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NDERF (7/1/10-12/31/10 part 1)
NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody Long and Dr. Jeff
NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

2384.  Ross D Probable NDE English expanded version  9/27/10 From Australia  I was flying through space at a terrifying speed it seemed to go on for ages there was a lot of other stuff to see on the way but its a bit hazy now after all these years anyway I turned up at this really bright bush garden type of place and I hadn't felt that good in my life or since next thing my granddad turns up and told me I had to go back I said no way in the world am I going back there you've got to be joking then two other blokes turn up and they had a sort of talk about it (they weren't talking it was like mental telepathy you only had to think it)
Severely ill with osteomyelitis. In garden type of place. Grandfather appears. Was told he needed to go back.

2383.  Eugene W NDE English expanded version  9/27/10 Then I saw her, my Nana. She calmly stepped into view from the fog.  She said, "YOU are NOT supposed to be here!" I remember being happy to see her, but sad that she was sending me away. I didn't understand why. She said, "Chipper, you have 2 sons to raise, and if you don't go back they will not be right, they will be bad boys," I said, but Nana, I have only ONE son at home, she said "No, you have two!" (Genie was pregnant, but I didn't know then)
NDE from motorcycle accident.  Interesting that severe brain trauma from the accident delayed the memory of the NDE for a couple of months.

2382.  Sheba M NDE English expanded version  9/27/10 From Australia  I just knew everything that was going on and could see everything but am not sure from what angle or how or why. There were about 15 people in the room with a crash trolley.....I could sense the panic but felt so calm and peaceful I wanted to shout out and say 'I'm not in pain, its ok'. one doctor was pressing with his fingers on my heart at this point I realized,  'Hey I am going into cardiac arrest'...then the nurse on my left taking blood pressure said 'blood pressure 70/40..we're losing her'...and I knew they were about to use the paddles on my heart when I completely left the room. The first thing I see is an endless field/meadow of the most beautiful flowers...I told myself 'oh this is the garden of Eden' (in my mind there was no doubt about this) then right next to the flowers was a huge pipe/tunnel...kind of reminded me of an underground drain only massive...I immediately went into the tunnel... not walking... just floating upright and I could hear a 'whooshy sound'. I again told myself 'oh, this is the tunnel, I must be dying'...I went further in and then in the far distance I saw the light.
NDE from anaphylactic shock.

2381.  Michele NDE English expanded version  9/27/10 As I looked to my right, in a higher plane I saw a city. It was not in clouds but higher. The cathedrals were in Mideast fashion with a light blue dome with gold circling the top. They were numerous. I was aware of the presence in soul of my grandmother. Grandfather. Best friend. They were joyful, and unlimited in their understanding of my presence. They were happy to see me...acknowledged my presence from a distance in the city of domes. I wanted to see their bodies as I knew them. However I knew their soul and recognized them thru their light's expression. There were objects of light passing in between...fleeting, quickly...they thought and they were...There was music, but not in the way I know music. The only way to describe it was the beat vibration of higher a muted hum that resonated.  I came to know that there are many different vibrations of afterlife. All are "good" just different depending on how you lived your earth life.
NDE from pregnancy complications and burst appendix.

2380.  Deborah K NDE English expanded version  9/27/10  I was enveloped in love, complete and unconditional love and compassion, with a gentleness I had never felt before in my life. I felt cushioned and cradled as if I was the most precious of children. After observing the scene below I realized there was a Presence with me, a very powerful but totally loving Being. I did not see anyone, but knew He was there even though I did not know for sure who it was. And it was at this time I was given a choice, not through words, but telepathically, just KNOWING. I could continue in this bliss and come back Home, across some sort of barrier I could sense was very close by, or I could return to my body, with all its pain and uncertain future. Oh, how I wanted to stay in that bliss! Although the choice was the epitome of compassion and loving, I nearly scoffed at its cruelty. "Thanks a lot," I said sarcastically to myself.
NDE from car accident. Evidential OBE; Came back for her children.

2379.  Annette W Probable NDE English expanded version  9/26/10  From Canada  I was floating in the air over my bed.  My father was beside the bed in a chair, his elbows resting on his knees, chin resting in his hands.  He had on an off-white long-sleeved kind of dress shirt like they wore in the seventies and somehow I knew that he was praying for me.  I remember trying to make sense of the bars and ropes that were attached to me.  My right leg was up in the air and a cast on my left.  I remember thinking that I was looking down at me, strange, I thought, why don't I care.  I remember feeling intense love for my father and then I was somewhere else.  There were others there and the overwhelming sense of love surrounded me, kind of like putting on skin, it was just so much a part of me.  I cannot describe the others, it was like they did not want me to see them.  I remember one of them saying, "look she's here" and another turned and said "you cannot stay here its not time" "that's ok" I said "I want to stay" He came to me and took hold of both of my arms.  "No" he said very clearly and slowly "Its   Not   Time" and he proceeded to push me back down. 
Probable NDE from auto accident.

2378.  Mary J NDE English expanded version  9/26/10  I was in a tunnel of clouds going round and round and a brilliant bright light at the top. I felt a peace and joy I have never felt before. There were others there with me. I looked up and saw someone dressed all in white almost floating down.  I saw his face and it was my brother, Billy, who had died in 1990. He smiled at me and reached down and took my hands and I smiled back at him. He looked like he did when he was in his mid 20's. We started going up towards the bright light, like we were just floating up.  I saw my 3 granddaughter's heads, as if they just stuck their heads inside the tunnel and they were saying "Nana, don't go", their voices sounded distorted, as if they were far, far away, but I wanted to keep going and we did. Then, they popped in again and said "Nana, don't go", but we kept floating up and the 3rd time they their heads popped in again and they said "Nana don't go - we need you". At that moment, my brother let go of my hands and looked at me and said "You have to go back, it's not your time"
NDE from surgery complications.

2377.  Eric S NDE English expanded version  9/26/10  During this period was the "life review". I use this term very loosely. There was no judgment. With increased awareness I simply remembered all of my life. I let go of all the things I loved, all the people I loved. There was no regret. It struck me as remarkable that the most painful moments of my life were the ones I most treasured when the pain was gone. There's a reason for this too. And no, I still don't remember. I was met by a spirit. There was no communication, and I made no identification. Thoughts of material things slipped away and I was guided into the presence I will refer to as God. There was sight without eyes to see. There were voices without words that I had no ears to hear. There were no streets of gold or peaceful green meadows, but there was *something*, and it was heaven. It was simply existing within a love beyond mortal understanding. 
NDE from criminal attack.

2376.  Monique F NDE English expanded version  9/26/10 Then it disappeared (I heard later from my mom that I had passed out, and was barely breathing) and I saw my whole life flash before my eyes like pictures in a spinning wheel from left to right it was so fast, starting from present going back to the past. I kept seeing Jason's (my boyfriend) face, and I was saying his name (later mom told me I was screaming his name at the top of my lungs several times, and then I stopped breathing, my eyes rolled up in my head and she gave me CPR), then it disappeared, and I saw what I believe was God's outline, with a bright light behind him. I truly believe I saw him, I asked him not to take me repeatedly, and that I was going to do better with my life if he would give me another chance. 
Passed out from not being able to breathe.

2375.  Lance H Probable NDE English expanded version  9/26/10 I walked to the end of the dock and stood at the edge looking down into the water, next thing I know I'm submerged in the lake sinking to the bottom.  I faintly remember starting to panic, but then the area began to get really bright almost animated in a sense.  I remember staring at some seaweed that was swaying in front of me and being at ease with my surroundings.  The scared feeling went away when I felt like I was no longer alone down there... it was kind of surreal I guess.  I didn't exactly SEE a presence, but I DEFINITELY FELT IT. It also felt like time slowed and I was in my own kind of heaven.
Child drowning Probable NDE.

2374.  Lillian H Probable NDE English expanded version  9/26/10  . . .beautiful lawns of green and pink, trees of petals falling like snow, diamond and gold like homes in a distance. Large rock by the entrance with the man with a beard on it. Flowing blue gown of the lady who seemed to float not walk to me. Her eyes were large and I did not see her mouth move.
Probable NDE from brain aneurisms.

2373.  Sam A NDE English expanded version  9/26/10  I was flying across my Grandfather's property and noticed how beautiful everything was but was headed straight to my Mother and Sister who loved me totally. as I continued to admire the property I noticed that I could see through my arm. Hmm, how strange. Then I looked back and could see a guy leaning over in the room I just left, needing my help. So, reluctantly, I went back, pressed my fist into his stomach and he started breathing again. Then I realized. I was trapped back here again.
NDE from heart attack.

2372.  Robert H NDE English expanded version  9/26/10  Found myself coming up from behind and above my neighbor as she was walking down the hospital hallway.  I noticed that she was carrying a McDonalds bag in her right hand.  I can't say I followed her very long, and did not know where she was going. It really didn't feel unusual at the time, it just was.  Noticed her cloths (jean, shirt, etc.), and the cleanliness of the hospital.  Don't recall any voices or noises.
NDE from severe pneumonia with an evidential OBE.

2371.  Sequoia H FDE English expanded version  9/26/10 In a flash of a vision, I saw us having a head on collision and me dying. I was shown in slow motion and with a high level of alertness and awareness "train tracks" and how my train tracks were coming to an abrupt end. It felt like I was in the 1800's in the middle of nowhere just as train tracks were being laid in the American wilderness. I was very clear that this was "the end of the line" for me and my life. The vision was more factual, than emotional as if I were watching a movie. 
Waking vision prior to impact.  Her scream was an intervening action that changed the outcome of her vision.

2370.  Flora A NDE English expanded version  9/26/10  Flashes of colored light appeared as I moved through the tunnel.  There was wonderful music. I moved toward a light - dull at first, and then larger and brighter. I was met by some robed individuals - in brown robes with hoods. I am not aware of knowing them. We had a lot of conversation that I have never been able to remember. I saw my grandmother standing off to the side, and there was some conversation - again, not recalled. (at this time my grandmother was in the hospital still alive). I could see past the hooded figures to a meadow. I wanted to keep going and enter the meadow, but the figures would not allow it.
NDE from falling.  Her grandmother was alive and in the hospital at the time of her NDE, but died shortly thereafter.

2369.  Sandra H NDE 4679
English expanded version  9/26/10  I saw images that told me what I hate the most in others are those qualities I too  have  but do not see them in myself . I fit very neatly into all the areas I profess to hate in others. Love was the key to everything acceptance and love.  Also there was a lot "talk" about my making a decision, the results of the decision. If I returned to the body with pain and paralysis   or left for good what would happen .   Can not remember everything often was in void then back out floating near ceiling  , laying above my body, zipping to sneak a look at my  charts by floating above the shoulders of the doctors , then back into the void again.
NDE, void experience from brain hematoma.

2368.  Mark K NDE 4676 English expanded version  9/26/10 I was in a grey cloud room, with an elderly man and woman approximately looking 68 years old each, sitting on a grey bench, I could not see where the corners in the room were, and it bothered me, as the cloud shaped door opened, and a being which I knew was there, but couldn't see persuaded me by calling my name, through the door, I could not see anything but light past the exit of the door until I stepped onto a beach, and I was there, so were hundreds of fully clothed robed people also, but none would look at me in the eye, for as far as I could see down the beach, I looked down to see my body as to find out why they would not acknowledge me with a glance, when I realized I had no body to look at, no torso, legs or feet, I was looking straight down at the sand, I raised my arms to view them, and no arms were seen by me, but it did not alarm me in any way, I just felt energy, and I liked it, I then saw a man in an earthen light brown, and dark brown dual cloth robe, looking me in the eye from 200 yards down the beach, as I noticed there was a colossal eggshell textured ROOF over the sun and the ocean, and all of the planet I felt I was on, but I felt it was not earth as I know my planet.
NDE from toxic coral poisoning.  Woke up dead after 29 hours in the morgue.

2367.  Farley H Probable NDE English expanded version  9/26/10  I specifically remember being in a foggy tunnel with someone at the end. No conversation was had but I remember being at peace with all things (including myself). I felt I was being asked to move towards the object but for what ever reason I did not.
Probable NDE from surgery complications.

2366.  Justin U NDE English expanded version  9/26/10 From the UK I moved quickly to an warm and absolute feeling of love and light. On the way though to it I was stopped. Some beings both what seemed like beings of light and love, and some family members who had passed away were in a semi circle and I stopped just before them. They looked (the family members) as they did on earth but where not material and all had much light, calmness and serenity about them. I saw my Aunty who died at age 7 one year before I was born. I described to family members the exact clothes, and certain jewelry she had on the day she died, which was confirmed. It was impossible to have this information without seeing it. They seemed to be welcoming me. The beings of light with them seemed not to have ever been in an material body. They could be described as angels. However they had no wings but I can understand where that comes from in history. The love radiating from their hearts was so powerful and large it surrounded their upper body almost like wings. 
NDE from auto accident.

2365.  Jim B Probable NDE English expanded version  9/25/10  In October 2009, I was in critical condition with the H1N1 Flu.  I was in a coma for 3 weeks, double pneumonia, total respiratory failure, intubated, and a medically induced coma.  During this coma I remembered nothing when I awoke except that a man approached me and took me by my right arm and stated "walk with me".  When walking he stated to me "your job is not finished, you must go back".  This experience occurred in a total white area -- as the inside of a ping pong ball.  During this period of my coma, the doctor had told my wife to expect the worse as they could do no more.  At one point during the coma (I believe coincides with my experience) I began a miraculous recovery as stated by my doctors. 
Probable NDE from H1N1 Flu. 

2364.  Roger F NDE English expanded version  9/25/10 A sudden "release" of all pain and any sense of having a body.  A feeling of comfort and joy was immediate with the feeling of being "welcomed" Home.  It was me, and yet, I was everyone else at the same time. I knew instantly where I was and understood that this reality (Home) was where I had come from and had now returned.  There came sensations of boundless love and boundless understanding.  I was everywhere and every thing in the universe, yet I was somewhere in particular (everywhere IS somewhere).  The present, the past, and the future (all sense of time as we understand time) was combined into something I call, "the Eternal Now."  In that eternal instant, a wave of love seemed to wash through me.  Then came the Light.  I was in it, part of it, and I understood it completely.
NDE from heart attack.

2363.  Elaine S NDE English expanded version  9/25/10 I know that I coded. They had to use paddles on my heart.  My intestines laid out and cleaned. Packed back together with gauze and given multiple meds. They did not staple me closed. Left open to drain and what's the use....covered which bandages.  I don't have a time frame here.  I know that I left my body. I floated up to the ceiling. Looked down at it but wasn't interested in it.  I know that I floated home to see my daughters and husband.  My husband, at the time, was Ron. He would swear that he was shocked to see my "ghost" standing in the bedroom while he was in bed at night.
NDE from peritonitis, good OBE description.

2362.  Cynthia DM NDE English expanded version  9/25/10  But as soon as it was over and I saw that I liked myself and had been a "good" person, I totally relaxed...and floated almost to the top of the water, face down.  It scared my teacher and the other students so badly that the teacher jumped into the water with her clothes on and pulled me out.  I had to be resuscitated.  But I knew from then on that "Judgment Day" was actually the day that WE see our lives like that, before we die.  And I know that the object of life is to make sure that little movie is as pleasant as possible to view! 
NDE from drowning as a teenager.

2361.  Christian D NDE English expanded version  9/25/10 From New Zealand.  Then I will try to explain as best I can I was encased in love, warmth, light and felt happier than I ever have before or since. Everything and all that is good was in this light. In the light was a seemingly uncountable crowd of people who are my ancestors and relatives that have left here over the ages and are now there. I recognized the ones who have been here in my time here and at the front were also my dogs from throughout my time here. I felt absolutely that they were family that I had known forever and were there to bring me home.
NDE from an accident where he saw all his dogs he had prior to this experience.

2360.  Lisa C NDE English expanded version  9/25/10  I found myself walking up a narrow dirt brown pathway in the sky and as I looked down, I could see thin wispy clouds moving over my feet, under the pathway and around me.  I had on the sandals I had been wearing that day.  There was nothing to hold onto, and I was not afraid of falling off the pathway. The temperature seamed normal, pleasant, perfect. I looked forward and there was a bright, bright, beautiful light further up the pathway.  Looking at the light it was as if I were in a tunnel.  Bigger on my end and getting smaller towards the light.  The sky was the most beautiful I mean beautiful blue color I have ever in my life seen. Similar to the color of this page website but unbelievably beautiful.  I felt so safe, so calm  I think the color made me feel this way, or maybe the light itself. I started to walk up the pathway towards the light.  I was thinking man if this is how it feels to die, this is a piece of cake (exact thoughts).  It felt so peaceful, so quiet, no noise, not even a breeze. 
NDE from heart arrhythmia.

2359.  Christine B NDE English expanded version  9/25/10 From Australia.  To me there was no time. I had the most beautiful experience which can never be described with words!  I had moved across fields and under oceans (where I could breath ) then sped through a tunnel-like form, spiraling upwards (45 degrees). Then there it was the brightest light  or brighter than you can imagine like an aura all round will then sense of spiritual being all at peace all as one, I spoke (with out really speaking) like knowing what people thought, to an old aunty who had died. I said to everyone (through my thoughts) I'M HOME AT LAST!!!
NDE from childbirth complications.

2358.  Mike Y NDE English expanded version  9/25/10 I passed out and immediately found myself in a large tube with highly polished sides that were like graphite (pencil lead).  The sides were extremely polished and smooth.  My conscious feelings were ecstatic.  I was out of pain and felt absolutely WHOLE!  My whole being was elevated and I felt better than anything I had ever experienced.  As I went through the tunnel my whole life experience flashed in front of me,  I would say every experience and I saw how God had made them all work towards His good and perfect plans.  I felt totally loved, accepted, secure, and happy.  All of the tunnel travel was spent approaching a great light that I perceived as God, Jesus, or perfect love.   I was conscious that I was in a new dimension but did not think back to my former existence.
NDE from illness and going unconscious.

2357.  Donavan S NDE English expanded version  9/25/10  When I slipped to the bottom, my brother (10) had been playing in the sand with his trucks.  I entered an almost lime green world.  I was in a store, just running up and down the aisles.  I guess I was supposed to be shopping and I thought the lady was mad at me because I was misbehaving.  She took me to the door (an old wooden turnstile type).  She had a striped dress on and her hair was up like they used to wear in the 50's.  She was very beautiful.  She implicated something like I couldn't come in the store right now and shut the door behind me.  I heard no voices. 
Child drowning NDE with atypical imagery.

2356.  Pamela K NDE English expanded version  9/25/10  What exultant bliss!  I realized that I had a choice to recognize and rest in this truth of who I really was and stay on the 'other side' or I could continue to re-enact the 'game' of being an imaginary personality.  With the dawning of that realization I mentally 'turned' around again and say a Light that was brighter than a million suns but which didn't hurt my vision.  It radiated the most all-encompassing unconditional Love I've ever experienced.  the Light 'felt' sentient--it had Presence--God--and the feeling of the love it emanated was like that of the father in the Bible welcoming home his prodigal son--the light radiated a sense of great joy and bliss (like it was dancing and twirling in ecstasy) that I was finally coming home, because It (God) had been waiting for me and was overjoyed to see me.  It felt like the whole universe was opening its arms to welcome me home with bubbling delight, lighthearted laughter and great joy. 
NDE from sleep apnea.

2355.  Jack NDE 4646 English expanded version  9/25/10  The doctor kept slapping me on the cheek trying to keep me awake, afraid I would go into shock and die. I suspect I flat lined. I felt my soul leave my body. No more praying. Total euphoric out of body experience. I guess you could say heavenly or angelic. Picture that you are part of a cloud of smoke above your body but take away the smoke. All that is left is the soul. No pain, No sense of feeling, no sight, no smell just the existence of the soul. But it exists.
NDE from blood loss.

2354.  Frank C NDE English expanded version  9/25/10  Next I was at a place, the sky was a golden yellow, there was a gate to my left. I felt so at peace, in no pain and seemed to be aware that this where I wanted to be. I believe I was just outside the gates of Heaven.  There were people all around me but I couldn't make them out. Then my daughter, who had died 08/31/1998, came up to me , hugged me and told me that she loved me. She then told me it was not my time to be here and I had to go back. I told her no that I was going to stay. She then told me that I would be here soon enough and I had to go back. I told her I was going to stay, that your mom and brothers would be ok. Then my grandmother came up to me hugged me and called me by my nickname Dennis. She said that I had to go back that my grandchildren needed me. At that time I had 2 grandsons. She also said I was going to have 2 granddaughters. Which I do have now. I could never argue with my grandmother, so I said ok I'll go back.
NDE from breathing stopped.

2353.  Star K Probable NDE English expanded version  9/25/10  From India.  In the world where I was , everything was bright white and gold.  There where numerous small temples.  suddenly I appeared in a small white temple with statues of Jesus, Mary etc...beautiful music was there...a voice called out names ...of saints and holy people...this went on non-stop.  All of a sudden I appear in another temple, there is a huge statue of Ganesh, an Indian God. It is so big and bright white...which is unusual in India.  I hear a beautiful song. the last name mentioned is the name  of a local saint that had lived at the spot. Ramana Maharishi.... that's when I woke up.
Had leptospirosis. Describes awakening, but then was very sick.

2352.  Dan P NDE English expanded version  9/25/10 My last memory was being placed in an ambulance.   The heart attack happened at midnight at my home.  From the ER I was air lifted to a different hospital for surgery.  I have no memory, only dreams, of the two weeks I was under.   I had a total stay of 38 days in the hospital.  I don't remember having the defibrillator used on me, or speaking to my wife, but I clearly remember being in another state of existence.    I was in a short line, speaking to Jesus.  Amazingly, he took as much time with each person as needed.  I learned a lot from listening to the conversation of the person in front of me.  It was clear I would be passing through a doorway or portal to "heaven", but then the experience was over.   This must have been when I sat up and spoke to my wife.
NDE during cardiac arrest.

2351.  Stephanie R NDE English expanded version  9/25/10  At first I didn't panic and tried to get to the surface but the waves kept me under.  The pain in my lungs came first from holding my breathe, then when I couldn't any longer I started gulping water and sucking it up my nose, the pain was a terrible burning.  Then my ears were making a whooshing sound and felt like they would with the worst earache I ever had.  The next thing I recall is a total silence and being in a white bubble that totally encased me.  The pain was gone completely and I could breathe freely. The bubble was filled with what I can only describe as thousands of tiny stars like a fine stardust that was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen or have ever seen to this day.  I felt totally safe and warm, it was the most protected I had ever felt. 
Child NDE from drowning.

2350.  Nelson B NDE English expanded version  9/19/10 I was hovering about 30 feet into air when 2 guys in baseball uniforms pulled over and took me out of car and placed me in the back of their pick up truck. One of them gave me CPR while the other one drove to hospital. Hospital attendants came out to truck and put me on gurney. As the gurney went into the ER, my perspective was still about 30 feet above. I was 1 or 2 floors above my body looking down on the ER staff trying to resuscitate me. I recall all instructions of the doctor, color of nurses' hair, names of the people who were given instructions. They used the paddles before they figured out I had coffee in my chest. They made 2 incisions and stuck tubes in my chest. Coffee was draining out onto the floor. Additional procedures were performed before the paddles restarted my heart. When this happened, my recollection ends. 
NDE from ruptured esophagus while driving.

2349.  Sandra V NDE 2271OBE English expanded version  9/19/10  I then turned the wheel to the left again and when I did so that time is when I knew I was going to die. The car started flipping. At first I could feel all the jolting going on and I remember thinking, "Oh my God, I don't want to die I'm scared!" And then I guess I just closed my eyes because I started seeing a darkness that was filled with all types of memories, things that I had not thought about in a long time and some very important times in my life. At that moment I also saw a vision of my daughter that at that time I was not far enough along to be medically told I was having a girl, but I knew that I was having a baby girl and I saw her, I saw what she would look like and everything. I then remember seeing my husbands face and that was the last thing I saw in the darkness. It was like I opened my eyes next but when I opened them I wasn't me in my body anymore, it was me looking at my body from the other side of the windshield.
She was pregnant at the time of the accident and met her future daughter on the other side.

2348.  Sally K NDE English expanded version  9/19/10   I decided that we would ride on the hood of my sisters' car to dry off faster.  I don't remember falling off the hood, but my friend said she tried to get my sister to stop and she wasn't paying any attention.  I was drug at least a quarter mile down a dirt road.  I remember all of the sudden I was sitting on the very top of the car, and I was looking down at myself stuck UNDER the car.  I watched myself for a little bit and never saw myself move.  I was in no pain at all as I sat there. 
NDE with a good description of OBE.

2347.  Jim B NDE 2252OBE & 2176 English expanded version  9/18/10 & 4/1/05   In an instant, I was in a corner of our bedroom observing paramedics tending to someone at the foot of our bed.  Again, total silence.  I remember not being able to force myself to look down to see who was being treated.  In another instant, I regained consciousness, lying on the floor at the foot of our bed, with paramedics trying to revive me.  I remember hearing the paramedics describe me as an "agitated" patient - my vivid recollection was of coming-to with a large paramedic sitting on my chest to hold me down, while the other two were holding my legs and arms still.  I couldn't breathe.  I remember gathering what strength I could, then breaking loose from the paramedics and standing up.  The paramedics immediately put me on a gurney, and they strapped me down. 
NDE from going unconscious.  Evidential OBE.

2346.  Wanda A NDE English expanded version  9/13/10 From Puerto Rico.  Then all of a sudden, everyone in the room disappeared and the room was filled with the most beautiful white light, it engulfed everything and at the same time, the struggle my body was having with death left me. I could only feel overwhelmingly fine, at peace, surrounded by love, the purest love, unconditional total love. I knew I was "dead" and told God that if it was time for me to go, I would go happy and willing but if He had something else I needed to do, I would go back. Just as soon as I had that thought, everyone reappeared in the room, the nurses, doctors, my sister praying.
NDE from Nurse living in Puerto Rico.

2345.  Eric NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  For some reason when I was age 4, I decided to bite a extension cord. What happened after that was totally awesome. The first thing I saw or noticed I was in a void are a huge bubble with black and orange jagged lines I remember looking all around up down all-around and that's all I could see. From that I was yanked from the lines buy like a umbilical cord into outer space that pulled me into a huge brain looking center I would say heavens ER, I remember laying in a room with to hospital beds just like a ER here and remember a lady how look like us with bigger black eyes  and I remember right away she know I wasn't supposed to be ( this was communicated to me with out her saying a word I guess basically mental that I totally understood) and was sent back in a flash.
4 year old bit an electric cord.

2344.  Betty J NDE English expanded version  9/13/10 I viewed everything- floating beneath the tree. I saw myself and my husband lying in the driveway- I saw the lady in her curlers and robe run from her house. I was not frightened- just very curious. I looked at my left hand, turning it over and over amazed that I had a form. I could feel the rain falling on me. I saw the ambulances coming- and noticed that one was a ford and one a Cadillac. For some reason it seemed important to look at those models. I came to as they were putting me into the ambulance. 
Two NDEs, one from going unconscious and the other from a car accident.  What she saw in the OBE phase was verified.

2343.  Teresa C NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  All of the sudden I was surrounded by pure, bright, brilliant, Heaven white. It was white, but not earthly white. Seriously, there are no words that can explain the beauty of colors in Heaven. I was in a cell. It was made of brown metal. I had a tan "potato bag" on my body as a form of clothing. I had  brown leather bands "belts" around my neck, waist, wrists and ankles.  I believe at first I was somewhat confused. But immediately, there was love all around me. Love such as a person cannot possibly feel here on earth. It simply isn't possible. One by one those thick brown bands fell off. The door to the "cell" opened. I walked out and fell to my knees. I couldn't look up. I knew it was Jesus. I was in the presence of the Lord.  
NDE from pulmonary embolism.

2342.  NS C NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  From Sweden    Next what happened was that was just raised out of my bed.  I met a kind of CEO or executive director (like in a company) and those others, I was not allowed to see my life review, and they scrolled my life review behind me to the left, but I could see the lights from it very little in my surroundings, very kind of them. I got a smile from God little later. The next was that God and those others disappeared away, and they dragged before of me a place, there was a boundary and I got to the boundary and was allowed get little inside. I saw kindness and familiarity in the most convenient way. There was no humans for me to meet in that world, no animals and no insects, only plants, the green things. There was mountains with snow, pure things, a lot of things to do, I love the world they wanted to give me, very kind of them.
NDE from Sweden due to cardiac arrest.  Some atypical elements in experience- might be due to some extent to language issues.

2341.  Amie B NDE English expanded version  9/13/10   I remember being in an area where there were other beings, but I couldn't make out any one particular face or person... they were tall and everyone seemed to be glowing.  I felt a TREMENDOUS sensation of Joy.  I was happier than I had ever felt in my entire life. There was no pain, only this entirely consuming feeling of Joy.  I felt like laughing it was so powerful. The light was golden and bright and I could hear this music that is totally indescribable.  It permeated the air.. came from everywhere and no where.. and is unlike any music I've ever heard on earth.  I could tell there was someone next to me, and then I was told I had to go back.�very clear hearing.. the music was from EVERYWHERE.. not muffled.. and in my normal life I am deaf in one ear.
NDE due to respiratory arrest following surgery.  Interesting in that she heard beautiful music from �everywhere� though she is deaf in one ear.

2340.  Tammy G Probable NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  My hearing was muffled too and I told them...I felt I was dying or would be brain damaged...I was still very conscious and couldn't understand why I hadn't gone under already but still experiencing this horror.  Why everything was happening so fast and so slow at the same time.  Just after the people in the room, including my husband (who was talking to me) turned into the silhouettes, everything disappeared for a second and the next second I was looking at Space!  I saw a black sky with pinpoints of light...like a black velvet curtain with tiny pinpoints of light.  I was still conscious and not in a dream state...I was just "looking" at this before me.  Then the next thing I could see everyone starting to come back into view...their black silhouettes were slowly turning back into features again and I was so relieved and said to my husband, "I can see you again!"
Probable NDE due to allergic reaction.

2339.  Stuart F NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  I do not remember having a problem with the water, or breathing, or any panic.  I just "all of a sudden" was in a great bright, cloudy, very blue skies, area and I was standing on what one might call an escalator and it was going up.  It was very pretty and I was as calm as you can be.  There was no sound.  Nothing was moving, I did not see any other persons, but the area was huge like standing in the middle of a desert except that it was white clouds and blue background.  I have forgotten much about the period before I went swimming, and remember little about the immediate afterward except that once the water came out of me and I regained consciousness I was surrounded by aunts all hugging and kissing.  They were all terrified.  I had no idea what had happened except that it was nice.
NDE due to drowning at age 6.  Shared 65 years later.

2338.  Shawn M Probable NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  The sky was so red, it was not the blood red, it was very spectacular! There was a lot of red clouds, the land was red too, so I went ahead and I met a red river, the water is so beautiful and red, so far I can feel relax and happy, a particular emotion experience! Firstly I saw a person who I didn't know at all killed in the river (After I told the story to my grandfather, he said his grandfather was killed in the similar place, and all of the details were almost same! I was surprised), there was a ferry and a boatman there.
Probable NDE from China from suicide attempt.

2337.  Patty P NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  I was a passenger in a car when we hit black ice.  We were going 60 m.p.h.  I remember the feeling of the car spinning and me gasping.  The next thing I remember is looking down at me sitting in the drivers seat.  I thought "What am I doing in the drivers seat?"  I then noticed I was at the ceiling of the car.  There was a golden light all around me.  I felt calm.  I was communication with two "beings" that I couldn't see but felt their presence.  They seemed to be part of the golden light that surrounded me. We communicated about something.  I'm not sure what the content of the "conversation" was.  I remember feeling that they were telling me something important.  I don't remember what the message was.  The next thing I remember is being worked on by passing EMTs.    I had been there for several hours before help arrived.
NDE due to auto accident.

2336.  Harold T NDE English expanded version  9/13/10 I came up a second time and was trying to get the lifeguards attention but went down with more water in my lungs again.   I was suddenly out of my body.  I recall a total lack of fear.  A matter-of-fact feeling that is difficult to express.  It was like my body was a distant memory.  I was trying to communicate with the life guard.  He was a young boy and talking to a young girl.  They were talking about going out to have a dinner and then a movie.  I said look, look.  I'm over there drowning.  I could see my body floating below the surface across the pool.  The guard remained inattentive except to his female friend.
NDE at age 11 due to drowning.  Shared 57 years later.

2335.  Nancy RB Probable NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  I fell out of an attic onto a concrete garage floor head first.  My mother said that when she came to the doorway of the garage, my body was blue and I was not breathing.  I remember having an out of body experience right after I fell, because I was standing in the attic looking at my sister as she came around some boxes, saw me lying on the floor, and climbed down the ladder yelling for my mother.  Then I was at the opening of the attic, looking down on myself on the garage floor.  Then there was nothingness.  The next thing I remember was being in my body, lying on my mother's bed, hearing my mother crying and screaming and feeling my body jerk and twist violently over and over again.
Probable NDE at age 2 due to head injury.

2334.  Gregg S NDE English expanded version  9/13/10  During the time I was in the duty office I was curled up in a tight fetal position with extreme muscle cramping and loss of consciousness.  It was about this time that I became aware that I was observing this event from an elevated position in the room, on top of a bank of lockers. At the time I was confused as to how I could be in two places at once and immediately realized that my consciousness was not in my body.  Two med tech types came and started to pull me up off the floor in a rather brisk manner. I watched in amazement as my body reacted by unfolding my arms from the crossed position on my chest which caused the two med techs to collide above my body. This all seemed very comical to me at the time. In fact the entire matter was funny to me.
NDE due to Novocain reaction.  Two other experiences.

2333.  Patricia M NDE 4613 English expanded version  9/13/10 I was in the lake in a large tire inner tube, but unable to swim.  I slipped out of the inner tube, head first into the water.  I remember nothing except knowing that I was at the bottom of the lake and wondering why I felt no discomfort or the sensation of the inability to breath.  I laid there, looking up through the ripples in the water, and felt very calm and peaceful, thinking this situation was beautiful.  I did not feel my body, but was very aware of the presence of what I believed was the sun shining through the water.  I then felt very warm, and the "sun" became more and more brilliant until it seemed to surround my body.  I continued feeling warmer and having a sense of amazement at the beautiful place I was in. The light and warmth from the sun enveloped my body.  I was drawn to this light and thought, "This is the most beautiful place in the world".
NDE due to drowning at age 5.  Shared 56 years later.

2332.  Guy B NDE 4612 English expanded version  9/13/10 That's when it happened.  One moment she is standing in front of me, and the next I am going way from her at an incredible speed.  One instant I am looking at her in a full size , the next she is a mere speck and then not there.  I could feel a sensation of movement and a whooshing sound - not loud , just there. It really hard to put into words - because I don't know if I have any words that can do justice to the experience.  I don't re-call seeing a tunnel with light - but I do re-call a feeling of calm and warmth and pure peace.  I knew I was dead, and remember thinking to myself "this isn't bad".  One part of me didn't want to leave my family - but at the same time I didn't want to leave where I was.  It's hard to describe, but it was the most beautiful experience, I was so at peace, it was like I was enveloped in pure love - I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone but me, but that OK.
NDE due to cardiac arrest. 

2331.  Shari G Possible NDE English expanded version  9/13/10 I was undergoing surgery for removal of an ovary when I found "myself" above the operating table sitting on a bar attached to the ceiling.  I was aware of the people and the body on the operating table, but was not at all interested in what was going on.  There was a "being" next to me - I could not see this being, but was aware that it was there.  I was blithely swinging on the bar like I used to do as a kid on the monkey bars.  The emotional feeling was one of complete freedom, contentment, happiness - something which I will never forget as I tend to be somewhat of a tense person.
Possible NDE.  OBE during surgery.

2330.  MHT Probable NDE English expanded version  9/11/10 From the Netherlands.  Original in Dutch, translated by Annelies.  Suddenly I felt a serene tranquility. I can't move my body, the headache is gone and it is good, everything is peaceful and calm. I have a feeling of intense HAPPINESS.  Nothing can compare to this feeling, no relaxation through music, nothing at all. Everything inside me has been switched off, how wonderful not to feel pain or sorrow.  Suddenly I feel I'm back on my bed and I'm immediately conscious of everything around me. I don't feel so tense anymore, I feel a kind of deliverance.
Probable NDE due to sepsis.

NDE due to pulmonary embolus.


2328.  Samantha K Probable NDE English expanded version  9/11/10 At a certain point I had the front desk call 911 because I had a feeling I was dying. I was in strange pain, feeling worse.  Then my legs felt paralyzed. It was as if I blinked and suddenly I was standing in front of Jesus and my (deceased) mom. Everything was dark except them. I felt so good and happy...an indescribable peace physically, mentally and spiritually. Jesus just smiled but said nothing. My mom spoke to me even though her lips didn't move...it seemed sort of telepathic. She said, "Sam, its not your time yet. You have to go back and take care of your dad and Damien (my son)." Then just like a blink of an eye I was back on Earth, in pain, laying on the bed and my son's friend asked "Were you talking to God?" That was strange because this kid doesn't believe in God.
Probable NDE from illness.


2327.  Frank T Probable NDE English expanded version  9/11/10  I was involved in a motorcycle accident.  Lacerated liver, internal bleeding. While in hospital, I lost consciousness, was brought to operating room.  Underwent 10 hours of surgery, received 22 pints of blood. At several times during the surgery, I was aware of events that were occurring in the operating room.  I was also aware of the presence of my deceased grandmother, which gave me a strange sense of peace.
Probable NDE during surgery after severe trauma.


2326.  Gail T Probable NDE English expanded version  9/11/10 I express this to others as "having no body and being no where." Where is what we humans use as a reference point. And I remember my first thought being "no wonder humans are so depressed all of the time, bodies are so Heavy. I had no eyes but could see. Yet, there was nothing to see. It was not dark, nor light. It just was. I felt as though I could stay there forever an need nothing. That I could just be, and need nothing else. Such calm. Such peacefulness. I wanted to stay. But I began to hear the concern of others trying to "save" me. I wanted to tell them that I was fine. Not to worry. But when they were going to call an ambulance I felt compassion for them, and I had no way to tell them that I just wanted to stay a little while longer and then I would come back.
Probable NDE due to apparent loss of consciousness.


Probable NDE during dental surgery.


2324.  Carlos A FDE English expanded version  9/11/10  In the pitch blackness setting I found myself begging a non present God to let me stay and remember telling him I was too young to die. Immediately after the thought of my daughter arose in my thoughts and felt sadness for her as I thought my time was coming to an end. Subsequently I told God I had to take care of her since I was her father and provider. Immediately I saw images of my life as if someone did a slideshow of my life entirely. When my daughter's images showed up I felt love and sadness. I continued begging God and all the sudden I left the pitch black place and as if I woke up again.
Fear-Death Experience from untreated Hashimoto Thyroiditis, panicked and left his body.


2323.  Carol S Possible NDE English expanded version  9/11/10  I remember going in and out of being awake phases, but at one point I do recall feeling so at peace, being in a field of the most beautiful flowers, blue sky, peaceful light emitting all around me; I recall being alone in the field and having no pain, just a wonderful, wonderful warm experience where I wanted to stay.
Possible NDE from child-birth. Definitely an OBE though.


2322.  Julia J NDE English expanded version  9/11/10 I fell onto a playground area. I saw myself sitting on top of a climbing frame, observing my body on the ground below. My grandmother, who had been deceased for several years was with me. I remember my mother was present, crying and being comforted by a neighbor. I wasn't feeling any emotion, it was a very detached feeling.
Child NDE from falling on the playground.  Experiencer is now a pediatric and hospice nurse.


2321.  Stanley P NDE English expanded version  9/11/10 One by one the souls were pulled into the physical universe but there seemed to be a voluntary nature to the participation. This was an extremely interesting experience since I witnessed everything from the beginning, formation of stars, etc. But as the physical universe evolved and as my soul was pulled into the universe I seemed to focus on just the Earth, but saw and experienced it on a micro level, having simultaneous, complete knowledge of every bit of earth especially of any living thing, including the smallest microbes in the soil or ocean. It's difficult now to remember the feeling of being simultaneously aware of every living thing. Along with the total history of the earth I saw and experienced my little part in it, thus seeing my own life and death. After I died in the experience my soul floated in space above the earth and even though I was back to being a soul, it seemed to have the form of my naked body. As earlier in the experience, my soul had the godlike quality of omniscience and I think therefore omnipresence. However, as I floated in space I slowly became aware that I was gripping something in my hand. At first I tried to ignore it but eventually I found I couldn't open my hand to see what I was holding. At that point I was "informed" by "God" that I was still tied to the physical world and had to go back.
NDE from going unconscious.  Amazing universal experience!


2320.  Ronald M NDE English expanded version  9/11/10 The actual event I can recall perfectly because it has never left my emotional life and has led to lifestyle changes. From darkness (coma or death), I experienced a grand soothing luminous energy. If there is any definition of a "love-light shining" this would have made the perfect video. I began to rise, or a feeling of being lifted through the light. The light seemed to surround me as a secure feeling, so bright, but so inviting. Ahead I could see a Being, not an angel with wings, but identifiable as a human. Also, as I noticed the Being, my perception of approaching seemed to resemble the travel through a tunnel.  However, upon my arrival to the power of the presence, the Being said, "It is not your time." And I felt as if I did not want to return, or leave this feeling of bliss.
NDE due to hyperglycemia from diabetes.


2319.  Steven H NDE English expanded version  9/11/10  I had a thought, I know I play guitar, I'll wiggle my fingers. So I wiggled my fingers on my left hand. As I did, I turned my head to look at my fingers.  (I was lying on my back) I looked down and saw myself ( body ) in the fetal position, lying on my left side. I was about 5-6 feet above my body. I did not panic, nor did I feel any fear. What I felt was "the peace that surpasses all human understanding." It is hard for me to describe.   It was at this point the 2 silhouettes turned their heads (slightly) and turned towards me. I heard no audible words, but they told me " Go to sleep. everything will be all right"
NDE from smoke inhalation.


2318.  Dave G NDE English expanded version  9/11/10  I remember saying, "I feel so good and all the pain is gone."  It wasn't just the pain of the heart attack, I felt free of pains I didn't even know I had.  I felt wonderful, so light and free of "everything" physical.  I remember saying, to myself, "If I close my eyes I am just going to slip away."  I closed my eyes and, suddenly, with a physical shock, I was out of my body, standing, alone, in a gray darkness.  I stood there for a bit and looked around but while I could see my naked body and feet, I couldn't make out anything else.  I remember saying, "God, is this where I am going to spend eternity?"  Suddenly, to my left, I could make out a "cave?" (best way I can put it) entrance which was as dark as anything I had ever seen.  I really had a feeling of fear and apprehension and knew I didn't want to go there.  At about the same time I had a sense of absolute peace and also saw a "path" leading off and up to the right which had begun to get lighter.  I began "moving", not walking, just moving, like on the moving walkways in some airports towards that path. 
NDE void experience from cardiac arrest.

2317.  Julian D NDE English expanded version  9/11/10  During my life review, I understood that I had hardly begun to experience what I had incarnated this time to do/learn, and that I had a choice to either go back to my broken body as an adult, or to await another incarnation to pick up where I had left off. I was show what was going on with Earth people at that time/place where I had just left, and what would be taking place over the next roughly 50 years. I decided that I did not want to do a rerun of my childhood and young adulthood again, and to return to the damaged body. 
NDE from car accident. 

2316.  Virginia D NDE English expanded version  9/11/10  I do remember when I came back into my body is when they lifted me out of the ambulance and the wheels of the table I was on hit hard on the hard surface and I came back into body thinking this is really like ER the series on television.  However when I crossed over I met the council and God of the Universe.  I viewed my life and several events and realized that we are all one with the Universe so when I hurt someone I was really hurting myself and even more so I was hurting every soul in the Universe.  I realized I was pure white light and each soul had a different hue, but I could see them.  Many times other souls could not make the viewing so they would walk away from the light. 
NDE from heart-attack.  Interesting life review.

2315.  Priscilla C NDE English expanded version  9/11/10  As I went into this coma/or whatever you may want to call it.  I was not in the physical body but in a spiritual body I saw these unearthly beings that were trying to pull me to their side.  They were pulling at me from both sides and I was in a struggle with them not to go over to their side. I struggle very hard to get away from them. I cannot describe them at all. As soon as I got away from them, I saw a very bright, bright light and I began to move at the speed of light.  Then I came back out of my coma, not realizing that I was still in church. 
NDE due to unconsciousness from hypoglycemia.

2314.  Eric H Probable NDE English expanded version  9/11/10  From Australia.  Being a young child, I was physically in pain by the jabbing of sharp hospital instruments. I remember looking at the operating light above me and looking into it. At the moment of time and instant, I could see what seemed like colorful jelly fish like beings. They were a living form radiating imminent light. Beautiful. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, or even millions.  At the same time I could still see the doctors, nurses and surgeons working on me desperately doing what they had to do. Theses beautiful colorful radiant jelly fish like beings felt like to me they were waiting for me to take me. The were a rainbow color but could change colors and the light that radiated off them.  Its indescribable. I have never seen them in this world.
Child Probable NDE happening in New Zealand from ruptured appendix.

2313.  Cynthia T NDE English expanded version  9/1/10  From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Magalie. Right after they left, the room looked like it was fading away and as I was telling the nurse about it everything went white- as if I was blinded by a strong light. I could hear everything, even the nurse who was on the phone asking for medication. It was like fainting but instead of being dark it was sparkling white. I felt like I was floating on a cloud and it felt so good, it was an amazing sensation. until I came back in my body.

NDE from childbirth complications.


2312.  Captain David Perry  English expanded version  8/31/10 NDE from 1796


2311.  Kathy G Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/18/10  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Magalie.  After being in labor for 19 hours my baby was stuck and the doctor decided to do an emergency C-section.   When they were ready to cut, the epidural wasn�t working anymore so they put me under anesthesia.  I found myself in a very bright hallway, very beautiful and very cozy. At the end of the hallway there were some figures, which I couldn�t make out but they were calling me by my first name and asking me to live, telling me that it was time, I had to go.  At the same time, someone was slapping me in the face, calling me by my last name and asking me to wake up.
Probable NDE from childbirth complications.

2310.  Sara NDE  English expanded version  8/13/10  From Paraguay.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.  Everything started to lose shape, fading, I could just see the outlines of things which then started to shine, until everything became a light, growing stronger and stronger and changing from bluish to white. From the darkness I felt a mixture of very unusual emotions, a feeling of peace, tranquillity, happiness, joy... I felt safe, sure, in unity with everything, a part of something immense. A lot of indescribable emotions. And the light was calling me, I felt I had to go to it, not feeling my body, but knowing that I could get to it (the light).  Then I felt that something was pulling me in what would be my chest, I felt sadness, concern for my family, I did not want to leave this tranquillity, but I heard my father's voice asking for my help, saying they needed me, that I must make an effort or I would not survive, that I was strong.
NDE from loss of consciousness and seizure.

2309.  Alberta L NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  I went through a tunnel and into the brightest light that you can imagine but it was not blinding.  It was so calming and filled with love.  It was a thousand times better than the love you experience on earth. Everything was white when I passed through the light.  I saw a bunch of people dressed in white robes.  They were communicating without talking or moving their mouths and floating without walking. A figure came close to me, it was my great grandmother.  That was odd because I was not her favorite great grand daughter, my cousin was.  I always knew she loved me though. As soon as she came very close to me, my mother came up from behind her and put her hand out to me so I could grab it.  My great grand mother prevented that. All of a sudden, I wanted to go back to tell my husband that I wanted him to raise our children a certain way then I wanted to come right back as soon as possible.
NDE due to allergic reaction from anesthetic during caesarian section delivery.

2308.  Terry M NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  I have a bit of memory about me being rushed through double doors and after that -nothing.  The next thing I recall is a sensation of floating in a void, a grey like substance and experiencing incredible peace, the absolute absence of any kind of fear.  This experience would be interrupted by Nurse Amy, (She was one of the ER nurses) or Dr. Lee, (ER MD) calling my name and I would achieve a bit consciousness.   I would return to this "void".  I became mildly aggravated with the medical types for calling me back.
NDE and other experiences.  Experience described in most detail was from illness following surgery.

2307.  Diane L NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  I was at the local beach with my sister.  It was a balmy summer day with waves app. 3 feet high.  I had decided to go into the water which was warm.  I then went body surfing.  I started tumbling under the water.  I kept trying to right myself but could not.  Suddenly, I was watching myself roll.  I was not upset I felt peace.  I was in a large expanse of black watching my life flash before me.  I looked down and somehow I was righted upwards.
NDE at age 14 due to drowning.

2306.  Trevor FB NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  My body started to fit and after that I started to feel increasingly detached from the situation and  it felt like everything was starting to slow down ...like I was driving on the motorway and had drifted into a sand filled safety lane ..that the slowing down was not something I had a choice / control over....there was a tangible 'stop' point some minutes ahead and it was not avoidable - the rest of the world continued past me but I was stopping. When we got to the resuscitation room in A&E I felt very close to being entirely detached and was not frightened anymore - in fact there was a great sense of calmness as I knew with great certainty that there was nothing I could do about it.... it was entirely out of my control and therefore I could relax and just observe very closely. My point of vision was above and slightly to the rear of my head�
NDE due to heart attack.

2305.  Ellen N NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  I realized that I was no more than a eye or something with a vision which was me and I was on top of the lights in the surgery room and then I realized it was me and I was looking around and suddenly I looked down and there I was looking at myself laying on the surgery table and the Doctor pounding on my chest trying to revive me.  Then I realized that I was looking down at my body and for just seconds I knew what was going on and I felt as if I was the smallest entity imaginable almost like I was the smallest water drop but with thinking abilities to recognize myself as being almost a spirit of some kind. But when I had realized that I must be dying the next thing of acknowledgment was when they were waking me up out the anesthesia.
NDE under general anesthesia.

2304.  Sally P NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  Then in an unrecognizable "place", feeling very comfortable, not concerned or worried. Felt "presence" and feeling I could communicate, but not speech nor hearing. My overwhelming and really only concern was that although the feeling of love and peace was enormous, I needed to return to earth to raise my daughters of 7 and 4. What came back from the presence was: "Whatever you need to do you will do." That made me feel even more relaxed. I enjoyed staying a while longer and feeling the overwhelming love flood over me.
NDE due to infection.

2303.  Michael O Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  He stood in front of me sitting on the bed. I knew him better than anyone in the room. As though I had known him forever. He looked at me and gave me a choice to stay or go. Without hesitation, I said lets go. I was ready. I had been battling illness for three years. Been through chemo, and tons of drugs. Not to mention the worst pain ever with what I was currently experiencing. I looked back with no regret, know that my family could not loose in the long run. I was tired and wanted terribly to be with this being. He solely cared for me and loved me so much. I made my choice to go, and in almost an instant my head was flooded with images of my to children and how hurt they would be. I know he did it, and I'm glad. I told him that I would have to stay.
Probable NDE due to illness.

2302.  Crystal M NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  I remember communicating with the light all around me. I knew it was God. I could touch the light and it was communicate emotions and thoughts to me. I have never felt that much love and utter peace. I had this overwhelming understanding that EVERYTHING was exactly as it was suppose to be. Everything that was or is...was just perfect.  All communication that was done was done with no words...it was just understood between us. I began to go through the light , which now I understand why people say they were in a tunnel. The light was all around me. The entire time I was communicating with it and the 2 beings with me. I remember going through the light...towards an end...a brighter spot at the end of the tunnel.  I was not afraid...I knew who I was and where I was...like being transported to your childhood home...you remember it.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

2301.  Teri R NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  Then I emerged from the tunnel into an indescribable place of peace and tranquility.  There was the most beautiful Being of White Light there.  With the level of understanding I had at the time, I saw that he took on an image so that I could relate and feel comfortable but that his true essence was Light and Love.  He appeared to me as an older man with long gray hair and a beard.  But what stood out above anything else was that he loved me unconditionally.  The feeling of being in his presence was something that felt like I was "home"-in a sense that I had never known.  I saw that my true essence was also this energy of love but as he reviewed my life with me, I received the understanding that I was the one who removed myself from the benefits and bliss of love by the anger I felt over some experiences I had had growing up.  I saw how important it is to project feelings of love instead of the energy I was projecting through my emotions and feelings about life.
NDE due to auto accident.

2300.  Lylia P NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  Then it happened.  I was rising, rising high, above the treetops in the Amazonian Rain forest. At 3, I had not learned what this was, so when I told my parents, they were shocked.  I was bleeding from my head, and I put my hand and saw this glistening red in the sky. I was scared at first, but something in me calmed me down.  Then, As I faced a door, I touched the handle. The handle was extremely warm, and I pulled my hand away. Then the door vanished.  My first house fire occurred a year later.  Then, I was placed in front of a large chair, with a strict looking woman on it.  Then my mother went to court a month later. With a female judge.
NDE at age 3 due to head injury.  Interesting future visions.

2299.  JC Possible NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  I was alone in my room in bed the day after the open heart surgery.  I was wondering if my adult son was in the waiting room.  Immediately upon that thought, my consciousness/awareness was moving down the hallway in Hopkins.  "I" was about 5' above the floor and passed over a gurney.  I found myself in the waiting room.  I looked around and noticed two little (petite/small boned) black girls around 5 years of age sitting together in one large chair.  They appeared to be twins.  They were very neat and had braids.  One had a book she was looking at.  The other was sitting slightly in back of her and looking over the other's shoulder at the book.  I looked for my son.  When I saw that he wasn't there, I said to myself, "there's no reason to stay here."  Immediately upon saying that, "I" was back in my bed.
OBE possible NDE after heart surgery.

2298.  Melissa C NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  Then I looked down and was observing my own surgery. I was small, so I had no clue what was going on. I was a shy child so I though to myself, I will just stay here and be quiet. At that moment, the surgeon and staff seemed to be in a panic, but i was distracted by the sounds of a playground to my right. I turned toward the sounds of other children calling me, telling me they wanted me to come and play. I looked down a dark area where the other children were calling from, remembering I wanted to go play, it felt safe. I looked down again at my body laying there on the table, opened up, blood around me. I heard" we are losing her!" I still did not understand what was happening. I do remember seeing them working on me, the monitor was not beeping anymore, and it was upsetting all the nurses.
NDE at age 4 from complication during surgery for perforated appendix.

2297.  Margie A NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  The Dr. was shouting at a maintenance man to hurry up with some wooden blocks. They were putting them under the foot-end of the bed. And he was shouting about the blood; where was it. When he said it's too late, I instantly left the room. (It was a huge room-that was strange; I worked at the same hospital and there wasn't a room like that anywhere).   Now I was moving in a wonderful soft pinkish-golden presence. The presence with me was Love and Peace and I was wrapped inside. It was quiet and so beautiful that I wanted to stay there forever. Outside of this presence was a golden light. I was being lifted up and up. I was aware that I had to go back and I didn't want to.
NDE due to childbirth.  Shared 48 years later.

2296.  Arnaud S NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  Original in French, translated to English by Magalie.  I started playing the choking game. I was near a pond in the schoolyard, surrounded by my friends. I felt myself going and then, only remember to have seen everything that was happening around the pond and myself. The notion of time did not exist. It was like I was floating above the scenery: my friends were speaking and laughing while two other friends were holding me. I felt a kind of warmth, intense well being and felt as if I had total knowledge of everything. When I came back I was told I was unconscious for about 10 seconds and that two friends had caught me as I fell.
Beginnings of a NDE from choking.

2295.  Sandra K NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10  Finally I looked up to see if she was ok, that's when I noticed I was hovering just above our bodies about where the roof of the car was. I again answered my sisters cries but this time I could see myself knocked out w/h my head in my chest. I was outside my body long enough to realize that she couldn't hear me because I wasn't in my physical body therefore I had no vocal cords. What was weird though was I could hear my voice just as I did when I was in my body. What happened next was since I couldn't reply to my sisters pleas she reached over to shake me awake, when she did this she let out this scream of pain (I watched this all happen). The next thing I know I'm some how back in my body again.
NDE due to car accident.

2294.  David B NDE/FDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 Finally...my fear said " get this over with...quickly ". I opened my mouth and started swallowing as much water as I could as fast as I could. I was trying to drown myself. I was not thinking of anything but getting out of there. As I was frantically swallowing...I found myself peacefully and quietly floating horizontally in a winding tunnel. The tunnel was about 8-10 feet across. As I floated, I was looking to my right and I could see the end of my arm and hand  stretched out from my side. ( Like a plane wing). I could see that the walls of the tunnel had dark dirty like rings going around it with little round dark spots on the tunnel wall. Ahead, it seemed to wind,  there was a light noticed ahead at certain turns in the tunnel. ...I was moving forward horizontally,... slowly. Very peaceful and no noise.
NDE vs Fear-Death Experience from near drowning.  Experience began while he was frantically swallowing water, suggesting possibility that this is Fear-Death Experience.  Experience included a living person (his mother) which is very unusual.

2293.  Dani C NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 I had consumed a large amount of pills and alcohol.  When I "came to" - I was floating above my body.  It was a very neutral feeling initially.  I remember it being dark.  I started to ascend towards light and feeling joy - although that word does not do justice to what I was feeling.  Then I was told to go back.  It is not your time.  I remember feeling sad.  I have no conscious memory of going back in my body.  I woke the next day, ill from the side effects of the poisons I had put in my body.
NDE at age 15 due to suicide attempt.

2292.  Anne R NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10  June 21, 1957, I turned 15 years old. A week later, after going to the mail box to mail my grandparents a thank you note, I was strangled and then kidnapped. I later came to in a corn field. SOMETHING told me to pretend I was dead. I was aware someone was there...later I heard him start to leave. He said repeatedly. "she's dead, she's dead". All I wanted to do was go to sleep. While I was "asleep", I saw blue sky and lots of very bright light in the background of a "spiritual" figure (a man -GOD?)) in flowing red robes commanding me in a very stern voice: "Anne - get up"...I just wanted to sleep...he again commanded me to get up. Somehow I did. I stumbled through the corn and later came to a dirt road. Why I turned right instead of left, I don't know. I soon saw a farm house and collapsed in their yard. They called the ambulance.
NDE at age 15 due to criminal attack.  Message in NDE likely saved her life.

2291.  Joni P NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 I had erysipelas.  I had blood transfusions trying to save me.  I was pronounced dead and word was sent to my family� I was looking down at the hospital bed where I was lying.  I thought I was on some steep stairs but realized later that was not the case.  I was evidently hovering about the ceiling.  The next thing I knew I was standing by some hedges that I had come through.  There was a young girl there who told me she was my sister and she did look very much like my oldest sister who was 8 years older than I.  She said I was to stay there with her and I asked her if this was school.  She said it was something like a school which made me happy as I wanted to go to school like my 3 older sisters.  She took my hand and led me down a path into a very beautiful place.  everything was perfect, rolling hills, green grass and a stream running nearby.  She said she was not sure if I was able to stay, she would have to leave me for a while to find out.  I was not allowed past a certain place.  On the other side it looked like there was crystal buildings which I though must be the school.
NDE at age 4 due to illness.  Shared 73 years later.

2290.  Joel H NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10  At the time of the incident I was in bed asleep. Suddenly, my consciousness was ripped from my body and I was hurled through a corridor-like tunnel that I could see through. Outside were thousands of planets that were being passed at a tremendous speed. At the end of the tunnel was a pin point of light that was growing larger and larger. My emotional state was that I was experiencing a very relaxed and loving feeling; in fact, I felt like I was a Prince coming home. However, I was also furious at being there. A pleasant and loving voice within the light asked me a question: "Are you ready to come home?"  To which I replied, "No! I want to see my new son grow up." I was immediately slammed back into my body. It was like every  cell of my body was being pushed through a board, and yet I felt no real pain. When I regained awareness, I was on my way to the emergency ward.
NDE due to heart attack.

2289.  Paul H Probable NDEs  English expanded version  8/8/10  1954, 1997 -- Both experience of void and reaching incredible light, all colors, almost to boundary line; Experiences later, e.g., 1974, sudden access to every book I've ever read, many human languages, whatever search terms, photographic -- then whoosh-like feeling, back-into-body, seated near four other people, talking, who did not notice that I had "been gone"� Synaesthesia -- Hearing colors, seeing sounds.
Probable NDEs due to illness.

2288.  Anita C NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 During a dental procedure there was a bright light that I rose up to and was subsequently fully engulfed.  A very calming male voice told me I had a choice to move on further into the light or stay in my present element.  I was looking down and was able to recall the tops of the heads of all the medical personnel in the room and I was briefly considering going further into the light. The male voice told me that time was running out and that I must give a response, and I did say that I chose to stay because I could withstand my controlling grandmother and did not want to leave my grandfather.  I did not immediately awaken, but continued to watch the scene below me for a while, I'm unable to estimate the length of time.  The nurses were shaking me and tapping the tops of my hands and rubbing my arms while the doctor was very loudly yelling for someone to get my grandmother quickly and he kept saying they were losing me.
NDE due to anesthetic complication at age 7.  Experience shared 64 years later.

2287.  Maria C NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10  But I clearly remember seeing myself walking though a tunnel, while I walked, well, it was like floating more then walking, I felt peace, no worries, angelical music, and a bright clear light like a star, like a diamond, and at the end of the tunnel there was this man, he looked just like the pictures we see here of Jesus, he took me my hand and said to me, "This is not your time" and like floating motion he turned me around and sent me back�
NDE due to brain hemorrhage.

2286.  Scott R Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10  I experienced civil war soldiers marching along a long walkway upwards.  I was told it was not my time to go.  My feelings was of purgatory or hell.  But there was more too it that I can not put to words.  It was as though I had more to do and to prove my worthiness.
Probable NDE due to injury from an exploding water main.

2285.  Connie P NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 From UK.  I have "recall", which is almost like having a wonderful memory.  I see the grass - it's incredibly lush and green - and I know it's late spring or early summer.  I know the air is full of pollen and the flowers are blooming.  It's warm and the sun is brilliant.  I see the skirt, all the way down to the ground, as the woman walks towards me.  I look up very slowly and see her face.  I see and feel nothing but love, peace and understanding.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

2284.  Rachel L Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 When I blacked out, I began to fly/fall down a flight of stairs into a wall, and right before I hit the wall I immediately stopped before impact.  I began to float and found myself in an old English pub, dimly lit, with an old bartender wiping down glasses.  He nodded to acknowledge my presence, and then I woke up to a doctor saying "Welcome back."
Probable NDE due to septic shock with atypical content.

NDE due to alcohol overdose.  After NDE, he no longer drank alcohol.

2282.  Johnny H NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10  I was in a wreck and died at one point when I seen my grandmother, grand father and 2 uncles that has passed. It was in a area with green grass and a  wooded background my grandfather and 2 uncles were in seats of a chrome swing with purple seats. My grandmother was standing with one seat on the swing with no one in it, I tried to get in the swing seat but could not .  I ask my grandmother to help me on the swing and she said no that I could not stay I had to go home. I could smell my grandmother's perfume something I had not smelled in 27 years  and my grandfather 's laugh . When I came to I was in intensive care in the hospital and I could not remember the accident, this was all I could remember.
NDE due to accident.

2281.  Robin W Fear Death Experience  English expanded version  8/8/10  I hit black ice, and my car careened out of control.  At that point, I felt as if I was looking at the steering wheel turning one direction and then the other at a fast speed.  I could see the steering wheel from above and see myself in the driver's seat.  The most profound thing I remember is the sense of utter peace and joy- a feeling that is truly indescribable- and one I have never had since.  It was a calm joy and happiness, as I watched from above.  The next thing I remember is being back in my seat and saying in a loud voice, "God, I'm not ready to go yet."  I remember vaguely going down an embankment and hitting a tree.  Yet, I don't remember an impact, per se.
Fear-Death Experience immediately prior to auto accident.

2280.  Sally L Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 I felt as I drifted so peaceful and LOVED. I smelled roses before I got there. When I looked around I saw the rose garden with every different color you could think of.  I was in this bright place and glowing light with love all around me. I heard music and angels singing. A tall man came and asked me if I wanted to go on or back. I think he asked me twice. I said I want to go back. I think I must have been told I would get married and start a family. I might have wanted to stay otherwise. It was so beautiful. I know it was heaven. I was scared to die until then. I will never forget the place of unconditional love.
Probable NDE due to anesthetic complication

2279.  Michael A NDE 4521  English expanded version  8/8/10  A few days post operative I was laying in ICU and I felt a fluttering and alarms on the monitor sounded and hospital staff came running in and board placed under me and gown was pulled off and "equipment attached to wires from my chest". I was already looking down on myself. I pulled out of my body at the time the board was placed under me. All of a sudden I was back in my body looking down at my feet. Did not experience any pain- I was no as blind in those days as I am now.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  He is blind, and was blind at the time of this experience.

2278.  Kathy W Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 There was a figure sitting under an enormous tree and other small figures/children were gathered around. The figure (male)--(funny I don't remember a race or hair color just illuminating light) had a pure white robe on. It was not the man Jesus but He was God/Creator. Others would probably thought of Him as Jesus. He told me without words to come to Him. I went to Him, He was familiar, and He held me and comforted me. I have never felt so safe, loved unconditionally and the pain....it was gone!!  Oh, and that lovely sweet scent---roses/lily of the valley--like every flower in the world surrendered one note of its being to create the perfect scent.
Probable NDE at age 3 due to illness.

2277.  Dorothy T NDEs  English expanded version  8/8/10 From Canada The second time, like the first, I found myself in a tunnel of sorts. It was made up of light. If I looked directly up I could see that the light was made of many, many colours (at six I didn't know about spectrums) but the light ahead and around me was white, beyond white, beyond anything that can be described as white. I remember thinking "I'm back" and feeling relief. Both times there was a figure at the end of the tunnel, male in 'feel' but non-distinguishable in features. The intensity of emotion was of overwhelming love, knowledge and belonging. Both times I was told, by name I think, that I had to go back. That I could not come now. The 'voice' was a beautiful voice, calm and loving but, like the light, it seemed to come from both within and without and seemed to be and yet not be at the same time. I remember, the second time, begging to be allowed to follow beyond the tunnel and I remember the disappointment at, once again, being turned back.
Two NDEs.  One at age 6 due to blood loss and another at age 23 due to coma.

2276.  Debra B NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10 I don't remember anything before the accident, as me and my ex-boyfriend were drinking heavily. All I know is it happened around 3am and the next thing I know I feel this floating sensation...I wasn't in my body. Next it was really dark, like a tunnel floating toward this light and as I was floating further on the light was getting bigger and brighter. Next I see my Mom (she died in 2000) and she was standing in front of the light. She was wearing this white gown and it looked as if she was glowing. She had her head down and her eyes up staring at me and we were communicating in our minds. It was as if we can read each others thoughts!
NDE due to head injury (thrown from car).

2275.  Lisa T Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10  I took an overdose of prescription pills in an attempt at suicide I was a drug addict my mother was being buried that day I had been arrested and charged with felony drugs crimes lost custody of all 3 of my children. I spiraled into a deep depression and tried to kill myself. I can remember the light and I heard voices but the voices were drowned  out by a baby crying...I think the baby was my cousins son who  had died from SIDS ...shortly after this happened I had a dream that my mom was holding that baby showing him to me.. the only thing that saved my life was a police officer I had known since childhood I can remember him calling me back telling me I couldn't do this to my family. I turned away from the light and then all I remember is everything going black I woke up in ICU 2 weeks later.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt with drug overdose.

2274.  JM Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/8/10  From UK.  I had a Pneumo Thorax and required surgery to fix it. Whilst undergoing surgery I had an experience, at which point I am not sure. I was not aware of leaving my body, but I was aware of 'waking up' somewhere else. I found myself in a small clearing in what seemed to be a kind of forest. There was a table in the clearing large and oval at which sat people who I did not know. I was beckoned to go and sit down at an empty space. After I sat down a large screen appeared behind the table and we all turned to see it. The screen showed in a kind of fast forward mode all the events of my life up until that point. After the 'film' finished there was then much discussion of which I did not really seem to be part of about whether I had 'followed' my life path and overcome the tasks set to me. After some debate the consensus was that I had not and I was informed that I was to be 'sent' back for another try, and this time I would need to make some changes and put my life on a different track.
Probable NDE while undergoing surgery.

2273.  Maurice B NDE  English expanded version  8/7/10 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Magalie.   I could hear myself calling to my wife and then, I emerged from my body who crumbled on the floor like a blanket. I was in absolute darkness and I was coming near a bright and intense white light. Suddenly, I came back into my body and it felt as if I was sucked back in it. The shower head had fallen into the bath, the water was sprinkling on my lower abdomen and it felt as if I was urinating on myself. I woke up, laying on the floor, with my head against my chest. My wife turned off the water so it wouldn't flood the bathroom.
NDE from pain-related unconsciousness.

2272.  Alexandra S NDE  English expanded version  8/7/10 & 7/1/14  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Kathy & Marguy.  I was thinking of many things at once: of my parents, of my life, of the life that I would have had. Then I had a feeling of leaving my body, of floating, I could see my body curled up in the shower. I could see everything, I could hear everything but I was looking at my body. I only had eyes, no body and I could feel myself rising, rising then the black hole.
NDE from electrocution.

2271.  Misericordia AC Probable NDE  English expanded version  8/7/10 From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.    I saw a tunnel with a light which drew me towards it. I could see myself in silhouette, going towards it. I saw Jesus, young and with a beard, as I have since seen him in the image of the Divine Mercy. He was saying: "Come". And I saw some moments from my life which  caused me to feel repentance. I said to him: "Not yet, give me more time to repent". And I heard, within myself: "Everything you have confessed is already forgiven and forgotten". Then I could hear my father's prayer for me, saying it was not yet time for me to die. Feeling a great peace and joy I began to improve physically.
Probable NDE from pneumonia.

2270.  Roselyne L Possible NDE  English expanded version  7/29/10 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Kathy.   I was put to sleep ( then, I saw! I was above the operating table! And my body was floating in a tunnel, at the end was a light that was growing bigger, I could see shadows at the end of this light and my body stopped floating, I was content, I felt like continuing on my way! But a voice told me I had to go back, that I was needed.  When I came to a pain, ripped my body, I felt like I was in a vice and that someone was pushing on my stomach, and at every pressure, I heard music, a tango, and with each rhythm of this tango, pain in my stomach and chest! Then nothing!
Possible NDE due to childbirth complications.  Non clear life-threatening event.

2269.  Charlie D NDE  English expanded version  7/25/10  After the motor vehicle accident, I was brought to the hospital via ambulance and have no recall of that. Once I was in the intensive care I went into cardiac arrest. I seemed to drift away and then suddenly, I accelerated not with my body but with my spirit or essence up through the ceiling into a path/tunnel that lead to an all knowing all loving comforting peaceful light. A familiar yet embracing light. The tunnel/path had silhouettes of beings on the other side of some undefined boundary I could hear sounds but not intelligible. This place was free of pain and I felt I was one with all. I had arrived to a place without pain . My vision was 360 it was profoundly beautiful. I remember stopping I don't remember how or why. I did Have a past life review. Then I found my spirit floating at the ceiling of the ICU looking for something. I saw a patient with a very high fever another with all kinds of head bandages. Then I saw all this activity around a bed and came over it and it was ME. At that very second I burst into my body I was back to the awful pain. I realized I had been given a choice life or death.
NDE due to cardiac arrest following car accident.

2268.  Helen D NDE  English expanded version  7/25/10 I had many questions after my initial panic had subsided.  I wanted to know how the world worked, was made, what was our purpose in life, why we are on this earth , how did we come to be here, what was the right religion.  They tried to slow me down, they said they couldn't answer everything for me at this time, they said to try to explain would be difficult/beyond us as what we humans think is only a ant-like piece of what it all is/means.  They did answer the religion question. To me they said there is no right or wrong religion. it is what is in your heart that counts.  They also said Our purpose on this earth is to love.  After my review they told me I had to go back my mission in life was not complete. I had to be convinced and reassured I would come back someday. I did not want to return to my awful life.
NDE at age 9 due to drowning.

2267.  Mary S NDE  English expanded version  7/25/10  I was 10 yr old and swimming in a public pool (couldn't swim well) I got confused and swam into deeper water and started to panic.  Trying to yell "help" I just choked down more water.  It was very scared and exhausted.  Then all of a sudden such peace came over me it was wonderful.  I could see my arms floating in the water...I was above.  A lifeguard finally got to me (I don't remember this part) but when he got me out of the water I could see my body in his arms.  My swimsuit top was pulled up and I saw him pull it down for me.  (Later this was verified).
NDE at age 10 due to drowning.

2266.  Frederick F NDE  English expanded version  7/25/10 I can remember the doctors and nurses that day becoming panicky and someone calling for a crash cart while they worked on me I never felt any pain as I floated out of my body I flipped over on my stomach and watched for awhile an then I noticed this rotating hole in the wall like a tunnel with the most beautiful blue and whitest light that offered so much peace that I followed the white light down the blue crystal tunnel then I entered into the most peaceful green valley surrounded by trees on both sides with the morning dew and fog still present the vegetation was so lush and the air was of a angelic almost dreamy like pleasure to breath it was effortless and then my grandfather met me and I was so happy to see him he had already died, but he was as real when he was alive I am still in shock today�
NDE during surgery.

2265.  Nettie P NDE  English expanded version  7/19/10 I had a terrible childbirth that should have been a c section, but when the doctor arrived and realized it was too late, and both the baby and i were already in danger.  It was too late for a c section so they did a quick forceps delivery and apparently I was 'dead' at the time. I clearly remember floating above and watching them work on my son to get him breathing, cleaning him up and passing him from relative to relative while they worked on me, and I kept asking people to hand me my baby but nobody answered me. The following day they gave me 3 units of blood when they realized they had not given me any transfusions and I could not sit up without fainting. My mother insisted I had not been speaking to anyone and could not have seen anyone doing anything to my son because I had been 'dead' at the time.
NDE at time of delivery.

2264.  Heather M NDE  English expanded version  7/19/10 I was freebasing cocaine and seized. I left my body and saw myself seizing including graphic physical unpleasant visualizations. I was tied up. I was told as I was unconscious to envision a rope and climb up it. I pictured myself at the bottom of a deep pit, or black tunnel with a light at the top. I pictured a rope and physically felt as if I was climbing up it toward the light (life.) I did also feel the general impression it was a choice to do so. When I reached the top, I regained consciousness.
NDE due to cocaine use with seizure.  Atypical content.

2263.  Anne O Probable NDE  English expanded version  7/19/10  From Canada I remember very little since I had a high fever, suddenly I felt my body sinking into the mattress and closing over me.  Then I was looking down on a little girl lying in a fetal position on her right side.  My mother was standing at the bottom of the bed, suddenly I heard the front door opening and footsteps walking down the hall toward my bedroom, it was my father who apparently went to see if he could find a doctor, he told my mother the doctor was unable to visit me and that he should take me to a hospital for contagious diseases , he had a taxi waiting for him.  I didn't feel sad while looking at the scene, no feeling whatsoever.  I then found myself in a very bright place, outdoors, I remember a very blue sky, and a large , bright gold gate with extending fence as far as I could see. There was a table in front of me with two people standing behind it, they looked at me then down at the table and told me I couldn't stay. There was no question about my destiny, I had no choice, and I understood.
Probable NDE at age 6-7 due to scarlet fever.  Shared 75 years later.

2262.  Mark H NDE 4494  English expanded version  7/19/10  I just kept wanting to tell him that "I'm fine... I'm fine.... I'm fine"..."I'm up here", but he never looked up .  It was frustrating that I couldn't tell them, because I thought if they knew I was fine, they wouldn't worry about me down there anymore.  Then as he was slapping me, I started to move slowly towards my body.  I remember like it was today that I said "No.. No.. NO.. many times", but you can't really talk.  I was going back very slowly and all I could think of was "NO".  This may sound crazy, but as I got down to the floor, I actually laid by myself head-to-head and toe-to-toe and 'slid' back inside.  I remember it so well and then I woke up as he was yelling my name.
NDE at approximately age 10 due to apparent head injury.

2261.  Norbeto G NDE  English expanded version  7/19/10  From Columbia.  Original in Spanish, translated by English by Simon. I felt myself immersed in an absolutely unfamiliar space. I recall a great clarity, where there was no light, but where I was the light. I could not hear music, but I was the music. Nor did I perceive harmony and peace, but I was exactly those things. The overall feeling was of being part of a Great Whole, where what existed was the Universe without stars, but where everything was light, joy, and love.
NDE from accident.

2260.  Patrick H NDE  English expanded version  7/17/10  From Luxembourg.  Original in French, translated by English by Kathy. Then, when I told Saint Peter that I hadn't gone though anything strange, and that my parents had mistreated and neglected me, I still don't know how I came up with such precise words, he said he understood why I felt like staying, he told me I had to protect my big brother and a little sister yet to be born.  Then he bade me farewell and I went down again at an incredible speed for about a minute then woke up a little later, back in my body.
NDE at age 2 who was blind at the time.


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