. The next day the nurses told me that my heart rate and blood pressure were so low that my heart was barely pumping blood.
NDE due to severe infection.

1005.  Stephanie L NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I felt concern, care, total sensitivity from him, he was not asserting himself in any dominating way yet I knew he was all there was or, everything was part of or came from him.  He was indescribably sweet, sincere, responsive to me, and there was even humor (like he was saying surprise surprise.) He looked at me as if he was looking at something totally precious and dear to him and I couldn't take my eyes away, I never felt love like that, complete love with no demands, just a total recognition that I was wonderful and he knew it all along and wanted me to know it.  Slowly it faded and I was back in the room, or rather the room returned to its normal state and I felt so, so grateful I had been given this gift, this knowledge.
NDE due to head injury from fall.  Encounter with extremely loving being.

1004.  Sharon L NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I have never been the same since NDE. When I saw my body in the street. My life all played back to me like on a video. As I saw my body disappearing as I was moving  feeling like I was floating up . I felt total peace. calm. Didn't know I was in an accident but I do remember seeing me lying in the street. As I disappeared into a light as a rose. My life before the accident feels like someone told me a story and I recall a little of it but it don't feel like its me.
NDE due to head injury from being hit by bus.

1003.  Matthew J NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I fell from a tree whilst trying to tie a rope to make a swing. I remember falling and feeling a warm sensation as if I were wrapped in a blanket. I remember looking down from where I'd been in the tree and seeing myself lay on the ground below with my younger brother sat beside me. I felt sick and then remember being about 20 feet from my Dads house in the company of my little brother and then awaking in hospital a few hours later. I was told that I'd received 3 hairline fractures to the front of my skull and a broken cheek bone.
NDE due to head trauma from fall.

1002.  Joseph V NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I remember going to the surface twice then I was surrounded by a beautiful white light.  I was in a tunnel but remember little more of the experience. Thinking back on the event the vision of things was not the same as seeing. Its like seeing without knowing what your seeing.
NDE from drowning at age 8 which occurred 54 years ago.

1001.  Peter K NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I also saw all of my deceased relatives with her thousands of them. They were in translucent spirit form. Ethereal if you will, Yet I could make out there features. I could see through them. They were all calling to me to come to them, with them. I told them to wait I had to go to the light first. At the time I knew everything that had ever happened in the world, Everything that would happen in the future and everything that was happening at that moment I was one with God or the Collective soul, Father sky a Higher power. What ever label you wish to attach to it. It was perfect love. The light grew brighter than the sun as I got closer. I did go through a tunnel effect. At the end the light coalesced into a human form. I didn't know it then but as I meditated on the image of that form over the years I realized it was myself at about age 40.
NDE due to severe bleeding at age 6.

1000.  Will Y NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I looked at myself lying there from the outside of  the crumpled car.  A voice standing beside me was saying, "Well it's your choice to do you want.  You can follow the light or continue on earth and face the music."  I replied that I would face the music.  On that answer, I awoke outside and facing the car crumpled up 50 feet away from the lamppost.
NDE due to auto accident in suicide attempt.

999.  BV NDE 1/31/07 Original in French, Translated to English by JeanPeter I’ve been in surgery in 1993 for a tympanoplasty under general anesthesia.  After surgery, I vaguely woke up, and heard I was in the wake up room. Then I fell “asleep” again. And then, at some point, I felt as if I went through a “doorway”, a sudden light bathed each and every of my cells, as if I didn’t leave my body, but its nature would change, from a body made of matter cells, it became a light body, each cell being as a sun, warm and radiating all my being. A more than physic light, a light of love. I feel well in my body and my soul bathed in warmth and love.  A beautiful being invites me to come with him. People come to me, greet me, welcome me and express their joy in seeing me. Everything took place around a magnificent and radiating oak tree. But, it’s not time for me and the being just takes me away. I had to see and feel all of it, to pluck up courage and resume the path of my life. It was as a gift granted to me to embolden myself.  Then, back to my material body. The nurse shook me and yelled me to breathe, I still hesitated a moment, then I resumed breathing. I cried a lot, I wanted to clear my body from all the tears I did not shed until then, set the counters to zero. The nurse stroke my face to comfort me.  I would have loved to stay there, but it wasn’t my time.  I am happy to share this experience with many people through the internet.  Kind regards, BV

998.  Amro NDE. English expanded version 1/31/07 Arabic NDE  I knew that something strange was going on with me. Suddenly, I looked into the street, but I didn’t find the street  or anything of the surroundings because everything disappeared.  All the life around me looked like a tube.  I was surprised to find myself feelinglessly going towards the tube to a hole which seemed as if it is a gate of that tube.  In this moment, I heard the voice of my child calling me. I turned my face. I saw myself sitting in the chair and my head is down on my chest.  My 2 children were trying to wake me up while they are weeping. I felt a bit sorry and bit sadness.  I knew that I had died.  I didn’t feel afraid, but the opposite. I felt a kind of relief I hadn’t experience in all my life.  I had the strange feeling that I now know all the sciences and human knowledge as medicine and engineering and chemistry.  When I reached the end of the tube, I saw my dead father and my cousin in their full appearance.  They were smiling to me and pointed to me to go towards them.  They were standing in a brilliant lighted circle at the end of the tube.  I felt a strong willingness to join them, especially to my father who died years before.
This is one of our best Arabic NDEs so far!

997. Jim L Probable NDE. English expanded version 1/30/07 I left my body (OBE) and found myself across the street in a wooded area that opened into a beautiful meadow, with a small pond in the center off it. around the pond there were other children at or around my same age. The children were laughing, and playing cheerfully around the edge of the water and they seemed not to have a care in the world as they invited me to join them even though they never spoke a word or made any eye contact with me  I just knew that somehow  I should be part of this new found happiness. I remember watching a boy and a girl on the opposite side of the pond skipping and running and there seemed to be traces of glitter or gold that trailed off them only to quickly fade away when they stopped to investigate a flower or frog that they would see on the ponds edge, but quickly reappear once they moved again. the colors in the meadow were very brilliant and there seemed to be a warm yellow glow enveloping the whole area. there were also lots of animals and they to seemed to be caught up in the sheer love that encompassed the whole area.
Probable NDE from rheumatic fever as a child.

996. Mathilde M NDE. English expanded version 1/23/07 From Switzerland.  Original in French, Translated to English by JeanPeter.   I was this refined, sublime consciousness. It bathed into cosmic energy, and simultaneously was wide open, limitless, as if it had contained the universe space. It perceived, felt, had all properties of a living being, but acted in a dimension located out of matter and out of time.  The feeling was tender, peaceful. The light I saw, through non sensorial perception, located at another level, was intense, radiant but not blinding, not dazzling.  A golden color illuminated the immensity and allowed my consciousness to embrace the whole scope of it, making everywhere visible in the universe.
Great experience sent to NDERF from Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino

995. NDE-Like Sandi T Experience E122806 1/25/07 The simple gist of the experience is that my soul left my body---I was in ethereal form with the extreme alertness that I had separated from my physical body and shot up into the heavens with a speed unknown to me here on earth.  The sensation left me breathless, exhilarated, and in wonder.  I remember vivid colors of reds, oranges, pinks...cloud swirls, and then realized that I was coming into the presence of a Holy energy.  Words cannot describe but the knowledge was vivid that this energy was of God given the AMAZING love, compassion and warmth that enveloped me.  No other experience on earth has ever matched that energy in the 'heavens'.  To my surprise, I passed this energy (every thing was at lightning speed) and became aware that I was coming into the 'energy field' of my father who died in 1986.  I remember the Knowledge that I would be meeting him and the emotion of joy...at the nearly the same time of this recognition I came back into my physical body remembering the words to the effect of 'not time'.  I am a psychotherapist that works in oncology, often assisting people in passing over.  Shortly after the dream I experienced a vivid awareness and sense of knowledge and the awareness that the energy that I was ' bathed ' in the dream offered healing properties in this earthly realm.  I sought out experts in churches, metaphysical arenas, dream interpretation, etc. and still am at sea as to what happened to me.  My awareness of this experience is with me every day.  I have no fear of death and long for the connection in the other world.  This is my dilemma.  I have trouble with electrical gadgets or computers but they seem to 'short' out unpredictably.  I have become a spiritual director since the experience but am quiet about the actual 'dream'.  I continue to work with people who are dying as well as other persons with cancer.  I recently went to Bhutan for a month of solo trekking in the Himalayans and this is the closest I come to the experience....the spiritual nature, etc.  I am in a bind now as I long for the freedom offered me out of my body>  I am fairly aimless and see little purpose in earthly goals, etc.  I am in need to have a 'place' to go with this but feel awkward completely identifying with NDE's as I wasn't declared clinically dead or there were no witnesses to whatever happened to me. 

994. Murilo F NDE. English expanded version 1/23/07 From Brazil.  Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Simon A.  Firstly, I became dizzy, then fainted in a classroom, and saw tunnels of light, and felt myself outside my physical body.
Very Short experience.

993. Oscar T NDE. English expanded version    1/4/07  My vision started to be swallowed by static, it was like seeing a TV station go off air.  That's when I felt the push out. I was now in a dark tunnel looking down at me ( like there was a spot light behind me) and that when I fight scared with fear and then I was looking a pictures of events and people of my life in order from birth to that day.  when the last picture fell I was looking down at myself standing there on the ladder with my arms out and my head pulled back, it was like I was floating over myself. That's when I said goodbye and started to turn toward the light. after I said goodbye I felt pure happiness. something I never did and will again. just about the time I almost turned around. I was pushed very hard back down.
NDE due to electrocution.

992. Kathleen D NDE. English expanded version  1/4/07  The doctors and nurses were still busy working on the woman in the bed.  I remember as I looked down at them, I said to the angel, “Why don’t they just let her die?” I did not realize, at that time, the body that I was looking at was mine.  “She must live,” she said in a soft calming voice.  “She has a son to raise.”  Then in a commanding voice, she said, “You must go back now.”  I turned to look at her.  It was my mother.  Since her death, I always dreamed of her pale with bed sores and bandages,  but this time it was different.  It was the first time I had seen her looking so young and healthy.  Mother looked like a beautiful twenty-two-year-old woman with a perfect body.  Just then, before I could say a word, I was pull into the lifeless body below.  I felt pain.
NDE from post operative infection.

991. Harry B NDE. English expanded version  1/4/07  During the time I was unconscious, I found myself without a body in the middle of black, misty darkness.  The darkness was infinite like space.  The blackness was of a color that I had never seen.  It had a density, but also clarity.  I could see in all directions and move at any speed in any direction.  I was hovering in the middle of space without a body.  Even though I didn't have a body, I could see as if I had eyes.  I didn't need to breathe.  I felt perfect peace, love and happiness. In the distance I saw a big light...the size of a door.  I didn't go to the light because I didn't feel the need to go to it.
NDE due to alcohol overdose at age 16.

990. Mel W's Probable NDE 2867. English expanded version 1/4/07  I understood I was in the presence of an all-knowing spirit. Whether this was actually God or not, I can't say with certainty. I thought of him/it as God though. This being communicated complete acceptance and love in a way I had never before (and have never since) felt. I understood for the first time that everything was as it should be. I had been a deprived and confused kid for many years and I had a lot of anger before this experience. I asked (thought), "But what is the secret meaning of life?" The answer was given as love. Nothing more and nothing less. I can still recall the sheer joy of understanding this simple and complete idea. I understood it at that time in a way I've never come close to understanding and feeling it since then.
Drug overdose and unconsciousness at age 17.  Remarkably transcendent experience.  Content of experience suggests with near certainty that this was a NDE. 

989. Benny M NDE. English expanded version  1/4/07 Just to note, with no loss for the incredible beauty of the experience, the colors, peace of mind , painless and comforting feeling experienced in this event I will not try to describe, they where incredible. I know I will struggle to include every detail which is impossible to do. The tunnel was large with soft rounded edges flowing into it. It was soft blue in color, not claustrophobic but warm and comforting, inviting. As I entered the space around the entrance I floated in and started to move forward.  I began to see events appearing  along the surface of the tunnel, like a million large screen TV’s,  or panels lining the walls but that is poor description as to what I really experienced. The events seemed to surround me from all sides. I felt at first without realization, some connection to these events. Within a few seconds I realized it was my life and memories and events that only I would understand and put meaning to.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Remarkably detailed description of a life review in a tunnel.

988. Kiko M NDE. English expanded version  1/4/07  Than all of a sudden a bright light appeared and I looked up towards it. In the midst of this light there was a man smiling towards me. He appeared to be in front of a golden judge's bench that was huge. He kept right on smiling. He could like turn in a complete circle and still look at me. I was so amazed at this. My feeling started to change from complete helplessness to overwhelming love and comfort. I asked is this GOD or JESUS?  He kept looking at the bright light right above him. He was so bright and had the most beautiful colors surrounding him. I can't really describe it all in detail.
NDE due to auto accident.  Initially saw demonic creatures across a “ditch”, then a light and a being appeared.

987. Anne C NDE. English expanded version  1/4/07  I went through a very dark black tunnel.  It was the blackest black possible. Then what seemed like a door opened and I entered what was the most beautiful place with the most beautiful music ever.  I was just so happy to be there and then I was pulled back out through the door and again through the black tunnel. I felt a hand on my cheek and it was a nurse who said she was just trying to save my life. I remembered later that I had said "So who asked you" to the nurse.  I didn't want to come back and have never been afraid of death since.
NDE due to complications after surgery.

986. Arlette KY NDE. English expanded version  1/4/07  What I now know was an aura passed, just unconsciousness, not aware that I was gone. Floating, no sound or smell, a feeling of utter peace, no forward, or backwards or side to side, in a light part of the light, no weight, no pain, no body awareness. Brought to as an external pacemaker being put in my leg, left again, jolted to be brought back, did not want to leave the peace and contentment, did not realize that that was death.
NDE due to seizure.

985. John D NDE. English expanded version  1/4/07  I immediately saw my body laying on the floor. I was not afraid and was curious at best. Everything seemed to happened at the same time. It seemed as if the house had no roof, I kept rising and my body became smaller. I wanted to say goodbye to my parents and my brother but realized that it was not important, that everything we consider to be such a trial on Earth is so trivial that it is laughable. I could hear what I can only describe as a combination of music and singing, it was the most beautiful music that I have ever heard. It seemed as if I had complete knowledge of the universe. I can't even explain how wonderful I felt, words can do no justice to that feeling. All of a sudden I returned to my body and got up. I was very angry that I came back.
NDE due to severe illness at age 15.

984. Friend G NDE. English expanded version  1/4/07  I heard the doctors say to the visiting family that the whole family should be called because I would not make it through the day. Not long after I saw a light. It is not like any light seen on earth. The light can be described as life itself. The best way to describe it in terms someone who has not seen it can understand is: one needs to imagine the sun coming in through the window and shining on a plant. This is the best image that can convey what the light was like. The light spoke to my spirit and said: "Rise and be healed!" Immediately I came out of coma and felt somewhat better and sat up. When the doctors and my family came in my room they were very surprised to see me sitting up and by my telling them, knew I would recover.
NDE due to car accident shared by co-worker.

983. Sue V NDE-Like STE. English expanded version  1/4/07 I was aware of all things from the smallest organism to the biggest happenings of outer space. I had a "knowing" of everything and anything. Above my head and to my right a bright light (not blinding but brighter than any light I have known) flowed quickly towards and over me engulfing me and all the other souls in the universe and down on earth (which I was fully aware of entirely). Simultaneously, the light was also this complete LOVE. It was a type of love that cannot be described as it is not like anything I have ever known. The love came with the light. It was received and given at the same time. It spread from what I instantly knew was God to encompass everything in the universe and beyond. The love was like bliss and so complete that there was no room for anything else. (No room for evil).
Remarkable OBE while driving.  Very transcendent and life-changing.


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