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These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


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NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

1823.  Damaska C NDE English expanded version 12/27/2008  I remembered that moment, it was a sensation of the veins stretching, and bursting. I felt the blood filled my head. Instant silence, numbness, and the stopping of everything, I can describe it content (nothing move, live, breathed). Instantly I was outside my body, surrounded by a landscape of natures beauty I seem to be flying without the aide of anything, or anyone. I was aware of my state, I was surely going somewhere, but where I did not know. I was passing over hills and valleys, there were all of these green trees, and shrub. I was taken up by its total beauty. but I knew that was not what it was all about. Then as if suddenly I now saw direct into my room.
Apparent stroke or brain hemorrhage.  NDE while on intense spiritual quest.  She is a reverend, and was born in Trinidad/Tobago.

1822.  Richard M NDE English expanded version 12/27/2008 from Canada I was in the hospital with , total heart block from my second open heart and my heart stopped , I sat up in bed grabbed my brother by the neck.............next thing I know I'm standing with this other guy in the hall and I'm laughing at the monitor that is flat and I'm thinking wait till that guy figures out what's going on. Then my brother turns and looks out into the hall , next thing I'm really warm absolutely no pain and I'm thinking like I've never felt so positive in thought.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1821.  Raymond C NDE English expanded version 12/27/2008  I didn't see a light or deceased loved ones but I recall looking at [ although I had no eyes or a body ] at a bluish green almost translucent membrane. This membrane dominated an entire side of wherever I was.  I could  not see through this membrane but I could see shadow movement going on behind it and and hear sounds and could feel the presence of many some things behind it. I not only had very enhanced senses but my sense of taste an smell were so enhanced that I could taste and smell this membrane. Each time they stopped my heart I saw this with perfect clarity. I wasn't afraid but looking at it but I could sense great energy behind this membrane and it did not seem entirely benign. Nor did it seem evil. It was like there were a great many different personalities interacting with each other behind it.
NDE due to medically induced cardiac arrest to treat cardiac arrhythmia.

1820.  Michael K NDE English expanded version 12/27/2008 I can remember the EMT's saying I was dead, and discussing the use of charcoal. But I was leaving for another place. I do not remember the transition/journey. But I was fully cognizant of the place I was in. I had no sensations, heat, cold, sound, light, touch, not even pain. I felt my eyes were functioning normally. I had no trouble breathing. I felt I was in a place of great sorrow. All was black, as I felt my eyes were working the darkness seemed to go on forever into the distance in all directions. I turned in different directions searching the darkness, listening, but there was nothing. It seemed forever but then light, the lights and the ceiling of the ER came into focus. They had revived me.
NDE due to suicide attempt.  Void experience.

1819.  Michael H NDE 3853 English expanded version 12/27/2008  I then lost consciousness once again. Sometime between that moment and the time I was being off loaded from the medical helicopter at the hospital, I had the out of body near death experience. I was in an atmosphere of absolute white that had no ending anywhere. It was an unending white void. Suddenly, my late parents came to greet me but I do not recall them speaking to me. Other people were there suddenly and I did not recognize any of them. I was at total peace and comfort. Then, just as suddenly, I was awakened by the gurney that I was upon hitting a bump on the roof of the hospital in which the helicopter had landed upon. I was saddened because I wanted to return to my comfort zone. As I was being treated in the emergency room, I again passed out and went into a coma for two days. During that time I had the near death experience again and it was similar to the first one.
NDE due to severe trauma from car accident.

1818.  Dorothy S NDE as told by Daughter English expanded version 12/27/2008 My mother told me the following recollection. She was sick in the ER and on a table, lying there and getting worked on when suddenly she was floating in the room above her body. She could see and hear the doctors and nurses in the room. She saw my father threaten the doctor as described in the previous question. The next thing she knew she was floating at high speed down a long, perfectly black tunnel with the sensation of being enfolded in soft, luxurious black velvet. She used the words "black velvet" in her description. She described how wonderful she felt, how good it was, with the complete absence of pain and struggle. No trouble breathing, no distress of any kind. A feeling of pure physical well being and overwhelming goodness and relief. Then abruptly, she felt as if she had reached the end of the tunnel when she saw a bright light that had been getting brighter as she moved towards it. There were people there she did not recognize and one spoke to her. He said that she could stay if she wanted to but it really wasn't time yet, that she still had something important to do.
Daughter shares mother’s NDE due to asthma attack in 1951.  Mother is now deceased.

1817.  Linda K NDE English expanded version 12/27/2008  I turned to my right in the midst of that stream and looked straight into the eyes of Jesus. My Savior was standing on the side of the water where my Grandparents had been on a level just a little above me. I shall never forget his eyes. They were dark and so full of love. I knew he knew every thing about me from inside, out. I knew he instantly knew every thought I had ever had, every act I had ever done, everything, totally everything about me. I felt no fear at all. Just the strongest love I have ever felt from anyone anywhere in my entire existence. That love was real and sort of wrapped me up and cuddled me. Not Jesus, but the love which poured from Him to me was almost tangible. I wanted to go to Him.
NDE due to several cardiac arrests.  Remarkably vivid NDE considering the severe brain damage and amnesia she suffered as a result of these cardiac arrests.

1816.  Anita K Possible NDE English expanded version 12/27/2008  Next thing I remember is being in very bright light, looking down on my body, a body that meant nothing to me. I did not see the room or Doctors or husband or anything else in the room, my body was also surrounded by light. I was stunned, instead of being in awe or seeing the beauty, all I could think of was my 13 year old mentally handicapped son, and my new baby. I could feel God (I think it was God) and I said to him, "no God I'm not ready" there was no need for words, it's like my thoughts were all that was needed. next thing I heard was someone yelling at me to breath. That breath I took was the most beautiful breath I ever took, it was like I couldn't stop taking in air and it went all threw my body down to my toes, that's the only way I can describe it.
After C-section. OBE above body, saw body surrounded by light in OR, but nothing else. Felt presence of God. No clear imminent life-threatening event in OR or in recovery area that could be corroborated.

1815.  Dave W Possible NDE English expanded version 12/27/2008  I closed my eyes and suddenly found myself in another place.  I was a consciousness, and I could see all around me.  I was in a very small close valley, almost a very wide ravine. It was in full Technicolor and seemed real.  I could sense a light breeze, there was no sound. I was the only one there, and no one else had been there for a long long time.  I was on one side of this place.  I could see up hill, down hill, and across to the other side.  The grass seemed closely cut and green, and yet I felt like no one had been there for hundreds of years.  It was a forgotten place, and I was totally alone.
Recovering from heart bypass surgery.  No clear imminent life-threatening event at time of experience.

1814.  David G NDE English expanded version 12/26/2008 From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.  This was an entity of white light, without definite form and hovering in the air. It was not exactly there, but I sensed its presence. It did nothing. While this was going on, I had the vision of a dog which was bounding towards me with its tongue out; obviously full of good intentions.  The person seated between the other two, on my right, struck the table with a gavel, while holding up some papers in the other hand. Then he said my name, and: «He is condemned to go on living».
NDE from post operative complications.

1813.  Nora NDE English expanded version 12/20/2008 From the UK.  I felt like the whole world stood still. I didn't feel hard of breath, I felt calm. Next thing I know, I feel my spirit being lifted from by body - more specifically by my shoulders and I looked up (P.S. the pool was indoors) and the whole ceiling was this gorgeous white light as if a portal I felt drown to it in a way, at the time I was looking down and could see my cousin standing and the nannies frantic talking 'what should we do they said' in Hindi but I understood it ( I don't speak Hindi) at the time it felt weird I could see down at them but at the same time I could see the tiles and the water around me in the pool as if they were all one.  I remember looking down and having my whole life explained, to feeling the love of the people in my life, and most of all feeling like I had a choice to live.
NDE due to drowning in Qatar at age 10-11.

1812.  Anna-Mari Possible NDE English expanded version 12/20/2008 From Estonia I was rather ill and had a high temperature, about 39,9 C and I was lying in my bed. I closed my eyes and suddenly I saw this intense light that was everywhere. The next moment I was in a place and it was fuzzy and in the background I could see light again. I also saw a figure who was standing in the light and reaching his/her had to me. I tried to walk towards him/her, but I couldn't because there were an invisible wall between us. And when I tried to walk through it I couldn't because it hindered me. Then I saw the exact same light as at the beginning of the experience. The kind of light which filled everything. And I opened my eyes.
Age 11.  Illness, temp 39.9.  Saw light everywhere & another being.  No clear life-threatening event. 

1811.  Greg B NDE English expanded version 12/20/2008 And behind them there were people side by side 20 or even 40 wide all the way to the horizon. Thousands of people now after being judged by GOD and stepping out of the bright light, and seeing everyone the words out of my  mouth to my mama were. Who the hell are all these people? And she what do you mean baby  they are you they are all you. I knew that meant that everyone I saw was from the generations before me all the back to the very start. The only male I got close to was my uncle Herschel who was pushing his way with force to reach me I think he I wasn't  going to be there long, but just before he touched me my brother found me rolled me on my side and cleared my air way. Snap in a instant I was back in this life, since coming back my family and I have researched our ancestry only to find out that everything and everyone I saw was accurate.
NDE due to infection of the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) and seizure.

1810.  Robin M NDE English expanded version 12/20/2008 Flat-lined - went to a place that was beautiful lit - like the sunshine but much prettier and more golden (kind of like sepia tones). Seemed like a neighborhood and I was shown around to all the people I loved and missed and they were all so happy. I remember being surprised like Oh - Hi....wow your here how nice and smiling very broadly. Remember my Dad sitting on a stoop of sorts with his hand outstretched to me. He was many years younger than he was when he died and I was just a toddler reaching up to him. I know I saw lots of people but cant remember who they were specifically except for my Dad. Next thing I know the EMT is saying "you died and we brought you back" and I said I saw my Dad and that I couldn't die now because it was Christmastime and that would be too difficult a memory for my daughter to bear every Christmas.
NDE due to heart attack.  Experience shared one week later.

Auto accident.  Experience may have begun prior to impact of semi on her car suggesting a component of Fear-Death Experience.

1808.  Fabia NDE English expanded version 12/17/2008 From Tunisia, Original in French, translated to English by Amy.  The I exit my body and ascend to the ceiling; I see my body entwined in bloody curtains, a door that keeps opening and closing. I am very far above, as if the ceiling were very high. The words "we can't save her! the car that was bringing blood was in an accident! we are sorry." My mother's cries: all this must be happening in hushed tones, but I hear it so clearly and loud, it's metallic. I think: "it's not possible that they are screaming so loudly!!!!" And then a deep well-being throughout my body, a desire to rejoin the scintillating brilliant light that is drawing me to it. But I hear my mother's cries and refuse to leave her. When I wake up, my head is pointed down and my chest hurts, it's hard to breathe.
NDE from childbirth complications.

1807.  Marisol A NDE English expanded version 12/17/2008 From Quito, Chile.  She recalls everything turning black. Then she felt as if she was going very fast through some sort of a tunnel and was able to see everything that had happened the previous days. In the whirlpool, she even saw the things she wanted to buy . She felt bewildered at first. Then she saw herself on the floor, very pale and her frantic husband kneeling next to her trying to resuscitate her. When her daughter walked in crying, Marisol felt sorry for them. When the paramedics arrived she watched how the CPR was applied and how she was taken into the ambulance. She felt very calm and at peace. While she was inside the ambulance she realized it was going to be too difficult for her husband to raise their daughter by himself. He would have to leave his job to manage the coffee shop. Her daughter was still very young and needed guidance. After all these thoughts she decided that she could not leave yet.
Second-Hand NDE from Chile.

1806.  Suzy B NDE English expanded version 12/17/2008 A formless presence from inside the light told me without words that I needed to live. I refused them because I did not want to return to a life and body filled with constant pain.  They told me that they needed me to live, and I told them that I needed to be with them.  The light felt like a transitory place between earth and the next place, and I wanted to move on to the next place rather than going back.  They expressed that I had an important purpose to fulfill for the Earth that was vital to the divine plan for our world.  I did not care at the time, and still wanted to move on.  Then they showed me an image of my young daughter, insisting that my return was vital to her growth, and I felt the desperate despair she would experience for many years if I did not return.  I then agreed to return.  They instructed me how to bring myself back.  Instead of being enveloped by the light, I was to envelope the light within myself and use its power to re-manifest and strengthen my physical being.  I concentrated on the light pulled it in to myself.
NDE due to adverse reaction to medical treatment.

1805.  Marie C NDE English expanded version 12/16/2008 From Canada, Original in French, translated to English by Amy. When I lost consciousness. I was floating in the water and I called out to my sister telepathically. I saw where she was sitting at the edge of the pool and I asked her to signal to someone that I was missing and that they should locate me. Right after I came to (after CPR) my thoughts were concentrating on the color blue. I was telling myself: "It's really beautiful here. I have never seen a blue as beautiful as this." But then I saw faces appearing in the blue sky and asked myself what these people were doing in my sky. It was the people witnessing the accident who were standing above me and who I saw appear one after the other. 
Child drowning at age 12.

1804.  Francesco I NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 Original in Italian, translated to English by Amy.  So that's what I was doing and then realized how bad the situation was when the force of the ocean dragged me out. Suddenly I was outside of my body  and I see myself under water surrounded by dead algae, at the mercy of the currents. I saw very well what was happening when my vision was turned upside down. Now my image was changed and narrowed so that I saw myself in an egg with my head down in the fetal position. I came back to life and the wave that had brought me back to shore had also hurled me near my companions. 
Child Drowning at age 7

1803.  Michelle J Probable NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I woke up during the night struggling to breath - I also remember the pain in my collarbone - it was extremely uncomfortable.  Suddenly, I had floated upwards to the area of the ceiling in my room that was located near the bedroom window.  I looked down and could see my body!!! Of course I had no idea what had just happened, but I noticed a black figure laying over me - I immediately thought that this figure was directly connected to the reason why I had gravitated to the ceiling - at that point - I knew that the figure was death.  Suddenly, the room became literally black - the blackness was so deep that it could be cut with a knife.  I was afraid of the blackness - and there appeared to be a presence in the blackness that made my hair stand up on my head!!!  At that time, I was still thinking in terms of having a body....  Suddenly, I began to call out the name of Jesus - very softly - it almost sound musical - it was very sweet.  ...then without warning I began to see what had appeared to be a "pin-like" whole that appeared very, very bright!
Probable NDE due to suffocation from tumor near trachea.

1801.  Jamie N Probable NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I was in a beautiful space that was filled with light. An male angel of whom  cannot describe other than a being of light, was talking calmly to me.  He told me that everything was going to be all right.  I was going to come through this emergency and go on to live a very long and pleasant life.  He said I would have little things happen as they do in life, but nothing really bad would happen to me.  I would have mostly peace and much joy in my life.  It was the most peaceful experience I have ever had.  I was told that I had nothing to be afraid of and everything to live for.
Probable NDE due to peritonitis with ruptured colon.

1800.  Bob L NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 Fall out of a building - 3 story drop… The light was strong and somewhat unearthly at the end of a long tunnel.  The light was as much love as anything in that it was pervasive.  My relatives (all deceased) were there, all at their prime in life.  They were dressed (I would say 1940's style which would have been prime years for most).  Relatives I knew of, such as my grandfathers, but never knew in life were there as well as uncles/aunts who passed before I knew them.  The unconditional love was overwhelming and permeated all of us genuinely and richly.  There was no element of time and no verbally spoken word.  Both time and verbal communication are of this world not needed in the NDE world.  Everything was open thought communication.  Time is the invention of man in this world, not a part of our core spirit.  All of this was very clear to me in the NDE.  Any question or uncertainty was confirmed/known through non-verbal understanding.
NDE due to three story fall from building.

1799.  Brian C NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 When I got to emergency room lying on stretcher, was like I was looking down on myself and body no pain. Could here nurses and doctors talking, cutting my pants and clothes off. Nurse saying get a catheter, me peeing every where, laughing. Everything seemed real white and clear vivid 3-D... Then I black out the pain... seeing my bones popped out and blood...
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

1798.  Nancy M NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 Then, I seemed to be sitting on the end of a hospital bed and a very beautiful angel appeared standing before me.  My arms were by my side and my hands were in my lap.  She had a full head of very gold, shining hair, that seemed to glow like a halo, but it was her hair shining.  Her eyes were pale blue and she was wearing a soft brown gown that criss-crossed in front.  The gown was edged in gold and she has a golden rope tied around her waist.  I have often wondered why her gown was brown.   She wrapped her arms tightly around my body and looked straight into my eyes.  She did not speak verbally, but with her eyes I knew she said. "You are not going anywhere, you are staying right here". Her eyes had this stern demanding look, but they also were filled with love.  I could feel myself just smiling back at her.  Then,  I heard a voice in my right ear saying, "She had respiratory arrest".  I opened my eyes and it was my Doctor telling my family what had happened.
NDE due to respiratory arrest.

1797.  Carl G NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 The first telephone pole was, the moment I was thrown out of my body. Watching the car turning and twisting.  I was saying; " Is it time , is it time." A voice came from on where, saying; "NO it is not time, No it is not time. At this same moment I was shot thought a tunnel of light. I was standing before Christ, the light behind Him, was so bright, you could not look at with human eyes. He told me; "No you must return for this reason, you will have a son born unto you, ( 3 years later to the very day my son Julian was born). Christ showed me my whole life, the good and the bad and all the rest. Then Christ said " That is all right, life is a learning experience." I was there for some time  and Chris showed me much during that time. Some I was able to bring back, with me. Christ gave me a message  to tell all>  Christ said; " Tell them they must learn to love all that is around you, They must learn to love our God....OR  Return to this world and live life all over again. OR They will lay down next to sleeping waters and drink from there of."
NDE due to auto accident.  A bit preachy.

1796.  Kathy T NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 The next I knew, I was up in the corner of the room, where the walls and the ceiling join.  I could see myself, lying in the bed.  I don't recall seeing a respirator, just the room and me lying on the bed.  No one else was there.  I looked for a moment, the looked directly across the room to the opposite corner.  I then floated (more propelled) diagonally across the room into the the opposite corner and entered the corner.  When I came out on the other side, it opened up into a tunnel.  Something like you'd see in a movie where people are in a space craft.  Soft, luminous light, definitely tunnel like.  I was propelling rather slowly, when I felt like someone had just wrapped a comforter, fresh from the dryer warm, around me.  I then felt so warm and relaxed, like I was literally lounging in someone's very large hands.  There are no words to accurately describe the feeling.  Peace, contentment, home...nothing comes close to being accurate. 
NDE due to illness.

1795.  Thomas B NDE 3820 English expanded version 12/15/2008 I felt I was no longer part of this world but had easily slipped into another existence.  I began to see my life up until then as if I was watching a movie.  Recognition time had sped up and what would have taken days to view was now flashing by but I was able to see and comprehend everything I was seeing and hearing incredibly clearly.  I have to say that even sight and sound had taken a new form.  I was experiencing everything differently.  Memories were like dots that swept in, unfolded, and were consumed by my new vision.  I felt so beautifully at peace.  Comfortable beyond anything I had experienced before.  I had this feeling though, that I shouldn't stray too far and even though I was free to go as I pleased I knew that if I continued I would be gone from the "other" world forever.  I wasn't afraid at all just thinking maybe it was not time for me to leave.  I thought of how hurt my mother would be.   I then felt myself being lifted and painfully I returned to my old existence.  The paramedics had arrived and were placing me on the gurney.  The place I had been in was neither dark or light to me and the whole experience had lasted maybe 3 or 4 minutes of "old" time.  There was no sense of time where I was.  I remember no gravity nor did I sense any movement until I reentered this world.
NDE due to criminal attack at age 17.

1794.  Chari H NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 About then, a light from above expanded above me. It filled the sky with a mass of bright colors. I felt a tugging sensation in my chest as the light started bringing me towards it. I felt Great Love coming from within the light. As I grew closer towards the light, I could see two figures coming towards me. I recognized them as my Great Grandfather who had passed away a few years earlier and my little brother who died at age 2. My Great Grandfather was standing there holding my little brothers hand. They were very happy to see me, but I wasn't happy to see them. That's when I realized that I was dead. I became very upset. He could read my thoughts and his thoughts entered my thoughts. We communicated back and forth telepathically. As soon as I had a thought, he had a answer for me. I wanted to live so I began to beg Jesus and God for my life back. I they were listening to me but I wasn't sure if they would grant me life.
Remarkably detailed NDE at age 14 due to auto accident.

1793.  Rhea V Probable NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 At first I seemed to be moving through a dark tunnel toward a white light at the far end. The tunnel and the light grew larger. Eventually I emerged into what seemed like a strange new world, dark and mysterious.  I felt alone as I moved onward.  Before me, blocking my way, was a dark ominous figure (it seemed to be a male). He wore a long hooded robe and was silhouetted against a glorious rosy glow from pastel clouds that filled the sky at some distance behind him. The rosy glow drew me and filled me with a marvelous sense of total love and acceptance. This was home, and I wanted to be there completely.  But the figure would not let me pass.  I couldn't see his face, but I wasn't afraid. I felt only tremendous love from him. Nor could I hear his words, but I could understand what he was telling me: I wasn't done yet, and I had to go back. I tried to protest.  I didn't want to go back.  I wanted to go into the rosy light.
Probable NDE related to surgery.

1792.  Larry NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 As above, I watched myself fall in a kind of slow motion event but I was viewing it from above his right shoulder, about two or three feet above him. The light that was in the room was different, more luminous but not brighter. The detail of everything around me was incredible. It was like my skin was a sponge, that is to say that I could see in depth I couldn't before.  I was completely at peace as I watched this and had no remorse what so ever.  My girl friend then rushed over to me (the rest of the class was sitting on the floor waiting and watching the fight), She was crying and got down on her knees next to my head and cradled my head in her lap.  I didn't understand why she was so upset. I looked at my body laying there and only saw it as an empty shell and had know feelings for it what so ever.  I then felt the need to go back into my body because she was so distraught.
NDE due to head injury during karate sparring.

1791.  Diane V Possible NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 First, there was a Disney bluebird. (remember, I was five) Then, there was a blue eyed blond Midwestern Jesus. There was a life review of the smallest details and lots of guilt. My Sunday school had taught that Jews didn't go to heaven. Even at five, I felt this was wrong and expressed concern. I was told, "we are all one". The Jesus figure changed into different races, genders. Dizzying. I picked out a Native American who lamented that he had died too soon. A Viking who put himself in chains in horse stalls. A Mongolian looking guy with a head dress with horns. And, a guy who had died on heather by his own hand. A couple of women, one of whom was older and spent time on a rocking chair on a farmhouse porch, yelled at me that he was messing up the place. I figured out later that these were past lives. I was told I had to fix the man who died in heather. I was told that I was there too soon and had to go back. Earth was vibrating much slower than this place. I had to go back, I had no choice.
Age 5. Possible NDE. Past life review. Met Elizabeth. Apparently encountered many past lives. They were putting IV in, which they would not be doing if she were having a life-threatening event, and nurse told him after return that he never left. No clear imminent life-threatening event at time.

1790.  Atana NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 Reaction to insulin blood sugar low...unconscious...cannot move or speak...seeing myself bathing in bright light...surrounded by 12 beings in white garments...I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CIRCLE...i also saw shadow people in the corner of my back yard...they were told that they cannot come near me because I have done 108 good things in my life time.....I AM BACK IN MY BED ROOM LOTS OF THE EMERGENCY PEOPLE SURROUNDING ME...they put me in the ambulance...I HAVE NO PAIN AND I FEEL FINE.
NDE due to reaction to insulin with low blood sugar.

1789.  Jenna P Probable NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 The first thing I recall was floating in darkness.  My head and torso was contained in a clear rectangular box which was filled with a plasma like substance.  I was only a torso at this time I had no arms or legs that I could see or feel.  I was surrounded by beings who were helping me.  I cant describe what the beings looked like.  They were just there helping me, taking care of me.  I wasn't frightened at all. I felt comfortable and cared for.  After I was no longer in the box I recall just floating.  I didn't go anywhere in particular I was just floating in darkness.  I experienced no negative feelings or emotions everything was just great.  I had no worries at all, not a care in the world.  When I try to explain it to people I just tell them that I am no longer afraid of death because being alive is a lot more difficult.  The thing I remember the most from my experience is the ease of doing things.  There was no stress or strain. I was just being and being was simple and fulfilling.
NDE due to accident followed by drug induced coma.

1788.  Vicki P NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 & 7/4/11 I had a severe cold and my mom was "greasing me up" with Vicks Vapor rub. I began to hear a buzzing sound that grew louder and louder. The next thing I knew, I was going rapidly through a tunnel toward a light. I saw small, bright orbs of light accompanying me and I said to myself, "Angels!" Before I could reach the light I returned to my body and came to. My mom was slapping me and crying and screaming. I was very angry to find myself back in my body. I wanted to go on...it was so peaceful and joyful.
NDE due to illness at age 8.  Shared 49 years later.

1787.  William E's Father's NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 He looked around and saw the tunnel with the light, got up and went to it.  Everything was so peaceful and he felt so alive. He was met at the light by his father, grandfather and grandmother and some other old family members but if he told me who, I don't remember. His father said he couldn't come in yet, he still had many important things to do. His father also gave him some messages for his mother and some important legal information she would need. Dad and his father never really got along before and Dad was not happy that he couldn't stay. That was uppermost in his mind and it took a while before he even passed on the information to his mother… cousin Dewey said he was very changed. From a hard living cowboy who was ready to "scrap at the drop of a hat and willing to drop the hat himself" to a calm, friendly person who never had a bad word about anyone and would do anything to help anyone, including his worst enemy, which he claimed he had none.
NDE due to typhoid fever.  NDE was the father of person sharing account.  NDE happened in 1919.

1786.  Mildred K NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 That's when the EMT asked the driver what our eta was because He was running out of oxygen.  I wanted to cry, but I remembered that my family did not know what had happened to me......and then...it happened!   Everything was totally black for a minute or so.....then I found myself in the most vibrantly beautiful rose garden that anyone could ever imagine!  The foliage was vibrant, glossy green and the rose blossoms were absolutely enormous and sooo exquisite in both color and fragrance. I was very peaceful in my own mind, not really thinking of anything except the overwhelming peace and glorious beauty of the beautiful, seemingly endless garden of perfection.  I was there surrounded by perfection. Then, I heard a noise behind me...a slight rustling, Then....I saw my mother, who has been deceased since 1990. There were others with her....my father...deceased in 1960 and my sister...deceased in 1980....others of my family were standing behind mom, dad, and sis.  I asked mom if she loved it here, because I sure did.
NDE due to illness.

1785.  Nancy L Probable NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 The 2nd experience occurred when I was going through surgery, a routine DNC. The nurse was shaking me and calling my name, but, I did not want to return to my body.  I was having the time of my life on the other side. I remember seeing the dark void of space, then seeing the earth, and it was truly brilliant from a distance.  Next I was enveloped in light.  Don't remember the tunnel, just dancing light and color. I had small children and a husband but I had not been happy.  I remember knowing myself completely, sensing all that was going to happen to me, being showed the future in glimpses.  I was told by "God" who was very present emotionally, but not in a body, that there were many golden opportunities ahead, and this life is a fantastic gift.  I remember feeling the love and fulfillment of being with God and I did not want to leave him or this experience.  I argued about leaving...I was told that God would be available to me back on earth if I asked.  "I am there too, it is you who closed the door between us".
Probable NDE.

1784.  Mark G NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 Next (without knowing it yet or even thinking I was dead but more in a state of wonder like ,,, what is happening here mixed with seeing what comes next thus not much time to think about all of this yet)... I moved forward in time and was about ??? 20 feet in the air looking down at the ground. I saw people dressed in black at what looked like a cemetery. Mostly I felt their sadness and at that time knew it was my funeral that they were at. It was at that point it dawned on me that I was dead but because I felt fine it was not at all distressing to me to know I was dead. After all, when you are dead there is not much you can do other than see what comes next. The second I realized I was dead and felt their overwhelming sadness my first thoughts were compassion for them "Don't feel sad about me. You will all be dead so0n enough so live your life and enjoy it".  I did not want in any way to be the cause of distress to anyone much less people I loved and who loved me. The second I had that thought I felt the presence of someone high above me who heard my first thoughts.
NDE due to being attacked by a 1800 pound bull.

1783.  Randy P Probable NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I remember getting into the operating room the large overhead light, being on the bed and the doctor talking to me while he put a rubber mask with an attached accordion tube to my face (then I was out).  I remember walking with Jesus holding his right hand along a path in a "park" area.  Any attempts to describe the beauty of this experience are futile.  I remember seeing other "souls" walking in the area.  I told Jesus that I wanted to stay but He said that I had to go back, that there were things I had yet to do.  I remember at the end of the experience I was watching myself hold his hand from a distance in an area that was darker.  I don't remember too much of when I "came to".
Probable NDE at time of surgery following accidental valium overdose at age 4.

1782.  Ted V NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I was swept into the mouth of a large culvert which went under a busy street. I remember looking down and seeing the buttons on my shirt being ripped open and my eyeglasses being ripped off. When I tried to look up all I could see was dirty water and debris passing by. Then everything went blank as if there was nothing. Then I saw, as in a dream, a copy of the local newspaper's front page. I realized it was being held by the neighbor lady across the street from our house. A hand turned the first page and I was drawn to an article in the lower left corner of the next page. The title of the story was "Young Tucson boy drowns in flooded wash". As I started to read the article everything went brilliant white and I felt a presence and a hand on my left shoulder. I also remember hearing a faint, gentle voice saying "It's not your time...". Instantly I was sitting on the edge of the roadway, with cars passing by, looking down into the rushing water.
NDE at age 12 due to being washed into culvert during storm.  Remarkable future vision of article regarding his own death in newspaper, and inexplicable physical removal from culvert.

1781.  Randy S NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I was pronounced dead to my family when the doctor tried again and i started crying… I remember the very bright purple and white lights.  I felt that I was leaving home.  I wanted to go but again, I didn't… I went from the light into my body… I was coming from a place where time did not exist.
Wow!  Apparent NDE at the time of his own birth, due to complications during his own birth.

1780.  Stephen F NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I left my body completely.  I rose above it to the point where my thorax was just above my head.  I do not know where my legs and feet were.  I was able to look down through my head and into the inside of my body.  I saw nothing there but blood dripping from the inside of my empty rib cage.  I could see the inside of the soles of my feet.  There was a bright light above and behind me.  I went back into my body and the light went away.
NDE due to ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

1779.  Tammie NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I was hit by a car an thrown in front of another, my best friend was also struck in the head. I remember hearing her yelling, and mumbling words. she seemed scared and confused, so I got in the ambulance with her, when I looked at her, her face and head were vibrating really fast , so I held her hand, and she calmed down . I remember getting to the hospital together in the ambulance, we were inseparable best friends I wanting her to be ok. I then woke up on the ground with a Dallas police officer kneeling beside me. I could see everyone from my family and neighborhood there crying looking at me.
NDE due to severe auto accident at age 10.  Interesting OBE involving being with her friend who was also injured in the accident.

1778.  Keith R NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I made it and after resting a few minutes on the raft, decided to try to swim to a second raft about 60 feet further out.  About half way there, I began to struggle and went under.  The next thing I was aware of was being above my struggling body and watching it.  Then somehow I was in the presence of sort of a field of love that was totally wonderful.  I felt like I was really "HOME".  There were no beings that I can recall, just peace, love, tranquility, at-homeness.  Words cannot truly describe it.  Next I was seeing my mother weeping over my body.  Then I woke up on the raft and people were pushing on me.  I was angry that I was no longer in the field of love and tranquility.
NDE due to drowning at age 5.  Shared 65 year later.

1777.  Lacey D NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I remember looking at my speedometer and wandering how much faster I could get my four-wheeler because I was already at 40 mph, and I remember looking back at my friend as I speeded up to make sure I didn't leave him behind, and that was it until I woke up in the road with Paramedic's and people all around me. I was floating up and away, sort of. But not floating like we think of, I was in a warm dark place that felt very awesome and good, it seemed I was headed towards a place where light was emanating. Not necessarily a light at the end of the tunnel...it seemed I was willfully going towards the warmth and the more I felt it, the more I wanted to go. I realized I must be dying but it felt very good and was what I wanted and nothing else mattered. A lady was saying my name very shrilly and really annoying me because as she said my name it seemed to pull me into my body abruptly. I had this warm, good feeling and as I pulled away from my body I could see my self laying in the road with a circle of people around me.
NDE due to head injury at age 16.

1776.  Josh W NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 Apparently after 15-20mins they were loading me into an ambulance.  This is where my outer body experience occurred.  I recall in some of the most vivid detail that I was floating above the main ski lodge.  It seemed like I was in a helicopter about 50-70 feet above the ground just hovering.  There was either no noise or total silence.  But I remember I could feel the warmth of the sun, but it wasn't the sun it was much brighter and hurt to look directly at.  The warmth that it emitted was simply put a "right" feeling, the feeling I had was that everything was calm, relaxed and perfect.  I could look and move around the ski resort freely and it felt just as I could float anywhere.  I recall going to the top of the mountain and watching different people on the mountain for a few minutes.  Then I decided to float back down to the lodge to look around and as I was looking at people around the lunch area I could feel myself being lifted higher and higher up.
NDE due to head injury during skiing.

1775.  Marie B NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 As he started to slow down I quickly threw my things out the opened door and just as I jumped out he put his foot on the gas pedal and speeded up. I flew out the door and landed very hard in the road hitting my head hard. Instantly I felt myself rising up into the air and gazing down below at my body. It grossed me out as I must have been having a seizure. As I was floating above my body I saw my body contort and my hands were like shaking and wiggling in a spastic way. I immediately felt REVULSION to that body and thought "how grotesque". I felt myself going higher up away from my body and I thought to myself, "oh no, I don't want to die now - my father and my dog need me".
NDE due to head injury from jumping out a car window.

1774.  Jesse M NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I remember that a great sense of peace came over me. I still don't have the appropriate words to describe it. I didn't  go through a tunnel or see a bright light, but I was surrounded by people I knew who had already passed on, and some who I didn't personally know, but I knew who they were.  They were telling me how nice it was too see me again, and/or to finally meet me in person.  Next thing I know I hear lots of voices yelling. I am being jerked around. A voice is telling me to wake up. I open my eyes and I am surrounded by people and I am on the floor.  I am really pissed off that they have brought me back. The first thing I do is ask the nurse why they had to bring me back. I don't think I have ever been that mad before or since. I tried to explain what had happened and the incredible sense of peace I had experienced. The nurse told me I had just keeled over and hit the floor. She called a code and they brought me back.
NDE due to post-operative blood loss.

1773.  Dewa NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 Allergy shock and death… I took a herb medicine for my sinus problem but did not know I was allergy to it… I was in a dark room or tunnel and was so peaceful but really dark and I heard people calling me from far far away. I did not want to come back for it was a wonderful feeling and I was annoyed and had to come back.
NDE due to allergic reaction to herb.

1772.  Peggy L NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I was having spinal surgery.  I went through a "tunnel" that had a very bright white light at the end.  As I neared, the light, I could see many people with their arms stretched out beckoning me to come.  They appeared as "grayish" figures, but I could not see their faces.  As I got closer, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace beyond any understanding of the word and I wanted to go...then I heard a male voice that permeated my entire being and it said "No!  Her children need her."  Then I woke up with my friend shaking me.  A couple years passed, and I found out that my husband, her step-father, had been molesting her.  That is when I finally understood what that meant.  They did need me.
NDE due to post-operative complication. 

1771.  Jo H NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 2 hours later my roommate was screaming for help.  I was code blue when they found me.  I was purple and not breathing.  I was floating in the room their was a bright light above.  But when I looked down, I could see the doctors and nurses working on my chest .  As they tried to insert a tube in my mouth, they had to stop to clear away a large blood clot that had formed which cut off my airway.  I felt myself being pulled upwards but a voice behind said, "Joanna it's not your time to go, you still have work to do." As I tried to turn towards the voice to see who was talking to me, I could feel their hands push me down. I kept saying that I like it here, it's so warm and comforting.  They said "no, come forward.  We are going to guide you down." It was a hard landing, as if I was slammed by a truck. 
NDE due to post-operative complication at age 16. 

1770.  BJ's Son's NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 My son's experience: He was wading in mountain river in the summer, hit a pothole & caught in river rapids. Mom & relative saved & pulled son out. Son saw them from high above when under the water & up & down the river. Son did not share story until later. Given CPR.
Second Person (son) NDE. Drowning at age 8.

1769.  Nicolas G NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I could see myself blacking out. out of the blue, and without warning, I find myself in a dark place. I didn't have time to feel afraid, or annoy other emotion. all I knew was that I was getting closer to a small speck of light far in the distance. I was not walking, I was just getting to the light, as if something was pulling me. No pain, no fear. just then, the dear friend that had died a few months before, appears in front of me, and in a soft manner, kind of made my forward motion stop. as soon as I felt not moving anymore, he just said to me that I needed to go back, that it was not my time. he put his hand on my chest, kind of pushing me back, and I felt a lot of pain at that moment, and woke up with the local paramedics trying to revive me.
NDE at age 14 due to accident while playing roughly.

1768.  Kristin D NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I feel so tacky saying this since it's so stereotypical, but there was always a bright white light, and I'd go to it, and once I got there, and I touched it, everything was beautifully white and scintillating and warm; it smelled sweet and inviting, like cupcakes or warm vanilla sugar, and there were these... the phrase used on the site was 'unearthly beings', and they talked to me.  The specifics of what they said was hazy- there was a lot of talking about how special I was, and how people like me didn't come around often, and that I'd understand and remember more as I got older and it became important again, but I have no idea what they were referring to, only that it made me feel like the most important person in the world…
NDEs from age 6 months through 5 years old due to seizures.

1767.  Haley L NDE English expanded version 12/8/2008  I lost consciousness again, the that's when it happened. I suddenly wasn't in the truck anymore. I was standing in the road, looking around, but I wasn't in my body. I glanced at the fireman around my truck...saw the lights from the ambulance, police cars. But all it didn't matter to me for some odd reason. I felt another presence there that scared me, almost like it was calling for me to come toward it even though IT spoke no words. I didn't want to go to it. I started east down the road; the direction that would take me home. But I wasn't in my body or a car...I was just gliding down the road. I can't explain how that felt. I was going very fast and since I traveled this road for years I knew all the landmarks and remember passing them. The presence still kept wanting me to come back...now it was like a light, I could see it reflecting past me onto the road ahead. But I refused, I knew if I stopped and went back I would die, at least that is how I felt.
NDE associated with truck accident and blood loss.

1766.  Lindsay C NDE English expanded version 12/8/2008  clinically at this point I should not remember what happened but I do. I saw it. he waited. he waited until he figured out I didn't just sedate myself. when I stopped breathing he dragged me to the bathroom. he called 911. my dog barked at him. he waited scared. the paramedics arrived they turned me over I was not breathing I did not have a heart beat. they intubated me. they tried to get veins but they blew. they cut off my sweatshirt then my sweater. they gave an adrenaline injection. all of this was so calm and light and peaceful. I felt so light. so safe. so happy. it went dark. then very loud bright and painful. I seized and the trach tube was too large so it jammed into my left lung.
NDE due to suicide attempt 37 days prior to sharing her experience.

1765.  JS NDE English expanded version 12/8/2008  After being sent to the hospital, my body felt peaceful and amazing. I felt my body being separated from my own self. I drifted toward the ceiling, and the monitor line went flat. I saw unearthly beings, but they looked as if they were not trying to hurt me. One minute later, a bright light fell above me. through a pitch-black tunnel, I drifted up to that light. Near one foot before the light "swallowed" me up, I suddenly start to fall back to my body. I call this a strange vision/dream, but it was cool.
NDE due to criminal attack at age 9.

1764.  MHB NDE English expanded version 12/8/2008  From Canada.  Original in French, Translated by Amy. It's simple: When I SAW myself, I was above my body. I knew it was not my time to die. So I came back into my body. The only other person I saw was  an Asian wearing surgery greens.          

1763.  Lucie C NDE English expanded version 12/8/2008  From Canada.  Original in French, Translated by Amy. After a moment (maybe a few seconds, but they seem to me like an eternity) I see my body getting up, I no longer have any control over it, while my consciousness attempts in vain to find a solution. My body begins to run in all directions, exits my room, goes into the living room, circles the table and my arms try to grab onto to something, anything, so that I won't faint or die... Then my body (without the control of my brain) instinctively returns to my room and I collapse, overtaken by an enormous fatigue, so tired from having fought so hard. I am still suffocating, but my consciousness  distances itself from this suffering and this fight in order to make an assessment of my life, I see images flash very quickly sort of the way dreams work one scene to another without any logical relationship, but here my brain understands because it doesn't have to know all the details in order to understand the relationships, and only a few images are needed... I relive all the emotions from my childhood at an incredible speed, in about a minute I have completely suffocated. At that point I realize that I am under the control of a superior being, a divine-like presence has my life in its hands, and therefore I am going to die. I know this and am not afraid.

1762.  Egyptian Man NDE English expanded version 12/8/2008  From Egypt.  During the sex I felt my heart beats increased then I lost conscious. I float into a dark tunnel. I was wearing a white clothes. At the end of the tunnel I saw a shining white light . while I was going in the tunnel I could heard a nice Japanese music, I never heard a Japanese music before but I was very sure  that it was a Japanese music, before I get the end of the tunnel my conscious baked to me, my skin was colored deathful. I was swelter and I could not raise on my foot, gradually I became normal again.

1761.  NT NDE English expanded version 12/1/2008 I started to see this green light far off into the distance, and I was curious at first, and a little bit relieved that I could finally see something.  Then when the light was coming closer, I got scared of the source of light. I had a vague feeling it was evil.  I remember thinking of something like the source of light was Cthulu (even though I am not really a cult follower or anything like that).  I fell forward and upright, faster and faster to it, and got more terrified of the green light.. then I started to relax and think maybe whatever or whoever it was had something to tell me. By the time I was close enough to make out that the green light was an orb, covered with appendages of some kind, I was anxious to see more of what it looked like.  Then suddenly I woke up, and my boyfriend was slapping my face and shaking me.  He said I was out for just a few seconds, but I felt I just woke up from a 20 minute dream.
NDE due to accident asphyxiation during sex.

1760.  Alan F Possible NDE English expanded version 12/1/2008 He then lifted me off the bed and propelled me at great speed such that reality became a sort of tunnel, at the same time the conversion of reality towards a single point was emphasized by the "words," "The Union of All Things." This Union was in fact Jesus, though I saw no typical person, but felt the magnificence of mercy and kindness, and then stopped abruptly at the end point where an unbelievably beautiful but simple gold crown was fixed over my head, and at the same time I paused there for several seconds, I was bathed in jewels that could be described only as spiritual concentrations of pure kindness. In the next instance, I passed into the intense light of Heaven, no sun or moon, no gravity or air, but the brilliance of the place emanates from the things themselves and is composed of the non-material "substance" of God's spirit, intense, beautiful, glorious... I then found myself moving rapidly far above the "ground," and then saw a beautiful ribbon of blue in the distance, which soon became a very broad, glassy surfaced river as I first turned and hovered over it, at which point it "spoke" in the same way, out of the life that was within it, "River of Life." I then traveled down this river bounded on both sides by beautiful sculpted mountains of breathtaking beauty, the beauty so intense that it was difficult to endure, and increasingly so as I went.
Sick with mercury poisoning. No clear imminent life-threatening event. Met Jesus who described self as ‘Union of All Things’. Beautiful landscape.

1759.  Cam M NDE vs. Drug Experience English expanded version 12/1/2008 From New Zealand First came absolute darkness, then a bright orb of light. The light was more than light; it had a hexagonal tessellation of radiant yellow/orange, but mostly white. There it stood, an oval of light, then a line came out from the orb, it went to the right and up, then began forming a spiral. Then the line stopped just above it. I was told through the vision and some how telepathic I understood, this is life. Life begins and life stops, then begins again. The rebirth. The line began again, with a small gap in the spiral, and again, the spiral began, and stopped. This happened 7 more times with gaps between each one, then the last line faded. I was told this process is never ending until... This is the last message I received, Until you become one with ..... What was it I was told, I feel like I misinterpreted it as God. Nevertheless that's all I had.
Experience at age 16 due to ‘huffing’.  Very influential on his beliefs.

1758.  Auriel P Probable NDE English expanded version 12/1/2008 On 3/19/06 I succumbed to congestive heart failure and C.P.R. began to be administered.  And then it happened:  It is amazingly hard to describe in earthly words but I will do the best that I can.  I felt light as if I were floating and then realized I was standing beside my hospital bed.  I could see myself.  My eyes were closed and an oxygen tube was in my nose.  My arms were at my sides loaded with I.V. equipment.  Multiple needles were in both arms and bags of fluids hung above the bed on either side.  I was a very orange-ish gray color and I looked like I was sleeping.  I saw no one else in the room and turned toward the door.  As I walked out into the hallway I felt an unbelievable warmth.  The best way I can describe it is if you put a big soft fuzzy blanket in the dryer and then wrapped it around your bare skin.  The warmth enveloped me and it smelled like a spring day.  Then to my left the hallway grew intensely bright.  It blocked everything else out and I turned toward it and began to walk.  I saw myself from behind.  I was dressed in a hospital gown, short sleeved and hanging to mid calf.  Although I had lost most of my hair due to the illness, my hair was now long, thick and hanging almost to my waist. The draw toward the light was irresistible
Probable NDE due to severe illness.

1757.  Carry G NDE English expanded version 12/1/2008 Immediately, a strong but gentle voice spoke to me from the light, a voice heard not with my ears but with my mind.  The being of light said, "Carry, I love you exactly the way you are."  The funny thing was that when I heard that voice I recognize it.  Somehow, I 'knew' this being.  He was like the best friend I always wanted and wished for but did not know it.  But, upon hearing his voice, I knew him immediately.   When the being of light first said this, I felt like the most loved human being of all time, the most favorite of all human beings in the universe, past, present or future, yet at the same time I knew this being loved everyone equally and just as infinitely as I felt right then.  The being delighted in me and was completely focused on me.  I was the center of its attention yet somehow I knew everyone was at the 'center' of its attention.  When the being said those words to me I knew it saw me as I was, faults and all, not just at that moment, but for all the moments of my life. I felt no shame, no judgment; in fact, it was so liberating to be known so perfectly, to be so wonderfully accepted, yet at the same time, not judged or condemned in the slightest way.
Remarkably transcendent prayer experience with many similarities to NDE.  This experience led him to become a Catholic priest.

1756.  Nick F NDE English expanded version 12/1/2008 In 1976, I drove from Missouri where I taught 7th Grade Boy's Health Science for a night of moderate celebration.  I remember nothing else until I woke up. I woke up.  Didn't know where I was--nothing new there.  Pretty soon, I saw a suit walking around.  'Sir, can you tell me where I am?.' 'Mr. F, you've been in a serious automobile accident… My vision had the impossibly bright light, looking at my body from outside and  incredible love.
NDE due to auto accident with skull fracture.

1755.  Dalry M ADC English expanded version 12/1/2008 From Malaysia Monday, June 30, 2008……I’m asleep in my apartment in Malaysia. Suddenly I'm wide awake and sitting up. They have come to me ...the dead people who had been blown up in the suicide bombing I’d been witness to in Jerusalem. They surge into my consciousness on the crest of a cleansing wave. When they have my attention they speak as one. 'We're so pleased that you've finally got it right ….what you've written about the bombing. Now at last we can move! I ask the question that’s been on my mind for 6 years “What about the ..... bomber?”  In one voice they reply “The young woman who fate chose as the instrument? She’s here with us……she’s one of us… she has forgiven and been forgiven. She has taken responsibility for her life….and for her death. Now she is free! That’s why we’ve come. To let the world know…..not just humans but the WHOLE WORLD and EVERYTHING ON IT….. that if WE can forgive THEY CAN FORGIVE!
Background: April 12, 2002: At least six people were killed and more than 80 wounded in the blast, which detonated near the crowded Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. Police said the bomber, described as a young woman, loitered near the open-air shopping area before setting off "a very powerful bomb" at a nearby bus stop.  A planned meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has been delayed at least a day…
Dramatic witness to carnage after bombing and message from those killed in the bombing.  Call for a Freedom Week: “This is what you’re to send out:  ON BEHALF OF ALL THOSE OF US WHO MET A VIOLENT END…….WE CALL ON YOU THE LIVING TO INITIATE A FREEDOM WEEK to conclude on the 11.11.2011.”

1754.  Alan M NDEEnglish expanded version  11/28/08 From South Africa There is a beautiful balance to existence, while the dark void is awful, the domain of the light is so peaceful, loving, glorious even blissful that I can not really find adequate words in the English language to describe it. Therefore we all have varying degrees of light in us that will allow us into the glorious light of almighty.  We meet an essence of God in the light end of the tunnel, at the end of our earthly life. God can work with the light in us, make us pure and allow us to progress up the various levels of heaven into his eternal blissful presence of everlasting peace and joy! It is a progress of eternal learning. Then we become one with God, but retain our unique. Self awareness or our unique personalities are retained forever.
NDE due to coma from illness.  Markedly transcendent experience.

1753.  Allan T NDEEnglish expanded version  11/28/08 From the U.K. They thought I'd died and my girlfriend burst into tears waiting hoping the ambulance would arrive. For me I was somewhere else - firstly it was very dark and then I felt as if I was travelled at speeds as if being on a magic carpet, travelling to different places at speeds which don't exist on earth. After a while I went into a tunnel which eventually became brighter and brighter - absolutely unbelievable. When I'd stopped moving/travelling I was greeted by voices/people that I don't remember (and still don't) but where I was felt absolutely peaceful, loving, welcoming and real.....For me I didn't what to return back to my body but after discussions with these people was told very clearly these words by one person -ALLAN, THIS IS NOT YOUR TIME NOW, THERE ARE THINGS THAT YOU MUST STILL DO ON EARTH, YOUR LIFE IS STILL AHEAD OF YOU THEREFORE YOU MUST RETURN!!!!!!! I remember pleading with them that I didn't want to go back but to no avail - the next thing was I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend who was hysterically crying whilst lying on the restaurant floor.....
NDE due to unknown causes with associated unconsciousness.

1752.  Frances H NDEEnglish expanded version  11/28/08 I got caught in a riptide & the waves were taking me down. I was struggling & choking on water.  Finally I gave up the struggle & starting thinking that I was going to die.  Then all of I sudden, it was like I "popped" up & out of my body and my next thought was "I'm not dead I'm alive, more alive than I had ever felt before!" I did not look back at my body or the beach.  I did not travel through a tunnel.  My spirit went straight to the Light.  There were people in the Light.  The Light & all the people in it were full of love & understanding.  I was in a place where I wanted to stay.  I was told many things which remain in my subconscious.  At times I can recall some of the messages I received. When it is appropriate & the time is right I remember. I know I was told that I had to come back.  I think I may have agreed to come back.  I know I was told I had a purpose for coming back but I don't recall it but I know I will serve my purpose before I go back to the Light.
NDE from near drowning at age 7.

1751.  Mary 3731 NDEEnglish expanded version  11/17/08   From Mexico  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.   I was listening to the nurses talking, when suddenly all my pain was gone, and immediately I heard my mother, who was in the room, calling to me in a very worried voice. As I tried to turn my head to show her I was OK and was not hurting any more, I continued to hear everything with great clarity but with an echo, and straightaway I began to have the feeling of  (being in) a tunnel, with the other end being my external ear-passage. At this moment I was as if floating in this tunnel, and I tried to feel my hands and I analyzed the situation, thinking as follows: 1. I am without pain. 2. I am hearing with an echo. 3. I feel I'm in a tunnel. Wow!!!! It looks like I'm dying!!!! I started to notice that I was getting further from the end of the tunnel, very slowly. I was very scared and got extremely nervous, saying to myself: "Wake up, wake up, wake up" and trying to turn round and move so that I would not get any further away. At that point I noticed I was leaving the tunnel at great speed, recovering all of a sudden and completely my vital functions, sight, hearing, touch...
NDE from loss of blood due to surgery complications.

1750.  Kendra NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08  Next thing I know, I'm floating up by the ceiling directly over my body to see it shaking and eight nurses holding me down. I was having a seizure and I heard one of the nurses yell for a staff member to get the doctor and that's all I saw. I was surrounded by a warm white light and I traveled upwards and I felt safe and such love, more then I've ever felt before and I felt myself trying to get to the end faster. At the end of the light I saw a beautiful golden gate with three figures. My mother, My grandfather whom I never new but at that moment I felt like I had known him all my life and a man dressed in white robes and medium brown hair radiating love in waves. For the first time in a long time, I felt accepted and at home and I didn't want to leave. My mother and grandfather told me to go back that I didn't belong here yet. I shook my head. I didn't want to leave the peace I felt there. The white robed man smiled lovingly at me and told me. that he loved me and that I had a choice to stay and finish my remaining years of my life reborn or to go back and finish the rest of my life with my family. I had chosen to go back.
NDE due to seizure. 

1749.  Marlin C NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08 & 8/20/11  As soon as I died I was standing in total darkness and right in front of me was the brightest light you had ever seen in your life but it did not hurt your eyes to look at it. Then this voice came from the light saying to me "step into the light, step into the light."  At first I was scared because I had never been in a situation like that before. after the voice repeated the saying again I stepped into the light and when I did it hit me like a ton of bricks!!! The first thing I felt was overwhelming !!!LOVE!!! and the next thing I felt was true peace and contentment, it seemed like I was home! Unfortunately I was only dead for a couple of minutes. I was starting to get over how I felt and started to look around saw like a garden of sorts.     The colors were so brilliant and so rich, nothing like here on earth.
NDE due to heart attack.

1748.  Jen C NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08  When the doctors found what I had taken they expressed no real concern saying that I could just sleep it off. I was wheeled into a hallway to wait for an empty room. I laid there staring at the ceiling when I stopped breathing. I then felt myself being pulled up out of my body and out of the hospital into this vast void that was both dark and light. It was silent and still, strange but peaceful. Then I felt myself yanked down and I was back in my body with two nurses looking over me. They didn't ever tell me that I had stopped breathing but I heard them discussing it with the doctor outside my room when I was evaluated. Since that day I have had a heightened awareness of things and during deep meditation I can go back to that void I experienced but stay in my body.
NDE due to breathing cessation from medication.

1747.  Brian G NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08  What I remember is a person asking me (I can't recall seeing a face but I think it was a male) if I wanted to stay or come (with him). I knew exactly what he meant and why he was asking me. I was even looking at myself lying unconscious on either a stretcher or bed. I responded to him that I wanted to stay because my wife and children needed me. He let me know that my decision would be supported (strong sense of compassion), and that though it would be difficult, in the end everything would be ok. Also, there was a very strong sense of peace.
NDE due to head injury from car accident.  Interesting to note the unique NDE state of consciousness during amnesic period.

1746.  Audie M NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08   From Australia  I had a very high temperature as a result of having Scarlet Fever.  I went above my body and could see through the walls.  I was in the hospital at the time, and could see the nurses in their canteen.  They were saying how sick I was and were eating my pears as I would not need them.  I love pears, and my mother could not normally afford them, but had bought them for a special treat.  I then went to my home and saw my mother and father getting ready to come to the hospital to see me.  I tried to tell them about the pears, but they couldn't see me.  I recall feeling very peaceful and quite interested in everything that was going on around my earthly body, but enjoyed floating and being able to go where I wished.  I didn't want to go back into my body.
NDE due to scarlet fever at age 12.  Experience is shared 48 years later.

1745.  Tina R NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08  From Canada I was standing upright, but not on the ground, it was as if I was floating in a very silent, peaceful space. There was an oval shape of a cloud-like image surrounded in light that became larger and larger in size. I heard a voice saying; "Tina, it is not your time yet, so don't worry or panic. The voice repeated this statement two or three times and then told me to relax, calm my body and concentrate on opening my eyes." I then remember thinking (knowing) that it was my angel speaking and comforting me. I felt an extreme sense of peace and stillness. During the second experience I also remember thinking that it was really unfortunate that my life was over but if I were to go I wouldn't be alone and that I would be with my mom. But the voice answered my thought with words of comfort and peacefully suggested that it was not my time to go.
NDE due to complications of infection.

1744.  Kristy C NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08  I remember being pulled backwards and when I turned I was in an earthy tunnel and a door was before me that opened into a spectacular light. The light was brilliant, but it did not hurt! As I passed into it, it glowed with warmth, love, knowledge, & understanding. Not just my own knowledge but knowledge of everything complete understanding, collective but separate. Everything made sense. Everything was more vivid the colors were brighter & deeper, everything was tranquil and at peace the moment I crossed into the light. I was now standing in a lush rolling meadow, covered with blooms & trees. I felt a presence strong and even more wonderful; I knew my family was with me. The presence had a deep resonating voice that touched the core of your soul. I don't remember what the voice told me, but the peace & calm seemed to magnify. I remember sitting in the meadow, I was cradling something in my arms, asking to cross a small free flowing stream, and not being allowed, I asked to stay. I did not want to go back.
NDE due to complications during gallbladder surgery.  Interesting in that she had awakening during surgery, then cardiac arrest, then NDE.

1743.  Gordy K NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08  I wasn't directly over the gurney and could see the backs of the doctors/nurses on my side of the the gurney.  My view of the gurney was mostly blocked by their backs and the overhead light/fixture in the room blocked my view of the people on the other side of me. I was fully aware that was my body on the gurney, however there was a "lack of concern" on my part (not to mention a total lack of the pain and discomfort I was in before I began my experience) and soon lost interest on what was happening to my body.  I looked around behind me and saw the cupboards on the wall and read some of the labels on the doors describing the contents behind the doors.  They were Dymo labels popular back then.  The cupboards and room dissolved away to blackness with a bright light in what would have been the corner in the back of the cupboard.  It began to increase in size as though I was moving closer to it, however before the light took over I found myself back in my body.
NDE due to unspecified illness.

1742.  Ruben G NDEEnglish expanded version  11/15/08  From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated by Simon.  When I was 9, I went with my parents and some family members to the beach. Everything was just as usual, I went in the sea with my cousin and kept going until the waves were reaching up to my neck. My cousin had stayed behind me. At this point I felt that I was going under, I had fallen down a hollow and in my desperate state I dragged on my cousin and we were both starting to drown. In my instinct for survival I was climbing on his back to breathe, and he was doing the same thing. Exhausted from all my efforts to get out, I gave up and was swallowing water, when suddenly I saw something like a video of my life, every moment was seen. Just then it was a wonderful thing, and after seeing this video I regained consciousness, and my cousin, who had already managed to get out, said to me: "Crawl!" I crouched and crawled, which is how I was able to get out on to the sand. I felt heavy after swallowing a lot of water.  
Child near-drowning.

1741.  MB NDEEnglish expanded version  11/13/08  From Brazil.  Original in Portuguese, translated by Rio. Afterwards, the tunnel turned a light yellow and I saw a female "being" appear in order to accompany me.  We finally arrived at a light and then a room appeared--sort of a control room--where there were people behind one way mirrors.  I heard someone say that I had arrived at a parallel universe at a HIGHER LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS where it was possible to see other people living normally upon the earth.  That was a great revelation.  The secret to the universe was being presented to me.  The secret is: there is another world where things really are real, where truth, goodness and harmony exist.  Life is not limited to the earth experience.  Earth life is only a small part of the whole.  Those who earn the right are shown eternal life.  That was the essence.  
Childbirth NDE.

1740.  Benino NDEEnglish expanded version  11/10/08  From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated by Amy.  After an indefinable moment of time I found myself outside of my body, and I saw my body lying on the bed. I rose in the air always keeping my eye on my body.  Then everything turned black.  I found myself in a tunnel. The sides of the tunnel were brown, grey and black and the colors were all mixed up together. I didn't perceive sound, heat, hunger, feelings, weight, memories, anxiety, emotions. I was all sight.  The time I remained in the tunnel is hard to say, but I think several weeks.   At the end of the tunnel there was a small light.
NDE at age 4.  Atypical because he is now atheist (not because of the NDE) and considers the NDE as an hallucination. 

1739.  John S NDE and Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  When I was 10, my family used too spend our summers up at Lake Phips.  It was a wonderful time of my youth.  I was wild and I couldn't swim yet.  We were at the dock and I told my father I was going to jump in.  He told me not to do it.  I laughed and did anyway. I sunk like a stone and just stayed sitting at the bottom in all kinds of weeds in pitch dark water. I was there for 5 minutes or so.  It was the most at peace I ever felt.  Who would think drowning would not be traumatic, at least in my experience.  I was out of my body. I guess it was weird. I saw myself through the murky water.  It's hard to explain, but my mind was just floating around with no body. I saw a very bright white light that started to expand very rapidly.  At that moment, my older brother, Ray, jumped in the water and saved me.  It was a miracle because as I said you could not see your hand in front of your face.
NDE at age 10 from near drowning, and possible NDE at age 41 from suicide attempt.

1738.  Jackie R NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  From Australia  I remember walking into a grey zone, another plane that was like a duplicate of this Earth.  I wondered were my friend was because, although I couldn't see him I knew he definitely was not on this plane...it was just a knowing from somewhere I can't explain.  I felt lost and confused it was hazy and I was walking through bush, trees...just wandering.  It was misty grey, foggy almost. I was not afraid but neither joyful, just confused and dreamy.  All of a sudden a firm father like voice told me "You must go back, you cannot stay here" it was not an evil voice just firm, as I was the type of person that would likely not listen to a softer tone. This voice I listened to and remember almost instantly becoming present again in my body, but it was only my head, near were some would call the third eye area that I was present, like my soul wanted to just sit there because my injuries were so bad.
NDE due to car crash.

1737.  Jessica P NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  Before I came to those several days later it was almost as if the wreck would keep re-playing in my mind . I could see my self sitting in the truck , but from above . And very close as if I was sitting right on top of the roof with the top pealed back . It was as if that one little area where I was had been covered with a bright white light that was clouds or fog around me , but I could still see myself clearly… Finally months later I received all of the police reports an hospital records . I still at that point was un aware fully of what happened  to me . All I know was I had to be airlifted to the closest hospital or I would have died . Once I got the police report of what happened I got chills through my body as I read and saw photos of the same meridian from my dream . I call it a dream :-] , for I really don’t know what it was.
NDE due to car accident.

1736.  Shirley R NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  Standing at the light, that is not really a light like we know on earth, I felt I finally was home after a long long journey. Every question I ever wanted to know about the universe and life was answered at that moment and not a word was spoken, but I could feel the information enter my soul. There were silhouettes of women and men and children floating up at an angle through a fog like light. All were looking up at an angle and I was watching them and waiting for what seemed like my turn, I was filled with happiness and safety and love, everything we the people look for and seek out here on earth. I still cry to go home into the light, I do not want to be here on earth anymore, but know that I have no choice not even suicide.
NDE due to post-operative complication.

This is one of the few Jewish experiences that we have received.

1734.  Cathleen C NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  I knew that He had the answers to all questions so I began to ask Him things I had wondered about the most. Why is there evil? His reply, because there is good. I asked how anyone, being what they are, be permitted to exist in this home of God. He made me understand that He knew everything about me, that I was who I was because He Himself had designed me to be exactly, precisely who I was and that whatever I was I was still His creation, His child and He loved me so very much.
Remarkable NDE due to criminal attack involving strychnine poisoning.  Initial part of NDE in hellish realm.  Exceptional spiritual wisdom.

1733.  Mark T NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08 From the U.K.   Suddenly everything went white. There wasn't a tunnel or music or anything like that, just a blanket of white light.  The white light was if you were to look directly at the sun. I felt as if I was gently laid down on the seabed. Then I felt surrounded in an invisible cloak of safety and serenity.  It was the most peaceful feeling I had ever, and have to this day, felt.  I knew I was safe. Then I felt a horrible jolt as someone grabbed my arm. All of a sudden, the water felt extremely cold and I started to feel the same original panic as I felt the cloak slipping off me. A woman pulled me out of the water and I started breathing again. I was really annoyed at the woman, as if she had just woken me from a peaceful sleep - only ten times worse.
NDE at age 16 due to drowning.

1732.  Cathy B NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  From Canada  I felt my body shutting down and then I had a  flash of my entire life including pre-birth.  Then I was up and looking down at my back and I wasn't scared I just kept thinking that any minute he'd go away and then I'll start to breathe again. I was ok with my body dying. Then I remember looking up and getting pulled/sucked toward a great white light. When I got closer to the light I saw the outline of adults. I was only there for a moment before I was sucked back and then I was breathing again.
NDE due to criminal attack at age 7.

1731.  Richard H NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  Overall, it was an incredible, transformational, inspirational, spiritual experience resulting in a quickening of my awareness/consciousness, a loss of fear, a loss of the fear of death, a strong sense of greater meaning, remarkable insight into the human condition and the dire importance of relationships, an unshakable conviction that there is nothing to fear concerning death or the the afterlife, a strengthening of my intuitive abilities and a profound sense of inner peace, all of which led to a greater appreciation of life, and a sincere desire to live my life to the fullest, and the conviction I should do something constructive with my second chance. And more!
NDE due to heart attack.  Markedly life-changing.

1730.  Ashley G Fear Death ExperienceEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  We were coming down a hill and at the bottom of the hill was a semi sharp turn to the right. Mikey was driving about 65mph and I told him to slow down but he didn't we reached the bottom of the hill and right before the curve I remember there was an old run down barn to the right. Then when he went to go around the curve he lost control of the car. I all of a sudden felt like I was standing out side the car on the side of the road in the right in front of the barn. The car seemed to be 100ft away. I could see the red car, I could see us in the car, and I could see the car spinning and sliding across the wet pavement, and I could see the other cars and their headlights coming from the other way and I kept thinking that they were going to hit the car. It all seemed like it was in slow motion, but I was in normal motion. As soon and the car stopped I was back in the car just sitting there wondering what had just happened. The car never rolled or hit anything. It just spun around a couple of times.
“Fear-death” experience due to near crash in car.

1729.  George L NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  My soul or spirit left my body at that moment and I went somewhere I don't recall.  Then I was floating with my hand on my mom and dad's shoulders as they were walking down the hallway in the hospital.  My spirit went to the operating room where I was looking down on my body with all the doctors and tubes and stuff sticking out of me.  Only my face was peeking through the ceiling tiles at the foot end of the table but I was in the ceiling like my feet and legs wanted to float upwards.  Then I was instantly at the head of my surgery table.  I was still looking through the ceiling tiles when I saw this white shape at the foot of the surgery table.  It was shaped a lot like me; size, slender, height . . . all that.  Anyways it slowly laid into my body and worked its way from my feet until it finally disappeared into my face and that's when I came back to life.
NDE due to being shot.

1728.  Nadera S NDEEnglish expanded version  10/19/08 From Iraq.  Original in Arabic, Non Western NDE  I saw four people, three men and a woman, one of the men was in white uniform and I knew the woman according to her clothes.  They put me on litter ( ambulance litter) and they pushed it running through a passage. For hours, then we arrived to the end of the way. I saw a light.  I told them this is the first time to get a breathing failure and you didn't take me younger brother in spite that he is asthma case since 14 years, so please let me back.
NDE by Professor.

1727.  Jay MD Patient NDEEnglish expanded version  10/19/08 After 28 shocks (I think), I got her back.  She was technically without a cardiac rhythm of her own for 1.5 HOURS… That night, I, went to the ICU and asked this elderly lady if she "remembered anything."  "Yes," she said, "I was in the corner of the room--floating--and saw you working on me.  You shocked me and I was dead.  I saw a massively white bright light and there were two angels there...telling me it wasn't my time and to go back.  But I didn't want to."
Remarkable account from a surgeon who resuscitated a patient who had coded due to heart electrical abnormality while undergoing surgery.  The patient told a classic NDE, and then denied having had the experience later.  To the best of our recollection, this is the first account of this type shared with NDERF.

NDE due to head trauma at age 8.  NDE happened in Ghana in West Africa, making it a relatively rare non-Western NDE.

1725.  Jason B NDEEnglish expanded version  10/19/08 After the car came to a complete stop, and I realized what had happened I exited the vehicle stood there for a few seconds. I then realized that I was bleeding and hurt and something triggered me to stray away from the scene. I walked about 20 yards up a side street away from the busy intersection, and simply fell to the ground. I laid there briefly and within what seemed like seconds an off duty police officer came to my aid and kept trying to talk to me, telling me not to close my eyes. soon after this is when I had the out of body experience as if I was standing over myself in a crowd of onlookers.  Watching the paramedics arrive they began CPR. I then saw things from the ground again after what seemed like minutes.
NDE due to auto accident at age 17.

1724.  Granit N NDEEnglish expanded version  10/19/08 Foreign, Original in Dutch, translated to English by Annelies.  I was in a rotating tunnel (a kind of cloud) and inside the tunnel there were billions of small lights. I looked around, I was surprised and had no idea what was happening. I heard beautiful music that resembled classical music. I remember (like it happened yesterday) the feeling I had: peaceful, quiet, without worries. At the end of the tunnel was a large light which looked like the sun but this light I could look into. I remember saying (telepathic words not by word of mouth): wow it is beautiful here. Where am I? Suddenly with the speed of lightning I was back in my body.
NDE from an 8 year old playing with firecrackers.

1723.  Michel vd B NDEEnglish expanded version  10/19/08 From the Netherlands, Original in Dutch, translated to English by Annelies.   And then the lights go out.  At the same time I see my friends(5 kilometers further on) getting in their car, they are saying: Michel is late maybe he's not coming. And I say right away: hey, I'm lying over here but they don't hear or see me. Suddenly I see them coming from the opposite direction my head is at. I wave to them and they stop and then they say: shit that's Michel's car. And I say: yes, don't you see I've been in an accident. I look down and I see myself lying very still with my eyes closed. I look up again and I see my mother in tears, talking to a policeman at the front door. And then all of a sudden I realize I'm dead.
NDE from car accident.

1722.  Yulia Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  10/18/08 From Russia, Original in Russian, translated to English by Sergey  I flew through the funnel along a spiral at a great speed, very loud noise in my ears, like a very strong wind. On the walls of the funnel, not sure how attached, there were some unusual objects; at that moment I knew what they were, but forgot later, I have a vague feeling that they were toys. While flying, I heard voices talking to me. They were a bit with an echo, with unusual timbre, I think now that they were muffled as by cotton. Then I clearly understood what they were telling me and knew that they belong to three apostles, but when I returned, I forgot what they were saying. Being in the "funnel", I felt happy, free, joyfully-amazed like a child. I had a feeling, that in my earthly life I saw everything through a very dusty glass.
Even though there is a question as to whether she was unconscious during the experience, this is definitely NDE-Like.

1721.  Agnes O NDEEnglish expanded version  10/12/08 From Canada Me and my brother were at a deck on a river and he pushed me into the water, as a joke, then ran away thinking I will be chasing him. I was fighting to get out of the water but because fully clothed and with shoes on I couldn't get out. I was going down and as much as I was trying to swim up I couldn't. I have been swimming since I was a baby but I couldn't get to the surface. My clothes and my shoes were so heavy and pulling me down.  It was so scary.. I was fighting for a breath, my lungs and my throat hurt and burnt. It felt like my chest is going to explode and then it all stopped. It got quiet and peaceful. I saw my hands floating in front of my face. I remember looking at them with no emotion. I could see the sun rays cutting through the water and shining on the rocks and thought how beautiful they were. I saw the weeds floating around me... I saw parts of my life in front of my eyes But the most important was the PEACE that I felt. I felt light and peaceful like nothing else mattered.
NDE due to drowning at age 15.

1720.  Hazeliene M NDEEnglish expanded version  10/12/08 From Singapore When I felt that I was totally blackout, so I fell down and knocked my head on the floor. That's the thing I remember before I was fully conscious. After that, I suddenly I was in the very dark tunnel going up up up in a way up there (above). Then after that, it was very dark place and I know that place was a tunnel. After passing through from that very dark tunnel, it has changed to very bright light. I had seen a very bright light, I thought it was sun, but it was not. I don't' have an idea  where's that light came from. Someone spoken to me for a while, I heard and that voice came from that  light. You know what I felt when I saw that light?  When I saw that bright light, I felt that someone loves me very much (but no idea who it was) I was very overwhelmed with that bright light. And while I was there, I felt the love and that love I never felt before. That light welcoming me very warmly and loves me very much.  My words to the light before I woke up was this: I wanted to stay here,  but I love my 2 kids.
NDE at time of unconsciousness due to apparent illness.

1719.  Nina S Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  10/12/08 From the UK  During my operation I found myself standing on the apex of a bend in a tunnel.  The tunnel was metallic and coming from one end out of the dark I was watching what looked like meat hooks hanging from a moving conveyor moving slowly towards me.  There were gnarled, twisted, burnt looking bodies hanging fr0m the hooks which gradually moved towards me and the bend.  As I looked to the other end of the tunnel I could see an incredibly white light - so bright that it seemed to reflect from the metallic tunnel.  Standing at one side of the tunnel in the light was a figure - dressed in white and so bright with light that you couldn't make out any features.  My feelings were that this being was a man with long robes.  The being was lifting the bodies from the conveyor and taking them into his arms.  The bodies changed completely as he lifted them into his arms.  They because beautiful, really really beautiful with wondrous, happy smiles on their faces.
Probable NDE during surgery for a skull fracture.

1718.  Marilyn M Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  10/12/08 I woke up in the car, my sister was moaning, I told her to be quiet and that everything would be ok. I blacked out and came to in the ambulance, felt like I was lying on a pile of bricks. I begged my dad who was in the ambulance with me to tell me where my mom was. I blacked out again. Woke up again in the emergency room hearing blood curdling screaming. I blacked out again and woke up going into surgery hearing a nurse say she doesn't have much hair so we don't have to shave her. My out of body experience was sometime during surgery I think. I was hovering over myself and saw 5 other people around me in white coats. They were just standing there. The light was behind me and I did not look into it. I felt very peaceful and secure in where I was. The next thing I remember was that I came to in a hospital room with my dad looking at me and he still would not say where my mother was.
Probable NDE during urgent surgery following car accident.

1717.  Marney S' Daughter's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/12/08 I am writing for my daughter who experienced a sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 2 years old.  She was resuscitated in a hospital setting using a defibrillator after being gone for at least four minutes.  A few months after being released from the hospital, she told our then 12 year-old daughter, "I'm all better now."  Our older daughter responded with, "You are?  How do you know that?"  Our 2 year-old said, "God told me."  A few weeks later, we were sitting around the campfire as a family roasting marshmallows when our daughter told us, "God came to see me when I was at the hospital.  He carried me up to the sky when the doctors were putting something on me.  He told me I was all better now and took me back to the hospital." 
NDE at age 2 shared by parents when she is age 5.  NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1716.  Mary R NDEEnglish expanded version  10/12/08 Then there was a very small moment of total darkness and then I found myself walking upward through an old stone and earth tunnel that had a bright white light at the end.  Before I got to the light, the stones and earth turned into the heavens with all of the stars.  I instantly knew all of their names and purpose and they seemed as though they were living beings with a reason for being created.  One in particular I was told was my birth star.  Everything was within a heart beat yet seemed as if time had stopped.  You knew things all at once yet separate as well.  There was an angel walking on my right side with me the entire way and I was told he was my guardian angel.  I saw my entire life as though I was watching a movie.  There was an invisible border you could not see yet you understood not to cross it or you could not leave.  Horses and dogs were playing together and when they stopped, they seemed to stare a hole through me and then went back to playing.  I was told they were checking to see if I was the person they were waiting for that they had loved while on earth.
NDE due to severe head injury from criminal attack.

1715.  Anitta J NDEEnglish expanded version  10/4/08 From Finland.  I had a terrible pain in my head and was suddenly in a very dark tunnel going fast forward. I saw an enormous light at the end of the tunnel and I was going to it. My previous life went through like a film. Then I felt that somebody, whose face I did dot see, took me on the arms and I felt very peaceful. There was no fear or pain, just happy and restful feeling. Then I saw my father, just like he was when he lived and he said to me: come here, here is good to be. I wanted to run to him, but I could not, because there was a border between us. I cannot describe the border it was like a wall which I could see through. Then I heard a dark voice that seemed to be everywhere, asking: who? meaning my identity and then the words: not yet. I was given number thirty-four. Then I was obliged to turn back, which I did not want, because I had such a good feeling there. Again I was in the tunnel coming back very fast and at the same time the pain in my body came back. I had cried: no, no, when I was coming back to consciousness.
NDE at age 14 due to heart attack secondary to Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (an abnormality of electrical conduction of the heart). 

1714.  Thaddeus K NDEEnglish expanded version  10/4/08 Lying on my back. Awake. Suddenly I am looking down at myself from the ceiling. My position is reversed, that is my head is opposite to my feet on the bed. I see myself very clearly. I have normal vision. I am presented with making a decision. No voice. Just "knowledge" that I have a choice. The choice is stay or go. There is absolutely no value to either choice which surprises me. The lack of value is striking to me. A sense of absolute calm. I choose "stay." Immediately I am back in my body.
NDE due to gram negative bacteria septic shock.  NDEr is a retired physician who is sharing this 52 years later.

1713.  Armandina G NDEEnglish expanded version  10/4/08 For those few moments of her trying to convince them I need to go to the emergency room is when I guess blacked out/ lost consciousness.  All of a sudden I was somehow normal and not drunk I don't know if I was sitting, standing or laying there as I was, but I clearly realized someone or I don't really know if it was a person, ghost or not cause as I was look forward at a slight right angle I heard a slow gentle command voice asking " Do you want to come (as if to sway his hand/palm open from forward to back) or do you want to stay (as if now motioning his hand from the position in back to where it started with hand and palm open)  Now I certainly heard it but I did not see it, although the motion I felt seemed to be clearly inviting.  I paused for a moment (thinking to myself I am being given a choice to live or die WOW!
NDE due to alcohol overdose.

1712.  Shirley R NDEEnglish expanded version  10/4/08  Lying in a bed had pancreatitis didn't know if I was going to live or die.  Seen a black tunnel it was swirling and my daughter and my mother were at the end of this tunnel.  They were calling me but my godmother who is my grandmother told me to go back.  Soon I started to get well again.  I have seen the similar thing in my bedroom and it is frightening.  I am afraid to go through that tunnel…
NDE while in intensive care due to pancreatitis.

1711.  John S Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  10/4/08  Next thing I remember, I was looking down at myself sitting on the bench of the emergency room.  The girl who brought me over was seated next to me.  A doctor was kneeling in front of the "me" on the bench, moving my mouth around.  He said the jaw was broken clear through.  I later found out the left side was also broken in pieces.  As I looked down, I was aware of an endless continuum behind me, but I did not turn around.  Indescribable, all-encompassing Love surrounded everything.  It was perfect peace and well-being beyond imagination. There was someone or something that communicated telepathically with me.  It's hard to explain the feeling of intimacy, care and connection I felt with it.  We were almost one. But what was behind me was so much greater then me.  Looking down at "me" on the bench, "we" felt such compassion for the poor guy.  He didn't know that he was surrounded by Love.
Probable NDE after jaw fracture.

1710.  Belen NDEEnglish expanded version  10/3/08  From Spain - Original in Spanish, translated to English by Amy. When I was 3 years old I was involved in a car accident, as I was getting out of my father's car I fell onto the asphalt. I became unconscious, and they declared me clinically dead. I remember that in that moment I found myself alone in a kind of forest with really tall trees and a lot of light, probably sunlight, I was walking quietly through the greenery and I felt so much at peace, I don't know if it was a dream or just a state of unconsciousness. The peace I felt was indescribable, I remember it as though it happened yesterday.  
NDE that occurred when she was 3 years old.

1709.  Pia H Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  10/1/08  From Belgium - Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry.  Suddenly I'm without a body and am overcome by a feeling of wellbeing; I know everything and yet nothing. This is it: death=life; LOVE! It is impossible for me to describe the feeling. I felt myself so connected to everything, it was so heavenly and easy! I didn't have to breath; I didn't have to anything, only BE! This wonderful feeling was so overwhelming I was almost glad to be dead; it will be heavenly at life's end. 
Probable NDE from allergic reaction to anesthesia.

1708.  Stella NDEEnglish expanded version  10/1/08  From Italy - Original in Italian, translated to English by Amy.   The tunnel was semi transparent and I saw points of light like distant stars becoming rays of irregular lights, like the headlights on a car that is speeding down a curved road. My speed kept growing until the light could no longer reach me and I saw that the tunnel was one giant curve, but a curve that was barely discernible, yet I could feel it. Then I was home. The light surrounded me and I was in eternity, every question I asked had an instant clear response, even if I didn't understand every answer. I was surrounded by the gentle song of many voices and I couldn't understand the song. I walked barefoot in an undulating field on soft grass and not far oak tree stood out, it was more imposing than anything I had ever seen, a brilliant green like life (I could write a whole book about that tree alone but I will stop here).
4 years old. Exceptional NDE. OBE- saw nurse lose ring and told her where to find it. Remarkably transcendent. Profound insights on life's purpose and free will.

1707.  Newlin D NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08 As I was being electrocuted I left my body and floated above the scene. I was surrounded in by a warm diffuse light but could see everything clearly.  I could see my body shaking and convulsing with the electrical current, my eyes were open, my mouth was open but I couldn't speak.  I seemed to know that I was going to die unless something changed.  I don't remember being scared or frightened at all - very matter of factly.  While floating I went over to where my dad was working at the other end of the garage. He had his back to my body and wasn't aware of what was going on.  I went over to him and then he looked up from his work on the floor, turned to see my body being electrocuted.  He picked up a hammer and threw it across the room and knocked the extension cord/drop light out of my hand.  After that the light went out, the scene collapsed and the next thing I was aware of was being awakened mother in our family room.
NDE due to electrocution at age 11.

1706.  Fanny B Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08 I felt my soul (I don't know what word I can use for this) just rising up from my body... horizontally or from the belly... something like that. Then, it's just like most people's feeling, so peaceful, so grateful and my body or my soul has no weight at all. I was in the middle of no where, I could see all around me in the same time...360?  The whole room was lighten by a kind of light bright but not hurting, there was no corner, no shadow, the light seems to be peace, happiness and so on.
Probable NDE three days after surgery.

1705.  Flannigan D Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08  As I floated up there, I was watching my body lying on the table with the Dr and nurse leaning over me, and I could see the clothes I was wearing, my short-sleeve blue/red/and white shirt which my grandma made for me and two like them for my brothers.  I also had on some blue jeans and my black shoes. My shirt was partially covered with a white towel.  As I watched from above, I became aware of a smell (like lilacs) which reminded me of my Grandma (my mother's mom) who had died in a car accident just two years before that.
Probable NDE at age 8 during surgery.  Shared 53 years later.  He is a minister.

1704.  Newie NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08 I found myself in a sort of courtyard.  There were no flowers, but the grass, bushes, and tree leaves were an extraordinarily vibrant green.  Over the horizon was white and gold light.  I knew I was in the presence of something sacred--not God as commonly described--and I experienced true awe for the first time.  I was not afraid.  There was an invisible barrier separating the courtyard from the light and the landscape beyond, and I was scrambling around, trying to find a way through.  I heard a female voice say, "It's not your time yet."  I replied, "I've had a stroke and my left side is paralyzed.  What better time could there be?"  But they wouldn't let me in.  I'm not sure who "they" are, but I was devastated when I realized I was being dragged back to my ruined body. 
NDE due to stroke.

1703.  Russell P NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08  I felt my breathing slowing , then stopping.  Then I was engulfed in light and there was a place -a completely black-place I couldn't see through or break through. The light was warm and inviting and I felt like I was a kid in my grandmother's arms -the only safe place in the world.  I felt myself losing everything  then I heard a woman's voice scream ''NO it is not yet his time ''and I awoke and was in an emergency room with the taste of charcoal in my mouth and mad as hell.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

1702.  Don R NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08  Apparently, the split second that my head hit the windshield and I started yelling, I had an out of body experience and felt myself hovering above my body about 10 feet up.  I remember a white light but I think that was from the black jack.  But I do remember that God spoke to me and said to come with Him and I said "No, I want to marry and have a son and daughter. (I put that wish in the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem 9 year later and have been happily married for 21 years with a daughter and son).  I also remember Him telling me to walk to Port Arthur, Texas (my hometown) and don't look back.  That's it.  I had a mild concussion, burst some blood vessels in my arm but recovered.
NDE due to head injury.

1701.  Leonard S NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08  I only remember that when we were at the Fort Benning Georgia Hospital Emergency room, that I was floating above my body.  My body was on a stretcher or gurney and my mom was next to me crying.  I remember seeing someone come up and feel my arm for a pulse (I assume this) and turning to my mother and shaking his head.  The next thing I saw a another individual being talked to by the first one and that individual checking on me.  He said something to my mother and then I was wheeled into a treatment area… She told me when I was better that a medical assistant had checked my pulse and told her I was dead.
NDE due to being hit on back of head with baseball bat at age 12.

1700.  John P Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08  Once I got to the hospital I was placed in a metal tub with ice and some type of solution. my clothes were burnt to my skin and I could still fill the electricity going through my body. the pain was so great that I ask God to come and get me and relieve me from the pain. It was terrible. Then I began to rise up out of my body as a spirit. I could see over the top of my body and see all the doctors in the room looking at my lifeless body. I also saw my mother come into the hospital room screaming and crying. She was a nurse at the hospital at that time. Then something or someone~ I think it was God~ in a voice said come into the light and my spirit began to lift higher into a place of white lights with bluish color surrounding. It was very cool and it took away the pain. I don't know how long I was gone and the next time I remember being in my body. I was at home wrapped in bandages over my whole bad from head to toe. 
Probable NDE due to electrocution at age 8.  A second experience is described which is more consistent with dream vs narcotic experience (presumably he was on narcotic pain medications at the time).

1699 Mary G Experience English expanded version  9/29/08 It was the day before my 37th birthday.  Noelle was coming into the world.  I had had a bad experience with my son's birth eight years before, so this time, I decided to go completely natural.  It was a little frightening, because the doctor had not arrived.  The nurse and my husband had to deliver her.  I was lying on my left side and the pushing urge took over.  Suddenly I was behind myself, looking at the event taking place.  No more fear--no pain.  Just peace.  I didn't even seem surprised that I was there.  Then I saw an amazing pure white light coming from inside my lower back.  The light was so bright that it would have hurt my eyes, but it didn't.  It was really indescribable but felt like love on the highest level I have ever experienced.  I remember wondering what it was.  Immediately I could see it was shaped like a baby--my baby!  The entire experience lasted only a short time, and I was back in my body just as she was born.  I believe I was very privileged to witness my daughter's soul entering her body.
OBE at time of childbirth.  Witnessed baby’s soul entering its body.

1698.  John T Fear Death ExperienceEnglish expanded version  9/29/08 I was caught in the cross fire 13 shots fired. Hit 3 times, hand (right)  thru & thru left forearm, & left arm part of bicep muscle. I saw 1 bullet pass my eyes & hit concrete right in front of me.  During this episode My spirit left my body & was looking back at my body shaking uncontrollably. I became very calm but had thoughts of how I was going to explain to Walter's wife & 9 children I tried my best.  I thought he was dead. Also how to tell my parents?  In the calm was a white light of calmness. Thank you for letting me tell my story, as for today I do not fear death.
OBE associated with Fear-Death Experience due to being shot, but not in critical organs.

1697.  Luz H NDEEnglish expanded version  9/29/08  From Puerto Rico - Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.  I entered into shock, and that is when everything began. I felt great peace, and felt no fear in separating from my body. I felt myself floating and that I was rising from the gurney. I could hear people praying all around me but could not react, could not open my eyes or move, etc.
NDE from post-childbirth complications.

1696/895.  Kane D NDEEnglish expanded version  9/27/08 From the UK.  When I realized I was dead which took several minutes a great warmth of love engulfed me and I felt arms wrap around me even though I had no physical form, colors where electric, smells fantastic I slipped in and out of my body multiple times during the three days. I had life reviews but these were not how I have read since but purely self observed and self analyzed as if I was my own parent or own teacher it is difficult to put into words, I was also aware of the over powering secret to  life in its truly simple form and felt and believed it that nothing else is real but the feeling. the experience of death has been the most real and physical experience of my life and the world here felt cold and heavy and unreal for sometime afterwards.  
NDE due to brain hemorrhage from right temporal aneurysm. Integration experience - Also shared in 2006.

1695.  Frances Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  9/27/08  From Ireland I was trying to come out of the anesthesia and a heard a nurse say "she isn't awake yet" " let her sleep a little longer"...it was then it happened. I felt so very sleepy, but unable to say I was awake. The next thing I felt separate from my body and woke up in black but only for a second, not even a second. I then was slowly going toward light and as I progressed toward it I felt almost layers of myself falling away....I became lighter and lighter and happier...just so happy. I was in a tunnel of very white light and I saw a group of people who loved me.  I don't know who they were, but they were familiar to me. No words were said but I felt the pure joy of being there...such incredible relief. There were many women young and old.
Probable NDE following surgery.

1694.  Paul J NDEEnglish expanded version  9/27/08  The next conscious memory I had was of my body shutting down. I can recall the sense of doom I felt as I could physically feel my energy leaving my body; I was so scared and I don't know how to explain this but I mustered the strength to come to long enough to ask my wife to get me a priest and give me my last rights. I guess she did so, but at this point I fell back into a coma and at some point I remember standing on the edge of a cliff and in front of me I saw a mist, a floating fog, but for some reason I knew it was bottomless. All I could feel, hear, and see was sadness. It was at that moment of realization that I knew my right had was raised. I turned my head and looked at my hand and I looked up to see that I was holding the left hand of Jesus. I knew in my heart it was Him. He didn't look at me, he just turned me away from the edge of what I can only call the abyss, and led me away and towards darkness. The next thing I remember is coming to and asking my wife to get me a priest.
NDE due to brain hemorrhage from aneurysm.

1693.  Derek C NDEEnglish expanded version  9/27/08 After an unknown amount of time to me I was awake again lying on my bed but things were very different. I felt No pain, very much at peace, and not sure if I just woke up or was awakened but on the left side of my bed was my Oma and Opa (grand mother and grand father in German) both of which had died at different times in the past. On the right side of my bed were my Great Grand Mother and Great Grand Father. I have never met my Great Grand Father; he died long before I was even born. My Great Grand Mother was the love of my life as a child, if I was bad during the week my punishment was that I would not be allowed to go to her home and stay with her for the weekend. I have more fond memories of her and being with her than anyone on my life.
NDE during unconsciousness following apparent heart attack.

1692.  Gary T NDEEnglish expanded version  9/27/08 I knew I was bleeding to death and told my wife goodbye and kissed her. At that point I was in a stage of total darkness and I felt wonderful, no pain, no fear. Then I realized where I was at and I saw a bright light. My Doctor was in the light and he told me I was not going to die. I went with him into the light and things started moving faster and faster. I came too a few hours latter in intensive care. It took almost a full day to understand everything. I had to learn to walk all over, like if you had a stroke. I no longer fear death, I need to understand more. I am see a head Doctor by I don't know if it is helping me understand.
NDE due to blood loss.

1691.  Curtis K NDEEnglish expanded version  9/27/08 As I was losing hold on my life, I felt sorry for myself as I began to let go. I felt was dying poorly. A kind of darkness, came over me and I experienced a grayish dark void of infinite nothingness. I had no fear at this point. I had no concept of time or relationships to time or of moments passing. It was a very unusual feeling to say the least, not what we normally experience in the everyday reality of our lives. I felt myself becoming more and more aware, self-aware. I had feelings of expanding awareness, becoming everything known experiencing everything yet to be known. As this was happening, everything I had been taught, everything I believed in, everything I ever learned or thought throughout the course of my lifetime, fell away from me as if they never held meaning in the first place. This felt ok to me, I had no fear.
NDE due to apparent heart attack.

NDE due to heart attack.

1689.  Justin M NDEEnglish expanded version  9/27/08 I then almost instantly found myself in complete darkness. It was a strange darkness, which I mean it was dark but I had no trouble seeing the area around me. Suddenly I felt this presence, in the area with me. I then said in a normal tone "What is this? Were Am I?". My reply back was "you have suffered a injury, and that is why your here." I then tried moving. I struggled to move from side to side, but couldn't. I literally felt like I was being held still. The being was so strong that I couldn't get free, (I don't mean that in a scared way.) I then said "Why are you holding me still?" The being replied back "I have to." I replied back "Am I gonna be alright?" In a lovingly fatherly voice the being replied, "you'll be alright."
NDE due to head injury in early childhood.

1688.  M.E. NDEEnglish expanded version  9/27/08 The tunnel was very vivid and immediate and real though.  I was in a tunnel of light and I experienced the tunnel of light - and I know it was not just the ordinary experience of being pushed through a tunnel because I was watching it all from above.  I saw myself stretched there, I saw the scrubs and caps or whatever those hospital folks wear on their heads, I saw their shoulders, backs, I did not see their faces.  just mine. I saw the floor, I saw it all from above and I could see the bright bright sky all along the side of me and above me and then surrounding me too.
NDE at age 6 from head injury in accident.

1687. Skipped

1686.  Abdul A NDEEnglish expanded version  9/19/08 From the U.K. When I opened my eyes, I saw my self standing on my knees and arms. I was in a place that had no beginning and no ending.  It was a white place, white everywhere.  I was very tired and couldn’t stand up.  When I looked in front of me, I saw three tall men standing next to each other.  The two on the sides were the same height, but the one in the middle was taller.  Their faces were blurry. I couldn’t see them clearly. The middle man (the tallest one), pointed at me.  I felt that everything was shaking and I felt like something was pulling me. Then I saw myself back in the class room. The nurse was holding me and he said that they had nearly lost me.
NDE associated with faint at age 15.

1685.  Joseph G NDEEnglish expanded version  9/19/08  I went to the emergency room of the hospital because of a bad reaction to a tetanus shot.  While in the emergency room, I was given 2 shots of penicillin.  After the second shot, I fell to the floor.  All of a sudden, I found myself floating at the ceiling watching the turmoil going on in the room.  My body was on the gurney jumping and shaking.  The room was full people working on me; pounding on me.  The nurse who gave me the shots was sitting on the floor in the corner, hysterical. I saw them with the electric paddles trying to start my heart, with no luck. I thought I heard someone say that I was dead. Suddenly, this doctor rushed into the room, shoving everyone out of the way. He was carrying this long syringe with a long needle and plunged it into my chest.  That was the last thing I remember. 
NDE due to allergic reaction that happened 50 years ago.

1684.  Hosin F Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  9/1/08 From Iraq. Original in Arabic. Two weeks after I had the same thing, I felt something swooped into my face, I entered to dark black tunnel, then I reached to a shining colored phosphoric golden world , I looked at my self I couldn’t see my body so I knew that I left it behind, it was on the bed and my family was crying there. The speed was much more light speed, but it was fun, I tried to turn my head around me but I could not my sight was straight only.  I exit that world to third world, the new world seen like our world in sunrise time, with some clouds, with wafts I said to my self here I will not suffer anymore, this is the end of sickness and fatigue.
Possible Non-Western NDE from Iraq.  Can't tell if he actually died, but at the very least, he had an OBE/STE.

1683.  Pam C Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  8/31/08 As told to NDERF's Elaine S.  She was placed under anesthesia  and found herself going through a tunnel.  She heard tinkling chimes, saw flashing lights and there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel.  Someone was waiting at the end of the tunnel dressed in a long robe with a hood who took her to another area.  There were 5 o 6 others dressed similarly in that area--they looked like monks.  She couldn't see their faces, but she knew who they were although now she doesn't know who they were even though she felt at the time that they were loved ones.  It was like being home again.  Everyone hugged and embraced.  There was an overwhelming feeling of love.  It was like a reunion.
Wow!  I get chills reading this one!  It is so transformative.

1682.  José MO NDEEnglish expanded version  8/31/08 From Spain. Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Nancy A.  The moment came when … though I was not breathing, I felt I was breathing… I stopped feeling my heart beats, I had neither pain nor weariness, no, everything was very, very pleasant, I felt stronger and more alive than ever before, I felt light as if I could fly at any moment. However, I couldn’t move a single muscle. I didn’t care about it, I was absorbed in what I was feeling at that moment … I wasn’t hearing or seeing anything, I felt no pain or weariness, I didn’t notice  the passing of time. Unexpectedly, I lost awareness of my body and I saw myself in some other place, to be more precise, I saw myself at the school I attended (I loved school) and then I saw myself at my best girlfriend’s house but I couldn’t see my body, I just saw a landscape. I was feeling even better with all that, those images made me really happy… and there was also wind at the back, a light wind.
NDE from a childhood prank.

1681.  Todd H NDEEnglish expanded version  8/30/08   I was in the hospital.  Doctors were performing a procedure to see what was going on in my lungs.  When they started the procedure, I went into respiratory arrest.  Time slowed.  With each beat of my heart, there was pain pulsating throughout my body.  The pain was extreme.  I cried out to God to stop the pain.  I was scared I was going to die; die alone.  My mind flooded with thoughts.  The past and my missed future.  All of a sudden, the pain disappeared.  I was told all my thoughts were in the past; that none of that mattered anymore.  It was so peaceful.  I felt the presence of others.  They were close but so far away.  I did not recognize them, but I knew they were familiar.  I was told, "You will suffer in silence".  I survived.  All of this happened during the Anthrax attacks of 2001.  My illness was undiagnosed.  I was in a coma for two weeks.  I, in no way whatsoever, am afraid to die at this point.  I know we continue to exist after death.  It's a very different place.  However, I am afraid of how I will die.  The pain is extreme until it goes away and death is close.
NDE from Pulmonary medical procedure. Peace, felt presence of others. PTSD after this.

1680.  Fred S NDEEnglish expanded version  8/30/08 & 10/16/10  & 8/13/11  The paralysis then proceeded up my neck and throat. I quit breathing. I felt myself panic, I tried to yell out and could not utter a word. I felt that I was being nailed into a coffin. My body stiffened, then I relaxed and left my body. I could see myself outstretched and was floating above myself. Lucky that an alert dental surgical technician saw my distress. The IV tubes were yanked out of my arm. I was then resuscitated and came around, and then passed out. The anesthesiologist met with my wife and verified that there was an incident that required resuscitation.
NDE due to anesthesia complication.  NDE initially shared 10 days after the event.

1679.  Robert N NDEEnglish expanded version  8/30/08  At age 7, while swimming (I had not really learned yet) in a motel swimming pool, I found I could not get my head above water. I swam underwater to the edge and tried to pull myself up. The ceramic tile border was slippery, and I could not get a grip on it. I was drowning. At this time I started to see myself struggling from a perspective from below and behind me. This visualizing continued until, at the last moment, I was finally able to gain a grip, and was able to pull my head above the water.
NDE at age 7 from near drowning.  Sharing NDE 52 years later.

1678.  Paul T NDEEnglish expanded version  8/30/08  From India.  Non-Western NDE.  I jumped from the jeep and ran to cross the road to reach home first. what I remember is some this coming besides me (later I knew it was a van). what I really remember is just keeping 1 or 2 steps in road later something happened I was closing my eyes. I felt like am a hydrogen balloon flowing to air. I was going upward. when I felt it I tried to open my eyes and my head was laying downwards. when I slowly opened my eyes I saw my body laying on the roadside. I got really frightened. I felt like am paralyzed and I was going upwards but I felt some one is carrying me very lovingly (an unconditional love) I tried to move my body and turned my eyes upwards to see who is carrying me. what I saw was mother Mary. she wore a blue and pink dress (the is a statue that paints in this color) with a crown. And the position is like she is carrying with her both hands and I felt very comfortable in her hands.
NDE at age 5 due to being struck by van. 

1677.  Austin T Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  8/30/08  At that point, I was in a different place with two or three other beings. They were much taller than me, I felt very small and insignificant beside them. They were very compassionate to me, despite how inconsequential I was compared to them.  I was shown my life, and they talked about it. They pointed out an event in my childhood when I was 4 or 5 years old, and one of them said to the others, "That's why he had to do great things," and the others agreed. I didn't know what they were talking about, and I wanted to know what they meant, but suddenly I was a million miles away from them. I was back in my body, in my room, in my bed. I slept a long time, but I remembered.  
Suicide attempt produced this experience.

1676.  Cynthia NDEEnglish expanded version  8/30/08  The last thing I actually saw was the emergency string which I think I pulled. What happened next is something that makes me wonder "what really happened". I remember being surrounded by a bright white light. It was all around me, then I Started to hear the voices of nurses in panic, yelling asking for help. It was chaos. The strange thing about their voices is that I heard them as if they were far away. I could hear them saying to one another "She is not breathing, She's turning blue". as I heard this I could remember thinking to myself" Im not breathing? I don't need to breath". As I was in this bright light I could literally feel wind blowing through my body. And I didn't have to breath because the air flowing through me was enough and I knew this. All I could feel was peace and happiness.
due to blood loss after delivery.

1675.  Glauco S NDEEnglish expanded version  8/17/08  Anyway, I was missing my life and I want to go back. I had flash backs about playing soccer with my friend, being hugged by my mom, the sun the rain, things that made me happy. I also knew my angel did this for a reason because any sane person would not want to go back. I also realize for the first how beautiful and fragile Earth really is. I could sense the earth breathing like it was alive. I could see a light around everything that was alive, trees, flowers, grass, animals, volcanoes and humans.  I sense that humans was in control over other living things, I have the word (aura) stamped in mind ever since. Don't no why but the angel told me not tell anyone and that time will reveled itself. I said "What"?
NDE due to near drowning (under water about 22 minutes) in Brazil at age 8.  3 brothers saw the same angel.  Remarkably transcendent experience.

1674.  Janie G NDEEnglish expanded version  8/17/08 Went to dentist office for simple filling. I was injected several times with Novocain because I wouldn't get numb. the dentist just kept giving me more and more. I began to shake uncontrollably. my heart was racing, and beating very irregularly. I was sort of going in and out. I remember the dentist saying she was going to call 911. then there was this voice, this presence, I can't explain it-a bright light and a voice off to the side of me. she said, "Do you remember the way you breathed when you were going to have the children?" I knew she meant the Lamaze slow chest breathing I used when I gave birth to my children. She asked me to use this breathing technique. At this time I really panicked as I began to think of my children and how little they were and how much they needed me. she said, "you breath the way I asked you to, and I will go and watch over them for you, she meant my children. she told me that thinking of them would only hurt my heart rate, make it beat faster, to concentrate on breathing and she would watch them for me.
NDE due to overdose of epinephrine at dentist office.

1673.  Sharon B NDEEnglish expanded version  8/17/08  I had a life review which just seemed to happen all on it's own. This lasted but a blink of an eye and the lesson in the reviewing process is that We judge ourselves, God does not judge us... then I heard His voice which seemed to be infused into me yet I heard it as well. The messages were very clear...What you put into this universe ,you will get back. Be very careful what words, thoughts and actions you put out into the universe because they  most definitely will come back to you in some form  at some point in your life. This He told me to bring back and share.
NDE due to accident with direct head injury.  Three NDEs all similar, one described in detail.

1672.  Damien R NDEEnglish expanded version  8/17/08 Then was thrust into a long tunnel of sort, couldn't see it but more like could sense it. I was traveling at an unreal speed faster than I would've ever imagined. The feeling of weightlessness was present. I began to feel fear and panic, then I broke through to what I believe was the other side. A sudden calm took over me and a new found happiness. I know now that as long as we are present in our shells, or bodies, we are unable to feel this extent of peace, love, tranquility and comfort. The tunnel gave way to an immense light that couldn't be seen but more like felt. Everything was blinding bright but not in the same sense as staring into the sun or a welding arc. It was more of a second sight phenomena. I started communicating with something vast and all powerful, all knowing and true to the purest definition. It wasn't as if we were talking like person to person but more like telepathically, for a lack of better words. I fully understand now how words are unable to bring to light or understanding an experience that happens on a spiritual plane.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

1671.  Ekaterina A NDEEnglish expanded version  8/14/08 From Bulgaria. Suddenly, as though I was this man, I was watching the world through his eyes. He had a small woman and eight kids, and the last kid was newborn. He was a poor peasant, who hardly supported his family, but among all peasants he was considered to be in the middle class. His native language was German, but he was also speaking French well. He was living outside of the city and cultivated the earth. I understood all of this when I started watching through his eyes. He went round the hill and in front of him a vast plain revealed itself, in the middle of which was an ugly, gray, depressive city, from our point of view   small. The historical time was the Middle Ages. He reached the city and entered. The picture that I saw from his eyes was so startling, that it can't be seen even in the most bravely staged and realistic Hollywood movie about the Middle Ages.
Exceptional NDE.  Associated with operation for pheochromocytoma (rare tumor) at age 16. 

1670.  Judy H NDEEnglish expanded version  8/14/08 The next day Sept. 16 I was taken into the operating room to have a tubal ligation I was put to sleep and all of a sudden I could see myself lying on the operating room table As I was floating up I went through a set of double doors and was in a beautiful green field.  It had a creek running through the middle of the field on the other side of the creek was a beautiful field of flowers.  There was also the most perfect mountain in the field.  I was standing far away from the creek but it seemed like I took one step and was across the creek.  It seemed like I knew every answer to every question that could ever be ask.  It was as though I had complete knowledge, which is an important thing to me, gaining as much knowledge as you possibly can in this world.  I wasn't alone because at the top of this mountain was a most beautiful city and there were people there.  Some I knew and others I could not make out their faces.  As I lifted my foot to start up the mountain and go to the city, a voice spoke behind me and said, No you can't climb that hill yet it is not your time. 
NDE due to cardiac arrest during operation for tubal ligation.  Interesting concept of a “boundary” in NDEs here.

1669.  Van R NDEEnglish expanded version  8/14/08 At this point I didn't feel as if I had died. It felt more like I was slipping away from life slowly and I couldn't stop it. I remember my roommate was sitting next to me and I had turned my head to look at her. everything went quiet and felt like I was in a dream like state. Everything slowed down. at that moment I felt as if I was out of my body and the déjà vu feeling was so intense. I remember I felt really disappointed and knew I had died. I was telling myself that. I felt I was still alive, just not in my body and even shocked that I was still functioning. I had the feeling that sleep was no longer an option and my mind was going to wonder for eternity. I then remember sound came back suddenly and I was back in my body.
NDE due to allergic reaction.  Happened less than two weeks Go.

1668.  Story C NDEEnglish expanded version  8/14/08 The last thing I remember was the doctor yelling come on hurry  we are going to lose them, I did not know it was me and my 9 lb son he was talking about.  I was rushing through beautiful colors all at once my paternal grandmother stood in front of me, she was beautiful, dressed in a beautiful white gown, behind her there was a veil, like looking through lace curtain with with other beings milling about, she told me I could not stay, I wanted to stay I felt so wonderful, she told me I had to go back and care for my babies (I had a 2 yr. old also) The next thing I remember is waking up in ICU with a sweet oriental nurse sitting with me, telling me I had to stay awake and see my beautiful baby boy.
NDE due to childbirth 52 years ago.

1667.  Diane B ADCEnglish expanded version  8/14/08  The experience I wish to share is one in which my father passed over and I witnessed him leaving. I saw a little whirlwind leave the top of his head as it fell into my arm. Then I saw my mother extend her hand and I heard her laugh. I do remember thinking , "Science is trying to measure what I saw."
ADC witnessing a whirlwind come from her father’s head at his moment of death.

1666.  Alfonso SD NDEEnglish expanded version  8/8/08  From Columbia, Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Simon. Suddenly everything became still, as if someone had turned off a switch. The feeling was awful. In front of me there was a light ( I'm not certain whether it was a light or a horizontal line, perfectly straight and infinitely extended). I cannot remember the exact color or form, but it was everything that exists. Literally everything and at the same time nothing, nothing besides this had existence, there was no universe, no world, no time, no space, nothing... and nobody! It was the most crushing feeling of absolute Nothingness, you could not turn it around to look from a different angle, it was impossible, the light was everything, my body did not exist. It is as if someone said, OK wise guy, you've got this far, here is what death is about... nothing... store closed... the end!.. In the midst of this, I felt disappointed.
NDE from near-drowning incident. 

1665.  Ruben E NDEEnglish expanded version  8/6/08  From Columbia, Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Simon. At first I was floating, surrounded by a very white and brilliant light, and as I descended I noticed that the white light was not just light: there were very, very white clouds which I was passing through. After coming through the clouds I found myself descending towards  a very beautiful landscape, with green meadows, rivers, butterflies and birds. I was moving towards a hill with a tree on top.  The sensation I felt I cannot express in words, but it was so wonderfully tranquillizing that the desire is there to return and feel it over again.  Before I reached the tree, I felt the landscape darkening, and I felt as if I was being dragged backwards at great speed, taking me away from this place; then I found myself in the hospital again, surrounded by people.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

1664.  Amelia NDEEnglish expanded version  7/30/08  From Brazil, Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Simon. I had a perforated ulcer, with a lot of bleeding. My husband took me to hospital. Until then I was relatively conscious. I was taken to the operating theatre, where I only remember hearing: "She has no pulse, no pressure, we're losing her." I didn't think this could be about me, as I was ascending a tunnel with a wonderful golden light at the end. I felt extraordinarily happy, a feeling of unforgettable well-being. I don't know when I came to again. What intrigues me is that after a month or two, already completely restored to health, I sometimes saw a  young man (40 , more or less) in my house, looking at me. I never saw his face, and he neither said anything nor made any movement. This happened on and off for about 5 months.
Beginnings of a NDE from blood loss.

1663.  Maria N Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  7/30/08 From Puerto Rico, Original in Spanish translated to English by Carmen. All of a sudden, I felt something coming out of my body, something from myself was coming off me. I didn’t want this to carry on before I could see my daughter. Something was pushing me to leave the chair where I was sitting. My mind was telling me that I didn’t want to go before I could see my daughter and tell her about the beautiful experience I was going through. I closed my eyes and saw a virgin; something wanted to take me but when I insisted on wanting to see my daughter, it left me alone and I felt my body back on the chair again.
Possible NDE from not being able to breath.

1662.  Antonieta SCC Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  7/29/08 From Peru, Original in Spanish translated to English by Carmen.  During those moments while I was unconscious I began to see a very intense tunnel full of a light too bright and my body went towards this tunnel. I felt an intense incomparable happiness.  I arrived at the end of the tunnel and, surprised, I saw a beautiful garden full of flowers. Then I saw a prince or very bright angel dressed in bright white clothes who was indicating that I should be back to the tunnel, to which I longer wanted to return, and he, upset, pointed to me that I should go back. I went back to the tunnel of bright light reluctantly – because I wanted to stay, and this is when I woke up and saw my husband sitting by my side shaking me.
Possible NDE from anesthesia reaction. 

 Christopher J NDEEnglish expanded version  7/28/08 
A guy's voice asked me if I'm okay, and I slowly lowered my arms and looked up. I was standing in the middle of a meadow, rolling hills and beautiful flowers dotted the area. I could see cottages in the distance. A song more beautiful than any I have ever heard was playing in the background, with no visible source. The very air emanated love and warmth, a love that goes deep into the soul and can withstand anything. The guy called me by name and I turned around. The man was barely out of his twenties, blond, longish hair, blue eyes, dressed in the whitest clothing I have ever seen. (Later, I learned that angels were clothed in light, which explains his clothes.) He towered over me; I only rose to his navel area. He told me that I wasn't supposed to be here, looking down on me with love and concern. I asked him why, and he said I had a LONG time to go before I could enter heaven to stay. I wondered how long silently, and he answered me as if he heard what I was thinking.  "You are supposed to be 83 years old before you get here."
NDE due to being smothered during childhood “game”.  NDE at age 8.  He is age 20 at time he shared this.

1660.  Kristi Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  7/28/08  I was born two months premature and weighed 3 lbs. 5 oz. I was placed in an incubator and there was an accident-- a fire that began while a nurse was on her coffee break or they were changing shifts.  I survived the fire and being so small.  I do believe that I was visited by someone or some being from the other side when this took place because of the way certain "talents" and preferences have stayed with me in this life from the very beginning.  I grew up in a home where religion was viewed as a crutch for the weak.  Both of my parents claimed to be Agnostics but my mom did allow me to investigate religious organizations when I was in my pre-teens.  However, ever since I can remember, I prayed to God every night.  I did not pick this up from any relative or friend.  I remember having the surest certainty that there was a God, that he personally watched over me and that he & the others with Him were incredibly beautiful.
Premature birth and fire in incubator at the time.  Has experienced aftereffects typical of NDErs since that time.

1659.  Brian NDEEnglish expanded version  7/28/08  At age 24, I was late for work, so I hopped on my motorcycle and a car turned left in front of me, I hit the car at over 60 mph, and flew over it.  I was wearing a helmet, but hit my head really hard.  I guess that when I was unconscious in the ambulance, I was dreaming that my best friend at the time Scott and I were just hanging out like usual, and he jokingly asked me if I liked God or the Devil, I said, God of course...., and immediately, I found myself in the back of an ambulance, being resuscitated.  Each event has changed the way I look at life, I value each day, and though I don't attend church, I feel a very close connection to God, and thank him for giving me a wonderful life.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.  Relatively rare experience of encountering someone apparently alive at the time.

1658.  Attila P Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  7/28/08  Original in German, Translated to English by Amy. He passed me by and went smiling towards my doorway. The sentinels drew back and the massive doors opened. I saw an intense warm light and heard pleasant music which was in absolute harmony. It was a place of palpable tangible love. A place of welcome, of feeling absolutely at home. I understood what it meant to be home. No question, just absolute acceptance.  Belonging. I moved so that I could quickly get to the light. But before I made to the door one of the sentinels grabbed me and held me fast. The doors closed. Next I found myself in some kind of courtroom. Before me sat an unbelievably stern all-powerful yet very kind judge. Absolutely incorruptible. Duty and person were one and the person didn't exist without the duty. I sat on a bench and near me was a friend or defender. Great love emanated from him. Was it Jesus?
Possible NDE at age 4 from the Croupe.

1657.  Sandra NDEEnglish expanded version  7/28/08  Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Amy.  I was playing basketball when all of a sudden everything turned dark and started spinning. For a moment I thought that it was just my blood pressure dropping. I closed my eyes and fell onto my head but didn't feel any pain. From afar I heard my friend's voices, they were yelling "Sandra, Sandra" and then everything faded away. That's when I had the strange sensation of floating. I could see my friends gathered around me but I could no longer hear them. I could also see my body, I was white and not moving. It was very strange. An intense light appeared and almost blinded me. In that light I saw my paternal grandfather. He died when I was only 3 years old. I felt good at the same time that I was worried. I can't describe it. Finally I felt a terrible pain in my head and and in my chest and I awakened in a hospital room with my mother beside me crying. This was a very strange experience which I wouldn't want to experience again but in a certain way it helped me to no longer fear death. At first I thought everything had been a bad dream but then found out that it was real enough and that the doctors had revived me with their paddles and CPR massage.
Short NDE while playing basketball.

1656.  Jackie G Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  7/27/08  From Mexico, Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Simon. I began to see some huts, it was a charming wood, then suddenly I was hovering, and I saw that people were eating. They were all in white with jackets or tunics, I don't recall exactly, and I saw Mama in the distance, chatting, and someone else approaching her. Meanwhile I was being asked by others what I was doing there, and I said to them, did you invite me to the party or not? They said no, you aren't invited. Then my mother came up and scolded me, saying you are not supposed to be here, it is not your time, you must go. I said to her "No, I'm happy here," and at that I felt myself tugged from behind, everything became dark, and suddenly all became confused, I don't know if it was a vision, but I was still  there and began to see a sort of puzzle, lighting up little by little. I did not know where I was, as I had been at the party, then little by little everything became clear, all this taking about a minute. I was in shock, not recognizing anything, but then I realised that I was in my room and I asked myself "How did I get here?"  
Very sick from Hepatitis A and grieving for mother.

1655.  Olivia G NDEEnglish expanded version  7/27/08  From Mexico, Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Amy.  I fought to stay alive, I spoke with God and told him: Here I am Lord, You have me here, whatever you want let that be your Will, except in that moment I saw a dark void, I knew it was Him, and at the depth of the Void a sacred heart. He spoke to me and told me it wasn’t going to be easy. I saw my children and the pain of the youngest one who would miss me terribly, I knew it wasn’t easy but I kept fighting to live. I was out of my body, my whole hospital room was filled with religious statues and beyond my window I saw that there was a a statue of Christ that was part of the hospital façade. Even though there were many nurses I fixated only on one, and two male nurses who were there told me that the nurse I saw was not there, these male nurses came to check on me and fix the tubes that had not been placed properly in my body. I also saw another nurse outside my room who was praying for me. My decision and commitment to God to continue fighting for my life helped me to endure everything. I was terrified at the medical error happening, hearing was much more acute, I couldn’t speak, only listen.
NDE from accident and saw nurses fixing medical mistake.

1654.  Bridget F NDEEnglish expanded version  7/21/08  At this point a being made of light came to my side.  I was not raised religious nor was I baptized.  I could be wrong but, it felt like what people call Christ.  It was not the Christ we see in paintings or pictures, it was not the Christ we hear about from evangelicals, it was not America's Christ nor any other representation of Christ I have come across.  This was a being so pure and so benevolent and so non-judgmental I could barely comprehend the level of compassion this being possessed in the small yet brilliant light that it was.  Not until it touched me and said "I'll take that, it's for me" and took the beam from me and touched me, was I even able to fathom this amazing love. 
Exceptional NDE due to auto accident.

1653.  Linda G NDEEnglish expanded version  7/20/08 From Australia I came to understand that we all choose to come to earth to fulfill a plan of some sort or even learn about a particular interest. We choose our  bodies and parents and life plan. May I also add that some people come here for the most simplest of reasons to learn how to play tennis for example or simply for the cake and food, as silly as this sounds our life plans aren't so high and lofty as one might think. I DIDN'T MEET ANY SAVE THE WORLDERS OR ANYONE WISHING TO BE A PRESIDENT. MOST HAD SIMPLE WISHES.  I was also told we could exist on different planes for another lives but our life here on earth is a life purely to experience physical pleasure or pain but to have a physical experience because all other planes we don't need a body as a vessel. I also learnt that this life here is just a drop of water in the bucket of lives in which we all experience, many here on Earth & many in other realms of existence. All to progress and grow in some way.
Exceptional NDE due to accidental drug overdose. 

1652.  John W NDEEnglish expanded version  7/20/08 I was alone in a large space---- bright white light and warm and comfortable.  Was very tired and ready to sleep. Sleep was a great temptation. I saw myself there wrapped in bedclothes but not necessarily in a bed. I somehow understood that to go to sleep was to NOT wake up and the decision was mine. My next recollection is of being in my bed in an ER room of the hospital and seeing the door open.
NDE due to accident.

1651.  Christopher E OBEEnglish expanded version  7/20/08 7/20/08 From Nigeria Well the more warning! the more the other force I can't explain is pulling me toward other venture, at all this stage I clearly understand that I am out of my body! cause I feel same way as I feel now writing all this down, but the peculiar thing is that while standing in my village I can still see my body sleeping in my friend's room far away in Germany.  While trying to put all this things together, my eyes opened more to my immediate environment ! I started seeing all the dead elderly people of my kindred, they where all happy in there various compound some cooking while some are doing other domestic works, from the spot I was standing  I could see every compound and all the past dead elderly people of our kindred!
From individual living in Nigeria.  Probable dream/OBE.

1650.  CJ C Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  7/13/08 In the pit I realized that God is one and he stands as one. We are all an extension of God and if we don't stand as one we will fall. That's how the universe is connected. If we hurt those around us we are hurting ourselves and we will fall. Because who will be our support when we need it? So if we love others by first loving ourselves we are close to God and others. But if we hurt, hold bitterness, are unforgiving, hatred or any other thing against ANYONE we are going to destroy ourselves. Because we will keep the bitterness inside and it will make us physically sick and we'll eventually spiral down to the pit. If a person stand on food, drugs, money, sex, adultery or anything other than God or people, we are leaning on paper and will fall and eventually spiral down into the pit. Then I said to myself by God's spurring, "He (God) loves me even me." When this knowledge came, I knew I didn't have to be there any longer. I put myself there because I didn't believe God loved me so I didn't love myself. Now that I loved myself, I felt worthy of going higher.
Very sick due to drug use, but no specific imminent life-threatening event clear. Very transcendent experience.

1649.  Cabell M NDEEnglish expanded version  7/13/08 The experience was not of mind but what I believe to be of soul and spirit, there was a huge light and and my soul was at a learning point, our lives spent here in body and soul being present in them is to learn as much as we can. Also when we are older and pass from this life, I was shown that a new life to go on learning doesn't stop, for example like a car we make newer and better models, just like our souls and as time goes on and our soul leaves our bodies at time of death we go on to and dimension in time and learn even more with out recollections of what was previous or in the future, but our souls remain always and everlasting. I hope this makes some sense to you cause it did to me.
NDE associated with an operation.

1648.  Tracy T NDEEnglish expanded version  7/13/08 Alone in this beautiful place I was content. He asked if I wanted to return to the living? As I answered the question, "NO, I want to stay here." With gentle peace and as I answered, He said before I choose. He wanted to show me something.  The future of my life if I return.  From the moment I return to its final moments at my death bed.  It was all seen!! Every thing! Meanings, events, pain, sorrow.  Not just that, but why we are here! What I'm to do My purpose and how important my return was to all of man kind and the effects of now, future and after life. How everything we do or don't do effects every thing, every one. How it all ripples through time space.
Gripping NDE due to Ryes Syndrome at age 15.

1647.  Alison D NDEEnglish expanded version  7/13/08 Euphoria, clear, perfect happiness, contentment. I know not how to call it. It was the most perfect emotion imaginable. Neither too great nor too small, not manic, not placid, but perfect, the ideal psychological human state, and I would give anything to regain it. The emotional state was the highest point of the experience, and the key of the memory. I lie awake at night going over the emotional state, trying to analyze it, to figure out how to regain it, to find a way to recreate it in real life in a natural way. The best way I can explain it is this: It was a purely experiential happiness without judgment, without time sense (neither past nor future), and perfectly mindful (even though I was in pain, there was no "positive or negative" awareness of the pain), and with a clear, glorious, euphoric happiness that was not clouded by any negativity or agitation. No negative emotions at all, in fact. None at all.
NDE due to anaphylactic reaction from MRI contrast.  Contributor is Ph.D. Psychologist.  Given this background, remarkable discussion of NDE experience.

1646.  Jean K OtherEnglish expanded version  7/13/08 We always went to my Mother's and help prepare holiday dinner. I was standing against the door going into the kitchen, just talking and laughing with everyone in the kitchen, family and I saw myself on the other side of the room sitting on the steps, peeling potatoes and talking and laughing, but I could not hear what I was saying and all I could do was point at myself. Of course everyone laughed and said yea right, but I could not explain it, didn't know why, how or anything only how strange I felt at the time. Everyone laughed it off and I though no more about it until about hour later, I was actually sitting on the steps peeling potatoes, and it was like I felt a shock, jolt and I realized that where I was, what I had seen an hour earlier. It just happened.
Interesting example of autoscopy and déjà vu.

1645.  Cara NDEEnglish expanded version  7/6/08  After a craniotomy, the body clinically hovered between life and death for two days. My spirit left the body at that time. I looked down at the body, and although it wasn't a pretty sight, I was not concerned. I perceived it to be a vehicle, which carried me through the earth school. I was in a place of love, kindness, compassion, contentment, acceptance, joy...a place of "knowing". I perceived myself and other beings as masses of energy...all connected and yet separate. There were no body forms, or communication as I know it in human form. There was simply a sense of all knowing. Each and every spirit being was supportive of each other, and I "knew" them, although they didn't have the same forms as when I knew them on the earth school. There were no limitations such as space or time in the spirit world. I was aware of the big picture regarding the past, present and future. I was aware that the earth school experience was one part of my evolution.
Exceptional NDE due to head injury.

1644.  Dave R NDEEnglish expanded version  7/6/08  In mid November 1974 I was 12 years old and was introduced to cigarette smoking. I remember watching my father draw in his cigarettes as I grew. One of my friends handed me a cigarette and I lit it and took a draw and inhaled just like my father did. It was painful and I remember bending over trying to find air. I was gasping. The next thing I recall I was in a state much like a dream where it was dark but there was something in front of me that at that moment I identified with but can't now, sorry! All I can say about it is it was bright and lit and the only colors I can put to it is white and yellow. I then felt myself moving forward very, very fast. What is difficult to explain is at the very same time, I was able to see some of my surroundings and was sitting upright on the ground in the school yard where I had fallen and I was looking at the toes of my shoes. Little by little I began to become more conscious of the state I was in and was looking up at the object before me getting closer and acknowledging more and more it's power and greatness. The Feelings I felt about it's greatness where not just mine but I had a sense that that feeling was shared from many others as I did not feel alone although I didn't see anyone.
NDE at age 12 associated with introduction to smoking cigarettes.  This account is yet another reason not to smoke.

1643.  Antonio C NDEEnglish expanded version  7/6/08 From Brazil During this time I remember talking to myself that I was dead. For sure I was dead once I was meeting Jesus and St. Peter. I was surprised being in a dark place as I thought heaven was blue with angels playing music. I was not scared anytime actually I felt myself playing around with myself saying how bad the accident was that I end up being there. It was very weird mainly because I do not believe on these things and I am not religious.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.  From Brazil.  Accident occurred slightly more than one month ago.

1642.  Jackie M NDEEnglish expanded version  7/6/08  Although I could see myself and Mary neither one of us were moving.  Another thing is that the distance it was of me looking down on myself was more than it could've been.  It was as if I were looking down from the distance of being on a second floor, but we lived in a trailer at the time with maybe 10 foot ceilings. While this was happening I felt that God was with me.  I distinctly remember feeling that I had the choice to either go with Him or to stay behind.  I remember the term "letting go"...that I could "let go" if I wanted and that it would be as easy as releasing a ball from your hand.  Also, I just KNEW that either decision would be alright with Him.  I felt like He was leaving this decision entirely in my hands.  I wasn't afraid at all.  As a matter of fact I had a feeling of absolute peace.
NDE due to miscarriage at age 15.

1641.  Thea NDEEnglish expanded version  7/1/08  From Romania, Original in Romanian Translated to English by Mariana.  I wanted to show off that I was a good swimmer but the river undercurrent took me away to this drop off near the foot of a bridge.  They told me later that a professional swimmer who happened to be there on vacation at his grandparents’ got me out of the water but that I did not look scared at all.  What I did not tell them was that I had panicked and struggled for a several minutes before I decided to completely give up.  When I did give up, the water disappeared and all around me there was this gentle light that did not hurt my eyes, and I experienced a sense of total peace and calm.  I remember thinking that if that was death it was fine with me.  I would like to tell you that I had an unhappy childhood, with an alcoholic father and a mother who did not have much time for me, so being there in that place was a wonderful thing for me, indescribable.
NDEs at age 4 (scarlet fever 104 temp) and 8.

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