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NDERF (7/1/02-12/31/02)
NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody Long and Dr. Jeff

NDE Experiences and Comments:
These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

196. Steven T's NDE English expanded version 12/25/02 She was clothed in light, extraordinarily beautiful, and loving. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and I almost cry when I think about it. I fell in love the instant I looked at her. I was in ecstasy. She wore a loose-fitting, white gown, and it gave off light of it's own. Her light was golden and white. She was thin, blond, with shoulder-length hair. She was about 5'7", and fair but golden in her skin hues. She was definitely female, but radiated power and intelligence, as well as love and care. She was responsible and carried massive authority.
He awoke with such love and intensity of emotion for his wife.  Steve translated some works by Voltaire which are highly inspirational and included as part of this NDE.

195. Mani O's NDE English expanded version, 12/23/02  I was 30 feet in the air with this powerful light. Instead of snow I saw the light ahead of me with beautiful warmth. The light that was with me let me got the light.  as I was in there I felt a pause where now I was with the light of Christ and watched myself as though I was traveling back in time where I saw myself in bed, the void, and the accident. It was weird because it felt like I was at all places at the same time. As I saw everything I felt the light telling me that he will honor my request to go back.
This NDE was caused by a 30 foot fall from a ladder where he describes being everywhere at once, which is typical when seeing outside of our three dimensional earth-reality. 

194.  Janet S's NDE English expanded version, Wersja polska rozszerzona  12/23/02  Suddenly my heart started to do what I can only describe as a "shudder." I started to call out to my daughter when my heart stopped.  I suddenly realized that EVERYTHING had stopped.  There was no sound, no movement, nothing.  I was standing there taking in this fact, when I looked down & saw my body on the bed.  I thought "oh, I'm dead" like it was a completely ordinary thing.  Then I remember thinking, "I wonder if the rain stopped too", so I went through the wall & looked around outside.  The rain had not just stopped, the raindrops were suspended in mid-air.
The raindrops being suspended in mid-air is a wonderful description showing the time differential between earth and the other side.

193.  Earl W's NDE English expanded version 12/23/02 It started getting dark. Then I started moving. Faster and Faster. Darker and darker like I'm in a tunnel. I see a pinpoint of light. Brighter and brighter. Sudden stop.  I'm standing. Facing the most perfect person I have ever seen. The light was coming from him. He was the light. I recognize him as Jesus Christ. I have the most wonderful feeling of peace . He said "I'm sorry, you can't stay, there is something you must do.
After the car accident he saw Jesus.

192.  NDE-Like Michelle B's Experience  English expanded version, 12/23/02  I was swimming across and was caught in an undertow. I was under the water for sometime, I was trying to make my way to the surface and I could feel myself dying. I saw a very bright light appear in my eyesight. I was warmed and I felt comfortable. Then a large hand reached down through the light and pulled me up out of the water. That happen to be my older sister. She told me she couldn't find me and was searching the water with her hand and all of a sudden I was there. I know I felt very sad. I looked for the sun in the sky but it wasn't there. I was confused by this.
This is a child NDE with the very beginnings of a NDE.

191.  John R's NDE. English expanded version 12/8/02  I arrived after what seemed 5 minutes, to a place I couldn't see but could feel or sense, I felt an overwhelming joy and love come over me like a stream going through my body. I was aware of the presence of "my lady in white" had arrived and she was welcoming me, it wasn't a verbal communication, was more like I could feel what she wanted, I seemed to know the answers to my questions before I finished thinking about them, like I always knew them. I was asked whether I liked it there and did I want to stay.
Child NDE from asthma attack.

190. Frank A's NDE. English expanded version 12/7/02 In a distance I can see a bright white light as I came closer I can see it's a woman the energy that radiate was "love."  She was pure white light and soft rainbow color came from her heart.  She asked me to walk into her which I did and I felt the magnetic energy of peace, unity, love in it's purest form.  I remember thinking this is where I come from.  She asked me to go in farther.  I came across a wall of books that stood about 30 feet high and went both ways as far as you can see.  I went closer to read the covers, "ENERGY" poured from the wall and came into me I can feel it emptying into me like water until it was just trickling. 
This account shows the integrative aspect of NDE.  Frank submitted it a year ago, and then again yesterday.  Both answers are included for the reader to see what changed and what didn't.

188. NDE-Like Kathaleen E's Experience. English expanded version 12/7/02  From all that I have read about NDEs, my experience was very short.  I was embedded in light which was pure love.  I felt love that I had never known before and I knew that being loved did not depend on another human being.  I had a choice and I chose to return because I had a 2-yr-old son that I did NOT want my husband's (at the time) mother to raise.  He (my son) was more like my family and I didn't think that situation for him would be appropriate.
NDE-like experience caused by ectopic pregnancy.  From the description, there was no clear separation of consciousness apart from the body.

187. Lee's NDE. English expanded version 12/7/02 i remember a tunnel and a far off light.  i remember knowing that going into the light i would not be able to come back.  I struggled and then i came back.  i sometimes wonder if it was real. 
Beginnings of a NDE caused by pneumonia.

186.  JoAnn M's NDE. English expanded version  11/24/02 At some point, a being came along and took me on a tour of the universe.  I had instilled in me, creation and how the galaxies were created.  I got to visit places that were advanced beyond comprehension, and yet see places that are just starting out!  I was met with such love and compassion that I could care what was going on to my human transporter.  While the paramedics continued to work on me and get me ready for transport, I was too busy playing on a star and meeting my Maker!  It never concerned me there were no bodies, and fear was not in my vocabulary.  Things were assimilated instantly and within that instant, knowledge was completely consumed.  These beings were not male or female.   Since there is no way to measure time, I have no idea how long this went on.  I was shown and told things unimaginable. 
This is an amazing account that will knock your socks off! 

185. Donna W's NDE. English expanded version 11/14/02  I left my body and even at 5 years old I knew I was no longer in my body.  I looked around the operating room and saw the doctors the nurses the equipment.  As I rose higher I was met by a being of pure light.  There was no arms and legs, there was no clothing it was pure light.  It was a very very bright white light, yet it did not bother me to look at it.  The being of light enveloped me but I did not have a body.  I had no form.
Child NDE at age 5 from heart surgery.  Notice the pure acceptance of coming back; No argument, just soul understanding.

184.  Mari C's NDE. English expanded version 11/11/02 A hazy journey (seemingly short) and I was enveloped in light & exquisite & infinite love. By now I recall this as an ageless soul. I felt as best as I can describe in a state of total bliss, once again there is no language to convey feelings. There seemed to be a collective consciousness who welcomed me but at the same time conveyed the knowledge that I was the one responsible for the decision to stay or go back. I recall these decisions not as a small child but a person with accumulated knowledge to evaluate the choice and make a decision.
This NDE
happened when she was 18 months old, with crystal clear memories.  This is amazing because the implications are that the recalled memories could not have been stored or processed in the brain of an 18 month old.  Therefore, the experience would tend to support memories stored in the consciousness that survives the body.

183. Larry J's NDE. English expanded version 11/11/02
Three year old has NDE by electrocution.

Five year old child, drowning NDE.  This remarkable account has many typical elements common in child NDEs.  You can see the frustration at spending a lifetime trying to integrate the experience into this reality.  You can also see the beginnings of integration because the second time the experience was submitted (almost a year later) his answers are more accepting of himself, finding answers, and of life on earth.

181. Bess's NDE. English expanded version 11/11/02 
I remember hearing myself say, �I'm going to die.� I wasn't at all upset by this thought. Then there was a brief moment of darkness and next thing, I could see myself lying in what I think was a room. This room was full of light and even though it was a bright light it wasn't like glaring sunlight more of a pleasant golden- white light coming through what may have been a glass wall. I felt very loved at that moment, very much at peace and relaxed. Even though I couldn't see anyone else, I knew I wasn't alone. After a little while I heard a gentle male voice tell me �You are going to be alright, you are not going to die.�
NDE caused by post surgical complications.

180.  Bill W's NDE. English expanded version 10/29/02 and 11/12/02  The grass was so green it hurt to look at it, and it felt so good!  I could even taste the grass by feeling it, it tasted like watermelon.  Walking on the grass was wonderful � it was an incredible feeling.  The best way I can describe it was, �OH MY GOD! WOW!!!�  The sense of smell was not with the nose.  It was more like it permeated through my cheekbones under my eye, like smelling through the sinuses.
This is one of the most amazing accounts with such detailed descriptions of the indescribable!  This is Bill's first time telling his story and it truly is such an honor to hear the account first hand!  ADDENDUM Experience - one amazing story that happened to him after he told his NDE that will send goosebumps up your spine!

179. Jack M's NDE. English expanded version 10/29/02 After a few moments I blacked out. The next thing I knew I was watching a kind of movie of my life. Not a whole life story as some people experience but only some great and happy childhood memories. I don't know how long this lasted but after this I was in a tunnel and out of body. I realized that my body was behind me but I was afraid to turn around and look. But then, being of a nature that is very analytical, I began taking an interest in the tunnel itself. There was an array of colors--not bright like psychedelic colors but rather pastel and soothing. They rotated with the entire tunnel. In a way like colors move in a kaleidoscope.
Drowning NDE with the most amazing recovery!  The first hand comparison and contrasting between hallucinations and NDEs is outstanding and rivals any medical researcher's observations.

178. Larry L's NDE. English expanded version 10/29/02 After I was there for about a minute, just standing there thinking about how incredibly good I felt, a voice that seemed to be all around me asked, "Do you want to stay or do you want to go back?".  I don't remember if these were the exact words, but that was the meaning implied.  I don't really know for sure if those words were spoken aloud or if they just filled my head so much that they seemed to be spoken.  I knew I had to make a decision, and it was not easy to decide.  I have two daughters who were 8yrs and 12yrs old at the time, and even though I wanted to stay, I answered either to myself or aloud that I needed to go back for them. 
NDE caused from going unconscious during a criminal attack.

177.  Trisha H's NDE. English expanded version 10/29/02 My grandfather walked me back to what seemed like the outskirts of a town that was still in 1945.  At the edge of town was the white light, at that moment I felt a deep sadness for leaving him.  As we walked to the light he gave me a hug, and said, when you have doubt, or sadness, remember this hug and the warm breeze and you will know it was real.  I took in every scent of him.  I even "thought" I caught my hand on a medal on his jacket.  My grandfather and I went to the light and I felt so torn, but with his words of "I love you and I will be here when you are ready, not now for there is so much for you to do."
Childbirth NDE where she visited with her grandfather, learned about the WWII airplane crash, and about her newborn son's diagnosis.

176.  Bob B's NDE. English expanded version
10/29/02  My head suddenly felt very large, I could hear my heart beat. The beat was pounding in a downbeat or decrescendo rhythm. I could now only see a warm orange glow that went to bright white as i felt myself floating away. I could see my body sitting slumped on the edge of the chair below me as i became surrounded by a warm, bright, summer sunshine sort of light. It felt warm. I was so happy in it. The experience felt just so wonderful. I can not find words adequate to express my joy.
This is an experience that happened a mere three-weeks ago and was precipitated by blood clots.  The description of facing death (then and in the future) is truly outstanding.

175.  Diane G's NDE MultiMedia, English expanded version  10/13/02.  Suddenly, we burst into the light and a whole new reality was revealed to me, similar to the physical world, but, in this higher vibration, more colorful, more beautiful, more amazing. I saw plants, trees, mountains, lakes, animals, and shimmering crystal-like buildings, some very large and ornate. I saw beings moving about, light beings, going about their daily lives. They don't have physical bodies, but they are distinct fields of energy. They don't walk, they float. They have lives much like ours, but without the struggles and sorrows. They are artists, musicians, dancers, singers, inventors, builders, healers, creators of magical things... things they will manifest in their next lifetime in the physical universe.
Great rafting NDE! A must read because of the vivid NDE descriptions and integration afterwards.

174.  Madeleine S's NDE English expanded version (translated by Lisa) 10/13/02. OUR FIRST SWEDISH EXPERIENCE!  Then I remember I was in a dark place that seemed to be spinning around me, but after a while I noticed it was me that was "drawn" forward at high speed towards a small light. I stopped there and felt rather sad because I thought I had really died, and I grieved the loss of my daughter, that I wouldn't be able to see her any more (she was 7 years old at the time). 
Dentist chair NDE with a message about her life mission.

173.  Ginny S's NDE: English expanded version, 10/12/02 I felt like there was a presence with me, keeping me calm and reassuring me things were going to be okay.  But, I never saw anything or anyone and I never talked to anything or anyone.  I just didn't feel alone.  It's difficult to describe.  I didn't feel like anything or one was there, I just didn't feel as if I was isolated going through everything by myself either.
NDE that was in the beginning of the OBE stage.  Although relatively recent and still integrating the experience, there are already some spiritually transforming effects.

172.  John L's NDE: English expanded version 10/3/02   I could see people below me at what felt like another level.  I didn't feel as though I were floating above them, but just that I was at a higher viewing position, but my feet rested on air.  I could see thousands and thousands, if not millions of people moving about aimlessly.  Each person emitted strong feelings of foreboding, pain, and fear.  "These are the lost," a voice told me.  Violent death and a Hellish NDE that totally changed his life around.

Blood clot in the lungs caused this NDE.  The interesting feature is that although she perceived later she was talking to God, when she initially tried to make sense of the NDE, she described the figure as her mother but as a man's voice.

170.  Tammy L's NDE: English expanded version 9/23/02 "Suddenly I was enveloped in a bright, white light. I felt perfect ness. It was the perfect temperature. The light was bright but it was not hot on my skin like sunlight, nor did it hurt my eyes. I was very aware of the transition from pain to feeling wonderful. I felt peace, great love ,joy. It seemed all my questions were answered. It's hard to describe the feeling of total utopia. I then realized that the light seemed to be shining through wall's of brick glass windows. I heard laughter and looked down to see a little child smiling up at me."
Childbirth NDE with a meeting a child she felt would be part of her future.

169.  Marie's NDE: English expanded version 9/23/02  "While I was in this "altered" state I felt myself being shown flashes of dead people and thinking of helping them.  I couldn't reach any of them because they were all in two separate cages.  I then woke up and my watch was stopped at 8:56 which was the time the WTC towers were hit." 
NDE while unconscious on 9/11 at the same time the World Trade Center was hit by terrorists.

167.  Vincent T's NDE English expanded version, Swedish expanded version   9/10/02  Upon awakening I remember it was like being shocked back to life.  (no I didn't have a heart attack, they did not use the paddles either)  I remember seeing a very very bright white light.  I also remember seeing my mother who had passed several years earlier.  She was standing in front of a doorway, or entrance in a blocking manner.  She did not say anything, but I guess the symbol was that it was not my time to enter.  I then woke up.  This was the very beginning of an NDE.

166.  Gungil's NDE English expanded version  9/5/02 & 9/10/02 & 9/14/02. OUR FIRST ASIAN EXPERIENCE!  FROM KOREA!  I thought the saying that a nurse is an angel in white gown is a lie because my nurse was treating me painfully at that moment.  I felt my surroundings came into me (a funnel called me) like a movie screen. I looked at the clear light and I shouted "관세음 보살(Kwon Sem Bo Sal: one of Buddhas' names)" and then I was alive and left the hospital. Her first of three NDEs started when she was age 7.   I fell down the black tunnel with high speed and saw the bright red cross. I opened my eyes with surprise at the almost same time, I felt as my body jumped. that was very euphoric. Second experience at the University.  After My third NDE, I started to try to search for something related with NDE. first, I read the books like Tibetan book of the dead, Life after Life, Life before Life, Upanisad, The Dhammapada, TAO TE CHING etc.  Third experience at the University.

165. Sheila B's NDE: English expanded version  9/7/02  "My heart stopped as I delivered my already dead daughter. I saw a beautiful light and my father holding a baby. I tried to reach them, I wanted to touch them both. My father shook his head no and said not yet, she's beautiful and she's safe." 
This was submitted on the ADC website, but is really an NDE (near-death experience)

164. Kandy V's NDE English expanded version, 9/3/02. While I was under general anesthesia, I simply sat up and got out of my sick body.  I remember seeing the operating table and the medical staff around my physical body in my peripheral vision.  Right out in front of me was a being, with a material body, but not like a physical body.  Its arms (I use the word loosely) were opened out to me and I climbed into its lap.  I was laughing and crying at the same time.  I said ( we spoke with thoughts which seemed perfectly normal at the time) "I almost stopped believing in you." The being kind of chuckled and said "Well here I am." 
She was shown the threads of love connecting herself and her children.

163. Kathy's NDE English expanded version 8/24/02. "When I initially entered the room or area the people I knew were in deep none verbal discussion. They seemed to be in disagreement.  As my body traveled and I reached the end area the person or death angel offered his hand and said, take my hand and I will take you there. This was audible.  I screamed No!!!! and at that time I knew what my Grandfather and the others were in disagreement about.
Heart seizure cause her to be escorted by the angel of death to a conference room.

161.  A Father's Story English expanded version 8/20/02.  "My wife realized that a three-year-old had no concept of death and spirits, so he was referring to the beings who came to him from beyond as "birdies" because they were up in the air like birds that fly. "What did the birdies look like?" she asked. Brian answered, "They were so beautiful. They were dressed in white, all white. Some of them had green and white. But some of them had on just white." "Did they say anything?" "Yes," he answered. "They told me the baby would be all right." "The baby?" my wife asked confused."
This is an incredible story about a 3 year old.

160.  Tonya Z's NDE English expanded version 8/20/02.  "I went back some years later to the doctors room where I was at the time of the NDE and could remember the layout of the room, having never been in it previously, only when unconscious at the accident time. (obviously only self-verified)."
Teenage NDE from car/pedestrian accident. 

159. Peter R's NDE English expanded version  8/20/02. "Then I was outside my body. I don't know how, I was just outside it. I was standing up, & there was a spirit waiting for me. I glanced behind me, & I saw a body lying on the floor. I was about to say to the spirit; hold on, there's someone on the floor... but the thought came out like a shout, & I realized that the body was me. I turned back to the Spirit realizing that I had died."
This is a frightening NDE where each negative part of his personality took on a human form and attacked him.

158.  NDE from 696 A.D. English expanded version 8/14/02.  "He that led me had a countenance full of light, and shining raiment, and we went in silence, as it seemed to me, towards the rising of the summer sun. And as we walked we came to a broad and deep valley of infinite length; it lay on our left, and one side of it was exceeding terrible with raging flames, the other no less intolerable for violent hail and cold snows drifting and sweeping through all the place. Both sides were full of the souls of men which seemed to be tossed from one side to the other as it were by a violent storm; for when they could no longer endure the fervent heat, the hapless souls leaped into the midst of the deadly cold; and finding no rest there, they leaped back again to be burnt in the midst of the unquenchable flames. . . . My guide, who went before me, answered to my thought, saying, 'Think not so, for this is not the Hell you believe it to be.'"
Interestingly a lot of the story remained true to the pattern of typical NDEs until the life review and interpretation of the description of what the NDEr saw.  The influence of the church scribe of the story is marked - as one would expect.

157.  Karen H's NDE. English expanded version  8/10/02. This is the point that I began to feel detached from my body. Cold at first, but not uncomfortable. I felt as if I were floating a little, drifting in and out of my body just a little. No overhead view or anything like that. But I heard conversations in different rooms. All at once. Nothing important. I saw the ambulance attendants in a break room buying Lance cheese crackers, trying to get the pack out of the vending machine. It seemed to be stuck somehow. I seemed to be viewing this from the top of the door frame.  And then I was back looking at the ceiling in the hallway. I felt so peaceful. I felt happy, and free, and like a weight had been lifted from me.
Although this childbirth NDE has only the out of body evidential component to the experience itself, when she talks about her son and the angel dream shortly after his birth - her story evokes strong emotional feelings because the reader can feel the touch of God all over this account!

156.  Nick P's NDE. English expanded version 8/10/02. Then the room started to go all white, not bright but just white in color.  When I was able to see anything again I saw my Dad all in white and what looked like a soft robe on. My Mother was next to him, and my Mother's parents were next to her. I was not fearful of where I was but more like I wanted to be there with them.  My Dad then asked me if I could forgive him for his wrongs in his raising us kids ( two older brother's and a younger sister) I went to reach for him then he backed away and said your time is not now for you are not done where I was. 
This is a relatively new NDE (1-1/2 months ago) from a mid Cardial Infusion.  Integration of the experience is, and will continue to be a big issue.

155.  Myra E DBV. English expanded version 8/6/02.  We got closer and closer to that light. I began to feel warmth and a feeling of being drawn to that warmth. Is it corny to say that I just "knew" that if I could reach that light that everything would be okay. It was everything we love wrapped up into light. It was the feeling of home, family, reassurance and love. It was a feeling of belonging that I have never found since. Then the shadow beside me abruptly stopped. We had not yet reached the end and the light and we stopped. "Why?" I asked. "You have to go back now" the shadowy figure said softly, "You can't stay."
Wow!  This is a death bed vision where the granddaughter walked with her grandfather through the death experience - described just like a typical NDE.  The interesting part is that Myra describes it as a dream, yet didn't realize it was her grandfather with her until someone later told her that her grandfather had died.

154.  Karen D's NDE. English expanded version 8/4/02. "Then felt like I was just in the dark somewhere.  I must have really been struggling.  I remember a male being.  I remember him talking or mentally communicating with me.  He kept telling me that it was ok to die, to quit fighting so hard and to just give up.  He was there for a long time.  All of a sudden it was like he slipped up some how.  I felt that he was evil & trying in my mind to get me to commit suicide by giving up.  I remember asking God to help me & the evil being was gone.  Then I remember being in a very brightly lighted place."
NDE from pneumonia and sepsis.  She argued with the devil and went to heaven to talk with God!

153. Guenter W's NDE. FROM GERMANY English expanded version 7/30/02. "Since Christmas 1980, I have been able to establish a personal relationship with the being of light by way of internal fights, visions and auditions and I am now in a position to go public with my experience. In 1980/81 I couldn't write down my experience in German, and even today there is no German translation, because I have not yet had the inner O.K. from the being of light who is our Lord Jesus Christ."
Wow! This is a tremendous and profound NDE account!

152. Sylvia W's NDE. English expanded version 7/30/02. I could see without eyes, hear without ears, communicate without mouth or other body parts.  I knew everything past and present.  I felt that I was in my natural state and the body was the temporary unnatural state.  I was home were I belonged.  Where I wanted to be. 
This NDE has so much insight into the after-effects that one experiences trying to integrate the NDE.  This is a must read for medical personnel!  Sylvia is a retired nurse turned artist. 

151. Corina's NDE. English expanded version 7/30/02. The feeling that I experienced is somewhat hard to explain , but I will try my best. All and any abuse or pain that I experienced in my life, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, was completely gone and in its place, an intense love, acceptance, devotion, and sense of well-being was put. For one second...I understood it all, so simple, but then it was gone ...as if we are not meant to understand "ALL".
NDE from hemorrhaging after surgery.  There are some strong veridical perception components to this account since she described the resuscitation efforts to the Doctor so completely, he couldn't get out of the room fast enough!

150. Robert C's NDE. English expanded version 7/30/02 & 12/17/2007 & 3/23/13. As I came "up" into the open I was on the edge of a huge area with , for lack of a better word, souls as far as I could see, some close, some forever far away, but there was a deep sense of perfectness, quiet, and wonder. It was like being with everyone who had ever lived or ever would all at once. I could feel different people. I felt such overwhelming joy and love. The fact that there is no there, no sight, sound, anything we can relate to, it is the best I can do to put the whole thing in words that may make sense. As I came up to the edge I was met and embraced by such a powerful feeling of joy, good, and well-being that I began to forget everything before. I could remember everything that had ever happened to me, see the faces of everyone I had ever known.
NDEs due to being hit by train while in a car at age 16 and later from complications of surgery.

149. J.R. M's NDE. English expanded version 7/23/02. "I was part of a larger picture, I sensed the three souls in the ambulance with me, not only their presence, their love, their hearts, their emotions, feelings, senses both physical and mental.  I heard their thoughts, I felt their caring hands, I looked through each of their eyes, and saw not only their immediate physical future, but their past as well.  I also noted animals and other souls around me such as;  an angry bus driver in Seattle, a lady killing an annoying spider in Ripley, WV,  a bug hitting a train in Oklahoma.  All of these feelings were felt in a split second, and seemed like an eternity." 
The description of being connected to all life is astounding in this account.  There is also evidence of a lot of spiritual transformation as he has re-integrated his NDEs with his new  purpose on earth.

148. Sherry G's NDE. English expanded version 7/22/02. "I had found LOVE! I watched my spirit leave my body and release itself from this world of flesh. I could see myself traveling through a tunnel of light that was a freedom it is hard to describe in physical terms. It was everything all at once, love, freedom, release, and the oneness of all that we are. Suddenly I was in the presence of powerful spirits and love. I could feel them comforting me and preparing me for what was to come. Their love was that of complete serenity."
This is an amazing story showing the spiritually transformative power of NDE.  Sherry shares the most intimate details of her difficult life in order for the impact of her NDE, integration, and triumphs to have meaning for others.  Her story is a fascinating mental journey into the world of the bulimic and anorexic. 

147. Bonnie S's NDE. English expanded version 7/22/02. "That was the first in five years that I could feel warmth. The light was so bright, and warm, it had a yellow hue about it. (I told people that if the light was that bright it would blind you.) It was bright, but warm and calming at the same time. I could hear voices, none that was familiar to me.  At first I didn't understand, it became clear. It wasn't time for me, I wanted to stay. I was at peace."
Classic NDE imagery after Sepsis death.  People who are quadriplegic don't feel below their injury, so feeling warmth is a BIG DEAL, much like blind people who see during their NDE!

146. Arielera's NDE. English expanded version 7/7/02. REVISED with New Understandings! 7/27/02 The husband I refer to was met, married, and remained in my 'altered' state. In this plane I know of no such person. As a matter of fact, I'm widowed 15 years this year and a second marriage is not on my to do list. No recollection on the institution itself. After i returned to this state i went through a quite normal grieving process at having to leave him behind.
This amazing NDE occurred as the result of a suicide attempt.  Arielera drank liquid paraffin, went unconscious and woke up 3 weeks later.  Her experience was an accelerated lifetime in another existence.  No wonders she had a lot of difficulty communicating an alternate reality!

145. David H's NDE. English expanded version 7/7/02 FIRST PART: So beautiful was his light, words cannot express, His light was like the rising sun. And like the sun he rose up from behind the mountains  into the sky. Love poured into every part of my being and my soul was revitalized. The planet was also changing under His light. I saw parts of the mountains tear open and gush forth in the form of water falls.  7/23/02 SECOND PART: All thoughts are heard here so you can't hide a plan for your self. instead you just have to come out and say it. So I said very stern, "who are you!!" she then tore off a part of the shroud that hid her face and showed me only bone and skull. her jaw opened wide, as if dislocated, and she rose completely out of her robe and swooped down at me for a bite. It was my left shoulder, my spirit body. The pain was so great, it was worse than death. so at that very moment as she swooped around in mid air to take on another bite of my spirit, I dropped down on to my knees and cried out for God. 
David gave us pieces of his story as he has time to write it.  It was worth the wait as it is truly a remarkable experience!  This NDE is a special one that helps to show that gay guys do not go to hell, as some extreme fundamentalist rhetoric would have one to believe. 

Remarkable NDE from car accident where she thought she saw her grandfather who died before she was born.

143. Bonnie V's NDE. English expanded version 7/3/02.  Dying....or dead? All I know, is I went from being terribly bone deep chatteringly cold and bleeding in an ambulance, to the brightest and warmest place imaginable. These are not facile descriptors... the light was like an explosion of golden yellow, accompanied by the most exquisite warmth. It is not enough to say it enveloped me...it WAS me, a mellow sun, a languorous day, a paradise of contentment. All was one. It was the most sublime pleasure I have ever felt. I basked in this place, even as I thought... "I am dying"
Great story, and wonderful after affects - nursing career and hospice work!

142. Don A's NDE. English expanded version 7/3/02. I was then startled (not frightened or perceiving a threat) to see the light take shape (like smoke or cloud) then suddenly come around and over the door towards me. It seemed to wrap itself around me and as it did I felt a tingling all over, and the words came to me (not sure if spoken), "All things of the Earth will pass away.". I then began to feel a great love and a peace that was indescribable. It felt as if the light was lifting me.
NDE from heart-attack, with a great description of how his non-physical body looked.

141. Paul H's NDE. English expanded version, Swedish expanded version 7/3/02.  I did not hear noise or speech and the feeling in general was peaceful.  I was not afraid, only taken away and taking the experience in.  I would like to experience the same thing again, as it was very special.  Then suddenly I must have regained consciousness again and I was normally sitting in the car.
Teenage NDE from car racing.

140. Tara's NDE. English expanded version, Swedish expanded version 7/3/02. I still couldn't feel or hear but I saw a lady standing a couple of meters away from me. This lady was white. She had a long white see through dress with long white hair, she seemed to glow. I was wondering why she wasn't helping me. She just stood there and smiled at me.
Child NDE knocked unconscious from falling from a 20 meter cliff, where she met her guardian angel. 

139. George M's NDE. English expanded version, Swedish expanded version 7/3/02. Although the sequence of my experience is sketchy, I remember being underwater as past images and experiences flashed before my eyes and in my mind.  While i was under, I saw what I figured at the time was the sun. 
Teenager drowning NDE talking about a beginning encounter with the light.


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