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NDERF (7/1/07-12/31/07 part 1)
NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody Long and Dr. Jeff
NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.


1231. Irene A NDE English expanded version  From Spain 10/14/2007  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva   I ceased feeling my body and saw some figures at my side; one of them was an aunt who had died; I don’t know who the others were.  They were two or three other people. Then I felt that I was “suctioned” through a sort of tunnel and landed softly.  Everything around was dark.  I sensed that a figure approached, in front of me.  By some method, I received the impression that I was unworthy of being there and I “closed” that part of my sight, but I was made to raise my sight.  Then I saw the figure of a man who stood over a sort of stream.  The water seemed to be made of light of liquid neon.  I saw his feet, shod in some sort of sandals and [I saw] his attire.  All was dazzling in him, he seemed to be made of light.  I felt extremely good in his presence; full of an unconditional [and] absolute love.  I knew inside of me that he was Jesus Christ (and I didn’t believe in him) and I was surprised.  I said: “But you exist…!”  He said:  “Live,” and his voice sounded warm and sweet, but I didn’t want to return.
NDE from Doctor in Spain.

1230. Valerie K Other English expanded version  10/14/2007 As I neared the front of the line another soldier grabbed my arm and restrained me just before I reached him. Just then we heard the click. My friend had stepped on a land mine. The force of the explosion threw me backward against a tree. I screamed as blood splattered my body.  The next instant found me again in the doorway of my apt. and I heard the sound of feet running as my friend and the two boys waiting for me came to see what had happened. They found me standing in the doorway with my hands braced against the door jam on each side. I had blood and dirt splattered on my clothes and face and my right shoulder was painfully swollen and turning black. It had been dislocated when I hit the tree.
Among the most remarkable experiences we have received.  OBE/ADC at time of friend’s death by land mine in Vietnam.  Incredibly, she was covered with blood and dirt immediately after this experience, though she was living in America at the time.

1229. Lonna C NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007 I quit breathing and my heart stopped, my mom and dad called the dr. because they were scared, by the time he got there I was setting up in the corner of my bedroom seeing all that was going on behind me was a dark tunnel with a light at the end, I was so engrossed in what was going on in the room that I kind of ignored the light and all, as the dr. let my folks know that I was gone they started to cry it, was very hard  to see for me at the time, so I prayed to go to them so they would stop crying, all of a sudden there I was on the bed looking up at them, it was so strange that I didn't tell any one for a long time. even when I did no one had ever heard of this before, years later I started to hear about NDEs
NDE due to asthma attack at age 7.  Declared dead.  Shared 56 years later.

1228. Pat P NDE 3197 English expanded version  10/11/2007 "I" went up into the sky. I had been feeling quite awful, lying on the couch at home when suddenly I found myself in the sky. I didn't question the fact that I was there. I just enjoyed it with the delight of any child. I found I could make any kind of movement I pleased and had no restrictions. I still had a sense of a body, but I could freely twist and turn any direction I choose. I was doing barrel rolls and big swoop turns, sky dancing. I came to a place of opalescent color all over the clouds. It was wonderfully pretty. Gold, lemon yellow, rose, orange, lime green, sparkling like pearlesence. Then a being came up to me and I must confess, in retrospect, that it looked exactly like the image of the father god I had been taught in school, but at the time I didn't think it was God nor know who it was. That's just what he looked like. He came up to me and in a kind of mind to mind transference of thought he rather shouted into my mind, "WHAT are you doing HERE NOW!?"
Two NDEs.  One at age 7 due to anaphylactic shock and the other as adult.

1226. Diane S NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007 From Canada When I woke up in the morgue, I was naked and paralyzed.  The only available light came from the opaque glass window in a door.  Two people stood in the doorway. a nurse holding the clothes I had had on and my brother in law.  He said "do dead people cry'.  The nurse looked at me and said "oh, my God".  I passed out…    When all the smoky being was inside my head I suddenly felt a  big pop and I was outside my body.  I could look down on my body from above.  I wondered if I could go through the wall.  I did. outside of the room was a long corridor.  My mother, sister and brother-in-law were there.  My sister said I wonder if we should stay.  My brother-in-law said I will do whatever you guys want.  My mother said well you know I don't like hospitals.  If felt annoyed with them.  I decided to go up the corridor to see what was there.  Around the corner was a seating area.  I got nervous about being away from my body.  I decided to retrace my path.  Back in the room I was amazed to discover the body was talking to two police officers.
NDE due to accident shared 47 years later.  Very mystical content.

1225. Delia S NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007  I went thought a tunnel that had these wonderful chimes.  The tunnel was/or felt like pink cotton candy.  It was very, very peaceful.  At the end of the tunnel, there was a very bright {white/blue} light.  I felt the presence of a wonderful being that told that I could not stay because I had to take care of children and my Mom and many others that would need my assistance.   {at that time my children were small 9 and 13} When the doctors finally brought me back, I was crying and sobbing and felt very, very sad because I had left my  real and true home.  On December 27, 2007, it will be 25 years that I had this wonderful experience, and to date I remember it as if it had just occurred!
NDE due to complications of severe blood loss.

1224. Rhonda J NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007 I was at total peace and without pain, floating, safe, comfortable, joyous.  The sensation that I was feeling at that time goes beyond words.  Then I became aware of a voice that told me that it was not my time, that I had things to do which were not completed, but that I would have the choice of dying or returning to my life.  At that point it was as if my abilities to experience time were accelerated and together with this voice which I did not recognize nor could I even say it was man, woman, human or god,  was with me as we reviewed my life.  Then together we began to look at the things left undone.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Great insights into the inter-connectedness of all.

1223. Phillip H NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007 After stopping I could see a vehicle a long way to the north as we were facing east. It was a 35 Mile Zone so I had plenty of time to cross. But little did I know the other pickup was going 75 and was drunk.  Though I was well over the center of the road, this man attempted to cross in front of me, and wound up hitting right where I was in the drivers side.  I heard nothing and felt nothing.  I found myself standing out side with a dark gray appearance the darkened the my view as I stared and the pickup and the flashing lights arriving from the left.  That triggered my awareness of my brothers and I began to cry. "Where are my brothers. again and again--and in an instant I found myself with my hands up to my head, blood running into my eyes. I lost consciousness…
Brief NDE at age 15 due to pickup crash.  Shared 52 years later.

1222. Rusty S NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007  I was in a black space on a black nothing it was kind of like a path because it was lined with small lights close to ankle height that outlined a "path". As I proceeded down this "path" (not really walking but just kind of skipping from light to light) I would look into the small lights and see significant happenings in my life. I saw my birth, a few other things that are vague to me then I saw my enlistment into the army, my marriage and the birth of each of my daughters. I was not present at the birth of my first daughter because of military issues, but I saw it starting from a position to the right hand side of my wife about the waist area, elevated approximately  7-8 ft. The feelings that I had while proceeding down this path is one of accomplishment. Each light was like a level or stage in my life that I had completed or conquered. Many of the lights were small events that I cannot decipher if I recall them from this memory or from my cognitive memory. I reached the "end of the path" and in front of me was a large light entrance?
NDE due to trauma involving head injury.  Interesting life review where he saw birth of his child, yet he was not actually there in life

1221. George R NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007  As I laid in emergency at the Riverside County Hosp..  Being treated and getting stabilized.  While I lied on an operating table I first experienced a sense of flying (or being weightless)  Going nowhere in particular. In and out of what seemed to be unconsciousness.  Than I actually sailed above my bed, enabling me to see down on myself on the operating bed and actually seeing the tops of everyone else's heads.  Doctors, nurses, family members... What seemed to be about 15 to 20 feet high above everyone.  And simultaneously, having a clear sense and mind of what was happening.  Entered a real feeling of unbelievable calmness and sereneness, and peace.  I was faced with the choice of going beyond (death).  Or coming back and surviving the trauma and near death.  I believe I chose not to go, or the choice was made for me, I'm not too sure of that part.  Saw a bright light appear ahead of me, but never reached. 
NDE due to severe auto accident.

1220. Sally A NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007  I was in hospital in a 7 bed ward. All the beds had a curtain for privacy. I was hovering up at the ceiling. I was looking down at all the patients in their beds and then looked at myself. I questioned myself, "if am I up here, how can I see when my eyes are back down there in my head and how can I think while my brain is down there in my head..." I thought it was very intriguing. My Mother, Aunt and (now ex) husband were sitting along side my bed. I was thinking to myself that I could just take off if I wanted to, but then I saw and heard my Mother crying and saying "Angie please don't die, please don't die" and then I said to myself, I am not going to die; I just had a baby, at which point I went back into my body.
NDE due to spousal abuse and blood loss shortly after delivering baby.

1219. Karen B NDE English expanded version  10/11/2007 She states that her experience is hard to describe, there really are not words for it.  But, she found herself floating in black space, floating up towards a bright light in the distance. There were "beings" there to help her so she wouldn't feel alone. She didn't actually see bodies and she didn't recognize any of them. She had the sense of being in a wonderful place. There were no words communicated to the "beings", it was more like they were communicating by thought such as "don't be afraid, we're here with you". As she got closer to the light, it got brighter and brighter. She had the sense that the light was God. Up to that time, she had no religious background when growing up. But, she felt she was going to God and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Then, she suddenly felt herself being pulled back. She felt she had something to do in this life on earth and that her life wasn't over yet.
First Person Interview as told to Elaine Smith (NDERF Volunteer).

1218.  Jorge R NDE English expanded version  From Chile 10/6/2007  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva and Marien.  I instantly found myself on a pathway like in a gigantic garden, and there was light, much light, all around me.  I felt a peace and tranquility that I've never felt, since.  I was walking on the path; one could see much vegetation, plants, flowers, trees, etc., etc., etc. Towards the end of the walkway, one saw an enormous central light and it was as if a superior being interrogated me and asked me what I was doing there.  Like the child that I was, I started to explain what I've just said: that I was at school, that it was a Saturday during the day and that I was at recess, that my playmate.... and etc., etc., etc., and at that moment I awoke and I was stretched out on the ground on my back and all my playmates of the same grade were surrounding me. 
Child NDE.

1217. Christine R NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  Within seconds of observing my lifeless body, I found myself traveling through a tunnel of sorts at lightening speed, sort of like the Star Wars movie "time warp."  It was as though all energy of the universe was passing by me, and soon there were specks of bright white light converging into a glaring white light.  It felt like a rocket-propelled orgasm. This feeling was like no other I had experienced and like no other I have experienced since then- it was as if providence was holding me.  Then, I heard the voice of God in my head, and all at once he asked me, have loved enough? have you learned enough? and have you experienced enough?  I suddenly realized that I had not done the things he had asked of me, and I screamed "No"  I need to do more time.  And just like that, boom! I was back in my body moaning from the pain.
NDE due to auto accident.

1216. Rob D NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  Dead friends told me what had happened.  All communication was telepathic.  I asked where my dead stepson was.  I was told he had gone back.  I asked why they had not? I was told that time and space do not exist here. 1 second, 1 year, 1000 years, all the same.  I was told we all go back many times, until we have learned what is needed to ascend to a higher state of being. We are all a part of a greater being, he experiences what we experience.  All things, the grass air, trees, everything has a living force and is of as much importance to the creator as are we.  The planet we live on is alive, and should be as revered as human life.  They told me they were unsure if my body could be revived.  If it was, I should be willing to speak with those who would listen about what I had been told.  I was told that I would experience things that would give me opportunity to review how I had lived.  I was told that all is forgiven, all spirit is eternal, all can be redeemed.
NDE due to heart attack.

1215. Turk NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  My childhood best friend and I were huffing gasoline, We were doing this for about 15 minutes.  I just inhaled a bunch and passed the can to my friend. He said I fell over and was twitching on the ground. He said he thought I was messing around till the twitching stopped then I started to turn blue he started to smack me in the face and I came to. I had the worst headache. While I was out I seen my funeral I saw myself in a casket. and I seen my friends and family crying and then the vision faded out. And that was when I woke up on the ground. I feel this was a NDE if it wasn't it was a real eye-opener after that I never huffed gasoline again.
NDE due to inhalation of gas fumes at age 15.  Interesting future view of his own funeral.

1214. James H NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  Once in the ambulance and the EMT began to work on me, I just stopped breathing.  I felt no desire nor need to breath.  I could see and hear the EMT telling me to breath but I could nor  did I want to answer.  I then just closed my eyes for a second and I was gone.  I had never felt so alive and complete.  There was no pain or discomfort.  I was totally at peace.  My spirit or energy was floating through what looked like a heavy snow fall.  Large flakes or bit of light were gentle falling around me.  I was floating towards a very warm soft light.  I possessed the certain knowledge that once I reached the light.  I would be whole or complete, that this was the only place I belonged.  Just was I reached the light I encountered a force or a energy that repelled my away. At that instance I opened my eyes and felt the EMT forces a plastic tube down my throat and forcing me to breath.  I did not come back willingly or by choice.
NDE due to accident and environmental exposure.

1213. David R NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  Had been in hospital a couple of weeks with pneumonia. Late one evening, my parents were visiting. A doctor was present. I felt tired and drifted off. I heard the doctor say "he's gone". Then I was aware that I was floating above the bed at ceiling level. My first response was to wonder why my mother was crying because I felt very serene and peaceful. It did not occur to me that my position above the bed was unusual. I observed the doctor inject something into my left arm and I awoke the next morning.  The experience was a short one and I saw no lights or other entities but it was not a dream.
NDE due to pneumonia at age 12.  Shared 55 years later.

1212. Tim S Probable NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007        I was in a fatal head on collision. Then 3 weeks later the hospital over dosed me. I went code blue.
Almost certainly NDE due to accident and “overdose” in hospital, but very few details, and cannot be sure.

1211. Juanita M NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  I could not determine what was happening to me. I was "in a dark place" and then became aware that I was in a tunnel lined with multi-fine concentric circles (gray colored)  and that my body was moving rapidly down the tunnel feet first (I was aware of my feet (I was barefoot) but they were not solid - more of a filmy nature.  My eyes focused on the beautiful golden light at the end of the tunnel where I was headed!   Before I came to the light (I never entered the light!) what I presumed to be an "angel" appeared at my side. By this time the terrible noise in my ears had stopped!  "He" had no wings but had shoulder length light brown hair and a plain white gown. I had never seen this being before in my life. I recall now seeing him at my side from waist up only. I do not recall if he "glowed". As I picture him in my mind now, he didn't.  We communicated by telepathy only - not in words. I did not ask the angel who he was - I just surrendered to the "experience" whatever would happen next.
NDE after childbirth due to blood loss.

1210. Melinda R NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  I saw the hospital room that I was in (ER department). I did not want to come back, but eventually understood that I had to. not sure how I knew that, but later after I recuperated I remember knowing that I would never be afraid of dying. I also, at 18, was very sure I had to do something for other people with my life. I tried to convince my parents that I HAD to join the peace corps, something I would have never wanted to do before this happened.  It totally changed my life. My mother died 2 years ago. I was with her when the doctor told her she had a month to live, and was able to tell her that I was SURE she would be okay.
NDE due to head on auto collision and coma for one week.

1209. Jill F Probable NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  A spirit guide told me to breath deeply.  A sweet perfume scent filled the air, which made it easier to relax and let go. We went through a powder blue - white light.  I was shown a glimpse of my future.     I continued on to a library of sorts.  (I've since been to this library three times).  There were small groups of people or spirits (?) in individual rooms called "pods".  In these rooms the spirits or people, were planning their next life or reincarnation.  I continued on with a (person, spirit, being ?) who was dressed in a monk gown.  We went into the library where he proceeded to show me where the volumes of books were located that contained information on my various lives.  He started to open a huge book called "The Book of Knowledge", when a higher up in the chain of beings came forth.  He informed the individual with whom I was with, that I knew too much.  And that he was to stop, and not open this book.  The monk said that he wanted to show me where I came from, as well as three other members of my family.  The picture was of a galaxy.  And, he did point out were we came from.  All different locations in fact.  The elder monk told him to stop at once. 
Probable NDE with reincarnation.

1208. Terry V NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  I told the man who had appeared that I was feeling gravely ill and I asked him what I could do about that.  He told me I could come over and join them.  I told him that I had too much to do.  I had a husband and child coming and that they needed me.  I had things to do  for them.  I understood and told me that in that case I should look over there. He told me that that was the source of all knowledge and from there I could receive a healing if a truly asked. I saw a brilliant, pulsating, radiating, golden "dawn".  I asked it for help.  I had to totally concentrate.  When I did the radiations lengthened towards me and when I reduced my concentration they retreated.  I understood and concentrated really hard.  The gold radiations reached towards me and started to "play" on my feet and then steadily moved up my body and as they did a feeling of wellness and well-being traveled through my body immediately behind the radiations.  I was completely restored. I called out to the radiations with grateful thanks.
NDE due to unknown illness.  Remarkable encounter with healing light.

1207. Mark D NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007 I drew the baddest bucking bull on earth at the time in the bull riding event winter rodeo indoors he roared out of the chute with a really high jump when he hit the ground the force threw me forward as he was coming up for jump 2 knocking me with a blow to my chest he then began to spin on the 3rd spin I was beginning to fly towards his outside and hit the chute gate with my head . my dad said I went straight down the gate like jumping out of a moving truck into a brick wall . next thing I know I'm up on the ceiling at least 40 or 50 feet looking down I watched my equipment being taken off of me and worried that it was all going different directions I watched the ambulance back into the arena and watched them put me in the ambulance . as I was up there looking down there was tremendous light behind me I knew I was up there with the lights but this I knew was brighter than lights and something told me not to look back into the light so I didn't .
NDE at age 16 due to rodeo accident.

1206. Eileen G Probable NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007   I  was taken to Emergency Room with asthma attack I was having very bad pain in my chest. I told the doctor, that I felt like I was imploding they got me on table.  My heart rate was 180 and my o2 sat was 80. I remember lying on the table I could hear the people around me. I could hear my husband say, "oh please don't die." I closed my eyes and I immediately felt warm and peaceful. I saw a white object in front of me. They were like vials they started to unfold and wrap around me I felt safe. then I thought of my grandson Michael and they closed up and I has back on the table all the life support equipment was next to me. I'm convinced that it was my love for mike the bought me back I have told this story to several doctors and they all agree that it was an NDE.
Probable NDE from asthma attack.

1205. Roy G NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007 I was riding my bike  down a  big hill and lost control and hi my head on  the curb. and I remember looking at my self  from above the trees and there was a warm golden light  that kept me safe and told me not to panic. Then I remember looking at my self very closely and I was back in my body and I could not remember who I was. A friend found me and took me to my house and my mom took me to the Emergency Room.
NDE due to bicycle accident at age 10.

1204. Douglas T NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007 I tried to speak to them but all they would say to me is "We're not waiting for you go home". I spoke to most of these people and everyone said the same thing "We're not waiting for you go home". Then the last thing I remember from that side was my grandfather's voice, I did not see him I just heard his voice say "Your the luckiest boy I know". Then three days later I awoke in the hospital with my Mother and Sister standing over my bed. My Mother says that my first question was about the play I was working on at the time and my second question was about my Grandfather. The Doctors told her not to tell me right away that he had died two days earlier so as not to put me in shock.
NDE due to heart attack.  Heard grandfather’s voice, though he did not know his grandfather had died around the time of his heart attack.

1203. Dan W NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007 From Australia Also, above me was a strange window. It was made of brittle frosted glass I couldn't see what was on the other side, but it was bright and white) and I knew that all I had to do was agree, and I would be lifted up and would smash through the glass to the other side. I knew that in doing so I could not come back. But very strongly and very clearly I knew that it was my choice. I could stay or I could go. There was no pressure, no lobbying: it was simply what I wanted to do. The part of me that was calmly observing things saw my mother in the corner of the room (she had driven me to the doctor due to an infection in my leg) and I knew that leaving her would break her for good. It was then, very calmly, that I decided to stay.
NDE due to anaphylactic reaction to medication.

1202. Flora S NDE English expanded version  10/6/2007  I was standing by a gate with other spirits and looking at my hands and arms realizing I too was in spirit form. We did not speak to one another we just waited and it was so bright and blinding but it did not hurt my eyes I knew if I went through the gate everything would be final and there would be no turning back. I then heard a voice of a female in my head telling I must return that it was not my time. I then woke up on life support…
NDE in ICU after suicide attempt.

1201. Kevin M NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I remember nurses continually asking if I was still with them, and I thought "how absurd, of course I am still here." I then found myself walking through a grassy field, the sun warm on my face, the trees off in the distance turning fall colors. The grass was about thigh high, but not difficult to walk through. I felt absolute happiness and peacefulness. I got the feeling that someone was just over the rise waiting for me. I then found myself back in that ugly green exam room with the doctors holding my legs up over my head and saying, " he's back. We've got him" I was so disappointed, almost angry to be back. I was only gone a few seconds.
NDE due to blood loss.

1200. James T NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07 The suffering ceased. I then found myself walking through what look like a long tunnel and at the end of this tunnel was a large white, bright sun glowing. The funny thing about this light is that it did not hurt my eyes or cause any sensitivity to my eyes. I did not feel a sense of fear or extreme happiness...there was no emotion. As I walk toward the light, I remember calling for my mother..." Mom"...I then stopped and a voice behind me said "Walk toward the light". I did not recognize the voice, but it was calm. I started to walk again and just as I thought in my mind to turn around to see who this voice was, the voice said "Don't turn around...walk toward the light. Everything will be alright". I cont to walk toward the light and I ask the voice where was my mother. The voice said "Everything will be alright...Walk to the light. I then woke up with the doctors performing chest compressions on me.
NDE due to asthma at age 5.

1199. Vallia Y NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07 From Canada I heard the Dr. screaming I had no blood pressure- I still can't move, blink an eye but I was aware of everything-saw everything even though my eyes were closed. I left the hospital AND WAS FLOATING IN THIS BLACK VOID :NO LIGHTS, SOUND OR PEOPLE. I WASN'T SCARED. I had an inner peace I've never felt before or since I came back , NO PAIN & I had pain when I came out of the coma. I had a bowel movement, when I don't know, I never felt a thing it took about 2 hours to come around  out of the coma. When I was in this place I always thought I would be a fighter & do anything to live, but I didn't worry about my family, I saw their lives & just knew they're were going to be up's & downs but that was ok, it was their life & they were meant to go thru it-their destiny ..I never wanted to leave this place, afterwards I look back & think why no lights (this is the scariest, cause I've never heard of a "NDE" which is in a void & black.).
NDE due to anaphylactic shock.  This was a “void” type of NDE.

1198. Kathy N NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  The alarm on the blood pressure machine was the last thing I heard before it felt like I shot out of myself. In the next instant, my back was to the ceiling and I was looking down at all the activity. I knew the body on the table was mine, but it didn't matter to me. All I felt was an intense curiosity about what I was seeing. There was a bright silvery white light to my left, but I didn't want to look at it yet. In stead I wanted to look the doctor in the eye. With a thought I was there face to face with him, but he couldn't see me. His concern was to get the baby out, while another group worked on me. With a mere thought I went around to each person in the room and watched them. I was looking at my nurse (she looked so sad) when suddenly I was slammed back into myself with tremendous force. All the pain gripped me, and I could feel the pressure from the incision on my lower abdomen. I heard someone say "We have her back".
NDE during childbirth due to shock.

1197. Ernestine N Probable NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I was lifted and surrounded by marshmallow-soft LOVE . No words can describe the perfect  happiness and security of that palpable LOVE.  The whole atmosphere  actually consisted of LOVE.   Then I looked down and saw several people whom I did not recognize. They looked up at me and said, "This is the real world. We're the real people. Stay here."  But I knew I had to go back.
Probable NDE from car accident.  Shared at age 85.

1196. Deborah S NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I then went through the tunnel of black void and into the light. As I emerged into the light I felt sunshine warmth and smelled the earth, the grasses and flowers. I came through the tunnel and standing at the edge I saw the large green meadow and the tall grasses and a body of water. On the other side stood a male being in a white gown and a black and white long haired dog. I do not know how I got across the water but I went to them and they lead me to a very, very tall golden knobbed door. As I went to put my hand on the door a being said something to me and in my mind I started to think of my three small children. The next thing I felt was a swish and I was in total darkness.
NDE due to post surgical bleeding.

1195. Jonathan R NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I remember standing about 10 feet up and 10 feet to the side of my body on the table. A person was standing next to me, but I didn't look at him/her. I had no fear, or questions to ask, I just observed.  Around the table were at least a dozen nurses and doctors. But what was so emotional was the presence of white people that I can only describe as angels. Each angel was guiding the hands of the staff they were standing next to.  I heard no noise, no voices, no music. It was peacefully quiet.  I don't remember details to specific, such as what tools were used, or the exact position of my body, but only because I was focused so much on the angels guiding the staff in everything they did, from walking, to the use of the tools within my chest cavity.  Even after the operation, I still had an unusual peace and no fear. The doctor said it was the best operation he had ever gone through, there were no problems at all, and he was impressed at my rate of recovery.
NDE due to perforated esophagus and complications.  Remarkably, saw angels assisting doctors during operation.  Was later told he had a 1% chance of surviving the operation.

1194. RL S NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I was in the Mexican jungle at festival called Cumbre Tajin in which many schools of healing medicine are practiced both ancient and modern. My Uncle, who is a doctor in the US was beside me at the time of the fall and witnessed and documented the event along with several other doctors and non-traditional healers. CPR was maintained for approx 20 mins, during which periodic in-field coma and nerve tests were performed. I was pronounced dead… During this time I saw mental images of landscapes and things I had recently observed in my travels there, I then only perceived what you have referred here to as 'void', this felt to me about 2 minutes but was around 25 mins of total unconsciousness as I was told. I began to come to as the people performed several procedures on me; they were using many techniques unfamiliar to Western medicine.
NDE due to fall, and was pronounced dead in Mexican jungle at a ceremony.

1193. Jerald H NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  Then the lights went out.  It was an incredible calm and peace that I found myself in suddenly.  I was awash in a light and feeling the presence of this being.  The feeling of love, as if I was but a cup, and an ocean of love was pouring into my soul that I could not contain, yet desiring more.  I remember being aware of my being in this place and a sense of expectation, waiting for the next step to take that journey.  I was all consumed with the knowledge of this presence and the experience of it.  Then the lights and sound came. 
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Contributor is a minister with a Ph.D.

1192. Weston G NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  Not knowing how to swim, I went under water and submerged three times. I stayed under for approximately 12 minutes. While under I, at first, saw many dazzling colors. I also remember seeing angels and darkness. The darkness was very scary and it seemed as though it lasted forever. Then I was in a dark tunnel, and I began to see a dim light at the end of the tunnel. As I traveled closer to the light it became brighter end brighter. Finally the light became the most brilliant white one could ever imagine. The white then began to take the form of Jesus. I don't remember if words were exchanged, but I did get the  urge to stay with him. I wanted to stay. But he sent me back , and the next thing I knew my head was bouncing off of a tree limb which was part of a downed yet stable tree in the water.
NDE due to near drowning at age 9.

1191. Michael H NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  All at once, I heard one of the nurses yell out... "straight line, straight line, my God... we've got a straight line!" At that exact moment, it was as if my consciousness was sucked into a vacuum. And everything became crystal clear. My knowledge of 'someone' being operated on, became a knowledge of knowing it was me that was being operated on... that it was my heart that had just stopped beating.  And the thing of it was... I was aware of it all. I had full knowledge of the fact that my body had just stopped living. I could hear lots of commotion in the operating room (even though I was completely sedated and with no heartbeat). The nurses that were assisting were quite frantic. And all the while... during this commotion, it was as if I had been immersed into some kind of essence or form of energy that I can only describe as the purest form of 'love' that there is. It was an incredibly wonderful feeling. It was as if my soul had been blended with the soul of what we perceive to be God. There was no distinguishing where I began or where I ended.
NDE due to surgical complication at age 16.  Interesting awareness of his heart stopping and beginning of NDE at that exact moment.

1190. Elaine C NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I knew I was following a intense bright light, there was darkness all around me, the light didn't hurt my eyes, it was warm and loving, I wanted to be where it was. I wanted to go, even though I didn't understand what was happening, that I was leaving my family and the family dog who I loved so much. when I "arrived" my memory is fuzzy about it but I remember people around me, no one I knew had died yet. these people were in white robes. they were so alive, more alive then anyone I had known before, they shown with intense light but my eyes were not like earth eyes and I could see different there, like my eyes were adjusted for the light. like when you go out from a dark house to a bright day and your eyes adjust to the brightness.  These people were complete love. they told me things. some I didn't remember until later in my life.
NDE due to criminal attack at age 5.  CAUTION!  GRAPHIC AND NOT FOR CHILDREN!

1189. Sherri A NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07 From Canada I fell backwards and slammed my head against the frozen concrete walkway. This is what I experienced.  I became conscious that I was in complete darkness and alone. I had zero sense of body but a complete sense of self. I was me (sense of humor, intelligence etc)  I was suspended, just there, I perceived a spot of color wayyyyy off in the distance like a small pinprick of color on a jet black blotter. My thought was "oh what is that" the moment I thought it, I moved forward, almost like my curiosity propelled me. I knew I had no body so it was like floating forward, I remember thinking "wow this is cool" and I wanted to see what the color was. The more curious I got the fast I propelled forward, like flying, it felt incredibly freeing. I really liked it and the more I wanted to go faster, the faster I went. As I got closer to the color, I heard faint music and smelt an incredibly intoxicating scent.
NDE due to head injury.

1188. Patricia S NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I seemed to see myself watching from outside my body, and I just seemed to be slowly and gently going deeper. Next, I do not have a vivid recollection of time, but, it seemed that my whole little life circled before me like an old time movie.  In such detail, that even to this day I can remember the swirl of my life.  The next thing was that the wonderful unexplainable colors surrounding me was about the most beautiful thing or place I had ever seen.  Then this being was with me,  I don't think I knew if it was Jesus, God, an Angel or whom was with me, but, I do remember the overwhelming love and sense of well being.  I think the old joke of the life review, where I was so young that I had to ask for a "rerun"  however, even being 6 or 7 I was shown each and every word I had uttered at anyone, each thing I had done to hurt any person by word or deed was and still is embedded in my mind.  I also remember this wonderful being not being angry with me, but, I REMEMBER that I felt that I had somehow grieved Him.
NDE due to near drowning at age 7-8, shared 59-60 years later.

1187. Patrick L Probable NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I became aware of figures in a light with me (but not comparable to "light" as we would know it--sun or otherwise) who I've later identified as my future daughter and son in their unborn states as souls, for lack of a better word; there was a sense of communication but not words within the communication. Another figure of light (which I later felt was "Jesus") communicated the following distillation that I was able to formulate fairly soon after my existence in this world resumed. The gist of it was that I could "leave my present level of experience if I wanted to but that there was still things left undone that I had come to the earth to do". I next experienced a kind of "asking" from my future children to return and not let death take me. In brief, the experience was beatific, extraordinarily peaceful, and beyond pain and pleasure of any describable kind.
Probable NDE during surgery.  Interesting encounter with his future children.

1186. Richard T NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  He simply asks, "Recall all sorrow." And He means everything you know of that you did that hurt others and everything you didn't realize hurt others; ALL OF IT. And at that command, your heart within your spirit begins to slowly swell like a water balloon. As it swells the pain in your heart increases until it becomes overwhelming. I was lucky. When He had seen enough and knew where allowing it to increase would go, He commanded me to "Let it go" and "Be at Peace." And slowly the swelling pain stopped and reversed and relaxed again to neutral. He then surrounded and washed my soul with His "Love Light Glowing at a Gentler Pace" which took on a more Golden hue. He had seen quite enough and so had I. His next pure thought? "Recall all Joy." The same swelling in my heart occurred which accounted for all the love, joy and happiness I had experienced during the 8 years of life I had lived.
NDE due to extremely rare blood condition at age 8.

1185. Stephen C NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  There "I" was, in this "space" of light, with these three "beings" appearing in front of me. We had a "conversation"..and later (*15 years)..when all of this came "clear".. I was given a choice..AS IS ALWAYS DONE...to stay "gone" or to go back. "They" told me that they wanted my "form"...( the physical form holds the cellular memories of all of ones experiences) and "they" wanted to send me back with a "new" spirit. A "healing" and "teaching" one. But that "they" wanted it in a "form" that had the ability to survive until the "time" was "right". I must have agreed.
NDE due to criminal attack.

1184. Steve H NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I had 15 arrests over 5-6 hours, but was aware during most of the time… I looked down and saw myself, heard the doctors, and could not see my toes… The Dr. had me record it on a tape as soon as possible. I saw the Dr. at a party this year and he said he still had the tape and uses it in some talks.
NDE due to multiple cardiac arrests.

1183. Jan M NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  During the time I was dead I remember hearing the grandchildren asking what was wrong and the oldest saying Grandpa we must talk to Jesus. I then went to a place of calm with a sky a blue I have never seen and there were trees of bright gold and green that you could see through the leaves and all was so bright. I also remember I was floating over my body and could see me in my husband’s arms with the grandchildren standing by.
NDE from a clot which may be a pulmonary embolus

1182. Melvin H NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I was hit by 7200 volts going thru my middle finger on my right hand and exiting thru both feet into the concrete, burning my foot prints into the concrete. I was slammed into the side of the bldg so hard that the paint of the bldg was impacted into my work jacket. My tool buddy removed my body from out the work area and started giving me CPR, he was raising up and asked the rest of our crew for help, and my work leader told him what's the use he's dead. All of this was going on and I was looking down on him and my body and then I started out on a journey, I went over the top of building #100 which is referred to as the Taj Mahal, and I was able to describe the very elaborate roof tile on the roof. At this time I went back thru my life seeing people I loved very dearly but were already dead.
NDE due to electrocution.

1181. Frankie NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  Upon the arrival of the paramedics, I felt I was completely lucid and asked them to please take me to the hospital.  I was advised by the paramedics that they would have to strap me to a back board.  Immediately, I responded with I didn't want too, so three paramedics grabbed me lay me down on the board.  As soon as my head hit the ground I felt a complete relief come over me.  At that very moment I knew I was free.  I was awake, or so it seemed and everything about me was white and warm.  The pain that I had no longer existed and I felt completely at peace.  After what seemed like an eternity the paramedics brought me back and I begged them to let me go.  Please, I begged, let me go.
NDE due to motor vehicle accident.

1180. Arda F Probable NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I went through the wall and enter the hallway where noticed my brother-in-law (My sister's husband) walking back and forth on the hallway talking to someone on his cell phone. I then floated into a tunnel with all pastel color lights (light pink, peach, yellow) I knew it was a tunnel as when you looked around, it was round (same as when your drive through a tunnel) and going through the source of the light at the end of the tunnel. There were no one on the tunnel, it was quite and peaceful but was very very cold and I started shaking.  All I could remember was "GOD" so started talking to him telling him "God, I am so cold, I am so cold, please help". Then a religious symbol in Islam (Aboulfazr's hand) showed up in the tunnel, it was as big as Empire State building, huge but WARM.
NDE with Islamic imagery.  Catholic but born in Iran.

1179. Joyce D NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07 When I tried to get away, he grabbed me by the throat, he began to squeeze, suddenly I was not in my body but looking down on me and him.  I could see and hear him yelling at me.  Everything slowed down, I was completely at peace, I knew he could kill me, I knew it was my body down there he was strangling.  I felt that I was completely in touch with everything and that I was going to have to made a big decision about whether to live or die.  I was not afraid to die, especially since everything was so peaceful and clear. But something was telling me that I had overcome too many obstacles in my life not to live.  My time wasn't ready.  I watched him with his hands on my neck and I could see fear in his eyes.  I think I was loosing consciousness and he let go and I just kind of floated to the floor.
NDE due to being choked by boyfriend.

1178. Raymond L NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I was in jail, facing an extended stay. I was in a very low place emotionally, so I decided to take my life. When I did so, I was rushed to the hospital with no pulse or breathing. What I experienced, was a vast emptiness of light and soothing comfort. It was white, yet also dark? A figure approached me, dressed in what appeared to be a robe of some sort. I could see the figure, however could not see a face. The figure indicated to my lifeless body with a pointing finger, and when I turned to look.....I was rushed back to my lifeless body laying on the floor. For the next 4 days....I could hear and feel the "Spirit" speaking to me...I was shown the future in my dreams, and told of the path that I must take.
NDE from attempted Suicide.

1177. Kenneth L NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07 Well, I wasn't ready to die, so I 'resisted' with all of my inner strength/force of will/whatever you want to call it.  I immediately shot up 'through' the ground.  I could see rocks and dirt going by my face, but I was traveling 'through' it as if I were non-corporeal.  It was well light, even though I could not see any source of light. I shot up though the ground, and into a basement of a building, with lots of pipes and ventilation equipment in it.  Straight though this, and two more floors of a hospital, seeing inside the floors as I passed though them, as well as people walking in them.  I shot straight up and into the chair in which my body was sitting, and into my body, which I saw was slumped over.  I saw my room-mate backed into the corner of his bed, frightened out of his wits.  I saw my nurses and the orthopedic tech, a large black man who was the only person who could maneuver me in and out of bed, running up the hall towards my room.
NDE due to complication of medical treatment at age 17.  Quite atypical initial part of experience.

1176. Phillip M NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07 While riding my bicycle in the evening I was stricken from behind, to this day I do not know by what. I flew a few yards and fell face first on the pavement. Unconscious I saw myself from above on the other side of the road. Thrown out on the pavement for a time several cars passed by did not stop. Finally an older couple did stop. I saw them stand over me and then the older man kneeled down to look for my wallet.
NDE due to being struck while riding bicycle.

1175. Karie N NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07 I became unconscious. Suddenly I was up high in the sky, looking down and I could see my car and the pick up truck both in the ditch. There were two angels there with me. There was a beautiful bright light surrounding us. The angels were beautiful and I felt a sense of inner peace, that no matter what I do in life, there are beings up above who love us and watch us over us and are waiting for us to come Home. I wanted to go Home then. The angels told me that I still had a purpose to fulfill, lots of people to influence, that I had someone whom I was supposed to marry and have a meaningful life. They said it would be hard, that there were lots of trials, but that I would get through all of them with success. They said the world needed me right now.
NDE due to auto accident.

1174. Kelly A NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  In the doctor's office, I leaned over the end of the table to receive the shot in my hip. The nurse asked if I was ok afterwards, I said I was fine. I was not, that's the last thing I remember.  During the time I passed out, I had a dream that I was in another life. I was walking across the street in a downtown city, like New York, or Chicago, as there were cabs, busy streets and high buildings.  At the same time, it was like I was watching myself in a movie, and seeing things with my own eyes as well.   I looked like another girl, I had a life, a family. I lived a few blocks away. I was going home. I was much older and living in an apartment.
NDE due to reaction to penicillin shot at age 14.  Quite atypical experience.

1173. Karen D NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07  I felt assured at that time that, and the way that I have said it to any one I tell, it was like we are (visualize a large spot, then superimposed over that spot the same spot) here, but also here! That God IS....... I to this day am ready to go back!!! Now for the real interesting Part! I saw my husband when I came back, the first words I said to him was I had to come back for you. I have to tell you part of his life for you to truly understand this. My husband lost his son to a drunk driver who hit him on a bike and has been terrified of death. Last year my husband was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, he is terminal and has months to live. I believe with all that I am that I had the
NDE due to bilateral obliterating organizing pneumonia (this is so rare I have never heard of it before).

1172. Sally J NDE. English expanded version 9/29/07 August 28th, 2005. 10:30am. Having excruciating pain across shoulders and neck. Called my husband and said that I needed him with me. Called for nurses and they took electro cardiogram on two different machines and it did not show that I was having a heart attack.  They soon new because I went into cardiac arrest.  I was gone for one min. and 35 seconds.  At the time I saw myself lying on the bed and I was floating above in a grey square area.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1171. Norma C NDE. English expanded version 1999 I know that I was answering bunches and bunches of questions and testing God's presence, because I just couldn't believe the experience, BUT he showed me without a doubt the wonder of the presence.   I say presence, because I have discovered that God is simply a body that we as humans have to put 'Him' into.  He is far too great and wonderful to be humanistic.  God is a presence, an existence so wonderful, so beautiful.  I am no longer scared of death; I was, but not now. 
Suicide NDE

1170. Rafa NDE. English expanded version From Spain 9/26/07 Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva And that's the part that is difficult to explain.  Everyone sees lights and tunnels.  Not me.  My experience was, in a certain way, the inverse of this.  From the sensation of disgust, I instinctively deduced (no means of rationalization whatsoever) that I had come back from a dark and silent world--but a happy one.  Something like being in your mother's womb.  I realize it's not a common experience, but it's mine. That day I totally lost the fear of death.  There were no judges, nor reprimands. nor a review of your errors.  I simply passed onto something similar to a purely spiritual hibernation.
NDE from a hypoglycemic coma.

1169. Heidi B NDE. English expanded version 9/22/07  During surgery, apparently, I remember leaving my body, and flying out of the room, down the halls and around corners.  I then flew through the glass double doors in the entryway, and around the outside of the brick hospital building, gaining altitude as I flew.  As I got up near the clouds, the street lights from below made them glow a pinkish color.  I saw what looked to be thousands of angels, all in flowing robes or gowns, flying in the same direction.  I struggled to "catch up" with an angel to my right.  Just as I had just about come up even with her, she smiled this gentle smile, and shook her head in a negative manner.  I immediately dropped, waking up in my body.  My body felt as though it was jolted with shock.  My doctor was standing near the foot of the bed, looking very pale and shaken.  He told me that they had nearly lost me, indicating seven needle marks on my chest where they had injected me with adrenalin to jump start my heart and lungs.
NDE due to surgical complication.

1168. Phillip G NDE. English expanded version 9/22/07  The next thing I hear is, "we're losing him", from one of the nurses and then the doctors and nurses voices started fading off in the distance and physically I felt no pain or discomfort as I felt myself floating up towards the brightest pure white light that I've ever seen--almost indescribable how bright it was, but it was by no means blinding. If I was to put a time frame on how long this lasted, I'd say several minutes. It was several minutes of complete peace. There was nothing but the light and the next thing I remember is waking up 2 days later in ICU. The doctors told me they lost me (all vitals) a couple times.
NDE due to being shot with 45 caliber in chest.

1167. Maria S NDE. English expanded version 9/22/07 I did not know what was going on with me since I fainted. I just remember me being in this bluish/whitish bright light. I was walking and saw my deceased grandmother and aunt. They were standing in front of me as I was walking towards them, there was no tunnel I was in the light, there was no end behind them only light. My grandmother and aunt were both wearing gowns they looked like the color of light I did not see their feet. They gently smiled at me. As I was walking towards them I felt in peace and I was happy to see them no worries nothing. Then two names came to my mind Julian and Paola they are my kids. As I thought about them something dark pulled me away from my aunt and grandmother.
NDE due to amniotic fluid embolism during delivery.

1166. Joan D NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07  The paramedic on the side of me said, "What?!"  He then said, "I'm not getting a pulse.  Then everything went black.  It seemed like I was standing in total darkness.  There was something, or someone standing on the side of me a few feet away.  I felt nothing bad, I was actually quite happy.  It felt like I had no problems anymore, like the weight of the world was lifted off of me.  I turned to look on the side of me.  I could not see anything, but I knew someone was there.  I looked up at what I thought was the sky.  I could see all these stars and they were so beautiful.  I continued looking at them and reaching out towards them and saying how beautiful they were.  The stars were so bright, but I could look at them without being blinded.  Then some of the stars started coming towards me. I turned to the presence on the side of me and said how beautiful they were and that I wished they would hurry up and get closer.  When I turned back to look at the stars, they were in the forms of crosses.  I thought they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen and I was so happy.  I really felt as though they were angels coming for me.
NDE due to allergic reaction.

1165. Jim B Probable NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07  First Stanza of Out of Body Poem 
A second chance is there to see
For those who've had an OBE.
A flight of fancy may be all,
But "Tunnel Vision" may befall
A favored few who see the light
And find the Promised Land in sight;
And at the tunnel's end we find
A glorious goal that bends the mind.

Probable NDE due to auto accident.  Shared 47 years after experience.

1164. Shari R NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07  I was walking with three others along a river bank.  I could hear the rushing water and see the glimmer of light upon the stones as the water trickled over and around them. Brilliant light shined through the leaves of the trees, creating shadows and warm spots on my face as I continued along the bank with the others. We were laughing heartedly, I was using a walking stick. Some leaves of a branch from a tree brushed my face and I gently moved it aside. I remember a smile upon my face, the strength I felt, pure joy, completely weightlessness and free from pain. I had this humorous thought " Ha! I wonder what the paramedics think of the grin on my face as I'm laying on the floor unconscious! " The thought made me chuckle. I turned to my companions ( who were more like beings of light and shadow. Not of this mortal world )  and smiled.
NDE due to illness.

1163. Nancy S NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07  There was a light that defies description. It was so beautiful and seemed to be in complete harmony with sound and other sensory input that also defy description. It was not of this world. I felt content and loved, but this feeling was not separate from the light or sound or floating. Everything was all one experience. That's why I have a hard time describing what was going on. Nothing was separate from anything else. Then I heard encouraging voices behind my head saying so gently and lovingly "come on; it's OK." I thought the voices belonged to my dead grandparents, but at the same time they seemed other-worldly. Then, without warning, I was slammed into my body on the emergency room table.
NDE due to auto accident.

1162. Mitch R NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07  I was found in the parking lot unresponsive   with no blood pressure a faint pulse and not breathing. What I vividly do remember was not feeling my body at all, there was no sense of pain, discomfort or sickness  that I had been feeling at the time let I seemed to have left this world. I remember that I had a sense of knowing and awareness that I was in a light blue mist or cloud. And while I was briefly there I had the must wonderful and peaceful feeling of wellbeing and comfort like nothing I had every known before. I was mentally aware, but I did not feel my body at all. I seemed not to even have to breathe. I thought I was in a place between the body and spiritual word of the afterlife, but I did not have any concerns or fear like I had while I was experiencing my medical event.
NDE due to anaphylactic reaction to medication.

1161. Roland D NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07  The second experience I had was much different... In transport to my requested hospital my ambulance became stuck in traffic, I could hear Donny, (my Paramedic) saying that we must get on the highway and find a different route to a different hospital. I thought to myself, "this is not good" and only wished I could see outside. Immediately afterwards I could see a "birds eye view" of my ambulance moving "in slow motion" towards me, the clarity of that moment was perfect, I remember seeing everything looking down on the highway from the tan brick wall abutments to the puddles in the street.  My ambulance raced toward me with headlights and strobes flashing.  However, this time there was no sound! Sight was all that I maintained. Oh yes, this was the "best mood" I have ever remembered being in! My mind was very sharp and I was still very much aware of what was happening to me.  3/2/08  Immediately afterwards I could see a "birds eye view" of my ambulance moving "in slow motion" towards me, the clarity of that moment was perfect, I remember seeing everything looking down on the highway from the tan brick wall abutments to the puddles in the street. My ambulance raced toward me with headlights and strobes flashing. However, this time there was no sound! Sight was all that I maintained. Oh yes, this was the "best mood" I have ever remembered being in! My mind was very sharp and I was still very much aware of what was happening to me. 
Two NDEs due to heart attacks.
Currently is a Chaplain. 
We post all NDEs, but this one is heavy on the proselytizing (preaching) which NDERF tries to discourage.

1160. Patricia C NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07   From France   Darkness was all over me, but it was shining. How to describe that ? I am unable to do so. And a message was conveyed to me that I would have to come back to perform a task, though nothing was revealed of its nature. I was feeling extremely well, no pain, no fear, only unconditional Love, a Living and welcoming Presence overflowing me ; I felt how linked we all are, living creatures in the universe, that are but a spark of a Power that encompass us and that is also within us. No words were uttered, the message just went into me. The expression "Voice of Silence" seems the most appropriate. Warmth, watchful and understanding Presence, unconditional Love.
NDE due to miscarriage and hemorrhage. 

1159. Jessica B NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07 From Canada I was in a coma for seven days suffering from encephalitis during this time I had my NDE I was still quite young and knew nothing of what was going on in the hospital. other than what I have been told to this day.  My NDE started with the Tunnel it was a bright soft white light calm and serene( I still have yet to experience this type of serenity again I think I'm still looking for it) I met my Brother at the end of the tunnel and he greeted me and explained who he was (he had died 5 years before my birth) I remember him wearing jeans and a red sweatshirt.  I was thrilled (I had asked for a brother since the age of three) we sat in a place I'm not sure where but we were using white garden furniture we talked for a while I asked questions like does God exist? he said he did…
NDE due to encephalitis at age 8.

1158. Marney M NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07  That's when I heard this voice. It came from behind me and just over my head. It was gentle, rich, and familiar, yet to this day I don't know who he is. When he "spoke" he communicated not just (telepathic) words but also emotions and knowledge. His words, really, meant nothing, but they were powerful.  He said, "Do you see the light?" and without even thinking I instinctively looked up. There before me was a white pure light. It was small, about the size of a dime, yet I could not judge how far away it was. It could have been miles or I could have reached out and touched it (if one could touch light). At this time I was no longer aware of having a body, I just "was".
NDE due to suicide attempt by medication overdose at age 17.

1157. Kristie T NDE. English expanded version 9/21/07 From England  I saw them shock me with the machine (can't remember what its called). I recall the look on a couple of the doctors faces. all the time I was floating above myself (ceiling level) feeling peaceful, released, calm....GLAD!. They decided to try shocking me again, they worked on for (approx - my guess)10mins, and as the time went by the image of me on that table gradually got smaller & smaller. I wasn't aware of anything / anyone, above me / behind /in front/ to the side of me. I remember them (not sure who) saying my time was running out, they would have to declare me dead if I didn't respond to the next shock. As they said this my Grandfather Dennis, who passed away nearly 4 yrs ago, and who had never ever shouted at me in my life!, shouted into my right ear "NO! GO BACK! ITS NOT YOUR TIME!" - The shock of him shouting at me, made me 'jump' back into my own body.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

1156. Sylvia D NDE-Like.  English expanded version 9/20/07 I got to a place very dark that was like a border or something and there was other people waiting also in line besides me, I looked to my left and I saw a little boy, he also looked at me, and we waited, so I could hear what I thought was one of my aunts  saying to get my father, so I waited and my father came  walking from the darkness but I could see him well because of his light. he was surrounded by  two groups of people on each side that stay behind, but they look like white ghostly figures of white smoke but I could tell they were people, when I think about that I think they were my aunts and uncles. My father look at me  smile and turn around and was going back when I felt I want it to stay with him and I was screaming to  wait that I want it to stay with him, and I heard that my father told somebody that It wasn't my time, at that moment I felt  pressure, on my chest like a giant rubber band holding me not to cross, I was pull backwards and I was falling and I was regressed into my body , I open my eyes  when I was to enter my body for a few seconds I could see my room , and then continue sleeping, when I walk up, I felt so relax, like the best restful night of my life.

1155. Nanci D Possible NDE. English expanded version 9/20/07 While my friends enjoyed my life review, memories of my eternal life filled my mind. They included hundreds of physical lifetimes, in humans and other species, as well as thousands of what we would call years spent living in what I was calling “Light Being society,” and what might also be called “life between lives.” I was astounded that I could possibly have forgotten all of it. “Knowing” informed me that when a Light Being like me enters into a human as its soul, only part of its total Energy does so. The rest of the Being’s Energy stays in the Light and continues to evolve as it observes the soul part’s experiences. The reintegration of my memories as an eternal being with those of my just passed human life completed my transformation back into my natural state as a Being of Light.
Wow!  Profound!

1154. Pedro L's Father's NDE.  English expanded version 9/16/07 From Spain Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva. But as he searched for the antidote or remedy my father felt as if "something" left his body (his soul, an energy), something which weighed nothing and he started upwards rapidly, very, very high up--higher, he says, then the clouds.  He didn't see the doctor nor did he see anyone down below.   He also didn't even think of those below.  It was as if he didn't remember them...He doesn't remember a light--or something defined as such, just that everything was very light and that he could move from one side to the other very quickly without tiring and without being thirsty.  What he does remember is that he was looking for someone or something, but there was hardly any time, as the doctor injected the antidote he returned to his body. That's the part he remembers least: how he returned to his body.
Second hand NDE - from allegic reaction.

1153. Jennifer V NDE.  English expanded version 9/16/07 Then the voice said his nose is cut off his face you will need to go back and help him he is bleeding to death I said no let somebody else do it he will be fine without my help I do not want to go back down there No! The voice said I will tell you what to do you take off his shirt after you pick his nose up off the floor board of the car it will be next to your feet and his right foot place his nose on his face pressing down to stop the bleeding its just blood so do not be afraid I am with you as always (I knew I was never alone from as far back as a child as I could remember) So then Jennifer you will begin to walk him up the right side of the road and a car will come tell the man to take you to the nearest hospital keeping the man calm go to the hospital ECM where you were born you know the way and everything will be alright you must do this understand?
NDE at age 11 due to car accident.  During experience, received explicit information to save another person who was in car accident.

1152. Erin H NDE.  English expanded version 9/16/07 It took a little while for me to realize what I was looking at.  When all the pictures started to flash before my eyes it wasn't until they were almost done that they were pictures of myself when I was a little girl.  Those pictures were so cool, but they flashed before my eyes so fast and at the same time I could see every single one of them.
NDE due to asthma attack.

1151. Jewel H NDE.  English expanded version 9/16/07 Then I was below the surface again and had the thought that I should see my life review.  All of a sudden there was a book of my life before me (in my case a magazine, I was only 17) with scenes of my short life on each page, but the pictures moved like a little movie.  The only thing that I can remember seeing is a birthday party when I turned eight years old.  What significance this had, I don't know.  Afterwards I felt that I hadn't accomplished what I had come to earth for, although I still don't know what that is, and didn't then. I did ask what the purpose of life was and I heard "to help other people." The voice in my head said that if I chose to stay and not go back to my life that I would just have to come back in another life and do it all again.  THAT shocked me, because at that time I was unaware of past lives.
NDE due to near drowning at age 17.

1150. Deborah F NDE.  English expanded version 9/16/07 They then remarked how powerful I was.  After all they had to obey when I ordered them to show themselves.  I figured this was a lie but I also felt flattered.  They said prove it to yourself, give us another command.  More lies I figured.  They then told me that in this state of consciousness that I had telekinetic powers and that I should try moving the television off the dresser then I would have proof of my experience and power.  I was tempted but I thought this was wrong.  I couldn't help it, I concentrated on moving a small piece of paper on the dresser and it flew up in the air.  I instantly felt as thought I committed a sin and felt ashamed and I could not look to see where the small little paper went.
NDE due to unknown illness.  Variant NDE including a battle with demonic spirits.

1149. Alice S NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 All of a sudden someone pulled me out of the car.  I started to cry and remember saying " I know you would let anything happen to me. I didn't know who she was, but I knew "her".  She was me and I was her.  I felt such joy being with her again.  It sounds crazy but we were going through each other. It was if we were invisible, but I felt such love as I went through her.  We looked down at the car which was upside-down in a little gully.  I could see my body lying there and my neck was at such an angle that even at 18yrs old, I knew I was dead. (I felt no connection to the body as I knew "I" was not there.  I could see my boyfriend laying half out of the car and knew he was all right.  I remember saying, "Boy am I glad I didn't feel that". The being, who looked like someone whose name I should know started talking to me.   She mentioned my sisters. (I am one of 6 girls) we are all very close.  She said here we were together again.
NDE due to auto accident.  She is a retired nurse, and NDE happened 49 years ago.

1148. Bunnie M NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 I looked to see the time and the clock and bulletin board were nothing but bright light, so I thought if that's me down there then where am I? and why am I no longer having trouble breathing...great...because I am not breathing!!!...o.k. well at least I am thinking, and that light is very pretty, but if this is it, and I am dying, where are you Daddy because I am not facing this alone!!!, better yet, I am not going to die, just because I am having wisdom teeth pull, come on now...great I am being sarcastic with God, not a good thing, ....then I felt a strong jolt and I felt a lot of pain and was having a hard time breathing again, and I remember thinking, Thanks.
NDE due to post-operative complication.

1147. Pat P NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 The medics loaded me on a gurney and into the aid car. I was still fighting to stay awake. I remember one of them asking if they could cut off my shirt. I thought "Why do they want to do that?" At that point, I was looking down on myself watching the medic cut open my shirt. I wondered "How am I seeing this?" and then I realized something was really wrong. The next thing I remember was being rolled into the ER.
NDE due to heart attack.

1146. Barbara H NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 anyway, my body stayed in the car, but my soul/mind definitely when for the trip of a lifetime.  I was laying prone on the softest stairs I had ever lain on.  they were very much like clouds but sparkly white and sharp as can be at the same time.  it was then I realized I was being discussed by others.  and at that point I realized just what I happened to be laying on. and I caught my breath in surprise.  at that point, the others realized I was aware of my surroundings but they didn't immediately address me in anyway - just let me sort of lie there.  then as things became more clear - I realized who they were - I'm not one to suppose the man in the middle who was so tall was Christ himself.  I don't want to presume that I would be one of the people so specially chosen.  so I instead try to believe it was my grandfather Ellis.  facing them on the right I believe is my grandmother on my daddy's side.  she seems very anxious/nervous.  while on the left of him stands the person I believe to be my mother and she's whispering rather loudly into his ear.
NDE due to auto accident.

1145. Susan NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07  my parents and I went to dinner at our local pizza inn. I was sitting to the left of my mom and my dad was sitting across from my mom in a booth. All was fine until I felt a deep pain in my chest. I thought I told my mom that I was going to pass out, but when I came to she said I didn't say a word.  My whole body felt numb and tingling like when your foot falls asleep. I was a bit light headed, but we continued dinner and went home. I recall people I didn't know coming toward me, but only their faces, telling me to go back. I don't remember how I came back.  my parents did not take me to the doctor, and I didn't relate this story to anyone for a long time, and I still only tell a select few. especially someone that is dying, I can tell them not to be afraid, it does not hurt.
NDE at age 11-12 associated with passing out during meal.

1144. John NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07  I was in a large "shop class" working with wood. I was not working on a project at the time, but was walking across the shop when a guy named Chip walked up to Jim while Jim was working on a lathe. Jim was sanding a large (12-14inch diameter) salad bowl at about 600 RPM and Chip turned it up to 3500 RPMs. The bowl shattered and pieces hit me in the head and face. I was out cold on the floor. I remember being able to see all the people in the room while I seemed to be above them looking down at the scene. I do not remember seeing any blood though.
NDE at age 17 due to head injury.

1143. Nancy M NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 I had a stint placed in my coronary artery to open a severe blockage.  The procedure was uneventful.  The nurse came in at about 0200 AM to have me stand up for the first time.  He told me that if I felt sick or faint to sit back down.  I stood by the bed and that was the last thing that I remember.  Three people, two men and one woman appeared in the upper left corner of my room. I could not recognize their faces.  The men were dressed in suits and the woman had on a coat that came just below her knees.  They didn't speak but only were there.  It is hard to describe the feeling of coming back to this world.  I can only compare it to how a ball must feel if you throw it as hard as you can against a wall.  This was the next thing that I was aware of.  When I came back, I saw the code team standing around my bed preparing to do what a code team does.  The nurse had given me epinephrine and restarted my heart so the team left me alone.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1142. M. R. NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07  Running along side the shoreline I then tripped into the water.  I was immediately knocked out. After being in this state of floating face down in the water I noticed a buoy marker at the same water line as I.  At this point I was in a tunnel of extremely bright white light with a man standing to my right of an entrance as I faced him.  The entrance was round at the top and flat at the bottom.  The man figure was older and wearing a large rimmed hat darker in color, white long sleeve shirt, darker in color tie along with pants and shoes.  I did not recognize him.  I was not afraid of him as well.  During this time my sister had pulled my lifeless body from the lake onto the shore and alerted surrounding adults I was in trouble.  During the procedures to bring me back to life was when I came out of the water and saw my body lying on the ground from an aerial view surrounded by adults.  I could see all the commotion unfold as I watched.
NDE at age 3 due to near drowning.

1141. James M NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 Shortly, I realized that I was going to die.  With that thought and acceptance, everything changed: all the pain of coughing water went away, and I was floating up to a light that seemed to be pulling me; the I seemed to turn and I could see the beach where we had been swimming - there were people there and one was sitting down and I realized it was me;  I was pulled back toward my body but it was like I was but a wisp of smoke drawn to my physical body; as I approached my body, I turned to slide into the body and the pain came back.
NDE due to near drowning at age 11.

1140. Ken D W NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 wonderful...calm/peaceful...I was full...I was floating...it was dark but everything I "saw" was clearly defined (not hard to see) ...the people who I was seeing/feeling/experiencing were strangers  but loving...in retrospect it's like the love of a parent to a young child...full/unequivocal...and it was able to flow both ways...I was very happy/content being in that place...I was thinking through (???) like in a semi dream state, but it sorta felt like I was insulated ( a big surrounding cocoon of fullness)...safe...immune from anything I didn't want...
NDE due to bicycle accident with head injury.

1139. Terry W NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07  I felt like I was floating into this light it was very peaceful calm when I got to the light I heard a voice tell me it was not my time I had to go back but I didn't want to I wanted to stay there but was told that I had to go back.
NDE due to heart attack.

1138. Rebecca E NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 I awoke in the light experiencing all the emotions I had caused others to feel in my life here. this is very important, the feelings are very strong. I had almost lost my life once before and I felt the feelings my mother felt equally as other emotions great and small. without realizing it you may be setting yourself up to feel terribly by not being considerate, or impatient or being curt with people you don't even know or expect to see again. this to me is what heaven and hell is and governs how I live my life. I was at perfect peace during and after this found myself in the presence of God now understanding the alpha and omega the beginning and the end. how he is the word and the word was with him.
NDE due to severe accident.

1137. Chuck K NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07  My throat was closing, heart was racing, excruciating pain circulating throughout my body.  Before losing consciousness, with eyes open, I was blinded by a bright light, the pain ceased and a warmth came over me.  From that point forward I remember nothing in the human form but only that of spirit.  I was taken to a place of torture which to the world of the living is known as hell.  I knew this was my destiny.  I was conscious of a feeling of solitude and darkness.  This was a place of no rest, gnashing of teeth .  I thought I knew what it was to lead a good life, what it took to get into heaven. The end was here, for eternity.  Out of the darkness came a light and it was God.  I felt his overwhelming presence, a safety I’ve never known before, a love so great that He chose to save me from the fiery death.  Something I knew I did not deserve.
NDE due to anaphylactic reaction.  Initial hellish experience before rescue.

1136. Felicity W NDE.  English expanded version 9/13/07 From Australia.  I don't exactly when I felt like I was moving, but I became aware that I was traveling rapidly through darkness.  It wasn't quite a tunnel, but it did seem to have a form and direction, even though it was dark.  Gradually I became aware of a light far away in the distance, and realized that's where I was heading.  As I got closer, I began to feel as though there were people all around, just outside my "tunnel", but I never saw or spoke to them.  They were loving and welcoming, and it's hard to explain the incredible sense of joy, happiness and acceptance that I was feeling.  It's not a sensation I've ever felt on earth.  I got closer to the light, to the point where the darkness disappeared and I was preparing to join the light.  It felt wonderful.  Then a loving, caring voice said quite clearly, without words "It's not your time.  You must go back."
NDE due to complication of pregnancy.

1135. Philippe R NDE.  English expanded version 8/19/07 From France.  Original in French, translated by Patricia.  Then, I somehow « swiveled », but the word isn’t accurate because I didn’t really have a shape. What I can tell is that I couldn’t see the swimming-pool. I was “into a white color” (this is the only expression I have found to describe this stage when I happen to tell this experiment, and to my mind, it’s the most accurate). Everything was white, I was bathing in this white. Time was suspended, I found myself in a state of supreme serenity. I was where I had to be, I was feeling so calm, in a state of total perfection and fullness. This state seemed to last for ages if I can say so because time simply didn’t exist.  The white color then quickly dissolved into a red-orange color, I was bathing in a sunset. However it was but for a brief period of time because I suddenly felt back into my body, still deep in the water. 
Child Drowning NDE.

1134. Imma NDE.  English expanded version 8/19/07 From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated by Eva & Marien.  I was hospitalized  because my child was dead in utero.  I was 8 months along.  On my way to practice birthing, I felt as if I would faint and I told the doctors that I was leaving.  Upon awakening I explained to my family that I had risen to a sort of meadow--very green--and that I'd seen deceased family members.
NDE from child-birth.

1133. Donnie H NDE.  English expanded version 8/18/07 Me and the other kids was running around and jumping off the truck. I don't know if I was pushed or just fell, but all of a sudden I was above the yard looking down on myself. I could see the other kids still running around and playing, unaware I was hurt, but it was peaceful, warm and quiet. I was laying motionless, I could see I was above the a large tree that was in the yard. If I had to guess how high I was out of my body, prob. 70 to 100 ft. maybe higher. Anyways, in a matter of seconds, I was back in my body.
Child NDE

1132. Anthony W Fear-Death.  English expanded version 8/18/07 I was traveling down a city street in a compact rent-a-car at about 40 mph when my car blew a tire and the vehicle I was in spun out and ended up on the other side of the road facing the wrong direction.  As my vehicle came to rest a semi truck was approaching me, the truck was in another lane of a two lane street and proceeded to slam on the brakes.  While sitting there in the rental car I actually saw things and people that occurred in my life flash before me.  It seemed like years of events and people I loved the most all appear before my eyes in a matter of 10 to 20 seconds.  Right after the flashes I saw the semi pass right in front of me and miss my vehicle by a matter of inches, at that point I realized that had he struck me that I would have probably died.
Fear Death Experience with no physical compromise.

1131. Patsy D NDE.  English expanded version 8/18/07  I turned around and was immersed in light. I was surrounded by unconditional love, and total acceptance. I knew I was complete at last. Never had I felt such safety and serenity before. Suddenly, I had all knowledge. All that I had ever heard or known was swept away. I knew that Christ had not died on the cross and that there is no sin or evil. I knew that I had existed since the moment of creation and that I shall always exist and that all consciousness is in the act of becoming. I knew that I had lived many times in physical reality and I watched those expressions and observed each of them. I experienced what we mean when we say that we have free will and that we choose everything. There are no absolutes. I watched every thought I had ever chosen to its natural end, and each person it had touched.
Amazing NDE from our archives!

1130. Molly's Dad's NDE E081507.  English expanded version 8/18/07 He did make it through, but 6 months later, out of the blue, he told me, "Never be afraid of dying".  I looked at him rather strangely, as a discussion about death wasn't something a 14 year old was used to hearing.  In this conversation, he told me how he had floated out of his body and watched the frenetic actions of nurses and doctors working on him; a nurse was crying but remained focused on the doctor's directions.  My dad then said he had the most incredible feeling of peace and happiness swell over him as he watched.  This euphoria lasted along with a big bright light- he remembered how he just wanted to stay with the bright light, but the light in a mystical sort of way communicated that it wasn't time for him to stay.  He then returned back to the operating table, as he remembered, with a "thud".
This is a great second-hand account!

1129. John L NDE E080907.  English expanded version 8/18/07 At first I felt uncomfortable and painful. I tried with all my strength to get out of the situation. I heard a wavy noise. After a period of time, I seemed to fit the situation. Then I could not feel physically. The painful situation vanished. My spirit left my body through my head. I saw a group of people were around my body. It looked like they were working on my body. I felt my spirit was quite far from my body. I could not see exactly what they were doing. My spirit floated into a light environment with light blue background. I felt very quiet and peaceful.
NDE with John's commentary on Suicide bombers (Kamikazes').

1128. Lynn DBV.  English expanded version 8/17/07 On her last day, she had been lying on the sofa watching television.  Her mother heard her speaking and thought she was talking to the TV as she had been known to do that on occasion.  She walked into the room to ask her if she wanted some juice or something else to drink.  Lynn then asked her mother why Dorothy and Cookie were there (Dorothy was my mother, who Lynn dearly loved, and Cookie was her grandfather, my great-uncle, and she was closer to him than anyone.  My mother died in 1969 and Uncle Harry, aka Cookie, died in 1975.).  She also named several other people, all of whom had been dead for years, said they were all there looking at her and she wanted to know why. The thing is, Lynn had NO long-term memory and very little short-term memory.  Under normal circumstances, she would never have remembered the names of those people, so even if seeing them jogged her memory so she'd be able to actually name them all, the question is...what or who was she seeing??? 
Cousin's DBV as told by Lori D.

1127. Joe W NDE.  English expanded version 8/17/07 Wonderful poem about his NDE - Here's a few verses:



1126. Suzanne B NDE.  English expanded version 8/2/07  After passing through this multi-colored effervescence, I rose, gently, through myriad layers of incandescent light that shimmered above me.  Each shone brighter than the one before it, forming an array of diamond-like scintilla, and each had a different intensity as well as subtle shadings of white.  As I ascended, layer by layer, I felt caressed by a loving warmth and harmony, as my being was emptied of tension, fear, and stress.  I was overwhelmed by feelings of compassion and understanding as the beauty of it all took my breath away.  The splendor at each level brought tears of joy, so moved was I by the awesome beauty that enveloped and permeated every atom of my body.  Never, ever in my life had I felt the kind of love and peace “…that surpasseth understanding.” 
Nitrous oxide at the dentist.

1125. Mark G's Dad's NDE E071607.  English expanded version 7/17/07  He told me how he was about 22 years old.  He was working with Lumber, cutting lumber and somehow his arm was cut, really bad.  It was gushing blood (I can only think a major artery got cut?).  He went to the hospital and my Mom and his mother and father were there at the hospital.  He remembers all of a sudden being at the top corner of the room looking down at himself and the doctor and nurses were working on him.  He said he could see my mother (his wife) and his mother and father crying and upset.  He remembers telling them it was OK and that he was here.  He told me then that he was moving and pretty soon he was in "some place".  He couldn't describe it except that it was beautiful and that somehow it felt like home and there were a group of people waiting for him.  He told me "I knew them.  I don't know how I knew them, but I did".  He then said he was told that it wasn't his time and that he had to go back.  He didn't want to, but he did.  He woke up in the hospital and was told he probably shouldn't have made it and that he had died on the table. 

1124.  Michael S NDE 3137/E070307.  English expanded version 7/7/07 I was rocking the chair and hit the back of my skull on the corner of the handle. My mom said she thought I was joking at first because she saw me shaking and stuck to the handle. She realized I had hit my head when she pulled me forward, when I fell on the ground and blood started hitting the ceiling. I remember my mom driving and my grandma holding me in between her legs, with me bent over with a cloth over my head; as they where following a ambulance which they had called. Until this I remember the part where I was above the car which where driving a brown 2door convertible. Then I had just waken up while they where wrapping the bandage over they stitch or staples. The funny thing is I remember the time I was above the brown 2door car convertible, but don't remember the time I was recovering from the injury.
NDE due to head injury at age 7.  Two Child NDEs

1123.  Leonie W NDE.  English expanded version 7/7/07 From Australia. I was watching the paramedics perform CPR on me when my glowing companion suggested I might like to go back.  I asked her where I would be going back to.  With that, two other beings arrived, my grandmothers, one I had never met and one who passed into spirit only 18 months previously.  I knew instinctively that I would be safe whatever choice I made.  I was surrounded by love.  I was encompassed by warmth and a sense of belonging I've never experienced since.  I remember looking back at the scene on the ground, with my mother almost hysterical and my father glassy eyed and stony-faced and I made my decision.  I looked at the three loving faces around me and told them I couldn't leave my parents like that.  They took me to their hearts and filled me with more love than I'd known before or since.
NDE at age 5 from being hit by car. 

1122.  Mari L NDE.  English expanded version 7/7/07 From Sweden. My heart stopped and I left my body through my head. I hade no pain then I left my body. If you can't breathe you must came out from your body. But I was a new mother and wanted to se my little girl grown up. I don't wanted to die. I wanted to come back in my body and be with my newborn daughter. But I couldn't. I tried to go back in my body. I was drawing away with a force not of this world. I was looked out and couldn't of own force go back into my body. I cried to God to let me live. I promised God to do thinks that I haven't done. I don't gave up. I tried again and again and again and again... Suddenly God let me go back.
NDE associated with childbirth. 

1121.  Dixie E NDE.  English expanded version 7/5/07 I was standing in the doorway of the room where they were actually working on me. I felt in the way. I asked an RN "Should I go into the waiting room? That woman looks really sick."  I did not feel connected to my body at all. Nor did I know who she was. I started walking down the hall of the hospital & got very scared when I realized my shoulder was partway through the wall! Nobody was paying any attention to me.  Suddenly, I was attached to my feet looking down into a rocky stream of water. Above was a canopy of trees. I felt like the trees were encouraging me to "go."  I said NO and it was like diving off a diving board backwards into my body.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1120.  Karen W Variant NDE.  English expanded version 7/5/07 "There isn't time to go home or to ER." I sensed him feeling gripped with helplessness and fear as I accepted there was very little he could do. By then we both knew it didn't matter where we were headed, it wasn't going to be in time for whatever was happening. We were stuck right where we were on that two lane country highway and what was going to happen was going to happen right then and there.  In awe of the consuming brilliant white light and terrified I was dying, I could feel my husband pushing the car to move faster. The white had consumed all but a dark diminishing silhouette of tree line, the tree line laying flat against the light's protruding various densities of gleaming white beams. The light was so bright I felt a need to shield my eyes. I had an intense fear the light would consume me if I looked away and I was in absolute awe of what I was seeing.
Mystical light appeared during serious heart attack.  Quite different from usual NDE pattern.

1119.  Jeremy M Fear Death ExperienceEnglish expanded version 7/5/07 I knew I was going to crash and that I was going to die. Even though I knew death was inevitable I remained remarkably calm and time seemed to almost stop, as though everything was happening in slow motion. The next thing I knew I was in darkness watching a detailed review of my life up to that point in my life. It was like watching a huge cinema screen in 3D and it was incredibly detailed in that it literally covered every event in my life. I remembered events, people and places that I had long forgotten. It was as if I was effectively reliving my entire life although it was done at high speed. I sensed there were beings around me (although I did \not actually see them) and they made it clear that they were not judging any part of my life. I got the impression that this was my life, that I should observe it and then consider any aspects that I wished to discuss.
Expected car crash.  Then very NDE-like experience with life review.  Then returned driving car.  Happened in Zimbabwe 43 years ago.


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