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These NDEs, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


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NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

2837.  Douglas H NDE English expanded version 9/25/11  The first time, I fell three stories and had some serious head injuries. While I was getting treated in the hospital, I remember looking down and seeing the doctor and nurses working on me. Then I became aware of something like a tunnel, and I remember feeling drawn toward it. I could see a small light at the end of the tunnel, and as I moved toward it, it seemed to get bigger. It looked just like a tunnel opening. As I entered the light, it felt like I became a part of it. The light felt like it passed right though my body, and when it did, it gave me a such a good, calm feeling.  I woke up in the hospital. I talked to the doctor later and described the number of nurses, their hair color, and where they had been standing around the table I was on. I told him what the nurses said and what he said back to them.
Two NDEs, both due to accidents.

2836.  Pauline L NDE English expanded version 9/25/11  From the UK. I then saw my grandson, who hadn't been born yet. My daughter had been pregnant for just a couple of months, and we didn't know what sex the child was. He said to me, "Gran gran, please go back, or I won't be born!" He held my hand and I felt the love. It was overpowering. Then he said, "Here is my sister Emma, (my daughter has had no more children so far) and here are Aunty Shell's children." They were two perfect blonde wee girl twins, and two wee boy twins. The bigger of the two boys said his name was Curtis. Charlie, my grandson, repeated, "Gran gran, hurry, go back please, or I won't be born, hurry!!!" He seemed really urgent about it. ....he was calling me "Gran gran"  which were the first words he said to me after he was born.
NDE due to brain hemorrhage.  Remarkable conversation with unborn grandchild who told her to return to her earthly life or he would not be born.  Awareness of five more children to be born in the future.

2835.  David D Probable NDE English expanded version 9/25/11 I had a serious liver disease. I was taken to the hospital by my sister. I heard them tell her I did not have long to live. I saw a priest and nun over me, giving me Last Rites. I went to another place.  About as much as I can say about it is that it wasn't our world, although It was in the same location. The presence of Jesus within a mist, or cloud, was all around me. I was told He had things for me to do. Still in that other world, I was introduced to all the other patients on the floor. When I awoke the next day, I knew everyone's names. They thought I was nuts, or looked like they did, anyway.
Probable NDE due to severe liver disease.

2834.  Donna NDE English expanded version 9/25/11  I thought, “Wow, it’s all over, I’m going to die now” and suddenly and seamlessly I was over my body up near the ceiling. I looked down at the young woman on the bed, being killed and raped, and felt sorry for her, but had no emotional connection to her. It was like my body belonged to someone else. I was surprised at how comfortable I was, and how easy it was to die. It all happened within a couple of minutes. I said to myself, “Huh, I thought that one was supposed to last longer”, and headed up in a light cloud. It felt so perfect. I felt like I was going home and I felt comfortable and joyous with no doubts at all. It was like every cell of my body was happy and light and felt right and I have never felt so accepted.  I started rising rapidly which was weird because I don’t remember seeing any roofs but I must have been far over my house. I didn’t care about my family, friends, beloved pets, or my murderer; I just wanted to float in my light of happiness and go home.
NDE from criminal attack.  Remarkable apparent life-saving Divine intervention, and apparent hellish NDE immediately following in her attacker (the attacker’s second hellish NDE).

2833.  Sandra Z NDE English expanded version 9/25/11  Instantly, I was standing behind myself. I saw my dad jump up and I saw my own body leaning back in the chair.  I saw my little sister fly off my lap into the counter and into the person sitting in front of me. On the floor to my left, there was a little kids' block with the letter A on it, and as I watched myself faint, I could see that my body, or my head, WAS going to hit that block. I thought, "That is going to hurt!" Next, my dad was on top of me, smacking and shaking me. I came back into my body. When I looked up and saw my dad, I reached behind my head and there was the block.  At that time, I could only cry, because I was sooooo confused, having no real knowledge of these things or of God. There is no way anyone can tell me that this did not happen. I was a innocent child. Much later, I told my father the truth, and he understood completely.
NDE at age 10 due to loss of consciousness from unknown illness.

2832.  Kelly S Possible NDE English expanded version 9/18/11 The next thing I remember was flying over a large expanse of dark water, heading toward a green land.  There was an entity flying to my right above and behind me, so that I could not see him.  He told me that once I reached the Green Land (Island?) that I saw ahead, all my questions about everything would be answered.  However, if I went there, I could never come back, nor could I ever communicate those answers to anyone still here on earth. We were just getting close enough to hear this wonderful music, when the entity said it was time for me to decide to go back or to go forward.  I had just had the thought that my husband would not begrudge me this chance, when I was yanked back and slammed back into this world, with bright lights and pain. I remember saying "I was not suppose to come back this time. D**N YOU ALL TO H**L"  The surgeon and anesthesiologist said it sounded like the true curse I had meant it to be. 
Possible NDE due to experience while under general anesthesia.

2831.  Angela FDE English expanded version 9/18/11 There were no words spoken, at any point.   Although I know these were a male presence, I remember not being able to see their faces.  I distinctly remember feeling a hand, a physical hand, on my own, and feeling that my life was now spared, that I was now safe.  Once on the shore, I remember looking back into the water, and along the shoreline.  There was no one there, except for people visible off in the distance, and back at the hotel.
Probable fear-death experience and STE during life-threatening risk of drowning.

2830.  Fergus NDE English expanded version 9/18/11 From Ireland. I have heard of people who say they floated over their bodies, but it wasn't like that for me – I was just watching myself from the outside. I could clearly see myself on the trolley (gurney) and the three nurses shouting at me and slapping me. I could feel the dread of one of the nurses, as she called for something.  I wasn't feeling any pain at all, as I watched them trying to revive me.  A defibrillator was rolled up, and when they started using it, still my body felt nothing.  But with every hit of the defibrillator paddles, I could feel myself being sucked closer, back into my body.   Suction – that's the only way I can describe it.  I didn't hear any voices, or see anything –  but a feeling came over me that told me I had to make a choice – stay or go! It was a feeling of urgency – and I knew I had to make the decision right then and there.  
NDE due to suicide attempt.

2829.  Lexy Probable NDE English expanded version 9/18/11 From Bavaria.  In the beginning, the tunnel was glowing gently, but then it became more and more intense and bright.  I experienced a feeling of depth and dimension.  My speed increased as I approached the light at the end of the tunnel. The intensity of the colors deepened.  In addition, I was now full of an expectant joy.  A sense of warmth penetrated me, through and through. I saw shining blue and yellow lines flying past me with increasing speed. The intensity of the light and the clarity of my consciousness grew as my speed increased, until I reached a complete high: “Now it is all going to happen!” I thought – but then I saw glowing, spitting sparks, and I bumped into some sort of net of electricity.  It abruptly stopped my acceleration. 
Probable NDE at age six in association with ether anesthesia for surgery.

2828.  Francisco R NDE English expanded version 9/17/11 Original in Spanish.  Translated to English by Maria.  In that precise moment, I started to see myself from above. There was no pain any more, nor cold, no hunger – only tranquility and an immense peace. I saw my body being hurt by the electric current, but I did not care at all. The feeling of peace was so enormous that I did not need anything from this world. I realized that I was dead, and that my body was just another nail that had fallen. I understood I had neither body nor eyes, but my consciousness was intact, and I felt like I could perceive the world with something close to omniscience – it was like I knew everything. Then I started to leave. I could see the Universe very far away, at the end of a tunnel. Then I had the feeling that – wait a minute! – I am dying and I've had no sons, nor have I had a girlfriend – and I wanted to have all that! I did not want to die without having had a full life!
Teenage NDE from electrocution.

2827.  Marsy C Probable NDE English expanded version 9/14/11 Original in French.  Translated to English by Jean Peter.  The problem was, I did not know when to push.  I was extremely tired, just lying there quietly.  After a moment, I felt I was out of my body. This was an unfamiliar feeling, extremely weird. I was conscious, I saw myself on the delivery table, my husband was next to me, I could see the midwife, and out the window, I could see that the weather was good – but I was/felt out of my body, as if my body were separated from my soul. It seemed as if body and soul were two different things – my body was below, and I was above, seeing everything. The room was very bright, the weather was good outside. I don’t remember hearing any specific sound; on the contrary, I would say that everything was quiet, there was no noise at all. Then, after a while, I told to myself, "This cannot be!  It cannot end like this!" Right away, I felt myself falling back into my body.  I pushed once, and my son was born.
Beginnings of a probable NDE from childbirth complications.

2826.  Glenna C NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 I had this real sharp pain. It was just not going away – I could not even breathe. I'm telling you, this pain was so great that I knew I was having an heart attack !!!  I could not even reach the phone to call for help. "This is it," I thought. "I'm going to die here by myself."  The pain was getting worse and worse, and soon I could not even breathe. Then there was this real bright light. I had never seen anything like it before!  It was so soft!  I was drawn to it.  I remember there was this guy whose face I could not see.  But I knew him, and he knew who I was.  As I looked around, I saw people sitting in this room that was like a tunnel.  They all knew who I was, but I didn't know them. Either that, or I could not tell who they were, for they had no faces, or maybe their faces were just in shadow from the bright light.  They were talking to me, asking me questions, asking me why don't I just stay here.
NDE due to heart attack.

2825.  Kristy G NDE English expanded version 9/10/11  I just felt really still for a minute. Then I saw the long dark tunnel with the light and I walked through it. I saw my body; it was in the car. I felt my sister tug on my hair, telling me, "Kristy, don't leave me. I need you." So, I came back.
NDE due to auto accident.

2824.  Deborah D Probable NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 As soon as I heard the sound I knew I was dying as I traveled down a tunnel. At first it was dark as I heard the sound but then I saw a small bright light come closer and brighter. More than bright light, I knew it was GOD the farther I traveled the warmer and happier I felt. I was going toward a bright light. It's where you want to be…. I knew exactly what was happening. I understood why I had to go back. They told me it wasn't my time.
Probable NDE due to nitrous oxide overdose for dental surgery.

2823.  Michaele S NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 The vastness wasn't empty yet it was. We arrived at what the being said (with a wave of his arm, the first time he used it) was Love. "This is Love. It is always here, always streaming toward you, never diminishing, always loving you. All you have to do is open to it. Receive it. This will heal you. (In that moment, I thought it was about my body healing...and it was but it was also about so much more and I learned this in the years following this experience.) I have never found a way to truly describe what I saw there and resort to the only explanation I can give for something that defies our limited language. LOVE was boundless yet contained, no color and all color, nothing and all things, it was tangible, dense, mysterious, light. It was everything and nothing. It was an actual presence but not personality. It was all shape and no shape.  I felt so joyous in the most peaceful quiet way...very grounded and accepting.
Remarkable NDE due to car running into a moving train.

2822.  Catherine M Probable NDE English expanded version 9/10/11  I was able to see it for a second, and remember realizing that they were all pictures of my life. i don't remember what the picture was of that helped me realize this. Something all tells me that it was a picture of me and a family member when I was a small child, but I have no evidence or remembrance to back this up, I just always remember thinking that.
Probable NDE at age 17 due to passing out from alcohol intoxication and hitting head.

2821.  Barbara E NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 As I settled into the love without condition, I realized more and more how utterly and absolutely intelligent light was. The sheer level of creativity and intellect was emotionally and psychologically beyond comprehension. I knew that because light was telepathically melded with me, allowing me to sense at least a minute degree of what was contained within. There was so much thought and information that it felt as if zillions of scrolls of data about the true nature of reality just kept unraveling. I was lost and overwhelmed and had no comprehension of what it all meant. Yet the central message came through loud and clear. Reality is SO much larger, multi-layered and multi-dimensional than we realize. Consciousness is able to experience so much more than what we commonly practice. Everything has purpose and meaning.
NDE due to unconsciousness at time of illness.

2820.  Angela E NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 They said to me, you are not supposed to be here. I got a little scared at that time and thought I was going to get in trouble. There was a door there, it was closed. I remember someone opened it and I was so excited to see that person. They seemed full of Love and Kindness. That person that opened the door made me feel safe. They called for someone else to come through it. They then closed it back.  I remember sitting there and getting a bit anxious for it to be my turn to go through it.
NDE at age 4 due to unconsciousness secondary to likely near heat stroke.

2819.  Margaret V NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 From Canada.  I was brought in to the ER by ambulance. I don't remember that much. l do remember being in the hospital and being brought into a room. I was there only a few minutes, or so I thought.  I remember being aware that my chest was feeling different from usual.   I also remember that at the time, I was wondering if it was my body that I was looking down on, because I was also looking around and seeing no one. I said, "Um, um, I don't know where everyone is, but something is happening here. I don't feel right."  Next thing I see is that I am in a dark room. It wasn't round, it wasn't square, it was just very, very warm, very beautiful, and very, very black.
NDE due to heart attack.

2818.  Karen M NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 Off in the distance, I could see a light. As I watched, it started moving towards me, getting closer and closer. I actually cannot say if I was moving towards it, or if it was coming towards me. But I do remember that I was not afraid, in spite of the strangeness of what was happening. I could feel the warmth from the light, which was not like any light I had ever seen before. It was bright, but at the same time, it didn't hurt my eyes as I looked into it.  I felt happy and unafraid. The light had just come to the point where it was starting to surround me, when it started to back away. I remember thinking, "What's going on? Why is it leaving?" I couldn't understand why it was leaving. Then I was aware that it was I who was going backwards – back into the darkness. I didn't see anyone or hear anything, all I remember is the light and how it felt. I did not even know I had passed until much later on. It turned out that I had died for five minutes before they brought me back. But the few minutes in the light only felt like seconds to me before I was pulled away from it.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during emergency caesarian section surgery.

2817.  Regina D NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 I was told later that after the wave washed me ashore people moved me away from the water and my aunt performed CPR on me.  My out of body experience occurred from this location on shore.  My point of view was not from where my body was; Instead, I was next to my body facing my parents (who were standing behind my body so I must have turned around).  I did not turn to look at them it is just naturally what I saw.  It is difficult for me to describe what I saw.  My view bobbed up and down as if I were floating.  It didn't look like a color or a black and white video.  There were bits of color but the lines between colors were not totally clear.  It as almost like a fuzzy picture with the different colors floating and bobbing around.  There was a lot of commotion and noise that seemed to be muffled.
NDE at age 6 due to drowning.

2816.  Tracy D NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 He looked so perfect and so at peace. I can't really describe how awesome and calm and perfect he looked. When he passed he was all gray beard and mustache , 73 years old. As he appeared before me he was much younger (in his prime with thick wavy bright deep red hair as he had when he was younger, only much more vivid and intense. Any imperfection or flaw he had was sculptured, chiseled away to a smooth perfection. HE LOOKED PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL AND CONSUMED WITH PEACE AND JOY AND OVERFLOWING WITH UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE.. I COULD GO ON AND ON.... WE VISITED FOR WHAT SEEMED LIKE HOURS.  (afterward I discovered I had been without a heartbeat for 1 min and 14 seconds ) WE LAUGHED AND HUGGED AND CRIED ( AND EVERYTHING WORKED...NO FREEZING OF LIMBS ,...NO INABILITY TO MOVE..) and then he hopped down off his post and turned on the ocean floor and started to walk away. I jumped up and said..."DAD... HEY,... WAIT A MINUTE " AND BEGAN TO FOLLOW HIM AND IT WAS AT THAT MOMENT HE STOPPED, TURNED AROUND SMILED THIS HUGE HEARTWARMING AND INDESCRIBABLE SMILE AND SAID..." NO SON , YOU GOTTA GO BACK . THEY'RE FIXING YOU, ITS NOT YOUR TIME."
Remarkable NDE.  Met deceased father- contributor had to make a difficult decision to end life support for his father.  His father directly addresses this.  A must read for anyone who has struggled with end of life decisions for a loved one.

2815.  Oscar O NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 I stopped before the light and we begin to have a conversation not verbally but through some form of telepathy. I also noticed that we seemed to be surrounded in some void because the light was the only thing I could see and I realized the light was Jesus Christ. We begin to review my life before the drowning (it was very similar to one of those old slide projectors where a scene would appear and then we would discuss it and then another scene would appear and we would discuss that one). I remember when I stood before my biologic father for getting into some mischief how I had a sense of dread and fear because I knew the circumstance was going to earn me a spanking but this review with the light never once did I have this same sense of fear, it was as though I was being shown what happened in that scene and then what the outcomes was.
NDE due to drowning at age 11.  Encounter with Jesus and life review.

2814.  Adam N NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 I got up and crashed onto the couch face down suddenly and fast. I heard him say ""Oh Shit"" really loud and start freaking out and then suddenly I was not in my body in an instant. I was above it looking down at it and saw him and what he was doing to me. He was yelling and shaking me and telling me to wake up. My lips looked very blue and dark. Even though I wasn't in my body anymore I felt like I could feel my heart stop. It was calming as soon as the beating ceased. I was exactly who I am now only without a body. Everything was the same, but I was just a consciousness, not a body. I remember feeling very very scared, but not for myself, but at what was happening.
NDE due to drug overdose.

2813.  Jason P FDE English expanded version 9/10/11 Was surfing on a boogey board in Hawaii, the guy in front of me wiped out and didn’t have the leash secured so his 6 or more foot long fiberglass water shot out of the water and landed right on my face/head. And I floated there bordering on consciousness in a huge blood pool until I was poked by a huge tiger shark. Then poked again. That’s when I had a life review, and was lifted out of the water by a faceless, glowing entity and flown to shore in an instant. No one ever saw the entity but me..."
Fear-death experience at age 14 due to surfing accident and encounter with a shark.

2812.  Anne-Cécile NDE English expanded version 9/7/11  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Simon A.   I left my body and was drawn, sucked, through a passage, like a tunnel, towards an intense white light. The space was not wide, it was like a roadway.  I was following along it towards the light, no doubt about it. Suddenly I had a thought about my boyfriend, with whom I was in love. Immediately, I found myself back in my car. I felt overwhelmed by the sudden onrush of noise and activity going on around me. The firemen were shouting and talking loudly to me. They were cutting the car open to get me out – and then putting me on a rigid stretcher. For a moment I had a rush of memories, and acceleration of thoughts. (I no longer recall whether this was just before I came round inside the car, or when I was on my way towards the light.)
NDE from car accident.

2811.  Julianna NDE English expanded version 8/28/11 I began to panic, I wanted so badly to be one with the light. Then I saw the palm of a hand – the hand was so huge! I could see it coming towards me to the point where the light shone through the webbing of His fingers. I heard a voice, a man's voice, strong and gentle, say the words, "Not yet."  Then I opened my eyes – I was drifting in and out of consciousness. My friend was giving me CPR.  I remember laughing when he said I had been dead for 5 minutes and had been turning blue.  I remember this NDE so vividly! I am convinced that it was Jesus who pushed me back, and that the canyon I could not get around was hell.
NDE due to heroin overdose at age 16.

2810.  Roberta W Probable NDE English expanded version 8/28/11 Pulled from my body, understanding that I did not have a body conflicting with some sensations recognized by me physical resistance to leaving, understanding that I was dying, typical tunnel experience with the light pulling me.  Arrival at the light was mind blowing love that I recognized as God.  Mind transfer of information, telepathy, knowing that when we die, we understand everything, which is so very simple actually I did not want to leave, felt emotion that I can summon today, 27 years later after the experience.  I was then sucked back into my body. Next thing I remember is waking up in my hospital bed… I feel somewhat confused that I would want to stay with God and resist coming back to my loved ones.
Probable NDE during emergency caesarian section surgery. 

2809.  Sally E NDE English expanded version 8/28/11 They put me in the ambulance, and during the ride to the hospital (about 20 min) while they kept spraying nitro under my tongue to ease the pressure, (it didn't) I had the first NDE.  I was aware of everything going on in the ambulance, but at the same time, I was in a long hallway.  It reminded me of a hotel hallway, because I was aware of doors all along both sides.  At the end of the hallway was one door that had such a bright light behind it, the rays were seeping out on all sides of the door.  I had no body – just a consciousness.  Then there was a great roaring sound (like a jet plane, just before it begins to go down the runway) and I was suddenly traveling at an unbelievable rate of speed towards the door at the end of the hallway.
NDE due to pulmonary embolus.

2808.  Karen O Possible NDE English expanded version 8/28/11 From the UK. I was walking towards a beautiful, bright, white light. There were hundreds of people of all denominations walking with me. I wasn't scared; in fact, I felt euphoria and excitement.  It was like we were on a path, or road. Different colored bright lights were rushing past me, and it was like walking out of a dark tunnel. Next minute I felt like I woke up on some beautiful green grass that went on for miles and miles. To my right was a river and to my left was a wooden fence that also went on for miles. I felt like I was little again, maybe 5 years old, and I was looking for a gate. There was a man on the other side painting flowers, and I remember saying, "Excuse me, can you lift me over, as I can't find the gate," to which he replied, "This isn't your time, you've got to go back. There are things you for you to do." Next minute, I was running back through the people, knocking against them, saying "sorry" as I ran. And then I woke up.
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt.

2807.  Donna G Probable NDE English expanded version 8/28/11 After many tests to find the hole in my small intestine, I was rushed into emergency surgery at 11:00 pm at night to repair both small intestine and bladder.  As the surgery was ending, my heart raced and then almost stopped. I was on a respirator for twelve hours, and in intensive care for a full day... I found myself standing outside the archway of a living room area. (There was no door.) Inside was a sofa. Sitting on the sofa was my grandmother. Standing next to her, talking to her, was my sister Barbara, who passed away last year from colon cancer.  Standing next to her, was my twin sister Diane, who had died at birth when we were born. (The cord had been wrapped around her neck and the doctors could not save her.) Except Diane was not a baby here – she was a grown adult.
Probable NDE from surgical complications.

2806.  Jack B NDE English expanded version 8/28/11 "Suddenly I found myself landing in the sand on an ocean shore. I got up and saw this long bridge in front of me. it looked like it was miles long, but it only took me a few steps to cross it. When I got to the end, a man, who seemed to be my grandfather, was standing there. He told me, "You just need to finish what's started, so get busy." "
NDE due to fall and head injury.

2805.  Giselle L NDE English expanded version 8/20/11  This tunnel was amazing – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I've ever seen. It was alive. It was energy, and its color was bright BLUE! A living framework, geometrically perfect lines, synchronized, moving lines that spun inside each other. So beautiful!  I zipped through it and ended up in the void again, where I found myself staring through a square-shaped hole. I was staring at myself while the doctor and nurses were trying to revive me.... I don't like to call what I experienced "emotion." My body seemed to be free from all emotion. The word I would choose would be "BLISS."
NDE due to alcohol poisoning.

2804.  Ozzie F NDE English expanded version 8/20/11  As I stood on my side of the perfectly clear stream that was meandering crystal-clear water over the rocks, I noticed that my place of waiting was like the pasture field on the other side of the stream—beautiful flowers and grass carpeted. When I commenced walking down to cross small creek to greet and hug mommy and Sister Bonnie, my sister said: “not now bubby, don’t cross over yet.”  My mommy did not utter one word, she was there and she was smiling. … I am an amputee--right leg above the knee--in my NDE my body was whole.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2803.  Henrietta K NDE English expanded version 8/20/11  That light seemed to be the source of all the light, all the love, all the goodness, pleasure and peace in all of existence. It was the source of everything. It seemed to be the only thing that had ever mattered. It was contained within everything and it united everything, and I was being drawn to it as if by an electromagnet... The content of that other world was somehow more real, more essential, more true, more substantial. More meaningful. More beautiful...I continue to think about my experience frequently, and have grown to cherish it for the sense of peace it gives me, and the desire it gives me to try to recreate some of that same peace, kindness, and love in this world.
NDE due to faint and apparent seizure.

2802.  Storm: Possible NDE English expanded version 8/20/11  There was no sound what son ever. I saw what appeared to be a castle in the distance. It looked like it was made of white, light pink and powered blue sand. There was a draw bridge connected to this castle. I saw Jesus and John the Baptist walking down the bridge reading a scroll, deep into conversation with each other. ( at 4 years old I may have known who Jesus was by a picture in our house, but not John the Baptist) I tried to wave Jesus down while running through the clouds. He did not look up at me at all. He waved his hand in my direction as if to say "Not yet, you are not suppose to be here" I suddenly opened my eyes and I was back in bed.
Possible NDE associated with fever at age 4.

2801.  Beckie W NDE English expanded version 8/20/11  The next thing I knew, I was sitting next to someone way above myself. We were looking down on the operating room where the doctor and six other people were working on me. I remember seeing the light shining on me and the doctors in white. The person next to me had their arm around me telling me everything was going to be OK. I remember I had a conversation with this person, but I don't remember what it was about now.
NDE due to cut with blood loss at age 5.

2800.  Kelly D NDE English expanded version 8/20/11  From where I was, I heard the deafening crash and my own deafening screams below me, as (I later surmised) I had been spiritually catapulted right through my neck and into the embrace of Mary, the Mother of God [Mary is frequently referred to in religious literature as "the neck of the Church.]  I had no sense of my body, including my neck, and I saw nothing at first, but I heard music which sounded like the most beautiful laughter of children or I thought, "angels! the Cherubim!"....it was more beautiful than any music I had ever heard on earth, and I felt that the angels laughed when good things happened on earth.  I felt this was the music of the spheres.  The angels (whom I never saw) were like petals of the Rose that enfolded me with love.  I felt safe, free and certain that this was the gateway to Heaven.  I cannot describe the utter joy and peace.
NDE due to car accident.

2799.  Donna K FDE English expanded version 8/20/11 From Canada.  Then they showed me "Katy's" experiences in literally a flash.  I saw my birth, and every moment of my life concurrently - not a slideshow really, but my entire life was visible.  I was shown various things in the normal world (don't know where we were though...), and saw so much more than what I normally see.  The colors were incredibly visible, and every object, leaf, breath was "visible" - I could see everything "vibrating" - it was as though rocks, leaves, the ground, the air - everything was "alive."
Fear-death experience with detailed life review and spiritual insights.

2798.  Darla M Probable NDE 8/18/11 edited for clarity by Judy Shea 8/27/11  My experience is slightly different from the typical NDE.  I was pregnant with twins. When I had a sonogram, we found out that one baby had died, and the other was not right.  That evening I went into labor; I was 22 weeks along.  After the delivery, the doc told me that since I had lost a lot of blood, if I felt woozy, I should let him know. I did feel a bit woozy, so they took me away. I don't to this day know what they did to me, but I experienced racing through a tunnel that seemed to twist and turn. My hands were extended above my head. I was holding something cupped in my hands.  We were racing to the end of the tunnel towards a light which started out looking small, but grew larger as we progressed. This light was always visible, even though we were twisting and turning. The light got very bright and large as if the tunnel was ending – and that is all I remember.  I believe I took my baby to heaven, that is why I changed "I" to "we" above.  One of my twins died sometime before the sonogram, and the other twin died shortly after delivery; and yes, I do have the sense that I had him cupped in my hands. I couldn't see what was in my hands, though; I just had this feeling that as I was racing through this tunnel, my whole focus and all my attention was on protecting what I was carrying cupped in my hands. In order to maintain my gentle grasp, I had to sort of continually pay attention to balancing as we travelled.  It was afterwards that I reasoned it must have been my baby, though I never was allowed to see what it was I was holding.   This happened 16 years ago. I would like to know if anyone else has ever had a similar experience. I don't know of anyone who has – however, I have to say I certainly don't tell random people that I took my baby to heaven. Very few people know I had this experience. 
Short shared death experience.

2797.  Magdalena M NDE English expanded version 8/17/11 Something very strong threw me backwards at great speed into a very dark tunnel. I felt very frightened – but suddenly I was, like, "floating" forwards inside the tunnel.  I started to feel very well.  I could make out a golden light at the end of the tunnel, like a beautiful sunset. I felt flighty, light and very happy, more peaceful than I ever had in my life.  As I was approaching the light, I could see something like several silhouettes waiting for me.  It was all peace and happiness, but suddenly I could not go forward any more.   I felt like something was stopping me.
NDE from childbirth complications.

2796.  Christal NDE English expanded version 8/13/11 Then I found myself standing in a vertical tunnel.  I say "tunnel" for lack of a better word. It seemed more like a well and I was standing at the bottom of it.  The top was about three feet above my head.  It was dark in the "well," but there was a light (this sounds SO LAME!!) at the top of it. As the light grew brighter, I could make out some people, sort of leaning over, peering in. I saw three of my grandparents – and there were two other people who don't seem familiar to me now, but I remember knowing who they were at the time. I felt happy and very glad to see them. They spoke to me, but not with their mouths. I can't remember what  they said. I reached my hand up as if to let them pull me out, but my grandmother scolded me: "NOT YET!" she said.   I then started hearing a lot of voices. Their voices. Other voices. I remember gasping for air, and as I did, it sort of sucked me back into the bed. I opened my eyes to my husband shaking me and my daughter sobbing, "You weren't breathing!!" She had freaked out and called my husband and he had rushed home.
NDE due to apparent respiratory arrest during illness.

2795.  Lynn R NDE English expanded version 8/13/11 I leaned back in a relaxing position, expecting to see my biological Dad who had passed away a few years earlier, to walk through the curtain and take my hand and lead me through the curtain. I felt certain he was just on the other side of the curtain, (or cocoon like material), and I was content to wait on him to put in an appearance. As I waited, for what seemed days, (although I wasn't impatient, just content to be waiting.), I finally looked to my left and downward. I saw my husband standing with my children and son-in-law, who was holding my one grandchild. As I was watching them all standing together a light seemed to come out of each of them. The light appeared to be coming from them in rays of different colors. I seemed to know somehow that the rays coming from them was their love for me. I knew then that I couldn't go with my Dad, but had to stay here for my family.
NDE due to auto accident.

2794.  Shane J NDE English expanded version 8/13/11 I was standing in field except the "grass" was like lit up fiber optics with a bright light on the horizon. I could hear what was going on in the ER but when I looked back, I could not see the ER. The Temperature was perfect and I could breathe again. I have Alpha-1-Anti-Tryspin and 2/3 of my lungs are destroyed. I had contracted pneumonia. I heard my wife yelling and said to myself "I had better get back or I'm in trouble" The next I remember is waking up with a mask on and medical people all over me.
NDE due to respiratory arrest.

2793.  Kay NDE English expanded version 8/13/11 From Australia.   I fainted, and next thing I knew, I was in another place. It was a white room, and I was sitting on a box covered in white shag pile carpet.  There was a door to the left which was shut, and I could hear kids playing outside. I had no pain, felt happy and relaxed. I was talking to someone, but I could not tell you who it was. I got the impression that they didn't expect me there, as the person I was talking to was coming through a door. The door opened to me, and all I could see was bright light!  But then, here on Earth, I heard my brother start to talk to me. He put a cold cloth on my head, and I was back.
NDE from fainting.

2792.  Helen J Probable NDE English expanded version 8/13/11 From the UK. They came to take me to the operating room.  I felt scared.  My chances of survival were 50-50.  During the operation, I suddenly found myself in this awful blackness.  I felt sick with fear.  It felt evil.  I felt as though I was being dragged backwards down a flight of stairs and my head bounced down each step. 
Probable NDE apparently while under anesthesia.  Hellish experience.

2791.  Charmaine M NDEs English expanded version 8/13/11 From the UK.  I followed her again and this time the experience seemed longer and I met more family members who had passed away and pets from childhood. I saw amazing flowers that were bigger than we have on earth and fields of green and blue seas. I also got to see my Mother who was still alive because I wanted to go home and my Gran said I only had to think of her and I would be with her. She could not see me but I could see her.  Again I was told this was not my time to die and was taken back to my body. The men who had beaten me were scared and said "She is a witch".
NDE due to criminal attack.

2790.  Jeff L NDE English expanded version 8/13/11  I had crawled underneath a desk in the living room, where there was an electric outlet, with several bobby pins. Using one hand, I put a pin in one receptacle of an outlet, then another pin in the other receptacle of the same outlet, and they started moving back and forth. I put a third pin in one receptacle of the outlet next to it, and suddenly couldn't move. I remember all this as clearly as if it were yesterday. Suddenly I was looking down at the room from the ceiling, and could see the couch where my parents were talking, the table in front of them, the desk, and the general layout of the room.  My father got up and (I later realized) pulled me out from under the desk by my legs. That was the end of that memory. Strangely, I asked my parents about this many decades later and they didn't remember it.
NDE from electrocution at age 3-4.

2789.  Eloise S NDE English expanded version 8/6/11  This happened in 1974. I was in the hospital delivering my baby. I had tuberculosis at that time and was having problems breathing. The nurse had to hold my hands down because I kept trying pull off the breathing mask.  When I turned my head to look at the heart monitor, I realized that I was not breathing any more.  I was above my body, up near the ceiling in a different dimension.  It was like looking out at a 3-D glass window. I tried to figure out what was happening, as I looked at my body down there. I was watching the doctor, nurses, and the other people trying to bring me back.  To me, everything looked in slow motion and I felt so peaceful. I kept trying figure out why my body was down there. As I looked down at myself, I noticed I had on the hospital robe I had put on earlier, and everything else looked the same.  Suddenly I was looking at my hands – no longer above myself.  I opened my eyes and I was in my hospital bed again.  My doctor was sitting next to me in a chair. I looked at him. He said, "We almost lost you." I told him, "I know. I saw everything."
NDE at childbirth.

2788.  Karen G Mother's NDE English expanded version 8/6/11  She said everything seemed to start getting further and further away and she went up and up towards the ceiling and it got fuzzy as she seemed to be passing through the ceiling and she could look up at a light - it wasn't a LIGHT - it was like an openness - an awakening that her brain registered as a light.  She felt it was like going home and she felt really good.  But then she started to panic.  My dad was in Korea and she was worried who would take care of me on earth and the next thing she knew, she was slammed back into her body. 
Daughter shares mother’s NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

2787.  Ellen A Probable NDE English expanded version 8/6/11  All of a sudden, I looked over to the ceiling corner of my curtained cubicle, there appeared in 3d color my beloved Dad and brother Joe - both deceased. They were in the form of a HOLOGRAM - transparent but vivid and pretty much life size (maybe a bit smaller).  They said nothing, showed no expression, and just looked down at me. Now I was really happy!!… Had I imagined this, I would have included my favorite brother John in this experience - although deceased, he did not appear in my vision.  My husband Ron was a great friend of my John.   Ron said knowing John, he probably could not make the visit as he had a hot date with a heavenly body.
Probable NDE due to blood loss from miscarriage.

2786.  Joe W NDE 5301 English expanded version 8/6/11  I felt a presence in the clouds.  I tried to clarify who was there. I could not see a face but felt a presence of Jesus on a throne.  I said who are you.  He replied I am your Lord Jesus. I fell to my knees.  Jesus said "Don't be afraid, I love you".  I don't have the words to express my feeling of his presence. Example:  I am a father and the great feeling it was when I would rock my child to sleep.  He had a unconditional love toward me.  Jesus said " What do you think of you life so far? I had a strong sense I had not completed what I need to learn as a human being.  Jesus said" You may stay with me or return to being a human being".  I told Him that I wanted to stay but I need to go back to learn more about love and knowledge. He said " If that is your decision let it be".  I found my self coming out of unconsciousness. The first thing I heard was medical personnel saying that I was not dead.
NDE due to auto accident.

2785.  Mitchell M NDE English expanded version 8/6/11  I was going under over and over,  swallowing water, crying.  Then, I finally went under and just gave up. The last thing I remember is noticing how the sunlight was slanting through the water.  Suddenly I was high up in the air.  I could see myself floating face down.  I could see my cousin waving his arms and yelling for help, and my dad running toward the water.  I also saw another man jump up and run toward the water.  At that point I remember thinking that I really wanted to tell my dad not to be so scared, because I was in a safe place.  Then my favorite grandma, who had died several years before, was next to me.  I didn't see her, I just knew she was there.  She said, "You have to go back, Mitchell, you can't be here yet."  The next thing I knew, I was being carried up the beach by the man whom I had seen jump up and run toward the water to help rescue me. 
NDE at age 11 due to drowning.  Shared 52 years later.

2784.  Kathryn A NDE English expanded version 8/6/11    I began to ask, "How do I get out of here??  I am so happy to be home!  Get me out of this car!!!" I was lovingly told that I had more work to do. I was specifically instructed to take off my seat belt and get out of the car. I was shown something that appeared to me only in my thoughts for that moment, and that gave me the desire to return. I took off my seat belt and crawled through the space where the window used to be. As I began to rise, I asked, "How long do I have to hold my breath!?" and immediately the answer came: "As long as it takes." 
NDE due to car crash with car ending upside down at bottom of stream.  Remarkable for angelic intervention that probably saved her live.

2783.  Sabrina E Probable NDE English expanded version 8/6/11 I had a bleed on the brain, died and went to Heaven.  There I saw a lot of lights. The souls of those gone before me were the lights.  It was like a room carpeted all over.  Way up front, there was God !!  Behind him stood my daughter, who had passed about 3 years before. I made my way through the lights, and when I got up to the front, the Lord spoke to me.  He said, "I just wanted you to see that I have her and that she is fine."  I started trying to get her but she wouldn't come to me!! I used to spent days at her grave site.  My car would just never pass up the graveyard.  On my way home from work, I would sit there and cry, make sure the site was clean. Anyway, God sent me BACK!!  He told me that she was his child not mine, that she was mine for only a moment.  My grandma was the angel who brought me back.  She kept saying, "Go back baby, you will be fine." 
Probable NDE due to what is described as bleeding on the brain.

2782.  Curtis M NDE English expanded version 8/6/11  The next thing I know, I am looking down at myself watching the chaos, hearing my name. Then the light, this wonderful bright light I was moving towards this bright light I wasn't cold anymore I was at ease. I see figures, and hear familiar voices.  One in particular was my Grandmother telling me I needed to go back and that my family needed me. Then this feeling of calm, a hand touched my shoulder, I felt love like extreme love. I looked in the direction of the hand, then he spoke the most calming, loving voice! She is right my son, you must go back, you are needed. I didn't want to leave. Then my eyes are opening to pain. Oh, the pain! I was back in my body. I haven't told this to anyone. I told my wife this morning, and now you. I didn't think anyone would believe me. My wife does, she put me in her arms and whispered I believe you.
Heart stopped following back surgery.

2781.  Tanya NDE English expanded version 8/6/11  I needed to talk to someone who would listen to me. But I couldn't call out for anyone, since I could hardly breathe. And when I tried to get up to go find someone, I fell onto the floor of my hospital room in a panic. I kept struggling to get air into my lungs but I could not. I clawed at my throat. Suddenly I felt my body relax completely. Surrounded by darkness, I heard beautiful, gothic-type music, like angels singing. I felt myself floating – completely at peace – so happy!  When I woke up hours later, I was in the ICU and had a breathing tube down my throat. The doctor said that when they had found me, I had stopped breathing, and that they did not know how long I had been unconscious.
NDE due to asthma and allergic reaction.

2780.  Emily R NDE English expanded version 8/6/11  They rolled me into the operating room. The next thing I remember, I saw my body on the table. Then I was in this dark room. I started to turn my head around and that's when I saw the light. I tried to drag my hand and my body toward the light. The next thing I remember, I was in the recovery room. Next, the nurse started pushing the bed toward my room. My daughter was explaining to me what had happen, but I wasn't paying attention. The next morning, I felt so at peace. I was in a daze! The doctor came in and explained what had happen to me. He said, "The surgery went well, but there was a problem getting the trachea out of your mouth." I had died but started breathing again on my own. I was very much at peace while he was talking to me, but also in a daze. In three days, I requested to go home.  While at home, I started to remember. It was like a flash. 
NDE due to surgical complication.  Shared about three weeks after experience.

2779.  Maria Teresa Possible NDE English expanded version 7/31/11  From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English by Maria.  Once I had been anesthetized, I suddenly found myself running down a long black tunnel. In fact, this was my soul leaving my body, running fast inside this tunnel so I could reach a white light, a bright ring. But the very moment I reached the light, I turned around and, retracing my steps, ran back through the tunnel at the same speed, until I reached where I had started – only to turn around again and run back down the tunnel towards the light.  Again and again, I ran towards the light, and then back to where I had started, and then back towards the light again, over and over.   While doing this, I enjoyed a feeling of serenity, peace and calm.  But once awake after the surgery, I felt extremely tired, as if I had just run a great many kilometers! The feelings of "detachment" and "running fast" towards the light are the most difficult experiences to explain. It felt sort of like an emergency – back and forth, back and forth – as if a disaster were attracting me towards the light, but another was pulling me back towards towards my body. 
Teenage Possible NDE due to surgery complications.

2778. Art J NDE English expanded version 7/30/11 I remember drifting up from my body and seeing him back away and put his hands on his head. He stayed in that position for a while.  The next thing I remember is looking at my self and seeing a bluish aura.  I looked, I think, straight ahead and saw what looked like a rough cave that was too dark to see to the end of. Around me was darkness, and, although at that point I couldn't move, I could see the sides of the cave. It was pitch black, but even so, I could see a cloaked figure with its hood down to its chest. It lifted its, I think, hand, draped in the cloak's sleeve and pointed at me what looked like an abnormally long finger made of, I think, bone, and said, "You."
NDE at age 8 due to choking.  He's age 15 now.

2777. Burt G NDE English expanded version 7/30/11 After a second or so, a sense of peace overcame all my emotions, and I knew I was looking at my now-lifeless body. But I did not care!  It was a relief to know it was over.  I knew I was very near Heaven – but almost instantly I knew I could not stay there. It seems like it happened both in a second and in 15 minutes all at once. In the place where I found myself, time had no meaning whatsoever. That feeling of being complete remains with me, and sometimes for a brief instant, I get a glimpse of what I felt – and I wish everyone could have this feeling!! Then all of a sudden – wham – I was right back in that painful crumpled body on the floor. It felt like I was pushed, and I did not want to go back.
NDE due to advanced Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

2776. Cate NDE English expanded version 7/30/11  I felt the presence of my deceased grandfather. I don't remember everything that was said, but basically I remember that it was revealed that I could move on if I wanted to, but once I reached the light I would not be able to return to my body. He did not want my life to end, though, because I still had some important lessons to be learned in this lifetime. He said that after I learned what I needed to about love that it would be my time to go. I have a chronic illness and this last year I have narrowly avoided death five times. My illness almost claimed me three times, I was also crossing the street when I felt an unseen force push me backwards out of the path of an incoming car, and last of all I nearly fell off a cliff. He said that it was no accident that my life I had been spared each one of those times. And what I need to learn in this life is so vital that I really need to go back.
NDE due to apparent medication reaction.  Remarkable for awareness her life had been saved multiple times in her earthly life.  Remarkable also for awareness of two men who died in a car accident- she became aware of and confirmed details of the accident.

2775. Tallulah F NDE English expanded version 7/30/11  Then I realized I was outside my body looking down on myself. People were coming in and I could not get their attention. I realized I was slowly loosing my senses ie vision, hearing, etc. and things began to fade.  Suddenly I was moving at a high rate of speed up a tunnel or vortex. Far up ahead I could see a very bright light and it felt like the most beautiful feeling I've ever had as I moved toward it. I got close enough to the light to make out a doorway and the light I was seeing was spilling out from the door which was only partially open. The door closed and I was in darkness till I came too in the ambulance.
NDE due to accident.

2774. Donna M NDE 5286 English expanded version 7/30/11 The voice said they were crying over me because I was in a car accident. I kept asking why? I didn't feel pain, actually I felt peaceful. Then I remembering waking up on the ground around the EMTs and friends.  While in the emergency room, the NC State trooper approached me while I was waiting to be stitched up and said "You should have been dead!" he said that the car went the distance of 2 football fields jumped two ditches and knocked a residents home off the foundation at a speed of 80 mph.
NDE due to auto accident at age 17.

2773.  Stephen's Girlfriend's Probable NDE English expanded version 7/23/11  What I didn't know was that my girlfriend was pregnant with twins, but it was an ectopic pregnancy. One of the babies was stuck in a fallopian tube. She got sicker soon after I left and had to be rushed to the hospital that same night.  After a few tests and much pain and suffering, they began her surgery.   During the operation, she remembers, she saw me at my home, lying on my bed, and she called out to me by name. Now – at this exact same moment, I was indeed lying on my bed, just dozing a little, when I was awakened, startled by someone shouting my name. I ventured out onto my stairway landing to see who was calling, but nobody was there. I went back to lying on the bed.  Over the next few days, I was able to speak to her and was brought up to date on all that had happened.  A strongly surreal moment for me was when she said, "I saw you lying down on your bed, and I called out to you." I exclaimed, "Oh my God, I heard you call! How can that be? You were 20 miles away!" 
Probable NDE due to emergency surgery for ectopic pregnancy.  Remarkable OBE with her boyfriend hearing her when she was OBE in his room.

2772.  Paul P NDE English expanded version 7/23/11  They transferred me to critical care, and the heart specialist came. My heart rate was up to 300 beats per minute and stayed that way for 5 hours. I remember the lights were glaring overhead, and I could not fight any more. I left my body and went up a tunnel toward a beautiful golden light.  I was in the presence of a spiritual being, Jesus.  He told me that it was not time for me to stay there and that I would go back, that my mom needed me. He told me other things that I cannot remember.  I remember being in the hospital room and realizing that I was not in my body.  I remember seeing a baby. I no longer felt sick or scared. It was very peaceful, and I knew I would be okay.  When I returned to my body, I felt stronger, and I got well.... I told my mother about it when I was still very young, after I had learned how to communicate.
NDE due to congenital heart problem at age 7 weeks.  One of the earliest age NDE ever recorded.

2771.  Antonio J NDE English expanded version 7/23/11  From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated by Simon A.  Succumbing to shock after taking drugs combined with strong medication, I lost consciousness and suddenly found myself observing something which was revolving. The most important thing was, wrapped in an incredible peacefulness, I thought to myself, "So this would be the other life." – and I felt no sadness on that account. 
NDE from going unconscious from strong drugs.

2770.  Colin S Probable NDE English expanded version 7/17/11  From Holland.  I was concentrating on what I was doing, and did not notice when my right leg touched the motor.  Suddenly, with the electricity going through me, I became frozen to the tank and was unable to move. The electricity stopped my central nervous system from functioning and I was no longer able to breathe. I did realize, in a sort of hazy way, that this would be "over and out" for me.  Well, one of our endeavors was a school bus service. In my mind, as I stood in this fixed state, I was driving my bus at breakneck speed down a bush lane with trees on both sides. No matter what I did, I was unable to get my foot off the accelerator. I felt great concern for the kids riding in my bus.  It was quiet, I heard no sound of any kind. The image faded and I don't know how long I stood there, or what happened next. When I came to, one of our employees was standing over me. Fortunately, three days before this event, he had read a brochure, issued by the SEC (State Electricity Commission) that explained what to do in case of an electrocution... 
Probable NDE due to electrocution.

2769.  Agnes M NDE English expanded version 7/17/11  From France.  Original in French, translated by Simon A. I immediately became aware that the end-stage of my labour was giving complications, however I was very relaxed and confident. When I separated I had a feeling of floating, and above all a feeling of total blessedness, a very intense well-being. I was floating in surroundings which were very luminous and soft, rising up towards a more intense luminosity. Then nothing more, I came round much later in the ICU. The doctors brought me back after defibrillation and the transfusion of several units of blood.
NDE from childbirth.

2768.  Matthieu M NDE English expanded version 7/11/11  From France.  Original in French, translated by Simon A.  However, I had no such desire. I was floating in a white light, but a white which is unknown on this Earth. In front of me, the light became more intense, drawing me towards it. I was relaxed and felt wonderfully well. I didn't want to come back at all. Yet, after a while, I heard my wife's cries and came back to the real world. This experience had lasted only 5 or 10 minutes, but when I was back inside myself, I felt extremely tired, with a feeling of nausea.
NDE from going unconscious.

2767.  Michael H FDE English expanded version 7/10/11  While crossing a highway to get to a bus stop, I was pushed from behind by a non-physical entity.  I felt it behind me and looked back to see a shiny sharp toothed grin and a hand push me at the base of my spine.  I was thrown forward into traffic and jumped at the last moment but was still struck in the lower legs. As I flew through the air, I was transported to a dimension of void or limitlessness where everything was very quiet and peaceful.  I felt an overwhelming sense that this was indeed my death, and it did not bother me in that space one bit.  Time was incredibly distorted, and for about ten minutes i watched the void, waiting for what came next.  An indigo light appeared as a field surrounding me from the furthest reaches of this "space" and I became aware that I was a luminous body, transparent and gossamer.  This indigo light was very far away but surrounded me on all sides like a bubble.  It briefly turned orange and then began to close in on me, getting closer and closer over the course of the next 20 minutes.
Fear-death experience and other exceptional circumstances around experience.

2766.  Sue D NDE English expanded version 7/10/11  From France.  Then somebody spoke to me in a loud voice. It was my dad. He said I had to go back because my mission wasn't over yet. I fell back into my body in the bed, with a great sadness.  My soul was totally sad, and I could not explain what had just happened to me.  I remember getting up out of bed and wondering if I was going to die. The next morning I found out that my dad was in the ICU and had had a massive heart attack. He pulled through and lived for four more years after that. He, by some uncanny transfer, had enabled me to live a NDE without going through the death stuff, for particular reasons. Just the experience.
Remarkable account of an apparent NDE at the time her father had a severe heart attack.  She was not aware her father was having a heart attack, and he was a continent away from her. 

  Brandy M NDE English expanded version 7/10/11  As I entered the bathroom, my husband was just getting out of the shower and saw my eyes rolling back in my head as I collapsed to the floor. It scared the life out of him. At the same time, the buzzing in my head got very loud and everything began to go black. I could hear my husband calling to me from a distance as I began to be pulled very fast down a long, dark tunnel at the end of which was an incredibly bright light. He dragged me back to the bed and kept calling to me and I began to fight this thing that was happening to me. I knew I was dying but did not want to die; I wanted to live so that I could have children. Also, my brother had recently died and that was number two for my father; I did not want it to happen to him again. I fought this thing as my husband kept calling to me so that in a few seconds, I was whisked back the opposite way and realized I was on the bed.
NDE due to apparent inappropriately prescribed medication.

2764.  Joanie S NDE English expanded version 7/10/11  I found myself in what I now think of as a previous life. I smelled smoke from a fire I was near, and saw others around me.  I looked into another woman's eyes, and I knew her immediately as the woman I called my grandmother in this life. I knew then that our lives had "danced" around each other since time began. She was once my mother and once my sister.  She was my aunt, and several times my cousin. The life that was being shown to me now was during a prehistoric time, when we lived –  winters by a creek cave, and summers, we had a camp in the woods where we foraged. Looking down, I realized I had a child in my arms and the woman I had known in so many lives was chatting with me, telling me to cover the child to keep it warm. Then she was showing me how to tie the wraps around me to carry the child while we collected wood. 
Exceptional NDEs.  First NDE due to seizure during delivery.  Remarkable description of past life in prehistoric time.  Second NDE is shared NDE. Due to blood loss during surgery.  The child she was losing at this time said that they would be back soon- and her sister-in law became pregnant what she recognized as her lost child very shortly later.

2763.  Leonard S NDE 5270 English expanded version 7/10/11  I was now on a stage or podium and the light was fully on me. The light penetrated me fully and I had never felt love like that before. Every cell in my body was full of love from the light and I began to laugh and cry simultaneously. I was crying for joy as I knew I was delivered into god's light and laughed at myself for doubting I ever would. And the love kept coming. I felt that I was going to burst, I wanted to somehow return something but I had nothing to give. And then it hit me. I had been there before, in exactly the same place. Then too I wanted to have something to give back and had nothing to give. It suddenly occurred to me that this is the reason that I had taken the life in the first place, to get something I could bring back to give in return for the ecstasy I experienced in the light.
NDE due to illness.

2762.  Mary P NDE 5269 English expanded version 7/10/11  Now, across from me sat a man; I could see him much more clearly than everything else. He looked Mediterranean –  black hair, and the most gentle dark brown eyes I had ever seen (on Earth, at least.) When he began communicating with me, it wasn't verbal. I could hear it in my mind. He explained he came to me dressed as a modern, clean-cut human because he knew me, and (he made a bit of a joke) that if he had come in the "Robes" (his words) that I wouldn't have believed it and would have thought I had gone crazy.  Seems we started having a laughing argument over something, and I realize I was asking to stay.... I knew sitting with Christ and me.
NDE due to apparent cardiac event.

2761.  Susan C Probable NDE English expanded version 7/10/11  Anyway, I was lying on this slab, with my hands crossed over my chest like an Egyptian. All around me was dark, but I was bathed in the bright light of a spotlight. The room was the perfect temperature, and I felt no pain whatsoever. I was so comfortable, I didn't want to leave. I could hear someone calling my name from far away, and a face or two would appear when I surfaced, but then they would be gone again. I later found out that the faces were the nurses trying to revive me, shouting my name and doing the sternum rub on me.
Probable NDE following surgery.

2760.  Harry S Probable NDE English expanded version 7/10/11  It felt awesome and overwhelming.  I was drawn so close to going through, but stopped.  A sudden thought came into my mind.  I can't leave yet. I have not prepared for this. I have to sort things out for my family. An urgency took over me and the spirit reassured me.  It said, "If you want to go back, leave now.  But you will have to fight."
Probable NDE, surgery-related (no further details available).

2759.  Gina J NDE English expanded version 7/10/11  It was as if I'd just been away; I was rejoining this life.  Like I'd come back from vacation, and was now getting back to work, or back to reality. Beyond the threshold, I saw a transit system of some kind. I saw water and I saw chains on a craft on the water –  like a futuristic Disney ride.  I made it halfway through the threshold, and then was jerked back down the tunnel of white, yellow, red.  I was much clearer on the way back.  I even told myself that I had to remember the secret of life, that people needed to know the truth.  But when I opened my eyes, it was gone.  I was lying there trying to remember. My mind could remember every scene of what happened, but not that one most important thing.  I felt like I was not allowed to have that knowledge here, like, if we knew, we wouldn't learn what we needed to learn.  Life is a school, nothing more.
NDE due to accidental drug overdose.

  Andrew J NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 I am told that I was dead on the operating room table for three minutes during the brain surgery I was having to correct life-threatening damage to my head. ....  The Lord then spoke and said, "Your father spoke to me earlier and did not wish you to die. I granted his wish." I conversed more with the Lord and my father. This portion isn't something I can remember, but I get the hazy sense that it was just as if we were talking things over, and that they were both consoling me.   My memory picks back up at the point where I expressed my anxiety at returning to life. I think I said, "Well, I'd like to get back down and check on Daniel." and I gave my father and the Lord a parting hug. I still remember the hugs well, for when I gave the Lord a hug, he whispered into my ear as I was transported back, "You will not remember everything we spoke about, but don't worry, you'll remember what you need to know in life when the time is right.  And you will remember it all when you cross Heaven's threshold once again."
Exceptional NDE due to accident.  Shared death experience- his father had died in accident, and was with the Lord in heavenly realm.  His father had asked that the contributor not die, and the Lord granted his wish.

2757.  Matt H NDEs English expanded version 7/4/11  I floated into the blue skies, then into darkness ( which I thought was HELL,) where I saw bad spirits circling.  I prayed that I would continue floating away from them, and not stop where they were.  Lucky me, I continued floating upwards, and the white light began to take over everything.  I floated towards the center of the light until it completely surrounded me and there I stopped floating.  Then the voice came.  It was a man's voice.  It was very matter-of-fact.  It said, "You have had an accident. It is not your time to be with me. I am sending you back."  I attempted to utter a response and was immediately sent back into my body on Earth... I wished I had stayed up there with God.  All of a sudden, I passed out again!  This time, I was sucked right out of my body and floated away much faster than the first time.  I quickly was in the White again and the voice returned.  He said, " This is not to be toyed with.  This is not drugs, sex, food or anything to be played with.  You have had an accident.  You must return to Earth and help people.  I am sending you back." 
Two NDEs.  One at age 5 due to playground head injury and one at age 25 due to blood loss.

2756.  Marjorie S Probable NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 As he was born, there was a huge splash of water (I thought) - the doctors/interns jumped back out of the way.  Just recently  I was describing this experience to a nurse who was delivering my daughter's baby and when I said "water," she corrected me:  "That was blood, not water - you hemorrhaged!!"  I am now sure that was correct, because at the time, the nurses were frantically trying to hook me up to IVs of blood.  They could not find a blood vessel to insert the adrenaline (I guess) and finally they put a tourniquet on each lower arm so they could insert needles for the blood transfusions. I was up in the corner of the room, watching all this activity.  What I can say is that I felt what I now describe as "orgasmic" peace!!!  I will never fear death because this feeling of peace was just bliss!!! I did not go anywhere or see anyone. I stayed floating in the corner of the ceiling.
Probable NDE at childbirth.

2755.  Jennifer D NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 I remember hitting the water and sinking and as I sank, I could see bubbles coming out of my mouth in very slow motion. I felt as if I sank at a much deeper depth than the actual depth of the pool. I remember seeing sparks of light and people at a distance in the pool but recall that they weren't wet and I had a conscious thought that I didn't understand how they could be there under the water and not be wet. I didn't seem to know any of the people I saw, It was not until some time later that I saw family photos and was able to determine who I saw. The next memory I had was being on the side of the pool with lifeguards all around me and I was choking on the water.
NDE at age 6.  Contributor is a hospice nurse.

2754.  Carol J NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 Following behind us were two teeny tiny Cherubs. They were very small and had wings. They were naked with short curly hair, and were neither sex. One was solid pink and the other, solid purple. It was like they were trying to keep me entertained, and they did!  I was trying to catch or touch them, with much laughter and giggles.  They were fluttering around us like humming birds.
NDE at age 6 months due to unknown illness.  Shared 67 years later.

2753.  Brenda I NDEs English expanded version 7/4/11 & 2/19/12  But I knew it was my last breath. I had such a peaceful feeling; I can only describe it as "a peace that passes all understanding."  Shortly after that nanosecond of darkness, I remember a light so BRIGHT, it was as if I were on a very dark stage, having a feeling that someone far greater than any human was appearing before me.  I KNEW I had died and my soul was telepathically communicating with GOD.  I remember praying, "Dear Heavenly Father, I THOUGHT I had done something to prolong my life, but it looks as though I have done something to shorten it. Please.... forgive me for any sin that might be keeping me from Your presence." 
NDE at age 52 due to surgical complication, and NDE at age 5 due to drowning.

2752.  Sara V NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 Then I remember hovering up in the corner of the room. I could see out the window, and it was raining.  I could see my body on the table down where the two nurses and the doctor were, and I thought to myself, "This is very odd!" I felt like I wanted to float out of the room. But when I tried, I realized there were three entities behind me that would not let me.  These entities were entirely black, and had a human shape. They spoke to me, but words did not come out of their mouths. Instead, we communicated through our minds. They told me I could not leave the room, and that they were there for my safety. 
Probable NDE at age 10 during operation for ruptured appendix.

2751.  Patricia P NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 I remember an immediate sizzling sound in my ears, which escalated to such a high pitch that its loudness was all I knew. I was in terrible pain – and then there was complete silence.  Then I was aware of two persons dressed in brown cloaks from head to toe standing together.  While I was floating above them at about the height of a roof top, I was shown a scene of green rolling hills off in the distance, where an ambulance was taking my body away. So I told those two persons that I wasn't finished on Earth yet. They turned towards each other and seemed to be pondering my statement. 
NDE at age 17 due to criminal attack.

  Jeff Probable NDE 5255 English expanded version 7/4/11 All I remember since I was no longer experiencing amnesia was that there was  very bright light and everything was white, very bright white. Nothing else. I remember a sheet covered my whole body, head and all.
Probable NDE due to auto accident.

2749.  Karen R NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 They said I died three times during the night but kept coming back without resuscitation. (I had never been afraid of dying my whole life and that has not changed.) I remember feeling this warm, calm feeling and being in a warm light like the sun. I felt at peace and felt like there were others there watching me, but never showing themselves.  I felt I was receiving a gift from somewhere. I know I didn't want to come back, because it was so peaceful there. I remember traveling to that same place all three times – but even when I came back to life, I didn't realize I had died until my mom told me later.
NDE due to suicide attempt with overdose of blood pressure medication.

2748.  Morgan A NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 He found me in a puddle of blood where I had fallen onto the bathroom floor.  He tried to move me but couldn't, so he grabbed his cell phone and called for help. This story has a lot more to it, but I can't type with much accuracy (the spelling is a particular problem) so I hope that you will call me, and I will fill in the missing parts. Anyway, I left my body during this experience, and I found myself with my dog Tramp, who had just passed away a month before. I wouldn't be here now if it hadn't been for Tramp – that dog is the closest thing to me in the whole world. Tramp had saved my life before, and here he  was, doing it again – even after he was dead. You will have to call me for the rest, as I cry too hard when I think about it.  Just believe me when I say that it was my dog Tramp who saved my life... not the paramedics that came to the house.
NDE due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

2747.  Bruce NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 All of a sudden I was traveling through a tunnel at extreme speed – so fast I had a sickening feeling.  Before I could adjust, I found myself in a very ornate light-filled room with a throne that was very high up. Once again, I had a sickening feeling, but one of a different kind. I wanted desperately to hide from the presence of God, but there was no place to go to get away from his presence. I was shown a review of my entire life, with joys, difficulties, sorrows, and everything in between. I saw myself being very kind to several people. I also heard unkind words I had spoken to others. I witnessed being ignored, and ignoring others. I was shown a love that had not worked out. I reviewed how others had abused me, which I didn't want to "see." 
NDE from unconsciousness likely due to heart attack.

2746.  Swas NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 Non-western NDE  I felt like a bird and as I immediately looked back I saw my pale and fragile frame lying at the base of the window with eyes closed, saliva dripping out of the wide open mouth and a skeletal right hand was somehow entangled with one of those vertical rods. I was shocked but didn't realize I was dead. Then I flew above the row houses in that area, saw children playing in the park ,telegraph poles, television antennas on the roof of our neighbor's houses, wet clothes hanging in the balcony, as I flew more I began to see unfamiliar faces shouting from the streets ,young men discussing about cricket match.. then suddenly the city view started fading away and somebody pushed me into a pitch black space....when that black space arrived I started flying even faster and I was really scared as I couldn't see a thing but could strongly feel that some body was pulling a thread at the end of which my soul was lying.......then after a while I saw a thousand sunshine but felt no heat from the sun, it was a bit cold for my preference.
NDE at age 6 from illness.  Non-western NDE (Hindu).

2745.  Lori K NDE English expanded version 7/4/11  I was in the presence of Jesus....we seemed to be in a wide open space, like a beautiful field or garden....behind Jesus I could see all my dead relatives there waiting for me....like my father-In-law and my Grandpa Antonio and my Aunt Lillian and my Aunt Ruby and my Aunt Frances and my Great Aunt Stannie and my Uncle Bob....I recognized many more, also....I knew them all by their spirit, not by their bodies.  They were all happy to see me and waiting until I was done talking to Jesus....it seemed like they were behind an unseen boundary. In front of me was Jesus and behind him was like a large archway, a gateway, and my dead relatives were there waiting for me. It seemed like I was with Jesus a very long time.
NDE due to being struck by car.

2744.  Pierre T NDE English expanded version 7/3/11  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter. Total stillness…I have no body anymore, I am just consciousness… I'm very alert indeed… but completely shut in a kind of darkroom where I seem to glimpse metal bolts!!!! I feel very well, and I am far from being scared. I feel big, powerful – and I am not referring to having an oversized ego. I feel profoundly virtuous and kind – I cannot describe this feeling any other way. The strangest thing is my feeling  that this kind of consciousness has always been within me.  (But the word "forever" does not seem to fit.) Indeed, not only do I have no body, but I am not experiencing time, either.
NDE from going unconscious.

2743.  Going Home
by Michael Coleman. 


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