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These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


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NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

2066.  Ali K NDE English expanded version  12/20/09  NON-Western From Turkey, Original in Turkish, translated to English Aylin  I watched the “me” in the tunnel from 2-3 meters distance from above. When I looked at myself I saw at the end of the tunnel a place with yellowish colorful mist at the sky, which illuminated the place like a sun illuminates the days and this light shined into the tunnel.
NDE from heart attack.

2065.  Bo Fear Death Experience English expanded version  12/20/09  From Sweden, Original in Swedish, translated to English by John S.  I had of course no rescue equipment but instead boots and heavy clothes, that quickly were filled with water and began to pull me down under the ice. At this moment my life started to replay like a movie, and view it for me until this very day. As the time went by I began to sink deeper and deeper, and when my friend, who was holding my hand, hoping to pulling me up, started to glide towards the ice hole and fall into the current water I told him: “Let go of me, it’s better that one of us is drowning than the both of us.” At this moment I only had my head and one arm above the surface of the water. Then something happened, that was beyond all human capacity, and suddenly we were both laying on firm ice and soon after that we could get ashore. My friend told me later that I suddenly was as light as his younger brother.

2064.  Lynne H NDE English expanded version  12/20/09  From the U.K. I floated upwards.  I felt I was floating up a tunnel or beam, like to a space ship, but it was all foggy and grey.  I couldn't see what was behind me because I was floating backwards along this tunnel (like the one going to a plane).  It was going upwards at an angle of about 70 degrees.  I felt a pressure at the back of my spirit head as if I was being stopped from going any further.  I heard the voice, which I assumed was God asking if I was sure about my decision to leave.  When you are out of your body you are pure love and only make decisions with the purest intentions.  You are totally unselfish.  I was asked to think about what would happen if I left now.  I saw a scene of my daughter being brought up by her grandparents, with my husband paying the odd visit now and again.  She was being brought up very strictly and was deeply unhappy and nervous and frightened.  I then compared it to how I would bring her up and had to make the decision to go back.
NDE due to complications after delivery.

2063.  Polly R Probable NDE English expanded version  12/20/09  I could not talk or move but my mind was very aware that was the scariest part of the whole thing, like you were trapped not being able to move speak, tell what's wrong. I could hear everything all doctors discussions and more, finally I heard congestive heart failure, but again I could do nothing. In my experience, this may sound crazy, there was a man taking care of me he was quiet never spoke never saw his face, but knew he was handsome for some odd reason, anyway, a round wheel type of machine I was strapped to, and this man would spin me around stop me and, put some sort of ointment on me, I do not know why I feel he really cared he repeated this over, and over and I was in such great pain.....
Probable NDE in ICU for congestive heart failure.

2062.  Kim C NDE English expanded version  12/20/09  About 1-2 minutes later, I opened my eyes.  I was standing behind the couch, then I realized I was not in my body. I saw my mom run to the back of the couch.  She was trying to wake me up and slapping my cheeks but my body had no response.  It was as if I was in between the couch and my mom. I could see and hear everything and everyone but all I remember feeling is peace and calmness. I had no fear. I could see my boyfriend at the time across the room standing next to our friend; my brothers girlfriend sitting in a rocking chair; everyone staring at my body.  They were all just frantic.  They called 911. EMTs came in and I watched them take blood pressure, and prick fingers while trying to talk to me.  Then they said, "We have to take her to the hospital now."  They would not let my mom ride with me because they were afraid they would have to resuscitate me. They moved my body. 
NDE due to episode of unconsciousness from unknown cause.

2061.  Rick H Possible NDE English expanded version  12/20/09  During the time I was out: I continually had a white veil covering my physical eyes. During which time I could hear arguing in the back ground, all the while getting a strange feeling as though it were all over me. Yet there was only one voice that was coming clear to me, and what it was saying, was accusations against me with things I did not like. Those words still to this day ring in my mind. Afterwards, I was standing above the world looking down upon it, just as I saw the creation begin and every man and woman that is upon the earth today, then I saw a fire spreads across the land for I then knew many answers.
Probable NDE due to multiple seizures.

2060.  Deroan Fear Death Experience English expanded version  12/20/09  As I lost control of the car, I remember seeing a guard rail coming at me, dead on center of the car, I was going normal speed, maybe 35 - 40 mph or so, I remember seeing the guard rail coming at the car, I remember the headlights (it was dark and raining) shining on the guard rail, and that was the moment I KNEW I was going to die.  In that instant, something happened to me, some kind of 'rush' and in that one instant, prior to contact, my entire life "flashed before my eyes", just like they describe it on TV shows or in movies or what not, my life flashed from star to end and in the one moment I knew every moment of my life.  Here is the strange thing however, I saw my life as it was, everything I had done, and I also saw my life as it WOULD be, far into the future, I saw people I did not know, I saw myself doing things I never did.
Fear death experience at moment before car crash.  Life review and future visions.

2059.  Rick Probable NDE English expanded version  12/20/09  In my near death experience, I was standing in my family's cemetery.  Everyone in the cemetery is a relative of mine.  The graves date back to 1869. I saw a number of my dead relatives standing around me; however, none of them could see me.  In this experience, there were no tombstones in the cemetery.  Some of the people that I saw there died before I was born, yet I am able to describe their mannerisms.  I walked through the crowd of dead relatives, and noticed that they were looking in one direction like they were waiting for a car to arrive.  I realized that they could not see me even when I walked right beside some of them.  I decided to leave the scene because I felt that I was not the person that they were looking for.  When I woke up, I was being run down the hall of a hospital on a stretcher.
Probable NDE due to illness.

2058.  Brianna C NDE English expanded version  12/19/09 I had immediately went for the kitchen to get a glass of water. I reached with my right hand to grab a glass from above the sink and I collapsed striking my chin on the counter. I feel to the floor. Immediately in my mind I was in the dark I felt as if I was being shout through space in a body fitted rocket. I remember saying to myself what have I done? Is this how its going to be forever? I want to go back to my body... "PLEASE GOD LET ME GO BACK TO MY BODY" I saw the out lining of my body in an orange glow far from me .I kept wondering if I was going to ever make it back to myself. It was very loud and shaky I felt so scared.
NDE due to heroin overdose.

2057.  Tina Probable NDE English expanded version  12/19/09 Down on the plain far below I saw 6 figures, 5 dancing around one stationary in the center.  I floated down in an instant like zipped down with no sense of air whooshing by, just outside this circle of dancers. They were dancing skeletons with rags and shreds of flesh on them. They were menacing a bit at me, but once I caught the eyes of the one in the center, all fear, all doubt dropped away.  This man had blonde hair and blue eyes, and was smiling, no really smirking at me. He seemed like a long lost friend who was going to say "I told you so." any minute. He was in plain black from neck to toe- like a turtleneck and plain pants and shoes, but I'm not sure about anything but his face and hands.
Probable NDE due to accidental overdose of sleeping pills at about age 2.

2056.  Becca L NDE English expanded version  12/19/09 I came to the realization that I couldn't stop the speeding ball. It was heading straight for my face. I ducked a bit but my efforts made no difference. The ball hit me square in the eye. I suddenly felt my world spiral, I saw a bright light, and then total darkness. I heard the crowd gasp. I saw my childhood, my entire short life flash before my eyes like a film. I landed with a loud thud against the soft dirt of the mound. I felt I was dead. Gone. An immense feeling of peace overcame me as I let my eyes close. I woke up with a broken eye socket and a hospital band on my wrist.
NDE from being hit with softball during national title game at age 11.

2055.  Mark A NDE English expanded version  12/19/09 Here is what happened, all of a sudden there I was watching three hooded figures seating around a campfire at what appeared to be night. When I crashed it was noon daytime!!  I don't know if I was floating or standing or if I was clothed or naked.  None of that seemed important, it felt as if I was in a trance watching the campfire and the three hooded figures speak… Then all of a sudden, they turned and looked at me and spoke all in unison at the same time. Now I could understand what they said.  I don't know if what they said was in English or in their tongue.  All I know is that I understood it!!  They said to me that I was not supposed to be there!!
NDE due to motorcycle accident with atypical content.

2054.  Vanessa H Probable NDE English expanded version  12/19/09 During the course of this they found out that I had double pneumonia and also I was suffering from a staff infection. When this presence came to me in my sleep, it took me on a journey that I will never forget. I started to feel very peaceful.  Then I was gliding thru this light it was so heavenly and the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life.  The brightness of it you can't explain.  It didn't hurt it wasn't so bright that you couldn't look at it.  I wanted to  stay because at that point a had no pain like most of the time in my life that I do.  Then as the presence took me further in that's when a voice came out of this light and said take her back she is not ready to go yet meaning (Die).
Probable NDE due to complication of asthma attack.

2053.  Rita S NDE English expanded version  12/19/09 The first event that I can remember, I was 3 yrs, I was in a swimming pool, I could not swim and I somehow walk to far into the pool and went under water and started drowning. The water burned but the next thing I know, was I could see the lady sun bathing next to the pool and I saw my self drowning. I was wondering why couldn't she see me. Then the next thing I remember, I was on the ground and they were doing CPR.
NDE from drowning at age 3 and multiple OBEs.

2052.  Laurent B NDE English expanded version   12/12/2009 From France.  Original in French, translated by Kathy  I saw myself struggling and drowning, I saw myself, me, like my own twin who was drowning and well below the surface.  I couldn’t say which of my twin or I was conscious but the feeling I had observing this scene was sweet, light, beyond peaceful.  I felt weightless under the water, calm and serene, in no way panicky, no pain of any kind, just a spectator, in fact I was feeling very good indeed.  At one point I became aware of a sort of white glow which, how can I say.. was approaching and growing until the final becoming of a total whole.
Child drowning NDE.

2051.  Lisette D NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 From Canada.  Original in French, translated by Kathy I felt euphoric then suddenly the images, the butterfly, everything changed.  Gradually, the colors disappeared I was seeing in black and white and then the images disappeared.  There weren’t any more images, just sounds.  I didn’t feel as though I was in a tunnel, I was following the presence who was with me, with unconditional trust and we laughed and talked a lot.   Then we were approaching a group of presences because I could hear many voices.  I heard : "What’s she doing here? She mustn’t go on, she has to be sent back."
NDE from pedestrian being hit by a car.

2050.  Tom C NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 Next thing was that I watched the EMTs try and revive me right after it took the fire and rescue men almost an hour to extract me from my car. I was hovering overhead! In this time, I felt no pain, no fear at all. I remember actually being over my body in the ambulance as they took me to the hospital! A male EMT gave me CPR and I remember the tattoo he had on his upper fore-arm. I could draw it! I don't remember his face or name at all. I 'followed' myself from the ambulance down the hospital corridor with the the EMT still trying to revive me. I was covered with blood! … I watched as I had a seizure!
NDE due to auto accident.

2049.  Karl F Probable NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 It will be difficult to describe all of what happened to me because it covered a good portion of my life and I will tire from this and explaining this drains me. basically there was a place of greater light that I wanted to go to but could not.  Two men eventually came in and told me I could not go there unless I came back.  There have been books and scriptures that were word for word type of experiences. as events unfolded some wanted me to not come back the two men in white wanted nothing of me but but to present me with information to make my own choices.
Probable NDE due to auto accident.

2048.  Casper NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 Little did I know that shortly after Michael died, I would come close to losing my life and having the privilege of experiencing my first near-death experience. During my NDE, I could see my body lying on a stretcher as the ambulance attendants worked feverishly to save my life. Unaware of any time or distance, my spirit floated high into the clouds. until Michael and I were reunited in a temple called beautiful. As we entered the temple, I was breathless and stood admiring the perfectly carved archways, and magnificent pillars. Since Michael was still unable to walk, I had to carry him through the temple gates. On the other side of the doorway, were six recliners placed in a circle. Somehow, I knew they were especially handcrafted for people who could not sit up unassisted. After placing my son into one of the chairs, I left the area.
NDE due to allergic reaction.

2047.  Doug W NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 I found myself totally lucid, clear in mind and thought floating in blackness. It felt as if I was laying on my side, but without feeling any pressure on the side I was laying on. To get a point of reference I looked down at myself, and observed I was all in white. My skin was a translucent white. I was wearing an oversized robe. Thinking of my position it shifted on its' own, and now I felt I was upright, and I started to look around. The darkness had depth, it felt like the void went on to infinity. I was comfortable, and realized something had happened during the surgery, and I must had died. I got excited, because I was happy that my passing was painless. I was getting anxious to move on, and was wondering, and talking to myself when someone was coming to get me. I waited, and waited, time seemed to come to a stand still.
NDE during surgery from complications.

2046.  Oriana R Fear Death Experience English expanded version   12/6/2009 I was driving in a car and it seemed as if I were about to crash into a truck, but something took over the steering wheel, shot me upwards towards a bright light and I was surrounded by some loving beings.  As I was going to the light as message was being shared with me.  "No matter what you have done and not done you are loved."  No matter what you will do and won't do you are loved."  "The world is perfect and you are perfect."  I also recall a conversation where I had decided I hadn't achieved what I had set out to do, so I decided that as much as I loved this place, I would return to my body.  And boom I was back in my body driving along with no truck in sight anymore.  I was in tears of joy, the feeling of love radiated throughout my being, it was the most amazing point in my life to date.
Fear death experience from near auto accident.

2045.  David A NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 As I dove away from the point of impact, the crash crushed the car where I sat and I was ejected from the vehicle.  As I was thrown across the highway and sustained head trauma and other injuries, in my mind I was floating above the accident scene watching the events unfold.  The scene was moving in extreme slow motion and most likely took place over less than a minute.  But to me it was unfolding over an extended period.  I also experienced my life flashing by with numerous scenes and memories of my childhood and vivid memories of loved ones who had died previously as well as current friends and relatives.  I also experienced traveling down a tunnel seeing many of my deceased relatives who seemed to be welcoming me.
NDE due to car accident.

2044.  Gail K NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 After feeling intense pain and deep fear during strangulation, I became aware of 'floating' through a dark (PITCH BLACK, all-encompassing darkness) area that had no limits or boundaries.  I passed other floating beings, who seemed to be just kind of in suspension in the darkness, or stuck, if that describes it better.  All at once, I seemed to be floating within an intense, pure, joyous white brightness that felt like all good things, the most joyous love and a complete sense of peace and contentment.  I felt how my actions in my life affected persons around me, both positively and negatively.  I know I was told that I have to do something here, but I don't remember what it is.  I know, however, that I will accomplish whatever it is that I'm supposed to do.
NDE due to criminal attack.

2043.  Heron S NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 Being in Its Presence felt so good, like peace, and like calm, and like home, and like belonging, and like safety and wellness.  I could have stayed there forever and my contact with the Being of Light was somehow outside of time, although there was communication that I barely recall now:  somehow, with Words that had no Sound, I understood that it wasn't time for me to be There, not yet.  There was no sense of rushing my departure--it wasn't within time as I understand that here--but at some point I reverse-flew back through the tunnel with no walls and I guess landed back inside my physical body, where I awoke in the hospital.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

2042.  Jake NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 My mind was muddle but my heart was true. Again flashing images of everyone I ever knew, then I saw a vivid image of a graveyard, very vibrant dark green grass, I think it was raining, and a large gathering of people dressed in black around an open grave, someone was being buried. I immediately knew it was my grave and I saw all those people feeling so terrible. I thought the pain I had been feeling was too much. But seeing those people, I couldn't bare it, it hurt me more than anything I could ever begin to imagine, all of their pain immediately became mine and all of the calm I had felt fled from me as quickly as it had came and a righteous fury like nothing Ive ever known consumed me. I cursed everything, I cursed god himself and I furiously declared " I won't let this happen! I won't let it!"
NDE due to injury from falling.

2041.  Edie F NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 I am certain that my near-death experience took place at some time following the second birth as this would have been the time of the hemorrhage and drop in blood pressure. The first thing I remember about it was that I seemed to be traveling horizontally along some colored lights that had sounds, with an awareness that each color had its own sound.  My awareness of myself did not include my body, but I was fully aware of who I was as I moved along, listening to these lights.  I would move along one row until that row ended, then I would move up to the next row with lights of a different color and different sounds and go the other direction until I came to the end of the row again. Then I would move up to another row and go back the other direction.
NDE due to complications after delivering twins.

2040.  John Z NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 I was behind the operating table perhaps 10-12 feet back and slightly above the doctor's and nurse's heads an I could feel the palpable sense of frustration and failure of the doctor's because my heart had stopped and they could not continue to try and dissolve the clot in my artery. Next thing I felt was a shock convulsion, very powerful, and next I was in an intensive care recovery room.
NDE while in surgery for a coronary artery procedure.

2039.  Gail R NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 I know at that moment that I am going to die. its really a strange feelings because we always fear death but when you experience it, there is this feeling of compete surrender, a kind of peace that you forget the people who will be left sad when you are gone.  Before I woke up or become conscious again the flashes of light stops then I saw a man standing waiting and say " do you want to go back? And I said I am tired of breathing. He wave his hand and I saw  a lighted candle and start hearing my husband voice at my side and the voices of nurses and doctors who were attending me at that moment. God gave me another life.
NDE from asthma attack.  Shared within two weeks of its occurrence.  From Philippines.

2038.  Michael B NDE 4161 English expanded version   12/6/2009 I do not recall actually running more than a couple of steps, but at the point when I was struck by the bus I remember watching myself spinning through space.  It is at this moment that everything seemed to be black and I could not see anything of the area around where I was.  While watching myself spinning or "flying through space" I also recall feeling as if I were hurtling through a very tight-fitting tunnel . . . it seemed to me that I was approaching what I can only describe as a nerve synapse and fully expected to jump from one side of the synapse to the other but as I approached this synapse I can clearly recall hearing "not yet" and the next thing I remember is laying on the ground.
NDE due to being hit by a bus.

2037.  Marta G NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 A beautiful woman dressed in bright white light pulled me out and, looking into my eyes asked me what I wanted.  I was completely satisfied and could think of nothing until it occurred to me to take a trip around the lake.  I did and saw detail I would aver have seen in "real" life.  I could go anywhere, even to the tops of trees, by simply intending to do so. …I was legally blind and for the first time saw leaves on trees, bird's feathers, bird's eyes, details on telephone poles and in people's back yards that were far more acute than 20/20 vision.
Exceptional NDE at age 5 due to drowning.  Legally blind, and saw much earthly detail visually for the first time in her life.

2036.  Nannci R Possible NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 The light was amazingly bright but not painful to look at, the light was not just a light it was the power of love. It washed over me so strongly, it washed away all the pain, tears and sadness I ever experienced so quickly that I was left without a memory of ever experiencing them at that moment and instantly. I was overcome with love, the purity, a innocence and a sense of perfection or holiness simultaneously. To describe the actual merging of this is just not humanly possible, it happened so quickly but yet I could feel the bad wash away and the goodness enter and I knew this was how I was meant to be. This was me in the "right" state of being, everything negative before was a corruption.
Possible NDE associated with sleep apnea.

2035.  Diane H NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 From Canada  I was in a near fatal motor vehicle accident and was cut from my car and air lifted to a local hospital.  During the helicopter ride, I had a conversation with my deceased mother-in-law and grandmother.  I remember being so happy to see them and smiling and feeling euphoric.  I wanted to hug and kiss them but my mother-in-law simply said "turn around, it isn't your time yet".  I felt perplexed and feel as though I made a strange face.  She followed with "Amy can't lose you so close to losing me.  Go back and be with her". She had such a kind loving look on her face and my grandmother was over her shoulder smiling and shaking her head yes.  Amy is my long-time partner.  I remember thinking she is right and they kind of disappeared.
NDE due to auto accident.

2034.  Mary L NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 Grandma left the room and somehow I began choking on the piece of candy. It became lodged in my throat and I couldn't breathe. My vision became blurry and I started to pass out, knocking a cup to the floor. Upon hearing the sound of the cup crashing to the floor my grandmother rushed in and performed the Heimlich maneuver. I remember passing out briefly, almost as if I were drifting off to sleep. Then I opened my eyes and somehow found myself looking at the scene unfold...as if I were a spectator at my own performance. I saw my grandmother rush in with a horrified look on her face and pick me up off of the floor. I saw her attempts to get the candy out of my throat. I didn't feel alarm, just an overall sense of numb curiosity. I remember a feeling that I had-it was almost one of indecision. On one hand I felt that I could leave the house, and everything I knew behind...on the other hand I felt that I could somehow go back and that things would be okay.
NDE at age 5 due to choking.

2033.  Malina B NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 I remember standing up telling my parents I wasn't feeling well and then collapsing to the floor.  When I first fell to the floor I was still conscious.  I remember laying there looking at the carpet but my eyes weren't blinking.  I remember in an echo type noise my parents shaking me and my Dad calling and talking to a 911 operator.  I remember I began to have seizures then I was gone.  Everything was very dark but in the center there was a very bright light.  In the center of the light my Niece was dancing around very happily.  It was a good feeling and my niece looked very pleased and happy.  She looked like she was far away and I remember I felt like I was smiling at how well she was dancing. She was also singing.  I felt very emotional and began to cry.
NDE due to diabetes and hypoglycemia.

2032.  Tim B Possible NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 After I got out of the hospital and told my mother about the event, she told me I was crazy or that I had saw myself in a mirror.  She figured there was one of those convex supermarket type of mirrors up on the ceiling.  I insisted she take me back to the hospital and I asked the nurse who attended me (he and I bonded during the time I was in the hospital) and he took me to where I was originally at in the ICU.  Exact surroundings as I had saw during the encounter.  And there was no mirror.  In fact, there was no place a mirror could even be placed.  I asked the nurse about this white machine shaped like a box and he told me that it sounded like I was describing the machine they hooked up my chest tubes to.  He showed me one and that was the machine I had saw.
Possible NDE following gunshot injury at age 14 with OBE observations later verified.

2031.  Debbie Probable NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 I was walking around the baby pool.  A young boy grabbed me and pushed me under the water.   I almost instantly started floating above my body.  I saw myself in a aqua one piece swimsuit lying in the pool floor.  I was not scared and remembered wondering how I could be in both places at the same time.  I was watching a movie of myself.  I was right above my body and began to float higher and higher into the sky.  I was not scared, but confused.  It was so pretty.  I was hovering in a beautiful blue sky and white white clouds.  It was silent.  I was going higher and higher.  I began to see my mom jump into the pool and pick me up.  Everyone was running to me.  The last thing I remember was waking up in my mom's arms in the pool office. it was in slow slow motion.
Probable NDE due to drowning at age 4.

2030.  Kathleen P Probable NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 Next I found myself surrounded by an all consuming light.  It was wonderful, comforting and described as incredibly good. It was a glow as if in the center of a candle flame, that orange yellow glow. I had no sense of body and saw only the light. I felt torn between staying and so wanted to. I heard myself say, "but he is only 9" referring to my son. Immediately after that I found myself sitting in my hospital bed there were no machines, no IV's, I felt fine.
Probable NDE during complication following surgery.

2029.  Robert L NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 As I felt the light engulf me "this is where it gets hard to explain" I could feel all the problems, anger, fear and any other negative emotion just lift out of my body. I instantly knew the light was pure goodness and love, like nothing I had never felt before or since. I noticed some people near me and walked over to them. One was my mother and another was my first wife. There were some others but I'm not able to say for sure who. My first question was this, Is this how it really feels. It was such a feeling of peace and love I can't describe it. There answer was yes isn't it wonderful, yes I said. I got to say hello and ask what happens next and they told me I was going back where I had come from but they would be watching over me and we would all be together again.
NDE due to episode of unconsciousness.

2028.  Requests removal.

2027.  Kelly P Fear Death Experience English expanded version   12/6/2009 From Canada The first thing I saw before the "incident" was a larger than normal bright semi truck trailer coming towards me on its own side of the highway. I will never forget it. Then it started. I felt like I lost control of the car as everything went pitch black. There was an incredible massive intense spinning like I have never experienced. It went on for quite some time. I remember saying over and over, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't see anything, I couldn't feel anything other than a dark blackish grey tunnel which I felt and weirdly saw myself going through at a rapid massive speed.  It was unbelievable.
Fear Death Experience due to near auto accident.

2026.  Norman NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 From Mexico  I was riding my bike in the middle of the day in an area that had no trees (just planted farmland) no clouds you can see 150 yards full circle all the way around me.  I remember helping an old man sit down under a tree in the grass and I was talking to him. after a bit of talking none of the conversation I can remember I looked towards the ambulance saying how I have to help them get that body in the ambulance. I didn't know it was my body.
NDE due to being hit by a car.

2025.  Paul NDE 2145OBE English expanded version   12/6/2009  I knew Rick was in heaven and with his words, sent me back!  He might have had wanted to be where he was for things he'd said but before collision, tried to steer out of it. Rick stopped me with a voice that he used only his certain times.  He stated it is not your time!? Hovered over my body and saw my teeth or for sure blood on the road as my door was where sprung and I was hanging out.
Apparent shared NDE with Rick, who apparently died at the time of the auto crash.

2024.  Jewel S NDE/ADC English expanded version   12/6/2009  In 1991 I had a cancer operation for cervical cancer I got too much gas just before I was put out in the operating room I saw my dead great grandfather Joe who died at 96 he showed up white hair and blue eyes and said in his English accent your going to be alright then was gone.  I was put under during the time I was out I found myself outside a beautiful white garden gate into a beautiful flower garden in golden light, as I looked into the garden , Jim came and took both my hands and said come on baby you have taken enough, I said no I cant leave the kids Jim looked sad I awoke 12 hrs later the hospital thought I was brain dead.
ADCs from deceased boyfriend, and apparent NDE.

2023.  Ricardo FV NDE English expanded version   12/5/2009 From Spain, original in Spanish, translated by Simon  I ascended through a tunnel at the end of which there was a lot of white light. When I got to the end, my deceased father-in-law was waiting for me there, to my surprise. I asked him what I was doing there with him, and he told me not to be afraid, that I had simply died. I answered this by saying it was not possible, since my children needed me, being still very small, so I refused to stay in that place.
NDE from a heart attack.

2022.  Volf W NDE English expanded version   12/5/2009 From Sweden, Original in Swedish translated by John S.  I was floating over a billowing cornfield. Clear, blue sky, white clouds and a strong wind that stirred into the field. At the end of the cornfield I could see a house painted in red with white window frames and corners. Everything was so beautiful and the colours in the sky, the clouds, the corn and the house were sharp.
NDE from a car accident.

2021.  Linda B NDE 4132 English expanded version   11/21/2009 I was traveling threw Nebraska when appendix ruptured. taken to hospital and surgery. all was suppose to go well. as prep for surgery I was given a muscle relaxant that stopped my heart. during surgery. when tubes were taken from throat. I did not breath. some where I new this. I know they attempted resuscitation. I know some how a nurse had spoken to my husband. that I stopped breathing. as all of these things occurred. I also felt an seen a bright light. an in the light was my daughter in law. who had passed 2 years before. she was waiting for me. she seem in the light and part of the light. I felt wonderful. happy and moved into the light. I knew I was leaving my husband. an family behind. but wanted to go into the light. it was happiness a thousand times over. utopian. Angela was smiling and getting closer.
NDE due to surgical complication.

2020.  Astrid K NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 I "woke up" or more like suddenly appeared laying on the railroad tracks which were in the dark tunnel (at first it felt very cold) I could see its dimensions, color which was dark gray /black, it had a very strong smell of a fuel that drips from the trains onto the railroad trucks. At first I didn't realize where I was. Then a sudden fear mixed with warmth enveloped me. I started to scream out my friend's name and being frantic. I didn't know what to do or which direction to go. Then a little light started to appear. It was first very small and then becoming brighter and bigger as it was coming closer to me. For some reason, I wasn't very scared anymore, I somehow became calm and just kept starring at it. Then I woke up surrounded by my friends
NDE due to unconsciousness from childhood game at age 13.

2019.  Ollie K NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 I was lying on the sofa, I had to go to the bathroom, I held on to the walls and finally made it there. As soon as I got on the seat I died. I was about ceiling high and looking down at my body thinking how funny it will be for them to find me on the commode. I was so happy to be out of that horrifically painful body. As I was leaving, my little girl who was 5 at the time laughed outside of the bathroom window. I stopped ascending and tried to think of someone in my family to raise my children. I don't know how long I took, but it was clear to me there was no one to raise them. I said, "God, please let me go back I have to raise my children".  I assume I knew he was allowing me to go back. I looked down at my body and I was dreading going back into it. I knew I had to and so I pulled my self back into it.
NDE associated with severe fever.

2018.  Robert T NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 I was moving towards a wall of bright lights and in front of me were hundreds of people moving with me it was the most peaceful place I had ever been and wanted to stay, after I was bought back i had a strong memory of standing across the ward and I was watching the two nurses working on me I could see what nurses were there, Ganor was straddling me and Mark was at the head of the bed trying to get an oxygen tube in.
NDE due to heart stopping, apparently related to blood clot. 

2017.  Benjamin H NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 Then as soon as the darkness came, it went away, and I was in a field of some sort.  I was wearing jeans and a red plaid shirt.  It was so sunny outside, so it was all bright.  Then I see a man walking toward me, and I felt curious so I walked toward to him as well.  When I got close enough to see him clearly, I realized I was looking at my dad.  My dad had died 2 years earlier from a heart attack.  He was in his regular t-shirt and blue jeans with his John Deere hat that he always wore.  He got about 2 feet from me.  We were so close that I could've touched him if I wanted to.  But we just stood still for what felt like forever.  He just stared at me, never saying a word.
NDE from IED explosion in Iraq.

2016.  Gina D NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 I bled out (twice) after childbirth, flat-lined.  I was not conscious to the normal world except for seeing down onto the doctors working on me and being aware I was UP in a corner of the room.  I could clearly see and describe the doctors, including bald heads and beards.
NDE due to blood loss after delivery.

2015.  Ann Y Probable NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 From England.  I was on holiday and ended up in hospital with a twisted bowel which had been left for some considerable time when they decided to do an emergency operation on me.   All I know is that I went through a doorway into a brightly lit room and there was my Father Mother and 2 brothers who had passed away.   My Father who had been very ill and in a wheelchair for the last 7 years of his life and passed away at the age of 62 was sitting next to my eldest brother who had passed away aged 66 then my Mum was next to him.   She passed away aged 75.  My youngest brother was stood sideways looking at them.    (This has always troubled me)   He died aged 42 of Cancer.  My Father stood up smiling and happy and not a trace of illness and he said to me 'hello love its good to see you and had his arms held out towards me when my brother looked up and said 'what are you doing here' to which I replied 'Ive come to join you'   'Oh no' he said 'It isn't your time - Go back'
Probable NDEs associated with emergency bowel surgery.

2014.  Elle NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 From Canada. I began to cry thinking of my family who needed me and how many things I had yet to accomplish such as school, having a family, saying goodbye to loved ones and suddenly my life fast forwarded in front of my eyes and I slowly drifted off.....I was now able to see myself laying on the street covered in blood with my belongings scattered around me. I kneeled down beside my body and began to cry, it was far more real this time and I saw two women who had parked there car and ran towards the scene to aid me...but it was too late I was already dead. I looked around and it seemed like another dimension...people who had not been there previously were walking around and doing normal day to day activities.....
NDE due to being struck by car.

2013.  Ira P NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 From India.  I stood up real fast and I felt a little dizzy, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it because that’s what happens to everyone. So I was at the basin with my toothbrush in my left hand and the toothpaste in my right hand getting ready to brush my teeth and then everything just went blank. The next thing I remember is I’m standing near the door and looking down at my body on the floor. That sight freaked me out so much. Then I (the one on the floor) remember looking at the fan on the ceiling and wondering, ‘That’s weird. Why am I looking at the fan?’. My eyes were shut the whole time. So there was no way I could have seen that. At that moment I came back to my conscious self and opened my eyes, and I was actually on the floor and looking at the fan!
NDE from fainting at age 15.  From India.

2012.  Frank G NDE English expanded version   11/21/2009 Now here's where things get real interesting THE GATES of Heaven, I found myself looking in but could not get in! I started to knock, knock on the gates to Heaven. The sights where out of this world, people playing having a great time, the sight & sounds greater than any thing we know musical notes & sounds just greater than works can explain. The visual effects was endless amount of bright colors (using color to try & paint the color) again words are to simple! As I became accustomed to the sights & sound, I was delighted I was in the right place, yet the gates would not open!
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

2011.  Cindy E NDE English expanded version   11/15/2009 "I'm dying. born in 1962, died in 1997. Then, everything got dark. I saw my whole family in front of me, except my beloved nana. I didn't know why she wasn't there. I kept telling my family, "but, I'm dying." I saw mom's head, and I was relaxing on the sofa. I kept saying that "but, I'm dying", while talking to mom. I wanted her to tell my boss that I wouldn't be coming back to work because, "but I'm dying" and to say good by to everyone in my family for me. Then, mom was gone, and God came. I couldn't see him. But, I knew he was there. He kept telling me how I was special and that I shouldn't think so lowly about myself. I felt this being infused in me and I felt very loved.
NDE due to criminal attack.

2010.  Shirley R Probable NDE English expanded version   11/15/2009 I was a silhouette of dark grey with light grey surrounding the whole area, except for the bright light that seemed to be heading up. The light being not of earth light, no need for the moon or stars. The best way I can describe the light is the look of a full moon brightness look. Other silhouettes moving through the tunnel of light at a upward angle. Each silhouette was alone and no sex of man or woman or child, no animals were present to me. No color was present. The feeling of happiness and complete understanding of everything of earth was known in a flash. I was home, really home, nothing of earth was present, just me and information entering my mind, ESP is the best way to describe it. A great feeling of I made it home at last I knew what home sweet home meant. There is no time or months and life is short and death is forever, endless.
Surgery-related Probable NDE.

2009.  Tommy S NDE English expanded version   11/15/2009 I was soaking wet with sweat and the electricity went in my arm and stomach and would not let me go ,I could yell or anything to get away and I could not breath so basically I suffocated to death and my heart stopped. and suddenly remembered I had done every I could now it was in the lord's hands so I started praying for God to help me. I saw this tunnel of white light drawing closer and closer and I was not afraid or in pain anymore, all I felt was peace .
NDE due to electrocution.

2008.  Debbie P NDE English expanded version   11/15/2009 & 11/24/13  A boy pushed me under the water in the baby pool at the base and was holding me down.  I remember seeing my body under the water.  I had a blue swimsuit on and saw bubbles coming out of my nose and mouth.  I was just watching from above, but close.  I was not scared.  I was calm and thinking to myself, "why am I under water and why is that boy holding my hand"? I started floating higher away and then saw my mom run into the water and grab the boy.  it was beautiful and the colors were very pretty and clear.  I remember zapping instantly into my body violently fast.
NDE due to drowning at age 4.

2007.  Herb B NDE English expanded version   11/15/2009 This is about the time I realized I didn't have a body shape anymore.  I knew something had changed, but I just accepted it.  I noticed I was starting to slowly levitate.  I also felt an incredible sense of peace and well-being coming from behind me.  I had a pulling feeling and I was turned 180 degrees toward the left side of the ambulance.  The pulling was like a gradual magnet effect.  I could see a square opening higher in the ambulance side.  It was then that the pulling took control of me.  I could see something flowing out of the square opening.  I can best describe it as many small headlights beaming slightly through a thick white fog.  I was pulled towards the opening and the white illuminated fog, which flowed like a stream.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

2006.  K. C. NDE English expanded version   11/15/2009 From the U.K.  Hit in the head with a bottle.  I fell onto the corner of a work top, smashing my head even more.  I got up and collapsed in the street.  It was night. I lay face down.  Then I heard a  voice in my head saying "If you don't get up, you're going to die here.  You  have to get up!" I was thinking that I don't want to die here.  On my own, I got up somehow and stumbled down the street. I remember walking a while.  The next thing I recall was looking down at someone huddled in a corner of a messy room. I couldn't see the face of the person. I felt calm, no pain.  I said or thought who is that?  A hazy grayish greenish light lit up this corner.  It was me! I went towards the corner and suddenly I was gasping, shaking, and scared. I was in the corner. I got up. I was in a garden shed. I had made it home.  They told me I was gone for 8 hours and the temperature outside was minus 3. I had a t-shirt on.
NDE from being hit in the head and going unconscious.

2005.  Maria G NDE English expanded version   11/14/2009 From Mexico, original in Spanish, translated by Simon  Then suddenly I saw a light in the distance, like someone seeing a bright star, and this is when I knew that I had to go towards that light while at the same time a wonderful peace invaded my being, a tranquillity never before experienced, and great, great joy at going towards the light. Arriving there it was shining in great splendour and as I entered into the light I heard someone calling my name, but in a way which was full of tender feeling, saying it was not my time, that I had two children who needed me and I had to go back.  I replied (without words) that I did not want to, that I wanted to stay in that place and that I was absolutely fine, but I was suddenly taken out of the light, trying to get back to it. When I got back in again the same thing was repeated to me, though inside me I felt nothing for anyone, I just wanted to stay in that place. The second time they told me the same thing, I left the light and opened my eyes.
Childbirth NDE.

2004.  Robert T Possible NDE English expanded version   11/14/2009 From Canada, original in French, translated by Kathy My experience happened during the night.  I’d gone to bed with my left arm feeling slightly numb and a big headache but I wasn’t worried in the least.  I told myself it would pass.  During my sleep I found myself in a dark tunnel with a white being who was pulling me from behind.  I was moving through the tunnel backwards at high speed and when I turned around to look at this immaculate white being without a face I would see a luminous white dot that was growing bigger and bigger and this being was giving me the feeling that he couldn’t wait to deliver me to God or that he was fed up of looking after me (Guardian Angel)?  During this trip I remember that I didn’t want to die because I was caring for my 77-year-old mother who’s very sick at home and I didn’t want to leave her alone and I especially didn’t want to cause her sorrow.  To get back to my journey, when I objected to the idea of dying the voice of God which I recognized, intervened saying to the being who was in such a rush to deliver me to the Creator, God told him .. hey.. don’t you see that he’s not ready to die.  Bring him back to his body.
Possible NDE or NDE-Like, hard to tell.

2003.  Julie D NDE English expanded version   11/14/2009 From the U.K. I was being strangled by my ex-husband.  I tried to fight him off, but I eventually gave up and just went with it.. I remember standing next to a male being who wore a grey cloak with a hood.  He stood to my left. I felt my whole life up until that moment.  I was engulfed with overwhelming sadness because my life had been empty. I didn't want to cry. I got the feeling or thought I had to resume living because I hadn't done or learned what I had came here for. At no time during this experience was I aware of my earthly body.
NDE due to strangulation.

2002.  Corbin NDE English expanded version   11/14/2009  I remember trying to breath and every breath was harder than the last, then all at once a felling of comfort overwhelmed me and I thought it's over at last then I was home and all around me was pure white light and total love and caring and a comfort I've never known nor will I forget, I couldn't see anyone but knew I was not alone and nothing to fear, all the time this overpowering felling that I had made it home at last after a life long wait, everything was perfect, my life was complete, then I felt heavy pressure in my chest and I opened my eyes not knowing where I was, my wife was standing at my side crying and I asked what was wrong and where am I and then I remembered where I had been, what I had seen, what I had felt, I love my wife but I felt a sadness of loss because I had been home but just for a short visit, I love life but I know what awaits me and it's wonderful.
NDE due to intestinal bleed.

2001.  Greta P NDE English expanded version   11/14/2009  Then I heard a voice--rich, loving, deep & rather like an radio announcer of that era (they couldn't get jobs on the air unless they had wonderful voices.)  This voice started telling me that I needed to get out of the water. "But I can't" I retorted. "But, you must get out of the water." "I've tried and tried, but nothing works." Sometime in my conversation with 'the voice' my soul floated up out of my body and was about one foot above, looking down on my body, but at the same time, I was also in my body, experiencing it.  The voice continued to coach me in a very loving manner. "You must fight to get out of the water." "Yes, I know, but nothing works. And besides, I'm so relaxed..." "If you don't get out of that water--you're going to die." "I know" I said. "Do you want to die?" "No, but I'm so relaxed."
NDE due to head injury followed by drowning at age 10.  Remarkable in that NDE contained information to save herself from drowning.  Shared 53 years later.

2000.  Shawna F NDE English expanded version   11/14/2009  When I got beyond the light, I realized that I was in the backyard of my Grandparent's home. And my 3 year old son was there playing. He had also been in the wreck. He suffered brain stem trauma and was in a coma, at another hospital near by. I did not know this of course. The last time I had seen him, EMS was dragging his limp/lifeless body out of the back window.  He was there. And he was playing with bricks. And that made sense to me and still does, because my Grandfather would use brick pavers in his landscaping projects. And he had a pile of them next to his shed. I was overjoyed to see him.
NDE due to car accident.  Very uncommon element of seeing a living person (her son) during the unearthly part of her NDE.

1999.  Cindy Q’s Friend’s NDE. English expanded version   11/14/2009   As a child there was a neighbor boy named Raymond that was slightly retarded, nobody wanted to play with him. I always let him play with us and scolded the other kids if they were mean to him. One day after one of the kids said something mean, he said 'I'm like this because I died' and of course I asked him what he meant, he said 'I have something in my brain, they did an operation and I died on the table, I saw the doctors, they said bad words and everyone was running around, I told them what they said when I was dead and then they believed me that I died and came back, there was a white light and everything was so beautiful. I'm not afraid to die anymore.'
OBE which may have been a dream and a second-person NDE.

1998.  Bobbie M NDE English expanded version   11/8/2009  From France.  Translated by Kathy.  Briefly:  once asleep on the operating table I remember a very bright light dazzling me.  Never at anytime was I afraid of what was happening!!    I was drawn to the light so I moved forward, but I wasn’t walking I was floating!!  Once at the end of this light I found myself in a huge field with flowers and birds everywhere and a little stream with a bridge over it where a man in a long white robe was sitting.  He smiled at me.
Surgery-related NDE at age 10.

1997.  Ian R NDE English expanded version   11/8/2009  From the UK.  Literally as soon as the Physio started everything would go black , then a small white light would appear , gradually getting larger & I'd get a falling sensation as if in a tunnel . Then I would see the Physio's hands massaging my neck which would suddenly zoom down the Tunnel towards the light . What was strange is I did not follow , the Physio's arms would stretch into infinity & I'd become aware that I was floating . Slowly rising upwards until the entire cubicle was visible to me from above . My first experience I watched the Physio massaging my neck , I watched my Mother crying & I watched a Nurse enter the cubicle & give my Mother a paper tissue to dry her tears. This abruptly stopped & it felt as if I had been suddenly sucked back into my body.
NDE from neck massage as a child.

1996.  Paul M NDE English expanded version   11/8/2009  I was outside the ambulance seeing what route it was taking.  When I was revived, I told the paramedic what route we took - and I was right even though I was clinically dead.
NDE at age 7 associated with fire in house.

1995.  Pamela D Possible NDE English expanded version   10/28/2009  She said that I was pronounced dead at an Emergency Room, and the doctors brought me back. All I remember is through a persistent dream I have of being in a dark place but not being afraid.  There was a radiating warmth engulfing me.  I seem to remember it FELT like a white or gold light.  I don't recall seeing this light, just feeling it.  It also felt like love I have never known. The radiating "light" was telling me things telepathically.  No words transpired until I asked a presence I felt there with me, "Am I going now?"  The presence answered, "No, it's not your time yet."  Even now, I'm not sure actual words were spoken.  Perhaps more telepathy. 
Possible NDE revealed through subsequent dreams from a possible criminal attack.

1994.  William T NDE-like English expanded version   10/28/2009 Colors were intensely vibrant.  I found myself in an intimate perceptual relationship with everything – all the way to the horizon.   I had become a void at the center of my universe - the center of a network of spatial relationships.  The experience was complemented by an out-of-body, third person perspective from 10 feet above my head.  The third person perspective was in addition to my eye level perspective and lasted about three days.  The color intensity, the knowledge where everything was, the intense focus on the here-and-now persisted for months.   

1993.  Veronica W NDE English expanded version   12/6/09 & 10/24/2009  There was one major being of love and many other beings of love with actual personhood or souls.  I could not see much but light and vague outlines in a way.  There was nothing but love, goodness, truth, and all things to do with love with NO ROOM for fear or evil or anything but this love.  It was more wonderful than any of my best hopes or experiences on this planet.  It was beyond perfect and loving as we in our human state know it.  No words to describe it.  I was so happy to be there. 
Exceptional NDE due to anaphylactic allergic reaction.  A must read.

1992.  Clint G NDE English expanded version   10/11/2009 From Canada When I was 13, I was shot in my right thigh with a rifle, the bullet broke my femoral artery vein in my leg, at the time I was shot, I had what seemed like a flash of my life, and all past experiences. Although I do not remember a single thing from this experience, I do know that it happened, the best way that I explained it over the years was like a giant picture of thousands on tiny pictures, that flashed in my mind. 
NDE due to being accidentally shot at age 13.

1991.  Stacy M NDE English expanded version  10/11/2009 I know that I SAW darkness.  I know I felt like I was lying on the ground and looking up into darkness.  There was a form that felt loving a female who was looking over my body.  (I just started to tear up feeling this story again)  "she" was hovering it felt above me.  She kind of had an outline and it felt like her long wavy blond hair hung down too.  Next I felt being in the ambulance.
NDE due to seizure at age 15.

1990.  Larry W Fear Death Experience English expanded version  10/11/2009 I told my self, “this is where I die.”  I ordered a Marine to help me and we crawled to the fighting hole. We pulled the wounded man up and positioned him out of the ground. Then, on the count of three, we picked him up and ran up the hill where corpsmen waited on the LZ established above and on the other side of the hill.  The enemy machine gun opened fire and hammered us as we ran. Instantly, I was transported into the sky. I looked down on the action taking place, seeing my self carrying the wounded Marine, watching dirt exploding as rounds hit all around me. I had a panoramic view of the whole hillside, could see our dug-in positions and even the faces of my fellow Marines. All sounds of battle stopped, though muzzle flashes and explosions were clearly visible. All smells of battle were gone. I heard a gentle wind blowing as I seemed to float about the battlefield. I felt a presence behind my back, which seemed to be supporting me and seemed also to radiate a light over me. I was flying, or hovering superman style.
Fear death experience during Vietnam combat.  These types of experiences are in the spectrum of experiences that includes NDE.

1989.  Michael K NDE English expanded version  10/11/2009 During the operation, for some reason, I did not know there was a problem.  I was under anesthesia.  All I know I was above my body watching hem working on me doing CPR and trying all kinds of things.  I remember watching them and thinking what are they doing.  I hovered in the corner of the operating room watching what was going on.  I then left the operating room and was floating off towards a light.  It was the most peaceful light , there was no fear, no pain, just happiness and peace.  I was happy to be there.  I saw people closer towards the light which I believe were my grandmother and great grandmother , I was heading towards them and happy to be there .Then for no reason I was transported back.
NDE due to cardiac arrest while in surgery.  Witnessed his own resuscitation.

1988.  René A NDE English expanded version  10/11/2009 Next, I was going away, into a mild to cool light. As I "lifted", my body faded away, and I was just aware of something or someone informing me I wasn't there anymore. I was with a new experience, that felt right. I felt a happiness and wanted to cry with joy, but couldn't. Then an endless reel of life peeled within my conscientiousness. I was being shown I was living a lie. I felt bad, and sad about it. I was told it was alright. My guide was someone called Salle' or something like it.  And then was shown the cosmos of all reality. My soul sang out, "I knew it"...this is where we live. I saw amazing energies and realities of all things. I wept as only a soul could weep. I was profoundly at peace, and filled with hope. I remember asking like a little kid, can I stay here? 
NDE during general surgery.

1987.  Gerry M NDE English expanded version  10/11/2009  The only part that had "normal" color was the area behind the "tear" in space, or time, or whatever it was that was behind the person I was speaking with.  this tear opened up as I began to go towards this person.  I could hear children laughing, playing and it looked like what a nice park here on earth looks like..., nice green grass cut short, trees, blue sky and clouds.  Everything else was basically different shades of the color you see when you close your eyes outside in daylight.
Fell off roof of garage at age 7.

1986.  Bart A NDE English expanded version  10/11/2009  The experience was truly fantastic, but unfortunately very hard to describe. There was an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. Time as we know it didn't seem to exist. I felt like I was taken on an emotional journey of the joy of my childhood.
NDE from liver failure.

1985.  Tony P NDE English expanded version  10/4/2009 Original in Italian, translated to French by Philippe and translated to English by Kathy.  Having counted 450 branches and tunnels, I found myself outdoors in a forest of vibrant colors, of fluorescent green, with a colossal tree in the centre.  In staring at it and its thin blanket of snow, I felt every one of my cells invaded by an energy and a sense of security I’d never felt before.  A very deep voice penetrated me and made my entire being vibrate.  “It isn’t time.”  Everything moved in synchronicity with my steps.  At this point my entire life passed before me, but only the wayward moments and I was tormented by it. 
I begged for help with all my heart and all my strength. 
NDE from a brain aneurism.

1984.  Oklahoma NDE English expanded version  9/27/2009  I was aware of sudden and intense pain and for some reason I knew I was dying. In my mind I was screaming for God's help, telling Him I was dying. I felt like I was expanding. Like I was filling up with air. I was floating/flying/racing upward. I became nothing but consciousness, if that makes sense. I didn't hurt any more.  Now I am surrounded by a field of blue. It was a luminescent blue like no other blue I have ever seen before or since. And on the periphery was a golden glow--I couldn't look right at the gold area, it was just there on the edge of my field of vision. I'm thinking how beautiful this is. I don't really care for the color blue, but this is HEAVENLY.  Oh my God, Heaven.
NDE from car accident.

1983.  Scott Y NDE English expanded version  5/7/2011 All of a sudden all of the pain and agony ended. I saw my physical body on the bottom of the lake. My face showed a lot of pain and distress. My spiritual body felt no pain, but only relief and peace. I felt free and liberated. I turned around and saw a long see-through tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a very intense and bright light. I seemed to be physically drawn to the light, almost as if it was sucking me towards it. The light radiated love and peace. I wanted to experience it and be in its presence.
NDE as a teenager from a drowning incident.

1982.  Elisa R NDE English expanded version  9/27/2009  One thing I remember is that when I drifted in the light with God there was a point in time that I was begging him to take me with him, I told him that I did not want to go back and it was safe with him. He asked me "are you finished"? I thought about it and realized that I was not finished and if I came home with the Lord I would have unfinished business and my tasks would be incomplete.  So I was given a choice to stay or go and I chose to come back and finish. He reminded me of my home and the reality that really exists and the beauty behind all of it is so indescribable and amazing. Till this day, pretty much everyday, I crave my home-because Heaven truly is my home...this earth is very temporary and time is simply an illusion to further understand being human. 
NDE from an auto accident.

1981.  Jane LB NDE English expanded version  9/27/2009  I went to the light ... it was good. I couldn't go all the way because of my 7 kids, the youngest of whom was 7. I had to fight it, but I'm not afraid of passing through, it will be fine. I came back and saw from above--there was a lumberjack (or anyway a handsome blond man with long hair who was wearing plaid shirt and jeans and a smile) and he was talking and his words sounded beautiful but I couldn't understand him. 
NDE from a bike accident.

1980.  Attila D FDE English expanded version  9/27/2009  At the point of impact, all I remember after that was a big flash like those old cameras they used many years ago were they put the material over there heads and they made a bit of smoke.  It was a very big white flash.  Then all I saw (which was in black and white) was like an old film reel flicking through my whole life very fast with little flashes.  I saw my whole childhood from being in my mum's stomach, my parents holding me, who I had come in contact with in my family, my brothers, sisters, grandparents etc.  It was very bizarre to me. 
Life review caused by a fear death experience.

1979.  Forbes G NDE English expanded version  9/27/2009  Suddenly the pain was gone, the siren was gone, the bumpy ride was gone, and I was in a placed that I am unable to describe. A clam, warm, quiet, pleasant place, and the most wonderful feeling of peace, love, and contentment. I was reveling in it, lost in it, and suddenly I head a voice in the back of my head say (Open your eyes.) I was in this wonderful place, and this voice had the gall to try to interrupt me. I thought the word, (What?), and was irritated at the voice. I again heard the voice, but in louder, stronger tone, (OPEN YOUR EYES!). Half angry, and half scared of the voice I did open my eyes, and the real world crashed down on me. Everything was back, the pain, and all that was around me became alive and real again.
NDE from a tire accident.

1978.  Jennifer T NDE English expanded version  9/27/2009  I am looking at myself lying in a hospital bed. I am feeling strange, almost dreamlike, but in awe of seeing myself. Something takes hold of my left hand and I turn around, to my right. I am looking at this Being of Light and feel calm and at peace. The Being of Light takes hold of my right hand and releases my left while communicating with me that everything will be all right. The communication is not with spoken words but I just know this. I see a small light which seems so far away. During this time, I am feeling that this Being of Light is both male and female. I describe it as being calming and protective like a woman yet strong like a male.
NDE from closed-head injury.

Child NDE as a pedestrian.

1976.  Rick E NDE English expanded version  9/13/2009 At the age of 5, my Father had to slam on the brakes. I hit my head on the gear shifter of the car. The next thing I knew, I was floating about 30 feet above the car. After that, my Mother was shaking me to wake up. I had a big bruise on my forehead for days afterward. I thought it was a dream until I started learning about astral projection.
Child went unconscious when head hit.

1975.  Ben NDE English expanded version  9/13/2009  & 7/17/10  I had a heart attack that brought on the out body experience.  I don't remember getting to the hospital. I was on the operating table, when it happened.  It felt like I was floating.  I watched them take off my socks and pants.  Then I saw my wife.  She has gray hair, but she had black hair back then.   Then I saw the white light; there is nothing  that bright on earth. I saw my dad's gray jacket laying in front of the tunnel. I don't know how long I was gone. Then they shocked me back to life
NDE from heart attack.

1974.  Alicia C Fear Death Experience English expanded version  9/12/2009  When he took the curve he lost control and the car started to spin. It never rolled or crashed into anything, luckily. We ended up on the other side of the road in the ditch facing the other way. During the whole time as soon as the car started to spin. I some how ended up out side the car about 100 ft away on the side of the road. I could see the car, I could see us in the car, I could make out all the colors, I saw all the cars coming on the road along with the headlights. I could see the car spinning. As soon as the car stopped in the ditch I was back in the car.

1973.  Betty Fear Death Experience English expanded version  9/9/2009  I was 12 and I was playing with my friends outside that day. One friend was pulling another in a wagon and myself and another friend were running side by side chasing the wagon down a sidewalk. I tripped and started to fall. The second I hit the ground I saw myself from about 150ft in the air looking down. I could see everything looking straight down...the tops of the trees, the top of my house, myself and friend running - all in a freeze frame. It felt like I was looking down on everything for about 5-7 solid seconds. It was like looking at a photo...no fear of being high in the sky, just a freeze frame as if time stopped, but I could still feel it was a good period of 5-7 seconds that I was looking down.
This one is either a type of fear death experience or a spontaneous OBE, or something in between the spectrum of consciousness. 

1972.  Linda Go NDE English expanded version  9/7/2009 From Australia. I was suddenly conscious of looking down at myself. I seemed to be in the corner of the ceiling.  I remember thinking I don't look very well and then realization that I was dying.  I wasn't scared, just pissed off that I was not going to see my daughter grow up.
Surgery-related NDE.

1971.  Florenti NDE English expanded version  9/2/2009 From France.  Original in French, translated by Jean Peter.  Then, I felt as if I were standing (but I saw my body was laying behind me), in total darkness, I knew I was in a tunnel, I started to float forward, I did not touch the ground, faster and faster, almost laying on my belly until I reached a fantastic acceleration, similar to a rocket, to reach the light that was at the end of this long tunnel. I moved through forms, or I averted them, I passed by sorts of rectangles, triangles (I don’t exactly know what it was…) I was not scared, I even was very peaceful. At the same time I thought to my family, my mother would be sad to know I was dead when she comes back home tonight... 
NDE as a child from a dog attack.

1970.  Peter NDE English expanded version  8/30/2009 I saw my life appear above me as if on a big screen my focus was draw into it. I was surprised that I did not view it thru my eye's but saw myself from the "fly on the wall' perspective. When it came to the moment where I was. The view pulled back & I was looking at my face. From beside the bed where I lay.  I said to myself them "wow, I'm dead. Then  " I guess the first law of thermo dynamics is true."  At this point as if standing waist deep in the ocean facing the beach. I was engulfed in a great wave of compassion for the human race. I felt at oneness with everyone. The illusion of being alone in the world fell away & I felt a great calming peace , I haven't felt since.  To my left a voice began talking to me .It was a 'call & response' thing. The voice said something & I repeated it with a sense like when you are reviewing material for an exam.  I was being told that the meaning of life is to love others more than yourself.  Then I was told & understood that we are all connected as in a chain & from the eternal view 'mankind is only viewed from it's weakest link.
NDE due to pulmonary embolism

1969.  Guy B NDE English expanded version  8/30/2009  It was all black and white and grey and blurry. I was in what seemed to be a school hallway with just people moving every which way like a crowded subway station in front of me.  To the left was an arch way that was the bright part of the scene.  To the right and behind me I could feel the darkness.  I remember hearing two real loud buzzing sounds like an alarm.  I remember thinking to myself there was something I was doing that was important and I shouldn't be sleeping. I opened my eyes to see a bunch of doctors all around and telling then I was sorry and I was trying to stay awake that is when the doctor told me I died and they had to shock me  twice.
NDE from heart attack, atypical imagery.

1968.  Kathy R Possible NDE English expanded version  8/30/2009 From the U.K.  Exit - the loo and my head down the toilet and remember I couldn't breathe.  Next thing, I was travelling into a beautifully light and incredibly colorful 'tube' at rapid speed.  The speed was indescribable and I 'erupted' out of the other end to have this incredible 'being' right in front of me.  The feeling was amazing and a 'communication' began between us - I do not remember what was said, but it was not 'speech' as we know it on earth.  I know it seemed in my soul that it was about 'me' and what I had done so far.  The being was surrounded by a brilliant blue and white light that I had never seen before or since.  I then realized  - that I was 'mind'.  I could 'see' and I felt like a child - wonderful place to be.
Possible NDE.  This is one of those close calls from a drug overdose or possible allergic reaction.

1967.  Raina J NDE English expanded version  8/30/2009 At first, the man in front of me is approximately 30 feet away from me.  He appears to be flooded with white light in a white suit, bald, with extremely white teeth.  He floats me out of formation, then in front of him.  He is not in a white suit, but he "glowing".  Inner light is flowing out all round him.  He has extremely blue eyes.   I am so happy to see him!I know him and he knows me.  I cannot recollect who he is now.  I hug him and tell him I miss him.  He tells me it is not my time. 
NDE from auto accident,  Reincarnation imagery. 

1966.  Blester PW NDE English expanded version  8/30/2009 From Scotland I felt like my body was missing and I was in a void space.  The space seemed to have no limits and these was a strange sound like violins but more like voices. It was very loud. I felt very at ease, happy and not worried about How I was in this situation. I just felt like I was supposed to be here.  Very quickly I began to gear voices but I could actually hear them in my head but the sound was all around.  I could also see what looked like an old woman wearing some sort of thick gloves like rubber gloves.  I thought she wanted to talk to me but she kept watching me.  I recognized her but I don't know who she is at all.  The musical sounds were coming from her and it was getting louder and louder. Suddenly I was seeing lots of strange crystal and glass objects.  They had colors I'd never seen before. 
NDE, went unconscious when she bent over to get her purse.

1965.  Lynne S NDE English expanded version  8/29/2009 I felt wonderful, no pain, no worries. I noted that the tops of the walls faded into blackness and I could see the stars above. I noticed a large window below me, and somehow received the thought  that I could go home for a minute if I wished. My marriage was not very good at the time, and I decided not to visit my home before leaving.
NDE due to childbirth complications

1964.  Charles H NDE 4084 English expanded version  8/29/2009 As I heard the sirens, I was gone.  I felt my last gasp, then all the pain was gone.  As I was looking down, I heard the man say to the paramedics, "He's gone."  They went to work on me, chest compressions, breathing into my mouth, no pulse.  I was there above them watching.  I heard a voice in the light.  It said to me, "It's time."  I said, "No! Please my babies.  I need to raise my babies!"  All I could think of was my three babies ages 4, 3, and 2 yrs old at home.  The light said, "If you go back, you won't like it."  I said, "I have to. Please.  My babies need me!"  I was watching my body there.  All this happening so fast. 
NDE due to being run over by a truck

1963.  Michael A NDE English expanded version  8/29/2009 I was floating in a non physical form toward a blue/purple gas planet. I felt so much love and understanding words cannot express. my second image and was one of the most realistic feeling, I was there in physical form riding on the front of a old sailing ship. I could smell food cooking and I felt the presence of something telling me I need to "Go back and learn to LOVE the right way".
NDE from accident and head injury

1962.  Jason NDE English expanded version  8/29/2009  I was not drawn to a light or a life review or even a tunnel of light. I do remember seeing what seemed to be angels of some sort or clerics in white robes leaning over me where I lay. I saw what looked like a field and a piece of the track I was laying on in the physical realm. I do believe that what they gave me was a book and on the cover of this book it said "book of prophecies" and ever since that day I have been more aware of things changing that should not have changed or have the need to change.
NDE from bicycle accident...but not the usual imagery

1961.  Victor B NDE English expanded version  8/29/2009 I dimmed into light, aware that I was floating among the branches and leaves of the oak trees above me.  Everything was quiet; I could hear and feel the wind rustling through the leaves.  It seemed totally natural that I should be free of my body in this state.  I had no desire to look upon myself crumpled within the wreckage of my bicycle.  I do remember feeling sorry for that poor little boy and the injuries he sustained.  As a matter of fact, this felt like my real place in the cosmos and I was ready to go forth, even if it meant never seeing my family again.  Then I heard something coming from above me. ³Angels!² I screamed with delight.  The heavenly chorus was so sweet and loving that to this day, whenever I hear a choir hitting just the right notes, I well up with tears remembering that sweet emotional moment of unbridled joy when I realized I must be dead and the angels were coming for me.
NDE from bicycle accident.

1960.  Elizabeth NDE English expanded version  8/22/2009 Original in Spanish, from Puerto Rico, translated to English by Simon A.   'm told that I fainted. I felt I was looking in front of me, and all I could see was a silhouette standing before me. It was the most attractive presence, I felt it was the most beautiful man I had seen in my life. He seemed to be naked, but I could only see the silhouette standing there in front of me as if he did not want me to go in that direction. Because the bright light was behind him, I couldn't see his face, the light was shining from behind him towards me as if to light him up.
NDE from drug overdose.

1959.  Stu B NDE English expanded version  8/22/2009  & 4/17/11  I clearly remember the wonderful bliss as I moved in a vortex toward a very bright light and looked down from above the water and saw myself laying spread on the floor of the pool as I turned around and went back to the color blobs and through the tunnel toward the beautiful light. I believe that after awhile there was an abrupt feeling of being sucked back. And the pain and misery set in as I was being jumped on and slapped by a man who was trying to revive me. I wanted to go back. I was so young but the few conscious memories I have are still vivid in my mind like it happened yesterday.
Child Drowning NDE.

1958.  Eric D Probable NDE English expanded version  8/22/2009 The most vivid part of the experience was at one point I could see my mother holding me in her arms. She looked very sad, yet accepting. It appeared she was on the verge of crying but she wasn't because she knew I was going on to a better place. Slowly, I began to sink down away from her and I could see geometric shapes below me against a black background. They were a silverish blue in color of various rectangular sizes. I said farewell to my family and friends one by one.
Probable NDE from bicycle accident.

1957.  Leonard NDE English expanded version  8/15/2009 Original in French, from Canada, translated to English by Jean Peter.  God then showed me all my life from birth till NDE. I felt and experienced again all these events and I also felt emotions I had raised in others. I was my only judge! This experience was very painful. I dare not imagine what Adolf Hitler underwent when feeling the pain of millions of individuals… God showed me when I had generously done things without thinking about it beforehand, and when I had done unloving things. I even saw myself steeling sweets in a shop, thinking to myself, “Whew, nobody saw me!” But indeed somebody saw me… Yes God saw me! But he does not judge me. In fact this is what hit me the most: God does not judge, he just loves us with unconditional love, this love is indescribable, it is not like what we feel on earth, this is rather a force-love.
Exceptional NDE from a heart attack.

1956.  Bonnie M NDE English expanded version  8/15/2009 Then a mist of light in the middle of where I was going. And all at once I was in front of these beings of light, they were much more taller than I and I can't say that I saw faces or arms just outlines sort of.  Between us was a table like from the Flintstones cartoon in that it looked to be out of a flat stone with stone stools holding it up from underneath. I was directed to come closer, not by hearing sounds but by more of a feeling direction on coming closer.
NDE from a bowel rupture.

1955.  Renato B NDE English expanded version  8/15/2009  From the Philippines   I went to a cave and saw my long lost relatives. prior to the event I was vomiting blood, and was diagnosed with brain abscess. while in Jose Reyes Hospital after vomiting blood and suffering from mild stroke, I left my body, I went inside a cave and I saw my ancestors, several of them, they where all seated on the floor, the cave was black, my ancestors wore all body white clothing, they did not speak, they stared at me and when my mother shouted "champorado" in the ICU, I left the cave and my ancestors slowly receded from my view.
Short NDE from stroke and blood loss.

1954.  Stacy R NDE English expanded version  8/15/2009  I distinctly remember myself (my body) hovering above the scene that was taking place below. My vision was in black and white and there was no bright light or "light tunnel" as they say.  I could draw you a picture of exactly where I was laying right now to this day without question. The EMT did not extract the nickel - but my mom had now arrived and before the EMT could perform the tracheotomy needed, my mom pounded on my back like a mad woman and the coin came flying out.
NDE when she was 5 years old.

1953.  Michael B NDE English expanded version  8/15/2009 When I had been thrown out of the fire I hit a picnic table with my head. Due to the severity of my burns and the head trauma my Father told me in later years that the Doctors did not expect me to live. I remember being taken to the X-ray room because the size of the tragedy had overwhelmed the Emergency Room. I remember then walking with my Mother in beautiful light towards a source of Great goodness and Love, just as we were about to be bathed in the Light my Mother knelt and hugged me, she told me she Loved me, that it was not my time yet. She then crossed into the Light. 
Shared NDE with a 5 year old child and his mother.

1952.  Ki R Possible NDE English expanded version  8/15/2009 I looked ahead and there was a vast almost panoramic line of light stretched across space I could see blackness above it and blackness below as I got closer to this light which sort of looked like the sun shining through a thick opaque type of glass it was very comforting and not painful to look at like the sun.  as I got further is when the overwhelming sense of my body absorbing all of this light it engulfed me it washed me it filled me up with such love I cannot explain there is no word stronger than love here on earth to describe it. I know now that this was god. as I got closer I could see silhouette shapes of people all lined up along the vastness of this light and that was it. 
She didn't die, but all the classic NDE elements are there.

1951.  John P NDE 4065 English expanded version  8/15/2009 While drifting in the darkness and bitter cold (wanting my mother), I felt a warmth coming from behind me, Although I saw no body, I somehow turned and saw a fuzzy light. which seem to be giving off the warmth, to what was now my front. (my back was still bitter cold.) I started (somehow) moving towards the light.  The closer I got to the light the warmer I got, the warmer I got the more I knew.  I started recalling what I thought were embarrassing moments in my life, only to understand why they happened.  The closer to the light the less I wanted to return home.  It got to a point I understood everything and forgot about my previous life. 
NDE from a possible heart attack.

1950.  Lisa Possible NDE English expanded version  8/15/2009 Woke up suddenly at like 3:00 AM. Was looking down at my body and aware of a presence sort of to my right and behind me. Realized (not really visual, but could somehow see him?) that Jesus was there. It surprised me, as I was agnostic. We began a communication/transmission. Like we didn't speak, yet I could hear his voice somehow.
Possible NDE from pneumonia and anorexia.

1949.  Phillip O NDE English expanded version  8/11/2009 I found myself outside my room at the nurses station. I heard a mighty rushing wind to my right I saw an angel flying toward me.  As he flew by, there where other angels covered with light following him.  The first angel I saw him from head to toe.  He was very large with big fat cheeks.  He had muscles on top of muscles.  He was clothed in white and had huge large white wings.  He flew by several times with the angels that was covered with light.  All I could see of them were their wings barely sticking out of the light.  The fear had left me. I felt pure energy going through me and peace and love.  The angel that led the others stopped as I gazed upon him.  I was in awe.  His eyes were not like ours but had a slit from top to bottom with different colors.  He told me to hop on.  I told him I wasn't ready to go .  . .
NDE from bleeding out in the hospital.  Experience filled with Christian imagery.

1948.  Geralyn AS NDE English expanded version  8/11/2009 During this, I began rising, and all at once it seemed as though I knew everything there was to know. It seemed as if all the mysteries of the world were being revealed. I understood science, math, life! Simultaneously, I could see people below me in other rooms, I saw my grandmother and great-aunt crying outside the operating area, I saw other patients being treated in other surgery rooms, I saw people outside the hospital. I saw so much and I continued to rise. 
2 NDEs.  One from cancer surgery, and one from drug overdose.  The first experience was pleasant...the second hellish.

1947.  David J NDE English expanded version  8/10/2009 I find myself with no sensation in a black void, and someone calls out to me. and how did I know it was to me. I don't know, but I knew it was to me. He said, "Are you back, already?" That was when I saw the light. It was a bright, round, blue white some distance away. It felt right, to me, that he was there, in the light. I wanted to see who it was that had called out to me, and it seemed because I wanted to see who was there, the light started to look closer. I have no idea if I moved to the light or the light moved toward me, all I know is the light got larger until I was in it.
NDE from electrocution.

1946.  Pattie T NDE English expanded version  8/10/2009 I remember looking both ways then starting to cross...I still don't know if it was just a dream but it didn't feel like it...it felt like I was there...it was so real....... all of a sudden I'm in this beautiful place....such a beautiful landscape...the colors were so vivid....it was full of trees and flowers and the smell from the flowers..... I saw people walking in this garden and a white building in the middle of this wonderful place. I started walking towards the people and the building when I saw this one man....he seemed so full of love and tenderness.
NDE from bicycle accident

1945.  Charis M NDE English expanded version  8/9/2009 But at some point during this time I remember (this is the only thing I remember clearly) floating in my hospital room looking down from above at my body in the hospital bed. its like I was laying on top of my unconscious body , head to head , toe to toe , just not touching it, floating in the air. I didn't know if my body was dead or unconscious. There was nobody else in the room and I clearly remember saying, "wow. Im really dead." , but no real words would come out, it was just thoughts. I seriously thought it was all over.
NDE from suicide attempt.

1944.  Pam F NDE English expanded version  8/9/2009 While all of this was happening, I mostly remember being a spectator, only not above it all, but from table level.  I remember bright, bright lights, lots of arms and hands moving quickly over me and mostly faces but not whole faces.  Just faces from the nose up and worried looking eyes and expressions.  I don't remember any noise, just complete silence.  After awhile, I remember pulling out the oxygen tube and screaming "AIR!!".  The next thing I remember was waking up in my room feeling completely exhausted and drained. 
NDE during surgery.

1943.  Lorie NDE English expanded version  8/9/2009 From Australia I was violently shaking from shock, losing blood and medication to stop the bleeding. I started to drift into a sleep and awoke in a different place. I was still lying on the bed but everything was white, there seemed to be no walls or roof, just endless white. There were 2 ladies on either side of me and one man at the foot of my bed. They were all dressed in white. The man was of Asian origin and his hair was plaited and so was his beard. He was chanting something at me. As if he was telling me I had a choice to make and counting down to the time left. Live or die. When I 1st entered this stage I felt at peace and warm and didn't want to go back. But after remembering that I had just given birth and had my eldest daughter also, I wanted to go back. I tried my hardest to go back.
NDE from blood loss giving birth.

1942.  Mustapha M NDE English expanded version  8/8/2009 From Algeria, Original in French translated by Simon A Then all of a sudden I could see myself floating within the water, in an incredible calmness and physical and psychological relaxation. I could see this body, very calm, drifting slowly, and also saw bubbles coming out of its mouth.  The scene was very real, but with an intense luminosity. I could see everything under the water, as if I had a diving mask on. My vision was near 300 degrees. It was like being a short distance from my body, but I could also see what was happening behind me.  I noticed small details: pebbles which were ochre-colored (like fragments of house-tiles), also light-colored and striped pebbles, on the seabed, seaweed floating beneath the surface. The rest was sand. There were also small, almost translucent fish just under the surface, which were moving, then disappeared with a sudden flick of the tail.
Drowning NDE.

1941.  Valerie L NDE English expanded version  8/8/2009 From France, Original in French translated by Jean Peter This is when I had my experience. I don’t know the exact date.  I first saw myself as some sort of big smoke.  That time I did not went out of my body; it was me but not in my body.  I tried to see my arms, my legs, nothing.  I could only see myself as smoke.  I turned around in some sort of concrete swimming pool, and I was not alone there.  Somebody else turned around with me. But I did not talk to him, I did not even try to, we turned around clockwise. I don’t know how I came back into my body (later I was told that I was in ICU and the person in the room next to mine was in a coma, maybe that was him, I don’t know).

1940.  Chantal T NDE English expanded version  7/25/2009 From France, Original in French translated by Jean Peter The voice talked to me again.  No judgment, no blame, soothing sweetness, extraordinary tenderness, nothing else. I had the choice to “go” or to stay, as incredible as it seems, all depended upon my choice, she guided and helped me, that’s all! I knew this too, as if I were on another plane of consciousness.  “You did not complete what you had to do yet (this was no blame).” I knew it. I just answered, “I did not know it would be so hard.” Then the voice told me, “Think to A. (my husband) and to the children.”
NDE from a concussion.

1939.  Annie B NDE English expanded version  7/25/2009 From France, Original in French translated by Simon A. Suddenly I found myself at the end of a dark tube (I don't know how I got to this point). There was a very luminous, blue light, with a fuzzy look. I saw many people coming towards me. When they were quite close, I recognized my mother (deceased 1995) with my father (ditto 1972), my grandparents (1966 and 1971), my great-grandmother (1970) together with my great-grandfather, whom I never knew. All of them, and me too, were about 35 years old. All, and me too, were dressed in a blue tunic tied at the waist by a cord. There were also many other people that I had no time to recognize. They were all welcoming towards me. When Mom came near me, she said: "It's not your time to come here now; you still have things to do on earth. Go back and fight". This was not the kind of language my mother used, previously.
NDE from a pedestrian accident with an automobile.

1938.  Miguel G NDE English expanded version  7/18/2009 From Spain, Original in Spanish translated by Simon A. That was when I thought: How could you be so stupid, you've finally done it, damned drugs! and I saw how the person in the front seat turned round and looked at me with a very scared expression, then I felt a sort of explosion in my chest and my heart stopped. My sight misted over and I left my body like a gunshot into the darkness. I was very scared and fully conscious that I was dying. I thought that in a few moments everything would be finished, as the state of lucidity I had for the moment must be from the adrenalin which my body had surely secreted due to panic. Suddenly I found myself floating, I could hear and feel a sort of vibration, a buzzing, very pleasant and relaxing. I realized that around me were floating some strange and colored globes, very bright and strange, spinning on themselves slowly and all moving in the same direction as though pulled by some force. I looked in that direction and there was a warm, brilliant, white light.
Died from drug overdose.

1937.  Zoraida C Probable NDE English expanded version  7/13/2009 From Bolivia, Original in Spanish translated by Simon A.  I saw dimly, but heard the shouts quite clearly, then getting further away. I went through a black tunnel which had red lights, and heard voices, without being able to make out whose they were. I felt cramps, then I relaxed. Then I heard a voice, which was my  grandmother, deceased 11 years before. She wanted to take my hand, and other voices were calling me too, but I didn't recognize them. I felt no fear. Suddenly I again heard the cries of my parents, but far away, and I concentrated on listening to them without knowing that they were calling for me.

1936.  Bobbi D NDE English expanded version  7/9/2009  The greatest emphasis of this experience is LOVE. You are so totally engulfed with a love that does not exist in our physical world. No matter how deep a love you feel for your children, it does not compare with this love. This love is the purest, truest, deepest, totally unconditional love that you could EVER imagine. Now, I realize you may be saying "that's what I feel for my children." I'd say that too. But, it goes way beyond what these words can describe. And I think this is because it is communicated to you in the form of feelings. It knocks your socks off. When you receive this love, it is not comprehended with your mind. It is FELT by your soul. And that immense feeling of this perfect love shoots straight into your heart, as a feeling that you experience. It can bring your soul to it's knees, in a sense, with a quick swoosh of sensation. Now, this is not overwhelming in a bad way. It is totally overwhelming in the best way imaginable. Once you have a taste of it, you will forever be changed.
NDE at age 17 due to apparent infectious illness and coded during surgery.

1935.  Jen V NDE-Like English expanded version  7/9/2009  I was slowly aware of a light ahead of me.  I seemed to be pulled along toward it.  There were stairs in front of me but I wasn't aware of using them...they were just there.  Along the sides of me were other people who were in the darkness that were trying to climb up but couldn't and seemed stuck in a huge mass of themselves.  All things that happened next seemed to happen all at once, or in very fast succession.  I came into the light.  The light was so brilliant but not warm nor cold.  It was almost as if it consumed me.  A feeling of Love so powerful and consuming, washed over me.  It was so potent that you could almost reach out and touch it.  A group of people came toward me with warm greetings.  They spoke to me with thought and I knew they were like me but I could not focus on facial features.  They were to, consumed by the light and it spread from each of them.  As I was aware of them welcoming me, I was also then aware that there seemed to be some confusion that I shouldn't be there and was told it was not my time and that I should return to finish my life's work.
NDE-like experience at age 16.  Very life-changing.

1934.  Mr. W NDE English expanded version  7/9/2009  I became aware of my senses at that moment and how much more detailed everything seemed and how it all appeared more focused and more sharp. It was like I was seeing the world for the first time with my own true eyes. It was the equivalent of taking off a pair of foggy ski-goggles or glasses. The colors seemed flat and muted but considering the lights were off in my normally pitch-black room I was astonished to be seeing everything with such clarity. I also recall hearing cars on the main road a good half mile from my house and also hearing the television upstairs on the other end of the house. I could hear my father and grandfather speaking as if I were in the same room. This was abnormal in that my room was below ground in the basement and when I shut my door the room was so quiet all I could normally hear was my own breathing. Likewise there were no windows and the room was completely dark. I felt as though I had been liberated from my body and being outside my body freed me from the limitations imposed by a physical existence. My mind felt cleared and my thoughts seemed quick and decisive.
NDE due to suicide attempt with massive overdose of Coumadin (a powerful blood thinner).


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